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#skz jeongin
spearb-96 · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
"No, It's Okay"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Paring~ Hyunjin X FemReader
Genre~ Mature content ( !8 XXX), Angst, Fluff at the end...
A/N~ *Requested* Hope you like it!
words~ 1.5K
Tumblr media
After almost three and a half months, being together with Hyunjin there was this space you two couldn't fill up. Having that thought in mind your day wasn't going so well, mainly because it kept bugging you again and again. The boys decided to invite all their girls for a two day stay at a Hotel which of Corse you were invited too. They had booked rooms for each couple. You were always insecure when the other girls were around, cause it made you feel like you were so far from what they were. Anyhow thinking you couldn't refuse the invitation you got up and changed. You put on a light makeup but painted your lips a darker shade of wine red with a hint of dark brown. Lastly added a thin and slightly winged eyeliner on your lid and headed out the door.
When you entered the Hotel you met Chan's girl who waved at you from far. As you made your way you couldn't stop adoring her beautiful figure and face. "Hiiii! Chan told me they are almost here, so don't worry your man's going to be here soon!" she said sarcastically. You nodded your head and smiled as a response. Chan's girl was the only one who was the most closest to you because she was so open and talked openly which you were more comfortable with. The other's were kind as well but the wall of insecurity always blocked a special bond. When they all entered the hall you two were waiting inside, your body shivered head to toe. Seeing those amazing people made you feel so small and different. With all those thoughts you didn't realize Hyunjin was right in front of you. "Are you out of your world now baby?" he says giving a gorgeous smile. " oh umm sorry... and Hello mister! you look very handsome today!" you say getting back to your senses. " talking about that, your looking beautiful today and those lips mmm" he says leaning in to peck it, but before he does he looks at your eyes with utter most love and looks back at your lips as permission to peck it because he feels bad to ruin your lipstick. You lean forward and peck his plump lips your matt lipstick being your only exception. As your lips touched his all the thoughts from the morning were coming back again.
You pulled back breaking the kiss which left him confused "Hey I think we should go now" you say as all of you made your way to the dining hall. There were two tables so all of you decided that the guys and girls should separate just for dinner. You made your way to the table and took a seat, and so did the others. "okay listen lets talk about the things we would never tell our boyfriends!" Han's girl says with wide eyes full of excitement. The youngest speaks first “ do y’all ever get annoyed when he can’t take off your shoe when you’re in the mood for lovely hour session I mean Jeongin is so slow!”
“Yesssssss! and I hate it when Changbin forgets his condoms at home when I’m not on the pill!” Changbin’s girl whispers coming closer so that it won’t be overheard. The conversation wasn’t relatable to you obviously cause you never experienced that shit at all, despite that fact you wanted to. The topic got more and more intense as the girls were speaking like secret agents of some sort of shit. “Y/n eonnie! How is Hyunjin in bed?” Jeongin’s girl asks. Knowing that you had no answer for that question this big wave of anxiety hits you. “ oh uhh umm—” “ girls we got to go now! unless you want to sleep here” Hyunjin cuts you off..
Hyunjin and you decided to walk out for a while. “ how was your table? You looked sad today baby” he says. “ no it’s just you know—” “what?” He says lacing his fingers with yours as you two walk side by side. “I don’t know don’t you think we’re not close as we are supposed to be like physically you know…..” you say. He wrapped his arms around your waist and his beautiful eyes met yours. “You mean this?” He says as he gives you the sweetest kiss which gave you butterflies every time. You pulled out “ noooo babyyyyy not this!!!! Forget it” you say annoyed at him. “ fine tell me when we get to our room then!” He says as both of you walked to your room. You entered the room, and suddenly fell in in love with the beautiful city light visible from the long windows across you.
“Babe now tell me… what do you want!” He says stopping you. “Forget It I—” you were cut of by his lips, they pressed against you harder this time making you gasp. The space in your lips helped him slip his tongue inside your mouth tasting you ever so greatly. He walked towards the bed without letting your lips part, you feel the beds mattress clash with your back as Hyunjin towered you. He pulls out showing his swollen lips to meet your eyes. He doesn’t hesitate to quickly give pecks on your jaw moving his way down to you neck.
“Shit babe..” you let out as you stretch out your neck for him to have. Nibbles and plays with your neck leaving purple marks all over but replaces it with soft pecks. He makes his way down to your collar bone and looks up for your permission to go further. You take of your first button of your silk shirt and he stops your hands putting it away to he continue what you started. He kisses your chest and his lips touch the lace that was covering your Breasts, he makes his way to your back to unclasp your bra and takes the thin fabric off you. The way his eyes sparkle seeing you half bare makes you blush. His hands touch your delicate skin and his tongue follows. He un zips your pants and places his hands on the button to take it off. You stop him feeling insecure about it. “ hey don’t do it if—” you stopped to speak as he gave a last kiss to your lower belly unbuttoning your jeans as he pulled it out. Leaving you bare with a piece of fabric covering your wet cunt.
He plays with the fabric, he comes back up to pepper your face with kisses as he slowly removes the fabric. Breaking the kiss you focus on his shirt now unbuttoning it until he did the very last one and took his shirt off leaving his bare top in front of you. Made his way down and kissed your thighs getting closer to your cunt. He pecked the top of you clit and licked softly over it making you moan softly. How is he even doing this shit! You thought. Your orgasm slowly building up with every stroke of his tongue on your wet heat. He pressed a digit into your core as he speeds the pace he puts another one in. Damn this guy and his long fingers almost takes you to paradise. He pulls out as your orgasm gushed out and he laps ever but of it. He comes back up kissing you passionately making you taste yourself, “ Thank you baby…” you mumble with a shaky voice between kisses. He breaks the kiss and you unbuckle his belt when you're down to his zipper he stops you “ hey baby I don’t have a condom” he says breathless. “I’m on the pill” you unzip quickly and pull his pants down he helps taking out the erecting member and there right there!! He is all bare for you to enjoy every bit. He directed his tip to your opening but pause before to peck you as he pushed into you still tight core. As his member got fully inside you he stopped to say “ sorry I know it hurts but—” “No, it’s okay” you say as you squeezed your eyes shut. He started a slow pace, your pain was taken over by the pleasure. He rested his head on the crook of your neck and fastened the pace. Soft groans leaving his mouth as you were moaning right above him. Your high hits and you squeeze his biceps letting him know your coming. As you come all over him, with a last push he gushed inside you.
Both of your heated bodies were together the space between you was now complete. His head on your neck's crook moved to give you short sweet pecks making his way up he covered your face with the same kisses and lastly ending on your lips. He pulls out of your core and stands up to clean himself. He comes out of the bathroom with grey joggers, "do you want to stay like that or should I clean you up?" he says looking at your red core with his cum oozing out. You cover your face exhausted, he took that as a yes and brought a pack of baby wipes he had in his bag from dance practice. After he cleaned you, you got up and kissed him "thank you...I got to go pee now " you spoke and he smiled with satisfaction.
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stealanity · a day ago
just one ✩ yang jeongin
word count : 397
genre : fluff
Tumblr media
« what do you want? » — your elbows leaning against the kitchen table, your chin propped up against the palm of your hand, your face was suddenly a little too close to your boyfriend's. « a kiss. », the honeyed tone of your low voice made him roll his eyes. you admired jeongin's focused gaze, his long thin fingers tapping on his laptop keyboard.
« no, chan hyung is in the next room. » — it was your turn to roll your eyes, sighing before a pout appears on your face. you could die for a few kisses now, he had spent the day in front of his screen and you were starting to find the time long. when you were ready to complain again, wanting to stomp your foot on the ground, jeongin finished his sentence : « and if i start kissing you, i probably couldn't stop. »
your cheeks took a reddish dye, knowing full well that your boyfriend wasn't a big fan of physical contact, and even less when the members of his group were not far away. a tender smile painted your lips, and you suddenly looked at him with the most loving eyes in the world. « okay, i understand. i'm irresistible, that's normal ! » — a slight laugh escaped his lips, rolling his eyes once again, staying focused on his computer screen. making your hair fly like a diva, you end up straightening yourself up, glancing discreetly in the next room : no sign of any of the boys, you took it as a green light.
placing your hands on your boyfriend's shoulders, taking him by surprise when he rested his gaze on yours, you leaned down to come and mingle your lips with his. he didn't push you away, even closing his eyes to enjoy your soft touch. you felt his fingers slip around your waist, pulling you closer to him. for a boy who didn't want to kiss you seconds ago, jeongin attracted you a little too much against him for your liking. when you finally pulled away from him, you placed a kiss on the tip of his nose, smiling tenderly at him. « i got it, my kiss. » — a smirk took place at the corners of his lips, his hands coming to give you a light flick on your forehead : « tsk, idiot. ».
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lvnbyeol · 2 months ago
dating stray kids
「 masterlist 」
a/n: since a many of them have unconfirmed/uncertain birth times (lino i am looking at you), i will go with the placements i find more fitting. <3 cw: food mention, teasing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✦:˒ Chan◞⁺☆.
now here we have the perfect citizen bang chan
award for best boy goes to him, no questions asked
i am mainly saying this because from what i found, he actually is the closest to having a confirmed birth time
meaning he has a Gemini Rising and Libra Moon, which was unclear before
this means all of his big three are air signs
he will love to talk with his s/o, especially when they are getting to know each other
he might get shy from time to time, due to his Gemini Rising and the way we all know Chan reacts to compliments
his person will know he likes them when he continuously cares for them and gets protective when they don't take care of themselves properly
how dare you anyway >:(
he will be shy but happy to show them what he is working on atm
also he will like it when his s/o knows when to keep him company and when to give him space
since he is quite air heavy, meaning independence and space outside of the relationship are also important to him
now, his Scorpio Venus means he falls in love quite heavily, but slowly
he likes to stare - i mean observe his person
just Scorpio things you know
once he is sure of them, he will let his s/o know that they are safe with him and he won't leave that easily
he feels like the type of bf to listen really attentively whenever his person talks about anything because he feels like he learns something new every time
i can also imagine him noticing tone changes in their voice and immediately wondering if something hides behind it, just because he pays so much attention to listening (just a theory tho)
he would like to keep a lighthearted nature in the relationship with an openness to talk about deeper issues at any time
his Sag Mars will love good humor and would appreciate a s/o who has similar humor (coming from a Sag Mars: that's seriously such a turn on/off, you have no idea)
he will be a attentive boyfriend, but will need his own time and space lol
he will be protective and caring, especially in his s/o's presence and would defend them whenever someone would doubt them even in the slightest
he'd admire someone independet i think, who lets him take care of them nonetheless
he'd be great. channie boy deserves his award
✦:˒ Minho◞⁺☆.
he is pretty and he is funny, what more can you want?
now i have to point out that he """indicated""" a birth time (he said 8 am or pm) so i just went with him having a Scorpio Ascendant and Scorpio Venus, because i think it suits him the best! :)
and i am a Scorpio Rising, therefore i am an expert.
sorry to make this about me, let's focus on minho, a true king
his Scorpio stellium suits him so much lmao, he is an icon
i think Minho would like someone who is in touch with their emotions, since all the Scorpio indicates that he feels way more heavily than he may let on
they should share his kind of humor and be honest with him to please his Sagittarius Moon
this also indicates that he may need someone who is able to talk about their feelings in a more lighthearted way, because Sag Moon could have problems addressing deeper issues and heavier emotions
Sagittarius placements like to brush over some heavier things sometimes
but his Scorpio Venus will make his s/o his number one priority
meaning he'd pick you up at any time, walk you anywhere at night, he'd make sure you're good before leaving you somewhere on your own
he will probably view them as his best friend and partner in crime
he'd love spending time with them in whatever way they can
once he is sure of the relationship and gains a sense of security, he will commit fully and with no question
the type to go "what do you mean 'leaving you'?? why would i ever leave you??"
he is protective, nobody dares to tease his person
or even look at them wrong
like skz would initially be kinda scared to have fun with them because they just know lino is watching
even if he isn't in the room, he would know
but his s/o is probably pretty cool so they would have fun regardless <3
also the type to quickly pick up on his partner's moods and quirks
his Virgo Mars means he notices the tiny details in his s/o
he will want his s/o to get along with his friends and family (meaning his cats) (and skz)
i think here the case of "hard on the outside, but soft on the inside" would fit quite well
also i personally think his s/o should be able to shoot back some comebacks his way when he acts up
he'll think it's hot
believe me
anyway i like him so he is approved for bf material
✦:˒ Changbin◞⁺☆.
our leo boy
he will love, and i mean LOVE attention from his person
he might get shy because he just loves it so much
but he would never turn his back on some affection
he'd like physical touch, but i don't see him being that big in PDA
just some hugs are okay i think
in private? different story
his Leo Sun and Moon would love compliments and boosts for his ego
he would love to show off his relationship
he'd be protective and very caring
his Mercury in Cancer tells me he'd definitely (at least try to) write a song about or for his s/o
he'd feel when something is off with his s/o by talking to them, especially when they don't address it right away
he has his Venus in Virgo, which can mean that he has quite "high" standards in love
it just has to be kind of perfect for him, from the get go
but if he is sure, he will waste no time pursuing and committing
he'd notice little things about his s/o as well
will try to help them or even teach them some things!
and will brag about his skills sometimes heh
but he mentioned before that he is okay with being the butt of the joke if it means getting along well with people
and i think that's so nice (of him) but also so sad at the same time
his someone should probably pick up on that and defend him from time to time, he'd love that
i can hear his supportive (back up) screams already
"but my s/o said i am really good at that!!!!"
what a changbin thing to do
joking around would be important to him tho!
and his person should show him that they love him for what he truly is
he would have the need to feel like his s/o knows him in his most natural form and still wouldn't leave
with Mars in Scorpio, he would also be someone to often look at his s/o
he'd like watching them from afar, whether it be to watch over them or to just look at them with the thought "hey wait a min that's really my person wth"
he'd treat them like they are the best and only person in the world
he'd be really sweet and caring, a soft bf 1000/10
✦:˒ Hyunjin◞⁺☆.
he is pretty and he is funny intensifies
i am trying to stay professional here
but i really hope he comes back soon (note: he's back we can all stop crying now!!ehem)
anyway, he'd be soft boyfriend #2
he has his Sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces
which means he loves the idea of love and likes to have an almost dreamy connection with his s/o
he's very intuitive and would know almost immediately when his person is in a bad mood
his mood is also easily influenced by the relationship
he'd like someone soft and caring, who is in touch with their emotions
we've all seen how emotional he can get and i think he would need someone who isn't afraid to catch him in those moments
his Virgo Moon would love to have common interests and tastes in things
it gives an immediate connection and always something to talk about!
he would appreciate quiet and peaceful moments with his person so much you have no idea
i think he would love doing late night adventures with just his favorite person (and maybe his dog)
likes talking about random things, no matter how absurd
but he is prone to overthink a lot and would need a lot of reassurance :(
he is a soft boy okay, but he is so funny too aaah i am so in love conflicted
his Aries Mars show that he would enjoy some sort of a challenge
this can be in many different ways, but basically means that he would like to have an s/o who knows how to keep him on his toes
someone who has a similar drive would be very attractive to him
(think about how much he practiced to be a main dancer. probably day and night! he'd admire someone that has a passion like that. it doesn't have to be this intense tho lmao)
he is my favorite Pisces boy and it really shows
he'd also love caring for his person in small ways, like always making them a snack as well when he makes one for himself
or (at least trying to) help them with tasks they struggle with
with all this Pisces, he is willing to go above and beyond for his person
but would also be attracted to a certain independence (this would also be healthier for him, since he'd quickly feel responsible and try to be overly dependable for his s/o)
✦:˒ Jisung◞⁺☆.
now this one
he has a special place in my heart, i will leave it at that
he is 1/3 of the virgo triplets
he has the inverse Sun and Moon placements to Hyunjin, meaning he has a Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon!
he will like it a lot if he shares some interests with his s/o
he would love talking to his person (esp. with his Venus in Libra) but he might feel shy doing so :(
he might have high ideas of love and might be afraid to be awkward or ruin it by saying something weird
his Libra Mercury and Venus make him quite charming tho!
and sometimes he'd get an ego boost from his Leo Mars
but he'd just try to make them laugh
and in the beginning he'd try to impress them... from a distance
maybe with his rap skills or something
speaking of which, his Pisces Moon indicate that he will incorporate his feelings into his art
remember how he sometimes posts these solo ('solo' bc we all know (at least) chan works with him most of the time) tracks
yeah he'll make a special one for you
but in secret you know, (but you'll catch on)
hE's JuSt ShY oKaY
but he'd love to share everything with his s/o
best friends but with affections lol
will love doing pretty random things with his person just because it's with them and they are a lot of fun to be with ya know
sharing headphones would be one of his love languages fight me on this
randomly singing or joining in on your singing
sharing and buying clothes together
i think he'd also love trying to work with you on a song together <3 uwu
he'd love showing you new things because he is confident in his abilities
his Venus in Libra also makes him kinda romantic
he loves the idea of love <3
his Pisces Moon is very intuitive and he'd pick up on his s/o's mood changes
but he'd like it a lot if they feel comfortable enough to just share their worries with them
yup that would melt his heart
sometimes he might overthink, not only in love but about life in general
he'd need someone who knows how to calm his busy mind and when to brighten his dark moments
someone patient who understands him and doesn't judge him
who accepts him as he truly is and leaves him space when he needs it
he'd be a really fun boyfriend tho, definitely recommend
✦:˒ Felix◞⁺☆.
now to this little bi - i mean angel
he truly is one tho
he is 2/3 of the Virgo triplets
meaning he'd be kinda shy when it comes to first approaching his person of interest
he might try getting their attention through a distance (bc of Leo Mars)
he might want to impress them before actually talking to them
his Aries Moon will help him gain more courage (than Jisung) and be a bit more straightforward when approaching
his Libra Mercury and Venus make him quite romantic and charming
he likes the idea of love and will love talking to his s/o about anything
will also talk about his person to others (probably Chan)
will like a soft and gentle person
but also his Fire Moon and Mars will enjoy someone humorous and lighthearted, who knows how to keep him on his toes
spontaneous ideas and dates with him
he'd probably be very interested in what his person is interested in
would love taking care of them and entertaining them when they have a bad day
he'd love praise from his person (well but who really doesn't i mean)
but we all know felix isn't afraid to be a little cheesy sometimes
and it would show like damn
his Leo Mars would love physical contact heheh
not (only) like that you perverts
but cuddles uwu
he would love doing anything together, similar to Jisung
and i actually think he would like being challenged from time to time
not necessarily in a bad way, but he'd like someone who can surprise him
i totally seeing as someone who would drag his s/o to pet cafés
also getting them food bc that's his love language
he'd be so happy if his s/o and his friends get along!!
all in all a soft and happy boy, pls protect <3
✦:˒ Seungmin◞⁺☆.
sir mister lord kim seungmin
he is the 3/3 of the Virgo triplets!
mans got a real soft chart
of course, there is the Virgo Sun again, making him kind of shy when first realizing his feelings
he will try to help his person of interest in small ways
may even help them learn a skill or with other work!
his Moon is in Cancer tho
which is just </3
it makes him really intuitive and compassionate
he will love to care for his s/o
a whole mom... but... as a boyfriend
he would have a good connection with his own emotions i assume, even though this placements is stereotypically known for indicating moodiness or over-emotional behaviour
but in this household we resist such stupid claims
bc i am a cancer and i said so
sorry i don't make the rules... except i do
anyway, seungmin also has his Mercury and Venus in Libra
this makes him communicative and romantic, much like his triplet-brothers
(i felt so weird writing that)
i think Seungmin is someone who is great at listening and this would play a role in relationships too
he would benefit from someone who remembers to listen to him too and may even ask him how he is doing first
this will touch him and make him soft
his Mars is also in Virgo
which kinda solidifies my theory about his shyness
also the thing about helping in small ways
Virgo is said to have high standards in love, because they easily find faults in things and others
but i think most of all, these placements all crave being accepted for who they are naturally, without having to turn some character traits on or off when being around somebody
i think Seungmin is open-minded tho
he may also be prone to worrying and overthinking and will want some kind of security from his partner
so a calming and reasoning voice would help Seungmin with this, even if he might not first appear like someone who is nervous often
worry manifests in different ways, even nagging can mean that someone is just unhappy with a different situation but doesn't know how to address it
seungmin soft mom boyfriend 27438/10
✦:˒ Jeongin◞⁺☆.
sometimes i forget that he isn't actually that young
like we're the same age god damn it
but anyway, moving on to the poor Aquarius Sun Innie
Aquarius is often characterized as a logical and rational sign
and i think Jeongin Aquarius does fit that description
now we can already see that Jeongin is kind of different from the other members by refusing their love on the regular (see gif above)
he has his Moon in Leo, which still opens the possibility that he will like physical affection from his s/o, but most likely rather in private
his Moon in Leo also makes him quite protective and compassionate
Lunar Leos love their friends and family and like to go out of their way to protect them
with his Mercury in airy Aquarius he will most likely love debating with his s/o
i would call it 'friendly bickering'
he'd like someone who can talk back to him but not in a mean way (unless...?)
his Venus in Aries will also like someone who can keep him on his toes and challenge him
his Air and Fire combination makes me think he will generally like someone who may differ from him
tho communicating is important to him, so a few common interests are always welcome
i think after he gets behind the inital "Aquarius-Confusion" about having feelings for someone, he would be kind of straightforward??
like unexpected, and his delivery may be awkward
but he did it and it think that's pretty great, good job jeongin <3
his Mars in Scorpio will like having a kind of secure basis when it comes to the relationship
this will also help keep his Leo Moon in check, which will need a lot of reassurance, actually
someone who tells him if he did a good job but also call him stupid (lovingly) on a daily basis would be his kinda thing i feel like
he is similar to Minho in the sense that he likes to act a little tough and teases his s/o on the daily
but he would be super soft for them and get them anything they want if they'd ask him to
he'd even defend them in front of his hyungs a la "you are just jealous bc you don't have anyone losers"
and i think that's beautiful :')
© lvnbyeol
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quokkalatte · 2 months ago
[10:38 p.m]
Pairing: lee minho x fem!reader
Word count: 600
Warnings: overstimulation, praise kink, soft dom minho, slight mentions of subspace, oral (fem receiving), pet names
The pleasure was almost too much to handle, how many times had you arched your back involuntarily at every brush of his fingers? Especially just tonight. Too many to count. 
"You're shaking baby" Minho cooed, three knuckles deep in your sopping cunt. You let out a strangled wail as he crooked his middle finger, stroking your spongy walls just the right way. "Think you can come again for me? You're doing so well, baby. Fit my fingers like a glove.`` He murmurs and you keen at the praise. He leans his head down and sucks sharply on your clit, gasping as you feel the hot washes of your orgasm rush over you once again. 
Your legs were jelly, immobile and unwilling to move. Your cunt quivered as Minho removed his soaking fingers, sticking them in his mouth without a second thought. Your chest heaved with breath, the tremors of your third orgasm starting to subside. The ache of overuse begins to creep in your lower regions, and you whine when Minho bent down to place another kiss on your swollen clit. 
"Too much" you managed to say, your hand threading in his hair. He hums, looking up at you with lust blown eyes. His cock was aching against his briefs, the fabric soiled from where he had been grinding it against your shared bed. 
"Can you do one more for me baby? I want to feel you cum around my cock" he says, raising himself up to press kisses along your neck, gently over where he had marked you previously. 
"M' tired" you say, and he kisses your lips gently. 
"Last one baby I promise. You've done so well for me." He praises in your ear and ripples of pleasure emit up your spine. You nod your head groggily, and the smile he gives is radiant. He quickly rids himself of his soiled boxers, his hand fisting his cock a couple of times to relieve the tension. The tip is an angry red color and leaking precum. His hands gently pry your legs open to accommodate him, and he pumps himself a couple more times before he slides in, a low moan leaving his lips as he bottoms out inside of you. 
"Minho!" You cry, hands curving into his dark locks as he begins to grind into you, the pain of overstimulation and the pleasure of your g-spot being prodded becoming almost too much to bear. 
"You're doing so well for me, kitten." He pants in your ear, speeding up his thrusts, chasing his climax. "Always so good for me. Fuck i love you so much" he sighs against your neck as he rams into you, pushong you both closer and closer to your orgasm. 
"Love you too Min" you manage to say, your head foggy from all the lust, your fingers grazing his scalp as his cock slides in and out of you.  His thrusts become sloppy, and his hand pressing between your bodies to rub expertly against your clit, the sensation finally sending you over the edge.
You cum with a cry, and Minho lets out a low groan as he stills inside of you, shooting his seed and coating your walls. He collapses next to you, pulling out gently as his chest heaves. He pulls you against his chest, pressing kisses all over your face as you both come down from your highs. 
Fatigue set in quickly, and you fall asleep quickly, and to the sound of Minho murmurs words of endearment in your ear, his fingers carding through your hair.
Tumblr media
| this is my first drabble hope you like ♡|
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da4wo0 · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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♡۪!ᵎ≀ الملكة ᤻يا س͠يئة ꪆ 𝗍𝖺͠𝗌𝗍᤻𝖾᤻ 𝗈᤻𝖿 ﹌﹌ 🥋 ➛ ꦒ𝖾𝗌꯭꯭꯭꯭꯭꯭𝗌𝗒﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋ 𝖬𝖠𝗓᤻͠𝖾 ࿐. 🏐 α𝗅𝖼͠𝗈𝗁𝗈𝗅 ⌕ 𓂃 𝖧𝖸𝖴𝖭𝖨𝖭 𝗆𝗈𝗈𝖽𝖻𝗈𝖺𝗋𝖽 🐇 ♡̶忠 ʾʾ 忞 : 💭𓈒۰۫ ﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌
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hanmito · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
( pt-br )
eu perguntando pros hyunho  ta indo embora buzz lightyear   p ter esse foguetao aq
(seu user/nick) quem são esses minho e hyunjin? pq vc escreveu 100 vezes no seu caderno que quer namorar eles?
mamacita (minho e hyunjin) fala vagabundo (eu) senta
os rumores sao reais sou amante dos hyunho
hyunho reacts with 👍: é verdade que vocês namoram a/o/e (seu user)?
hyunjin + minho + eu = trisal feliz viva ao poliamor
hyunho vdd que vcs vao vota 13? vdd simm
tao bom acordar todos os dias e lembrar que sou namo dos hyunho <33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rvngety · 22 days ago
make a wish
[ skz jeongin; oneshot ]
word count: 2.1k
genre: smut; romantic
cw: dom!jeongin, switch!reader, stripping, breeding, handcuffs, blowjob, edging
summary: you never really thought your birthday was overly special, but jeongin thought the opposite. he wanted to make sure that his gift to you would be the best night of your lives.
a/n: music links included in text. key word music for spotify users. key word loud for apple music users.
Tumblr media
[8:37] happy birthday baby! i have a surprise for you when you get home my love
you read the text from your boyfriend and couldn’t help but smile.
your birthday was always something you never made a big deal about, but ever since you met jeongin he always made sure to make you feel like the most special girl in the world.
“what are you smiling about?” asked your friend who you were out with getting something to eat.
“just jeongin. he said he had a surprise for me when i get home” you said putting your phone down to bring your full attention over to your friend.
“what do you think it is?” they asked.
“i’m not sure honestly. i told him i didn’t want anything for my birthday but he knows me well enough that he probably got me something amazing” you said as you played with your hands, your mind pondering all the possibilities of what he could have waiting for you at home.
after spending the night with your friend, you arrived back home at around midnight.
you hoped jeongin was still awake so he could give you his gift that he had been waiting all day to give you.
when you came through the door you noticed all of the lights were off and your home was eerily quiet.
“shit” you sighed, knowing that he had definitely fallen asleep.
as you walked towards the hallway that lead to your shared bedroom you noticed a faint glowing light from around the corner.
you followed the dim light to see tea light candles leading down the hallway towards your bedroom with rose petals scattered into a walkway for you.
“he wouldn’t sleep knowing he left candles lit would he?” you asked yourself, rethinking the assumption that he was sleeping.
you took your shoes off and left them in front of the start of the roses.
as you made your way down the hallway you could smell the sweet scent of his cologne mixed with your favorite candles.
when you reached your bedroom, you opened the door to see the most intense and beautiful scene.
red light shedded down on the new black silk sheets of your bed that weren’t there that morning when you woke up.
music playing just loud enough for you to hear in the background.
you noticed the rose petals were nearly everywhere from the bed to the floor to the other furniture in your room.
candles were lit on every surface possible.
you looked around at the sight for a physical gift but you had began to realize that wasn’t quite what jeongin meant when he said he had something waiting for you. it was him that was waiting.
“jeongin?” you called out softly.
“yes my love?” you heard him respond from behind you, making you jump slightly.
“baby what’s all this? it’s beautiful” you said to him, causing a smirk to grow on his face.
“i’m glad you think so” he said, walking up to you slowly, placing his hands on your waist and pulling you in for a kiss.
his kiss was hungrier than you had ever remembered it being. what had possibly gotten into him?
after a moment you pulled away from the kiss and asked “what’s all this for?” with a smile.
“it’s for you baby” he smiled back at you.
even though you never made your birthday into something special, it warmed your heart to the extreme at how special it was to jeongin.
“so what’s my gift?” you asked innocently.
jeongin smirked leading you into guessing just what all this was about.
“you want your gift baby?” he said as he walked the two of you forward, you walking backwards right into the bed.
he pushed you down and got on top of you before kissing you again on the lips.
when he parted he said “i’ll give it to you”
with that he wasted no time. he rose up and pulled his shirt over his head.
you let out a soft gasp at his build, seeing his hours at the gym had really been paying off.
jeongin then reached down to take your own shirt off. he made sure to be far more gentle with your shirt than his own.
the threw it to the side to reveal a black lace bra with rhinestone straps.
he bit his lip seeing that you still wore his favorite bra even when you had no idea what his plan for you tonight was.
he then took your pants off, eager to see the matching panties he knew you had on to match the top half.
“and i thought it was your birthday” he said, his hands caressing your thighs at he looked at your almost fully exposed figure on the bed, laid out just for him.
you laughed softly at his joke before sitting yourself up to unbutton his pants.
he noticed how quickly you took them off of you. your neediness making him want you even more.
once they were off he couldn’t wait any longer to touch you. he took your hands off of his waist and pushed you back down on the bed.
he immediately attached his lips to your neck without warning, making you moan out.
you felt his dick grow as you called out his name.
“jeongin…” you said filled with pleasure as he left marks across your neck and chest.
you could feel his soft moans into your skin as he was getting needy for you. he moved his hips against yours eagerly.
“i need you so bad right now” you heard him say under his breath. you whined out at his words as they filled your stomach with butterflies like never before.
“baby?” you asked him, making him lift his head from your chest.
“let me strip for you” you said hesitantly. you had never stripped for him before but you wanted to reward him for everything he set out for you tonight.
your heart race picked up as you saw his eyes light up at your words. he swallows eagerly before standing up and sitting on the edge of the bed.
you got up and made your way over to stand in front of him, your back facing him.
with a deep breath you turned to face him.
he stared in amazement as you teased him. beginning to take your panties off but pulling them back up right before they exposed you.
jeongin was becoming an impatient mess as he watched your hips move around him. he wanted nothing more than to just touch you. he wanted to run his hands over every inch of your body.
as he got more impatient he started to palm himself through his boxers. you decided to finally stop teasing the poor boy and unclip your bra and throwing it at him.
he let go of his dick to grab it and smirked when he looked up to see your bare chest, already covered in hickeys from him.
you then walked over to him, straddling hips lap. you could feel how bad he wanted you as your covered pussy grazed over his fully hard dick.
“baby please…i’ll let you do anything if you just touch me” he whined.
you thought for a moment, as much as you loved teasing him there was something you knew you would love even more.
“one second baby” you said as you planted one last kiss against his lips before walking towards your dresser.
you opened it and pulled out a pair of velvet handcuffs. jeongins nerves began to show through as you had never used them on him before.
he was always the one to cuff you to the bed and do whatever he pleased to you, but now it was your turn.
“lay down on the bed baby” you said to him and he obeyed easier than you would’ve thought.
you proceeded to cuff his hands to the top of the bed. he moved his hips against the air, needed your touch more than anything.
climbing on top of him, you kissed at his neck and made your way down to his lower stomach. slowly pulling down his boxers he moaned out as they brushed over his throbbing dick.
“please baby” he said, needing it to be touched.
all you could do was smirk at his words, being too distracted by his dick only centimeters away from your face.
without wasting a single more second for his sake, you kissed the tip of his dick, making him throw his head back flat against the pillows.
even though you wanted to be in charge, jeongin couldn’t help but thrust his hips, making you take all of his dick into your mouth.
you tried your best not to gag as he continued to push himself into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat with every thrust.
“fuck baby just like that” he moaned out as you tried to pump him while he thrusted.
you felt him begin to twitch inside of you, insinuating he was close to his high.
but you weren’t ready to give him that satisfaction.
as the words “i’m about to cum babygirl” left his lips, you removed yours from around his dick entirely.
he whined out as his almost orgasm faded away into nothingness.
“i’m not gonna let you waste your cum on my mouth when you could save it for my pussy” you said, smirking down at your edged boyfriend.
“baby please let me fuck you. i need you wrapped around me so fucking badly” he cried out.
you could feel how wet your panties were and knew it was time.
as you uncuffed him from the bed he grabbed your waist and pulled you on top before flipping you over onto your back.
“dirty bitch trying to tease me” he smirked as he then grabbed your wrist, cuffing you to the same spot he just was.
you squirmed under him as he moved down to your soaked pussy. he took the top of your panties down with only his teeth, making your breathing increase.
when they were off he threw them to the side before putting his arms under your legs and grabbing your thighs, squeezing them hard.
you tried to relax as he kissed everywhere around your pussy, but as soon as his lips kissed your heat directly you couldn’t help but melt.
“fuck” you said under your breath at the feeling of his tongue against your clit.
he moved one of his hands away from your thigh to tease your opening with two of his fingers as he sucked harshly on your clit.
you already felt your high coming even without penetration from his fingers.
“baby i’m gonna…” you said as you felt the knot form in your stomach.
jeongin made sure to work extra hard on your clit as your legs began to grown weak. but as you did to him only minutes before, when you high was only a second away from being reached, he pulled himself away.
you moved your hips around into the nothingness as he removed all touch from your body.
he smirked at you, satisfied that he could tease you back.
“fuck me baby please” you cried out as he stared down at your bare body.
“relax babygirl” he said as he teasingly placed one more kiss against your thigh before hovering over you again.
you felt him reach down and place his head against your opening. you let out a sigh of relief that he was finally filling you up.
when he pushed himself in he made sure to go deep, hitting your sweet spot immediately.
“fuck jeongin…” you moaned out with nearly every single stroke.
it didn’t take long for the two of you to get closer and closer to your climaxes as you were already both very on edge from teasing each other.
“your so good for me babygirl” he moaned out as his pace got more and more sloppy.
“you want your gift baby?” he said.
all you could do was shake your head up and down quickly in response as you were getting overwhelmed from him filling you up.
“then take it” he said as he pushed himself deep inside of your hard and fast.
within just a few second you felt him fill you up with his cum, causing your orgasm to follow.
he kept himself inside for a few moments before pulling out to prevent any of his cum from spilling out of you.
as you remained a panting mess, handcuffed to the bed, jeongin crawled back on top of you once again. he came up to your ear and whispered
“happy birthday my love”
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