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#skz smut
matryosika · 2 days ago
pairing – minho x reader
word count – 7.3 k (this was supposed to be a drabble but i got too carried away).
warnings – smut 18+, religious and conservative reader, softdom!minho, virgin!reader, manipulation if you squint, corruption kink, dirty talk, guided masturbation? , petnames, praising, unprotected sex, body cumshot
note – please remember that, if you enjoy my work, you can tip me at ko-fi! tips are not obligated but, if you want to and are able to, i highly encourage you to leave one. even a dollar helps, really!!
also, english is not my first language so i aplogize for any mistakes in advance. i haven't read this, so i also apologize for any grammar mistakes made.
"according to your file," the dark-haired man in front of you mumbled. not just any dark-haired man, it was the substitute for miss eunji, therefore your new tutor and also the substitue professor for one of your university subjects, "you have attended schools only for women during your whole life, is that right?"
"why is that relevant?" you questioned shyly, your gaze fixed on the hems of your skirt while you were fighting the urges to make eye-contact with him.
"it isn't," he replied, his eyes leaving the sheet of paper in front of him picking up in the fact that you couldn't even face him, "i just thought it was interesting".
"it is better that way," you added, "attending to only-women schools".
"how is that better?" he queried, tilting his head slightly and smiling at your shyness.
"less temptations" you answered, still without being able to lift your gaze up, "that's what my mom says".
"is that what you think?" he questioned again, emphasizing the you.
"yeah, i think so" you replied, fidgeting with your fingers, "temptations take you away from the right path, so i try to stay away from them as much as possible".
minho rested his whole body on his leather office chair, feeling both amused and conflicted by your mindset.
the story of how he ended being a professor at a university conformed by only women students was long but, to make it shorter, he needed a good curriculum before earning his master's degree in international studies. since he already had his bachelor's degree, he decided to apply for a part time job as a substitute professor at ewha university for women. however, he didn't count on having to do these types of work. he wanted to teach, not being some sort of tutor/counselor.
"we are young" minho mumbled, not knowing how to carry the conversation. originally, the first meeting with you as your tutor was meant to talk about any difficulties you had related to college, professor or an specific subject. however, as soon as he read your file and curriculum, he couldn't help but ask questions related to your life, something that was not completely right, "we should be experiencing life, going out with friends, stuff like that".
"i have fun" you muttered, licking your lips while your eyes threatened to look up to him, "it's just... not the convencional way of having fun, i guess".
"do you have any hobbies?" he queried.
"i am part of a group in my local church" you replied, smiling softly while recalling the fun activities you did with them during the weekend, "i am also part of a book club and a debate club, i would consider those my hobbies".
"i see..." minho mumbled, his eyes analyzing every single fragment of the file the last teacher crafted specifically for you, "you have very remarkable grades. almost perfect, i must say".
"thank you sir", you replied, your cheeks turning red as you lifted your gaze to meet his.
much to your surprise, he was already looking at you, "you can just call me minho".
"i don't think that's appropriate, sir".
"i am only 3 years older than you" he shooted with a soft smile, almost too welcoming.
too tempting.
"but you are my professor," you rushed to say, blinking in several occasions due to the nervousness, "i must treat you with respect".
"i would prefer if you call me by my name" he said softly, giving you a reassuring smile, "just think of me as a friend".
you nodded slightly and gave him a confused look.
attending schools were only women students were allowed really affected your social and conversational skills with men. you hardly ever spoke to one, other than those who conformed your family, so being in front of a tempting, yet soft-spoken man was something that mad you feel uneasy.
the way he looked at you, to be more precise, made you feel uneasy. whether it was during class or right there during your private meeting, you couldn't help but feel a strange sensation on your lower abdomen every time he laid his eyes on you. you couldn't describe it or explain it, but it felt unfamiliar.
"as far as i am concerned, these meetings are meant to help you out with any troubles you could be having related to school, assignments, subject or professors" he listed, gathering the sheets of paper that were scattered all over his desk, "is there something i can help you with?"
you looked at him for a few seconds in silence, your heart pounding fast while your breathing acquired a sketchy pace, "i don't have any issues with school at the moment" you mumbled, your cheeks glowing red as you considered the idea of trusting him, "however i do want to talk about something".
a look of surprise was imprinted on his face as soon as he heard you saying those words, genuine concern and interest grew inside him by the minute.
"go on," he mumbled, his body tensing up slightly while he separated from his leather chair, "like i said, you can think of me as a friend".
you gave him a quick smile before going back to your anxious countenance, your sweaty hands fidgeting against each other while your right leg did repetitive movements against the floor. up and down.
"do you... have any hobbies?" you queried, your question taking him a bit by surprise.
"yeah, i do" he replied, almost confused by how embarrassed you looked while asking that question, "i like going out with my friends during the weekends, reading, drinking, watching videos on my cellphone, researching..."
"do you go to parties often?" you interrupted, your eyes shining while the conversation started to flow a bit more casual than before.
"i do, yeah" he scoffed, knowing that –based on the previous conversation you both had– you were probably not allowed to attend to them, "they are very fun, specially when close friends are there".
"do you drink?"
"do you smoke?"
"not my thing" he mumbled, laying back on his seat again, "how are these questions related to the tutoring session?"
"they aren't" you rushed to explain, "you just make me kind of curious".
"you don't have much male friends, do you?" he inquired, losing all the professionalism he was supposed to have, being now a young professor. still, you didn't seem to mind it.
"not really," you shook your head, parting your gaze from him, "like i said before, they are a temptation and they must be avoided".
he nodded slightly and agreed, even though he didn't really shared the same mindset as you.
still, he thought it was kind of sad.
you were strikingly attractive and you could have any person you wanted with the snap of a finger. however, you were not quite interested in that.
and that was a tragedy because, ever since the first time he saw you inside that classroom, sitting on your desk with both of your legs crossed, he knew that you could've had him at your mercy if you would've wanted to.
"i see" minho mumbled, his eyes lost in the endearing way you looked at him, "women are a temptation as well, you know?"
"it's different" you rushed to say, the sensation on your lower abdomen intensifying each time you locked your eyes with his, "men only want one thing, that's why they are a temptation for us".
"and women don't want that too?" minho replied, trying his hardest to divert the conversation to any other friendly topic that didn't involve talking about sex with one of his students.
"i don't" you shyly admitted, lowering your gaze again and fixing it on the pattern of your skirt again, "or at least i think so".
the last part came out more as a whisper than actual words, but the dark-haired substitute still managed to pick on them.
"it is completely natural" he explained, again, fighting the urges to make such an awkward conversation any longer than it needed to be, "it's not a matter of religion it's just... human needs".
"it's a sin."
"if you are looking through the lense of religion, then it is." minho replied.
as twisted as it sounded, he couldn't deny te tension he felt towards you at that exact moment. of course, he never thought of you that way before.
he had promised to himself that he was going to be as professional as he could in order to perform well at his new job but, right now, having you in his office in front of him with such innocence and curiosity imprinted on your face, he couldn't help but think about all sorts of filthy things he would like to teach you.
"how else can i look at it?" you genuinely questioned, licking your lips nervously, "my whole life i have been told that it is wrong, that's what they have taught me".
"why is that?" minho counter-attacked, "you must have a good answer other than because it goes against god's word".
however, he was wrong.
your whole life you were taught to think of sex like something repulsive, something dirty. something that shouldn't be discussed nor performed. something that was reserved for only old adults that loved each other and were united in marriage by the power of god.
but you didn't know why it was that wrong.
"i don't know" you whispered again, your cheeks turning bright red by the second.
minho licked his lips and spreaded his legs, feeling the familiar –yet inconvenient– pressure on his bulge.
"having sex or feeling attracted to the idea of having sex it is not a sin" he mumbled, "it is something natural, something that your body needs".
"how do you know when your body needs it?" you questioned and, for the first time in the whole meeting, you could listen him swallowing hard.
"i don't think we should-"
"please" you pleaded, lifting your gaze up and focusing on him, "i want to know more about it".
minho gave you a hesitant look before diverting his gaze to the clock hanging from the wall in his office.
"y/ln i don't think it's an appropriate topic to be discussed during these tutoring sessions" he spitted, mentally slapping himself for even thinking about joining that little game you were innocently trying to play.
"you said i could think of you as a friend" you muttered with some despair in your voice, "and friends help each other out when they have doubts, isn't that right?"
minho closed his eyes slowly for a second, reconsidering all the unprofessional stuff he said during the meeting that leaded him to end up in this situation.
"when you look at me," you continued, your eyes fixing on his while you tilted your head, "i feel weird, like a chill traveling along my body. my whole skin feels a lot hotter, and i feel some sort of pressure in my lower abdomen".
when he heard you mouthing out those words, he knew that he could no longer hold back or resist you. even if it was wrong, due to the academic relationship you two had, he was determined to move forward.
"what else do you feel?" he queried, his body tensing up again while he leaned on into his desk.
"i feel something" you shyly admitted, your gaze falling all the way to your shoes again.
minho swallowed hard, his bulge inside of his pants growing harder everytime you spoke. "and that something, does it feel good?"
"it does" you replied, "never in my life i've felt that before, or maybe i have but not as much as i feel it when you look at me".
minho stood up from his chair and walked all the way to the chair next to yours, sitting down with his legs spreaded open while he leaned forward to try and cover his bulge.
"so, minho" you whispered, the lingering eerie feeling of calling a figure of authority by his name, "have you ever had it before?"
"sex?" minho replied, his deep and intense gaze admiring every single inch of your body now that he was closer to your figure, "yes, i have".
"i am curious," you continued, "to know how it all feels like".
"look" minho mumbled, his guilty gaze looking at the door of his office –that felt maybe too formal for a 23 year old– and then at you, "i don't mind moving forward, but we should be doing this here".
you were too nervous to even second guess your decision, and only noticed that you were still inside of the university campus until he pointed it out. your body turned around to face the clock on the wall, 19:40.
"i have to be home by eight" you mumbled, trying to tell him that you didn't have much time. the trajectory from college to your house was at least 25 minutes long and, after being in a complete oblivion the whole meeting, an inevitable sentiment of fear started growing inside you. "god, my mom is going to kill me".
"you are staying at my place tonight." he mumbled, seeing your accelerated movements while you frantically stood up from your seat, "tomorrow it's another day and we can think about a solution".
"no, you don't understand" you rushed to say, picking up your backpack from the floor and rushing to the door of the office, "you don't know her, she is probably mad right now, she is going to p-"
"y/n" minho's deep voice interrupted you, almost serenenting you. the man stood up from his seat and approached your figure by the door, one of his hands softly touching your waist and automatically making you squirm under his touch.
he smiled, cute.
"can you please answer something for me?" he questioned, your whole body tensing while you felt the warmth of his palm against your body. even if you were fully clothed, you could swore you felt your skin burning, ablazing.
"y-yes?" you muttered, your glossy eyes raising up to meet his.
"do you trust me?"
you blinked once, twice and even three times, trying to containing the tears. only then, the realization hitting you like a velocity train.
this was wrong, in so many levels. not only it was against your beliefs, but it could get you in trouble at college too. a professor working at an only-women univeristy, hanging out with one of his students? it could get him fired and you in a lot of trouble, even expelled.
sure, he was almost the same age as you and, if you had met him in a completely different context, then things would've been slightly different. but this whole situation represented a lot of danger, not only for you but for him as well.
"we can get in trouble" you whispered, your hand resting on the door handle, "it is not a matter if i believe if this is right or wrong, but you shouldn't be doing this either".
"i shouldn't be doing a lot of things and i still do them because i want to" he replied, his body leaning in closer to you.
his warmth, his smell, the way his breath caressed your cheek. it was all new and extremely exciting for you, making ravages inside of your mind. the sudden urge of submitting to his presence was too strong for you to handle it and, even when you had absolutely no knowledge of these situations, you wanted to learn from him.
you wanted him to teach you everything there was to know about it.
his head slightly tilted to face the clock to his right, the corners or his lips twisting in a smile. 19:45. "seems like you are not going to be home in time" he softly teased, his heart skipping a beat or too as he admired the fear and arousal in your eyes, "why don't you let me take care of you tonight?"
"we will figure out tomorrow an excuse" he whispered in your ear, his hand traveling from your waist to your lower back, pulling you closer, "but tonight, i will take care of you, alright?"
you nodded slightly, giving in at the number one temptation you were warned about your whole life: men.
but how can you resist minho? everything about him was inviting to you, from the way he talked to the way his eyes scanned every single part of your body. the irrational part of you always dreamed about giving in to sin, and it was all his fault.
countless nights you found yourself thinking about him, feeling that same pressure on your lower back that was only relieved each time your hips moved in circular motions against the mattress. and, even then, the feeling didn't go away until you finally fell asleep.
some days, you would woke up in the middle of your sleep feeling a warm sensation in between your legs after a disastrous dream with him. you would pray over and over again for forgiveness for even thinking about those things even in your dreams.
but to answer his initial question, and for a completely unknown reason to you: yes, you trusted him.
"take me with you, please".
Tumblr media
you awaited for him a few blocks away from college, agreeing in taking different paths to avoid be seen or recorded by the security cameras at the entrance of the campus. as you walked away, both of your hands holding on for dear life to your backpack, you felt the sudden urge to run.
run away from your temptations and from your sins.
but at the same time, your body didn't cooperated with your mind. your body was eager to be educated, to explore, to learn. your body needed his touch, your body needed to experience those feelings people talked about in movies or t.v. shows that you usted to watch behind your mother's back.
and you knew that, judged by the warm feeling between your legs.
you waited for him at the nearest bus stop, sitting down at the bench while you covered part of your thighs with your backpack, holding it against your body with trembling hands.
minho's black sports car didn't took long to appear into your vision, slowing down as he approached the bench you were sitting on. as the true gentleman he was, he got out of the car to open the door for you.
the rest of the trip was spent in silence, the only audible things were the soft song playing on on the radio, your heart beats and you accelerated breathing. minho turned to face you every once in a while, offering you a soft and reassuring smile each time.
your gaze fixed on the way his hands maneuvered the steering wheel, the veins popping on his arms making your body squirm in your seat. you were too into him to even think things through, you simply couldn't.
he was intoxicating and you were not strong enough to fight someone like him.
"what are you thinking about?" he queried without parting his gaze from the road.
"you are very attractive" you whispered, not bothering to look away once he caught you lost in his image.
he gave you a side smile that slowly turned into a smirk. he knew that, but he liked hearing it from you.
he always found pleasure in corruption. watching people become their worst yet best versions of themselves. it was just too thrilling, to ruin a pretty body and a pretty mind. and it was even more thrilling when that pretty body and mind also came with a pretty face and endearing personality, like you had.
"and you are beautiful" he replied.
simple, blunt and, most importantly, completely honest.
he knew it since the very first time he saw you sitting inside that classroom, how you were going to wreak havoc inside him. even so, he managed to stay and act professionally throughout the whole semester, only falling into the sweet temptation once you admitted that you felt exactly the same about him.
that's why you were so special. because he had been craving you since he met you, but you were merely just a fantasy to him. something he wanted to have, but that he mentally convinced himself that he wouldn't.
until that night, of course.
the sudden stop of the vehicle interrupted your trail of thoughts, your eyes analyzing every single part of the environment you were in. it was a parking lot, from an apartment complex.
he opened the door for you, allowing you to get out of the car while you fixed your skirt. "you live alone?" you asked him.
"i have been living alone for a while now, yeah" he replied, pushing the buttons outside of the elevator as you two waited patiently, "besides working as a substitute teacher on ewha, i also work in research projects. they pay off really well".
"i can tell" you whispered to yourself. judged by only the parking lot and the cars there, you automatically picked up the fact that you were probably in a very luxurious neighborhood.
money, another temptation.
as the elevator doors opened and you got inside, the whole mood surrounding the both of you shifted. like magic. going from being painfully awkward to an interesting tension, you caught minho staring at you every once in a while.
"how was your first kiss?" he bluntly asked, out of the blue. you choked on your own saliva, coughing slightly while your eyes opened like plates.
"oh, i-" you mumbled, licking your lips "it was- mess".
minho cocked one of his eyebroys in surpise, his gaze fixed on the silver doors that were now starting to open slowly in front of the both of you, "why was that?"
he stepped outside of the elevator and you followed him, walking along a hallway that seemed straight out of a very expensive hotel. "it was a dare" you replied, your eyes sticked to carpet beneath your shoes, "in highschool. one of my girl friends introduced me her neighbors and we were just fooling around. i felt awful afterwards".
minho opened the door to his apartment and, much to your surprise, it was more minimalistic than you thought it would be. everything was white, except for the furniture that was either beige, black or the same color as the rest of the place.
"it felt awful because you felt guilty or it felt awful because it was a bad kiss?" he queried, placing the keys on a small coffee table next to the door and closing it right behing him.
"we were like 16" you shyly replied, "i don't think he even knew how to kiss someone properly".
minho turned around with a soft smirk, gently cornering your body between his and his door. your whole body started shaking in anticipation, the warmth between your legs returning as soon as minho's face was mere centimeters away from your face, "do you want to know how it really feels to be kissed?" he questioned with a deeper voice. his gaze was now completely dark, his breathing was a bit faster than usual and his glistening lips were almost driving you to the edge.
but you were already committed to it.
"please," you whispered, tilting your head slightly, "please teach me".
and without losing any more time, his lips crashed into yours. slowly, very slowly. your heart pounding faster than before, just in the middle of it you wondered what the hell you were going to do. you didn't know how to kiss and, based on the previous chat you two had, he seemed to have a lot of experience.
still, you were a fast learner. picking up on what he did, you decided to do the same. gently brushing your lips against his, his tongue swiftly touching yours with slow motions, his teeth gripping your lower lip and earning a sweet, unknown sound out of you.
"it feels good, doesn't it?" he asked you still with your lips brushing against each other and both of your eyes closed.
"yes, minho".
his hands traveled from your hips to your arse, caressing it softly while he lifted the fabric of your skirt up. god. you sighed at the action, feeling timid at the thought of someone else seeing your naked body.
"you have such a pretty body, you know that?" he mumbled, his touch sending shivers down your spine, "very, very, very pretty body".
his hands found the hems of your underwear, slightly pulling it down and off of your legs. you flinched at the action and he noticed it, locking his gaze in an intense eye contact with you while your panties made their way down to the floor. "it's okay, angel" he whispered, his eyes imprinting the image of your lustful gaze into his mind, "i will take care of you, i promised it".
you nodded slightly, wanting to hide your face in the crook of his neck due to embarrassment. you knew that your underwear was a mess, you could feel the wetness in your core as soon he stripped your panties off of you.
"we have to make an agreement" he mumbled with both a lustful but more serious tone than before, pulling your skirt down again after he finished removing your underwear, "if i do something that you don't like, you have to say a word and i will stop".
"which word?" you muttered, slightly squeezing your thighs together almost instinctively.
his eyes scanned the whole living room of his own apartment, thinking long and hard about a distinctive safe word only to end up with a very common one, "red".
"red" you repeated to yourself, making sure to not forget it.
"if you want me to stop, just say the word," he explained his hand traveling from your arse onto your lower back, pulling your vulnerable body against him one more time, "if i do something you don't like, or you don't feel comfortable with, say the word and i will stop".
you nodded in agreement, feeling how his hand pushed you slightly away from the door. he started walking towards a black door located next to the living room and you followed him right after, wondering what was next for you.
but just as you were about to enter his room, your phone rang inside of your backpack.
"don't pick up" he ordered you, shooting a glance at you once he saw you stopping in silence, "you are with me now".
the way he said those words was both frightening and comforting. you found him intimidating but, at the same time, he made you feel protected. even if things were chaotic outside of his small apartment, he managed to brainwash your pretty brain just fine. as long as you were with him, the real world was alright.
"get inside" he commanded, opening the door for you and revealing a not-so-different but pretty neat bedroom. the thing that captured your attention the most was the wall in front of him that was fully covered in mirrors.
he closed the door right behind him, a devilish grin appearing on his face as soon as he saw your curious eyes glancing at the mirror, "don't you look pretty?"
his body approached you from behind, your eyes lost in the reflection of both figures, "it's such a timely event to have these around" he whispered into your ear, talking about the wall of mirrors right in front of his bed, "that way, you will be able to see everything".
suddenly, you felt pressure against your arse. his hands were resting on your hips, tracing the sides of your body every now and then while your gaze got lost in the mirror, not being able to look away for any reason.
"have you ever touched yourself?" minho asked, knowing exactly the answer he wanted to hear.
and if god existed, he probably heard his thoughts.
"no" you shook your head, your body instinctively brushing against his bulge, "i don't know how to".
"why don't i teach you?" he questioned so casually, his ablazing touch burning every single area on your body he touched. you nodded slightly, feeling how he pulled you against him as he walked slightly backwards to meet the edge of the bed, sitting on it while having your back against his chest and your naked core on his lap. "i want you to watch yourself through the mirror" he commanded, lifting your skirt up and exposing completely your core. you couldn't help but look away, not being brave enough to face such image, "can you do that for me, angel? can you be a good girl and follow my rules?"
you looked at him for a few silent seconds before being determined to fulfill your task. your face turning slowly to look at the mirror one more time while his hands took charge into teasing your body, dragging themselves along your thighs and leaving a burning sensation on them.
"look at you," he whispered softly, one of his digits slowly tracing your wetted slit while your whole body squirmed in its place, "does this always happens?"
"it happens when i dream of you" you admitted, feeling your juices coating his digits.
"you dream of me, hm?" he hummed, slightly touching your core as a way of getting you used to his touch. he couldn't help but smile at every sigh that escaped your lips and every sudden movement your body made against his, "how often do you dream of me?"
"constantly" you whimpered, your eyes fixed on the way his slimmed fingers trace your entrance. before continuing with his task, he grabbed one of your hands and guided you all the way to your core, your inexperienced self not knowing exactly what to do.
"with your middle and index finger," he softly instructed, his prominent bulge grazing against your lower back and arse, "you are going to caress yourself here". he placed your digits over your budle of nerves, moving it ever so slightly in circular motions while you let out a deep sigh, "keep doing that for me, will you?"
you nodded in agreement, feeling your cheeks glow red. if this was a sin, why did it felt this good?
you slowly continued with your movements, only stopping once you felt one of minho's fingers stretching your cunt. the sudden pain and awkward feeling made you let out a faint cry, your gaze lost in the way his finger dissappeared inside your hole.
"it may hurt a bit, angel" he numbled with his lips against your shoulders and his gaze lost in the way you unconsciously spreaded your legs even more for him, "but i promise you that it will feel good later".
you bit your lower lip as he started to acquire a soft pace, his digit going in and outside of you at a ver slow rythm, "keep touching yourself for me, please" he pleaded once he saw you stopped, following his orders right away.
and only then, you understood what he meant. the mixture between his fingers and yours was heavenly, too good to be true. and, as he increased his pace, you did the same. your hips bucking up slightly at the feeling, wanting more and more each time an unfamiliar pressure built up in your lower abdomen. soon, one finger was not enough and he took it into account, inserting a second one after he realized how well you were taking him.
"that's it" he praised, looking at how you closed your eyes shut while a series of cries and whimpers left your lips, "you are such a good girl, you are doing so good for me".
you moaned at his words, the sound of his voice only contributing more to your own arousal. the movement of his fingers increased dramatically, forcing you to increase your pace as well while the sweet taste of an unknown sensation started to wash up on your body.
"minho" you moaned with a desperate tone, your legs slightly closing at the overwhelming feeling, "god, i-"
"just let go," he ordered, his available hand forcing your legs opened while the other continued with his work, "be a good girl and cum for me".
never in your life you had touched yourself, let alone having an orgasm. you couldn't quite understand what was happening inside you, but the feeling was too good to be pushed away. still, your hand that was previously rubbing your bundle of nerves, soon found itself trying to push minho's hand away from your core, both of your legs threatening to close shut, "this feels so-".
"come on, angel" minho groaned between his teeth, managing to keep on rubbing your clit with his thumb all while you tried to push his hand away as an instinctive movement, "cum all over my fingers, show me how good i made you feel".
and without being able to hold the sweet explosion inside you, you finally let go. toes curling up, eyes rolling to the back of your head and your body slightly covered in sweat trembling under his arms... it was such a heavenly sight for minho. the way his name slipped off of your lips while you cummed, the sound of your whimpers and moans and the way you held yourself tight against his body as if you were going to crumble down at that exact moment was all he needed to cum right there with you.
but he needed to wait a little longer. he needed to mark you forever, ruin both your pretty body and pretty mind.
"good girl" he praised, admiring how your weak body came from your first high, "you did so well, taking everything i gave you".
"it felt so good" you whispered, your teary eyes and rosy cheeks making minho's bulge twitch inside of his pants, "i never thought- i didn't know it would feel like this".
"it felt good, yeah?" he questioned, his eyes looking at the sight of your hardened nipples beneath your shirt.
"it felt more than good" you replied with hitching breath, your throbbing cunt exposed completely to the reflection in the mirror, "i just-".
"i can keep on making you feel good, angel" he mumbled against your ear, your whole body covering on goosebumps, "may i?"
with no inhibitions or shyness, you nodded almost too eagerly. you stood up from his lap, fixing your skirt and your blouse. he stood up immediately after you, revealing something that you were not prepared to see.
he was big. maybe too big.
he smiled while he saw your gaze fixed on his growing bulge, "you caused this, angel".
you raised your eyes to meet his, his penetrative glance telling you more than his words could ever say. his body approached yours, his desperate hands removing the rest of your articles of clothing until the very last one, leaving you completely naked in front of him and the mirror.
and, even when he was the first person to ever see you like this, you felt far from shy.
the way he looked at you with such lustful eyes made you feel proud, for an unknown reason. his hungry eyes traveling along your body only confirmed the statement he spitted earlier that day: women were also a temptation.
but that didn't matter now, when you were completely naked and at his mercy, ready to take anything and everything he was about to give you.
"do you have any idea how many times i thought of you like this?" he asked you, pulling your naked body against his while his bulge made pressure on your lower abdomen and your hardened nipples grazed against the rough fabric of his shirt, "do you have any idea how many times i came with the thought of your pretty body underneath me begging for me to fuck it and use it?"
the words he used made your thigh squeeze together, such filthy sentences coming from such pretty lips only reminded you of how tempting lee minho was.
"you have no idea, angel".
"why don't you-" you mumbled, "why don't you show me?"
he gave you a soft smile, withdrawing your body from him while he undressed for you. his soft skin looked extremely appealing, a caramel shade. on his abs there was a small scar, maybe too small to be perceived with a quick glance but, if anything, it only made his body ten times more attractive.
removing his pants and underwear, there was the thing you had been anticipating the most. and as soon as you saw him in its entirety, the walls inside your cunt clenched around absolutely nothing.
"get on the bed angel" he ordered, "can you do that?"
you followed his command with no hesitation, laying down on the bed while you opened your legs for him, holding both of your thighs with your hands. he smiled at the realization that he didn't even had to ask you for you to spread your legs. your body instinctively did it.
"are you sure you want this?" minho asked with a raspy voice, his eyes fixed on your dripping cunt. you didn't took long to reply with a subtle nod, your heart racing at ten miles per hour once you saw his firm body leaning against yours. "it might hurt a little bit, but i know you can take it, angel".
and, with that being said, a painful pressure against your tight entrance was quick to appear, followed by a loud groaned from minho himself.
"oh-" you whimpered, closing your legs around him while he slowly thrusted himself deep inside you, "it hurts-".
"shhhhhhh" he whispered, his whole body resting on his forearms while he enjoyed the delicious feeling of your tight, weak walls clenching around his cock, "you can take it all the way in".
you closed your eyes and arched your back against the mattress, the strange feeling of his length inside you making you cry a tear or two because of the pain.
"you are doing so. so. well" he panted, both of your bodies meeting again once his cock was buried deep inside your tight hole, "my angel".
you opened your eyes slightly, finding minho's eyes already fixed on yours. he was too attractive, too seductive. the way he breathed, the grimaces of pleasure he made and the way small groans escaped from his lips each time you clenched around him were enough stimuli for you to start feeling more pleasure than pain, your hips moved in circles against minho as a way to tell him that you were completely ready to take him.
"my pretty angel," he grunted, looking at how your body reacted to him, "so desperate to have me already?"
"i am sorry" you apologized shyly, feeling both aroused and pathetic.
"don't be" he mumbled, pulling himself out of you only to thrust his length in you again, earning another whimper from you, "it turns me on, seeing how desperate you are for me".
his hips started to acquire a pace and, honestly, you would be lying if it said it didn't hurt. but as soon as you felt his thumb rubbing your clit in circles, the now very familiar sensation started to build inside you again.
"look at how well you take my cock inside that pretty cunt of yours" minho praised, his eyes lost in the way your breast bounced every time he pounded his cock inside you, "you clench around me like you had been dreaming of this exact moment for months now, haven't you?"
your cheeks started to feel warmer after such an statement, knowing that it was true. no matter how hard you tried to push those thoughts away on your daily basis, they always came back at night, when you were asleep.
"m-more" you moaned, your hips rolling against his with soft movements in an attempt to intensify the sensations even more.
"you want me to go slower?" he teased, the movement of his hips decreasing dramatically while you whined.
"n-no, please" you begged, your glossy eyes looking directly at him, "faster"
"you want me to go faster?" he queried, "is my angel needy for my cock?"
you nodded without giving him a proper answer. still, your fucked out eyes and your trembling body said anything he needed to know at that point.
and, after teasing you for a while, he finally gave you what you wanted. matching the pace of his hips with the one on his digits, the familiar warmth inside you started to spread rapidly throught your whole body, the electricity traveling from your head to the tip of your toes.
"i feel it again" you cried, closing your legs around his hips, "god, it feels more intense".
"take me" he groaned, leaning into tour body slightly while still caressing your bundle of nerves, "take everything i am giving you and show me how much you are enjoying it".
and as a reflex, you arched your back. minho's soft lips went immediately after one of your hardened buds, sucking and licking on them while your hands traveled all the way to his dark hair.
"minho" you cried, all the overwhelming sensation becoming one, "don't stop, please, don't stop, don't -"
the dark-haired smirked against your breasts, realizing who he turned you into.
someone with no inhibitions, someone who would rather think with her impulses rather than her head. from being a religious, pure college student to a needy, hungry cockslut... he felt proud both of you and what he did.
it was beautiful to see you let go like this, specially when it was for him.
"minho, i am cumming" you cried, arching your back while his hips aggressively bucked into yours, the pace of his fingers against your clit making you shake uncontrollably under him.
"keep going" he groaned, still fucking your cunt, "keep cumming around my cock".
and as you predicted, that orgasm was ten times more intense than your first and previous one.
you clenched around him several times before falling into overstimulation, your vulnerable body crying everytime minho's cock reached the special spot that helped you approach your high the previous times.
he wasn't far from his orgasm as well, but he needed to imprint your image on his brain, in case this was the last time he was going to see you like this.
and only after a few seconds, his cock started to twitch inside of you, warning him that he was just as close to his release.
with a swift movement he pulled himself out of you, milking his cock until the very last drop. your naked abdomen and breasts suddenly became stained with his hot arousal, making the pure and innocent image slowly fade away until it was converted into your pretty body all fucked dumb and covered with his own cum.
such a pleasent sight for a filthy act.
"you should know that," minho panted, one of his hands slowly caressing your knee while you kept your legs spreaded for him, "you look beautiful as a sinner".
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aboutapeachparty · a day ago
Stray Kids | S/O is sore the morning after their first time (gender neutral)
reaction | hyung line
genre ➸ romance
disclaimer ➸ This is a work of fiction. I don't own any famous character(s) - like idols - and my writings are in no way meant to show these people’s real nature and/or offend them in any way.
Request:  Skz Hyung line reaction when their s/o is sore the morning after their first time? (Suggestive smut) (gender neutral) 🙏🏻✨
Tumblr media
When you wake up, you realize that something is wrong. Every movement hurt and your first urge was to get up, but you realize as you sit down that it didn't get any better. But because of your restless movements, Chan woke up. He slept on his stomach with his head turned to your side. When he opens his eyes, he smiles gently at you. "Good Morning." His voice was clear, but still calm. "Hey," you say, but you sounded a little pained with pain. It was immediately apparent to Chan that something was wrong and he immediately sat up. "Is everything okay? Do you regret it?" You had your first time last night and Chan was afraid he'd forced you to do something you didn't want. He wanted you, but he didn't want to overstep your limits. Did he push you to do something you didn't want? You immediately recognized his concern and you shake your head. "No, I have no regrets," you say softly and give him a gentle kiss. "But is there something?" You can’t lie to him. "Well ..." You start, but you were shy. You didn't want to burden him with your problems and in the worst case scenario he would feel bad too. "Come on tell me. You don't have to be uncomfortable." Clearly, Chan couldn't be fooled. "Well it feels sore here ... so down here." You point down at yourself and press your lips together. "Oh ...", Chan said and his eyes suddenly widened. And for a moment it became quiet between you. It was a little uncomfortable, but then Chan got up and got dressed. "Okay okay. You stay here and don't move. I'll go quickly and buy us breakfast." He packed panicked his things and looked for his wallet. "It's really okay, don't stress yourself." You try to calm him down, but he wasn't dissuaded. "No, I'll do everything for you today. I'm so sorry." Chan then kissed you and ran off.
"Ouch, ouch, ouch ..." You stumble back from the toilet and go back to bed. Minho was watching you with a big but evil grin. "Don't laugh like that, it's all your fault." You lie down next to him with a sigh and still feel the burning in your lower area. "But it was worth it, wasn't it?" He keeps grinning at you and you roll your eyes. "Let's see how long I'll be sore." You sigh and snuggle up in the covers again. "Sorry, I can't help it that he's so big." He winked and turned over to you. You roll your eyes, but you know that Minho wanted that confirmed. "Hmm right, I should find someone with a smaller dick." Now it was you who grinned and Minho looked at you with raised eyebrows. But then he smiled too and kisses the tip of your nose. "You will get used to him and then you will not want anything else," he whispered in your ear and you immediately get goosebumps. You look into his dark eyes and you miss the words. "But before that I can still be very gentle with you." His head bowed and his lips touched your neck, then your collarbone. His hands wandered over your body and you can feel your breath getting louder and louder. And Minho was just gentle ... very gentle.
"That was nice," whispered Changbin and starts playing with your fingers. He kissed every single one of your fingertips and he smiled gently. You smile too but couldn't answer anything.Your naked bodies were lying against each other and you liked that afterglow, but the sex had left you with after-effects on your body too. "Are you okay?" He asked and immediately noticed that something was wrong. You nod with pressed lips, but in reality you couldn't fool him. "What's going on?" He asked further and his look was suddenly so full of worry. Changbin could seem so tough and hard at times, but he was so soft with you here. "I'm just a little bit sore down there. It's not that bad." You smile and want to convince him that everything is fine. But Changbin immediately feels bad. "What? Did I hurt you?" He leaned over you and examined your whole body. "No, everything is really okay." You run his hair and look him in the eye. And the next moment he became calm too. His hustle and bustle disappeared and his pulse calmed down. "Really?" His dark pupils found themselves in your eyes and he looked like a small dog to you at the moment. "Yeah really. It's just so new to me. I have to get used to you." You wink and laughingly give him a kiss. "I'll be more careful next time," he promised you and snuggled up to you again.
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fullmoonstranger · 2 days ago
Experimental Brattiness
Characters: Bang Chan x Female Reader + Bratty Hyunjin cameo
Warnings: Overstimulation, Edging, Daddy kink, Alpha kink, being tied up, reader barks on command, knotting, slight exhibitionism, slight voyeurism, finger fucking, oral (f reveiving), tit slapping, pussy slapping
Around 1.6k words. Written for the anon who suggested some kinks inspired by the Red Lights mv <3
Tied. You’re literally tied up. It started as a trial of some sort, you being a brat. You just wanted to see his reaction because for all the years you’ve been together, you’ve always been a good girl for him. You never once disobeyed him and he would always let you know how he loves that about you. But one day, you saw how your alpha got really worked up after he spent a day with a rather bratty Hyunjin. Hyunjin is a really good friend, you always depend on him to make sure your beloved Chan does not overwork himself during their hunts together but Hyunjin...he can sometimes be an excruciatingly annoying brat. But the man’s pretty, with his luscious long hair and pouty lips, even Chan gets awfully frustrated when he ends up letting Hyunjin do what he wants in the pack hunt because that brat can be so convincing. One day, Hyunjin was being brattier than usual and he even called Chan an omega, making Chan pounce on him in his wolf form, hurting the younger who hurt his ego.
“I’m sorry,” Hyunjin mewled, almost sobbing because he never saw his hyung like that. Chan immediately turned into his human form, commanding Changbin to take care of Hyunjin as he goes back to his one and only love, you. That night, he was so quiet, so scarily quiet that you were scared to even ask him what happened. Not that you could anyway, because as soon as he arrived home, he pushed you against the nearest window, tore your clothes apart and stuffed your panties in your mouth while he ate you out like a starved man. “My calming juice,” was the only thing he said as he licked your - unsurprisingly - wet cunt, your tits squished against the window, free for his pack mates who were training at the backyard of the building to watch. He ended up fucking you on the kitchen table, making you cum at least four times, telling you how he’s so pissed at Hyunjin for being such a brat. Sure, you couldn’t walk the next day and his subordinates who came to send food and groceries to your house couldn’t even look you in the eyes but it was worth it. It was the best sex you ever had with Chan and it makes you want to test a theory. Does Bang Chan love brats?
That is why you are now tied with the bandages Chan conveniently has stashed in his side of the night stand. And that is also why you are now crying, begging for him to let you cum after being denied the luxury for three times now. All because you decided to test the theory and be a brat. You didn’t want to give him kisses, didn’t answer him when he asked you a question, rolled your eyes when he told you to wear a sweater when you go out and all hell broke loose when you put your foot on his crotch when he was in a meeting with his pack mates. He dismissed your earlier brattiness because he thought you might be having premenstrual mood swings but rubbing your foot on his cock was the last straw. He was gonna punish you. For the first time.
“My poor little dumb mutt, wanna cum?” Chan asks, tone mocking but you nod your head so fast, feeling like you’re about to lose it if you don’t cum right now - he’s been edging you for hours. “Aww too bad, get off my cock,” he tells you, his hand landing on your ass, spanking you. You stopped bouncing, trying to regulate your breathing but the man is impatient. “I said... get. Off. My. Fucking. Cock,” he says, tugging on the bandage he used to tie your hands on your back together, teasingly thrusting into your cunt with every word he stressed on, not planning on helping you to do what he demands you to. There’s only one main rule tonight: no cumming until he gives you permission. You’re a crying mess but you love it, you love how he’s testing your limits and true to his words, you are his pretty little dumb mutt who listens to everything he says. That’s why you’re shakily lifting your hips to get off his fat cock. “Nothing but an obedient dumb mutt,” Chan chuckles as he watches your ruined cunt. He’s gonna have so much fun with you.
Chan makes you lay on your back, now underneath his big muscular body, your tied hands on top of your head. “Not much of a brat now, are you, slut?” he says, slapping your tits, making you jolt in sensitivity. “I’m sorry, Daddy,” you say to him, eyes watery and chin messy with your own spit. “Shut up. You wanted to be a brat, so I’m treating you like one,” Chan scoffs, licking his palm and landing a firm slap on your ruined cunt. “Ah! Da-daddy!” you whine, squirming but he doesn’t stop as he lands another smack on your pussy, now making sure his ring lands on your clit. All you can do is moan as tears fall. “Shhh, Daddy needs to teach you a lesson,” he coos mockingly, like he wants to console you but you can see that he is enjoying this, his eyes are literally sparkling with happiness.
You are about to beg him again when he suddenly pushes in two fingers into your wet cunt. “This slutty pussy is still so tight even after I’ve fucked it? Such a whore,” Chan chuckles, not even paying attention to you as his eyes are trained on your pussy. “But a brat can take many fingers, hmm? If you could take my cock, you can take three fingers,” he says, not so much of a question but more like a statement, making you squirm. “Daddy please,” you beg, not even knowing what you’re begging for.
“Shhh. Daddy will only listen to you when you learn to be a good girl,” and another finger is pushed into your tight cunt. “Fucking messy slut. You’re drenched. Bet you wanna cum so bad,” he says, now finger fucking you hard and fast. Chan groans at how your pussy is clenching around his fingers, the coldness of his ring must be adding to the pleasure. “Tell me when you’re gonna cum,” he instructs, one hand coming up to choke you.
He knows how much you love his fingers. They are thick and veiny, so every time he pushes his fingers in and out of your cunt, you just moan, trying to sound as sexy as you can in hopes that he would forgive you and let you cum. But Chan is enjoying this, maybe more than you think he is. The desperate moans, the begging, the 360 change from being a brat to being an obedient slut just turns him on. He can’t wait to fuck you with his cock again and give you his knot.
“Chan, please, I need - I need to - to cum, I need, ah!”
You are so close to cumming but Chan takes his fingers out and spits on your pussy. “What the fuck did you call me?” he asks and holy fuck, why did he sound so fucking good? “I asked you a question, whore. Don’t look at me like a stupid puppy- oh you are, aren’t you? A stupid little mutt,” he chuckles, almost sounding like a villain.
“Put your tongue out then. Like a little mutt.Mmm just like that”. You have your tongue out, saliva dripping and Chan looks at you like he’s lost his mind. “Bark for me,” he commands and you do as he says, barking a quiet ‘woof woof’.
One second you’re barking again and the next, you’re on all fours, with Chan’s fat cock pounding into your overly sensitive cunt. You nipples graze onto the satin sheets every time he pushes into you and all you can do is moan his name, chanting endless ‘Daddy Daddy Daddy’ and ‘please please please’ while the man thrusts into you harder, rougher and most importantly, he’s fucking you with his wolf strength without him realising it.
“Gonna knot you,” is all he says besides the constant groaning sounds he emits while he’s fucking you good. Your pussy is throbbing around him and his veiny cock just stretches you so wide, all you can do is take what he’s giving you. “Alpha, please,” you beg again, mind foggy as all you can feel is his cock and his emerging knot. And all you wanna do is cum. Cum. Cum. That’s the only thing in your head. You want to cum and you want Chan to knot you.
“Say it again, fuck,” Chan demands, hips stuttering as he feels his knot coming, you’re clenching around his cock so tight. “Alpha, I’m beg-begging you. Need to cu-cum. Need your kno-knot ple-please alpha I- AH!”.
And with that, you suddenly burst, his knot enlarging inside you, making you cum unexpectedly but the most pleasurable you’ve ever felt in your whole life. “Alpha alpha cum i’m sorry i cum cum,” you whine, crying but Chan shushes you, softly kissing you while his thrusts become gentle, his knot not allowing him to move, locking him in place. “There you go, it’s okay baby, you did so well for me,” is the last thing you hear before you pass out with Chan’s cock still inside you. A few seconds later, with your cunt clenching so tightly around him, Chan finally cums, loads of sticky white substance filling you up, warm and wonderful inside your pulsing cunt.
Chan smiles as he watches you sleep, knowing that he wouldn’t mind if you decide to act like a brat again anytime soon.
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chans-bad-girl · a day ago
I just read through all of your works and I love how you write. That changbin one had me 🥵💨. I also like your skz reactions a lot! I never requested anything like this, but I was wondering if you could do a skz reaction to you having a mark kink? Like bruises and scratches, things like that lol. Or like maybe just one members reaction? Whatever works for you! Thanks 💖
Skz reactions: marking kink
Tumblr media
!!Beware: mature content ahead!!
hard kinks/trigger warnings: none? (feel free to lmk if I should add something)
warnings (but in short because we're not trying to write the length of a grocery list for a wedding): switch!skz and reader engaging in sexual activities of which the focal point of my elaboration is the marking kink
how long would it take for him to lose his mind, you ask?
.01 second
because the literal millisecond you say marking kink he's sucking on your neck
"one more so you can remember me when I'm gone."
and when you accidentally scratch his back a bit he goes
"you like em on me too?"
then says you can scratch his back all you want
will know from the way you dimple your fingertips in his skin how close you are
loves sucking on your lip for good measure after he left your thighs and collarbones all bruised with hickeys
"look, you're literal art. with love bites."
greet the master of teasing (after seungmin djdjdjd)
"you want me to suck here?"
will only lightly kiss your tummy first
then move to your thighs
and his face: gone
all you get to sense of him is his mouth sucking hickeys
u bet this sneaky mf will have the hickeys spell out a crooked m
loves the thought of marking you with a "making you his"-connotation
"now everyone knows you belong with me."
cuming in you is his personal favorite though
likes when you're cunning with it too and do little things like nibble on his earlobe
soft strokes on his back that gradually turn to pressing down on his skin
will make him literally lose his mind
watch this man lose every ounce of dominance by the time he's close
spanking becomes his primary love language the second you tell him you like being marked
"look at my bunny, such a pretty red ass. all because of master's spankings."
will definitely call you out on how wet you've gotten from it
will also spank your pussy
and loves seeing you squirm as a reaction
isn't a big fan of biting and sucking, really just loves the marks his hands leave (scratching, bruises,...)
and here is the key to make him soft for you: kiss on his thighs or arms, leave some hickeys and mimick his domineering attitude
either he'll call you a brat or just let you do whatever
because when he doesn't have the energy, he likes being reminded how dedicated you are to him
after all, the man's a leo
also, he's soft under that "I like dark"-shell so show him some love
his lips
have you seen this man's lips?
so once you say it he'd be a bit confused like
huh marks?
but then he just smiles for a second, looks you in the eye and ambitiously goes for your neck
will also pull at your hair a bit
and nibble at your ear
loves it when you do the same to him
likes leaving hickeys on your collar bones and stays sucking on a spot with a linger
spanks you also but only until some redness appears
when you moan, he moans back
also, please suck his nipples, this man is a sucker for that
will just smile at you and go at it as a reaction
uses his teeth
bites your bottom lip while you make out
would implement it into foreplay
sucks not only at your nipples but also on your cleavage so it leaves a small mark
not too obvious but if somebody looks there on purpose they'll see
bites at your thighs a bit too before eating you out
wants to try being marked as well
as soon as you get the opportunity to go down on him, you trail hickeys down from his stomach to his pelvis
and he tenses up when you grab his boner and gently suck this pre-cum off his tip
also imagine him moaning and squirming while you go down on him oh my god he's probably the only man that I actively wanna suck off
would be the one wanting to be marked
literally before you can even say anything he's already mentioned he likes it
throws his head back to give you better access
closes his eyes when you leave nail imprints on his shoulders because, for him, it's THE sign that he's making you feel good
also likes it a bit messy, meaning that he likes getting lost in your messy hair and the anklet that slaps his back
bonus point if the anklet leaves imprints also
will also give back to you when you give him consent to and actually admit you kinda have uhm a marking kink
will smile at you like "cute that you're so shy about it when you always scream like you're at one of my concerts"
so get ready for Jisung to leave his own little teeth imprints and sucks here and there
ugh will not stop licking spots like a puppy because "can't give you everything at once, don't wanna overwhelm you"
will use that as an excuse you painfully tease you
picks up on all the small turn ons so foreplay will be 50% marking
because he knows it's one of your biggest kinks
will take his time
but I stay thinking that, as soon as he let's go, he'll REALLY let go
like dandy boy Seungmin can't always have a perfectly gentle personality
he cracks
and when you actually ASK him to mark you
so when you actually verbalize what he's already picked up
then, congratulations, you have managed to remove to constraints on the bull
have fun babes😉
also for some reason I feel like he'd be into ropes
so tying you up and then the imprints of them on you
or on him
it's kinda a theme of restriction and letting loose with him
he marks you however it's convenient for him atm
loves to show off his muscles to you
so he'll grip at your hip and leave a little red mark
hold you up against a wall and leave red spots on your torso
loves sucking on your neck and shoulders, especially during missionary
also slapping is a big one with him
loves to see the redness and jiggling of your thighs/ass
when he's in baby bread mood and just likes being taken care of after a long day, he likes some hickeys and how they look at him
maybe also like receiving some scratches on the back
but all in all likes marking you a bit more
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spilledtee · 2 days ago
𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐀𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩
Word Count: 3.2k
Warning: smut, established relationship, slight bondage, dirty talk, unprotected sex (wrap before you tap), consented somnophilia, slight choking praise kink, thigh riding, riding, switch!reader, switch!Jisung
Synopsis: In which Jisung puts an idea inside of your head and decide to act on it, however, it seems it might have back fired on you
A/N: I didn’t proof read this and I wrote it while in class but I still hope you enjoy this :) Based on this request, please note that requests are still closed unless you pay for one my ko-fi. I am sorry about that but I am going to get quite busy so those requests are going to be my priority. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One arm folded behind your head, you laying on your back, listening to the soft breathing rhythms of your sweet, sweet boyfriend next to you as he was in deep sleep. Unsurprisingly, you had been restless and now were now looking over at him. It wasn’t completely dark in his dorm room, thanks to the low light of the lamp that was on in the corner, and you could barely make out his features beside you. Now, what was keeping you up? Well, it had been your boyfriend’s crude mouth. It seemed the longer that the two of you were together, it seemed that the longer the two of you were together, the more naughty his comments would get. One comment that had definitely caught your attention was when he mentioned the idea of you waking him up while your mouth was wrapped around his cock. You had laughed it off, but it seemed that he had been serious, even going so far to say that he would enjoy watching you above him using his cock while he was fast asleep.
In truth, that had been the cause of most of your sleeplessness. He’d know what he was asking for since the beginning, and now here you were, your gut telling you every night that you should attempt it. You knew that he was vocal though. He would moan, pant, whine and even be a little squirmy and with his roommate, Jeongin, being there all the time you wouldn’t want him to suffer through hearing the both of you. Even the rest of his members. However, it seemed that the weekend had given you such luck that it was only the two of you in the dorm tonight.
Unconsciously, you licked your lips, trying to remember the last time that the two of you were actually intimate. It had been so long, especially with his busy schedule and endless nights at the studio with the other two in the producing team. You shifted slightly, remembering his taste, the feeling of his body pressed against yours… you shifted slightly beneath the blanket, your body suddenly heating up. Really, you should not be thinking such dirty thoughts while your sweet, hard working boyfriend was right next to you, but you also realized that you definitely were not tired and the image of him, cock buried deep inside of you, refused to leave your mind. 
Suddenly, you froze, as if Jisung had caught you in your dirt though. Instead, he simply turned over, giving a soft sigh in his sleep. Judging by his peaceful expression, it seemed that the strain of working all day had completely disappeared. You smiled, touching his chubby cheek and caressing it with your thumb. He didn;t so much as twitch, making you smile. Han was always hard to wake up, especially after a long day. Maybe this was a good thing though. He deserved some stress, so why not offer him some? You’d do anything to help your boyfriend after all. Carefully, and as silently as possible, you slipped the comforter off the both of you and you nearly laughed out loud. It was no surprise that Jisung was horny almost always, so the growing bulge in the front of his sweats was definitely expected. Better for you actually.
You pulled down the sweats, along with his boxers, his cock springing free. A small, sleepy, hiss when the cool air touched his hot flesh, wanting nothing more than to have you settle on top of him. You were sure to do that, though, you wanted to have some fun with him first. You bent down, licking the underside of his cock and he responded almost automatically, groaning in his sleep. His tip didn’t even meet the threshold of your lips, your lustful eyes staring up at him. He wanted him to wake up, to see what you were doing and how you were going to him. Without warning you took him as far into your mouth as you could. “Fuck.” He cursed out with a strangled moan, eyes fluttering open finally and head lolling to the side as you dragged your mouth along his shaft. The action completely robbing him of comprehensible speech. 
As soon as he started to really enjoy himself, hand going to grab your hair, your mouth disappeared. “No touching baby.” Your hand replaced your mouth, grasping firmly onto his length. You stroked him, this time at a steady pace while your other hand was giving his balls a gentle massage. A shudder wracked through his body, his hands balled into first in the sheets. You beant down once more, replacing your hand with your mouth, taking one of his balls in your mouth, and then going to the other.
Jisung let out a gasp, his unintentionally thrusting upward. “Please…(Y/N).” He whimpered out.
You smirked, seeing that he was already a mess from this. However, you weren’t satisfied yet. Your tongue darted out, licking along his shaft. You stopped short of taking him into your mouth, lips puckering to suck just beneath his tip. “Please? Please, what naughty boy? This was your fault, naughty boy. You wanted me to fuck you like this and you’re getting it.”
Jisung groaned, muttering something under his breath. You wanted to hear him, wanted him to beg for you. To beg to please just by you. You rubbed the head of his cock, running it along the outline of your lips then dripping your saliva against it. “Sorry, baby,  I couldn’t hear you.” You said, almost cruelly. 
“Please.” His frustrated voice sounded a little louder this time.
A kiss was placed on the head of his cock, lingering there and teasing him with the suctioning motion of your lips, knowing he desired to have you wrapped around him again. “Louder, Ji.” You encouraged. 
“Please! Fuck...please suck my cock.”
“Good boy.” You purred. Jisung nearly lost it hearing your melodic voice sound so seductive. You did as he requested, taking the entirety of his cock iny our mouth. A small gag sounded through you, you took it though, responding with a pleasant hum. The vibration made him twitch slightly in your mouth, his toes curling and the sound of him nearly pulling the sheets again. Gripping the base of his cock, you began to bob your head, keeping in rhythm with your hand. Your cheeks hollowed out, sucking hard enough to earn a string of curses that only seemed to spur you further. 
Practically pushing off the bed, Jisung’s hips thrusted back deep into your warm, wet mouth, attempting to keep up with your pace. Your teeth grazed him slightly in response, your free hand dragging your nails against him, and pushing his hips down as a warning. Tensing against you, he let out a string of praise. Though you were happy to hear that your boyfriend was enjoying himself, you still released him with a pip of your mouth. The look of Jisung’s cock was clear that it demanded attention, but you had other plans for him. Leaning up to him, you kissed a greedy kiss to his lips, thrusting your tongue into his mouth and allowing him to taste the mixture of your mouth and his cock on your tongue. This was returned by the exact same desire. It sent a pool of wetness to your core. “You’re such a good boy, Ji. Don’t you think so?”
“Yes…” He let out, breathlessly.
You placed your hands on his shoulders, pressing against him so that he could feel your boobs against his chest before withdrawing to straddle him. Slowly you grind your hips against him. He practically cried out for you. Jisung was aching beneath you. The feeling of your mouth and now you moving your hips against him was going to be the end of him. “Do you want a reward baby?” 
Jisung shivered. “I...ah-!”
“Tell me, baby. I can’t read your mind.” Jisung gasped at your words, but you didn’t stop, rocking your hips against him again, creating a friction between the two of you. He writhed beneath you, trying to express himself. “Do you want me to use your cock baby, hm? That what you want?” A whimper escaped him. His hands pulled at the sheets again, expecting you to let him touch you. However, he was completely wrong as you positioned yourself against his exposed thigh. The contact made you shiver, already feeling sensitive and needy for your endless nights of thinking about doing this. You began grinding down on his thigh, settling for a harsh pace, wanting to tease him further. “Beg for it Ji, or I’ll cum on your thigh instead.”
He arched up, the sound of the mattress and his groans echoing through the room. He wanted to touch you, he wanted to take control, you could easily read that in his eyes. You ignored it though, rocking your hips back and forth, speeding up and spurring him further. Swallowing the last bits of pride he cried out. “Please fuck me! I’ve been good!”
You didn’t respond, only removing yourself from his thigh to climb up top of him, position yourself above his swollen cock. Inch by inch you took him, gpasing when you fully bottomed him out. His girth had always taken you by surprise. You began to rock your hips back and forth, bouncing slightly on his cock. Trying to take some control, Jisung thrusted up, meeting the movement of your hips. He gripped against the sheets, pulling at them hard wanting nothing more than to touch you. He pushed upward again, his strokes filled with certainty, having committed where your g-spot was. You arched into him, beginning to pick up the pace, testing just how far you could take him. He was holding on as best as he could, as he could feel his own high starting to come over him.
As if you could read his mind, the friction you were creating between them halted. A whine escaped him from the loss of contact. His eyes snapped open, seeing her hips over his cock once more. “Did I say you could cum?” Your voice firm, question him. 
“N-no.” He whimpered.
You patted his cheek. “Good boy. You can only cum when I say so, understood?” He nodded in response, voice catching in his throat. You sat down on him again, taking him with one smooth motion. Both of you cried out in unison, ragged moans escaping from the two of you. Your hands went to his chest, bracing yourself, as you began to move once again. The mixture of skin meeting skin and moans being heard, only encouraged your actions further.
The bed creaked and the headboard banged loudly against the wall. You were certain that if anyone was home, that they would have definitely heard both of your pent up frustrations by now. A loud groan echoed as he once again tugged at whatever he could, wanting to touch you. Then he saw it, the way that you had been so engrossed in riding him that the grip on his chest had loosened and you were starting to lose yourself in pleasure. The pent of frustration he had felt during work suddenly reclaimed its place in his mind, and his hands went to your hips. Your eyes snapped open in realization but you had little time to reach for anything to stop him as your back met the bed. A primal glint appeared on Jisung’s face as he hovered over you. “Oh, you looked scared, pretty girl, what's wrong?”
You gulped, seeing the devilish expression lining his face, but you were set on being the one in charge right now. “What? You're gonna punish me now?”
“No-well, yes. One of these days, however I think the best teach you a lesson is a good fucking, don’t you think baby?” He told, voice growing husky with desire. The words seem to affect you almost immediately, a pool of wetness already spreading around your core. His hand gripped around your wrist, while the other pulled his shirt off and wrapped your wrist. “Now, my pretty girl, I want you to scream for me. Think you can do that?” That was not a question you were expected to answer because he knew that you would regardless of what you said. A hand trailed down your body, his finger brushing against your breasts first. Goosebumps littered your skin and you shivered, Jisung shaking his head, clearly not gaining the reaction he desired. For you, though, your body was suddenly hyper aware of each brazen touch, lighting sparks up in you. “I love looking at you. You’re so beautiful like this.”
“I’d be more beautiful if you let me go.” You stated, clearly not enjoying the revenge he was taking out on you. 
Jisung was clearly taking pleasure in having you like this. You were about to question what he was doing but the only thing that escaped your lips was a whine. You were desperate for any contact, desperate to have any sensation back. He was kind enough to trail his fingers against your wet slit. “You know there was something I always wanted to try.”
“Wh-what?” You questioned, through gritted teeth as you pulled at the cloth around your wrists.
“Well…” His voice trailed off, slipping his fingers quite easily into you, the rings he wore brushing against the velvety patch of skin that lined your inner walls. Without warning his fingers curled, causing you to gasp. You pushed off the bed from the sudden spike in pleasure that coursed through you, mouth opening but only a mewl tumbling off your parted lips sounding. Jiung only took that as encouragement, repeating the action of his fingers pumping and curling. 
In and out, in and out of you. Your eyes rolled back, head lolling backwards. You had already been sensitive and you were slipping, the world almost turning white as the pressure in your core was building. “Ji, I’m-”
He pulled his fingers out of you, a smirk plastered on his face as you whined from the loss of contact. You had lost your composure more quickly than he had. “No.”
You whimpered. “Please...please, please.”
“Say you want me.” He commanded, suddenly hovering over you. 
“I want you.” You repeated.
A hand came down to mack one of your breasts, causing you to scream, before the hand that had just come in contact with you went to your throat. He squeezed, appling just enough pressure to see you struggle slightly. The anger was clearly evident in his eyes. “After not letting me touch you and tease me, you should be begging me to fuck you. Try again.” You bit down your lips, to which he shook his face, hips moving forward so that he cock brushed over your entrance. “Speak, (Y/N).”
“I want you to fuck me.” You whimpered out, hand clasping over his wrist. 
Jisung pressed his fingers against yours once more.  “Again.” Hi fingers applied more pressure, a warning that you should ask him properly. “Beg me.”
“Please, please fuck me Jisung. I need your cock inside of me.” 
A grunt sounded from him, again squeezing at your throat one last time before, turned you over so that you were on all fours and your ass was pressing against his. He slammed into you in one smooth motion, pressing his fingers against your mouth to muffle any noise out of you. You mewled, nonetheless, writhing beneath him. Jisung filled you once again, an overwhelming cry could be heard from you. His hips rocked against yours, slamming himself fully into you, then withdrawing entirely over and over again. Slapping sounds of skin meeting skin filled the room, each harsh, brutal thrust of his hips, making jolt forward each time, only to be pulled back by Jisung’s hands. His freed hand went to lift your hips slightly, causing each thrust to press you closer to him, your clit rubbing against him as he did so. The friction was delicious, and overwhelming. Your senses felt like you were drowning in your own pleasure. Jisung was everywhere at once. His calloused fingers toying with your clit and his merciless pace never slowing. Every movement, every touch, every incoherent word that tumbled from both of you reflected the pent of frustrations that the two of you felt. “Is this what you wanted, pretty girl? For me to fuck you like this even though I was sound asleep?” He questioned, finally speaking up.
“Yes.” You pleaded, eyes glazing over and your state completely in daze.
“I’m going to ruin you.” He told, the words coming out as a promise. He was relentless as ever, causing you to cry once more. Jisung’s hips snapped harshly against yours, one hand moving to the front of you, ring cladded fingers pressing each one of the tips of his fingers around your throat once more. The crude sound of his cock sliding so easily into you made the world around you seem to spin. A whimper left your parted lips, tears streaming down your cheeks as another build up for your orgasm came to you. Jisung forced you upward, so that your bodies were flush against each other. “Cum, pretty girl. I want you to fall apart just from me.”
“Fuck...Ji. I love when you ruin me.”
At the words, Jisung let out a snarl. His fingers, that were previously around your neck, found your clit, rubbing furiously at the sensitive bundle of nerves as he continued to piston into you mercy abandoned. Learning down, his lips pressed against your spine, a rather comforting sentiment as his fingers pinched at your clit. A scream ripped through your throat, the wave of pleasure sending you over the edge, the pleasure being too unmeasurable. The stimulation from you clenching onto him triggered his own orgasm, his movements becoming erratic and sloppy. His body went slack, hands gripping onto your skin with a bruising force as he let out his own cry of pleasure. His chest heaving as he pulled out of you slowly, allowing you to lay yourself down.
He slumped next to you, sheets torn off his bed, every scattered and sighing in content. “Are you okay?” He inquired, realizing that he could have been too rough with you. 
“Yes.” Came your breathless reply. “Don’t worry.”
His eyes turned towards his lower half. He was still hard, the previous orgasm doing little for him and his endless stamina. “Good. I was thinking we could wash up together.” He said, waggling his eyebrows as he removed his shirt that was tied around your wrist.
You rolled your eyes at him. “I think I’d rather sleep… you tired me out.”
Placing a kiss on your forehead he nodded. “Alright. Just know you’re gonna be punished later for what you did.”
“That wasn’t my punishment?” You said, suddenly feeling wide awake.
With a devilish smirk, he simply shrugged. “I should clean you up though.” And suddenly he was getting up on his feet and heading to the bathroom. Oh, you’d be in for it tomorrow for teasing him.
Tumblr media
taglist: @geniejunn @jsung01 @woofwoofbangbang @hanjiswaq @ofsake @flightoftheflightrisk @jonecb-97 @yutaalove @changbinscypher @eunoia-kth @lemon-boy-stan @seungminyoongi
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to spilledtee. There is no copying or modifying of writing. Translating and reposting work is prohibited. Please inform me if you see anything similar to my work.
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domseungie · 2 days ago
foggy mirror - h.hj
Tumblr media
genre smut, minors dni
theme jealous!hyunjin x afab reader, public sex
warnings include unprotected! piv, public sex, dirty talk, some degrading, mentions of masturbation, cum swallowing
thank you for the request my love i hope you enjoy !
you and hyunjin were in the practice room, you were sitting on the couch in the corner while music beamed over the speakers. you found yourself glancing up from your phone, to watch hyunjin.
you couldnt lie, he was such a smooth and precise dancer and even more so sexy. “ya! y/n!” hyunjin yelled, sweaty and out of breath. your head snapped up to look at him. “c’mere” he smiled, wiping sweat from the top of his lip.
you sighed and dragged your feet over to him. “you wanna try to learn this part?” he points. “what this? i already know all of thunderous” you reply.
“you do? since when?” his chiseled jaw turns your direction as he took a sip of his water. “lee know taught me a bunch of it the other day” your reply almost made him choke on his water.
“lee know hyung? and you think he could teach you better than me?” he stares, tossing his water bottle to the side. “n-no i never said that. but he is talented so” you felt uneasy as hyunjin’s expression turned dark.
“its okay if you think he is a better dancer y/n why don’t you just say it?” he stepped towards you, backing you up against the mirror. 
you couldn’t speak, you mind was running wild. you didnt know what to say because you and hyunjin have never had this type of tension before. 
his hand reached up grasp the side of your face, caressing your cheek with his thumb. “could he fuck you like me?” your breath hitched at his question, you felt a pool forming in your legs.
“oh don’t get all quiet now baby, where is all this mouth you were giving me earlier hm? not so tough huh” you looked down at the now very obvious bulge in his pants.
he looked down and chuckled “like what you see?” he places a kiss on your neck. “here you can touch it” he grabs your hand and places it over his hard-on. “this is what you do to me, not just now but daily, i’ve touched myself so many nights wishing it was you.”
you felt a heartbeat in your core and something snapped, as you pushed foreward, locking your lips with his. they melted together like butter, tounges intertwining, “hyunjin, i want you in me please its all i’ve ever wanted” you admitted. 
he smiles “ah so you think about me too?” you sigh, pulling your own sweats down along with your underwear, hyunjin following as he removed his jeans and boxers, letting his length spring out.
he stroked it a few times before looking up at you. “spit on it baby, hurry” you nodded, letting a string of saliva from your mouth land on his tip. he hummed and he stroked himself a few times.
“jump up” he ordered, his right arm hooked under your right left and vise versa with the left, holding you up against the mirror. 
“let me know if it gets too much, but i feel like you’ll be a good girl and take it for me yeah?” you nodded your head, clenching over nothing.
he held tip against your entrance before sliding in, immediately hitting the perfect spot. “fuck there hyunjin, hit that spot right there” you moan, your eyes squeezing shut.
“i want you to look at me while i fuck you and i mean it, i wanna watch you fall apart infront of me” you snapped your eyes open without hesitating as he started to move in and out of you.
he was going at a normal pace, but the more your moans filled the practice room, the faster he got. your hands tangled into his long black hair, slightly tugging.
“holy shh-shit hyunjin, harder please” and harder he started going. you were surprised the mirror didnt break given the pace he kept.
“minho couldn’t do this to you could he? i know you can’t compare but admit it. when it comes to this dick, lee know wishes he could feel you around him, god it feels so fucking good”
the mirror behind you started to fog up due to your sweaty body leaned up against it. “fuck you are so good, better than lee know, better than anyone” 
hyunjin wasn’t a quiet low groaner, he could moan and it was hot. but also apparently a little too loud. 
“hey hyunjin-ah are you oka-” the sound of the door opening and chans voice ringing made the both of you pause, looking over at him.
“you’ve gotta be kididng me here? really? jeez thats disgusting” chan shakes his head. “lock it next time!” he yells, locking the door for you and leaving.
your face burned bright red at what just happned. you used your hand to make hyunjin turn back to look at you. “can we finish please?” 
you didnt have to ask twice before he started moving inside you again. “that was kinda hot huh? chan seeing how fucked out you are for me? maybe he will tell lee know all about it” he smirks.
you clenched around him due to his words, and the coil that was getting ready to snap.
“fuck dont do that or ill spill in you baby” he groaned. “hyunjin- im gonna cum, f-fuck” you close your eyes. 
“hey!” he yells. “you wanna come on this dick? then look into my eyes when you do it” he pushes his tounge against his inner cheek.
you felt a build up like never before, and you came hard. you felt like you could physically be in outer space, but you habitally dropped to your knees. your lips found hyunjins tip as you sucked him dry, letting him come down your throat.
“swallow pretty girl” he lifts your chin up, as he bends down to your level. both of you were out of breath as you dressed.
“i think we need to clean up, and go apologize to chan”
domseungie© 2021
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bngchnsi · 2 days ago
just imagine hyunjin smelling like warm vanilla perfume and just his scent itself turns you on so you tease him but he’s too tired so it turns into lazy soft sex
warnings: smut, afab reader, scent kink (???), fondling, pet names like puppy, penetrative vaginal sex.
You weren't sure what it was about Hyunjin's cologne, but it always made your skin tingle pleasantly whenever you got a whiff of it and now, laying next to the man as he peacefully slept, you were practically suffocating in the warm vanilla scent of it. Usually cologne had you gagging and your eyes watering, but it seemed everything about your boyfriend was pretty and comforting and made you horny as shit.
"Jinnie," you whined, elongating the last syllable and making your boyfriend groan. "What," he whined in return, mocking how you spoke, and you whined again, hitting his chest softly. He giggled before peeking his eyes open just barely, the pretty dark brown looking as calm as a muddy pond.
And you were about to ruin all of it.
Hyunjin gasped softly when you suddenly cupped him through his briefs, eyes slipping shut as he groaned at the stimulation. "What are you doing puppy?" He asked, his voice low and gruff after sleeping for around thirty minutes, and you grinned to yourself as he began rutting his hips up into your awaiting palm. "Just trying to get some tonight, that's all."
"Puppy," he whined, his face scrunching up as your hand reached underneath his clothes, bare skin against bare skin and making him shiver. "I'm too sleepy for this."
"Then roll over on your back, I'll do all the work." Hyunjin sighed dramatically, eyes staying closed as he did as you asked with a small faux pout on his features, and you rolled your eyes. So extra, you thought to yourself.
You pulled his underwear down so that it was resting underneath his balls, straddling his waist and wasting no time on sinking down on him, prep and foreplay be damned. You had been sitting there with your dirty thoughts for almost half an hour; you were definitely wet enough.
Hyunjin sighed happily when you pressed kisses onto his collarbone, large hands running up and down your back and sides as he bottomed out inside you. "I could fall asleep like this."
"You better fucking not."
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butterflies123456 · 2 days ago
Bang Chan as boyfriend.
Tumblr media
This is just imagination, doesn't describe Chan irl.
Chan would be the sweetest and the most supporting boyfriend anyone could ever get.
His humour will be a forever mystery you.
Won't be able to live one day without talking with his lover
Will be a little possessive over his lover but not in a bad or creepy way.
In bed Chan's gonna turn into a literal sex God .
Chan would be probably a mix of soft and hard dom, could be literally praising infront of mirror and in matter of seconds would make you beg for his fingers inside your cunt.
He will come with some new kink almost every month, man ain't experimental only with music ;)
Chan's gonna be the boyfriend, who will without even knowing stares at his partner like he/she is the night sky which he adores the most.
Chan would have a period tracker in his own smartphone in place of you, so he can pamper you with food, sweets and cuddles :(
Recently read on twitter that "Chan is the type of boyfriend who would smirk while kissing his partner.
BangChan is the standard.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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im-sakura · 2 days ago
new things | y.ji
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 : smut
𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 : mature
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 : dom!jeongin x f!reader
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 : 1k
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 : subspace, orgasm control, sex toy usage, slight nipple play, implied edging(?), restraints, use of lube, use of the color system, squirting, mentions of protected sex.. i think that's it?
𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐭 : pwp
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 : not really edited or proofread...
"P-p-please, Innie," you softly cry, tugging at the soft restraints around your wrists. "I've been a g-good girl! I d-didn't do anything naughty!" You whimper, your thighs quivering.
He pulls away the vibrator from your clitorsis, listening as you catch your breath. "I know," Jeongin murmurs, turning off the wand and soothing your thighs. "You are my good girl. You have been so horny and needy all day, but you didn't even tease. Not in front of the others, or alone," he murmurs, kissing your thighs to help you calm back down.
"Y-y-you could tell?" You bashfully ask, not thinking your needs were obvious.
Jeongin hums in affirmative.
"How could you tell?" You ask in a small voice.
"Well," Jeongin giggles despite being in his dominant role. "Your thighs would rub together, your gaze would linger on my hands," he emphasizes this by running a finger down your collar bone, over your breast, and down to your hip, "and my crotch, your breasts seemed a bit swollen but not painful," Jeongin gently cups your breasts before rubbing his thumbs over your nipples, "and I know it's the time of the month when you get really horny." He grins, rather proud of himself for noticing all of that.
You gape up at him, your mouth open until he closes it with two long fingers.
"Surprised, darling?" Jeongin asks with a smirk.
You nod, eyes wide.
"Now precious, will you let me take care of you? I'll let you cum this time," he promises, to which you eagerly nod. "Are you still doing okay? What is your color?" Jeongin pointedly asks. He knew edging you could oversensitize you to the point of no return, so he needed to check.
"It has been enough of a break, so green," you manage to say.
Jeongin nods before giving you a sweet kiss, an intimate reminder of his love for you and wanting to take care of you. He settles himself between your legs once more, not picking up the toy.
Jeongin blows cool air onto your core, making you wiggle. He smiles before rubbing his thumb on your clit, the rest of his hand resting on your pubic mound. Soft moans begin to escape you before you make a slight face.
"What is it, darling?" He asks, slowing down his movements.
Your cheeks heat up as you shyly request, "can you use more lube?"
He says nothing, merely getting up and taking the bottle. Jeongin pours some into the palm of his hand before massaging it onto your labia and clitorsis. He settles himself between your legs once more, continuing where he left off. A smile graces his features as you whimper and whine more, his ego boosting that he could make you feel so good.
When Jeongin notices a slight change in your muscles indicating your hole is fluttering, he replaces his thumb with his mouth. He gives your clit a soft kiss before sucking on it, his tongue alternating between massaging and flicking the sensitive bud. Jeongin’s forefinger prods your entrance, and he keeps his eyes trained on you as he inserts it slowly.
"Innie~" you gasp out, your glazed over eyes trained on him.
You feel him smirk against your clit, pulling away to watch your hole take his finger. He begins to curl it, repeatedly pushing on the spongy area of your g spot.b
"Please please please?" You beg with a sweet pout. His finger felt heavenly, but you craved more. Another finger or two, his mouth, or better yet, both.
"As you wish, darling," Jeongin soothes, adding another finger and pumping them more, wet noises filling the room. The sound used to bother you, but now you love it.
After a moment, Jeongin adds his lips to your core, the knot that had previously been slowly building growing at a much quicker rate.
Your gasps and cries of his name let him know you were getting close, so he adds a third finger and sucks against your clit harder, letting his teeth scrape the sensitive area.
With two squeezes to your thighs – your indication of permission to cum – the knot and mixture of needing to pee escapes you. Your eyes widen at the wetter than usual sensation, tugging at your restraints to see what happened as you snap out of subspace.
Jeongin pulls away, and his face is much wetter than before or from your usual juices.
"You squirted for me, precious," Jeongin explains with a grin, a glint of mischief in his eyes.
He goes over to the drawer where you kept your sex toys and condoms, and pulls out a washcloth. Jeongin wipes off his face before coming over and cleaning off your legs.
"You were planning that," you say, shocked.
"It felt good though, right?"
You nod but say, "I was afraid I peed on you…"
He raises a finger, shaking it some. "There's a few good reasons why I have you pee before sex, and this is one of them," Jeongin assures you.
When you scoff, he raises an eyebrow.
"I didn't expect you to be such a little shit," you bashfully explain.
Jeongin laughs wholeheartedly, shaking his head. "Channie hyung had said something about it, and Changbin agreed that it was quite the site. So I looked into how to make my lovely partner squirt. One thing led to another, and here we are," he explains himself.
You shake your head and roll your eyes – which he lets slide – before stating more so than asking, "you're going to tell them later, aren't you?"
Jeongin hums in affirmative, grabbing a condom and setting it on the bed before slowly undressing. "You can't act like you don't talk about our sex life to your friends," he points out.
"Touche," you concede, your eyes eagerly following his movements as he unrolls the condom onto his erection.
"Do you want to keep going, my previous love?" Jeongin asks, settling over you and leaning on a forearm, his cock hard against your thigh.
"Please," you murmur, pouting your lips to get him to kiss you.
He easily gives in, resting more of his weight onto you and rubbing his cock against your folds to lubricate his length.
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skzcre · 2 days ago
no thoughts just cockwarming w/ changbin. i just know that man is thick as fuck and could probably split me in fucking half (and would do so happily 🥴🥴)
i’m in changbin brain rot today and all i wanna talk about is this now
like i’m sitting here thinking about him slowly easing his thick cock in you, kissing your neck and holding you really close to him. and he’s very adamant about cockwarming being just that, even tho he gets a kick out of watching you squirm and whine for him to fuck you.
but man…can you imagine cuddling with him with his cock in you and strong arms wrapped around you 🥴 i think i’d go nuts
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amyhyunjinshairband · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[[I've been having quite a few thoughts of Felix recently.]]
Felix spots you as he walks into the room. it had been a few days since he last fucked you and he craved to have you're cunt wrapped around his hard cock, to hear your mewls of pleasure loudly. to listen to your pants as he drives balls deep into your core. he growled low at the thought slowly walking behind you he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you tight against him.
''hhhmmmmmmm'' he says into your ear. ''I've missed you and...'' he moves one of his hands past the waistband of your pants cupping your clothed core he then says ''this too, hmmmm'' as you shiver his deep voice sending a shock wave of pleasure right to your clit.
Felix chuckles deeply and guides you away towards your shared room to give you the best fuck you will ever have in your entire existence..
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jl-micasea-fics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Are you trying to get me to like you? Is that it?
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Strong language, vampire mythology, sexual content, casual sex, one night stand, feelings of regret, feelings of loss, blame and resentment, anger and conflict, self loathing and trauma, descriptions of violence and blood, coercion, adult content and underlying themes of horror throughout.
𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍: Chapter VIII of Sanguis Limerence: Awakening™. See Chapter I for story description.
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Shifts in perspective from third to first person | Self-insert, female reader x Bang Chan | Self-insert, female reader x Lee Know (All members included)
𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐍𝐀𝐕: Contents List | Chapter I | Sanguis Limerence™ | Sanguis Limerence: Origins™
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Comfort isn’t something I’m used to anymore.
Though that wasn’t always the case.
I used to have comfort in droves. I couldn’t move for lavish luxury and more money than I could have ever reasonably spent.
Funny how people change…
These days, all comfort serves to do is remind me of what I’ve lost. I’ll take sleeping rough over a made-up bed any day if it spares me of those memories. Some things just aren’t worth it.
Like my library, back at the old estate. The private space I had there.
I don’t doubt that the others knew about it, but they let me use it as a place to slink off to when they were climbing the mansion walls in boredom. Dealing with boisterous young vampires looking for kicks was a task requiring patience I simply didn’t have on my bad days.
It wasn’t much, the candlelit hideaway. But it was a retreat for me, a place I could just… be myself.
Eventually it became our place. Mine and hers.
Couldn’t even hold on to that, in the end.
In addition to my disdain for comfort, I’ve also never been okay with taking charity.
Maybe that has something to do with my human upbringing.
I was born to a disgustingly rich family. Where money was the language as well as the currency, and if you didn’t have it, you weren’t heard.
We didn’t need charity, neither did we give it, and I was always conditioned to believe that doing so would render you weak. Pathetic.
The man that takes charity from his neighbour is the man that dare not call himself a man. That’s what Cillian always used to say.
Not that I ever took any lessons on board from him, scum of the earth that he was.
But I suppose some things are just drilled into us, no matter how hard we try to shake them off.
I don’t, and have never, taken charity.
Not even when our situation demanded it. 
When desperation should have outweighed my pride. Where a little charity would have taken us a long way.
No, I did what needed to be done, provided for my brothers as best I could and never at the mercy of someone else.
So… you can imagine my current discomfort.
Soft, clean sheets at my back, a fluffed pillow beneath my head. A thin cotton blanket draped over my waist, exposing my bare upper body to the warm air of the cabin. A fireplace roars beside the bed, filling the space with the musk of burning logs and newspapers. Glossed pine furniture fills the open plan room, decorated with delicate white doilies and paisley patterns. It’s the quintessential picture of country life.
I watch the shadows of the flames play against the rich wooden walls and sturdy oak beams that make up the ceiling.
The running of the shower water was a nice distraction from my thoughts, but it stops eventually.
The bathroom door opens, footsteps pad across the panelled flooring and plush rugs.
"Sorry," Lena whispers. "That took longer than I thought."
I smile absently, feeling nothing in particular, but noting that she looks good fresh from the shower.
Clad in nothing but a soft blue towel, her skin is dewy, her cheeks still a tender shade of rose. Her dark hair sticks to her back, and she tosses it over her shoulder, using the towel in her hands to dry it.
The smell of citrus wafts through the room, a combination of her soap and shampoo. It’s definitely not unpleasant.
"Come here," I sit up straight against the headboard, patting the free side of the bed.
She wanders over, staring intently when she gets close.
"Your eyes," she muses. "They’re brighter than before. Alive."
I nod and brush her hair from her shoulder, tilting her head aside by her chin as I inspect the damage on her neck.
"That’s because I’ve fed. You got a first aid kit?"
"Y- Yeah… In the kitchen."
I stand up from the bed, throwing the sheet aside without too much care. I feel her watching me as I stroll across the room, disappearing into the kitchen.
It’s small, but homely. Only one or two counters to speak of, a bare flame stove and small fridge. Freshly picked flowers sit in a small vase, pots and pans are dotted here and there.
There are cardboard boxes stacked against the back wall, some empty and some still sealed. Someone’s scrawled ‘kitchen’ in black marker across the surface, underlined several times.
"Did you just move in?" I call, finding it weirdly out of place. She talked like she’d been here for years.
"N- No…" she replies. "I was just moving some things around. An early spring cleanin’, that’s all."
I shrug it off, remembering that actually, I don’t care.
I open several cupboards and peer inside, finding nothing more interesting than a few boxes of cereal and old tins.
"Where’s the kit?" I frown.
"Top shelf, on the right," she shouts back.
Her voice carries across the space too loudly, and I wince with the impact of it.
She always used to talk normally when we were alone. Sometimes she’d even whisper when she didn’t want to be heard by anyone else. I always found that endearing.
But Lena isn’t her. She never will be. 
And I know that, deep down.
So what the fuck am I doing?
I eventually find the kit, taking the green box from the shelf and flipping it open. There are no pills to speak of, just bandages and a few plasters, disinfectant wipes and a pair of old gloves.
I roll my eyes before reminding myself that not everyone keeps a consistent stash of vitamin B and iron pills on the off-chance they’re raked into a one night stand with a vampire.
One night stand… Is that even what this is?
Wandering back into the room, I see that she’s sat in front of the fire, legs crossed underneath her. The white sheet is wrapped around her shoulders, her eyes closed in something akin to content.
I’ll have to be the one to tell her it won’t last.
"Here," I instruct, sitting back on the bed and gesturing for her to join me.
She does so, watching me as I stretch out a ream of white bandage.
"Can you move this for me?"
She nods and slinks the sheet down, tucking it under her arm.
The marks on her neck are as neat as I could make them in the throws of my thirst. Two small pinpricks, pink and tender, still oozing a sliver of blood.
I lean into her, glossing my tongue over the wounds to collect the last drops of her essence. She shivers and sighs quietly, placing her hand on my thigh as I hold the bandage to her skin.
"Do you do this with all of them?" She whispers.
"All of what?"
I’m pretty sure I know what she means; I’m not fucking stupid. But I’m also not about to regale her with tales of a time when my morals were looser than a noblemans’ purse strings.
"You know," she hesitates. "Your… women."
"Women? You make it sound like I’ve got a stash of them ready to go," I scoff.
"Haven’t you?"
I glare at her, smoothing a length of tape along the sides of her bandage.
"No. Call me old fashioned but keeping a harem around wore out its’ novelty some centuries ago."
"But… didn’t you say there was a girl?"
My heart seizes up at the mention of her. Maybe it’s worse because I’m hearing it from Lena, someone I’ve just used to try and quell the loneliness for a little while.
But it usually doesn’t hurt this bad.
It’s not lost on me that this is effective cheating.
That what I’m doing here, with this naïve human girl, is tantamount to betraying everything I ever said to the girl I truly love. That I’m going against every promise I ever made, every sweet nothing I whispered into her ear while she trembled beneath me...
"You said you loved her," Lena tries to catch my line of sight.
"I did. I do…"
"What happened to her?"
"What was always bound to happen." I shake my head.
Silence settles in, and I wonder what Lena’s thinking. Maybe she’s convincing herself I’m a good person, despite my wrongdoings. I don’t have the heart to tell her she’s wrong.
"So, where is she…?" She asks.
I narrow my eyes at her, taking a deep breath in.
"I’d really rather not talk about it, Lena."
She purses her lips, looking a little disappointed. But she seems prepared to relent, thank fuck.
"Sorry. I didn’t mean to pry… I just don’t really know how any of this works."
"There’s nothing to know," I state. "We fucked. I fed on you. That’s it."
"R- Right…"
There’s silence as I finish dressing her wound, and I have a feeling I know what’s coming next. I just pray she doesn’t say it.
"That doesn’t have to be it, you know."
My stomach drops.
I stand from the bed, collecting the bandages and making a swift move back to the kitchen. This is a conversation I don’t want to have, much less with someone I barely know.
"You have nowhere to go, and I’m all alone here," she continues, following me across the room.
"You could stay?"
I hear the hope in her voice. The impossible dream that she thinks she might be the one to save me from my misery.
I like that she’s trying, I’ll give her that much.
But there’s no redemption for me. Or not from her, anyway.
"Look," I sigh. "I meant what I said back there, in the forest. You’re not special."
"I’m also not a fool," she shoots back. "I know gettin’ in good with the likes of you has its dangers. I’m just tryin’ to do a good thing, Chan."
"Why? For me? I don’t deserve good things, Vaillena. What we just did should be proof of that."
She shakes her head, holding her hand up to me vehemently.
"I’m inclined to disagree with you. That was most fun thing I’ve done in a heck of a long time."
"You’re not getting it," I almost laugh, in total bewilderment of this girl. "I don’t want you, romantically or as friends. You don’t want me either, you just don’t know it yet."
"Don’t I?"
"I get that this is all new and exciting for you – you don’t know if I’m going to kiss you one minute or behead you the next – but believe me, that’ll wear off. Always does."
"Good lord," she laughs, throwing her arms to the air. "You are just a whole bundle of fun, you know that?"
"And you’re as deaf as a post," I throw back, turning away from her.
I head back towards the bedroom, collecting my clothes from the floor like bread crumbs as I go. I tug on my trousers, ignoring the small sniff of upset I hear from the kitchen.
"Fine," she calls, following me once more. "You’ve made your point. I get it. You don’t want anything from me, not friendship or anythin’ else. That’s just dandy."
I take a deep breath as she positions herself in front of me, her brown eyes wide with appeal.
"But you should at least stay the rest of the night."
"Lena, I told you-"
"It’s not charity," she interrupts, holding her hands up in defence. "It’d make me feel better… if you stayed. Fuckin’ and chuckin’ ain’t something I’m in the habit of doing, I was raised better than that."
I narrow my eyes, crossing my arms over my bare chest. She swallows, clearing her throat.
"Besides, the sun will be up soon, and I hear that’s not good for y’all."
She’s right about that, at the very least. Exposure to sunlight normally doesn’t irk me all that much, but I feel like I could do without the energy drain for the next few hours.
I exhale slowly, feeling the defeat rise in my chest.
"Fine," I groan. "But only so I can rest. The second I wake up, I’m out of here, and we’re done. Permanently. Understand?"
"Like a first-grade math test," she beams.
She quickly looks sheepish, her eyes darting around.
"B- Because… a first-grade math test is easy to… understand?"
I can’t stop the scoff of a laugh that inspires in me, and she smiles even wider.
It warms me, and I don’t notice it until I realise I’m feeling something other than cold, cruel loneliness.
There’s something about this girl that makes me want to see her smile.
And I know that’s not a good thing.
Waking up in an unfamiliar place never fails to throw me off course. Doesn’t matter how often I do it.
The first thing I feel is dread.
The vast expanse of fear that spills across my body, from head to toe until I realise there’s no blood on my hands. That’s a minor weight off my chest, albeit the most important one.
Next is to confirm the state of myself. How intoxicated I was and still am, how presentable I am and need to be if I’m to avoid drawing unwanted attention.
It’s all too rare I find myself in the state I happen to be now.
Swathed in clean cotton sheets, a mattress at my back. It’s a distinct improvement to the way I’ve been waking up the last few months, and that’s no mistake.
I stretch out my legs and relish in the space of the bed, the rolling of my joints as the sheets ruffle around me. Sitting up as best I can, I rub my eyes to clarity, taking in the scene before me.
The waning embers of dying flames glimmer in the fireplace, dressing the room with the smell of freshly smoked wood. White net curtains are draped across modest shuttered windows, the scenery beyond them too dark to make out, but I can hear the familiar sounds of the forest from here.
I either slept straight through the day to the following night, or for five goddamn minutes. Telling by the level of alertness I have; I assume it isn’t the latter. 
Thank fuck.
The space beside me is empty, but I know it shouldn’t be. I wasn’t here alone.
Standing from the bed, I take the sheet with me and wrap it around my waist in place of trying to find my clothes again.
There’s no response, and I can’t detect anything that sounds like the presence of a human. Not even a heartbeat.
I quickly start to regret giving in to her request, no matter how refreshed I feel. A decent nights’ sleep was something I hadn’t had in all too long, but this was still charity.
It makes me feel… dirty.
Approaching the pine dining table in the centre of the room, a sudden scent hits me. I recognise it all too well, and instantly wish that I didn’t.
It’s tangy, rich in iron and potent enough to creep up on me without warning. My stomach lurches in trepidation and mild disgust.
Three blue and white porcelain bowls are nestled on the table, two of them empty. But the leftmost one isn’t. It’s the source of the smell, filled to the brim with still-warm blood.
I’m about to contemplate what the fuck is going on when I hear footsteps thudding around outside, the crunch of debris under booted feet.
A mumbling voice bleeds through the walls, but I hear it as clear as day.
"… Just ridiculous. I’m his favourite. She’s utterly insane if she thinks she can take my place. I’m doing this for him, he knows that. He’ll be so proud."
I don’t recognise the voice, but it’s eloquent and well spoken. Just the kind of accent you’d expect from an inner-city girl.
"I’ll singlehandedly show him he was right to put his faith in me. Bless the So-"
I head towards the front door of the cabin, throwing it open and stalking outside, only to watch in utter surprise as Vaillena stumbles over the tree line, her breath heavy and ragged.
She’s wrapped up in fur lined bomber jacket, a bow slung over her shoulder and a quiver attached to her back. The belt around her waist isn’t there for security, because it’s positively laden with dead rodents.
She stops at the sight of me, pushing her glasses up her nose and smiling like she’s not mid-caveman cosplay.
"Who… Was someone else just here?" I ask.
She blinks for a moment, looking around her almost comically.
"Ain’t no one here but me, honey. And a good mornin’ to you too."
I could have sworn I heard someone, but I know my mind hasn’t been the most reliable lately. Especially where the beast is concerned. I don’t smell anyone else other than Lena, that much is certain.
Must be losing it.
"Come inside, Miss. Grylls." I quip, gesturing for her to come in.
"Please," she pants, glaring at me. "That man doesn’t hold a candle to me, ain’t no comparison."
She breezes into the cabin, unhooking the belt and launching a myriad of expired squirrels and rats to the table. I watch the whole thing unfold with a confound sense of confusion.  
"Hosting a dinner party?"
"Somethin’ like that," she approaches the cabinet on the wall, tugging it open and retrieving a hunting knife. "My dinner guest isn’t the conventional type, though."
She takes off her bow and hooks it back to the wall, followed by her quiver and the several arrows it holds.
"You… caught all these?"
"I did indeed. Daddy taught me to hunt, he wanted to make sure I’d know how to look after myself out here. Turns out I’m a catch with a bow."
I glance at her hands, at the scuffs on her skin. She must have fallen or scraped herself, there are smears of blood and dirt on her palms. But she doesn’t act like she’s hurt. Doesn’t even address it.
She simply sits at the table, dragging one of the empty bowls to her. She takes a squirrel by the neck, holding it above the bowl, and in one, swift motion, slices the thing open from neck to stomach.
"Lena…" I mutter, placing both my hands on the table. "Are you going to tell me what the fuck has possessed you, or do I have to keep guessing?"
She raises an eyebrow at me, placing the bloodied knife on the table and resting her chin in the palm of her hand. The squirrel remains held in the air, bleeding out into the bowl.
"I thought vampires were supposed to be smart. Years of wisdom and all that," she sighs.
I glare at her, resisting the urge to take that squirrel from her and throw it back to the wilderness it came from.
"It’s for you. Obviously."
"You thought I was going to be drinkin’ all this blood? I mean, I’ve never tried it so I’m a little curious, but I-"
I slam my fists to the table, unable to control the confusing combination of rage, admiration and frustration building inside me.
"What are you doing?" I snarl.
"Providin’ for my guest," she states, her tone steady. "I figured you’d want to eat before you-"
"Did I ask you to provide for me? I assure you, I’m quite capable of hunting a few fucking rats."
I run my hands through my hair, gripping at the roots as she simply stares at me.
"I never doubted it," she shakes the squirrel to expel the last few drops. "Just thought I’d save you a trip or two. Seriously, what are you fussin’ for?"
"Are you trying to get me to like you? Is that it?"
She scoffs under her breath, raising an eyebrow at me.
"Really? You forget what we did last night? I assumed that you already kind of liked me, Chan."
I feel my blood running hotter, my head throbbing in annoyance.
I can’t do this again. Not with her, not with anyone.
"Why do you have such a hard time acceptin’ help?" She asks, taking another squirrel from the belt. "Not everyone has an ulterior motive. Good karma is a thing, you know."
I see the clouding fog seeping into my vision, the red hue that indicates the stirring of the beast.
Without thinking, I snatch the squirrel from her hand, ripping the thing clean in two with not an ounce effort. The innards fall to her floor, the blood decorates my chest, warm and thick.
She gawps at me, blinking several times before she purses her lips and reaches for another rodent.
I want her to throw me out. To call me a monster and tell me she never wants to see me again. That would make this easier.
"That was a mighty waste, Chan. Cost me a good arrow."
"Stop!" I yell, tossing the two halves of the squirrel to the wall. "Stop giving me a reason to stick around! Stop acting like this is normal! Stop… Stop being so fucking nice!"
My shoulders are quaking, and I close my eyes tightly.
Visions of her face return to me, of the tears she expelled for me. Of the pity in her eyes, the first I’d ever seen from anyone. Of her words of love and affection, for me and the beast inside me.
I just...
I fucking miss her… 
With every fibre of my being. Every possible cell in my dead, cold body cries for her in unison.
I know that I’ll never find what I had in her again, and the prospect of life eternal without her is more damning than the worst of fates.
My chest aches, my throat is so dry I feel like I’ll never be quenched if not by her.
For the first time since I really care to admit... I feel the endless pit her absence left behind. The pit that I created, when I tore her apart. 
And all I want to do is fall into it.
I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, going long with all this. Entertaining the idea that Lena could even hold a candle to what I once had. 
I’m supposed to be suffering. 
I deserve every inch of pain that comes my way, and all the rest.
I hear footsteps pad across the wooden floor of the cabin, a small sniff of empathetic upset.
I open my eyes, feel the unfamiliar sting of... something I’ve not felt in fucking centuries.
I’m crying.
Lena stands before me, and as though she’s taking to cradling a child, she outstretches her arms, wrapping them around my middle. 
Her warmth is inherently comforting, but it tears at the parts of me that don’t want comfort. The scent of fresh soil envelops me, of nature and the parts of the forest she brought in with her.
A cheek presses to my blood smeared torso, the pattering of a tentative heart rings clear in my ears.
"I might not know you," Lena mutters quietly. "But I know a soul in pain when I see one."
She meets my gaze, her gentle brown eyes taking in every inch of my face. Words catch in my throat, the lump that’s formed there forces them back down.
"Stay. Heal," she implores.
"Just for a little while."
A/N: Would love to know your thoughts on this, as always. Hope you’re enjoying so far. Mica
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mochinnie · 2 days ago
What are your thoughts on SeungJin threesome? - ⭐
why thank you for asking! i’m currently writing a seungjin fic already but there’s a specific scenario that didn’t make it in and that’s ... y/n & hyunjin giving seungmin head at the same time :D nsfw under the cut! 
also this ask was from like ... literally months ago but it’s been sitting in my drafts for forever and now that i’m back i figured i might as well share? yuh 
Tumblr media
ok so i like to think it goes smth like this: you’re bffies with hyunjin and seungmin and one day, you walk in on hyunjin ... sucking seungmin off lmao
and you’re like super flustered bc (1) they’re your besties!, (2) you didn’t know they hooked up! and (3) maybe you have a fat crush on both of them 
when you open the door, you expected to see hyunjin and seungmin bickering over snacks, maybe already watching the movie, maybe distracted with some games on their phone, maybe even cuddling— anything but this. when you open the door, the last thing you expected to see was hyunjin on his knees, mouth full of seungmin’s cock, the former with his head thrown back in pleasure.
hyunjin doesn’t notice at first but seungmin definitely does and he’s a little embarrassed but more than anything the idea of you watching is for some reason extremely hot. like the second he sees you standing there, wearing hyunjin’s hoodie with that surprised look on your face, he nearly cums.
seungmin’s hand is already in hyunjin’s hair and he yanks him off, inciting a low growl from the older boy. he tilts hyunjjin’s face so he can see you standing at the door. hyunjin’s mouth is so so red and there’s some drool on his pink cheeks.
“y-y/n?” hyunjin’s voice comes out raspy and the way he says your name makes your insides ache 
“sorry!” you exclaim, “i-i can come back later! i didn’t know— i mean—”
“y/n,” but it’s seungmin this time. he tilts his head in the cutest way but his words are filthy. “you’re turned on aren’t you?” 
you feel your face heat up, shaking your head quickly. 
“really?” he says, smiling lazily. hyunjin is resting his cheek on seungmin’s thigh eyes piercing into yours. you can’t decide which one of them is easier to look at.
“so you don’t want to be here right now?” seungmin asks, “you don’t wanna see hyunjinnie suck me off?” 
you’re unable to respond this time, hands balled into fists. your eyes squeeze shut as you rack your brain for a plausible answer to seungmin's question
"ah, they do!" hyunjin exclaims, "aw how cute. come on y/n, it'll be fun."
seungmin raises an eye brow at you. "they're a baby. maybe they're scared."
you pout, "i'm not scared!"
hyunjin smiles, patting the spot next to seungmin on the bed. "come here and prove it then."
you pause, trying to mentally talk yourself out of it before finally giving in. you close the door, carefully sitting down next to seungmin. you fiddle with your fingers, glancing down to see hyunjin grinning up at you. no, you decide. it's a lot easier to look at minnie right now. but the second you turn to look at him, you realize that’s not quite right either. seungmin’s face is oddly calm, staring at your mouth instead of looking into your eyes. 
“can i kiss you?” he asks. 
you realize you’re holding your breath and are unable to speak. you nod. 
seungmin’s press against your mouth is soft, his fingers tangling with yours over the comforter. your head spins; how many times had you imagined this? how was his lips so perfect over yours? 
but the kiss doesn’t remain pleasant for long. within minutes, seungmin is groaning against your mouth, drawing away suddenly to tug at hyunjin’s hair. the younger boy pulls off of seungmin’s cock, an obscene line of spit connecting his tip to hyunjin’s bruised lips. 
“be patient,” seungmin demands, his voice hardening as he addresses hyunjin. 
to your surprise, hyunjin only grins up at the two of you through his wet eyelashes. “i was starting to feel left out. didn’t want you to forget i was here.” 
hyunjin’s bedroom voice is deadly sultry, inciting a dangerous flame in your core. without realizing it, your press your legs together. even if you don’t notice it, seungmin sure does and he pulls you closer to him, to the both of them. 
“what do you think baby? should we give hyunjinnie some attention too?” 
the pet name rolls off seungmin’s tongue like he’s been calling you ‘baby’ for years and his eyes are dark as he pulls your hand to his cock. 
“i-i dunno,” you mumble shyly, sighing in relief when seungmin moves his hand to pull your face closer to him. you rest your cheek on his shoulder, unable to meet his eyes, staring down at hyunjin instead. hyunjin, in turn, pouts at you, batting his eyelashes innocently. there’s no escape between the two of them. 
“c’mon y/n,” hyunjin urges, wrapping his large hands around your smaller ones. he guides your fingers up and down seungmin’s cock and you feel the older boy’s entire body tense. his cock is an angry shade of red. you wonder quietly how long hyunjin had been torturing him beforehand. “don’t you wanna make minnie feel good, hm?”
“y-yes!” you squeak, voice cracking when you feel seungmin’s fingers tangle in your hair. 
“then baby, keep moving your hand like this, okay?” hyunjin’s next words are directed at the both of you, “i’ll take care of the rest.” 
hyunjin’s hot mouth sinks down around seungmin’s cock again. he hallows his cheeks, not once breaking eye contact with you, moving up and down obscenely slow. he sucks your thumb into his mouth too as he goes down, making sure to leave your fingers wet and scrape his teeth along your skin. 
your turn to look at seungmin, who’s staring down at hyunjin sweetly, running his fingers over the other boy’s delicate cheeks. 
“d-do you feel good, seungmin?” you manage to ask, somehow breathless despite doing the absolute bare minimum.
seungmin hisses as hyunjin’s nose presses against your fingers and he makes a lewd gagging noise.
“f-fuck it feels so good,” seungmin’s fingers are tight around your hair and you quietly wonder how good it must feel for hyunjin, who has seungmin’s pretty fingers tugging him up and down on his cock at this point. oddly enough, you feel your chest tighten in envy.
you swallow your anxiety and quickly sink down onto your knees, one hand pushing seungmin’s thighs open even further, the other nervously tugging at hyunjin’s shirtsleeve. 
the two boys stare at you in a mix of shock and fascination and you find your head spinning under their heavy gazes. 
“i-is this okay?” you ask, pulse steadying when you feel hyunjin’s hand run down your back. “c-can i suck seungminnie off too?” 
seungmin’s fingers run across your head, making your scalp tingle in excitement. before you can help it, you lean into his touch, pushing your mouth up against his cock and pressing your cheek next to hyunjin’s. 
seungmin grins at how easily you submit to him, his smile oh so sweet but his eyes gleaming with something darker. 
“so pretty,” he mumbles, gripping your hair even tighter. 
you can feel hyunjin pull away and suddenly, there’s another large hand, his one cupping your jaw, nudging your mouth down onto the drooling cock in front of you. 
“come on angel, minnie is so close, don’t you want to taste him?” 
hyunjin’s words push you over the edge and you decide then and there that this is okay– you’re falling and falling and falling, but you know you can trust seungmin and hyunjin to catch you anyways. 
you mindlessly let seungmin shove your head down his length, swearing impossibly loud as the walls of your throat contract around him. you hold yourself there, finally mustering up the courage to look up at seungmin. his eyes are hard and his cheeks are red and he looks so beautifully blissed out it makes every nerve on your body tingle. 
you swallow experimentally and seungmin twitches in your mouth, other hand leaving hyunjin to tangle in your hair. 
“fuck, y/n you look so good right now,” seungmin says.
you hum around his cock, hoping he’ll understand just by reading your eyes, but the younger boy is seemingly clueless, simply staring down at you. his eyes are so intense that it makes you almost embarrassed.
“minnie,” hyunjin says, “i think they want you to be rough with them.” 
to prove his point, hyunjin’s lithe fingers squeeze around your throat gently, and you groan around seungmin’s cock, inhaling deeply through your nose. the lack of air makes you dizzy, but you can’t look away from seungmin. 
“fuck, jin,” seungmin groans, “can feel it when you do that.” 
“oh y/n liked it too, didn’t you?” 
you try your best to nod. 
“yeah?” seungmin’s voice is terribly condescending, making your instinctively open your mouth even wider. “you want me to use your mouth?”
you hum eagerly and that’s the only indication he needs before gripping your hair tightly and doing as he’s asked.
seungmin starts off slowly, guiding your head up and down his cock. it’s sloppy, and you can taste hyunjin’s tongue on his skin. the idea of it makes your insides burn and you press your thighs together, which doesn’t go unnoticed by hyunjin. he casually slips a hand to caress your bare thighs.
“hm they like it a lot minnie,” hyunjin remarks. his voice is raspy in the most delicious way possible. “are you gonna cum?”
seungmin’s grip on your hair burns but you let him drag your mouth up and down his twitching cock anyways, losing yourself in the way he mumbles short praises as you feel him against the back of your throat. seungmin suddenly pulls you off and almost immediately, you try to take him into your mouth again.
he grips your face between his long fingers and tilts your head up to face him.
“tsk you shouldn’t have done that baby,” seungmin’s voice is so assertive that the spark of rebellion in you is washed away instantly. 
“so impatient baby,” hyunjin glances at you, his smile lazy as he grips the base of seungmin’s cock.  “you want seungminnie to cum now?” 
your head is dizzy with the idea of it. your tangle your fingers with seungmin’s as you whine shyly.
“let’s make him cum then.” 
hyunjin guides your mouth to seungmin’s head, but his tight grip on your neck doesn’t allow you to take him fully into your mouth. hyunjin leans close to lick over your lips before sending you a sweet wink and licking down seungmin’s long cock. the sight spurs you on, and you lap at the head, focusing your tongue on the slit as much as possible. seungmin’s voice is shaky, and by the way his hips keep rising off the bed, you can tell he’s close. 
“ah fuck,” seungmin’s voice is lower than you’ve ever heard it as his other hand grips hyunjin’s shoulder. “i’m close, shit.” 
you join hyunjin in running your mouth up and down all over the sides of seungmin’s cock, fondling his heavy balls in your hands, blinking up at him with a silent beg for his cum. but what sends seungmin over the edge is when you and hyunjin both meet at the head and begin kissing right over his cock. it’s messy and sticky and more tongue than lips but you can hardly care when suddenly the taste of warm, salty cum enters the kiss. 
“you guys look so hot right now,” seungmin groans as he watches the two of you continue to make out around his cock. “fuck ‘m sensitive stop.” 
hyunjin pulls away first, grinning at you before running a thumb over your mouth, making you whine.  
“what’s wrong baby?” 
“wanted minnie to c-cum ...” you pause, too embarrassed to say it out loud.
“what, down your throat?” hyunjin asks, his voice teasing. 
you bury your face into seungmin’s thigh, nodding. 
“hm, well,” seungmin pulls you up off the floor and lays you down onto the bed. “there’s still hyunjin.” 
Tumblr media
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jiminbbyboy · a day ago
Tumblr media
I’m editing a story that a poly relationship with Bang Chan x f.reader and I need another boy for this story. It’s got fluff, smut and a pinch of angst. Which boy would ya’ll he interested in reading in this. I’m torn between Lee Know, Hyunjin, Changbin or Jisung.
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chans-bad-girl · 21 hours ago
I can't get the thought of ChangBin holding my back against his chest as he slides into my tight ass.
He seems like an ass man to me.
Yea, Changbin probably loves spanking you and taking you from behind.
I really like the picture you've started painting so I hope you don't mind me writing it out a bit more...
I mean, just imagine Changbin's cum in your pussy, and then he says, "master's not done yet. I gotta fill all your holes, kitty." he takes the butt plug with a fluffy tail out of your ass, and smears a bunch of lube on his dick. when he enters you, he holds your back against his chest, his face in your neck. "such a good kitten for me. taking me so well in all your holes."
when he's slowly inserted the tip, he enters abruptly, making you scream out a whine. "you like your pleasure with some pain, don't you? You like it when master gives it to you rough and fast, right, painslut?" he starts moving, shifting his torso away from you so he can see your ass jiggling everytime he slaps it with his thrusts.
"yes, master. I want you to fill all my holes until I'm all stuffed. use me."
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quite-the-mess · 13 hours ago
request: hi!! could i request one where minho x reader have a very fluffy rs and as much as reader loves it she gets frustrated to why minho has never been nsfw with them 👀👀 smth like when reader finally asks why he’s so goody with her it unleashes some sort of inner wild person 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ - 🦙💜
A/N: Hey, remember me??? The asshole that took this request and then disappeared for seven months???? Well, I'm back! I am so sorry for making you wait for this; I was suddenly caught up in a lot of stuff that required my focus and I have been e x h a u s t e d these past couple of months, but I have returned and I hope to get back to writing again. It might be a bit slow, but hey - it's better than leaving you guys hanging for half a year (ironic that I'm coming back and then leaving your guys on a cliffhanger like this lol)
pairing: minho x afab!reader
warnings: suggestive, sexual elements, implied smut, reader has female presenting body parts
You were convinced that Minho was some sort of blessing. Sure, he was a tease who loved to mess with you and constantly remind you of how lucky you were to ”land prince Charming himself”, but he often proved his love and affection to you. Maybe not always through words, but definitely through actions. Hand always in yours when you were out and about, wrapping his arms around you whenever he had the chance and planting sweet and gentle kisses on your forehead, your cheeks and your lips.
The two of you were out for a walk through the park, your hand in his, talking about the most trivial things, but you enjoyed it nonetheless. He would look at you with a soft smile as you spoke, and you swore you could practically see the hearts in his eyes. You couldn’t help but smile as well, when you looked at him. There was no denying that you truly loved him, that you had never felt this safe and comfortable with someone. There was only one little catch.
Or, well, you didn’t really want to call it a catch. It’s not like you were complaining. You were happy to spend your time cuddling and kissing him, to fall asleep in his arms during movie nights. It’s just that… you hadn’t taken the next step yet. And while you guys hadn’t been together for a particularly long time, it wasn’t as if you were an entirely new couple, either. You didn’t mind it taking time, but you found yourself wanting something more. And you had a hunch he did too.
You couldn’t say you felt unwanted. Quite the opposite, actually. When the two of you were completely alone, you’d feel an unmistakable tension between you, a sort of heat that would permeate the air around you. There would be a dark sort of haze in his eyes when he looked at you, and his hands would linger at certain spots on your body, but never wander any further. The two of you would kiss, not too different from any other time you’d kiss at first, but it would soon lead to a simmering make out session where you both completely lost any sense of time.
But it never progressed further than that, and you weren’t quite sure why. Most of the time, after one of you came back to your senses, Minho would blame it on the hour and that maybe it was time for him, or you, to head home, and you usually didn’t question it.But there was always that gaze when he looked at you before leaving, and that last kiss goodbye for the evening, where he slipped his tongue back into your mouth for just a few seconds before he’d break away and stare into your eyes as he told you goodnight.
You weren’t sure what was holding him back, but you figured you just had to take the matter into your own hands.
The sun was shining and there was a light breeze blowing through the trees. It was warm enough out that you felt the jacket was unnecessary, so you let go of Minho’s hand to shrug it off. He stopped for a moment, watching you as you folded your jacket over your arm and smiling at you when you looked up at him. You reached your hand out to grab his again and once you were reconnected, he used it to tug you close to him.
”What’s up, baby?” you asked.
He just shrugged, still smiling. ”Nothing. Can’t a man simply admire his beautiful girlfriend?” He brought your hand up and planted a kiss to your knuckles.
You chuckled and took a step closer to press a kiss of your own to his lips. You only meant to leave a little peck, but he leaned forward when you retreated, chasing after your lips and keeping the two of you connected for a few more moments. You thought you might’ve felt a swipe of his tongue, but the kiss ended as fast as it had started and you didn’t have enough to time to register it before Minho began walking once more, tugging you along behind him before you fell back into step with him.
”Such a tease,” you joked.
He glanced at you with a smirk and a mischievous glint in his eyes. ”What’s the matter, baby? Did I get you all hot and bothered?”
You laughed. ”I don’t know, for a moment there I would’ve guessed you were the hot and bothered one.”
He pursed his lips in an attempt to keep from smiling even wider and looked away. He was about to throw another quip your way when he felt his stomach rumble.
”Oof, I’m hungry,” he said.
”Yeah, I’m kinda getting hungry, too,” you said. ”Should we find someplace to eat or do you wanna buy something and eat at my place?”
”Let’s eat at your place. Then we can cuddle and I can kick your ass at Cart Racer.”
”Pffft, in your dreams. Let’s go.”
There was honestly nothing you loved more than being huddled up in Minho’s arms, especially after a good meal – your back against his chest, his limbs around you and his cheek resting against the side of your head. He held you close, his thumb rubbing gently up and down the skin of your arm. He was mumbling into your ear, something about his cats, but you weren’t really listening. You were far too comfortable and his voice was far too soothing to actually pay attention.
He grabbed your hand and lifted it up, weaving his fingers together with yours. ”Maybe they’d like a catnip toy,” he wondered, mainly to himself. But you hummed in response, still not really paying attention.
He noticed and glanced at the side of your face, smiling when he saw your heavy lidded eyes. You weren’t sleepy, just utterly and completely relaxed in his embrace. He ducked his head down, running the tip of his nose along the skin just underneath your ear before planting a loving kiss. You leaned your head away, exposing more of your neck, and he happily trailed more kisses along the side of it and around your jaw.
You watched where his hand held yours, and you felt the gears turning in your head. The tension in the air was already growing, and his kisses to your neck grew slower and warmer. You knew now that if you didn’t take advantage of the situation, it would probably just end the same way it always had. You sat up, away from him, a part of you relishing in the pout on his lips as he watched you. You turned around, getting up on your knees and moving to straddle his lap. You could pinpoint the second he realized what you were doing and when his pout gave way for a smirk and a much darker gaze.
”Mmm, baby,” he breathed, his hands landing on your hips.
You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck as you leaned down to kiss him. You tracked the sensation of his hands, feeling them first run up the plane of your back and hugging you close to him before moving to your sides, stroking along your rib cage, just under your bra, before going back down to your hips. You sank your weight further down onto his lap and gave a light nibble to his bottom lip and you heard his breath hitch and felt his hands move up to grip your waist, giving a light squeeze.
Your hands went to his hair, scratching gently at his scalp, and his mouth fell open with a sigh. You took the opportunity to slip your tongue in and just like that, you felt him practically melt under you. But you wanted to take this further and you knew that it was best to be clear with your intentions, lest it just go on like any other time the two of you did this. So you broke away, smirking at his dreamy sigh, and cupped his face in your hands.
”Minho, baby,” you said.
”Yeah, baby?” he said, licking his lips and running his hands along the waistband of your pants.
”You can touch me more, you know.”
There was a moment’s pause before he gave you a confused smile. ”I’m already touching you, babe, how can I touch you more?”
Eureka. You moved your hands down to grab his and slowly, slowly, moved them further down, letting him cup your butt cheeks. You placed your fingers over his and pressed, guiding him to squeeze as you let out a light sigh. He stared wide-eyed at you when the realization hit, but he remained silent, so you decided to take it a bit further. So you moved his hands again, up under the hem of your shirt, along the sides of your waist and up to your chest, where you let his palms rest over the cups of your bra. You moved your own hands to his shoulders and leaned a bit closer, wiggling your hips against him, and you thought you felt something stir under you.
”I want you,” you said, thankful that your voice sounded as bold as you felt right now.
He still stared, his eyes locked onto your face, and you thought you might’ve broken him, but you saw him swallow heavily, his adam’s apple bobbing up and down once. He took a deep breath and you felt his fingers squeeze at your chest a little bit.
”You, uh…” he mumbled. ”You sure, baby?”
You nodded. ”Yeah. As much as I love cuddling with you and kissing you and doing all that lovey-dovey stuff, I really want… more.”
His eyes wandered, flicking down to your chest, to your now exposed stomach, and then even further down, before coming back up to your face. ”More, huh?”
”Yeah,” you said, and gave another experimental wiggle with your hips. His hands squeezed your breasts once more in response and an unexpected moan left your lips. ”I’m all yours.”
The reaction was instant. He sat up, practically tackling you off of him and down onto the couch, crawling over you and pressing all of him against you. He kissed you, hungry and desperate, and slotted his hips perfectly in between your thighs. He grabbed at the hem of your shirt and began tugging it upwards. You lifted your arms up and he broke away from you for a moment to pull the fabric off of you and whip it away from you, as if the very shirt itself offended him. He took the chance to remove his own shirt before diving back down to your lips and running his hands over every inch of your body that he could reach as you wrapped your arms around his neck.
Feeling his bare skin against yours like this, combined with his lips stealing the air right out of your lungs, was dizzying. He was warm, with soft skin and a firm body, and you felt every other thought in your mind melt away to him, just him.
You felt his hands move up to the base of your head, before his fingers threaded into your hair and then tugged with a firm grip. A gasp left you as your lips broke apart from his and he tilted your head back with a low growl. You felt a hot tongue move up along the expanse of your now exposed neck, up along your jaw and to the spot just underneath your ear, where he paused and pressed his nose into your hair.
"Baby," he groaned into your ear, "I need you to tell me loud and clear if you want me to stop at anytime."
"I don't-" you paused to moan when he began biting and sucking at the skin just under your jaw. "I don't want you to stop."
He lifted himself up so that his face hovered over yours, lips barely even an inch from yours. He stared into your eyes for a moment before he smirked and began rutting his hips against your core. You moaned and your eyes began to flutter shut, but he tugged firmly at your hair.
"Eyes open, baby, I want you to look at me."
He leaned just a bit closer as you stared into his eyes, so that your lips were touching, but he made no move to kiss you, maintaining a solid pace with his hips that made the air in your lungs feel like fire. He moved one hand out of your hair to grab and squeeze at one of your breasts.
"I..." he moaned, "... am going to take my precious time with you. I am going to taste you, and feel you, and wrap you all around me and I am not going to stop..." another moan, from both of you, "... until I have found out every single little trick to making you scream my name, over," he punctuated the word with a particularly sharp thrust, "over," another thrust, "over," another, "and over again."
Your own hands moved down to his belt to unbuckle it and unbutton his pants. He made no move to stop you, but simply pressed his lips to yours again. You opened up and felt his tongue instantly move against yours as you slipped your hand into his underwear. He stuttered and moaned into your mouth. He tilted his head to kiss you deeper, and his hands went to your bra straps to move them off of your shoulders and push your bra down. A short second later your felt his thumbs move over your nipples and you gasped, but you barely got any air in. It wasn't until he went to attach his mouth to your breasts that you actually managed to catch your breath. You couldn't decide if he was moving too slow or too fast, wanting the pleasure to last, but wanting more and wanting it now.
He left a sharp suck on one of your nipples before he sat up on his knees and frantically began tugging at your own pants. You helped him unbuckle your belt before he swatted your hands away to unbutton your jeans and pulling them down over your hips. Once he threw those away somewhere, he paused again, looking down at you as he ran his hands up the inside of your thighs.
"Fuck," he whispered, almost to himself. "You have no idea how much I've wanted you. I've had dreams about this."
You took a shaky breath in response, wiggling your hips impatiently. "Well," you said, trying to maintain what little composure you had left, "maybe you could show me what you've dreamed about."
He licked his lips and grinned at you. "Oh, don't you worry. I will show you everything," he chuckled before making himself comfortable between your thighs and pressing his face into your core.
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youn9racha · 2 days ago
my brain is absolutely empty… all i can think about is dom!chan with sub!reader and sub!hyunjin. they’d both be very bratty towards him and finally he’d snap and punish both the reader and hyunjin.
oMG YES !!!!!!
and he would tie both of them up and look at them with evil eyes. they both would plead at him and he just tsks and tells them “you both deserve it, you both need to be put in your place“
OMG BONUS: if one‘s less brattier than the other, then chan would give them slightly more attention and touch than them, but that doesn’t mean he’s not punishing them. oh no, quite the contrary, one’s getting edged a lot while the other is getting overly stimulated by either his hand or by a vibrating toy, more likely the latter is they still push his buttons. they both still get punished at the end of the day >:)
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bngchnsi · 6 hours ago
Can I get soft Dom! Drabble but like a group thing for stray kids? If not can you do one of changbin or hyunjin please!
warnings: lingerie kink, oral (giving and receiving), corruption kink, marking, possessiveness, size kink, hair pulling, body worship, face sitting, pet names like baby, babe, and puppy, cockwarming.
this man reeks soft!dom energy oh lord-
so sweet so soft
is the type to stop fucking you just to press lingering kisses to your lips, telling you how much he loves you afterwards
which is totally not because this man was about to bust his load. nope. totally not.
holds your hand most of the time if he can, thus why he prefers missionary most of the time
wants to make you cum as many times as you want, just as long as you ask first
and stops whenever you say it's too much!!
will even handle it himself if you've tapped out and he still hasn't came yet
(which never happens because c'mon his dick looks to good to not suck dry)
BIG sucker for lingerie
especially if it's white. makes you look like a pretty innocent angel because, even though he's a softie, chan still has a PHAT corruption kink
"you're so beautiful baby, why don't i make you feel good."
listen i'm all for brat tamer!minho but-
soft dom!minho for the fucking win.
yes he's a little bitch but he loves you and he shows it the most through actions AKA sex
isn't the biggest talker during sex, only letting out pretty high pitched moans and breathy groans against your throat, but he'll let out little praises peppered into your throat every now and then
"feels so good baby."
"such a good girl/boy for me."
"so pretty, such a pretty little thing."
hates when he leaves marks that aren't love bites
treats you very gently, soft caresses' and loving squeezes
also really likes missionary, with the occasional spooning whenever you're both tired
speaking of tired: sleepy sex is very common with the two of you
he gets home late from dance practice a lot of the times so you've gotten into the habit of not wearing underwear to bed to make things easier
and when everything is said in done, he presses a sweet kiss to your lips and tells you he loves you before diving into your neck, giggling
oh god don't get me started
he's SO clingy it's insane
the type to have you on top and hug you close to his body, thrusting up into you at a steady pace
snakes a hand down there and rubs your clit/jacks you off because stimulation important
very into marking your pretty neck up
can be. possessive. as SHIT
also is a big advocator of thigh riding have you seen this mans thighs sHEEH
big on praising you, very vocal on how much he loves you and how well you're doing
"that's it, ride my thigh just like that."
"you're doing so good, gonna fuck you so good later."
also if you praise him. he might cream your insides right then and there.
size kink size kink size kink
but like. in the softest way possible.
loves watching you ride him for this very reason, because then he gets to see the little bulge in your tummy whenever you go back down
also finds it adorable how small you are compared to him (even though he isn't that tall that boy just long)
loves it when you grab onto his hair when he's buried his face in your throat. feels anchoring whenever he's lost in pleasure
bonus points if you pull on it a little bit. gets the tingles when you do that.
is also the type to treat you Very Gently
this man knows he's strong as shit, he doesn't wanna break you too
only your back is to be broken in this mans book
lovingly of course. lovingly.
also has the prettiest moans??? you'll ever hear????
and is LOUD about it too, he ain't shy or embarrassed
"love you, love you so much."
"look at you baby, taking me so well in that little body of yours."
"i'm so close, cum with me?"
very much into light hearted sex with the occasional serious moments
gets very nervous the poor boy so he cracks a few jokes to lighten the mood
"why did the chicken cross the road?"
"jisung i swear to god if the answer doesn't involve fucking me i don't care."
he means well i promise!!
once he gets more comfortable, with you and sex in general, becomes a lot less high strung and easy going
still makes lame jokes though
high key ruins the mood but also high key has you dying of laughter
but when things aren't light hearted, jisung takes sex very seriously
is the type to call it lovemaking the fucking NERD (lovingly)
is also the type to make a whole ass playlist
most of the songs are actually very. soft??????
like instead of the weeknd (chan.), there'd be hozier which is just. ow. OW
jisung listening to hozier in general hurts me why did i do this to myself
very big on protected sex but if you asked to do it raw. he wouldn't be opposed career be damned.
"i've always wanted to see you stuffed full of my seed babe."
babie :(
big fan of giving oral
could live in between your thighs for hours
pouts and whines when you push him away but brightens up when you pull him up for a kiss
also a big fan of you sitting on his face because DUH
wants to be smothered. begs to be smothered.
literally praises you while he's underneath you whenever he can
just finds you so beautiful in that position and wants to let you know
loves the spooning position
likes to hold the inside of your thigh and hike it up so he can enter you deeper, pressing open mouthed kisses to your throat until most of your neck isn't dark purples and blues
deep groans and pants are very common from felix
has a hard time keeping a level head when he's fucking you so dirty talk doesn't happen often but oh when it happens it Happens
"you gonna cum around my cock baby? gonna cream around me?"
post-sex felix is the clingiest fucker ever he does Not let you go
and if you try to pull away he just whines and cuddles up closer, kissing more and more kisses to your sweaty shoulder
oh my GOD such a soft baby
treats you so gently its unreal
BIG into body worship
literally kisses every inch of your body, whispering all the things he loves about you until your damn near in tears
also calls sex lovemaking
"c'mere baby, i want to make love to you tonight."
such a gentleman oh LORDT
always asks if you like what's happening at the moment, if you're comfortable, if you want to do something else, etc.
would never admit it but loves when you suck him off
he never brings it up because he likes keeping the focus on you
but you figure it out quickly when his soul practically leaves his body when you go down on him, no warning whatsoever
also loves calling you his puppy, especially if you're in doggy style
"you feel so good puppy, i think i'm gonna cum."
this boy is full of so much love for you
but he's also another boy who's bad with words so he shows a lot of his love through actions AKA sex
cradles your face in his hands and kisses you breathless, all while your just sitting on his cock
speaking of sitting on his cock: loves cock warming
it lets him be able to touch you all over without accidentally grabbing you too hard and accidentally hurting you because he's feeling too good
likes skin to skin contact a lot, so loves feeling your naked chest against his as he runs his fingers all over your body, dick nestled deeply inside you
big soft spot for your moans and whimpers
practically begs for you to be louder he loves them so much
"c'mon baby, let me know how good i'm making you feel."
wraps his arms around you and holds you super super close like changbin, only this time he's sitting up too
a weirdly soft make out session??? tends to happen during this time???????
i don't know man, it's like he finally allows himself to be clingy when you two are having sex
get's super embarrassed afterwards of how touchy he was but immediately forgets when you kiss him
all thoughts tend to leave him when you do that
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butterflies123456 · a day ago
Cars- Bang Chan imagine
Tumblr media
Contains: explicit sexual contact, chan as hot rich hotel owner, car sex, slight degradation, blowjob, fingering, etc
Minors don't interct.
Working in one of the most expensive hotels in the country was something you never expected. You were just a normal student who was struggling to meet deadlines and pay for tuitions and so doing many part time jobs. A law student washing dishes in random restaurant and drooling over food, observing the way those chefs used to work with wok , deep fried food, the process fascinated you so much. Even though you were familiar with cooking since a young age it was rather more like responsibility, a chore. And that's how you learned cooking by slowly observing the chefs and utube videos, as changing the entire career dreams at the last year was little too wild and impossible. But struggles eventually leads to happiness, the owner of one of the restaurant you used to work at got surprisingly close with you ,her name lucy a single divorced hot milf she thaught you many skills and tricks with cooking. Your last straw before quitting the law school was getting failed . And just like that a blessing in disguise. She noticed how dishearted you were and then decided to give you the greatest opportunity in your life.
Working in God's menu was every chef's dream, and Lucy made your dream come true. The owner and main chef of God's menu Bang Chan was close with Lucy and just by that using some connections you got yourself inside that paradise, but Chan was a total boomer with you, he didn't wanted to give you job at the first place as you lacked experience and knowledge but he valued friendships way too much to deny Lucy.
Chan was always hard on you, constantly making you work with him, teaching the mystery behind flavours, making you memorize foreign cuisine recipes, you sweared you didn't even struggled that much in law school as there was no one lecture you and expect from you. He acted all tough just to make you perfect and eventually became close, you fell in the pit of one sided love the moment Chan agreed to hire you. What you adored most about Chan was how he always made sure to not make you panic while being near fire, never told you to hurry while cutting vegetables. His this small gestures meant so much too you. And in span of 7 months that baby was finally your boyfriend. Chan was someone who followed his heart and just like that, he confessed in the most cheesiest way possible. And here you are today a great chef with lot of knowledge and a handsome, caring and loving boyfriend. 3 years of loving relationship.
"baby~~ " you said while hugging your boyfriend from the back who was too invested in making a 4 tower cake for his best friend's wedding even though he wasn't much experienced with baking whatever he tried doing was no less than perfection.
"yes, baby? Need anything?", Chan asked you. Even though you have been listening to his sweet honey voice since years it never failed to make your heart flutter.
"stop working now, it's 2:30 am let's go home now", you whined slightly tipping on toes and kissing Chan's neck. Getting a small hum from your boyfriend.
"just few more minutes babe", Chan said turning back and softly giving pecking your forehead . You huffed in response being too tired of your boyfriend's night owl tendencies, you went back to the table and singing a good night in most extra way possible. Chan just smiled at his girlfriend, he too wanted to go home and just cuddle with you but work was trash .
Finally looking at clock it was 3 :15 something, his work finally done. After cleaning up every thing,washing the dishes and shoving the massive cake into refrigerator carefully, Chan happily made his way to you. He too saying baby~ in most extra way possible, he was an true night owl no matter how much he worked at nights without you being by his side he wasn't able to fall asleep. A habit he picked up 3 years ago.
"get up, it's 5 am", Chan whispered into your ear while aggressively moving you to make you leave your dreamland.
"aggh, good morning the love of my life", you said slowly leaving your subconscious world. Even in slight unconscious mind you were flirty and cheesy.
"good morning, it's 5 A.M ", Chan again told you a wrong time just messing up with you.
"what the fuck", you yelled being angry on your boyfriend's crazy work habits , you were glaring at him till he bought his his wrist infront of your face . His watch reading 3 : 08 , being confused and worried for your wrong vision you looked at the wall clock that to read 3:07 am.finally realising you have been scammed.
" you fucking lier", you yelled at Chan for pranking you, but you were glad that he finished the work soon.
"heheh", Chan laughed, he was too cute for you.
"let's just go home", you said trying to keep a poker face, packing your stuff then gripping Chan's hand and walking out of the space.
Going down through the elevator, Chan unleashing his 50 shades enthusiast.
"What is it about elevators?" Saying this and immediately pulling you into a deep kiss, he tasted like chocolate probably from the previous cake flavours, his tongue feeling so good while exploring your mouth, one hand at the back of your neck and the other interlocked with yours. His lips always felt like heaven.
He broke the kiss as the door opened, he adjusted your hair and outfit and locking his eyes with you giving you a warm smile, fully a contradiction to his previous action. This man's duality always suprised you.
"let's go baby~", Chan said getting out of elevator with you, hands interlocked moving back and forth, if someone saw you both they would probably think that you both are possessed, smiling and jumping like kids finally reached the car.
"let me open the door for you", Chan said with a smirk while opening the car door for you , there was not a single human present in the parking lot, creepy vibes but perfect for your both future activities. Chan entered the car and stared at you in the most innocent way possible.
"what?", You asked him giving him the same innocent eyes.
"babe, the kiss made me hard", Chan admitted almost shamelessly his eyes pointing at his pants , and yes it was a great hot site too notice.
"will you melt, till we reach home?", You asked Chan looking into his eyes hands slowly creeping to his thighs dangerously close to the not so safe zone.
"I would rather burst here than melt till we reach home", Chan said holding your hand bringing it straight over his memeber, you blushed deeply at his actions.
"Come on babe, we had done Car sex multiple times", Chan said making you blush and wet down there even more. You got a little too needy as the memories of Chan fucking you ruthlessly on the back site of the car came to your mind. Your hand still palming his cock through pants.
"hop on the backseat", you said almost breathlessly, Chan smirking at your needy , horny State. You both went on the backseat to make a great mess over there .
"aaah" , you moaned loudly as Chan slapped your left boob while sucking your neck. His teeth never failed at marking you all over, his touch was heaven especially whenever he squeezed the back of your neck or roughly groped those boobs. Detaching himself from your neck he gripped your neck in an erotically painful way and forcing you on your knees.
"Suck, use that mouth atleast one time for a good cause", Chan said , his degrading voice mixed with heavy lust. Nodding at his words , without wasting any time you bought your hands to undid his belt and zipper . Palming him through his boxers and finally releasing it from all restraints, you slowly put hs cock inside your mouth, he was really really hard. A fucking long and thick cock he had, you not being able to take him even half way as the position was slightly painful but nevertheless you started bopping your head up and down and palming the remaining with your hands. His loud groans and moans indicated that he was satisfied enough, you increased your speed, occassionally hollowing your cheeks to take him deeper every time. He gripped your head as he was close , he started to move your mouth as he pleased making you gag non stop, it hurted but you liked it so much. " You feel so fucking good, all mine", Chan said breathlessly after a final thrust and empting himself inside your mouth, his cum feeling your mouth in escasty. You sucked off every single drop not wasting anything.
Chan lifted you up from the car floor and made you sit on his lap. You looking fully fucked out, with clothes misplaced and mouth dripping with saliva and his liquid , black mascara tears running down.
"My precious slut", Chan said while making his way to your panties, your jeans were already removed a long ago.
"you want my fingers? Hmm?" Chan said as his fingers were slowly entering your pussy , his cold hands making you shiver .
"yes please sir" , you begged voice laced up with pure desperation and needily grinding on his fingers and thighs. Chan smirked again at you.
"what you want more, my fingers or my cock?" Chan made gave you 2 choices both of them heaven.
"your cock, sir please" You begged again. He finally smiles at you pure ill intention smile.
"Since you are too good girl, I should give you whatever you want", Chan said and finally bought his cock towards your tight leaking cunt slowly entering himself inside you.
"ride", Chan said and you felt like being on cloud nine. Slowly moving your hips up and down in decent speed . His cock fitted so well inside of you, it was pure bliss for you.
But without a warning Chan bought his hands towards your clit and pinching it making your whole body jolt in overstimulation.
" babe,you are too good, so deserve my fingers too", Chan said with a sadistic smile.
It's gonna be a long morning.
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