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#skz han
behappymyfriend2 days ago
Felix: *from his room* Hurry mate, my neck hurts!
Han: *runs into the main room* Do we have bolt cutters and scissors?!
Bang Chan: *posing, flexing* Scissors are in the kitchen drawer.
Hyunjin: *drawing Bang Chan* Bolt cutters are under my bed.
Han: *runs into the kitchen* Thanks!
Changbin: .... please tell them to stop uh, "practicing" Red Lights. It's getting dangerous.
Bang Chan: Wait. What?
Hyunjin: *shrugs, still drawing* Practice makes perfect.
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0x1lovebota month ago
饾悷饾悮饾悳饾悶 饾惌饾悺饾悶 饾惁饾惍饾惉饾悽饾悳
Tumblr media
bang chan x fem!reader smau.
synopsis; y/n runs an anonymous twitter fan account for the famous rap trio that goes to her school, 3racha and one day she professes her love and appreciation for bang chan on said account. now chan is on a mission to find out who it is.
featuring the members of; stray kids.
genres; fluff, crack, angst.
warnings; language, petty one-sided drama, ladies man! han, probably more as the story progresses.
disclaimer; these are not accurate representations of idols. plz remember that!!
started: august 27, 2021.
Tumblr media
profiles; the 3racha stans | racha gang | hellspawn
0.1; felix i love you.
0.2; blonde dude.
0.3; i'm the best person ever.
0.4; i'll do it for you.
0.5; main character.
0.6; yo shut up.
0.7; hope you guys are ready.
0.8; it's starting. 銆妛ritten銆
0.9; we made friends.
1.0; see you tomorrow.
1.1; happiness restored.
1.2; this isn't good.
1.3; i'm literally gonna start barking.
1.4; it's a date.
1.5; art major.
1.6; you bitches can't fool me.
1.7; the more the merrier.
1.8; i hope they like me.
1.9; detective work.
2.0; spontaneous combustion.
2.1; dinnertime. 銆妛ritten銆
2.2; dots are being connected.
2.3; i was like wtf is this.
2.4; fine whatever.
2.5; thank God for y/n.
2.6; oh.
2.7; not really.
2.8; well shit.
2.9; bang chan hyung.
3.0; thanks for the time limit.
3.1; did someone steal your identity?
3.2; you just be luring people?
3.3; no fighting women, remember?! 銆妛ritten銆
more parts coming soon!!
Tumblr media
漏 2021 copyright. all rights reserved. 0x1lovebot.
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lvnbyeola month ago
skz - small things with them
銆 masterlist 銆
a/n: loosely based on their natal charts! <3 cw: mentions of food
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鉁:藪 Chan鈼炩伜鈽嗭紟
he'd be someone who would love talking about his day with you
is always completely immersed in the stories you tell, even if it looks like his doing smth else at the same time
like he'd get confused when you stop talking bc he's been looking at his laptop the entire time
but he's turning to look at you like >:0 "why did you stop? i wanna know what happened next!"
will compliment you everytime he sees you basically
will most likely be loved by your friends
the nervous laugh he does.
always sitting just a tad too close to you
shushing people and giving you room to speak when nobody listens </3
protective gestures. all day every day.
holding a hand above your head when you get in or out of a car
guiding you around with a hand on your waist or on the small of your back
holding doors open and taking your hand when you cross the street
thinks you are the single most precious person on earth
probably has something profound and deep ready to say when someone asks about you
similar to "jeongin was a blank canvas [...]"
would 100% think you are beautiful, but your heart is even better
hyping your up when you have projects coming up
he'd be so impressed when you achieve/do good on smth
he'd go "that's crazy! i knew you could do it!!"
defending you at all costs >:(
doing his annoyed face when people bother you
he's not the tallest in the world but he got the right energy amirite
you two end up being that one couple that can't sleep when they're apart
(everyone else is thinking: chan sleeps?? o.O)
speaking of which, you'd be the couple everbody wants to be
so attentive and affectionate, my heart <///3
skz would adore you let's be real
鉁:藪 Minho鈼炩伜鈽嗭紟
he'd know you better than you'd know yourself
you ask him if you should get this or that and he goes "you're gonna hate both in like a week"
and you can't even be mad bc he's right D:
physical affection is taken seriously in private
and as a reason to tease you in front of others
would love bothering you
but he thinks you look cute when you're mad (so winwin ig? hah)
always walks up from behind and either slings his arm around your shoulder or takes your hand way more firm than he needs to
god forbid you ever forget one of his cat's names
observes you from afar, especially in group settings
feeling slightly drained? social battery runs out?
you haven't even finished the thought and lino pops up next to you, jacket on and car keys ready
"ready to go? :D"
he just wants to go home can't blame him
also: "don't tell the boys i did that"
always gets you food too when he finds smth on the way
like he walks past felix and some baked goods? you bet he takes (at least) two so you can have one as well
third-wheeling when he hangs out with jisung :(
consoling hyunjin when lino stuffed his mouth with tissues again
he'd be open to spend all his time with you, he'd take you anywhere
thinks of you as his home, your presence is very comforting to him
staring down the members when he thinks they go too far with the jokes
wordless touches of reassurance
like a hand on the upper arm, a nudge with the knee or shoulder, even small glances that tell the other what you think
gets shy when you compliment him sincerely
would give you the sideeye when you wear his sweater but he loves it secretly
would never turn down your physical affection
would share the amount of cat hair he carries on his clothes
鉁:藪 Changbin鈼炩伜鈽嗭紟
doing everything together
knowing your food & drink orders for every place by heart
cuddling. lots of it.
in public, he's a bit more reserved with the pda, but is still touching you in some way
likes to use you as either the scapegoat or the holy grail
"i didn't break the cup, it was y/n!"
vs. "but y/n said i can do it, there's nothing wrong with it!!"
gets shy shy shy when you show affection back but he also loves it so pls don't stop
would brag about you a lot
just randomly brings up stuff about you
changbin: omg you know what my s/o passed a super important exam yesterday they're so cool and smart
he'd order take out with you and would get unreasonably happy about it each time
writing songs about you but they're all hidden away bc he's ShY
carrying things for you, opening things for you
being the best shoulder to cry on
ready to fight anyone that would make you cry though
likes domestic dates where he can be lazy for once
would try sneaking inside jokes or little messages in some songs
would love annoying you for no reason
always tries to impress you with the most mundance things
he'd be great at advice and comfort tho
he always had the sweetest things to say, even if he has a small blush on his cheeks as he tells you how lovable you are <3
would hype you up !! so much !!
so you better do that to him too
bc boy deserves some more attention
the type to get you flowers randomly
or some expensive stuff
maybe he just wants you two to match
but it's adorable
鉁:藪 Hyunjin鈼炩伜鈽嗭紟
buying books for the two of you
sharing clothes and getting dressed together
you'd give each other advice for how to wear certain pieces
aesthetic coffee dates? hmm yes
doing his hair for him </3
him learning how to do hair and doing yours too !
out of the members who'd tease you, he'd be the absolut sweetest about it
holding hands everywhere you go
fixing your hair for you
comforting each other after a bad day </3
i think he's someone who likes to talk about deeper stuff, so this will be a thing !
lots of back hugs bc it's cute
lots of couple selfies !!
you could open a whole instagram account together, that's how many pictures he likes to take
reassuring him when he gets so hard on himself :(
always touching each other in some way, even if it's just your knees when you sit down
you guys are like the best duo, always together and slaying n stuff
hearing his laugh and instantly going :]
he'd feed you, don't worry!
would be super supportive too, like crazy !
when you do a project or smth he would print a pic of you and hang it on the wall over his bed
maybe for comedic purposes it would be either super tiny or way too big
but that could be my imagination running wild hehe
boy would do so much for you <//3
he'd literally give you his heart to show his love :(
鉁:藪 Jisung鈼炩伜鈽嗭紟
sharing headphones when you both feel like tapping out
basically could use one spotify account together bc all your playlists are shared
high-fiving you whenever you say something sassy or funny
his loudass laugh coming out so much </3
being the fun couple of the group
like you guys instantly light up the party together, even if you are on the quieter side
idk if he still watches nat geo documentaries but i'd bringe the shit out of that with him
cheetahs are, in fact, really fast !
he'd be so cute, planning little dates with you all the time </3
he'd go like "i saw this pretty spot with a bench in the park, we should spend the day there"
libra venus energy, every date would feel like straight out of a romcom
he'd hold your hand for reassurance, it would ground his raging thoughts
watching movies together and he is already planning to do the exact same overdramatic and cheesy things to you as the male lead does
teasiiiiing you sm </3
but like, cute and lovingly
imitating your voice 24/7
whining to you when he's tired
he does like the smallest things for you
like replacing your keys every time you don't put them next to the door, cleaning up after you when you're done with your makeup, peeling/cutting fruits before giving them to you
would LOVE teaching you some producing or writing stuff
he'd go all heart-eyes if you have something artistic you like to do too!
also surprisingly, comfortable silence would be one of his favourite things
just chilling together and listening to music
"can you pls come with me, i don't wanna go alone!馃ズ"
鉁:藪 Felix鈼炩伜鈽嗭紟
being his harshest critic when it comes to his baking
but also his biggest supporter
practicing singing together, even if you suck <3
always mentioning the other when something fun comes up
"aah, y/n would've loved that!"
always gravitating towards you
wherever you stand, he just pops up next to you
gets all giddy when he sees you after a while apart
"felix i was just at the grocery store"
"but i am so happy that you're back !! :D <3"
sharing everything and anything you see
i am talking pretty things, memes, fashion inspo, ANYTHING !
the type to text you he loves you at 3 am, completely sober
facetiming him would be so fun
it's either him being all pretty and cute
or he'd keep the phone WAY too close to his face
you're just talking to his eye the entire time
also lowkey falling asleep together on the call
also someone who'd do the tiniest things for you
like charging your phone when you forgot, carrying snacks everywhere in case you got hungry, also carrying chapstick and other stuff
you can't tell me this boy wouldn't love doing cottage core things
picnic in the park? uhm yEs?! baking bread together? you already know! adopting 2048347 animals? why are you even asking !!
he'd cuddle you so much :(
always touches you in some way, he'd try to be sneaky if you don't like to do it in public that much
now that i am thinking about it he'd be the golden retriever type of boyfriend
so how can you not love him?
would be so supportive and tooth-achingly sweet :')
鉁:藪 Seungmin鈼炩伜鈽嗭紟
trying every coffee shop you can find together
trying to perfect THE homemade coffee !!
playfully nagging you when your stuff is in the way and comparing you to the members <//3
"you are messier than jisung, hyunjin and changbin combined!! >:("
picking fluff from your coat, or your face, or wherever it may rest
fixing your hair for you too
would sing all. the. time.
practicing at 4am and you have to tackle him to bed so he'd stop
teasing you too :')
he's the type to do regular reality checks to you
you're like "this is cute, i should get it!"
and he'd go "you have like, five of those."
like yes but that is NOT THE POINT RN !
he'd also totally be someone who would playfully argue with you till the bitter end
hugs you in private a lot
which would be so full of warmth and comfort :')
gives the best advice ever too :(
would be the best listener, trying to work through your problems so attentively
quiz him about any facts about you and he'd get every single one right
would be the type to bring you drinks and food at random times
like you just pass each other in the hallway and he'd hand you a plate of fruit
like??? wow ily
would totally be down for hand holding! but not a lot more :(
but let's take what we get folks! the boy would still adore you
he's just not ready to be teased to death
would literally be the perfect boyfriend and you can fight me on this
the preppy type and he LIVES it with you </3
鉁:藪 Jeongin鈼炩伜鈽嗭紟
anything fun he'd find, you'd always be the first to know
calling you an asshole and then slipping his hands in yours
knowing exactly what shows you like and dislike, same with food and games
playing through story games together and completing it feels like you lived through the whole thing yourselves
eating. together. all. the. damn. time !
awkward bro energy but also calls you cute sometimes
would tease you basically anytime you two interact
like try holding his hand and he'd just drag you everywhere with him
try hugging him and he suddenly feels the urge to walk and turn any chance he gets
also the type to call you at 3 am
but he'd be more like "the hyungs are annoying me, is your bed still free?"
would be so so so shy when you give him compliments
likes your attention more than he'd admit
would get random moments where he feels cuddly with you </3
calls you just to settle an argument with the others
the type so subconsciously gravitate towards you and not noticing
but the others notice don't worry
he'd love doing things with you
like exploring the city, going on weird dates, visiting random tourists spots and acting like you aren't from seoul
people do that right idk
knows exactly how to annoy you and will use it against you
like he'd be the reason you discover how far up your heartrate can actually go
thank u jeongin
漏 lvnbyeol
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quokkalattea month ago
[11:47 a.m]
Pairing: lee felix x fem!reader
Word count: 600
Warnings: face sitting, cunniligus, oral (fem receiving), female orgasm, felix calls the reader 'princess', squirting, soft felix
thank you for 800 followers 馃挏
The way he looked at you so expectantly, his brown eyes lust blown and wide, lips plump and swollen and shining, it was enough to make your heart melt and your nether regions ache. But it didn't help the pit of anxiety that still resided in your belly.聽
"I don't know Lix鈥." You trailed off, swallowing thickly. His hands came to your waist, his thumbs rubbing circles against your hips lightly.聽
"It'll be fine princess." He says.聽
"But...but what if I hurt you?" Your fears are surfacing. Felix sits up, pulling you flush against him, and he presses a kiss to your forehead.聽
"Baby you aren't going to hurt me. I promise" he soothes, his hands cupping your face and he presses kisses along your nose and cheeks, butterflies replacing the anxiety.聽
"Okay鈥 but if it gets too much you'll let me know right?" You say, and Felix chuckles and nods, pressing his mouth against yours in one more heated kiss. Then, he laid backwards, his blonde hair spreading out against the pillows, and he pulled you towards his face.聽
You situate your legs on either side of his head, his mouth hovering below your cunt. Felix's eyes fluttered, and he gazed up at you, eyes half closed. Then, his arms wrapped around your thighs, pressing you down against his face.
Immediately he licked a broad stripe against your cunt, making your hips buck, knocking against his nose with force. You cover your mouth and look down at him with wide eyes, apologies leaving your mouth. Felix laughed, squeezing the flesh of your thigh in reassurance.聽
Don't worry baby i've got you" he says, pressing you once more against this face, his mouth beginning to assault your cunt, his tongue prodding your entrance.聽 You brace聽 yourself against the headboard, knuckles white as pants left your lips. Then, Felix slid one of his hands across your thigh, maneuvering so his forefinger began to rub your clit in soft motions.聽 A choked cry left your mouth, and you once again bucked your hips hard, but it didn't deter him, he ate you out like a man starved, his biceps flexing as he pressed you further onto his face, and dimly in the black of your mind, clouded by pleasure, you naively wondered if it was possible for him to suffocate.聽
A hot coil tightened in the bit of your abdomen, your hips grinded against Felix's face, chasing your orgasm and Felix was eager to give it to you. He pulled his tongue from your dripping cunt, and then instead began to suck harshly on your clit.聽That was it, the ministrations of his tongue too much for you, and you came with a cry, your lower half collapsing but Felix managed to keep you upright, situating himself away from your pulsating cunt to watch his handy work. You glanced down at him, and let out a moan at the sight.
聽His entire lower face was drenched, his lips puffy and bright red. His eyes clouded with lust as he looked up at you, licking his lips. A hot wave coarsed through your body at the sight. You were still coming down from the aftershocks as Felix laid you next to him, grinning down at you coyly, his hands sliding down your body as he caged you against the bed, lips coming down next to your ear to whisper,
"Told you I'd take care of you. Now I think it's time you returned the favor, hmm?"
Tumblr media
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yuta-senpai2 months ago
Recording Time | Han Jisung
Tumblr media
This was privately requested by a friend.聽聽
Han Jisung 60, 27, and 35
鈥淟et me hear those pretty moans.鈥
鈥淚'm gonna record your moans and use them on the new album."
鈥淥h fuck, did we just break the bed?鈥
- Pairing: Dom Han Jisung x Female reader
- Genre: Smut
- Warnings:聽Recording of moans, fingering, clothes ripping/cutting,聽 and unprotected sex.
- Word Count:聽2k聽
Tumblr media
Jisung stood above you smiling, 鈥淏abyyyy can you come into the studio for the moment?聽 I want to ask your opinion about something.鈥
You arched your eyebrow at him, 鈥淲hat鈥檚 up?鈥
鈥淎hh, I just need you to hear this and see if you agree with me.鈥
He was acting odd so you knew something was up.聽 He grabbed your hand and pulled you to stand, leading you to the studio.聽 He sat down in his chair and pulled you down onto his lap.聽
鈥淥kay listen to this.鈥
He played the song, it was a solo rap, and it honestly sounded really good.
You listened and he watched you.聽
鈥淲hat do you think?鈥
鈥淚 think it sounds perfect Jisung.鈥
He sighed and moved to a certain part of the song, 鈥淪omething is missing right here.鈥
He played it and tapped his fingers along to the music against your thigh.
鈥淗mm, I see what you mean.聽 What are you wanting to add there?鈥
鈥淚 have an idea but I will need your help.鈥
鈥淢y help?聽 With what?鈥
He leaned close to your ear 鈥淚'm gonna record your moans and use them.聽 I think they would fit perfectly right here.鈥
Your face heated up, 鈥淵ah, no way Jisung.鈥
He wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled you back closer against him, you could feel his boner poking against your ass.
鈥淐ome on, it would be hot.聽 Plus you would be able to help me.聽 Please baby.鈥
鈥淏ut it鈥檚 embarrassing.鈥
鈥淣o, it鈥檚 not, your moans are so pretty.鈥
You bit your lip and thought for a moment, weighing your options.
He kissed your neck and lightly sucked, 鈥淟et鈥檚 get started then.鈥
You gasped and he smirked against the skin, his fingers slid from your waist down to your inner thigh.聽 He grabbed the skin roughly and then slapped his hand down on it.
鈥淥h shit.鈥
His other hand moved to grab your breast.聽 Massaging it through your shirt.聽 He moved your right thigh to hook it over his leg, forcing you to spread your legs.
鈥淎h, shouldn鈥檛 we move to the bedroom?鈥
鈥淟et me get some recordings in here and there, you know different resonation.鈥
鈥淵ou need to record it then.鈥
He groaned and opened a file and pressed record, 鈥淭here.鈥
鈥淲here is the mic?鈥
He pointed to the microphone sitting on his desk, it was one meant to easily pick up sounds.聽聽
鈥淚 set it up ahead of time.鈥
His hand went back to your thigh, massaging the skin and then slapping it.聽 Each time it pulled a moan from your lips.
鈥淵es, let me hear those pretty moans.聽 Loud and clear for the microphone baby.鈥
He moved his hand up right to where the leg of your shorts ended, teasing the fabric away and grazing over your panties then he moved his hand back down your thigh.
You groaned and he chuckled.
鈥淪o impatient.鈥
鈥淣o, you are just teasing.鈥
鈥淢aybe, but you are also impatient.鈥
His lips moved back to your neck and he finally moved his hand up and pushed your panties and shorts to the side.聽 You leaned your head back and moaned when he lightly ran his finger across your clit.
鈥淪o wet for me.鈥
He quickly rubbed your clit and you closed your leg around his hand.
鈥淣ow that鈥檚 not going to work baby.鈥
He resituated you in his lap and moved your left leg over his thigh, so you were forced to stay open.
He spread his legs more, spreading you.
鈥淭here we go.鈥
He flicked your clit and you jumped in his hold, 鈥淥h fuck Jisung.鈥
He chuckled lowly and rubbed his fingers quickly over your clit, making your legs shake 鈥淎hhh too sensitive.鈥
鈥淵ou know you can handle it.鈥
鈥淎hhhh, no.聽 It鈥檚 too much.鈥
Your whole body shook and you whimpered and moaned loudly.
鈥淪uch pretty moans for the song.鈥
鈥淛isung please slow down.鈥
He slowed down and moved to just rolling your clit back and forth.
You nodded and he moved his other hand to grab your cheeks, squishing them 鈥淵ou know to use your words, don鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥淵es, Jisung.鈥
鈥淕ood girl.鈥
He let your face go and moved that hand to your breast, the other one still rubbed slow circles on your clit.聽 You moaned quietly. 鈥淭his isn鈥檛 going to do.鈥
He started to move his hand fast again and you moaned loudly, shaking in his hold, the pleasure overwhelming.聽 You couldn鈥檛 help but moan loudly.
鈥淕o ahead and cum for me.聽 Your moans are prettiest when cumming.鈥
You grabbed onto his arm, digging your nails into the flesh.聽聽
鈥淐ome on, you can do it, let go, baby.鈥
You closed your eyes tightly, throwing your head back on his shoulder, he held you tightly against him as you shook in his hold.聽 His fingers continuing the same torturous pace that made your whole body shake.
You let out breathy loud moans as you came, your body shaking against his.
鈥淕ood girl.鈥
You whimpered when he continued rubbing his fingers quickly.聽 He finally slowed down and you relaxed in his hold, heavy breaths leaving your lips.
鈥淵our moans sounded so pretty, will definitely use some of those in the song.鈥
He grabbed your chin and turned your head.聽 He kissed your cheek, you turned further and kissed him on the lips.聽 He smiled against your lips and wrapped his hand up in your hair.聽 He pulled it back and you moaned.聽聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 think we are done, we are just getting started.鈥
You bit your lip and nodded.
Your left leg had slipped from around his, so he moved it back spreading you again.
He grabbed at your shorts trying to rip them and groaned when he couldn鈥檛.
鈥淒on鈥檛 you dare rip them Jisung.鈥
He reached over, opened a drawer, and grabbed scissors.
鈥淣o, don鈥檛 you dare.鈥
He grabbed the material and cut them and your panties then he ripped them off.
鈥淎hh Jisung, I could have taken them off.鈥
鈥淣o, it鈥檚 more fun this way.鈥
The crotch of your shorts and panties ripped apart and it was only attached to your waist.
鈥淢ight as well cut them all the way off.鈥
He snipped the waistband of your shorts and panties then ripped them too, the material falling from you and he pushed it into the floor.
鈥淲hy do you like doing that Jisung?鈥
鈥淲hy not?聽 I鈥檒l just buy you new ones.鈥
鈥淪top cutting off and ripping my damn clothes Jisung.鈥
He grabbed your shirt and ripped it making you gasp.
鈥淒on鈥檛 tell me what to do.鈥
You rolled your eyes and sighed.聽 He pushed the shirt off, leaving you in nothing.聽
鈥淚 like you best naked.鈥
鈥淵eah, and how am I going to get back to the room naked without getting caught by another member?鈥
鈥淥h shit, I didn鈥檛 think about that.聽 Oh well.鈥
He grabbed your breast suddenly and moved his hand back down your thigh.
鈥淲e will worry about that later, I think everybody is out anyways.鈥
He slid his fingers along your core, collecting your wetness, then he pushed two fingers inside.聽 You moaned and arched your back.聽 You tightened around his fingers and he groaned, 鈥淪o tight for me.鈥
He curled his fingers up into you, rubbing his fingers over your most sensitive spot.聽 He had done this so many times he knew exactly where to hit to make you see white.
He curled his fingers quickly, not wasting any time in trying to get you to cum. You grabbed his arm again and dug your nails in 鈥淔uck, Jisung.鈥
Labored breaths and moans left your lips as you were overwhelmed with pleasure.聽 Your toes curled and you moaned out as an orgasm washed over you.聽 He continued to move his fingers quickly, making you stop breathing as you reached behind you, grabbing his neck.聽 He pushed you over the edge within seconds of the last orgasm and you moaned so loud if anybody was in the dorm they definitely heard you.
鈥淔uck, that was hot baby.鈥
He kissed your exposed shoulder and slowed his fingers down, waiting for you to finally relax in his arms.
You let out a heavy breath you had been holding and finally relaxed.
He ran his hands over your stomach and thighs, letting you catch your breath.聽 He was trying to help you ground yourself and calm you down.
鈥淵ou did good baby.鈥
He leaned over you and paused the recording, saving it.
鈥淥kay, let鈥檚 go to the bedroom.鈥
He took his shirt off and handed it to you, so you could be covered if somebody was home.
He grabbed his phone and followed you as you led him to the bedroom.
You smiled at him and he smiled back.聽 You laid down in bed and he locked the door behind you.聽 You had removed his shirt and thrown it elsewhere.
He eyed you and smirked.
鈥淵ou look so good laid out like that for me.聽 I want to ruin you.聽 I would love to have you ride my thigh or my fingers again but fuck I need you. 鈥
He gripped his prominent bulge through his sweats and shook it, really showing you how hard he was.聽
鈥淚 need you Jisung.鈥
鈥淥ne moment baby.鈥
He threw his phone onto the bed and pushed his sweats off, fully naked for you.
He climbed onto the bed and hovered over you, kissing you quickly.聽 He leaned back and grabbed his phone.
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥
鈥淗mm, oh turning on a voice recording app.鈥
He started it then set the phone next to your head.
He grabbed your legs and pulled you down the bed towards him making you gasp.
He chuckled and you wrapped your legs around his waist.
You reached between the two of you and stroked his dick.聽 He groaned and threw his head back.聽 Precum leaked from the tip and you rubbed it against your clit.
He moved your hand and grabbed it himself, positioning himself.聽 He teased the tip in and then pulled back out.聽 He did this a few more times until one time you used your legs to pull him forward.
He groaned as he sunk all the way in. 鈥淔ucckkkk.鈥
You moaned and grabbed onto his arms.
He leaned forward and grabbed your hands, holding them above your head as he thrust into you slowly.聽聽
鈥淚 am gonna be rough, want to get those sweet moans from your lips.鈥
He thrust in especially hard and you moaned loudly, tightening your legs around his waist.
He grabbed one of your legs and moved it up to his shoulder, making the stretch even more apparent.
You dug your nails into your own hand, as he still had your hands pinned above your head.
After a while, he let go of your hands and leaned back.聽 He grabbed your legs and moved them together, your thighs touching, and he bent you nearly in half.聽 He kept thrusting slow and hard, pulling loud whiny moans from you with nearly every thrust.聽聽
The drag of his cock against your walls was intense in this position.
鈥淔uck, Jisung I can鈥檛.聽 Too much.鈥
鈥淵ou keep saying you can鈥檛 handle things but I know you can.鈥
He started to thrust faster and you dug your nails into the sheets.聽 The world was blurry from the pleasure, or maybe tears.
鈥淎ww, are you crying baby?聽 Fucking you so good, you are crying.聽 How cute.鈥
You wiped the tears from your eyes as he continued to fuck into you quickly.聽 His bed frame hit up against the wall with each thrust.聽 His thrusts got particularly hard and this finally sent you over the edge as your screamed out.聽 He groaned lowly and started to thrust faster.聽 He thrust one final hard time as he came and when he did the bed made a cracking sound and the end by your head tipped down, a leg breaking.聽 You nearly screamed and he held onto you as you both slid down.
You suddenly started laughing and his eyes were wide.
鈥淥h fuck, did we just break the bed?鈥
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0x1lovebot8 days ago
鉁┾⑻┨┩*藲鈦 swimsuit shopping with stray kids 鈦核*鈥⑻┨┩欌湬
gender neutral! reader.
a/n; jisung's is a little 馃憖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he's kind of uncomfortable tbh
but only because he feels like him seeing you not fully clothed makes you uncomfortable
covers his eyes every time you come out of the changing room
gives his opinion even tho he isn't even looking at you馃槶
such a cutie tho 馃ズ馃挄
"babe what do you think of this one?"
*is facing the other way* "it looks great!! you should get this one!!"
"chan you're not even looking at it馃檮"
[rest of the members under cut!!!]
fashion critic to the m a x
if you look bad in a swimsuit he will n o t hesitate to tell you
would never let his s/o get caught looking bad馃槫
sometimes he's the tiniest bit harsh but he always immediately apologizes
you take him with you whenever you go clothes shopping because if how honest he is
"how about this one??"
"y/n put that back!! you're gonna look like a crazy person馃檮"
omg so changbin right??
c h a n g b i n!!
first of all he would be sitting like this the whole time 馃槚
everytime you come out of the change room he looks you up and down and asks you to do a spin
says it's ok but you can find something better
but in reality he just wants to see you in more swimsuits馃檮
you get tired of changing every 2 minutes but changbin basically begs you to keep going
has a little smirk on his face the whole time
"bin! this is the 5th one I've tried on馃槴"
"come on just 1 more, the next one might be the one!"
he's literally no help馃檮
he's always like
"oh that looks pretty on you!!"
"you look so good in that one!!"
and as much as you appreciate all the the hype and compliments
you can't make a damn decision because you "look hot in all of them" according to hyunjin 馃槓
so uh......
you no longer let jisung go swimsuit shopping with you馃槶馃槶
because everytime he sees you in one, he tries to get you out of it 馃憖 if you know what I mean
it happens every single time he went with you so you stopped bringing him with you
he begs to come with you but you always refuse
"come on, plzzzzzz馃ズ馃ズ?"
"omg no, I'm not trying to get kicked out of the mall again for public indecency馃檮馃檮"
"well at least send pics this time!!"
he's such a sweetheart馃挄
he waits patiently and gets so excited everytime you show him a different swimsuit
he tells you which colors/patterns/styles he likes more but is always like "but you're the one wearing it so just get the one you want鈽"
thinks you look in amazing in everything!!
sometimes if one of them is a little 馃槼 he gets a little red in the face
but he's so cute tho馃ズ馃槪馃挄
pretends he doesn't wanna be there
complains the whole time about how long you're taking
but deep down he feels so honored that you let him see you in such a vulnerable state
because wearing swimsuits in front of people can be kinda nerve-wracking no matter how close you are with them
so he actually helps you make a decision on which swimsuit you should get
but not without being snarky about it馃槶
"how about this one seung???"
"that one looks good on you. now get it so we can finally get out of here馃檮"
he's not there to see you in swimsuits tbh
he's just there to spend time with you 馃槫馃挄
the swimsuits don't really matter to him
if he sees one that really pops on you then he'll say something
but most of the time he just silently admires you and wait for you to finish
sometimes he takes pics of you and sets one of them as his homescreen 馃憖
Tumblr media
permanent taglist; @snghnluvr @shrutiajit @bakukags @witheeseung @binniesbf @ezakaru @pc-yeolie @dear-dreamie @thekinkpopstandsforkrackheads @3ggieyolk @hoonbokki @love-4-keum @sunshinelixie-lee @grassbutneo @katastrophesworld
漏 2021 copyright. all rights reserved. 0x1lovebot.
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