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#skz scenarios
skeezsbbygirl · a year ago
tmt (too much tank tops) + bang chan
hello sunshines! (◕‿◕✿)
i’m sorry it took so long for me to update :( i had some personal agendas i needed to attend to, but all is good now <3 this is for anon who requested a bang chan scenario inspired from all the sleeveless looks he’s been serving all of us lately haha. hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Don't do it, you thought, as you fought back the urge to bite Chris' exposed arm. The said male's attention was currently fixated on his laptop, clicking some buttons as he bopped his head with the beat that was playing in his headphones. You could faintly hear the tune due to Chris' habit of turning up the volume too loud, claiming that he needed to do that to perfect his craft.
His arm flexed, unbeknownst to him, as he rubbed his neck in attempt to ease some of the tension that was building in his muscles. Such motion made his veins even more prominent, faint shades of green and blue laced through his upper arm down to his hands.
"Chris, stop," you said as you grabbed his arm, slowly guiding it back to rest on the table. Your boyfriend looked at you in confusion, swiftly hitting pause on his laptop to focus on you.
"Stop what, baby?" he questioned as his brown orbs innocently stared into yours, a hint of concern was also displayed on his features, worrying if he had done something wrong for you to call him out.
"I'm sorry, I'll get this done right away," Chris added quickly, taking your hand into his and pressing a kiss on your knuckles. You offered him a sweet smile as you shook your head.
"No, babe. I wasn't talking about that," you explained, shifting in your seat to take a better look at him. Chris slid his headphones off, setting the gadget right beside his laptop. "Then what is it, bub?" he pressed, "You know you can tell me anything, yeah?"
"It's just," you paused as a sudden wave of embarrassment hit you. "Just what?" Chris prompted for you to go on. You shook your head, deciding to bite back the reply that was at the tip of your tongue. "Nothing. Forget I said anything, go back to work," you shrugged, flashing him a convincing smile as you reached out for your phone.
Chris eyed you suspiciously, sensing that there was something odd about your behavior. "I'm not going back to work unless you tell me what's going on," he stated. "Look at me, baby," he instructed as his finger firmly tilted your chin up. "Spill, (y/n)," he said, taking your phone from your hand as he carefully placed it on the table.
"It's embarrassing," you whined, pulling away from his grip, opting to nuzzle your face into his neck. "It's just me, babe," he chuckled, "Come on, baby."
"Exactly, it's you," you muttered, sending shivers down Chris' spine as your lips grazed the sensitive skin of his neck as you spoke. "What about me, love?" he asked as he grabbed your waist, pulling you towards him, making you settle on his lap. Your arms automatically wrapped themselves around his shoulders with your face still buried in his neck as he maneuvered you into a comfortable position.
"Youandyourstupidmuscletanktops," you breathed out in one go. "What?" Chris laughed, "What was that, babygirl?"
He heard you the first time, managing to catch your words despite how muffled you sounded. But still, he wanted to tease you.
"I hate you," you mumbled. "I hate you and your arms, and how they make me feel."
"No, you don't," Chris interjected. "Because if this is how you react when you hate them, then how much more flustered will you get when you actually love them," he teased.
You groaned in annoyance. "See? This is why I didn't want to tell you," you said as you emerged from your hiding. "So, you were ogling at my arms, huh?" Chris joked, cocking one eyebrow at you.
"Whatever, I'm joining Hyunjin in the dance room," you pouted, pushing yourself off of him, but Chris only tightened his hold on you. "No, baby," Chris whined, "Alright, I'm sorry, no more teasing."
Chris leaned in and gave you a kiss, one that lasted longer than usual. "You're the cutest," he cooed to which you responded with an eye roll. "I'm flattered that you like my arms," Chris said, "I've been working out with Bin a lot these days," he added.
"Yeah, I've noticed," you replied as you lightly traced the veins that adorned his upper arm with your fingers. Chris visibly relaxed under your touch, his eyes followed your movement, fascinated by your actions. "I'm glad you noticed," Chris giggled, suddenly growing shy from the attention he was getting from you. Not that he wasn't used to it, but it was the first time that you verbally expressed your fixation on his arms. He might have noticed your stares now and then, but he really didn't make a big deal out of it.
"Well, how can I not when you've been wearing a lot of sleeveless tops nowadays," you pointed out. Chris lifted his shoulders in a half shrug and you shook your head at your boyfriend's cocky demeanor, snuggling back into his embrace.
"I find them comfortable," Chris claimed. "And I find them distracting," you countered back. "Yeah, clearly," he teased, earning him a light smack on his right arm. "I just want to be in your arms forever," you said and Chris smiled at your response, planting a kiss on your forehead in the process.
"I'm here, baby. I got you forever."
The both of you stayed cuddled up for a while, with one of Chris' hand gently stroking your hair while the other was wrapped around your waist, keeping you close to him.
"I missed you," you spoke after a while. "Like a lot," you added as you peppered Chris' neck with small kisses. "I missed you more, babygirl," he replied. "Alright, let me finish up and we'll go home," Chris released his hold on you, gently guiding you back to your seat.
An hour later, you guys were home, with you on the bed and Chris currently taking a shower. You were sprawled out on your stomach as you mindlessly scrolled through your phone, answering messages from your friends that popped up in your notification center every now and then.
Your attention was only shifted when Chris emerged out of the bathroom, clad in nothing but black sweatpants and a small towel hanging on his right shoulder, leaving his upper body bare. He sat on the edge of the bed with his back to you as you watched him dry his hair with the towel.
"Here, babe, I'll do it for you," you offered as you crawled to where he was. You tapped his shoulder, motioning for him to sit on the carpeted floor of your shared bedroom as you placed your legs on his sides. Chris' body nestled between your parted legs, crossing his own and making himself comfortable. "Thanks," he said, handing you the towel.
"You did well today," you complimented which earned you a shy chuckle from Chris. "You say that everyday," he noted, dodging your praises. "Because you do well everyday, Chris," you insisted, harshly ruffling his hair to make your point. The black-haired male whined at your sudden action, tilting his head up to pout at you. "You're such a baby," you teased, leaning down to kiss his lips. "But I'm your baby," Chris replied, catching your lips in another kiss.
"Yes, you are, so you better wear more sleeves from now on," you squeezed his arms, and then leaned down to plant a kiss on his exposed shoulder. "Aww, is my queen jealous?" Chris joked, poking your cheek. You huffed in response. "Don't worry, beautiful," he paused as he turned his body around to properly face you. "They may be out there for everyone to see, but they're only yours to touch and feel, and occasionally ogle at," he continued, a giggle escaping his lips as he delivered the latter line.
"I do not ogle," you argued, playfully hitting his arm with your fist. Chris laughed and stood up, hovering over your seated figure. He placed his hands on your sides, caging you within his arms. With Chris being so close, you could smell the all too familiar scent of his body wash -- it was safe to say that it took quite a lot of control not to pounce on him right there and then. "Yeah, sorry. I meant drool," he mocked.
You scoffed at his remark. "Forget it, I'm gonna ogle at Changbin's arms instead," you challenged and Chris immediately dropped his act. "Don't you dare," he gasped and attacked you with kisses. You yelped in surprise, throwing your head back as you giggled, which only allowed Chris to have better access to your neck.
"Alright, alright," you managed to say in between giggles, "I'm kidding, Chris!"
Chris stopped, placing one final kiss on your lips as he detached himself from you. "Good, 'cause you're mine," he stated. "I'm yours, always. I promise," you reassured as your hands came up to gently caress his cheeks. Chris melted under your touch, basking within the affection you were giving him.
You closed the gap between the two of you, connecting your lips with his once more. Chris caught you off guard for a second when he deepened the kiss. It was slow and soft at first, but things quickly turned heated when Chris nibbled on your bottom lip, and at your grant of access, he delved inside your mouth.
You raked your hands through his brown curly locks, lightly tugging at the strands as you pulled him closer, which elicited a soft moan from Chris, his own hands finding their way under your top.
"Alright, sugar lips," you chuckled as you pulled away from Chris, halting his advances, "Go put a shirt on, you need to rest."
"Don't want to," Chris insisted as he towered over your figure once again. "And why not?" you asked, raising one eyebrow at him. "Because I wanna love on you right now," he answered, "So lie back, babygirl."
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honeyfelix · a year ago
𝕣𝕦𝕚𝕟 𝕪𝕠𝕦
request: can u write a softdom hyunjin smut with an innocent kink with the reader pls🥺
you were prettier than ever laying before him, but something was different - hyunjin could tell. as he kneeled between your legs, fingers intertwined with his, he could feel it. with each kiss, your lingering on his lips lasted just a bit longer, reluctant to let him pull away; each time he finally did and caught a glimpse of your half-lidded eyes, you looked hungry for him as your hands roamed his body.
“baby - what’s gotten into you?” hyunjin lightly chuckled against your lips. 
“nothing,” you muttered as your legs wrapped around him, pulling him closer still. “just want you.”
you were never so forward, and hyunjin could tell it was affecting you - your cheeks were reddening at your admission. the idea of you being so needy lit a fire in his stomach. 
gentle as he always was, he hoisted himself up to unbutton your shirt, trying to take it slow - but when your bare breasts were unveiled as the fabric slipped to the sides, he couldn’t help himself. he pressed a kiss to your collarbone, intending to travel down and enjoy your chest, but the attention snapped you back to reality. 
your hands untangled from his to fold your shirt back to cover yourself, but hyunjin was too quick, pulling your wrists back to either side of your head. 
“uh-uh, baby, stop being so modest. you can’t cover up for me.” as if to toy with your vulnerability, hyunjin leaned back to silently drink in the sight of you, nipples perked at the cool air. your blush spread from your cheeks to your chest, painting your skin pink with warmth. hyunjin returned his lips to your skin, kissing a delicate path from your clavicle to your left nipple, taking it into his mouth and bringing a hand to grope your right breast. 
worshipping your body was one of his favorite things: taking his time long before ever touching your heat, laying his lips on every inch of flesh, showering you with praise whenever he got to feel you. but the fire in his belly tonight wanted something more. with your small frame before him and the flush in your cheeks, he couldn’t hide it - he just wanted to ruin you. 
hyunjin’s hands flloated down to unbutton your jeans, then hooking his fingers on either side and tugging both them and your panties down at once. your thighs flew together by reflex at suddenly being put on display, but he wriggled a hand between them, just enough to feel the warmth of your core on his fingers. 
“what’s the matter? so innocent that you won’t let me see your pretty pussy?” 
you only mewled in response, just lightly relaxing your thighs to give hyunjin room to slide his fingers between your folds. 
“that doesn’t seem fair, since i’m the one that made it all wet, didn’t i?”
his fingers still lightly rubbing up and down, every so often just grazing your clit, your breaths grew shallow. hyunjin leaned in, pressing lips to your ear.
“didn’t i?” he whispered again, lowly this time, sliding just one finger inside of you. your back instantly arched at the feeling of your walls fully enveloping his finger, pressing your breasts to his chest.
“jesus, you’re so tight,” hyunjin mused, more to himself than to you. he sucked his lip between his teeth, then poised himself to add another finger - slower this time, gradually stretching you for him. “how are you gonna take all of me, baby?”
“pl-please, i want it...”
“is that so? but i thought you were so innocent, princess - you really want me to fuck you?” he teased. with his words and the quickening pace of his fingers, you were maddeningly responsive; your soaked heat endlessly trickled with wetness, your hips just barely bucked against his hand involuntarily. 
“yes, nggh- y-yes, i want it-”
“you want me to ruin you, fill you up? corrupt my little princess?” he was drunk on the power, so turned on from being the puppeteer of your pleasure - quickening his pace to hear your whimpers, slowing to feel you roll your hips against his hand hungry for more, curling his fingers and watching your chest heave in response.
“yes, please- god, please fuck me!” you stuttered, screwing your eyes shut so you didn’t have to look him in the eyes when you admitted it.
“hmm,”  hyunjin considered, abruptly pulling his fingers out of your dripping entrance. he just looked at them for a beat, as if to consider your juices glistening on his hand. your eyes widened as he lifted them to his mouth, sucking each one clean of you. “maybe not as innocent as i thought.”
hyunjin pulled himself off of you, reaching down to unbuckle his belt and free his cock - his first sign of undressing tonight. as if to warm you up, he rubbed the angry head up and down over your slit. he leaned in to kiss you, though you could hardly return it as your head was consumed with pleasure every time his tip grazed your clit. 
“i’m going to take you, baby. so beautiful - and you’re all mine.” 
your arms flying to wrap around his neck as he eased into you was all the affirmation he needed. instantly, his length was grazing your sweet spot, eliciting loud moans from you with every stroke.
“what is it, baby - no one’s ever filled up your pretty pussy like this before?” hyunjin grunted, quickening his pace as your tightness began to ease at the stretch. “no one’s ever made you come on their cock?”
“ah- no, sir!”
“sir?” hyunjin breathed, hips stopping with his cock fully buried inside you. that’s when you saw his eyes turn dark.
all at once, his pounding into you came harder than ever. “god, you’ve been so fucking filthy all this time, hmm? just needed a chance to let it out?” just as quickly as he’d picked up his face, his strokes abruptly grew slower but impossibly deeper. 
a yelp was thrown out of you as he slammed into you once. “have you been dreaming about my cock inside you?” his hips pounded into yours a second time. “do you call me sir when you’re thinking about me with your little fingers in your pussy?” again, first slowly and then filling you to the hilt in a swift motion. “or are you so innocent that you’ve never touched yourself while thinking about me?” 
hyunjin slid his cock out of you excruciatingly slowly. “no, that can’t be it. you’re too greedy for me.”
without warning, hyunjin fully removed himself from you, then flipped to lay on his back. you gasped at the sudden empty feeling.
“since you’re so needy. why don’t you show me?”
“what?” you stuttered. 
“come on, baby. climb on top of me. i just want to watch you make yourself feel good.”
nervously, you brought one leg across his hips, anchoring your hands on his chest to fully mount him. you lifted your hips, letting himself line himself up at your entrance, then you sunk down ever so slowly. 
your teeth were gritted through your moans, head lolling backwards as hyunjin’s cock filled you deeper than ever before.
“god, you look so pretty like this,” hyunjin breathed in awe. “making yourself feel good on top of me. my beautiful, pure little princess just wants to come so bad.” you began to bounce on him, hyunjin helping you by rolling his hips to make sure he was hitting your most sensitive spots. he snaked a hand down, first caressing your thighs and then floating his fingers to your clit, tapping his thumb on the bud to tease you as you tried to grind down even further to feel the pressure and relieve the ache building in you.
“do it, baby. don’t be shy. show me how good i make you feel.” he rubbed your clit in messy circles as you rose and fell on top of him, and the pleasure washed away the last traces of your nerves and any chance you had left of feeling coy. the pattern of your bouncing grew more and more erratic as the knot began to grow tighter at the base of your stomach. 
“you’re close, aren’t you?” hyunjin cooed, increasing the pressure of his thumb on your clit, the other hand gently caressing up and down your thigh. you could only nod, your face contorting with pleasure as you released staccato moans with every thrust.
“do it, princess. let me see you come for me.” 
with that last bit of encouragement, you came undone all over hyunjin’s length inside you, as he kept himself buried and rubbed your clit even faster to ride you through your orgasm. the vice grip around his cock tipped hyunjin hard over the edge into his own release, your wet heat milking him as he came inside of you. 
just as your orgasm was ending, you only slightly rolled your hips to feel the last pangs of pleasure from his cock inside you, pressed against your sensitive spot. 
“wow, baby. you really are full of surprises,” hyunjin couldn’t help but chuckle. “so needy. you still want more?” 
you leaned down to kiss him. “i always want more of you,” you smirked against his lips.
“well, i think we can take care of that.”
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chaoticminhos · a year ago
priceless; adjective; so precious that its value cannot be determined.
pairing: bang chan x reader
genre: angst, fluff, enemies to lovers, rich kid! bang chan au
warnings: none, lowkey sugar daddy channie but nothing is sexual
word count: 14.3k (oh my god)
a/n: this is a super long one, i’m sorry! i got a bit carried away 
Tumblr media
christopher bang. chris. bang chan. he was a boy with the whole world at his fingertips, diligent and hardworking. the kind of boy you could bring home and your mother would adore him. your father couldn’t dream of a better boy to date his daughter. 
at least, that’s how everyone else would describe him. but you? no, to you, he was nothing but an arrogant asshole.
he flaunted the trophies and medals he won from swimming like they made him the most important man alive. he never missed a chance to point out that he was top of the class, even with being in sports. he could handle it all, such a balanced and sturdy young man, all of his teachers said.
people called him modest, but you couldn’t see it. not even a peak coming out from under the obnoxious fancy shirts he wore to school every day just to show that he had enough money to own that many different name brand clothes. your school didn’t even have a strict dress code, who the hell in their right mind would wear button up and dress pants in place of hoodies and sweats? a fucking prick who needs to prove in every way possible that he is better than everyone else, that’s who. he was mister fucking perfect and he never, not for one second, let you forget that.
you begrudgingly stepped into your first hour class and made your way to your assigned seat, groaning at the fact that in just a few minutes, the school bell would ring and you’d be forced to sit right next to chan for the whole 45 minutes the class lasted.
honestly, you thought your teacher was fucking insane for placing you and chris next to each other. and in a corner spot, no less! chris was pinned in between you and the wall, the only person other than you in direct line of contact for him being the two seated ahead of you. but that didn’t stop chan, no, he yelled over you to his friends as if you weren’t even there and it pissed you off. you’d offered to swap seats so you wouldn’t have to deal with his yelling over you, but he denied, saying that he didn’t want to get in trouble with the teacher.
“they’re assigned seats, y/n,” he’d said, “the whole point is we can’t just swap.”
students filtered in and, per usual, chan was one of the last to enter. he was almost always just on the edge of being late to the first hour, him and his friend hyunjin. they had before school swim practice and apparently it would kill their coach to let them off 10 minutes earlier so they wouldn’t be late to class. it didn’t matter though, the teacher waited for them every day. god forbid golden boys chris and hyunjin miss the first minute of class.
chan walked behind you to his seat, bumping into the back of your chair as he passed. asshole. there was plenty of room for him to get past you easily, he didn’t need to shove your chair.
the teacher began class just as chan plopped his bag onto your shared table, the straps from it falling across your notebook on your side of the table.
you brushed them off, pushing his bag further away from you. he sent you a look and threw his hands up in the air like you’d just ruined his bag.
“what’s your problem today?”
you looked up at him, breath slightly catching at his damp hair. he showed up to class like this every single day, with his hair pressed to his forehead and his shirt pressed close to his body, still damp from the pool and showering off, but that didn’t change the fact that every single day, he still took your breath away.
as much as you hated him, he was strikingly attractive. it’s a shame that people can’t have both good looks and a good personality. 
you put a forced smile on your face, “same as always, bang. you.”
your argument was cut short by your teacher sending a small glare towards you, a silent order to be quiet.
that’s another thing that pissed you off. he had started the conversation, but you were always the one who got in trouble for talking. not once did the teacher scold him for talking in class, only you.
“you’ll be working with your table partners today--“
you didn’t even bother to listen to the rest, groaning and putting your head in your arms on the desk. you had requested not to always be partners with your desk mate, stating that you and chan didn’t get along that well, but your teacher insisted.
“chris is a wonderful person to be partnered with, y/n.”
and of course chan wouldn’t back you up on the request of different partners. he didn’t want to be your partner in everything, god no, but it simply wouldn’t look good for him if he complained about another student.
you looked back up when chan snapped his fingers right next to your ear, causing you to jolt up and send a glare at him. he pointed to the paper that your teacher had placed on your desk.
“we’re supposed to brainstorm together.”
“can’t we just do it separately and say we talked the questions through?”
he put a fake pout on his face, “you don’t wanna share your ideas with me?”
a grin spread across his face as your jaw clenched in frustration. 
“i don’t want to interact with you, period.”
“i'm just as excited as you are--“
he was cut off by the sound of your stomach growling. you groaned, you hadn’t had time to get dinner yesterday and you couldn’t afford to buy breakfast this morning.
“someone’s hungry.”
“i didn’t have breakfast.”
“why, slept in?”
“couldn’t afford it.” you mumbled, not thinking much of your words, just letting them fall from your lips.
he laughed lightly, “couldn’t afford breakfast?”
your eyes slowly lifted from the paper to his face, casual mood from just seconds before long gone.
“not everyone was born on a pile of money, chan.”
“sorry, it was just a question.”
it wasn’t even 9 am and you already wanted to rip his head off.
“fucking forget about it, let’s just get this done so you can fuck off.”
he nodded in agreement, pressing his lips tightly together to bite back a response before reading out the first question before stating his opinions on the matter.
he didn’t bother you much more for the rest of the class period, just focusing on the work ahead of you two. he didn’t bring the breakfast issue up again, which honestly surprised you. it had obviously gotten a rise from you, you expected him to milk that for as long as possible.
you didn’t see him again until lunch, where your eyes were glued to the back of his head as you angrily went over the start of your day to your best friends.
“he fucking made fun of me for not having money.”
“he’s such a prick.” sooyeon said through a mouthful of chips, turning to show one of her friends something on her phone. she wasn’t really listening. she never did when it came to you complaining about chan.
sooyeon was your best friend along with jisung, but she has lots of friends other than the two of you. she was an easy person to be around, you understood why everyone liked her:
“i agree,” jisung said as he sat himself down next to you, “i don’t get why you’re so obsessed with him when i’m literally right here.”
you hit his arm, causing his tray to shake as he set it on the table, some of the chocolate pudding falling onto the table.
“i am not obsessed with him, jisung! it’s just hard not to think about him so much when he makes it a point to be a cock every single fucking time we interact.”
jisung ignored your reply, scooping up the pudding you caused him to spill and plopping it onto an empty place on your tray.
you moved to shove him again, but he instinctively reached his hands to your arms to stop you, coating your sleeve with the pudding that he had yet to clean off of his hand.
“jisung!” you shouted, unable to keep a smile from breaking out on your face. there was no real reason to be mad, it would wash out, but you wanted to give him a hard time for it anyway.
“you ruined my favorite sweatshirt!”
you grabbed his wrist, pressing his still dirty hand against the chest of his own hoodie, giving it a stain to match the one on your arm.
“what the fuck?” he called through a loud laugh.
“it’s payback, you dickhead.”
he wiped his hand off on a napkin before standing up and motioning for you to do the same. he packed the apple and chips from his lunch into his bag for later tossed out the rest.
“you are so lucky i have extra clothes in my gym locker.”
you followed him as he started through the cafeteria, “i’m lucky? you’re the one who got pudding on me first!”
“i don’t recall that ever happening. obviously it got on you when you were brutally attacking me.”
you hit him again, laughing as he led you out of the food court and to the gyms.
you hadn’t realized, but you’d walked right past chan and his friends as you were leaving. he observed the interaction between you and jisung and let out a nose laugh at the childishness of it.
he got up and tossed his tray. he’d heard jisung mention the locker room and it reminded him he needed to grab his math textbook from there, he’d left it there after practice that morning.
chan expected you to be in the girls locker room changing or waiting outside of the boys locker room for jisung to bring you a clean shirt, so he thought nothing of stepping into the locker room himself. what he did not expect was to be met face to face with you as you slipped one of jisungs hoodies over your head, chans eyes barely catching the bottom of your bra as you pulled the cloth down.
jisung was still shirtless, digging through his locker for a shirt that didn’t have pudding on it and didn’t smell distinctly of sweaty boy. he looked up upon hearing the door open, nodding to chan as he entered.
he didn’t acknowledge jisung, instead keeping his attention on you.
“you do know this is the boys locker room, right?”
your eyes widened in mock surprise, “really? i thought this was the music department. no wonder there’s no piano.”
he huffed as he walked past you and to his own locker where his book was sat on the bench beside it.
“why are you in here, anyway?” he continued.
“jisung is a dumbass.”
the boy in question turned to you as he slipped his own sweatshirt over his head, “you’re being quite an asshole to me considering i just gave you the one actually clean sweatshirt i had on hand.”
“maybe if you hadn’t gotten pudding on the one i was wearing i wouldn’t need to steal yours.”
chan cut in, “don’t you have your own clothes to change into?”
jisung responded for you, “she doesn’t have gym.”
chan nodded, “not surprised by that.”
he’d mumbled it, but you heard. first he’d made fun of your economic status, now he was going to take a jab at your body?
“what the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
you took a step towards him and he put his hands up in defense, “you don’t seem like the sporty type.” 
your eyes narrowed and he seemed to get what you had been thinking.
“no, oh my god! i’m not that low.”
you scoffed, “but you’re low enough to tease someone for being poor? come on jisung.”
you bundled your dirty sweatshirt into your arms and swung your bag over your shoulder before leaving the locker room with jisung hot on your trail.
Tumblr media
when you entered your first class the next day, you were met with a plastic wrapped muffin sitting on the table of your spot. 
you figured someone had forgotten it there from the day before and no one had noticed to move it. you inspected the wrapper, it was still fully sealed. deciding whoever left it there probably forgot about it and remembering you hadn’t been able to get breakfast that morning either, you unwrapped the muffin and took a bite.
and damn, muffins hit different when they’re the first thing you’ve eaten since dinner time the night before.
you were about halfway done with the tasty treat when chan found his way to his spot beside you. he was wearing a plain white button up that day. water droplets from his hair had fallen onto his shoulder and collar, making small see through patches across his collar bones. you caught yourself staring before he did, thankfully.
he pointed to the muffin in your hand, “you got yourself breakfast this morning.”
you nodded, providing no verbal response, just taking another bite of the muffin.
the bell rang and the teacher clapped to get the classes attention, stating that you’d be continuing the discussion activity you and your partner had started the day before.
you looked over to chan with wide eyes. it was supposed to take two days? the two of you had gone through most of the questions the day before.
“did we miss something?” he started, reaching across the table to drag your paper closer to him so he could see it. you sighed, he had his own sheet. it would have taken literally five seconds for him to get his own instead of hijacking yours.
“i think my brain is just too good for her assignments.” you shrugged as you took the final bite of your muffin, crumpling the wrapper in your hand.
“your brain? please,” he leaned back in his chair, turning his body towards you, “i’m obviously the powerhouse of this duo.”
you raised your eyebrows with a smile, “then what am i? the hot eye candy?”
he pretended to think for a moment, “no, i think that one's me too...”
your smile grew, the words were teasing but not in a bad way. you could not believe you were having a civil conversation with bang chan, let alone an almost friendly argument.
you tossed the rolled up muffin wrapper at him, hitting him right in the cheek. he scrunched his nose, “you’re fucking terrible.”
the words weren’t anything different from what you would expect him to say to you, but the tone was lighter than usual. almost playful. still, they seemed to snap you into reality. bang chan was not your friend.
you reached to the paper he’d taken from you and glanced at the last few questions, pointing  to the next in line and reading it aloud.
“is it unethical for heinz to steal the pills for his dying wife?” (look up the heinz moral debate if you don’t know what i’m referring to)
he thought for a moment before responding.
“why?” you prompted him to continue.
“it says he tried every ethical and legal way, he has no other choice. he doesn’t have the money to pay for the pills, stealing is the only option he has left.”
you nodded, making a slightly surprised face.
“nothing. i just took you for the kind of person to be all, i don’t know, fuck the poor.”
you scanned his face and he looked almost offended at your remark.
“of course not, everyone deserves the same opportunities when it comes to things like this.”
the rest of the hour went the same, pleasant way. you had to keep reminding yourself every couple of minutes that he was not your friend. he was being oddly pleasant to be around that day, but he was still an arrogant prick.
Tumblr media
you were met with another muffin on your spot the next morning. and the morning after that. and the one after that, too. and the next one, and so on. it became clear to you within the first few days that it couldn’t be a coincidence, someone was leaving muffins there for you every morning. you found it kinda weird at first, considering you couldn’t think of who could be doing it. if it was jisung or sooyeon they would just hand it to you, they wouldn’t go through the trouble of sneaking into the ethics classroom before school started to put a muffin on your spot. neither of them even got to the school in time to do that. but after a while, you just accepted it. you appreciated the little snack every morning, it gave you something to go to school for and it assured you that you’d be able to eat something, even if you were short on money.
after a while, you stopped finding it weird and started to find it cute and endearing.
jisung and sooyeon were convinced it was a secret admirer, that someone had a crush on you and didn’t know how to show it. you didn’t believe that idea, no one even knew you even existed other than the two of them and a couple other friends. still, you honestly couldn’t think of another reason. 
either way, it changed your first period class from being something to dread because of the boy seated next to you into something to look forward to. that, and chris had been more bearable. he was still an obnoxious asshole and he didn’t deserve half of the positive attention he constantly had, but not every conversation with him was full of angry words and snappy remarks anymore. you were starting to realize that maybe some of the things he did weren’t really mean or annoying and it was just you finding different excuses to be mad at him, but you’d never admit that out loud.
 you still didn’t call him a friend, and he didn’t call you one either. he would probably be embarrassed to call someone like you his friend. he still annoyed the living hell out of you, but you couldn’t make yourself have an undying hatred for him anymore. just a strong disliking. 
but he was not your friend. he was still the same dickhead he had been the whole time you’d been in school with him. he wasn’t a nice person.
you still didn’t like him. 
you seemed to repeat that to yourself quite a lot.
you smiled as you picked up the muffin from the table, you’d lost count of how many had been left for you by now. you unwrapped it and started eating, you’d stopped checking the wrappers for holes after the first few. it was silly, but you trusted whoever was leaving them for you.
hyunjin and chan walked into the room just as the bell went off. chan was laughing at something hyunjin said, his dimples showing. they’re something you’d grew to really like about him. you didn’t even know he had dimples before, he never smiled at you up until a couple weeks ago.
the teacher waited for them to reach their spots before beginning the lecture, talking for a while about something or another. you didn’t really pay attention, zoning out as you finished your muffin and tossed the wrapper at chan like you’d made a habit of doing with every wrapper you had.
it was funny, you thought. every single day, even though he complained about it, he would pick up the wrapper from wherever it landed and deliver it to the trash himself. he tried to make you do it originally, but you refused.
“you’ll be working with the same partner you’ve had all semester. i have rubrics up here if anyone wants a paper copy.”
you tuned in to the last bit of what your teacher said, catching on that she was assigning another partner project, and your partner would be the same as always- chan.
both of you pulled out your laptops and pulled up the work. neither of you complained about always being partners anymore, the same argument over and over again did no one good. plus, it’s not like he was the worst partner to have. because of his position as golden boy, he always did good on his work, assuring you that you’d have a partner that would do their share.
the project consisted of you drawing a topic from a hat the teacher passed around and finding the other group with that topic. you would be debating against that group on whatever topic you and chan had drawn. 
chan let you be the one to draw from the hat and you drew ‘the morality of euthanasia (anti)’ 
you laughed at it, “kill the old, eat the rich.”
chan raised an eyebrow at you, laughing at your response.
“we’re supposed to be against it. don’t kill the old, no eating the rich.”
“you’re just saying that because you don’t want to be eaten.”
“oh, you got me. i don’t want to be cannibalized, how dare i.”
you were paired to debate against two boys, kim seungmin and lee felix. they were chans friends. they didn’t swim with him, but they sat with him at lunch and hung out with him a lot, you’d saw them around him enough to get that.
you spent the rest of the period doing general research on the topic. it wasn’t biased, so you were able to work with seungmin and felix on it, too. they were actually pretty fun to be around. you expected them to be stuck up and bratty like chan, but they weren’t. seungmin was really sweet and felix was super funny.
“i’m telling you, eat the rich.” felix spoke.
“that’s what i’ve been saying!” you called out, reaching your hand out to give him a high five.
“felix, you’re literally rich.” chan pointed out.
“no, channie, my parents are rich. i am simply living off of their rich people money.”
you checked the clock, realizing class would be ending in a few minutes. you packed your things back into your bag before turning to chan.
“she said we’d need to work outside of class. does the library after school work?”
he sharply inhaled, “i have practice and by the time it’s over the library will be closed. if you’re okay with waiting we can go to my house after practice?”
you were slightly taken aback by the request.
“uh, sure.”
“you can watch practice if you want, or even just sit in the pool room doing homework or playing on your phone or something and then i can give you a lift to my place.”
that solved the issue of finding a ride there and you figured he couldn’t live too far, you’d be able to walk home, so you agreed.
Tumblr media
the last bell rang and you lifted yourself from your chair and headed to the hallway, meeting jisung and sooyeon by their lockers.
jisung raised his keys, “ready to go?”
“actually, i’m staying to work on a project with chan, i forgot to tell you.”
“you’re getting awfully close with him recently.” sooyeon teased, wiggling her eyebrows.
you would have hushed her just as you did every time she even dared to mention you and chan becoming closer, but jisung cut you off.
“no, at his house.”
“do you have a ride there and home?”
“yeah,” you started, “he’s driving me there and i can just walk home.”
“walk?” jisung frowned, “how far away is his place from yours?”
you shrugged, “can’t be that far.”
he shook his head, “not happening. text me his address and i’ll take you home when you’re done.”
there was no point in arguing with him. he got super protective over you and sooyeon when it came to stuff like this. he said it wasn’t safe for you to walk home alone, that’s the whole reason he drove you and sooyeon home every day. 
you barely had time to promise jisung you’d let him drive you home before someone was calling your name from down the hallway.
“y/n! chan said you’re watching practice?”
you looked at the source of the voice, hwang hyunjin. since when did he talk to you? or even know your name?
“yeah,” you replied, “i’m coming.”
you waved goodbye to your friends before jogging to meet hyunjin at the end of the hallway, letting him lead you to the practice rooms. you’d been in them before, you went to a fair share of sports games and meets, but it felt weird being in it with it so empty, especially alone with a boy you’d barely ever talked to. he noticed the tension.
“sorry, i’m hyunjin. chan’s been mentioning you a lot lately so i figured i should make myself present.”
“oh,” you laughed, “it’s not a big deal. we aren’t really close or anything.”
hyunjin raised his eyebrows and a smirk played at his lips, “so you’re not dating or anything like that?”
your face flushed red, “god, no. i don’t have a boyfriend.”
his smile grew, “good to know.”
your face grew even more red as the door to the locker room opened and chan stepped out. 
“stop flirting with y/n and go get changed.”
hyunjin turned to him, “you seem to have forgotten that i am the captain of this team and i do not take orders from you.”
he punctuated the last word with a finger to chans chest as he passed him and entered the room to get ready for practice.
“how’d you know he was flirting?” you laughed.
“it’s all he does.”
chan stepping closer to you in his shirtless form did nothing for your blushed face. he was actually in more than he would be during meets, considering it was just a practice so he was allowed to wear swim trunks, but it was still a lot more of him, or any boy for that matter, than you were used to seeing.
to your dismay, he noticed how your eyes avoided him as he stepped closer to you.
“what, not used to shirtless boys?” he teased.
“unless it’s jisung, no.” you replied, eyes trained on the pool behind him.
he raised an eyebrow, “i thought you said you two weren’t a thing?”
“we’re not. he just has stupid high body heat and strips randomly in the middle of movie nights.”
he nodded, taking a step closer to you.
“you’re so flustered when it’s just me out here, are you gonna be able to handle the whole team?”
you stepped back, “i’ve watched swim meets before chan, it’s fine. it’s just weird because we’re alone right now.”
as if on cue, the door swung open and the boys streamed out of the locker room, hyunjin last. you didn’t really recognize anyone on the team but chan and hyunjin. they made their way to the edge of the pool and chan jogged to join them, pointing at the stands near the pool for you to sit down at.
the boys started to warm up and a small crowd of girls built up on the bleachers around you. none of them seemed to notice you until the coach entered and scanned the small crowd.
“you’re new a new addition.” he pointed out.
you were gonna reply that you were just there for the one day when chan cut in for you with a smile on his face, “i invited her, coach.”
the coach looked in between you and chan with a small smile. 
“oh, you did?”
you didn’t know what it meant but his words had been laced with a teasing tone and it made yours cheeks heat up. did it matter that chan had invited you and you hadn’t just randomly showed up?
apparently it did. you got a tap on your shoulder and you turned around to face the person who did it.
“did chan really invite you specifically to watch?”
“i mean, yeah.” you began, “i’m going to his place after so he said i could just wait here.”
her eyes widened, “he invited you to his house?”
you grimaced, this was drawing more attention than you wanted, “it’s nothing like that, we have a project to work on.”
she hummed and nodded, focusing her attention back on the boys.
you thought you’d get bored during the practice and end up scrolling through your phone, but you didn’t. something about the way they moved so fluidly and easily in the water was captivating to watch. your eyes kept mostly to chan, but they drifted to hyunjin a lot, too. watching him, you understood why he was captain. he had such control of his body even under the pressure of the water, it was like it was moving according to what he willed it to.
practice ended and all of the boys jumped out of the pool and grabbed a towel, heading straight for the locker room. everyone but chan. he dried his hair off before slinging the towel around his neck and over his shoulders and walking up to where you were sitting at the bleachers. he leaned against the cold metal as he spoke to you.
“i just need to shower quick and get changed then we can go. i won’t be long.”
you nodded and gave him a soft smile. most of the girls who’d came to watch the boys swim had left already, but the few who hadn’t began whispering after seeing your and chans interaction.
you didn’t know why it was such a big deal, you were his partner for a project. 
high school dynamics always confused you.
after a few minutes of mindlessly scrolling through your phone, chan pushed the door open and stepped out, calling to you to follow him out. he lead you through the school and outside to the parking lot. it didn’t take much for you to find his car, you guessed it was one of the few that looked like they cost more than you were worth. no doubt the other ones belonged to his friends.
to say you were surprised when he jogged ahead of you to open the passenger side door for you would be an understatement. he really had changed a lot from a couple weeks before. or maybe you just started seeing things differently.
he frowned slightly at your confused face as you approached the car.
“i didn’t take you for the gentleman type.”
“how would you know? you’ve never gone out with me before.”
you shrugged, he had a point.
he slipped into the driver seat and put the key in the ignition. the startup was so quiet you wouldn’t have even known it was turned on if he hadn’t shifted gears and started to drive. you were so used to clunky old cars like the one your family had or the one jisung drove around in.
speak of the devil, your phone lit up with a message from jisung.
sungie🤢💗: at his place yet?
you: headed there now
sungie🤢💗: address ??
you: one sec
you lifted your eyes from your screen to look at chan, “hey, what’s your address?”
he looked confused, “why?”
“jisungs gonna pick me up when we’re done.”
he glanced at you before training his eyes back onto the road, “no he’s not, i’ll take you home.”
“sung already said he could.”
“i thought it was a given that i’d give you a ride home since i was the one to invite you out?”
you laughed, “since when is that an unspoken rule?”
he shrugged, “it’s just good manners.”
you leaned back into the seat, sending jisung a message than chan was giving you a ride home. 
who knew bang chan even knew what good manners were.
you were right about his house not being far, he was pulling his fancy car into the fancy driveway of his fancy house within just a few minutes. 
although you knew it was normal life for him, you were amazed that he could step into such a pretty house so casually. you felt like if you touched anything, it would shatter.
he slipped off his shoes at the door and you did the same, following him up a large set of stairs and into what you assumed was his bedroom.
you’d expected it to be neat, but it was the exact opposite, clothes tossed randomly on the floor and open chip bags laying around. you laughed at the condition of his room and he pouted as he hurried to try to clean up some of the mess.
“don’t make fun of me, i didn’t expect company.”
“who knew that you, bang chan, were so messy.”
“i’m a high school boy, what did you expect?”
“yeah, but you’re also the pride of the school.”
he huffed, plopping down onto his bed after deciding cleaning was no use, “i’m still just a kid.”
you sat yourself down next to him, pulling your laptop from your bag and opening it. you were immediately faced with the issue of not having wifi connection.
“chan, what’s your wifi password?”
“it’s super long,” he mumbled as he reached across your lap and took the device from your hands, “i’ll just type it for you.”
you didn’t have the time to scold him for just taking it from you, you were too busy trying to convince yourself that you did not feel butterflies in your stomach when he had gotten that close to you.
you just weren’t used to boys other than jisung being so casual around you, that’s all.
he handed your laptop back to you and rose to his feet, getting up and doing something behind you for a few seconds. you didn’t pay attention, already getting to work on research. 
a few seconds later, you felt the bed dip beside you and chan was pulling his legs onto the bed and sitting with them crossed and his own laptop in his lap, his loose button up he’d worn all day now replaced with a plain black t-shirt. 
your face flushed red when you realized he’d just changed his shirt with you in the room, not that it was a big deal. he was a swimmer and he was used to people seeing him shirtless, it didn’t mean anything to him, but it was still odd for you. 
the two of you worked in silence for about an hour before he fell onto his back, closing his laptop and tossing it onto the bed beside him.
you let out a small laugh, “what?”
“it’s boring.” he groaned, “let’s get food.”
it didn’t take much for him to convince you to ditch schoolwork and get food instead. he led you back down the stairs and into a kitchen that you swore was bigger than your whole house, opening the fridge door and leaning down to look at its contents.
he shut the door and let out an obnoxious groan, “i don’t want any of this,” his eyes locked with your and a grin appeared on his face, “let’s go somewhere for food.”
you gave a skeptical look before a small smile took over your features, “okay.”
he walked up to his room with you and you grabbed your bag before the two of you slipped your shoes on and you hopped back into his car, him rushing ahead to open the door for you once again.
you buckled your seat belt, “where are we going?”
he shrugged, “what are you hungry for?”
“you’re the one who wanted to go out for food.”
“and now i’m asking you to choose.”
you huffed, “i don’t know, anywhere.”
he hummed and nodded his head, “the diner a couple blocks down from the school?”
you perked up at the suggestion, that was your favorite place to eat.
“oh my god, please.”
he laughed at your reaction, pulling the car from his driveway and starting the route to the small diner. as the building came into view, you wondered why chan even knew about this place. he could afford so many more fancy restaurants.
he held the door open and you stepped into the small place with a smile on your face, you hadn’t been able to come here for a while. 
chris let you choose where to sit before grabbing a menu from the stack on the table and shoving it in your direction.
“get whatever you want, i’m paying.”
you tried to object, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. honestly, you didn’t fight too hard, either. it saved you from the trouble of finding the money to pay for it.
you still didn’t want to make him spend a bunch on you, so you decided to just repeat the name of whatever he ordered to make sure you didn’t get anything too expensive. 
he ended up asking for a classic, just chicken strips and fries. you silently thanked him for ordering your favorite meal, repeating the same thing when the waitress asked what you wanted. 
“would you like any sauce with that?” 
you nodded politely, “barbecue, please.”
chan scrunched his nose and made a sound of disgust across the table, “barbecue is gross.”
you tried to hold down a smile as you glared at him, “says the one who ordered ranch! who the fuck eats ranch with chicken?”
“i do.” the waitress giggled, and you jumped. you’d kinda forgotten she was still there.
“oh, i’m sorry!”
she laughed, “it’s okay. what can i get for drinks?”
“i’ll take a chocolate shake, please.” chan answered first.
“i’ll take a chocolate shake, too.”
you folded the menu in front of you, content with your order.
“aw, come on.” chan made a sound of disapproval, “get a different flavor. if you want some chocolate, you can have some of mine.”
you felt a blush creep onto your cheeks, “um, okay, i’ll take strawberry then.”
the waitress clicked her pen shut with a smile, “i’ll have those out as soon as possible.”
you waited until she was out of earshot before speaking again.
“still think you’re fucking gross for eating chicken with ranch.”
he chuckled, pausing for a moment before responding. 
“do you come here a lot?”
you shrugged, “i used to. i don’t too much now though,” you debated telling him the truth, you couldn’t afford to eat out much, but opted not to. you were still upset with him for his response the last time you mentioned your money issues.
“too busy.”
he nodded in understanding.
“what’s your favorite thing on the menu?”
you let out an unamused laugh, and it sounded a lot more harsh than you’d intended it to.
“why are you asking so many questions?”
he frowned, “just friendly conversation.”
you leaned back in your seat, “we’re not friends.”
you could have swore you saw something like hurt flash across his features before you were interrupted by the waitress setting your milkshakes in front of you. 
you took a sip of your strawberry milkshake and any grumpy feelings you had for chan making you order it went out the window. it had been so long since you’d had a strawberry milkshake, or any kind other than chocolate. you always took the safe bet and got a chocolate shake, knowing you liked them, but you’d forgotten how good strawberry was.
you almost regretted snapping at chan as the two of you sat in uncomfortable silence waiting for the food to arrive. luckily, it didn’t take long, considering it was sort of late in the evening and there weren’t many other customers.
you made a gagging sound as the waitress placed a small container of ranch on chans plate.
the playful interaction seemed to give him the confidence to pick up conversation again.
“i used to come here all the time when i was little. me, hyunjin, felix, and seungmin got ice cream here practically every day in the summer.
you hummed in response, taking a bite of your food. the two of you ate in comfortable silence until both of your meals were complete. you shook your head lightly when chan motioned his chocolate shake to you, silently offering you to have a drink. you finished off your own shake with a sigh, leaning back into your seat.
“ready?” chan asked and you nodded in agreement, lifting yourself from your seat to stand.
you followed chan to the counter where he payed, leaving a generous tip for the kind waitress. 
you watched as he opened the car door for you yet again and made a secret promise to yourself to beat him to it next time.
wait, next time?
you shook the thought from your head as you fastened the seatbelt across yourself. 
you gave chan directions to your house and helped him find each turn along the short drive. it wasn’t far, you really could have walked home.
you couldn’t help but feel slight embarrassment as he pulled into your driveway. his car was probably worth more than your entire house. 
you half expected him to make a rude comment about it, but instead he mentioned the small garden you had planted in the front yard, barely visible in the dark. it was lit up by your porch light.
“what do you plant?”
“huh? oh, flowers mostly. i might plant some tomatoes to throw at you though.”
he laughed as you stepped out of his car. he waited until your front door was shut behind you before pulling out of your driveway and making his way home, where he immediately found his bed.
he frowned when he saw two computers on it, you must have forgotten to put yours in your bag before the two of you left to get food.
he packed both of the devices into his school bag before getting ready for bed and crawling under the covers. 
although he knew you’d only agreed to hang out for the project, he was glad you had. it seemed like he was finally breaking your shell of whatever you seemed to have against him.
Tumblr media
you were digging through your book bag the next morning, muffin in hand, when chan and hyunjin strolled into the classroom, borderline late as always.
your eyes went to chan as he called your name while making his way towards you, lifting a laptop up in the air.
that’s where your laptop had disappeared to.
“you left it at mine last night.”
you thanked him as he set it in front of you, ignoring the whispers that erupted when chan announced that you’d been at his place the night before. 
everyone in this class of all people should know it was just for the project.
he pulled his own out of his bag and typed in the password, getting right to work.
the class was quiet, no conversation between you and chan really happening other than when he cursed you out for throwing your muffin wrapper at him and as everyone was packing their things moments before the bell rang.
“my house again tonight to go over what we researched?”
you sharply inhaled, “i promised jisung and sooyeon i’d go to the basketball game with them.”
he shot you a skeptical look.
“i already told you i watch sports sometimes.”
“i’ve never seen you at a basketball game.”
“were you looking for me?” you teased.
he shook his head, “i’ve never seen you at swim meets either.”
you stood as the bell sounded, “i go to sports games, chan.”
he put his hands up in defense, “i never said you didn’t! just making observations.”
Tumblr media
you hopped back into jisungs car after dropping your bag at your house, scolding sooyeon for stealing the shotgun seat while you were in your house.
the three of you had killed some time driving around in jisungs car and screaming the lyrics to whatever song came on, so the game was due to start in just about 40 minutes. you waited patiently in the like to get tickets, joking around with sooyeon and jisung to pass the time. 
your turn came to purchase tickets.
“$5 a person, please.” the lady handing out tickets smiled sweetly. you assumed she was one of the players mothers.
sooyeon and jisung handed her their money as you checked your pockets for your wallet. where the fuck was it?
“y/n?” jisung questioned.
“i think i left my wallet at my house.” you said.
“i only brought enough for me.” sooyeon chimed in.
“me too.” jisung seconded.
you were getting ready to tell them to enjoy the game without you and tell minho you were sorry you couldn’t make it, that you’d just go home, when someone reached their arm around you, handing a $10 bill to the ticket lady.
“for her and me.”
you knew that voice.
“i don’t want your fucking money, chan.”
he raised an eyebrow, “sweetheart, you’ve been in my house. you know i can spare $5.”
sweetheart? where did that come from?
you huffed, allowing him to lead you out of line to give the people behind you a chance to get their tickets. sooyeon and jisung followed as you stepped into the gym and scanned the bleachers for seats.
“you actually came.” chan started again, “i thought you were just using it as an excuse not to hang out with me.”
“it’s not hanging out, it’s for school.”
“you’re saying you didn’t enjoy the diner yesterday, then?”
you gave him a light shove towards where you noticed hyunjin and felix sat down, “shut up.”
your friends followed you as you made your way up the bleachers and to the highest point, just a few feet from where chan was sat, sitting down in a big opening.
“excuse me,” jisung began, “what diner?”
you shrugged, “we got food after working for a bit, it’s not a big deal.”
“like a date?”
you slapped jisungs arm harder than you probably needed to.
“it was not a date.”
“did he pay?”
he turned to sooyeon, lowering his voice, “it was totally a date.”
you shoved him again, “jisung, it was not a date!”
your eyes glanced towards where chan was sitting, surprised to see him already looking at you with a smile on his face. 
oh my god, he heard them teasing you about him.
your immediate reaction was to flip chan off, which just made him laugh and turn back to his friends.
“you absolute cock,” you lowered your voice at jisung, “he heard you call it a date.”
he shrugged, “yeah, and he smiled about it.”
you ignored him, turning to face the court where the game would be starting soon.
“i’m just saying,” jisung continued, “would it really be that bad if you liked him?”
you didn’t answer him, keeping your eyes trained to the court and pursing your lips together in annoyance.
you didn’t notice that chan had overhead what jisung asked, something in his stomach dropping when he saw your negative reaction to the question.
he returned his focus to his friends, joining in on whatever conversation felix and hyunjin were on about. he tried to focus on them, but he couldn’t keep you off his mind, stealing glances at you every few minutes and hoping that maybe you’d be looking back.
he’d honestly hoped you’d sit with him during the game. there was enough room where he was seated for you and your friends to join, he didn’t get why you had to sit somewhere else. was he really that unbearable?
the game was just a minute away from halftime, the scores tied. you and everyone else in the crowd were on their feet, cheering on their respective teams. 
you weren’t the biggest when it came to school spirit, but you were friends with a couple of the players. lee minho was someone you’d known for a long time, he’s actually the one who introduced you and jisung. you didn’t know whether to slap him or thank him for bringing the boy into your life, but either way, you always loved seeing the smile on his face when his team won.
minho had the ball in his control with the seconds ticking away at the timer. he passed it to someone else on his team, moving a few feet before they passed it right back to him. he was lined up perfectly for a three point shot.
you glanced at the scoreboard. 10 seconds until halftime. 
he lined himself up to shoot and you cheered him on.
“you got it, min!!”
he released the ball from his hands and it went smoothly through the net just as the buzzer sounded, pausing the game with your team 3 points ahead. 
although the gym may have been too loud for minho to have clearly heard what you said, chan heard it loud and clear. 
min? you must be pretty close with him to call him that nickname, right? but chan had never heard you mention being close with lee minho before, so it couldn’t be anything serious. of course, he thought, with a twinge in his heart, you probably wouldn’t tell him if there was anything going on. as you’d made very clear the day before, you were not friends with him. 
he watched as you rose from your seat and called to minho, stopping him from following the rest of his team to the locker room for a break before the second half.
he turned towards your voice, smiling when he noticed it was you. jisung and sooyeon followed you as you made your way across the gym and to him. 
chan couldn’t hear what was being said from the other side of the gym, but he could see the way minho smiled down at you and wrapped you in his arms. he could see how you didn’t even complain about being pulled into the sweaty hug. if chan dared to hug you in that state, you’d probably kill him right then and there. on second thought, if he hugged you at all you would probably snap his neck.
without really thinking, he stood up and told hyunjin and felix he would be back soon. they exchanged a knowing glance as he crossed the gym to you, locking eyes with minho as he called your name.
he noted minhos arm hung loosely around your shoulders. 
“i’m getting concessions. come with?”
minho raised his eyebrows at you, as if to ask “since when were you and chan close?”
“i don’t have money, chan, you know that.” you deadpanned.
“i know.” he rolled his eyes, “i’m buying.”
you were about to tell him to go on his own when minho spoke up, turning his face to you with his arm still around your shoulders. 
“you go ahead, i should probably join my team.” he removed his arm from you, heading the direction of the locker rooms, “talk more after the game?”
“only if you win.” you teased.
“guess i got something to win for then.” he laughed, turning his back to the four of you.
chan unconsciously clenched his jaw at the interaction, motioning for you to follow him.
“you, too.” he pointed to jisung and sooyeon, “i’ll buy.”
jisung, never one to turn down free food, agreed immediately. you sent a glare in his direction, for all of the complaining you did about him, jisung seemed pretty pro-chan.
while waiting in line, jisung decided to start conversation.
“you’re actually kinda chill, y/n always makes you out to be an asshole.”
you hit jisung and chan let out a small laugh, one that could have easily been taken as amused if you didn’t see the hint of sadness lacing it.
“i can seem that way if you don’t know me.” he glanced at you before returning his eyes to jisung, “she’s getting to know me, though, so hopefully that changes.”
jisung nodded, motioning chan forward where it was your turn to order. 
chan politely asked for just a sofa before stepping aside slightly to let you three order.
in natural jisung fashion, he ordered a soda and two pizza slices. sooyeon stuck with just a soda, and you got a soda and a small pack of m&ms. 
chan payed for all of you before stepping out of line and sliding his wallet back into his pocket.
you all thanked him for paying as you headed back to the gym.
when you entered, he made his way back to his spot beside hyunjin, glancing back to see if you would follow. to his slight surprise, you did. you placed yourself on the bench next to him, jisung and sooyeon following suit.
his plan had worked, you had just sat down beside him willingly.
felix greeted you with a small wave, introducing himself to your friends. hyunjin did the same before a sly grin crossed his features as he pat his lap.
“i have a better seat for you, y/n.”
you reached across chan to playfully hit hyunjin, telling him to stop being a pervert, but neither he nor chan missed the blush on your cheeks at the comment.
you chatted a bit as a group before the alarm sounded, indicating that the game would be starting up again. 
chan smiled in amusement at how into the game you got. he’d notice when you were sat a couple seats away from him, but he noticed it even more so now. he really had been wrong about you not caring about sports.
he watched as you clenched your fists every time the ball got stolen from someone on your team and cussed out the opposing teams members when they shoved one of your boys.
he chuckled as the same thing happened but with someone from your team shoving a boy from the opposing one, but you did not have the same sympathy when one of their teammates fell.
“get up, you’re fine!” you called, eyes following the ball.
you cheered whenever anyone from your team had the ball or scored, but you seemed to cheer a little harder every time it was minho in question. it made sense, you were friends, but chan couldn’t shake the frustrated feeling in his stomach every time you called minho's name.
by the time the game only had a few minutes left, the home team, your team, was up by enough points that it would take a real comeback for the other team to win. 
they knew they had the game in the bag, swapping their normal varsity players like minho out with people who didn’t tend to get as much varsity playing time.
chan half expected you to lose interest in the game now that minho wasn’t on the court, but you remained just as invested as before, cheering on the younger players.
unsurprisingly, when the buzzer sounded, you were up by quite a few points. the whole of your schools team jumped up, congratulating each other on their win. 
as everyone in the crowd rose and made their way out of the gym to head home, you stood, but remained in the gym. 
after sitting with chan, felix, and hyunjin for the past half an hour, it didn’t strike you as odd when they stayed behind with you, sooyeon, and jisung as you waited for minho to shower off and meet you.
“y/n, chan,” felix singled you two out, “how’s that debate coming? pretty sure me and seungmin got this one in the bag.”
you stepped up a level on the bleachers to face felix, motioning between you and chan.
“we’re pretty confident.”
chan laughed, “are we?”
you shot him a glare for breaking your ruse, a laugh erupting from his throat. you took a small step to readjust your position, but your foot slipped off of the edge of the bleacher, causing you to lose balance. as you fell backwards, chan reacted quickly, wrapping his arm around your waist and planting his foot on the bleacher you’d slipped on to secure the both of you from falling.
you’d mentally prepared yourself for the impact, letting out a soft sound of surprise when it never came. chan helped you balance again and loosened his grip on you, keeping one hand on your waist as the other flew up to push your hair out of your face.
“you alright?”
you nodded, violently aware of his hands on your body but not really thinking anything of the interaction until you heard felix and jisung let out snickers.
you brushed chans hands off of you, “what?”
“oh, nothing.” jisung said. 
just then, you heard the door to the locker room open and minho stepped out into the gym, changed out of his basketball attire and into some comfy sweatpants and a plain white shirt.
you hopped off the bleachers to go meet him, chan following immediately beside you.
you missed felix and jisungs snickers behind you, “he’s so whipped.”
minho glanced between you and chan again as you approached him. seriously, when did this happen? the last time he’d heard, you had nothing but dislike for him.
he nodded his head to address you, “dinner and ice cream?” he directed the question towards you, jisung, and sooyeon, turning to the others as an afterthought. 
“you guys are welcome too.”
you smiled and accepted his offer, trying not to show that you really wished he hadn’t invited the other three. more specifically, chan. you still did not like him, you told yourself.
the more those words passed through your mind, the less truth you felt behind them and the more it felt like an empty phrase.
“where to?” jisung questioned as you all headed for the door to the parking lot.
“that diner a couple blocks away?” hyunjin suggested.
chan shook his head, “me and y/n just went there yesterday.”
you shrugged, “i’m fine with going again if you are.”
chan shrugged back, “it’s decided, then.”
you rode with sooyeon in jisungs car, you didn’t know exactly how the others pooled other than chan was driving, you recognized his car behind jisungs.
jisung parked the car and you stepped out, waiting for the others to arrive and join you before entering the small place.
when you did, you were greeted by the same woman who had served you and chan the night before. she looked between the two of you.
“back again? weren’t you just here last night on a little date?”
your face flushed red and you glanced at chan, his was bright red as well.
he started to politely deny but you broke in, “that was not a date.
she shrugged with a teasing smile, “you sure acted like it was.”
your mouth fell agape as you let her lead you to a table big enough to fit all of you, “no one tip her.” you joked, eliciting another laugh from her.
chan was surprised you’d been so calm about denying it, honestly. he’d expected a huge show, you making a point to make sure everyone in the restaurant knew you were not dating him. 
he sat down and you,once again to his surprise, slipped in right beside him.
he frowned, it was like you said one thing but acted out another. you always made a point verbally to tell him and everyone else around you weren’t close but then you did things like that, deliberately choosing to sit next to him when you could have easily waited and positioned yourself between sooyeon and jisung or minho.
minho slid in next to you, jisung and sooyeon after him. felix and hyunjin sat on the other end of chan.
you opened your menu even though you were probably going to order the same thing you always did and a red flag shot off in your mind as your eyes locked with the prices. you’d forgotten you didn’t bring your wallet. you looked at your two friends, either they hadn’t realized their issue yet or just assumed someone else would pay for them.
you folded the menu back up and set it in front of you.
chan raised his eyebrows, “already decided?”
you nodded before softly speaking, “i’m not hungry.”
he frowned, “wanna just get a milkshake or something?”
you shook your head, playing with your hands in your lap.
he nudged you with his shoulder, “hey, my treat. get whatever you want.”
you looked at him with wide eyes, “you’ve already spent so much on me today.”
he waved you off, “$10 is not a lot, sweetheart. plus, i remembered you didn’t have your wallet when i agreed to come. i intended on paying for you anyway.”
you nodded, face flushing at his comment.
you’d be blushing if anyone called you by that nickname, you told yourself.
you made no move to grab the menu again, you would just opt for your usual. 
the waitress arrived and took everyone’s order one by one. you decided to get another strawberry shake. after having the one yesterday, you remembered how good they were. 
a few minutes later everyone’s drinks arrived, the waitress stating that the food would be done shortly. you took a sip from your milkshake before glancing over at chan. 
“does the offer still stand from yesterday?”
he frowned and you gestured to the milkshake, indicating you wanted a sip.
he nodded, pushing it in your direction. you took a drink of the chocolate milkshake and then frowned a little, taking a sip of your strawberry one before tasting the chocolate again.
chan laughed, “what are you doing?”
“deciding which one i like more.”
he chuckled, reaching for your shake and doing the same.
“i think they’re pretty equal. both good in different ways.”
you agreed, saying they both had their own charms.
the waitress finally brought the food out and you had to bite back a remark as she set the ranch down on chans plate again. he noticed the look on your face as you eyed the sauce.
“are you going to fight me about my ranch again?”
you were going to reply, but minho cut in.
“i’m sorry y/n, do you have a problem with ranch?”
you looked between the two, “yes, actually, i do. who the hell eats it with chicken?”
the rest of the table caught wind of the conversation and joined in.
felix pointed at your plate, “barbecue all the way.”
jisung and hyunjin agreed, sooyeon stating that she liked both.
“okay,” jisung prompted, “but which ones better?”
“i swear to god if you say ranch we’re replacing you with felix.”
hyunjin pouted in faux hurt, “why not me?”
you shrugged, “or maybe hyunjin, i don’t know yet. we’ll hold a challenge to decide.”
she laughed, “not necessary, i’ll keep my spot. i gotta say barbecue over ranch.”
minho and chan groaned, they were heavily outnumbered. 
“her opinion doesn’t count,” chan grumbled, “she’s not even eating chicken right now.”
you laughed and for a moment chan thought he was in a dream. the way your lips curled into a smile and your eyes shined while you laughed made his stomach do flips, the fact that he was the one causing your laughter just making it all the much better.
the meal was pleasant, fun and casual conversation flowing between everyone as you ate. the time to pay came and the waitress approached the table again, gathering the empty plates and glasses.
“how should i split the bill?”
chan spoke up first, gesturing between you and him.
“we’re together.”
felix scanned the table, “anyone need someone to cover them?”
both jisung and sooyeon timidly raised their hands, felix telling the waitress to but then on his tab. hyunjin and minho both payed their own.
as you all got out of your seats and headed for the door, jisung spoke to you.
“y/n, we should hang out with your rich friends more.”
chan heard the words leave jisungs mouth and prepared himself for your reply, but you didn’t say anything along the lines of what he’d expected. you would have. in fact, the words were just at the tip of your tongue.
“they’re not my friends, jisung.”
but as they almost left your lips, they didn’t taste right. 
instead, you gave a small laugh, “or you could get a job and use your own money.”
“nah,” he waved a hand in dismissal, “who would drive you around then?”
you waved everyone goodbye as you hopped into the back of jisungs car, letting sooyeon take the front seat because you knew you’d be getting dropped off first anyway. 
Tumblr media
a week went by and it was finally time for the debates to start. each debate would take an entire class period, so you and chan didn’t have to go until the thursday of the week. you ate your muffin as quickly as you could, silently pouting to yourself that you would have to throw your own wrapper away today without even having thrown it as chan. what a waste.
you’d dressed up a little bit more than normal being that you knew it impacted your grade. you stood at the front of the room with felix and seungmin waiting for chan to arrive so you could begin. 
he and hyunjin entered the room seconds before the bell rang, chan not even bothering to go to his seat to put his bag down, just laying it near the door.
you let out a small laugh at the way you, seungmin, and felix were dressed so much nicer than normal, but chan looked just as he did every day.
“you look nice.” was the first thing chan said to you.
you thanked him just as the teacher introduced who would be debating and where each team stood on the topic.
you and chan were set to give the first opening statement, which you’d both agreed you would say. but as the teacher gave the good to go, you found the words stuck in your throat.
chan noticed your nervousness, gently placing a hand on the small of your back and rubbing soothing circles with his finger.
if you’d been told a few weeks ago that chans hand on you like that would calm your nerves, you would have punched whoever said it in the face.
but now, as you focused on the way his hand felt against your back through the thin fabric of your outfit, you felt the anxiety lessen slightly. it was still there obviously, but you were able to get the words past your lips with a tone that made it sound like you were confident. 
chans hand remained on your back until the opposite team's opening statement was completed and it was his turn to speak, getting into your first argument. 
he’d taken a chance by touching you, but now he was glad he had. regardless of what you said, the way you reacted to his touch proved to him that you didn’t hate him. at least not as much as you claimed to.
the debate was rounded off and there were still a few minutes left of class. there would be no actual decided winner, just a grade to mark how well your teacher deemed your performance. 
still, that didn’t stop you from arguing with felix that you’d obviously beat him and seungmin.
“we demolished you, lix.”
“you so did not,” he laughed back, “we actually had to go easy on your guys because we felt bad.”
the four of you argued playfully until the bell rang, releasing you to your next class. chan stopped you just outside the door.
“hey, y/n?”
you turned to him, humming to acknowledge you’d heard him.
“i’ve got a meet tonight, do you wanna come?”
you were taken aback by the question.
“oh, um, where is it?”
“it’s home,” he replied, “just a couple hours after school gets over, so you could probably just wait here if you wanted, we’re not really going to be practicing anyway.”
“i’d have to see if jisung can give me a ride to my house so i can pick up my wallet...”
“no need!” he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small card, “use this.”
you frowned slightly at the piece of plastic, it was his fan pass, a free ticket for one person of each swim team members choice to get into every meet for free. each person only got one a season for the sake of still gaining profit, and chan was giving his to you?
you hesitantly took it from his hand, sliding it into your own pocket.
“are you sure?”
“yeah!” he beamed, “you’re the only one i could really think of who i’d want to have it.”
you felt your heart swell at his words, watching as he turned from you and headed to his next class. 
you couldn’t fight the stupid grin from climbing onto your face and the giddy feeling in your stomach. chan wanted you at his games, more than anyone else. enough to give you his fan pass to make it easier for you to afford to come.
your heart did a summersault before dropping in realization.
you had been so focused on making sure you didn’t have any platonic feelings for him that you’d completely ignored the possibility of a different kind of feeling.
you had fallen for bang chan.
Tumblr media
you didn’t mention your realization to anyone, not even jisung or sooyeon. the only mention of going to the swim meet was when you asked them if they wanted to go with you. sooyeon had to go to work, but jisung said he’d try to make it, letting you know minho would be there even if he himself couldn’t go.
they all went home to drop their stuff off before the meet, but you denied jisungs offer to give you a ride home. instead, you headed to where you the boys would be, as chan put it, not really practicing.
you entered the pool room and saw that he was not joking around, they really weren’t practicing. they weren’t even in swim gear, all just sitting in a circle on the concrete next to the pool and chatting. you noticed a pile of backpacks near the door and you added yours to it before stepping in further. 
you weren’t sure whether to approach them or not, they didn’t seem to be doing anything serious, would it be okay for you to join them?
as if reading your mind, chan called you over to sit beside him, sliding closer to one of his teammates you didn’t know the name of to make room for you.
“who’s this?” one of his teammates asked with a curious smile.
“his girlfriend.” hyunjin piped up, earning a chorus of cheers from the rest of the teams. your face flushed red and chan waved his arms to calm everyone down, “y/n is not my girlfriend.”
you swallowed thickly, just a week ago you would have jumped to agree with those words, but now they made your stomach hurt. when did this change even happen? you couldn’t pinpoint it.
he noticed your discomfort, placing a hand on your knee to calm you down, hoping you would have the same positive reaction to his touch that you had that morning.
noticing the action, one of his teammates spoke up.
“not your girlfriend my ass.”
instead of responding to his teammate, chan directed his attention towards you.
“the meet starts in about two hours. i’ve gotta go in one to get ready, do you have someone to wait with you so you’re not alone?
you nodded, “i know minho is for sure coming, jisung might too.”
he wasn’t particularly fond of the idea of minho coming, but at least he knew you wouldn’t be sitting alone.
you thought it would be awkward sitting with chans swim team for an hour, especially considering how much they’d already teased you, but it was actually pleasant.
the group of you talked about random stuff, laughing and joking around. you’d even learned some of their names. jeongin and changbin were the two you spoke to most, aside from chan and hyunjin.
the time came when they had to go prepare for the meet and get changed and you waved them all goodbye, pulling out your phone to text minho and ask if he’d gotten to the school yet. 
he responded almost immediately that he had just parked and would be in in a few minutes. you walked out to greet him by the ticket booth where there was already a line forming.
you slipped into line beside him and started casual conversation. 
“do you come to sports stuff alone a lot?” you asked, referring to the fact that if you hadn’t been asked to come he would have been sitting alone.
he shrugged, “i guess. you don’t need someone with you to enjoy a sport.” he send a wink your way as he lightly pushed you with his shoulder, “everything is more fun with you, though.”
you laughed, stepping ahead to show the woman taking money the pass chan had given you. before you could get it out of your pocket, minho was thrusting a $10 bill to the ticket taker.
you stopped him, pulling the card from your pocket and showing it to both him and the ticket taker.
“i’ve got this, you don’t need to pay for me.”
he furrowed his brows in confusion, “chan gave you his fan pass?”
you nodded, a blush forming on your cheeks.
he nodded, swapping the $10 for a $5 bill to avoid getting unnecessary change.
you walked into the room and caught sight of your backpack. it was alone on the floor now, all of the boys had taken theirs with them when they went to get changed. you moved to pick it up, pausing when you noticed a sticky note on top of it.
paper clipped under the note was a small amount of cash, and scribbled across the piece of paper was a small note. you knew the handwriting right away, you’d been forced into too many ethics projects with chan not to recognize his handwriting by now.
“forgot to give you this! for if you get hungry :)”
you didn’t notice the smile on your face until minho commented on it.
“what, he’s your sugar daddy now?”
you shoved him lightly, laughing at his joke.
you swung the bag over your shoulder and pocketed the money along with the note (it was cute, you wanted to keep it).
being there so early, it was quite easy to find a good spot. chan had told you which lanes and pools he’d be racing in so you knew where to sit to be able to see him, too.
deciding to finally ask what changed between you two, minho spoke up.
“didn’t you hate him like less than a month ago? and now you have his fan pass?”
you shrugged, “he got less annoying. started acting like a normal person instead of an asshole.”
minho frowned, “he seems the same to me.”
you shrugged, “he probably acts different around different people.”
“so,” he continued, “are you two like...”
you shook your head as your face flushed pink.
“no, no. he just didn’t have anyone else to give the pass to.”
minho raised his eyebrows but hummed and accepted your answer anyway.
you hadn’t noticed time ticking by and the area growing more crowded as you talked until a man stood on a high platform near the center pool with a microphone in his hand began to speak, welcoming everyone to the meet.
the races began and chan wasn’t in any of the starting line ups, but hyunjin was. being the only other person you really knew, you focused on him. 
watching swim was different than watching a lot of other sports, but you enjoyed it anyway. there was no fighting for a ball or scoring goals, no ball to follow, but it was just as entertaining to watch the way the water worked with every swimmer.
you were still amazed with hyunjin’s movements. you weren’t surprised in the slightest when his race ended with him being the first to complete the set. 
as much as you found hyunjin interesting to watch, you couldn’t help but be happy as the first round ended and the second began, the first chan would be competing in.
you watched as he stepped out to the edge of the pool, scanning the crowd for you. he smiled and sent a small wave in your direction before getting into position to dive.
you ended up not using any of the money chan had given you for drinks and snacks, not even when minho got up to go get some food of his own. you stayed planted in your seat the whole time matches were occurring, always either trained on hyunjin or chan. there were the occasional time that neither of them were racing in any of the pools, but it wasn’t often and rounds were never long enough for you to leave without missing anything.
at the end of the night, the added up scores were close, but chan’s team had won. you weren’t as caught up on the scoring system of swimming as you were of other sports, but you didn’t need to know. the announcer let out the final scores of each team, your schools team coming out on top.
people stood and began to leave as the swimmers began towards the locker rooms and the team managers started cleaning up the pool area and covering the pools again.
chan waited for you before leaving to change, allowing you to congratulate him on the win.
minho said a quick goodbye, stating he had to get home and do some work before it got too late, leaving you and chan alone.
before really realizing what you were doing, you wrapped your arms around chan and held him in a tight hug. he faltered for a moment before wrapping his arms securely around you, holding you close to him. you moved to pull away, but he kept you locked in his arms.
“chan, let me go! you’re still soaked!”
“you hugged me first, you asked for this!”
your hands found his chest as you planted your palms there and pushed him away from you, suddenly very aware of the way his bare chest felt under your hands.
you retracted your hands from his body, wiping them on your pants to dry them off.
ignoring your thudding heart, you spoke.
“now i smell like chlorine.”
a sly smile spread across his face, “no, now you smell like me.”
you blushed and he took a step closer to you, closing the distance between the two of you and holding your elbows as he kept you close to him.
“thank you for coming.”
you smiled up at him and teased, “i only came because you asked me to. i really hated it.”
he gasped in faux hurt, “you mean to say you didn’t enjoy watching me shirtless for three hours?”
you shook your head, “hyunjin looked pretty good though.”
he chuckled and you felt his grip on your arms loosen as he moved one of his hands to your face, cupping your cheek. 
the next thing you knew his lips were on yours and for some reason, that didn’t upset you in the slightest. you kissed him back, his lips were so soft for someone who spent half of their time in chlorine soaked water.
he pulled away and scanned your face for any sign of discomfort, a big smile covering his face when he found none.
“i’m not going to lie,” he chuckled, “i kind of thought you’d punch me when i did that.”
you laughed, raising your eyebrows, “i still have time to.”
he removed his hands from you and held them up in defense, taking a step back from you. you laughed even more at his reaction, surprising the both of you and closing the gap, hands going to his neck as you pulled him down into another kiss. 
the moment was cut short as the locker room flew open and hyunjin stepped out, pausing in the door when he saw the scene taking place in front of him.
a smile crept onto his features and he spoke with a teasing tone, “i thought she wasn’t your girlfriend.”
you both laughed softly before chan responded, “she wasn’t.”
“is she now?” hyunjin prompted.
chan looked at you with his brows raised as if to ask “i don’t know, are you?”
ignoring the furious blush across your cheeks, you replied, “i mean, yeah.”
hyunjin clapped just hands loudly, “fucking finally.”
“language, hwang!” the coach called from across the large room.
“my bad,” he yelled back before directing his words towards chan, “you should get changed.”
chan nodded, sending one last smile in your direction before walking into the locker room and leaving you and hyunjin.
“when you realize i’m way hotter than chan, give me a call.” he sent a teasing wink in your direction and you laughed as he left the room, leaving you alone. 
you waited patiently for chan to come back from the locker room, scrolling through your phone. you debated texting your friends the new update, but you figured you’d just tell them the next day. 
despite being the last to go into the locker room, chan was not the last out. he came back to you just a few minutes after leaving.
he held his keys up, signaling it was time to go. you followed him to his car, letting him pull open the door for you. you slipped in as quickly as possible, slamming the door shut behind you and pressing the button to lock the doors. 
chan sent a small glare in your direction, but you could see the smile threatening to poke through.
he held up his key fob, clicking his own button to unlock the doors. he made a move to open the drivers side door and pulled on the handle just as you clicked the lock again. you repeated this a few times before letting out a loud laugh and finally allowing him to get into his car, tossing his things into the back seat.
“we’ve literally been dating for less than an hour and you’re already terrorizing me.” he grumbled.
he paused for a moment before continuing, “straight home or are you hungry?”
you shrugged, “whatever you want.”
he nodded, pulling the car out of the parking spot, “food it is.”
he didn’t bother to ask what restaurant you wanted, heading to the same little diner a few blocks away he’d taken you to before.
you laughed as you entered the diner to see the same waitress that had served you the last two times you were there.
“do you ever go home?”
she laughed, “do you two ever eat anywhere other than here?”
you chose your spot before ordering almost immediately, you’d learned that chan also tended to stick with the same choice every time.
“hey,” chan called to the waitress before she could walk away, “guess what?”
“what, dear?”
chan reached across the table and grabbed your hand, “it’s an official date this time.”
she broke into a big smile, “i knew it was only a matter of time.”
Tumblr media
you sat down at your spot the next morning with a pout on your face. for the first time in about a month, there was no muffin on your spot. 
it wasn’t like whoever put them there was obligated to give you one every morning, but you’d gotten so used to it.
you looked ahead at who would be debating today, you couldn’t recall any of their names. 
chan walked through the door earlier than normal due to the fact that there hadn’t been practice that morning because of the meet the night before. you smiled at him as he approached your table, but the smile dropped into a look of confusion as he placed a muffin ahead of you before slipping behind you.
he sat down, “morning, baby.”
when you didn’t respond, a concerned look crossed his features.
“what’s wrong?”
you held up the muffin, “you’ve been giving me these?”
he shrugged, “yeah. i remembered you saying you didn’t always get breakfast.”
as he smiled at you something clicked in your brain.
minhos words from the night before repeated themselves in your head.
“he seems the same to me.”
that’s because he was the same. that was it, he hadn’t changed. he never stopped being an asshole, he just never was one in the first place. he wasn’t ever a prick, you just had your heart set so strongly on hating him that you saw everything he did in the worst way possible. the things he used to do that annoyed you were now things you grew fond of. the way he bumped your chair sometimes in the morning used to make you livid, but now it brought a smile to your face. you used to want to rip his head off when he hummed while working, but you adored the sound now, even going so far as to not put in headphones so you could hear him. he was the same boy he’d always been.
he didn’t change, the way you saw him did. 
Tumblr media
but just as quickly as these became things you loved about him, they fell right back into being annoying habits.
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skeezsbbygirl · 11 months ago
kiss it better + bang chan
hello lovelies! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
im back with another bang chan scenario <3 hope you guys enjoy this one!! (oh and tmt hit 1k+ notes ahhh thank you so much >.<, also i might be uploading a prince!chan fic soon, stay tuned sunshines)
Tumblr media
"Chris, baby, please."
It's been two hours, nearing three, since Chris decided to give you the silent treatment. The cause of your current suffering rooted from the events that took place last night.
A college friend of yours happened to be visiting the city, and what better way to celebrate a rare occasion than dressing up and going for a girl's night out with a bunch of your other friends. Chris happily agreed to let you go, he didn't need much convincing since he trusted you with everything and that included you getting home in one piece.
As the late hours of the night passed and shifted over to the wee hours of the morning, Chris grew worried, checking his phone for the nth time as he expected a call or text from you to reassure him that you were fine, or that you were at least still alive somewhere.
Fortunately, he managed to get a hold of your situation through one of your friends, credits to Jisung for grabbing her number that one time you guys set them up for a date.
"Hyung, she said that (y/n) got into a cab ten minutes ago," Jisung explained over the phone. "Her phone also died, so that's probably the reason why you haven't heard from her," he added.
"Alright, got it. Thanks, Ji."
Strike one.
Your drunk self thought that it was a good idea to call for a cab, even declining your girlfriend's offer to drive you home. You insisted that you were fine and that you would only derail their way home since your apartment's route leads to the opposite direction. So, in your semi-intoxicated state, you hopped into a cab and made your way home.
Strike two.
You came home last night, struggling to keep a certain level of sobriety. Heels in one hand and your clutch in the other. You weren't completely hammered, but it was still enough to piss Chris off as he took in your drunken state.
Strike three.
Nevertheless, Chris patiently took care of you. He helped you out of your clothes, took your makeup off for you, and tucked you in bed with him.
You could've gotten away with what happened, until your hungover self decided to betray you.
When Chris sat you down for breakfast, he managed to ease in the happenings of last night, carefully bringing it up as to not agitate you or make you feel like he's blaming you for going out and having fun.
He was just worried, especially having known that you went home all by yourself without even contacting him.
"Baby, you could've borrowed one of your friends' phone and asked me to come pick you up," Chris sighed as he reached out for your hand, placing his on top of yours, his fingers tracing circles on your skin.
"I know and I'm sorry, but can you just scold me later?" you said, your tone a little harsher than you intended it to be, probably due to the lingering headache and side effects of your drinks last night. You felt like your skull was being split into two and you just wanted to eat and recover in silence.
"Babe, I'm not scolding you. I was just-"
You cut Chris off. "Alright, I get it, you were worried but I took care of myself. So let's just argue later, yeah?" you snapped.
And you're out.
Upon hearing your reply, Chris' jaw clenched, visibly appearing offended and irritated. He retracted his hand from yours, opting to cross his arms over his chest.
You bit your tongue when the words you spat out finally settled in. It sounded wrong and you definitely shouldn't have said that. You readied yourself for the argument that was about to ensue, but nothing came.
That was all he said before he stood up and left.
Your eyes widened at the sudden realization that slapped you back into reality, the ugly outcome of your sudden outburst.
You were about to get up and follow Chris to apologize, however, the sudden throbbing pain in your head disabled you from getting out of your seat. Instead, you were forced to sit back down and wallow in guilt.
And that's how you ended up getting the silent treatment.
You left your boyfriend alone for a few hours, hoping that his anger would dissipate by the time that your hungover got better. But much to your dismay, he wasn't having it with you.
"Baby, can I come in?" you knocked on the door of Chris' home studio.
"Chris, baby, please," you tried again, but you were still met with silence. You let out a sigh as you ambled back towards the living room, deciding to just give him space and talk it out whenever he's ready.
Chris was naturally a forgiving person, a little tougher on his members, but a complete sweetheart when it comes to you. So when he gave you the silent treatment for the very first time that day, you didn't know what to do.
So, you waited.
A couple of hours passed, three and a half, now, to be exact, you heard Chris' door unlock. You immediately perked up at the sound, quickly scurrying on your feet to meet him.
"Chris, I'm sorry," you apologized with your head hung low, eyes on the ground, and fingers fiddling with the hem of your shirt.
Nothing. Nothing, but the cold breeze of Chris passing by, giving you no due attention. He sauntered towards the kitchen and opened the fridge, paying more attention to the cold food items that were displayed in front of him.
How you wish you were the half-eaten cheesecake now, huh?
Having enough with his torturous act, you were set on using the two tricks you had up your sleeves -- 1) faking an injury, as petty as that sounds, you were desperate, and 2) luring him with something he likes, be it an innocent gesture or a daring one, you would practically do anything at this point.
With your first plan in mind, you crept up behind him and positioned yourself near the edge of the marble kitchen island, placing your hip at the sharp corner so that it would appear as if you bumped against it.
From a third person's point of view, you probably looked stupid, scratch that, you did look stupid, but you were set on breaking Chris' silent streak.
"Ah!" you yelped in pain, hands quickly coming up to clutch your right side. You dropped on the ground, still maintaining your hold on your "injured" torso.
As soon as you cried out in pain, Chris hurried to your side.
"Baby, are you okay?" he asked with a worried expression plastered on his face. His cold demeanor immediately melting once he saw you clutching your side. "What happened, babygirl?" he crouched down to meet your level.
"I accidentally hit the edge of the counter," you said. "Come here, baby," Chris placed your arms around his neck as he scooped you up from the ground, carrying you bridal style towards the living room.
"Show me where it hurts, love," Chris ordered as he sat you down with him. He carefully moved you on his lap, making you straddle him.
"Right here," you pointed towards a random patch of skin on your right side. Chris placed his hand over the supposedly injured area, gently soothing it with the warmth that radiated from his palm.
Adding the icing on the cake, you hissed in pain as his hand came in contact with your skin. "Shh, it's okay, baby. I got you," Chris cooed as he planted a kiss on your cheek, in hopes of making you feel better.
He lifted your shirt up a bit, allowing him to inspect for any cuts or damage to your skin. "Do you want me to go get an ice pack?" Chris offered. "No, it's fine," you replied.
"Alright, just tell me if need anything," Chris responded as he leaned down to press a chaste kiss on your exposed skin, tugging your shirt back down as he pulled away.
You nuzzled your face into his neck, in an attempt to conceal the grin that was forming on your lips. Completely fooled by your actions, Chris continued rubbing your side as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear.
"Does it hurt anywhere else, baby?" Chris asked and you nodded. "Here," you pulled away from him and pointed towards your chest. He shot you a puzzled look, confused as to why your chest would hurt when you claimed that you bumped your side.
"Because I was trying to apologize to my boyfriend a couple of hours ago, but instead, he gave me the silent treatment," you pouted.
Chris bursted out in laughter as he heard your response.
"It's true. I followed him around like a lost puppy, but he locked himself inside his studio. Totally unfair and uncalled for," you continued and Chris shook his head in disbelief, his laughter coming to a stop as he calmed down.
"I could say the same thing about what happened last night," Chris challenged, raising one eyebrow at you.
"I'm sorry. I know I was being stupid. I should've called you or at least shot you a message from my friend's phone to let you know that I was coming home late. I just thought that if I called, I was going to end up bothering you, considering that it was such an ungodly hour," you explained, fiddling with the string of his hoodie.
"(Y/n), you could never be a bother to me," Chris said, "And did you honestly think that I could sleep knowing that you were out there?"
"I was so worried about you. Thank Jisung for having one of your friend's number because I was this close to losing it," Chris stated.
"I know. I'm really sorry," you pressed a kiss to his lips. "I promise I won't do it again, forgive me?" you added, pecking his lips once more.
"I can't stay mad at you," Chris let out a defeated sigh. "Of course. I forgive you, babygirl," he gave you a small smile.
You cheered and pulled him in for a hug, momentarily forgetting about your said injury.
"Do you feel better now?" Chris teased as he poked your sides, making you jolt in surprise. "Christopher!" you squealed, bursting in a fit of giggles as you realized that you've been caught red-handed.
Well, at least the intentions of your plan worked.
"You know what they say, desperate times call for desperate measures," you shrugged and Chris chuckled in amusement. He leaned in and gave you a kiss.
"You're lucky you're cute."
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softhoures · a year ago
holding hands
Tumblr media
reader (g/n) + jisung
fluff, smut
note; thank you for 2,000+ notes 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
warnings; unprotected sex
Tumblr media
“Are you close?”
Your boyfriend was nearing his second orgasm of the night, thrusting into you with fast but deep movements of his hips against yours. Sweat was starting to collect at his hairline and above his upper lip in the dip of his cupid’s bow. His voice came out in labored pants. These were small things you always noticed about Jisung when you made love to him, and you loved every single one. But there was one thing he always did that made your heart melt even as he did the most crude things to you below the belt.
You nodded, your fingers carding through the damp hair at the back of his neck. His skin was hot to the touch and slightly damp from the workout he was getting at the moment. His hands were buried in the sheets on either side of your head, but they were about to do exactly what you wanted them to do.
As his thrusts got faster and sloppier, you prepared yourself as his hands went to yours, interlocking your fingers with his. Your knuckles as well as his were buried into the sheets underneath them. He came with a strangled groan that got stuck in the back of his throat. His face was buried into the skin of your neck, his arms growing weak as his energy drained. His hips slowed to a halt, but he stayed put inside of you for a moment. His fingers squeezed yours gently and slowly, and even though he did that a lot, you were almost certain it was subconscious to him. You’ve had sex with Jisung several times over your three year relationship with him, but it only took you a few months in to realize he held your hands almost every time he came. It became a sort of tradition. Neither of you ever said anything about it, but it was one of your favorite things that he did.
After both of your breathing went back to normal, his fingers detached from yours as he kneeled away from you. He climbed off of the bed to put his pajamas on, and you went to the bathroom to do your quick nightly routine. When you were done you dabbed you’re face with a dry towelette and turned the bathroom light off behind you. Only the lamp on Jisung’s side of the bed dimly lit the room now and graced you with one of your favorite sights:
Jisung, sitting up in bed with his slightly messy hair pressed into the propped pillow behind him. His glasses sat on his nose, little squares of light on each circle of glass reflecting his phone screen as he scrolled through whatever app he was on. From where you stood you could barely tell that his top row of teeth were nibbling into his lower lip. When he saw that you were done in the bathroom he glanced at you and smiled.
“Babe, they really have Buzzfeed quizzes for everything these days. Listen to these: name your favorite desserts and we’ll guess what your favorite tv show is. Like, how do those even correlate?” you grinned at his sense of absurdity, “And this one: Pick your favorite pizza toppings and we’ll tell you what your sex habit is.”
“That one outta be interesting,” you joked, slipping into the sheets beside him. You rested your cheek against your pillow, facing your boyfriend. You didn’t understand how someone could look so attractive from this view.
“Yeah, I think I’ll take it just for shits and giggles.”
Your eyes started to close after a few seconds of listening to the pads of his fingertips thumping lightly against the screen of his phone. You knew he was finished when he mumbled to himself, “See? These are so stupid.”
“So what is your sex habit?” you asked teasingly, surprised by his answer.
“Hand holding? I don’t even do that.”
You let out a small laugh, “For a dumb quiz it’s pretty accurate.”
“What? No, I don’t hold your hands during sex,” he paused, “Do I?”
You opened your eyes to look at him, seeing an expression on his face that told you he wasn’t joking, “Ji, seriously? You do it every time we have sex. You just did it.”
“You’re joking.”
“I am not,” you scoffed, “Right before you orgasm. It’s usually only when we do missionary, but you’ve done it quite a few other times.”
Jisung looked like his mind was genuinely blown, and you found it rather funny. All this time you thought he was aware that he did it, but he had no clue. You weren’t sure if that made it even more adorable or if it was upsetting because you thought he did it on purpose this whole time. He combed his fingers back through his hair, staring off into the air in front of him. You could see it in his concentration that he was trying to recall all the times he had held your hand during sex, but he couldn’t think of even once. He didn’t even remember doing it just minutes ago. He shook his head slowly, “I can’t believe it. If I have, I really don’t remember. You know what? Whatever, I’m just gonna try not to do it from now on then, since I do it so damn much apparently.”
A small frown fell on your lips, but you didn’t say anything because he was already closing his phone and setting it on the nightstand as he turned the lamp off. The room was coated in darkness and the next thing you knew you were falling asleep with Jisung’s arm wrapped around your waist.
A few days passed and you were sharing the same intimate moment with Jisung before bed, just on the brink of your orgasm. You knew he was close by the way his nose kept scrunching the deeper and longer he went. So you prepared yourself for it, raising your hips to meet his and letting your fingers fall open loosely on the sheets beside your ears, ready for him to grab them in his. But he never did. Instead his fingers stayed gripped in the pillows around your head as he came. Your fingers felt empty, and you didn’t feel as satisfied, like something was wrong. Incomplete.
Jisung pulled away from you with one last kiss to your cheek, and a few minutes later you found yourself back in bed, lying beside him as he did his nightly before-sleep scroll through Instagram. You hummed in agreement as he said something about a post he saw, and then the two of you fell asleep.
It went on like this for another two weeks, the few times you made love he didn’t hold your hands at all, and you found that it was bothering you more and more. You weren’t sure why it affected you this much, but in a way it became apart of your routine and it felt unfulfilling to not experience it anymore. Though you missed it, you didn’t bring it up to Jisung because you knew he was doing it on purpose.
It wasn’t until one morning when the two of you were sharing breakfast at your kitchen table that it was brought up again. He scrolled through Buzzfeed quizzes again, telling you once more about the ridiculous things he saw but continued to take.
“Like what do bagels have to do with Disney princesses? I really don’t understand it,” he spoke, his voice coming out in an adorable whine.
You rolled your eyes with a smile, “I don’t know, Ji. I mean, the last one you took was accurate so who knows? Maybe some of them aren’t bullshit.”
He shook his head, “No, I don’t hold hands anymore, if I even did it in the first place.”
“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” you didn’t realize you had sighed after you spoke, but Jisung definitely did. However, you changed the subject before he could ask what your problem was. The rest of the day you cleaned the house together, room by room until the entire thing was clean, top to bottom. When you finished up it was almost dinner time, and the two of you decided to pick up a pizza after you took showers.
Jisung watched as you walked around your shared bedroom, picking out the clothes you were going to wear for the rest of the night. To clean today, you had worn one of his shirts and a pair of your comfortable gym shorts. He loved seeing you like this; comfortable and all for him. You caught him looking at you in your peripheral, “What are you looking at?”
“The most beautiful person on earth,” he replied cheekily, making you roll your eyes as your cheeks warmed up.
You had just gathered the last of your clothes when he came up behind you and took them out of your hands. Before you could ask what he was doing he had his lips pressed to yours. You didn’t complain as he backed you into the dresser behind you, his hands cupping you’re face gently as he deepened your kiss. Your own hands rested at his slim waist, holding the fabric of his t-shirt in your fists.
That same t-shirt ended up on the floor along with yours as he guided you to the bed. Next to go were both of your bottoms, falling into the same pile with your shirts. His lips latched onto your chest and neck as his hand guided his member into you. The both of you let out content sighs as he filled you up and started a steady rhythm that satisfied the both of you. He whispered sweet nothings in your ear, making your chest constrict with butterflies that never seemed to go away despite the many years you spent with him.
His lips tangled with yours, moans muffled by each other’s tongues as his hips rutted against yours. Your fingers were wrapped around his biceps, feeling your climax just about to approach. Jisung’s thrusts got slower and deeper, making you sigh from the pleasure he never failed to bring you.
You were moving your hands to his neck as the beginning of your orgasm started to wash over you, but you were startled when Jisung’s hand ripped them away from his skin. Instead, his digits roughly intertwined with yours as he pushed them into the pillow above your head. At the same time his lips crashed onto yours, translating all of his love into a language only your lips could understand.
You came with him, his thrusts slowing until he jerked to a finish with a grunt, his lips continuing to move with yours until he had to separate to breathe. His fingers started to sueeze gently against yours only this time it felt intentional. Comforting.
A small smile graced your lips as your flushed cheeks grew warmer, “You did it. You held my hands again.”
“Yeah,” he admitted shyly, little beads of sweat crawling down from his hairline to his eyebrow, “I didn’t realize you liked it so much when I did it. I thought it was annoying.”
“I never said it was,” your smile softened, “Out of all the little things you do that make me love you, that’s probably one of my favorites.”
He grinned, the chubbiness in his cheeks making your heart jump. His fingers gave yours a long, final squeeze as he kissed you once more, “Well then, as long as you love it I’ll keep doing it.”
You returned his kiss with the brewing love and passion you held for him for so long, “I love you so much, you know that right?”
“Of course I do.”
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huenjin · 6 months ago
domestic disturbance.
Tumblr media
summary — there's a murder in the richest neighborhood of seoul and there's no better detectives to find the killer besides you and bang chan. or, in which you and chan have to be a pretend couple to catch a killer.
Tumblr media
pairing — bang chan x reader
genre — fluff, crime, smut | detectives!au, fwb!au, fake marriage!au
word count — 21k words.
warnings — mentions of crime, ie, blood, killings, (one line of) gruesome murder scene, language, along with a whodunnit plot, mentions of cheating (not the main leads), and smut | smut specifications under the cut
Tumblr media
smut specs. — established fwb!au where they know each other's limits already, dirty talk, praise kink, grinding, marking and hickeys, choking/asphyxiation, nipple play, breast play, sex in multiple places (on the table, against the wall, on the bed), blowjob, face fucking, deepthroating, cunnilingus, clitoral stimulation, cervical stimulation, edging, overstimulation, squirting, multiple orgasms, fingering, creampie, size kink. oh well!
note — this is part of the christmas collab i’m hosting with few other mutuals. i hated this fic and then fell in love madly with it, so yes, this is my baby. there is a plot and so it’s like 50% fluff, 30% crime and 20% smut, okay? i hope you enjoy this fic as much as i loved writing it! much love x
Tumblr media
"Did I have to come in today?" 
"Mayor Arsehole came in," you hear from the phone and you quickly hop off your bed, throwing the phone back on to the bed after putting it on speaker and rushing to the washroom to grab your toothbrush.
"What does he want now?"
You squeeze the end of the toothpaste carefully, pushing a good amount of toothpaste onto the bristles of the brush before shoving it into your mouth, brushing against the enamel of your teeth quickly and you rush back to your bed.
Chan, on the other end of the phone, plays with the pen on his table, clicking the piston on the top of the mechanical device. He watches the Mayor move his hands dramatically and the Captain trying to make the Mayor understand.
He gets back to you. Dropping the pen, he sits up straight, "Anyhow, come in quick. My gut tells me that they'll call us in, so make it quick. Wait—"
You rush back to the bathroom in a hurry, spitting into the sink and turning the tap on, quickly cleaning your mouth and your face, following a small skincare routine that fits your busy schedule.
"What?" You say after forever and Chan screams, "I knew it."
"Did you just wake up?"
"Yes," you respond, and pull your clothes up from your body and down by the side of the bed mindlessly. 
"Holy shit," Chan laughs. "It's nine. Han's going to be so mad. He thinks you're in office already." You hear his chair reclining back and you roll your eyes. "Plus," his voice lowers and you stop in your tracks, hand midway to grab your faux leather jacket.
"What now?"
"I didn't even keep you occupied last night," Chan teases. "Imagine if I did."
"I'm hanging up, you bastard," you yell and Chan laughs, his laughter resonating through your small room and making you smile softly. 
"Come quickly, little minx," and he hangs up. You hop back onto your bed, and pulling the pair of thigh high boots you always wear from underneath the wooden framing of the bed, you bury your feet into them and look at your phone.
Bang Christopher Chan is perhaps the only reason you are excited to go to work. That, and lying, murderous bastards.
Down at the station, twenty minutes later (still possibly the best record you've held so far), you rush into the office, heels clinking against the tiles and Chan's waiting for you by his cubicle, smirk prominent on his face and arms folded. 
"The queen's here," he teases and you glare. Huffing as you pause right in front of him, you look over his shoulder to see the Mayor still talking to the Captain.
"I'm not late," you squeal, hitting the air in joy and Chan lets you have your moment before sitting back on his chair and breaking it.
"They called for us twice already," Chan tells you and you shudder at the impending doom. You can already feel Captain Han talking about cutting your paychecks for the month for tardiness. You sit on his table, one leg on the ground and the other dangling, heel slightly grazing Chan's black denims.
"What did you tell them?"
He picks up the pen and stares at you, clicking the pen. You narrow your eyes at him, staring at the pen and mumbling, "Stop that, Chan. I've told you it's annoying."
"I do it to annoy you. That's the whole point," he raises his eyebrows obviously and you click your tongue against him and move closer.
"Now," you press on. "What did you tell Ji?"
"Oh, that you have diarrhoea?"
"What the fuck?" And you bend forward, hitting the built man before you, your fists hammering down on his hard biceps and chest. "Why would you say that?"
Chan raises his hands in defense, trying to block as many of your hits as possible. He whines, laughing amusingly at your reaction. He holds your wrists quickly to halt your actions and tugging at them, pulling you closer, he raises an eyebrow, "What else am I supposed to say? That you didn't come in yet?"
You gulp, eyes widening in surprise at the sudden intimacy that you pull yourself away and sit straight, dangling your legs slightly. You tilt your head and look at him. Clicking your tongue in annoyance, you say, "Valid point you make there, sir."
"When have I not made valid points?" Chan leans back on his chair, arms folded and he looks at you intently, his eyes staring into your soul and you raise your eyebrows. 
"The two of you," you hear the voice boom through the room. Chan and you turn your heads to look at Captain Han Jisung pop his head through the slightly opened door and calling the two of you. "In my room, now."
"Uh oh," Chan mumbles under his breath as he stands up. "Someone's in trouble."
"It's probably you," you glare at him. Hopping off his table, you stand firmly on your boots, tapping your feet slightly in confidence. Chan walks forward and you take longer strides to keep up with him.
"It could never be me. I'm the district's star detective."
"When hell turns cold, yeah."
You and Chan step into Captain Han Jisung's office. He sits behind the wooden desk and Deputy Mayor Seo Changbin stands next to him. The glass walls behind him show a clear view of the beautiful city of Seoul. You smile as you proceed to sit before the Captain, leg on top of the other. Chan sits next to you.
The pictures from a file are scattered all over his table, facing the two of you and your hand instinctively reaches out to grab one. It's a man's body — gruesome enough with the blood that covers it — impaled brutally on the sharp fence spikes.
Chan's eyebrows shoot up and he coughs in surprise. He looks at Jisung with disdain for a short minute before he says, "That is totally not helping with my holiday spirits, Han."
"Captain Han," Jisung reaffirms as he looks at Chan with a glare and gestures at how he should show him respect at least in front of the Deputy Mayor. You chuckle slightly under your breath before putting the picture back on the table.
"What exactly are we looking at, Captain?"
Jisung clears his throat and bends forward to explain, "That is Kim Jihoon. Or at least whatever is left of him. He was found like this today morning by his neighbour. Apparently he fell three stories from his balcony. Kim Jihoon is a data analyst in Samaun Tech—"
"And more importantly, a model resident in the UN Village community." Changbin is stern and his eyes pierce into both yours and Chan's soul as if it demands the two of you to solve the murder right this minute.
"UN Village?" Chan's eyes narrow and your head turns so quickly to look at him. Does he know of the area? "That's the new gated community down in the city, right?"
Changbin scoffs, smirk plastered on his face as he looks away. "Yes, Detective. It's one of the most luxurious communities in Seoul. I'm sure you wouldn't know anything about it."
"Hey—" You raise your voice to come to Chan's defense. However, the man is quick himself.
"Oh, I'm pretty sure I have an idea what it is like. Just a bunch of rich old men sitting with their glasses of wine as they are locked away from the city's woes by their big high walls. I have watched enough Sky Castle."
You laugh, eyes wrinkling in mirth as you hear Chan take offense. You raise your hand up and your partner claps at it, laughing with you. Changbin scoffs again before turning to look at Jisung who clears his throat to stop the two of you from laughing and to bring your attention back.
"I've brought the two of you in here because you will be investigating the death of Jihoon."
"It's Christmas in a few days!"
"We're not in office, Ji," you whine. "Felix and Soojin would be taking our shifts for that week. You gave us the permission after the last case. Don't you remember?"
"Is that how much you care about the citizens?" The mayor shoots at the two of you and for a minute, you cower in your seat, before Chan looks at you worriedly as you recoil. 
"Hey, hey, hey," his eyebrows furrow together in anger at the Mayor and you worry if Chan's going to completely lash out. He never did like Changbin in the first place. That and now this and you know this could end bad. "We care enough about the citizens. But look at you. The Mayor comes down personally to hand in a case only when it's some rich community. What? Do you have an apartment there?"
"While you think this highly of me, I can't help but humble myself here," Changbin slams his fist down and Chan rises up. Uh oh! The Mayor edges forward as he continues, "I am very much concerned about the city as well."
"Please," Chan rolls his eyes. Jisung is about to pipe in and stop the conflict when Changbin continues proudly. 
"I'll have you know that the UN Village is one of the most exciting residential areas to live in, in Seoul and is one of the most beneficial developments made in a decade here. If it is successful, I can drive almost millions to the city through estate taxes and commerce. And must I remind you of how that is the biggest point in my political agenda—"
"Your political agenda!" Chan is at his patience's end and your arm stretches out to grip at his shirt, to pull him back from fighting but your partner is so caught up in his anger that he doesn't feel you pull at him. "Must I remind you that you are still the Deputy Mayor!"
"Stop it, both of you!" Jisung slams his hands on the table and you let out an exasperated sigh as you sit up straight. "This is a murder and I won't have the two of you argue over here. Deputy Mayor Seo, if you are done conveying what you came here for, I will have to ask you to leave. I need to talk and assign work to my detectives."
"Absolutely," Changbin smiles widely — almost borderline fake — before walking away and reminding Jisung, "I hope you remember what I asked of you, Captain." He bangs the door shut and Jisung mumbles incoherent words under his breath. Needless to say, it was safe to presume they were words hoping good will for Deputy Mayor Seo Changbin.
"Now the two of you," Jisung points at both Chan and you. He gestures at the built man to sit down. "You will be taking this case up. I will not have a word against it."
"Unless you want your sex tape to be released and the two of you want to be suspended for indecent public behaviour."
"What?" Both you and Chan tell at the same time, looking at each other in nothing but sheer confusion and shock at the same time. It was clear that you and him have not made a sex tape or publically — fuck. Unless it is that.
"I mean, I was definitely not interested in seeing my star detectives getting on with each other in the evidence room." Jisung raises his eyebrows.
"Are you blackmailing us, Han?" Chan's tongue prods at his inner cheek in frustration. Today was supposed to be a good day, so he wonders why things are going down the hill.
"I guess." He lifts an eyebrow at you and you click your tongue before leaning forward and taking the picture.
"Fine. I'm in."
"I don't mind getting a copy of the sex tape," Chan mumbles and you hit your partner with your elbow over his nonchalance. You are not going to get suspended. It was too much for your reputation. 
"Good," Jisung smiles. You stare at the picture carefully, looking at how the sharp spikes of the fence pierces into the man's abdomen, pinning him to the fence. Chan is about to take the picture from your hand when you ask,
"This could be an accident."
Chan takes it and looks at it before nodding, "Yeah. You know how rich drunk people are. They might have partied too hard and stumbled and fallen off their balcony."
"I thought that," Jisung mumbles before searching through the pictures. He lifts one off the table and hands it to you. "Until I was informed that this is the second murder UN Village has witnessed in less than a month."
The photo Jisung hands you is of a woman. She lies face down, her stomach pierced through by the sharp spikes of the fence — a bloody contrast to the fresh greens in her yard.
"Why am I celebrating my holidays like this?" Chan groans, as he leans towards you, his arms touching yours. He looks at the pictures and then at you for a short while as he watches you observe the photo carefully. The gears in his head are turning and his emotions are an array of mess but he reminds himself to focus on the case in hand. That is exactly what you would have wanted him to do. 
"She's Yoon Yerin, who lived just up the street from Kim Jihoon. She was found like this two weeks ago." Jisung points out. 
"Can't still label murder, Han. As Y/N said, it could be just an accident. They could be drinking red wine and partying, screwing each other on balconies. Hell, I'm surprised that only two have died so far."
You suppress your amusement and look at Jisung who explains, "I thought the same as well, detectives. The possibility exists—"
"Heh," Chan lifts his lips slightly and nudges you, almost as if he is telling you that the two of you have lesser work to deal with. 
"—but there is also a chance of an exceptional clever murderer behind all this. So please," he turns to look at both you and Chan with an extra intimidating glare, "Look at this case with an open mind."
"You've our word," you smile widely, keeping the photos back in the file. 
"Thank you," the Captain looks comforted. "I cannot hear more from the Mayor, I swear to God. Now, you'll go into UN Village and investigate these deaths as soon as possible."
"If there is a murderer, you must identify him as discreetly as possible and if these are just accidents, uhm," Jisung clears his throat, rubbing the back of his head, "We'll just put out a notice in talks of their safety, I guess."
Jisung stretches back in his chair, folding his arms and looking at the two of you proudly, "You guys are the best darn detectives we've got."
"Of course," Chan sneers. "Why else would you take our breaks away using some sex tape as some kind of blackmail? You're a nasty captain."
"He'll be forever salty about this, huh?" Jisung raises an eyebrow at you.
"Nah," you chuckle. "He's secretly overjoyed about being able to work during the holidays."
"As if!"
"We could just go now and investigate—"
"No, you cannot." Jisung sighs. "This is where I'm kind of helpless. The Deputy Mayor specifically mentioned how we are not allowed to poke around, cause chaos and make a scene."
"What? Why?" Chan slightly shifts in his chair, in agitation.
"It'll draw the media in like vultures."
"So?" You furrow your eyebrows. Why does this smell rotten?
"So, the two of you will go in under cover." Jisung smiles. "I doubt it would be an issue for the two of you." 
"Undercover? Undercover as what?"
Tumblr media
Twenty fours hours later, you are here. 
A large group of suburbanites are gathered on a perfectly sculpted front lawn. They stand around the stainless steel barbeque rack and are talking. You gaze further, your back pressed against the big lorry that carries furniture to furnish the new house. 
"I can't believe we're doing this," Chan sighs. He helps the man take out the sofas from the lorry. His biceps bulge and you smile, eyes lingering for a minute on the vein that is prominent over it. 
"Please," you laugh, head thrown back. "When I said I wanted to get married, you were there in the list, yes," you tilt your head and snigger. "But you were definitely not my first candidate."
"Lies," Chan teases. "I was your only other candidate, work being the first."
"Don't make me throw this chair at you."
Chan laughs, taking the chair from your hand and walking back in to settle it down onto the floor. Your head shifts back to look at your new neighbours, two of them waving at you and making their way to you. Chan comes out of the house right then, watching the two walk towards you.
Chan bends down to the side to whisper to you, "Do we have to go speak to them? I—"
"Of course. We can't be rude to them."
Chan holds onto your arm, whining like a little child, "But why? I hate rich people."
"Because I'm your wife now," you scrunch your nose at the title. "Listen to me and go with the flow. Just remember that you're Bang Chan, leading specialist in maxillofacial surgeries, hoping to start over in this area of the city—"
"And you're my beautiful wife, my other half, Y/N," he lifts your hand after entangling them with his, your silver ring bright on display and he takes a step forward.
"Now let's go, honey!"
The other couple walks towards the two of you simultaneously, stopping midway upon reaching you. You tilt your head, shifting your gaze to a softer look as you look at the couple, before clutching onto Chan's hand a little tighter.
"Hi, I'm Y/N and this is my husband, Chan. We just moved right next door."
The tall man with a hair messy on top of his head smiles, although it seems very superficial. Yet again, Chan did mention how rich people could never smile sincerely. He tells you, stressing every alternate syllable, "It's so nice to have you here, Y/N, Chan. We are so glad you could shift right before our Annual Holiday Barbeque."
He stretches his arms out towards Chan. Your partner heaves a huge sigh in silently before holding his hand and giving it a firm shake. The other man continues, "I'm Park Rowoon, the president of the local homeowners' association and this beauty here is my wife, Jieun."
Jieun's face contorts into a huge, gleaming and completely insincere grin. She holds onto her husband's bicep, fingers digging into the flesh, "Well, isn't he a dear?" She laughs high pitched. "It's so nice to meet you." She rushes forward to hug you, her arms wrapping around your frame and giggling into your frame. You hug her back, albeit awkwardly, laughing slightly at the gesture.
On the other hand, Rowoon extends his arms out to take Chan's hand in for a shake. The hand holds his, and squeezes it hard enough to hurt as he raises an eyebrow at him. Chan jolts in surprise, trying to squeeze back as he grits his teeth.
You pull back from Jieun and notice the two males holding each other's hands so tightly that it has turned pale. Chan does not seem to back out and rather squeezes back further every single time Rowoon's grip on his tightens. That is, until the older male pulls his hand back and looks at Chan, after shaking his hand a little bit, flexing it.
"You okay, baby?" Jieun rushes to her husband's side, and wrapping her arms around his, she just out her lower lips and looks at him with a dazed and madly-in-love look, "Are you hurt?"
"Nah," he pulls at the dead skin of his lips. "Just the old carpal tunnel acting up. Age, right?" He laughs, locking a fixed gaze at Chan and you quickly rush to his side, locking your arms with his as you laugh.
"Definitely. Don't worry about it. You still look as young and charming as ever."
Rowoon laughs before asking you, "So you're shifting right next door, huh?"
"Yes!" You lift up your lips a lot more than when you usually smile. "Did you see our moving truck? It was quite immediate but I'm glad. This society is so good and just right enough to start a family together." Chan's eyes widen and he looks down at you, nostrils flaring in surprise as he chokes on air. You stand on your toes, kiss his cheek before settling down and smiling at the couple before you. "I desperately want to."
Family? With you? Fuck. 
"Y-yes," Chan's breath hitches and he gets the word out. He'd be down to start a family with you but how could he even suggest a relationship when you just look at him like a friend? A friend who you can come to when you're needy and sexually frustrated.
"My husband's very observant. He saw your truck the other day itself!" Jieun exclaims proudly.
Chan's eyebrows shoot up as he stares at the man. He doesn't already like him and one more wrong step and he is ready to pin some crime down on him. Rowoon is flattered by his wife's comment.
"I do like to keep a close eye on the neighborhood. After all, vigilance is the first step in ensuring a beautiful and safe community. Talking about which, I couldbt help but notice that you have a bird feeder." 
Rowoon stares hard at the wooden bird feeder behind the two of you. Chan and you turn to look at and he laughs. You look proudly at it. A heirloom – almost – of yours, Chan (and Jisung) agrees to let you bring it with you. (They agreed to it when you explained how your neighbors hated you and they would harm it the minute you left sight of it for a long time.) You look at Rowoon with eyes so bright as you begin to explain. Your partner, on the other hand, arms still locked with yours, looks at you with stars beneath his eyes and you are responsible for them. It's admiration. Sheer, peak admiration.
"It's an antique, you know. My grandfather carved it himself out of—"
"Yeah, great, that's lovely." Rowoon cuts you off and the smile disappears off your face, your eyes losing their shine. Chan clutches his fists in anger, head shooting back to face the stupid old man for making his wife mad — his partner sad. The old man continues, "The thing is wooden bird feeders are against the UN Village Homeowners' Charter."
"They are?" You look back at the wooden bird feeder. You bite on the lower lip to hide your disappointment, eyes squeezing shut to hold yourself alright. 
"I'm afraid so." You turn your head back to look at him. Chan quickly unlinks his arms from yours and you look at him, worriedly. Was he going to start a fight? Please, God, no. You glance in worry till he interlocks his fingers with yours as he holds your hand tightly. The warmth seeps through you and your lips pucker unknowingly at how comforted you feel. 
Rowoon continues explaining, "They tend to give off a country farmhouse vibes and aesthetic which is not exactly what we are going for."
"I'm sor—"
Chan clicks his tongue, preventing you from apologising. He pulls you towards him, a little bit closer than the two of you already were. Your partner glares at the man before huffing out loudly and saying, "You run a pretty tight community here, Rowoon, don't you think? Respect the rules or you're out." Rowoon stiffens upon hearing the words before Chan laughs, stretching his other arm out to pat his shoulder. "I'm kidding. Just kidding."
Jieun steps in right then to smoothen out the tension as she claps her hands together, laughing, "Aren't the two of you the cutest? Are you newly weds or?"
"Yes. I mean, it's been a year, but being married to her feels like falling in love all over again for every single day of my life." Chan locks his eyes with you and you gulp. The words hit deep, so deep that you know you shouldn't be fluttered, or flustered. This is Chan. He couldn't be serious.
"Ah, so cute," she squeals. Rowoon looks at his wife with a raised eyebrow before looking at the two of you again.
"Listen. I've to go check on the grill and grab something to eat. You should swing by later tonight and meet the rest of the members of the society. I'm sure they'll love you."
"Of course. We do want to finish a bit of the moving in and stuff today and maybe put up the Christmas decorations soon, but we'll be there. Guaranteed." Chan tugs at your hands to pull you back. You nodded and waved at Jieun. 
Chan quickly rushes you back into the house before finally letting out a huge sigh. He runs a hand through his hair before letting his back hit the door. You look at him and giggle lightly into your hand. 
"Don't laugh," he glares. "I swear to God, if I have to spent more time talking to Rowoon—"
"You're doing so well, idiot," you laugh, throwing your head back. "We just need to dig in a little bit, talk a lot and confirm that these were accidents."
"Y/N, baby," You breathe slowly upon hearing the term. A sure endearment that Chan has always used but for to hear it roll out of his mouth in places this homely felt different, made you feel different. "If I have to spend more time with Rowoon, I will come up with another theory and it would probably be a suicidal one."
"Don't screw this up, yah!" You hit the back of his head. "The last thing I want is a suspension just because I was caught fucking you in the evidence room."
"Like you didn't enjoy it," Chan leans forward, nose brushing against yours almost. You can feel his breath fanning against your face and the temperature rising. Your hands are firm on his chest before you push him back, fanning yourself with your hand. You tie your hair up into a ponytail before pointing at the boxes by the side of the door.
"Get to work, husband. We don't have time to waste."
Tumblr media
"The pepper next to the salt, Chan. Why would you put turmeric there?"
"You'd be one whiny arse motherfucker for a wife," he groans and angrily shuffles the bottles in their right order. "Why are we even arranging all this? Let's just wrap this up in like two days and go celebrate Christmas back at the station."
"I'm not going to take risks. It's Christmas. I celebrate every single Christmas," You mumble. "At least the bare minimum. And if this Christmas has me celebrating it with you, I will. I will give you the best Christmas ever."
"I don't celebrate Christmas, Y/N."
You place the cutlery in the shelves. You leave the kitchen after finishing every single arrangement of the same. Chan follows you into the main living room. You stop in your tracks when you hear Chan say the words and you turn, eyes shooting up.
"Mum left dad in winter. Didn't feel right to celebrate Christmas when she was at home. It's a bitter memory for her, you know?" You nod, eyes looking at him with understanding rather. He sits down, lifting his legs up and stretching it over the table. Your eyes widen and you narrow at his legs.
"Feet. Off. The. Table." You glare. 
"Because it's disgusting." You groan. You sit down by his side once he puts his feet off the table, huffing at you. He turns to look at you and you respond finally.
"Do you, maybe, want to celebrate Christmas with me this year?"
Chan's a romanticist (though he wouldn't ever admit it). He believes in how destiny is meant to unite two people like one magnet for another, one jigsaw piece matching just another. He also believes that you are something special to him because his mind worries over you, his heart gravitates to you in a crowded room. 
Felix told him that it's probably just sheer concern for his longest partner ever. That your heart tends to feel weird stuff for people that protect you, for people that take bullets for you. 
But today, right now, when you tilt your head to the side, resting it on your arm as you wrinkle your eyes in mirth and ask him, his heart skips a beat. Maybe two. He is lost in his thoughts, emotions on an overload and he wonders if you would ever see him in a different light.
He snaps out of it. He laughs, almost at himself, as he runs his hand through this hair. "Do I have an option? Han made sure our Christmas would be stuck here."
"I'm the best option you have, dude. That, or it was you and your can of beer and your football marathon."
You still, your head lifting up to look at him. Chan looks at you like he has so much to say to you, so much stuff that conflicts within him but words he would never say out loud. You wish he could. Your head turns to the small Christmas tree inside the house — bare, empty and green. The one extra along with the big one outside every house in the UN Village.
"We could start by decorating that. Yeah."
You hop off the sofa and rush to take the decorative goods from the suitcase. All on command from Captain Han Jisung, courtesy of the very same man who bought so many of the decorations. Chan turns his body, arms folded on the head of the sofa as he watches you scramble in search of something. 
You take the decorative items out from the suitcase, putting it by the side as you search for something. Chan walks towards you, squatting as he watches you look before he holds your wrist and halts your actions.
"What are you searching for? I could help you."
"It's this bluetooth speaker I thought I brought," you shake Chan's grip away before undoing the zip on the other side of the suitcase. "I really thought I brought it. Shit."
"Hey, hey," Chan sits on the floor as he watches you. "It's alright. You can put whatever you want to put on the speaker. It'll be loud enough for the two of us."
You turn to look at him, before falling back on your ass and sitting. You fold your arms around your knees close to your chest and you smile, "You don't mind me blasting Christmas Carols during tree decoration time, right?"
Chan laughs at your innocence. Something so soft, so pure about it, about how you loved Christmas so much. He wants to hold you close — oh so close — the need almost overcomes him but he holds back. 
"I don't mind."
"Yay," you squeal, getting back on your feet and rushing to your phone on the table. "I have this collection of Christmas Carols that we primarily put every year–" Chan watches you scroll through your music library to find the collection and he knows you have when your whole face lights up like the goddamn star on this awfully green tree. "Tada, it starts with my favorite carol, Deck The Halls."
Chan's never understood the hype around carols but for you, he will try today. You increase the volume to the highest, and place the phone back on the table before rushing back to Chan and the suitcase. Your partner takes the fairy lights in his hand and lifting it up, he looks at you quizzically.
"How do you go about this?"
"There's no right or wrong way, Channie. Trust me. We are all swinging it and hoping that it turns out right," you reassure. You take the fairy lights from his hold and stand up. "I can show you what my family does." You walk to the tree, about a good amount of inches taller than you still.
The carol plays in the background like some beautiful serenade wrapping around the two of you. Chan stands a step behind you watching you carefully wrap the fairy lights right around the inside bark of the tree and plug it in to the extension box by the side. The white lights flickered bright and shine on your face that is close to the tree. 
Chan stares. He can't pull away. You hold his breath, captivate his gaze and have him completely enthralled. Your eyes sparkle — hell, you sparkle more than those stupid fairy lights. 
He is so charmed by you that he doesn't realise how you've been trying to catch his attention for a while.
"Chan?" And then you hit his arm, the whole police academy teaching style. "Focus, will you?"
"Fine," and he takes one of the christmas ornaments, hanging them up on one of the spikes. "Is this how it is?"
"You're doing so well, don't worry."
And with the carols in the background, the two of you slowly put the ornaments up, laughing occasionally at Chan wearing the ornaments by hanging them on his ears instead. Another set of fairy lights are draped perfectly over the tree. The stockings are hung by the side and everything is exactly as you remember Christmas decorations to be inside and you realise it's not much different from the Christmases you usually have.
The tree is there. The lights are there. The desserts will be coming. The memories are still made and your loved one is still here. Nothing is different.
"Help me hang the star up," you look at Chan. He tilts his head to the side and his eyes fix on the battery operated star in your hand.
"Did Jisung really give us all that?"
You nod, "Yeah. He told us to sell the story well. Apparently movies lie and that rich people are not all that dumb."
"You sure?" Chan sniggers. "That dude we met there seemed pretty dumb if he wouldn't even let you keep your bird feeder over some stupid aesthetics."
"Don't remind me," you groan. "Now, come here and hold me up." You stretch your arms slightly and Chan's trying his best not to giggle at how cute you looked in the minute. 
His hand is warm against your sweater, heat seeping through as he lifts you up, grip strong on your waist. Your legs intuitively wrap around his torso to protect yourself and you stretch your arms out. You try placing the star above and Chan edges closer to the tree when he knows he's a bit far off. You finally place it successfully above and switch it on. It lights up pretty and your heart warms up at the joy of completing the tree decorations.
And then, Chan suddenly jolts you up in his hold. You fall forward, arms wrapping around his neck and face brough so close to his that you can see the sparkle underneath his eyes that glisten for you. You stiffen in his hold as he wraps his arms around you tighter and in the very next minute, Chan's lips have found yours.
It's soft and gentle as it moves against yours, taking your lower lip within seconds. In that kiss was the sweetness of passion and the reconfirmation of million memories spent together. It moves so gently against his plump ones that you know you're drowning in everything Bang Chan is and that it's creeping — he is creeping slowly into your veins and contaminating your being to a point where it would hurt to live without him.
Chan holds you tightly against him, holding your entire weight in his arms like you are his whole world. His hands squeeze your waist as if he is reminding himself that you are still here with him, sharing this holiday with him. And when Chan pulls back, you realise.
In his kiss, you are home.
"Why did you—" You barely manage to piece words together with the help of your clouded brain. "Uhm, why did you kiss me?"
Chan blushes. The apples of his cheeks heat up at the sudden question and it surprises him how he could still blush at you after all this while. He looks behind you, trying to stall away some time from answering until his eyes land on the creeping mistletoe with white buds around.
"Behind you," Chan points, holding you up with one arm wrapped around your waist. "There!" You turn to look behind, one arm still around his neck while the other is by your side. 
"Oh, it's a mistletoe." You blush and look down at how Chan holds you up. "You could put me down now, Chan."
"Oh yeah." And he slowly lowers you down onto the ground. His cheeks are still stained slightly before he rubs his fingers, fidgeting with it and finally exclaiming, "Ah look at the time. We've got to get ready for taht barbecue shit they are hosting." He turns you around and pushes you to the room the two of you are sharing. "Hurry!"
You laugh, head still dazed over the kiss. It goes back and repeats it over and over again till you feel the temperature in you shoot up and has you wanting emotionally so much more.
After all, this was the first time Chan has kissed you like that and it did not end with sex.
Tumblr media
The smell hits your nose before anything else. The smell of fresh beef being roasted and the toxic smell of rich people partying. Although you cannot quite exactly explain how rich people smell if someone asked you. They just smell. . . rich.
Dammit. Now you'll associate this fine rich smell of first class beef with stupid rich people. 
"At least it's good meat." You mumble.
"That's what she said," Chan laughs at his own joke. You open your mouth in disbelief, nudging him with your elbow. Across the lawn, by the pool side of Jieun's lawn, you see her and a couple of other ladies waving at you to come towards them.
"I'll have to go over there. Anyhow, get as much as information as you can, alright?" You turn to look at Chan before walking backwards. "I'll come over soon once it gets too nauseating for me, please."
"Sure," he waves at you and you turn around and walk as elegantly as possible to the posh ladies sitting there. Chan, on the other hand, decides to head to the group around Rowoon that almost look like a bunch of Mayor Arseholes to him.
You walk towards Jieun who is sitting a hot tub. The hot tub bubbles and you raise an eyebrow at the amount of wealth this family has amassed over the years. A table full of snacks rests under a nice canopy and a very intoxicated lady sways from the left to the right by the side of it. 
"Sookyung-ah," Jieun waves at the inebriated female, "Meet the newest member of our little neighbourhood, Y/N."
Sookyung is loud. So loud that you wonder maybe Chan is right about rich people — that they drink, merry and party all day long. She waves her hands, eyes blinking a little too much as she welcomes you, "Nice to meet you! Have a drink!"
She shoves a big glass of brownish looking liquor that reeks of rum. You take a sip of it courteously. The liquid flows down your throat, the burning feeling distinct on your throat. Your eyes wrinkle in surprise, "That's strong, whoa."
"Of course, darling, it is," she smiles widely and it should have repulsed you. However, it is the only genuine smile you have found in this whole neighborhood so far. Sookyung continues, "How else are we supposed to get through the day?"
"Is this how it usually goes?" You laugh nervously. "Us girls sneak off to grab a drink while the boys beat the chests out at front?"
"Ooh," Sookyung gushes. "I think I'm going to like you a lot, darling." 
Jieun takes a sip of her orange coloured cocktail as she circles her glass lightly, letting the liquid shake inside. You tilt your head backwards, staring up at the stars only to notice how it is a full moon tonight. A soft smile spreads across your lips as you think of the one person you associate with the moon; your partner.
Jieun leans forward after placing her drink back on the table. She nudges Sookyung and raises an eyebrow at you, "Sookyung-ah, did you see her husband?"
You blush at the term. This will take a while to get used to. "Was he the tall, broad shouldered guy in the suit?" She hums in approval and your eyebrows furrow downward in displeasure. "Talk about a prime cut of meat!"
"I know, right?" Jieun giggles. "I saw him and started to drool."
Your cheeks heat up ridiculously. You can feel your heart beating a lot quicker and it is a weird sense of pride that swells up within you over a man you can't even completely call yours now. You fidget with your fingers, black dress riding up your thigh as you shift in your seat nervously, "I guess Chan is a good looking man."
"Chan? Is that his name?" Sookyung laughs, "That's an understatement of the year. I would wish to strip him down, slather him up with butter and just eat him up." Your face couldn't help but morph into one of disgust at her words. At this point, you are borderline disturbed.
"That's, uhm, very vivid thoughts you have of my husband."
"Ah, dear," Sookyung leans forward and holds your hand, rubbing it in her grip. "We were joking. But you must tell us—"
Jieun breaks her and smiles so wide as she looks at Sookyung, grinning and then at you, "What is he like in the sheets?"
They laugh together and you look at the two of them. So this is what a rich bunch of ladies too. Gossip and talk unfiltered. You had only two options at this point, or maybe three — a) stay quiet and let them do the talking, b) tell them off for talking about Chan this inappropriately, c) talk with them and get more information under the guise of being one amongst them. You swear to the heavens that you would rather do option b, but for the sake of this crime, you decide to do what Captain Han Jisung would have told you to follow.
"He's a fucking tiger," and you laugh the fakest laugh you could ever pull out, albeit not because Chan wasn't good in between the sheets or anything (he was an almighty beast with his technique, yes) but because you never thought you'd live to see the day you'd use words like that, in any situation at all.
"Called it!"
"Tell us everything!"
You take a sip of your drink and cross your legs as you sit up straight, almost feigning arrogance, "I'm not one to kiss and tell but let's just say that Chan makes me very happy about," you grin and pause, trying to catch the ladies' attention on every single word of yours, "Twice a day or so."
"Twice a day?" Sookyung gasps.
"If he's just very much in the mood, I know I'm not going to walk for days together. Not that that is an issue. Chan is the sweetest and takes care of me," you flutter your eyelashes.
Jieun taps at her chest, huffing, "Be still my beating heart. Be still."
Sookyung sighs, stretching back on the reclining chair, "These days, Ilsung and I get it on like once a month or so and that's like for a minute. How disappointing."
"They are newly married, Sookyung," Jieun stilts her head in acknowledgement. "It's been a year of their marriage or so." She takes a bite of the cookie from the plate by the side and you smile as she looks at you.
"It seems like you're all pretty open in this neighborhood," you point out and twirl a strand of your hair that lets loose before your eyes. 
"Oh we share everything," Jieun says and Sookyung scoffs, before picking up a cookie and her strong drink.
"Some more than others." She scowls so visibly that Jieun has to furrow her eyebrows at her and signal something with her gaze before Sookyung looks away to the right. 
The backdoor of the house behind opens and you turn to look at a lanky woman walking in with a tray of cookies. It is the same one that you have on the table already and you look at her. The glow on her face is long gone, her eyes losing the sparkle and you wonder if she is going through something.
Sookyung frowns and mumbles under her breath, albeit a bit too loudly, "Great. This party suddenly took a sip into Depressionville now."
You lean back into Jieun and mumble, "Who's that?" 
Jieun leans into you and is about to whisper when Sookyung runs her mouth free, "That's Somin. An absolute downer."
You bite your lip out of anxiety, surprised by how Sookyung really does run her mouth a bit too much — a lot enough to cancel her off your list of suspects almost. Jieun hisses at the other woman before telling you, "Her husband was Kim Jihoon and he died yesterday so," she clears her throat, "She's quite rattled, to say the least."
"Then shouldn't she be mourning at her husband's house or funeral home for a few days? The fact that she's already here seems so crass." Sookyung shakes her head, disappointed. You gulp and watch the woman, Somin, come closer and Sookyung, folding her arms tighter. 
The minute Somin is in your periphery though, both Jieun and Sookyung smile so brightly and that's when you realise that nothing you see and nothing you hear could be trusted here. It's the world of the rich and everyone wants to come out on top.
"It was so nice of you to come out," Sookyung waves and calls her closer. Jieun nods and you see how she walks slowly towards them, a sad smile on her face and her tray held strongly.  
Somin speaks softly, almost as if she should not, "I probably should have stayed inside." She holds out her tray as she stretches her arms outwards. On the tray are many round cookies with cracked lines on their surfaces, a bit too deep than normal. They look sad. Just as their maker does. 
You wait for the other two women to do something and when they take a piece of cookie, you follow suit and take one. The distinct taste of cinnamon fills your mouth and you hum in approval even if the cookie wasn't the best out there, "Ah, these snickerdoodles taste good!"
"Thanks, but you don't have to flatter me," she looks at you with a face close to no expressions whatsoever, "Whoever you are."
"Somin, this is Y/N. She's new to our neighborhood," Jieun says and Sookyung adds, "And she clearly knows her cookies."
"Thanks," you hesitate. "I do bake from time to time." And taking another piece of the cookie, you tell them excitedly, "Did you know that Snickerdoodle is derived from the term Schneckennudein, which literally means snail noodle?"
The three other ladies stare at you, blinking at what you just said in utter disarray and you sigh. 
"I meant," You take a bite of the cookie, "Great cookie!"
"Yeah, great cookies, but," Jieun starts and Somin looks at her, pressing her lips together.
"I said that I would be the one to make the snickerdoodles, but it's alright. We can have twice as many and can give some to our husbands partying over there. No worries."
"Oh, okay, I'll have to go," and she scurries away quickly. She barely shuts the door as she rushes out of the place almost immediately, her hair flailing behind her. You watch the woman, analysing how no one in the party seemed bothered by it. 
Jieun sighs, "She looks bad, doesn't she?"
"If you ask me," Sookyung speaks loudly once again and you already know she's going to run her mouth, "She's better off with Jihoon dead. You should have heard the way the two of them used to fight."
"Were Somin and Jihoon having marital troubles?" You ask.
"Definitely," Sookyung leans forward, "If by marital trouble you mean continuous screaming matches blasting across the entire neighbourhood, why then yes!"
"You're such a gossip, Soo! It was not that bad." 
"Says you!" She stands up and walks towards the bar counter, smiling and turning back to look at both you and Jieun. "More rum?"
"Yes, please!"
Tumblr media
It's the greetings and then a hand that trails far too low on your back. It grazes the curve of your ass and you quickly jolt forward turning only to find a man in his mid thirties in a suit, standing eerily close to you. 
You narrow at him before asking, "I was searching for my husband. Pretty tall, broad shouldered, dark brown hair, slightly curly. Have you seen him?"
"You're Chan's wife? Didn't know he had such a beautiful woman for a wife," the man edges forward and you take a step back, eyebrows furrowed at him and your hand trailing down to keep you ready to grip your gun. Until you remember that you're undercover and hitting this man with a gun would seem suspicious. Your best option was to deck him. The man takes another step forward and you take one backwards till your back hits the buffet table, "I'm Ilsung. Do you maybe want to go somewhere..."
"You have a wife and I have a husband," you spit out. You are mortified. So this is what Sookyung mentioned and the fact her very own husband is involved in illicit affairs — does everyone here have a mistress or is involved in adultery? Is that the rich people norm?
"So? Everyone here has an affair with someone's wife. Do you want to be mine? I can take care of you."
"I can very well take care of my wife, Ilsung. I don't think I'll need your help." 
You hear the one voice you needed to hear in this very moment. You look over the older man's shoulder to find Chan, his hands shoved into the pockets of his formal pants. His top buttons are undone and the vest and suit fits him so well that you are glad you picked this one out for him. You shove the man away and walk to Chan, heels digging into the lawn as you strut confidently.
"I need the madam to say that," Illsung shoots and Chan's at his patience's end. He makes fists of his hands on either side of his and you hold onto his arms to calm him down only to look at the other man and narrowing your eyes, you scoff.
"I don't think I need to go have sex with someone like you when I get it well from him. That, and I guess, him being my husband should take more priority but not in this neighborhood where everyone breathes and lives on sex. So, no, thank you. I feel sad for Sookyung. She deserves someone better than a trash for a husband."
"Why, you bitch!" And he rushes forward with a clenched fist to hit you. Chan stops his blow, however, chuckling to himself. 
"That's weak. Now, why don't you go take care of your wife while I treat mine like a princess? Yeah?"
And Chan walks away with his arms tight on your waist as he holds you close. Ilsung yells behind the two of you, his wife yelling at him to keep quiet. Chan, on the other hand, doesn't speak a word further, just walking you all the way to the house the two of you share, keeping you so close to him and glaring at the others to keep them away.
There are sighs and grunts, furrowed eyebrows and clenched fists as Chan argues with himself in his head all the way to the room the two of you share. He stands by the table, still lost in his thoughts and you almost pick up the book you're reading — one by Natsume Suseki — only to deck him with it, although you decide not to because he already seems ready to snap his control.
Maybe your voice was the only trigger he needed to snap, to break away from his thoughts and to give them words out loud. 
"You just stood there? Like some dumb doll when he touched you?" Chan glares at you and you frown, folding your arms over your chest and yelling back, "Excuse me, but I'm undercover as some doting wife to some stupid man."
"Did that matter then? Oh my god," he groans, throwing his head back. "I'm so mad and I know you're right. You are right but how dare he touch my wife when I was around. The fucking audacity—"
You hold the edges of the table with the base of your palm, pressing against it as you jump up and sit up on it to face him properly. You cup his face and making sure his eyes are fixed on yours, you smile softly.
"Don't smile right when I'm shit mad at everything, Y/N."
"Should I frown then?" You laugh out and push yourself back slightly to allow Chan to come closer and stand in between your thighs. "Let's think of this as some, uhm," you ponder, still holding Chan's face close to you, "Yes! Let's think of this as an occupational hazard."
"Occupational hazard," he scoffs. "Bullshit. He did that because he thinks women are weak. He's one of those arrogant pompous rich men that think that he can have his way with some good sacks of cash and power and that all women are weak and with that power comes his ability to subjugate them all to the age old tradition of treating them as sex dolls, an object for pleasure."
Chan's red and out of breath when he finally rants it all out and you bite your lower lip from laughing, dropping your hands from his face. Chan's cute. Oh god, he's so fucking cute and you know you shouldn't overstep boundaries but dear lord, if Bang Christopher Chan keeps this up, you will actually get down on your one knee, pop the ring and propose to him.
"Are you done?"
"No," he glares at you and leans forward, "Going to get back to work after this case and find some hell of a corruption case on him to put him behind the bars." 
Your eyes wrinkle into thin crescents as you smile wide. You raise your eyebrows and suggest, "I've a better idea. Why don't you rather fuck me with all hat pent up frustration? It's a win win deal, if you think about it hard enough."
Chan leans forward, lips curving up into a confident grin, "Oh, I will. I intend to do both. Fuck this anger out on you and put him behind bars." 
Chan's hands are big in comparison to your face. He cups your face, angles it and kisses you. His lips fit right into yours almost as if they were meant to be there for a lifetime to come. He kisses you and it's just as magical as always, laced with a touch of ardent need and passion. You needed him, you needed his warmth, his protection and everything he has to offer. His arms snake around your neck to grasp it and pull you in, deeper into him as he moves his lips against yours, softly at first till it turns into something so passionate that it would have your knees buckle, had you been standing. Chan is pressed against you, his white shirt, a size small as he likes it, clinging onto his body tightly (rid of the vest and suit in a moment of anger as soon as he walks into the house you share) and perfectly enough for you to hold his muscles.
You promised to yourself that you wouldn't fall in love, not after the shitshow of a marriage you saw in your parents. You promised that you'd keep your heart to self, that every individual in this world was brought forth as a single entity, so why in heavens did we go searching for others?
Chan makes you understand. 
You understand now that promises are meant to be broken and as you gaze at Chan under his dim lights, his face so temptingly close to you, you are more than ready to break the promise you've made with yourself.
It has been written in the gazes already and as you lean forward, your fingertips tracing his jawline, Chan knows it because he meets you halfway, his hands creeping behind your back by your waist and tugging you closer, your bodies touching and your lips on his, soft and testing waters initially. He pulls you closer, his lips moving against yours, angling your face to delve deeper into you. 
He has his lips against yours, nearly knocking you off all the wind in your lungs. You sigh into the kiss, find your hands in his hair, tugging at the roots and moving against his body, your legs stretching by either side of his body. His hand sprawls over your neck, his thumb caressing against your jugular before pressing into the neck, rubbing slow circles. He kisses the top of your lips, your hands tugging at his shirt. 
In a swift motion, positions have changed and you're sitting on him whilst he props himself up on the table. He lifts you up slightly, pulling back and places you on top of his lap. Your rear falling into the depression between his thighs, rubbing against his groin slowly. He looks at you through hooded eyes, pushing your hair past and opens his mouth to speak before you voice out first.
He looks at you from below, your hair falling on his shoulder as you look at him, his head thrown behind as it rests on the sofa's ridge. And your lips find his again, tugging at his soft lip to let you through, to open up to you completely. 
You moan into the kiss, your back arches and Chan's hand is still firm on it. He kisses your lower lip and your tongue brushes his lips in the impact, groaning at how he won't let you through a second ago and then, he lets you in. It's intimacy on a level you were slowly being prepared for. It's everything you remind yourself that you wouldn't break down into. Chan makes you feel special, with every praise, with every word he swears out to protect you. Chan reminds you of a feeling you had long forgotten.
Chan's lips move from your swollen lips to the curve of your jaw, down to the curved edges of your neck, sucking and kissing every exposed skin. Your head is thrown back at the sensation, your hips gyrating over his growing length.
His hand moves from your shoulders to your arse to your back after he seeks your permission as he pulls you closer and forwards, until your chests are pressed against one another. His mouth is everywhere and good lord, you feel infinite and powerful.
His lips hover on yours. He smirks, the curve of his lips tugging upwards slightly and you think it's cute. You think Chan also makes you feel divine as he whispers into your skin like personalized love notes or small token of appreciation, "Fuck, you're hot. The most beautiful being I've ever seen," and that is all that is needed as you gyrate over your hips a little quicker. He inches his chin forward, flicking your nose a little with his own, a shy smile on his lips as he silently asks the permission to claim your lips anew; all over again. 
And you let him, just like you've already given him permission in your head to ravish you tonight, to take you to hell and back.
Chan cups your face with both his hand, holding you and watching your face shine in the dim gold setting of his room. Your cheeks glistened and your eyes sparkled but his eyes could not stray away from your lips — coral, swollen and so demanding. He pulls your face down, kissing your nose tip and then your philtrum before pressing his lips flat against yours.
His kiss is drawn out in a way that makes you want more, like a divine aphrodisiac. It makes you want to pull him in and suck the living hell out of him and yet it's lovely. It's precious and laid out well planned. His tongue licking your lower lips before entwining with your tongue as he pulls you closer into him, your hips lowering deeper into his covered length, panties sticking to the core from the sensations your body is responding to.
His fingers trail up your black dress, thumb grazing the skin slowly, bringing about goosebumps to the surface before they slowly move enough to rip your dress apart and expose you to him, in all semi-nude. You moan, before kissing him as you hold onto Chan tightly.
He makes your insides twitch and your heart lunge and it fogs up all of your thoughts to the point you feel yourself drowning in the sensation of his lips, pressed tightly on your own. Your fingers get lost in his thick locks as you tug on them, forcing him to pull you down a lot forward and gladly welcome the movement of your tongue.
His lips are as soft as feathers and they feel like what you think heaven feels like. The warmth you experience is so much more than the tingle of first kisses, those innocent butterflies have nothing on the wanting void of a pit in your nether regions and the slick in between your thighs. 
His hands slide down from your hips to reach behind your back and pull you upwards, only to tightly clasp around the curve of your bare bottom cheeks, caressing it over. You sigh contently. His hand trails upwards, touching, feeling you all over and you pull back, breathing rapidly as you look at Chan. The next second you are unbuttoning his first two buttons and prompting him to remove his shirt too. Your legs slide slightly dangling off his sofa before he pulls you towards him, his naked chest warm enough against yours as he pulls you back in to devour you. 
"God, you're heavenly," Kiss. "So fucking heavenly." Kiss. "You're a fucking good girl." Kiss. "So good for me." Chan sucks a huge hickey into your neck — bright, dark and purple but it's how he worships and praises you that makes you want him more, your clothed core grinding on his enlarged bulge that is covered. The friction from the cotton of your panties and the cotton of his jeans slowly stimulates your core and you can't help yourself when your body is moving on its own accord on top of Chan, your hand moving your from falling back.
“Chan,” you groan against his lips after he pulls away from you for a minute. His lips are red and swollen, slick and shining with your saliva and so incredibly inviting you all over again and you fear that you may never want to stop kissing him for as long as you are breathing. 
His fingers move downward, grazing your skin by your stomach slowly, his eyes trained on yours as he watches you slowly break down. His fingers tease over your clothed mound. You bite your lip from groaning too loud but Chan's sudden tapping at your covered clit makes you yelp.
"Good girl. That's right. I want to hear your pretty moans," he kisses down on your neck, trailing and plastering wet kisses down your clavicle before sucking at the exposed skin of your breasts. "Moan loud for me, baby." He sucks at the skin by the crook of your neck, under your clavicles, above your breast and at the curves, leaving purple marks almost instantly thanks to your sensitive skin.
You can hear your heart beat quicker, racing against your chest and your thoughts drive you desperate. Pulling his face from your breasts, you kiss him, making the kiss deeper, licking his lip and grazing it with your teeth. You grind down on him trying to edge yourself desperately. You move forward to own every gulp and moan he releases and squirms in pleasure. 
"I want you so much," you choke out. Chan's hand lets loose from your throat slightly and he looks at you with admiration, before gripping at the jugular, and caressing it lovingly, pressing wet kisses against it. You sound desperate, almost like you would lose your sanity if Chan doesn't make you his, this minute. "Please. Chan, please."
His hands trail downwards, thumb rubbing the skin on its way before he slips them under your panties, swiping his finger across your slit, feeling how wet you are. He groans out loud, mumbling, "What a doll. All wet and ready for me to devour. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Baby, wouldn't you?" He presses against your jugular with his other hand, tilting your head and gently choking you. Your eyes rim with tears in joy and you nod, "Yes, please."
His mouth moves over the skin at your breast, kissing it furiously. His tongue lapping at your nipple over your bra, slowly circling over the clothed material as he rubs his finger up and down your slit, occasionally rubbing against your clitoris. You press down and grind on him further, begging for more. Chan removes his hand from your neck and moves it up from your waist to your back and it lingers around the hook of your bra before snapping it open with a flick of his fingers. The bra slides off your shoulder and you throw it away, unbothered by where it lands.
Chan's mouth falls on your breasts, circling big with his tongue before slowly decreasing the radius of his turns and narrowing down on your nipples, sucking at them alternatively. You are moaning, holding at his shoulder and dragging your hips over his bulge in a slow, excruciating pace he has set with the drag of his fingers.
Your throat is dry from all this excessive want and you wet your lips, breathing coming out in hot puffs of air, rapid and shallow. The passion and want blinds you and Chan taps on your clitoris constantly with his thumb, using the other fingers to slowly tease your entrance over the panties but going back to sliding down your opening. You groan frustrated and grind down on his bulge trying to chase the feeling that is growing within you. 
Chan's lips are all over you as you bite into his shoulder occasionally. It hovers over your neck and then your breasts, giving it all the attention as he plays with your nipples as he rubs you at a pace that quickens slowly. Your mind is boggled and you can't get your thoughts clearly.
"Such pretty breasts," he groans into it, his tongue flicking at it from your underside. "Such perky breasts. So beautiful and all mine."
Soon enough with his praises and the way he worships your being, the promise of an orgasm begins to manifest and build within you as a strong tightness within your lower regions, creeping into your abdomen, ever growing with every passing second. Chan's steady rhythm is strong enough to carry it over the edge with the friction you get from all the material and his bulge and as your climax looms closely, your hips rock and gyrate slightly against him. He pinches and flicks your nipples as he helps you ride out the orgasm, your eyes tired and hooded. You kiss him softly on his lips. 
"Will you remove your lingerie for me, pretty girl?"
The order shouldn't have turned you on this much but it does as you hop off his lap, your feet unsteady on the ground as you balance yourself after your first orgasm. Your fingers are on the edge of your panties and you're pulling it down completely in the next second. Chan watches you steadily, his eyes trailing on your figure and you feel attended to.
"Jesus Christ," he stands up, the bulge moving slightly and your mouth dries up as it opens, wanting so much more. He holds you by your waist, petting your hair, mumbling, "I love when you put your hair down. You look like a goddess. A goddess ready to let go of your divinity all for me."
He unbuckles his belt as you slowly touch yourself, your hand moving down your body. He watches you, your thumb and forefinger playing with your nipples, tugging and pinching them till they harden under your grip. He removes his formal pants and his boxers, pulling it down and away at your request. Chan's length and girth has your eyes widening, as always, your tongue licking over your lips and you gape.
It's painfully hard and the tip is red, leaking with precum down his cock. Chan holds you by your waist and lifts you up, your knees wrapping around him and your soaked core on top of his hardened girth, occasionally dragging past it. He kisses your breasts, licking over the nipple and the underside of the breast, grazing his teeth over it as he walks you to what you had thought would be the bed. However, he stops midway, looking at you for a second before your back hits the cold walls of the room in this house as he holds you securely. You see the bed by the side and you smile. You drop your legs and stand on your toes as you kiss him, your tongue running over his buccal cavity.
Chan's hand trails down, circling by your waist before his palm hovers over your mound. His thumb brushes past your clit teasingly and your hand wraps around his neck, kissing him and biting at his lower lip till you feel the metallic copper taste of blood filling your senses.
You moan as he drags a finger up and down your slit, playfully teasing you fold. He rubs circles into your folds, slowly dragging them out into waves and your hand flies upwards and forward to hold on to him for a grip. 
"Chan," you rasp out, and he hums, removing your hand so that he can kneel down, kissing your thigh and biting it slightly as his thumb rubs against your clit and the other swipe against the folds. Your hands grip on his roots, tugging at it mercilessly.
"Baby, do something," you cry. "Please, I need you." Your other hand tugs at his hair, trying to bring him closer in a desperate manner. "I'll be a good girl. Please, do something."
"Should I?" he teases, rubbing small circles around your clit in an excruciatingly slow manner and you think — know — that Chan is going to drive you to insanity and how he'd pull one off his book and blame it on his instincts.
"Please, please, please—"
The intrusion is sudden and you are overwhelmed. You gasp, the air raspy against your throat before falling. Your hand pulls at his hair harshly as he sucks on your clitoris, his breathing fanning over you. Your fingers drag down and dig into his skin, unbothered by the possibility of cutting through it. 
He presses his thumb on your clit after removing his mouth, tapping it slowly, simultaneously and you think you're going delusional. "Chan, oh my fucking heavens."
He kisses your mound repeatedly, telling you, "Look at this sex. Wet and dripping. I'll give you what you want, baby. I'll give you what you want for being a good girl for me."
Chan adds another two fingers instantly and you feel overwhelmingly full, crying out at being widened so pleasurably. The walls stretching out and you catch him mumbling, "So fucking tight and all for me. Look at this brat being a good girl for me."
He curls them up into you and your back arches slightly at the tingles. You feel Chan slipping his fingers easily into you and the slick of your arousal dripping down your thighs, making a mess. He rubs your walls, his attention also on your enlarged button and your hips gyrate with him, thrusting and chasing after his fingers desperately. He finds your spot easily after being this around and pushes at it constantly. Your head hits against the wall hard and he looks upwards at you for a split second, worried, only resuming after you give him a signal that you are alright.
You feel the euphoric rush coming, creeping through from within and trying to embrace you as a whole and when it's very close to burst, Chan pulls his fingers away, licking them clean with a knowing smirk plastered on his face, for a second before thrusting them back in.
Chan pumps his fingers in and out of you as his thumb rubs furious circles into your clit. He bites at your thigh, kissing them soon after, leaving traces of bruises near to your vulva. Hot, purple and sticky. He sucks on the skin deliriously, licking the skin to soften before grazing his teeth to oversensitize you. You feel the build up and you squirm against Chan, your eyes watering. 
"Chan, baby," it's a sob that leaves you. "Please." You were so devastatingly close after your last orgasm, the balls of heels leaving the surface as you try to pull back but Chan pulls you down as he sucks on your clitoris and pumps his fingers in you in a ridiculously breaking pace and when you are so close to breaking apart, Chan drags his fingers away, licking and sucking at them as you look down at him.
"What the fuck?" You swear, frustrated, tears spilling from your eyes.
"Good girls don't swear."
"I'll blow you off well," you try striking a deal with him. He looks up at you amused, strands of hair sticking to your face from the sweat and he still thinks you're the most beautiful woman he has laid his eyes. "I'll give you one hell of a blowjob. Just please." Your voice breaks as you look at Chan, who looks so delectable at the minute with your juices staining the side of his mouth and his lips shining in the light. "You won't regret—"
His mouth is back on your core and you groan, "Ungh!" He mumbles, his warm breath tingling your core as he speaks against it, "Good girls don't strike a deal either, darling."
"But your good girl does," you tease and Chan's mouth is back on your sex, licking and teasing it. He grabs you by the calves, his blunt nails digging into the vast skin.
Without another word, Chan dives right into it, tongue darting out to lick a long, thick stripe from your center to your clit, causing you to shiver. Your left hand finds its way back to his hair after grabbing at his shoulder intermittently. Chan simpers to himself, overwhelmed by how well your body reacts to him and just him, your legs shivering and buckling, about to fall if it weren't for Chan's hands holding you up and pressing you against the wall.
You feel the thickness of his tongue lapping up your seeping wetness, which in turn causes a rush of arousal to leak and drip down your ass. "You're making a mess, baby," he chuckles, the laughter hitting your clit and sending a shiver down your spine. Your fingers instinctively tighten around his hair and you pull him closer to your cunt, his nose nuzzling against your mound. He groans, hands gripping your thighs tightly, locking your legs in place.
Burying himself further, his tongue dips deep inside you, nose nuzzling and rubbing against your clit with every thrust. His eyes are piercing and fixated on the rise and fall of your chest as he looks up at you once in a while, seeing you tug at your lips, eyes closed and hand roaming around for support. He loves seeing you fucked out for him.
"Argh, it's fucking divine," Chan mumbles against your slit and the vibrations have your core clutching onto nothing. "This good cunt all wet and slickened for me, ready for me." You mewl, unable to stop yourself from wriggling within his hold, the grip on his hair tightening.
Your walls grasps around his tongue, pulling him further into you as he laps up every single drop of your arousal, passionate as if it were an aphrodisiac. One of his hands travels upwards to latch itself on your breast, rubbing the underside of your breast, fondling and gripping it hard.
“Chan,” you moaned softly, your voice trembling over the sensations that ride into you, toes curling. He responds to your calling, withdrawing from you slowly, by planting soft and gentle kisses to your inner thighs. 
"You're doing great, love." 
He sucks on your clit furiously and that was everything for you. You feel the same high building up at a pace quicker than you thought was possible. You feel it tightening, your core clutching onto his muscular organ as it tries indulging itself deeper, chasing after something it craves. His nose rubs against your neglected clit. He licks a stripe against it before sucking at it, teeth grazing at it sending tingle down your spine that has you hitting the bumpers with the heel of your feet. You are already sensitive from the last orgasm and all the teasing you had and with all this vigor and undivided attention Chan gives you, you feel it coming as he treats you like you're his only girl.
Your back arches more steeply, your mound hitting him in its influence, head hitting the wall lightly this time and your moans are louder, raspier and quicker. You are screaming out Chan's name as you see the stars under your eyelids. 
He still licks slow stripes, taking in and devouring the rush of juice that squirts out of you. He lets you ride out the high and he lets you leave him breathless as his grip on your thighs do not ease away. Chan does not stop, even when you're a quaking, quivering mess, tears spilling from the corner of your eyes and it's almost bordering overstimulation. You can't think and you can't form proper sentences. He leaves you gasping for air, with something stuck in your throat preventing the passage of air and it's difficult to breathe in this rush and he makes it harder.
He looks at you teasingly and he lifts his hand as you bend forward to his kneeling self. He clutches on your neck, his fingers pressing against the side softly as he continues licking up your orgasm and blocking your air passage. You feel the stimulation rushing and concentrating and it's all too much for you. Tears stain your face and you're crying, "It's too much, Chan. Too much."
And he stops as soon as you say that. He presses soft kisses against your clitoris and he holds your hips tightly as he stands up. You've lost any energy in your legs you have and if it weren't for Chan, you'd crash. 
He holds you by the hips and carries you, dropping you gently against the bed, your hair spreading and you kiss his shoulder. He caresses your face and tells you — it's a whisper almost — "I think I want to get to know you more. I think I—"
You bring his face lower to kiss him, preventing any other word to spill from his mouth that your head tells you to cancel. You are not sure yet. You hold his face down, devouring him as a whole, feeling his length slide your core draggingly and you groan into him.
You don't shy away from prying your hand down, teasing his cock as you rub your hand over the enlarged shaft slowly, teasing his enlarged red head, rubbing your arousal and the afters of your orgasm all over him, slowly stimulating him as you drag your hand down his length and back up again, letting go of his shaft only to cup his balls, trailing your fingertips around it. You let go and look at Chan. 
"Lay back, please," you request and he pecks your nose as he pouts at you. God, he really really wants to call you his. Forever.
Chan lies back on the bed, his head resting between his pillows and yet he pulls his body up, supporting his weight on his arm. You sit up, crawling over to straddle his lap, nervousness setting into your stomach. You gulp and swallow the saliva as you look at Chan, whose gaze gives you comfort and confidence. The muscles in your arm stiffens as you grip his shoulder for stability and Chan's hand falls on your hips naturally, helping you steady yourself.
Your hands rest on his chest, firm and broad and you gaze at Chan's cock for a while, it twitching with every unadulterated thought of his as he watches you on top of him, bare, exposed and unrestrained all for him. Your mouth is parched and your tongue pokes out through the seams of your lips, running across the expanse of your lower lip and wetting it. 
"Fuck," he swears as his eyes move with your tongue, his chest rising and falling under your hold.
You reach forward to take him in your hand — the tip of his head looks so inviting that you couldn't stop yourself. Chan's hands roam up your arms, his thumb caressing the underside of your breasts before they play with them, his thumb and forefinger rubbing your nipple, watching it turn solid in his hold. He grips at your breast, fondling it and massaging it, stimulating you and bringing about a rush of confidence in you.
“You’re fucking large, fuck, fuck,” You yelp, eyes wide and mouth salivating at the heaviness in your grasp. You widen your mouth, stretching your facial muscles and Chan laughs.
When you look at him, his dark eyes are speared to your movements, teeth gritted. At this moment, with you hovering over him, he can't seem to contain how excited he is, his length twitching in your hold. You begin moving your hands up and down his length at the same slow pace he had put through.
You lean forward, Chan's grip on your breasts tightening as he squeezes it. Your whines turn to louder moans of ecstasy. His one hand grabs your hair back, pulling it into a makeshift ponytail until he drops it and touches your face, "Ah, so beautiful. You're so perfect."
Chan watches you and is all too eager, his hand on your face trailing down to your shoulder, gripping on it as he continues caressing one of your breasts. The flat of your wet tongue sticks out to lick around the rim of his hot head. He fights back a groan, choking and sputtering, grip on your shoulder tightening as his blunt nails dig into your skin. You stretch your mouth as wide as you can, hollowing it, which leads profanities spilling from his pretty mouth, even though it's a discomfort to your movement as you engulf the whole of his head with your tongue. He mumbles something incoherent under his breath and you sigh at the thought your mouth wrapped around his pretty cock.
Chan inhales a sharp breath, swearing and uttering, "Your pretty mouth could take me so well, baby. So good." You wrap your lips around the velvet tip, beginning a slow suction. Your tongue licks around the base, pulling up a fat stripe over the throbbing, prominent vein. 
“Fuck, fuck,” Chan mumbles, shifting on the sheets, his hand gripping on one of the pillows. “Open wider, please, baby. You're doing so good. You're taking me so well."
You do as he has asked of you. Your jaw is already sore and the joints ache from the girth of his head alone. He pushes his hips off the bed in the slightest without your awareness; his hand trailing back to your hair and the other still on your breast making you feel good. His grip on your hair is strong as he thrusts more of himself into your mouth, your lips wet around his length.
You try your best for it to be pleasurable for him as your fingers tighten around his length before you start to twist your wrists — with a click of your gliding joint — and continue sucking. Chan is careful to be gentle with you, very tenderly urging his cock to fill more of your mouth. It shocks you when you feel the blunt of his head hit the cap of your airway, eliciting a gag.
Chan's eyes widens, the reaction from you exciting him as you feel him twitching in your mouth. He gasps, breath uneasy as his hand leaves your hair and trails behind towards your arse that sticks out as you try deepthroating Chan. He rubs your slit slowly and the unexpected contact pushes you forward, taking in Chan a lot more than you had planned, leaving him groaning into your shoulder.
He pulls out barely before he’s pushing back in, teeth gritted and eyes focused on making you feel calm too. Chan moves back and watches you taking him so well and he knows it's a sight to behold — your pretty lips wrapping around his length, taking him so well as if your mouth was made for him, crafted to perfection. His fingers rub small circles into your vulva, tapping against the clit accidentally once or twice.
Another gag rumbles out of you as you fight the reflex. The vibrations against his member is felt and he grips on your arse, pulling you into him, your nose rubbing against his pubis. Your finger trails the underside of his shaft before rolling his balls between your fingers. His hips stutter in shallow thrusts into your mouth and you feel the sting of tears threatening to blur your vision as you oppose your gag reflex, taking him as deep as you can.
The sounds of your gagging bounces off the walls of his bedroom, followed by the deep moans and sighs spilling through Chan's lips as he fucks your mouth. Each thrust of his hips causes the head of his cock to push past your airway, your throat constricting and eliciting a groan from him. He also diverts your attention to rubbing you, now and again slapping your cheeks, eliciting moans from you against his girth.
You release your hold around his length, fingers thickly coated in your own saliva as you dig into the flesh of his thighs. Your mouth is stretched as wide as you can physically make it and tears roll down your cheek continuously, while you willingly take him completely in your mouth. You look up through the flutters of your eyelashes, enthralled to see the Adam’s apple in Chan's throat bob up and down while his head is thrown back in pleasure. 
Chan pulls your head back; his cock comes out from your mouth with a light pop followed by you gasping for air. Your eyes droop, your cheeks hollow and your jaws ache but everything counts to how hot you felt, to how hot the tension between you still is. His hand trails back to your hair, gripping on it and jerking your hair back so you’re forced to look at him. 
"This is a fucking sight to behold. Look at you, darling," he groans. 
Chan's thumb grazes your skin and he latches his lips onto yours in a sloppy, messy and wet manner and nothing else seems to matter other than your need for each other. You lean forward, tugging at his pinna as you bite down on it lightly, before mumbling, "I'm on top today."
Chan doesn't care because all he can focus on is how you said today, like this isn't just a one time thing. He gazes at you with such affection that has your heart racing telling you to let go of that stupid cages you keep around your concepts.
As your folds, dripping down with thick, sticky arousal coating Chan's cock with that and your saliva, brush the tip of his hardened cock, you feel a shudder run down your spine. You instinctively allow yourself to lower further, taking the rest of him in you swiftly with the help of your arousal. Sinking down around his dick and feeling him fully wrapped around your clutching walls has you throwing your head back, squeezing your eyes at how his length stretches you out, your walls wrapping around him tightly. He holds your waist, helping you down on his length.
You rock your hips into him, already finding yourself tightening and clenching around his thick cock. He fills you up so nicely, stuffing you perfectly full and you salivate, licking your lips. Your lips parts and you find your hips moving on their own accord. Chan's right hand rises upwards, massaging your breast, flicking your nipple and sending a rush down your spine, arching your back. His cock hits you at an angle and a soft moan leaves your lips.
Chan takes your hips in his hands, taking control of your movements to raise you up, leaving you empty and whining. You clench around nothing but air and your own walls, desperate to sink back down. “Chan,” you whine, your lower lip puckers forwards and Chan lifts himself up to kiss you.
As his hand grip around your hips to get a better hold, he slams you back down on his cock, hard, causing you to scream. “Fuck, Chan, oh my god, ah!”
He continuously guides you in a rhythmic movement, throwing his head back into his pillows and groaning. The sheen of sweat glistening on his chest catches your eye as he pants. The way his eyes clenched shut and his mouth hangs open with pleasure only makes you move faster around his cock, gyrating around it and tightening your walls. The sight before you makes you want to see him fucked out further. You want him to crumble under you because of you, leave him trembling under your hold.
He groans, "Your cunt is so pretty. Look at it, baby. Look." He gapes down and you gasp, moaning quicker.
You ride him, bouncing on his dick and clenching when you feel yourself reaching your climax for the third time that night, all because of this man. Chan's finger moves down and slips between your sweat soaked bodies to rub your clit, pushing you even further over the edge. 
“Are you going to come, baby?” He asks, breathlessly, his voice airy and light, almost floating away. He pulls his head forward to kiss your collarbones, sucking harsh bruises against your skin, continuing further down the existing purple bruises.
“Y-Yes, please, please,” you sigh, lacing your fingers through his hair and tugging on the dark strands. “Mhm, fuck, please, please, you feel so good, Chan.” You lean forward and the motion causes him to whine. You quickly catch it as your lips fall on his. His lips enclose yours, tugging and pulling at it and he kisses you slowly and passionately as you move on his cock, lazily.
Words, unfiltered and raw, spill out from your mouth after your lips leave his as you feel the high that is creeping up slowly within you. “Chan, fuck. Oh fuck. I'm going to come soon. Oh my god." Your voice reaches a pitch higher.
“Then, come.”
Chan moans against your neck as he feels you, his finger rubbing your clit, “Baby, come all over my cock. You deserve that for being the good girl you are.”
Chan's other hand that is not occupied leaves your hip and moves upwards to find its place on your neck. His fingers gently wrap themselves around your neck and that makes you wetter than you already are. He presses his fingers against your neck with pressure and you choke, gasping for air. Your mouth opens wide and your tongue falls out slightly resting on your lower lip. Your eyes roll back and your walls clench around Chan's cock tightly, your hip gyrating around it for all the friction.
Your fucked out expression as you choke for air makes Chan plunge into you harder and you choke harder, his hips lifting up and thrusting into you.
A final flick of his finger over your sensitive button and a bit more pressure over your neck are all it takes for your body to flood with pleasure and ecstasy. Your legs tighten around Chan's sides, curling in as you ride out your high for as long as possible, still moving your hips against him. His fingers let go of your neck and you breath loudly, taking in huge gulps of air.
Not long after your undoing, he comes inside you, coating your walls with his seed as you feel his length pulsate within you. Thick strings coating your walls till it seeps from your vagina and drips down.
Once your body falls limp against his chest, equally fucked out and panting for air, you feel him going soft inside you. He kisses your forehead and your hair, pushing it from your face. He lifts you up, slowly slipping out of you and gently laying you by his side, the semen slipping out. His fingers rub small circles on your hips after pulling you closer into him, nuzzling into the sides of your breast.
In his warmth, with his arms over your stomach as he snuggles closer to you, you feel your eyelids heavy and fluttering shut. His lips are close to your skin, feeling his steady breathing and listening to it calms you down, steading you and increasing your melatonin, slowly drifting away to a state of peace, all in Chan's arms.
Tumblr media
You stir in the bed, your hand reaching out for Chan only to feel the messy bed sheets and blanket. You wake up, brought to your senses well enough and you look around to find Chan only to see the light in the balcony turned on.
Putting on his white shirt messily, you rush outside to find Chan sitting and staring at the black sky. You sit by his side, shuddering in the cold and he looks at you fondly, cracking a smile.  
"You're up?" You nod, teeth biting at the cold breeze that passes by, until you realise what Chan is staring at. It's snowing. It is the first snow in a long while and it's beautiful, albeit being late. He smiles at the purple mark that he has graced upon your skin. Chan stretches his arms out, blanket still in his hold as he offers to hold you close in this cold weather, to share his body warmth. He mumbles softly into your ears, "You should sleep a little more. It's going to be a tough day tomorrow. Aren't you meeting Jieun?"
"Yeah," you smile, watching the surroundings. "First thing in the morning. She seems to know a lot about everyone in this neighborhood. That, and I want to know why they treat Somin," Chan looks lost and you realise you haven't discussed it yet with him. "Kim Jihoon's widow is treated like that."
"I'm firm on this theory."
"What theory?"
"That Rowoon is the one killing people — bad homeowners — off because we'll, they disrupt his neighborhood. That or, they got drunk and it is still an accident."
"But Somin?"
"What? Anyone can be a bad homeowner! She's probably his next target." Chan chuckles and pulls you in closer. He holds you still for a while before he says, "We'll talk about the case tomorrow before you go to Jieun's. And you should clean up the mess of notes on the dinner table."
"You're the nagging kind of husband!" 
"No." He is quick to deny. "I just like my house at least a bare minimum clean, alright?" You laugh out loud, falling into his hold as you try to contain your joy. Something soft hits your knees, barely visible but it settles softly.
Snow. It's snow and you see the snowflakes along with it. You watch them tumble, those feathered crystals, their chaotic flight to form a blanket that could not be more uniform, more orderly. And it's beautiful. So beautiful that it eases you and has you snuggle further into his warmth. Enough to make you forget everything for a minute there in his arms.
"I like snowflakes," you say, your head resting on his chest. There is a certain intimacy in the hour, in his hold, in this weather and between the two of you. A certain intimacy to friends who only sleep and work with each other shouldn't have. Chan looks at you, waiting for you to continue. 
You do like snowflakes. A lot. Each snowflake is like a sculpture made out of paper. Each has a unique identity reflecting a crucial passage in the chosen source material with an equal amount of complexity carved out of minimal space and in the end, it falls down before someone, lighting up someone and making them happy.
"It makes me happy. It doesn't have to fit in or match with anyone else and it still means the world to someone."
Chan smiles and you know it is clearly one of your most favorite things in the world, your solace. You find the happiness growing, much as a spring flower opens. It comes from deep inside to light his eyes and spread into every part of him. Chan makes sure it is like that, that the world knows when he's happy but wouldn't, when he is sad. A person smiles with more than their mouth, and I heard it in his voice, in the choice of his words and the way he relaxed. It was beautiful. He was beautiful.
Maybe he'll teach you not to hold in your feelings. Maybe he will let you fall in love. All over again.
And you kiss him. It's short and quick, as chaste as the love you feel for him in this minute, in his arms. He leans forward and kisses you back and maybe, you both were snowflakes, as weird as you are, as unique as you — and yet the two of you make each other happy as corny as it sounds. 
"Uh," Chan pulls back and rubs the back of his head and then his nape. "I—"
"Oh, a mistletoe, look!" You point and Chan turns back, frowning to look at the tree by the side with some creepers that crawl on its branch — creepers that were not mistletoes. You smile brightly as you continue pointing and Chan looks at you with a raised eyebrow.
"That's not a mistletoe."
"It isn't? I thought it was. My bad!" You laugh, eyes sparkling in mirth and cheeks heating up in embarrassment over the obvious lie you said. You sit up straight and look up at the sky. 
"It's a pretty night for whatever shit that went down today," Chan comments, staring at the moon. The moon is a warm milky glow in the sky, as if the sight of her could become a song in the eyes of anyone willing to raise their head upward. You were and you were going to seize the opportunity.
Chan's gaze is fixed on the big moon and your head thinks of him and the words from Natsume Suseki and every other anime you were forced to watch, thanks to Jeongin. In every black night, he was the spark that rekindled hope in you. 
"Is there something on my face, Y/N?"
"No," You turn back, smiling, heart fluttering and your mind at ease. "Just," you hold your chest, feeling the beating of your heart louder than ever.
"The moon is beautiful."
Tumblr media
It's small and fragile. Once, and then, twice, till it sounds again and again and again through the silent air of your house. 
The knocking on your door is repeated and you turn to look at Chan who stirs in his sleep, thanks to the same sound. You shuffle in your bed, trying to go back to sleep, presuming it is an illusion and nothing more. However, Chan heard it too.
"Is someone…"
"I'll go check," you mumble, huffing and throwing the blanket to the side. Luckily, Chan's shirt covers you up to your thighs. You jump out of the bed and your partner decides that it is safe to follow you to the door instead. 
You open the door and in comes rushing a little boy, aged not more than eight, with tear stains on his face. He runs forward hugging your frame in his reach as he cries out loudly. Chan looks at the scene before him in delusion and you relate.
Who in the world is this child?
"Is everything alright?"
The child continues crying into your frame, burying his face into your abdomen. Chan squats down to come face to face with the child. His hand carefully holds the child's back as he pats him slowly, letting him calm down for a while before he asks again.
"Where's your mum and dad?"
"Dad isn't home. M-mum is," the child hiccups, choking on his own sobs as tears roll down his face messily. "She's in the garage and there's blood around her head and—" He cries fiercely and you hold the boy close to you, heart heavy because you know the worst possible scenario. Death.
"Why don't you take us there, okay?" Chan smiles gently. The boy looks with teary eyes at him and Chan quickly lifts him up in his hold. "Come on. Let's go."
And the boy was right and his worst nightmare comes true. You cover the eyes of the child to prevent him from further seeing the horrendous sight before him. 
Because before all of you was the body of Kim Jieun, sprawled in her own driveway, her head crushed to a pulp under her garage. 
Tumblr media
An overturned shelf, a couple of paint cans that look like they have been thrown and some blood splattered on the floor is all you and Chan find last night. That, and a woman's broken pastel nail extension. 
You would have checked further had it not been for your undercover and that Chan had been getting endless calls from Mayor Arsehole. Changbin fumingly goes on about how he sent the two of you to put a stop to this but rather there's another case on his desk now. The man does not calm down even after Chan says that the two of you were definitely looking for a serial killer and that these deaths were not accidents. If anything, it upsets him further.
This morning however, the sun shines brighter. 
Chan walks into the kitchen, looking for you, teasingly shouting out into the air, "Honey, what's for breakfast? Eggs? Bacon? Eggs and Bacon? Or maybe it's ri—"
Before him on your cluttered table of a case file, notes and photos of evidence lies a sad bowl of soggy cereal.
"Soggy cereal it is," he frowns. 
"I made it though. It should count for something, right, husband?"
Chan grunts and sits down, spoon digging into the bowl of cereal as he takes his first bite soon enough. He glances over at the wall behind the breakfast table. You have mapped out the relationship between every single person in this neighborhood, affairs inclusive and Chan lifts his lips in pride.
"Someone has been a bit busy. When did you even sleep?"
"Didn't fall asleep. So I decided to work on this instead," and Chan realises you were not even kissing. Your eyes are grogging and your face is a lot gloomier even though you are smiling off the joy of mapping it all out.
"Did you crack the case?"
"As a psychological profiler, I can say," you frown. "I haven't. I just can't figure out the connection here. These murders were distinctly targeted, so, why? Why specifically these three people?"
Chan stirs the milk in his cereal before he looks at you and suggests, "Why don't you look for a common enemy?"
"Y/N, babe," you blush at the nickname and try to zero in on the matter in hand. "I know you and I see way too many crimes on a daily basis because of our job and that makes you and I think that we are chasing after some blood sucking psychopath," Chan pauses and eats a big bite of cereal. He munches on it slowly, letting you grow anxious in waiting, "We may not be dealing with some headcase who likes to strangle old women with pantyhose. Maybe we are dealing with a good old fashioned murderer; you know, the kind that kills people because they pissed them off."
You look at the board, index finger against your cheek and your eyes widen. "You could be right!"
"Don't look so surprised also," Chan mumbles, finally finishing his cereal. 
"It could work. Maybe what the victims have in common is their relationship with the killer." You continue to stare at the board. Chan cleans the plate in the sink on the other end, mumbling at you to keep calm and that you would crack the case with him soon enough. You sigh, "I don't have enough information to look for a common enemy." You tap on the first victim, Yoon Yerin. "Especially on her."
Chan folds his arm and stares at you. This look ok you is another one of Chan's favorites. You purse your lips, eyebrows furrowed together as you concentrate. Your eyes don't waver just like your heart in moments like this and Chan thinks he could fall even further for you, for your confidence.
"I'll probably swing by her place and see what I can find there. What's your plan?"
"Drop by at Rowoon's and find out where the fuck he was last night when his wife was murdered and his child was all alone." Chan stands by your side and you nod.
"Be home by 6:30?"
"Sure thing, honey," Chan laughs and he kisses your forehead, his lips lingering for a little while longer and you still, body heating up in his contact.
You nervously laugh, pushing him away slightly, "You're in character," You laugh again. "Method acting, right? that's good."
Chan looks away, avoiding contact with you and mumbling, "Yeah. Method acting."
He wonders how long he has to put up with this stupid method acting. 
Tumblr media
"Any luck?"
"Besides having Rowoon almost barf on my very nice dress shirt, no," you hear Chan speaking through the phone. You walk further down the neighborhood, lush green trees on either side. As much as you despised Changbin, you had to agree — the neighborhood is great. Just that it wasn't meant for people like you. People not rich.
"Do you want me to press a shirt for you?" You tease. 
"Would my wife do that?"
"In your dreams," you roar in laughter. Chan chuckles on the other end of the line. 
"Anyhow, Rowoon was out fucking one of his mistress last night. He's also pretty fucked up with the death and has not stopped drinking."
"He has an alibi?"
"Yeah," Chan sighs. "It's definitely not my homeowner's rage theory then."
You walk a little more till you stand in front of an unremarkable suburban house. You tell Chan on the other end, "I'm here. I'll get back to you soon. Bye," and hang up almost immediately. Quietly, you turn on your tape recorder and speak into it.
"184 Arbor Way. The house that belonged to Yoon Yerin, the first victim. Yerin lived alone which is uniquely for this predominantly family oriented neighborhood. That alone may have made her stand out and a target for suspicion."
You walk around the house, trying to look into it and around it, "The place is scrubbed clean. Whoever Yerin was, I'll have to find out from inside. The outside is scrubbed way too clean to get rid of any possible doubts." 
You take a step back and look around to see if anyone was passing by, before you lay your hand around the door knob and try turning it. It's locked. You wonder if Rowoon had the key. Glancing around carefully, you slide a paperclip from your pocket into the keyhole and jiggle it once — twice, till the door opens.
You smile brightly, "Some skills are rooted, ha! Thank God, I dated that sketchy guy back in college."
You pull open the door. Inside, the house is spotlessly clean. Almost as if no one ever lived in it. Whoever cleaned the place did a thorough job, almost leaving it spotless. You walk around the house, looking into every corner and room there to find anything. However, you are left looking at nothing but bare floors, undecorated walls and sparkling clean surfaces enough to shine.
You turn to leave, sighing out an air of disappointment when a gold sparkle catches your eye in the light. You bend down and find a man's golden cufflink lying against the corner of the room. Taking a latex glove from your pocket, you pick it up and bag it in a plastic cover, hiding it in your jacket as you leave only to bump into Somin.
"Oh, Hey," you stammer.
"I don't mean to pry but did you just come out from Yoon Yerin's house?" She raises an eyebrow and you hesitate, fingers holding the plastic bag tightly in your pocket.
"No, no, I—" You sigh, looking down. Lying after being caught red handed is useless. "Yes. I'll admit that I did."
"What on earth were you doing there?" She asks and you realise that to anyone from outside, your actions seemed very suspicious — enough to blow off your whole cover.
"The thing is, Yerin, I was there because," you close your eyes and inhale a sharp breath of air, "I was there because I got curious."
"I just heard what happened to Yerin and I needed to come and see the house myself."
"What could you possibly look for?" Her eyes waver and she looks back at the house.
"Some signs maybe," you look back to follow her gaze, "Maybe a blood stain or something. I know this might come out as a bit weird but I have always been fascinated by macabre. I even listen to Stephanie Soo's true crime podcasts regularly."
She smiles fondly and nods, "I understand. To be very honest, I was fascinated by Yoon Yerin too when I heard of her death. I tried coming by to see what had happened. But now," she sobs. "Jihoon is dead and so is Jieun. They say that there is a serial killer on the loose."
"It's so sad that it happened in this neighborhood," you take a step forward, trying to walk away.
"I know, right? The whole point of living in a gated community is to keep the awful things out." Somin leans forward and puts her hand around your shoulders. "Look, you seem like a really nice person, Y/N, so I'm going to be honest with you. There is something bad happening here, something very very bad. Keep your head down till it's over. It's for the best." 
Her tone is lower than ever and the advice sounds scarier than usual, something as if it were to warn you of an impending danger. You call Chan and he picks up quick.
"About pressing your shirt? I think I can do that. I have some pretty cufflinks to match them."
Tumblr media
Later that night, you sit in your kitchen, the same board looming over you. You try to map out even more connections on your chart of suspects. The whole board is so covered with lines of strings that it almost looks like a spider web.
Behind you, the door swings open and Chan comes in, strides longer and quicker to take him to you as he screams, "Honey, I'm home."
You laugh, twirling in your rotating chair as you look at him and ask, "How long have you been wanting to do that?"
"Since we got this assignment. Of course, I mean," he tries putting a serious face, "It is sad that we were forced to do this by Han when he blackmailed us with that sex tape—"
"It's not a sex tape."
"The footings, but," Chan smiles widely, "It wasn't so bad to play house with you, Y/N."
"Likewise, Chan."
"Now, did you find anything?" Chan asks, resting his chin on your shoulder once you turn to face the board, his hand on your other and you freeze, surprised by the sudden contact, ironically. "This mapping just got messier."
"Yeah," you exhale and your shoulders slouch. Chan stands up straight as he tries to understand the board before him. "I tried mapping all the infidelities and affairs and this is what I got. A whole mess. It's all convoluted now."
Chan's eyes widen as he tries tracing the lines with his index finger before giving up. "Is everyone cheating on their spouses here?"
"Almost everyone."
Chan takes a step back, opens the fridge and pulling out a can of beer, he goes to sit on the sofa. You turn your chair around and watch him take a sip of it.
"Wow, you look as if you're right at home," you tease.
"There's space for two here," he pats the sofa by his side, and grins sheepishly. 
You get up and take your own can of beer from the fridge, mumbling, "I can sure take a break," and walk towards him, plopping down by his side. The two of you clink your beer cans, the sound clattering through the walls.
"It's Christmas tomorrow, you know?" 
You hum in agreement, "It's my first one outside home."
"I hope we can crack the case soon so that you can at least spend a few hours with your family on Christmas."
"Hey," you nudge his arm, "The thought of spending Christmas with you does not repulse me, okay?"
"I had not even said that," Chan gasps. He turns to look at you, a glint of mischief in his eyes. "So does that mean the thought does repulse you?"
"Don't twist my words," you laugh.  
"Do you want to get married?"
You choke on your drink, eyes wide as you look at him. He pats your back as he tells you to breathe slowly. You finally ask, "The thought or with a specific person?"
"Yes, and no," you mumble. "I do want to get married once but," you look at Chan for a minute as he drinks his beer. "I don't think I have my feelings sorted properly to have the privilege to think of thoughts like that."
Chan leans forward, eyes dazed and fixed on yours. Has he always been this beautiful, this captivating? Has he always made your heart beat so much quicker?
"Do you think you'll ever be ready to sort them out?"
You sputter and choke again. Chan smiles again; this time however, it looked sad. He stands up, placing the beer can down on the table before. "I should get some fresh air. Take a stroll in the neighborhood and make sure nothing is going around, yeah."
You turn away, face too scared to look at him in worries of your emotions being transparent. "Yeah, you should do that. I'll get back to the mapping."
"I'll, uhm, I'll be back in a few." Chan rubs the back of his neck before quickly stepping out of the house. You sigh, head fuzzy with the overload of emotions. 
He doesn't know you were ready. He doesn't know you wanted more. He doesn't know how you confessed that night to him in the moonlight. He doesn't know of how you feel, because of you. You never told him directly, always twisting your words and actions. If anything, you had no one else besides yourself to blame.
"Chan," you whisper but it's too late. He's out.
A step too late to realise as always.
You snap out of your daze caused by the overload of emotions. Getting up, you slightly slap yourself and mumble, "Focus. Back to work now." You reach out into your pocket and take the cufflinks to file away. You turn it around in your hand when it flashes.
"Wait a minute, wait a minute," you zero in on the object in your hand. "I've seen this cufflink before." You rush to the board, eyes scanning the pictures to see where you had seen it when it finally lands on the second picture pinned on the board.
You had seen it on the second victim — Kim Jihoon.
"Oh my god," you sigh, hand limp on both sides as you realise you know who it is. You know who the killer is and you know her motive. 
"I know the killer. It's Somin, oh my—"
"Clever girl," you hear the feminine voice from behind you. You spin around quickly, hand on your chest as your eyes widen to find Somin standing by the door with a huge butcher knife in her hold.
"It was you!"
"That's right. Me." She takes a step forward. Instinctively, you glance back across the living room to where your gun hangs in a holster, draped over the coat rack.
Somin takes another step forward, speaking, "Sweet little Somin. Fragile, pitiful Somin. Somin who everyone always thinks they can pick on, lie to and laugh at — Ha!" He leaps forward and wildly waves her knife. She yells. "Well, who's laughing now? Who's laughing now?"
You dodge back, repeating to yourself to dawn the fact that it is true, that, "Jihoon was having an affair with Yerin."
"That ungrateful, cheating bastard couldn't wait to jump into that slut's bed. So I showed them both," she laughs. "I showed them both well."
"That I can understand," you edge closer to the coat stand to try and get your gun. "But why did you have to kill Jieun too?"
"Are you kidding me?" She yells. "That bitch stole my snickerdoodle recipe."
You huff out in disbelief, eyes narrowing at her and eyebrows furrowing, "Ah, I see. You're a full blown psychotic."
"I was going to stop after her, you know? But then you had to go and poke your nose around in the neighborhood. Stupid bitch."
Somin takes another step towards you and you know you are still far away from your gun. She is now almost at an arm's reach and you take a step backwards instinctively. She waves her knife again and you dodge it carefully.
"Who are you, huh? A cop?"
"An NIS profiler actually." She looks lost and you sigh. "A cop, yes."
"Well, Y/N," she glares. "Do you know what I hate the most? Liars." Somin lunges at you, jabbing the knife towards your throat. You dodge to the side, neatly weaving around the thrust. Somin stumbles past you, knocking over a giant carton of cereal, spilling it everywhere.
"Argh," and she swipes again. You dodge nimbly to the side again. Her knife cuts through the air with an audible hiss and the adrenaline pumps into your blood from the fear. The knife hits the fruit bowl and sends bright red apples scattering on the table, over your notes.
"Well, well, aren't you fast?"
"You've no fucking idea," you hiss, taking in as much air as you can. You back up and feel the counter behind you.
"Enough talk!"
You gulp, gripping the counter firmly. Somin dives towards you, slicing her knife at you. You reach back and grab a heavy toaster. You pull it around and holdi it out in front of you. It crackles loudly with a hot, electrical burst.
"Fuck." Somin jerks back, as if stung, the knife dropped from her grip. The knife clatters to the floor, it's tip blackened from char thanks to the electricity. Somin steps away, clenching and unclenching her hand. 
"That fucking hurts, you bitch." 
You drop the toaster and step back, putting your hands up defensively in front of your face. You propose, "Look, Somin, it's still not too late to surrender. We can still end this peacefully, alright?"
"You think I'm going to give up just because I lost my knife? I need to survive." Somin bounces up and down, assuming a combative stance. "I've been taking aerobic kickboxing for four years." She bounds towards you and shoots a lightning fast kick at your head. You guard your face and block her kick. She bounces back and aims to kick at your shins, hard. You jump, hopping back neatly avoiding her kick.
"Are you done?"
"No," Somin recovers quickly, spinning in a fast arc and throwing out a devastating, high roundhouse. You throw up your hands and block the kick. She staggers back, her balance off. 
You seize the moment to spin around, swing low and lunge towards Somin, jamming the palm of your hand into her chin. You slide your one leg between hers and jerk back, kicking her feet out from under her and slam her down into the ground. The back of her head hits the cold tiles on the floor. You force yourself on top of her, pressing down on her chest with one knee and pant, "Four years of kickboxing, huh? Try seven years of krav maga."
She squirms under you, huffing, "Get off," and quickly lunging to get the toaster. Your eyes widen and you try to grab her hands. However, she's already about to throw the toaster when you hear the sound of metal clinking once and the toaster falling by your side.
"Nah, you're not going to hurt my wife," you turn to look at Chan, pointing the gun. He walks further ahead to the two of you. "Kim Somin, you are under arrest for the murder of Yoon Yerin, Kim Jihoon and Kim Jieun. You have the right—"
"They were all liars. All cheaters. It's not fair," she yells, struggling under your hold. You hold her wrists tighter and Chan slams the handcuffs on her. 
"It's over, Somin. It's all over. The court will hear the rest, and the dead will have their peace."
Tumblr media
"Did you reach home?"
Your phone is connected to the bluetooth speakers in your car and you hear Chan's voice in the small vehicle. You rotate the steering wheel as you turn to the right across the street. It's a comparatively quieter day, almost as if it's in stark contrast to the shit that went down last night.
"Not yet. I'm two minutes away."
"Merry Christmas, Y/N," Chan laughs and you smile, your lips pressed together to prevent you from breaking into a big grin. "Don't miss your husband too much."
"Still in character, I see." You press on the gas to reach home a little quicker. "Are you spending it alone?"
"Nah," you hear voices in the background. "I'm spending it with Felix and Han."
"Don't miss me too much either then," you tease back and pull up at your place. You park the car in the garage and sit in the car as you speak to Chan. "And I'll meet you back in office in a few days—"
"Did you reach?"
"Oh, yes?"
"Then, check the backseat. It's my Christmas gift for you," Chan says. You unbuckle your seat belt and lift yourself up to turn back and search the backseat only to find a small box. You stretch your arms to grab it and finally sit back in your seat. 
"Did you find it?" You hear Chan through the speakers again. You hum in response and open the gift.
It's a necklace. A beautiful thin silver chain with a snowflake pendant hanging and you gasp, heart beating way too quick. He remembers. He remembers. He remembers. If you were not already flushed by the gift, the note stuck on the underside of the cover of the box has your mind fuzzy, feelings all over.
The moon is beautiful.
"Yeah? Did you not like the gift? I'm—"
"I'm coming over in ten minutes. Send Han and Felix away. All I want this Christmas is you. Just you."
Tumblr media
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Noona, Do You Have a Boyfriend? | Part 1
Genre: Smut 
Word Count: 3.7k
Summary: You hate brats. Jisung is a brat. So why the fuck are you blowing him in a dirty bathroom in the middle of a concert? A/N: I hope this is better than the clusterfuck that was Born Sick. This is supposed to be a small series but knowing me, who the fuck can tell? 3racha don’t read this!
Warnings: femdom, sub!jisung, brat!jisung, dom!reader, dancer!au, dancer!reader, very mild dub-con, jisung doesn’t ask for permission before he does something and you should always ask for permission.
Tumblr media
Part 2 Han Jisung is insufferable. The boy didn’t know how to take no for an answer. He was always bothering you, using any spare moment he had to hit on you or try to seduce you. He would do the craziest things to try to get your attention, ranging from dropping the cheesiest pick up lines on you to giving you what basically amounted to a lap dance. It’s not even that you didn’t find him attractive, he certainly was. He might not have the stunning good look of Hyunjin or Minho, but he possessed an abundance of charisma that just drew people to him. The only problem is that he knew that too well. As someone who thrived on praise and received it from everyone, everywhere, it was natural that he’d know how attractive he is and use it to his advantage, but it seriously got on your nerves how arrogant he could get sometimes. Guys who think they’re the shit are so off-putting to you—you’d take a well-behaved baby boy over a brat like Jisung any day. The only problem though was that Jisung is right, he really is irresistible, try as you might to deny it. He got away with displaying a multitude of opposite charms because he embodied them so carelessly. When he’d do aegyeo—puffing his cheeks out so he’d look even more like a cute squirrel—his awkwardness would make it endearing instead of cringey, and the stupid kissy faces he’d make at you would be almost too tempting to ignore. You wouldn’t guess it by looking at him, but Jisung could be real suave when he wanted to. He is shameless and he is cocky and that was a recipe for one very rude boy who would stop at nothing to seduce you. As a backup dancer for JYP, your job allowed him ample opportunity to get physical with you. You frequently had to stay late at the practice room with him in order to teach him dance moves that you knew he was messing up on purpose so he could get you alone and make his moves on you. Those late night dance sessions were filled with heated gazes, unnecessary lip bites, and overly sexual dance moves. Han Jisung is nothing but an undisciplined boy who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. So why the hell did you think it was a good idea to blow him a bathroom right in the middle of a concert?
They boys were on a short break in between sets in which they could catch their breath and get seen to by the stylists in case they needed to get anything fixed. But as soon as they went off stage, Jisung ran off to the bathroom and locked himself in there. It was none of your business. As far as you were concerned, the more time he spends in there, the less time he has to bother you. Unfortunately for you though, Jisung’s ceaseless attempts to hit on you were known to most of the staff by this point and, after multiple unsuccessful attempts by other people to get the boy to come out of the bathroom, the head stylist asked —i.e. ordered—you to give it a try, hoping that Jisung would hurry up whatever he was doing in there and come out so he could bother you a little before the next set begins. You were totally against it, a man’s bathroom time is his own and even though he annoyed you endlessly, you didn’t want to embarrass him. But the woman was adamant and you couldn’t say no to a senior staff member so you, begrudgingly, accepted. Clearing your throat awkwardly, you knock on the door, and call out for him. “Noona! What are you doing back here?” Jisung answers in a panicked voice that immediately raises suspicion within you. You understand he could be embarrassed about taking too long in the bathroom, but his tone was less embarrassed and more freaked out.  “Siyeon-unnie asked me to come get you… what is taking you so long anyway?” “Nothing!” He answers too fast. Realizing how squeaky his voice sounded, he coughs and tries again, this time in an unnaturally deep voice, “Uh, nothing. I’m just… fixing my… hair.” You roll your eyes, “Oh, yes, because you don’t literally have an army of stylists whose entire job is to fix your hair for you. What is really going on, Han?” He’s silent for a long time, clearly hesitant to tell you which only piques your curiosity further. You hadn’t been interested before but now you certainly were, especially after what he says next. “If I tell you, you’ll beat my ass up.” “That’s very possible.” “Noona! That’s not funny.” “It is, but okay, I won’t hit you or whatever, just tell me what’s wrong.” You hear the sound of the door unlock before the round-cheeked boy sticks his head out to say, “Promise you won’t hit me.” You roll your eyes and mockingly hold your pinky finger up, “I promise.” As the door creaks open to reveal a bashful Jisung cupping his hands over his crotch, you could almost smack yourself for not realizing the problem sooner. Of course a horndog like Han would pop a boner right in the middle of a damn concert. He seriously is hopeless. “You promised you won’t hit me.” He quickly reminds you, probably seeing the annoyance on your face, and you sigh. “Han, we have no time for this. Just jerk off or something.” “You think I haven’t tried!” He exclaims in exasperation, “It won’t go away. It hurts, noona. I can’t—” And then something curious happens—Jisung whimpers—whimpers!—and his expression settles into one of pain and desperation. It was an entirely new look on him—a vulnerable, soft side that you’ve never see on him before and honestly? The rush of arousal that shoots down to your heat at seeing him like this almost makes you pass out. The Jisung you knew was always so cocky and bratty that you’re ashamed to admit that you’ve touched yourself to the thought of breaking him—making him so damn needy that he’d take anything you give him and say thank you. It was the ultimate guilty pleasure that you never intended to actually act upon. It was just an outlet for all the sexual frustration he put you through and all the your pent up sadistic impulses that you’re too afraid to indulge in. That’s why Jisung was so dangerous; he makes you want to wallow in those tendencies. He makes you want to tease and punish him, and tease and punish him, until he apologizes for everything and begs for mercy. So yeah, you try to avoid that at all costs. But could anyone really blame you for pushing him inside, locking the door behind you, and getting on your knees to give that hellboy the suck of his life when he finally acts just a little bit subservient? You think not. Maybe this will help you flush out your desire for him. You know, getting over something by letting yourself be consumed by it? That’s a thing that works, right? “Noona, what are you doing?” Jisung gasps when you reach out to pull his already unbuttoned pants down. “You want this to go away, right?” He stares at you dumbly as if his brain short-circuited and he couldn’t figure out what you meant and you sigh as if you didn’t fucking adore this new side of him. “Do you want me to suck you off, Han?” “Do I…” His mouth hangs open, making you worried that drool would start leaking out, before he snaps out of his dim-witted haze and stumbles to answer, “Holy shit, yeah. Fuck yeah!” You chuckle and lower his pants and boxers down, revealing the painfully hard member that was causing him this much trouble. As soon as you wrap your hand around it, he jolts and cries out. “Shh, be quiet or you’ll get us in trouble.” Despite your rebuke, you don’t hesitate to start a rapid pace with your hand on his cock, aided by the fact that he was slick and lubricated already. Boy must’ve been trying for a long time. To his credit, Jisung tries to listen, biting down on his lip to keep quiet, his moans coming out in muffled whimpers. He only lasts for a few seconds though, because when you flick your wrist, your palm sweeping over the leaking slit, he breaks right away, moaning out your name. You know, just in case whoever catches you won’t mistake your identity. Clearly, he was too wound up and horny to be expected to actually follow orders—not that he would’ve listened either way— so you quickly take him in your mouth, figuring that you’d get him off faster this way, hopefully before anyone catches you. But it wouldn’t be Jisung if he didn’t find another way to cause trouble for you, and when you start sucking him off, he not only moans super loudly but he starts talking too. “Shit, shit.” He groans, watching you with blown out pupils as you take more and more of his cock in your mouth. He was fucking living for this. “Ah, fuck, noona’s mouth feels so good around my cock." That little shit. Why did he have to sound so sexy saying that? No matter what, you can’t let him know how much this is affecting you—how his cock feels so good in your mouth too, all hot and hard and oh-so-very responsive. He was moaning and squirming at the tinniest brushes of your tongue, and leaking so much precum that you could literally taste the need on him without him needing to say it. “I’ve wanted this for so long. Why did you have to be such a tease, noona?” 
You grip the base of his cock just a little too tightly, and pull away to snap at him, “I’m not a tease. You’re just a brat. Now, shut up or I’ll stop.” “No, no, don’t stop. I’ll shut up. Just please put your mouth back on my cock.” He says, clearly not shutting up, and grabs the back of your head to push your face towards his crotch, thrusting his hips slightly to press the head of his cock against your lips, silently demanding to be let in. 
“I will if you don’t stop being a brat.” You threaten, using your tight fist to give him a rough jerk that is just on the painful side of pleasurable. Of course you wouldn’t actually leave him like this, you needed to see how he looks when he cums almost as much as he needed to cum. It would be great fodder for your nights of shameful masturbation at the thought of this boy. But he didn’t need to know that, and with the way the wet heat of your mouth is now wrapped just around the very tip of his dick, you don’t think he’ll be figuring it out soon. Instead, he asks you the stupidest question in the history of questions.  "Can I take a picture?” Your jaw almost dislocates from dropping so low. What the fuck is wrong with this boy? “I won't show it to anyone. I promise.” He quickly adds on, as if that might convince you. “Are you crazy or just stupid?” The frown on your face was so intense, you think it might actually scare the boy for once. Truth is, you find the fact that he wants to save this moment so he can get back to it later—just like you undoubtedly will—so sexy. It makes a new gush of arousal coat your already drenched underwear. But you would never let him do that because you’re not a dumb horny teenager, no matter how much Jisung is forcing you to reconnect with that long-forgotten side of you. But even as you glare at him, he presses on, “Please, I don’t know if I’ll ever get you like this again.” It’s only when you start to get up that he finally backtracks. “It’s just a polite request! I’ll stop asking. Please, don’t leave.” “No, you’ll stop talking.” Slipping off your underwear, you mentally congratulate yourself for choosing to wear a skirt today, and stuff the fabric in his mouth. You hoped that your makeshift gag would finally shut him up, but even through the fabric, you could heal his garbled voice saying, “That’s hot.” You sigh, getting back on your knees and taking him into your mouth right away. You start bopping your head up and down his length again. Jisung wasn’t big, but he was a bit thick and it made it a little hard to continue taking in more of his length when he reaches the back of your throat. But you keep going anyway, the thickness of his cock only adding to the pleasurably tight sensation for him. When you’ve fit his entire length inside, the head nestled snuggly down your throat, you swallow. It hurt, but it was worth it to feel the way he spasmed under you and cried out loudly even through the panties in his mouth. You don’t give him a break after that, alternating between licking up and down the underside of his cock and taking him down your throat and swallowing around him, all while your hands played with his balls and your fingers rubbed the sensitive patch of skin between them and his asshole. Your pace was fast and hard, making Jisung approach his high very rapidly. It was all going so well. He was so, so close and he was finally being nice and pliant for you, letting you do what you needed to do to get him off. But then someone knocks at the door, and a voice that you recognized to be Chan’s calls out for Jisung. You quickly yank the now drool-covered scarf from his mouth and gesture for him to answer, hoping beyond hope that the lust-dazed boy won’t give you both away. “Yes?” “What the hell are you doing in there?” Chan immediately pick up on the way Jisung’s scratchy voice trembles. “What’s going on? And where the hell did ___ go? She was supposed to fetch you—you know what? Never mind all that, It’s almost time to get back on stage so hurry the fuck up.” “I’m trying to!” Jisung whines, pouting down at you like this was all your fault. That brat! Narrowing your eyes at him, you press his cock against your mouth and sink down on his length in one go. He almost screams your name, but for once he had the good sense to bite down on his tongue as soon as the first letter came out.  “Seriously what are you doing in there?” Accusation was clear in Chan’s voice, and you realize it probably wasn’t helpful to try and push Jisung right now, no matter how much of a brat he was being. So you move to pull away but he stops you, his hands grabbing the back of your head and pushing your mouth all the way down his length again. “Shit,” He curses quietly, before calling out to Chan in a louder but clearly strained voice, “I’m almost done, man. Just go and I’ll come quickly.” You would roll your eyes at the double entendre but you were a little short on air right now. Before Chan’s receding footsteps can no longer be heard, Jisung tugs your head back, pulling his cock out of your mouth so far that you think he’s gonna let you breathe, but just when the tip is at the edge of your lips, he slams his hips forward again, stuffing his length fully down your throat and choking you with it. “You’re always so—ah—mean to m-me, noona.” He cries out, fucking your mouth none-too-gently. You would bite his dick off if his moans didn’t sound so damn delicious, so whiney and broken and high-pitched. You could sit him and let him use your mouth however he wanted for hours just so you could hear the sounds he made, but you were starting get dizzy. Not to mention that the little brat didn’t even ask for permission before he went ahead and made your face into his own person blow-up doll. So to get back at him and get some much needed air, you use your long nails to claw at his skin harshly, digging bright red trails down his thighs. You expect him to scream and try to get away but, to your surprise, he does the exact opposite; his hold on your hair gets even tighter, his fingers yanking the strands right at the root while he rams his cock in and out of your mouth. He only lasts a few more seconds before he cries out your name and empties himself in your mouth, but damn were they brutal on your poor throat. You’re gasping for air as soon as he pulls away, which—unfortunately for you—only makes you choke on his cum that was too much for you to swallow. So there you lie on the dirty bathroom floor, throat burning and hair stinging, gasping for breath through the tears, cum and saliva that were staining you face. “Holy shit, are you ok?” Jisung kneels down next to you, looking comical with his flaccid cock out and a dazed look on his face as he tries hard to concentrate, apologize and make sure you’re alright all at the same time. “I’m so sorry for being so rough… But also, that was so fucking hot.” He holds your head in his hands and uses his thumb swiping up some of the mess on your chin which he then presses to your lips, probably trying to get you to lick it off. You smack his hands away, furious. “You brat!” You hiss, your voice hoarse and gritty, something that Jisung apparently also finds ‘so fucking hot’ if the way he licks his lips and stares at you hungrily is any indication. He really was a horndog. “You don’t deserve my kindness. I should’ve let you go up on that stage hard and horny.” “I’m sorry, noona.” He cowers, pouting and trying to make himself look cute and small so you’d let him off the hook. “It just felt so good and I needed to cum fast before anyone caught us.” That still wasn’t enough of an excuse but you didn’t have the time to tear him a new one right now. You both needed to try and make yourself look presentable enough for the next set, which should be starting any minute now. “Whatever.” You dismiss, getting up to wash your face in the hopes that it will make you look less like someone who just had their face fucked by a horny teen. Jisung stand up too, but instead of fixing his own clothes, he just watches you. “What now?” You scowl at him through the mirror. For a millisecond, you think he looks a tiny bit embarrassed that you called him out. But then he opens his mouth… “So that’s still a no on the picture thing?” “Hey, you said no hitting!” He squeaks as you pinch his ear and drag him to the door, throwing him out. “You better fix yourself up quick because if someone finds out about this you’re dead.” •❅──────✧❅✦❅✧──────❅•  The entire remainder of the concert, Jisung couldn’t keep the shit-eating grin off his face . He looked ten times cockier than ever and he threw suggestive looks at you every fucking chance he got. Every time he did something to make the fans scream, he’d turn to you, chest puffed and an arrogant smirk on his face, showing off. You wanted to slap him right there on stage. When the concert ended and you all went backstage, he heads straight to you, wearing  a lop-sided grin that is somehow made even more infernal by his squirrel teeth. “What did you think, noona? How was that for a first concert?” “It was great. You guys did so well.” Your tone, despite being cheerful, had an edge to it intended to let Jisung know that you weren’t in the mood for his shit right now. But as always, he completely disregards you. “Who cares about them? I’m asking about me.” Jisung quips, and god help him, you know he doesn’t actually mean that. He cares about his members immensely but the boy was just too dumb to think his words through before saying them. “Did you see me on stage? I think I gave the best performance of my life out there. One fan actually took off her bra and threw it at me.” “That’s great, Han.” You deadpan, willing the conversation to end. You were still so sticky from the ordeal in the bathroom and you couldn’t wait to go home and wash your fuck-up away.  But your fuck-up was incredibly tenacious. “Maybe I should bring her backstage.” He prattles on. “Uh-huh.” “But why go through all that trouble when you’re right here, noona?” He steps up to you, placing his hands on your waist and bending down to whisper in your ear, “Plus I owe today’s performance to you. It’s only fair that I return the favor.” You poke a finger at his chest and push him away in disgust. “Yeah, thanks but no thanks.” “Why not?” He pouts, stomping his foot. Rejection always had a way of making him revert to his more juvenile ways. “You’re not my type.” He snorts, “Oh yeah, and what’s that?” “A good boy who knows how to listen.” Jisung throws his head back, laughing, “You mean a boytoy who will let you do whatever you wanted to him. What’s the matter, noona? Scared of a little challenge? Are you worried that you might actually end up under me?” You look around to make sure no one was paying attention to you, then you lean in to whisper, your tone menacing, “No. I’m worried for you. Bad boy who don’t bend, will break.” “You can’t break me.” “Yeah? Maybe try to say it without shivering next time and I just might believe you.”  •❅──────✧❅✦❅✧──────❅•  A/N: As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.
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lvanter · a year ago
Tumblr media
10 things chan doesn’t want you to know
1. he would’ve never made it this far if it wasn’t for the late night talks you had together; the ones where you shared your deepest and darkest secrets, dreams, and aspirations. they meant the world to him back then and still do now.
2. he almost cheated once — he didn’t do it, coming to his senses the last second before his lips touched the strangers. even though he didn’t actually do anything that would be considered cheating, he still feels terrible, and it kept him up late at night 2 weeks after it happened.
3. he used to practice his confession in the mirror (minho has a video of it — chan made him pinky promise not to show it to you).
4. he hates it when you bother him when he’s stressed, even if it’s just a small visit to drop off some food. normally he loves it, but when he’s stressed it pisses him off, but he never says anything in fear of you stopping completely.
5. when you kissed him after his confession was the best moment of his life (although, if you end up getting married, it’ll become the second).
6. he clearly remembers the first words you said to him. your soft and apologetic “i’m so sorry” goes around in his head more than he’d like to admit.
7. sometimes in the middle of the night he wakes up just to admire you and wonder why you ever settled for him when you could do so much better.
8. he has, more than once, let you win a fight just so the fighting would stop. he knows he should stand his ground, but he hates fighting with you with passion. so for him it’s much better to just give in and talk everything through later when you’re both calmed down.
9. he really really really wants to marry you.
10. he already has a ring picked out.
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jeonginks · a year ago
the valentine trials. | hwang hyunjin
pairing: hwang hyunjin x reader
genre: friends to lovers au, fluff with angst, mutual pining yay
description: it’s always fun to be stuck in a valentine themed check-point game with your crush, not to mention your hands are taped together the whole time.
word count: 17.3k +
author’s note: this was supposed to be a blurb and i was only happy about it during the first half but i wrote it anyway so here we are 😔 took me one week so quality probably bad.
warning: hyunjin being a high school boy and making occasional suggestive jokes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hyunjin has dyed his hair again. You sneered. It was a shade of brownish-blond.
Objectively speaking, Hyunjin is a very good-looking boy. You would admit that, from the bottom of your heart; if you were asked to anonymously agree with the fact that he has very strong and elegant features, with soft silk as hair that adorned the shape of his face, you would agree with it, because it was true. However, personally speaking, Hyunjin was not the type of good-looking that you liked.
His nose was straight and small, protruding prettily in the middle of his face without any trace of flawed skin. There were no lines and no wrinkles despite how many times they scrunch up when he laughs; his laughter more often a raspy chuckle, his voice heavy as spilled black ink, but there were also times when his laughter would come in chunks of blossoming skies, light-hearted and genuine as it taught you how to hear the stars for the first time.
His plump lips were too big for his face, often when you look at him during tutoring sessions, you would find your eyes gravitating towards those full, pink lines. And they were always curled either into his signature teasing smirk or that insufferable bright smile of his, like his face muscles simply could not bring his lips to do anything else aside from haunting you with his gut-wrenchingly charming smile.
His eyes, his creamy brown eyes! It was a different shade of brown at sunrise and sunset, a different shade of brown before the drizzling rain and after the thunderstorms. His eyes could be golden brown, like the morning sunlight filtering through a jar of honey, melting into the sunrise, or his eyes could be hazelnut brown, like the satisfying first bite of a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and the warm cup of morning coffee that lures your sense awake. So magnetic, so warm, so sweet.
Alright. Perhaps Hyunjin is your type of good-looking, but you swore to the moon and back you hold no special feelings for that boy whatsoever. In fact, you’ve got zero feelings when it came to him. None, not even a little, just nothing. Because he was and has always been since you met him, frustrating.
In the way that he always sat too close for comfort when you explain a Math problem to him, in the way that he never pays attention to the problem at hand and has you repeating it over and over again, in the way he softens his attitude to suit your tolerance level without being asked to do so, and in the way that despite how stubborn he was, he still somehow always succumb to you because he has an unspoken soft spot reserved for you.
Hyunjin was frustrating in the way that out of everyone you have ever met in your life, he was the kindest and he was the one who stuck around the longest.  
Alright. Perhaps you had developed feelings for Hyunjin, but the difficult circumstance you met him under had not given you the pride and courage to admit that to yourself yet, not to mention admit it to him.
“I would have dyed it blond earlier if I had known you’ll like it this much.”
“Who says I like it?” You retorted immediately, not giving Hyunjin another second to gloat in the fact that he has got your staring at him before you even realized that your eyes couldn’t stay away.
He hummed, a small smirk appearing on his lips as he shoved his hands into his pants pockets. He rocked on his heels, back and forth, back and forth, until he stopped before your face with his waist bent down slightly and he eyed you with a widened smirk.
“You were staring,” he mused.
“Yeah, cause it looks like dry hay,” you said, your hand reached up to his forehead so you could push him away from you. The troublesomely comfortable proximity has to end before your heart learned to pick up its pace without permission again. “Out of all the days you could have dyed your hair, you pick today?”
Raising a questioning brow at you, he fiddled with a wavy stand of his locks that fell over the black headband he wore and his lower lip jutted out in faint mockery as he asked, “What’s wrong with today?”
The school was buzzing on this Saturday morning, with people moving in and out of the school gate and students rushing back and forth between tents. The inside of the school was most likely littered with heavy decorations that pertained to the different games designed by each class, and the front yard was lined up with tents the student helpers had set up the day before in preparation for the school fair.
It was all to show the best side of the school so more graduating middle schools would put it as their top high school picks.
“It’s the school fair.” You stated, gesturing around where you two stood, which was just at the side of the main path to the school entrance. “Is it really a good idea to dye your hair that rebellious color when our goal is to attract students?”
Hyunjin rolled his eyes, a hearty chuckle breathing out with a smile of the same laid-back energy. His hand traveled from the end of his soft hair to the top, his large hand coursing through the locks and flipping them back. He paused for a moment before removing his hand, keeping his face exposed to the sun now that it was without the blockage of his hair.
You frowned a little when you saw his lips tuck up into a wide, flirty smile, and you gasped inwardly when he winked in an unknown direction. Curiously looking over, your gaze hardened for a second at a couple of dolled-up girls standing across with their jaws hung slightly ajar and their cheeks reddened, completely neglecting their little siblings who they were supposed to be looking after at this school fair.
Oh, right, Hyunjin the handsome fellow has all the power in the world and he was using it to attract people into the school.
Acknowledging what he was doing, you relaxed with a tinge of bitterness settling down between your lungs, which was hardly relaxing. How come everyone got the instructor’s manual on how to get a glow-up except for you? From the way they looked, to the clothes they wore, to the way they carry themselves—it was either they were acting well beyond their age or your growth was just slower in the appeal department.
You suspected it was both of them.
Shifting your weight begrudgingly, you ignored the way you unconsciously glanced down at your posture and turned away, leaving without so much as bidding Hyunjin a goodbye. The bitterness came out of nowhere. Not in a sense that you didn’t know why you felt your heart fall ten feet down the sky when you saw how much fascination he had in his eyes when he looked at those girls, you knew very well why you were disappointed.
The boy you have feelings for was just eyeing somebody else with such intrigue, the said someone else being someone you found much more attractive than you. It was jealousy, and insecurities, and doubt, and everything lying in the middle of this mortifying spectrum of human negativity. It was rather normal to feel such a way.
You didn’t understand why in a sense that you thought you had it all under control. Your emotions were supposed to be wrapped around your fingers, not the other way around. You thought you trained yourself not to feel anything for Hyunjin, whether it was him or all the side events that happen to him. You’ve got a three-second rule—build up the walls in three seconds, get him out of your head before anything starts flooding into your chest.
Protect yourself, because how useless would one be to not have control over their own feelings? How could you fathom the idea of having control over anything else if you couldn’t even handle yourself?
A surprised yelp sounded from your throat when you felt a tap to your shoulder. Breaking out of your saddened thoughts, you turned to find Jisung looking at you with concerned eyes and a stack of papers in his hands. You breathed out a sigh of relief and bluffed a motion of smacking him across the head, causing him to stumble back with a laugh.
“Someone is moody,” he mentioned, regaining his balance, “why are you here?”
You frowned at him, “I am here to help out. We had a game for our class too, didn’t we?”
“Yeah, but–“ Jisung tilted his head to the side to think for a moment before he said, “I thought Seungmin said you won’t be coming to help today.”
“I didn’t say that,” you said.
“Well, I recruited other students to help out so we have enough help already.” Jisung shrugged. “You can go home–oh, or stick around and play! I heard a class got a cotton candy machine!”
“What? So I woke up early for no reason?” You exclaimed, your face scrunched up in dismay.
Seeing your disheartened state, Jisung frowned. You had always been one of the most hard-working students in your class, second next to Seungmin. He figured you would much rather get some sleep on a Saturday morning but you had come back to help out anyway. Was it his fault that you came today? No, but he did feel guilty that he wasn’t more thorough with you about it, and he was rather determined on making you feel just a little happier.
“Hey, wanna see something funny?” He asked as you placed the stack of paper on a random desk that was pulled out of the classroom. He flipped around the papers before pulling a piece out and holding it to your face, a smile evident on his. “It’s your response to the survey we did for our game.”
Your eyes widened. Right, you had almost forgotten about this tooth-rotting survey filled with romantic questions, unexpectedly but also obviously made by Seungmin. Only he could make something so romantic yet so tactical at the same time. It was to ask for opinions on the game, and it was so damn cheesy because your class planned to match with the Valentine’s Day theme.
“You didn’t read it, did you?” You widened your eyes at Jisung, who shook his head.
“No, why? Is it embarrassing?” He laughed, turning the paper around and scanning his eyes over it before you attempted to snatch it away from his grasp. He swiftly jumped back with his arm held up high, his brown locked bouncing cutely across his eyes as he openly laughed at your misery. “What did you put, (Name)?”
“Nothing! Give it to me! I am going to burn that paper!” You said, reaching your hand up in hopes to rescue your last bit of dignity.
Jisung was laughing harder now. Despite his rather short height, which his platform shoes kindly made up for, you were still unable to match up with his instincts and athletic ability to jump much higher than you. Every time you thought you could taste victory, he moved the paper away out from your airy grasp.
Amid this enjoyable and chaotic encounter, Jisung’s laughter quickly diminished when he felt the paper being torn away from his hand from behind. He stopped on his tracks and looked behind his shoulder, his heart jumping in shock to find Hyunjin staring down at him with a threateningly sharp gaze.
Damn. How did he not feel his presence at all, and why did Hyunjin suddenly look so much taller?
“What are you doing?” Hyunjin asked, his eyes long averted back to you.
You rubbed your arm, feeling nervous all of a sudden. The question felt confrontational, and it was meant to be confrontational because Hyunjin wanted to know why you were here. It was a complaint about why you had left him at the school’s front yard alone; it wasn’t even just because you left him without a word, he had to find you in the middle of playful banter with Han Jisung.
The grade’s resident cute boy Han Jisung, guitar player Han Jisung, naturally hilarious Han Jisung—every time he hears about Jisung, it is something good; every single time he hears Jisung’s name from your mouth, it was about something good, and it was so infuriating for him to watch you admire another boy right in front of his face.
The more he thinks you are falling for Jisung, the more threatened he is by the thought, and his heart gets colder at his cowardice, an occurrence he learned to hide behind a confident and eloquent facade. He hid his desire to shower you with his endless affection by talking fast and acting unbothered, and even though he has been advised against that method, he couldn’t stop himself from it.
“Give me the paper, Hyunjin,” you said, moving closer to him and reaching out to grab for the paper.
He moved away from you, his eyebrows raised in amusement when you whined and stumbled forward into his chest. Moving his hand down as he crumpled the piece of paper in his hand, his other hand flying up to press you against him not so much to stable you but only to tease you about losing your balance.
Shoving the paper into his pocket, he leaned down to your ear and whispered, “Someone is eager.”
Your heart felt weak from the mere contact, having your body lean flushed against his like this was totally against your boundary rules. Not to mention he just blew hot air into your ear by speaking into it directly. The audacity of this boy! He was tugging on all of your strings without even realizing it.
“Shut up!” You exclaimed weakly as you broke free from the half embrace he caught you in. You dusted yourself off as you glared at him, and he returned you with nothing but a guiltless smile, which made you feel so conflicted because you were both annoyed and bewitched and you were not so keen on knowing which feeling overwhelmed the other.
Jisung, who had been looking from the side, seemed to have come to a realization neither Hyunjin nor you have had the brain to understand. He hummed under his breath, drowned in his mischievous thoughts before he spoke up to break the silence, “Hey, (Name), you should go play our game.”
You looked at him, slightly appalled by the idea, “Why? It’s Valentine’s Day themed.”
“Don’t worry too much about that! It’s is just a check-point game, it’s really easy,” he said, “Besides if you really want to help, you can add to the sign-in sheet we are going to use to compete with the other classes later. The more people who play our game, the more likely we will win!”
Well, you could never deny that. Anything to help your class gain superiority over the other classes has always been one of your academic goals; somehow being able to learn in the best class of the grade gave you a sense of pride. Pulling your face into an unwilling grimace, you gave him a curt nod and a quick wave before Jisung excused himself out of the scene.
Watching him with attentive eyes, Hyunjin silently flipped the shorter boy off before returning his attention to you. You stood on your spot, contemplating with an unreadable expression until you caught him staring, then your eyes squinted suspiciously like you often did whenever you found him looking for much longer than he was supposed to.  
“What?” You asked, giving him an awkward shrug.
The question flew out of his mouth before he even knew it. “Why did you leave me back there?” He asked. “You hurt my feelings, you know.”
You rolled your eyes. All the tutoring sessions with Hyunjin have given you immunity over the flirtatious things he spills. You were gullible before, trusting him and giving in when he informed that you were being too harsh and you were hurting his little good heart, and then he would give you that triumphant grin as he leaned close to you and shoot you the million-dollar statement that never fails to get your mind racing: “ah, so you do care about me, huh?”
It was all a ploy to get you flustered, and you disliked how you always did, in fact, get flustered about him whenever he wasn’t around to see your face heat up.
“I didn’t want to disturb you,” you muttered, glancing out the window with crossed arms, “I am not exactly a sight for sore eyes. My face might ruin your plan of seduction.”
It took him a few seconds to understand what you were saying, the delay in his reaction a piece of evidence for just how insignificant his action was to him. It was just a wink, a cheeky smile, an arch of his pretty brow; he was just recklessly making people fall in love with him, it has always been an easy thing for him to do. Yet no matter how many tricks he has got up his sleeve, you somehow persisted on denying your feelings for him. Not only that, but you also blew off the idea that he would have feelings for you.
Did that make you hard to get? Sure, for the most part. It wasn’t hard to figure out that you like him, Hyunjin already knew that, because despite what your mouth babbles out, your body and your actions never fail to betray you.
All the nervous pulling of your fingers, the slapping of your heated cheeks, and the smiles you failed the suppress. Or how you would stay up late at night to handwrite him study guides, how even though you would go along with his foolery, you would never let him neglect his studies just to appeal to him, and how you seemed so much happier than him when he got his first decent grade in Biology after pulling an all-nighter on the phone with him.
It was all the things you did when you think he wasn’t aware. He had to laugh just thinking about it because it was almost tragic to see you put so much effort into ignoring your affection for him. You should have known Hyunjin always has his attention plastered all over you.
The main problem here was that you refuse to admit it, and as much as Hyunjin wanted you both to establish your feelings for each other, he would never force it out of you. He needed you to want it, on your own terms, whenever you are ready, and perhaps then it would be easier to accept that you like him and he likes you back. But it has been months now, the school year would come to an end soon, and you were still stuck in denial.
“Do I sense jealousy?” Hyunjin put on a smile. Then his voice lowered with sincerity, but the teasing grin stayed on his face. “I won’t do it anymore if you don’t like it.”
You scoffed, spinning on your heels and heading to your classroom, “I don’t care what you do. Go flirt all you want.”
Your heart thumped at the fact that he cared enough to tell you he would stop if you ask him to; his thumped at the fact that you were visibly upset with the idea of him messing around with someone else. But neither of you could hear your hearts drumming in your chests as he trailed after you to your classroom.
Your classroom was much more different than how it used to look like, as expected. There were pink and red balloons taped to the entrance door, accompanied by heart-shaped papers stuck to the wall and windows. The first person who greeted you when you stepped into your classroom was Seungmin, with a little bow clip tugged in his brown bangs and a strained smile that faded the second he recognized you.
“Class president! I am here to play!” You mused, walking closer to the desk he stood behind. You looked up at his hair and back down at his annoyed expression, and you laughed, “And I see you are trying on a new look today.”
Hyunjin followed closely behind you. His eyes widened at the new look Seungmin presented but he remained in silent amusement from behind you.
“One of the middle-schoolers brought their baby sister and I was, unfortunately, forced to wear it.” He rolled his eyes.
“Well, I don’t think it’s unfortunate,” you said. “The hair-clip really suits you. You look very adorable, Seungmin.”
He grumbled under his breath. You were not the first person to tell him this. Teachers who were passing by to do check-ups and his friends helping out in other classes have already marveled enough on how cute and lovely he looked with the hair-clip, it almost made him wonder if he didn’t use to look nice before its appearance.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he said, pushing the sign-up sheet towards you. “Just sign your names here and start the game.”
You grabbed a pen and leaned down to put your name on the bracket. As you did so, you lightly breathed out an approving hum at how much signatures were already present on the paper. “Hey, we might win this competition if this continues,” you said as you pointed at the paper with the tip of your pen. You glanced up at him then, smiling, “Maybe you should add one more bow, I think that is attracting people here.”
Seungmin gave you a sarcastic smile, tilting his head to the side, “Aww, are you falling for me now?”
You faked a laugh. “I just might if you add one more bow.”
Oh, you cheeky bastard. Fine, there was nothing for Seungmin to feel irritated about. The game itself would definitely be a good enough payback for you, considering who you had decided to have joined you on this check-point game designed for couples. Of all the things he would be doing on this day, Seungmin never thought he would be playing cupid. This day has certainly gotten more interesting.
Looking behind your shoulder, he gave a glaring Hyunjin a wave and pointed down on the paper. “You have to sign in too.”
Hyunjin grimaced, walking forward and glancing down at the paper with faint interest. “I am not playing.”
“You have to. This is a check-point game designed for two people, look.” Seungmin gestured towards the preparation area where pairs were having their intertwined hands wrapped up with a variation of pink, red, and white tapes. Turning back to Hyunjin, whose eyes were heavily focused on the hand-holding aspect of the game, and he smiled in triumph.
“I won’t pressure you to play it, of course,” Seungmin shrugged, watching as Hyunjin started to lean towards the table, his hand blindly searching for a pen. “I can always just ask somebody else to play it with (Name). Actually, I think Jisung is coming back–“
“I’ll fucking play,” Hyunjin cut him off with an annoyed grumble, leaning down to scribble his name on the paper before dropping the pen. He eyed Seungmin carefully, not sure whether to strangle the smart boy or to thank him for designing such an opportunity. Then he went to stand by your side and immediately, he reverted to his usual, playful self.
You were looking at the duos in the preparation area, all laughing and trying to find the most comfortable position to hold their hands together before they were sent off on their missions. A surge of excitement flooded through your veins that you forgot to make a snarky remark about having to hold Hyunjin’s hand and to follow your three-second rule.
You were thrilled, just as Hyunjin was delighted about the idea. This isn’t just an accidental brush of the hand, which was all you two have done when it comes to skinship regarding the palms and the fingers. This is holding hands, where your fingertips could softly feel and trace each curve of his knuckles and he could feel the calming of your skin as your warmth radiates off each other, and just the pure act of linking fingers serves as a momentary reminder that he is there with you, as you are there with him.
“Okay, I’m going to have to tape your hands together so hold each other nicely,” Seungmin said as he ripped off a line of pink tape. “The duration of the game depends on how long you finish each task and get your checkpoints, as do the prizes you get at the end. If you want to get out of the tapes earlier then finish everything quicker.”
You nodded at his instruction as Hyunjin casually slipped his hands into yours, his slender fingers gliding easily between the gaps of yours before he held onto you tightly. He squeezed your hand and loosened his grip, then he tightened it again when he figured it would probably feel more fulfilling under the sticky tapes. You rolled your eyes at his fidgety movements, waiting for him to stop clenching his hand around yours before you complained.
“Are you finished?” You asked, looking up at him.
He could only smile down at you. Your hand was so soft and fragile, it felt warm and he was content. “I’m sorry, but your hand feels really nice,” he commented with a shrug.
“Oh god, Seungmin, please go faster.” You glanced down at the poor boy, finding him glaring back up at you as he paused his movements. You flashed him an apologetic smile in return, rolling your eyes up at Hyunjin pointedly as you did so.
“You know, I haven’t heard a single complaint from you,” Hyunjin interjected, bringing your attention away from the class president and back to him. That despicable grin was still present on his face when you snapped your head back up to frown at him. “You want to do this, don’t you?”
“You think too highly of yourself, don't you?” You retorted with a deadpan expression, completely unbothered by the sticky tape as Seungmin focused on wrapping it around your joined hands, trying so hard to ignore the banter happening from above. “If anything, I think you might be the one who wants this.”
Hyunjin left the words unspoken in the light squish of your hand, even though your hands were already being bounded together tight enough. The low chuckle he breathed out only showed you how undiscouraged he was by your lack of enthusiasm. He seemed all too blissful about the situation, and he was; being able to hold you without having you swat him away like he was a poisonous vessel was one of the many goals he wanted to meet.
Seungmin finished up with bounding your hands together and he stood up. He twirled the tape holder in his hand as he gave you both a quick analytical glance, his mind wandering off in wonder about exactly when you two would turn the tables and finally end this awful stalling of mutual pining.
He only gave himself a few seconds to dwell in the thought before he clapped his hands together, gaining both your attention. Smiling, Seungmin gestured towards the door, “Please go to the next class and start your first task. Your next location will be revealed to you when you pass the first game.”
Ah, he just couldn’t wait to have both of you out of the classroom so he could help out with the other guests looking around.
Tumblr media
Game I: The Trivia Game
You should have expected that. It would not be a series of games designed mainly for couples if there wasn’t a segment specifically catered towards testing how much the pair know each other. A frown laid permanently on your lips when you and Hyunjin entered the classroom and sat down on the waiting area for a pair that was close to finishing.
“Do you think we should cheat?” You muttered to him, your eyes trained on the two pink slips of paper the student helper was holding. You assumed they had couples write down answers to the questions they have provided on there, that would be the only way for them to get this trivia game going. “Maybe we should give the vaguest answer and call it a day?”
“I never thought I’d see the day when you choose cheating as the method,” Hyunjin replied. “But shouldn’t you have some faith in us. I think we know each other pretty well.”
You hummed suspiciously, “Are you sure? Because I honestly feel like I know nothing about you. Like if you ask me what your favorite color is, I would say something wrong like black and white.”
“My favorite color is black and white.”
“Oh, damn, okay,” you leaned back against the chair, quite baffled at how your subconscious knew of that information. Looking up at him, you asked, “Do you know what my favorite color is?”
“Brown,” Hyunjin said immediately, turning over to look at you with a cheeky grin, “just like my eyes.”
You faked a disgusted gag, looking away from him. He wasn’t wrong, though. You did genuinely adored his brown eyes, as much as you didn’t want to, but since when has your heart ever heed your advice to stay away from Hyunjin. And to say you liked the color brown because it was the color of his eyes felt like an understatement to you, somehow. The color brown could not even begin to compare with those glowing embers he had for eyes.
The second you found yourself falling for him, his eyes stopped being just brown anymore. It was so much more than that. It was the bold changing of seasons, the rise of the breezy autumn air, and the scattering of the fallen brown leaves. And for God’s sake, you have got to stop thinking about his eyes! Swim back up, (Name), you could not keep drowning in them!
When you finally snapped out of your thoughts, the student helper had already come by to hand you and Hyunjin both one slip of paper and asked you both to fill it out for the trivia game later. The idea of cheating had long been erased from your mind as you went down the questions, occasionally remembering to fill it with an easy answer among all the honest answers.
You two were later brought to a corner of the classroom with the helper standing before you both. She was supposed to randomly ask you both three questions; to pass, you two have to get at least two questions right.
“Okay, let’s start with Hyunjin,” she looked up at the boy, her eyes glittering slightly but she held it down at the mere thought that he was already taken by you. She looked down at your paper and hummed. “Alright, what is one of (Name)’s go-to drink and what problem do they have with it?”
“Apple-banana smoothie, they make it at home by themselves all the time,” Hyunjin said, snapping his free hand, “the problem is that they don’t know how to peel the apple skin off so they always have to make it when their parents are home to help. Or, well, when I am there to help.”
You pursed your lips together. Fine, you would give him that. You did remember telling him about the smoothie story because you brought a bottle with you to the library once and you shared some with him using the library water cup. Since then, you had always brought two bottles with you so Hyunjin wouldn’t have to keep refilling a small cup for himself.
“Correct! The second question, let us go with an easy one. What size of clothing does (Name) usually wear?”
“Large, occasionally extra-large.” Hyunjin shrugged. “They have a habit of buying oversized clothes, which is so weird because why spend the money when you can just take mine?”
You squeezed his hand in hopes to cause some pain but you figured it was to no avail. You had no idea what Hyunjin was trying to do but he seemed to be determined to carry out the narrative where you two were playing this game as an actual couple. Ignoring his gaze, you paid your focus on the floating balloons being stuck to the wall as decorations and his round to be done quickly so you could have something to think about.
“Correct again! The last question for you, Hyunjin,” the girl exclaimed all too happily, clenching the papers in her hands as her interest in him just spiked to a maximum. Good-looking and attentive? What more could a person ask for? “What is (Name)’s favorite color?”
You sucked in a quiet breath. You were hoping she wouldn’t pick that question because you had just shot down the answer Hyunjin gave you. Oh, it would be so embarrassing for him to know that you still wrote the color of his eyes down as your favorite color after all the scoffing and eye-rolling.
Hyunjin pursed his lips together, in deep thoughts. When he spoke, his voice was dubious, “Purple?”
The student helper frowned with a shook of her head, flipping the paper slip as she did so to prepare for your round, “No, that’s wrong. Fortunately, you did meet the requirement, so it is all up to (Name) now!”
The relieved sigh you huffed out was hidden by the light-hearted smile you showed the helper. Unconsciously, your grip on Hyunjin’s hand tightened due to how nervous you were about this stupid game you never planned to take seriously. The fact that Hyunjin got the first two questions right was not only surprising, but it also told you something you didn’t want to believe: he pays a lot of attention to you, more than you could understand why.
And as giddy about that fact as you were fearful of it, you still gave yourself some space to clap for his observant skills. Not only did he observe and listened, but he also remembered, contrary to your expectations. It would be a shame for you to do badly on this part; what would he think of you then? Would he feel like his attention was not appreciated nor reciprocated? That would be dreadful, you wouldn’t want him to go through that.
“Okay, first question, (Name)! What is Hyunjin’s favorite season?”
You turned to look at him, hoping for a hint only to get a shrug in return. He was looking expectantly down at you as he knew you have the answer somewhere in your head, you just needed to trust your instinct. Averting your eyes back to the student helper, you let out a doubtful chuckle and answered, “Autumn… I think?”
“That’s correct!”
“Oh, nice,” you exclaimed under your breath, pumping your fist in front of your chest as a smile erupted on your face. “I might be good at this, actually.”
“We will see about that. The second question is–don’t look at him right now, does he have dimples when he smiles?”
Oh, you should know this! But somehow, the second the question was presented to you, your mind simply blanked out the same way it would during an important exam. Your jaw dropped and your eyes squinted, rolling to the side in temptation to just turn over and take a sneak peek at his face. From the top of your memory, you were leaning towards him having dimples, yet at the same time, it felt as if you couldn’t see it sometimes.
“Hold on, I know this.” You held up your hand, thinking carefully. “I should know this! You are always smiling for some stupid reason!”
“That’s because I like you, (Name),” Hyunjin said in a whining tone, twisting and turning his torso adorably as his lips quirked up into a grin you couldn’t look at.
“Oh god–shut up, Hyunjin,” you pleaded hopelessly, your eyes shut tight when you just could hear his smile from next to you, luring you to take a look at his face. “Wait, sometimes you do sometimes you don’t but–maybe they’re just wrinkles at the side of your face?”
“Wrinkles–(Name), I do not have wrinkles–“
“You will if you keep smiling,” you cut him off before quickly meeting eyes with the student helper, a hopeful smile lingering on your face. “I’m thinking… yes but it depends on how he smiles. When he smiles really big, I don’t see it, but when he purses his lips into a smile, I can.”
“Actually…” the helper looked up at Hyunjin despite having the answers right at her hands. He raised a brow at her and nodded in confirmation, so she hummed, “He says you’re right so I guess you got that one correct as well!”
Upon hearing that, your curiosity got the best of you and you cranked your neck up to look at him. You squinted your eyes and asked him to smile for the first time, and there it was, the soft indent on the side of his cheek, almost covered by the long hair that draped over his face. You flashed him a little frown.
“Why do you look so disappointed, (Name),” Hyunjin muttered, feigning a pained expression by furrowing his brows. “It hurts my feelings.”
“No, I’m not disappointed,” you shook your head, unconsciously squeezing his hand. “I was just thinking, I’m not disappointed.”
Because how could you ever be? Hyunjin has a smile crafted by the Gods. It was like the sun has specifically carved a space out of itself and handed it to him. Hyunjin smiles like he drank the sun and now his entire body drowns in its essence, the afterglow glimmering on top of his skin and his beautiful features because the sun is all that he can take and more. And whenever you see it, you felt both warmed and endeared, like the warm spot of your unmade bed on a Sunday morning.
“What is the last question?” You asked, looking away from him.
“Um… I’ll just give you this one, what is his favorite color?”
“Oh, easy, black and white,” you replied.
“No… I’m surprised you both got this one wrong.” The girl gave you a sympathetic smile as she shook her head. “I thought it would be obvious.”
You titled your head. You swore it was black and white, he told you it was black and white. “What do you mean?”
“It’s just…” she laughed, “You both wrote each others’ eye color as your favorite color.”
Tumblr media
How long have you two been holding hands by now, Hyunjin wondered. He wasn't counting, if he counted the time it moves faster for him somehow, and he would much rather enjoy having your soft skin against his just the way it felt instead of worrying about how much time he's got left or how long it has been.
You two did not speak after the dramatically big reveal of the answer to the question you both got wrong, both still basking in the information that you had each others' eyes as your favorite colors, and how the game took a much more romantic turn at the end
Even Hyunjin remained silent in thoughts because he hadn't expected you to put that as the answer, and he wondered if you meant it when you did. Gathering all his courage, he slowed down his pace even more than he already did to match up with your pace, and he had to tug at you lightly for you to stop in the middle of the hall when you continued to walk ahead of him.
You turned back, looking at him with questioning eyes. "What?" You asked, blinking at him.
He was looking at you in that unbearable way again. The sincere intensity of his eyes making you shudder, but as fervent as his gaze was, Hyunjin never fails to key in a tinge of softness in then. He looked at you like he was in love with you, in the most tender way possible but also with the most passionate burns of bright red fire that never ceases.
"Hyunjin...?" You did not dare take a step closer to him. You could crumble, you knew, under the weight of his gaze your heart would give away.
"I meant it, about my favorite color," he confessed, ignoring all the people walking around him and focusing only on you. "It is the color of your eyes."
You processed his words, feeling lightheaded. It was like you never knew what your eye color was until he told you he liked it, and you were just feeling the holy awakening of such revelation. You were going to head home tonight and smile at yourself in the mirror, not understanding why Hyunjin felt that way but feeling so euphoric that he did.
"Thank you." You nodded. "I meant it with yous too."
Hyunjin felt his breath caught in his throat and he had to regulate his breathing for him to intake any oxygen.
It felt stupid at first—the color of his eyes? Such a small, trivial thing. But it had always been the littlest things that got him so pumped up and made him stay up all night with faraway daydream lingered in his head.
And there is nothing wrong with that; there is nothing wrong with being lovesick, with feeling like he could soar through the sky from one bright smile you returned him, with exaggerating love.
Because no matter how much you dramatize it, love would somehow always be bigger than.
Hyunjin flashed you a smile, a smug one. ”I know."
You rolled your eyes and turned away, while he walked to catch up with you. A smile tugged at your lips at his reply, and despite having millions of retort options laying around in your head, you kept silent.
Tumblr media
Game II: The Obstacle Game
There was a table located in front of the classroom, with a student standing behind it with an exhausted expression forced out of her face by a smile. Behind her was a set of black mesh blanket messily taped to the top of the doorframe, blocking the outside light from entering the classroom. When she saw you and Hyunjin approaching, she seemed to breathe a sigh and reached over to the basket located in the middle of the desk, pulling out a long piece of fabric amongst the array of tangled ones.
“Seungmin sent you here, I suppose?” She said, the boredom in her voice leaking heavy. Moving her eyes away from you and up at Hyunjin, she raised her brow with interest before pointing her finger at him, her eyes averting back to you. “I didn’t know you two are a thing.”
Your bit your lower lip and widened your eyes, processing her words. A thing? As in a pair? A couple? Significant others? That was what she meant, right? Like people who are dating each other, people who reciprocate special feelings for each other, people who hug and kiss—oh god, you were thinking about his lips again, his kissable pink lips.
The possibility of touching it made your chest ache endlessly and you need to snap out of it.
“We’re not,” you laughed nervously, shaking your head, “He just happened to be there when I signed up to play the game.”
She gave you a low hum of acknowledgment as she fiddled with the fabric in her hands, her eyes grazing past Hyunjin for a moment to hope for some reaction. He gave her none, his eyes boring holes in her skull with the same amount of boredom she had been expressing to the middle-schoolers passing by today.
“You two should, though,” she mentioned after looking, a shrug hanging on her shoulders. She saw Hyunjin shift out of the corner of her eyes, possibly a head tilt of pleasant surprise.
“What–what do you mean–why?” You stuttered defensively, continuing to laugh nervously.
“Why not? You two spend so much time together,” she muttered, “I reckon you two spend time outside of school too, don’t you?”
“That we do,” Hyunjin chimed in, his voice a cheery kind that you wouldn’t have to look to know he was grinning.
“Yeah, and that makes us friends,” you sighed truthfully, but the wavering in your eyes did not go unnoticed.
“Really?” She deadpanned, dropping her hand on the desk. Pulling her eyes away from you, she pointedly looked at Hyunjin and back at you, then back at him again just to further access his defining facial features. She grimaced when Hyunjin flashed her a flattering smile and she spoke, “Look at him and tell me you genuinely want him to be just your friend.”
“I am not going to look at him.”
“Proves my point.” She shrugged. “He makes you weak.”
“He does not–okay, you know what, we are on a tight schedule here,” you said, holding up your taped hand and glaring at her for exposing all your darkest desires right in front of Hyunjin, “so if you can hurry up, we would like to move on, please.”
“Fine,” she said, “this is an obstacle game. It is as the name sounds, one of you will be going through certain obstacles, like climbing tables and leaping through cones on the floor, under the guidance of another. It is to test how much you trust each other, basically.”
“Which one of you are going to be blindfolded?” She asked as she held up the fabric in her hand and looked at you both. When none of you answered, she rolled her eyes in annoyance, “We’re not going to make it that easy for you. I already said one of you is gonna guide the other, so who is wearing the blindfold?”
You hummed under your breath, turning over to Hyunjin in hopes that he would volunteer. But he only shook his head, his tongue poking out of his lips slightly as he laughed to himself about the hilarity of the situation. When he met your eyes, he raised his brows at how expectant you looked, and for a moment he almost caved in.
A huff escaped your lips when he shook his head, and you grimaced into your words, “But I don’t like being blindfolded.”
“Aww, that’s a shame, (Name), because I don’t like being blindfolded either.” He leaned down to your shoulder, his breath fanning against your neck and causing the hair to spike up at the warm distance. Hyunjin chuckled against your ear, his voice feathery as a whisper when he teased, “I only put blindfolds on people.”
There was a buzzing sensation on where his words, and its suggestive connotation, hit the skin of your neck. You were utterly unprepared for the shivers that you almost flinched away from him with a squeal. And even though you wanted to shove him away with a light smack, all you could do after that was give in, with your breath hitched in your throat and your mind heaving for an escape out of this rabbit hole he has thrown you in.
“Fine, I’ll do it,” you said, trying to sound as casual as possible.
“Great. I will be blindfolding you because both of you only have one hand,” the student helper said, giving Hyunjin a pursed smile. “But you can do that at your own time if you’re into that.”
When she was finally done, all she did was direct you to the back where the classroom was before she went ahead to help with the next pair that had come along. Hyunjin carefully tugged at your hand and brought you along with him, moving past the mesh drapes and into the dimly lit classroom. He whistled slightly, impressed by the amount of effort placed into keeping the place as dark as possible just for the atmosphere.
There were three-station tags each pair was supposed to go through; very few but it seemed to be taking people more time than usual. A few students helpers stood at the corner to observe in case anyone tried to leave without going through each trial.
You moved slow, your steps stuttering in doubt that he would bump you into a wall. And, certainly, the lack of faith you placed in him was concerning, but he would consult you about that when this trial ends. For now, he thought it would be best to help you focus on getting through the obstacles instead of bombarding you with unnecessary bickers.
The first two trials of obstacles were an easy pass. Nothing too terrible with jumping through cones and hoops, nothing too hard with sticking paper parts of cartoon characters back to their original place after dodging walls of textbooks stacked up from the ground. Child’s play; Hyunjin didn’t even have to remotely scream instructions at you to breeze past those two trials.
It was the third one that got a little tricky. It took up the most space in the classroom as well, with chairs placed on top of tables and desks spaced out from each other like a mini bridge. You were supposed to walk through three separate desks and climb up a chair placed on top of one, all so you could grab heart-shaped styrofoam from the top of another chair stacked on another. Hyunjin frowned when he glanced at the unstable structure; how did your class get this approved by the teacher?
“You can climb the desk right?” Hyunjin asked after he guided you over to the start of the trial. He watched as you placed your palm flat against its surface, calculating its height even though you just sat on it yesterday. “It will be kind of hard for me to hoist you up.”
“I can do it!” You exclaimed quietly.
He watched you in amusement when you scanned your surrounding anyway before you put your joined hands and your free hand on the table. You pushed yourself up and placed your knee on top of the edge of the desk, feeling a  strong presence behind you when you slipped. Gasping, you instinctively glanced behind your shoulder with furrowed brows, “Is that you?”
“Yes,” Hyunjin replied calmly. “Go on. I’m just here so you don’t slip and fall back on the floor.”
You pushed yourself up freely this time, flinging yourself on top of the desk before you sighed at your success. Hyunjin faintly smiled, the endearment sparking in his eyes when he saw the smile you wore on your face. He reached out to fix your hair, his pinky finger brushing past your temple while you huffed out in accomplishment.
“There you go. Now just stand up and be careful when you walk, the desks are not placed together,” he said, helping you up with his free arm extended beside him in preparation to catch you if you were to trip and fall.
You muttered encouragements to yourself under your breath as you tested each surface with small taps of your feet, listening to Hyunjin when he told you whether you were needed to move forward a little bit more. Before you even knew it, you had started to put more trust in him as you went ahead of the trial blindly.
And you were so concentrated on the task at hand that you didn’t even have the mind to acknowledge the feeling of his hand around your ankle each time to carefully hop over to another desk, having angled himself in a way that his body would catch your fall instead.
“Okay, good job,” Hyunjin muttered when you were finally on the last desk. Sparing the chairs a glance, he frowned but didn’t say more than tell you about what was up ahead. “There is a chair in front of you, just get on top of it. Be careful.”
You let out a defeated whimper but your hand reached out to test the structure of the chair anyway. Stepping your leg up on top of the surface, you squealed when the chair rattled slightly under your weight, and you could hear Hyunjin curse as his hand shot out to grip your uniform shirt tightly, his eyes glaring at the inanimate object.
“Hold the chair, Hyunjin! Not me!” You exclaimed, putting your hand on top of his.
He scoffed, “I am trying to protect you, (Name), not the chair!”
“I won’t fall if you stabilize the chair!” You reasoned, slapping the back of his palm urgently.
Glaring upwards at you slightly, his gaze moving past your free hands that landed on top of one another, Hyunjin unwilling moved away and wrapped his fingers around the metal leg. He gave you a childish grumble as a signal for you to move, and he watched you like a hawk as you stepped onto the chair’s surface. With his arm raised to accommodate your current height, his neck cranked up to see your progress.
“There is another chair in front of you and there are some styrofoams on it. Just grab one and get down slowly,” he said.
You nodded, feeling the chair in front of you and furrowing your brows when your hand had to move upper than you expected. They must have stacked two chairs together then. Humming, you reached your hand up, stretching it as far as you could to feel the surface before patting it a few times to feel the open space.
Hyunjin watched you carefully, moving his head so he could see better. Your finger was almost touching the styrofoam rolled to the back corner, and after contenting to stretch forward but to no avail, you did the unpredictable act of hopping on the chair so you could have a wide range of range. You grabbed the styrofoam in your hand, but your feet lost its balance immediately after you landed back on the chair.
“Fuck–“ Hyunjin panicked when you started falling towards him.
He let go of the chair instinctively, his hand reaching up to catch you. His legs stumbled backward when your body crashed onto him and he fell back onto the floor with a painful groan, his eyes squeezing shut at the feeling of his hip-bone crushing between your weight and the floor. His shoulder blades burned with a sour sensation, his senses replaying the jabbing of his bones against the ground even after he settled on the ground.
Oh, that sure hurt like a bitch.
The gasps surrounding you pulled you out of your blanked out mind. You were too scared to react when you started falling, but you had a feeling Hyunjin had shielded you from the impact when all your head felt was the softness of his torso when you dropped to the ground. Dropping the heart-shaped styrofoam in your hand, you scrambled up from his body, flinching when you heard him groan in pain at your sudden action.
He opened his eyes and sat up from the ground, his elbow propped up behind him to support his torso. For a second, he glared at you, wanting nothing more than to scold you for even thinking about jumping on that unstable chair. But his mouth sealed itself shut when he felt your hand on his abdomen, feeling him up in an attempt to access what position he laid in. Your hand patted up his chest, his shoulders before finally, you scooted yourself forward on his thighs with one hand pressed against his cheek.
You touches had shut him up completely, and on a subtle level, flipped a switch inside of him that wasn’t meant to be touched by you yet. It was reserved for you, surely, but he didn’t think now would be the time. His eyes softened at the concerned frown and the warm heat of your palm, his heart thrashing about when you leaned close to him for the first time.
“Oh god, Hyunjin, I am so sorry! I shouldn’t have jumped!” You babbled, “Are you okay?”
He couldn’t see your eyes, but he could imagine them to be filled with his reflection. If he could untie your blindfold just to see that glory, he would, but he wasn’t sure if he was ready to have you see him show this kind of vulnerability yet.
For the longest time, he had masked his affection with mischief and playfulness. His eyes were always bright when you looked at him, he made sure of that. He wanted you to know he enjoyed your presence, he wanted you to know that he loved you majestically, with brightness and charm.
He wasn’t ready for you to see him love you in any other way yet. Like at night when he would think about you, and he realized he could love you quietly; where his whole body turns soft as if he has no bones to break and the rare sentiment behind his eyes float like the petals on calm rivers. It was drastically different from the morning suns he showed you.
When Hyunjin loves you in the morning, he is electrically energizing. He makes you laugh and he makes you roll your eyes. When he loves you at night, he is free and vulnerable but he can never hurt, not by you. And hopefully, when the day comes that you finally get to see him in such naked glory, he can make you love as well.
“I’m fine, don’t worry,” he replied. “Are you?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, smiling in relief, “thank you for catching me.”
Hyunjin kept his gaze on your lips longingly. He nodded, “Always.”
Tumblr media
You kept glancing at him. He could see the worry thrashed between each flicker of your eyes, staring and observing him just in case you catch him flinching when the wind accidentally hits him too hard. He almost wanted to prank you for it, just imagining how panicked you would be if he acted dramatically about the bruise that probably formed on his hip bone and possibly his back too.
He probably would have if he wasn’t so dazed from the previous trial.
“Stop looking at me like that, I said I’m fine,” Hyunjin mumbled with his head facing forward and his free hand shoved in his pocket.
“I’m just worried,” your voice trailed off as you looked away, abiding by his wish to stop subtly checking up on him.
“I know.” His heart softened and his voice was softer. “Thank you for worrying about me, but it’s just a small fall. You might be heavy but I am much stronger than you think.”
You smiled, your lips pursing and your eyes rolling to the side with a glare. He just had to go ahead and ruin the light-hearted moment. Shoving him with your shoulder, your strength not strong enough to push him away because, well, your hands were still taped together, you reached over to smack his arm with your free hand. “Should have smashed your bones when I had the chance.”
“Ouch, that’s harsh,” he giggled, shaking his head in disbelief.
When his laughter finally quieted down, he smacked his lips together with a head tilt, recalling the scene where you sat on top of him on the floor just then, his eyes ablaze and his mind afloat. His heart clenched again remembering the way your hand touched his jaw and the sound of urgency dripped from your lips, for him.
“You were worried when you dropped on top of me, you know,” he mentioned, turning to you. “It surprises me more and more just how much you really care about me.”
You gagged in annoyance, wanting nothing more than to blow him off. Why did he have to say it out loud? He could have just kept that to himself and allow himself to feel the bliss in silence. If you agree with him, it would give him the satisfaction that he was right, which yes! He was right! But your stubbornness would hate it for him to get that right and for him to show that smug grin of his.
“No, I only acted that way because I was the one who dropped on you.” You pointed at yourself to put emphasis. “If you fell on your own or if somebody else dropped on you, I would have laughed before asking if you are okay.”
“Oh? So you would still ask me if I’m fine,” Hyunjin sang pleasantly.
“Of course! I’m not heartless or anything,” you mumbled truthfully. “And you’re my friend. I’m not gonna leave you to die or anything.”
His bubbly mood vanished in an instant. Uncertain to why he suddenly felt such a strong hatred towards the label, he averted his sharpened gaze towards some poor middle-schoolers walking past the hallway. The word ‘friend’ has never earned any strong reaction out of him, it was just a label, he didn’t care much about that. So why now?
Was it because you ditched him to have a fun time with perfect Jisung? Was it because you humored Seungmin the possibility of you falling in love with him over a stupid ribbon clip? Was it because you tried to solidify him as just a good friend twice within twenty minutes?
He was attacked relentlessly by you, and it was not the usual insult battles. You poked him right between the veins of his heart by verbally—and playfully—reinforcing his worst fate: the thought of you being with another, loving another, while he sits and watches. They were all friendly jokes to you, but your friendly jokes were his nightmare.
And unfortunately, those kinds of nightmares are often left unbeknownst to the person causing them.
“That’s good to hear.” He mumbled half-heartedly, and you could hear it in his voice that he was upset, you just didn’t know why.
It was your turn to stop in the hallway, pulling at your joined hand to keep him from walking farther away from you. When Hyunjin turned around to look at you with faint confusion in his eyes, you were taken back by how different he appeared. The monotonous expression on his face was unsettling to you, but instead of being able to see right through that he was upset about all that he felt for you, you simply assumed he was annoyed from what happened.
“I did hurt you pretty badly, huh?” You whispered to yourself, glancing down at the floor before looking back up at him. Your eyes brightened with a captivating force, a courageous glimmer Hyunjin has never seen before; it made him breathless for a moment, unable to conjure thoughts of his own as you fill yourself in his head easily.
“Let’s get something to eat. I heard someone bought a cotton candy machine to school today,” you said, curling your fist. “My treat, for falling on you.”
Hyunjin frowned, “I told you I’m okay–“
“No, I’m not okay with it. I have to treat you something!” you urged, taking a step forward to get closer to him. “It’s not a date, but have lunch with me.”
It was hilarious to think that you really believe if you had crushed his hip bone, buying him lunch and asking him first would be able to compensate for the painful damage. But it was even more hilarious to know that Hyunjin would forgive you with that, as if he hadn’t already forgiven you for it.
Tumblr media
"Here," Hyunjin said as he carefully took a spoonful of rice and a piece of chicken, moving it to your mouth slowly.
You had long gotten over the fact that you forgot you were the one who got the dominant hand taped to Hyunjin, resulting in the need for him to feed you the food you bought. You did resist the urge to eat, all just to make sure you would be caught having him feed you food. But you've merely had a piece of bread with a minimal amount of strawberry jam this morning, and your stomach went against your will to growl in front of his face as he munched on the orange chicken combo.
"You know–this is better than I thought it would be," you twirled the straw in your hand, the ice in the foam cup clattering against each other. After taking a sip, you eyed Hyunjin and asked, "Are you sure you don't want to try it? I know it's homemade but it's not like it's poisoned."
"How do you know it isn't?" Hyunjin asked.
You rolled your eyes, "I don't think our school has any potential homicidal maniac."
He huffed, messing around the food with the plastic spoon before he spooned one up and took a bite for himself. You sniffed the air a little, taking in a prolonged breath before glancing at him again, prepared to ask the same question of whether he would like to try the homemade slushie because you were about to finish the whole cup.
"Alright, fine, I'll try it," he dropped the spoon and grabbed the cup. He, thoughtlessly, took a sip from the straw before he hummed, pleasantly satisfied by the fresh mango taste. When he finally looked up at you, your eyes flashed victoriously at him.
He rolled his eyes and pushed the cup back to you, muttering a very faint compliment with his head down. And then it was the obnoxious sound of sucking on straws that caught his attention. He perked up with furrowed brows, looking at you as you scanned your surroundings with your lips perched around the straw.
The space where his lips were just on, mind him.
Oh god, how did he not realize this—you two have been drinking from the same straw and eating from the same spoon for the entirety of this lunch! How did you not realize it? You were normally so attentive, you notice the little things; like if he so much as avert his eyes a little during the practice tests you make him do in the library or if he got a tiny band-aid around his thumb.
Maybe you did notice but didn’t say anything about it? Hyunjin rolled his eyes. Why did that thought make him want to smile? It is such a childish situation feel hearty for! It is just one of those indirect kiss situation. Hyunjin would much prefer to have a direct kiss if anything!
He dropped his head again, his hair falling prettily over his face, covering the faint smile that had made its way up. Tilting your head to the side curiously, you tried to meet eyes with him anyway as you pulled the drink away from your mouth and called for his attention. Your brows furrowed in confusion when he glanced slightly at you, taken back by his suggestive smirk.
“What?” You asked.
“We have been using the same utensils this whole time,” he pointed out, gesturing towards the plastic cup with the spoon.
It took you a moment. You had to glance back and forth between the straw and the open-air surrounding you, your head filled and processing with thoughts even though the subject matter was an easy one: you two—indirectly—swapped spit, to put it grossly. When it finally hit you, your jaw hung open in shocked realization and your hand gripped the plastic cup tighter because of it.
“Okay,” you shrugged, putting the cup down and returning your hand to your lap you clutched a hold of your uniform, “what about it?”
Hyunjin hummed inwardly, an intrigued hum. He sat up straighter and leaned his temple against the back of his fingers after he propped his elbow up on the lunch table. The tip of his tongue poked against his inner-cheek, showing itself briefly when his mouth widened to release a low chuckle. It was just like always; your mouth was saying one thing but your body was reacting a different way.
“I don’t know,” he shrugged, mocking a pout, “you are the one blushing, not me.”
You glared to the side, your hand instinctively flying up to check the heat of your cheek. It felt normal, and you figured Hyunjin was probably just messing with you. But the fact that you went ahead to check for yourself had just given him more windows to make fun of you, seeing that he was trying so hard to hide the grin against the back of his hand as he looked at you with a somewhat affectionate gaze.
“Yeah–okay, so we drank from the same straw. Big deal, Hyunjin.” You rolled your eyes, moving forward to give his shoulder a hard shove. “Friends do that. It’s whatever.”
Your third time trying to trap him with a label and you did it, again, with the most dubious voice you could ever muster. You couldn’t even sound confident in yourself about just being friends with him, how was Hyunjin supposed to be convinced by you? Not to mention he never wanted to be convinced of that idea.
The look he gave you a second after your voice dropped was unreadable. His smile was gone and his expression bounced back to one of neutrality. It was when he suddenly scooted closer to you, closing the distance you had carefully placed between you both on the bench, his free hand palming over your balled-up fist. You could only stay stoic in place when he leaned closer to your face, his eyes sharp as a cat looking through your every thought.
“Please, (Name),” he whispered boldly. “You and I both know we are not that kind of friends.”
He was so close, almost too close. Your wide eyes shook desperately to find a space to place themselves, anywhere but at him, yet it kept being pulled back to his face where your heart laid down its many desires. Your mind scrambled to find something to say; a retort, preferably something snarky to save the last drip of dignity your heart was ready to give away.
“You know what I mean,” he said, arching a brow, “don’t you?”
It felt like he was getting closer because you could feel the prickling of his hair against your cheek. And you couldn’t move, you didn’t quite want to move at this point. The worst thing he could do was kiss you in front of everyone, and by your standard that could never be the worst thing Hyunjin could do to you. If anything, it would be the best thing; it helps spring forth your night fantasies.
The only worst thing he could do is kiss you and not mean it, and some broken parts of you were very afraid that the scenario would take up most of the possibility.
“Ew! They are gonna kiss each other, gross!”
Hyunjin closed his eyes. One could tell easily from the clenching of his jaw that he was beyond annoyed, but who could blame him? It felt like the perfect moment just then, it was like you were waiting for him to make a move first and he was so determined and so excited to do something about your willingness to stay on the spot for him. He has waited ages for that!
To have the right moment be ruined by some stranger’s immature, young sibling was absolutely aggravating.
You cleared your throat as you pushed him away by the shoulder, turning to your side to smile at the little kid who was shamelessly pointing his index finger at you both. You were not sure if you wanted to thank the child or be disappointed that nothing came out of that gut-wrenching moment. You had powered through it for nothing, your heart jumped so strongly for a kid to ruin it all.
“Fucking brat,” Hyunjin muttered under his breath as he threw the five-year-old a glare, causing the little boy to stick his tongue out before he ran away laughing just in case Hyunjin suddenly decided to jump him for being disrespectful.
“Were you really planning on fighting the kid?” You asked when you saw him relax against the edge of the table. And you laughed when he nodded with his eyes closed, his face perched skywards to feel the blueness. “Honestly, I feel like you would have done the same thing.”
Hyunjin opened his eyes, squinting it because of how bright the sky was. “Hate to break it to you,” he mumbled. “But I think I have always been good at judging if a situation is important enough for me to not ruin it.”
You wanted to ask what he meant. If he genuinely thought what happened was important and why he thought so. But you only fiddled with the hem of your shirt, staying in silence for a minute before you stood up and urged him to head back into the game with you.
Tumblr media
Game III: The Routine Game
Felix beckoned you over to him when he saw you making your way through the front door. You did so with a smile, glad to see a friendly face around when you were stuck overthinking about everything that happened during lunch.
"Lixie! I didn't know you are coming to school today!" You exclaimed when you dragged Hyunjin over to him, one arm wide open in preparation for a hug.
"Jisung asked me for help at the last minute so I came. " He giggled, opening his arms for you as well. "I have never helped out with school fairs so I wanted to try it out, with this being my last year and all!"
Hyunjin scoffed when you reached over to give Felix a tight hug, pressing your cheek against his for a quick moment before you pulled away. If you had stayed a second too long, he would have pulled you backward using your joint hands, pretending like he made a mistake and forgot your hands were taped together or something.
God, how many adorable boys were you friends with, exactly? Too many for his romantic journey to be an easy fight. Just when he thought the list stopped at Seungmin and Jisung, another one popped up.
This one has a very nice smile too, and a voice that sounds like old wine made out of red liquified velvet. Attractive and a very nice voice, also seems extremely nice. How bloody fantastic. Hyunjin rolled his eyes and turned back to observe Felix, he hummed.
Well, at least he wasn't that tall.
Felix looked behind you at Hyunjin when you pulled away. His eyes brightened innocently as they traveled down to your taped hands, and then his mouth opened in cheery surprise as he pointed his finger back and forth between you two.
"Ah, so you two are dating each other! I kind of figured but I never got around to asking," he waved his hand dismissively, his voice scrunching up funnily.
You drew in a light breath. What the hell was up with people assuming you and Hyunjin are together? Was it only because of the taped hands? Because that would be a stupid thing to base the assumption off on. It should be because you two felt like a couple, right? You knew you would much rather have that be the reason.
"We aren't... we aren't actually dating," you denied, giving Felix a laugh. "He just happened to be around when we signed up for the game."
"Oh?" Felix tilted his head to the side. You almost had you convinced, but just one simple look at Hyunjin was enough to break the bubble of trust. And when he turned back to you, he was able to notice facial movements he didn't think too much about before.
He lowly hummed, suddenly acknowledging the tension floating between you both—the tension that steamed from the line of love and lust, both very permanent and flaming. It was almost overwhelming to just look at you both and know so much more than you two boneheads do about each other.
"That's fine. It's not like that's required or anything." Felix shrugged. "Let me explain the game to you so you two can be done with it then, it must be awkward to hold hands for so long."
You didn't speak, you just smiled at Felix as he walked behind the table where several skincare products were placed. Come to think of it, the hand-holding stopped bothering you so much after the first game. You could still feel his hand, having yet to turn into a sweaty mess, but you were doing it naturally now unlike the first moment he slipped his fingers through yours.
You have grown to feel calm with his presence; the honeymoon phase where you would jump out of your skin at the smallest contact with Hyunjin just passed without a word. Everything was just meant to be now—calm and made for each other.
The only heart-racing trigger you have would be the idea of having to separate from him at the end of this and feel how empty your hand would be without his own to cling onto.
"This game is easy. All you have to do is apply all these skincare products here on the other,” Felix explained. "Just like a night-time routine! And don't worry, they're just lotions and toners so they probably won't ruin your skin too much."
You grimaced at his threatening wordings, but you laughed after Felix left you both to carry out the game. You looked over at Hyunjin, "You can afford some breaking to your skin quality."
He laughed, "You, on the other hand."
You gave him a defeated sigh, not bothering to say anything in return. "Yeah, I know." You resisted the urge to press your palm to your cheek. "Makes my whole face all jacked up."
"I didn't mean it like that," he frowned, squeezing your hand for the first time since the second trial game.
"Yeah, I know that too." You softly replied, looking at the bottles of cream and lotion.
It took a while for you both to even twist the lids open. The couple that tinkered around with this set previously must have tried really hard to make it difficult for the next one. When you were finished with opening them all, you two finally got around to deciding that you would be applying everything on his face because for one, you did the last trial, and two, his flawless skin could afford some damage if there would be any.
"Hyunjin–" you sighed a little as you stared at him, then you asked while sitting straighter, your torso leaning forward as your hand moved over to his hair in an attempt to see if you could gather them all. “Have you tried tying your hair up?”
"What?" He questioned, grabbing your hand and moving it away from his hair.
"It would be easier if you can tie your hair up, it's like... in the way of your face right now," you complained. "And I am trying to put lotion on your face."
"Do you have a hair tie?" He asked then. "I can try doing that if you do."
You cursed under your breath, your empty wrists the perfect answer to his question. “Ah, whatever,” you dismissed the problem with a quick flick of your wrist. Turning to the opened bottles at hand, you smeared a small portion of white cream on your finger before turning back to him. You grimaced, carefully tapping his chin with your finger, “Move your chin up a little.”
He did as you told him to, his hair falling back against his ears when he did to reveal more of his face. You smeared the lotion on the tip of his nose first, then you proceeded to graze more on his cheeks, his chin, and his forehead before getting to smooth the cream out all over his face.
You tapped his face with feathery lightness, making sure nothing sneaks into his eyes or stains his hair messy.
For once your chest lacked the fluttery feeling even when you were so close to his face. You were so concentrated on your task; you muttered things under your breath, voicing the tiny movements of your hand, shooing his hair away when it kept falling over his face and forcing you to tuck it behind his ear. You did not register the longing present in Hyunjin’s eyes as he openly stared at you.
It was surprising at first, like he didn’t expect for such mere skin contact to create such an electrifying feeling, but with each swipe of your finger was a loving swirl of his heart and you led him to relax into himself soon enough.
“Okay, just one more and we’ll be done,” you said as you reached your finger into the jar and smeared the soft, artificially scented cream on top.
You carefully swiped your finger across his cheek, leaving a trail of whiteness on his baby soft skin. With your fingers spaced widely, you dabbed his skin with your index finger, precise and careful. And when your wrist got tired, you changed position to cup his jaw in your palm so you could finish the job with your thumb. Your movements were skilled, almost as if you were used to applying cream on Hyunjin.
His eyes have not once left you. But when you cupped his jaw this time, he found himself leaning his cheek against it. You paused, finally noticing him and the fondness displayed in the crinkle of his eyes and the curve of his smile. Hyunjin leaned on you like a child would cling to a trusted one, and he smiled at you as lovers would to each other.
A whispered laughter left your chest. You thought you were going to kiss him.
“Stop looking at me like that,” you mumbled, looking elsewhere as your thumb went back to working on his face.
He hummed out a giggle, “Like what?”
Like you are in love with me. You opened your mouth for a smile and didn’t speak.
A quick minute passed with you dodging his eyes and him following trails of your face. When you waved Felix back over, he handed you a quick nod of approval at how shiny Hyunjin’s face looked. At least he knew you did as the game asked you to. Before he could mark down a check on your joined hands, he looked between you both and asked.
“Did you two do the last thing?”
“What thing?” You tilted your head to the side, looking behind to check the products given to you on the table.
“Oh, right–I keep forgetting. It’s a surprise task at the end.” Felix snapped his fingers. “Since this is supposed to mimic a night routine, the surprise task is for the pairs to kiss each other to seal the night.” He dramatically said, staring off into a faraway distance.
The easy smile he gave you helped nothing to soothe your nervousness. He must be joking. It wasn’t like every pair who signed up to play this game were really couples anyway. Wiping your hand on your thigh, you awkwardly laughed, ‘Wha–what?”
Felix nodded, “A kiss.”
“Like, really? Like a legitimate one?”
“Yeah, what else?”
“But why? Do we have to do that?” You frowned, looking at Hyunjin who only occasionally glanced at you as he, too, kept his attention on Felix. “That’s weird, I don’t want to do that with him.”
“I mean…“ he waved his hand, paused at the rising tension fuelling between you two.
It was an abrupt request, Felix knew because he made it up on the spot, and even he thought maybe the joke would not be taken as amusing. He anticipated the shock from both of you, but so far he was only gaining a reaction out of you. You talked nervously, but you made it sound like you absolutely despised the idea of kissing Hyunjin. And that, that made Hyunjin… well, Felix couldn’t tell.
Hyunjin had an unreadable expression, which was how Felix saw him most of the time. Weary eyes and heavy shoulders—intimidating but not hopelessly scary. Felix always knew Hyunjin was soft, or at least he would be to a selective group of people; while he had no idea what goes on outside of the school, he knew that in school, the people who could break him out of that stoic facade were pretty girls, and then you.
And he could see it in Hyunjin’s eyes that he had always been much more sincere with you than everybody else.
Felix couldn’t see it on Hyunjin’s face at the moment, but he reckoned he wouldn’t be feeling too nice about your reaction. And you? He was more than confused at your defensive reaction. He was thinking it would lean more towards a shy, flustered, more entertaining response than a flat-out refusal.
“It’s just… it’s just–“ he was quickly cut off.
“They don’t want to do it, Felix,” Hyunjin mumbled.
“Yeah! I was just joking, it’s just a joke,” Felix said quickly, finding it increasingly harder to laugh the matter off.
You didn’t dare to turn to Hyunjin, scared that he might be looking at you with those guilt-inducing butterscotch eyes. “It’s not… it’s not a funny joke,” you muttered to yourself.
Felix signed you two off, trying to make light conversation with you. Hyunjin said nothing.
Tumblr media
Seungmin watched as you and Hyunjin broke away from each other in silence, but it was not before your fingers lingered together for another moment longer.
"Thanks for the help," you said, twisting your wrist and folding your hands together to compensate for the chilling cold that hit your skin.
"No big deal. I am supposed to take the tape away," Seungmin replied with a shrug, retracting the cutter and throwing it back into the stationary box. "You can take the tape if you want to exchange the prize. It's probably just shitty things like pencils and notebooks though."
You smiled faintly with a nod, "Yeah. I don't think the school is gonna invest in anything more than that at a school fair."
When you turned around to ask for Hyunjin's opinion, you found that he was no longer standing next to you. Your shoulders slumped, it was his turn to abandon you somewhere this time, and like he said—you did not feel too happy about the wordless departure.
Taking notice of your tensed body, Seungmin raised his brows and gave your shoulder a light tap to catch your attention. When you whipped around to face him, he was taken back by your teary eyes.
"Did Hyunjin do something?" He asked suspiciously, finding it hard to believe the blond-haired boy would ever do anything to hurt your feelings.
You squeezed your hands together and shook your head, "No. I think I did something. I–I think he is mad at me."
He blinked. "Okay? You don't have to cry over it, do you? It's not like he has never been mad at you before."
"No, it's just–" you pursed your lips together.
Hyunjin has been mad at you before, rare but it has happened. He has a very high tolerance, he wouldn't speak of it even if you unreasonably take your frustration out on him. He would just make you treat him to snacks and drinks, and that would be the end of it. Not once has he ever given you the silent treatment he just did.
"I said something I didn’t mean and then he's upset about it," you said.
"What did you say?" Seungmin asked, leaning back against the desk and crossing his arms, ready to go full-on counselor mood for you.
You told him everything, about Felix's jokes and about how you reacted to it and about Hyunjin being visibly annoyed in the aftermath. Seungmin was frowning by the time you finished, less sympathetic, and more frustrated with the situation.
For one, Hyunjin didn't have to be so riled up over a stupid comment like that. You said it was weird to kiss him and you acted as you would hate it. That was it. He understood that Hyunjin could be upset that it sounded like a rejection, but he should have taken it as that—a rejection. There shouldn't be any hatred involved.
And then you. He just wanted to grab your shoulders and shake the feelings out of your sealed vault. How did you manage to do all that? How did you manage to lie to yourself so deeply that you could say things that go so much against your heart?
"I just want to make this clear, so I'm not giving you the wrong kind of advice," he said, pushing himself off the desk. "You like Hyunjin, correct?"
You gulped. Seungmin has very compelling eyes. "Yes."
"Do you know he likes you back?" He asked.
"I don't know," you shook your head.
"Good, now you do," he informed with a clap of his hands. "Hate to have it come from me but that dry-hay-for-hair boy likes you back."
You sighed, waving your hand at him, "No. I know–I don't know. Like... I don't know if he means it."
"Why wouldn't he mean it?" Seungmin questioned.
"Not with me, I don't think so," you fiddled with your fingers. "Why would he?"
"Don't ask me that, ask him. He is the only one who knows why he likes you," Seungmin said.
You glanced at the floor timidly, and Seungmin knew immediately that you were assuming the worst. What if Hyunjin couldn't say anything? What if there was nothing loveable about you?
Softening, he nudged your leg with his feet, making you look up at him with furrowed brows. His eyes skipped to the side where the classroom windows were and he pursed his lips at the sight he saw.
"You know, Hyunjin... he… I have never seen him cling so much to someone before. I don't know him that well but ever since middle school, I have never seen him hang out with just one specific person or one specific friend group." Seungmin tilted his head to the side. "Not gonna lie, I was kind of glad he got you as a friend. It was getting a little annoying to see him alone all the time."
"Hyunjin doesn't lack options, (Name). With that face, plenty of people flock to him any chance they get," he gestured towards the window, asking you to look.
Hyunjin has not gone too far. He was just outside, and a part of you hoped that he had just been waiting for you this whole time. His smile was so pretty as he smiled down at a small group of girls, possibly from another school judging by their casual clothes. You could practically hear his giggles from where you stood, laughing, and joking about with the strangers.
God, he gets along with people so easily. It should have hit you much sooner that Hyunjin could always drop you for someone better because there will be someone better awaiting his company and his affection.
"Not saying you are bad, (Name), but Hyunjin can always choose someone else," Seungmin said. "He just picks you, all the time, so why not give it a chance. What's the worst that can happen?"
"I get rejected and I have to face humiliation for the rest of my high school life because I can't exactly drop the tutoring job?" You mumbled.
"You worry too much." He rolled his eyes. "I figured I would be pretty upset too if someone I like thinks it'd be weird to kiss me. Wouldn't you?"
You grimaced. He has a point.
"Thank you," you said gratefully then, leaning in to give Seungmin a hug he didn't feel like returning.
You pulled away and took a deep breath before making your way out of the classroom. Your heart beat anxiously as you turned to face Hyunjin's back, then you called out his name. From inside the classroom, Seungmin watched with attentive eyes. His brows furrowed when Hyunjin didn't budge from his spot.
"Hyunjin, hello?" You called again, making sure you were loud enough for him to hear you over his own chatter.
The girls standing before him paused to look behind him, their eyes landing you awkwardly before they pointed your way, indicating to him that you had been standing there asking for him. Hyunjin paused in the middle of his sentence, wanting to turn around but the stubborn, bitter part of him told him to ignore you.
"Hyunjin–look, I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't mean it," you said, your skin pricking when you saw the girls looking back and forth at you and him; you assumed he had started talking again, neglecting your words.
"Hey, I think that person is looking for you." One of them cut him off, glancing worriedly at you.
"They're no one important. It's fine.” His voice was light but his words were deafeningly loud.
Your brows raised in surprise. Your chest couldn't register the pain yet but you needed to feel something, so it slapped you with the closest emotion it could find. After the surprise was confusion, a dilemma you needed to choose. Did he say that because he was fuelled by anger or did your worst nightmare happened and he really just dropped you for people much better?
And suddenly you started to laugh out of fear, the fear of embarrassing yourself in front of all these people roaming the hall happily. Your mind was starting to twist and it was starting to process his words. They burst through your eardrums and circled your heart like thorny vines, torturing it until it explodes.
You needed to hide it, the tears threatening to fall as your heart finally took the damage of Hyunjin's words. You needed to mask it quickly before they fall. So you laugh, and you looked over to Seungmin who kept glancing between you and Hyunjin.
"You were wrong," you mouthed to him, shaking your head. And when he planned to walk towards you, you held up a hand to stop him.
If he came out to comfort you, you knew you would burst into sobs, and you would rather not do that.
You gave him a curt nod and turned around, quickly making your way to the stairway so you could get out of the school, or just anywhere you could let yourself out freely.
Someplace where laughing it off isn't required. Strangely, that place used to be wherever Hyunjin is.
Tumblr media
Your vision was getting increasingly blurry, causing the little number dots in your locker's lock to fade into incoherent symbols.
After taking a breather in the restroom, hoping to God nobody walks in as you cried your heart out by the sink, you washed your face and decided it would be best for you to head home. At least then, you could curl yourself up in a ball on your bed and perhaps your mom could cook you some warm, comfort meal.
You turned the dial multiple times, keying in the combination again and again but to no avail. Frustration was starting to get the best of you the more your lock wouldn't open, at some point you didn't even try to turn the lock, you just forcefully pulled at the metal piece hoping that your anger could be channeled into strength.
You felt both annoyed and useless, but mostly you were heartbroken at what Hyunjin said. He didn't have to go as far as to say you were unimportant, did he? That was him throwing months of friendship away, and that was him stomping on your affection that has been months in the making, at this point going stronger than ever.
"Seven... fourteen... ten... fuck!" You exclaimed under your breath, rubbing your eyes to cast away the tears and to clear your sight before you tried again. Your hasty hands were all over the place, moving a little too far and a little too much, causing rounds of incorrect slightly wrong combinations.
In the midst of your temper tantrum, a pair of gentle hands reached from above and took over. You looked over to find Hyunjin standing behind you, his backpack slung over one shoulder. Your eyes grew weary, and for some reason, you couldn't bring yourself to be mad at him at all.
"There," he muttered after successfully unlocking the lock on the first try.
You looked back at the locker then, reluctantly opening your locker and taking your bag. During the entirety of you swinging your bag over shoulders and sealing your locker shut again, he stood behind you closely and you didn't dare spare him a glance nor a word.
Your fingers lingered on the lock dial, contemplating what you wanted to do. Should you ask if he meant what he said? Was he here to mend or to break your heart even further? Did you want to find out? You were more scared about the worst than you were hopeful about the best, so you probably didn't want to find out.
You didn't want to find out. It would be best but you would rather he makes his point by just not talking to you ever again. With that in mind, you heaved a sigh at your locker, the shudder in your voice forcing a few stalled tears to fall. You rubbed them away and turned to leave.
"How about a thank you?" Hyunjin called after you, slowly approaching you when you paused.
Abruptly turning around, you shrugged and looked at him with your red, puffy eyes. He gulped, finding it impossible to keep his expression neutral at the realization that he caused this.
"Thanks," you muttered and turned around to leave him again, but a hand held onto your school bag and stopped you from walking any further. You turned around when he let go, a saddened frown on your face, "What?"
"I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't mean it," he said after staying quiet for a while, gathering his thoughts, perhaps.
"Yeah, well, I didn't know that," you laughed bitterly, rolling your eyes. "I–I don't even know if you mean what you just said.”
Hyunjin pursed his lips. His eyes widened as he seemed to have found something, something important about you. Your insecurity was something he never let his assumption trespass, something he now thought could have a strong relation to why you kept denying your feelings for him despite making your actions so obvious. It was because you didn’t think it’d be possible for him to love you.
He didn’t understand why you thought that way, but he understood that you possibly could so he wouldn’t ask you to explain everything to him explicitly until you were ready to tell him about it, on your own terms. But for now, there was something he desperately needed to do, something important.
Your torso leaned back when Hyunjin bent to your eye-level, his face a daring inch apart from yours. You worried if anyone would come by and catch you both stuck in such a position, but thankfully another class decided to perform, causing most people to flock to the school’s front yard instead of the student lockers’ floor.
“I will show you how much I meant what I said if you will let me,” he whispered, the intensity in his eyes once again making your knees weak.
He was too close. Your heart beelined up your throat and got itself stuck at the tip of your tongue, surrendering with a shaky breath. Not knowing what else you could say, thoughts forming in disarray, you resorted to letting your heart take full control of what you do. Your hands flew up to the side of his face and you kissed him first, closing your eyes tight in anticipation of the fireworks while you neglected the anxiety forming in your abdomen.
You pulled away for a brief second, your eyes groggily opening to get a glimpse of Hyunjin as the smacking sound of your impulsive kiss echoed in your ear. A smirk was all you caught before you closed your eyes again to welcome him forward.
And then Hyunjin was kissing you back; intensely, urgently, so hard that you felt your back hit against the locker because he couldn’t get close enough, so fervently your lips could feel each graze of his teeth. He placed his hand over your palm and the other slipped behind your head, pushing you to him as he drowned in the way everything was so tender about you—him clutching your hand, the smoothness of your hair, your swollen lips, and even the bridge of your nose.
The only thing rough about this was the kiss, and honestly, you two would not have it any other way.
The surface of your lips met when he pulled away, just close enough they brush past each other and lingered. You looked into his eyes, and suddenly you didn’t feel so scared anymore. Raising a brow playfully as a smile graced your lips, you asked, “A kiss is how you plan to show me you meant what you said?”
“Yeah,” he whispered, breathing air into your opened mouth as he stroked your cheek with his thumb. “Is it working?”
You giggled with a nod, leaning in to peck his lips once more. “I didn’t mean what I said either,” you muttered. “About it being weird if I have to kiss you and about me not wanting to do it.”
Hyunjin jutted his bottom lip out, a feign suspicious expression dawning on his face. His eyes crinkled adorably as he tilted his head, then his eyes traveled back to you from the ceiling, “Yeah, you’re gonna have to show me you really meant that.”
“Yeah, yeah,” you said, rolling your eyes, “we aren’t going to do that here though. We got lucky that no one walked through here just then.”
He moved away then, giving you space to compose yourself after he so eagerly shoved you towards the lockers. You smoothed out your uniform before looking up at him, finding him smiling down at you fondly. A tiny shiver ran down your spine then; you wanted this for so long but learning to admit that Hyunjin returned your feelings might take some convincing on your own part.
“Now that our relationship has changed drastically, we have a lot of important things to discuss,” Hyunjin mused as he approached you, casually slipping his into yours and lacing your fingers together. He glanced up at the ceiling with a hum before lower his head, giving you a cheeky grin. “You know, like blindfolds and stuff.”
You punched his arm, finding the chuckle he let out in response both infuriating and endearing. Just the way you knew him—insufferable but loveable, nonetheless, especially by you. “If that’s the case, then I think I should start first,” you pointed up at his head, “You and your hair.”
He frowned, fiddling it with his finger and twirling a strand carefully, “What about my hair?”
“It looks like hay,” you commented.
It doesn’t. It is a shade of brownish-blond, falling gorgeously over the sides of his face and shaping it perfectly. It glimmered as his eyes did, bright and flowery, and you kind of loved it.
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chaoticminhos · a year ago
drunken mistakes
pairing: hwang hyunjin x reader
genre: smut
warnings: drunkish sex, friends to lovers, size/strength kink
words: 1.6k
a/n: for anon! i hope this fulfills what you had imagined, love!
Tumblr media
you couldn’t form a proper sentence past the giggles leaving your mouth, and you’d honestly already forgot why you were laughing. maybe it wasn’t anything. you tended to think everything was hilarious once you’d had a drink or two.
hyunjin laughed right along with you, falling to lay on his back beside you on your small bed. you were squished between your best friend and the wall, but hey, that’s college living for you.
you propped yourself up on your arms and smiled down at the boy beside you. man, was he pretty. who allowed him to have such perfect eyes and plump lips and those cute dimples? you pouted, and he noticed. he laughed, slurring his words.
“why’re you pouting?”
“you’re prettier than me.”
the bed shook as he let out a loud laugh.
“yeah i am, huh?”
you grabbed the pillow from under his head and smacked him across the face with it, to which he obviously had to retaliate. he ripped the pillow from your hands, easily overpowering you and gaining control over the situation. he had your back against the mattress and arms pinned above you before you could even think of cussing him out.
you tried to glare up at him, but a smile found its way to your lips, and the smile turned into a laugh and before you knew it the two of you were back in a laughing fit.
hyunjin kept his body secure above yours and his hands pinning your wrists down as he laugh, leaning forward and burying his face between your shoulder and the pillow as he laughed. you felt his breath on your neck as he laughed, not even noticing when your breath locked in your throat at your current position and the feeling of his lips so close to your neck.
he raised his head, locking eyes with you, that big, gorgeous, stupid smile still on his face. god, he had perfect lips. you almost just wanted to kiss them.
so you did.
he pulled away the second he registered your lips on his, distancing his face from yours but remaining in his position atop you. his grip on your wrists loosened and he let out a nervous laugh.
“what was that?”
you shrugged your shoulders the best you could given your position, shifting your body uncomfortably under him. through your drunken haze, you could still tell that you fucked up.
he flinched slightly when you wiggled under him before crawling off of you and quickly sitting up and holding a pillow in his lap. it was a nervous habit he had, always needing something to play with.
he repeated himself in the same soft tone, this time laced with confusion instead of amusement.
“what was that?”
so he wouldn’t just settle for a shrug, huh?
“you have nice lips.”
he nodded slowly, silently asking you to continue. you stared at him for a moment. his hair was messy and his arms looked godly in the sleeveless shirt he was wearing. you couldn’t deny that you had one hell of a looker for a best friend, and you’d be lying if you hadn’t thought about doing some... more than friendly things with him. but you wouldn’t ever, because he was your best friend. wouldn’t ever sober, that is. now was completely different.
ah, fuck it.
“we should have sex.”
he opened and closed his mouth a few times, but no words came out. you hadn’t expected him to give in and agree right away, but you pouted anyway.
“come on, jinnie,” you scooted closer to him, hand reaching for the pillow in his lap and tossing it away from him. he immediately jumped to cover his crotch with his hands. he had an obvious and growing problem.
you smiled. you’d be getting what you wanted in no time. this was turning out to be way easier than your 5 seconds of less than sober calculating had predicted. or so you thought.
you reached to remove his hands from his lap, but you were stopped by him grabbing your wrists and returning you to your previous position under him with your hands pinned above you, his timid demeanor long forgotten.
“y/n, we’re drunk-“
you cut him off with a whine, “no, m just a little tipsy! what do you want? you want me to beg? i’ll beg. jinnie, please please please fuck me. everything about you is so pretty, your lips and your cheeks, your hands. just wanna feel your pretty cock in me, just this once, please.”
he snickered, causing you to frown.
“you’re that needy?”
unfazed by his teasing, you continued.
“hyunjin please, i just wanna feel you inside of me.”
he laughed again, but you could feel how turned on he was.
“i never took you for one to beg, y/n.”
you whined again, trying to free your hands from his grip, but you had no luck. you were no match for his full body weight. honestly, you knew he could probably pin you down with less than half of the strength he was using now.
you opened your mouth to plea again only to be shut up by hyunjin crashing his lips to your own. he wasted no time deepening the kiss, biting your bottom lip as a request for entrance. you’d normally tease him, but you had your mind on one thing: getting his dick in you as quickly as possible.
he pressed his body further against you as he moved his lips to your neck, tongue exploring the skin and hunting for a sweet spot. it didn’t take long before he was biting down and sucking harshly onto a particular spot on your neck, causing you to moan out.
with his body pressed flush against you, you could feel just how turned on he was. and to be honest, having his hard cock pressed into your thigh didn’t do anything to calm you down, either.
“hyunjin, can you please fuck me already?”
he chuckled against the skin of your neck, sending a shiver down your spine. he removed himself from you and rid himself of his shirt, followed by the rest of his clothes. you got the hint and followed his actions.
once again he had your back pressed to your mattress, caging you between it and his bare body. he attached his lips to yours once more as he brought a hand to your core, slipping two fingers in with ease.
he smiled as you moaned into the kiss, involuntarily bucking your hips to meet his movements. he pulled his fingers from your heat and brought them to your lips. you opened your mouth, allowing him to slip his fingers down your throat. you struggled not to gag as tears pricked in your eyes.
he hummed, “what a good girl, taking my fingers so well in both her holes.”
he took his fingers from your mouth and ran them over his dick, spreading a mix of his and your juices and your spit along his length before slowly pushing into you.
both of you moaned at the feeling. you couldn’t help yourself from moving as he picked up his pace and pleasure overtook you, but he didn’t appreciate your movements messing up his rhythm.
he gripped your hips hard enough you were sure there would be bruises later to remind you for the future to hold still. effectively stilling your movements, hyunjin continued his assault to your walls, finding your g-spot in record time and building up a knot in your stomach tighter than you’d ever felt before.
“god, you take my cock so well, why haven’t we done this before?”
you didn’t reply and he didn’t expect you to.
“you’re so small, fuck, how do you take me this easily?”
he brought a hand to your core and rubbed harsh circles to your clit while continuing his thrusts into your walls, and you came undone in his hands.
the way you felt around him and the chorus of his name coming from your mouth threw him over the edge along with you. he pulled out, stroking himself a few times as he released himself onto your stomach.
when finished, he ran a finger through the mess he made across your stomach, scooping some up and bringing it to your lips. just as before, you obediently opened your mouth and sucked his fingers clean, moaning at the taste.
he reached to the floor and picked up the shirt you had been wearing and wiped himself off of your stomach the best he could before crumpling the shirt up and tossing it into your laundry basket.
“hey!” you whined, “why’d you use my shirt, dickhead, it’s your mess?”
“you’re the one who seduced me. plus, this is your house, you can just get another shirt. i only have the one here.”
you had at least half a dozen of his shirts around your apartment. he was your best friend and he stayed over practically every weekend.
he gave himself a minute to catch his breath before standing and reaching out his hand for you. you took it, standing and following him to the bathroom where he started your shower running and lead you into it.
surprisingly, taking a shower with hyunjin didn’t feel weird. to be fair, you had his dick in you minutes earlier and that really didn’t feel weird either.
you let him spread soap across your shoulders and stomach, cleaning off the mess he’d made along with the scent of alcohol from your body. you watched as he intently took care of you and a smile found its way to your lips.
maybe drunken mistakes weren’t so bad after all.
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okayau · a year ago
just a bet (hyunjin)
a/n: okay so i made a mistake when i posted this earlier but im not gonna say what it was lmao iykyk
requested: yes.
Tumblr media
There was something about the way that the people in your class screamed that irritated you. Maybe it was the fact that they were obnoxiously loud. Maybe it was the way that they sustained notes that you only thought howler monkeys could hit. Or Maybe it was the person they were screaming over. You never understood the infatuation everyone had for Hwang Hyunjin. Sure he was attractive but he and his groups of friends were so annoying. Just because they had the school fawning over them, they thought they could get away with anything - which to your dissent, they did. That was an even bigger mystery to you. You understood the hormone ridiculed students going crazy for the boys but the professors and administration praising them and letting their antics slide just made zero sense. What about these boys was so-
“Y/N, right?” Your thoughts came to a sudden stop as a voice called out to you.
“Um..” You warily eyed the boy in front of you, not trusting the smile resting on his lips, “Yes?”
“Hey, so,” He sat down in front of you, letting his hands rest atop your desk, “I was wondering if you’d want to go out with me?” The silence that followed was deafening and the eyes that bore into you were terrifying. You made a mental note not to wander off by yourself when his fangirls were around.
“Are you sure you don’t have me mixed up with someone else?” You sat up in your chair, retracting your hands into your lap.
“No? Why would I have the wrong person?” He shoo his head, smiling wider so that you could see his dimples.
“Well…We haven’t really talked before? I think we actually had one class together before this one but that was a few semesters back and even then we neve-“
“Well you caught my eye,” He interrupted, “So I was really hoping you’d want to be my girlfriend,” Your brow raised at his words, not understanding how he could be so forward.
“Is this how you always ask girls out?” You sat back, tilting your head to side. The flicker of a frown that graced Hyunjin’s features didn’t go unnoticed by you but as soon as it came, it was gone.
“I…don’t ask a lot of girls out,” He bit his bottom lip, tugging on it for a moment before letting it slip past his teeth. There was silence again, except this time it was accompanied by the occasional whisper. Your eyes traveled from Hyunjin’s face to those who were diligently watching you. Their glares sent shivers down your spine and you were suddenly sure that if you rejected the boy in front of you, they would come after you like the villainous schoolgirls in dramas.
It wouldn’t hurt to humor the boy for a few days and then break up with him, right? What’s the worst that could happen?
“Okay,” A sigh escaped your lips as your gaze found Hyunjin’s once again, “Let’s..go out,”
Tumblr media
Saturday day. 4pm.
You were in your room, slipping your socks on over your feet when the doorbell rang.
“Coming,” You called out before shuffling towards the front door and opening it to reveal Hyunjin with a bouquet of flowers.
“O-oh,” You stared at the assortment in his hand before letting your gaze shift up to his eyes, “What’s this?”
“I..uh…bought you flowers,” A sheepish smile made its way onto his lips as he held out the gift.
“Thanks, you really didn’t have to,” While your words said one thing, the grin you were sporting said another, “Do you want to come in for a second? All I really need to do is grab my bag and put on my shoes,”
“Yeah, sure,” He nodded, stepping into your apartment. He stood awkwardly by the door as you ran off into your room, letting his eyes roam over the decor of the area. He noted that you had few decorations up but still managed to make the small place cozy and feel like a home. There was a sweet, fresh smell in the air which he attributed to the lit candle you had on the living room table. He had to say, he liked it here. It felt…safe.
Hmmm, that’ll probably be good for her later.
Hyunjin wondered how you would take the news once you found out. You didn’t seem like the type to get easily upset and, if he was being honest, he didn’t think you really cared for him at all. He didn’t really care much for you either. The only reason he was even here was because Minho had bet him 300 dollars to see if he’d date you for a month and then break up with you. You were just an easy target and you’d probably brush this all off when it was over and ignore him for the rest of your life. God, everything about this was just a nuisance and-
“Hey, I’m ready,” Hyunjin’s thoughts were interrupted by your appearance, a smile gracing your features.  
Wow, you looked really cute. The outfit you wore accented your style and he just thought it fit you so well.
“So where are we going?”
Tumblr media
“I never thought you’d be the type of guy to want to do something so cliché,” You couldn’t help but giggle as you helped Hyunjin set the blanket down on the grass, “You got it all planned out and everything” You gestured toward the basket he’d brought as you plopped down atop the blanket, taking off your shoes so that you could be more comfortable.
“I thought it was cute,” He shrugged as he sat down next to you, pulling the basket toward you both, “This park is really pretty too,”
“I’m just happy we have a shady tree to sit underneath,” You sighed, resting your hands on the ground so you could lean back. The weather out was nice, warm enough for you to just barely feel it against your skin. The sun shone brightly onto the outdoors, only occasionally darkening when the fluffy clouds would get in the way.
“So what did you bring?” Your attention turned to Hyunjin, eyeing him as he opened up his basket.
“I have sandwiches, fruit, juice, and some cake from that bakery on seventh street,”
“No way, I love that place,” You immediately sat up, stomach growling a bit at the prospect of eating nice foods.
“Here, eat this first. You don’t want to spoil your appetite,” Hyunjin held out a sandwich, laughing as you rolled your eyes before taking it from him.
“Did you make this?” You questioned.
“Yeah,” He nodded in response before taking his own sandwich into his hands and unwrapping it.
“Wow, imagine if the people at school learned about this,” You chuckled, “If they found out you were cute, can dance, AND you make meals for first dates - ugh, they’d fall more in love with you than they already are,” “Someone sounds jealous,” With those words, you couldn’t stop the fit of laughter that made its way past your lips.
“Jealous? Of what?,” You raised a brow, still laughing a bit.
“I don’t know,” Hyunjin leaned forward, effectively ending your laughter. His face was just inches from yours and while you had never fawned over the boy like his groupies, you could see why they do so. Hyunjin was absolutely breathtaking and being this close, you were forced to take in his features. A small smirk made its way onto the boy’s lips as he noticed you staring, “Maybe you’re jealous that you’re not the only one getting my attention? Maybe…” His hand trailed atop your hand, “You want me all to yourself?”
“Tch,” You scoffed at his comment, trying to ignore the blush that made its way onto your cheeks as you pulled your hand away, ‘Not a chance Hyunjin. Those fans can have you,”
“Oh? Are you saying this is going to be our only date?” He pouted, leaning back from you. The pink hues on your face hadn’t gone unnoticed by him.
“I don’t know. We’ll have to see how this one goes right?” You shrugged before taking a bite out of your sandwich, “Wow, that’s actually good,”
“If we go on another date I can make you more,” He sent a wink your way.
“Ha Ha,” You mocked the boys words and took another bite, “Okay..maybe..”
“Cute,” Hyunjin mumbled, sporting a fond smile as he began to eat his own meal.
The rest of the date seemed to progress easily, conversation flowing between the two of you easily - albeit a bit awkwardly at times.
“Don’t you ever get tired of all these people fawning over you?” You’d asked, laying at one point as the sun was starting to slowly set.
“Hm? Not really?” Hyunjin shrugged, “I like the attention,”
“Wow, you’re cheeky aren’t you?” You rolled your eyes.
“Well I mean,” Hyunjin sat up a bit, pulling his legs closer to his body, “I like having a reputation, especially one with good light but i guess I do just want to go to school, go to class, and leave without people trying to talk to me sometimes,”
“As a person who regularly does that, I can say it’s liberating to not have to put up with anyone,” You nodded as your eyes wandered over the leaves and branches of the tree in front of you.
“Don’t you want more friends?” He furrowed his brows.
“I have friends Hyunjin,” You laughed, “I don’t need that many more and besides, you’re my friend now right?”
“Really?” Hyunjin’s expression lit up for a moment before he remembered the bet, “Just a friend?” You turned your head to look over at the boy, noticing the hopeful eyes.
“Did you….really want to be more? I honestly didn’t think you really wanted to go out with me,” You weren’t sure why you were telling the boy this. Of course you had doubts over going out with Hyunjin. Why would the most sought out boy want to go out with you.
“What do you mean?” Hyunjin’s heart was beating fast, hoping you hadn’t caught on to what his plan was.
“Well, I thought you were doing this as a joke,” He sucked in a breath at your words, “…but you seem really sweet, actually,” He wasn’t sure if the wave that fell over him was that of guilt or relief.
“So…does that mean…” He found the next words hard to phrase.
“I’d like to go out again,” You sighed, pink rushing to your cheeks at the declaration. Your eyes avoided his figure as you let your words sinks in, making you oblivious to his body shifting closer to yours. It was only when he was kneeling above you that you were acknowledging him.
“What are you doing?” Your head tilted to the side, voice coming out nervously.
“Um…Well, I thought I was going to kiss you but now I am thinking that it’s too fast and..I..uh..I’m….going to move back an-“
“Wait,” You snickered and grabbed his arm, finding the fact that Hyunjin was just as flustered as you to be amusing. Carefully, you shifted your body so that you were sitting up, face just inches from Hyunjin’s as it was earlier. Your eyes locked with his, both gazes searching for discomfort in the other. When nothing was found, you were leaning forward, closing the gap between you two in a chaste kiss. Hyunjin’s lips were soft against your own and the feeling of his hands sliding up to cup your face sent a shiver down your spine.
Hwang Hyunjin was a good kisser. There was no lie in that. You swore you would’ve kissed him forever if he hadn’t pulled away, earning a small sigh of displeasure from you.
“Don’t worry,” He giggled, pressing his forehead against yours, “There’ll be more later”
While you had initially believed that going on a date with Hyunjin was a bad idea, you had to believe that this moment just felt right…..and Hyunjin couldn’t help but believe that it was wrong.
Tumblr media
The next month of your life had to have been one of the most exhilarating of your life. Dating Hyunjin was nothing like you had imagined it to have been. He was a lot more mature than you’d assumed and you swore that he had to have been the sweetest boy on the planet. It was like every day was an episode of your own cheesy drama. Just last week, Hyunjin had came knocking at your door at 3 in the morning. Of course, at first, he had scared the shit out of you but once you had learned that he was the one whining to come inside and knocking obnoxiously (a fact you never let him live down) you were surprised to see that he’d brought you your favorite snacks and a blanket with his face on it.
“What am I supposed to do with this?” You laughed as he used his long arms to wrap you up in the blanket and his embrace before waddling you two back to your couch until you tumbled atop it with Hyunjin hovering over you.
“Now, whenever you miss me, you can cuddle with me,” He chuckled before placing a kiss on your forehead.
“This is actually the lamest thing you’ve ever done,” You’d told him, eye twinkling in a way that told him that you’d meant the opposite of what you’d said.
“You know you love it,” He teased, sitting up to give you more room.
“Yeah, you’re right,” You smiled reaching out to grab his shirt so you could pull him back down into another kiss, this one longer than the last.
“You’re the best,” You sighed against his warm lips, relishing in the way they felt against yours.
Funny how a week can make things change.
“You what?” You swore that if you weren’t already sitting down that your legs would have given out below you.
“I want to break up,” Hyunjin stood before you in your living room, face devoid of emotion as he stared at his feet.
“D-did…I do something wrong?” you shook your head, not understanding where this was coming from.
“No..It’s just that…I never liked you,” Hyunjin let out a deep breath, “I was dating you for a bet,” To say that you were shocked by his confession would be an understatement. You felt rushes of confusion, anger, surprise, and despise running over your head as you tried to figure out how to respond to the boy.
“What..What do you mean a bet?” Your breathing was uneven as you stat up, intent on hearing his explanation, “Hyunjin look at me,”  He hesitantly looked up at you.
“Minho….he bet me 300 dollars to date you for a month and then break up with you,” While his expression was blank, his voice was nothing less than nervous.
“300 dollars?” Your lips pressed together into a thin line as you tried to hold in the tears that slowly threatened to spill out, “That’s what I’m worth to you? 300 dollars?”  
“’re worth so much more,” HIs face contorted into one of worry, “I just…”
“Hyunjin, I.. Can you get out?” Your head fell into your hands in an attempt to hide that you were about to cry.
“What..?” While he knew you would be angry with him, he thought that you’d at least let him explain himself.
“Get out, Leave!” Your voice was louder this time, words shaking.
“Just Go!” You looked up at him, tears that once lined your eyes now tainting your cheeks. Hyunjin felt his heart crumble at the sight and he took a step back, looking around as he tried to figure out what to do or say. He  didn’t want things to end up like this. He didn’t want to break up like this and he had never anticipated actually falling for you. He thought you would’ve taken the news better and been nonchalant about it. He didn’t think you’d cry. Hell, he hadn’t even wanted to break the news to you in the first place but the thought of what he had done was slowly gnawing at him. You deserved better than him so he was just going to leave, refuse the money, and go on with his life. He had never wanted to hurt you like this.
“Y/N..I’m…I’m really sorry,” His brows furrowed as his hands balled and released from fists.
“That doesn’t fucking matter Hyunjin,” You threw your hands up in defeat, “What matters is you treated me like a toy and you’re making money off of my emotions. I don’t give a shit if you’re sorry or not. Just get out already,”
“I…I…I’ll go…” His lips trembled as he felt his own tears welling up in his eyes, “I’m sorry,” With his final words, Hyunjin was tumbling out of your apartment, leaving you alone in your apartment.
As he left, Hyunjin had to note how the cozy apartment he’d come to love suddenly didn’t feel so safe anymore and he had to believe that what he’d just done had played a huge part in that.
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chaoticminhos · a year ago
chapstick challenge w/ jisung
a/n: requested! sorry it’s so short baby, i felt like making it too long would make it lose its charm (if it has any to begin with shdjdueh) 🥺
Tumblr media
you smiled against your boyfriends lips, “this is so dumb.”
he pressed his lips firmly against yours before pulling away with a laugh.
“no, you’re dumb. guess.”
you licked your lips, trying to taste the chapstick your boyfriend put on before kissing you.
he clicked his tongue, “nope. try again.”
you huffed, “this is the third one in a row i’ve guessed wrong, can we just do something else?”
he smiled, “no! not until you get one right!”
you rolled your eyes in an attempt to convince your boyfriend you were upset and bored, but the smile tugging at your lips showed different. you leaned in, lips only an inch away from jisungs as you stated that you needed another taste.
you deepened the kiss slightly, hoping to distract your boyfriend as you reached behind him for the chapstick. he noticed, however, and caught your wrist as he laughed into the kiss.
“no cheating!”
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taelme · a year ago
Enemies-to-lovers!Bang Chan
request: Hey! Can i request and enemies to lovers slow burn with bang chan where they dont like each other but theres undeniable chemistry
genre: enemies-to-lovers!au, workplace/office!au, (fluff, slow burn, lots of denial of feelings lol) 
pairing/s: Chan / Reader (ft Seungmin and some ocs!) 
word count: 21k rip I got pretty carried away 
tw: not any prominent ones that I can think of, kind of hints of the whole misogyny in the workplace kind of thing 
a/n: I got super carried away writing this I hope you guys like it haha im currently working on the other requests so do look forward to those!! ill try to put them out as soon as I can~~ all this staying at home is really giving me time to write... ( I HAD TO use this gif I just HAD TO) but yes this was a little hard to find reasons why y/n wld hate chan bc im for the chan is an angel agenda but I ended up having so much fun ok BYE 
Tumblr media
“Hey, you free to get lunch later?” You’d bumped into your friend who worked in the company’s legal department, Seungmin, on a Thursday morning while you were in the pantry preparing coffee and tidbits for your boss. 
You nodded, “uh-huh,” mixing the coffee absently, “what are you doing here?” 
Seungmin shrugged, leaning against the counter as he munched on a cookie, “felt like taking a walk. Things have been pretty busy in the legal department lately.” 
Seungmin gave you a cheeky smile, shrugging, “can’t say, but you’ll find out soon enough.” 
You rolled your eyes, gritting your teeth with feigned menace towards him (his smile stayed unwavering, even sticking his tongue out at you to mock you).
“Who’s that for?” Seungmin gestured to the coffee mugs on the tray. 
“Mr Bang’s supposed to be meeting his nephew or something, he made it seem really important but all he told me was that it’s for his nephew,” you shrugged, glancing down at your two cups of coffee, realisation hitting you. 
“Shit, that just reminded me. He said his nephew doesn’t drink coffee. Do you want this?” You shot Seungmin a pleading look, holding up your now unneeded cup of coffee. 
Seungmin scoffed, taking the mug from you wordlessly, “how exciting your job is, huh,” he deadpanned, sipping the coffee, “wanna reconsider joining the legal department now?” 
You rolled your eyes. 
“I’m perfectly satisfied with my job now, thank you very much.” 
You’d prepared a pot of tea, careful not to spill the water onto the counter as you did so, transferring the pot onto your tray, “and plus, considering the amount of money I get paid for the amount of work I do, I’m more than happy.” 
Seungmin scoffed, “should’ve known it was because of the money.” 
“Alright, I’ve gotta go, see you later,” you said, picking up your tray as Seungmin waved his hand with cookie crumbs on his fingers, the clicking of your heels growing softer as you walked further away. 
Reaching the door of your boss’ office, you’d been able to faintly make out 2 silhouettes through the window from where you stood, composing yourself to make a good impression as you knocked on the door. Hearing your boss grunt, you’d pushed the door open with your shoulder, your gaze focused on the coffee table as you greeted your boss.
Setting the pot of tea on the table, you’d cast a glance at the recipient, your eyes widening when you’d spotted the boy with dyed hair sitting on the plush leather sofa facing your boss, dressed in a clean white button-down and tie, an equally well-ironed pair of pants, his posture relaxed with his legs spread casually. 
His gaze was on you, as if analysing your movements, making you direct your gaze back to your task at hand, setting the saucer with the cup of coffee onto the coffee table, placing the small biscuits your boss liked in the middle of the two. 
Holding the tray close to your chest, you cast a glance at your boss, about to bow in greeting and head back out when his voice had stopped you. 
“Y/N, please, stay here. I’d like to discuss something with you and my nephew.” 
Your eyebrows raised, lips pressed tightly together as you nodded, “oh…cool, alright.” 
“Please, take a seat,” Mr Bang gestured to the space on the sofa next to his nephew, making you seat yourself awkwardly on the other side of the sofa, your body pressing against the armrest as if trying to create as much distance as you could between him and you. 
“So, Chan, this is my secretary, Y/N,” Mr Bang gestured to you, “Y/N, this is my nephew, uh… Chris,” he spoke, the name sounding fairly familiar to you. Chris Bang? You sounded the name over in your head, not being able to connect the dots as to why it was so familiar at this point of time. 
“So, sweetheart, because I’ve been planning on resigning for a while now, I thought I should let you know that I’m planning on handing my position over to Chris.” 
Maybe this was what Seungmin was so busy with. 
You nodded slowly, trying to understand the implications this decision meant for you, “will my contract be terminated, then?” 
Chris glanced at you, as if searching your expression. He found you fairly younger than he’d expected, since his uncle had mentioned earlier that you’d already been working for him for quite some time, going onto 2 years already.
Of course, he didn’t want to underestimate you, but knowing the directors’ reputations regarding secretaries, he wasn’t sure if he could put a label on your abilities without seeing them for himself, first. And to him, he wasn’t quite understanding of why his uncle was so insistent that he needed a secretary, his past experiences with secretaries all being quite unimpressive. 
“That… is unfortunately up to Chris, but ideally your contract will resume as per normal.” 
You glanced back at the boy, who looked at you with an unreadable expression, something about his stare successfully unnerving you, the way he looked at you almost with a certain level of contempt. 
“We’ll be having a company dinner tonight to welcome Chris to the team, it would do the both of you well to get acquainted with each other before the board meeting for ceo elections.” 
You nodded slowly, still clutching the tray close to your chest as you wondered how old he was, the whole ordeal seeming as though it were something out of a movie: a young apathetic heir getting authority over a large corporation at such a young age. Was he even qualified for this position? The rest of the directors were nowhere near his age, well, appearance wise. 
As if having read your mind, your boss spoke, “I’m sure you two will get along just fine, considering you two are so close in age.” 
Your eyes narrowed, something in you not feeling comfortable with this arrangement. Dismissing the thought quickly, you shrugged, figuring it would be a change of scenery from being around the old directors all the time. 
You watched as Chris shrugged.
“We’ll see.” 
“Who?” Seungmin dabbed at his lips with his towel, picking up his glass of water to take a sip, making you frown, still trying to do your research on Chris Bang as far as your browser app would take you. 
“Chris Bang. He’s gonna take over the company from President Bang.” 
Your words seemed to have elicited a giggle from Seungmin, “doesn’t that make them both ‘President Bang’?”
Seungmin ignored your eye roll, continuing, “this was what I was referring to just now, you know. I thought you would’ve known who he was by now,” he told you, making you set your phone down on the table, open on his LinkedIn page that frankly wasn’t giving you much other than stating how very qualified he was for the job. 
“You know, Bang Chan? Ring a bell? That guy that’s been switching departments for God-knows-how-long since last year. The one that got all of us donuts one time,” Seungmin gave you a ‘duh’ look, considerably unamused. 
“Oh,” only then were you realising just who that was. You knew exactly who he was. You’d heard many rumours from the other secretaries on how he was impossibly good at anything he’d set his mind to, his work ethic and standard incomparable to anyone else in the company they’d ever seen. 
Which was why all that switching departments start to make sense to you, since it could’ve been his way of making sure he learnt the ins-and-outs of every department by the time he took over. If that wasn’t just more evidence that he was definitely a crazy workaholic.
At the time, you’d made a passing comment on how you hoped you would never have to be his subordinate, after having heard stories on how intimidating he was whenever it came to work (especially work that was improperly done). Little did you know that your comment would come back to bite you in the ass so soon. 
“Yeah, ‘oh,” Seungmin mimicked you, taking another bite out of his burger, “why d’you seem so…,” Seungmin made a pained groaning sound as he gestured to you for lack of a better word, “about it, anyway? Shouldn’t you be happy? He’s super nice!” 
You scrunched your nose up, locking your phone in your dismay, not wanting to see his face on his stupid profile mocking you with all his stupid qualifications anyway.
“I don’t know, just kind of feels a little sudden. And I hate the feeling of not knowing if I’m gonna be fired since it’s not up to Mr Bang anymore.” 
“Which one?” Seungmin joked, making you scoff, finding it just a little funny. Only a little. 
Seungmin continued, “you’re just mad because him taking over means you actually have to do work.” 
You shot him a glare, your silence being an acknowledgement that he wasn’t entirely wrong. 
“And because I love Mr Bang! He was such a nice old man that checked in on me and gave me life advice. I’m not gonna get any life advice from someone that’s basically my age.” 
Seungmin huffed in amusement, bringing his hand up to cup his mouth as if to divulge a secret, dropping his voice to a strained whisper, “transfer to the legal department.” 
You sighed, “no, I still love my pay.” 
“Then stop sulking! Chris is the nicest guy I’ve met, you’ll be fine. Just show up to the company dinner tonight and fluff him up a bit,” Seungmin shrugged, “it’ll be smooth sailing from then on.” 
You figured you should’ve tried to do a lot better to fluff Chris up during the company dinner, instead of just going over to grill the meat for the directors, under the instruction of President Bang. 
The action itself didn’t sit right with Chris, who didn’t understand why it was so imperative to the directors that you be the one to grill the meat until he realised just why they were keeping you there. 
His own uncle was oblivious of course, simply obliging at any chance he got to show off how capable you were (even if it was just grilling meat), however Chris was quick to notice the way they stared at you as you reached between them to grill the meat, your face feeling hot with the steam from the grill. 
“Y/N is very hardworking, graduated at the top of her class in college,” Mr Bang mentioned pointedly, making Chris’ eyebrows raise in surprise. 
“Really? What did you study?” He spoke, knowing very well you were listening, the other directors not paying any attention to learning your background as they prompted you to pour them a drink. You didn’t miss the way his words were accented, remembering hearing from Seungmin that he’d spent a large chunk of his life in Australia. 
Tipping the bottle, you’d answered (albeit a little preoccupied). 
“Law,” you sat back on your heels, “minored in journalism.” 
Chris frowned, not being able to understand why you would’ve chosen to work here as his uncle’s secretary of all things if you had pretty good prospects on your own. 
“How’d you end up working for my uncle, then?” He voiced, your attention diverted when you’d been prompted by a director to take a shot of your own, clinking your glass obnoxiously and leaving you with no choice, an embarrassed flush on your face. 
Taking the shot, you winced at the burn of the drink, glancing back at Chris, who was still looking at you curiously, wondering how you’d felt under the attention of the directors.  
“Did it as a temp job at first,” you told him, “but I guess I realised halfway that I don’t mind it so much, and it paid me pretty well.” 
Chris hummed, you ‘don’t mind’ this? 
One of the directors let out a grunt of distaste, “you shouldn’t worry about that, doll. The job of a secretary is to look pretty, the pride of the company is in its secretaries,” he said, clearly having already had one-too-many drinks, his words leaving an awful aftertaste on your tongue, his hand going over to grasp your shoulder, his hand going down to your arm and squeezing. 
“I always told her she’d do well as a housewife. That way she wouldn’t have to work and just mooch off her husband.” 
You mustered a smile, setting the bottle of drink down and bowing to them, Chris having lost his appetite at the way you’d just let their comments slide. 
“Maybe she prefers mooching off of the directors, instead,” Chris murmured, his sharp tongue getting the better of him, catching your attention as you were walking past him, making you stop in your tracks.  
Chris’ uncle tut his tongue, nudging the boy harshly, making him raise his hands in surrender. 
“What? Just speaking off of observation.” 
You turned around, a surge of confidence arising in you (from where? You weren’t sure, maybe it was the fact that in your eyes he was still what was standing in between you and your possible severance pay), “excuse me?” 
“I’m sorry, was there any untruth in what I said?” Chris turned, his gaze almost challenging you to speak out against the directors, not knowing that it was only serving to spur you on to speak out against him instead. 
 You scoffed, Chris standing up and awaiting your answer, a voice in you screaming at you not to be intimidated by him, especially with the way his head tilted down ever so slightly, his eyebrows raising expectantly. 
“Didn’t know they would just let any rude petty kid run any company these days,” you narrowed your eyes at him, folding your arms and straightening your posture. 
Seungmin, who was watching from his table with the legal team, grimaced, deeming Chris’ expression to be anything but friendly at the moment. 
“I don’t know, maybe it’s just a little unbelievable to me that I’m supposed to be answering to someone who just got the company handed to him,” your words were coming out faster than you could help it. I mean, you were probably going to get fired anyway, right? Might as well go down with a fight. 
“You don’t know anything about me,” Chris muttered, his voice firm, annoyance laced in his tone. Your words seemed to have triggered a spark in him, annoyed that you were doubting his abilities, blatantly disrespecting him even after knowing he could be your superior. 
Mr Bang had tapped Chris’ calf harshly, “enough, don’t keep y/n from eating.” 
Ignoring his words, Chris had stepped forward, staring you down as the tension had only thickened between the both of you. 
“But then, what would you know, right? What was that again? Right. What are you here for other than to look pretty, hmm?” He tilted his head at you, flashing you a smile that was practically dripping with sarcasm. 
You practically seethed with anger, your fists clenching as you unfolded your arms, your finger coming up to point at him, “you know what? I’d rather eat beansprouts for the rest of my life than work for you.” You scoffed. 
Chris' amused lilt to his smile was only serving to annoy you even more, making you storm over to your table with the other secretaries, all of them casting you looks of concern or shock that you would have confronted him like that. Picking up your jacket, you’d scoffed, casting him one last look before you left, not expecting to see him again afterwards. 
Well, that was the part you were very very wrong about. 
That night, you’d called your boyfriend over to submit him to a seemingly never-ending rant about Chris, getting a text from Seungmin halfway. 
“I mean, isn’t it good, then? That you can find another job?” Your boyfriend tried to reason, pressing a kiss to your neck as you straddled him where he was sitting leaning against your headboard. 
“That’s not the point,” you insisted, pausing to read the text that Seungmin had sent, oblivious to his urgent kisses trailing up to your jaw. 
seungmin (personal)  2:12am -consider yourself lucky. Spoke to Chan just now, make sure you show up to work tomorrow.- 
“The point is that, he’s arrogant. What? Telling me that I’m only here to look pretty?—“ 
“In his defence, you insulted him first.” 
You glared at your boyfriend, “Yeah, fine. But he provoked me first. And I don’t know, something about him just pisses me off,” you tried to reason, your boyfriend’s kisses beginning to distract you from your anger. 
“You know what, maybe you should just give him a shot. Maybe he’s not as bad as he seems?” 
And so you did as Seungmin had instructed, doing what you would’ve always done, grabbing your boss’ morning coffee before going to the office, ‘leisurely’ making your way upstairs as you tried to avoid any possible suit-clad blond-haired man. 
Upon reaching your desk, you’d set your things under your desk, opening your scheduler and doing a quick run through of Mr Bang’s schedule for the day, grabbing the coffee and knocking on the glass doors before entering. 
“Y/N! Just the person I wanted to see.” You nodded, walking over to place his coffee onto his table.
“You have the board meeting in half an hour, sir,” you informed him.  
“Right, thank you. Would you be a dear and be there to serve the refreshments?” 
You nodded, “yeah, sure.” 
“If all goes as planned, Chan- I mean, Chris, will be taking over from next week onwards. So this week will be the last week i’m here.” 
You frowned, “it’s a shame you’re retiring, you know,” your disappointment was evident in your tone.  
Mr Bang simply waved you off, “it’s about time, I’m sure little Chris will do a good job.” 
You’d kept your mouth shut, nodding as he stood up with his coffee cup in hand, looking at you with a smile, “shall we head down a little earlier, then?” 
You nodded, opening the door for him to exit and following him silently to the venue of the board meeting. You were surprised, to say the least, when you’d reached only to find Chris there already, currently in an animated conversation with one of the directors, smiling like you’d never seen before, dimples showing on his cheeks. 
Excusing yourself quickly, you’d gone to the pantry to prepare the drinks, your time here having made you familiar with the respective directors drink preferences. Carrying your tray carefully, you’d pushed the door open with your hip, seeing all the directors seated already, all seeming fairly comfortable around Chris, only serving to make the feeling of dread build in the pit of your stomach. 
Making your way around the table, you’d distributed the drinks to the directors personally, refusing to make eye contact with Chris as you gave him his stupid cup of tea. 
Once the meeting had started, you’d dismissed yourself outside the room, a part of you trying to listen in on the board meeting but not being able to hear much through the thick panelled glass. You were surprised when barely half an hour had passed and you’d heard applause in the room, peeping through the window to see Mr Bang give you a signal that you could come in. 
Pushing the door open carefully, you saw the directors practically lining up to congratulate Chris, leaving promptly after looking all-too satisfied with the outcome of the meeting. 
Mr Bang was speaking to Chris as the rest of the directors were leaving, “well, I guess this means my work here is as good as done. I’m sure your parents will be thrilled to hear the news,” he pat Chris on the back. 
You were about to head out with Mr Bang, eager to avoid Chris when you’d heard him speak, “Y/N, I’d like to speak with you for a moment. Is that alright?” He cast a look at his uncle, who waved him off. 
“Of course, she’s not my secretary anymore, remember?” You cast Mr Bang a look of distress, seeing him chuckle before giving you a thumbs up, exiting the room happily.  
You winced, turning around so you were facing Chris, seeing him walk over to where you were, holding out a thick bound stack of papers for you to take. 
“What’s this?” 
"A contract. You can pass it to me by the end of the day once you've made your decision. I trust that you're familiar with reading contracts?" he asked as you stared at the papers, flipping and scanning through the print, realising that his terms were considerably more demanding than his uncle. 
"You'll be able to find an additional attachment where I list what I would expect in a secretary. Feel free to consult me if you're unclear about any of them, though I don't think you would need to." 
Your eyes lingered on the section of the contract, stating that you would be on a year of probation, but that the contract could be terminated whenever he felt appropriate. 
"Whenever you deem appropriate?" you scoffed, looking up at him in disbelief. 
He smiled, "very pretty wording, don't you think?" 
"That's all I wanted to say. Remember, I'll expect your response by the end of the day." 
You stared blankly as he shrugged his jacket off, draping it on one arm. 
"Go ahead, what are you waiting for? You can go for your lunch break now," he urged, before his features pulled into a look of realisation, "oh, forgot. That is, unless you would rather eat...what was that again? Beansprouts?" 
Your mouth opened, making as if to retort before you shut your mouth quickly, your eyes widening as he walked over to you, his gaze intense and serious, a contrast to the demeanour he wore while chatting up the director previously. 
"I can handle myself, you know," you attempted to defend yourself, watching as Chris had shrugged. 
"You have one whole year to prove that to me." 
In that one year of working for Chris, you'd learnt a lot of things. Not only about your position as a secretary, but about Chris, ( not to mention, just exactly how spiteful he could be ).  
1. Sleep was a luxury. 
In your first week as his secretary, Chris had surprised you with the sheer rate of progress he was aiming, and moving at. It was as if all the rumours you'd heard before about his work ethic were a gross understatement of his tenacity. 
You'd been having trouble adjusting to his deadlines, especially since he had entrusted more tasks to you. From surprise presentations, to drafting up proposals and reports, not to mention submitting research to him. To you, it felt as if you were doing half the job for him. 
In short, you had never missed Mr Bang more than you did then. 
Of course, Seungmin being your voice of reason, would shut your rants down, claiming it was ‘about time you do your job’, but of course, you loved to complain. Especially since it was someone you didn't have very fond feelings for that was assigning you the work. You grew increasingly irritated in the time you were adjusting to your sleep schedule, which Chris, and your boyfriend had definitely noticed. 
Because of your changes in brain activity levels, you assumed (google could only diagnose so much), whenever sleep came to you, you welcomed it with open arms.  Since waking up had become even more of a chore to run over to the coffee shop and squeeze yourself between the crowd of working adults and panda-eyed college students to get his very specific breakfast order. 
You'd gone home from a birthday party of your boyfriend and your mutual friend, things having gotten a little...out of hand at your boyfriend's apartment since it'd been so long since you'd been able to spend time together, not with you always falling asleep during video calls or refusing them altogether for the sake of getting your work done. You'd missed him, and something about being apart made you miss his touch. 
Jolting awake, (as if your body had been able to tell that your sleep was too smooth), you'd instantly sensed that something was wrong when you saw the light streaming in from behind the curtains, knowing for a fact that you usually woke up when it was still a little dark out. 
Turning around, you'd fumbled for your phone on the bedside table, letting out a loud gasp when you saw the time. You were already a whole half-hour late. 
Your boyfriend startled, letting out a groan, his arm still lazily draped over your stomach. 
"Did my alarm ring?" you asked, shoving his hand off of you and groaning, slipping out of bed quickly as you put on your clothes from the day before, not having any more time to go back to your apartment and get a fresh change of clothes. 
"I don't know, I didn't hear anything," you heard your boyfriend mumble from where he lay. 
Cursing, you'd ran over to his bathroom, washing your face quickly, a gasp leaving your mouth as you inspected the angry marks on your neck through the mirror. 
"I hate you so much," you tugged up the collar of your turtleneck, successfully hiding the marks when you’d let your hair down. 
Grabbing your things, you'd sprinted downstairs, hailing the first cab you could see and heading to your office. 
Was he going to fire me? You were still on probation, so there was no reason he couldn't, right? 
You'd fixed your hair anxiously as you jogged into the lobby, your shoes clacking noisily against the floor as you ran into the lift, even debating on whether taking the stairs would have been a better idea as the lift went up at an achingly slow pace. 
Finally reaching your floor, you’d made your way to the meeting room, tossing your bags outside the door and entering with your laptop, notebook and pen, keeping your head down and avoiding Chris’ gaze as he was presenting to the room. 
Taking your seat at the only empty seat left, (unfortunately, closer to the front of the room), you’d let out a small sigh. Expecting to hear Chris comment on your tardiness or whatnot, you opened your laptop, picking up on the minutes where you could. 
Keeping your head down, you’d felt your colleague from the marketing team lean over to you as Chris had given everyone some time to analyse what he was showing on the screen, his lack of a comment making you even more anxious. 
“Your hair’s a mess,” she whispered, making you wince, your hand going up to comb your hair into a ponytail in your attempt to look neater, hearing your colleague gasp. 
“Dude! Put your hair back down, your neck,” she whispered, your eyes immediately darting to Chris’ direction, seeing that he was in fact staring at your jaw and neck as well, turning away quickly, the reddening of his ears giving him away.
Your hands let go of your hair as though you were burned, hearing your colleague snicker beside you, “I see someone had fun last night. Was that why you were late, too?” 
You shushed her as Chris cleared his throat, embarrassment flooding your senses as you continued to take minutes, hoping that he wouldn’t be as mad at you if you showed that you were trying your best. Fat chance, but hey, you could dream. 
Chris had started to assign things that he’d wanted the different departments to focus on for the project at hand, flashing a slide of deadlines that you watched people scramble to confirm with their existing information. You were secretly hoping someone would hold him back with a question so that he was too busy to confront you. 
Unfortunately for you, that wasn’t the case today. The meeting ended promptly, Chris leaving you in relative silence as you packed up your things, your colleagues giving you a look of sympathy as you followed him silently out of the room back to your desk. 
“In my office, please,” he murmured. 
You fiddled with your fingers, already anticipating for him to fire you. 
“Can you explain to me what happened this morning?” 
Your eyes widened, not daring to meet his gaze as it flickered between anything in the room other than him, “I uh..I didn’t um…I didn’t hear my alarm ring and nobody woke me up so I overslept.” 
Chris’ stare was unwavering, leaning against his desk and folding his arms, “so is it not your responsibility to make sure you show up to work on time?” 
“No, yeah of course it is—“ 
“Then I would like to see you be accountable for your mistakes,” he continued, “I’m not saying you can’t make mistakes, everybody makes mistakes. But if your mistake is what puts an entire room of people at an inconvenience, I would prefer if you were a little more apologetic about it.” 
You’d let a short period of silence fall between the both of you, “I’m sorry,” you mumbled, your gaze fixed firmly on his shoelace, “am I fired?” 
Chris let out a small sigh, shaking his head. “No, but, you know, if you ever let anything like this happen again, I won’t hesitate to fire you,” his voice was stern, annoyed almost. 
“And Y/N, if this,” you looked up at him watching him gesture to his neck with his hand before gesturing back to you, making you cower, tugging your collar further up your neck, “is what’s the issue here. I’d suggest you start prioritising.” 
“Sorry. It won’t happen again, I swear,” you rushed to speak, bowing quickly before exiting the room as fast as you could, wanting to tear your hair out in both annoyance and embarrassment. 
You’d jumped when you heard the sound of your desk speaker, Chris’ voice sounding through the phone, “Is there a problem, Y/N?” 
Your eyes widened, rushing over to your desk phone, shaking your head as you pressed the button to reply, “no, no! Not at all. There was just a… a bug here.” 
Chris huffed, bringing his hand up to hide his amusement, watching you scramble to regain your composure. 
2. Chris was a workaholic 
It was seeing (and experiencing) all the late nights in the office and the erratic pattern of his emails on weekends that drew you to this conclusion. His routine of sleeping late and then proceeding to get up at ungodly hours to either get work done or give up on the idea of a smooth sleep, since you were aware that he tended to have trouble sleeping. Not to mention the way it seemed to you as if the top priority in his life was his work, wanting to do his best to get the company to where he wanted it to be. 
After a few months of working for him, it was very clear to you that your job entailed not only taking care of his work, but taking care of him. 
You were going over to the legal team's office to collect the binders Chan had left to them, seemingly needing one of them now, thankful to have spotted Seungmin along the way as he was leaving his desk. 
Shooting you a look of sympathy, he'd peeked his head out to glance at your area, noticing everyone else in your team had gone home already. 
"Working late again?" 
You were sure you looked horrible, with bags under your eyes and your complexion looking dull from lack of sleep, but well, you had to earn a living, right? 
You shot him a pointed look, "you know the rules, can't go home until the boss goes home," you heaved a pained sigh. 
"You know, I'm starting to wonder if he even has a social life," you thought out loud, earning an amused grunt from Seungmin. 
"I could say the same about you." You ignored his comment. 
"What d'you need?" he asked, though you were already making your way to his superior's desk, grabbing the file and leaving a post-it to say it was with Chris. 
"Nothing, just this." You let out a small grunt at the weight of the binder, your wrists aching from all the filing you'd done that morning and afternoon (you never did notice until now how inefficient Chris' uncle's document organization system was). 
"All the best," he gave you a thumbs up, earning a pitiful pout from you before you'd headed back to Chris' office. 
Knocking on his door, you'd heard him murmur for you to come in, pushing the heavy doors open with your shoulder as you shoved your way through the doors,  placing the binder onto the coffee table where he'd had his documents and laptop laid out haphazardly. 
Chan's hair was a mess, likely from running his hands through it as he worked, his tie discarded and the top few buttons of his shirt undone, looking at you with tired eyes. 
He was about to ask you for some water, but you'd seemed to have read his mind, walking over to the table near his desk and pouring him a glass of warm water from the flask. 
"I'm almost done with the filing, but I'll be outside so you can let me know if you need anything." 
You'd felt your pocket buzz with a notification, momentarily taking your attention away from Chris. 
Chris glanced at the files before looking back at you in thought, stopping you before you could exit the room, "actually, can you help me to write a report on this, I'll need this by tomorrow afternoon." 
Knowing Chris' deadlines, that meant he would've needed it by tomorrow morning, which left you no choice other than to start working on it now. 
Chris picked up a small file with a post-it note stuck onto the file, handing it to you. 
"The points are all there. I would've done it myself but by the looks of it this is gonna take a while more than I expected," he sighed, his hands on his hips as he stared at the pile of papers in front of him in disdain. 
Chris never would've admitted that he'd started preparing the post-it notes for you in case he wasn't able to complete his work in time, since he usually opted to write from his head, but he knew you worked better with structure. He'd only realised after starting to do it that it helped him draft the write-ups more concisely, so of course, the reason was always 'for his own convenience', never creating opportunities for you to think he actually tried accommodating to you. 
"This current arrangement is very un-environmentally friendly," you mumbled, staring at the papers as well. 
"I'll go get this done now," you gave him a nod, exiting his office as you pulled your phone from your pocket, the text from your boyfriend practically glaring at you, asking if you were able to meet that night. 
10:47pm - sorry, working late :( gotta work on a report due tomorrow morning - 
Biting back your disappointment at having to bail on your boyfriend again, you'd nodded resolutely, pulling up your delivery app to order food for Chris before you started on the report lest he start to get irritable because he was hungry. 
And lastly, the point you couldn't quite seem to wrap your head around, was that 
3. He was very nice, just...not so much to you. 
After the oversleeping incident from before, it was safe to say you'd never let a similar mistake repeat itself. You were constantly making sure you were alert and responsive to anything Chris could possibly throw to you (and he knew this too). 
The only downside Chris saw to this, was that it seemed as though your attitude towards the directors hadn't changed. Still swallowing their disgusting comments and serving them with a smile, even if they were looking everywhere but your face. It irked Chris. And it irked him even more that the only one you seemed to serve without a smile, was him. 
Unbeknownst to him, you'd shared the same sentiments. 
"Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on in their head?" you spoke. 
Seungmin snorted, "wait, are you talking about the meme or..." your lack of a response made Seungmin follow your gaze (or glare) to where Chris was seated at the other end of the table, giggling and smiling as he spoke with the other secretaries. 
"Ah," Seungmin nodded, understanding now why your spoon hadn't moved an inch from your bowl, your grip around it almost death-like. 
"What are you so mad about? He's not doing anything?" 
You shot Seungmin a pointed look, your voice lowering to a murmur, "can't you see it? With them he's all rainbows and unicorn shit but with me it's like just smiling would kill him." 
You heard the secretaries letting out giggles and impressed sounds at something Chris had just said, the sound itself enough to make you annoyed. 
Seungmin's eyebrows furrowed, looking at you in scepticism, "you know the secretaries are only being nice because they're interns, right? I heard from one of them that they're actually really scared of him." 
Seungmin brought his chopsticks to his mouth, taking a piece of food from your bowl that he knew you weren't going to eat anyway, "especially after they saw how he spoke to you during the meeting the other day,"
You scoffed, "good to know that I was the warning." 
Your phone buzzed, signalling a text from your boyfriend. Strangely enough, it'd been a while since you'd texted him, since you were busy with work and he was busy with school. 
Ignoring it initially, too distracted by Chris, it wasn't long before you saw his caller ID show up on the screen, getting Seungmin's attention. 
"I think you should answer that," he gestured, making you glance around the table in your hesitance, not knowing if it would be rude to just exit halfway. 
Picking up the phone-call, you'd turned your head, lowering your volume to a murmur, "hello?" 
"Hey, can we talk? I really need to tell you something." 
You winced, "is it urgent? I'm at a team dinner right now." 
Your boyfriend sighed, scoffing, "it really is always work with you, huh." 
"What's that supposed to mean?" 
You glanced at the table, standing up to excuse yourself. Chris's expression read confusion, eavesdropping on a secretary asking what happened, Seungmin replying that it was your boyfriend calling. 
You'd made your way outside the restaurant, Chris glancing in your direction and spotting you walk past the restaurant's windows, a part of him shaking off whatever curiosity that lingered in him as he focused on his conversation. After all, you did tell him you could handle yourself, right? 
Where you were, you'd moved to a quieter spot outside the restaurant, "okay, I can talk now. What's up?" 
You kicked at the ground absently as you awaited his reply. 
"Look, are you free to meet tonight? There's something I need to tell you." 
"Uh..." you glanced into the restaurant, making eye contact with Chris before looking away, "I've got to work later, though. I need to get some research done for this review that i'm behind on, I don't wanna meet you if i'm just gonna end up on my computer while you're there, you know?" 
Your boyfriend nodded, "you know, that's kind of what i wanted to talk to you about." 
"Oh," a feeling of dread was building in your stomach, recognising your boyfriend's tone to be the one he used whenever he was talking about something serious. 
The first time you heard it was when you witnessed him on a work phone-call, the second being how he spoke to your parents the first time they'd met, but this time, you had a feeling you knew what was coming. 
"Let's break up." 
You fell silent, not knowing how to respond to his words. 
"Is it, um.... is it because of my work?" You asked, a part of you not being able to come to terms with the fact that it could have been your fault, "because you know I can't do anything about that." 
Your boyfriend sighed, "I know. I'm just talking about how you've been so emotionally invested in your work you don't even have the energy to maintain this relationship." 
You frowned, "what, what do you want me to do, quit my job? Will that be better for you?" 
"Look, i've been seeing someone," he began. Your heart sank. 
"And i'd be lying if I said that wasn't part of the reason. But... it was only when I started seeing her that I realised... things between us just weren't the same as before." 
Your heart felt heavy, a part of you knowing that he was making it a lot easier to be mad at him by confessing what he did, but another part of you couldn't help but prompt him further. 
"When did it start?" 
"That doesn't matter-" 
You sighed, taking your lower lip between your teeth, "it's fine, I just wanna know." 
"Fine, it was about a month in from you working for your new boss." 
You nodded slowly, still trying to process his words. You weren't quite sure what came over you when you saw Chris exiting the restaurant, turning to face your direction and spotting you in the alley. But it was as if you were so mad at yourself, mad at him, mad at your boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend now), that you'd ended the call, shoving your phone into the pocket of your blazer before heading over to where Chris was. 
"You guys aren't going home?" you heard one of the secretaries ask as you and Chris had approached his car, his driver already sitting in the car and waiting. 
Chris shook his head with a smile, "nope, we're heading back to the office." 
You mustered a smile as you bid them goodbye, you guessed this was probably the best time to bury yourself in your work as a poor coping mechanism after a breakup, as far as movie breakups went.  
The car-ride was silent, despite the pinging of your phone, making you switch it to silent mode halfway, earning a curious look from Chris, though he didn't make to ask you about it. 
Upon reaching the office, the both of you had gone back into your clockwork routine, as you sat in his office working on your computer and scribbling down on your notebook the important details you wanted him to check. Chris found that your background in law and journalism made it a lot easier whenever it came to reading and condensing information, which had only allowed him to trust you more when it came to getting tasks like that done, saving him precious time he could spend working on other things. 
The buzzing of your phone was growing more frequent, though it was as if you were oblivious to it now as you typed away at your computer. 
"Right, can you help to postpone tomorrow afternoon's meeting, and help me to make a reservation at the steak place, 2 people." 
You hadn't made to move, pulling your phone out but having gotten distracted at the multitude of missed calls and texts just because your boyfriend wanted to 'make sure you were okay'. Please. 
"Hello? Can you hear me?" you heard Chris call, snapping you out of your daze as his gaze searched your expression, trying to read your emotions. 
"Sorry, can you repeat that? I didn't hear you." 
Chris sighed, his annoyance at your phone that had lit up with a call again getting the better of him, "you know I don't ask you to stay later just for you to waste my time, you know." 
Your gaze hardened. There it was, the side of Chris that you had the 'privilege' of being at the brunt of, nowhere near the smiley giggly Chris you witnessed at the restaurant just now. 
"I said I was sorry. What do you want me to do?" 
Chris huffed, his gaze darting to your phone as he spoke, "reservation for 2 people tomorrow afternoon, the steak place my mom likes. Postpone tomorrow afternoon's appointment with Director Lee." He told you slowly, his tone as if speaking to a young child, which only served to piss you off even more. 
"Who's calling you?" he asked. 
You shook your head in dismissal, "my...uh..." you weren't sure how to respond, watching dumbly as he made his way to where you were, lifting your phone to read the contact before letting out a huff. 
"Okay, well you can tell your boyfriend that if you're gonna be this distracted at work, you can kiss your night goodbye." 
You inhaled deeply, absolutely upset but knowing there wasn't much you could do about it. You loved your job, even though you hated to admit it. Ever since Chris came in, you were getting a lot more work experience and exposure, especially with how he would make it mandatory for you to attend certain language courses that would help him whenever you accompanied him on networking events or business galas. 
And in that moment, you couldn't help but think back to what he'd said the first time he'd scolded you when he'd told you to figure out your priorities. Maybe your boyfriend called you at the right time, maybe you just weren't ready to focus on things other than your career at this point of time. 
Turning your phone off, you'd made sure Chris saw that it was off, raising your hands up in surrender, "done. I'll book your stupid reservation now." You stalked out before Chris could chime in with a 'watch your tone'. 
You'd been working for Chris for what was coming to 2 years now. The company had been reaping the results of their hard work for a while now, and you were thankful that even though you weren't as busy as before, you still managed to keep your job. Other than the fact that Chris’ hair was now back to dark brown, not much else had changed. 
Although, one tiny change you were starting to wish for was that Chris would at least try to make things a little more bearable for you. 
You were currently at a meeting with the directors where Chris was presenting the overview of the company's performance in the past month. You would have to say you were pretty satisfied with the work you'd both done on that, working a lot more efficiently now compared to when you'd first started out. 
Your silent admiration of the presentation was interrupted when one of the directors summoned you over to ask for a cup of coffee.
Doing as you were told ( much to Chris' dismay ), you'd gone and come back in record time with his hot cup of coffee, bending down and making your way to where the director sat, not wanting to prevent any of them from seeing what Chris was presenting. 
While he was presenting, it didn't take Chris very long to realise why the director had kept asking you for things, your position from where you were squatting next to him making it all-too-easy for him to ogle at you without you noticing. 
For some reason, this seemed to have gotten on Chris' nerves, especially because that director's secretary was simply minding her own business at the back of the room. 
Did Chris think what you were wearing that day was nice? He'd say he didn't but of course he did. But unlike the director, he preferred not to be so blatant about it, especially because you were always so rude towards him. 
You'd tensed momentarily when the director had grabbed your arm, about to get up when you heard Chris' voice get louder. 
"Y/N, I'd appreciate if you would stop distracting the directors and go back to your seat." 
(Later on, Seungmin would be struggling to hold back his laughter in the printing room when Chan told him to tell you to button up your blouse a little more. 
“Why can’t you just tell her yourself?” 
Chan scoffed, “knowing her, she’s just gonna think I was looking at her… chest or something.” 
Seungmin narrowed his eyes at Chan teasingly, “well, were you?” 
Chan waved him off with a groan, “just tell her, okay? The directors are having a field day with her looking like that.”)
You'd almost scoffed at the way the director had immediately let go of you, and you straightened up quickly, heading back to sit with the other secretaries. 
"That was harsh," you heard one of the secretaries murmur to you, making you shrug. 
"Whatever, not like I expected more from him anyway." 
(You did, you totally did. You'd kill for him to be less grating with his words). 
After the meeting, you'd felt a phone ring in your bag, pulling it out to see that Chris' mom was calling, obviously not having been able to reach him. Making your way to where he was, you'd interrupted his packing of his things. 
"Your mom is calling you," you'd told him out of habit, holding his phone out for him to take, jumping slightly when you'd heard one of the directors let out a dismayed grunt. 
"Is that any way to talk to your boss?" 
Your eyes widened, Chris seeming to be enjoying the situation play out before him as you regained your composure, looking back at Chris with a sickly sweet smile on your face. In front of the directors, you couldn't act up like how you usually did when it was just the both of you, so you had no choice but to be all smiles
"President Bang, your mother is calling you," you told him, and if you were annoyed, you didn't show it, having years of practice from dealing with the directors. 
"uh-huh," Chris smirked, taking the phone from your hands and answering it as he gestured for you to help him gather his papers. 
"No, mom. I’ve told you already, i’m really fine with how things are now. I'm not going on another one." 
Not that you cared, but you had to admit you were kind of curious as to what he was so insistently refusing.
"Yes, okay, bye," he hung up, handing the phone back to you. 
You'd tried your best to suppress your curiosity, seeing as he was about to be late for his next meeting with one of his friends if he hadn't hurried. 
Fixing your blouse, you'd carried your laptop in your arm as you walked with him back to his office, with you going into the lift first, Chris having chosen the wrong time to step in as a girl you recognised as one of the interns had done so too, the number of people squeezing into the lift causing her to jerk her arm, her coffee landing unceremoniously on Chris’ tie and shirt. 
Chris let out a hiss at the temperature of the liquid, eliciting a long string of apologies from the girl. You knew that if it was you that had spilled the coffee, he would be going on and on about carelessness now, but the intern obviously wasn’t you, and so you watched in envy as Chris had given her a smile, dismissing her apologies quickly. 
“It’s fine, really. I just hope you still have some coffee left to drink,” he laughed. 
Not only was he not upset, but he was joking with her too? 
You scoffed, rolling your shoulders back as you’d watched the numbers on the elevator rise till it reached your floor, the girl looking scared for her life when you’d cast her a look, bowing to you apologetically. 
“Where did you keep the spare change of clothes?” Chris asked as he’d begun loosening his tie. 
You hadn’t responded as he let you walk before him into his office, making your way over to one of the cupboards at the side of the room and opening it, pulling out a hanger with a nicely ironed set of work clothes. 
“You can go and get changed, I’ll wait here,” you murmured, Chris walking over to where you were and giving you his stained tie. 
God, you hoped his dry-cleaning run wouldn’t make you late for your lunch appointment. 
Looking at his tie, you brought it up closer to your face to inspect the material, it was a well-made tie, you had to say. Not too skinny, the material feeling almost luxurious in your hold, tempting you to put it on in your boredom. 
Hanging it round your neck, you mustered your best ‘Chris accent’.
“You should be accountable for your mistakes! Don’t you know how many people you’re inconveniencing? Now I have a tie that reeks of coffee, look,” you held up the tie with a gasp, “and my secretary’s gonna be late for her lunch meeting!” You pointed accusatorially at the small black penholder that sat on his desk. 
“Yeah! Do you know how much you’re inconveniencing me? I don’t ask you to show up to work to waste my time—“ 
You’d stopped in your tracks when you heard Chris clearing his throat, grimacing as you tried to regain your composure, taking off the tie as quickly as you could, holding it tightly in your palm as you turned to face him. 
“Having fun?” 
“No,” you shot back quickly, not even wanting to ask how long he’d been standing there. 
Walking over to you, he’d handed you his stained shirt, his expression like that of a parent that had caught their kid doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing. 
“You know, sometimes I wish you’d talk back to the directors like how you talk back to me.” 
Your eyes widened, confused at his sudden comment, but not having the time to respond as Chris continued. 
“Get these dry-cleaned over lunch. The stain’ll be harder to get out the longer you wait.” 
You huffed, already walking away from him, “well, when you say it like that I’d might as well go do it now.” 
You'd been keeping yourself busy with replying emails when you heard the elevator ding, the sound of footsteps getting louder before you saw a considerably young, suit-clad man walking towards your desk. 
"I'm here to see Chris? I'm Director Kang," he told you, though you didn't need him to introduce himself, knowing very well who he was. 
"He's in there," you held a finger up to signal him to wait as you picked up your desk telephone, pressing a button to page Chris. 
"Director Kang's here to see you." 
"Okay, send him in."
Chris closed the work he was doing on his desktop, making his way over to the leather couches as he saw his friend enter the room. 
"Yo, when were you planning on telling me about your hot secretary?" 
Chris' eyebrows raised, "didn't think that was something worth mentioning."
"Well, why not?" his friend frowned, his features pulling into one of shock, "wait, don't tell me... you guys are dating?" 
Chris rolled his eyes, "no, we're not. And please, for both our sakes, don't try anything funny with her." 
The director was about to respond, interrupted by your knocking on the door, the door opening slightly so you could enter. 
"Can I get you anything? Like a drink? Coffee? Tea?" you asked. 
The director simply looked at you curiously, sitting with his ankle resting on his other knee, "only if you'd care to join me." 
Chris glared at his friend, shutting him up quickly before he could say anything more, "coffee for him, I don't want a drink."
You nodded, exiting quickly.
"What did you come to tell me about?" 
"Must I have a reason to come and visit my beloved friend?" 
Chris rolled his eyes, "my time is precious." 
This made the director scoff, "is that your excuse now? Anyway, I came to ask if you were going for Brian's wedding next weekend." 
"Oh, yeah, right. He asked me about it last night and I said I would go, you?" 
Director Kang rolled his eyes, "can't, I've got a business trip that weekend." 
Chris hummed in acknowledgement, "that reminds me. I should get a gift for them soon. Who'd he say he was marrying again?" 
"This girl he met at work, she's nice. But, you know, not my type." 
As if that wasn't enough, Director Kang continued, "anyway, are you bringing a date?" 
He was interrupted once again by the sound of your knocking, the door opening as you made your way over to them, bending to place the cup of coffee down onto the table, making Director Kang gesture to you with his head, mouthing 'you should bring her'. 
Waving him off, Chris was eager to get Director Kang’s attention away from you, almost as if wanting to protect you from getting swayed by him, knowing the outcome was never too bright. 
"Y/N, you can go for an early lunch break today." 
Your eyebrows raised, the prospect seeming almost too good to be true. Since when was he so nice? 
"Huh? But I still have some stuff to hand the legal team..." you sounded unsure, though you did consider this to be luck since you were supposed to meet one of your friends from college for lunch today. 
Chris gave you a stern look, waving you off, making you raise your hands in surrender. 
“Okay, okay, I’ll go.” 
On your way out, you’d texted your friend that you were gonna be able to meet earlier, pleasantly surprised when she’d told you she was already in the area and that she was able to head over now. 
You’d managed to drop off Chris’ clothes for dry-cleaning before heading to the restaurant, spotting your friend already seated at your table. 
“Hey! Wow, you look great!” She told you, giving you a hug in greeting. 
“Feel a lot better compared to last year,” you joked, making her frown. 
“Your boss still giving you trouble?” 
Shrugging, you’d taken a seat, “nothing out of the ordinary. Seems like it’s part of his daily routine to annoy me.” 
She laughed, “I ordered our food already, if you don’t mind.” 
Shaking your head, you waved in dismissal, “no, yeah, I don’t mind. Thanks. Anyway, you look pretty good yourself, how’ve you been?” 
You didn’t miss the way she’d leaned closer to you, tucking her hair behind her ear in a pointed gesture, drawing your attention to the large gemstone on her ring. 
Your eyes widened, “no way.” 
She nodded, “I wanted to tell you sooner but you were so busy! I was glad enough I managed to squeeze in this lunch with you,” she told you, making you pout. 
“When’s the wedding?” You asked. 
“Next week. We’re going to have it in this beautiful church out of town, really really nice place,” she told you, “really romantic, too,” she added as an afterthought. 
You let out a deep sigh, “I hope you’re not going where I think you’re going with this.” 
She gave you a scandalised look, pausing as the waiter had come to deliver your food, “first of all, Brian has a lot of good-looking friends!” 
You gave her a look, prompting her to continue, “well, not that I’ve seen all of them but he tells me that a lot of them are single! And you know who else is single…” she pointed her finger towards you with an overly excited glint to her grin. 
“We’ve been through this a million times, Eujin. I’ve tried but it’s really hard to find a guy that’s willing to cope with… you know, my kind of schedule,” you gave her a tired (wistful) sigh, “and with my schedule, I doubt I have the time, not to mention the energy to date.” 
Eujin’s lips twisted into a frown, “but it’s been so long! Don’t you want to get back in the dating scene?” 
You scoffed, cutting into your food harshly before taking a bite. 
“Of course I do. But the last time I went on a date the guy basically shat on me for being a workaholic,” you huffed, “I mean, my boss’ working hours means my working hours, shouldn’t they just shit on him instead? Why is it my fault that he’s basically destroyed what I have left of a social life.” 
Eujin shot you a look of sympathy, “I’d say I pitied you, but it’s not like you can’t get a job anywhere else, you know?” 
You’d kept your mouth shut at that, “I know… it just… I can’t just leave when I’ve already gotten so used to how things work here.” 
Of course that was one reason, but you would never admit that there was a nagging inside of you that didn't trust Chris to look after himself if you weren't here, remembering how he'd overworked himself during a crucial period after he took over the company, and you'd found him passed out on his desk when you showed up to work that day. 
You'd sort of made a silent promise that as much as you didn't like him, you still cared for him in a way. In the way a secretary would care for her boss, totally. 
You decided to change the topic, not wishing to talk about your hopeless love life at the moment. 
“What’s the program gonna be like?” 
Eujin’s eyes lit up, setting her cutlery down as she clasped her hands together, “Okay, so. The plan is for it to be a sort of weekend-long thing,” she told you, holding her finger up. 
“Firstly, on Thursday night we’ll have a little girls night type thing, and then Friday is the rehearsal dinner, Saturday will kind of be a little rest day and then Sunday is the actual wedding,” she said, now holding up four fingers to you. 
Your head was spinning at the (rather enticing) thought of taking basically 4 days off of work, before the dread settled in that you had to ask Chris for permission to take those days off. 
“I hope my boss will let me take time off…” you murmured, already rehearsing in your head possible ways on how you could tell him. 
Eujin gave you a resolute look, “you can do it! If he says no just let me know, I’ll go over to your fancy office and fight whoever he is myself.” 
“How many days?” 
Chris had asked at your desk as he prepared to leave to meet his mom for lunch since she’d happened to be in the business district. 
You fiddled with your pen anxiously, “uh..4 days? Technically 3 and a half. But 2 of those are weekends I just need you to make sure you just don’t bother me on that weekend it’s a really important weekend.” 
Chris narrowed his eyes at you, unsure why you were so insistent on him leaving that weekend alone, nodding slowly. 
Whatever, he figured, she’s just lucky I’m busy that weekend too. 
“I swear I’ll—wait, you’re okay with it?” 
Chris shrugged, straightening his tie, “yeah. I’ve got something on that weekend too.” 
You let out a surprised hum, “oh… cool. Thanks…Mr Bang,” you added as a force of habit, not wanting to risk getting scolded for ‘insubordination’ again just because you didn’t call him by his honorific. 
Chris huffed, leaving before you could see his ears reddening. 
Over lunch, Chris’ mom had been inspecting him carefully as he ate, as if the answer to her worries lay in every piece of sushi he ate. 
“Is there something you’re not telling me? Are you… gay?” She asked, continuing, “because if you are you know you can just tell me, instead of constantly upsetting the girls I try to set you up with.” 
Chris gave her a unamused look, “mom, I’ve told you a thousand times. I would really love to date, but it’s hard to find someone with a similar work ethic as myself, that can keep up with my… lifestyle and who really understands my needs, you know?” 
This made Chris’ mom perk up, “that’s it! Why don’t you just date your secretary!” 
Chris almost choked on his sushi, fumbling to grab his glass of water to calm himself down and compose himself. 
“What,” he spoke between coughs, “gave you that idea?” 
His mom looked at him in disbelief, “whatever you just said, you were basically describing her, no? And plus, we’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about her from your uncle.”
Chris couldn’t help but entertain the possibility in his head. It was true, you did work at a very efficient pace with him, not to mention how spending almost everyday in such close contact with him made you understand his own needs and wants even better than he did on occasions. Chris shook his head, that wasn’t possible, right? You looked as though you’d absolutely hated him half the time, he’d be expecting too much from you if he’d expected you to fall for him. 
Chris shook his head, dismissing the thought from both him and his mom’s minds quickly, “no, mom. I’m fine with how things are between us right now.” 
Chris had let you leave the office earlier on Thursday, (much to your surprise) allowing you to have ample time to pack your bags and get a cab to the destination, Eujin having taken the liberty and helped you book your hotel beforehand. 
Upon reaching, you’d texted Eujin saying you’d reached. 
eujin 6:54pm -yay!! Lets just chill in one of our rooms, we can discuss it in the chatgroup!!- 
Trust her to be excitable even about the smallest things. 
You saw an incoming text from Seungmin. 
seungmin (personal)  6:54pm -what where r u I went over to find u but both u and Chris weren’t here- 
6:55pm -im at a friends wedding, took the weekend off-
seungmin (personal)  6:55pm -wow finally using your employee perks nvm then have fun- 
You’d checked in, marvelling at the cozy yet elegant look of the hotel as you made your way through the lobby, letting the lift take you up to your hotel room floor. 
Changing into more comfortable clothes, you’d seen the group chat saying to gather in Eujin’s room, with mentions of ordering pizza. Considering this was your first weekend away from work in a very, long while, you were determined to make the most of it, heading over to Eujin’s room. 
You hadn’t expected to be welcomed as warmly as you were, hearing comments of ‘we were so happy you could make it!’ Or ‘thank God you could take time off!’, sharing the same sentiments as them as you’d let Eujin pull you onto the bed, the softness of the sheets and pillows instantly making a content sigh leave you. 
“I ordered room service,” Eujin sing-songed, gesturing to the Champagne bottles and whatnot on the tray next to the bed. 
“I’ll have one,” you raised your hand, earning a laugh from one of your friends. 
“Tired from work?”  
You let out a loud groan, nodding. This made Eujin nod gravely, “I swear, if I ever see your boss in real life, I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind.” 
You scoffed, “you don’t even know what he looks like.” You’d gratefully accepted the glass of champagne that was handed to you. "and plus, he's not that bad, other than the fact that he finds joy in pissing me off. He just works too hard in my opinion." 
You’d spent your time enjoying the once chance you could relax to your heart’s content without feeling dread at having to wake up early the following day, enjoying yourself as you leant against the headboard of the bed, listening to stories about how they’ve been and how all of them were either planning on getting engaged soon, were in long-term relationships or already married. 
“You guys make me wanna get married too,” you pouted, earning bouts of laughter from them. 
“You’d have to actually date to do that, you know,” they told you pointedly, making you sigh. 
“You’re basically married to your job, already,” your friend chimed in, making you laugh. 
“Seems like that, doesn’t it? I was super shocked he’d let me have the weekend off, usually he’d be swarming me with emails about now.” 
“I’m excited to see Brian’s friends tomorrow, maybe there’ll be someone that catches your eye,” Eujin told you, making you shrug. 
“Just out of curiosity, though, what are you looking for in a guy? You know, we could help you keep an eye out too.” 
You hummed, shrugging. 
“I’ve never really thought of a specific…criteria I guess. I guess I’d just like someone that’s kind, looks out for me, doesn't underestimate me...sort of has the same lifestyle as me? Since it’s honestly been really hard to find someone that doesn’t hate my schedule.” 
You'd almost scoffed at the way your brain had refused to picture anyone else other than Chris while you thought about it, figuring it was probably because he was the only guy you were in constant contact with. 
Eujin looked at you resolutely, “we’ll do our best,” she held up a fist in an action to cheer you on. 
You shrugged, You figured maybe going into this with an open mind would do you some good. 
You changed the topic, directing the focus back to Eujin, “whatever, let’s just have fun, it’s your big day soon, let’s just celebrate!”
At the rehearsal dinner, you had yet to arrive, since you’d spent a little longer getting ready, choosing to use your opportunity to dress up a little more, not having the luxury to do so during your usual work days. 
You had texted Eujin that you were on the way with some of the other bridesmaids, her attention directed elsewhere when her fiancé had called her over. 
“Hey, wanted you to meet some of my friends from law school.” 
While being introduced, Eujin couldn’t help but wonder if they were single, remembering your mentioned criteria from the night before. 
“Oh, so are you guys all working in the law sector now?” 
Her husband shook his head, “All of them, except Chan here. He’s the ceo of Bang Mobile Media company.” 
Eujin’s eyes widened, glancing at the brown-haired boy cautiously, as if sizing him up. Y/N worked in a mobile company too, right? If she was remembering this correctly. Was it mobile or broadcasting? 
“Oh, wow. That’s impressive.” 
Eujin had let them introduce themselves more, not being able to help but think that Chan was nice, friendly, and rich on top of that? 
“I don’t get it, how are you single? You’re basically the whole package!” She wondered out loud, making Chan flush, giggling as he shook his head. 
Her husband seemed to have begged to differ, “Chan is incorrigible when it comes to his love life.” 
Eujin raised her eyebrows in surprise, not having expected someone so good-looking to have such a fate, “really? Is there a reason behind that?” 
“He’d never dated much, even back when he was in Australia. He was always super dedicated to his work,” this had served to make Eujin even more positive about this guy’s prospects as a suitor for you. 
“Oh my god, you’re exactly like one of my friends, I should totally introduce her to you when she comes later.” 
“Hey, cut him some slack,” one of his friends had spoken up, “Chan can’t cheat on his job.” 
Eujin felt her phone vibrate signalling a notification, pulling it out to see that you’d arrived already, excusing herself and practically running over to the entrance of the venue. “Chan, you stay put, I have just the perfect girl to introduce you to!” 
“Y/N! You have to come quick, I think I found the perfect guy for you.” 
Your eyes widened, clutching onto the chain of your bag as you followed her into the room. 
“He’s really nice, and friendly, and he’s good-looking! Really cute dimples! And on top of that he’s loaded. I’m so excited for you to meet him.” 
Letting her drag you along, you’d distracted yourself with the atmosphere of the area, wondering just how much it would cost to book a venue like this, tugging down your dress that was hiking up from practically running after Eujin. 
“Hey, I have someone I’d like you to meet. Chan, this is Y/N,” Eujin chirped, the names causing the both of your heads to shoot up, locking eyes with each other as a feeling of doom built in the pit of your stomach. 
Your eyes widened in panic, glancing down at your attire, back to him, who was dressed in a flowy black shirt that you were sure cost more than your one week’s pay, the top few buttons of his shirt undone to reveal a simple silver necklace, and fitted black pants, your gaze landing on the small silver rings on his ears, almost feeling as though you were looking at a different person. 
Chris thought so too, seeming to have the same panic as you as he tried not to let his gaze linger too long on your dress, nodding his head at you in greeting, “nice to uh…meet you.” 
His ears had felt hot as you nodded back at him, almost startling when Eujin had cheered, leaning over to whisper to you, “I’ll make sure you guys get to sit next to each other.” 
You were about to protest when she’d left, leaving you standing at the bar with Chris. 
“So, Y/N, how do you know the bride to be?” 
You gulped, wanting to slap yourself for how your gaze had kept returning to Chris, unable to shake the feeling of needing to be in work-mode now with his presence before you. 
“Oh, uh, we were friends since college,” you answered simply. 
“Cool, did you guys have the same major?” Chris had to stop himself from glaring at his friend, a strange feeling inside of him as he recognised the look on his friend’s face and his posture to be that which he used whenever he was interested in a girl. 
You shook your head, “uh, not quite. I majored in law but she majored in journalism.” You tried to respond as calmly as you could, not being able to shake Chris’ gaze off of you, feeling as though at any moment he was going to call you out for something you weren’t even aware of.
You saw the guy practically light up at the mention of law. 
“Woah, that’s really coincidental. All of us met in law school,” he gestured to the group of them, making you laugh nervously. 
“Where are you guys um… dates?” You asked, immediately regretting the question when you saw the way Chris was practically glaring at you. 
You didn’t understand why he was glaring at you, wasn’t it a valid question? 
“We didn’t bring dates, unfortunately. Did you?” 
You shook your head, making Chris snort. “Does it look like she brought a date? She literally came in alone.” 
You narrowed your eyes at him, unsure where his spitefulness was coming from, especially when his friend was just trying to make conversation with you. 
You scoffed, folding your arms. “Yeah, pity. Maybe I’d have time to date if I wasn’t always so busy running around doing shit for my boss,” you cast a pointed glance at him, bringing a hand up to nonchalantly run it through your hair. 
Chris smirked, two could play at this game.
“Same here, I’d probably have the time to date too if my secretary wasn’t always causing trouble.” 
“Your secretary?” His friend spoke up, “I heard from someone she was pretty cute, and nice too.” 
You’d almost wanted to agree, realising that if you did it would put you in a pretty compromising position, simply acting surprised. 
“If I had a secretary like that, I’d just date her,” one of his friends had spoken up, making your eyes widen, wracking your brain for possible responses. 
“Who knows, are you a workaholic?” You asked pointedly, earning amused grunts and laughs from his friends, “ah… it’d be too bad if I was your secretary, then. I absolutely can’t stand dating workaholics.” 
Chris narrowed his eyes at you, the both of you knowing you were just as bad at him, replying calmly, “oh, you can’t stand dating workaholics? Me neither.” 
You were thankful that Eujin had given you a small break when she'd invited everyone to take their seats so dinner could be served, wincing when you'd ended up sitting next to Chris out of habit, momentarily forgetting that you weren't attending a networking session. 
You'd hoped and prayed that you wouldn't slip up more than you already did. As much as you'd wanted to spite him, he was still your boss, and you knew he'd give you an earful for even the slightest hint of disrespect ( which you were sure you'd surpassed already ). 
Focusing on the gorgeous food they'd served you, you saw the waiter pick up the bottle of wine, pouring it for you. 
Having been oblivious, the waiter was about to pour a glass for Chris as well, making your secretary-instincts kick in, your arm darting across Chris to stop the waiter in time. 
"No, Mr Bang, you shouldn't drink that." 
Chris would have looked fairly amused if he wasn't stressed out by your proximity, with you practically leaning over him to speak to the waiter. 
You'd cursed internally, wincing at the way Chan's friend had looked at you, tilting his head in confusion. 
"Mr Bang? And how do you know his alcohol preference?" 
Chris let out a nervous giggle as you straightened up, "uh...well um know it's a really funny story actually... we're um..." 
Not being able to bear his awkward fumbling any longer, you'd butt in, "We work in the same company. Yeah." 
You were lucky his friend had bought it, simply nodding in understanding, "no wonder, you guys were being so weird just now." 
Chris scoffed, "what weird?" 
You turned around in your chair, pretending to pick up your bag, "stop, you're making it worse," you murmured so he could hear you, making him bring his glass of water to his lips. 
One of your girl friends had spoken up, halfway through the meal, "wait, i just realised. If you guys work in the same office, then you must know her boss right? That dude is crazy. We all thought it was a miracle that she could take time off for the wedding," 
You glared at your friend, trying to subtly shake your head in your attempt to stop her, but she was oblivious, "she doesn't like it when we badmouth him but it's true! Ever since she started working for him it's like her social life just disappeared. Her boss is always her first priority." 
You'd never related more to how people said they wished the ground would swallow you whole. Looking down at your food, you'd tried to remain nonchalant about it, but Chris who was next to you was looking at your friend with wide eyes. 
"Oh, really? What else does she say about him?" 
You laughed nervously, waving your hands in dismissal, "nothing that concerns you."
Chris turned to you, dropping his volume to a murmur, "is that so? because i'm hearing all this and i'm getting the feeling it definitely concerns me." 
You let out a huff of anxious laughter, bringing your glass to your lips, consuming your drink in sips because your boss was sitting next to you, but secretly wishing you could down it all in one go. 
Soon enough, all your anxious sipping had made you reach an empty glass, the waiter coming over to refill it for you, earning an eyebrow raise from Chris. 
"Leave me alone," you huffed. 
Chris simply laughed, "what? I didn't say anything." 
You'd tried to pay attention to the proceedings of the wedding rehearsal, and after dessert was served people had started to mingle around more, the drinks having started to kick in as you'd felt a lot more relaxed. 
It was safe to say Eujin was as well, going around to talk to the guests and thank them for coming out of town for the celebrations. 
Soon enough, you were almost done with your fourth glass, oblivious to the way Chris was looking at you, impressed yet concerned. Feeling skinny arms drape over your shoulders, you turned your head to see none other than Eujin, cooing at you affectionately. 
"Tell your boss a huge thank you for letting you have this weekend. I couldn't even get to see you on my birthday or for the engagement party, but i'm so so glad you're here now." 
You couldn't help but glance at Chris, knowing that you'd missed both of those events because you were helping him with something. The first being when he'd almost overworked himself enough to warrant a visit to the hospital since he hadn't been sleeping or eating well (after that, you swore you'd make sure this man was getting his three meals if you could help it), and the second time being when you had to accompany him to a keynote session out of town. 
You were starting to think maybe there was a little more to unpack behind your reasons why you stayed working for Chris Bang. Your only consolation at this point of time being that the rehearsal dinner was ending soon, meaning that you could finally escape the suffocating tension you were feeling. 
"Wanna hitch a ride back together? I drove here." 
You'd almost declined, feeling as if you didn't have a right to be in his car if it wasn't work-related. Chris had seemed to sense your hesitation, simply not waiting for a reply and walking off, hoping his smile wasn't too obvious when he'd heard you jogging to meet his pace. 
He'd surprised you even more when he'd opened the passenger door for you, shutting it gently after you'd gotten in. 
You'd given in to the comfort of his car almost immediately, more-so when Chris had gone to take something from the boot of his car, getting into the driver's seat and draping the soft blanket over your lap. 
"The drive back's pretty long, might wanna make yourself comfortable." 
And you were comfortable, very comfortable. Chris had started to play some music from his playlist, something about his behaviour almost making you forget that he was the same boss that had worked you to the bone for over a year. 
"I'm sorry," you suddenly spoke, once you were in the city, "about what my friends said," you weren't sure where all your courage was coming from, maybe it was the many glasses of wine, but whatever it was, it was putting Chris in an awfully reflective mood. 
"And what I said," you added as an afterthought. 
Chris took his lower lip between his teeth, shaking his head, “nah, don’t worry about it.”
Obviously, that seemed too good to be true, and you’d looked over at his expression in your attempt to figure out if he was being sincere. He was definitely gonna fire you. 
“I’m not gonna fire you, if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m just kind of…like, you know, wondering,” he began, “the uh… engagement party and the birthday party that you um… you know, that you missed. Were they both because of me?” 
You pursed your lips, nodding, “but it wasn’t your fault, you know. The first one was when you’d passed out… you know, at the office, remember?” 
He nodded, prompting you to continue, “the next one was a keynote session that I had to follow you to.” 
Chris gulped, his throat feeling dry all of a sudden. This whole time he wouldn’t have guessed you’d been giving up these things for him from how willing you’d seemed to work. Was this considered neglecting the needs of my employee? Probably. But whatever it was, Chris knew that he was being harsh on you more for his own sake than yours, but he was only starting to realise now that that might not have been such a good tactic.
Chris was already pulling into the hotel, stopping at the valet services as you’d slung your bag over your shoulder, Chris coming out to open your door for you, making you grimace, feeling as though you should've been the one to open it for him. 
Walking into the hotel lobby, you'd glanced at your phone, seeing as Eujin had texted you tomorrow's plans, "did you get the schedule for tomorrow? I can forward it to you-" 
Chris let a giggle escape him, nodding, "you know they would've sent it to me too, right?" 
Your lips parted in realisation, nodding as you went over to press the lift button before he could even reach over to do so, "right, forgot." 
You were sure it was something about your intoxicated state that was making you instinctively go into work mode, whatever relaxation you thought you would be getting on this weekend now seeming all too far from reach. 
"Uh... I can check what time the hotel serves breakfast and arrange for something to be sent to your room if you want-" 
"Y/N," his tone was enough to make you straighten up, goosebumps rising on your skin for some reason. 
Chris was looking at you in amusement, one hand shoved into his pocket, "you're not working, remember? This is your rest weekend." 
Your eyebrows knit in a frown, chewing on your lip as you averted your gaze, "I know but it's just... like I didn't expect to see you here and now that you are I can't help but feel like I'm at work or something," you'd turned to wonder what was taking the elevator so long, watching as the numbers had gone lower and lower, completely skipping your floor and heading to the carpark. 
"You know what? How about this," he began, pausing momentarily when you heard the elevator ding, stepping inside the empty elevator and pushing your floor button, your heart almost stopping when he hadn't made to press any button. 
"You're on the 14th floor too?" He nodded. 
"Anyway, as I was saying. To make things easier for you, let's just pretend we don't know each other, that i'm not your boss, you're not my secretary. We're just... two people that met at a wedding? You don't have to do anything for me as long as we're here, hmm?" he offered, seeming to sense your hesitance 
"Look, I'll go first," he stretched his hand out as if to ask for a handshake, "hello, nice to meet you, i'm Chan." 
He nodded, "my friends call me Chan. People only call me Chris at work." 
You'd brought your hand up slowly, grasping his in yours, the cold metal of his rings against your skin more obvious when he'd given your hand a small squeeze. 
"Nice to meet you, Chan. I'm Y/N?" you tried, looking at him for approval and earning a nod from him, trying your best to ignore the way he was smiling. 
"Yes, that's your name," he laughed. 
Letting go of his hand, you were thankful the elevator had reached your floor without any interruptions, realising just how lucky you were to have not bumped into him earlier on as he'd continued walking with you to your room, gesturing to the door opposite your room with wide eyes. 
"My room's here." 
You made to take out your hotel room key, hearing him clear his throat, and you'd turned around rapidly to face him, strangely eager to know what he was about to say. 
"Say, Y/N, I'd love to, you know, get to know you more. What do you think about getting brunch with me tomorrow?” 
You opened and closed your mouth for lack of a response. This was inappropriate, right? But then again, you weren’t working this weekend. And technically, in this situation, Chan wasn’t your boss. So, there was nothing to lose. 
You nodded, “Yeah. That sounds…nice.” 
“Sounds kind of suspicious if you asked me,” you heard Seungmin’s voice over the speaker, making you sigh. You were already ready, lounging on your bed as if to mentally prepare yourself for a stupid lunch. 
“Right? I don’t know what he’s trying to get out of this.” 
Seungmin knew. But it’s not as if he was going to tell you, no, that was Chan’s job not his. Frankly, he’d had enough of listening to the both of you whine about your apparent personal vendetta against each other. He watched his fair share of movies, Seungmin knew how these things worked. 
“Maybe it’ll give you a chance to actually talk to each other like normal human beings instead of just bickering all the time for no reason.” 
“I have a reason, I’ll have you know.” 
Seungmin scoffed, “really? Enlighten me, then.”
You’d fumbled for a reason, stuttering in your failure to find something that validated your annoyance towards Chan. 
“I don’t know, his dimples are stupid.” 
Seungmin wanted to laugh, “so you’re telling me, you just can’t stand him because of his stupid dimples?” 
Your attention was diverted when you’d felt your phone vibrate, signalling an incoming text from Chan. 
boss  11:20am -meet u outside your hotel room in 10?- 
“Shit, he wants to meet me in 10 minutes.” 
Seungmin shrugged, “10 minutes is more than enough time for you to come up with a less shitty reason why you don’t like him. Or for you to realise that you don’t actually hate him.” 
You scoffed, burying your face into your sheets as you thought of a reason. 
“Okay, I’ve got it. I just don’t like how he treats everyone so nicely and then treats me like I’m some incompetent kid.” 
“You know for a fact he doesn’t think you’re incompetent. He literally trusts you more than he does the other staff.” 
You scoffed, “yeah, whatever. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s so condescending about it, he thinks of me i’m some kid that doesn’t know anything.” 
Seungmin snorted, remembering the incident where Chan had asked him to tell you to button up your blouse after the directors behaviour during a meeting. 
“Oh, he definitely doesn’t see you as a kid,” Seungmin cackled, earning an eye roll from you.
Glancing at the time, you saw how it was almost 11:30, “okay, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later.” 
Ending the call, you’d slung your small bag around your shoulder, giving one last glance at your appearance in the mirror in the bathroom before leaving your hotel room, startling when you’d spotted Chan there. 
Dressed in a black pullover and jeans, Chan smiled at you, bringing a hand up to touch his ear, “morning,” he greeted. 
“Good morning,” you huffed nervously.
He’d already begun walking, making you follow beside him, “did you get a good sleep?” 
His eyebrows raised at your question, nodding at you. His hair was curlier than usual, not styled up like you usually saw. “you?” 
You nodded, following him in silence as you’d gone down the list, realising he’d pressed the ground floor instead of where they were serving food on the 3rd floor. 
“You pressed the wrong floor,” you began, not expecting to see the pleading smile on his face.
“Actually, I was thinking of bringing you to this place nearby, I’ve been there before and it’s pretty good.” 
Your first thought was to wonder if it was expensive, knowing that this time you didn’t have the company card to fall back on. 
“Is it expensive?” You asked, seeing him shrug. 
“Not really.” 
Only when you’d reached the area did you realise how much of an understatement Chan made. The restaurant was a small cozy-looking place that served food that you’d only heard of up till now, located along a line of boutiques selling unusual trinkets and handmade items. 
Upon reaching, you and Chan had been led up upstairs to an outdoor seating area of the restaurant, the view of the scenery accompanied with the breeze instantly putting you in a relaxed mood. 
“Do you like it?” He asked, almost sounding nervous. 
Nodding reassuringly, you’d wanted to run away when you saw the way he’d walked over to where you were, pulling your chair out for you to sit on, making you flush. Never in your life would you have thought your boss would be pulling out your chair for you.
“You know, you don’t have to do that,” you told him, using the menu to hide your face from view, pulling it down slightly to watch how he’d rest his forearm on the table, scanning through the menu with a smirk on his face, his (stupid) dimples appearing on his cheeks. 
“I wanted to. You’d never let me do it for you on any other occasion.” 
You had to admit that there was some truth to what you were saying, choosing to change the subject by telling him you’d decided on what you wanted to eat, choosing something that was still within your budget for the weekend. 
Beckoning the waiter over, Chan pushed his sleeves up to his elbows as he ordered for the both of you, the waiter asking what drinks you would want, a teasing smile on Chan’s face when you’d insisted on water.
“What?” You scoffed, earning a shake of the head from him. 
You’d leant back in your seat, about to tie your hair up into a ponytail, hearing the buzzing of your phone, reading the caller id to see that it was your mom trying to video call you. 
Sitting up quickly, you were about to excuse yourself when Chan had reached over, swiping to answer the call as he lifted the phone, pointing it towards you, his other hand beckoning for you to continue. 
“Hey, mom,” you spoke through gritted teeth, your rubber band between your teeth as you worked quickly to bunch your hair into a ponytail, Chan wanting to slap himself with how his ears had started to feel hot. 
“Hey, honey. Where are you? I called the office but they said you were on leave?” 
You secured your hair, taking the phone from Chan with a grateful murmur of ‘thanks’, making your mother’s eyes narrow, “who are you with?” 
“I’m attending Eujin’s wedding this weekend. I’m just uh…with a friend.” 
Chan looked away to clear his throat, catching your mom’s attention, “guy? I thought you told me you weren’t dating anyone.” 
This had caught Chan’s attention, having remembered Seungmin telling him that you’d broken up with your boyfriend. 
“No, yeah, mom it’s just a friend. Can I call you later?” 
Your mom’s eyebrows lifted, looking at you with a cheeky smile on her face, “oh, oh. Yes, of course you can. Have fun, baby.” 
You hung up quickly, shoving your phone back into your bag, looking up at Chan in question as to why he looked so surprised. 
“Your mom doesn’t know you have a boyfriend?” He asked, as if wanting that confirmation for himself, not feeling comfortable with pursuing his feelings if you were still in a relationship. 
You shook your head, “no uh…I broke up with my boyfriend a long time ago.” 
Chan’s lips pursed, nodding, “oh… sorry.” 
You shook your head, not being able to help a breathy laugh from leaving you, “don’t be. He was…it was for the best.” 
“D’you mind if I ask why? You don’t have to answer me if you don’t want to, I’m just kind of…curious.” 
You shrugged, not feeling as inclined to hide the information, since it was in the past now. 
“Nah he just… our schedules always clashed and I was always too tired by the end of the day to go out to find him and I guess it like, you know, sort of reached a point where I started prioritising my work and it didn’t work out.” 
Chan nodded slowly, the waiter coming over to serve you your food, “go ahead, you can start eating first.” 
You shook your head, insisting on waiting for his food to arrive before starting. “But I’m honestly fine now, it’s been more than a year since we broke up.” 
Chan huffed in amusement, “is that why you said you can’t stand dating workaholics?” 
Your giggles bubbled out of you, “honestly, I only said that to spite you. I’d much rather date someone that understands my schedule and reaches a compromise with me instead of just always expecting me to drop everything at their beck and call.” 
Chan nodded, “I get that. Yeah, work is important and all but… I feel like if you really loved someone you’d find any moment you could to be with them. Well, for me at least.” 
You laughed, “kind of hard, when we spend almost every waking moment with each other.” 
You’d looked up from your food when Chan hadn’t responded, the waiter finally coming over to serve his food, though his expression remained, looking at you as though he’d wanted to say something. 
“yeah,” he huffed eventually, starting to eat his food. 
You’d shocked yourself with how comfortable you were in his presence with the knowledge that you weren’t working. This was what you wanted, wasn’t it? To have Chris treat you nicely like how he did the other employees. Only now you were realising how easy it was to catch feelings for him just from this one change. 
Maybe you were kind of thankful he made it easier for you to hate him previously. 
It was true that you understood him better than most, and that he understood you as well, knowing what got on your nerves and what didn’t, how you worked and how you responded to things. Albeit there were a few things he still didn’t understand, you couldn’t deny that Chan was well-liked in the office for a reason, and you were beginning to experience that reason for yourself. 
Chris had been mulling over what his mother had told him about you, wondering if you were feeling the same tension that he was even as you talked about pointless things that made you wonder why you hadn’t talked about them sooner. 
Not that it was a bad kind of tension (or maybe it was), but it was akin to the feeling of knowing that you would both have to confront a realisation soon. 
“Are you doing anything tonight?” He asked as you were heading back to the car, earning a shrug from you. 
“My friends wanted to have some kind of girls night thing, you?” 
He sighed, nodding, “same, the guys and I are going out for drinks.” 
You shot him a look, “drinks?” 
He laughed, shaking his head, “I can hold my alcohol, I just choose not to drink.” 
Your eyes widened, “and I’m only finding this out now because? Do you remember when I had to drink your drinks for you during the first networking session because you lied to me and told me you couldn’t drink that!”
Chan flushed, “I wasn’t lying, technically. I really couldn’t drink that, I don’t like white wine.” 
You shot him a harmless glare, this time, letting him open the door for you as you got into the passenger’s seat. 
“Don’t drink too much tonight, yeah?” He gave you an amused huff as he started the engine of the car. 
“You too,” you held your pinky out for him to make a promise. 
Chan nodded, linking his pinky with yours as he leaned closer to you, “deal.” 
You’d heard the sound of beeping at your door that night, wondering what all the ruckus was all about, getting out of bed, taking your hotel room key and pausing the show you were watching on your phone, making your way over to your door carefully. 
“Why isn’t the card working?” You heard a tell-tale Australian accent muffled through the door, looking through the peephole to see a head of messy brown hair, looking as though Chan was leaning against the door. 
Opening the door slowly, you’d acted quickly to grab Chan by the shoulders to steady him before he could stumble forward, the confused boy holding up his hotel key and looking at you in confusion. 
“This isn’t my room?” 
You couldn’t help but laugh, turning him around as you’d ushered him a few steps forward to his hotel room door, “this,” you pointed at the door, “is your room, Chan.” 
He giggled, “you called me ‘Chan’.” 
Taking his hand, you scanned his hotel key, bringing him into his room, finding it awfully neat (unlike yours), smoothly guiding him to his bed and letting him flop onto it. 
Letting out a sigh, you couldn’t help but to feel rather endeared, seeing him open his eyes slowly to look at you, tilting his head. 
“Sorry, I promised I wouldn’t drink so much.” 
You shook your head, reaching over him to grab at his blanket, your movements ceasing abruptly when you’d felt his hand on your back as you hovered over him, his hand moving from your back to your head, patting it gently. 
Pulling the blanket up harshly in your panic to cover him, straightening up as quickly as you could. 
“Shut up, go to sleep. Goodnight,” you said, hurriedly exiting the hotel room and going back to your room, closing the door behind you and trying to calm your rapid heartbeat. 
The next time you’d seen him was at the hotel lobby, where you’d agreed to meet him so you could head to the wedding venue together. Chan had come down wearing a nice suit, something you were more used to seeing him in, his hair styled up in a familiar manner. 
Greeting each other, you’d both decided to pretend the night before hadn’t occurred. With you being one of the bridesmaids and Chan being one of the groomsmen, you were separated almost immediately upon reaching the venue, with him having to help his friend while you helped Eujin. 
“A little birdie told me you came together with Chan,” she sing-songed. 
You scoffed, “aren’t brides usually supposed to be freaking out by now?” 
“Don’t change the topic! So, did you guys hang out yesterday?” 
You shrugged, “yeah, I guess we did.” 
She narrowed her eyes at you, “so? Is there a verdict?” 
You went behind her to take her bouquet, handing it to her as you waved her off in dismissal. 
“Too early to tell,” you lied. 
“Stop avoiding the question! Or else I’ll just have to ask Chan myself,” she huffed sulkily, making your eyes widen. 
“No, don’t do that! Okay, fine. It’s good. He’s nice.” 
Even Eujin’s makeup artist was giving you a knowing look now, making you cower under their gaze. 
“Shut up, focus on your wedding, please.” 
You wished you could’ve done some focusing for yourself, with Chan’s friends nudging him when you’d gone to the back of the church to line up with the groomsmen, all of them seeming to have conspired to let you walk with Chan. 
“Why do you look more nervous than the bride?” He teased, holding his arm out for you to take, making you roll your eyes, bringing your hand up to grasp his arm. 
“You’re delusional.” 
Okay, maybe he wasn’t. You wished you could’ve taken your advice, having been distracted throughout almost the entire ceremony, your gaze constantly flickering over to Chan, and you were sure he’d noticed too, with the way he would smirk and avert his gaze to the floor in his attempt to stop himself from laughing. 
Shouldn’t he be the one that was nervous? He was the one that had shown up drunk at your hotel room. 
After the ceremony had ended and you were all done taking photos with the bride and groom, Chan had offered you a ride to the reception venue, and you’d accepted, not knowing that you would’ve had to squeeze in a car full of his friends too. 
Sitting at the passenger’s seat (thankfully), you’d prayed for the ride to be shorter as his friends had started to question you and Chan. 
“Is there something going on with you two?” 
“None of your business,” Chan sing-songed, only serving to spur his friends on even more, your eyes widening when you’d heard one of his friends murmur.
“Wait, but didn’t he say he had a thing for his secretary?” 
Your hand went up to cover your mouth as discreetly as you could, clutching the bag of your wedding gift for Eujin and her husband and looking out of the window in your attempt to keep your composure. 
Chan had seemed to share your sentiments, his eyes widening as he panicked behind the steering wheel, his mind racing with things he could possibly do to prevent you from hearing what his friends were so freely spouting.
“Oh, did he? Then there can’t be anything going on with her, right?” 
Chan had reached over to turn the volume of the music up, much to your fortune, not knowing if you would’ve been able to handle hearing them talk more about Chan’s love life. 
Eujin wasn’t kidding when she said that she’d make you and Chan sit next to each other, and you’d ended up at a table with Chan nearer to the front, with a few of your friends and their partners. Watching Eujin and her husband enter the hall, you’d been filled with excitement at how happy she had looked, clapping and cheering for them along with the rest of the guests. 
Once they were seated, Eujin and her husband had begun to make their own speeches, thanking the respective groups of people for coming, and you didn’t miss her pointed mention of how she hoped the guests would use this time to get to know each other as well. 
The way Eujin had done things was that dinner was served so that the guests could listen to the speeches and enjoy their meals at the same time, which you didn’t mind since you were absolutely starving. 
You didn’t miss the way Chan had been subtly looking out for you during the dinner, like how he would casually ask if you needed anything whenever he would get up to go to the bar, or how he’d brushed your hair behind your ear so it wouldn’t get into your food (not without a tut of his tongue), earning many surprised looks from your friends which he was oblivious to. 
You figured he was really making use of the ‘let’s pretend we don’t know each other’ thing as an excuse to be nice to you, not that you were complaining.  
You glanced at your phone, skimming over the texts that one of the intern secretaries had sent you to ask you for help, making your friend curious. 
“Is that your boss?” 
You shook your head, “nah it’s just one of the interns asking me for help with something,” you shrugged, setting your utensils down as you swiped into your email app, ready to clarify the problem for her, making Chan furrow his eyebrows in annoyance. 
Reaching over, he’d taken your phone from you, locking it and dropping it back into your bag, ignoring your look of confusion. 
“Hey, I was just gonna email her!” 
“They’re not supposed to be asking you to do things for them while you’re on leave. No working, this is your rest weekend.” 
You’d shut your mouth at that, deciding that it wouldn’t do you any well to go against him, wanting to pull your phone out to just read the emails but dropping your phone back when you saw the look he gave you daring you to continue. 
Your friend had seemed to be fairly amused by your exchange, shooting a look at Chan, “wow, now I’m really glad you’re here. You’re the only one so far that’s managed to stop her from checking on her work when she’s supposed to be resting.” 
You scoffed. Yeah, because the source of your work was sitting right next to you in a stupid suit. 
“Good to know,” he gave you a knowing smile, making you direct your attention back the waiters, seeing that they were serving desserts now. 
“Your friends make me sound like i’m a hard-ass,” he leaned closer to you to murmur, making you smile, nodding. 
“Well, they’re not entirely wrong,” you drawled, making Chan scoff, though not being able to help the laugh from leaving him. 
He nodded slowly, his expression looking fairly amused, “I’ll keep that in mind.” 
You wondered just for a moment if he was only being nice to you for the sake of his own conscience (though Seungmin would beg to differ). And by the late afternoon, you were already starting to feel drowsy from the afternoon weather, the skies darkening as though it were about to rain. Chan had figured it would be good to start heading back. 
After you’d bid goodbye to Eujin, who seemed more than eager for you to leave together with Chan, Chan had offered to drive a few of his friends back to the hotel together with you, and thankfully this time they hadn’t mentioned anything about his love life. 
“Tired?” Chan huffed with a smile, glancing at you momentarily before fixing his gaze back on the road. 
“Yeah,” you murmured, yawning. 
“You should get some sleep when you get back to the hotel.” 
You nodded, “you too.” 
Chan nodded patronisingly, earning a huff from you, too tired to bicker with him. something in him stirring at how he could’ve been acting like this with you a lot earlier if he wasn’t always masking his concern with rude phrasing. 
His mom sure was gonna be excited the next time he updates her. 
You hadn’t gotten as much of a rejuvenating sleep as you would’ve liked, reality having kicked in that you were back to work tomorrow, the feeling lingering unsettlingly in your chest as you tried to make the most of the rest of your night. Somehow, you’d found your way to the lounge in the hotel, though that didn’t help much in lessening your dread for tomorrow seeing as the only other people here were people working on their laptops.
You figured it was not so much of dreading work than dreading Chan’s change in personality once he went back to being your boss. 
Letting your head rest on the stiff cushion of the chair you were sitting on, you’d fiddled with your phone, texting Seungmin about what had happened today. 
You’d almost startled in your seat when you saw someone take a seat next to you, turning to see Chan, his tie long gone as his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, his hair already falling out of place as he simply looked at you. 
Raising your eyebrows in a silent question as to ask why he was here, he scoffed, looking away from you but failing to hide the reddening of his ears, “shut up, I just didn’t feel like sitting with a stranger.” 
You huffed in amusement, “did you take a nap?” 
Chan shook his head, “nah, just finished a conference call.” 
Your eyes widened, “wait, why didn’t you tell me? I was doing nothing this whole time—“ 
Chan shook his head in dismissal, “you were tired. I told you, this is your rest time, I’m not allowed to touch it.” 
You frowned, your mind racing with thoughts on how tomorrow could possibly go, looking at the carpet with a hint of a pout on your face, “yeah, and then tomorrow, everything goes back to normal.” 
Chan inhaled deeply, leaning back in his seat as he turned his head to look at you, his hands clasped and resting on his lap. 
“It doesn’t have to, you know… like…” he shrugged, “if you don’t want it to.” 
Your lips parted, unsure how to respond to the implications of his words, unsure how to even process his words. 
“It’d be… unprofessional for me to continue to act like… this towards my boss.” 
Chan raised an eyebrow at you, shrugging, looking at you with an unreadable expression. 
“I think I’m way past being professional already when it comes to you.” 
You’d sworn the air had felt thicker, something about the way the night mood had felt, or how the music in the lounge had succeeded in relaxing you, but something inside of you was telling you to just do it, to lean forward and kiss him. And probably promptly resign the next day out of embarrassment. 
You stood up quickly, “oh, I think my cab’s here, I have to go,” you lied blatantly, Chan not making any move to stop you, simply lifting a hand to wave you off with a tired smile on his face. 
“Go, go. See you at work tomorrow.” 
“Can’t we ask Y/N to ask him?” The secretaries and interns were currently huddled in the pantry, having gathered to discuss how great it would be to have a field day soon.
“But Y/N’s equally as scary as him!” One of the interns spoke up, making the secretaries hum thoughtfully. 
You’d stepped into the pantry, walking through the secretaries to retrieve a juice packet for Chan. 
“Hey, what’s up?” You asked, one of the secretaries turning to you with a resolute look on her face. 
“Y/N, do you think you could um… like, you know, ask President Bang if we could arrange for a team outing soon? Like a field day or something, just as a break for the staff. We haven’t had one in so long!” 
You tilted your head at them in amusement, “why don’t you guys just ask him? He’s in his office now, I can go tell him you guys wan—“ 
“No, no! It’s different, you’re the only one that can convince him. We tried last month but he’d just told us he’d think about it.” 
You shrugged, nodding, “alright, sure. I’ll go and ask him.” 
Making your way back to his office, you’d tried to ignore your nerves as you knocked on the door, opening it to reveal Chan who was on the phone, holding up a finger to you to signal you to wait. 
Walking over to him, you’d placed the juice packet on his desk in front of him, earning a smile and a grateful nod from him, before he’d switched back to a serious expression. 
“No, yes, of course. We would want nothing more than to ensure a… mutually beneficial agreement between our companies.” 
You didn’t have to ask to know who he was talking to. Chan had been trying to negotiate a deal with one of the shareholders, since they had been trying to propose to get Chan to merge with another prominent electronics company in the industry. 
You knew Chan was more than annoyed, but he had no choice but to be civil with the president of the company since they did have many shares in the company from the time his uncle was in charge. 
“Yes, we can discuss this more in person over lunch, how does that sound? Yep. Alright, bye.” Chan sighed, setting the phone down and leaning his palms on the table, supporting himself with a pained look on his face, looking up at you with a pout. 
“I really don’t like him.” 
Chan sighed, “same here.” 
“Anyway, I’m glad you came here, I kind of wanted to talk to you about something.” 
“What?” You asked, watching as he’d fiddled with the papers on his desk. 
“Uh… I won’t ask you to handle things outside of work for me anymore.” 
Your eyes widened, “is this because of what my friends said? Because I’m honestly fine it doesn’t matter,” you shook your head, seeing him scrunch his nose. 
“It may not matter to you but I’m personally not fine with it,” he pressed his lips together. “Really, I mean it. Whatever I ask you to help me with from here on is only gonna be work-related.” 
You nodded. Was he trying to distance himself from me? Was it because of the trip? 
Your lips pulled into a frown, nodding more to yourself than to him, “okay…uh anyway I wanted to ask you um… the secretaries were wondering if we could have like a field day or something soon? Like just as a small break for the staff?” 
Chan shot you a look, knowing they’d asked you to ask him. 
“Do you want that?” He asked, earning a nod from you. 
“Yeah, I guess. It’d be fun to just have a day for staff bonding and all…” 
Chan shrugged, “alright, tell them to go ahead and arrange it.” 
Your eyes widened, finding the exchange to have went a lot more smoother than expected. 
“Will you be needing me for anything else?” 
He looked at you as if in thought, taking his lower lip between his teeth and letting it go, shaking his head, “other than to help me book an appointment with President Kim, nothing else.” 
You nodded slowly, exiting the room. 
By only asking you for work-related things, you’d expected your work-load to decrease, but it seemed as though you were currently having the most uneventful day you’d ever had. Other than drafting proposals for the President of the electronics company, there wasn’t much on your plate. 
You’d figured you would’ve been a lot busier tending to Chan’s requests but the boy had barely come out of his office, the only times he did being to head to the washroom, barely casting a glance in your direction when he walked past you. 
As if that wasn’t strange enough, he’d even let you have a longer lunch break, much to Seungmin’s amusement. 
“Doesn’t being in the legal team sound a lot more enticing now? At least you’d be doing something there.” 
You rolled your eyes, “I still have quite a bit of research to do, so no thank you.” 
“Admit it, you’re only staying because you can’t bear to leave Chan.” 
You’d almost choked on your drink, patting your chest to regain your composure, “where the hell did you get that idea from?” 
Seungmin scoffed, “you act like you didn’t call me a thousand times during the trip to tell me about things he did.” 
You’d fallen silent at that, averting your gaze. 
“Whatever,” you scoffed. 
“Isn’t it misconduct, though? If I were to date him.” 
Seungmin shook his head with an amused snort leaving him, “what are we in, the stone ages? Go wild, literally nobody cares. They’ll probably be happy if you manage to get him to be less of a hard-ass,” Seungmin told you, glancing into his cup to see how much drink he had left, “god knows when was the last time he got laid.” 
You flushed, shoving Seungmin, “how can you say that?” 
“What? It’s true!” 
You gave him a dismayed glare, standing up with a sigh as you straightened out your skirt, glancing at the time on your phone. 
“I should probably be heading back now, I’ve got work to do,” you gave Seungmin a pointed look, pulling him up from the bench. 
“I don’t wanna go back to work,” Seungmin let out a loud strangled sound of protest, his shoes stomping on the wooden panelled floor of the rooftop. 
You giggled, a teasing smile on your face, “weren’t you the one saying the legal team was what again? Enticing?” 
Seungmin pouted, pressing the elevator button, abruptly flailing his limbs in a mini outburst before straightening up and composing himself. 
“Fine, I’m fine. Enjoy your stupid office romance with Chan.” 
You rolled your eyes. 
Chan had a consultation with the legal team later that afternoon regarding the issue with the shareholder, and you’d been all-too-distracted during the meeting as you thought about what your possible ‘action-plan’ regarding your situation with Chan was. 
Taking down notes during the meeting, you’d let your train of thought wander, almost doodling onto your notebook, with one hand supporting your head on the table before you heard the legal advisor from the shareholder’s side speak up, a guttural groan leaving him. 
Looking up with an annoyed furrow of your eyebrows, you heard him lean back in his chair, “what does a man need to do to get a drink around here?” 
“You,” the man pointed a finger at you, “go and make yourself useful, sweetheart. Get me a cup of coffee.” 
Chan’s eyebrows knit into a frown, looking at the legal consultant with clear disdain on his face, looking at you to gauge your reaction. Already expecting you to do what you always did, get up with a smile and come back with the man’s coffee, Chan figured he was too annoyed by it to let you do just that. 
About to speak up to the man, you'd shocked Chan when you narrowed your eyes at him, giving him a sweet smile, "sorry, that's not my job here. Since you're not contributing much to the discussion, why don't you make your legs useful and head right over there and get yourself some water." 
You huffed, staring him down as he glared at you, directing his gaze to Chan. "Are you just gonna let her talk to me like that? I'd fire such a rude brat if I were you. Who's your supervisor, I'm gonna make sure he hears of this." 
Chan did his best to conceal his smile, simply turning his chair ever so slightly to give you a small smile, "that would be me, and I heard it loud and clear. Now, shall we continue with the meeting?" 
You’d been spending hours at your desk, distractedly doing research as you’d kept trying to peep into Chan’s office to figure out what he was doing, to no avail. (Chan had put the blinds down halfway through the day since he couldn’t stop staring outside at your desk either). 
You were technically done with your work, and Chan did mention that you were free to go home once you were done. On any other occasion this would have been considered a miracle, and you wouldn’t have hesitated to go home. But now, there was a nagging feeling in your heart that you couldn’t just leave him here, especially with how stressed out he was because of the business with the shareholder. You didn’t trust him not to spend the whole night here. 
Glancing at the time, you saw that it was already past 10, deciding that you would give him some time to make an appearance before you left, just to make sure he was alive and breathing inside his office. 
Distracting yourself with replying emails, even playing more than a few rounds of a word-search game on your phone, you figured he would’ve come out by now, but there was still not a sound coming from inside the room. 
Once the clock had almost struck 11, you figured you’d might as well go in and check on him for yourself. Going over to the pantry to make a hot drink, you’d walked back to his office, your grip tight on the saucer in your anxiousness. 
Inhaling deeply and breathing out with a resolute nod, you knocked on the door of his office, waiting a while only to be met with silence. 
Pushing open the door slightly, you’d tried again. 
“Mr Bang, is it okay if I come in?”
Upon receiving no response yet again, you’d pushed open the door fully, your eyes widening in realisation when you saw him seated at his desk, fast asleep on the chair. 
Walking over to the leather sofa as quietly as you could, you’d picked up the blanket from the sofa, making your way over to where he was, setting the hot drink onto his desk and making to drape the blanket over him. 
Only when you were adjusting the blanket did he stir awake, making your fight-or-flight instincts kick in, strangely embarrassed if he were to catch you doing such a gesture for him. 
Blinking slowly, his eyebrows furrowed before his gaze had landed on you. 
“I thought you’d gone home already?” He pouted, making you fumble to find an excuse why you’d stayed behind. 
“Sorry, Mr Bang, I was—”
He gave you a lazy smile, shaking his head, “none of that ‘Mr Bang’, nonsense. How come you haven’t left yet?” 
You pressed your lips together firmly, pulling your hands away from the blanket as you tried to straighten up, sighing softly. 
“I couldn’t leave… for some reason. I kind of wanted to make sure you were okay, since I barely saw you the whole day.” 
Chan’s satisfied smile had grew, nodding at you as if prompting you to continue. 
“but I’ll go soon. I guess,” you blurted, “unless like you know, you need me for something, then I’m fine with staying.” You stopped yourself, nodding before you could embarrass yourself any further. 
You couldn’t help but let your breath hitch when he’d reached out to grab your hand. 
“Thank you, for checking up on me,” he murmured, his close proximity making your gaze dart to his lips, averting your gaze quickly. 
“Did you not come out of your office on purpose?” You narrowed your eyes at him, hating the way your heart was doing flips at the way he grinned, his dimples showing cutely. 
You were about to pull back out of your own internal panic, but Chan’s grip on your hand was firm. 
“I’m sorry, I know I said I wouldn’t ask you for anything that wasn’t work related from now on. But It’s killing me, because you were sitting outside the whole day and I couldn’t do anything about it…” he paused, tilting his head as he searched your expression. 
“You can refuse, but I just need you to do one little thing for me,” he murmured,  pulling you forward so you’d ended up seated on his lap, your arms going out to grasp his shoulders to steady yourself. 
“What do you need me to do?” You asked, your voice a mere murmur with how the tension was absolutely suffocating you, wanting nothing more than to just close the gap between the both of you. 
Chan’s hand went up to your chin, running his thumb over your lower lip as they unconsciously parted, “close your eyes.” 
Chan couldn’t help but smirk at the way you’d done so obediently, his hand going to where your neck met your jaw, leaning closer to press his lips against yours. 
Almost as if it was second nature, he’d let his other hand grasp your hip, his thumb rubbing the area soothingly. Tilting his head to kiss you deeper, you’d practically sighed into the kiss, your hands wrapping around his neck loosely as you felt him smile into the kiss. 
“I’m glad it’s you,” he murmured against your lips, his tongue swiping against your lower lip making you let out a surprised hum, not being able to help your smile as well. 
“We should stop,” you pulled away, breathless. 
You shook your head, “I could kiss you for hours. It’s already so close to midnight.” 
Chan glanced at the clock apathetically, looking at you and shrugging, his hand running up and down your side. 
“So be it, then,” he said, pulling you back to meet his lips. 
“Is it just me, or has President Bang been a lot less moody these days,” Seungmin heard one of his colleagues in the legal team asking her desk-mate, making her colleague nod gravely. 
The mention of President Bang had him glancing towards his office, spotting your desk empty and figuring you were inside his office. 
“Definitely. At first I thought it was just me, but he’s been a lot less harsh to Y/N as well,” she agreed. 
“Don’t you think so, Seungmin?” 
And almost as if on cue, you’d exited his office, pulling your hair out of your ponytail to readjust it, looking around as if scanning the area to see if anyone had seen you. 
Locking eyes with Seungmin, you shot him a wink, straightening out your blouse as you’d gone back to sit down at your desk. 
Seungmin scoffed, not being able to help the smile on his face as he rolled his eyes, “yeah, I think I know why.” 
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hongism · 11 months ago
stray kids kink lists - all members (s)
as always, please don’t take these too seriously. these are meant to be fun headcanons and that’s all!
wc: 2.9k
genre: smut
type: headcanon
Tumblr media
Bang Chan
definite kinks
sir/master/daddy - i mean,,,,no questions asked right? i know it’s something of a running joke with the whole baby girl/daddy thing but i do think he likes being addressed as superior and being dominant in the ~bedroom~ 10/10 would address himself in the 3rd person like: “do you want master to ruin you, baby?” 
bondage (giving) - yeah so i think he would have a thing for completely restricting your movements moreso as a way to show his power and keep you under control if needed and he would love to tie you up with pretty patterns too
sensory deprivation (giving) - blindfolds for sure 100%, especially if in he’s in the mood for punishing you, he would loves to take away your sight, maybe even your hearing if he can just as a way to rile you up and tease you
maybe kinks
temperature play (giving) - while i think he would dabble on both sides of the spectrum with wax and ice, i think he would lean more towards wax play because he could see the results of the wax better than the ice. like bondage, i think he’d like making pretty patterns with the wax on your skin and seeing how your body reacts to it
exhibitionism - i don’t think he would care where you get down and he wouldn’t have any shame about asking to get down in public. the thrill and rush of possibly getting caught would get him going for sure
impact play (giving) - primarily spanking imo and with similar reasoning to the wax play where he would want to see how your body reacts to spanking ((only if you’re okay with it ofc)) but also something that gives him more power and asserts further dominance = huge turn on
definitely not
humiliation - i can’t see chan being okay with humiliating a partner in any way. sure public sex, but straight up humiliation would be a no. i think he would have trouble with it even if you asked him to do it, just not something he’d be comfortable or happy doing
other members below the cut
Tumblr media
Lee Minho
definite kinks
thigh riding - reasoning: a) he has nice thighs b) he knows how to use them c) wants to see you fall apart on them d) has nice thighs e) did i say nice thighs already bc he has nice thighs and def would be into seeing you fall apart while riding them
breath play (giving) - this ties into the next one but breath play would be something so sexy and attractive to him and the level of trust that goes into it would be so intimate for him. i see him as an emotional lover even if on the kinkier side, so that level of intimacy and trust would be v much a turn on
power play - maybe it’s just the vibes i get, but i think he would want to be in control and def strikes me as a dom. again with the trust, having you trust him enough to hand the power over and put yourself in his hands would be such a turn on and v intimate for him
praise (giving/receiving) - 10/10 would want to tell you how pretty gorgeous stunning beautiful every compliment under the sun for you and tell you how well you’re doing even if a little vulgar on occasion, he would just want to praise you. he would love the same in return if only to know that he’s doing well and pleasing you
maybe kinks
cuffs (giving/receiving) - i think he would maybe have a thing for even slightly restricting your movements but maybe not anything too extreme or drastic like bondage could be. he would stick to simple/light bondage and cuffs bc he would want to get you out of them really quick if need be or if he gets impatient
degradation (giving) - imo you can have praise and degradation at the same time and i think minho would be into both and want to explore both. im more iffy about degradation compared to praise bc im ~uncertain~ but degradation could be something he’s interested in exploring further if you’re down for it
definitely not
cuckolding - i think he would Not be happy about this in the slightest, an immediate no, not one to share, and he wouldn’t even want to think about it. on a sexual level, he would want to be the only one to give you that kind of pleasure, and on an emotional level, he would be far too jealous to even entertain the thought
Tumblr media
Seo Changbin
definite kinks
breath play (giving) - ie that clip of him kissing felix’s cheek and he full on chokes felix and tells him to ‘stay still’ like yeah,,,yeahhh that’s some dom energy right there and that’s some choking energy right there as well 10/10 would be into choking
impact play (giving) - moreso on the spanking side like chan, but i think he leans towards having a power kink as you’ll see laterz and he is strong and would love to use that to his advantage wherever he can, if you’re down for it as well
master/sir - back on that dom shit, he would get so turned on by you addressing him as a superior. im more on the fence about daddy bc i personally don’t see it as much of a superiority thing but that’s just me personally. master/sir for sure tho
maybe kinks
facefucking - i think this is something he would be interested in trying and exploring, but he would be shy about bringing it up or mentioning it to you in any way. there’s a lot of dominance to facefucking, and he would love that aspect, he would just have a hard time bringing it up
power play/exchange - another thing i think he would have a hard time bringing up, the whole aspect of you putting your body in his hands and giving him permission to do whatever he pleases with you is enticing on all levels, but maybe not something on the forefront of his mind
edging (giving/receiving) - maybe not something he would bring out or use a lot in the bedroom ((or wherever you are)) but def something that he could enjoy from time to time. moreso giving than receiving, he would love to make you squirm and beg. as for receiving, he might let you try your luck a little bit but cave not long after
definitely not
temperature play - i think this would be like ‘idek what im doing no matter how many times you explain it or how much research i do’ and he would just go nah nevermind let’s not because he’d be afraid of messing it up or accidentally hurting you in some way
Tumblr media
Hwang Hyunjin
definite kinks
hair pulling (giving/receiving) - yall know it’s because of his hair but it’s the perfect length for some tugging and pulling. i think he’d be so into it if you tugged and pulled on his hair while going down on you, and he would def wanna do the same in return, or while he’s fucking you
cum play - things hyunjin would wanna do: a) fill you up with cum b) fuck his cum into you c) smear his cum over your body d) pick up cum that he's smeared over your body and fuck it into you. dirty but hot and that would be such a turn on for him
finger sucking (giving) - he has long ass fingers and pretty hands. something tells me that he would just love to have those fingers in your mouth while you're fucking or even before that just to stretch your lips or play with your tongue. it would be hella hot to him
maybe kinks
toys - i see hyunjin as an experimentor and think that he would like to at least try dabbling with toys to see how much pleasure it brings you or him. maybe not anything too extreme, but some simple toys that can be discreet if needed
lingerie - hyunjin would love to see you all dressed up for him :c would be so delicate and gentle with you, just want to touch you all over while you're dressed up, and even fuck if the lingerie would allow it
size kink - hyunjin is tall compared to the other members, and while i don’t think it would be something crucial, he would just like feeling big or you being small or being in a position that makes you look smaller than him bc it would be a turn on
definitely not
extreme sadism - i don’t think hyunjin could be cruel or sadistic during sex, even if you ask him to be, because he would constantly be worried about whether he’s going too far, doing too much, what’s okay and what isn’t, even if you explicitly state all that, it’s something that he’d probably think about all the time so he’d rather not go there
Tumblr media
Han Jisung
definite kinks
power exchange (giving/receiving) - i feel like jisung could definitely swing to both sides of the dom/sub spectrum depending on his partner, so there’s some switch energy there. if he’s domming, i think he would find it supportive sexc if you gave up power and let him take all control. same concept with the subbing side, since he finds it attractive, he would like giving up all control to you
facefucking - even tho i think there’s a lot of dominance in facefucking, i think jisung would be into receiving it even if he’s subbing. hands in hair holding you down and keeping you on his cock just so he can feel your throat tighten around him, he would def be into it
orgasm control (giving/receiving) - playing on the power exchange, he would love the idea of an orgasm being in someone else’s hands, either his if he’s domming or yours if he’s subbing
maybe kinks
temperature/ice play (giving) - moreso ice play than wax play because i think he would love to drag ice over your body and see how you react aka goosebumps chills moans that sort of thing then he would adore making out with you and involving ice in it
corruption - i put this in maybe simply bc of the power exchange and switch energy, but if he’s in control and domming, i think the idea of ‘ruining’ you would be a big turn on for him. would probably throw a bit of dirty talk and degradation in there as well
marking (giving/receiving) - i think jisung could be super possessive so marking would be something that he would love because it shows a) that you are his and b) that he is yours. he would want to almost show it off
definitely not
pain play - pain would be off the table, giving or receiving, i don’t see him as the type to enjoy receiving pain, and i really don’t think he would want to hurt you even if you ask him to. he would feel guilty about it and he def would not be the one to bring it up in any capacity
Tumblr media
Lee Felix
definite kinks
praise (giving/receiving) - these get harder the lower i go and i was kinda conflicted on felix for a long time but i think he’s on the Softer and more of a romantic lover rather than a hard fucker. praise would be a huge encouragement to him, and he would love to give it in return to reassure and just compliment you
overstimulation (giving) - the idea of overstimulating you would be such a turn on for him, seeing your pleasure over and over again  as you fall apart under his touch, yeah he’d like it
cockwarming - i consider this to be something softer and more intimate compared to other things out there, and since i think felix is on the softer side, i believe this would def be something he’s into or at least wants to try
maybe kinks
sensory deprivation (giving/receiving) - i would say this is limited to blindfolds and not much else but even if he is a soft lover, i think he would love the excitement of blindfolding or being blindfolded but it might be one of those things that’s he’s hesitant to try bc he isn’t sure if he likes it or not
light bondage (giving) - i dont think he’d let you tie him down or restrain him much because he would want to be touchy feely and have contact with you at all times, but he might want to dabble in some light restraints on you while overstimulating you
edging (receiving) - rather than overstimulation, he would more prefer edging because something about the ~feeling~ just is so worth it and pleasing. i will say it’s probably not something he would ask for often
definitely not
exhibitionism/voyeurism - i just don’t envision felix as someone who would be comfortable having sex in the open or seeing it happen either. he would probably be someone who wants to keep it in the bedroom
Tumblr media
Kim Seungmin
definite kinks
power exchange - seungmin was hard as well but once i started thinking about it, it came easier. i could envision him as a full dom or a switch leaning dom so power exchange would be something i think he’d be into. the idea of being giving all the authority would be sexc to him
sir/master/daddy - popping off the power exchange, i think he’d also enjoy being called any of these three during sex. a dominance thing, a show of authority and power, he’d be into it
marking (giving/receiving) - i could see seungmin being a bit on the possessive side too, so he would wanna every inch of your body to show that you are his and you belong to him and no one else can have you. while he wouldn’t mind you marking him, i think he’d prefer to give rather than receive
orgasm control (giving) - all these are gonna be playing off the dom side klasjdflkj but there is so much power in controlling someone’s orgasm, and i see him as the type to say ‘you can’t cum unless i say so’ and it would be a lot of push and pull with him
maybe kinks
lingerie - it’s ~pretty~ and i think he’d be weak for you in lingerie, he’d just melt and lose it, and praise galore just wanting to say how perfect and gorgeous you are especially as he fucks you, but he wouldn’t miss it too much if you aren’t into it
exhibitionism - an iffy thing simply because he does strike me as a bit shy at first, but i think past that he would wanna get riskier and riskier and push the boundaries as far as he can 
definitely not
bondage - i do think he leans towards being a hard dom, but i don’t think bondage would be the thing for him unless it’s something you want to try. he may not have the patience for tying you up or untying you so i think he’d rather keep it sweet and simple without bondage
Tumblr media
Yang Jeongin
definite kinks
praise (giving/receiving) - okay finally the hardest hardest hardest member to write this for, i still see jeongin as a sweet innocent boi so it was hard to think about sdfoijsdfoi but like felix i think he’d lean towards the softer side of things. praise would be an absolute must because he just wants reassurance that he’s doing well and he’d want to give it in return
sensation play (giving) - definitely only soft or cold things simply because he might see those as the safest and most pain free options. silk scarves and feathers would be something he’d want to try out on you but i can’t see him wanting it done on him in return
cockwarming - another Soft kink, i think the intimacy of cockwarming would be rather appealing to him and it would be something he loves doing, altho i think it would be harder to hold back and sit still
maybe kinks
lingerie - another lover of pretty things, jeongin would love seeing you dressed up, especially if it’s a surprise after a long day or something like that. praise would go through the roof and into space and he would be worshipping you 
sensory deprivation (giving) - again another who i think would only go for blindfolds, this would play off the sensation play and soft things like silk. he would love how playful it could get if you’re blindfolded
light bondage (giving) - playing off how playful and teasing jeongin can be, i think he would get a rise out of seeing you tied up or restrained a little. nothing too dramatic or intense, and probably not something he would bring out a lot tho
definitely not
exhibitionism - in short, shy boi. long explanation, i don’t think he’d want to take it outside the bedroom or anything like that because he strikes me as the type who wants to keep sex as intimate and personal as possible so he’d rather be in private and only with you
a lil smt smt i’ve been working on over time :3 jeongin’s was the hardest tbh lsdkjflkjsdl i tried my best but whew and for lingerie!!! i mean for that to be all inclusive, not just strictly female. and thank you to @a-tiny-8iny​ for the brainstorming we did good work 💆‍♀️
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