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#skz hyunjin fluff
skeezsbbygirl · a year ago
tmt (too much tank tops) + bang chan
hello sunshines! (◕‿◕✿)
i’m sorry it took so long for me to update :( i had some personal agendas i needed to attend to, but all is good now <3 this is for anon who requested a bang chan scenario inspired from all the sleeveless looks he’s been serving all of us lately haha. hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Don't do it, you thought, as you fought back the urge to bite Chris' exposed arm. The said male's attention was currently fixated on his laptop, clicking some buttons as he bopped his head with the beat that was playing in his headphones. You could faintly hear the tune due to Chris' habit of turning up the volume too loud, claiming that he needed to do that to perfect his craft.
His arm flexed, unbeknownst to him, as he rubbed his neck in attempt to ease some of the tension that was building in his muscles. Such motion made his veins even more prominent, faint shades of green and blue laced through his upper arm down to his hands.
"Chris, stop," you said as you grabbed his arm, slowly guiding it back to rest on the table. Your boyfriend looked at you in confusion, swiftly hitting pause on his laptop to focus on you.
"Stop what, baby?" he questioned as his brown orbs innocently stared into yours, a hint of concern was also displayed on his features, worrying if he had done something wrong for you to call him out.
"I'm sorry, I'll get this done right away," Chris added quickly, taking your hand into his and pressing a kiss on your knuckles. You offered him a sweet smile as you shook your head.
"No, babe. I wasn't talking about that," you explained, shifting in your seat to take a better look at him. Chris slid his headphones off, setting the gadget right beside his laptop. "Then what is it, bub?" he pressed, "You know you can tell me anything, yeah?"
"It's just," you paused as a sudden wave of embarrassment hit you. "Just what?" Chris prompted for you to go on. You shook your head, deciding to bite back the reply that was at the tip of your tongue. "Nothing. Forget I said anything, go back to work," you shrugged, flashing him a convincing smile as you reached out for your phone.
Chris eyed you suspiciously, sensing that there was something odd about your behavior. "I'm not going back to work unless you tell me what's going on," he stated. "Look at me, baby," he instructed as his finger firmly tilted your chin up. "Spill, (y/n)," he said, taking your phone from your hand as he carefully placed it on the table.
"It's embarrassing," you whined, pulling away from his grip, opting to nuzzle your face into his neck. "It's just me, babe," he chuckled, "Come on, baby."
"Exactly, it's you," you muttered, sending shivers down Chris' spine as your lips grazed the sensitive skin of his neck as you spoke. "What about me, love?" he asked as he grabbed your waist, pulling you towards him, making you settle on his lap. Your arms automatically wrapped themselves around his shoulders with your face still buried in his neck as he maneuvered you into a comfortable position.
"Youandyourstupidmuscletanktops," you breathed out in one go. "What?" Chris laughed, "What was that, babygirl?"
He heard you the first time, managing to catch your words despite how muffled you sounded. But still, he wanted to tease you.
"I hate you," you mumbled. "I hate you and your arms, and how they make me feel."
"No, you don't," Chris interjected. "Because if this is how you react when you hate them, then how much more flustered will you get when you actually love them," he teased.
You groaned in annoyance. "See? This is why I didn't want to tell you," you said as you emerged from your hiding. "So, you were ogling at my arms, huh?" Chris joked, cocking one eyebrow at you.
"Whatever, I'm joining Hyunjin in the dance room," you pouted, pushing yourself off of him, but Chris only tightened his hold on you. "No, baby," Chris whined, "Alright, I'm sorry, no more teasing."
Chris leaned in and gave you a kiss, one that lasted longer than usual. "You're the cutest," he cooed to which you responded with an eye roll. "I'm flattered that you like my arms," Chris said, "I've been working out with Bin a lot these days," he added.
"Yeah, I've noticed," you replied as you lightly traced the veins that adorned his upper arm with your fingers. Chris visibly relaxed under your touch, his eyes followed your movement, fascinated by your actions. "I'm glad you noticed," Chris giggled, suddenly growing shy from the attention he was getting from you. Not that he wasn't used to it, but it was the first time that you verbally expressed your fixation on his arms. He might have noticed your stares now and then, but he really didn't make a big deal out of it.
"Well, how can I not when you've been wearing a lot of sleeveless tops nowadays," you pointed out. Chris lifted his shoulders in a half shrug and you shook your head at your boyfriend's cocky demeanor, snuggling back into his embrace.
"I find them comfortable," Chris claimed. "And I find them distracting," you countered back. "Yeah, clearly," he teased, earning him a light smack on his right arm. "I just want to be in your arms forever," you said and Chris smiled at your response, planting a kiss on your forehead in the process.
"I'm here, baby. I got you forever."
The both of you stayed cuddled up for a while, with one of Chris' hand gently stroking your hair while the other was wrapped around your waist, keeping you close to him.
"I missed you," you spoke after a while. "Like a lot," you added as you peppered Chris' neck with small kisses. "I missed you more, babygirl," he replied. "Alright, let me finish up and we'll go home," Chris released his hold on you, gently guiding you back to your seat.
An hour later, you guys were home, with you on the bed and Chris currently taking a shower. You were sprawled out on your stomach as you mindlessly scrolled through your phone, answering messages from your friends that popped up in your notification center every now and then.
Your attention was only shifted when Chris emerged out of the bathroom, clad in nothing but black sweatpants and a small towel hanging on his right shoulder, leaving his upper body bare. He sat on the edge of the bed with his back to you as you watched him dry his hair with the towel.
"Here, babe, I'll do it for you," you offered as you crawled to where he was. You tapped his shoulder, motioning for him to sit on the carpeted floor of your shared bedroom as you placed your legs on his sides. Chris' body nestled between your parted legs, crossing his own and making himself comfortable. "Thanks," he said, handing you the towel.
"You did well today," you complimented which earned you a shy chuckle from Chris. "You say that everyday," he noted, dodging your praises. "Because you do well everyday, Chris," you insisted, harshly ruffling his hair to make your point. The black-haired male whined at your sudden action, tilting his head up to pout at you. "You're such a baby," you teased, leaning down to kiss his lips. "But I'm your baby," Chris replied, catching your lips in another kiss.
"Yes, you are, so you better wear more sleeves from now on," you squeezed his arms, and then leaned down to plant a kiss on his exposed shoulder. "Aww, is my queen jealous?" Chris joked, poking your cheek. You huffed in response. "Don't worry, beautiful," he paused as he turned his body around to properly face you. "They may be out there for everyone to see, but they're only yours to touch and feel, and occasionally ogle at," he continued, a giggle escaping his lips as he delivered the latter line.
"I do not ogle," you argued, playfully hitting his arm with your fist. Chris laughed and stood up, hovering over your seated figure. He placed his hands on your sides, caging you within his arms. With Chris being so close, you could smell the all too familiar scent of his body wash -- it was safe to say that it took quite a lot of control not to pounce on him right there and then. "Yeah, sorry. I meant drool," he mocked.
You scoffed at his remark. "Forget it, I'm gonna ogle at Changbin's arms instead," you challenged and Chris immediately dropped his act. "Don't you dare," he gasped and attacked you with kisses. You yelped in surprise, throwing your head back as you giggled, which only allowed Chris to have better access to your neck.
"Alright, alright," you managed to say in between giggles, "I'm kidding, Chris!"
Chris stopped, placing one final kiss on your lips as he detached himself from you. "Good, 'cause you're mine," he stated. "I'm yours, always. I promise," you reassured as your hands came up to gently caress his cheeks. Chris melted under your touch, basking within the affection you were giving him.
You closed the gap between the two of you, connecting your lips with his once more. Chris caught you off guard for a second when he deepened the kiss. It was slow and soft at first, but things quickly turned heated when Chris nibbled on your bottom lip, and at your grant of access, he delved inside your mouth.
You raked your hands through his brown curly locks, lightly tugging at the strands as you pulled him closer, which elicited a soft moan from Chris, his own hands finding their way under your top.
"Alright, sugar lips," you chuckled as you pulled away from Chris, halting his advances, "Go put a shirt on, you need to rest."
"Don't want to," Chris insisted as he towered over your figure once again. "And why not?" you asked, raising one eyebrow at him. "Because I wanna love on you right now," he answered, "So lie back, babygirl."
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narika-a · 2 years ago
Stray Kids Reaction: When you kiss them out of the blue
||| Anon asked: Helloooo~ can i get a straykids reAction to you pampering them with kisses :3 |||
A/N: Ayoo!! I’m still so happy and thrilled with Stray Kids finally getting their first win!! 🎉🎉 So I thought, it’s a good time to do some requests for them! I changed it up a bit, anon. Hope you don’t mind! 🙏
Bang Chan
Tumblr media
He was so excited talking about their latest performance with everyone else, smiling widely, his eyes sparkling, you just couldn’t help but share all this enthusiasm. 
Suddenly you felt the urge to do something about it, so you jumped up from your seat and wrapping your arms around his neck, kissed him lovingly in front of the others, cutting his speech short.
Everyone just gasped and started cheering and clapping, when you pulled away, leaving Chan shocked and confused.
“What... What just happened?” he asked, staring at you.
You giggled at the fact his cheeks started turning a cute shade of pink and quickly unwrapping your arms, ran out of the room, to hide your own embarrassment.
Read the rest of the boys under the cut ⬇️
Kim Woojin
Tumblr media
You were walking back to your room when you noticed him working on something, tapping his pen to the beat of the music blaring from his headphones. You tiptoed to him and gently tilted his head back, so he could see you, pecking him quickly on the lips.
He just sat there mouth slightly open, staring at you from below. He slid his headphones off, not taking his eyes off you.
“Y/N, you startled me,” he finally spoke. “But if you always scare me like that I would have no objections.”
Lee Know/Lee Minho
Tumblr media
You took his laptop away and straddled his lap, looking into his eyes.
“W-what?” he asked, slowly putting his hands on your waist. This was a pretty intimate position and he had no idea what your intentions were.
You clasped his cheeks between your hands before attacking him with kisses everywhere from his lips to his nose.
“Geez Y/N, what are you doing?” he couldn’t help but laugh once you stopped. 
“Giving you the love you deserve,” you said with firmly, making him laugh once more.
“Is that so?” he asked, lifting his eyebrows. “Well then,” he continued, pushing you down on the coach. “Let me repay you.”
Seo Changbin
Tumblr media
You kept staring at him while he explained the same questions to you over and over but you just couldn’t focus on listening, as you kept getting distracted by his side profile.
“Changbin?” you called him.
“Yeah?” he turned around to face you and you used this opportunity to steal a kiss from him, making him turn bright read immediately.
“Oh my god Y/N, you can’t just do this to me again!” he said, almost falling out of his chair.
“Why not? You’re my boyfriend, aren’t you?”
“Well yeah but...” he couldn’t come up with a good argument and he knew that wouldn’t stop you. “You know what forget it!” he said, taking the book back. “Can you try and focus for just one minute?”
You giggled at his attempt to stay calm, despite his tough attitude he always got shy so quickly and you couldn’t help but tease him about it.
Hwang Hyunjin
Tumblr media
He was always the one to initiate skinship or anything like that, so when you did it to him he was beyond shook.
"Since when did you become so bold?” he asked, still not believing what happened.
“When was I not though?” you smirked, satisfied with his reaction.
“You little...” he said, cornering you between the wall and his body. His eyes set on your neck. He just couldn’t let this slide. 
“Wait wait wait, Hyunjin,” you put your hands on his chest, in an attempt to keep him at bay, realizing what he’s about to do.
“Not so brave now, are you?” he smirked.
Han Jisung
Tumblr media
You two were watching some kind of cliche romantic comedy when the two main characters finally got reunited.
“Funny... I could kiss you just like this right now,” he said as he watched the scene.
"You know what Jisung? Good idea!” you said, turning his head away from the screen and reenacting what was happening on the movie.
"Y/N no,” he said, covering his face with his hands from the embarrassment. “If I say I could, it doesn’t mean that you should oh my god.”
“You’re always so dramatic,” you laughed.
“Dramatic?! I will show you dramatic!” he said, pulling you into his embrace
Lee Felix
Tumblr media
"Okay...” Felix said, as you pulled away from the kiss.
"Okay?” you asked.
"Umm... What?” he touched his lips, he was so confused, it was adorable. “Did you... Did you just kiss me?”
You nodded and his eyes widened, as he finally realized what just happened. Suddenly, he could look anywhere but at you.
“Oh wow Y/N... No... I mean... I... Give me a second,” he said quickly running out.
Little did he know, that he wasn’t far enough and you could hear him cheering happily in English right outside the room.
Kim Seungmin
Tumblr media
You smiled widely as you finally got the chance to distract him and steal a kiss, when he least expected it.
At first he was unsure how to react but soon his expression changed to a serious one, making you think you upset him.
“Ah Seungmin,” you started explaining yourself, when he interrupted you.
“No Y/N, you think you can do this and then stare at me with those eyes, looking all happy and adorable? How much do you think my poor heart can take?” he said, clutching his chest dramatically.
“Oh, shut up you dummy,” you said, smacking him lightly for making you worried.
I.N/Yang Jeongin
Tumblr media
It became kind of like a game between you two, catching the other off guard and you loved seeing his flustered expressions, so you have no idea how by now he wasn’t ready for your attacks.
You had a rule, nothing like this, around the others or out in the public but you know, rules are meant to be broken, or that’s what you thought, as you leaned across the table, while waiting for the food to arrive, kissing him softly.
“You honestly need to stop doing this,” he said, looking around, as bright as a tomato, making sure nobody saw you. “Just you wait,” he smiled mischievously. “I will get back at you, once we’re in the dorms.” 
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cchanbin · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Jisung: Messy hair, hundreds of playlists, used converse, taking your skateboard everywhere, flannels, 90s music, late night calls, denim jackets
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nightshade-minho · a year ago
-I Hate You-
Warnings: hate sex, degradation, unprotected sex, cockwarming in the end.
Requested: Yes.
Tumblr media
Hyunjin hissed as his cock slammed into you repeatedly, wrapping his fingers around your neck. 
“God, I fucking hate you so much!” You choked out, hands clutching the bed sheets as you were fucked ruthlessly, his other hand gripping your hip tightly.
“The way you’re fucking clenching around my dick tells me otherwise.”
You snarled angrily, the sound turning into a moan as he found your sweet spot, hammering into it like a wild animal.
“Gonna fuck you full of my cum. Cause that’s all you’re good for, hmm? Being my cum sock.”
You wanted to punch him, but all you could do is whine as his fingers find your clit, cruelly drawing circles onto it as he continued thrusting mercilessly.
“I mean, it was about time this happened, don’t you think? You were blabbering away with that mouth of yours, always telling me what to do. God, I could fuck you forever if it means shutting you up.”
He pulled out of you, turning you around to face him as he hoisted you up, carrying you to the wall and fucking you against it. 
“But I’m not gonna infuriating as you are, your pussy is heavenly.” 
He watched you with hungry eyes as your eyes fluttered closed, little whines falling off your tongue. You couldn’t do much less than moan desperately as he licked your chin, sucking on your face. You didn’t want purple spots all over your face so you tried to move away, but he grabbed your chin, firmly glaring at you.
“Ha. You love jumping on my ass and nagging me constantly, but you’re at a loss for words now, huh? If my cock’s the only thing that can shut you up, so be it.”
You’d never expected that meeting up with your project partner (who was known for being a bit of an asshole) would end up with you getting your pussy pounded into. But here you were.
Hwang Hyunjin hated how bossy you were, hated how you never fell for his charms or his flirting. In all honesty, he thought you were kinda cute...but you made it increasingly hard for him to see you in a light that wasn’t annoying.
At one point, he couldn’t take it anymore. And now here you were, having mindless, animalistic sex while spewing insults at each other.
He moved his hand to cover your mouth as he rammed into you, your moans way too loud for comfort. He didn’t want the neighbors to come knocking.
“You’re actually quite beautiful when you aren’t using that mouth to harass me.” He slipped two fingers into your mouth, grinning proudly at how you immediately started sucking on them.
You felt your orgasm approaching, slow rumbles at first. You tried to speak. Hyunjin removed his fingers, raising an eyebrow. “What?”
He paused, smirk growing across his features as his cock went faster, length plunging in and out of you at an inhuman pace. In a few minutes, your high grew in intensity, a hurricane of pleasure washing over you as you fell over the edge. Hyunjin’s hips stuttered as he came, filling you up, burying his face in the crook of your neck. 
The two of you stayed like that for a few seconds, before Hyunjin slowly carried you to your bed, setting you down on it. His softening cock stayed inside you as he wrapped you up in his arms, chuckling when you fell asleep quickly.
He kissed your forehead. “Sweet dreams, idiot.”
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skeezsbbygirl · 11 months ago
kiss it better + bang chan
hello lovelies! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
im back with another bang chan scenario <3 hope you guys enjoy this one!! (oh and tmt hit 1k+ notes ahhh thank you so much >.<, also i might be uploading a prince!chan fic soon, stay tuned sunshines)
Tumblr media
"Chris, baby, please."
It's been two hours, nearing three, since Chris decided to give you the silent treatment. The cause of your current suffering rooted from the events that took place last night.
A college friend of yours happened to be visiting the city, and what better way to celebrate a rare occasion than dressing up and going for a girl's night out with a bunch of your other friends. Chris happily agreed to let you go, he didn't need much convincing since he trusted you with everything and that included you getting home in one piece.
As the late hours of the night passed and shifted over to the wee hours of the morning, Chris grew worried, checking his phone for the nth time as he expected a call or text from you to reassure him that you were fine, or that you were at least still alive somewhere.
Fortunately, he managed to get a hold of your situation through one of your friends, credits to Jisung for grabbing her number that one time you guys set them up for a date.
"Hyung, she said that (y/n) got into a cab ten minutes ago," Jisung explained over the phone. "Her phone also died, so that's probably the reason why you haven't heard from her," he added.
"Alright, got it. Thanks, Ji."
Strike one.
Your drunk self thought that it was a good idea to call for a cab, even declining your girlfriend's offer to drive you home. You insisted that you were fine and that you would only derail their way home since your apartment's route leads to the opposite direction. So, in your semi-intoxicated state, you hopped into a cab and made your way home.
Strike two.
You came home last night, struggling to keep a certain level of sobriety. Heels in one hand and your clutch in the other. You weren't completely hammered, but it was still enough to piss Chris off as he took in your drunken state.
Strike three.
Nevertheless, Chris patiently took care of you. He helped you out of your clothes, took your makeup off for you, and tucked you in bed with him.
You could've gotten away with what happened, until your hungover self decided to betray you.
When Chris sat you down for breakfast, he managed to ease in the happenings of last night, carefully bringing it up as to not agitate you or make you feel like he's blaming you for going out and having fun.
He was just worried, especially having known that you went home all by yourself without even contacting him.
"Baby, you could've borrowed one of your friends' phone and asked me to come pick you up," Chris sighed as he reached out for your hand, placing his on top of yours, his fingers tracing circles on your skin.
"I know and I'm sorry, but can you just scold me later?" you said, your tone a little harsher than you intended it to be, probably due to the lingering headache and side effects of your drinks last night. You felt like your skull was being split into two and you just wanted to eat and recover in silence.
"Babe, I'm not scolding you. I was just-"
You cut Chris off. "Alright, I get it, you were worried but I took care of myself. So let's just argue later, yeah?" you snapped.
And you're out.
Upon hearing your reply, Chris' jaw clenched, visibly appearing offended and irritated. He retracted his hand from yours, opting to cross his arms over his chest.
You bit your tongue when the words you spat out finally settled in. It sounded wrong and you definitely shouldn't have said that. You readied yourself for the argument that was about to ensue, but nothing came.
That was all he said before he stood up and left.
Your eyes widened at the sudden realization that slapped you back into reality, the ugly outcome of your sudden outburst.
You were about to get up and follow Chris to apologize, however, the sudden throbbing pain in your head disabled you from getting out of your seat. Instead, you were forced to sit back down and wallow in guilt.
And that's how you ended up getting the silent treatment.
You left your boyfriend alone for a few hours, hoping that his anger would dissipate by the time that your hungover got better. But much to your dismay, he wasn't having it with you.
"Baby, can I come in?" you knocked on the door of Chris' home studio.
"Chris, baby, please," you tried again, but you were still met with silence. You let out a sigh as you ambled back towards the living room, deciding to just give him space and talk it out whenever he's ready.
Chris was naturally a forgiving person, a little tougher on his members, but a complete sweetheart when it comes to you. So when he gave you the silent treatment for the very first time that day, you didn't know what to do.
So, you waited.
A couple of hours passed, three and a half, now, to be exact, you heard Chris' door unlock. You immediately perked up at the sound, quickly scurrying on your feet to meet him.
"Chris, I'm sorry," you apologized with your head hung low, eyes on the ground, and fingers fiddling with the hem of your shirt.
Nothing. Nothing, but the cold breeze of Chris passing by, giving you no due attention. He sauntered towards the kitchen and opened the fridge, paying more attention to the cold food items that were displayed in front of him.
How you wish you were the half-eaten cheesecake now, huh?
Having enough with his torturous act, you were set on using the two tricks you had up your sleeves -- 1) faking an injury, as petty as that sounds, you were desperate, and 2) luring him with something he likes, be it an innocent gesture or a daring one, you would practically do anything at this point.
With your first plan in mind, you crept up behind him and positioned yourself near the edge of the marble kitchen island, placing your hip at the sharp corner so that it would appear as if you bumped against it.
From a third person's point of view, you probably looked stupid, scratch that, you did look stupid, but you were set on breaking Chris' silent streak.
"Ah!" you yelped in pain, hands quickly coming up to clutch your right side. You dropped on the ground, still maintaining your hold on your "injured" torso.
As soon as you cried out in pain, Chris hurried to your side.
"Baby, are you okay?" he asked with a worried expression plastered on his face. His cold demeanor immediately melting once he saw you clutching your side. "What happened, babygirl?" he crouched down to meet your level.
"I accidentally hit the edge of the counter," you said. "Come here, baby," Chris placed your arms around his neck as he scooped you up from the ground, carrying you bridal style towards the living room.
"Show me where it hurts, love," Chris ordered as he sat you down with him. He carefully moved you on his lap, making you straddle him.
"Right here," you pointed towards a random patch of skin on your right side. Chris placed his hand over the supposedly injured area, gently soothing it with the warmth that radiated from his palm.
Adding the icing on the cake, you hissed in pain as his hand came in contact with your skin. "Shh, it's okay, baby. I got you," Chris cooed as he planted a kiss on your cheek, in hopes of making you feel better.
He lifted your shirt up a bit, allowing him to inspect for any cuts or damage to your skin. "Do you want me to go get an ice pack?" Chris offered. "No, it's fine," you replied.
"Alright, just tell me if need anything," Chris responded as he leaned down to press a chaste kiss on your exposed skin, tugging your shirt back down as he pulled away.
You nuzzled your face into his neck, in an attempt to conceal the grin that was forming on your lips. Completely fooled by your actions, Chris continued rubbing your side as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear.
"Does it hurt anywhere else, baby?" Chris asked and you nodded. "Here," you pulled away from him and pointed towards your chest. He shot you a puzzled look, confused as to why your chest would hurt when you claimed that you bumped your side.
"Because I was trying to apologize to my boyfriend a couple of hours ago, but instead, he gave me the silent treatment," you pouted.
Chris bursted out in laughter as he heard your response.
"It's true. I followed him around like a lost puppy, but he locked himself inside his studio. Totally unfair and uncalled for," you continued and Chris shook his head in disbelief, his laughter coming to a stop as he calmed down.
"I could say the same thing about what happened last night," Chris challenged, raising one eyebrow at you.
"I'm sorry. I know I was being stupid. I should've called you or at least shot you a message from my friend's phone to let you know that I was coming home late. I just thought that if I called, I was going to end up bothering you, considering that it was such an ungodly hour," you explained, fiddling with the string of his hoodie.
"(Y/n), you could never be a bother to me," Chris said, "And did you honestly think that I could sleep knowing that you were out there?"
"I was so worried about you. Thank Jisung for having one of your friend's number because I was this close to losing it," Chris stated.
"I know. I'm really sorry," you pressed a kiss to his lips. "I promise I won't do it again, forgive me?" you added, pecking his lips once more.
"I can't stay mad at you," Chris let out a defeated sigh. "Of course. I forgive you, babygirl," he gave you a small smile.
You cheered and pulled him in for a hug, momentarily forgetting about your said injury.
"Do you feel better now?" Chris teased as he poked your sides, making you jolt in surprise. "Christopher!" you squealed, bursting in a fit of giggles as you realized that you've been caught red-handed.
Well, at least the intentions of your plan worked.
"You know what they say, desperate times call for desperate measures," you shrugged and Chris chuckled in amusement. He leaned in and gave you a kiss.
"You're lucky you're cute."
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huenjin · 9 months ago
the study of relationships.
Tumblr media
summary — college team's volleyball captain and your roommate-cum-best friend, hwang hyunjin argues with you over guys being better than girls in relationships to help you out of one. or in which hyunjin is in love with you for years now and he finally decides that maybe he doesn't want that best friend tag anymore.
Tumblr media
pairing — hwang hyunjin x reader, ft. minho
genre — fluff, angst | volleyball!au, f2l!au, roommates!au
rating — nc-17
word count — 15k words
note — kinda excited to post this very long plotted fic on here because first long fic for skz !!! this fic is brought to you by hq, hyunjin's long blond hair and b me mv that we never got. please please do send me constructive criticism so that i can improve on my writing for this community. happy reading!
Tumblr media
"Whoa, whoa, whoa."
Your best friend, Hwang Hyunjin yells at the top of his voice, pitch lower in precision as you open the door and slam it shut forcefully, the sound loud enough to bounce to him clearly. Your feet storm hard against the wooden flooring of your apartment, sound bouncing off from that again and Hyunjin pauses his video game to look at you.
It's a familiar sight. Hyunjin sighs.
"Hey," he tries catching your attention but he fails. You storm into your room, hair flailing behind you in your anger, eyes blurry with the angst you feel that wraps slowly around your heart. You walk into the room and slam the door shut, so loud that a chip of wood breaks from the top of the door and falls down.
"Jesus Christ! Y/N—" Hyunjin yells to no one in particular. However, he drops his controller to the side of the couch and jumps to his feet only after pausing his game. He takes big strides to your room and in high contrast to his rash movements, his knocking on your door is very gentle.
"Can I come in?" He asks, scratching the door absentmindedly. He presses his ear and head against the door to hear a response but all he hears are your soft cries and it makes him sad.
"Go away, Hyunjin!"
"Y/N, let me in," he stresses, his leg kicking the air slightly, dangling before that. "I—"
"You're going to make fun of me."
"Will not." Hyunjin knows where this stems from and he won't deny. However, at this minute, he just wants to be there for you. Teasing could wait for an hour or so after you've calmed down. "So please?"
You hum and Hyunjin waits for a sign of protest. When he hears none, he takes it as an approval to open the door and the sight before him hurts him ever so slightly.
You are wrapped in a cocoon of your white blanket and your head is buried in the sheets outside, not ready to look up at your best friend. He frowns as he walks towards you, letting himself to sit by your side. He stretches his arm out and stops when you declare,
"I'm a world class dumpee."
"You are," he shrugs, voice tainted with a slight tease and you look up at him, glaring with your red, puffy eyes. You try shoving him but the cocoon you are wrapped in slightly falls forward too in impact. Hyunjin laughs and stretches both his arms forward to prevent you from falling forwards.
You pout, mumbling with a voice that is strained and is your proof of the urge to cry, "You promised you wouldn't."
"I'm your best friend," he shrugs and pushes your body wrapped in the thick blankets backwards, your head hitting against the pillow. A soft whine leaves your lips, followed by an oomph. "You knew I was going to tease you at the very first opportunity."
And then Hyunjin pounces on you, tickling your sides over the covers and your tickle sensitive being rushes in sensation as you laugh your heart out, chest heavy and mind focussing only on your best friend that you forget about the boy who broke up with you an hour back.
"Stop," you laugh. "Hyunjin," you whine. "Stop, you idiot," you laugh again. "I'm going to kill you—"
Hyunjin's laughter fills the air along with yours. In your perspective through your watery eyes, you see a boy with no worries and all smiles and you want to be like that. You desperately want to be like that. You push your wrapped body upwards to shove Hyunjin to the side and it works. He laughs, slowly receding with yours and he lets out a loud relieved sigh as he looks at your face with less creases and tears that now fall due to laughter.
"Hey," Hyunjin says and you turn your head to face him. His face is rigid, the childish gleam that he had just a while back long gone.
He sits up, running a hand through his hair and folding his arms soon after. "The guy was a jerk," he tells, helping you up. His hand finds the end of the blanket and unwraps it slowly from your being. "He was a mighty jerk, okay?"
"He is your teammate, Lee Minho," you stare, dead into his eyes and he shrugs.
"I know," he sighs before shrugging, giving you a nonchalant look. "What was it this time? Let me guess, he broke up with you for no reason again."
You hit the blankets that cover your thigh hard and send imaginary daggers in Hyunjin's way, "Yeah! I just don't understand why he'd break up with me."
"Uh, possibly because—"
"Is it because I'm on like close friend terms with everyone in the college volleyball team? I mean, Lee Minho always said dating—"
"Dating you would be hard, Y/N," Hyunjin continues, mocking your ex-boyfriend's voice. "You hang out with so many guys and all your best friends are dudes that it makes me jealous," Hyunjin pauses, placing his hands flat on the bed from behind as he leans back. "Ah, Lee Minho, that bastard. He always did say that to you."
You look down, fidgeting with your fingers and you roar out in anger. Hyunjin looks at you amused until you say, "Why can't guys be more like girls?"
"Excuse me?"
Hyunjin's eyebrow is raised and he laughs mockingly. He lifts his arms from behind, stretches his back before sitting up straight. He kicks his legs and raises it upwards to sit cross legged, looking straight at you and laughs again. "You are totally kidding me, right?"
"No, I'm not, Hyunjin," your eyebrows furrow. "The reason behind most, if not all, break-ups is the guy."
Hyunjin agrees with you deep down. Okay, maybe not completely but at least a ninety percent and that's a good one. However, he knows how competitive you are and if there's something that can get your head out of this post break up blues, it's this.
A competition. And so just to entice you a little, he sneers, "If anything, girls should be more like guys."
"Bitch, no," you laugh, head falling back at the sheer stupidity that rolls out from your best friend's mouth. "Men are so conceited that they had to make a whole word for treating women equal."
"Not all men simp. Plus, it's an AAVE and that people should not use it. In my defense, I've treated you like a guy my whole life," he shrugs. Lies. Lies. Lies he spews out endlessly because at one point, without him even knowing, things did change and he's seen you as a woman; as a woman he now has feelings for.
Hyunjin, to prove his point, hits you on his back like you've seen him do with all his teammates and your torso bends forward from your hips on impact. "See!" He stretches his arms, tattoos on display in the loose half sleeved black top he wears and you wince, stretching your hand back to rub only for Hyunjin to stop laughing quickly and rub your back, mumbling, "Sorry."
"Hyunjin," you shrug, mumbling, trying to guide your best friend. "Don't ever use the not all men tag, please."
He slaps a hand over his mouth, realising his error, again apologising and you stretch your hand forward quickly to protest, "No, no," you tell, "You don't have to apologise. I just hope you know how it sounds."
"I do," he falls back, lying down against your mattress. "I do and I hate that I accidentally said it."
You follow suit, and fall on the bed, hair splaying around, some falling on Hyunjin's face. He groans, moving the hair away and whining, "It got into my mouth, ew." You laugh.
Hyunjin speaks out, staring at the ceiling, "Whose fault is it that a relationship goes astray?"
"Still going to say the men," you look at the same spot he stares at. "They're—"
"It's a war."
"See!" You exclaim. "This is the issue with men. They cut us off all the time."
Hyunjin laughs, hand stretching out to hold your wrist to soothe you down and mumbling another apology, he continues, "This is a battle, Y/N; a battle that's aged long and has never come to a conclusion. The battle—"
"Get to the point."
"Look who cut me off now."
"Anyhow," he continues. "The battle between men and women."
"You definitely sounded like a prepubescent boy there," you look at Hyunjin. His skin is so clear, you notice, making a mental note to steal his skin care products later. He turns a second later to face you and he nods, "Don't care. Definitely going to win this."
"You wish," you let out a condescending laugh. "I'm going to beat your ass, Hyunjin."
"Kinky," he smiles that stupid, toothy grin of his, "I likey."
"You gross pubescent boy," you shove at his arms only for him to quickly hold your hand, interlocking his fingers with yours in the midst of the squabble. You let him, still laughing lightly, lungs light and mind free from all the sad thoughts.
"I see that I've got an upgrade."
"You did."
You're about to thank Hyunjin for this small gesture that probably seems to be nothing when his phone rings from the other room. The scary unexpected track to Tokyo Ghoul's opening – Unravel – that you can't help but accept that you've grown to like, plays.
He lets go of your hand and jolts upwards, jumping off the bed. A small whine leaves your lips unexpectedly and Hyunjin smiles at that. He pulls up the blankets over your body that he shifted, mumbling, "You should sleep early. You had a tough day."
"No," you whine yet again, "Let's talk more—" His phone rings louder, the scream part of the ringtone jolting you up and your hand falls on your chest in shock. "Hate when your phone does."
"And yet you sing along to it," he sings, humming the tune.
"Pfft," you scoff, holding onto the blanket, scrunching it in your grip. "Go. It's probably about the practise match against Yonsei University."
He hums in agreement, folding the blanket again carefully, right below your neck, his cold hands brushing against your clavicle and the temperature difference runs a shiver down your spine.
Hyunjin switches off the light as he walks out, gently closing the door shut and you watch your best friend throwing a small smile at you before leaving. Did you really deserve all this care? Perhaps not.
Hyunjin, on the other hand, dashes out to get the phone before the caller cuts the call in frustration. He's definitely not spending the money to call back whoever it is. That shit is expensive. He jumps a couple of steps and grabs his phone, accepting the call before looking at the name of the caller.
"Hyunjin…" It's Lee Minho. "Can you come over?"
Tumblr media
"I really want to throw a punch at you, you bastard."
And Hyunjin does. Virtually, of course. Over the game they are playing. He couldn't afford to injure a fellow teammate when the preliminaries are right around the corner.
"Bro," Minho sighs. "Can you go easy on me?"
His game character hits Minho's again, the energy bar of the other drastically going down on the screen. Hyunjin can't stop. The frustration that he has pent up over the last hour after seeing you cry and crumble over being dumped by his other friend drives him to the edge and he delivers another punch. Minho's character dramatically collapses as soon as the energy bar is empty and he drops the console by his side, pressing his back against the sofa, arms wrapped against his chest, pouting.
"Go on," Hyunjin glares at him. "You better have a good explanation."
Minho runs a hand through his hair and sitting up straight, turning his torso to face Hyunjin, he tells, "I don't."
"You're lucky that we have a match soon, else you'd be six feet underground," Hyunjin sighs, throwing his hands over his head and folding it behind. "I can't believe you did that to Y/N."
"I fell out of love with her," Minho says. He doesn't dare to look at Hyunjin because he fears if the glares would actually result in him six feet underground. "Can't that be the only reason?"
Hyunjin chuckles, moreso at himself than at his friend, mumbling under his breath so low that Minho thinks it's just him humming, "Is it possible to fall out of love with her?"
He wishes Lee Minho could tell him how.
Hyunjin stands up, patting his denim jeans and looking at Minho, he warns, eyebrows furrowing, "I'll help her out with this. Just don't be a jerk and start dating in like two days."
"I—" Hyunjin glares at him. "Fine."
"Practice at seven," he adds and grabs the key of his motorcycle from the table before him. "Don't be late and act normal around Y/N."
"Fine, sir," Minho rolls his eyes. He won't admit it ever but the man warning him could be the reason for his breakup. That and his insecurity and fear of you cheating on him. But it's mostly Hwang Hyunjin. He knows how he feels even if you didn't.
Hyunjin walks out of Minho's house, closing the door on his way out and getting on his motorcycle, he rides back home to you. Just as he had promised you.
He opens the door to your room as soon as he enters his house, removing his shoes and placing it to the side, only to find his ears listening to the soft snores that let free from your lips. Carefully he walks towards you, his thumb and forefinger holding your chin lightly and tilting your head upwards to help you breathe properly.
He pauses for a minute just to watch you. Your eyebrows that you dislike so much just because according to you, it's not thick enough. He loves it however, even though you would never listen to him. Your eyelashes cast a gentle shadow on your high cheekbones and he gasps because you're so beautiful. You're so near to him and yet so far.
He bends forward, pushes your fringes to the side and places a soft kiss against your forehead, mumbling the words he wishes he could tell you straight up. Even if he did, you'd probably laugh and scoff at him.
"Beautiful girl," his lips graze the skin by your forehead, "You are a fighter. You have always been a fighter. You are stronger than you think. You are braver than you believe. Every challenge that life has thrown at you, you've conquered every obstacle that has been placed in front of you. You've overcome every single one of them. You are unstoppable and unbreakable and right now, you are filled with more faith than you have ever been."
Hyunjin pulls away, softly caressing the hair by the side of your face, "So please believe in yourself. You're worth so much love. So much of it, Y/N."
Tumblr media
"The jerseys came!"
Bang Chan screams, a huge grin on his face as he opens the door for you. He runs to Felix and holds onto his shoulders before jumping up and down in joy. He is so delighted. "It looks so good, dude."
Hyunjin smiles, running towards you and helping you with the cardboard box. "It's alright," you mumble. "I'm the manager. It's my job."
"Pfft," he scoffs. "And I'm your best friend. It's my job." He picks the huge box that covers your entire upper half, easily and places it down before the coach and the team.
Jisung rushes to your side, nudging you with his elbow, "We've got a pretty good manager." He bends down and rips open the box, taking his jersey in his hand, "Number 13, bitches. Nothing shows what an amazing libero I am like the number most feared." You laugh.
"Number 10 isn't that bad, I guess." You hear Minho's voice break through the cluster of voices and your movements still. You turn your head to look at the brown haired boy who towers over you, wearing a smile so pretty that your heart still skips a beat.
"Hey, Y/N," he smiles. "Thanks for bringing this over."
"Uh," you fidget with your fingers, averting your gaze everywhere else besides at Minho. "I guess. It's my job, yeah."
Hyunjin notices. He always does. The boy runs towards you with his jersey. Number 1 printed in big behind. The setter brings the jersey so close to your face that it's buried in the fresh opened shirt. "Number 1, of course," he laughs, scrunching the shirt in his hand as he raises both his arms above.
"Oh, shut up, Jinnie," you laugh.
"Yeah, shut up, Jinnie," Jisung echoes. The middle blocker, though not the tallest in stature, is excellent at his position and has the biggest love-hate relationship with your best friend. He folds his arms and mocks Hyunjin.
Hyunjin places his right hand down on Jisung's head, ruffling his hair after pressing down on it. He scolds the older boy, "Don't call me Jinnie. Y/N's the only one who gets to call me that."
"Stop gathering around people," The captain claps his hands together to gather all of your attention. You quickly rush to his side and he smiles at you warmly, before looking at his team and glaring at each of them as they gather around him. "Yonsei University was kind enough to arrange a practice match with us thanks to—"
"Y/N," Jisung shouts, pivoting his arms by their sockets before lifting them both high above his head, cheering for you.
"Don't cut me off, Han," the coach shoots daggers at him, frowning visibly at the disobedience. "One more time and you're running around the gymnasium twenty times."
Jisung groans, only after winking at you. You chuckle under your breath, covering your face with the notepad in your hand. Hyunjin rolls his eyes, nudging Jisung to 'keep it in his pants' in the scariest voice ever. You could feel the dark clouds around Hyunjin, the aura darkening for a split minute before he breaks out into a huge smile as he looks at you.
The coach instructs out commands; strategies to help the team win against Yonsei. Moves that he's studied after watching their matches. You know this because you watched Hyunjin do the same at home. He does it at odd timings though.
You would wake up at three in the morning to grab a glass of water and you'd find your best friend squatting in front of the television as he watches every single one of Yonsei's matches. He wouldn't listen to you telling him to go to sleep because, "Being the captain is hard, Y/N. The whole team's banking on me to set the ball perfectly at the right time. I can't..."
And you understand. You understand the worries that go around in his head, the anxiety of being the best because he's no genius. He got to the top, made a name for him all thanks to his hard work and if he needs to keep it — he won't have it any other way — he swears to god that he would practise and study till he drops dead. Hwang Hyunjin loves volleyball that much.
So, you do what any friend would do.
You would make two cups of coffee, one for him and one for yourself. You sit next to him and watch the match with him. Your head lays back against the soft material of the sofa, just watching Hyunjin's eyes fixed on the screen, studying each movement of every player, gasping occasionally at how the setter of Yonsei's team leans his head back to decoy the opposite team only to dump the ball.
You don't remember much from that night because you fall asleep way too quick in the silence and in the presence of a focussed Hyunjin, your cup of coffee half empty. You don't remember anything from that night besides the fact that you woke up in your bed the next morning, or more like, Hyunjin waking you up the next morning because you overslept. Either ways, you were back in your bed and for that, you were grateful.
And as soon as the coach is done with the instructions, the team members scramble before splitting themselves into two groups, first to do serves and then perfect shots and finally, have a practice match.
You sit next to the coach, watching each and every member. That's what the previous manager told you to do. To observe. That's what the manager must do. To observe so well that you know each member well enough to know how their mind works, how their personalities are and who they truly want to be.
This is exactly why you can't seem to ever hate Lee Minho. Because you've seen him on the court, at his very best.
He's the best darn middle blocker you've ever seen. He doesn't tower that much over people with his height but when he jumps, lifting off his feet, he is as good as a wall cemented and strong before the opponent. He has only got better with every practice match and you realise that he wants to be better. And that's how he truly is. The constant urge to do better than the person he was before and perhaps, to Minho, you are someone he wants to leave behind in the past.
There's no one to blame here and you realise that it's a lot better if you accept the truth before it hurts you more than it should.
But then, in a second, Hyunjin takes your attention away whole heartedly. The boy arches his body so beautifully as he sets the ball for Jisung who slams the ball over the net with such force that leaves you gaping, notebook slamming your thigh. The coach stands up, his heels slamming the ground first before his toes do and he is as stunned as you are, eyes wide.
Funnily, Jisung's surprised too.
"We did it!" He says slowly, his words gradually making sense to him and when it does, he rushes to him, holding his shoulders and jumping ecstatically, "Hwang Hyunjin, we fucking did it!"
"When did you guys practice that?" The coach cuts the commotion short with his question. Hyunjin turns to face him along with Jisung, scratching the back of his head. Jisung is so overjoyed that he rushes to the coach, "Today morning! It sounded delusional but we pulled it off, coach."
You look at Hyunjin, who turns his attention back to you as soon as the coach is scrambling off to tell more instructions to Jisung on how he should time it a little bit earlier to hit it with even more impact. You smile, giving him a thumbs up and Hyunjin laughs, rubbing the back of his neck.
"Are you guys finally dating now that Minho's out of the picture?" Chan nudges Hyunjin. The man stumbles a step forward on impact only to quickly look at the older with eyes so wide that he wonders if it were possible.
"What?" He splutters the words out, voice haphazard after the cough.
"Everyone in the team thinks you guys should," Chan shrugs and Hyunjin's face morphs into that of seriousness almost instantly and shoots the other male with, "Did Minho hear of this?"
"Perhaps," Chan catches the ball Felix throws at him. The coach claps his hands to bring the attention back to him, barking out orders to resume the game. Chan pats Hyunjin's shoulders, "You know what we always tell, Hyunjin, in this sport—"
"Take the shot when you see the opportunity."
"Or someone's going to block again," Chan sniggers and looks at Minho, who was trying his very best to avoid your gaze, "This time round, it could be someone better than our middle blocker."
Tumblr media
You're picking up the volleyballs lying around when the guys go to shower and change, dribbling them slightly and smiling to yourself. A figure towers over you as they drop a ball into the huge bucket. You turn around to look up at Minho.
"Can we speak?"
"Do we have more to say?"
"I guess," he shrugs.
"We can still be friends, Minho," you sigh, eyes closed. "I also won't be those annoying types to tell Hyunjin to stay away from you because you broke up with me. You should know better."
"I didn't mean that," Minho looks offended. "I wanted to apologise. I should have tried harder perhaps."
"You should have."
"I know," Minho sucks in his lower lip. "I really should have but you know—"
"Lee Minho," your voice is firm. "I've told you a gazillion times that Hyunjin and I are just friends, Minho. Somehow you made up this sort of weird thing in your head so don't drag me into this mess. This is yours."
Minho scoffs, "You're going to eat your words soon," and picks up another ball. You remember the task you had forgotten in the heat of the moment, rushing to pick up a ball to put it back. The rest of the team is slowly making their way outside.
"I doubt," you sigh, throwing the last ball into the bucket and dusting your hands together. Jisung's darting towards you, hands in the air. Minho moves to the side, gliding against the floor, making way for the shorter man to reach you, bubbling with such enthusiasm you wonder what the cause of it is.
"Felix is treating us!"
Ah, so that's the reason. You smile at Jisung, nodding your approval. You push the bucket to the side of the gymnasium with Minho's help and switch the lights off as the team exits the gymnasium.
"Lee Minho!" You hear a feminine voice through the air, your eyebrows quirking upwards automatically. Hyunjin walks to your side, sighing as he shoves his hands into the pockets of his sports jacket, mumbling so softly that you barely catch it, "I warned that asshole, God damn him."
Minho's face lights up in a way you haven't seen in a while and your heart is heavy. The woman, Irene — you hear Chan shout her name and wave at her — locks her arm with Minho's and walks with him, the man doing nothing to push her away. It shouldn't affect you. Not anymore now that the two of you have broken up and yet it hurts.
Hyunjin quickly pulls you away, preventing your eyes from lingering further even a minute more. His hand holds yours and he drags you to his motorcycle. You look down, biting the insides of your cheeks, alternating between the right and left every time you taste the copper of the blood.
"Your hand is so small," Hyunjin says. "Like look at how it fits into mine," he laughs, lifting your hand upwards as he clasps it tightly. He mumbles, "So small."
You break into a smile, watching Hyunjin tease you, momentarily drifting from the thought that upsets you and it leaves you wondering how Hyunjin does it all the time. He lets go of your hand, ruffling your hair as he bends lightly, "You've got this."
He quickly turns on the heels of his feet, pulling out the keys to his bike and igniting it. You hear Jisung scream from behind, "I thought you were taking me with you!"
Hyunjin screams back, "Carpool with the rest. I'm taking Y/N."
He lifts his leg, straddling the bike as he holds onto the handles, kicking the support free. He turns towards you and tells you to hop on and you do as he says. Your fingers hold his jacket, making sure you're not hugging him from behind. Minho's words run in your head and Hyunjin notices this small gesture of yours but he pays no heed. After all, it's been a while since he realised that what he has with you is better when it's platonic. He is too afraid to lose you.
"Jinnie," you tell him as he starts the motorbike, accelerating behind Jin who leads the way. You hear your best friend scream, "Yeah," through the loud winds that hit you.
You lean forward and speak closer into his ears, your jaw hitting his helmet, "Remember how I said the guys are to be blamed in a relationship."
"Yeah," he hints at you to proceed.
"Here's my first point. Minho back there," you point out. "It was that easy for a guy to move on. That easy," you stress your word. "While I'm here repenting if there was any way to get things back to where it was. However, there's no use in me trying because there's Minho with Irene like our relationship was a thing in the past."
"That doesn't mean he didn't care about you during the relationship. That's how guys are. They give it their everything when they're in the relationship," Hyunjin reasons and you laugh sardonically.
"You're kidding me, right? The girl definitely cares more. It almost seems so easy for the guys to break up and move on. Remember the time when you broke up with Lisa," you speak, raising your tone a little more so that Hyunjin can hear you. The motorcycle moving against the wind causes your hair to touch your mouth and you're spitting hair out facing the side. Hyunjin laughs, his grip on the accelerator tightening as he speeds up just a little bit, causing you to hold onto his jacket pockets a little tighter.
"Bro," Hyunjin mutters when you bring up Lisa. "I cried enough when she broke up with me, okay?"
"You did, for a day or two," you state. "The girl cried her heart out for a whole week. You went partying that Friday with Jisung!"
"Are we now using quantitative measurements to determine how deep our care and love is?" Hyunjin gasps, sounding very offended. "This reminds me why most relationships don't work. Because girls are shallow as fuck."
Hyunjin accelerates, missing sight of the speed breaker in front of him. It hurls you onto his chest, your arms wrapping around his waist to keep you safe. A soft scream leaves your lips as the side of your face buries into his broad back.
"Sorry," Hyunjin apologises quickly. "Didn't see that!" Hyunjin prays that you don't move your arms away but you do and he sighs, face falling. He is glad that you can't see him. Your hand is back to gripping his jacket and head back in this battle of words you're currently having with your best friend.
"It's okay," you tell him. "What's not okay is how you think women are shallow."
"They are!" He takes a turn to the left. Your thigh muscles tighten as it straddles the seat, fingers digging into his side for support. "I mean, let's be real, sweetheart. You take an hour or more to get ready for college."
"Because I want to look presentable!" You hit his broad back and he chuckles.
"Lies! You're shallow!"
"Says the person who walks around shirtless at home and stares at the mirror, lightly touching your abs and saying perfect," you tease and Hyunjin turns to look at you for a minute with his eyes wide before he turns his attention back on the road.
"You saw that?"
"Of course. I see that every day."
"But you're watching the television, how?"
"Reflections," you state.
He's gasping. The motorcycle slows down as it reaches Pizza Alvolo. The pizzeria is adjacent to a pretty park and you can hear the birds chirp lowly right before the sun is ready to set. You jump off the motorcycle, dusting the denims covering your thighs and Hyunjin removes his helmet, hooking it to the handle securely.
The rest of the team are seated in the pizzeria already waiting for the two of you, waving at you as soon as you enter the place. You rush and sit next to Jisung who has been aggravatingly patting the seat next to him. Hyunjin sits opposite to you, next to Chan. He snatches the menu from him and the elder male whines at the behaviour.
You look around and notice that Minho hasn't reached the place yet. Not that it mattered to you. You will slowly learn to stop caring so much for a man and you will soon be able to look at him and think of only the fond memories and nothing more.
Or so you thought.
The minute you see Minho walk into the pizzeria, although not with Irene, you feel the ground slip underneath you. Jisung is nice enough — albeit not knowing of the whole pickle you are in — to hold your wrist and turn your attention towards the stack of pizza boxes that come your way as he gleams, "Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!"
You look away from Minho and toward the direction Jisung points before turning to look at Hyunjin who lets out a loud sigh. You know that he's clutching at his thick thighs, nails digging into it at the sight of your uncomfortability. Hyunjin knows it will take you days to get over this break up, maybe weeks and that as a good best friend, he should wait. He should understand.
But it frustrates him so much. The sight of you being in pain, in hurt because of another man — his other best friend at that — pisses him off way more than he thought it should at first.
Hyunjin quickly takes his phone out and you narrow your eyes at him, mouthing, "Rude. Put it back into your pocket." In a second, your phone dings and you take yours out. Minho sits by Jisung's side in that second, a seat away from you and your heartbeat accelerates. You unlock your phone to see a message from Hyunjin and you lift up your head, raising an eyebrow at him and he eyes at you to open the message.
Jinnie: do you want to leave?
Your eyes widen and your lips part slightly. You don't respond immediately, locking the phone and shoving it back into your pocket. You smile at Hyunjin, trying to signal that you were alright so far. Jisung opens the cardboard boxes of the pizza and squeals. Chan looks at the situation, analysing if it'd be bad for the team on a bigger approach. Hyunjin might be the captain but had it not been for Chan's guidance, the volleyball team would not have lasted a day more with the differences.
Felix announces, "Eat to your heart's merry! I might never treat again." He takes the first bite for courtesy's sake before telling everyone to join in.
The team laughs and Minho smiles, the skin by his eyes wrinkling and your heart stops to remember all the reasons you were so madly in love with this man. It is at this minute you realise it'll take you maybe a little longer than you thought, a little longer than a casual fling and a little lesser than a long term relationship. You should have known this is bound to happen the minute you allowed yourself to let your petty emotions take over.
And maybe, just maybe, it is the fact that you have to pretend to be alright with having Minho around you that makes this heartbreak pain ten times worse.
Surprisingly, Hyunjin already seems to know because he doesn't stop glancing at you after every bite of the slice he has in his hand.
You stretch your arm out to take a slice of the pepperoni pizza on the table at the same time Minho stretches his arms out to take one. Your fingers brush against his and you jolt your hand backwards, mumbling, "Sorry."
Jisung laughs without knowing and teases, "Why would you apologise for brushing your boyfriend's hand?" He takes a bite of his pizza and as soon as he finishes chewing, he continues, "I mean, you guys do nastier stuff and suddenly, you all are prim and proper, Y/N. Love the contrast you exhibit. It's beautiful. You guys could be at it every time I catch you in the gymnasium alone. Also, you're his longest relationship. You should pride yourself—"
Jisung is speaking and you won't look up. Hyunjin has dropped the knife slightly just to try and get him to stop, though in vain and Minho's looking at you. His eyes won't leave your frame and you just want to leave. It is too early for you to be alright with this. Way too early.
"Stop, Jisung," Chan tells him, reading the situation in the room.
"Why?" Jisung's laughing. Felix understands by now, seeing your face hung down and so does the rest of the team besides the man himself. You can't even come to be angry at Jisung because he seems so innocent, unaware of it all.
You spill the beans for your own heart's safety, "Minho broke up with me."
Minho doesn't shift his eyes at anyone else and Hyunjin holds the knife again, a little too tight this time. Jisung's smile turns instantly into a frown and he turns his head to glare at your now ex-boyfriend.
He doesn't bother to filter his words. "Why the fuck did you do that, you arsehole?" Minho turns to look at Jisung for a split second before his eyes are back at yours. You lift your head to lock gaze with him and you feel your chest tighten, eyes water and it hurts.
Everything seems so much more painful.
Chan says once again, his voice firm, ready to not listen to one more word of the conversation, "Stop it, Jisung. Read the room."
You stretch your arm out to have another bite of the pizza and everyone eats in silence. The room is pregnant with the most awkward silence you had been in your whole life. You take your phone out, unlocking it and finally replying to the message.
Jisung puts another slice of pizza onto your plate and you smile at him. Felix tries breaking the uneasy tension by talking about this dude he met in his neighborhood that was kind of cute. After sitting for another two minutes, you push your chair back to Jisung's surprise and stand up. Hyunjin stands up instinctively, his calves pushing his chair back and everyone at the table looks at the two of you.
Jinnie: do you want to leave?
"I just realised I have to do some grocery shopping," you laugh nervously. "There's absolutely nothing back at home. Not that Hyunjin would buy anything and keep, right?"
Hyunjin chuckles and everyone in the room knows quite obviously that you are trying to escape the scene. They are kind enough to let you. Felix asks, spilling the oregano seasonings on top of his pizza slice, "Is Hyunjin going with you?"
"No," you cut your best friend before he can give his approval. "I'll go alone." You stretch your arm out, palm facing upwards, "Keys, please?"
"Don't hurt my baby," Hyunjin's sincerity is voiced and you laugh genuinely. Little did you know he meant both you and his motorbike. He drops the key to his motorbike onto your hand and you do a little cheer. Jisung mumbles, "Cute," before stuffing his face with pizzas.
"Have a good time, guys," you wish them and grab your bag, hanging on the chair. Jisung waves enthusiastically. Felix, Chan and the rest of the team waves too. You smile fondly at your team and walk towards the door only to find Hyunjin following you.
"What do you think you are doing right now, mister?"
"Can't I walk you out at the very least, woman?" Hyunjin gapes in dismay. He pulls open the glass door and you laugh.
"Sure thing," you say and walk towards his motorbike. Hyunjin leaves the door after stepping out, the glass door swinging back to shut itself. You swing your legs over his bike, straddling the automobile and dropping your chest slightly to balance the heavy vehicle.
"You sure you'll be alright?"
"Don't you trust your teaching? You taught me how to ride this thing. Don't worry."
You look over Hyunjin's shoulder to see Minho still looking at you, worry smeared all over his face and you feel your throat constricting again as you do your best to tear your eyes away from him.
Hyunjin takes a step closer, making sure everything's alright with the vehicle so that it doesn't endanger you. He places his hand over your wrist and you look at him in confusion, "Promise me you'll take care of yourself."
"I will," you laugh. "What are you? My daddy?"
Hyunjin stiffens for a minute before he lets go of all the inappropriate thoughts that fill him for a minute there before teasing you, "Do you want me to be your daddy?"
"Nah," you throw your head back. "You aren't that rich enough." You place the helmet over your head and look at him. Hyunjin taps your helmet and hugs you slightly.
"I'll see you at home."
You start the bike on ignition and look over Hyunjin's shoulder one last time to look at Minho, locking gazes with him before you pull yours away from him towards Hyunjin.
You look ahead, the clear road in front of you and turn the accelerator only after telling Hyunjin, giggling slightly,
"Sure thing, Daddy."
Hyunjin, on the other hand, is too caught up in his worry, eyes lingering behind the trailing presence of yours that finally disappears from his sight into a speck that fades away. In any other circumstances, he would have found your petite figure driving the huge motorcycle and you even calling him daddy, although in a teasing tone, insanely hot.
Right now, however, he just hopes you are safe. He wishes he could be by your side at every second.
Tumblr media
Gaho's Stay Here blasts on the bluetooth speaker. Hyunjin pulls open the door only to find you lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling with the most emotionless face he has ever seen you with. His eyes dart towards the empty bottles of soju on the small table in the hall.
You sit up, looking at your best friend and your lip pucker out quickly pouting at the sight of him and you stretch your arms out wide, squealing, "Hyunjinnie. You are home."
Hyunjin walks towards you, plopping on the couch and sitting next to you. He quickly lifts his arm up, hand darting back and forth at the air to steer the smell away as he frowns at you, "You reek of liquor, dude."
You quickly hug him, wrapping your arms around his frame from the side and snuggling your face into his shoulder. Hyunjin stiffens under your grip and he looks down at your being with eyes closed and he realises that you might after all just be a small being in need of some loving. He wishes to be the person to do that. Hwang Hyunjin utterly and truly wants to be your person.
Hyunjin takes your phone to stop playing the music — Stay Here that's been currently playing on repeat for the twentieth time straight — and you whine against his skin, tickles running down Hyunjin's spine.
"Don't stop the music," you mumble and Hyunjin looks at you and your figure that hugs him securely, head snuggled by his neck, chin digging into the skin by his collarbone and all Hyunjin can focus on is his heart that is beating furiously against his chest.
"Y/N," Hyunjin's voice seems like an anchor to your woozy mind and you hug him tighter, gripping stronger on to his white shirt. You hum in response and Hyunjin continues, "Gaho's music doesn't seem very fitting for the minute."
You pull apart, your face morphing and changing into that of offense as you glare at him, mumbling, "Gaho is the only one that understands me." You play the music again, the bluetooth speakers blasting with the sad slow tune in the air and you feel the want to cry all over again.
You stretch your arm out to take a soju bottle from the table to down it all out when Hyunjin stretches out to stop you, his fingers wrapping around your wrists. He locks his eyes with yours and in the softest, most caring voice you've ever heard from him, he says, "Don't, Y/N. It hurts me too."
"Can I hold you?"
In a split moment, the room is filled with just the soft beats of Gaho's Start Over playing, your raspy breaths and Hyunjin's lost stare. His grip on your wrist tightens and your mind is far too intoxicated to think if this friendship could be ruined. Your heart is heavy, chest tight and you want someone to free you. Anyone. You are clawing at the imaginary wall all by yourself and anyone could be a help. Anyone that is not Lee Minho.
"Yes," and you fall on Hyunjin at the exact same moment he pulls your hand closer towards him. The timing seems to have lapsed on to each other. Your chest on Hyunjin's, eyes looking up at him as your arms snake slowly over his torso. You snuggle forward, rubbing against his body slightly and Hyunjin sighs.
To Hyunjin, the scene is a lot dramatic just because of the soft music playing and because you are drunk off your head according to him, barely able to make decisions. He just doesn't want to do anything that will make either of your friendships but right now, in this minute with you almost on top of him, locking your eyes in his, your arms around his torso, close enough to feel every part of your being, he wants to be drunk too.
Hyunjin wants to be drunk so that he can make a mistake. Hyunjin wants to be so drunk that he can't think just because he is a coward.
"Do you feel better?" He asks and you snuggle into his chest, burying your face into it as you hold him. Your lonely heart being comforted by just his presence and in the back of your drunk head, you know you feel a little bit more that causes your heart to flutter when Hyunjin cares.
You and Hyunjin are both cowards — two small people in this big world with big emotions unwilling to risk one status for another, over the fear of losing each other.
But Hyunjin wants to risk it tonight. After years of pining, he wants to risk this golden friendship he has shared with you for years now. You are the trigger, however. You lift your face away from his chest and crawl slightly towards him, pushing yourself against him. You look at him, lips pressed together and you stretch your right arm upwards to hold his face in your hand.
"Jinnie," your voice lets out his name in such an airy tone that it seems to disappear away even before it reaches his ear. His eyes are glassy and his heart is in his throat, eager in nothing but anticipation that is risen from all his hoping.
It happens as he has imagined. You lean forward so slowly that he pictures every second vividly and in an instant, your lips are on his. Hyunjin knows it should have felt wrong but God, save him — nothing felt more right than this.
You kiss him and his whole world falls away. It lingers, like a memory that stays behind. Your lips are slow and soft against him, comforting yourself and him in ways that words would never be. Hyunjin's hand slowly lifts up to rest below your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek as your breath mingles only for a split second — one filled with hesitance and uncertainty — before you pull away, looking at your best friend.
It is just a second of a kiss. Something so small and insignificant to seemingly anyone else yet it means the whole world to Hyunjin. It is the whole world to Hyunjin because this is all that is needed to let him astray, hinge released of the stupid restrictions he has made up in his head over you.
Your small kiss is all Hyunjin needs to hold on to because in the next minute, he is pulling you towards him, hands cupping your face tightly and angling it to kiss you, encasing your lower lips in his as he moves against your coral ones. You let out a small gasp and run your fingers down his spine, holding him as close as possible until there is no space left between the two of you and you can feel the beating of his heart against your chest. Loud, clear and unknown to you that it beats for you in this minute.
Hyunjin's lips are slammed against yours, nearly knocking all wind from your lungs and you don't know if it is your feelings or Hyunjin himself. He presses his tongue to the seam of your lips and, the minute you let him in, he delves inside your mouth. Hyunjin kisses you like he thinks it is the last time he will ever be able to have his lips against yours.
Your arms move up his back and tangle around his thick, strong neck. In an instant, you pull away and arch up into his broad chest, moaning in the contact of body heat against your own, before you draw back into his lips. Hyunjin can feel the burn of hard soju in his mouth, thanks to you, and it rolls off your tongue into his, seeping down  his throat and he can't hate it. There is a thrill in its own that Hyunjin knows stems from you.
If it was possible, Hyunjin would slow down time.
You pull back eventually only to hug him, humming against his neck, lips pressed against the soft expanse of his skin. Hyunjin's hand is pressed against your back as he pats you in a steady rhythm, instinctively humming to a tune that could calm you.
"Thank you," and he feels your weight fall on to his shoulder as you snuggle closer into his neck, your warm breath fanning against him, sending shivers down his spine. "For everything."
Hyunjin holds you for a while, silence and nothing but your breathing that is soft music to his ears, till he hears your soft snores buzzing against his eardrums and he knows you have fallen asleep in his arms, against his chest.
The next morning, you find yourself magically in your bed, comforter on top of you covering every inch of you, head aching thanks to your reckless drinking last night with no memory of whatsoever that happened. Lightheaded you should have known better.
Hyunjin chooses to be a coward, the morning after.
Tumblr media
The greens that cover the campus is the only other thing that keeps you sane in this university. The first being, the volleyball team. However, you don't know anymore if it is still, in the present.
You sit on the same bench before a beautiful fountain with a tiger head right in the centre, watching the vast basketball court. A place that holds way more memories to you now than it did a year before.
You shake your legs, feet pointing forward as you listen to music with about half an hour in your hand to waste before you head down towards the gymnasium to meet with the volleyball team. Besides few people that walk down towards their classes, the campus looks pretty stranded as you watch every single person stay happy in their sphere.
"Y/N," you hear your name being called out through yet another one of Gaho's songs and you lift your head up, to look at the person by your side, standing and providing you the shade they probably didn't intend to.
It's the man himself, the one who broke your heart for an explanation that made no sense to you. Lee Minho.
He stands tall, towering over you and your neck aches from looking up at him that you decide to stand up, removing the earbuds and placing it on the wooden bench, next to your phone.
"You're here." You gulp. "Aren't you supposed to be headed to the gym for practice?"
The fountain is everything you associate Minho with — moreover, it is perhaps the relationship with him that you associated the beautiful water fountain with. To see the very same man before you right now is needless to say surprising.
"I could ask you the same thing," Minho chuckles. He takes out a small cone of butterscotch ice cream and extends his arm, offering it to you. You smile softly, thanking him, sitting down back on the bench. "Can I sit here?" He asks and you nod, unwrapping the wrapping paper around the ice cream.
"Yeah," you tap on the seat by your side. You take a bite of your ice cream and Minho visibly flinches, mumbling, "Still the same."
"You broke up with me like two days back. What did you expect? A nirvana attained me?" You scoff. You take another bite of the ice cream, the sensitivity hitting your teeth and you hiss.
"Brutal," Minho chuckles darkly. You scoff, turning your head away and taking another bite of your ice cream. Minho opens his ice cream and you raise an eyebrow at him, mumbling, "You don't eat ice cream though."
"Thought you might want another one," he smiles and the thought of a second ice cream lights you up. "There you go smiling like a dork as always at the thought of it." Minho laughs and you bend forward to take it, your left arm stretching forward. Minho tugs it backwards and your body moves a little more to grab at it until it's too far for you, bringing you to your present position.
Your hand is on Minho's chest, his eyes locked in yours and you are surprised. This is not in your to do list and yet with Minho's grip on your wrist, you drop your ice cream as soon as he edges closer. His face is so close that you can see the perfect plump lips pout slightly, his face glistening in the bright sun and you gasp softly. It has been a while since he has been this close and he still makes your heart go livid within you, beating crazy.
He drops his ice cream in a second, his hands pressing forward to cup your face and pull you into him to kiss the living hell out of you. Your eyes widen, arms falling limp on either side as you stiffen.
"Can I try something?" He hesitates, iron grip on you.
"Try?" You look worried and the next minute, Minho is kissing you, his plump lips on yours for a while before he moves them against yours, taking hold of your lower lip.
It is an instinct. You choose to blame it rather on instincts. Your hand moves to grab the linen draping his arm as you hold it and kiss Minho back. It is as bitter as coffee thanks to all the memories that go along with it and yet — you find yourself drowning. You find yourself wanting more. You find yourself hoping if Minho could stay, if Minho could just pretend to love you, if not.
And it breaks your heart.
All over again.
A lone tear leaves your eyes and then another, till you are crying as you kiss him. A wet messy affair at its finest. Minho pulls back in surprise feeling the wetness against his skin. He cups your face and holds you, looking at you to check for damage — little does he know of the emotional one. Or maybe he does and he chooses to ignore. Typical Lee Minho.
"Did I hurt you?"
Your emotions take over, sanity pushed to the back. You are pulling yourself from Minho as he tries to hold you to calm you down. Your fist plummets down onto his hard chest once and then, for the second time till you are hitting him over and over again till you completely break down in front of him. Minho quickly pulls you into a hug, holding you close till you completely soak his white shirt with your tears.
"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you—" It's a repeated chant. Over and over again till you don't remember how many times you told Minho the same thing. Your mind goes insane with the overdrive of emotions. Did you like Minho still? You don't know. You don't know whether it's the familiarity of his hugs or his kisses or his whole presence that you crave or if it's his love.
"I'm sorry," he whispers and you accept because it's the first time an apology from Lee Minho sounded this sincere. "I'm sorry for breaking your heart." He snuggles into the crook of your neck, swallowed by guilt. Perhaps this is why one should never date their friends; because you lose something much greater.
"I hate you more now for kissing me here," you manage to say, throat rasp from the crying. "How could you stain this memory too? How dare you stain the memory of the location of our first kiss? It was supposed to be a bittersweet memory when I sit here and think." Minho is still hugging you.
"I'm sorry."
It is still bittersweet in a new way, you realise — the fact that Lee Minho kisses you for the last time, you swear to God, in the very same place he kissed you for the first time. The weather changed, the people around changed and the emotions changed. Even after all that, the fountain stays proud and mighty and bears witness to more new relationships and new heartbreaks. Nothing changes besides you. Nothing changes besides what we want.
You pull away from him. Sitting straight, facing the vast basketball court and the juniors playing the game, you make a decision, firm and determined. The soft pink petals fall down from the cherry blossom trees over the two of you and Minho looks at you, and then at the spilled ice cream. To see the boughs that were so bereft in the snow become so beautifully adorned should lift your spirits infinitely and it does slightly. Their scents diffuse in the warming breeze and you hold your head high to savour it.
"Let's stay away from each other for a while."
Minho's eyes shoot up, head lifting up to face you. He does not refute. After all, he knows he has to take a step behind after breaking your heart. What he does not understand is how the two of you could stay away from each other when your friend circles overlap to a large extent.
"How?" He finally asks. "How do I help you with that?"
"By doing just that. Give me space and time to get over you. I'll come back asking for your hand in friendship again," you smile. Your tear stained visage and the difficult smile you put forth is a funny combination but you manage to pull it off well, you'd say. "You don't have to take the first step this time. Let me do this on my own, Minho."
You stand up on your own, grabbing your earphones and your phone. Minho stands up, following suit and asks, "Are you leaving?"
"Yes," you turn only to look at him as you walk backwards. "And you have to head for practice. So get going. I won't have you mess up your performance by all means." You turn back and move ahead. From everything.
"You know I wouldn't," Minho screams back and the last syllable ends with a laugh. You lift your hand to wave and you leave, far, far away from him.
You now have an open wound to stitch back and you know you have to do it on your own.
Tumblr media
Hyunjin's phone rings right when he decides to serve the ball. He drops the ball in surprise, the sphere rolling all the way to where his phone is placed. Chan groans, stopping his pace at the sound of the phone ringing, and yells, "Yah! Hyunjin, how many times should I tell you to switch off your phone?"
Felix walks in exactly at that minute, laughing, "Anyone from outside would totally think Chan's the captain!"
Hyunjin runs to his phone, his blond hair strands falling forward, ponytail swinging left and right. Felix laughs at the sight, walking towards the ball and picking it up before throwing it at Chan who catches it swiftly. Hyunjin sees your name on the phone, eyes lighting up instantly and a smile prominent only for Chan to announce, "It's Y/N."
"Of course, it is," Felix scoffs. "Where's the rest of the guys? I thought you said we were to come early—" Felix pauses, eyes widening and gasping, "Hold up! Y/N is late. Whoa!"
"They are probably running towards the gym right now," Hyunjin says before picking up the call. He mouths to the rest, "It'll be short, I promise," and pouts. Chan sighs, only to smile and wave his hand at him to take the call.
"Y/N," Hyunjin cheers up instantly. "Where are—" He hears a choked sob from the other hand and Hyunjin stiffens, face losing the smiling in a second. "Are you alright?"
"I am," you strain it out. You barely manage through with the chokes and that pain that ripples through in waves but you eventually find the words to tell him, "I won't make it to practice today. Yeah?"
"Where are you?"
Hyunjin is angry and he doesn't even know who it is aimed at. He is just beyond mad at the fact that you are crying and someone made you cry. The thought of the skin by your eyes aching and eyes red and burning over anyone made him so angry that he could punch a wall through.
"I'm not telling you," he hears you say and he clenches his fist.
"Stop being a brat, Y/N," he stresses and Chan gestures at him, asking if there was something wrong. Hyunjin nods. "Where are you?"
"Leave me alone, Jinnie," you tell him through the phone, "Please,"  and his eyes widen before he calms himself down, realising that you are trying to cope all alone, a pathetic self-destructive quirk of yours that he had learned to live with after all these years. He gulps and realises you truly needed time alone and he hums in approval.
"Please reach out to me when you need me," he begs. "Please, Y/N."
Felix and Chan are staring at Hyunjin in worry when the door to the gymnasium opens and Jisung rushes into the room. He is panting and he looks around, searching for someone. Hyunjin turns away, his attention back on the call in his hands and he ends the call quickly, making a note in his mind to check up on you after practise. Not that you would let him miss practise. (Not that Hyunjin would do it to himself in the first place. He'd kill for volleyball.)
He walks towards the rest when Minho walks in, black duffel bag on his shoulder. Jisung is quick on his feet as he runs towards the other man, hands on his shoulders and he shakes the living hell out of him.
"He's gone crazy, dude," Felix mumbles and Chan laughs.
Hyunjin stays at a comfortable distance still, looking at his phone in worry every now and then. The man lifts his head and brings his attention back to the present only when he hears your name leave Jisung's mouth.
"Whoa, dude. You got back together with Y/N?"
"What?" Chan is the first to respond. "You did what?"
"I didn't get back together with her," Minho says, his voice is monotone and lacks anything more than nonchalance and it pisses the hell out of Hyunjin who has his fists still clenched tightly.
"I saw you kissing her but. . ." Jisung drops the bomb all at once in such a lost way that he doesn't realise the impact it was to have in this large gymnasium.
Hyunjin is charging forwards all at once, yelling, "You bastard," as he throws a punch at Minho. The blond dyed man is quick to put two and two together and realise that you are after all, crying because of the black haired man before him.
He pushes him back, Minho hitting the floor and Hyunjin's on top of him, punching him with his clenched fist, mind void and painted in hot red anger. Minho has his arms, blocking his punches and chooses to play on the defensive side.
In fear, we are all monsters. Hyunjin believes that he would be afraid of himself had he astral projected and looked at himself in this minute, all unhinged because of one girl — one girl he would set the world on fire for.
All that rage comes out faster than magma for Hyunjin and is just as destructive. More so because he's the captain. It consumes all that he is, so delicate under that carefully ordered world and carefully put up feign that he is alright with Minho breaking the heart of the girl he loves. Minho shrivels before him but Hyunjin does not stop. He relentlessly keeps going, stopping short of physical violence but doing far more damage with the words that he throws.
Chan tries to pull Hyunjin away as Jisung drags Minho from underneath him. The black haired man is left with bruises and a busted lip. On the other hand, Hyunjin is still fuming, along with Chan, sporting a few cuts from Minho who decided to throw a few punches in the last moment.
"Can you all stop?" Felix sighs.
"Why would you bastard make her cry again?" Hyunjin raises his voice. He's yelling at this point, loud enough for everyone passing by the gymnasium to hear. "Why the fuck would you make Y/N cry again? I told you to leave her alone!"
"This wouldn't have happened if things went different—" Hyunjin tries to rush forward to hit him again upon hearing his words, but Chan and Changbin, another teammate, have a strong grip on him. His blond ponytail lashes in anger and he fights against the two, trying to let go of himself. Minho yells back, "I would have never broken up with her if you never liked her, Hyunjin."
"What?" He stops still in his tracks, limbs falling and Chan lets go.
"How am I supposed to think it's alright for you to randomly stare at my girlfriend with heart eyes? For fuck's sake, you guys hug way more than I hug her," Minho glares, chest rising up as he vents everything he has bottled up so far. "If you had always liked her, you should have told me! I shouldn't have overheard it from Chan telling you to ask her out." Chan's face pales visibly. "I would have tried making her stay. I would have made her stay. I would have," Minho's voice lowers. "I still did, but I was too late."
Hyunjin has no words to refute. His eyes widen and his heart is in his throat, barely being able to say, "You could have taken it out on me. Why would you drag her into this? She loved you. She still wavers because of you. Your faithless love was the only hoax she was forced to believe."
Jisung pouts in awe at the words Hyunjin spills and Minho mumbles, "I don't know. I couldn't think straight."
Felix drops the ball with force, suddenly. The ball squelches before raising high and hitting the wall with impact. He folds his arms and speaks up, "Stop acting like kids." He points at Minho. "You, stop putting the blame of your failed relationship on Hyunjin. Him liking Y/N did not ruin your relationship. You killed it yourself."
"But he—"
"I liked her even before you made a move on her. Nothing has changed, Minho," Hyunjin inhales sharply.
"It's because you're a coward, you arsehole."
Hyunjin closes his eyes, looking away, mumbling, "Not going to even bother denying that. I'd be dating her if I wasn't this scared of losing her."
Felix proceeds to point at Hyunjin, glaring sharply at him, "You call yourself a captain? We have a match in a few days and you decide to lose control and beat up your teammate? One of the best middle blockers out there! What in the world are you thinking, Hyunjin? Jesus Christ, when Y/N hears of this, she's going to beat you up so bad for doing this to him in the name of the team."
Hyunjin doesn't dare to look up at Felix, shuffling the balance of his body from one feet to another. He is embarrassed. He should have never let his emotions take control of his body and yet he did.
Chan walks towards Felix before announcing, "We'll start practice in five. I want the two of you to sort this out by the end of this day. If you haven't, I don't want either of you coming to practice tomorrow."
"I'm the setter!" Hyunjin protests.
"Jeongin can do a darn good job too, so shut up and listen to me well."
"Now," Felix claps his hand, smiling once again brightly before running to pick up the ball. "Let's practice like the perfect team we are!"
Tumblr media
"And like I couldn't stop myself. It's like something dragged me to move forward and the next thing I knew, I was on top of Minho—"
"Fuck, that'd be hot."
"Y/N, focus. And like I was beating the crap out of him."
You dab an alcoholic swab over the small wounds on his face as he seethes in pain and you sneer, "Deserved it."
"Ouch," Hyunjin fakes offense. "Side with me at least now. You aren't dating him anymore." You stop, your hand midair and you dab constantly over his wounds till Hyunjins screaming, "Ow, ow, ow. I'm sorry," and holds your wrist and pulls it away.
"But you messed up your team dynamics just because of your anger," you frown. "You and Minho better sort it out quickly, Jinnie. Else, I swear to God." You glare at him.
"What will you do?" Hyunjin laughs, scrunching his nose and teasing you. You place the bandaids over the wounds and raise an eyebrow. Hyunjin prompts, "Bite me?"
"I will," you warn and Hyunjin scoffs, "As if."
You bite him. His shoulder, to be exact. Your teeth hold onto his socket for a good one minute tightly till he is yelping, hitting your back to let go of him as he hisses in pain. You let go of him and narrow your eyes at him. Hyunjin is shocked. So shocked that he blankly stares at you with his mouth wide open.
"Are you a dog?"
"I could be one if you taunt me too much."
"Wow," he blinks and you poke the insides of your cheek with your tongue. "Wow, you're truly one of a kind." And Hyunjin breaks down laughing, holding his shoulder with his hand and bending forward overcome by intense laughter.
"Buy me mint choco," he prompts. "Because now you injured me and I want compensation."
"Excuse me?"
Hyunjin pushes himself forward, edging closer to you, looking you in your eyes before saying, "You know you have to," in a low guttural tone that your heart does a whole somersault, triple axle and then lands with an ovation. "You hurt me."
You push him away and you leap onto your feet, your eyes wide and your hand over your chest. Hyunjin looks at you with a raised eyebrow. To change the mood of the situation, you quickly announce, "Fine. You'll get mint chocolate only if you get ready and come out in five minutes. Else you pay for it on your own."
Hyunjin stands up and holding your wrist, he pulls you with him to the door. You look at him in utter confusion and ask, "What are you doing?"
Hyunjin stops in his tracks and turns to look at you, blond strands leaving his ponytail to cover his eyes slightly and pink lips so plump that you wonder how they feel. The realisation that you have started viewing your best friend as someone more than just that hits you and you look down instantly. When did this happen?
"I'll just wear a coat and so should you," Hyunjin laughs. "Ice cream can't wait."
People think of laughing as a noise that comes from the mouth more often than not, but when Hyunjin laughed it was nothing like that. The laugh is in his eyes, in the way his face changes into that vision of relaxed joy and unrestrained mirth. And yet, in all honesty, it is not in his face either. His laugh comes from within, it is just the way he is wired with the instant ability to comfort someone. Just the sound of his gales, his snickers, his giggles, was enough to transport you far away from all your worries and the tension your life has in the minute.
Enough to make you forget that you have to tell him today about the decision you have taken.
Hyunjin and you walk down the stairs and off onto the road in five minutes as planned. The cool air of the night hits you and you hold yourself closer, the long coat held tightly to your body surface. Hyunjin laughs before wrapping his arm around your shoulder and pulling you close by just a little bit and yet enough to share his body warmth.
"Mint choco, here we come!" And he runs with you.
The thing with your stupid heart is that you don't understand why it is beating so rapidly in this moment, your heart beat easily jumping to more than 95bpm and all because Hyunjin holds you. You look at the man by your side, his blond hair moving with the air, exposing his face and you wonder — had Hwang Hyunjin always been this beautiful?
You have known Hyunjin for a long time now. Too long for you to realise that your heart had a change in its plans for emotions recently. You have known Hyunjin way too long to know that you want him for a lifetime by your side, as a best friend at the very least and the thought that if you did act upon your new emotions that you have just discovered in this cold, breezy night, you are screwed.
Hyunjin turns to look back at you after hearing absolutely no sound from you. His face pales when he realises you are looking far ahead and he wonders if you do remember now. If you remember the drunk night.
So he asks to put himself at ease, "Y/N?"
"Huh?" You jolt up to consciousness, looking properly at Hyunjin. "Yeah?"
"Do you remember the night a few days back?"
"Night? Few days back?" You ponder. "When I was drunk?"
"Yeah," Hyunjin mumbles and you raise your body in anticipation, finally wanting to ask about the magical teleportation.
"Now that we are on this topic," you fold your arms and raise your eyebrows at your best friend. Hyunjin shuffles his balance from his left to his right. "Did you carry me to bed that night?"
Hyunjin chokes on air, sputtering out incoherent words before finally forming one proper sentence, "You knew?"
"You're the only other person I live with and I don't have any recollection of going to bed so like I presumed," you look down, heat rising to your cheek and you fidget with your fingers. "That you carried me to bed."
"That's all that you remember?"
You lift your head up, lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed, "Is there more?"
"Uh," Hyunjin turns back to face forward, his broad back in your vision again as he walks forward to the ice cream parlour by the junction.
"Hyunjin?" He walks quicker. "Yah! Hwang Hyunjin!" You follow him with quick, short strides, almost jogging up to him. "What did I do, Jinnie?" He opens the glass door to the ice cream parlour. "Yah, Hwang Hyunjin, tell me no matter how embarrassing it is." You follow him into the white aesthetically pretty place.
You finally catch hold of his coat and tug at it. Hyunjin turns, his cheeks flushed and you wonder what in the world happened that night. Yes, you have vague memories of hugging Hyunjin and passing out, but for him to act like this — wait, you didn't empty your stomach out on him, did you?
"Did I—" Hyunjin's eyes widens. He turns back, his attention on the man behind the counter and he points towards you.
"She's paying."
"Okay," the man nods and turns to look at you, waiting for your order. You sigh, glaring at your best friend before ordering one quantity of mint chocolate ice cream. Your eyes waver to the green ice cream and you frown in displeasure, something Hyunjin catches sight of your expression.
"How dare you?" He folds his arms, dramatically. "The only people that matter in this world are the one that like mint chocolate." The man at the counter smiles at the two of you.
You open your mouth, clicking your tongue, "I'm not paying money to eat toothpaste."
The man behind the counter laughs out loud and Hyunjin glares at him, scoffing. He takes the ice cream from his hand and waits for you to pay. The tall man looks at the two of you, again, before finally telling, "Good luck on your relationship. It's always fun to see couples have an argument over mint chocolate and still be so in love with each other." He turns to look at Hyunjin only, "For your information, I like mint chocolate."
Both Hyunjin and you look at each other, either of you waiting for the other person to disagree with the man but there is just silence. You can feel Hyunjin looking at you through the corners, waiting for you to refute like you always do. You don't and you do not even know why. The heat builds up beneath the apples of your cheek and the thought of being in a relationship with your best friend strangely brings about a wave of calmness within you, doing its best to shove the uncertainty of so many things away.
"Thank you for the ice cream," you say and walk to an empty table. Hyunjin thanks the man too, and follows you, sitting on the seat opposite to you and places the mint chocolate in between.
He watches you, unsure of the situation and you bite your lower lip nervously before shoving the cup closer to him and mumbling, "Eat. We came all the way here for you."
"You should have gotten another ice cream," Hyunjin frowns.
"It's past nine," you laugh, your hair falling over the chair as you lean back. "I can't let fat into my body after nine. You know that."
"Why do I know you?" Hyunjin puts his hand on his forehead looking at you and then he pushes the cup of ice cream towards your side. "Disappointment." You look at your best friend, disgusted and he won't take the disrespect though.
"It's a refreshing taste," he digs in and takes a big bite. "Plus, it's the right balance." He lifts the spoon with a small amount of the mint ice cream and shoves it right in front of your face. "The perfect amount of mint, chocolate and milk to make the world's most perfect ice cream."
You push his hand away and glare, "Why would you ruin two beautiful sweets," you raise an eyebrow, "Chocolate and ice cream by including," you fake a gag, "Mint?"
"Because mint balances the sweetness of the chocolate," he scoffs. "All you mediocre people won't understand. Mint chocolate was created for the elite class."
"Did you just call me mediocre?" your jaw drops and Hyunjin laughs. It's soft, airy and so carefree that you don't mind the fact that he is laughing at you and not with you. You don't mind one bit when you break down and laugh with him, unable to keep your face straight as you lean forward on the table, your head resting on your hands and you watch Hyunjin.
You decide to tell him of your decision in this minute.
"I'm going to make Seungmin manage the team," you tell Hyunjin and he stares at you, the spoon dropping from his hand and clattering against the glass rim of the ice cream cup. You continue, "He's always wanted to manage the volleyball team and I thought I should let him—"
"Why?" He sounds hurt. Disappointed, in fact and your heart plummets down.
"I thought it's time to move on."
"From the team or Minho?"
"Minho," you say, nibbling on your lower teeth. "I want to go back to him—"
"What?" Hyunjin feels his heart sink.
"Don't cut me off, hoe," you click your tongue. "I want to go back to him and be his friend. I'm not ready to ruin a friendship over this. I just won't."
Hyunjin looks down at his cup of ice cream. His spoon digs into the cold dessert over and over again till he realises that he'll do what he has always done for you — be right by your side as your pillar.
"Feed me," Hyunjin prompts and you stare at him with a void expression, mouth still open, wondering if he suggested this only and only to change the topic. Hyunjin stretches his arm out to shut your mouth. "People are going to think I'm starving you here."
"Whoa." You lift your head up. "And if I do that, people are going to think we're possibly the cutest couple out there still in our glorious honeymoon phase of it."
"Okay," Hyunjin shrugs and leans back against the chair, folding his arms against each other.
"Yeah, I'm fine with that."
You sit up straight and look down before finally saying, "Don't say that."
"Say what?"
"Those words that make my heart flutter. I don't know what to feel, Hyunjin." Hyunjin is too stunned to react and whine over the fact that you called him properly by his name in your conversation. The fact that he too can cause your heart to race a little bit just like you have with his all these years. "Don't say them to me if you won't ever be ready to take responsibility over them."
You place your thumb and forefinger on your forehead, squeezing the skin slightly to calm the slight ache you can feel, the vein throbbing slightly and you know it is your anxiety that kicks in because you almost spilled everything out. You quickly stand up and holding your coat tightly, you look at Hyunjin who is still seated and looking at you intently.
"I need to go to the pharmacy next door. I'll wait for you there. Finish your ice cream and come."
You don't turn to look at Hyunjin as you walk out, slightly embarrassed by your own behaviour. Between you and Hyunjin, you are the one who had to keep your cool, making sure you didn't slip up or make a mess so that you could at least have time to clean his spilt milk.
You push the door of the ice cream parlour and walk out, the doorbell ringing at your push and you hold yourself in the cold breeze. If Hyunjin did not respond to it, it is only safe to presume that he feels nothing more towards you. You could at least put two and two together. Or so you thought till Hyunjin is chasing after you, big strides and dark blond hair in the wind as his rubber band comes loose and slides off a bit.
"Y/N!" He shouts and quickly holds your wrist, pulling you so quickly that you stumble forward into him. Hyunjin grips your arms to steady you and he looks at you, his brown eyes trying to peep into your soul. He smiles, hand running through his hair only to bring more strands forward, covering his vision.
Falling in love with Hwang Hyunjin, you realise, is the easy part. He makes it so easy to fall for him — when he smiles at the sun, covering his eyes or when he is covered by the dogs in dog parks all eager to hug him because that's how he just is. You don't even realise when you fall for Hyunjin but when you do, you know you are already sinking and you are far too gone for saving.
It is, however, admitting to yourself that you fell for your best friend that is hard. The Hwang Hyunjin that you have seen since the five year old boy moved next door to you. The Hwang Hyunjin that would cross dress in your clothes. The Hwang Hyunjin that would steal your dumplings. It is the same Hwang Hyunjin that you fall for. You had all these doors with specifications that opened to only men like Lee Minho and yet like the rude asshole that you oh so adorably love he seemed to tear them down. Or perhaps those doors were meant for others and Hyunjin always had a door of his own for your heart.
You should have asked yourself why but would it have really mattered? You're here with Hyunjin by your side, whether he knows your feelings or not and you couldn't be any less glad, even if you are sometimes hiding, imagining a distance instead of seeing Hyunjin right there.
"I'll come back, Jinnie," you tell him, looking up at him and coughing slightly, trying to move back slightly to put some space between the two of you. "I'm not running away. I just need to buy some strips of paraceta—"
"I want to be responsible for them," His gaze doesn't leave yours. "I want to be responsible for you, your emotions and everything you are, if you let me."
You wouldn't dare to shift your eyes away, or focus on anything else. Just Hyunjin. Just your Hyunjin. Your heart beats so fast against your chest that you wonder if it ever had this much for any man or woman. And when Hyunjin pulls you into him, his arms wrapping around your frame, hand flat against your head that buries your face into his chest, you learn that Hwang Hyunjin's heartbeat is always your metronome — the beat your entire life seemed to have moved smoothly to.
You giggle against his chest, breaking into a smile, "Are you asking me out, Jinnie?"
"I guess," he chuckles into your hair, snuggling himself into you. He pulls you back to explain. "My original plan was to ask you out after the practice match that I'll make sure we win, but you could possibly not be there as our manager and what if I miss the chance?"
"You lovesick boy," you laugh, smiling stupidly at him. Hyunjin cups your face and presses his forehead against yours.
"I've liked you for so long, Y/N," and you blush, lips pursed and you smile back, heart fluttering.
"Thank you," you press a kiss against his cheek.
"For what?"
"For being you and for always loving me."
Hwang Hyunjin holds your face and kisses like he is capable of getting rid of all your worries, slowly bleeding into your marrows and cells and soaking you of the very essence he is. He holds you like you are a precious being — and to him, you are because he finally has you after all these years; he finally gets to call you his.
His lips are warm and tasted of mint; obviously from the mint chocolate ice cream earlier. His hands are wrapped around your waist and yours are locked around his neck pulling him down slightly. His strands of blond locks brush against your face, ticking you slightly and you giggle into the kiss. He laughs against your lips before kissing you slowly, drawing the kiss for as long as he could. When you break apart for air, you lean forward and rest your forehead against his, gathering some much needed oxygen. His smile tells you everything you need confirmation over and you smile back, sinking into his hold.
Hyunjin hugs with gentle arms that still gives the space to breathe; yet it is the hug of a strong pair of arms that tells everything that you are - every fibre of your being - that he is with you, and you wonder how he is capable of that. How he is capable of holding like you are his whole world — like he rather hold you than anything else.
Hyunjin does exactly that. He holds you tight and close to him in this cold night, ignorant of everything else around the two of you, like you and him only mattered in the place, like you and him are fireworks in this velvet dark, the blaze that dares to light up the night.
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tinyhwng · 2 years ago
Woojin: How’s the kids?
Chan: oh they’ve been great
[meanwhile in the background]
Jeongin: *growling*
Seungmin: *chasing Changbin with a pencil*
Hyunjin: *having a whole ass breakdown*
Felix, screaming: yEET
Minho and Jisung: *gone missing*
Chan, close to tears: yep, everything is just fine.
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chaoticminhos · a year ago
drunken mistakes
pairing: hwang hyunjin x reader
genre: smut
warnings: drunkish sex, friends to lovers, size/strength kink
words: 1.6k
a/n: for anon! i hope this fulfills what you had imagined, love!
Tumblr media
you couldn’t form a proper sentence past the giggles leaving your mouth, and you’d honestly already forgot why you were laughing. maybe it wasn’t anything. you tended to think everything was hilarious once you’d had a drink or two.
hyunjin laughed right along with you, falling to lay on his back beside you on your small bed. you were squished between your best friend and the wall, but hey, that’s college living for you.
you propped yourself up on your arms and smiled down at the boy beside you. man, was he pretty. who allowed him to have such perfect eyes and plump lips and those cute dimples? you pouted, and he noticed. he laughed, slurring his words.
“why’re you pouting?”
“you’re prettier than me.”
the bed shook as he let out a loud laugh.
“yeah i am, huh?”
you grabbed the pillow from under his head and smacked him across the face with it, to which he obviously had to retaliate. he ripped the pillow from your hands, easily overpowering you and gaining control over the situation. he had your back against the mattress and arms pinned above you before you could even think of cussing him out.
you tried to glare up at him, but a smile found its way to your lips, and the smile turned into a laugh and before you knew it the two of you were back in a laughing fit.
hyunjin kept his body secure above yours and his hands pinning your wrists down as he laugh, leaning forward and burying his face between your shoulder and the pillow as he laughed. you felt his breath on your neck as he laughed, not even noticing when your breath locked in your throat at your current position and the feeling of his lips so close to your neck.
he raised his head, locking eyes with you, that big, gorgeous, stupid smile still on his face. god, he had perfect lips. you almost just wanted to kiss them.
so you did.
he pulled away the second he registered your lips on his, distancing his face from yours but remaining in his position atop you. his grip on your wrists loosened and he let out a nervous laugh.
“what was that?”
you shrugged your shoulders the best you could given your position, shifting your body uncomfortably under him. through your drunken haze, you could still tell that you fucked up.
he flinched slightly when you wiggled under him before crawling off of you and quickly sitting up and holding a pillow in his lap. it was a nervous habit he had, always needing something to play with.
he repeated himself in the same soft tone, this time laced with confusion instead of amusement.
“what was that?”
so he wouldn’t just settle for a shrug, huh?
“you have nice lips.”
he nodded slowly, silently asking you to continue. you stared at him for a moment. his hair was messy and his arms looked godly in the sleeveless shirt he was wearing. you couldn’t deny that you had one hell of a looker for a best friend, and you’d be lying if you hadn’t thought about doing some... more than friendly things with him. but you wouldn’t ever, because he was your best friend. wouldn’t ever sober, that is. now was completely different.
ah, fuck it.
“we should have sex.”
he opened and closed his mouth a few times, but no words came out. you hadn’t expected him to give in and agree right away, but you pouted anyway.
“come on, jinnie,” you scooted closer to him, hand reaching for the pillow in his lap and tossing it away from him. he immediately jumped to cover his crotch with his hands. he had an obvious and growing problem.
you smiled. you’d be getting what you wanted in no time. this was turning out to be way easier than your 5 seconds of less than sober calculating had predicted. or so you thought.
you reached to remove his hands from his lap, but you were stopped by him grabbing your wrists and returning you to your previous position under him with your hands pinned above you, his timid demeanor long forgotten.
“y/n, we’re drunk-“
you cut him off with a whine, “no, m just a little tipsy! what do you want? you want me to beg? i’ll beg. jinnie, please please please fuck me. everything about you is so pretty, your lips and your cheeks, your hands. just wanna feel your pretty cock in me, just this once, please.”
he snickered, causing you to frown.
“you’re that needy?”
unfazed by his teasing, you continued.
“hyunjin please, i just wanna feel you inside of me.”
he laughed again, but you could feel how turned on he was.
“i never took you for one to beg, y/n.”
you whined again, trying to free your hands from his grip, but you had no luck. you were no match for his full body weight. honestly, you knew he could probably pin you down with less than half of the strength he was using now.
you opened your mouth to plea again only to be shut up by hyunjin crashing his lips to your own. he wasted no time deepening the kiss, biting your bottom lip as a request for entrance. you’d normally tease him, but you had your mind on one thing: getting his dick in you as quickly as possible.
he pressed his body further against you as he moved his lips to your neck, tongue exploring the skin and hunting for a sweet spot. it didn’t take long before he was biting down and sucking harshly onto a particular spot on your neck, causing you to moan out.
with his body pressed flush against you, you could feel just how turned on he was. and to be honest, having his hard cock pressed into your thigh didn’t do anything to calm you down, either.
“hyunjin, can you please fuck me already?”
he chuckled against the skin of your neck, sending a shiver down your spine. he removed himself from you and rid himself of his shirt, followed by the rest of his clothes. you got the hint and followed his actions.
once again he had your back pressed to your mattress, caging you between it and his bare body. he attached his lips to yours once more as he brought a hand to your core, slipping two fingers in with ease.
he smiled as you moaned into the kiss, involuntarily bucking your hips to meet his movements. he pulled his fingers from your heat and brought them to your lips. you opened your mouth, allowing him to slip his fingers down your throat. you struggled not to gag as tears pricked in your eyes.
he hummed, “what a good girl, taking my fingers so well in both her holes.”
he took his fingers from your mouth and ran them over his dick, spreading a mix of his and your juices and your spit along his length before slowly pushing into you.
both of you moaned at the feeling. you couldn’t help yourself from moving as he picked up his pace and pleasure overtook you, but he didn’t appreciate your movements messing up his rhythm.
he gripped your hips hard enough you were sure there would be bruises later to remind you for the future to hold still. effectively stilling your movements, hyunjin continued his assault to your walls, finding your g-spot in record time and building up a knot in your stomach tighter than you’d ever felt before.
“god, you take my cock so well, why haven’t we done this before?”
you didn’t reply and he didn’t expect you to.
“you’re so small, fuck, how do you take me this easily?”
he brought a hand to your core and rubbed harsh circles to your clit while continuing his thrusts into your walls, and you came undone in his hands.
the way you felt around him and the chorus of his name coming from your mouth threw him over the edge along with you. he pulled out, stroking himself a few times as he released himself onto your stomach.
when finished, he ran a finger through the mess he made across your stomach, scooping some up and bringing it to your lips. just as before, you obediently opened your mouth and sucked his fingers clean, moaning at the taste.
he reached to the floor and picked up the shirt you had been wearing and wiped himself off of your stomach the best he could before crumpling the shirt up and tossing it into your laundry basket.
“hey!” you whined, “why’d you use my shirt, dickhead, it’s your mess?”
“you’re the one who seduced me. plus, this is your house, you can just get another shirt. i only have the one here.”
you had at least half a dozen of his shirts around your apartment. he was your best friend and he stayed over practically every weekend.
he gave himself a minute to catch his breath before standing and reaching out his hand for you. you took it, standing and following him to the bathroom where he started your shower running and lead you into it.
surprisingly, taking a shower with hyunjin didn’t feel weird. to be fair, you had his dick in you minutes earlier and that really didn’t feel weird either.
you let him spread soap across your shoulders and stomach, cleaning off the mess he’d made along with the scent of alcohol from your body. you watched as he intently took care of you and a smile found its way to your lips.
maybe drunken mistakes weren’t so bad after all.
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taelme · a year ago
Tattoo artist!Bang Chan
genre: tattoo artist!au, (fluff, slightly suggestive, this felt like slow burn to me lol) 
pairing/s:  Chan / Reader, ( some of the stray kids appear in this but not all sorry ) 
word count: 20k+ ( again, idk what happened my hand slipped ) 
tw: none!! just slightly suggestive but NO SMUT in this we keep it safe here bc im weak 
a/n: this was a ride....inspired by that one period of time ( PLS 191110 KAMP festival... ) Bang Chan kept wearing that fake lip piercing....n I love Bang Chan but like...I can't write smut for the life of me so this is the best I can do,... I put a mix in there I guess hope u guys like it!! ps gif not mine idk how many times I need to say this 
Tumblr media
“Hi, welcome to peaches, what can I get you?”
You fumbled around in your bag for your wallet, looking up to make eye contact with the boy standing behind the counter, dark brown hair falling over his eyes slightly as he gave you an expectant look.
Taken aback by the sheer appeal of his looks, you avoided his gaze desperately, trying your best to calm yourself down as you wondered just why Felix wasn’t working today.
"Uh…I’ll just uh…I’ll get um. Can I have the peach thing?” you fumbled with your words, your hand going up to your head to scratch at your temple even though it wasn’t itching.
A small huff of laughter escaped the boy, your gaze darting up to look at him, somewhat curious to see what he would look like while laughing, but getting distracted by the shiny silver ring delicately hugging the corner of his lower lip, except this time you couldn’t bring yourself to look away.
“You mean the peach soda?” he quirked an eyebrow, giving you a small smirk.
You noticed a slight accent in the way he spoke, only serving to make you even more confused about just who he was, your mind wandering to possibilities on whether he was one of Felix’s friends from Australia.
Pursing your lips, you nodded quickly without paying attention to what he was asking you, trying to end your exchange quickly before your flushed skin became too obvious, thrusting your money forward and staring intently as he worked quickly at the register.
Holding the change out for you, you’d almost winced when the pads of your fingers brushed against the cool metal of his rings, hearing him thank you, mumbling something else that you couldn’t quite catch.
“I’m sorry, what?”
“Name?” he prompted you again.
You made a sound of realization, remembering that this was your first time meeting him so he wouldn’t know your name, “Y/N,” you told him.
He made a small sound of intrigue, “nice name,” he murmured.
Thankfully you’d regained your sense of the situation before he could write your name on the cup, “wait, I’m not having it to-go,” you added quickly, not expecting to earn a chuckle from him.
“I know, sweetie, I asked you about that just know,” he raised his eyebrows at you, “I just wanted to know your name.”
Shoving your coins into your wallet, you thanked him quickly,  hastening your steps to find yourself a seat at the far corner of the room, away from the crowd of students playing board games but not too far away that your friend wouldn’t be able to spot you when they arrived.
Taking your phone out to pretend to fiddle with it, you couldn’t help the furtive ( you hoped, at least ) glances you stole at the said worker, your constant glances at him making you completely oblivious to what was actually going on around you, only snapping out of your thoughts with a start when you heard a loud thud on your table, your head snapping up quickly to spot your friend in the seat before you.
“Sorry I’m late. Did you wait long?” Jisung asked you, his hair in a mess from what you assumed was the cause of the thud.
“Huh?” you frowned, not hearing him quite well from how distracted you were, Jisung’s reply interrupted when you saw the cashier boy walking towards your table.
“Here’s your drink, sweetie,” he smiled, and in your desperation to avoid his gaze once again, you had noticed how only one of his hands was covered in a sleeve, something you knew people tended to do to cover tattoos.
You pretended you weren’t flustered, giving the boy a slight nod and looked elsewhere, fiddling with the straw in the soda, glaring at Jisung when he’d slid the glass from your hand slowly, raising both eyebrows in question while gesturing wildly with his head in the direction the cashier had walked off in.
“Who’s the hottie and why’s he calling you sweetie?” He wiggled his eyebrows, bringing the straw to his lips to take a long sip.
“Firstly, I want to know just as much as you do. Second of all, I don’t even know his name-”
“It’s Chris, I saw his nametag just now when you were too busy staring at God knows what,” Jisung rolled his eyes, leaning back in his seat to casually look at the counter, observing how Chris had brought a little juice box up to his mouth, fiddling with his phone as there were no customers in line.
“Why d’you think Felix suddenly hired him?” Jisung narrowed his eyes at Chris, making you shrug, wondering where Felix was, finding it oddly timely when Felix had chosen that time to enter the café, the bells dangling on top of the door jingling to announce his entrance. 

“He’s here, maybe we can just ask him,” you told Jisung, watching as Felix approached the counter with a wide grin.
Chris placed his phone down quickly, only to relax when he realised it was just Felix.
“Hey,” Felix nodded at Chris, turning to scan the room, waving at you and Jisung upon spotting the both of you.
Jisung waved his hand wildly to beckon Felix to your table, practically pulling him down into a squat next to your table, earning a wide-eyed look of confusion from Felix.
“Hi guys, everything alright?”
“Who is that! Your new hire!” Jisung used his head to nod in Chris’ direction, making Felix turn around in Chris’ direction before a knowing look washed over his face, his mouth curving into an ‘o’ shape, looking very much amused.
“I see you’ve met Chris?”
You nodded, “are you understaffed or something? I thought you said you don’t do part- timers?” You frowned.
Felix shook his head, jutting his lips out in a pout.
“Nope, I’ve been pretty busy these days with classes so I figured I could use some help, plus, he’s a friend of mine so I know I can trust him.” Felix grinned, holding his hands up beside his face in a thumbs up.
“He looks really….” You began, immediately regretting because you were struggling to find the right word to describe Chris’ intimidating aura.
Truth be told, you were just trying not to let how good-looking you thought he was slip. Jisung would surely never let you live it down.
“Scary? Yeah I figured, my parents told me to get him to cover his tattoos so he wouldn’t scare my customers off,” Felix giggled, “but the lip piercing was a little troublesome so I let him keep it on,” he shrugged, your eyes widening at the confirmation that he did indeed have tattoos.
“Trust me….his face is scary enough for that,” you muttered, taking a long sip of your drink in your poor attempt to suppress your curiosity.
Jisung shot you a look, rolling his eyes.
“Please, that ‘sweetie’ he gave you was far from scary and you know it.”
Felix raised an eyebrow at Jisung, turning to give you an amused smile, his hands coming up to cover his mouth (though that didn’t do much in hiding his grin).
“‘Sweetie’?” He giggled, peering over at Chris before shaking his head good-naturedly.
“Yeah, you know, you should tell him not to flirt with your customers,” you huffed, Jisung’s smirk already beginning to unnerve you.
Felix’s response had only unnerved you even more, “trust me, Y/N, he’ll grow on you.”
And grow on you he sure did. Though you weren’t very sure if you would liken him to the kind of unwelcome moss that grows on old buildings or that of a pretty morning glory plant. Though both had its own charm, you just weren’t sure which one Chris fit into. Whatever it was, you were sure he was leaning towards the more unwelcome one for you.
You shot an annoyed look at Chris when he’d turned whatever rave music he had been playing in the café even louder, interrupting the cute café project meeting you were attempting to have with one of your friends Jeongin.
“What? Sorry, I can’t concentrate with all...this,” Jeongin gave you an apologetic frown, using his hand to gesture to the speakers, making you turn to cast Chris an angry glare.
Catching his gaze quickly, he gave you an expectant look, which only served to unnerve you more with how nonchalant he was acting.
“The music” you mouthed, gesturing to the speakers, “is too loud!” you covered your ears and shook your head vigorously, repeating your gestures with your frown directed towards him.
Chris simply shrugged, even going to the extent of pretending to yawn, cupping his hand around his ear and knitting his eyebrows together in a wince.
Curse Felix for having cute asshole friends, you thought.
Frankly, Chris didn’t know why he was being such an ass either. Maybe it was the knowledge that that kid sitting with you was interacting with you more than you ever interacted with Chris. Or maybe it was the way you seemed like you’d dressed up more today, fiddled with your hair more and posed for pictures nicely compared to when you were with Jisung.
Maybe Chris was just a teensy weensy bit jealous.
“I’m really sorry, he doesn’t seem like he’s gonna lower down the volume anytime soon,” you leaned closer to apologize, slightly reassured when he shook his head dismissively at you, though it didn’t rid you completely of your guilt.
“I don’t know why he’s doing this,” you explained further, “I brought you here because the music he usually plays is really good,” you explained.
“It’s really fine, he looks like the kind of guy I wouldn’t mess with’s okay.” Jeongin glanced at Chris’ direction furtively, Chris’ sickly sweet smile seeming to intimidate him.
You scoffed at the way Chris had smiled at Jeongin, turning to give him another apologetic frown.
“I’m so sorry, I know you wanted to discuss our project today...but maybe we can go somewhere more conducive next time?” you tried to sound more hopeful, huffing a sigh of relief when you’d seen him nod reassuringly.
Jeongin had bid you goodbye once he’d decided he had received one too many of Chris’ intense stares, making you free to storm over to the counter, hands on your hips to emphasize your dismay.
Only then did Chris decide to lower down the music volume, turning back to face you with an expectant smile as you heard a calmer michael bublé song playing softly through the speakers.
“What’s your deal, Chan?” you frowned, your fingers finding purchase on the hem of your shirt, telling yourself to stand firm! And Don’t let his dimples sway you!
“I’ve told you a thousand times, you can call me ‘Chan’,” there was an amused lilt to his tone, though he figured you weren’t going to repeat yourself with how firmly you were staring at him.
“What deal?” he murmured pensively, bringing a hand up to fiddle with his lip ring and tilting his head at you so casually that you wondered if teasing people just came naturally to him.
"What’s my deal?” you echoed his question in disbelief, “I couldn’t even hear myself think with how loud the music was just now!” you huffed, your frown only deepening when he looked at you apologetically.
“Sorry, sweetie, couldn’t hear you just now. The other customers felt like the music was too soft,” he pouted, something in his expression making you less upset despite how obviously he was lying.
You’d opened your mouth to retort but fell short of coming up with a good enough comeback, choosing to scoff at him instead.
“You’re really manipulative, you know that?“ you huffed, poking your tongue in your cheek and looking down at the menu on the counter (even though you already knew what you were going to order).
"So….I’ll get you your usual, then?” and apparently, so did he.
Determined not to let yourself get more affected by Chan, and even more determined on not mentioning him for the rest of the duration that you would be at peaches, you buried yourself in your reading, flipping your pages so roughly you had to stop every now and then to check if they tore.
Jisung had joined you halfway, when you had switched from angry-reading to slouching in your seat scrolling through social media.
Shoving his phone on top of your (now closed) books with a loud thump, you leaned forward, peering over your phone to see different drawings and designs on the screen, all in black and white.
“That’s nice, did you draw it?” you asked, pinching and pulling at the screen to zoom on the details of the designs.
Jisung snorted, giving you an all-too-satisfied smile, "my dear friend, I’m thinking of getting a tattoo.”
Your eyes widened, “tattoo? Your mom would murder you,” you scoffed.
Jisung shook his head proudly, his eyes wide and insistent, “that’s where you’re wrong.” He smiled proudly, “I asked her already and she’s fine with it as long as I find someone legit to do it.”
Your eyebrows raised, fairly impressed that he had gotten away with it.
“But she’s not paying for it, of course,” he added as an afterthought.
You hated how predictable you were, but at the mention of tattoos, your gaze had wandered over to Chan, who was busy placing a few orders together on a tray. Staring at his sleeve, you figured, he seems like the type that would know about tattoos…right? I mean, considering he has a few of his own.
Don’t say it. don’t say it. don’t say it.
“Maybe you can ask Chan?” you’d winced as the words left your lips, “I mean, he has tattoos, right? Seems like he knows what he’s doing,” you offered, closing your mouth quickly as you saw him approaching your table.
“Oh yeah! Why didn’t I think of that?” Jisung clapped his hands, head snapping around and startling in his seat when Chan had made his presence known.
“Here you go,” he murmured, pushing your peach soda towards you before turning to Jisung, hugging his tray to his chest, “hey, man. Anything for you today?”
Jisung shook his head, “actually I was wondering, you have tattoos, right?”
You had to refrain from making your embarrassment too obvious, pulling the straw of your drink to your lips to feign disinterest in Chan’s response. Your sips only grew longer when Chan leaned his free hand on the back of your chair, his torso next to your head. Since when did his perfume smell so good?
“Yeah,” he replied confidently, shaking his head slightly to get his hair away from his eyes.
“Do you know anywhere I could get something done? Not anywhere shady, of course,” he asked Chan.
Chan let out a giggle, nodding. “Gimme a sec,” he held his hand up in a signal for Jisung to wait, jogging over to the counter and pulling his backpack out from under the counter, fishing something out before jogging back to your table.
Holding his hand out, he showed the both of you two small palm-sized cards. Taking it from him, you realized that they were business cards.
“This is actually my studio...” he shifted his weight from one leg to the other, folding his arms across his chest around the tray, “I’m like...certified and all, so you don’t have to worry,” he told Jisung.
“But you can check it out first if you’re still unsure. If not I can just find someone else to help you,” he added, gesturing as he spoke.
“Cool,” you murmured, gripping the card tightly between your fingers, making a mental note to do some research on this ship once Chan left.
“Alright, man, thanks so much. I’ll let you know.”
Chan smiled at Jisung, patting him on the back lightly before going off to clear the other tables.
“Says here they have an Instagram,” Jisung murmured, scrutinising the card closely.
Telling you the name of the account, you pulled up a page of the shop, your mouth falling open in shock at the number of people he had following the account, not to mention the number of pictures of peoples tattoos on the account. Starting to scroll through the account’s posts, you realized most if not all of his designs were in black and white.
“Do you want your tattoo to have colour? Cause if you do..I don’t think he really does many colour pieces,” you murmured, angling your phone to face him so he could look at the designs with you.
“Honestly...I might just do one of his designs…they’re a lot nicer than whatever I had in mind,” you laughed at the way he stared blankly at your phone screen.
“Do they tag the people who get the tattoos?” You wondered out loud.
Jisung reached over to tap on the picture, tapping on the account only to be led to what you were very sure was Chan’s account.
You shamelessly scanned the account, noticing he rarely posted photos of himself but mostly of the sky or of scenery (with the occasional post-workout photo), and that there were a little to no actual coloured photos in his feed.
“Are you gonna follow him?” You asked Jisung, seeing him nod and give you a shrug.
“Yeah, why not?” he raised his eyebrows in question as if you were asking a stupid question.
“Follow him with me, so it doesn’t seem like I’m trying to kiss ass or anything,” he tapped on your arm incessantly, tapping on his phone before dragging your hand closer to him so he could press the follow button on Chan’s account.
“Jisung!” You pulled your phone away quickly, looking at him with wide eyes, making his eyes widen as well, looking at you in surprise.
“What? What?”
“I didn’t know you were gonna follow him now! He’s literally right there,” you whispered harshly at him.
Casting you an unamused glance, he held his hands up in a shrug.
“It’s no big deal. He probably won’t even think much of it…. I mean, well…unless you want him to,” his expression turned to a more teasing one, narrowing his eyes at you as he traced a heart in the air with his fingers.
“Oh yeah, speaking of which, I was meaning to ask you, how did your meetup with Jeongin go?” he placed his phone back down on the table, looking at you expectantly.
“Bad,” you groaned, “Couldn’t even hear him half the time because someone was playing the cafe music too loud,” you nodded your head in Chan’s direction.
Jisung winced, “So you guys didn’t get to discuss?”
You shook your head, “I told him we could just meet somewhere more conducive the next time since clearly Chan had a problem hearing me,” you sighed, leaning back in your seat.
“But the music’s fine now, though?”
“Well it wasn’t fine just now, and the dumbest part was that he turned it down after Jeongin left,” you rolled your eyes, knowing that the brown haired boy had no idea you were talking about him as he stood there sipping on his stupid juice box.
“Maybe he did it on purpose,” Jisung offered, making you scoff.
“Beats me, but whatever it is it’s crazy.”
“You’re just mad ‘cause he’s cute.”
You scoffed, huffing at him in disbelief, “no, I’m mad because he ruined my meeting,” your eyes widened in offence.
Jisung narrowed his eyes, letting his imagination run wild, “maybe he wanted to ruin your date,” he conspired, making you roll your eyes.
“One,” you held up a finger, “it wasn’t a date. Two,” you lowered your hand, struggling to find another reason, “you watch too many dramas,” you finally mustered, only serving to fuel Jisung’s entertainment even more.
“It’s easy, Y/N, the next step is to just… slide into his dms, I mean, since you’re already following him.”
You tossed your packet of tissue at him, “shut up, Jisung.”
That same night, you were about to sleep when you’d received a message.
1:39am - r we placing bets on whether he’s trying to thirst trap me –
Attached to the message was a screenshot of Chan’s Instagram page with a selfie that he’d just uploaded, the picture showing Chan’s exposed collarbones and above making your eyes widen and close the image quickly, feeling your cheeks redden at the sudden post, unsure why a simple photo of him was making you flustered to no end.
1:41am -probably-
Was all you could type out, debating in your head whether to open the image again, a part of you wanting to see it again but shaking your head decisively, shoving your phone back underneath your pillow, but the image of Chan with damp hair wearing coloured contacts burned in your head.
You found yourself growing more anxious about possibly seeing Chan the next day if you were going to the book cafe (which you probably were). But Jisung’s reply had you thinking that maybe it was the universe trying to shove and kick you towards Chan.

1:42am - also ive decided n u are coming w me to his shop to get my tat tmr -
You sighed, casually scrolling up in your chat to have a look at Chan’s selfie again before typing out your reply to Jisung.
1:42am -lovely-
Shoving your phone aside, you closed your eyes, hoping the feeling of yourself being drawn to the image would go away quickly.
“Do you even know where the shop is? we’ve been walking for hours,” you whined, earning an eye roll from Jisung who was still faithfully following the google maps directions on his phone.
“First of all, it’s only been 10 minutes. Second of all, I know where it is, look,” he showed you his phone, the automated voice telling him he was about to reach his destination, “ms google says we’re really close by.”
“Okay, fine. Just hurry, I wanna sit down.” you sighed, letting Jisung lead you to a stretch of modern cafés, eventually ending up in front of a neon sign of what looked like a little cartoon snake, the cartoon logo fairly familiar after remembering seeing it on Chan’s Instagram.
Shoving the glass open, you heard small bells identical to those in the cafe signal your entrance. A tall, baby-faced boy wearing thin-rimmed glasses walking out from behind the curtains leading to the back. This boy had piercings too, but the skin exposed by his t-shirt was clean, not marked by any sort of tattoo, giving him a much more innocent appearance as compared to Chan.
“Hey, uh…I booked an appointment here for 2pm?” Jisung spoke, and the tall boy stalked over to their reception area wordlessly, going behind the counter to pull out a thick binder and flipping to the most recent page.
“With Chan?” the boy spoke, earning a nod from you. “Alright. I’m Hyunjin, by the way. Will both of you be getting tattoos?”
Your eyes widened, rushing to protest, “oh, no, no no. Not me, just him. I’m just moral support.” You clarified, earning a snicker from Hyunjin, who nodded in amusement.
“Okay, then,” he shut the binder with a light thud, “Chan’s just finishing up a phone call with another client. He’ll call you when he’s ready but in the meantime you guys can chill here, I guess.” he gestured to the small black leather sofas in the reception area.
You and Jisung did as you were told, the waiting making Jisung more nervous about the nitty gritty details of getting a tattoo.
“Here’s the forms to fill up while you wait,” Hyunjin walked over to pass an electronic tablet to Jisung.
You on the other hand, picked up a binder showing the various designs that the shop had specially come up with that people could choose, showing Jisung a new design every now and then to try to distract him from his nervousness.
“Hey look at this one, this is cute,” you pointed at a cartoon drawing of a kangaroo, flipping to the last page to see that they had pictures and the names of various piercings as well.
Jisung sighed, tone emotionless, “yeah, sure.”
Scrolling through the pictures absently, Jisung leant his head on your shoulder, looking at the binder’s contents with you.
“What about this?” Jisung joked, pointing at the lip piercing, “you could twin with Chan,” he snickered.
You rolled your eyes, “yeah, very funny.”
Sighing, you thought about how Chan looked with the lip piercing, “his lips are really nice…” Your voice trailed off, only realising what you said after. “I mean like, I’m not saying that with any double meaning or whatever I just mean like, you know, generally he has a nice lip shape and a—”
“Yeah save it, we know you have the hots for him.”
You huffed, ignoring Jisung and continuing to flip the pages.
“Wait stop, that one’s nice. I think you’d look good with this one,” he pointed at the picture of the helix piercing.
"This?” you brought your hand up to touch your ear where the piercing would be, “but this is like….the hard part of my ear, won’t it hurt?” you grimaced.
Jisung gave you a look, “c’mon, trust me, I think you’d look great in this….” Jisung lowered his voice, leaning closer to you and glancing at Hyunjin to make sure he wasn’t listening.
“Chan would lose his shit.”
You smacked the binder closed, glaring at Jisung. Holding the binder up threateningly, about to scold him when you heard the beaded curtains move, your head snapping around to spot Chan there, dressed in a black muscle tee and black jeans, dark hair messy on his head.
“Hey guys, Jisung you ready? I’ve already done the stencil so it’s your call,” you waited for Jisung’s answer, too busy gawking at Chan’s tattoo sleeve, now being the first time you weren’t seeing it covered.
Jisung let out a loud sigh, “lemme just go inside and mentally prepare myself first,” he stood up, shaking his head.
Chan held the beaded curtain open for Jisung, letting him walk through first as you took your time to gather your things, not realizing Chan was still holding the curtain open for you.
“Hey, sweetie.” Chan greeted, nodding his head at you with a small smile.
“Hi,” you murmured, suddenly nervous around him, about to sling Jisung’s bag over your shoulder when Chan’s voice cut in.
“Oh, you can actually just leave it here. Hyunjin’ll be here,” you glanced at the boy mentioned who nodded at you before going back to his handphone game.
“Oh, alright then,” you murmured, walking over to where he was.
“I see you’re playing the moral support role today?” Chan let out a small giggle, letting you walk through the curtain before following behind you.
You let out a huff of laughter at the sight of Jisung lying on the chair with his eyes closed, hands clasped as if in prayer.
“Didn’t really have a choice,” you laughed, earning a grim nod from Chan, who put on his gloves and lightly kicked his stool towards the chair Jisung was seated on.
The first thing you noticed about the room was that it was very neat, everything seeming as though it was in its rightful place, giving off a very clean feel to the room, which served to calm you down for some reason. The plants and warm lighting in the room served to add some comfort to the atmosphere.
“Dude, don’t look so deathly, you’re not gonna die. You can take breaks in between if it’s too much,” Chan’s tone was reassuring, which you were thankful for since Jisung really did look pale.
“Okay, you’re right. You know what? I’m not that weak, I can do this,” his eyes shot open, giving Chan a firm nod.
Chan shocked you by giggling, gesturing to a wheeled stool similar to his, “you don’t have to stand, sweetie, you can sit here. This might take a while.”
If you were embarrassed, you didn’t show it, as you padded over to the stool, going next to Jisung and feeling him grab your hand. For a second you were thankful he was so nervous that he couldn’t tease you for Chan’s term of endearment.
Chan had disinfected the area Jisung wanted the tattoo on, a blueish outline of the design transferring onto his skin before he’d started. You appreciated how patient and precise Chan had been to speed up the process, Jisung occasionally squeezing your hand when it hurt.
“How long is this gonna take?” you asked out of curiosity.
“Uhh… this isn’t that big of a piece, so about 2-3 hours? Give and take if he needs breaks in between.”
“So, uh….how long have you been doing this?” you made conversation, the buzzing sound of the tattoo needle growing too loud for your comfort.
Chan’s eyebrows raised, lower lips jutting out in a pout as he thought. “I would say…professionally about 3 years so far?” Your eyebrows raised.
“Started when I was 15,” you furrowed your eyebrows.
“Wait, so you’re 19?” Jisung huffed, almost moving to sit up when he was temporarily distracted by the discovery.
Chan huffed, shaking his head, “don’t move, please. But to answer your question, no. I’m not 19. I started my apprenticeship at 15…” he trailed off, tongue darting out to wet his lips as he concentrated on a particular spot of the tattoo.
Sighing, he leaned back slightly to dab at the perspiration on his temples with his arm, making you tempted to take the cloth and do it for him, “I’m 22.”
Your eyes widened, feeling Jisung squeeze your hand for what you knew wasn’t pain.
“Oh,” you murmured, unsure what Jisung’s little reaction meant.
Chan hummed, “Yeah, Jisung mentioned that you guys were entering uni soon,” he stated, earning an affirmative nod from you.
“Yeah, we’re turning 20 soon,” Jisung murmured, eyes open now, seeming to have adjusted to the pain level.
Now it was Chan’s turn to be surprised. “Interesting,” he murmured.
“Uh-huh” Jisung spoke, and the way his tone sounded was making you nervous, not knowing what nonsense he was about to spout next. “Y/N’s already so old and still doesn’t have a boyfriend.”
Chan flushed at the implication, hoping his shyness wasn’t too obvious. Meanwhile you were trying to convince yourself that you weren’t imagining the pink tint growing more obvious on Chan’s ears.
"Nothing to be ashamed of,” Chan mustered after a short silence, his volume dropping considerably, “I mean, I’m older than you, and at this point of time I’m not dating either.”
Jisung struggled to contain his excitement, thinking of ways that he could get you and Chan alone together, coming up with what he would deem to be the most brilliant idea.
“Hey, Chan. Do you guys do piercings here too?”
“Aren’t you a little too talkative for someone in pain,” you muttered through gritted teeth, shooting a glare at Jisung—which he promptly ignored.
Chan smiled, tilting his head in question, “you’re not even done with your tattoo and you’re already thinking about piercings?” he laughed.
“Not for me, man, for Y/N.”
Chan made a surprised sound, taking his lower lip between his teeth as he focused on a particular part of Jisung’s tattoo, leaning back with a small sigh, “oh, is that so? what kind?”
“Uh…you know the helix one?” you murmured, your hand unconsciously going up to your ear to fidget.
Chan hummed, “yeah, I can do that. You’ve already made up your mind?” You nodded, before realizing he couldn’t see you.
“I guess…will it hurt, though?”
Chan leaned back, shrugging, “Depends, a tiny bit more than your average piercing?”
“Oh…well, then, I guess that doesn’t sound so bad,” you murmured.
Jisung grinned at you, which went unnoticed by Chan, who spoke seriously, filled with concern for your friend, “you’re doing really great, by the way. We’ll probably be done a lot earlier than expected. Just let me do the finishing touches and you’ll be free.”
You fiddled with Jisung’s fingers for the rest of the duration, trying not to be too obvious when you stared at Chan. How his eyebrows would furrow just ever so slightly in his concentration, his tongue peeking out to wet his lips or play with his piercing when he was filling in the shading for Jisung’s tattoo.
Just as the waiting was starting to get even a little unbearable, your leg beginning to bounce restlessly, you saw Chan lean back, a satisfied smile on his face.
“All done,” he smiled, patting Jisung on the shoulder with one hand as he set his equipment aside, taking some cling wrap and wrapping it around Jisung’s wrist.
Releasing a relieved sigh, you silently thanked the heavens that it was over because you really needed to pee.
You’d excused yourself to the washroom as Chan told Jisung about the aftercare tips, coming back to see that Jisung had already paid for his tattoo.
“So uh..” you saw Chan leaning against the doorframe with one hand shoved into his pocket, a few strands of the beaded curtain draped over his shoulder which he fiddled with, “you still up for the piercing? Or would you rather come back another day?” He asked you, bringing a hand up to push his hair out of his forehead, his hair falling back against his forehead gently.
You hummed, taking your phone out to see if you would have any other free periods during this week, realising that the only big period of rest you would have this week would be now, and you figured you would rather adjust to the new piercing over the weekend instead of in the middle of the week.
“Yeah, I guess I’ll just do it today,” you shrugged, glancing at Hyunjin who was eyeing Chan suspiciously, finding the boy’s behaviour to be a little out of the ordinary.
“Cool, I’ll be in the back…just uh… come in and let me know when you’re ready,” he gave you a soft smile, the metal of his lip ring shining as it caught the light in the room.
“Have fun,” Jisung waggled his eyebrows at you once Chan went back, making you frown at him.
“What do you mean ‘have fun’? You’re staying with me,” your expression turned grim when you saw the way he was poorly stifling his laughter, “aren’t you?”
Jisung sucked in a sharp breath, grimacing, “yeah…about that…I actually have to go meet my group mates for something, but you’ll be fine,” he waved a hand at you dismissively, already beginning to backtrack out of the studio.
“Think of it as more time spent with Chan,” Jisung wiggled his eyebrows teasingly, turning quickly to leave the shop, leaving you dumbfounded in your place.
Turning around, you caught Hyunjin’s gaze, seeing the boy narrow his eyes at you, “are you and….Chan….you know…?”
You furrowed your eyebrows, your lips parting upon realising what he meant, shaking your head and waving your hands dismissively.
“Oh my god, no, really.”
Hyunjin raised an eyebrow at you, making you even more flustered that he was acting like he knew something you didn’t.
“No, seriously, nothing’s up. Stop looking at me like that.”
You quickened your footsteps in heading to the backroom, your cheeks flushed and eyes wide as you spotted Chan sitting on his stool, using his phone before looking up when you entered the room, a soft smile appearing on his face.
How can someone who smiles like this be the same person behind that selfie last night, you wondered.
“Ji..sung?” Chan’s voice trailed off, raising his eyebrows in question, setting his phone down on the counter attached to the wall.
“Oh, he actually just left…he had to meet his group members,” you murmured, gesturing outside.
Chan got up from his seat with a small grunt, walking over to you, making you confused as to why he was suddenly walking towards you.
You’d let out a confused hum, your voice coming out softer than intended, watching with wide eyes as he brought his hands up to yours, sighing in relief when he’d simply taken your bag and jacket from you.
“You can just take a seat on the chair if you want, but don’t recline it just sit on the seat,” he instructed, and you did as such, swinging your legs as they hung from the chair, the toe of your shoe grazing the tiled floor occasionally.
“Are you nervous?” He asked, bringing the various equipment he needed on the trolley, rolling it noisily over to where you were.
You nodded, making him laugh.
“Good? Isn’t it bad if I’m too stressed?” Your confusion was evident in your tone, making him shake his head at you.
Chan smiled, “it’s better to be nervous than over confident when it comes to these things.”
He took a new pair of gloves from the box, picking up a mirror from the tray and passing it to you, “hold this for me, hmm?”
Taking the disinfectant wipes, he pushed your hair aside, the constant falling of your hair making him giggle, “sorry can I just uh,” he shifted so he was standing behind you, bunching your hair into a ponytail, his hands brushing against the skin of your neck when he gathered the hair, almost making you shiver.
Securing it with the hairband around his wrist, he looked at you from the front, nodding at his handiwork.
“Sorry,” Chan added as an afterthought, “hope you don’t mind.” He put on his gloves, the metal of his bracelet peeking out from under the latex.
You shook your head, quietly observing his actions through his reflection in the mirror out of sheer anxiousness. Watching carefully as he held your ear with his first two fingers, disinfecting the area of your ear before picking up the marker.
Chan had crouched down slightly, pursing his lips in concentration as he made a tiny dot with the marker on your ear, leaning back so you could have a better look.
“Is this placement okay?” he asked, earning a nod from you.
“Great,” he gave you a close lipped smile, dimples appearing on his cheeks, “wow your ears are really red,” he commented with a laugh.
Laughing half-heartedly in reply, you shrugged, “think it’s cause of the air conditioning,” you lied, not knowing he would take you seriously, walking over to where he’d put your things and grabbing your jacket with his elbows, dropping it onto your lap.
“Sorry, it’d be a lot less awkward if I could use my hands,” he laughed, and you weren’t able to keep yourself from smiling.
After he’d prepared the needle and the studs, you tried not to let your tension be too obvious when he leaned down so he could be more precise. Funnily enough, though you were about to get a piercing, you were less nervous for that as compared to the fact that Chan was so close to you.
“Are you excited to graduate?” he asked you in an attempt to distract you, earning a shrug from you.
“I guess,” you murmured, Chan having successfully directed your attention elsewhere, “a little scared, though.”
“Of?” he asked, his gentle tone prompting you to elaborate.
“I guess I’m not really like…scared, I’m just kind of anxious? like…I don’t really know what to expect,” you laughed, earning a confused sound from him.
“Well if you think about it like that, then of course it’ll be negative,” Chan laughed.
“I mean, I wouldn’t know what it’s like because I didn’t go to uni but you know….maybe if you think of it as like a...i’m doing this so that I can do this in the future kind of thing then it’d be more exciting than scary,” Chan offered, moving to your other ear.
“Well…I guess that’s true,” you murmured, about to continue when you’d felt the needle piercing your skin, letting out a yelp, your hands unconsciously finding purchase on the closest thing to you, which (unfortunately and fortunately for you) was his torso, “why didn’t you give me any warning!” You hissed.
"Too late for a countdown now, huh,” he shrugged, fitting the stud onto your ear.
“All done,” he giggled, stepping away from you to set the needle into a tray for cleaning.
“You know what to do, right? Like…to care for your piercing?” Chan asked you, earning a nod from you.
“So, I’m done here?” You asked, watching Chan as he set his things aside to be sterilized, glancing at the clock on the wall at the side of the room.
“Pretty much,” he hummed, bringing up a hand to adjust his hair.
You hated how much the tension in the room was building, as if the both of you were just holding back on what you’d wanted to say. Almost deciding to walk out before Chan had finally spoken up.
“Are you gonna get dinner with Jisung?” he asked, looking elsewhere and pretending to be busy with throwing his gloves away.
“Nope,” you walked over to where he’d placed your bag, slinging it over your shoulder and taking your phone out to tell Jisung you were done getting the piercing.
“I’m probably just gonna go home and order in, or something,” you murmured, slightly preoccupied with texting to notice the way he’d perked up at the sound of you being free for the evening.
Chan walked through the curtains to the main reception area, leaning over Hyunjin who was sitting at the desk, fishing the tablet for you to fill in the form, murmuring a soft ‘sorry’ to Hyunjin, who was busy playing his phone games.
“Shouldn’t you have given that before she got the piercing,” Hyunjin whispered pointedly, his words going ignored by Chan, who knew very well that he was flustered into forgetting that small detail.
“Just fill these up and you’re all set,” he pushed them over the counter towards you, and you’d typed your details in quickly, eager to get Hyunjin’s suspicious gaze off of you.
“How much do I have to pay you?” You asked, getting ready to fish your wallet from your bag, confused when you heard Chan make a strangled sound of protest.
“Oh, no, it’s fine. Consider it ‘on the house’,” he told you, making Hyunjin’s eyebrows raise in question.
“What? But why? I mean, your shop is doing pretty well, services like that would probably be really expensive, right?” You gripped your wallet tighter, however he didn’t seem like he was giving you an option. Not with the way he was looking at you, that was for sure.
Hyunjin had ended his game already, nudging his glasses higher on his nose bridge. He pressed his lips in a thin, firm line, hoping it would help him stifle his laughter as you continued.
“But I can’t just let you do that, I mean, this is your business, you’d lose a lot of money if you just give people free services like this, you know?”
Chan almost snorted, “trust me, I won’t.”
You wracked your brain for other options on how to persuade him, “okay, but there has to be some other way I can repay you,” you stated, not expecting Chan to reply so quickly.
“How does grabbing dinner with me now sound?” The words flowed from his lips so naturally that even Hyunjin was surprised, not used to seeing his usually shy friend act so confidently around people.
Hyunjin let a small giggle escape him, narrowing his eyes at Chan who had kicked at his chair as a silent threat.
You opened your mouth and closed it back, unable to form a response in your shock, “uh…I um…” you fumbled to find the right words, making Chan let out the tiniest giggle.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he assured you, “I’m just offering, you know...since you said just now that you wouldn’t have dinner at home anyway,” he gestured with his hands as he spoke, the silver chain around his wrist coming to your attention as he moved his hands around.
“No, no..uh,” you swallowed, clearing your throat softly, “yes? Yes, that sounds great, Chan,” you mustered out as confidently as you could.
“Cool, meet you outside, then? Lemme just go and grab my stuff,” he flashed you a small close-lipped smile before walking to the back.
“Bye?” You murmured to Hyunjin, who turned his narrowed eyes away from Chan to direct them towards you instead.
“I swear...there’s definitely something going on with you two…” Hyunjin muttered, tapping at his phone quickly before shaking his head abruptly, “never mind, I won’t harass you about it….yet. Have a good dinner,” his expression changed to a smiling one, waving at you as if nothing happened.
When you’d gone out of the tattoo shop, you only had to wait for barely a minute before you heard the door open behind you, Chan stepping out, now wearing a black leather jacket over his shirt with his bag in hand.
“Did you have any dinner place in mind?” You asked him, seeing him nod.
“Do you like tacos?”
“So, how come you’re working at peaches if you already have that whole setup at your tattoo studio?” You’d asked him during your dinner. You’d both already finished eating but were in no rush to leave, sipping your drinks slowly as an excuse to talk more.
“Felix told me he was looking for someone who could fill in for him part-time for whenever he had to go for classes, so I offered, since I don’t usually take appointments in the morning,” he explained, sipping his drink, fiddling with the straw between his thumb and index finger as he spoke.
“So you work in the afternoon?” he nodded.
“I work from around twelve to seven,” he told you casually, and at the mention of time you’d glanced at your phone, realising it was way before seven when he’d asked you to eat dinner with him.
Your eyebrows furrowed, “wait, then doesn’t that mean that you left work before you were supposed to?”
Chan’s eyes widened momentarily, bringing the straw to his lips ever so slowly, giving you a shrug in feigned nonchalance. “Nope,” he told you calmly, “I leave after my clients are done for the day, and I usually take 1 client a day.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, “are you lying right now?” you pretended to disapprove, since you knew you were past the point of saying you didn’t enjoy spending time with Chan.
Chan simply grinned, your heart skipping a beat at the sight of his dimples, hearing him let out an exaggerated sigh, “depends.”
He rest his chin on one of his hands, his fingers going up to fiddle with his lip piercing, only now coming to your notice that he’d changed the jewellery to a bigger silver ring.
“Does that hurt?” you asked, curiosity getting the better of you, making him gesture with his finger to his lips, earning a nod from you.
“Nope,” he said, popping the ‘p’, “I’ve had it for really long so you can like press or tug on it or whatever but it won’t hurt,” he said, his wording making your imagination wander, ears tinting red as you tried to dismiss the thoughts of kissing Chan that popped into your head.
“Your ears are red again,” he pointed out, an amused lilt to his tone, knowing exactly why.
In your distress, you tugged his hair tie off your hair, adjusting your hair so it would cover your ears, narrowing your eyes at him.
“It’s only ‘cause you said it like that,” you huffed.
“Like what?” he raised an eyebrow at you, feigning innocence as he continued, “all I meant was if I pull on it like this it won’t hurt…” he demonstrated by using his index finger and thumb to fiddle with his piercing.
“Unless, that wasn’t what you were thinking?” he teased, leaning closer to you over the table.
You got up abruptly, “we should get going,” you diverted the topic quickly, ignoring Chan’s laughter behind you as you made your way to pay the bill, managing to do so successfully before Chan had made it to the register, earning a pout from him.
“You pay for my piercing, I pay for our dinner. Simple,” you shrugged, walking out of the restaurant and letting him follow behind you.
“Is your place near here?” Chan asked.
Your eyes widened, not understanding why he was asking you that, a million possibilities of reasons why running through your head about what he could possibly have intended from asking that.
Chan realised your internal conflict after a few seconds, his expression flustered when he realised, “no, no! I meant like, how are you going back home since it’s late,” he explained slowly, hands gesturing slowly as he spoke.
You hummed, “I think I might have a bus I can take from here, but it’ll probably take a while,” you shrugged, eyeing him curiously when he’d taken his phone out of his pocket.
“Address?” He asked, and you told him as such, “your place is actually pretty near mine, I stay a couple streets down. Let me see if I can book us a car or something, I reckon it’ll be faster than taking the bus,” he murmured, and you watched him type on his phone quickly before a triumphant smile graced his features.
Letting out a surprised hum, he showed you his phone, “it’s less than 10 dollars if we share a car, do you want to?”
You nodded with a shrug, “sure,” taking your phone from your pocket to check the time, seeing that you’d gotten a text from Jisung.

8:08pm -school starts next week???-
You sighed in realisation, making Chan frown at you curiously.
“What’s wrong?”
You laughed, shaking your head, “nah, it’s nothing. I just realised I’m starting school next week, but I feel like I haven’t done anything during my holidays,” you groaned, turning to Chan with an exaggerated sad look on your face, seeing his eyebrows lift in an expression you would use to comfort a crying child.
“Jisung and I had so many things we planned to do like…go to amusement parks or like….go camping or have a sleepover, but…we just ended up spending all our time at peaches,” you laughed.
“Oh, you guys wanted to go camping?” Chan asked, an idea sparking in his mind when you’d nodded affirmatively at him.
“That’s pretty…coincidental… Hyunjin and I were actually planning on going camping next week, do you wanna come?”
Your eyes widened, not expecting such an opportunity to come so quick for you.
“Really? Where were you guys planning to go?” You asked, and you’d felt his hand gently touch your forearm, the other hand swiping around on his phone before he showed you pictures of what looked like a cabin.
“There’s this place out of town where you can sort of rent the area and you can like, do barbecues and campfires, it’s really nice,” he smiled, “oh, and there’s like this lake nearby the site that looks really really beautiful in the morning. And you don’t even have to pay because Hyunjin’s parents bought a part of it so he can just use it privately,” you nodded, impressed at how convenient and attractive the place sounded.
“But…isn’t it kind of weird if it’s just me going with the both of you? Do you mind if I ask Jisung along too?” You asked hesitantly, a sheepish expression on your face.
Chan laughed, nodding as he wordlessly grabbed your arm, leading you to what you assumed was the car you booked, opening the door for you to go in first before he slid in after you.
You greeted the driver, who had given you a friendly greeting in return as well. One thing you noticed (regrettably or fortunately, you wouldn’t say) was that the back seat was a little cramped, the seats angled in such a way that you would tend to slide towards the middle. Being bigger than you, Chan occupied more space compared to you, causing you to practically be knee to knee when you sat comfortably.
“Also,” Chan yawned, leaning back in his seat, “to answer your question, yes, of course you can ask Jisung to come along. Felix is coming too since he’s been begging me to bring him.”
Chan shoved his hands in the pockets of his jacket, sliding down in his seat. “we’ll probably only stay over for a night so you don’t need to pack much I guess…and Hyunjin can give us a ride to and from the cabin.”
You nodded, covering your mouth when you’d yawned as well. “Great,” you sighed, turning your head to look at him only to see him already looking at you with a tired expression, his gaze darting from your eyes to your ear.
Feeling shy from his staring but too flustered to confront him about it, you simply let your gaze fall to your lap, thinking about the upcoming camping trip.
“I don’t have your number, do I?” He murmured, seeing you shake your head no.
Unlocking your phone, you passed it to him so he could enter his contact, not missing the way he’d put his name as Chan instead of Chris, adding a wolf emoji behind his name.
“Thanks….for the dinner,” you murmured, seeing as you were getting closer to your house, figuring you had better say it now than never.
Chan huffed, “I should be thanking you, for not rejecting the offer,” he told you.
You scoffed, not believing that this was the first time, “I mean, you’re always swarmed at peaches, pretty sure it’s not the first time someone accepted your dinner offers,” you joked, regretting your joke when you saw the way he smiled at you, as if he knew something you didn’t.
“It kind of is….maybe ‘cause I never had the time to….offer to get dinner with all my work going on,” he said casually.
You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, your mouth running faster than your mind could process, “so what made you do it this time?” you laughed.
Chan shrugged, leaning forward to rest his head lightly on the headrest of the seat, turning to look at you with an unreadable expression, his voice barely louder than a whisper.
“I don’t know, sweetie. Something about you just seems to keep pulling me in,” he shrugged.
"Why do you keep calling me sweetie?” You let out a nervous huff of laughter, looking elsewhere in fear that looking at him would make you more flustered, not knowing what sort of confidence came over you for you to ask him so boldly.
“Would you rather me call you something else? Honey? Baby—”
“How about my name?” You interrupted before he could go any further, your reaction seemed to have amused him to no end, making him erupt in a fit of giggles.
“Well that’s no fun, is it?” He scrunched his nose up in distaste, making you scoff.
“Why do I get the feeling that you won’t stop even if I asked you to?” you narrowed your eyes at him.
Pushing himself off where he leaned against his seat, he’d leaned dangerously close to you, your heartbeat starting to race at his proximity before he’d abruptly ruffled your hair, leaning back as if nothing happened.
“You are absolutely right,” he had a triumphant smile on his face.
Shaking your head in feigned disapproval, you saw that the car was slowing down, the driver trying to find your apartment complex.
“Yep, you can stop here,” you told the driver, slinging your bag onto your shoulder before waving at Chan.
“Goodnight,” you murmured, smiling out of your sheer shyness that you couldn’t explain (or maybe you could, but just didn’t want to admit it—ignorance is bliss after all).
He gave you a tired smile, tilting his head as he waved at you. You were already getting out of the car, leaning down before you closed the door since he seemed like he was about to say something.
After that day, Chan had started texting you, and you weren’t sure what to make of it, not wanting to misinterpret friendliness for flirting but at the same time not being able to stop yourself from thinking it was as such.
You would see him at peaches, and he would come sit with you during his breaks, and you would spend time lounging at the sofas reading books and sharing funny or interesting things about the book with each other, much to Jisung’s entertainment.
“I see that now you have Chan you don’t need me to accompany you to peaches anymore?” he would tell you, not without a dramatic sigh.
“That’s not true, we just hang out during his breaks,” you shrugged, nervous that Jisung’s questioning would actually make sense.
“And tell me again why you guys don’t just decide to date?” you shushed him, not wanting Felix to overhear your conversation since he was clearing a table near where you and Jisung were sitting.
Felix said he’d given Chan the day off since he had pretty big pieces to do for his clients these few days, which according to Felix would take at least 7 hours each and left Chan feeling dead tired afterwards.
“It’s not up to me,” you shrugged.
Jisung gave you an unamused look, “oh, really.”
You glared at him, “you better not try anything weird when we go camping or I'll really throw you in the lake.”
“Over my dead body,” Jisung stuck his tongue out at you, “I’ll see you guys married before I let you kill me.”
And it seemed Jisung really did mean it, because when the day came for you guys to go camping, you had met with Jisung and Felix outside peaches to wait for Hyunjin and Chan to come pick you guys up, the two boys showing up eventually, with Chan sitting in the passenger’s seat.
Momentarily relieved that you wouldn’t be put in another stressful situation of squeezing in the backseat with Chan, your relief was short-lived when Jisung had eyed the passenger’s seat, executing the first step of his self-proclaimed brilliant plan.
“I want the front seat! Please, I get motion sickness,” he deadpanned, knowing Chan would be worried enough for him to switch seats with him.
Chan had his hood covering his head when he got out of the car, looking more than a little tired as he murmured a soft greeting to you, surprising you when he pulled you into a hug, earning you an excited smile from Jisung who was already seated in the passenger’s seat. He greeted Felix with a hug as well, letting you get into the car before he did, Felix going in after him.
“Sorry, I really wanted to talk to you but I’m really tired, hope you don’t mind if I just take a nap,” he murmured to you, earning a dismissive shake of the head from you.
“No, no, not at all, go ahead,” you assured him, “it’s a pretty long ride anyway, might as well use it.”
You didn’t miss the appreciative smile he gave you before he leaned his head back on the headrest, folding his arms in front of his chest and closing his eyes.
“He didn’t get much sleep last night, was up late doing designs for one of his clients,” Hyunjin murmured after a while when Felix had commented on how Chan had fallen asleep so quickly.
You nodded, figuring some clients would have more specific demands for tattoos since their shop was pretty well known.
Looking out the window as Hyunjin drove, you gawked at how nice the scenery was, preparing yourself for the turn that he was about to make, your body tensing up when you’d felt Chan’s head fall gently against your shoulder, having slid down in his seat after falling asleep.
Not wanting to wake him, you silently hoped your shoulder wouldn’t be too uncomfortable for his head, trying to stay still so you wouldn’t wake him up.
Jisung had turned around to tell you about a ‘wild boar’ he claimed he’d spotted, stopping himself when he saw Chan’s head resting on your shoulder, pressing his lips together.
“I think the universe is helping me execute my plan.” Bringing a first up to his mouth, he pretended to tear up.
Glaring at him, you ignored both him and the way Chan unconsciously leaned into you as he slept, relaxing after a while as you grew to find it comfortable.
“We’re almost here,” Felix told you, giving you an amused look, “pretty comfortable over there, huh?”
You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t help the smile from your face, shaking your head.
When Hyunjin had stopped the car, him, Jisung and Felix were already getting out of the car to help shift the things out from the trunk, and you’d shifted your body to the side as carefully as you could, lifting Chan’s head from your shoulder gently, one of your palms against his cheek, a part of your heart fluttering when you felt him lean into your touch.
Snapping out of it, you cleared your throat softly.
“Chan,” you murmured, tapping his hand to wake him, his eyebrows furrowing before his hands came up to rub his eyes, leaning away from your hand.
“Y/N?” He murmured.
“We’re already at the cabin,” you huffed in amusement.
Chan opened his eyes, glancing at his surroundings, “oh, sorry,” he turned away, pushing the door open and getting out quickly, and you swore you saw his ears tint pink, wondering if he was actually shy or if you were just hallucinating.
Once you were out, you saw Jisung waving you over, “help me,” he whined, making you roll your eyes, but you left Chan’s side to go help him bring the cooler of drinks and whatnot into the cabin, Hyunjin choosing now to explain the room situation.
“You guys can choose roomies now, I’m probably rooming with Chan,” Hyunjin raised his hand to announce once you were all in the cabin.
“We’ll take the other room,” Jisung shouted, already grabbing your hand to pull you aside as if you were picking teams in school instead of just deciding roommate situations.
Felix laughed, nodding, “I’ll take the last room then.”
Only when you’d gone into the room you realised that it was already about mid-afternoon, and you had heard Felix shout something about going to play at the lake, hearing shouts of agreement from Hyunjin and Chan.
“Did you bring clothes for swimming?” Jisung asked you, and you answered him with a shake of the head.
“Wasn’t planning on swimming,” you told him.
Jisung looked at you, erupting into boisterous laughter, “shit, me neither….black shirt should do, don’t you think?”
You shook your head, laughing with him, “not like we have much of a choice.”
After getting changed, you’d met up with the rest of them outside the cabin, Hyunjin leading the group of you to a lake near a small waterfall, Felix, Hyunjin and Jisung jumping in first, leaving you and Chan behind.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” you asked Chan.
“I could ask you the same thing,” he gave you a look, “do you know how to swim?”
You nodded confidently…before shrugging, “I know the basics, like floating,” you said to defend your lack of skill.
Chan brought his tattooed arm over his chest to grab his other shoulder, “doesn’t matter, nothing to be ashamed of,” he told you casually, getting into the water and holding a hand out for you to take.
Stepping down carefully, you’d used Chan as a leverage for you to get into the water, almost stumbling when you’d stepped on a particularly slippery part of land, Chan quickly reaching his hands out to your waist to steady you, your face and neck heating up from how flustered you were.
Chan had helped you till you were able to walk on your own, surprising you when you found that the water reached up to your chest.
You heard Jisung call out for a game of chicken, deciding you would split into pairs and the losers would have to cook for later.
“I pick Felix! He’s super light!” Hyunjin called out, raising his hand to make his point known.
You were about to call for Jisung when he’d raised his hands.
“I’m the referee!” he shouted, making you gape at him, knowing this was probably another part of his plan.
“Alright, so me and Y/N are one team,” Chan said, nodding at Jisung.
Turning to you, Chan brushed his hair away from his forehead, wetting his lips before he spoke.  
“You can’t have me on your shoulders, I’m too heavy,” Chan laughed, making you cover your face.
“I can’t believe Jisung,” you muttered to yourself.
“what was that?” Chan asked, already making his way in front of you, and you saw that Felix was already on Hyunjin’s shoulders, the only advantage they had visibly being that Hyunjin was taller.
“Nothing,” you blurted, glaring at Jisung when he gestured for you to hurry up, Chan bending down in front of you to make it easier for you to climb on, his hand going behind your leg to push you up, and you’d settled down quickly, trying to see if you could balance well.
“Is it okay if I put my hands here? Is it stable?” you felt Chan place his hands around your shins, but you still felt like it was pretty wobbly. Either that or you were just in a generally wobbly mood from ending up in this situation with Chan.
“Not really, it still feels like I could fall,” you hummed,  your breath hitching when he’d moved his hands up to place them above your knees, hoping he hadn’t felt the way you tensed up. (He did)
“Is this better?” he asked, making you blurt out a small ‘yeah’, oblivious to the looks Hyunjin and Jisung were exchanging.
“Okay firstly the rules are: have fun, no kicking or biting, once you get knocked off you lose even if you’re still on your partner’s shoulders,” Jisung mustered his best announcer’s voice as he explained the rules.
But a part of you couldn’t focus with the way Felix was taunting you and Chan was drumming his fingers on your thigh.
“Ready?” Jisung lifted his hands as though he were starting a boxing match. “Go!”
You almost screamed with how quickly Hyunjin had advanced, Felix reaching out his hands towards you which you responded instinctively to by holding your hands out in front of you, palms facing him, pushing at his hands.
“Y/N I think the point is to push him off, not hi-five him to death,” Jisung cackled, making Chan laugh as well, Hyunjin moving to splash water in Chan’s direction.
Once Felix had caught hold of your hands, you knew you were in for it, he’d interlocked your fingers, trying to sway you left and right in the hopes that it would make you more wobbly.
“Having a good time on your date up there?” Hyunjin called out sarcastically, starting to get tired of balancing from all of Felix’s movements.
You swore you felt Chan grip your legs tighter from Hyunjin’s statement, making you eager to end the game.
Felix had let his grip loosen almost momentarily in his distraction when he glanced at Chan for his reaction, and you took that as an opportunity to find his weak spot, tickling the area under his wrist, making him draw his hand back quickly with a squeal, all of this happening while Hyunjin was trying to rub his eyes, Felix’s hand on his head making his hair press against his eyes.
Once you saw the opportunity, you prodded at Felix’s side, his ticklish reaction sending him falling off Hyunjin’s shoulders, a loud splash sounding when he landed in the water. Followed by shouts from Jisung and a loud groan from Hyunjin, of course.
“Hyunjin and Felix are on dinner duty, then!” You cheered, your hands going down to Chan’s hair when you almost lost your balance in your excitement, accidentally tugging on his hair, making his hands fly up to yours, having to keep himself from letting his eyes roll back, peeling your hands away from his hair.
“Woah, woah, woah, let’s get you down from there,” Chan laughed nervously, making you realize what you were doing, letting him bend down so you could get off of him, jumping in the water to get used to it again.
You’d made your way over to Felix, wanting to make sure he was okay, seeing him wiping the water from his face, “are you alright?” you asked.
“Look at him, gloating,” Felix pretended to be upset, directing your attention towards Chan, who looked your way, but you looked away immediately when he’d lifted his shirt slightly to keep it from clinging to his skin.
Dear God, you hoped Jisung hadn’t seen that.
“Wow, Chan, okay we get it!” Jisung yelled, making Chan drop his hands, a shy smile on his face.
Jisung looked at you with wide eyes, “did you see that?!” He whispered harshly to you while Chan was busy discussing something with Hyunjin.
Felix gave you a look, “why does he seem like he wanted you to see that?” He pointed at Jisung, making you shake your head, for lack of a better response.
“Also, I’ve been meaning to ask you,” Felix continued, lowering his voice so they wouldn’t hear, “do you guys like…as in like you and is there something going on?” Felix asked, his eyes widening in curiosity.
As you glanced over at the subject of your conversation, making eye contact with Chan as he gave you a soft smile, unknowingly returning the smile before turning back to face Felix.
“What makes you think that?” you murmured, feigning confidence.
“Well, for one, that weird smile thing you guys just did,” Jisung pointed out, making you roll your eyes.
“Doesn’t mean anything, he’s just…really friendly,” you shrugged, frowning when Jisung leant over to whisper something in Felix’s ear, after which he’d left promptly to head over to Hyunjin and Chan.  
Felix looked at you with a teasing smirk, “yeah, very friendly from the looks of it,” he waggled his eyebrows at you suggestively.
About to react defensively (as usual), your attention was diverted from Felix when you heard Hyunjin clear his throat, “hey guys, I think me and Felix will head back to wash up first so we won’t start preparing dinner too late,” you heard scattered murmurs of agreement before Hyunjin had started heading out of the lake.
“Stay with him,” Jisung instructed you urgently, making your eyes widen in confusion, seeing as Chan looked as though he had no plans on leaving the lake.
Increasing his volume, he announced, “I’ll be heading back with them too, you guys can just take your time, I’ll call you guys back when we’re done washing up,” Jisung waved, following behind Felix and Hyunjin.
Hyunjin turned around to wink at you, “have fun,” he drawled, which as much as you tried to ignore, you couldn’t help but read into.
Chan made his way to where you were in the water, tilting his head at you expectantly, “you’re staying here too?” he asked, his unexpected question catching you by surprise.
Nodding slowly, you’d brought your hand to brush against the surface of the water gently, “figured I could use a little break too.”
There was a hint of a smile on Chan’s face, nodding, “you still scared about school?”
You contemplated the question, realising that you were in fact a lot less anxious about school compared to a few weeks ago. “I’m alright, really… what about you?”
Chan shrugged, “usual, I guess,” he led you to an area of the lake that was more calm, the sun beginning to grow less harsh, “if you’re bored waiting for school to start you’re always welcome to come to the studio, you know.”
“Jisung’s been telling me the exact same thing,” you said with a laugh, “says I could get myself a tattoo while i’m at it.”
You hadn’t expected Chan to be so serious about it, “well, you can, you know.”
Shaking your head, you let out a huff of laughter, almost shy under his gaze as you averted your gaze, “oh, no, i’m not really too keen,” you said.
Your words had struck a nerve with Chan, making him wonder if his tattoos were making you uncomfortable. Though he’d bounced back quickly, lighting up with a smile, his dimples showing obviously as he did so.
“My friends and I used to come here a lot…sometimes I would come here just to chill and just like…float around, it’s pretty nice. Especially in the early mornings,” he told you, using his hands to push the water around.
“I don’t really know how to explain it,” he admitted, “it was a really nice feeling.” He told you, though he himself didn’t sound very satisfied with the adjective he’d chosen.
“If you could compare it to a feeling you get when you do something else, what would it be?” you asked out of sheer curiosity, earning a thoughtful hum from him.
“Lemme think about it?” He requested, earning a nod from you before he continued, “you mentioned just now that you knew how to float, right?” he smirked, earning another nose scrunch from you.
“Well, by float I kind of meant like…yeah, you know maybe I kind of exaggerated that a little,” you gave him a sheepish smile.
Chan pressed his lips together in an attempt to stifle his laugh, nodding as you felt him grasp your wrists.
“Do you trust me?” he asked, and you didn’t even have time to feel embarrassed at how quickly you nodded.
I mean, you let this man near your face with a needle, it was a little too late to say you didn’t trust him at this point.
Angling your body so your side was facing him, you felt his hand go behind your back, “relax,” he let out an amused huff, making you sigh, nodding as you tried your best to relax your muscles.
“Now, just like, lean back, and make sure you look up.”
You did as you were told, keeping your hands by your side and your head up facing the sky, all the while feeling his hands behind your back supporting you, a strange feeling of calm washing over you as you looked at the sky which was beginning to set.
Chan noticed it too, the way he felt you relax under his touch, enjoying how calm you looked now, happy that he could share this experience with you.
After you decided you were calm enough, you leaned forward, Chan’s hands instinctively going to the nape of your neck  to steady you as you got up, with you ending up facing him, his hand still gently cupping the nape of your neck, his other hand finding its way onto your waist.
“How was it?” he breathed, a hint of a smile playing at his lips.
“I think I get why you like doing that…it felt…nice,” you murmured, “have you thought of it yet?”
Chan nodded, a strange feeling building within him that he could only describe as warmth, feeling as though something in him was drawing him closer to you without him knowing.
“It’s kind of like...calling you after a long day,” a shy giggle leaving his lips after his statement.
Your breath hitched, the feeling of receiving such personal information rendering you at a loss of words. Unconsciously, there was a feeling of want building inside of you when you could see Chan leaning in, your head unconsciously tilting upwards, not daring to close your eyes yet, and his lips were barely inches away from yours, so close that you really thought that Chan was going to kiss you in the middle of this lake.
Though just as his other hand had went under the water to touch your waist gently, you figured the universe had decided it wasn’t time yet.
“Guys! I’m back! You guys can go shower now!” you jumped when you heard Jisung’s voice, immediately moving away so you could put some distance between you and Chan.
Chan brought his hands up to his ears, pressing and rubbing them firmly, getting out of the lake first to help you get out of the water, all the while Jisung had been eyeing you suspiciously.
The walk back was otherwise silent, with Jisung going off to disturb Felix and Hyunjin while you took a shower. Once you were done, you took your time drying your hair, seeing a text from Jisung come in asking you to hurry up.
Walking over to the barbecue pit you noticed Chan had taken over for Felix, grilling the meat with an ease that had let you know just how much he’d probably done it before.
“That smells really good,” you hummed, seeing Chan look up from the grill to give you a shy smile, nodding at you.
“D’you want some?” he asked, holding a small piece he’d just cut between the tongs, blowing on it before holding it out for you, a hand cupped underneath in case it fell.
Feeling Hyunjin’s gaze on you, as well as Felix and Jisung, you felt put on the spot, leaning over to take the piece between your teeth, letting out a satisfied hum at the taste.
“Alright, sorry to interrupt your…whatever this is, but we’re gonna steal Y/N for a while, so bye,” Jisung waved, linking his arm around your elbow and dragging you away with a very giggly Felix.
“Okay, let’s begin the meeting,” Felix announced authoritatively once you were seated at the campfire area. Jisung joined in on the joke smoothly, “okay, I’ll take minutes.”
“Why am I here, again?” You sighed, fiddling with the side of the foldable chair you were sitting on, crossing your legs to get into a more comfortable position.
Felix giggled, shaking his head before continuing, “important question, what do you think of Chan?”
You scrunched your nose up in distaste, “how am I supposed to answer that objectively?” You whined, seeing Felix nod encouragingly at you.
“No, no, that’s the point! I want you to be as subjective as possible.”
You hummed, “well, I don’t know, I guess, he’s really nice…and considerate?” Most of the time, at least. “He’s…cute? Like you know, the whole…dimples and all,” you shrugged, shuddering at how foreign it felt for you to actually list out the attributes you liked in Chan.
“He’s a real geek too, which is kind of cute, and all,” you mumbled, grimacing at them as a silent plea for them to end your misery.
“If,” Jisung emphasised, “you knew he liked you and whatever, would you get into a relationship with him?”
Felix made an impressed face at Jisung, “oh, that’s a good one. Chan doesn’t really date a lot,” He jut his lips out thoughtfully.
“I guess…I would? I mean,” you hummed in thought, “from what I’ve experienced, I feel like I can trust him? That’s the vibe I get when I’m with him or when we like, you know, call... and all?”
Felix’s lips pulled into a pout, “I feel like we need to call in an expert for this.”
You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, “huh? Who?”
Felix tapped his phone, setting it back down and giving you a cheeky smile, the playful glint in his eyes making you nervous.
And you should’ve been, because when you saw Hyunjin walking over you knew you were either in for an interrogation or a whole lot of teasing.
“Alright, Chan’s just setting the table so we don’t have long, what’s up?” Hyunjin nodded his head at Felix, hands in his pockets and a bored expression on his face.
“Has Chan been behaving strange…or like just..different lately?” Jisung asked, making Hyunjin look directly at you, narrowing his eyes at you in realisation.
“I knew it! I knew there was something up,” he cried, making you shush him in fear that Chan would hear.
“What are you talking about?” you shushed him.
Hyunjin rolled his eyes, plopping himself on the seat next to Jisung.
“Let me just tell you,” he sighed deeply, “Chan has been so weird recently. He gets shy at even the slightest mention of you, and don’t think I don’t see how he’s been on his phone more lately.”
“I’ve noticed a great increase in thirst traps as well,” Jisung said seriously, clasping his hands together as if he were a reporter.
“Exactly my point!” Hyunjin told Jisung, “my bet, is that he’s been trying to get your attention but he’s doing it in the only way he knows how and that’s being a flirty bitch,” he said simply, leaning back with a nonchalant shrug.
Jisung nodded slowly, turning to Hyunjin, “I didn’t really like you at first...but can I just say...I love you.”
You brushed him off quickly, “are you sure, though? ‘Cause like, I’ve been telling myself for a long time now that I didn’t wanna read too deep into his actions,” you winced.
“Honestly, the best piece of advice I can give you right now is to just read into it.” Hyunjin told you, earning vigorous nods from Jisung and Felix.
“We should probably be heading back now, before Chan starts to get suspicious,” Felix murmured.
This made Hyunjin giggle, “yeah, I told him I was coming here to call you guys.”
Upon reaching back to the small barbecue area, you saw that Chan was already seated, giving you a soft smile when he spotted you.
“Food smells great, thanks guys,” Jisung sighed in satisfaction, him, Felix and Hyunjin having shared some sort of unspoken agreement to let Chan sit next to you, unbeknownst to you.

Suppressing the tension in you that you were feeling whenever Chan had reached over to put things on your plate, you had started eating, all of them falling silent when they ate, which you didn’t mind. But you knew Jisung did, and you wished you could disappear when he’d broken the silence.
“How’s your ear healing?” He asked pointedly over a mouthful of food, earning a confused hum from Felix, whose hand went up to his own ear with a frown.
“Ear? Who’s ear?” Felix followed Jisung’s gaze and realised you had a new piercing on your ear, his eyes widening, “woah, when did you get that done? It looks great! Dude, doesn’t it look great?”
He nudged Chan with his foot, making the older boy turn to you, nodding blankly, though his ears had started to grow redder with every second.
“I did it for her,” he shrugged, his casual demeanour making Felix nod slowly, a small smile appearing on his face as he gave Chan a knowing look.
“Thought you usually let Hyunjin do piercings?” Felix questioned pointedly, amusement laced in his tone.
Chan simply shrugged, pretending to be occupied with his food, “yeah, not always.”
You glared at Felix, telepathically asking him what he was trying to do, seeing him do a little happy dance in his seat, pretending not to notice your glare.
“Are we gonna set up the campfire after this?” Hyunjin asked, seeming to have taken pity on you, earning nods and hums in response. 

“We need to get the firewood from the back first,” Jisung mentioned, giving you a particularly pointed look.
You raised your eyebrows, trying to figure out what he was trying to imply before you realised.
“I can go get it later,” you offered (curse peer pressure), missing the way Hyunjin and Felix looked at Chan, exchanging triumphant looks when Chan had cleared his throat.
“I can go with you, it’s too much to carry on your own,” he proposed smoothly, his gaze meeting yours and his tongue darting out to wet his lips.
“Enjoy your date,” Jisung coughed, making you roll your eyes. You hoped the campfire would be over quickly.
While the rest of them were clearing up and setting up the snacks, you and Chan had gone to go get the firewood.
You would’ve usually found the silence to be quite soothing, with the way you could hear the crickets chirping and the gentle swishing of the lake, not to mention the way the air had gotten cooler from when you’d arrived. However, something about your discussion from just now had made your thoughts spiral into an endless cycle of trying to figure out what every one of his actions meant.
“Are you alright?” You asked abruptly after you noticed he wasn’t making any move to start any conversation.
“What makes you ask that?” He let out a small amused huff.
“I don’t know.. you know, like, Hyunjin told me just now in the car that you didn’t get much sleep these days and stuff…”
Chan gasped, holding his hand up to his mouth in exaggerated shock, “are you actually…worried for me?” He teased.
Scoffing, you ignored his giggles as you replied, “of course, I was. You slept like a log for the whole car ride,” you grit your teeth with feigned annoyance at him.
Chan shook his head calmly, not being able to help the smile from his face at your concern. “Honestly, you don’t have to worry about me. I mean, this is my job. I know that there will be times where I have to be tired to know that i’m moving forward, you know?” He shrugged, making you frown.
“That’s…true, I guess,” you murmured, seeing him step before you to open what looked like a garage door, seeing the firewood there, letting him pass some to you, “but you know…I couldn’t help but worry.”
Chan let out a surprised hum, taking a bunch of firewood in his arms, letting the door fall closed before he locked it back.
“Why? Did you think I wouldn’t take care of myself?” He asked, a small smirk on his face.
You nodded, “obviously, yes.”
Chan shrugged, “guess you have no choice but to take care of me, then.”
Your breath hitched, almost letting your firewood slip from your arms. Regaining your composure with a scoff, you ignored the way he giggled at your flustered expression.
Straightening up, you huffed at him, clenching your firewood tighter, “you’ve got to stop saying things like that.”
“Just….because,” you struggled to form a proper answer, knowing you couldn’t just expose yourself now, thankful that you were already reaching the campfire site.
Felix gave you guys a big wave when he saw you approaching them, cupping his hands around his mouth before yelling, “took you long enough!”
After struggling to light the fire, you’d sat in between Chan and Hyunjin, the warmth from the fire slightly uncomfortable but soothed by the soft wind blowing against your face and neck.
You were surprised to see how fast the sun set here, but strangely it put you in a calmer mood, maybe it was because you couldn’t see as much but you didn’t push the feeling away.
“Here,” you were interrupted from your stargazing when you saw a stick with a roasted marshmallow attached to the tip in front of you.
Looking at it hesitantly, you made a slight sound of uncertainty, feeling too full from your meal for snacks.
Shaking your head no, he gasped, “you have to try them, it’ll be good, I promise,” he nodded encouragingly at you.
Chan brought the stick closer to your lips, and you’d wanted to take it from him but it was already almost pressing against your lips, so you’d given up, ignoring Jisung’s smirk and taking the marshmallow into your mouth.
You gave a small hum at the sweetness, not having expected it to be so soft, smiling unconsciously when you saw the grin that he gave you after seeing your reaction.
After talking with the guys about their stories from the past whenever they came here, well, by they you meant Hyunjin and Chan, but you enjoyed the stories nonetheless. Something about the area holding more of an attractive charm to you.
After some time had passed and the sky had gotten even darker than before, you didn’t miss the way Chan had gotten quieter as time passed, simply smiling along with the stories but his eyes doing nothing to hide his fatigue.
Figuring it was about time to call it a day, you turned to Jisung to mouth ‘I’m tired’.
Jisung gave you a look that mirrored yours, nodding. Thankfully, he’d already made to stand up, Chan turning to give him a curious look.
“Hey, we’re gonna call it a day, you guys are free to continue hanging out if you want,” the rest of the boys nodded, Chan turning to you with a tired smile, reminding you of the car ride you shared, the look on his face making you want to just reach over and cup his cheeks, refraining from doing so by standing up abruptly, nodding.
“Goodnight, sweetie,” he smiled, eyes turning to crescents, making you smile in spite of your embarrassment, practically having to pull Jisung along with you back to the cabin with how much he was giggling.
Flopping onto the bed and getting ready to sleep afterwards, you’d feelt Jisung slip into the bed next to you, turning to face you with narrowed eyes.
“Don’t think I didn’t see what was happening at the lake just now,” he muttered, not being able to help the smile from his face.
“What exactly did you see?” you asked, just wanting to be sure he wasn’t just lying to make you admit to things (as usual).
“Oh yeah? Don’t act as if I didn’t see all of this,” he grabbed the pillow, grasping and looking at it with a hooded gaze, leaning closer only to pull back abruptly, directing his wide-eyed glare at you.
Jisung’s expression soon changed to one that was sheepish, “actually now that i’m thinking of it, maybe I shouldn’t have interrupted you guys,” he hummed, “but maybe it was a good thing too, if not I wouldn’t know what time you guys would return to the cabin,” he snickered, making you scoff.
Rolling your eyes, you’d reached past him to turn off the bedside lamp, “night, Jisung,” you sighed, for lack of a better retort.
You knew Jisung better than to have expected him to reply normally, rolling your eyes when you heard him muster a scarily accurate impression of Chan, “night, sweetie.”
“Shut up, Jisung.”
You weren’t sure what time it was, but all you knew was that when you woke up Jisung was still in bed snoring. Carefully stepping out so you wouldn’t wake him, you stepped out of bed, spotting Felix already huddled around the tv there with Hyunjin.  
“Morning,” Felix greeted, making Hyunjin turn around to greet you with a nod as well.
“Uh-huh,” you yawned, dragging yourself over to them. “What’s the plan for today?”
“Hyunjin and I thought it’d be a fun idea for us to play games today, and since it’s only a few of us I thought it’d be a good chance for you and Chan to, you know…” Felix dropped his voice to a whisper, “bond.”
“Jisung would love that,” you shook your head in dread, your thoughts wandering back to Chan, about to ask where he was.
“He went for a run, if that’s what you’re wondering,” Hyunjin told you with an amused lilt to his tone, making you flush in embarrassment.
“What makes you think I was wondering that?” you scoffed, tilting your chin up defiantly at him, your gaze looking him up and down for added intimidation (not that Hyunjin cared, of course).
Hyunjin merely shrugged, giggling, “pretty sure you know the answer to that yourself.”
You left them in the living room to go take a shower, sitting on the bed when you were done, shaking Jisung awake gently.
Jisung groaned, his hands coming up to rub his eyes, “what time is it?”
“Almost one, please get up. Felix and Hyunjin said we’re gonna play some bonding games today,” you sighed, laughing when you saw the way he stretched his arms out above his head, his eyes scrunching shut.
“Bonding games?” he whined, “the hell? I feel like I’m at a school camp,” he whined.
“He says the winner gets to dine free at peaches for a month,” he perked up at that, sitting up in bed.
“A very good school camp,” he corrected, an impressed hum leaving his lips.
Rolling your eyes, you saw him get up, moving to go to the bathroom to wash up, “I’m gonna go find things to eat,” you hummed, hearing him grunt in response, which you took as your cue to leave, stepping out of the room and walking to the kitchen area.
Fortunately or unfortunately for you, Chan was there, standing leaning against the counter in all of his post-workout glory, dressed in another black sleeveless shirt and shorts, sipping water and using his phone.
“Morning, sweetie,” he greeted with a smile, strangely making you nervous, suddenly unable to make eye contact with him.
“Heard from Hyunjin that we’re staying in the cabin today?” he asked, bringing his water bottle up to his lips to take a long sip.
You nodded, and as if on cue, Felix had entered the house, pushing his damp-looking hair away from his forehead as he walked over to where you were.
“It’s starting to rain outside, so I don’t think outdoor activities are much of an option right now,” he gestured out the window.
Following his gaze to the window you realized that it really was raining, the droplets slowly decorating the window.
“There’s a few board games near the fireplace, we can just play with those,” Chan gestured to the living room and Felix nodded, already making his way over.
“I’m gonna go shower, you guys can start first if you’re all ready,” he called before walking off leaving you and Felix in the living room to fish out the board games from the cupboard. You were surprised to find that they were still in good condition, not having expected them to be anything but dusty after being kept in the cupboard for god-knows-how-long.
“Okay, so we have a few options,” Felix murmured, picking up the games as he spoke, “there’s ‘uno’, there’s ‘monopoly deal’, whatever this is, ‘clue’..” he trailed off once he didn’t recognize whatever the rest of the games were.
“I’m leaning towards ‘uno’,” Felix hummed, considering the games as seriously as you’d ever seen him, not even looking away when you heard one of the doors open, Jisung making his way over to where you guys were, Hyunjin following behind him with a yawn.
“What are those?” Jisung asked.
“Board games, come here, take a look,” you beckoned him and Hyunjin over, seeing them bring a few games of their choice over to the coffee table, the four of you taking your places naturally at each side of the table.
“Should we decide on lunch first? I’m hungry,” Hyunjin suggested, whining and patting his stomach like a child.
Felix had raised his phone up at that, a smug look on his face, “I ordered us some pizza just now because I saw that they delivered here.”
You sighed at the thought of food as you thanked Felix, beginning to grow peckish at the thought of food, directing your attention towards the television in your attempt to find a distraction.
“Does that tv work?” You asked, seeing Hyunjin nod, leaning his arms on the coffee table to support his head as he waited for Felix to distribute the cards in his clumsy, Felix way.
“I watched some movies on it this morning, they’ve only been playing Christmas movies though, the channels are pretty limited.”
“I’m fine with Christmas movies,” you hummed, Jisung sighing deeply beside you.
“I wish it was Christmas.”
Changing your location to the sofa, you made yourself comfortable as Felix chose the channel, Jisung insisting on dimming the lights for the living room to look more cozy, after which he made his way over to where you were seated on the sofa.
“Can I sit here,” Jisung pointed next to you with a pointed look, “or did you already reserve it for your boyfriend.”
Jisung’s head snapped around to see Chan coming into the living room, dressed in a baby blue sweater and black sweatpants, his hair slightly damp and messy on his head. The sight of his smirk flustering you into fixing your gaze on the television.
Jisung’s mouth clamped shut quickly, shaking his head dismissively as Hyunjin struggled to stifle a laugh.
Chan had ‘let’ Jisung sit on the sofa next to you, seating himself on the space on the floor between the coffee table and the sofa in front of where you sat, his proximity causing you to pick up the hint of cologne he was wearing.
“Oh, Christmas movies! Nice,” Chan commented, earning a ‘I know right?’ from Felix, meanwhile Jisung was wiggling his eyebrows at you, using his index finger and thumb to pinch his sweater and pointing at Chan, which you figured was Jisung’s sign language for ‘doesn’t he look good in that sweater?’
Ignoring Jisung for the sake of your sanity, the uno cards went ignored as the group of you focused on the movie. Something about the mood of the movie served to put you in a calm mood, ( or maybe it was Chan’s presence, you couldn’t tell ) so much so that you didn’t realise how quickly time passed until you heard a knock at the door.
You wouldn’t know this but Chan was thankful for his seat in front of you, figuring that if he were seated next to you he wouldn’t have been able to think about anything other than putting his arm around you or something cheesy like that.
Jumping up quickly, Felix offered to take the pizza, coming back to the living room with the boxes and a too-large bottle of sofa, placing it onto the coffee table with a harsh thud.
Hyunjin was quick to start eating, and Chan had turned his head around to look at you, shifting to the left to make space for you on the floor. You know, just out of his consideration.
Giving him an appreciative nod, you reached over to take a slice, not missing the way Chan poured drinks for everyone, silently doing things for them to take care of them, something about it making your heart swell just a little bit more.
“Can we play a game after this? The movie’s getting kind of boring,” Jisung frowned, his tone extra desperate, you should’ve known his intentions when he’d waited until Chan wasn’t looking to shoot you a wink.
Shrugging and murmurs of ‘yeah why not’ or ‘sure’s sounded among the group, Felix turning to Chan with a knowing look on his face.
“This one’s really competitive when it comes to games,” he gestured at Chan with his pizza crust.
Chan lowered his head, a shy smile on his face, his clean hand coming up to touch his ear, though he made no effort to deny Felix’s accusation.
“Really?” You asked, hoping you hadn’t replied too quickly, seeing Hyunjin nod gravely at you.
“I thought I was competitive but that was until I swam with him,” Hyunjin said with a raise of his eyebrows, shaking his head.
“It’s your fault for thinking you could go against him, you of all people knew he won all those medals in the past,” Felix laughed, making Hyunjin let out a stubborn huff.
“Medals?” Jisung hummed thoughtfully, nudging you with his knee.
“Yeah, I was in a lot of swimming competitions when I was younger,” Chan told you, a rather embarrassed expression on his face.
“A lot,” Felix echoed, a strange feeling building inside you from the new-found information, something in you finding the thought of baby Chan swimming absolutely endearing.
“Enough about me,” Chan waved his hand in dismissal, “let’s just play, okay?” Chan changed the topic quickly, making Jisung jeer but moving to clear the table nonetheless.
Once you were all done clearing up and washing your hands, Jisung having made sure to occupy a lot more space so it left you and Chan with little space, you’d returned to the living room, seeing they’d already laid out different games on the table.
You realized they’d decided on playing uno first, leaning over to Jisung with an urgency to your gaze.
“Why are we playing this?” you whispered harshly, panic in your eyes, earning a snort from Jisung, who shielded his cards from you almost immediately. Talk about friendship.
“I’m not teaching it to you again, you never listen to me,” he scolded you, making you frown as he pushed your stack of cards towards you, “face your fate, loser.”
The game had started, all of them seeming to know what was going on, and you hoped it wouldn’t be too obvious that you didn’t know what you were doing, always having to clarify if what you were doing was correct before putting it down, and it was no surprise that you were always at the brunt of the ‘+’ cards, Chan noticing not long into the game that you weren’t necessarily going in with a strategy.
“Uno!” You heard Felix shout, followed by Chan, and you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.
“Wait, so do you win?” you mumbled, your hand coming up to touch your deck anxiously, peering at the middle stack of cards in confusion.
Chan laughed, “not yet, we still have to clear the last card.”
Nodding slowly, you simply followed the flow of the game, already having given up on winning, especially when Hyunjin yelped, Chan setting down his last card with a triumphant grin on his face.
Your lips parted in shock, about to set your cards down to reshuffle when you heard Jisung call out, “Second best!” and the game proceeded.
Chan leant back and rested his weight on his hands, tilting his head and peering over at your hand, a small giggle leaving him at the neat arrangement of the cards by colour and value.
You lifted the card of your choice slightly, showing it to him, silently asking what he thought, and he leant over to tell you which ones you could put down, and as you continued you were shocked at the rapid rate your hand was decreasing in number.
Your breath hitched, body tensing slightly when Chan had rest a arm on your shoulder, not having noticed how close he was to you until now ( and neither had he ), his left hand going up to either direct you or place the card down for you.
“Why does this feel so different from how I usually play?” you marvelled as he’d basically played for you.
“Maybe because Chan actually knows what he’s doing,” Jisung snickered, earning chuckles from Felix and Hyunjin as you scoffed.
As if by some miracle, Chan had helped you win the second place, earning protests from Felix who insisted that it doesn’t count because Chan played for you, to which you ignored, obviously.
Demanding for a break to regain his composure, Jisung had slumped against the sofa in defeat, and you’d almost instinctively reached over to nudge him when you realised Chan’s arm was still weighing on your shoulder.
He shifted his arm, bringing his hand up to push your hair away from your ear, “sorry, d’you mind? Just wanna check if it’s healing alright.”
You nodded, your gaze following Felix leaving to get more snacks, Hyunjin eyeing you suspiciously.
“Was it alright after we went swimming yesterday?”
You nodded, trying to ignore the way Jisung was tucking his hair behind his ear obviously behind Chan, batting his eyes at you.
“I think you can give it a few more weeks and it should be all healed,” he nodded, bringing his hand off of your shoulder, an unreadable expression on his face, which only served to make you more nervous. Chan wasn’t sure why he’d done this to himself, the urge to just bring you somewhere away from the boys and kiss you starting to become a little suffocating.
"I should probably still visit you, right? Just to be sure,” you murmured, averting your gaze to the bracelet on his wrist.
Chan smiled, his eyebrows lifting slightly in amusement, “you don’t need an excuse to come and see me… ”
And just like that, you dared yourself to meet his gaze again, instantly regretting your action when you saw the way Chan was glancing between your eyes and your lips, the giddy feeling building within you almost making you forget that Hyunjin and Jisung were in the room.
The boys wouldn’t have this, of course, and they’d made their presence known, Jisung’s loud cough making Chan’s gaze dart up, and in your shock you’d immediately put some distance between the both of you, flushing from how reckless you’d almost been. This wasn’t like you.
Standing up, you excused yourself to go to the washroom, Chan seeming to have regained his composure fairly quickly judging by the giggle that had escaped him from seeing how flustered you were.
“Hello?” Hyunjin chided, “we’re still here, you know.”
Chan sighed, “unfortunately.”
This made Jisung gasp, “that’s gross,” he shivered exaggeratedly, turning to Hyunjin, “speaking of which, when should we start heading back?”
Hyunjin glanced at the time as Felix was making his way back to the living room, “I think we can play one or two more games before we start to leave, we already packed up the rest of our stuff last night after you and Y/N went to sleep.”
“I’ve got this family dinner tonight, so I don’t think i’ll be joining you guys for dinner,” Felix pouted, earning a grunt of acknowledgement from Hyunjin.
Jisung pursed his lips, looking as though he were about to say something, finally relaxing his shoulders and shrugging, "I have no excuse. I just want to go home and sleep.”
“What about you, Chan?” Hyunjin asked, earning a shrug from the older boy. “Don’t you still have to finish up that design for next week?” Hyunjin prompted, referring to the client that Chan had been specially dealing with recently.
Chan shook his head, “that can wait till tomorrow,” he sighed.
Meanwhile, in the bathroom, you’d splashed your face with water, hoping that you could lessen the heat you felt from your previous encounter with Chan. Giving yourself a resolute stare in the mirror as you convinced yourself that your cheeks totally weren’t pink right now.
After much convincing, you decided you were spending a little too much time in the washroom, returning to the living room at a reluctant pace, nervous at the sight of the boys all seated there talking and laughing.
“Did you show Jisung that thigh piece you did for that girl?” your eyes widened at Hyunjin’s question.
Thigh piece? You’d reminded yourself that tattoos could be anywhere, even places you would be too flustered to let Chan touch.
Chan was the first to notice that you were back, shooting you an amused smirk once you were seated next to him.
“Are you..better?” he teased, making you roll your eyes, waving him off.
“What are you guys talking about?” you asked, curious yet scared of your possible discovery.
“Chan did this sick piece for this girl, it was huge, it took him like 3 days,” Hyunjin said, words speeding up in his excitement as he took his phone out to show you the design.
Hyunjin had shoved his phone at Felix first, earning a low sound of approval from Felix, “wow, this is so cool.”
You grew more curious as the phone was passed to Jisung, all the while Chan simply smiled shyly, dimples appearing in his satisfaction that his work was being appreciated.
“This whole thing?! Where did she get it on?” Jisung exclaimed, making you furrow your eyebrows, suspicion rising.
Jisung shoved Hyunjin’s phone before you, and you saw a large detailed work that looked like a lady you would see in those scary lara croft movies.
Your eyes widened, a part of you feeling a little intimidated by the image.
“She said she wanted something that was like... a little creepy with like tomb raider vibes so I just went with it,” Chan explained, making you nod thoughtfully, hoping your shock wasn’t too obvious.
“You didn’t answer the question about the placement, though,” Felix spoke up with a curious lilt to his tone, looking down at his thigh and trying to mark out with his hand possible areas to place a tattoo like that.
“It’s a little hard to describe, we spent a while discussing but we eventually decided that we’d put it somewhere here,” Chan leaned over to Felix who had his leg already stretched out, placing a hand at the side of Felix’s upper thigh, marking an area that covered a little bit of the butt and most of the side of his thigh.
“It was crazy, the details were really amazing,” Hyunjin let out a low whistle.
“Thanks,” Chan laughed, making you scrunch your nose, your first thought being how the process would be like, knowing whoever was getting the tattoo would have to be showing quite a bit of skin to get it done. Since when were you so uptight? Snap out of it, it was just a tattoo on her thigh, no big deal.
Though you couldn’t help but turn to Jisung, lowering your volume to a discreet murmur.  
“Does that mean she had to take off her pants?!” you whispered harshly, making Jisung burst into a bout of hearty laughter.
“Is that your concern? because I mean, it’s not like Chan’s gonna tattoo her clothes, right?” Jisung’s chest heaved with how hard he was laughing, his statement catching Chan’s attention, said boy turning to you with an amused look.
“What’s wrong, baby? Are you shy?”
Jisung squealed, and you pitied Hyunjin for sitting next to Jisung because now he was the victim of Jisung’s hits.
You sucked in a sharp breath, feigning confidence by glaring at Chan, though on the inside you already knew you were more than flustered from his comment, wondering what gave him the audacity to be so bold.
“Mayhaps…” Hyunjin gave you a teasing smirk, “jealous?”
Felix’s eyes widened, excitedly tapping his leg in anticipation.
“Shut up,” you waved your hands, shooting a look at Chan, “I’m going to get water,” you murmured, starting to get up when you saw Chan stand up as well.
“I’ll go too,” he said, raising his hands up in defence when he saw you turn around to glare at him, “what? I just wanna look at what snacks we can bring back.”
Sighing, you let him follow behind you to the kitchen, pouring yourself a glass of water while he rummaged in the cupboards for snacks that caught his eye.
Lowering your voice to a murmur so the boys wouldn’t hear, you grit your teeth, “I told you you have to stop saying things like that,” you muttered, holding your glass of water to your lips and leaning against the kitchen counter.
Chan made a confused sound, closing the cupboard while he had a few bags of snacks in his hand, “stuff like what?”
You shot him a look, “you know what i’m talking about. Look, I know it might be fun or whatever for you to flirt but it’s gonna be your problem when I start… feeling some way about it,” you snapped, annoyance taking over you at how even at this moment you still managed to find Chan absolutely attractive.
Chan looked at you with a soft smile on his face, raising his eyebrows slightly at you, “go ahead.” He took a step towards you, making you furrow your eyebrows.
Chan moved closer so he was just about to walk past you, leaning over so his lips were barely touching your ear, and it took you every inch of willpower in you not to flinch away.
“I want it to make you feel something,” he murmured, walking back into the living room nonchalantly after that, leaving you stunned in the kitchen.
“Y/N get your things! We’re leaving soon!” You heard Jisung’s voice snap you from your trance, nodding to yourself and finishing the rest of your water and walking over to your shared room with Jisung.
“Dude! Chan is stressing me out,” you whisper-shouted once you entered the room, seeing Jisung turn around like a deer caught in the headlights.
“What did he say?”
You recounted what happened in the kitchen to Jisung, who was an excited wreck after you were done, clenching his fists next to his head in his sheer inability to contain his excitement.
“He totally likes you, it’s so obvious at this point, what more is there to think about?” he told you matter-of-factly.
Sucking in a sharp breath, carrying your bag on your shoulder and squeezing your eyes shut before opening your eyes harshly, you shook your head.
“I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna say to him when I see him at peaches… can we change our spot?” You shot Jisung a look, though the both of you knew you had no plans whatsoever to change cafes.
“Hey, don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”
Surprisingly, that served to be of some consolation for you during the dead silence on the ride back, Chan having fallen asleep again but this time he’d leant against the window so that saved you from more stress, you guessed.
Hyunjin had dropped Felix off at his house for  his family dinner first, followed by Jisung who was insistent on wanting to sleep.
You remembered Chan mentioning to Hyunjin at the start of the ride that he wanted to head to the shop after dinner so you didn’t bother waking him up when you’d reached your house, figuring he should get as much sleep as he can if he was going to be working later on, choosing to text him instead.
5:57pm -hey, didn’t wanna wake u just now so ill say bye to u here instead haha-
Once you were home, you couldn’t help but wonder if Chan was going to call you again today, like how he usually did. But after almost applying shampoo on your body in your distraction you’d decided not to make yourself too anxious about it, choosing to tidy up your house and watch movies to kill time since you wanted to enjoy the rest of your holiday while you could.
Thanks to a little too many romantic comedies, you’d successfully forgotten you were waiting for Chan to call you, already halfway through devouring your ice-cream sundae when you’d startled at the sound of your phone ringing.
Peeking at the caller id, you were almost embarrassed at how quickly you’d answered once you saw Chan’s contact name, putting the phone on speaker on your lap.
“Hey,” you heard him murmur, his tone soft and gentle, yet there was something about it that sounded a little on edge, “hope I didn’t interrupt you when you were about to sleep or anything.”
You shook your head, “oh, no, not at all, I was just... chilling,” you shrugged, picking up your remote to turn the volume down on your tv.
“Are you home?” He asked you, earning an affirmative hum from you.
“Nah, I left the shop a short while ago… ”
You wracked your brain for a response, your mind running wild imagining all the possible ways the conversation could go.
Was he going to ask you about what happened in the kitchen? Or should you have asked him instead?
Whatever it was, the longer you kept silent, the more your heart picked up speed, a part of you growing desperate to confront him and just ask him about it over the phone because you knew you wouldn’t have to face him in real life if you did— no matter how cowardly it was of you.
“Oh, please be careful, it’s really late,” you murmured, wincing at your shitty reply.
You heard him huff on the other line, “oh, yeah. Totally… don’t scold me but…I feel a lot better after hearing your voice.”
Stunned into silence, you were unsure how to react, a nervous laugh leaving your lips, “list—”
“Can—” you’d spoken simultaneously, a laugh escaping you. 

“You go first,” you insisted, scooping the last bits of your ice cream up as you waited anxiously.
“I was actually wondering uh… can we talk? I’m almost at your house.”
Your eyes widened, glancing at the door in shock, placing your ice cream down on the table haphazardly.
“Oh, uh, yeah sure. Of course we can, gimme a sec,” you said, hurriedly putting on the jacket you had draped over the sofa next to you since you weren’t wearing a bra, hearing the knock at your door when you hadn’t even finished slipping your arm through the sleeve yet.
“Just a minute!” You shouted, hanging up the call and jogging over to the door, opening it to reveal Chan.
You’d tensed up almost instantly, the time of the night coupled with  something about the way the light from your house hit him making him look like he was glowing.
“Hey,” you breathed, seeing him give you a close-lipped smile. “Come in,” you ushered him in, closing the door behind him, though he stayed at your door, looking almost scared to walk any further.
“I’m sorry, again, for coming so unannounced it’s just that… this has been, you know, weighing on my mind for the longest time and after what happened in the kitchen earlier today I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry,” he blurted, his hand coming up to grasp the back of his neck, letting go and letting his hand fall back to his side.
You hoped you didn’t look too dumbfounded.
“Sorry? For what?”
“Nah, like… I was thinking about it just now and I realised that I never thought about how I could be like, you know, imposing my feelings on you and I know that just because I feel a certain way doesn’t mean you have to feel the same way and I just felt really bad because I never meant to put you on the spot or—”
“Chan, calm down,” you laughed, hands naturally going up to his shoulders to rub them reassuringly.
He nodded, meeting your gaze and sucking in a sharp breath before sighing deeply, “you know what? I’m just gonna say it. I’m sorry, in advance. Just so you know, you can reject me, i’m perfectly fine with it. I just have to tell you this before I lose my mind,” he huffed, heaving another sigh.
“I know it’s no secret but… I like you Y/N.”
Your eyes widened, your smile growing bigger, unable to help yourself because of how endearing it felt to see Chan who usually looked so intimidating and confident suddenly become this rambling wreck before you.
“Me too,” you nodded, suddenly feeling more confident now that you knew how he felt, the knowledge spurring you on.
“I’m sorry—wait, you do?”
You nodded, “I’m surprised you couldn’t tell, I did for a while now… ”
Chan let out a relieved sigh, and you felt his shoulders relax under your touch, his hands going up to cover yours which were placed on his shoulders, grasping them gently, his hands cold to the touch.
“Thank—now I’m glad I came here. I thought hearing your voice would be enough but now that I’m here I’m thinking, seeing you…” his hands peeled yours away from his shoulders, interlocking his fingers with yours, “feeling you,” he took a step closer to you, so close that you could feel the warmth radiating from him.
“Is so much better,” he muttered.
It was as if you were transported back to the lake, with the way you felt him leaning closer to you, and taking a step back, you felt your back hit the door gently, his thumbs smoothing over the back of your hands, making you giggle.
“So, I take it as I’ll be receiving more… ‘dinner offers’?” You said, mustering your last bit of confidence.
Chan let out an amused huff, taking his lower lip between his teeth gently and shaking his head at you. Leaning down, Chan brought your hands up to press them against the door on either side of your head, his head dipping down to your neck, pressing a kiss to your neck, the way just the smallest of gasps left you making him smile.
“You really… drive me crazy, sweetie,” he murmured, the smile practically evident in his tone.
Moving his head higher, he pressed a soft kiss to your jaw, the cold metal of his lip ring making you shiver, pulling away so he was face-to-face with you.
“May I?” He smiled, and you’d wished you could have cupped his face and kissed him right there, and it seemed as though he’d read your mind, letting go of your hands.
Once he did so, you’d taken the opportunity to cup the sides of his face, your hands closer to his ears, pulling him closer and pressing your lips against his.
Feeling Chan smile into the kiss, you’d almost shivered at the feeling of his hands going to your shoulders before running them down slowly to your waist, deepening the kiss as he gave your waist a small squeeze, making you utter a surprised sound, sighing into the kiss as you felt his hands going down to grasp your hips.
“Ice cream?” he hummed after you’d felt him lick your lower lip, making you scoff, not knowing how to respond to him, which had only served to further amuse him.  
Feeling confident, he pulled away only slightly (eliciting a rather disappointed sound from you), surprising you when you felt his teeth nip lightly at your lips, making you pull away, cheeks flushing.
“So,” you ignored his comment, pulling away in your shock, seeing him tilt his head at you with a giddy smile on his face, as if he hadn’t just done whatever he did in the past minute, “I take that as a yes?”
Chan hummed, pressing a hand against your back and pulling you closer to him so your chest was flush against his, smirking at the way your hands had almost come up to cover yourself.
“Kiss me again and I’ll tell you my answer.”
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sparklingskz · 2 years ago
shoot your shot | hwang hyunjin
▸ genre: fluff, basketball player! hyunjin
▸ description: the evolution from being on your phone during basketball games to staring at a certain hwang hyunjin.
▸ word count: 3.9k
▸ warnings: swearing
▸ a/n: i had to include bandana hyunjin in there somewhere im sorry lmao also this was proofread at 1am so I apologize for any mistakes >.<
Tumblr media
Jisung’s shouting instantly made you look up from your phone, pausing the pretty interesting game of Angry Birds you had going on. A second later, you saw how the ball was thrown in the direction of the hoop, and it circled the rim a few times before it finally went in. The referee blew his whistle right before loud cheers filled the auditorium, Jisung still screaming for Minho.
The game resumed its normal course, and you went back to your phone. That didn’t last long, though.
“Are you really going to stay on your phone the whole game?” Jisung asked, plopping down on the bleachers right beside you.
“Hey! I look up when they score,” you tried to defend yourself.
“Yeah, but you’re missing all the action.”
You rolled your eyes. “You just continue cheering for your boyfriend, I’m fine over here.”
“He’s not my boyfriend,” Jisung mumbled, avoiding your gaze.
“Sure,” you smiled and went back to your phone.
Well, it was true that you weren’t really paying attention to the game that was happening in front of you. However, you were actually there, sitting in the bleachers, and that probably counted as school spirit, right? Right. 
In all honesty, attending the games wasn’t the worst thing ever. Yes, you weren’t really invested in your school team, but with Jisung cheering right beside you it sometimes made you want to cheer for them too. They were known faces in the halls, almost everyone wanting to talk to them and admirers seeking for some kind of interaction.
How Jisung was able to catch Lee Minho’s attention will forever remain a mystery, though. What you knew is that they were on speaking terms, and according to your best friend that didn’t happen to just anyone. They were the popular guys, but they weren’t assholes. Thankfully.
Back to the gym, after some time the game ended, your school’s team scoring another victory for their bag. After everything was wrapped up, everyone started to exit the place, chatting animatedly about the game they had just witnessed. You saw how Jisung had his eyes fixed on Minho, who was drinking water along with the rest of his team.
“Are you going to go and say hi?” you asked, hitting his arm playfully.
“Wouldn’t that be too much?” He eyed him with a hint of nervousness in his gaze.
“Nah, you should go for it. I’m going home though, so good luck!” You quickly pushed him (softly, of course) in Minho’s direction and started heading to the exit, not before a low “asshole” was heard coming out from your best friend’s mouth.
So, remember how you said you didn’t really know any of your school’s basketball team members? That changed the day right after the game you attended.
You were making your way through the school halls towards your locker, text books in hand and backpack secured over your shoulder. Everything went to shit when you felt your phone ringing in your pocket, and you had to start maneuvering very carefully as to not drop your books and to manage to get your phone out.
You knew you had failed when, all of a sudden, you clashed with another body and you both almost fell down to the floor together, but managed to stay with both feet on the ground. Sadly, your books weren’t so lucky.
As you were about to lean down to pick them up, the other person beat you to it, handing them back to you in a swift motion. 
“I’m so sorry, I was totally not watching where I was going,” the boy said, straightening up. That’s when you noticed he was one of the guys from the basketball team, as you remember seeing him in the court.
“No worries, it was my fault too,” you said, throwing him a small smile.
He reciprocated your smile, and you noticed how his eyes crinkled when he did. “I’m Hwang Hyunjin, and you?” he asked.
Oh, that’s a name you had definitely heard of. Main player of the team, most popular, best grades, good looking… You get the gist.
“I’m y/n,” you responded. “What had you in such a rush?”
“I wanted to find our coach before class to ask him about our next practice.” He shrugged. “Do you go to the basketball games?”
“Most of them, yeah.” He didn’t have to know you spent basically all of the time on your phone, though.
“How come I haven’t seen you, then? I feel like I know our crowd pretty well.” He tilted his head in curiosity.
“Uh, I don’t look up much, I guess.”
Hyunjin chuckled. “Well, I’m going to search for you during our next game, so you better be there and cheering.”
“Is that a threat?” you asked, your voice adopting a playful tone.
“Guess you’ll have to find out.” He shrugged, right as the bell rang to signal the start of the school day. “I need to run to class, so see you later!”
“See you!” you said as he turned around and started walking in what presumably was the direction of his classroom.
You were about to head to your locker to quickly put your books away when a very agitated Han Jisung appeared next to you.
“Were you just talking to Hwang Hyunjin?” he inquired.
“Uh, yes?”
“Holy shit, how did you do it? He’s like, the coolest guy on the team,” he said excitedly. “After Minho, of course,” he added as an afterthought, and you laughed.
“We ran into each other and it made me drop my books. He just asked for my name, nothing very special.” You shrugged.
“Of course it’s special, it was Hwang Hyunjin,” he said in a “duh” tone.
“Stop exaggerating and let’s go to class.” You quickly closed your locker and started walking in the direction of your classroom, thought about a certain boy flooding your head.
During the next basketball game, you could definitely say you were paying attention now. Rather than your focus being completely on the game, though, your eyes seemed to be following only one player.
Hwang Hyunjin, of course.
He was quick on his feet, passing the ball amongst his team with skill probably only acquired through long hours of practice. You could tell he was pretty good, scoring almost all the times he threw the ball to the opposite team’s hoop.
(Also, he was wearing a bandana, which made him look disgustingly good. But that’s just an extra fact.)
All the staring could come off as stalkerish, so you tried diverting your attention from the boy every once in a while. This resulted in you finding out that basketball was actually kind of fun to watch, so you quickly joined in on the cheering for your school’s team (not being as loud as Jisung, though).
Suddenly half time rolled around, and the team gathered in the sidelines of the court to drink some water and speak amongst themselves. That’s was the moment you saw Hyunjin scanning the crowd, and when his gaze landed on you he broke out in a smile and nodded his head at you. Ignoring your kind-of-fast heartbeat, you waved and smiled back in his direction, right before he turned his attention back to his friends.
The game resumed, and you could say that Hyunjin’s gaze met yours a few more times after he noticed your presence. Right after scoring, his eyes would quickly meet yours in the crowd and a small smile would adorn his lips when he found you cheering for his team. You didn’t know why he was suddenly… interested? in you, but the easiest thing to do was to blame the text books incident.
With the blow of a whistle the game came to an end, your school’s team getting the win, of course. Like last time, chatter filled the gym as everyone was leaving, but Jisung again had his eyes fixed on the sidelines, or, more specifically, on Minho.
“I’m going over there, so I’ll talk to you later?” He asked, running a hand through his hair in an attempt to make it look good.
You looked over to see where Minho was standing, and spotted Hyunjin right next to him, chugging a bottle of water, hair pushed back.
“I’ll go with you,” you said, earning a surprised look from Jisung. Then, he glanced over in the direction you were looking and a knowing smile took over his lips.
“Oh, that’s why,” he muttered, nodding towards Hyunjin.
“Shut up.” You didn’t say anything more, and the both of you started heading towards the boys. Once there, you were regretting the decision just a little bit.
(The bandana looked better up close.)
Thankfully, Jisung engaged in conversation first. “Good game guys! You played really well.”
“Thank you Jisungie, glad to see you cheering.” Minho smiled widely towards the boy, and you noted the nickname he used. You would have to tease Jisung about it later. Then, the both of them started talking between themselves, leaving you and Hyunjin in a somewhat awkward silence. You turned to glance at him, and he spoke first.
“So you came, huh?” he said, smiling.
“I told you, I always come to the games.”
“But this time I actually noticed you were here, so it’s completely different.”
“Oh? How so?” You tilted your head, trying to tease him a little.
He seemed to think for a moment, but didn’t arrive to any conclusion. “Just is.” He shrugged.
“Bet you say that to everyone,” you said in a playful manner.
“Hey! Don’t make me sound like a player, I’m not.” He pouted. “I hardly talk to people outside of the team.”
He’s talking to you, though, your brain helpfully provided, before you promptly shut it up.
You didn’t have a chance to respond, as he changed the topic. “Well, how was the game?”
“It was pretty fun to watch, to be honest. Everyone on the team is really good, I can’t imagine how hard you guys practice." 
"How about you see for yourself? You should swing by sometime; we practice every day after class.”
Oh? You weren’t expecting him to just casually invite you to watch him practice. Did it mean anything? Was it because he wanted you there? Did he think you were just interested in the sport? Were you overthinking this? Most probably.
“Oh, I’ll try to see if I can make it one of these days,” you replied.
That’s when Minho suddenly irrupted in your conversation. “Was that an invitation to our practice I just heard?” He raised his eyebrows in Hyunjin’s direction, directing him a sly smile.
“Maybe,” Hyunjin responded, and you noted how his cheeks turned a bit pink.
“Oh! Would love to see you there, y/n,” Minho said in an overly sweet tone, directing an even more overly sweet smile towards you. You could bet it was just to tease Hyunjin.
You were a bit unsure but still smiled in return, turning to shoot a look at Jisung that basically said “hey I think it’s time we leave now”.
Jisung thankfully got the message, and quickly spoke. “Well, we have to get going now,” he said with a pout, which Minho also returned. “We’ll catch up with you guys later, or in practice like some other people.” He directed a pointed look at you.
You rolled your eyes at your best friend, then quickly exchanged your goodbyes with the boys so you could leave the gym, going up the stairs towards the doors.
“I hate you,” you hushedly told Jisung.
“You love me,” was the only thing he retaliated.
Turns out now you had an invitation to watch the team’s basketball practice, and you were really unsure as if you should use it or not. Wouldn’t it be weird?
Well, other people watched practice all the time. Mostly admirers of the boys, to be completely honest. Because of this, you being there shouldn’t be that weird, right? Right?
Between all these thoughts and words of encouragement from Jisung (Hwang Hyunjin invited you to his damn practice and you’re gonna waste the opportunity?? you realize he’s going to be sweaty and hot???) you ultimately decided to give it a try and go. But you weren’t going to watch the whole thing; you would go and watch, like, the last fifteen minutes. That would be enough.
And thank God you decided that, because when you entered the gym and settled on a seat towards the back, the moment you spotted Hyunjin with his messy hair, throwing the ball around with his teammates,  you knew it was better that you weren’t there for the whole duration of the practice. You weren’t sure you would’ve survived, in all honesty.
The same way it had happened during the actual game, Hyunjin looked over to the bleaches and his gaze met yours, and he smiled and threw a small wave at you. You waved back, a bit of shyness taking over you as the rest of the people watching glanced in your direction, probably thinking “who did Hwang Hyunjin just wave to”.
You spent the rest of practice just watching in silence, your eyes following Hyunjin’s movements most of the time. They were organizing and trying out some plays and strategies for their next game, and you could definitely tell that they all had pretty amazing skills. Especially Hyunjin, who didn’t own the title of captain for nothing; he was one of the fastest players out there, leading his team to victory with very well timed passes and shots to the hoop. Plus, his concentrated face when talking to the rest was attractive, you weren’t going to lie.
Some time later practice was called to an end, and you watched as Hyunjin said goodbye to his friends before looking over at you. He motioned for you to come down to the court with him, and you did exactly so, ignoring the way your heart sped up a little when you finally arrived next to him.
“Hey! I’m happy you made it,” he said with a smile.
“Yeah, I had some free time after finishing an assignment and decided to swing by. Nice practice, by the way.”
“Oh, thank you. Wanna sit?” He pointed to the benches right next to you.
With a nod of your head you both sat down, Hyunjin putting down the basketball ball he was holding previously on the floor. You immediately fell into an easy conversation, chatting about school, your interests, and anything, really. You discovered Hyunjin was a very easy person to talk to, as he always seemed to have the right thing to say, and he listened attentively when it was your turn to talk.
After a while, everyone had already left the gym, but you didn’t really feel like leaving yet. That’s when Hyunjin pointed to the ball resting at his feet and asked, “Have you ever played basketball?”
“Never have touched one of those in my life, if I’m being honest with you,” you quickly admitted.
With that, Hyunjin stood up. “Well, you’re going to do it now. Come on, up.” He motioned for you to stand up and started walking towards one of the hoops.
You rose from your seat and followed him, a feeling close to dread filling your every step. You weren’t really in a position to feel confident in your basketball abilities when Hyunjin, also known the best player out there, was present and paying complete attention to you.
He started to show you how to dribble the ball, which, fair enough, wasn’t so difficult. Then, you just started moving around passing the ball between you two, which caused it to escape from your hands a couple of times. After a few tries, though, the movements and the ball started to feel more familiar and less awkward. Finally, it was time to try shooting it to the hoop.
Firstly, Hyunjin demonstrated how to do it, explaining how your hands should go, how much strength to use, and how to throw the ball. You probably missed around half of the explanation, but it was totally not because of the fact that you were staring at him instead of listening. Definitely not.
Then it was your turn, and you tried copying what Hyunjin had done, and threw the ball. It lacked a bit of direction and you probably used too much strength, as it landed right behind where it was supposed to go. 
Hyunjin quickly let out a “don’t worry, we’ll try again.” He went to get the ball, and returned to his position next to you.
“Look,” he said, and handed you the ball, moving so he was standing right behind you. “Your hands go here.” He put his hands over yours and raised them so the ball was hovering in front of you, and adjusted your hold of it so your hands could be in the right position (mind you, they were still under his.) “Bend your knees a little, and then… shoot!” He impulsed the ball with his hands along with you, the both of you throwing it towards the hoop with a swift motion.
And it went in.
“There you go!” Hyunjin exclaimed, and you turned around to celebrate with him, when you noticed his hands were kind of still holding yours and you were pretty close to his face.
Time seemed to stop as you started into Hyunjin’s eyes, and he stared right back, still holding you. You noticed him shooting a quick glance to your lips, and you felt your heart skip a beat.
“Y/n… Can I-” he started saying.
In that very moment, you heard the gym doors open with a loud noise, and the both of you quickly moved away from each other as if you were struck by electricity, looking over to the now opened doors. There stood Minho, his eyes comically open and his mouth forming an “o” shape.
“Uhm, I left my phone here, let me just-” he said as he very quickly ran down the gym stairs, grabbed his phone and went back up, you and Hyunjin following his every movement with your eyes as neither of you wanted to look at each other. When Minho closed the doors behind him, you seemed to snap out of it.
Before Hyunjin could say anything, you quickly blurted an “I need to go.” You made a beeline for the stairs, grabbing your things in the process and ignoring Hyunjin calling your name as you exited the gym.
What would any sensible human being do after almost kissing their crush and getting ultimately embarrassed in the process?
Avoid them, of course.
Some progress was made, though: after staying up that night overthinking every little interaction with the boy, you arrived to the conclusion that maybe you did have a crush on him. It developed really quickly, the few times you had talked being enough for your feelings to grow. You still needed to get to know him better, but that could be arranged.
(Not when you’re avoiding him, your brain helpfully provided.)
Jisung had a very strong opinion on the topic, assuring you that Hyunjin returned your feelings and that you shouldn’t be turning in the other direction every time he appeared around a corner. He also promised to scold Minho for interrupting your “moment” in the gym (he was actually mad at him, which made you laugh), as who knew what would’ve happened if he didn’t come in at that precise instant. 
Even with Jisung’s constant pestering, you weren’t really confident in facing Hyunjin again. Yes, he was the one that may have tried to initiate something, but you still were unsure (hey, you didn’t say you were being reasonable, just scared). In conclusion, you would avoid him until further notice.
Well, your plan went to shit pretty fast.
About a week after the incident, you were walking in the direction of your next class alongside Jisung, who was animatedly telling you about the new song he was in the process of composing. Then, all of a sudden you felt someone go up to you and an “excuse me” being blurted towards Jisung. The person then started to drag you by the arm in the opposite direction with them, and that’s when you noticed that it was none other than Hyunjin. Of course it had to be.
Your pleas of “Hyunjin, let me go!” and “What are you doing?” were completely ignored, as the boy just kept guiding you to God knows where. The students who were in the halls turned to look at you two in curiosity until you arrived in front of a door, which Hyunjin opened and dragged you inside with him. He quickly closed it, and turned the lights on.
You were inside a fucking supply closet.
“You’re avoiding me.” Hyunjin blurted out before you could say anything, crossing his arms.
“Well, hello to you too,” you said in a sarcastic tone.
“You’re avoiding me,” he repeated himself, emphasizing the words.
“No I’m not! We didn’t really talk before, so when you think of it nothing’s really that different.” You were really trying to talk your way out of this one, it seemed.
“I was and am interested in talking to you now, and you aren’t letting me.” You were about to retaliate again, but he was faster. “You literally turn around every time you see me.”
You weren’t really sure about what to say next, because he was right. However, the silence didn’t last long, as Hyunjin was the one who spoke again.
"Did- did I mess things up? The last thing I wanted was to make you uncomfortable, I’m really sorry if I did,” he said, softening his hard exterior a little.
“No no,” you were quick to reassure him. “It’s my fault. I was, uhm, embarrassed after everything that happened, and didn’t really know how to face you.” You were looking at the floor now.
“So you aren’t mad about the fact that I tried to kiss you?” He inquired, and he suddenly took one step closer to you.
You looked up, and your heart skipped a beat at the proximity. “No, I’m not,’ you muttered, looking into his eyes. You noted how pretty they were, a little mole decorating a spot under one of them.
"So… Does that mean I can kiss you right now?” He stepped even closer, your faces mere centimeters apart.
Despite the way your heart was thumping inside your chest, you didn’t hesitate to respond with a nod of your head. Not even a second later Hyunjin’s lips were on yours, your eyes closing and hands immediately settling around his neck, while his found a place on your waist.
Holy shit, you were actually kissing Hwang Hyunjin.
The kiss was soft and slow, the both of you acting a bit timid around each other but still being in complete sync. Being this close to him caused you to experiment a different kind of rush; you wanted to keep kissing him forever.
For your dismay, humans need oxygen to breathe, so you broke apart after a few moments. However, your faces remained impossibly close, and you were still holding each other.
“Go on a date with me,” Hyunjin whispered as if he was trying not to ruin the moment, looking softly into your eyes.
His words caused you to break into a smile. “Of course,” you replied, and you felt like a big weight was lifted of your shoulders.
Hyunjin smiled too, and leaned forward to reconnect your lips.
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okayau · a year ago
just a bet (hyunjin)
a/n: okay so i made a mistake when i posted this earlier but im not gonna say what it was lmao iykyk
requested: yes.
Tumblr media
There was something about the way that the people in your class screamed that irritated you. Maybe it was the fact that they were obnoxiously loud. Maybe it was the way that they sustained notes that you only thought howler monkeys could hit. Or Maybe it was the person they were screaming over. You never understood the infatuation everyone had for Hwang Hyunjin. Sure he was attractive but he and his groups of friends were so annoying. Just because they had the school fawning over them, they thought they could get away with anything - which to your dissent, they did. That was an even bigger mystery to you. You understood the hormone ridiculed students going crazy for the boys but the professors and administration praising them and letting their antics slide just made zero sense. What about these boys was so-
“Y/N, right?” Your thoughts came to a sudden stop as a voice called out to you.
“Um..” You warily eyed the boy in front of you, not trusting the smile resting on his lips, “Yes?”
“Hey, so,” He sat down in front of you, letting his hands rest atop your desk, “I was wondering if you’d want to go out with me?” The silence that followed was deafening and the eyes that bore into you were terrifying. You made a mental note not to wander off by yourself when his fangirls were around.
“Are you sure you don’t have me mixed up with someone else?” You sat up in your chair, retracting your hands into your lap.
“No? Why would I have the wrong person?” He shoo his head, smiling wider so that you could see his dimples.
“Well…We haven’t really talked before? I think we actually had one class together before this one but that was a few semesters back and even then we neve-“
“Well you caught my eye,” He interrupted, “So I was really hoping you’d want to be my girlfriend,” Your brow raised at his words, not understanding how he could be so forward.
“Is this how you always ask girls out?” You sat back, tilting your head to side. The flicker of a frown that graced Hyunjin’s features didn’t go unnoticed by you but as soon as it came, it was gone.
“I…don’t ask a lot of girls out,” He bit his bottom lip, tugging on it for a moment before letting it slip past his teeth. There was silence again, except this time it was accompanied by the occasional whisper. Your eyes traveled from Hyunjin’s face to those who were diligently watching you. Their glares sent shivers down your spine and you were suddenly sure that if you rejected the boy in front of you, they would come after you like the villainous schoolgirls in dramas.
It wouldn’t hurt to humor the boy for a few days and then break up with him, right? What’s the worst that could happen?
“Okay,” A sigh escaped your lips as your gaze found Hyunjin’s once again, “Let’s..go out,”
Tumblr media
Saturday day. 4pm.
You were in your room, slipping your socks on over your feet when the doorbell rang.
“Coming,” You called out before shuffling towards the front door and opening it to reveal Hyunjin with a bouquet of flowers.
“O-oh,” You stared at the assortment in his hand before letting your gaze shift up to his eyes, “What’s this?”
“I..uh…bought you flowers,” A sheepish smile made its way onto his lips as he held out the gift.
“Thanks, you really didn’t have to,” While your words said one thing, the grin you were sporting said another, “Do you want to come in for a second? All I really need to do is grab my bag and put on my shoes,”
“Yeah, sure,” He nodded, stepping into your apartment. He stood awkwardly by the door as you ran off into your room, letting his eyes roam over the decor of the area. He noted that you had few decorations up but still managed to make the small place cozy and feel like a home. There was a sweet, fresh smell in the air which he attributed to the lit candle you had on the living room table. He had to say, he liked it here. It felt…safe.
Hmmm, that’ll probably be good for her later.
Hyunjin wondered how you would take the news once you found out. You didn’t seem like the type to get easily upset and, if he was being honest, he didn’t think you really cared for him at all. He didn’t really care much for you either. The only reason he was even here was because Minho had bet him 300 dollars to see if he’d date you for a month and then break up with you. You were just an easy target and you’d probably brush this all off when it was over and ignore him for the rest of your life. God, everything about this was just a nuisance and-
“Hey, I’m ready,” Hyunjin’s thoughts were interrupted by your appearance, a smile gracing your features.  
Wow, you looked really cute. The outfit you wore accented your style and he just thought it fit you so well.
“So where are we going?”
Tumblr media
“I never thought you’d be the type of guy to want to do something so cliché,” You couldn’t help but giggle as you helped Hyunjin set the blanket down on the grass, “You got it all planned out and everything” You gestured toward the basket he’d brought as you plopped down atop the blanket, taking off your shoes so that you could be more comfortable.
“I thought it was cute,” He shrugged as he sat down next to you, pulling the basket toward you both, “This park is really pretty too,”
“I’m just happy we have a shady tree to sit underneath,” You sighed, resting your hands on the ground so you could lean back. The weather out was nice, warm enough for you to just barely feel it against your skin. The sun shone brightly onto the outdoors, only occasionally darkening when the fluffy clouds would get in the way.
“So what did you bring?” Your attention turned to Hyunjin, eyeing him as he opened up his basket.
“I have sandwiches, fruit, juice, and some cake from that bakery on seventh street,”
“No way, I love that place,” You immediately sat up, stomach growling a bit at the prospect of eating nice foods.
“Here, eat this first. You don’t want to spoil your appetite,” Hyunjin held out a sandwich, laughing as you rolled your eyes before taking it from him.
“Did you make this?” You questioned.
“Yeah,” He nodded in response before taking his own sandwich into his hands and unwrapping it.
“Wow, imagine if the people at school learned about this,” You chuckled, “If they found out you were cute, can dance, AND you make meals for first dates - ugh, they’d fall more in love with you than they already are,” “Someone sounds jealous,” With those words, you couldn’t stop the fit of laughter that made its way past your lips.
“Jealous? Of what?,” You raised a brow, still laughing a bit.
“I don’t know,” Hyunjin leaned forward, effectively ending your laughter. His face was just inches from yours and while you had never fawned over the boy like his groupies, you could see why they do so. Hyunjin was absolutely breathtaking and being this close, you were forced to take in his features. A small smirk made its way onto the boy’s lips as he noticed you staring, “Maybe you’re jealous that you’re not the only one getting my attention? Maybe…” His hand trailed atop your hand, “You want me all to yourself?”
“Tch,” You scoffed at his comment, trying to ignore the blush that made its way onto your cheeks as you pulled your hand away, ‘Not a chance Hyunjin. Those fans can have you,”
“Oh? Are you saying this is going to be our only date?” He pouted, leaning back from you. The pink hues on your face hadn’t gone unnoticed by him.
“I don’t know. We’ll have to see how this one goes right?” You shrugged before taking a bite out of your sandwich, “Wow, that’s actually good,”
“If we go on another date I can make you more,” He sent a wink your way.
“Ha Ha,” You mocked the boys words and took another bite, “Okay..maybe..”
“Cute,” Hyunjin mumbled, sporting a fond smile as he began to eat his own meal.
The rest of the date seemed to progress easily, conversation flowing between the two of you easily - albeit a bit awkwardly at times.
“Don’t you ever get tired of all these people fawning over you?” You’d asked, laying at one point as the sun was starting to slowly set.
“Hm? Not really?” Hyunjin shrugged, “I like the attention,”
“Wow, you’re cheeky aren’t you?” You rolled your eyes.
“Well I mean,” Hyunjin sat up a bit, pulling his legs closer to his body, “I like having a reputation, especially one with good light but i guess I do just want to go to school, go to class, and leave without people trying to talk to me sometimes,”
“As a person who regularly does that, I can say it’s liberating to not have to put up with anyone,” You nodded as your eyes wandered over the leaves and branches of the tree in front of you.
“Don’t you want more friends?” He furrowed his brows.
“I have friends Hyunjin,” You laughed, “I don’t need that many more and besides, you’re my friend now right?”
“Really?” Hyunjin’s expression lit up for a moment before he remembered the bet, “Just a friend?” You turned your head to look over at the boy, noticing the hopeful eyes.
“Did you….really want to be more? I honestly didn’t think you really wanted to go out with me,” You weren’t sure why you were telling the boy this. Of course you had doubts over going out with Hyunjin. Why would the most sought out boy want to go out with you.
“What do you mean?” Hyunjin’s heart was beating fast, hoping you hadn’t caught on to what his plan was.
“Well, I thought you were doing this as a joke,” He sucked in a breath at your words, “…but you seem really sweet, actually,” He wasn’t sure if the wave that fell over him was that of guilt or relief.
“So…does that mean…” He found the next words hard to phrase.
“I’d like to go out again,” You sighed, pink rushing to your cheeks at the declaration. Your eyes avoided his figure as you let your words sinks in, making you oblivious to his body shifting closer to yours. It was only when he was kneeling above you that you were acknowledging him.
“What are you doing?” Your head tilted to the side, voice coming out nervously.
“Um…Well, I thought I was going to kiss you but now I am thinking that it’s too fast and..I..uh..I’m….going to move back an-“
“Wait,” You snickered and grabbed his arm, finding the fact that Hyunjin was just as flustered as you to be amusing. Carefully, you shifted your body so that you were sitting up, face just inches from Hyunjin’s as it was earlier. Your eyes locked with his, both gazes searching for discomfort in the other. When nothing was found, you were leaning forward, closing the gap between you two in a chaste kiss. Hyunjin’s lips were soft against your own and the feeling of his hands sliding up to cup your face sent a shiver down your spine.
Hwang Hyunjin was a good kisser. There was no lie in that. You swore you would’ve kissed him forever if he hadn’t pulled away, earning a small sigh of displeasure from you.
“Don’t worry,” He giggled, pressing his forehead against yours, “There’ll be more later”
While you had initially believed that going on a date with Hyunjin was a bad idea, you had to believe that this moment just felt right…..and Hyunjin couldn’t help but believe that it was wrong.
Tumblr media
The next month of your life had to have been one of the most exhilarating of your life. Dating Hyunjin was nothing like you had imagined it to have been. He was a lot more mature than you’d assumed and you swore that he had to have been the sweetest boy on the planet. It was like every day was an episode of your own cheesy drama. Just last week, Hyunjin had came knocking at your door at 3 in the morning. Of course, at first, he had scared the shit out of you but once you had learned that he was the one whining to come inside and knocking obnoxiously (a fact you never let him live down) you were surprised to see that he’d brought you your favorite snacks and a blanket with his face on it.
“What am I supposed to do with this?” You laughed as he used his long arms to wrap you up in the blanket and his embrace before waddling you two back to your couch until you tumbled atop it with Hyunjin hovering over you.
“Now, whenever you miss me, you can cuddle with me,” He chuckled before placing a kiss on your forehead.
“This is actually the lamest thing you’ve ever done,” You’d told him, eye twinkling in a way that told him that you’d meant the opposite of what you’d said.
“You know you love it,” He teased, sitting up to give you more room.
“Yeah, you’re right,” You smiled reaching out to grab his shirt so you could pull him back down into another kiss, this one longer than the last.
“You’re the best,” You sighed against his warm lips, relishing in the way they felt against yours.
Funny how a week can make things change.
“You what?” You swore that if you weren’t already sitting down that your legs would have given out below you.
“I want to break up,” Hyunjin stood before you in your living room, face devoid of emotion as he stared at his feet.
“D-did…I do something wrong?” you shook your head, not understanding where this was coming from.
“No..It’s just that…I never liked you,” Hyunjin let out a deep breath, “I was dating you for a bet,” To say that you were shocked by his confession would be an understatement. You felt rushes of confusion, anger, surprise, and despise running over your head as you tried to figure out how to respond to the boy.
“What..What do you mean a bet?” Your breathing was uneven as you stat up, intent on hearing his explanation, “Hyunjin look at me,”  He hesitantly looked up at you.
“Minho….he bet me 300 dollars to date you for a month and then break up with you,” While his expression was blank, his voice was nothing less than nervous.
“300 dollars?” Your lips pressed together into a thin line as you tried to hold in the tears that slowly threatened to spill out, “That’s what I’m worth to you? 300 dollars?”  
“’re worth so much more,” HIs face contorted into one of worry, “I just…”
“Hyunjin, I.. Can you get out?” Your head fell into your hands in an attempt to hide that you were about to cry.
“What..?” While he knew you would be angry with him, he thought that you’d at least let him explain himself.
“Get out, Leave!” Your voice was louder this time, words shaking.
“Just Go!” You looked up at him, tears that once lined your eyes now tainting your cheeks. Hyunjin felt his heart crumble at the sight and he took a step back, looking around as he tried to figure out what to do or say. He  didn’t want things to end up like this. He didn’t want to break up like this and he had never anticipated actually falling for you. He thought you would’ve taken the news better and been nonchalant about it. He didn’t think you’d cry. Hell, he hadn’t even wanted to break the news to you in the first place but the thought of what he had done was slowly gnawing at him. You deserved better than him so he was just going to leave, refuse the money, and go on with his life. He had never wanted to hurt you like this.
“Y/N..I’m…I’m really sorry,” His brows furrowed as his hands balled and released from fists.
“That doesn’t fucking matter Hyunjin,” You threw your hands up in defeat, “What matters is you treated me like a toy and you’re making money off of my emotions. I don’t give a shit if you’re sorry or not. Just get out already,”
“I…I…I’ll go…” His lips trembled as he felt his own tears welling up in his eyes, “I’m sorry,” With his final words, Hyunjin was tumbling out of your apartment, leaving you alone in your apartment.
As he left, Hyunjin had to note how the cozy apartment he’d come to love suddenly didn’t feel so safe anymore and he had to believe that what he’d just done had played a huge part in that.
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nyctophilin · 12 months ago
Fake affection | I
sweet anon: Can I request a dom! Han Jisung smut? Where he and the reader are fake dating because Jisung want's to make someone jealous but ends up fucking the reader instead? I love your writings so much!!
Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Epilogue
Description: Han Jisung has been rejected by the girl he likes one to many times. He decides that he has had enough and is set on making her want him back. What could possibly make her want him more than seeing him with her rival after she boldly assumed he can’t find anyone better. That way Jisung and Y/N are stuck in a fake relationship until Jisung’s crush falls for him. Or he falls for someone else.
All rights reserved © nyctophilin 2020. Re-posting, copying and translating any of my works is prohibited.
Pairing: Han x fem!Reader, Hyunjin x fem!Reader
Word count: 4.5k
Genre: College!AU, Fake dating!AU, Angst, Fluff, eventual Smut
Warnings: swearing, mention of masturbation
A/N: Wow, so it looks like I am unable of making short fics, haha. I planed for this to be a one-shot but it’s already this long and I don’t want to bore you guys with long fics so I will make a second part and a third if needed but I doubt. I really hope you guys like this one. Feedback is very much appreciated.
Tumblr media
      Y/N was tapping her finger on the desk, her head resting in her palm. She was watching the professor walk around in front of the class explaining something but she wasn’t paying attention. Her mind was filled with thoughts about whether or not she was going to get the role. 
      Some people from her university that were majoring in Film Production had to write a script for a short movie and the best five got chosen to be produced. Initially, she believed that only Theater and Film Majors could participate at the auditions but the administration of the school made an announcement one morning informing them that everyone could take part in the audition process. That meant she had to deal with more competitors for the role she wanted.
      Initially, Y/N was the only one who wanted to audition for the main role of one of the movies since people didn’t really catch its concept that well. When the audition day finally came, one Modern Dance major showed up out of nowhere and auditioned as well. The apparition of that particular character made her blood boil with anger.
      Her competitor for the role was none other than Mina, her so-called enemy. They weren’t enemies in the real sense of the word. They just simply didn’t click with one another and silently agreed a long time ago to ignore each other. They weren’t pulling childish stunts on each other, they didn’t speak each other's names unless necessary, they didn’t try to win each other in grades or parties or body counts. They were just mutually ignoring one another. And everything was fine until she showed up there.
      Y/N wasn’t going to lie and say that Mina wasn’t good. Her performance wasn’t exceptional but for someone that has never done that before, she was fairly good. That had her worried about her chances of getting chosen.
      When the bell finally rang ending her suffering she got up in the split of a second and left the room. She could not bear to hear any more of the professor’s babbling. Her boots let out quiet thuds every time they touched the concrete floors. She found herself in front of the announcement board but the paper that was supposed to tell her if she got chosen or not, was missing. Thinking to herself that they probably will put it up later she turned on her heels and made her way towards the cafeteria.
      She met her friend Hayoon there and they sat down at a table situated in the centre of the cafeteria. They talked about how they had been up until then and Hayoon complained about one of her classes and how she’s going to fail it.
      The chatter in the cafeteria died down when the door was slammed open and Mina stomped in, a bitter expression on her face. “I can not believe that they made me a stunt double! What does that even mean?” Her voice was louder than it should have been as she addressed her friends. Her intention was most probably to attract attention.
      A smirk crept on Y/N’s face as she realised that she did, in fact, get the main role. She gave her friend a suggestive eyebrow raise as she slowly took the chopstick to her mouth. Her face dropped when she heard the stomping approaching her. “Hey, loser, what’s a stunt double?” Mina’s voice was scratching her ears. How she managed to sound like one of those toys for dogs sometimes, she’ll never understand.
      “I can’t believe you’ve auditioned for a role without knowing what a stunt double is.” Y/N rolled her eyes at the other girl and a few people from around them chuckled. Mina’s face caught a crimson colour as the embarrassment settled in.
      “Haha, you are so funny!” It was clear by now that the girl was trying to mask her flustered form by trying to embarrass Y/N back.
      The truth was that she didn’t mean to make fun of her. She just let her first thoughts leave her mouth. “I wasn’t trying to be funny.” A sigh left her lips. “A stunt double is a person that executes all the dangerous or action scenes for the main actor so they don’t get injured. Stunt doubles are usually gymnasts, people that know martial arts and all that jazz. They probably chose you because of your dance background.”
      “I can’t believe it. Not only they didn’t give me the role, but they are also going to use me to protect you?” Mina had an annoyed expression.
      “Oh please! Did you really think they were going to choose you? You entered that room without even knowing the concept and somehow managed to get the feel right a couple of times. Meanwhile, some of us actually prepared for that audition.” Y/N was fed up with Mina’s princess behaviour. Always thinking that everything is rightfully hers and expecting everyone to kiss her ass. All that just because her father was donating a big sum of money to the university every term. They are donations at the end of the day and she should not be expecting special treatment just for that.
      Mina’s face became a crimson red for the second time in ten minutes and she stomped away from Y/N’s table. The few people that were watching them averted their eyes when Y/N took a look around.
      From the corner of the cafeteria, someone was watching them with a smirk on their face. Oh, how he got just the perfect idea.
Tumblr media
            Y/N sat in the second closest row to the professor. She was in “Canto class” as she liked to call it. It was one of the optional classes she chose to take that year. It wasn’t a compulsory class for Theater and Film majors since you don’t necessarily have to know how to sing to be an actress but she took it anyway because she thought it would be fun. And so far it was.
      A loud bang invaded her left ear and she turned to find Han Jisung having his back to her and chatting with his friends that were seated a few rows behind them. She raised her eyebrow but didn’t question it. It wasn’t like the seat was occupied and she definitely had nothing against him sitting next to her. He probably just wanted to pay more attention since he and his friends are always distracted during class. 
      Y/N turned back to her stuff and opened her notebook to take another look at the notes from last class. Soon after the professor entered the classroom and the chatter died down. 
      She was vigorously writing in her notebook everything the professor was explaining to them. Suddenly she felt a touch on her left elbow and stopped for a second. She immediately resumed her writing, convinced that he probably did that by mistake. Not even a minute later she felt another touch on her elbow this time more evident. She ignored it again not paying much mind to it. Jisung’s elbow collided with hers causing her to push her notebook and scribble on it.
      She snapped her head towards him and felt anger overcome her when she noticed the smirk on his face. “What?” She whispers yelled in his direction.
      “Hi!” He did a short wave of his hand in her direction and she clenched her jaw. She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply before going back to her note-taking. She had only five minutes of peace before he poked her side again. She smacked his hand away from her and continued to mind her own business.
      Throughout the class, Jisung kept bothering her and trying to talk to her despite her obvious wish to let her take notes. When the bell rang she got up quickly, her blood boiling and left the room in a hurry hoping she could lose Jisung on the busy halls. As she was hurriedly making her way between the sea of people she felt an arm going over her shoulders and she crashed with the owner of the arm.
      “Why are you in such a hurry babe?” Jisung’s voice rang in her ear as they were practically glued to each other. She grabbed his hand and swung his arm away from her shoulders.
      “For the love of God, what do you want from me Han Jisung?” Exasperation was present in her voice as she threw him an ugly look.
      She couldn’t guess what he needed from her to annoy her to that extent. They were acquaintances and nothing more. They knew each other from that one class they shared and the longest interaction they had was when the professor prepared an interactive class once and they had to work in groups of five.
      He was the university’s “heartthrob” as people liked to call him. Y/N personally thought that that title should be given to Hwang Hyunjin who was majoring in Modern Dance. He was more mature than the rest of his friends, he was friendly with everyone and wasn’t pulling pranks on innocent people to entertain some brainless creatures. But who was she to oppose the masses?
      On top of doing all those things, Jisung was also in a relationship with Mina. Every time they are together they will target someone and will start making fun of them. More Mina than Jisung but he was still entertaining her actions and that made him as guilty as she was.
      “I need to ask you something. Or better, make you a proposal.” He winked at her and she felt an uncomfortable shiver run through her. How disgusting.
      “Ok, and what is it?” She threw him an expectant look and he started looking around.
      “Let’s talk outside where there are fewer people. You got a free period, right?” Confusion made its way on her face.
      “How do you know that? Are you weirdo following me?” She has never talked with him as friends and they share only one class. How on earth would he know her schedule?
      “What? No! I see you hanging out around the university all the time after our class.” She rolled her eyes at his answer and gestured her hand towards the closest exit out of the building signalling him to lead the way.
      Very soon they were seated on a bench under a tree somewhere behind the university. It was her first time coming there. Y/N usually liked to remain at the front of the building since couples usually liked to come there and make out sometimes even fuck.
      “I think we should start dating.” He blurted out and she froze for a second before jumping to her feet startling the man.
      “I knew you were fucking weird. I’m leaving!” What in the actual fuck did she think when she came here. For a second she expected a real conversation but Jisung’s main skills were flirting and making bad jokes. She set her expectations way too high for that conversation.
      She picked her bag from the bench and started leaving only to have Jisung grab her wrist and stop her. “Wait, let me explain. I swear you’ll understand better after.” Y/n wanted to turn and leave but the puppy dog eyes he gave her made her stay and listen to him. Now, don’t get her wrong, his expression didn’t soften her but if he was desperate enough to try the puppy eyes on her then it must be important to him.
      She plopped down on the bench and waited for him to start talking. “Look, I’m pretty sure you know Mina. And I know you two aren’t on great terms. I say we date so you can get back at her for all the things she has done to you.” He raised his eyebrows at her and pursed his lips.
      Y/N was the one that raised her eyebrow next as she leaned her head to the side. “Aren’t you and Mina dating?” 
      “Obviously not.” Jisung used a tone that pissed Y/N off. A tone that said ‘It was so obvious, how can you not know?’ and she didn’t like it one bit.
      “Oh, I’m so sorry! I must have read the signs the wrong way. I mean, it's not like you are always together and you carry her backpack around and you hang out outside of school six days out of seven and kiss before classes and make out behind the university probably right on this bench.”
      A smirk appeared on Jisung’s face. “Who’s following who now?”
      “Don’t flatter yourself. Mina’s voice is so annoying I could hear her every time she talked. When I would turn to see what was up now you two were most times engaged in some sort of PDA.” She spoke fast trying to prove that she wasn’t following him. She didn’t know why she felt the need to do that but the thought of Jisung thinking that she has some sort of interest in him was terrifying. He completely humiliated the last “unpopular” girl that confessed her feelings to him and at that moment the last thing she needed was for him to go around saying she is a stalker.
      “Well, we are getting there. I asked her out and she said that she’ll love to but it’s too fun to tease me. When I asked her ‘What if I get a girlfriend?’ she told me I can not find anyone better for me than her. When I saw you fighting in the cafeteria earlier I knew I found my perfect girl. Not only are you hot, but she also hates you.” Y/N raised an eyebrow at his words.
      “Hot?” Her tone was untrusting as this was the first time someone from uni had said that to her. 
      “Yeah. You didn’t think that guys came to last year’s theatre spectacles because they were actually interested in theatre, right?” A laugh left his mouth at her dumbfounded face as she registered his words. A blank expression adorned her face immediately after trying not to seem so surprised.
      “Well, not anymore.” She let her tongue trace her bottom lip before biting the flesh. “Ok, so tell me what you actually want us to do.” Uneasiness settled inside Jisung as he watched her bored face.
      “Well, I mean what I said. We should date. Or fake dating if you will. That way I can make Mina jealous and push her to run into my arms. I bet she can’t stand seeing me with you for too long.” He looked into her eyes hopefully thinking that maybe he convinced her but his hope was quickly shattered when she opened her mouth.
      “What are you? Five? I don’t want to get back at her and I have absolutely no reason to help you in your sick plan. I’m out of here!” Once again she picked up her bag to leave only for Jisung to grab her wrist and stop her, again.
      “Please Y/N! I’m desperate. I’ve been trying to date her for a year and a half already.” That was pathetic. She had absolutely no reason to help him. None at all. But something pushed her to stay and accept his offer. Maybe she could take advantage of the situation.
      Turning her head towards her she tried to keep a straight face as best as she could. “What do I get out of it?”
      Jisung’s face brightened instantly at her question and he held her hand with both of his. “Anything you want. If it’s possible I’ll do it.” His eyes were pouring into hers and a stupid sparkle was present in them.
      “I guess you were going to do that anyway but I want you to present me to your friends.” The same bored expression that she had on for almost the entirety of their conversation was adorning her face. Jisung was amazed at the lack of emotions she managed to show but she was an actress. Maybe she’s just good at her job.
      “Why? Do you have a crush on any of them?” A smirk was enveloping his facial features and he had a teasing tone. Y/N rolled her eyes at his comment.
      “No. Some of them seem like really interesting people but their only defect was hanging out with you. Now that I have to hang out with you too I might as well start talking to them.” She shook his hands off hers before putting it in her front pocket. “Now I have to go to class cause my free period is almost over. See you later, babe!” She winked at him before turning around and making her way to her next class.
Tumblr media
      The next day she met with Jisung in front of the cafeteria so they could walk in together and “announce” their relationship. Somehow he got hold of her number and they texted the night prior about the terms of their little deal. She felt like laughing when she saw how serious he was about it. If he really did end up dating Mina she’ll be convinced that both of them are idiots.
      His arm was over her shoulders as they walked through the tables. Multiple people were staring at them but she decided to ignore them. Upon reaching the table she placed her tray down and took a seat. The people at the table were looking confused at one another and some were throwing Jisung questioning looks.
      “Everyone, meet my girlfriend.” He spoke gesturing with a hand towards her. She smiled at them and waved her hand, muttering a soft ‘Hi!’.
      One of them, who she recognised to be Lee Minho, a Modern Dance major cleared his throat. “Hey. It’s nice to meet you.” He had an awkward smile on. “What are you majoring in?”
      “Yeah, I don’t recall seeing you around campus.” Seo Changbin, a Music Production major added.
      “Oh, I…” She started talking but a puff coming from her left stopped her.
      “Seriously dude? You share a class. She’s L/N Y/N from your Theory and Improvisation class.” The voice belonged to Hwang Hyunjin and she felt a funny feeling in her stomach at the realisation that he knows her. Everyone around the table was throwing him weird looks.
      “You are right but how do you know that? I’m pretty sure you don’t take that class.” There was a trace of embarrassment in her voice.
      “I don’t but sometimes when I wait for those guys outside of the classroom I see you walking out.” He said that with nonchalance taking a bite from his food.
      “And how do you know her? She’s not a Music Production major otherwise we would have known. And she’s not a Dance major either otherwise Minho and Felix would have known about her as well.”Changbin’s tone was almost provoking as if Hyunjin had done something bad and he was about to reveal it.
      “She’s a Theatre and Film major. Last year when we went to all those theatre spectacles to support Jeongin I was actually paying attention to the plays. She had either the main role or the lead. I remember her being really good.” She felt her cheeks heat at his comment.
      “Thank you!” She threw him a smile. However, she got ignored as Lee Felix started talking.
      “Do you know her Jeongin?” She somehow felt offended by his question. Maybe that wasn’t his intention but he should have used a different tone.
      “Of course I do. We share almost all of our classes and last year we worked on multiple plays together.” Annoyance was present in his voice caused by his friends' ignorance.
      She knew Jeongin from the first day. He was the first to speak to her although they didn’t exactly become friends. They kept on working on plays together throughout the entirety of the first year of college but they kept everything mostly professional since they both had their own group of friends and she kind of disliked most of his friends.
      “Then how come you never talk about her?” Now, wasn’t Changbin an annoying one? She rolled her eyes discreetly at his question.
      “Because we are not the best of friends. Why don’t you talk about Kim Gina from your degree?” The youngest question was a good one. They were acquaintances and barely knew something about each other. What was he supposed to talk about?
      “Gina is not hot. What am I supposed to talk about?” The older male said calmly with a shrug of his shoulders.
      The water she was just drinking got stuck in her throat and she started coughing violently. Jisung started hitting her back repeatedly trying to help her swallow. When she finally calmed down she looked at him annoyed.
      “Who she is, is not important. What’s important is that she is my girlfriend” he gave Changbin a side look ”and you have to accept that. Stop talking about her like she is not sitting right in front of you.” A few of them raised their hands in defeat while some of them averted their eyes. Minho and Changbin rolled their eyes.
      She felt her blood pressure spike up at their action. She remembered why she never wanted to talk to any of them. Arrogant pricks.
      “Ok, Mister protective boyfriend. Just tell us when you break up.” Minho took a bite of his food done with the younger man’s antics. Everyone knew that he was in love with Mina. The moment she shows some interest in him he would probably leave this one in a heartbeat.
      Y/N sucked in a breath discreetly. He really got her worked up and she hated it. She put an arm around Jisungs shoulders and yanked him towards her, his face close to her chest. With her other hand, she grabbed the sides of his face making him look up at her and forcefully pursing his lips. 
      “Break up? Do you wanna break up with me, babe?” Y/N’s voice was mocking as if she was talking with a child. Jisung swallowed hard before shaking his head. She smiled at his response and used the hand from around his shoulders to ruffle his hair. “That’s what I thought.” She placed a short kiss on his lips before releasing him and turning back to her food.
      Everyone at the table was looking at both of them shocked, especially Minho and Changbin. She wanted to let a proud smile escape her but she controlled herself.
      For the rest of the lunch, she decided not to engage in any more discussions with Jisung’s friends. She continued eating her food and listened to them talking about things that didn’t involve her, occasionally responding to Hayoon’s texts.
      She was the first one to get up, impatient to go to her next class and not have to see them. “Bye guys. It was lovely meeting you!” She smiled at them, a smile half true because she did like some of them. “Bye babe. See you later!” She grabbed the sides of his face again placing another kiss on his lips before taking her empty tray and leaving them alone.
Tumblr media
      The men all watched her as she made her way out of the cafeteria. When she closed the door behind her they all burst into laughter. Jisung was biting the inside of his cheek irked by their action. When the laughter stopped, Seungmin that was sitting next to him put his hand on his shoulder.
      “I absolutely adore your girlfriend. She knows how to keep her ‘babe’ in check I see.” Seungmin tried cupping his face as Y/N did but Jisung slapped his hand away.
      “Are you her good boy, Jisungie? Does she give you rewards if you listen to her?” Minho cooed at him and Jisung held back an insult.
      “Shut the fuck up. It’s not like that. She surprised me as well. Who the fuck knew she was going to do that?” When he proposed the whole fake dating thing to her he thought it would be easier. Looking at it now he can’t understand why he thought that. He saw the way her fights with Mina unfold and he knew she was an actress which meant that she was probably either crazy confident or really good at faking it. For some reason, he thought she would be easier to tease and control but it would be a lie if he said it didn’t intrigue him. He liked a challenge and if the prize was Mina he would try his best.
      “And you man” Chan spoke for the first time “what the fuck was that? Do you know her entire biography?” He was looking at Hyunjin who rolled his eyes.
      “I told you I paid attention to last year’s plays. On top of that, she’s hot. I remember that after one spectacle I and the guys from my dance group at the time talked about her for like a month. She was so..” The man let out a groan and threw his head back trying to explain what he meant.
      “Sure, tell me more. Did you masturbate to the thought of my girlfriend? Perhaps got any wet dreams about her?” Jisung commented, raising an eyebrow.
      Hyunjin winked at him as a smirk made its way on his face. Some of the guys simultaneously let out disgusted sounds at his gesture.
      “But how did this whole thing happen? I can’t remember a moment when you talked about her or when you were together.” Felix’s deep voice rang making everyone pay attention to him.
      Changbin suddenly let a gasp out and dramatically covered his mouth. “Yesterday our little Jisungie sat next to her in Theory and Improvisation and when the class ended he ran after her. I think he might have had a secret crush!” The older man teased.
      “Yeah, but she looked really annoyed with him. Hence why she sprinted out of the class. Why would she accept to date him if she looked like she’d rather listen to Mr Jung talk about the first piano ever invented.” Chan intervened making Jisung shrug his shoulders.
      “She was annoyed with me but what can I say? I’m so charming she couldn’t refuse me.” He leaned back in his chair putting his arms over the back of the chair. 
      “I think she did it out of pity. When she realized you’ve been trying to get Mina for a year and a half now she probably felt so bad for you she decided to sacrifice herself so you look less like a loser.” Hyunjin said his tone way to serious to be a joke.
      Jisung threw the man a deadly stare. “At least I didn’t masturbate to the thought of her like a fucking virgin.” He spat in the other man’s face.
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Number Neighbor | Masterlist
pairing: Fanboy! Han Jisung x Youtuber! Reader
genre: Social media! AU; fluff, comedy, sightly angst.
↳ Jisung has been a fan of y/n since he can remember, what will happen when y/n posts her new youtube video texting her number neighbor who turned out to be Jisung?
Tumblr media
Intro 01 | Intro 02
part 0 part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 7.1 part 8 part 9 part 10 part 11 part 12 part 13 part 14 part 15 part 16 part 17 part 18 part 19 part 20 part 21 part 22 part 23 part 24 part 25 part 26 part 27 part 27.1 part 28 part 29 part 30
Epilogue 1 | Epilogue 2
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