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#skz jisung
cb97-skz-0t82 days ago
They are the first and only 4 Gen Male group to win a Deaseng. They won the <Performance of the Year> daesang. Congratulations!!!
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hyuneluvbot13 hours ago
skz reacting to y/n falling asleep on them
pairing- stray kids x reader
genre- fluff
warnings- none
word count- 2.2 k
author's note- the exam i was most scared for went well! i was also able to rest properly after i came home, i'm feeling better than i'd been feeling these past few weeks, so i decided to take the day off from studying and finish up some writing :D
anyways, i hope you enjoy reading as always! make sure you're taking good care of yourself y/n <3
[please note that none of the gifs used are mine, all credits go to the original posters! if the original poster wants me to take the gif down or tag them please let me know <3]
Tumblr media
-it was a lazy work night for the both of you.
-you had to write two research papers, and he was finishing up on some tracks, so he invited you to come to the studio to work with him.
-you had, obviously happily obliged, getting work done and being around chan? that's hard to say no to.
- a few hours pass and you slowly started to feel the exhaustion of the day getting to you, but because you still had work to get done you decided to take a short break.
-you just quietly made your way over to him and seated yourself on his lap, snuggling into him.
-he's used to you being randomly affectionate this way so he doesn't think much of it, letting you cuddle him.
-he's humming the beat or softly singing a few lines, the atmosphere is so calming; being surrounded by his warmth, his soothing voice, and the way he plants small kisses on the top of your head, it lulls you to sleep.
-he only notices you're sleeping when he asks you something and hears no response.
-he carefully pulls away a little to check what's going on, and the moment he sees you've fallen asleep, he's all heart eyes and shy smiles.
-"you must've been tired huh? i'll wake you up in a while," nods to himself before getting back to work.
-constantly makes sure you're comfortable and warm enough, rubs your shoulders and back a little.
-"sleep well sweetpea, i love you,"
-i cry over this man on a daily basis is this what my life is
Tumblr media
-you came home to find him on the couch talking to his mom on the phone.
-you had such a tiring day, all you want to do is cuddle him and fall asleep, but you know he doesn't get to catch up with her this way often, so you let him be, heading to the bathroom to freshen up instead.
-he's still on the phone when you come back, so you just wordlessly peck his nose then proceed to lay your head on his lap.
-you admire his features for a while, trying to fight off your sleep so you can talk to him for a bit before heading to bed, but your body seems to be going against your mind.
-his hand that's mindlessly caressing your stomach isn't helping either. soon enough you have no knowledge of your surroundings, and you're snuggling into his stomach, already asleep.
-the sensation tickles, and he almost opens his mouth to tell you to stop, but quickly shuts up when he sees your closed eyes and peaceful expression.
-his expression immediately softens, he looks like the 馃ズ emoji :(
-for some reason he finds it so endearing you just fell asleep on him like that.
-he proceeds to talk to his mom for a few more minutes in a hushed tone to not disturb you, and when he's done with the call he just carefully holds you hand and kisses the back of it :((
-"so beautiful," tears in my eyes rn
Tumblr media
-you've both only recently started going out and are taking your time to open up to the other person.
-you're both also very busy, so you have very little time for actual dates. so sometimes, "dates" are going eating ramen at a convenience store and talking to each other about how you guys spent your week in your pajamas.
-after you're done eating the both of you decide to walk around for a while; eventually sitting down a bench and talking about anything that comes to mind.
-at one point, silence engulfs the both of you. its suddenly so quiet, and honestly neither of you mind, as long you have the company of the other.
-"so uh y/n, have i ever told you about- oh," he's startled when your body rests on his side.
-makes sure to hold onto you firmly but carefully, skinship isn't common between you just yet, it's usually only small hugs and long goodbye kisses, and he doesn't wanna make you feel uncomfortable.
-"it's not because i'm boring right? you were just tired, yeah that's all," pouts :(
-contemplates on how to wake you up and what to say when he does. he manages to somehow do it, almost deciding against it twice because he just wants to hold you close to him :((((((((
-but when you do wake up he shyly asks you if you wanted to spend the night at the dorms, and you guys could have a movie night and cuddle;;;; ofc you said yes :D
-i love him way too much for my own good *deep sigh*
Tumblr media
-you guys had been walking around all the day long, it was one of those days when you step out of the house, get some fresh air and spend time with each other.
-you grew tired from all the roaming around, your legs asking for a break, but you both just missed your bus, so you had to walk to another station for a change of route.
-you didn't even have to say a word, hyunjin knows your body language so well he could tell from a single glance you're pushing yourself too much.
-being the bestest boy that he is, he offers to carry you on his back to the station. while you tried to deny it because it would tire him out, he insisted, because "at this pace we're gonna get to the station tomorrow babe, do you even wanna go home,"
-you both manage to make it through half way when you start to feel extremely droopy, and no matter how much you try to fight your sleep, you eventually gave in.
-he feels your body relax more gradually, and he stops to try to figure out what you're doing.
-it's when he feels your soft breaths that he realises you'd fallen asleep.
-soft laughs.
-"you must've been very tired huh, should've just asked me to carry you before, you dummy," tightens his hold on you to make sure you're comfortable and secure, can't afford you falling off of him :/
-"what if i drop you here and run away?" jokes around as if you're listening.
Tumblr media
-you'd come over to visit him at the dorms, you both haven't been able to spend alot of time together recently. everyone had decided to order pizza and have a harry potter marathon.
-three movies and uncountable snacks later, everyone's contemplating whether or not they should play the fourth one.
-amidst all the chaos, you seat yourself between jisung's legs and lean your back against his chest as the both of you wrap up in a blanket and cuddle.
-you talk for a bit (and maybe sneak in a few kisses) before your boyfriend's also dragged into the ongoing debate.
-you're trying your best to pay attention to what everyone's saying, but you're so drowsy you keep zoning out; and eventually decide to just close your eyes for a few minutes.
-the "small few minute nap" ended up in you falling into a deep sleep.
-"hey hey everyone shush, y/n's sleeping," seungmin's the one who makes everyone quiet down.
-jisung gets so shy for some reason, maybe it's because everyone's right there and looking at the both of you, so he quickly pulls you closer to mask his tinted cheeks.
-"how tired were they to fall asleep in the middle of us shouting like that," they start whispering, feeling guilty about being so noisy.
-they agree to call it a night, and jisung carries you to his bed, tucking you in and holding you close.
-he kisses your forehead. "night y/n, dream of me," giggles.
-"ugh, romance," jeongin's voice is heard from the other side of the room.
Tumblr media
-your couldn't go out for the date you had planned because of bad weather, so you both ended up cuddling on the couch; your back to his chest as some random movie plays, which neither of you are paying attention to.
-you continue to share stories, one story leading to another, sharing laughs and kisses in the midst of it all.
-at one point he starts to tell you about a song he's been working on. he's talking you through the working process, how he got the initial idea, who helped him write the lyrics, and listing possibilities of how the final song might be.
-eventually he starts talking about how he's confused between these two verses, and he doesn't know which one to put in the final track.
-you ask him to sing both the verses for you so you can decide which one you think fits the song better.
-"listen very carefully hm? i've changed a few words here and there but they make the difference,"
-he starts singing the first few lines, and you might've just been listening a little too carefully, because his voice is lulling you to sleep.
-"what do you think? i feel like the second one's better," he looks down waiting for your opinion, only to find you sleeping.
-"y/n, did you like it that much?" he's trying his best to hold in his laugh. he brings his hand up to push away stray hairs from your face and then plants a kiss to the crown of your head, switching the tv off, and taking you to bed to rest properly.
-i'd like for him to sing me a song too where do i sign up?
Tumblr media
-you had the longest day ever.
-studying for exams while attending offline lectures is really taking it's toll on you. you haven't had the privilege of getting good sleep for the past week or so, only an average of 3-4 hours because you have so much material to get through.
-you come home and end up taking a small nap on the couch straight away, not even bothering to freshen up. seungmin wakes you up when he comes home, probably a few minutes after you'd fallen asleep.
-"you have to freshen up and eat dinner, you can head to bed after that," he's rubbing his thumb across your cheek as he leans down to your eye level.
-"let me help you hm?," tells you to go wait in the bathroom.
-he helps you wash your hair and take a shower, and you somehow manage to get out of the bath and get dressed with his help, then he starts to dry your hair.
-he's softly scratching your scalp and it's easing the tension resting there. none of you are speaking, just enjoying the other's presence.
-not even five minutes later your body starts leaning towards his, the back of your head meeting with his stomach as he stands by the edge of the bed where you're seated.
-when his eyes meet your sleeping face half of his heart is relieved you're getting the rest your body needs, but he's still worried, and rightfully so.
-carefully lays you down in bed and joins in, hugging you and rubbing your lower back, deciding to let you sleep for a few hours before he wakes you up for dinner.
-"you need to rest well, no exam is as important as your health," :(
Tumblr media
-you both had met up to study earlier in the day.
-you were having trouble with a lab report, and he was kind enough to offer you assistance. you'd been working in a caf茅 for the past few hours, and your report was finally over.
-in the end you managed to convince him to grab some dinner with you, you'd treat him, it was the very least you could do after his help today, he was so patient with you throughout.
-and maybe because you had a huge crush on him and you wanted to be around him longer :D
-when you boarded the bus he noticed you were shivering, so he wordlessly gave you his coat.
-"you're gonna get cold, you can take it back-" "i'll be fine y/n, i'm not cold," but you kept insisting so he decided to share it with you, it was big enough anyways.
-the ride was a little long, and you had quite a tiring day. jeongin's coat on top of you, his scent surrounding you, you were getting a little too comfortable for your own good.
-he was about to ask you something but just before he could, your head meets rest on his shoulder. his body goes stiff for a few moments before he finally relaxes, noticing you're asleep.
-he ends up wrapping his arm around your front to keep you secure in place while you sleep, and the added warmth makes you snuggle closer to him unconsciously, also sending his heart accelerating.
-"y/n, i don't think what i feel for you is just a silly little crush anymore," softly whispers :(((
-eventually lays his head on top of yours and snuggles back into you.
-user hyunelovebot is found a crying mess on the floor.
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orange-dust-blossom2 days ago
It鈥檚 been three hours since your neighbour came home.
How do you know? Because he plugged in the karaoke machine right after unlocking the door. And fortunate enough for you, the walls separating your apartments were so thin that you could hear him belt every note.
Is that Adele?
鈥淕et it Jisung! Show the karaoke machine who鈥檚 boss!鈥 another voice cheers.
A holler could be heard after, presumably from Jisung himself. You chuckle as you rest back against the wall, content with the simple amusement you found from the songbird next door.
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hotcheetogurlseungmina day ago
Jeongin: I dare you to kiss the next person that comes into this room
Han: that's gross I'm not kissing any of you idiots
*Hyunjin walks in*
Han: Fine ill do it I mean rules are rules you know
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staycracka day ago
Seungmin: I dare you to kiss the next person that comes into this room.
Jisung: Pff, I'm not gonna kiss any of you idiots.
*Chan walks in*
Jisung: Fine I'll do it. Rules are rules.
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quokkaa-hanidola day ago
skz as dumb shit my friends and i have done part 3
Jisung: *starts choking on a piece of cereal*
Chan: Is he okay?
Minho: Yeah, pretty sure he鈥檚 just coughing.
Chan: Pretty sure he鈥檚 choking.
Minho: Is he? I鈥檝e never seen a person choke on cereal.
Chan: True, but like, this is Jisung we鈥檙e talking about.
Minho: Maybe he鈥檚 in a coughing fit?
Chan: Maybe.
Jisung, who finally stopped choking: I鈥檓 sitting here losing my life to a piece of fucking cereal, and y鈥檃ll are sat here debating if I鈥檓 choking or not?
(Part 1)
(Part 2)
(Part 4)
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neptualya month ago
(銇 太-) zZz' ! sorry depression, but you can't catch me while i'm watching han jisung cute moments 鈾ワ笌
鈥 饾椀饾棶饾椈 :: watched you laughing from the passenger side and realized i loved you in the fall.
jisung 馃専 created a new post! : yes, me & (your @/name) are dating... luv you my boo 馃馃徎馃挱
喃倣鈬鈥糕喖鈥垛値醿 kittens, strawberry gum, teen clich茅 and me & jisung singing me & you together song 鈾
han jisung bios 鈰
藪 鈾ワ笌 or鈫 if u save ! follow me.
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eroskz24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids taking parts in no nut november
warnings : just smut throughout the entire post.
a/n : for those who might not know what nnn is, it's basically a month in which someone has to abstain themselves from cumming. plain and simple. also ! it's my very first post on that blog so hope you babes will like it <3 feedback is appreciated :)
Tumblr media
鈹 鉂 CHAN
he could win, honestly.
if he really wanted to push through the entire month of november without busting a nut he would.
if he really wanted to push through the entire month of november without busting a nut he would.
if he really wanted to push through the entire month of november without busting a nut he would.
would avoid you by using work as a pretext to stay busy all day & night.
however, after maybe two weeks of abstinence the effects of nnn started appearing on him.
would constantly think about you and how your mouth feels around him & how he misses touching you, having you for himself.
the day you visit him at the studio is the day this man is about to lose.
would (and will) take you there until you鈥檙e a babbling mess.
the strongest soldier of them all.
he can contain himself insanely well, like you didn鈥檛 know it was possible.
nonetheless, he鈥檇 eye-fuck you at any given moments, knowing it鈥檚 something that turns you on.
would also imagine plenty of nasty scenarios in which he鈥檚 getting the best sex he鈥檚 ever had.
this will eventually lead to him getting hard at some point, but as i said the control he has over himself is so high he鈥檒l just pretend it鈥檚 not bothering him.
once the clock strikes midnight on december 1st though.
you鈥檙e in for the longest night of your life, because he鈥檒l make everything he鈥檚 been imagining for a month real.
too competitive he thinks he鈥檚 gonna win.
he wanted to do it to prove you he鈥檚 able to hold himself back.
would try avoiding looking at you at all costs, because if he did he knew he鈥檇 lose on the spot.
the moment he saw extra skin from your body though.
thighs, ass, belly, cleavage, you name it.
practically ran up to you and asked for sex.
鈥 i鈥檓 quitting this challenge can i touch you now ? 鈥
make a comment about him loosing and he鈥檚 gonna shut that pretty mouth of yours with his dick.
you were the one who brought him this idea.
and, since he鈥檚 a man of challenges, he accepted.
everything was going well for two days, so he thought he had everything under control.
thought. that鈥檚 the point.
this was until you accompanied him to the dance practice room and wanted him to teach you some stuffs.
you would mess up on purpose so he鈥檇 have to his hands on certain parts of your body.
now his hands are all over the place, while he鈥檚 fucking you in front of the mirror wall, praising you for how good you鈥檙e taking him.
this poor boy would simply not last.
not even a day.
the type to have bomb ass sex on october 31st so he thinks his november is gonna be all fine.
you would just have to touch him lightly the next morning, whether you鈥檙e touching his arms, neck, bulge or whatever, it don鈥檛 matter.
he鈥檒l get turned on under a second, practically begging to be inside you.
if you remind him about how he wanted to participate in nnn this year he鈥檇 reply 鈥 i don鈥檛 care anymore let me have you please. 鈥
bonus point is, since he lost on first day you two can get laid whenever you want now.
i have mixed feelings about him.
he probably tried it when he was single, and ended up loosing for the sole reason of him being a teenager at that time.
honestly he might be able to last quite longer than some other members.
would keep his mind busy by practicing, or finding new hobbies.
but he also wouldn鈥檛 mind if you asked him to have sex to be honest.
okay he wanted to win in the first place.
but his s/o asking him softly if he can please them is something he won鈥檛 resist.
which is fine, november happens every year, he鈥檒l have chances to try again.
second strongest soldier.
another one that would work extra hard to think about something else.
he鈥檇 still have the picture of him pleasuring the both of you in his mind 24/7, but his self-control is on another level.
could probably ask you to touch yourself in front of him 鈥 just because he enjoys the sight 鈥.
and it鈥檇 work because you get to cum and he鈥檚 getting pleasure without breaking the challenge.
you would even encourage him to win at this point.
we love a supporting couple.
let me get this straight.
he鈥檚 a whore.
started the challenge to see how long you鈥檇 last, not him.
takes you to an empty room randomly to play with your boobs under your (his) hoodie until you鈥檙e begging for more.
鈥 no baby we鈥檙e doing no nut november this year remember ? or me touching your tits is already too much for you ? 鈥
he鈥檇 give in after three weeks of complains, and whines.
also begs because you wanted him to take you wherever he wanted.
at the end he wouldn鈥檛 hold back to rearrange your insides as he pleases, making sure to degrade you because you couldn鈥檛 wait another week.
Tumblr media
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hyuneluvbota month ago
how skz cuddle
pairing- stray kids x reader聽
genre- fluff聽
warnings- not rly a warning but none of the gifs used are mine, so all credits go to the original owners. i don鈥檛 claim these gifs. if the original owner wants me to tag them, or take the gif down please don鈥檛 hesitate to tell me about it! have fun reading :D
-also all of this is just how i view the members and what i feel like their habits are! if you don鈥檛 like what鈥檚 written pls scroll away <3
word count- 1.8 k
author鈥檚 note- i added too many personal feelings in this, cried twice while writing it, love that. i hope u enjoy <3
Tumblr media
-i mean we鈥檝e all seen how he gives the best hugs, so it鈥檚 safe to say chan鈥檚 cuddles>>>>>>>>>>
-he鈥檚 a busy boy, so you don鈥檛 get to spend too much together during the day, but the moment he comes back home he wants to have you as close to him as possible :((
-sometimes feels very sorry for not being able to spend alot of time with you because of his schedule and that results in even more cuddles AAAA
-will nEVER go to sleep until he鈥檚 inquired you about how you spent your day to his satisfaction.聽
-looks at you with ,,,,that鈥欌欌欌 look oh you know what i鈥檓 talking about
-loves back rubs so so so much, i mean i don鈥檛 blame him, carrying the entire industry on his back must hurt聽
-he鈥檚 usually the big spoon but sometimes he鈥檚 very tired and wants to be taken care of, which results in him being the small spoon *sobs*
-you hug his waist and put your leg over his and rest your head on his (very broad) back, he loves to be held onto, it makes him feel very loved and cherished :((((
-he鈥檚 usually a very mature and sought out person, but sometimes when things just get out of control, he rants about it as you hug him.
-when he鈥檚 with you he doesn鈥檛 feel the need to be this perfect, tough,聽鈥榠 have my shit together鈥 guy, he allows himself to let go of all the burden and find comfort in your presence and your touch.聽
-you once got him a plushie and sprayed your perfume on it to hug if he missed you and you aren鈥檛 around, so sometimes when he鈥檚 tired in his studio he takes a nap while hugging it D:
-if you ever randomly just cuddle upto him, mans becomes a giggle machine with red ears and a racing heart ahhadhjasgdjs he鈥檚 so precious聽
-i鈥檓 not crying you are聽
Tumblr media
-2 kewl 4 cuddles :D
-鈥渁ccidentally鈥 hugs you sometimes, claims he has no control over his body, so you often find yourself just squished between his two arms, unable to move until he lets go.聽
-neck kisses, lots and lots of neck kisses.
-likes to stare at you until you get the message he wants to cuddle.聽
-when you鈥檙e already asleep, he gently scoots towards you and puts your head on his chest, wrapping his arms around you.
-only does it when you鈥檙e asleep because he鈥檚 shy :((
-also talks to you about how amazing you are when you鈥檙e sleeping
-鈥渋 don鈥檛 tell you this when you鈥檙e awake because, i get a little nervous ahahhahha鈥
-sometimes if you turn away from him in your sleep, he gets all whiney about it
-鈥渘oooo don鈥檛 let go of my hand, you鈥檙e so mean, i just want to hold you,鈥
-he pretends to still be asleep in the morning when you wake him up if it means he gets to hug you a little longer, loves it when you play with his hair :(((((
-when you have even the slightest trace of a frown on your face though, he seats you on his lap and feeds you your favourite food, then rubs your back until you fall asleep.
-鈥渄on鈥檛 get used to this, i hate cuddles,鈥 *hugs you tighter and snuggles into your neck*
Tumblr media
-lives off of cuddling you and is not shy to hide it.
-鈥測/n y/n y/n, guess what time is it? binnie wants to snuggle o鈥檆lock,鈥
-makes that :] face and oh god how could someone ever refuse him聽
-likes to cling to you throughout the day, even when he鈥檚 working and you happen to visit, his arms are around you some way or the other, and he guides you through his working process.
-so he鈥檚 like there just talking to you about how he writes lyrics or puts together all these different beats and his arm is around you and you鈥檙e leaning back against his chest and you鈥檙e, just, completely falling in love with him all over again? even if you don鈥檛 get what he鈥檚 saying, too many technical terms, you won鈥檛 ever dare interrupt, seeing the way he鈥檚 so happy talking about what he loves :(
-he鈥檚 just so talented and hardworking and you鈥檙e so proud of him, as you should be.聽
-alternates between big spoon and small spoon.
-traps you between his (huge) arms and snuggles into your neck when he鈥檚 the big spoon but loves having you hug his waist when he鈥檚 the small spoon聽
-i鈥檝e never wanted to hug someone more than i wanna hug him i will cry
Tumblr media
-80% legs and uses it to his advantage when you鈥檙e cuddling, wraps all of his limbs around you and lays your head on his chest.
-sometimes lays on top of you completely and traps you under him.
-鈥渉yunjin you鈥檙e heavy get off,鈥澛犫渟hhh you talk too much,鈥
-very dramatic if you refuse to cuddle.
-鈥渉yun i have to complete this assignment tonigh-鈥澛犫測ou know what you might as well just date that assignment if you love it so much鈥 huffs and walks away.
-鈥渋鈥檓 done with it, we can cuddle now,鈥澛犫渋 don鈥檛 cuddle cheaters,鈥
-such a drama queen we love to see it聽
-when you visit him at practice he lays on your chest and takes a nap during breaks, doesn鈥檛 care if he鈥檚 all sweaty, says you signed up for this when you agreed to go out with him.聽
-sometimes you鈥檙e both just lying together on the floor of the practice room, staring up at the ceiling and your legs are tangled together or one of yours head is on the other鈥檚 chest, and you just talk about anything that comes to mind, it鈥檚 moments like those in which you truly just appreciate the other鈥檚 presence.聽
-he considers himself very lucky to have someone like you to talk to, someone who never judges him and accepts his flaws and mistakes as they are :(((
-i put in too many personal feelings here *chokes on sobs*
Tumblr media
-cannot stay still for the life of him
-so you have to be the one who wraps yourself around him to hold him in place
-talks to you every night with his head on your chest, plays with your fingers as he does so.
-loves it so much when you kiss the top of his head.
-is literal putty in your hands if you play with his hair :(
-when he鈥檚 had a bad day, he asks you to softly scratch his back, and ofc you can鈥檛 say no, how could you ever?
-he once got you both this giant hoodie so that the both of you could fit into it together, thinks it was so cute, you鈥檇 be so close to him all the time now :(
-kisses your collarbones when his head鈥檚 on your chest, also loves to fall asleep like that, so you just often end up falling asleep on the couch, but it鈥檚 comfortable so it鈥檚 okay聽
-often tells you he sleeps the best when you鈥檙e close and hugging him
-鈥渋 like sleeping when you鈥檙e around, makes me feel warm and safe,鈥
-even if he isn鈥檛 hugging you, he likes to have his hands on you one way or the other, sometimes holds your hand as you鈥檙e sleeping.
-please let me smother him in kisses
Tumblr media
-loves hugging your waist from behind, so when you鈥檙e working, he makes you sit on his lap and rests his head on your shoulder, talking to you throughout the process of you working.
-sometimes even falls asleep like that, head on your shoulder; it鈥檚 not the most comfy but if it means he gets to have you that close to him he鈥檚 okay with it
-loves to rest his head in your lap because then he can keep looking at you and telling you just how beautiful you are to him :((
-tells you about his day as he lays on your lap; every single little detail from what he ate, to what he worked on today, what step in a choreo was giving him a hard time, and then proceeds to ask you about your day in a similar manner.
-he loves tummy rubs, gently places your hands on his tummy and when you understand what he means you move your hand in slow circles and he literally purrs, he finds it such a relaxing and comforting feeling :((((((((((((((( lix cat agenda聽
-makes you sit on his lap and dry his hair, loves the feeling of soft scratches against his scalp after a hard day at work
-hugs your pillow to sleep if you can鈥檛 go to sleep with him :( what a cutie
-he鈥檚 such a fluffy little ball of sunshine and happiness i love him so much
Tumblr media
-鈥渋 will not cuddle you,鈥 but is only refusing because he鈥檚 so nervous he feels like a middle schooler about to confess to their crush.
-surprisingly it鈥檚 pretty easy to convince him; if wrapping yourself around him and clinging to his side counts as convincing.聽
-lets you use his arm as a pillow and wraps the other around around your torso.聽
-sings you to sleep,, ahahahah y鈥檃ll were waiting for this one
-as much as you like to hear his voice, he loves to hear yours too, so he lets you lay on him and rest your back against his chest, and you read a book to him.
-he was so shy and jittery to ask you for this at first, but ever since then, it鈥檚 a weekly activity.
-reading is something you both have always bonded over, this just makes it ten times better.
-sometimes runs his fingers through your hair, which you enjoy so much you sometimes fall asleep like that.
-鈥渟illy y/n, we were almost through with the mystery,鈥 but nonetheless, puts the book away slowly and then just, fully wraps his arms around you and gives you a huge hug.
-鈥渋鈥檒l hug you like this when you鈥檙e awake too, soon, but i鈥檓 shy鈥 mumbles into your hair
-just stares at you as you sleep, then takes you to bed.
-soft hours: open :D
Tumblr media
-he鈥檚 grown up on the receiving end of skinship, so he鈥檚 not very used to doing it on his own, it intimidates him.聽
-it鈥檚 only because he鈥檚 very nervous and doesn鈥檛 want to do something that might push you away or make you uncomfortable, so he鈥檚 hesitant in his actions, but when he鈥檚 sure you鈥檙e okay he eases into it.聽
-usually gives small hugs, and gets shy if you refuse to let him go, stands there shyly giggling with red cheeks and ears.
-also sings you to sleep because hello? his :( voice :( is :( so :( beautiful :(
-loves to lay his head on your stomach and have you play with his hair, talks to you about his day as you do.聽
-it鈥檚 something he鈥檚 grown fond of doing over time, it鈥檚 just the right amount of skinship without overbearing either of you, and though he may not admit it, it鈥檚 his favourite part of his day, just being with you and feeling your soothing touch i鈥檓 devastated :(((
-if you break away from his embrace in the middle of the night, he unconsciously searches for you in his sleep.
-even if you just go to the washroom or go to drink water, you come back to find him trying to find you in his sleep, eyebrows creased, hand roaming around on your side of the bed.
-when you finally lay beside him again and his hand meets your body, he鈥檚 quick to pull you to his side again, hugs you a little tighter this time around.
-he just wants you close to him but is shy :(((
-i want to kiss his cheeks
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids & their favorite kind of physical touch !
Tumblr media
鉂 鈹 CHAN having his arm(s) around you. he does it without comprehending he鈥檚 touching you sometimes. he pretty much always has his arm on you, whether you鈥檙e walking down the streets or simply at home, it鈥檚 a basic need of him. the type to softly grab you by your waist while saying 鈥 excuse me baby 鈥 if you鈥檙e in his way. it鈥檚 his own manner to make you feel safe around him, and so like that people know you鈥檙e taken and will not try to make a move they might end up regretting.
鉂 鈹 MINHO playing with your hair. same as chan, it鈥檚 a gesture he鈥檚 so used to do he doesn鈥檛 realise he does it constantly. the only thing to do for him to touch your hair is just being next to him. now you can catch him twirling strands of hair between his fingers and running his hand through it. he鈥檇 also be very experimental with it, trying various hairstyles like pigtails, pony tails, braids, buns etc鈥 if they鈥檙e long enough. if not, he鈥檇 put cute hair clips in your hair and call it his 鈥 own kind of art on his significant other. 鈥
鉂 鈹 CHANGBIN kisses. he鈥檚 such a sucker for your kisses i swear. whether it鈥檚 a small peck on his lips, to a trail of kisses starting from his forehead, to his cheeks and nose, lips and finally neck, he wants them all. longer makeout sessions happen when it鈥檚 just the two of you with no one around and they can last for up to an hour if you missed each other. i feel like you could tease him a bit about this, but it鈥檚 until he grabs you by the jawline before crashing his lips onto yours and yes, teasing is all gone now.
鉂 鈹 HYUNJIN soft touches. like when you caress his cheeks, when you gently cup them, when you tug at his hair during a cuddle session that grew into a makeout one. it鈥檚 also randomly grabbing his hand that makes his heart swoon, it鈥檚 all these kind of gestures that remind him how much you love him. his favorite though, would be when you cup his cheeks before pressing a kiss on his soft, plump lips, pouring every feelings you and him share for each other, he falls in love a bit more each time you do that.
鉂 鈹 JISUNG tangled limbs. this occurs when you two are having a movie marathon, which is pretty common. he鈥檇 just love the idea of being with you doing one of his favorite things. that way he can hold you close to him while wondering which legs belong to who. i feel like he鈥檇 probably fall asleep at any given time though, considering the position you guys are in, it鈥檇 give him a sense of peace. however if you鈥檙e the one falling asleep first, he鈥檇 admire your relaxed features instead of having his eyes fixed on the tv.
鉂 鈹 FELIX hugs. this one was rather obvious, but literally anything involving physical touches will make felix content. he had a bad day ? you can be sure he鈥檚 gonna ask for a hug. he鈥檚 doing great ? he鈥檇 want a hug again it鈥檚 his 24/7 thing. he鈥檇 do that thing where he grabs you as if you were made of glass before embracing you and smiling gently because he just feels so fine when you鈥檙e in his arms. you鈥檙e his entire world and knowing he can straightforwardly place you close to him has him joyful for the rest of his life.
鉂 鈹 SEUNGMIN forehead kisses. an ever so soft gesture in which he puts all his love for you. his forehead kisses most likely happen when you feel drained out because of whatever situation you鈥檙e going through. he kisses you that way to reassure you, to show you he cares about you without saying much and, sometimes, that鈥檚 exactly what you need. he鈥檇 surely make sure you鈥檙e doing fine by asking, but if you tell him you don鈥檛 feel like exchanging on the topic he鈥檇 grab your cheeks before kissing you鈥檙e forehead so you鈥檇 feel a bit better already.
鉂 鈹 JEONGIN holding hands. here again it鈥檚 a simple way to show you鈥檙e his s/o. at first he was rather shy about physical touches, especially in front of people but he grew out of that phase. now he holds them in front of everyone without caring much because he loves the feeling of intertwined fingers. also adores comparing your hand with his. if yours are smaller he鈥檇 grin and tell you how cute they are, if they鈥檙e bigger than his he鈥檇 find it really cool that you can, sort of, make his hands look petite. either way it鈥檚 a win-win situation between you two.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids headcanons 鈥 little things about being in a relationship with them
Tumblr media
[鉁縘 鈥 CHAN. him going from shyly calling you his girlfriend/boyfriend/partner at the start of the relationship to casually calling you 鈥榤y love鈥 out of habit even when in front of people. sharing a drink with two straws. always having a protective hold around your waist or hand in crowded places. simple gentlemanly gestures like opening doors for you or offering to place his jacket on your lap so that you can sit more comfortably when wearing shorts or skirts, etc. your smile making him smile and vice versa. the way his eyes light up when someone asks about you or mentions your name.
[鉁縘 鈥 MINHO. stolen gazes in public that become stolen smiles then stolen kisses in the dark. even when surrounded by other people, his eyes always find you and yours him. affectionately calling you dumbass. loving each other鈥檚 company so much that you lose track of time; sitting at a corner table in a quaint little caf茅 鈥 that later becomes your spot 鈥 talking about your ideas and thoughts and dreams for hours and hours until the waiter interrupts, asking you to order again or to leave.
[鉁縘 鈥 CHANGBIN. the way you two always turn and look at each other in amusement when someone says something funny or questionable. compliments. hyping each other up. playfulness. teasing each other with words but never truly getting annoyed. looking at you with that 鈥榠鈥檓 in love鈥 smile when you鈥檙e laughing hard because of him. sending you a text or two throughout the day to check up on you or simply because he misses you.
[鉁縘 鈥 HYUNJIN. couple things; matching hoodies or jewelry. looking at you when you鈥檙e not looking. the soft, comfortable eye contact when you catch him looking and neither looking away as you giddily smile at each other. him saving extra treats like chocolate or candy for you and slipping them in your pocket as a little surprise. him subconsciously sniffing your hair or neck before hugging you even tighter. tracing your features with his fingertips during afternoon cuddles by the window because he finds you so beautiful.
[鉁縘 鈥 JISUNG. acting more like best-friends than lovers. matching your steps when walking; that somehow turning into a competition and him trying to mess with you to make you lose your rhythm, but catching you with laughter when you trip. taking turns to split the bill when eating out. playfully aggressive naggings when you鈥檙e not taking care of yourself. saving your contact with funny nicknames. sending ridiculous or inappropriate texts when you鈥檙e in the same room with other people just to watch each other鈥檚 overdramatic reactions.
[鉁縘 鈥 FELIX. wanting to be around each other so much that you make up excuses to have more time together before the date or the hang-out ends; him offering to walk you home and upon reaching your house, deciding to walk a few more minutes around the area. him instinctively putting his hand on your knee or on your waist when someone tries to flirt with you. surprise back hugs and soft kisses on the shoulder. innocent neck kisses in an attempt to tickle the other.
[鉁縘 鈥 SEUNGMIN. finishing each other鈥檚 sentences and staring at each other in surprise and amusement before laughing out loud. having your own little special handshake and showing it off to others. taking embarrassing photos of each other for blackmail later on. staying up till 3 a.m just to talk, kiss, cuddle, and roll around on bed. ditching hang-outs or parties and running off to explore the city together. planning fancy, elaborate dinner dates but ending up at the convenience store for ramen as always.
[鉁縘 鈥 JEONGIN. late-night cooking in the kitchen simply because you鈥檙e bored and can鈥檛 sleep; this, more often than not, turning into a dance party, but at some point, you鈥檙e both so tired that you end up slow dancing to some pop song, completely ignoring its fast beat. soft laughter and giggles. sitting in comfortable silence, enjoying each other鈥檚 company while you鈥檙e on your own phones then him suddenly edging closer to you for lazy snuggles.
Tumblr media
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