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#skz hyunjin
maaaaaatryoshka0325 · 2 years ago
Blood and Chocolate - Stray Kids Dance Line Smut
Requested 💕
Warnings: filthy 4some, food play, blood kink, choking, spanking, degradation, ice play, wax play, Dom!dance line
Tumblr media
You sat next to Felix, playing a video game in the dorms. The dance line finished their dance break, so 3racha and the vocal line were busy. You laughed as you beat Felix and he threw his head back and groaned.
“Now you owe me dinner.” You laughed.
He plopped his head on your lap and you giggled as Hyunjin and Minho walked into the room.
“Can you not be in her vagina in front of everyone?” Minho asked, looking at Felix’s head practically on your neither regions.
“You’re just jealous you’re not in there.” Hyunjin laughed, scrunching his nose at his elder.
“Not as jealous as you are.” Minho huffed, playfully shoving the younger.
“I don’t know, you seem pretty jealous Minho.” You teased.
“Please, you wouldn’t be able to handle me. Or any of us.” He said back.
“Yeah, I bet I could.” You said, eyes narrowing.
He smirked and knelt down beside you, his lips inches from yours.
“Oh yeah? Prove it.” He said.
Your face turned red as he smirked at you.
“See? I told you.” He said, his lips nearly touching yours.
“I could.” You said, trying to sound confident.
He smirked and pressed his lips against yours, making Felix awkwardly gasp.
“Hyung, what are you doing?” He asked.
“Seeing if she ca handle me. Why don’t we see if she can handle us all?” He asked, smirking at you.
Hyunjin blushed and looked at you and you gave a hesitant nod at him, then to Felix.
Now you were on the floor in between Felix’s legs, your back on his chest as he played with your boobs through your shirt. Minho had wandered off to grab stuff and Hyunjin was in between your legs, having already removed your pants. His plump lips were leaving trails of hickeys in between your thighs as you let out a soft whine.
“You’ll get what you want soon.” Hyunjin purred.
Minho came in with some candles and what looked like a small bowl of melted chocolate and a cup of ice. He lit the candles and smirked at you as he nodded to Felix.
“Take her shirt off.” He said.
Felix listed your shirt over your head and let out a shaky breath when he looked down at your boobs. He cupped them in your bra and massaged them, a smirk on his lips.
“Such nice tits baby.” He purred.
You arched your back and moaned as Hyunjin moved your panties to the side and pressed a sloppy kiss to your clit. Felix turned your head and caught your lips in a deep kiss as Hyunjin ran his tongue up and down your folds, groaning.
“She tastes so good.” He purred.
You heard Minho shuffle beside you as Felix unclasped your bra. You gasped when you felt something cold on your nipple, and realized it was the ice Minho had brought in the cup. Another piece was pressed to your other nipple and you arches your back as Hyunjin slipped a finger into your head.
“She’s loving this, she’s soaked and so tight.” He purred, swirling his tongue around your clit and pumping his finger in and out of you.
Minho and Felix tortured your nipples with the ice while dragging them down your chest and across your belly. Minho’s mouth was on the shell of your ear as he bit down and you yelped as he drew blood. He licked it off and smirked. When he pulled away, his bottom lip was red from your blood and you moaned. He pressed his lips roughly against yours, making you taste your own blood. You were a mess as Hyunjin slipped another finger in and curled them harshly into your G-spot. You cried out as your high approached, but he slipped his fingers out and fulled away from your heat. You were just about to yell at him when he slammed his plump lips into yours roughly, shoving his tongue against yours, making you taste yourself on his tongue and his lips.
Minho took his shirt off, followed by the other two and you gawked at their bodies. Hyunjin smirked and lifted your chin tightly with his finger.
“Like what you see babe?” He asked.
You nodded and the boys lifted you off of Felix as he pulled his pants and boxers down, his dick springing up. Hyunjin and Minho followed and you swallowed at the sizes of their lengths.
“Can you handle it?” Hyunjin asked, a smirk on his face.
“Y-Yes.” You tried to say confidently.
You squealed when you were lifted and pressed just above Felix’s length, his hands tightly on your hips.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yes.” You said confidently, smirking at Minho.
Your smirk was wiped off of your face as Felix gripped your hips and brought you all the way down on his length, making him bottom out in one go. Your back arched as you moaned, making Felix smirk. He held your waist tightly as he thrusted up into you balls deep. Minho grabbed your chin and brought his dick to your face, rubbing it on your lips and spreading his precum along your lips.
“Suck.” He said.
You opened your mouth and he thrusted himself down your throat, groaning as he gripped your hair. You felt Hyunjin’s hand on your wrist as he placed your hand on his dick.
“Don’t forget about me.” He said as you rubbed his length.
Felix lifted you a little higher and rammed himself into your roughly, making you choke around Minho and tighten your grip on Hyunjin. Minho gripped your hair tighter as he began to roughly face fuck you, his tip slamming into the back of your throat. Felix grunted as he thrusted one last time up into you and came, making you moan around Minho as you came with him. Minho grunted and came down your throat, and Hyunjin came on the side of your face and your chest.
“Such a little slut.” Minho purred.
He pulled you off of Felix and you whimpered at the empty feeling. He pinned you down and smiled at you.
“What should we try first?” He asked.
“Chocolate.” Hyunjin said with a smirk.
“Then you go first.” He said, motioning to you.
Hyunjin grabbed the melted chocolate and poured some on your chest. You closed your eyes and moaned as he leaned forward and licked it off before he smirked at Felix and Minho. He put the chocolate next to you and nodded to them. 
“Put it on their dicks.” He said.
You nodded and stuck you hand in the chocolate before rubbing it down Minho’s length. Minho bit his lip and lifted your chin with his finger as he pressed a rough kiss to your lips.
“I hope you can take what’s coming.” He purred.
You were about to respond when Felix pushed his already hard length towards you. You covered his length in chocolate too before Hyunjin grabbed you and threw you on your hands and knees. He pushed you down between your shoulder blades as he ran his hand over the swell of your ass.
“So beautiful.” He purred as he landed a harsh slap to your ass. You cried out as he landed another harsh blow and smiled down at the reddened skin. He rubbed the skin before pressing the thick tip to his dick to your entrance. You cried out when he shoved himself to the hilt inside of you, his tip kissing your cervix. You saw Felix shove his chocolate covered length in your face and smirked.
“Clean it. You made a mess.” He said.
You wrapped your lips around him as the taste of chocolate filled your mouth as you took him down your throat. Hyunjin dragged himself out of you and rammed himself deeply into you, causing you to whimper around Felix. Hyunjin began to pull himself all the way out and slam back in, hitting the deepest parts of you every time. He grabbed your head and pushed it all the way down Felix, making both you and Felix moan.
“You can do better than that for Felix, you’re such a little slut for him.” Hyunjin growled, slamming his hips into yours rapidly. 
He watched your ass jiggled as he snapped his hips into yours roughly. Felix groaned as he grabbed your throat and pulled you off of him, cumming on your chest. You came hard around Hyunjin as he slammed your cervix roughly, the pain/pleasure of it making you orgasm. You arms were about to give out when Minho lifted you up by your throat and shoved himself balls deep in your mouth.
“You haven’t cleaned me yet kitten.” He hissed, shoving himself roughly down your throat as Hyunjin continued to pound into you.
You whined loudly as your eyes rolled back as Hyunjin came inside of you, pulling out and spilling some on your ass and lower back. Minho pulled out of your mouth and came on your face and chest, a smirk on his lips.
“So dirty. You’re such a filthy whore for us, right kitten?” He asked.
You nodded fast as he grabbed your chin and looked at you, anger in his eyes.
“I asked you a question.” He said.
“Y-Yes Minho.” You whined as he laid you down on your back. 
He grabbed the candle and smirked at you as he poured some of the hot wax on your chest and stomach. You cried out as you went to moved, but he held your wrists above your head and smirked down at you.
“I thought you could handle it?” He asked.
You bit your lip and nodded as he poured more along your stomach, watching it drip down your sides. Tears filled your eyes as he pressed a kiss to your lips, sitting in between your trembling thighs. He looked down at the mess between your legs and smirked.
“I’m going to ruin you.” He said, slamming into your roughly.
You arched your back and cried out as he set a steady rhythm of pounding into you, your abused walls already so sensitive. He grabbed the candle and poured it over your boobs, making you scream out as you tightened around him. He smirked and slammed into you roughly, loud slapping sounds and your screams filled the room. Your eyes, which had been unfocused due to the pleasure from all the pain, saw Hyunjin and Felix on either side of you, pumping themselves over your wrecked body.
You felt a hand wrap around your throat as Minho’s hips snapped roughly into yours, making the most unholy sounds come out of your mouth. You were a rambling mess under him, and he was enjoying every minute of it. Your eyes rolled back as you started to see black spots in your vision when Minho came harshly inside of you with a groan. Your back arched as your whole body trembled as you orgasmed hard, your whole body shaking. Hyunin and Felix grunted as they both came across your ruined body.
Minho slowly pulled out and pressed his fingers into you, making you cry out as your body was overly used.
“Just making sure you don’t make any more messes.” He smirked.
He pulled his fingers away and pushed them into your mouth. Felix looked down at you and smirked as he saw saliva, tears, and cum all over your face and down your neck and chest along with the candle wax.
“You look so beautiful.” He said.
The three of them peeled off the candle wax and cleaned you up. Felix wrapped you in a blanket and sat you between his thighs with your head on his chest as Minho and Hyunjin went to go get the four of you take out.
“That was great, we should do that again.” He said with a smirk as he ran his fingers through your soft hair. “But next time, we’ll make you forget your own name.”
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