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#skz x reader
hansrose · 2 days ago
𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐲 𝐊𝐢𝐝𝐬 𝐅𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐀𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐈𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝! 🌹✨
Tumblr media
A/N - Hi, my loves! This is an nsfw/suggestive piece so I will advice to take caution whilst reading it. I also want to point out that this does not represent the actual members in any way so please keep that in mind. Minors do not interact with this piece, please! Now the important stuff is out the way, I got so shy writing this </3 But what’s new with me and nsfw posts? I hope you guys enjoy <3
Bang Chan: You were so utterly frustrating, and it wasn’t even your fault. The way you’d innocently call him pet names or scoot yourself so close to him that he could feel your sides pressed against his body. How your cheeks flushed an ever so delicate shade of pink whenever you were feeling shy or embarrassed- he could just eat you up. A lot of the time he would avoid such thoughts by being somewhat blunt with you; course, that did nothing at all. He noticed your puppy dog eyes and how your lip seemed to drop and simply couldn’t bring himself to treat you any less than a princess. Sometimes he might let himself off and wander his hands up and down your thigh. The way he could feel your muscles tense and how you squeezed your legs together… It drove him wild knowing you were needy.  He has a constant need to be protective and possessive towards you. You were daddy’s little angel. So obedient and desperate to have him by your side. So needy and desperate for his cock.
 Lee Know: You were like a fun little toy for him. Something about how you stuttered over your words and kept your gaze down whenever he said something remotely flirty. He’d had many sexual partners before, all of them great in their own little way. But you. What he liked so much about you was that there had been nobody to corrupt you before. You always went about your day so innocently and full of joy. Smiling at everyone and giggling at the little things. His fascination with you started when he saw you fresh out of the shower one day. How your hair was slicked back by water, how your skin was painted by a soft red glow, and how you held the towel so tight against your body he could see every curve. You looked good enough to fuck right there; but despite all that, you still had the familiar doe eyed expression that Minho thought was ever so pretty. When it came to you, he would drop everything just to show you how good someone could make you feel.
 Changbin: He wouldn’t even notice his filthy thoughts till the only thing that could make him cum was, well, you. He’d known you for a while and you had always presented yourself as the goody two shoes who could do no wrong. As time went on, your presence alone made Bin realise just how much of a corruption kink he has. Wearing a pleated skirt around him only triggered images of him bending you over with only that on alone. How sweet and adorable your little noises would be as you beg for more of his cock. You’d be so cute and obedient that the thought alone drives him insane. He’d ask for you to send more selfies so that he could cum all over your pretty face. Giving you the excuse of “I’m making a photo album of my friends!” Whenever you titled your head in question. You radiated pure puppy energy and there was nothing that Bin wanted more than to have you on a leash and riding his dick till you couldn’t possibly take it anymore.
 Hyunjin: Every little thing you say and do drives him completely insane. How you look up at him so cutely when having a normal conversation. How out of all the seats in a room you decide to sit on his lap. How you always call him before you go to bed because his voice brings you comfort. He wanted to spoil you in so many ways. It all started when you compared hand sizes with him and pointed out just how big Jinnie’s hand was compared to yours. Then there it was. The image of his cock filling you up and bulging in your stomach as you hid your pretty face from embarrassment. There was a constant need to touch and hold you. To praise you for the little things and watch as you responded with a sheepish smile. He was fucking obsessed. The thought of you on your knees and doing exactly what you were told had completely consumed his mind. On one hand, he wanted to protect you from all the bad in the world. On the other hand, he wanted to be the one who ruins you.
Jisung: He would be so embarrassed about his little fantasies of you. You’d be doing something cute, like scrunching your nose up at him, and all he’d be able to think of is his cum coating your adorable little face. Considering you’d been close for a while; you had stayed at his numerous amounts of times! Luckily for Sung, you had forgotten a pair of panties that were pastel pink and just… So pretty. The thought of you stood before him wearing nothing but that specific little pair just completely awoke something in him. That night he’d lay in bed and use your undies so that he could cum to the thought of you being his delicate little doll. Although good at hiding such things, Jisung would still find subtle ways to touch you. Pulling your hair to one side and softly running his fingers across your neck; watching the goosebumps raise on your skin brought a satisfied grin to his face. You were always going to be his sweet little friend! Just his sweet little friend that he wanted to fuck. Badly.
 Felix: Felix adored how innocent and sweet you were. He also adored the fact he had power over you. Somewhat similar to Minho, he wouldn’t try and hide his little way’s of making you flustered. Little things like saying “Good girl/boy.” Everytime you got a kill in a video game. The little gasps of shock you’d make only made his mind wander to what your precious little moans would sound like underneath him. Gaining your attention in a room full of people just so he could wink and catch you completely off guard; watching as you struggled to continue your conversation with friends. As lowkey as he’d be, Felix would be extremely protective over his little kitten. Shooting anyone who tried to corrupt you before him the filthiest look you could imagine. You were his property. His sweet little angel. His voice held power over you, and he would use that power at any point he got. Sitting you down on his lap and watching you unfold as he began telling you what his cock could do.
 Seungmin: No matter how hard he tried to dismiss such leud thoughts- he simply couldn’t get you off his mind. You were so fragile and delicate, and you needed protecting from the world. You also needed a good cock to show you just how good you could feel, and Seungmin was more than willing to oblige. As you clung onto him in crowds of people, frantically looking around with wide eyes, it occurred to Seungmin just how much he wanted to own you. Not just sexually either. To be the one you found comfort in during times of need. To be the one you called “daddy” as you plonk yourself down on his lap and grind helplessly against his thigh. He wanted to train you and breed you so that nobody else could have you but him. The thought of giving you a collar with his name on was perhaps his favourite thing. Wearing it so proudly and getting shy whenever someone took notice. God you were so fucking adorable. Seungmin had never wanted to have someone more than you.
 Jeongin: He was no stranger to having filthy thoughts about his friends. Normally he’d sleep with them and get it over with- but you were different. You weren’t like everyone else. You were always so kind and gentle and full of life. Perhaps that’s what kept him so drawn to you. On one hand, he wanted to completely ruin you with his cock. Watching as you squirmed with pleasure beneath him and how your sweet voice called his name. But on the other hand, he enjoyed the fact you were so innocent and not even he could have you. You felt like a goddess whose body he wanted so badly but was always just out of reach. How you interacted with everyone was so painfully adorable to him and yet all he could think of was how pretty you’d look with his cock fucking your throat. Since concluding that he was attracted to you, he had never come so much in his life. You, you pure little angel, had completely taken this demon by surprise. And he loved every filthy minute of it.
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seospicybin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Changbin x reader. (s,f)
Author's note: daily reminder to vote for skz on MAMA!
“Who is that?” Changbin asked the second you entered the elevator. You didn’t know he had been waiting for you by the lobby of your apartment building instead of just waiting in your place, although you already sent him a text letting him know that you would be home late since you had to attend a company dinner. “Just a co-worker,” you replied, clutching your purse with both hands. Changbin punched the button to your floor with such force, “Why is he taking you home?” You rested your back against the cold metal wall of the elevator, “he insisted on taking me home, and it’s late, so…” you didn’t bother to finish your sentence, you were really tired from working and socializing for the day. “You can call me to pick you up,” he coldly talked back with his back still facing you. “I don’t want to bother you, baby,” you replied, walking toward him to give him a back hug, “you always busy,” you added. You hummed when you felt the warmth of his body against you. He let go of your hug as the elevator arrived at your apartment floor, he took your hand instead and walked to the door of your apartment. “Just because I’m busy doesn’t mean that I can’t come to pick you up,” he said as he entered your place. You placed your purse on the kitchen island, “I don’t want to bother you,” you took a glass and filled it with water, “and it’s not like you’re always available when I need your help,” you took a few gulps of the water. He glared at you from across the kitchen island, “and I’ve been such a useless boyfriend for you?” You sighed, you didn’t know that the words you tried to say came out wrong, “I didn’t mean it that way, I just-” you paused to set down your glass and came up to him, “I understand that you’re busy and I don’t want to disturb you with things that I can do myself, that’s all,” you kindly explained to him. He glared at you, “have you ever thought that maybe I want to be needed?” “Of course!” You exclaimed, “I need you, and you’re here now and that’s enough for me,” you rubbed his arm and moved down to take his hand in yours. “And you think I can’t spare a few minutes just to pick you up instead of that stupid co-worker of yours?” He snapped, he didn’t raise his voice but it was sharp and loud enough to echo around the room. “Why are you dragging him into the conversation? We’re talking about us and our relationship here?!” You snapped back at him, completely frustrated. His hand hit the table so hard you jolted at the loud noise, “because you choose that co-worker instead of asking your useless boyfriend to pick you up!” You sighed in frustration that the conversation had gotten out of hand, you took a deep breath and collected your purse from the kitchen island, “Stop talking to me!” You pushed a hand on his chest before leaving. He was quick to catch you by your wrist, “where are you going?” He sounded so bitter when he asked you. You let go of his hold, “Leave me alone!” You snarled at him. “We’re not done!” He snapped again, his chest heaving rapidly. “Leave me alone before one of us says anything we didn’t mean and hurt each other,” you warned him again and stormed off to your bedroom, then slammed the door behind you. You walked to the bathroom and stripped off all of your clothes that were reek with the various stench from the company dinner clung to the fabric. You were already too tired from the day’s hard work, and now that you argued with your boyfriend, you felt completely devastated. You held back your tears and quickly turned on the shower and tried to wash the unfortunate away off you.
Changbin had been pacing around the living room out of frustration, he kept replaying the arguments you had a little while ago in his head and overanalyzing every word he said to you. The more he thought about it, the more he hated himself for making you upset. He knew you were tired yet he kept on driving you up the wall. He knocked on your bedroom door, but there was no reply, he was ready to get down on his knees to apologize to you but you were nowhere in the bedroom. He heard the faint sound of water running in the bathroom and shortly opened the door to find you showering behind the glass partition of the shower stall. You were washing your hair, suds flowing down the end of your hair, and your head tipped upward, letting the stream of warm water hit your face and flow down your naked body. Changbin sighed at the wondrous sight, he felt the tension he had earlier slipping away from him. He remembered your warning but couldn’t stop himself from wanting to be with you. He hastily took off his clothes and pushed the door open to the shower stall. The steam of the warm water wafted through him until the back of your body was visible to him, he impatiently put his hands around your waist. You were taken by surprise, you looked over your shoulder and saw Changbin with his eyes closed, as the shower raining down on him and both of your bodies. He opened his eyes and found you staring at him, “let me do it for you,” his hand took the bar of soap you were holding. You handed it to him, he looked down over your shoulder as he started to lather your chest with soap until suds formed on your skin, his mouth was pressed on your bare shoulder as his hand moved down to your abdomen. He rubbed the soap on his hand until a big mass of suds formed and set down the soap, he started to lather the suds on his skin with both hands. You hummed at the way he softly rubbed your skin, you placed your hand on his as one hand glided down your thigh, “you’re so soft all over,” he cooed with a tender kiss on your neck. You turned your head to the side to meet his, he was quick to catch your lips in his. He tightened his hands around you, pushed you close against his chest. You tasted a mix of his saliva and water on his kiss. “I’m sorry,” he said to you the moment he broke this kiss. Your heart sank at the way he delivered his apology, he sounded so sad and felt sorry for himself as well. You took his hands in yours, placed your fingers in between the spaces of his fingers, “I’m sorry too,” you told him. “I’m the one at fault here, baby,” he muttered with lips grazing your neck as he spoke. You pulled him to the side and turned your body to face him, the water from the shower raining down the side of your body. You shook your head at him, “I was wrong to say that you weren’t there when I need you,” you uttered to him, and now that you said it you realized it was cruel for you to say that to him. With tears pooling in your eyes, you said, “I’m sorry if I ever made you feel that I didn’t need you,” you took his hands in yours and clasped them together, “I will always need you but your presence meant a lot more to me and that’s enough.” He softly smiled at you, “I’m sorry, I raised my voice at you, for mad at you over stupid things. I’ll try to always be there when you need me,” he brought your hand close to his mouth and kissed the back of your hand, “I love you,” he muttered. You felt butterflies at his confession, your hand reached for his head and pushed back the hair that stuck to his face. “Why don’t you say it back?” He asked you, biting his lower lip waiting for your answer. You softly giggled, “I love you,” you said back with your eyes looking deep into his eyes. Changbin felt a wave of relief wash over him at your words of affirmation that he rushed to pull you into a hug. You threw your hands around his neck and leaned in to kiss him. Things were heating up in no time, Changbin tightened his hold around you while kissing you so hard you caused you to stagger back until your back hit the glass partition. He smirked when he got you
pinned, “tell me how I got mad at you when you are this lovely?” He muttered, his hard-on slapping your thigh as he spoke. You giggled at his praise, “to be honest, I like it when you’re mad,” you told him. He raised an eyebrow at you. You placed your hands on his shoulders, “You’re so hot when you’re mad,” you boldly admitted. “Should I be mad at you again then?” He asked while pressing his crotch at you against the glass partition. You gasped at the unexpected move, “you don’t have to. I always find you hot no matter what,” you answered, eyes fixated on him. He smacked his lips, his hands glided down from your hips to the back of your thighs. Changbin always likes how small you are in his hold, so frail and delicate that he got so afraid that he might break you. He got so aroused by it, and when he looked down at your glistening wet body, dotted with beads of water and that blushing fold between your legs, he couldn’t restrain himself. You cursed under his breath, gripping his length in his hand, he teased your throbbing core with the tip of his cock. You watched as he slowly ran the tip down your slit with your hands on his chest muscle, pulsating under your palm. He lifted your leg as he began to position his cock at your entrance, and you hooked your leg around his. When he finally filled you with his whole length, he buried his head in your neck, sank his mouth on your flesh to muffle his groans. When he pulled his head to meet your gaze, he said, “I am so mad right now,” he grunted and hoisted you up against the wall with his hands on the back of your thighs. You gasped with your hands clutching on around his neck for support, somehow that little maneuver of his launched him deeper into you. He looked up at you to finish his sentence, “for wanting to fuck you so hard,” he suddenly thrust into you so hard that there was a loud sound as your back hits the glass partition. “Well, if that’s the case, I won’t be accepting your apology,” you replied with a smirk. The constant sound of shower running was replaced by the occasional thumping sound of his hard, rough pounding into you against the glass partition, his mouth helplessly sucking on your flesh when he wasn’t letting out raw groans after each thrust. Your hands found solace on the sopping dark hair of his, gently tugging and pulling at it. His mouth eventually found your breast, and he didn’t waste time to take it into his mouth, you looked at the way his full lips wrapped nicely around your nipple. He picked up the pace while maintaining his thrusts as deep and hard, hitting you right in the spot every single time that your climax came in no time. He felt you clenching around him, sucking him in deeper and putting him closer to his sweet release. He sloppily thrust into you a few more times to finally reach his high, he slowed his movements and stayed buried inside you. You tipped his head upward so you could plant a kiss on his open mouth, switching between sucking on his upper and lower lip. He was too fucked out to return a proper kiss to you. When he regained some strength, he held your head, “are you okay?” Worried that he might have thrust into you too hard your head hit the wall. You nodded, “If I knew that the make-up sex would be this good, I’d make you mad every once in a while,” you jokingly said. He chuckled, “shall we fight about how you always wear such tight, short skirts to work then?” he teased. You scoffed, “it’s tight, yeah, but it’s not that short, oh my God!” You grumbled on and on about it until Changbin hastily shut your argument with his kiss.
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hyuneluvbot · a day ago
skz react to y/n falling asleep on them
pairing- stray kids x reader
genre- fluff
warnings- none
word count- 2.2 k
author's note- the exam i was most scared for went well! i was also able to rest properly after i came home, i'm feeling better than i'd been feeling these past few weeks, so i decided to take the day off from studying and finish up some writing :D
anyways, i hope you enjoy reading as always! make sure you're taking good care of yourself y/n <3
[please note that none of the gifs used are mine, all credits go to the original posters! if the original poster wants me to take the gif down or tag them please let me know <3]
Tumblr media
-it was a lazy work night for the both of you.
-you had to write two research papers, and he was finishing up on some tracks, so he invited you to come to the studio to work with him.
-you had, obviously happily obliged, getting work done and being around chan? that's hard to say no to.
- a few hours pass and you slowly started to feel the exhaustion of the day getting to you, but because you still had work to get done you decided to take a short break.
-you just quietly made your way over to him and seated yourself on his lap, snuggling into him.
-he's used to you being randomly affectionate this way so he doesn't think much of it, letting you cuddle him.
-he's humming the beat or softly singing a few lines, the atmosphere is so calming; being surrounded by his warmth, his soothing voice, and the way he plants small kisses on the top of your head, it lulls you to sleep.
-he only notices you're sleeping when he asks you something and hears no response.
-he carefully pulls away a little to check what's going on, and the moment he sees you've fallen asleep, he's all heart eyes and shy smiles.
-"you must've been tired huh? i'll wake you up in a while," nods to himself before getting back to work.
-constantly makes sure you're comfortable and warm enough, rubs your shoulders and back a little.
-"sleep well sweetpea, i love you,"
-i cry over this man on a daily basis is this what my life is
Tumblr media
-you came home to find him on the couch talking to his mom on the phone.
-you had such a tiring day, all you want to do is cuddle him and fall asleep, but you know he doesn't get to catch up with her this way often, so you let him be, heading to the bathroom to freshen up instead.
-he's still on the phone when you come back, so you just wordlessly peck his nose then proceed to lay your head on his lap.
-you admire his features for a while, trying to fight off your sleep so you can talk to him for a bit before heading to bed, but your body seems to be going against your mind.
-his hand that's mindlessly caressing your stomach isn't helping either. soon enough you have no knowledge of your surroundings, and you're snuggling into his stomach, already asleep.
-the sensation tickles, and he almost opens his mouth to tell you to stop, but quickly shuts up when he sees your closed eyes and peaceful expression.
-his expression immediately softens, he looks like the 🥺 emoji :(
-for some reason he finds it so endearing you just fell asleep on him like that.
-he proceeds to talk to his mom for a few more minutes in a hushed tone to not disturb you, and when he's done with the call he just carefully holds you hand and kisses the back of it :((
-"so beautiful," tears in my eyes rn
Tumblr media
-you've both only recently started going out and are taking your time to open up to the other person.
-you're both also very busy, so you have very little time for actual dates. so sometimes, "dates" are going eating ramen at a convenience store and talking to each other about how you guys spent your week in your pajamas.
-after you're done eating the both of you decide to walk around for a while; eventually sitting down a bench and talking about anything that comes to mind.
-at one point, silence engulfs the both of you. its suddenly so quiet, and honestly neither of you mind, as long you have the company of the other.
-"so uh y/n, have i ever told you about- oh," he's startled when your body rests on his side.
-makes sure to hold onto you firmly but carefully, skinship isn't common between you just yet, it's usually only small hugs and long goodbye kisses, and he doesn't wanna make you feel uncomfortable.
-"it's not because i'm boring right? you were just tired, yeah that's all," pouts :(
-contemplates on how to wake you up and what to say when he does. he manages to somehow do it, almost deciding against it twice because he just wants to hold you close to him :((((((((
-but when you do wake up he shyly asks you if you wanted to spend the night at the dorms, and you guys could have a movie night and cuddle;;;; ofc you said yes :D
-i love him way too much for my own good *deep sigh*
Tumblr media
-you guys had been walking around all the day long, it was one of those days when you step out of the house, get some fresh air and spend time with each other.
-you grew tired from all the roaming around, your legs asking for a break, but you both just missed your bus, so you had to walk to another station for a change of route.
-you didn't even have to say a word, hyunjin knows your body language so well he could tell from a single glance you're pushing yourself too much.
-being the bestest boy that he is, he offers to carry you on his back to the station. while you tried to deny it because it would tire him out, he insisted, because "at this pace we're gonna get to the station tomorrow babe, do you even wanna go home,"
-you both manage to make it through half way when you start to feel extremely droopy, and no matter how much you try to fight your sleep, you eventually gave in.
-he feels your body relax more gradually, and he stops to try to figure out what you're doing.
-it's when he feels your soft breaths that he realises you'd fallen asleep.
-soft laughs.
-"you must've been very tired huh, should've just asked me to carry you before, you dummy," tightens his hold on you to make sure you're comfortable and secure, can't afford you falling off of him :/
-"what if i drop you here and run away?" jokes around as if you're listening.
Tumblr media
-you'd come over to visit him at the dorms, you both haven't been able to spend alot of time together recently. everyone had decided to order pizza and have a harry potter marathon.
-three movies and uncountable snacks later, everyone's contemplating whether or not they should play the fourth one.
-amidst all the chaos, you seat yourself between jisung's legs and lean your back against his chest as the both of you wrap up in a blanket and cuddle.
-you talk for a bit (and maybe sneak in a few kisses) before your boyfriend's also dragged into the ongoing debate.
-you're trying your best to pay attention to what everyone's saying, but you're so drowsy you keep zoning out; and eventually decide to just close your eyes for a few minutes.
-the "small few minute nap" ended up in you falling into a deep sleep.
-"hey hey everyone shush, y/n's sleeping," seungmin's the one who makes everyone quiet down.
-jisung gets so shy for some reason, maybe it's because everyone's right there and looking at the both of you, so he quickly pulls you closer to mask his tinted cheeks.
-"how tired were they to fall asleep in the middle of us shouting like that," they start whispering, feeling guilty about being so noisy.
-they agree to call it a night, and jisung carries you to his bed, tucking you in and holding you close.
-he kisses your forehead. "night y/n, dream of me," giggles.
-"ugh, romance," jeongin's voice is heard from the other side of the room.
Tumblr media
-your couldn't go out for the date you had planned because of bad weather, so you both ended up cuddling on the couch; your back to his chest as some random movie plays, which neither of you are paying attention to.
-you continue to share stories, one story leading to another, sharing laughs and kisses in the midst of it all.
-at one point he starts to tell you about a song he's been working on. he's talking you through the working process, how he got the initial idea, who helped him write the lyrics, and listing possibilities of how the final song might be.
-eventually he starts talking about how he's confused between these two verses, and he doesn't know which one to put in the final track.
-you ask him to sing both the verses for you so you can decide which one you think fits the song better.
-"listen very carefully hm? i've changed a few words here and there but they make the difference,"
-he starts singing the first few lines, and you might've just been listening a little too carefully, because his voice is lulling you to sleep.
-"what do you think? i feel like the second one's better," he looks down waiting for your opinion, only to find you sleeping.
-"y/n, did you like it that much?" he's trying his best to hold in his laugh. he brings his hand up to push away stray hairs from your face and then plants a kiss to the crown of your head, switching the tv off, and taking you to bed to rest properly.
-i'd like for him to sing me a song too where do i sign up?
Tumblr media
-you had the longest day ever.
-studying for exams while attending offline lectures is really taking it's toll on you. you haven't had the privilege of getting good sleep for the past week or so, only an average of 3-4 hours because you have so much material to get through.
-you come home and end up taking a small nap on the couch straight away, not even bothering to freshen up. seungmin wakes you up when he comes home, probably a few minutes after you'd fallen asleep.
-"you have to freshen up and eat dinner, you can head to bed after that," he's rubbing his thumb across your cheek as he leans down to your eye level.
-"let me help you hm?," tells you to go wait in the bathroom.
-he helps you wash your hair and take a shower, and you somehow manage to get out of the bath and get dressed with his help, then he starts to dry your hair.
-he's softly scratching your scalp and it's easing the tension resting there. none of you are speaking, just enjoying the other's presence.
-not even five minutes later your body starts leaning towards his, the back of your head meeting with his stomach as he stands by the edge of the bed where you're seated.
-when his eyes meet your sleeping face half of his heart is relieved you're getting the rest your body needs, but he's still worried, and rightfully so.
-carefully lays you down in bed and joins in, hugging you and rubbing your lower back, deciding to let you sleep for a few hours before he wakes you up for dinner.
-"you need to rest well, no exam is as important as your health," :(
Tumblr media
-you both had met up to study earlier in the day.
-you were having trouble with a lab report, and he was kind enough to offer you assistance. you'd been working in a café for the past few hours, and your report was finally over.
-in the end you managed to convince him to grab some dinner with you, you'd treat him, it was the very least you could do after his help today, he was so patient with you throughout.
-and maybe because you had a huge crush on him and you wanted to be around him longer :D
-when you boarded the bus he noticed you were shivering, so he wordlessly gave you his coat.
-"you're gonna get cold, you can take it back-" "i'll be fine y/n, i'm not cold," but you kept insisting so he decided to share it with you, it was big enough anyways.
-the ride was a little long, and you had quite a tiring day. jeongin's coat on top of you, his scent surrounding you, you were getting a little too comfortable for your own good.
-he was about to ask you something but just before he could, your head meets rest on his shoulder. his body goes stiff for a few moments before he finally relaxes, noticing you're asleep.
-he ends up wrapping his arm around your front to keep you secure in place while you sleep, and the added warmth makes you snuggle closer to him unconsciously, also sending his heart accelerating.
-"y/n, i don't think what i feel for you is just a silly little crush anymore," softly whispers :(((
-eventually lays his head on top of yours and snuggles back into you.
-user hyunelovebot is found a crying mess on the floor.
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hyuukais · a day ago
Blame it on the Snow
First the snow wakes you up, but then it gives you reason to get back in bed.
Word Count: 408
Genre: Minho x reader, fluff
Warning: they smooch a little but it isn’t really suggestive
Author: december has arrived and i have so many ideas for cute holiday fics, now if i could only write them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
White paints the world outside. Flakes swirl across the canvas sky. They float down from the clouds, dancing in the breeze, before sinking into the icy ground cover. The snowstorm rolls over the city, with the morning dragging in behind it. Fractions of the snowy, sunrise glow spill past the bedroom’s drawn curtains. Somehow little gaps angled just right to allow tiny beams to puncture your sleeping eyelids. Cracking open your eyes past the lingering drowsiness of sleep, the presence of the low light tells you it’s far too early to be awake. A groan slips its way through your lips. Before you can turn around to flop back into the mattress, a glimpse of small flakes drifting outside catches your eye. The comforter falls from your legs as you make your way to the window. Frigid air and glass greet you along with the winter wonderland outside.
“Whoa.” It came out involuntarily, stunned by the majestic world of white.
A grunt from behind grabs your attention.
“What are you doing?” Minho sits up to look at you. His hair is skewed sideways against his forehead, eyes squinting.
“Min, it’s snowing.”
“Well, that means it’s cold, so come back and warm me up.” He spreads his arms out, inviting you to come cuddle him. Grabby hands poke out from under the sheets. A pout spreads across his cheeks as you chuckle at the clinginess he exudes. You’ve barely even made it back to the bed when he reaches for your waist and pulls you down onto him. Immediately, his arms find purchase wrapped around your torso to keep it pressed against him and his head tucked in the dip of your neck. You sweep back the curtain of hair covering his eyes, pressing a peck to his hairline.
“See? This is definitely nicer.” He hummed, “So warm.” Kisses littered the expanse of your neck, to your jaw, to your cheek, finally working up to land on your lips. The kiss is slow and soft. It erases your mind of the snowy morning wake-up call and eases sleep back in. In combination with the faint touch of Minho’s hands running up and down your back, lethargy settles into your limbs. He’s the first to pull away, a sluggish smile tugging at his lips. His eyes stayed closed as he’s ready to fall asleep again.
“Never wake me before 10:00 again.”
“Don’t blame me. Blame it on the snow.”
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dreamescapeswriting · 2 days ago
25 Days Of Christmas ~ Day 4 ~ LMH
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Minho xGN!Reader
GENRE: Fluffy, christmas drabble, prompt, christmas lover reader,
Song Suggestion for the day: The winters tale - BTOB
Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - December 2021
Check out the masterlist HERE
Tumblr media
For as long as Minho could remember he hadn't really been the biggest fan of Christmas. It wasn't as though he had something against the Holiday but he hadn't been into it, the Christmas Spirit was never really with him. While everyone around him seemed to get overly excited about the Holiday he just saw it as any other day except with presents and one large meal people seemed to eat even if they thought that they would burst.
People would call him a scrouge but it wasn't as though he hated the time of year, he loved the colder weather and darker mornings and nights. It was just that one day he didn't get as thrilled about. You on the other hand seemed to be the complete opposite of your boyfriend. You'd been excited since the first of November, begging to put the decorations up around your shared apartment until your boyfriend finally gave into you. Ever since then you'd been non-stop playing Christmas music and movies and it was getting a little tiring for Minho. Not that he would ever admit that to you. The boy would never want to do something that would upset you but after hearing the same four Christmas songs in a row or the same movie every night he was exhausted.
"Minho, I made Christmas cookies with Lix." You called out as the front door to your apartment opened, shutting a little harshly behind Minho who walked straight into the bedroom.
"Babe?" You called out wondering what he was doing, usually, he would come in and hug you. Telling you all about his day so you knew instantly that there was something wrong. So you wanted to do something to make it up to him. Getting up from the sofa you rushed into the kitchen to grab some of the cookies you'd been making to take them to him.
Tumblr media
Tapping on the door softly you waited for him to say something before you would walk right in. There was no use annoying him any more than he already was, you knew how to calm your boyfriend down. When Minho gave you a grunt of a "come in" you slowly pushed the door open to see him laying on the bed, back to you.
"What's up?" You questioned sitting behind him on the bed, the faint sound of Christmas music coming from the other room, the latest album you were blasting out making Minho feel worse for the way he was feeling. 
"Nothing," He whispered trying his best to sound as convincing as possible, sighing a little as he felt you shifting on the bed. The last thing he wanted to do was ruin the happy mood that you seemed to be in at Christmas. If Christmas made you this happy he was going to suck up everything he hated about the Holiday and deal with it, your happiness was everything to him.
"Liar," You whispered back, wrapping your arms around him from behind and cuddling into him. Minho felt his body melt into yours as you spooned him, running your fingers through his hair trying to get him to open up to you.
The two of you would usually tell one another everything but how could he tell you something he knew would most likely upset you? Something he knew you loved so much was annoying him and he was supposed to tell you?
"Is it the music?" You suddenly questioned kissing his shoulder softly and he nodded a little. Felix had told you he was surprised that Minho had agreed to all of the decorations, admitting that his hyung had never really been the biggest fan. Something you felt guilty for not having known sooner or you never would have done this.
"Lix said you weren't the biggest Christmas fan, you could have told me." You told him as he began rolling over in your arms so that you could be face to face with one another. A weak smile played on the corners of his lips as he reached up to cup your face in his hands, shaking his head. 
"Not when I can see how happy all of it makes you," He admitted but you shook your head this time, he couldn't put your happiness before his own.
"But it makes you unhappy." You spoke a little sadly, mad at yourself for not seeing this sooner but you'd been so excited you'd barely noticed anything.
"No, I just don't get overly into Christmas...You're slowly changing my mind." He chuckled softly, leaning down to kiss the tip of your nose as you felt your entire body heating up. It was true, Minho could slowly feel himself heating up into the Christmas spirit whenever he was around you.
"I can chill out on the music but I refuse to take down the decorations." You faked being stubborn as you folded your arms over your chest and stared at Minho who was already shaking his head at you and laughing. Placing another kiss on the tip of your nose,
"I would never dream of telling you to get rid of techno Santa Claus." He joked referring to the Santa Claus toy that you had sitting at the entrance of your apartment. Every time someone would walk by it the small toy would start playing "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" but a techno remix that you and Chan had somehow managed to create together.
"Hey, don't bully Techno Santa, he's a cool guy." You laughed as he held you tightly against his chest, shaking his head at you as he kissed the top of your head.
"Keep everything, please? I love seeing how happy you get dancing around the apartment to the songs." He kissed your ear softly and you shivered, nodding your head. 
"I still promise to chill out a little, starting by turning off this album." You promised him attempting to get up but Minho already had a tight grip on you, keeping you pressed against him.
"I want to cuddle a little while longer and then we can go and eat some cookies." He whispered as you nodded your head, relaxing against him as he brushed his hands up and down your back softly.
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Tagline: @minholuvs @taestannie @sw33tnight @acciocriativity @mwitsmejk @taeechwitaa @justbangtanthingz @stillwithlix​ @lolalee24​ If you would like to be added or removed please let me know
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starrylinowrites · 21 hours ago
Are you taking timestamp requests too? If yes, can you please write smut for some time early in the morning? With Jisung? Any context, just let it be kind of possesive? Or jealous? Idk I hope I make sense.
Thank you!
5:10 am | low necks | han jisung
Tumblr media
gif credit to owners
pairing- fem reader x han
genre- smut, hickeys, mentions of sex, suggestive, kissing? nothing too detailed
summary- your coworker at work was a little too attracted to you. almost as if he ignored that you had a boyfriend. jisung felt the need to correct that. at 5 in the morning.
requested- yes
"ji-" you let out a moan in protest yet jisung showed no signs of stopping. if anything, his tongue worked even quicker as he held you in place.
his soft hair ticked your jaw and neck as his tongue and teeth worked their magic on your chest. his hand came up to your breast, squeezing it a little as he moved further down and sucked on it.
"jisung" you whined, whimpering as he kneaded your breast. you tired to move, or get any sort of relief from his pleasurable torture yet he held you in place with a strong hold. the animalistic desire to mark you had taken over his mind today.
"stop moving." he groaned against your collarbone and his husky tone just turned you on more, making you clench your thighs together.
"ji, i have work in half an hour, i told you no marks." you complained and let out a light scream as he bit down a little too hard, pulling a little with his teeth and your eyes rolled back in pleasure. "ah-" his warm tongue slipped out, soothing over the purple bruises blossoming like a beautiful bouquet across your neck.
"i think you're forgetting the purpose of this" jisung stopped his administrations, leaning back for a second.
you took that one second of relief to look at his handsome face. his expressive eyes that looked like they were devouring you alive, his full lips, red and moist from all the kissing and biting. he licked his lower lip, narrowing his eyes as he looked at your whimpering self. "so pretty, my angel." he murmured, tracing his finger on your marks. he leaned up and kissed you, capturing your lips in a heated embrace and leaned back, hands cradling your face.
"look at you, looking so knocked out when all i have done is given you a few hickeys." his dark eyes traced over his handiwork and he smirked. "look at you just begging for me to fuck you." he rasped, trailing his hand lower and bringing your face closer.
"now that lee minho will know to keep his eyes away from you." he kissed you one more time, softer and slower this time. "dont you dare wear a turtleneck. i want that colleague of yours to see that you are mine." giving your neck a swift peck, he patted your cheek and leaned back.
he let your hands free, moving away from you with a smile on his face that made you question reality. how could he do sinful things like a devil yet smile like the purest angel in seconds?
"jisung." you grumbled, obviously pressed about the fact that he'd foreplayed you at 5 in the morning and not fucked you.
he chuckled. the man had the audacity to chuckle. "you have work in half an hour. show off these beauties today at work and i promise i'll fuck you senseless once you're back." he mumbled, pecking your lips once last time before getting off the bed.
you wore a v neck to work that day, and lee minho most definitely kept his distance.
oh and jisung kept his promise.
a/n- part two anybody?
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seosracha · a day ago
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ㅡits just a mistake ! | xl. not fighting anymore
warnings: cursing
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: decided to put the written bit in the next chapter since its being a pain in the ass to write rn😑 also i feel like this story is going to come to an end soon:(((
taglist: @soobin-chois @kawennote09 @murderyoursoul @hyunslvr @hey-i-really-miss-you @hhjkji @c0nvers3h1gh @emysorry @vienther @97-bangchan @skzstaysstuff @haniehae @ninjaleeknow @freckledquokka @mochisnlix @haesungie @yourlix @rindomo @aestheticbanguniverse @eastleighsblog
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cosmic-railwayxo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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❜─ Maybe it’s not our fault - chapter 13 - wrong about forever
✧˖*°࿐ summary: After a nasty break up that left you both heartbroken, Hyunjin goes back home for the summer to get away from everything and spend some quality time with his family. When summer ends and college starts once again, you both are set on avoiding the other at all cost, almost like your relationship didn’t even exist to begin with. But what will happen when in a surprising turn of events, your best friends start dating and one of their main goals is to restore the peace among your broken relationships?
Will these circumstances get you back together or put an end to everything once and for all?
Or alternatively: the one where being ‘just friends’ with your ex proves to be the most difficult task of them all.
✧˖*°࿐ pairing: dance major!hyunjin x music major!reader
˖*°࿐ genre: social media!au (with some written parts), college!au, angst, exes-to-lovers!au, slow burn, fluff, humor
˖*°࿐ word count: 4,3k
A/N: this took me waaay to long than it should have, im sorry :( but uni is really kicking my but rn. also ik this is a longer chapter and not all of you might enjoy reading those but i promise, all of it is important for the next parts!!
Tumblr media
A small sigh escaped your lips as you exited the bathroom, letting some steam from your warm bath enter your bedroom before closing the door behind you. The past few days were an emotional rollercoaster and even if your little ‘escapade’ with Jaemin was fun, it only added to this feeling of fatigue you’ve been carrying around on your shoulders. You were tired and the only thing you wanted to do right now was collapse into your big, comfy bed and sleep the night away.
But of course, things aren’t always that simple.
Just as you finally laid down and got a hold of your phone, an incoming call disturbed all of the peace and quiet that was settling in the apartment. Once your tired eyes focused and read the caller id, you felt your heart drop at the familiar emoji displayed on your screen. Him. He was the one calling, at 11:36 pm on a Wednesday night like it was the most natural thing in the world.
Your breath hitched in your throat and you felt your heart rate quicken, wide eyes never leaving the screen as the phone continued to buzz. Why…why was he calling? What could he suddenly want after three months of not doing so? Three long months of no contact, no texts, no nothing. You didn’t even think he had your phone number anymore, yet here he was…calling you.
Should you answer? Or just decline the call and be done with it? Pretend like it never even happened? But…what if something did happen and he needed your help? There wouldn’t be no other reason for him to contact you like this otherwise. Was he okay?
All of those questions kept floating around in your head, your finger moving to hover back and forth between accepting or declining the call, brows furrowed in confusion. Exes didn’t call each other, right? It just wasn’t normal. But…what if?
Until…it suddenly stopped. The device stopped buzzing, the screen now lighting up with a ‘missed call’ notification just as your finger was ready to slide across the glass. You waited a few moments in that same position, not moving your finger an inch as you stared down at the phone. What were you waiting for, you didn’t know, but if the sudden disappointment bubbling up in your chest as the minutes passed was anything to go by, maybe you knew all too well. And maybe, not getting your wish granted for once was for the best.
Setting the phone aside, all of your muscles relaxed and you finally let out the breath you didn’t even notice you were holding in. The thought of hearing his voice again, having him talk and say your name after so long made your heart beat frantically in your chest, just like it did all of those years you spent by his side.
Why, oh why were you still thinking about him?! Longing for his presence, his gentle touch and sweet smile that used to light up his whole face and make him resemble an innocent kid, the sight pulling at your heart strings every time.
With a groan, you squeezed your eyes shut before grabbing the nearest pillow and hiding your face into it. God, you really needed to get laid. Maybe that will finally give you something else to think about.
The sound of your phone going off again, this time buzzing multiple times to signal text after text got your attention and you’d be lying to say you didn’t lunge at it way too quickly for your liking. But this time however, the person on the other end wasn’t Hyunjin, like you hoped.
It was Seohyun.
Tumblr media
Guess you aren’t going to get that sweet, sweet sleep you’ve been wanting after all.
30 minutes later, you finally found yourself at the address Seohyun guided you to, right in front of one of the many frat houses on campus, the smell of weed and alcohol hitting your senses as soon as you stepped into the front lawn. If it was already that bad from outside, you didn’t want to know how the inside smelt like. But, unfortunately, tonight you had to.
Taking a deep breath, you ignored all of the drunk and half naked college students that were out front and made your way inside, the loud music and chatter on top of your tired self almost giving you a headache on the spot. Honestly, what has gotten into your best friend tonight to make her want to attend one of those parties?
Pushing your way through all the sweaty and intoxicated people, your eyes were on the lookout for one specific head of light brown hair, wanting to get to her as soon as possible. Who knew what trouble she’s gotten herself into this time?
Eventually, you reached the back door and stepped outside, letting out a relieved sigh once the deafening music seemed to quiet down as the door closed. There was no sign of Seohyun inside as much as you could tell, so maybe, no, hopefully she was somewhere by the large pool or eating away in a more secluded corner of the backyard.
“Y/N, over here, bestie!”
Your head immediately turned around at the sound of your name, looking for the source of the voice until you finally spotted her, jogging in your direction with the biggest smile on her pink, glossy lips. Once she got closer, Seohyun immediately pulled your body into a tight hug, swaying you both side to side as she giggled.
“Finally, you’re here at last!” she pulled away grinning, spilling a few drops of her drink from the red plastic cup she was holding. You could smell the faint scent of alcohol on her breath, signaling she’s actually been here for a while before she decided to contact you.
You smiled, running your hands down the big white hoodie you were wearing, smoothing out some nonexistent wrinkles. “I am. Are you alone?”
Seohyun shook her head before taking another sip of her drink. “Nope, I came here with some girls from my department.” She then looked around the lawn, in search of said girls as a giggle left past her lips. “I guess they’re all busy now.”
You nodded, looking around as well, trying to find someone familiar among the many party goers. “What about Mark? Is he here?”
Her question didn’t miss a beat as she took another sip, her smile fading and making her look more sober than she actually was.
“Mark!” you clarified, a bit louder this time around.
The girl tried to mask her annoyance by looking away, rolling her eyes at the mention of the guy she’s been attached to the hip for months now. “He’s not here.”
Blinking, you watched your friend in slight confusion, not really understanding her sudden bad mood. Did something happen between them?
“He’s not here either.” She answered, turning to look at you with a pout, visibly disappointed by his absence. “He was supposed to come with me but since he has that cooking class on top of football practice and his usual classes, he was too tired to do so.”
Her eyes were glassy by now and you were afraid she was actually going to cry, the alcohol in her system making her emotions ten times stronger than usual. Which in itself was a strange thing to see. Seohyun was usually one of those people that could really hold her liquor, being able to drink huge amounts without getting shit faced drunk, just tipsy. Seeing her like this, one moment being fine and dandy and in the next almost crying gave you whiplash. Everything seemed fine when she texted you earlier that night, how much did she manage to drink until you arrived?
“Speaking of Felix.” She continued, getting closer to you while wiggling her eyebrows but not before spilling some more of her drink. Oh, how you hoped the remaining of her drink would not end up all over you. “Can I tell you a secret?”
When her face was inches away from yours, she came to an abrupt stop, her smile only widening until she burst into giggles. You waited for her to continue while a smile started forming on your own features as well, amused by her drunken antics. This must be one hell of a secret if that’s how she got only thinking about it.
The giggling continued for another 10 seconds before she managed to compose herself, raising her hand to cover her mouth from the others as she got closer to whisper in your ear. “We actually kissed!”
Her giggles turned into full blown laughter once she pulled away and saw the look of astonishment on your face, taking a few steps back to increase the distance between you two. You could only stare at her in response, eyes widening as the words finally sunk in, her laughter acting as background noise to your much louder thoughts. They…kissed? Her and Felix?! Since when did they become so close? But why him? Why the person that was so close to none other than –
“Hyunjin! There you are!”
Your head immediately snapped in the direction of the loud voice, looking past Seohyun to only be meet with the sight of a visibly intoxicated Changbin running over to Hyunjin himself and jumping at him for a hug. You felt your body freeze on the spot, his sudden appearance making you forget all about Seo and her little secret from before. What the hell was going on?!
Seeing the look on your face, Seohyun wasted no time in turning around to understand what took your attention away from her all of a sudden. When her eyes finally found what seemed to render you speechless for the second time tonight, you only saw her arm raise up before her next action actually knocked all the air from your lungs.
“Over here, Hyunjin!” her loud voice got the attention of five other people in the process but she didn’t seem to care, waving her arm to beckon the blond closer. Looking up, Hyunjin’s eyes first settled on Seohyun and you could see him let out a relieved sigh before his dark orbs then found your form. His eyes widened slightly, clearly not expecting to see you tonight but nonetheless, he got a hold of Changbin and came over without any hesitation.
Once the boys were close enough, Seohyun suddenly let go of her plastic cup and stepped closer to bring the younger one in a hug, the action making the rest of her drink splash everywhere, including on your shoes.
“You’re finally here too! What took you so long, Hwang?” she asked, still embracing the boy. You looked at them and almost reached up to rub your eyes, expecting to wake up from this nightmare any moment now. Has the exhaustion finally made you hallucinate? Seohyun, your best friend who didn’t like skin ship, not only greeted you with a hug but she was now hugging your ex-boyfriend as well? What the hell did she drink tonight because frankly, you’d like to chug some of that too right now. Preferably until you passed out and forgot all about whatever is going on.
Thankfully, Hyunjin looked just as confused, doe eyes finding yours again and silently asking what the hell was going on, not even being able to return the hug from the shock.
“The gang is all together again!” Changbin chimed in once Seohyun stepped back, pulling you into a hug of his own, the force of it making you crash into his muscular chest. “I’m so happy!” his words were slurred as he continued, a result of all the alcohol he must have consumed. Hyunjin came to pick him up, no doubt, since he’s always been the one to tell the boy to slow down when he went overboard with his drinking. But why were you suddenly stuck in the middle of it?
He let go, patting your back before turning to stare at the other two with his brows furrowed. “I feel like…we’re missing someone though.”
Only someone? There was more than one person missing from the old ‘gang’ as he put it but taking account of the state he was in; his confusion was understandable.
“Oh yeah!” Changbin yelled, snapping his fingers like he just had an epiphany. “Minho and his ugly face are missing. It just isn’t the same without him, right Hyun?”
Hyunjin blinked, looking at his friend like he grew another head or something before finally nodding and wrapping an arm around his shoulders. “Yeah, time to go home now, you’ve had enough.” He stated, switching his attention to you and titling his head in Seohyun’s direction.
Understanding right away, you got a hold of your best friend as well, putting one of her arms around your shoulders and one of yours around her waist. “Come on, Seo.”
Of course, they didn’t come willingly. The both of them whined and complained all the way to the front lawn, claiming they were fine and still in the mood to party and accusing you of ruining their fun. You tuned it all out until you reached Hyunjin’s car that was parked a few meters away from the fraternity, swiftly opening the back door to help your friend get in. Hyunjin did the same before leaning down to put Changbin’s seatbelt into place, the former still whining and trapping the boy in his hold to place a sloppy smooch on his cheek in thanks before releasing him.
The sight of Hyunjin grimacing and reaching up to wipe away at his face as he loudly closed the car’s door made you giggle, reminding you how bizarre this night has been as a whole. You didn’t realize it then, but you actually missed this. Spending time with everyone, getting drunk and having fun with them until late in the night, not caring about that early lecture the next morning…how long has it been since you’ve done that?
Just as you were about to get into the back seat with them, Changbin let all of his weight fall on Seohyun, his head landing in her lap, making the girl scream dramatically and jerk to the side, both of their bodies occupying all of the remaining space. You sighed at that, closing the door and leaving them to their antics before making your way to the front and getting in like it was the most natural thing in the world. The realization only hit when the car started moving and you froze, head slowly turning to the side to look at your ex-boyfriend and his reaction. Only to see…nothing. Hyunjin only started driving, not sparing you a glance or reacting to you sitting next to him in any way. I guess he was just as used to it as you were…
“Seohyun called.” He began, voice soft to not bother the other two who seemed to be getting tired, but still loud enough for you to hear clearly. “She told me she saw Changbin and that he’s been drinking way too much than usual so I had no choice but to come pick him up.”
You nodded, eyes trained on the side profile you knew like the back of your hand.
“She- didn’t sound drunk then. I would have come sooner if I knew she was intoxicated as well.” A sigh left past his lips at that, a bit frustrated he didn’t realize what was going on sooner.
“There was no way for you to know.” You responded, shaking your head. “She texted me too and everything seemed fine then. I only saw the state she was in when I arrived.”
“I guess…”
Realization suddenly hit you, your whole body turning in the seat to face him. “Is that why you called earlier?”
Hyunjin hummed, eyes still focused on the road as he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. Finding out the reason of his sudden call made you feel a bit guilty for not answering him, or at least returning the call, especially when all he wanted was to inform you of your friend’s whereabouts. But a part of you, a tiny one felt…disappointed.
After that conversation, everything was silent, the only sound being the car’s engine as Hyunjin continued to drive. At some point, you turned back into your seat to check on dumb and dumber only to see them fast asleep, shoulder to shoulder with their heads leaning against one another and the sight brought a faint smile to your face.
Facing the road once again, you saw that Hyunjin was driving back to campus, closer and closer to where your old dorm room resided. This whole scene made you remember all of the times he used to drive you home after a date, getting out only to spend another 10 minutes outside trying to convince him to join you upstairs for a cuddle session. Or the first time he ever drove you home after getting his license back in high school. Of course, that old, beat down car he used to drive then could never compare with the one he drove now but still…you always seemed to remember that moment, how excited and nervous he was for finally driving on his own. It might be silly for some but for you, that was one of the many memories you cherished of him.
“I don’t live in the dorms anymore.”
And for the first time since getting in the car, Hyunjin turned to face you but he didn’t react as you hoped he would but instead gave a nod of understanding, urging you to continue as the car came to a stop.
“I – do you remember the apartment building Chris and Jisung live in?” Another nod. “I live in the building across.”
With that, Hyunjin started the car again and backed up for a bit before driving away in the direction you pointed him in. Five minutes later there you were, in front of your apartment building.  
Taking the key out of contact, Hyunjin was the first one to get out and you followed, desperately needing to take a breath of fresh air after that car ride and all the memories it brought. You didn’t waste any time in going to Seohyun’s side and opening the door, leaning down to gently shake her awake.
“Come on, bubs, we’re here.”
Her eyes fluttered open at the sound of your voice, blinking a couple of times to adjust to the bright lights in the parking lot before slowly sitting up, Changbin’s body slumping in the other direction as it lost its support.
“Alright…” she yawned, scotting to the edge of the seat to get out of the car. Hopping down with your support, Hyunjin then came around to join you two.
Once her eyes settled on the blond in front of her, a faint smile made its way onto her fair features. “Thank you for the ride, Hwang. You’re still cool I guess.” She said, landing a playful punch on his shoulder. Hyunjin smiled in response before rolling his eyes in fake annoyance, the action no doubt reminding him of all the times they used to tease and make fun of one another in the past. Seeing them interact like that was very…bittersweet.
“I’m feeling better now so I’ll go on ahead, Y/n. Meet you upstairs.”
You opened your mouth to protest at her retreating back, moving away from the car to follow until she suddenly turned around as if sensing your intentions. “I’ll be fine, the building is right here! Don’t leave Hwang all alone when he went through the trouble of driving us back, ok?”
You looked away at that, suddenly very aware of him and all the trouble he went through just to get you both home when he literally didn’t have to. Maybe Seo was right, you should at least thank the guy.
With a shake of your head, you returned to watch Seohyun make her way towards the building, anything to distract you from the fact that she pretty much left you all alone with your ex-boyfriend. She actually managed to make it all the way up the stairs until she tripped on the last step, right in front of the door, giving you no time to react as she swiftly turned around and poked her tongue out to show she was in fact, ok.
When she was finally gone did you actually turn around to face the man, hesitating for a moment before looking up at him. His doe eyes meet yours immediately, gaze softening as he stared at you without a word. Hyunjin was now leaning against his car with his arms crossed across his chest, body positioned in such a way that gave him a clear view of Changbin's figure sleeping away in the back seat. Looks like he passed out.
This was as awkward for him as it was for you, that much was obvious as he took of his brown beanie and started messing with his hair. His blond hair, something you still haven't gotten used to. I guess it's hard to get used to something you see so rarely...
"Are you mad?" His voice snapped you out of the train of thoughts that was currently moving around in your head, eyes moving back to his face.
"Why would I be mad?" You raised your eyebrows slightly in confusion, not really understanding his question. Were you mad at what? Was there a reason for you to be?
Hyunjin shrugged, looking away from you and turning his head to the side at the other apartment buildings.
"Are you?" The question left your mouth before you could dwell too much on it, making Hyunjin turn to look at you once again, surprise clear on his sharp features. "About Seo calling you, I mean. You didn't have to drop us off too, you know? You came for Changbin after all."
"I didn't." He shook his head, briefly closing his eyes in the process. "Seohyun called to tell me about Changbin true, but without her who knew what mess he would have gotten himself into? The least I could do is take care of her as well, especially if you weren't there."
His words were sincere, showing off the kind nature you knew he possessed underneath that cool persona of his and right now, of all times, it made you remember the reason you fell in love with him all of those years ago. Because he was kind and warm, holding you in his arms and always being your shoulder to cry on. Because he helped his friends and loved ones every chance he got, having a soft spot for all of them. But most importantly, because when he did love something, he loved it with his whole heart. Like he loved dancing, his passion and hard work helping him get into one of the best universities in Seoul. His love was pure and true, pouring his all into it and giving it to people on a silver platter in hopes they might return some of it as well. A love that made you feel like you were on cloud nine 24/7 while in his presence, so high up that nobody but myself could bring you down.
And he eventually did, the fall so sudden and painful that even to this day you were still picking up the pieces of your heart and trying to put them back together.
Because things never last forever and you were a fool to ever believe that. To believe that the love you made could possibly be strong enough to hold through thick and thin, like in all of those romance movies Hyunjin liked to watch.
The feeling of a warm hand on yours brought you back to the present moment, brushing away all of the negative thoughts that made your heart squeeze in your chest. Only when the hand moved lower, unclenching your fingers from each other did you slowly look up, coming face to face with Hyunjin who spoke once again
"Are you okay?" His voice was lower now, the words coming out almost whispered.
He was so close, you could count every eyelash and freckle on his beautiful face, the sudden urge the intertwine your fingers together and pull him closer almost overwhelming. To hug him again, to feel his warmth envelop your body and hold you close, the white hoodie he was wearing making him look even more inviting. It was all too much and so, you slowly pulled your hand away from his grasp and took a step back, finally registering his question.
"I'm okay." your voice was just as quiet, hiding your slightly shaking hands behind your back. For a split second, you could have sworn a frown appeared on his face at that but you blinked and it was gone, just like that.
"I'll just...go inside now."
It took him a few moments to reply, his dark doe eyes looking at you like you were the only two people in the world right now, the intensity of his gaze making you shiver. Blinking, he nodded in response and took a step back as well, putting more and more distance between your bodies and taking another piece of your heart with him.
Before turning around and actually making your way inside, your mouth reacted faster than your brain did and you called out to him.
Hyunjin reacted instantly, his hand freezing mid-way through his blond locks as he looked up at you once again, his eyes slightly widening in surprise.
"Be safe on your way back, don't let the campus' security guard catch you" you said with a small, teasing smile.
And with that, you didn't wait for him to actually reply before turning around and walking towards the building, wanting for the day to finally come to an end and be done with this whole situation.
Wanting to finally forget him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
╰─▸ ❝ prev ┈┉ next
♡. taglist: @pam220000 @onefoureightfive​ @hjkith​ @jhanleanne​ @xa21x​ @misosick​ @97lovestay @97-bangchan​ @catscoffeeandkpop​ @shysakuno @purpleskzsworld​ @sunshine-skz​ @super-btstrash-posts​ @90s-belladonna​ @cupidbella​ @murderyoursoul​ @emosracha​ @skzooo​ @freckledquokka​ @rindomo​ @awksfabstone​ @thonkingdeepo​ @burningupp-replies​ @hey-i-really-miss-you​ @yoovillrge​ @secretwhisperer​ @hyunjinhairs-blog​ @toxiccyubin​ @everleigh-davina​ @hhjkji​ @sunflowerbebe07​ @eastleighsblog​ @yourlix​ @okaysoplshelpme​ @burbrujas @minhonino​ @lost-leopard-beanie​ @kawennote09​ @yumi-xox​ @404-incorrect​ @lunaflvms @hwangvibe​​
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kim-seung-mo · a day ago
the "what is love" hcs were so cute and wholesome 💕💕 saw ur hc list and wanted to request 5 or 14 if that's fine with you
𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝔽𝕚𝕟𝕕 𝕐𝕠𝕦 ℂ𝕣𝕪𝕚𝕟𝕘
♩ g/n reader, fluff, slight angst if you squint, crying? everyone being soft 〒▽〒
♩♩ word count: 990
♩♩♩ A/N: tysm!! really didn't think my first request would come in on day 4 but here we go!! and yes anonnie that's fine with me ;) wip list here
Tumblr media
You felt tired and dizzy when you got home, not wanting to do anything.
Collapsing on the couch, you sighed.
Tears unconsciously flowed from the corners of your eyes.
You didn't cry often, but today was just differernt.
Chan, who heard the door open, came out of your shared bedroom. He froze for a moment when he saw your tear-stained face.
Knowing you wll, he didn't say anything.
He doesn't know what happened, but still came to your side.
He sat down slowly, took you in his arms and pressed your head on his shoulder.
You didn't need to explain, you didn't need to speak.
He would just hold you, rocking you back and forth, like he would coax a child.
When you stopped crying, he would ruffle your hair and leave a kiss on your forehead.
Confused trio #1
It was during promotions, he was busy with their comeback and you were busy at work, you haven't seen each other for what felt like years.
When you finally got to see him, you got so emotional you started crying, letting out all the stress you've been carrying.
You never did this, not in front of him at least.
So this is was most likely the first time he saw you cry.
"Shouldn't you be smiling? Why are you crying?" he'd say while letting out a soft chuckle.
"I just miss you so much..."
Everything was fine until you said that, hearing those words made his heart wrench.
He would feel a bit lost, not knowing what to do at first.
He would try and hug you, bringing his hand to your back, soothing it.
Unexpectedly gentle.
He couldn't stand to see you cry, no matter what the reason was.
Would try his best to act funny in front of you, in hopes that this would bring a smile to your face.
Doing aegyo, talking in strange high-pitched voices, pinching your cheeks.
"No, I'm not stopping until you smile for me."
In reality, it was because if you kept crying for even just one more second, he'd be crying too.
You obviously looked the best when you're smiling.
Gently hold your hand and sway it side to side, he'd lean close to your ear.
"Hey, I wrote a new song today, wanna listen?"
This would probably be his last resort though, only using it when nothing else worked.
Because hey, what problem can't be solved with music?
Confused tio #2
Another one who would laugh and asks what's wrong with you.
Would crouch down and look up at your face to see if you were pranking him.
Panics when realizing you were actually crying.
"Baby...please don't cry......"
"I'm fine Jinnie... just leave me alone......"
No, never.
Would pull you up to dance with him, rocking you from side to side.
"Tell me everything."
He'd reach out and wipes the tears from your eyes.
Would lean down to kiss the tip of your nose.
Lost trio #3
Doesn't even know how to ask you what was wrong.
Should he be talking? Or should he just shut up?
Would raise his hand but does't know if he should be touching you or not.
Would open his mouth but doesn't know what to say or should he even say anything.
He's a rapper, but he would be at a loss of words.
You were the one that had to initiate something, gently grabbing his shirt, asking him to hug you.
Everything goes smoothly after that.
His hand would be on your waist, yours wrapped around his neck.
"Fool, Hannie is a fool."
"Yes, that's right, I'm a fool... I'm anything as long as you stop crying."
Started tearing up the moment he saw your tears.
Would end up crying louder than you.
Couldn't breathe, would be coughing and choking on air, begging you to hold him.
Throws himself on top of you, backing up together to the nearest couch or bed.
Would barry his face in the socket of your neck, hands grabbing the fabric on your back.
"Felix...don't cry......"
"But, but you were crying...... I, I can't stand you crying."
You'd be comforting him by the end.
"Fine, fine...I won't cry anymore, ok?"
" tell me what's going on so we can work it out together."
Started crying again listening to you.
Although he was the second youngest member, he'd be more mature than most of his hyungs.
Would sit by your side and hold your hand, fingers interlocked.
Would patiently wait until you were done, then he would ask what happened.
"Can you tell me what happened? Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to."
Would look you in the eye, carefully listening.
Would help you analyze your problems and come up with solutions.
"Feel better?"
"Yes...thank you, Minnie......"
"For what? It's my job as your boyfriend to help you out."
You would be wiping your tears away, commenting on how he sounded like a proud puppy.
He would blush at that.
"Who did it?"
Seeing your tears made baby bread go into protective mode.
But you'd just take him by the hand and tell him that it was your problem.
Hearing that, his eyes, originally full of anger, gentled up with sorrow.
He would hold you in his arms, press you ear to his chest and make you listen to his heartbeat to calm you down.
Rhythmically patting your back and saying comforting words.
When you stopped crying, he'd take you back to your bedroom and lay you down on the bed, giving you a massage.
" don't have to......."
"No, I want to do it for you Noona. I want you to know how much you mean to me and how much I hate seeing your tears."
He even took off the next day so he could take care of you.
He really does care about you.
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sevlgi · 2 days ago
requested: yes (months ago smh)
group: stray kids
pairing: felix x fem!reader
genre: fluff
contents: established relationship, meeting the fam™, shy!reader, canonverse, felix is the perfect boyfriend what the fuck
warnings: none
synopsis: Felix just wants you to meet his family, and for once, you don’t feel that nervous about it.
a/n: is this entire month gonna be holiday fics? ... maybe
Tumblr media
word count: 1.2k
When Felix trips on the staircase leading up to your floor yet again, nose frozen by the bitter cold and fingers shaking where they’re stuffed into his shallow pockets, he decides that he’s going to buy you a different apartment and request that you move, sincerely for his own sanity and safety.
It’s ungodly that an apartment building in Seoul has outdoor hallways, he decides as he fumbles with the spare key you gave him. It’s winter, and every time Felix says he’s coming over, you have to remind him to bundle up for the ten minutes he spends navigating to your apartment.
Of course, he forgets, and he’s stuck outside in a sweatshirt that’s losing its battle with the cold.
You probably hear his key rattling in the door, and open the door for your boyfriend before he dies of frostbite. You smile incredulously at the sight of him. “I thought I told you to wear a scarf.”
“I forgot,” Felix complains. He breathes out a sigh of relief as he enters the living room, comfortably warm and smelling like the candles you’ve stationed around the place. Glancing back, he realizes that you’re still in sweatpants-- admittedly cute, but not exactly what he’d imagine for a holiday dinner. “Oh, do you need more time?”
“Uh... I was hoping we could just stay here,” you admit, closing the door on the draft.
The Australian boy frowns, having already burrowed himself into the cushy couch. You crack a slight smile. “Why? Are you feeling bad? We can reschedule... I did say that these outdoor hallways are bad for your health,” he sighs, just a little fussy.
“No, no, I’m fine. I’m just... I don’t feel up to meeting them.”
Felix’s mouth falls open in a small “o”, and he puts his phone away, originally pulled up to their group chat. “Y/N-ah, I’m sure they’re going to love you. I tell them so much about you that they practically know you already. Who’re you concerned about? I’m going to make sure you know how excited they are.”
He looks so determined that you manage to let out a quiet laugh, moving closer so that you can hug him. “It’s not about them. It’s just me,” you whisper.
“Okay. What about you?”
You shrug. “Nothing in specific. I just feel like they won’t like me, even if you think they will. What if you’re wrong?”
“Then I’ll beat some sense into them.” Felix raises his fist, but reconsiders his statement, sighing, “Actually, I could never beat Chan hyung. Or Minho hyung, or Changbin hyung. Seungmin and Jeongin could probably rock my shit if they wanted to.”
“I love the exclusion of Jisung and Hyunjin,” you laugh.
Your boyfriend shrugs. “Jisung has punched me on accident. It didn’t hurt.”
“I’ll be sure to ask him about that.”
In answer, Felix turns slightly so that your nose is just an inch away from his cheek. You can see his freckles and his eyelashes in perfect detail as his eyes crinkle in a smile. He asks excitedly, “So you’ve decided to go?”
“Yeah. I think I can do it,” you answer softly, “but you can’t hold me accountable if I back out.”
“Never,” Felix announces, bolting to his feet. “Do you want me to do anything? Help pick out an outfit?”
You wave your hand in the air, getting up as well. “No, I’m prepared. Just needed you to talk me into it.”
Lix flashes you thumbs up and his trademark brilliant smile. “Always!”
Tumblr media
“I told you not to buy the spicy one!”
Yelling even travels through the door of the dorm, and Felix laughs awkwardly as the two of you approach it. “I guess grocery shopping didn’t go well,” he grins, and reaches for his key.
“Get it yourself then,” Seungmin’s calm voice says, although a bit of affront makes its way into his tone.
A bang. “Cook it yourself!” Minho threatens. Felix can imagine him waving a spatula in the air, making stabbing motions in the air as Hyunjin’s high-pitched laugh makes its way through.
Just then, the door clicks open, and Felix gestures for you to enter. You slip your shoes off when you spot the racks of barely-organized sneakers next to the door; no one has noticed your arrival, their voices only getting louder. You do recognize their voices from the backgrounds of your boyfriend’s video calls, and you only needed a bit of simple googling to learn their faces. (The advantages of them being literal celebrities, you suppose.)
“Hwang Hyunjin, you come back here! That was too much salt, and you know it!” Following the screech, a tall dark-haired guy skids into the hallway in front of you, eyes scrunching up with the force of his laugh as he ducks under a flying towel. 
Chan follows, slinging another towel onto Hyunjin’s head before he notices the two of you just standing there. “Oh, Felix!” he says in English, thick accent coming through.
“Hi,” you say weakly, and Hyunjin returns your tiny wave.
“Uh. Come in, I guess,” Chan laughs, cheeks reddening as he tugs Hyunjin into the kitchen by the elbow. “Guys! They’re here!”
The five members clustered in the kitchen collectively raise their heads; Seungmin almost drops the knife he holds and Minho accidentally hits his head on a cupboard. Jeongin and Jisung give you big smiles, accompanied by Changbin’s enthusiastic “Y/N!”
“I will beat you if you guys don’t be nice,” Felix announces, probably too proudly for what he says. You smack him on the head with the beanie you hold, and Jisung cheers. “Introductions, please!”
Before you can protest that you don’t really need them (partially from your compulsive Googling and partially from Felix’s endless anecdotes), Chan sticks his hand out at you. “I’m Chan. Glad you’re here,” he smiles.
Changbin runs his hands under the tap, probably to get rid of the gochujang smeared on them, and beams, “Changbin. I’m Felix’s favorite.”
All the introductions basically go the same way, with a short statement of their name and a weak smile from you. By the time you get to Jeongin, who squints at you as if he doesn’t believe you’re standing there, Minho is already pouring the food out onto a huge plate, making sure to spray droplets of spicy sauce onto Hyunjin. “Let’s eat,” Minho says loudly.
“I promise we’re not usually this chaotic,” Felix says softly, squeezing your hand. He brushes a kiss onto your cheek, a habit of his that always serves to make you feel better. “Are you overwhelmed?”
“A little bit. But in a good way,” you assure him. He smiles.
It’s so obvious how much he loves his members that you can’t help but love them too, even if you’ve barely spoken a word since you step foot through the door. You know Felix will take you home whenever you ask, but as you watch them squabble over where you’re going to sit, you feel like you don’t want to go home, ever.
“He’s lying, by the way. We’re always this chaotic,” Jisung grins, taking your other hand and yanking you towards the table. “Now come on. It’s Christmas!”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Song For You - Chapter 1
a/n - reminder to ignore timestamps otherwise the story will be confusing ! i’m going to try to update everyday from here on out if i have the time! hope you enjoy.
Taglist - @a-sacrifical-goat @toxiccyubin @pikapikapikaachuu
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freckledwinterfalls · a day ago
lifeguard on duty!!
episode 7: shtick
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
<< series masterlist >>
“I just wanna vibe this summer and not worry about having to save ppl’s lives and crap.” That’s what you told your best friend, Choi Beomgyu, when he demanded you become a lifeguard at JinYoungP Beach with him. But then again, that was before you met one of the guards Gyu worked with, Lee Felix. (Spoiler alert: the guy was sexy asf!!!) Suddenly, Beomgyu’s proposition didn’t sound so bad…
Stray Kid’s Felix, I.N, and Chris
TXT’s Beomgyu
Æspa’s Ningning
Enhypen’s Heeseung, Jay, and Jake
Treasure’s Yedam and Asahi
Twice’s Nayeon
kpop smau, crack, fluff, romance, action ig?
extreme crackheadery, some cursing, sexual jokes, love hexagons (it’s complicated)
updates every tuesday/saturday
series taglist: [join taglist] @itzfiyah @hyunjxnxee @leagreenly @rosesarentme
permanent taglist: @oifelixcmerebrou @0x1lovebot @taecup-ontrack @grassbutneo @odxrilove @cherrycxree @staysflower @meraniki @sweetrainwrites @en-core-z @fight-me-m8 @enheun @crispy-chan @jeyelleohe @tenderfrailty @thevampywolf @super-btstrash-post @kimnamshiks @houseofincantations @ficscafe @enhypennetwork @straykidsland @gongiz @rosesarentme
copyright 2021. all rights reserved to @sunshinelixie-lee . usage, reproduction, and translation of all works without the express permission from the author are strictly prohibited.
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seospicybin · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Bangchan x reader. (s,f)
Author's note: Thinking of writing a Hyunchan fic uhmmm... anyway, vote for skz on MAMA!
Hyung, your birthday present is on the way.
Hyunjin wrote in his text message.
Chan’s phone vibrated once again with a new message from him.
It’s something that you wanted.
Chan was about to type a reply when the doorbell rang, he put down his phone on the table and walked to the threshold to open the door.
He was more than surprised to see you standing there because when Hyunjin said his birthday present was on its way, he expected delivery and not you.
“Hey, Chris!” You greeted him, “I brought your birthday present from Hyunjin,” you showed him the bag with his birthday present inside.
He was stunned at how lovely you looked, his eyes traveled down to your feet, then up again, and when your eyes meet, it seemed to snap him out of his daze.
“Come in!” He told you, swinging the door open to let you in the house.
“You want to drink something?” He asked as you entered the house.
“Anything,” you answered, you looked around his place, and somehow the minimalist décor describes his personality best.
Chan decided on a bottle of wine he had in the house, he rarely drinks alcohol, but tonight he felt like drinking some. He glanced at you, who was busy looking around the place. It wasn’t that awkward having you here in his place, he knew you well because you are Hyunjin’s girlfriend but never far more than the occasional greetings or casual talks you had over these past few months and all the times he secretly stole a few glances at you or ogling at the subtle details of your body, like the way strands of hair escaping your messy bun or the way you rubbed your neck whenever you were feeling nervous.
Chan knew that it was wrong for him to do that to his friend’s girlfriend, but he could not help it. For him, you are one tantalizing forbidden apple. And the fact that you were here tonight was going to be one hell of a test for him.
Chan walked toward the living room and handed you your glass of wine, then sat on the sofa next to you.
“Thanks,” you beamed as you took your wine glass from him.
You placed the bag on the table, “here’s your present,” you said, then pushed it to him on the table.
You took a sip of your wine as he started to take out the rectangular box and unwrap it.
He opened the box to find three silk neckties inside, in various shades of dark colors. One is plain black, one is black with a pattern on it, and the last one is in a dark shade of red.
“Hyunjin has an impeccable taste in birthday gift ideas,” he muttered, touching the smooth fabric of the ties with his fingers.
He put down the gift box on the table, but his eyes were on you again, “I haven’t seen you in a while,” he said to you, taking his wine glass by its stem and bringing it close to his mouth.
“Yes, I’ve been busy with work,” you explained, trailing your finger on the rim of your wine glass, “I’m sure you’re busier,” you added.
Chan tilted his head up to sip his wine, “same old, same old,” he said to you, placed the empty wine glass on the table, “Are you going somewhere with Hyunjin?” He asked out of the blue.
You tilted your head to the side, puzzled, “huh?”
“You dressed really nice. Are you going on a date with him?” He leaned forward with his elbows pressing in on his knees.
You shook your head, “oh this?” you got up from the sofa, “You like the color black so, I thought why not put on a black dress,” you said to him, you did a quick spin to show him the whole look; it was black dotted with tiny silver stars.
Chan thought that he misheard you saying that you wear this dress for him, looked up at you, standing just a few feet away in front of him.
“It’s called a wrap dress,” you explained.
Your hand reached to the tie that knotted at the side of your side, “all you have to do is untie this knot right here,” your hands began to untie the knot located at your left hip, “and that’s,” you paused to pulled your dress open like it was a bathrobe, “how you take it off,” then you let the dress slid off of you and fell onto the floor.
Chan wasn’t prepared for this, the way things unfolded right before his eyes in a span of a few minutes made him think that he must have been slowly losing his mind.
He blinked a few times, but the sight he was seeing didn’t change, you were standing in front of him, only in your undergarments.
“Chris,” you called him, unsure whether you should come up to him or let him come to you.
He looked at you dazed and confused, mesmerized and captivated, he felt mixed feelings, but everything came down to one thing: he wanted you so bad.
He held out his hand at you, doubted that he was trying to hold your hand, so you took a few steps closer to him instead and stopped when you felt like you were close enough to him.
With hesitated hands, he gripped your waist and pulled you close, close enough for him to bury his head on your chest.
He closed his eyes as he inhaled your scent that clung to your skin, drawing sharp breaths that tickled your skin. He pressed his lips on the skin, you gasped at how soft and warm his kiss was. His hands glided down to your hips, then down to the back of your thighs, where he pulled one of your legs and lifted it, forcing you to bend your knee for him with your feet on the sofa.
He gazed at you before lowering his head to kiss your inner thigh, dragged his lips along your skin until he was close to your arousal.
He stopped and retracted his mouth off your thigh just so he could land a sudden kiss on your clothed core, and a loud gasp escaped your mouth.
You looked down on him with his mouth still attached to your clothed core.
“Come sit on my lap,” he ordered once he unattached his mouth.
You obeyed, sitting on his lap and straddling him on the sofa.
He gathered the hair that draped around your face, put it behind your ear, and held it there with both hands.
His eyes instantly fixated on you, “Call my name once again,” he ordered.
“Chris,” you called out, your voice low and sultry.
He sighed at the mention of his name, something about the way you addressed him by his English name inexplicably enthralled him. He brought your face close to kiss you; the kiss was so soft and hungry as if he had been longing for it.
He had his eyes closed a few seconds after he broke the kiss, he let the reality sink in and that this was happening to him.
He traced his hands down your neck and down to your chest, whimpered at the feeling of your soft skin under his touch, he snapped his head up at you, “You’re such a dream,” he muttered.
You softly giggled at his praise.
One hand reached around your back to unclasp your bra, and you helped him by sliding the straps down and off your arms, then tossing the bra aside.
Chan reclined on the sofa with eyes lingered on your bare chest, you vaguely heard him curse under his breath, he was simply overwhelmed by you and how his head endlessly thought of things he would do to you.
“Let’s get you on the bed,” he told you, holding you by your waist as he slowly got up from the sofa, lifting you with him. You were so taken aback by how strong he is: you shortly put your hands around his neck to hold on to.
He kicked open the door to his bedroom, not willing to take his hand off you for a mere second.
When he finally lay you down on the bed, he made sure your head hit the pillow just right before he withdrew himself, you pulled him, sending him toppled on top of you.
You giggled at how that caught him off guard, “Chris, don’t you think you should be taking your clothes off too?” you asked him with one eyebrow raised.
It didn’t take long for him to get your message; he sat upon the bed, pulled his black shirt by the back collar, and over his head.
You were stunned by how smooth his movement was, and soon enough, his upper body was yours to lust on.
Your eyes scanned every inch of his toned body like it was an art piece in a museum, gasped at how gorgeous he was that made you afraid to touch him, afraid that you might ruin such a masterpiece.
And just like your mind was see-through, Chan took your hands and put them on his chest, he guided your hands to touch him down. You let out a long sigh when your hands touched his perfectly sculpted abs. It was amusing for Chan to find you admiring his body like that, he never felt more encouraged to impress you.
He rushed a kiss on you, and you were more than eager to return the kiss, with tongue and teeth clashing as your lives depend on it. You finally let your hands roam freely on his body, feeling taut of his muscles under your touch.
He pulled away slowly, lifting his body off of you, “Wait!” was all he said before he left the room.
He came back, and you spotted the red silk necktie in his hand, “Do you trust me?” He asked you since he sensed that you already knew what he was going to do with it.
You trust him enough to let you tie your hands, “yes,” you replied.
He gave you a quick kiss on the lips, “I just want to have you my way,” he told you.
You voluntarily held out both hands at him, and he started to tie the silk necktie around your wrists, he made sure it wasn’t too tight and not loose enough that you could break free.
He then brought your tied hands, pinned them above your head, “keep it there,” he ordered.
Chan lowered his mouth on you again, gave you an open-mouthed kiss before going down, placing wet kisses down your chest.
He opened his mouth to take your hardening bud into his mouth, you felt his tongue swirling and teeth tugging on your nipple, then sucked your supple flesh real hard that when he let go of it you saw that your breast turned red and swollen.
He did almost the same thing with your other breast, except that when he retracted his mouth, he licked your nipple a few times more and gave a gentle bite on the flesh, you yelped at the searing pain.
He moved down to your abdomen, continuing his trail of wet kisses, and paused right above the waistband of your underwear, where he tugged his fingers in.
He dragged his mouth down your pelvic bone and pulled down your underwear along with his kisses, then got rid of it.
He kneeled on the bed then looked down at your naked body lying on the bed for his eyes and his eyes only.
His eyes bore onto you as his hand made its way to part your legs open, lowered himself on the bed, settled his head between your legs.
Chan couldn’t contain himself looking down your blushing cunt that he impatiently planted his mouth on your clit, gently sucking at it.
You gasped at his sudden stimulation and gasped even louder when he swiped his tongue down your wet slit, “so fucking sweet,” he murmured, humming in satisfaction.
His mouth continuously swiping, swirling, and sucking on your cunt like he was enjoying a feast, “Fuck, I can’t get enough of you,” he whined against your tender flesh, he plunged one finger into your hole and didn’t hesitate to add another one.
He intently watched as his fingers went in and out of you, humming in pleasure until he couldn’t take it anymore, his cock was aching, needy to be inside you.
He quickly pulled his fingers out of you and brashly shoved it into his mouth, and licked it clean.
“Turn over for me, baby,” he instructed, “get on all fours,”
You breathlessly nodded, turning over on the bed for him and lying face down on the bed for him, with knees and elbow propped against the mattress.
You heard the sound of him unbuckling his belt behind you; you swallowed at the anticipation of what he would do to you next. You felt him shift on the bed and kneeled behind you, you jutted your rear up in the air for him.
Chan smirked at how obedient you were, he rested his big hands on the arch of your back, then down to the curve of your rear slowly, then all at once, landed a slap on your ass.
The pain was bearable, it was that you were surprised that caused you to gasp out loud.
Chan teased your entrance with the tip of his cock, wetting it with your arousal before finally pushing it into you.
You buried your head in the pillow to muffle your moans.
He let out a raw groan when he bottomed out, lowering his body on yours to pull you by your neck and turning it to the side so he could plant a long slobbery kiss.
When he retracted himself, he started thrusting into you, holding you still at his mercy by placing his hands on each side of your hips.
He got so worked up seeing his cock disappear into you, “Hyunjin didn’t fuck you enough, huh?” He asked you while keeping the pace of his thrusting, “why are you so tight?”
You felt butterflies in your stomach at his remark, but all that came out from your mouth was soft giggles.
“Stop doing that,” he snapped, then landed another slap on your ass, your eyes rolled to the back at the sensation.
He rolled his hips against you making you feel every inch of his length inside you, “stop doing that,” he said again, “or I’ll fuck you harder,”
You found his taunt far from frightening, “fuck me harder, Chris,” you talked back.
Instead of a reply, he slapped your ass once more on the same spot, you were sure he made red marks on it.
“You like that, huh?” He taunted again.
You didn’t know you were crying until a tear rolled down your eyes, “fuck me harder, Chris,” you said to him again between your loud moans.
It was the way you called his name that got him going, that his body automatically picked up the pace of his thrusting and eventually turned into a rough pounding after another as the grip on your hips tightened.
Curses spilling out of his mouth mixed with the skin-slapping sound of him mercilessly fucking you into oblivion.
You cried out when you cum around him but that didn’t slow him down, he kept chasing his high, and when he eventually did, he repeatedly cursed out loud.
He collapsed on top of you, buried his head on the crook of your neck, “you take me so well,” he hummed into your neck, placing an open-mouthed kiss behind your ear.
When he regained some strength, he withdrew himself back from you, slowly pulling his length out of you.
“Fuck, oh fuck, I cum so hard,” he whimpered when his cum mixed with yours leaking out of your hole and dripping down your inner thighs. It was so enticing to see, his cock went hard again by it.
He flipped you over on the bed, looking down at your fucked out face and body coated with a thin layer of sweat.
He reached for your tied hands to untie it, your hands were thrown around his neck the moment it broke free from its bind.
His mouth hastily kissing you, “you take me so well,” he hummed again, “I’m going to fuck you real good this time,”
Your head was too clouded with immense pleasure that you couldn’t compute words to utter a reply.
He slowly put his cock inside you again, it went in easily with the help of his cum lubricated your walls from before.
You softly moaned from being filled with him again, your hands helplessly clawing his back.
Chan started thrusting into you, his thrusts were slow but intensely deep and hard.
You didn’t know how he did it but it kept hitting you on the spot, “Chris, that-”
He nodded, “I know,” he said, “it feels good, mmh?” He cooed to you.
You weakly nodded.
“It feels good to me too.” He placed a tender kiss on your forehead, “You feel so good, baby,” he added.
Chan could cum just from watching your face contorted and slacked from the pleasures he brought on you. He maintained eye contact with you as he kept his steady thrusts into you.
“Chris, I’m close,” your voice broke into a breathless moan.
He pressed his lips on you, “call out my name,”
Your toes curling and digging into the mattress, body trembling as waves of pleasure washed over you, “Chris,” you called out his name repeatedly until it faded into soft whimpers.
The warm sunlight of daylight dawned upon his body when Chan woke up to another text from Hyunjin.
He was about to open the text message when he felt you shift from beside him on the bed, you were rubbing the sleep away from your eyes.
He saw the red marks on your wrist, “Did it hurt?” He asked you with slight concern in his voice.
You shook your head, you propped an elbow against the mattress, and the duvet slid off your body, exposing your breasts to him.
He was tempted to touch you, and maybe if you were up to it, going in for more than touches.
You glanced at the clock on the bedside table, “I should probably go,” you said to him, then got up from the bed.
His eyes followed your naked figure walked to the bathroom that was soon followed by the sound of the shower running.
Chan felt the butterflies whenever the recollections from last night flashed through his mind.
“Hey Chris,” you called him out, half of your body peeking out from the doorframe of the bathroom, “do you want to shower together before I leave?”
The offer hung in the air, and it took Chan quite some time to process whether he heard you right or it was something he made up in his mind.
“Chris?” You called his name again.
“Yes, I’ll be there shortly,” he finally replied.
You disappeared from the doorway, and Chan sat up on the bed, decided to read the text from Hyunjin before joining you.
So, did you like the birthday present, Hyung?
Hyunjin wrote in his text.
Chan bit his lower lip before he began typing a reply:
It was exquisite!
then pressed send.
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matryosika · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing – lee know x reader
word count – 6.2 k
warnings – virgin!reader, dilf!minho, sir kink, corruption kink, dirty talk, breeding kink, masturbation (f and m), squirting, blowjob, creampie, unprotected sex
note – english is not my first language and i didn't read this before uploading, so i apologize for any mistakes made in advance!
Tumblr media
ever since he saw you walking into his office, minho knew you were going to cause him trouble.
it might have been your innocent looks or how you knew so much about everything and nothing at the same time, but he couldn’t help his attraction towards you. the way you talked, walked and moved bewitched him since the very first time you set foot into his office.
“i’m y/n, sir” you had said with both of your hands behind your back, bowing down politely to him, “thank you so much for this opportunity”.
and just like that, you never left his mind. he would never admit it out loud, nor to his work partners or himself, but he would often dream about you in his sleep. touching your soft skin, ripping those cute dresses from your body, teaching you all sorts of things he was sure you had never experienced before. however, as soon as the sun rises, he is forced to lock down all those filthy desires, only releasing them once he comes back from work, finishing his day by stroking himself to the thought of you.
“you wanted to see me, sir?” you questioned, your head slightly poking through his office door.
sir. it didn’t matter how many times you had used that title on him, he could never get enough of it.
“y/n, come in” he mumbled, leaving the sheets of papers he was reading on his desk. you walked in holding the strap of your purse on your shoulder, wondering what could possibly your boss need from you on a friday night. “can you please close the door for me?”
you did as you were told even though the task was rather pointless since the whole building had been empty for at least 30 minutes now, no noise or person could ever interrupt that little meeting between the two of you.
“is there something i can do for you?” you asked, walking slowly towards the two individual sofas placed in front of minho’s desk. he signaled you to them, a silent request for you to take a seat.
“your internship period is about to end soon” he mumbled, his whole body resting its weight on the comfortable leather office chair. “you are aware of that, aren’t you?”
“yes sir” you replied, swallowing hard in anticipation. you knew where this whole conversation was going, when you got the interview you were told that, based on your performance, there was a small possibility for you to move from an internship to a full-time job.
but you were simply not ready to hear the verdict from him.
“i had a meeting today, with my co-workers,” he continued, playing with his fingers as he penetrative gaze fixed on you. “we talked and evaluated your performance as an intern”.
you sat there in silence, tilting your head slightly as you waited for his response, but he didn’t continue on talking.
“they said very nice things about you, you should know that” he replied, giving you a soft smile that almost resembled a smirk, a twisted feeling growing up in your lower abdomen as the meeting continued, “but you already know that, at the end of the day, the only decision that matters is mine”.
you nodded slightly, setting your gaze on the hems of your dress in an attempt to avoid maintaining eye contact with him, your mind being too weak to even bear such a small action.
“and what do you think, sir?”
minho licked his lips slowly, his whole body burning at the image of you struggling to even look at him. “i think you are doing great” he finally responded, a small sigh escaping your lips as if you were holding your breathing waiting for his verdict “i would love to have you working for me”.
your eyes finally dared to take a look at him, and you gave him the brightest smile he had ever seen on you “thank you, sir”.
“don’t thank me” minho insisted, feeling shivers all over his body once your glossy eyes found his, “you did it all by yourself”.
you smiled again, feeling ten times more relieved than when you walked through his office. “is there anything else i can do for you or…?”
“do you have somewhere to be?” he inquired, a faint smirk appearing on his face again.
feeling sexually attracted to minho was nothing new inside of your mind, but you were too embarrassed about it to admit it. you were probably the youngest among the people working there, probably most unexperienced in life as well, so you spent the last six months trying to convince yourself that, if minho were to fuck one of his subordinates it was definitely not going to be you.
even so, you constantly found yourself squeezing your thighs together whenever he was around, your mind traveling to forbidden places and dreaming about your whole body being completely used for his own pleasure.
“not really” you answered, your heart pathetically racing at nothing but a trivial question “what about you?”
“what about me?” he let out a deep laugh, making you think that maybe your question was out of place. maybe it was but, to be fair, your mind was working in pilot mode ever since you dared to make eye-contact with him. “i’ll just go home, have a drink and work some more”.
“i’ll probably end up doing the same thing” you admitted “minus the drinking part”.
“you don’t drink?”
“it makes me sleepy”
“ahhh” minho hummed, nodding as a sign of understanding. “one would’ve thought that women in their twenties usually spend their weekends partying and drinking”.
“one would’ve thought that men in their thirties usually spend their weekends at bars or having expensive dinners” you counter-attacked. whoever heard that talk between you and your boss would’ve been weirded out, however, he always made sure to establish a relaxed work atmosphere with all his co-workers and subordinates, so this wasn’t really new to you.
“don’t get me wrong” he assured, his head slightly rolling to the back until it hit the backrest of his chair, “i do enjoy going out, but this has been a stressful week and i’d rather spend the weekend at home”.
“why don’t i-” you started talking, but your tongue didn’t seem to be connected with your mind. “why don’t i give you a shoulder massage?”. he tilted his head at you in confusion, both of his dark eyes fixing on the way your lips trembled after finishing that controversial sentence, “it sometimes helps”.
he thought long about your suggestion, but he couldn’t turn it down. not when you were basically putting yourself on a silver tray for him, even if that was not your initial intention.
but little did he know that, just like him, you went home every night thinking about all the things you were willing to let him do to you.
“go ahead” he finally gave in, his body tensing up instead of relaxing as soon as you left your seat to walk towards him.
you knew what you wanted, but you never thought you were going to be this close to get it. with that being said, and after he gave you permission to touch him, your mind went completely blank. you didn’t think he would agree to it, but now both of your hands were placed on his broad shoulders trying to release him from the burn out stress, your senses completely numb as you heard faint groans trying to escape his lips every time you stimulated his muscles.
“just like that” he sighed, rolling his head slightly back with both of his eyes closed. the rather sinful noises that were coming out of his lips made you reconsider your whole twisted act, but you couldn’t even begin to regret it. not when the soft fabric of his shirt was against the palms of your hands, his head tilted back with his soft lips parted, almost inviting you to place a kiss on them “your hands feel heavenly”.
and even though the context of the situation was not exactly sexual, you found yourself squeezing your thighs together while your hands rubbed against his shoulders, your tight cunt clenching around thin air and begging to be filled.
“sir…” you whispered, your exes admiring the grimaces of pleasure and pain reflected in his face “does it feel good?”
he let out a deep sigh before opening his eyes, his gaze feeling ten times heavier than usual and making your whole body tremble in its place, the pressure of your hands on his shoulder increasing as a couple of silent seconds passed by.
“what are you doing?” he bluntly asked, your whole body freezing completely from your head to the tip of your toes.
i should’ve think this whole thing through.
“i’m sorry” you panted, your anxiety almost eating you alive. in the heat of the moment, all you wanted was to approach him, but you failed to consider that maybe he didn’t want you in that way or, in the worst case scenario, that this could end up pretty bad for you. “i-” you stuttered, your hands abandoning his shoulders in order to walk towards your previous seat, ready to grab your purse and leave his office.
“did i tell you to stop?” his soft voice questioned again, your heart now racing at 1000 miles per hour. “keep on going, y/n” he ordered, his eyes admiring the fear and confusion plastered in your face.
you stood near his chair for a few seconds, your mind going blank and your whole body completely disconnected from your brain. however, you understood that this opportunity was probably going to be one in a million so, with all the fear in the world, your hands returned to its original place, his head rolling back again at the feeling of your warm touch.
“i asked you a question though” he mumbled while closing his eyes, his breathing getting heavier as time passed. “are you going to answer me?”
“i- i’m not… i’m not doing anything, sir” you answered, biting your lower lip as you continued on working on his shoulders.
“right” he sighed, one of his hands caressing the arms of the chair he was sitting on. a couple of minutes passed by in silence, your hands maneuvering his muscles while occasional groans and sighs left his mouth.
“well, y/n, that would be it,” he mumbled in between groans, his hands loosening the tie he was wearing while his body settled down on his seat “you can go home now”.
your hands withdrew from your body, the burning sensation of the shirt’s soft fabric getting imprinted in your skin. you looked at him for a few seconds, your mind battling between shooting your shot or picking up your things and leave his office.
however, shooting your shot was definitely a plan without steps. you wanted his attention and his desire but, other than that, you were not quite sure what you else wanted from him. a kiss? his touch? his words?
“sir” you whispered, looking at minho’s hands going through the paperwork on his table. his gaze lifted up slightly to find you again playing with your hands.
“yes?” he asked with such an endearing, yet intimidating, tone. you looked at him in silence and he did the same thing, licking his lips while his eyes traveled from your gaze to your mouth. “y/n, i can’t read minds, you need to use your words”.
and fueled by the way he looked at you, you took all the courage to speak up “can i stay a little longer?”
it was impossible for him not to smirk at your voice saying those 6 magic words while knowing the meaning behind them. he understood what you meant, but he also needed you to be completely clear about it.
“and what exactly do you want to do?” he questioned, standing from his seat as he walked towards you. “do you have any more questions about the meeting i had today or-”
“can i kiss you?” you asked, taking him by surprise. to be completely honest, never in your life you had felt more stupid than you did right now, standing in front of him with your rosy cheeks, your whole skin burning while both of your hands were behind your back.
you were twenty one years old asking for an older man to kiss you as if you were a teenager. you were going to be lucky as fuck if he didn’t laugh in your face at such dumb request.
“you want to kiss me?” he inquired again, his body moving too close to yours. the air that you were breathing finally mixed with him, your chest feeling heavy every time he tilted his head at mere centimeters from your face. “since when do you want to kiss me?”
“a while” you admitted, “i just want to know how it feels like”.
“you’ve never kissed anyone before?” he replied with a surprised tone in his voice, maybe too surprising for your own liking.
“no, i have” you were quick to answer “but i want to feel how it’s like to kiss you”.
“do you want to kiss me,” he continued “or do you want me to kiss you?”
“what’s the difference?” you asked, only to fall completely in silence once he pressed his lips against yours.
and only then, you understood the difference of what he meant.
his lips attacked yours slowly, parting them slightly to allow his tongue inside of you, licking and tasting every single place of your mouth. his hands, that were once inside the pockets of his black pants, were now resting on your hips as he pulled you in closer, feeling the heat of his body a hundred times more than you did before.
you couldn’t help but moan against him once you felt his teeth gripping your lower lips, the painful sting sending waves of pleasure throughout your whole body.
he was a good kisser, even better than what you had imagined him to be.
“what else do you want?” he questioned in between kisses, his shortness of breath covering your whole skin with goosebumps.
“do you want to do something with me?” you boldly ask, however, your voice never left its sweet and calming tone, something that drove him insane.
“there are a lot of things i want to do with you, y/n” he admitted, peppering kisses along your jaw and neck “but i’m not sure if i’m allowed to do them”.
“why not?” you sighed, one of your hands traveling all the way to his hair while you pushed his face deeper into the crook of your neck.
“i’m not sure what your limits are”.
“you can test them” you mumbled with broken words, your body trembling every time his teeth gripped your soft skin “it would be the first time someone does that”.
he stopped kissing you for a bit while his eyes fixed on yours for mere seconds. “you haven’t-”
“no” you replied without leaving him any more time to finish his question, even though you knew what he was going to ask “the most extreme thing i’ve done is kissing someone”.
he looked at you in awe, but it was different this time. you’d dare to say that your words excited him, but you could be wrong: maybe he liked experienced women, or someone who was not as immature as you were.
however, your doubts were all cleared out once a devilish smile appeared on his face.
“are you familiar with the traffic-light system, y/n?” he inquired, taking your hand and guiding you all the way to the leather chair he was sitting at the beginning of the meeting. he sat down with both of his legs slightly parted, one of his hands palming his lap for you to sit on. you licked your lips in anticipation as you placed both of your legs on each side of his thighs, sitting right on top of his growing bulge.
it was inevitable but, as soon as your hot clothed core made contact with his erection, you let out a soft moan earning a smirk from the man himself.
“say green if you want me to keep going, yellow if you are unsure and red if you want me to stop” he ordered, placing both of his hands on your ass while lifting you dress up “understood?”
you nodded, gasping as his nails digged into the soft flesh of your ass and thighs, the coldness of his rings sending sparks of electricity inside you, specially to your nipples that were painfully hard under your top underwear.
one of his hands traveled to your back as he pulled you in closer, kissing you for the second time in the night. however, this time it felt needier, hungrier. his lips moved faster than before and you were not quite sure if you liked this pace more than the slow, sensual one. but as soon as you felt his tongue grazing against yours, your mind went completely blank again. your hips involuntarily grinded against him, making you moan against his lips while he held you close to him.
“look, y/n” he muttered with a hitched breath, breaking the kiss from time to time “look how your body reacts under my touch”.
you moaned once again at his words, bucking your hips with even more eagerness once you realized that it came natural. he gripped your butt harshly once again, his hand moving away for a few seconds only to be replaced by the sting of a spank, making you gasp in pain. “color?”
“green, sir”.
he continued on kissing you while you rode his lap, receiving spanks from time to time while you moaned against his lips. “have you ever touched yourself thinking about me?” he asked, breaking the kiss completely.
you nodded with an accelerating breath, realizing how uncomfortable the clothes you were wearing felt against your sweaty body. “tell me about it” he pleaded, his hands gripping your hips while he guided your movements on his lap “tell me what you think about when you touch yourself.''
you gave him a hesitant look, always being too shy to say those kinds of things out loud. however, you were already too out of your mind and completing such a task was not going to be hard, specially when your dripping cunt was brushing over and over his erection.
“i think about you fucking me” you mumbled, bucking your hips on top of him “i dream about your voice telling me how good i feel around you, your hands touching every single part of my body”.
“is that what you truly want?” he questioned again.
“yes, sir” you replied “i want you to be the first man to fuck me”.
he couldn’t understand why, but your words only made his cock harder against his pants. he always dreamed about ruining you, using your body as he pleased. he dreamed about railing you to tears, making you unable to think or speak other than his name. but finding out that you were a virgin excited him in ways he couldn’t describe. knowing that he was going to be the first one to truly ruin you completely was something he never thought about but truly needed.
without asking any more questions, he lifted you from his lap, standing up as well in the process. he rested your body on his desk, lifting your dress over your arms to completely get rid of it.
“color?” he questioned while the tip of his digits caressed the hems of your underwear, watching the piece of clothing completely soaked once you opened your legs for him.
“green” you sighed, your heart skipping a bit as minho’s hands dragged your underwear along your legs and off of your body.
he took a step back to admire you completely, his gaze focusing particularly on your dripping pussy, thinking about how many times he could cum inside of his pants just with that sight.
“are you always this wet, y/n?” minho mumbled, licking his lips in despair, not being able to wait any more to take a taste from you.
“only when i think about you” you admitted, your knuckles turning white from how hard you were grasping the edge of his desk.
“you have a good mouth” minho admitted, kneeling before you and placing both of your legs over his shoulders, his hot breath now caressing your exposed cunt “can you use it to moan my name?”
you looked at him nervously, your legs fairly spreaded for him to dive in your cunt with his finger and mouth.
you had fucked yourself with your fingers before, but they were probably not as good as his. even though you were lubricated with your own juices, you were afraid to feel any kind of unpleasant pain
“i promise you it will feel good” he muttered against the skin of your thighs as if he was reading your mind, “if you don’t like it, i’ll stop”.
you nodded again, your head falling back instantly as soon as you felt his hot tongue rubbing against your bundle of nerves, not giving you any time to prepare yourself for such an intense sensation.
the sight of having him in between your legs was something that you were not going to forget, his cold gaze fixed on how your breasts bounced every time you moved or how the grimaces of pleasure ruined your innocent features. you moaned his name over and over, your hands pushing his face further to intensify the feeling of his mouth against your throbbing cunt.
“fuck, sir-” you whined, arching your back as soon as you felt one of his fingers inside your pussy “fuck, fuck, fuck”
“does it feel good, y/n?” he groaned.
“god, it feels amazing” you gasp, your hips grinding against his face at a brutal pace “please don’t stop sir, please”.
“i won’t” minho’s deep voice mumbled “i won’t stop until you cum on my mouth”.
soon, you started feeling a familiar sensation on your lower abdomen and back. it felt like those times you touched yourself on your own, but ten times more powerful. both of your legs started to shake around him but he was quick to hold one of them in place with his free hand. “keep them open for me, baby” he ordered, “we are almost there”.
once he felt you were ready, he inserted one more finger inside you. his tongue collected the last taste of your scent before abandoning your clit, the thumb of his opposite hand that was holding your leg a few seconds ago replacing it.
“sir, i don’t think i’ve felt this before” you cried, the task of keeping your legs opened becoming way too hard for you to handle it.
“it’s going to be alright” he cooed with accelerated breath, his fingers curling up inside you while they hit that sweet spot repeatedly. “does this feel good?”
“it does” you whined, almost screaming. your hips bucked against his fingers aggressively as his thumb rubbed your clit in circles, driving you to the edge in almost no time. “sir, it feels weird- fuck”.
“i know, y/n” he panted, licking his lips at the sight of your wetness making a mess on his work desk. “just let go, baby”.
as soon as you felt the knot coming undone, you opened your eyes to find him in front of you. his veins popping up on his arms and neck, his swollen pink lips glistening with the mixture of his saliva and your arousal, his loosened tie and the painful erection brushing against one of your thighs was just what you needed to come undone on his fingers.
“that’s a good girl” he praised, his whole body ablazing at your attempt to keep your eyes on him and failing almost immediatly, your eyes going completely blank and empty as soon as you reached your first high. “look at you, y/n, already learning how to take my fingers”.
“minho-” you painfully moaned, the first time you ever referred to him by his name instead of the title you have him.
“keep on going, y/n” he ordered, his fingers abusing your throbbing cunt at a faster pace than before “keep on saying my name until you are done”.
“minho” you screamed again, your throat now completely dry “god, it feels so fucking good”.
“i know, baby” he mumbled, still curling up his fingers inside you and making your whole body shake under him "the way you are clenching around my fingers says it all".
and with only one more thrust of them inside you, your arousal took complete control of your body. however, this time was nothing like when you touched yourself on your own.
it was far from being the same.
his whole desk got covered with your juices, both of your thighs glistening with your arousal as minho's hand smeared it all over you. "oh my fucking god" you gasped, your eyes instantly falling at the mess you just made both on his desk and him.
"you did so, so well" he praised, his soaked fingers forcing themselves inside of your mouth. "look at you, taking your boss's fingers like this".
"i am sorry" you mumbled still with his fingers inside of your mouth, drooling all over them while your cheeks turned red, "i made a mess".
"why are you embarrassed, baby?" his soft voice ask, thrusting his fingers inside of your mouth while you sucked on them, "this is just the proof of how good i can make you feel".
"i didn't know it would feel this good" you panted, still trying to recover from the nerve-wrecking arousal you just had. "it felt better than when i do it by my own"
"of course, y/n" he mumbled while letting out a deep laugh, somewhat moved and aroused by your pureness. "i promised you i was going to make you feel good".
you looked at him and then lowered your gaze to his throbbing bulge, too evident for him to even try to hide it. "what?“
"can i?" you softly asked, your eyes fixed on his tight black pants.
"do you want to suck me off?" he asked, both of his hands unclenching his belt without losing any more time "have you done that before?"
you shook your head, standing up from his desk while minho's body sat down on the same leather chair as before. he didn't bother to take his clothes off, only freeing his painfully hard cock from his pants and underwear.
"come here, y/n" he ordered, making you kneel almost instantly in front of him. you licked your lips in excitement, curious about how it would feel to have your boss's cock stretching your mouth deliciously. "do you want me to teach you how to properly suck my cock, baby?"
you looked at him in the eyes and nodded again, your small hands instinctively traveling to his cock, touching it and stroking him slightly.
"open your mouth for me" he commanded, smiling at how quick you followed his order by sticking your tongue out. "come closer, lick the tip of my cock".
you flattened your tongue around the pink head, the taste of his pre-cum flooding your senses while you eagerly started to suck him off like a lollipop, moved by only your instincts.
"you have always been a quick learner" he groaned, his hands caressing your hair as he maintained eye-contact with you, his cold gaze getting you wet all over again. "keep on sucking me like that, all the way down baby".
after a few attempts, you managed to take half of his length inside of your mouth, hearing faint laughs as you failed to do so without tearing up or crying. "you look so precious like this" he moaned, "your cute eyes tearing up while having my cock halfway down your throat, drooling all over it".
"mhm?" you hummed having him inside you, sending waves of pleasure all along his body.
"mhm, y/n" he repeated, his hand slightly pushing your mouth even more on his cock. "give me your hand" he ordered, "and try to hold your breath for me, can you do that?"
you nodded giving him a last glance before closing your eyes, his hands forcing his whole length inside you making him groan against you. "that's my good fucking girl" he panted, repeatedly guiding your movements on his cock "such a big girl now, aren't you?"
you squeezed his hand and he took it as a sign to let go of you, breathing frantically as soon as you were able to catch some air.
"it's not that hard, is it baby?" he questioned, "you managed to take your first cock this well".
you gave him a soft smile with glossy eyes, his cock twitching almost instantly at the sight. "color?" he asked, his digits brushing your hand slightly.
"green, sir" you mumbled, looking at his cock and clenching at the imagination of how it would feel stretching your inner walls, "i want to".
"mhm?" he asked, getting off from his seat and placing your body over the messy desk, your whole body getting dirty with your fluids, "you really want me to be your first?"
"i have dreamed about this for months now, sir" you whispered, opening your legs and exposing your throbbing cunt for him once again, "i want to take you, even if it hurts".
"i'll make sure to make you feel good, y/n" he mumbled one of his hands opening the drawer to pull out a small, metallic package, "you don't need to be afraid, i will take care of you".
"actually, sir-" you intervened before he could open the condom, "i want to feel you completely".
having the package in between his teeth, he gave you a filthy look. almost as filthy as the image of his throbbing cock exposed, while still being fully clothed.
"are you sure?" he asked, hoping that the answer coming out of your lips was a yes instead of a no.
"mhm" you hummed "please, fuck me raw".
you didn't have to tell him twice before he threw the package away, his saliva-coated cock tracing your slit slightly, making your whole body shudder. "it might hurt at first, baby" he mumbled, his jaw clenched at the warm feeling of your slippery cunt against his length, "but once you get used to it, you are going to love having me inside".
you opened your legs even more for him, signaling that you were ready to receive him.
slowly, his cock entered your tight walls little by little, making both of your hands grasp for dear life on his desk.
"god, it hurts" you admitted, your eyes closing shut at the overwhelming feeling.
he wouldn't admit it out loud, but knowing that he was inflicting you pain turned him on in ways he couldn't explain. your cunt was tight, maybe to the point that it could make him cum in less than a minute or two, but he was determined to make you cum one last time before he had his sweet released.
"shhhh" he whispered, looking at how the tears started to prick in the corners of your eyes, "i know you can take me, y/n".
his length finally filled you up completely and he stood there inside you for a few seconds, giving you the chance to adjust yourself to his girth.
"your cock feels so big inside me, sir" you panted, still with your eyes closed as you tried to bear the pain. "it fills me up just fine".
"you have no idea how many times i've cum by thinking about you this way" minho grunted, both of his hands resting on his hips. "every night i touched myself thinking about you, about your pretty face covered in my cum, your pretty breasts bouncing as i pound you hard and your tight cunt clenching around me, making me cum inside you".
it was at his last sentence where he felt you clenching almost aggressively around him, biting your lip as your back slightly arched against the desk.
"you would like that?" he questioned, "you want me to cum inside you?"
and there it was again, the same feeling.
"don't tell me you have dreamed about that too" he whispered, his hips moving slowly only to slam his cock inside you again earning a gasp out of you.
"that's why i wanted it r-raw" you mumbled with broken words, the painful feeling suddenly becoming pleasure in a matter of seconds, "i fantasize about you filling me up with your cum".
and just like that, a spark ignited inside of minho's body.
he always felt attracted to your innocent and bubbly aura, how you managed to be sensual and sweet at the same time. he never thought about your sexual preferences or what you liked in bed, he just truly enjoyed the image of you being completely ruined by him, no matter what your likes and dislikes were.
but now that he had you in front of him, admitting to fantasizing about being breeded with zero sexual experience whatsoever… it made him realize that the only innocence you had was illustrated in your eyes and nothing more.
his thrusts began to acquire a faster pace, your cunt instantly adjusting to the size of his girth. he leaned on to be even closer to you, even though the position was rather uncomfortable.
"you fantasize about me breeding you?" he groaned, one of his hands finding your bundle of nerves to begin rubbing circles on it. "you are inexperienced and yet your whole body is demanding for my cum".
"breeding?" you inquired in between broken moans.
"mhm" he groaned, still pounding himself into you. "you want me to breed you, baby."
"i want you to breed me" you repeated like a person who just learned something they didn't before. "i've dreamed about that oft- fuck".
his thrusts accelerated every time you said those magic words as if they were some sort of key concept for him to lose his mind. "i want you to fill me up completely please" you cried, feeling how the stimulation on your clit was doing it's job, "i want you to cum inside my tight pussy, sir".
for him, it was heavenly to hear you talk about yourself like that. there was something compelling about being able to see you in this space, the lovely student y/n who worked hard and did everything right losing her mind completely about a crumb of his cock… that was something he will never forget.
"fuck, fuck, fuck" you moaned as his thumb increased the pressure on your clit, making your hips moving against your cock everytime he slammed it inside you, "minho-"
"use your words, y/n" he barely moaned, his words sounding like incoherent babbling at times.
"i am going to cum on your cock again" you warned wanting to close both of your legs around him but not being able to. "fuck, it hurts".
"keep on going baby" he ordered, his hips losing their pace "i know you can cum one more time for me, even if it hurts".
you opened your eyes and fixed them on him, tears of sweat streaming down his face as his cold gaze landed on your bouncing breasts every time he slammed his length into you.
one of your hands traveled to his tie, grabbing it in an attempt to get him closer to your body.
"are you ready to cum, y/n?" he questioned but, judging by how hard you clenched around him and how constant the grimaces of pleasure appeared on your face, he already knew the answer.
"i'm cumming" you chanted, your hips grinding pathetically against him, "god, minho, it feels so-"
"keep on going, y/n" he ordered, his thrust becoming sloppier every time your walls hugged his length. "scream my name, i want you to remember who made you feel this good for the first time.
"min-minho" you cried, your back completely arched from his desk "please breed me, please, please, please".
the desperate and needy tone of your voice begging for him to breed you at the highest point of your orgasm was everything he needed to reach his high as well, both of your legs instinctively closing around him to force his cum inside of you. with a few more thrusts and sinful noises, you started feeling a warm sensation on your lower abdomen, your walls painted completely white by no other than your boss.
"don't you dare waste any drops" he groaned, thrusting his leaking cum back inside you, "this is the reward good girls like you get when they learn how to properly take cock".
you looked at him with half-lidded eyes, trying to catch your breath. after a few moments, he withdrew from your cunt as a small amount of his arousal leaked out of you, quickly admiring the scene of your ruined pussy being marked by no other than him.
"will you reward me again in a future?" you panted still with your legs open, your hair and makeup completely messed up and your throbbing cunt leaking out minho's essence.
"only if you keep taking my cock this well, y/n".
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sailorhyunjinz · 2 months ago
~ ʙᴇʜɪɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴄʀᴇᴇɴ ~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝙋𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 ; dom!3racha x sub!fem!reader
𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘵 ; college!au, music major!skz, college dorm, reader pov/ third person pov, strangers to acquaintances, ot8, nonidol!au, bestfriend!felix, explicit language.
𝘕𝘚𝘍𝘞 𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘵 ; foursome, camming, teledilconics, foursome, masturbation (m/f), use of toys, slight daddy kink, dirty talk, blowjob, fingering, nipple play, skullfucking, titjob? titfucking? (what is it even called?), degradation, use of lube, marking, spit kink, unprotected sex (wrap before u tap), piv, dp (oh god-), nicknames, anal, cockwarming, cum, orgasm (m/f), hair pulling, creampie, cuddles at the end. 
𝘞𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵 ; 10,5 k 
𝘕𝘰𝘵𝘦 ; writing this with chase atlantics “ohmami” in the background was an experience- also writing this was,,, an ✨EXPERIENCE✨ 
Tumblr media
𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘩𝘢𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘩𝘦𝘥 𝘣𝘦𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘥.
𝘗𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦 𝘥𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶'𝘳𝘦 𝘶𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘢𝘨𝘦 𝘰𝘧 18
Tumblr media
𝙎𝙮𝙣𝙤𝙥𝙨𝙞𝙨 ; The voice, the body and the tattoo. It really was you. You were the girl that these three aspiring musicians had jerked off to so many times, the girl of their wildest imaginations. Here you were, sitting in a cafe beside their roommate. 
Tumblr media
[LOG IN: smiley_cutie]
[PASSWORD: *********]
This was your dirty secret. You sighed as you pressed the blue “log in” button and being greeted by a screen full of girls with their legs spread wide, using whatever toys vibrated or resembled dicks. The red dot next to whatever lewd username indicated the camera rolling, all this being shot in live time. You shifted uncomfortably in your costume. A tiny cheerleader costume with a skirt that barely covered anything and instead displayed your lacy thong, the tiny bra covering only the skin around your nipples, the valley of your tits billowing out the sides of the thin fabric. 
You looked to the right on the screen and clicked on “broadcast”, needing to get in money for the week since living alone was more expensive than you could have ever imagined. But you didn’t mind it either, getting attention by a bunch of horny men behind their screens and getting money wasn’t a bad combo. 
The new page loaded and you flinched by seeing yourself on the screen, your webcam propped up at an angle downwards so that only the portion beneath your neck is shown. That was your only rule. 
Never show your face.
You never knew who could be watching and you didn’t want any confrontation from anyone in your life that may have accidentally stumbled upon your content. However you did have one thing that distinguished you. A small smiley face tattoo on your collarbone. It was your trademark. Your identification. 
You made sure to not have any objects that could give you away in the background, a soft pink descending over your figure as the LED-light on the wall above your computer shone mellowly, your chair creaking slightly as you adjusted the camera, clicking something on the settings on the screen to make sure that your live was different from anyone else's. In a small box on the display were your top payers of the month and for three consecutive months it was the exact same usernames. You never suspected anything at first, thinking they were willing to pay an insane amount of money to make you squirm in your pink office chair but when the three users logged into your streams one after the other every time you were live you started getting interested. 
Of course you would never meet them or anyone else that religiously watch your live streams but part of the fun was to imagine who was hiding behind those usernames. You threw a quick glance over to the array of toys you had on your desk amongst the cute action figures and other collectibles, the half empty bottle of lube standing behind your monitor. With a quick hand you grabbed it, squeezing a dollop of the clear slippery liquid on the pink egg shaped toy that had a tail made out of silicone. This was the moneymaker.
Why? Because it vibrated with the amount of balloons you got, the balloons symbolized tips. The higher the sum, the stronger the vibration. With your middle finger you rubbed the lube around the toy before leaning back in your chair, pushing the white fabric of your thong to the side and pushing in the toy in your tight hole, using the webcam preview display as a guide to see your pussy better. The vibrant pink end of the toy poked out of you, barely being visible as you covered yourself with the thong once again. It was supposed to be a tease for the viewers.
You grabbed the black vibrator wand from your desk, turning it on to see if it worked and as usual the toy started vibrating with a low hum in your hand, you put your finger against the black cushioned part where your clit usually was and shuddered as the judder surged through your hand. Everything was ready. 
With a long gaze you stared at the “start broadcast” button. It was like this every time, a sudden wave of shame washing over you, you didn’t know how long you could continue this sketchy business before somebody noticed or unveiled your true identity. You inhaled deeply, mouse hovering over that red dreaded button. You were one click away from putting yourself on display for thousands of people once again and at this point you didn’t even know if it was worth it. 
“Fuck, just click it y/n” you told yourself, feeling the toy shift inside of you as you rubbed your thighs together in both nervousness and anticipation. A tiny click sound was heard as you pressed the left mouse button and the countdown started on the screen.
“She’s live! Quick, quick! My computer!” Jisung yelled across the studio, flapping his hands like an excited child in a candy shop. Changbin handed Jisung his laptop and with eager hands he logged into his account. Changbin sat next to Jisung, doing the same whilst Chan logged in on the stationary computer on his desk so that the live could play on the big monitor that was above the desktop so that the your pussy could be shown in full display, making the dream of fucking you seem just that bit realer.
[Spear.9in entered]
[channieee__ entered]
[01.sung entered]
The chat blew up with emoticons and other greetings making the boys blood boil, the fact that they had to share you with others when they wanted you all to themselves. Your voice sounded even prettier coming from Chan’s speakers, serenading the three males that were already palming themselves through the rough fabric of their jeans.
“Oh! Hi~ Even my three top payers are here!” You joked, giggling your infamous laughter making the comments flood with hearts, multiple comments calling you their “smiley face” because of the tattoo. You giggled once again, the innocent action making Jisung, Chan and Changbin even harder, the tent between their legs growing bigger with each second. The low hum of the vibrator was heard making Jisung’s eyes dilate, sitting on the edge of the leather sofa in the studio and with a swift hand freeing himself from his jeans, a clink sound echoing as the belt buckle hit the floor, Jisung holding his already leaking cock in his hands after he’d pulled his boxers down midthigh. 
Chan and Changbin gulped as you pressed the vibrator towards your clothed clit, squirming at first contact but letting out a moan of pleasure as the pink vibrator inside of you started vibrating with the tips rolling in. You giggled again, reminding the viewers about the amount of balloons that was needed for you to take off your panties, you needed to have some standards.
“Quick, tip for fuck sa- jisung how the fuck are you already jerking off?” Chan asked to which jisung whimpered, fucking his fist in a even pace, his veiny cock twitching in his hand. 
“I c-can’t help myself, fuck! Tip then you ass, hurry!” Jisung pleaded to which Changbin complied, pushing the tip button three times and Chan doing the same, getting ready to take off their pants at the same time as you took off your thong. You smiled even though it wasn’t visible to the viewers, the toy vibrating inside of you with varying intensity and you letting out small whimpers between your lips.
“Thank you Spear.9in and channieee__, my two eager puppies want to see me cum, right~?” You coo as you try your hardest to not close your legs in stimulation, your hand descending down your body, caressing your supple skin before stopping at your clit, rubbing it in small circles and spreading your pussy lips, teasing your viewers even more, reminding them that they could never have you. 
Changbin and Chan nodded as if you were talking to them in real life, already wrapping their hands around their throbbing cocks and slowly lowering the hand up and down their shafts. This wasn’t a weird occurrence. Quite the contrary, this happened every time they got the notification that you went live, all three boys ogling your curves and valleys,,, and of course the places they couldn’t say. They were all infatuated with you. Your thighs quivered slightly as more tips rolled in from other viewers, your pretty moans stringing out into the thin air of your bedroom, you reading the comments through half-closed eyes. 
[fuck youre such a goddess]
[im so hard]
[i would destroy your tight little hole] 
You couldn’t help but to smile at the blunt comments, they were all so thirsty, yearning to get a taste of the pretty pussy you were flaunting for countless individuals but then only more comments appeared, complimenting your cheeky smile. You hummed softly as your slapped your clit a couple of times before pulling off your tiny top, leaving you fully exposed for everyone to devour with their eyes. The way your boobs bounced as you played with them made the three horny boys head spin, Changbin grunting as he layed sprawled out on the leather couch, Chan watching the big tv screen with his head against the wall, legs spread and his veiny hand pumping his length, swiping his thumb over his leaking tip. Jisung was already close, biting down on his knuckles as he teased the tip of his cock, the leaking precum lubricating his fingers. The sweaty pieces of stray hair acting as a curtain for his eyes as he leaned back into the office chair, watching your cunt ache for release, eyes fixed on the screen as the black vibrator entered again, pressing against your fleshy clit. You moaned loudly as you pressed it harder against your burning sex, the stimulation from the vibrations thorugh your clit echoing together with the occasional buzz from the pink device. 
For anyone looking at the rather strange situation occurring in the studio this would seem vile. The fact that three friends were sitting and jerking off when they should be working, watching the girl they all adored touching herself inappropriately, all three jealous of the others that watched your naked body wiggling in the chair, impossible to keep still from the pure arousal that rushed through your blood. With Jisung’s free hand he pressed the tip button 4 more times, his username climbing higher and higher up on the scoreboard to the right of the screen. You thanked him with a mewl, using the black wand vibrator again and pressing it against your clit, rubbing in small circles as you felt your orgasm building up in the pit of your core. 
And you weren’t alone in this.
Jisung could barely hold on any longer, giving his cock a final couple of pumps before his hot cum spurt all over his hand, the sheer force causing a couple of droplets to land on the floor beneath him. The youngest let out a long whimper as he fucked his fist through his orgasm that washed over him, the other two males not being so eager to cum directly, they wanted to enjoy more of the show. There was a rule to all of this - as soon as all three of them came they had to turn off the livestream. It was a stupid rule Chan had set up so that they didn’t waste all afternoon jerking off when they were supposed to compose some new raps which many times ended up in one of them asleep on the couch as the other two were poking fun of the third one. Jisung thought it was bullshit, already teasing the tip of his leaking cock again and flinching in overstimulation but quite quickly earning a hiss of disapproval from the oldest. Changbin was completely oblivious of Jisung’s tricks, focusing on your moans that stringed out through the speakers, not worried about anyone from outside noticing since the room was both soundproof and locked. He tightened the grip around his shaft, his hips bucking upwards every time his tip hit his fist. Changbin laughed as his eyes diverted from the screen to the lonely drops of cum that soiled the floor. 
“Jisung-ah” he teased, “you’re so desperate”
Jisung tsked in response, followed by a tiny grunt, the boy scrunching his nose as he started going up and down his shaft once again with his hand. 
“I’m sorry I don’t have a cock made of fucking rock” he said back in a weak comeback, causing Chan to laugh in embarrassment. You arched your back against the chair, pressing your head on the headrest and barely opening your legs,  curling your toes that were propped up on either side beside the monitor that displayed your swollen pussy. The viewer count increased with each moment the comments rushing past your eyes.
[dont cum yet babygirl]
[shes so fucking cute] 
[beg for daddy]  
You giggled at the last one, it was adorable how they thought that you belonged to them but you couldn’t lie, it made the fire in your core burn brighter, the arousal pooling in your pussy that was glistening with slick in the harsh studio lights. 
“You want me to beg for you daddy?” you said with a teasing voice, biting your bottom lip. Chan unintentionally nodded even if it wasn’t him that wrote the comment. You uttering those words made him even harder if that’s even possible, his cock twitching in his hand as he grunted, quickening the pace of his previously languid strokes. He inhaled harshly between his teeth, jaw clenched and teeth gritting as the tip of his dick appeared between his thumb and pointer finger only to disappear again. WIth faster and faster strokes the room filled with your moans together with the two older males grunting, a low sound of their cocks rubbing against the rough surface of their hands. 
“Well if you want me to beg then you have to tip~" you said with a erotic tone at the end, the words slurring into a moan. As soon as you uttered those words Chan pressed at the tip button, many of the other viewers doing the same and causing you to flinch in your chair, the sudden outburst of stimulation making you hold onto the back of your chair. It was like every single movement you did earned you more tips, just by simply moaning there would be a plethora of balloons that lit up on your screen, you smiling as each one expanded your bank savings. Sure, it was a rather unconventional way of earning coins but it got the job done and why not use the assets you had, the said asset being your body. You snickered, you had to beg since your viewers were all desperate and masturbating together with you. 
“hmm,,, since everyone is behaving so well maybe I should beg” you said, smiling widely. “Could daddy fuck me like the bad girl I am? I’ve been missing daddy’s big cock inside me”
Chan shuddered, he couldn’t hold back from typing on his keyboard with his one free hand, the other one wrapped snugly around his cock and quickly jerked off. 
[could our pretty baby cum for daddy?] 
The dark haired male pressed send, your eyes diverting all over the screen and finally landing on his comment. You shrugged your shoulders in a bratty manner.
“Only if daddy cums first” your voice got higher in pitch as the pink vibrator inside you vibrated in eruptions, the little pink tail attached to the toy wiggling. Chan grunted upon hearing your words, the delicate timbre of your voice ringing through his ears and tipping him from the edge of his pinnacle, causing his very sought-after orgasm to finally wash over him, the boy not being very audible when he came, the delicate drops of cum decorating the complexion of his hand. All of this while your moans got louder in the background. The oldest let out a string of curses as he looked down at the sticky mess he had caused, throwing a pillow at the youngest head whose eyes were still stuck on the big screen in front of him.
“Han Jisung, paper and clean up your fucking cum off the floor” he said with a tsk, Jisung grabbing the roll of toiletpaper that was neatly placed on the desk along with stacks of music sheets and other trinkets. So that’s what the roll was for. He nodded, gently ripping off a couple of sheets of the paper before throwing it at Chan that thanked him with a low voice, trying to maneuver the toilet paper and not tip his hand all over the place, wiping off the hot liquid. 
Changbin didn’t even bat an eye at the two other males in the room, entranced by the way you moved the wand vibrator in circles and being tempted to make you moan even more by pushing the golden button. As Jisung and Chan bickered back and forth, Chan being displeased with the way Jisung wiped the floor and arguing about how he couldn’t even jerk off properly without causing chaos in the studio, Changbin hushed them both, throwing an intense stare at both of them. Changbin was the last person someone ever wanted to mess with. 
“Come on now daddy~ Cum for me!” you coaxed as your moans got more frequent, not knowing if you were caught up in the euphoria of seeing the money pile up or your orgasm that was within close reach. Just as Changbin was on his final harsh stroke down the twitching shaft of his cock the monotonous vibrations of the wand mixed with the unexpected movements of the pink teledildonic made your hips buck, knees bending inwards as you moaned loudly, your release seizing your entire body causing your thighs to shake slightly. This was a magical moment. The moment where the most tips rolled in and to which Changbin fell victim to, diligently pressing the tip button like he’d done so many lonely nights before, aimlessly jerking off to your body that was the epitome of beauty. Just as your orgasm started to fleet away like waves on a shore, Changbin wasn’t too far from his own elation. As Chan and Jisung were zipping their pants back, throwing the used tissue paper in the bin, Changbin took the time to jerk off faster, wrist almost hurting but he was determined to cum together with you. And he did.
The rather bulky boy closed his eyes, lulling his head backwards and almost knocking it against the grey walls of the small stuffy room as the quick movements of his hand slowed down, the cum dripping down the side of his veiny girthy cock. Before he could open his eyes again Jisung threw the sheets of paper that were covered in his sticky cum at Changbin, landing on his pants and causing both Chan and Jisung to burst out in laughter. Only after Changbin put away his hand, panting as his heart thumped in his chest did his hands brush against the nasty paper.
“I’m gonna break your neck” Changbin growled, only adding to Jisung’s almost hyena-like laugh. The oldest ruffled his hair with his hand, slamming the computer next to him shut and making his way over to the desk to mess with the youngest’s computer, disconnecting the live stream from the big tv-screen, patting Jisung on the back. 
“Fucking give me the paper before I smear my cum on your face” Changbin said with a chuckle, your whimpers could still be heard from the computer closest to Changbin. Jisung poked out his tongue before shimmying over to the burly boy in his office chair, the plastic wheels shrieking against the floorboards, removing the dirty toilet paper from his ripped jeans and instead handing him the entire roll.
“Now we at least know what gets Chan going” Changbin says with a smirk, looking him up and down. “Daddy~ Will you cum if I talk like this~" Changbin said in a mocking high tone, trying to imitate every female pornstar ever. Chan glared at Changbin that was now pulling up his pants. 
“Yah,,, enough of teasing Chan for his raging daddy kink, let’s get some work done” Jisung said, Chan snapping his neck towards the youngest that was now profusely apologizing, not wanting to be the next person to get a taste of his knuckles, Changbin being the last one for acting up while producing.
“Alright then,,, work”
They called it work but what they all were in reality was three broke college students, living in one dorm together with five other music majors and having to stay up until the late hours of the day in order to turn in their assignments if they even wanted a chance in the music industry. But until then, they needed to survive whether it was resolving the root of their stress and burnout or overcoming the addictive thought of refreshing your page hundreds of times in a day.
Tumblr media
“How was the studio? Did you guys get anything done?” Felix said, mixing a bowl of brown goo, making brownies for the third time this week. Jisung casted a mischievous smile at Chan before they all three said “Not much” in unison, Felix scoffing. 
“What do you guys do in there? Every time I ask you neither have you done the work required” he said, licking the spoon before throwing it in the sink that was already piled up with other dirty plates and cups. Chan shrugged.
“Procrastinating. Don’t act as if you do everything you need to do, you’re making fucking brownies at this hour, probably trying to push away the fact that you should be working on your musical theatre essay.”
Felix’s eyes widened as he poured the batter into a baking tray.
“H-how did you know?” he said, furrowing his eyebrows.
“You’re quite predictable, Lixie. You fell asleep in the living room with your computer wide open, not to mention the amount of tabs that I assume didn’t have anything to do with the assignment itself” Chan said with a smirk, leaning against the door frame that led to the kitchen, observing the boy scurrying over from kitchen counter to oven with a tray in his hands. He rolled his eyes after he had finished putting the brownies in the oven, closing the oven door diligently. 
“Ok and what about it? I swear the three of you are probably jerking each other off in that studio” Felix tsked, turning his back to do the dishes. Chan froze in position. The young boy wasn’t too far from the truth although it wasn’t them jerking each other but rather themselves. Luckily Jisung and Changbin had already gone into their rooms that they shared with the others, not hearing this conversation. Chan sighed before turning around just like Felix, planning on falling down on his bed and inhale the scent of sleep but before he could do so he needed to remind Felix - “Save some brownies for me, brownie boy” 
Tumblr media
Changbin woke up with a groan. The red numbers of the digital clock shined in his face as it stood mere inches away from his face on his make-shift nightstand that was a plastic stool. 
For fuck sake, he was late. Again. He took the same classes as Jisung and Chan but yet they refused to wake him up from his slumber. They had many times earlier insisted that they do try to wake the weary man but he didn’t budge no matter how much they shook his shoulder or called him by his full name.
He flew out of bed, not caring if he woke up his roommate Minho that didn’t have classes this early, at least not this Wednesday. Changbin threw on the first thing he could fetch off the floor of the rather small room, knocking stuff over as he grabbed his cologne, spritzing it all over himself and earning a couple of swear words from his roommate that was always grumpy in the morning. Without saying anything he exited the room, grabbing his backpack that was thankfully packed the day prior, containing nothing more than his computer, a couple of crumpled up paper and his wallet. He slammed the white bedroom door but reopened it, only then remembering that his phone was still in the comfort of his sheets. With a quick hand he grabbed it and once again shut the door with force causing Minho to complain, his voice muffled from the other side of the door. There was no time for breakfast, him waving at Jeongin and Seungmin that were sitting and eating toast, laughing at something on the tv. 
Once outside he started to run. The apartment wasn’t too far away from campus but he would still be late, no matter how fast he ran. He cursed Jisung and Chan in his mind, panting as he ran to the lecture hall with his black backpack slung over his shoulder, sweat beading around his temples. After what seemed like forever did he finally push open the big sluggish doors and was met with a couple of eyes, two of them belonging to his dormmates. Changbin sneaked in, sliding into the seat next to Chan that sat alongside Jisung, both of them snickering quietly as their eyes diverted back to the lecturer. 
“Has cinderella finally woken up” Chan whispered causing Jisung to laugh a bit louder before covering his mouth with his hand, Changbin muttering something inaudible under his breath as he unzipped his backpack, retrieving his computer and pulling up an empty document to take notes. 
“What did I miss?” Changbin said quietly, his eyes perceiving the other students that sat all around the lecture hall. 
“Not much, I’ll share my notes after, let’s go work in a cafe” Chan said, a student turning around and glaring at him to which he bowed his head slightly, mouthing an apology. The males on either side nodded, Changbin mindlessly typing away on his keyboard, not really taking in what’s being said. Understanding the material is a task for another day. 
An hour and half passed, all filled with the three boys quietly giggling at cat gifs and writing something down on the document that sat beside the tab of endless cat content. Whatever the professor said went in one ear and through the other, Chan couldn’t wait until he was done and he could finally produce a tune. Even if it was his job it was also his hobby and something he was passionate about, not only producing but also rapping but he put the dream of becoming a world renowned rapper on the shelf. Just when he was about to doze off the professor clapped his hands loudly.
“Remember the analytical essay of a piece from the Victorian era, it is very important that you tie your arguments together with the history of that specific era and how it could have influenced the instruments used and the stories that could be told. Turn it in no later than next Thursday at 12 am sharp.!
As soon as the old professor stopped talking did the students start to pack their things, the chatting overtaking the hall and people exiting from the two big doors that were on the wall right to Changbin. 
“Let’s go to the one closest from here, alright?” Jisung said, packing his belongings into his canvas bag.
“I’ll pay” Chan said nonchalantly to which the two other boys started smirking, both going “ooh~" at the oldest. “Is the extra job paying off?” Jisung asked to which Chan nodded. It wasn’t much but he loved to do everything for his two best friends whether it was paying for food or fucking a girl. The weather was pleasant, maybe a bit chilly for just a t-shirt but Changbin didn’t have much of a choice as he ran out the door earlier in the morning. The cafe was only a couple minutes away from the B-building which was where the lecture was held. 
“Don’t we need to buy bread and milk and whatnot?” Changbin said to which, not getting a response from either one of them. “Them fuckers eat it all up”
“Who?” Jisung asks with a confused face.
“Jeongin in particular, he sneaks around like some sort of nocturnal animal. Half the goddamn fridge is gone in the morning, he even has the audacity to eat stuff that has others name on it” 
“Oh yeah!!” Jisung adds. “He drank my banana milk, I wrote my name in both english and korean unless some dumbass doesn’t understand and well,,, I think Jeongin is that dumbass” Changbin chuckled, Chan finding the fox-like boy adorable in his rather chaotic antics. 
The three males stepped into the cafe, being greeted by the smell of newly roasted coffee beans and the small chattering of other students, some sitting with their computers in front of them and discussing something with the people sitting closeby. Over at a small two seat table you saw the infamous blonde hair that could be no other than Felix but the person next to him Chan didn’t recognize. Neither did the two others since they only waved at Felix and not the girl that turned around. 
“Ya, 3 americanos?” Jisung nodded, Changbin patted Chan on the shoulder as the two made their way over to the table, moving chairs and sitting down next to Felix and you. You had never met these guys before, you knew that Felix lived in a rather cramped dorm but you only knew Felix since the two of you were friends since highschool. 
“Hi, oh right! y/n, this is Jisung and Changbin. Jisung is my roommate and Changbin is just... another idiot that lives under our roof. 
“Since when was it your roof?” Changbin said, crossing his arms. 
“I pay rent, split the roof in eight pieces then, asshole”
You chuckled before you introduced yourself. 
“Oh, I’m y/n, nice to meet you, hope you take good care of Lixie” you said with a bright smile.
Jisung and Changbin looked suspiciously at each other, their eyes as big as saucers. The voice, it was really familiar, almost too familiar. Jisung shook the thought out of his head but his deep brown eyes couldn’t help but to land on your shoulder and very fittingly you wore a off the shoulder top today, displaying the signature yellow smiley face that was tattooed on your skin, no bigger than a penny. Jisung nearly jumped in his chair as Chan appeared in his peripheral view, being so caught up in his thoughts.
It couldn’t be.
“Here you go, god I feel like a fucking dad to you guys. Anyways, who do we have here?” he asked with a smile, you clearing your throat before you answered. 
“I’m y/n, a friend of Felix. I’m guessing you’re a dormmate too?” you said, taking a sip from your drink. Chan nodded, not noticing the obvious voice that could easily be differentiated. 
“Sure you’re not his girlfriend?” he said, casting a teasing look at Felix that was about to pounce on the older. You shook your head and started giggling to which Chan furrowed his eyebrows. Now he knew why Jisung and Changbin were so astonished, mixing the ice in their drinks with the black straw while staring at your shoulder. Only when Chan got seated and took a sip of his drink did he almost choke as he realized.
“Jesus, how are you, yall high or something?” Felix asked, fiddling with his dangly earrings. Chan shook his head, coughing hysterically. When he finally calmed down after Changbin gave him a harsh pat on the back he looked at you with teary eyes.
“No,,, Felix and I are highschool friends” you said. Chan shook his head as if he was some sort of bobble head figure. 
“Wait that tattoo, is it real?” Jisung had to ask, curiosity was killing him. 
“Oh this?” You said pointing at the small tattoo that decorated your skin, “yeah, I got it maybe two years ago. I love it, it’s like a part of me.” A part that had a totally different meaning when you were in the safety of your own apartment.
All three of the horny males nodded, Felix observing their hungry gazes. 
“Do you work with anything? I mean affording your own place is quite big money” Jisung asked, sipping on the cold bitter coffee that had visible droplets of water on the outside of the tall glass. 
“yeah,,, I work with some online stuff for a company, like boring paperwork stuff” you shrugged, smiling to cover the lie. 
“You know what gets a lot of money? Camming probably” Changbin said, Chan almost choking on his drink once again. You looked up at him, glaring before breaking out in a bittersweet chuckle. Had they caught up to you?
“Camming? Never heard of that before” you said playfully.
“Ya, how do you know? Oh right, because you watch it all the time” Felix said, slapping the table in laughter. Changbin’s ears turned red, him smiling awkwardly and not denying Felix’s statement. 
“That’s beside the fucking point. If we should earn money we should start camming!” Changbin said in excitement. The situation was rather absurd.
“What you mean ‘we’? And besides, who the fuck would watch you jerking off?” Felix said, causing Jisung to laugh, holding his stomach. Chan blanking out, still in shock. 
“I don’t know but maybe there’s a demand for camboys, right y/n?” he said with a smirk. You played it off by furrowing your eyebrows.
“How would I know? oh shoot, the time!” you exclaimed, looking at the time on your lockscreen. “Need to head to class”
“Alright! Be safe on your way” Felix said, the three other boys at the table bowing their heads with a smile on their lips. You waved back at them, casting a final glance at your phone as you exited the establishment, the wind blowing in your hair.
“Felix, don’t freak out, yeah?” Chan started, glancing at Changbin and Jisung that had the same serious expression on their face.
“What is it?” he asked. Chan drew in air quickly between his teeth, feeling the cold air descending into his mouth. “Before I tell you, you need to give me her number”
“She’s my friend, you can’t just fuck all of my friends?”
“That was Jisung alright, now hand it over” Chan said, Jisung swearing at Chan.
“Don’t bring my ex into this!” Jisung insisted, pouting like a child. 
“Ugh fine but if I get shit because of this all three of you are in deep shit. I take no responsibility, you know?” Felix snarked, pulling up his phone and handing it over to Chan, the contact name being “y/n bestie”
“Since when are you guys besties?” Jisung asked, glancing over at Chan’s shoulder to sneak a peek at the number.
“Since highschool duh. You remember how I told you about my photographer major friend, that’s her!” Felix said “She’s really talented in what she does” he nodded.
Changbin leaned over the table with a smirk as soon as Chan was done typing your number on his phone, saving it simply as “y/n”.
“Ok now,,, Felix” Changbin said, rubbing his palms together as the two other boys looked at Felix with great anticipation.
“Just fucking say it. Felix, we think y/n is a camgirl” Chan blurted out, clenching his jaw. The youngest blinked a couple of times before laughing.
“y/n? She’s like the most innocent person I know,,, beside, she told you guys she didn’t know anything about that.”
Well if Felix didn’t believe their words he would have to show them, Changbin sitting next to the boy in order to avoid an unknowing stranger accidentally seeing the rather inappropriate sight. Both Chan and Jisung joined close by, almost squishing the boy between them as Changbin lowered the volume on his phone and pulled up your camming page, dozens of videos popping up, those being previous live streams. Felix almost yelped as he didn’t expect seeing this many vaginas stuffed with questionable toys, especially not in a cafe.
“Here, look!” he said, clicking on one of your videos with you sitting in your office chair, a soft pink light descending over you as your legs were widely spread in front of the camera, the pink antenna from the vibrator sticking out from your slick covered pussy, your fingers teasing your clit. “Look, the tattoo”
“That’s fucking ridiculous, anyone could have that tattoo!” Felix said, not believing his dormmates that made him watch porn in a cafe. 
“No because right,,, here, take these!” Chan said, fetching his headphones from his bag and handing them to Felix that plugged them in to Changbin’s phone, slowly increasing the volume. 
“Listen to her voice and her laugh and everything, just listen” Changbin demanded, going quiet as Felix’s expression changed from amused to disturbed. It was strikingly similar, the voice especially. The way you pronounced your words and the tiny giggles you made after every dirty word. His gaze drifted away from your spread open pussy and instead focused on the background, him bringing a hand to cover his mouth in shock. That was the office chair he carried when you moved into your apartment, him assisting you with the move. The walls and the pink light that layed on you, it was familiar. 
“Ok, now that we’ve established that my best friend is a camgirl, what was the meaning of showing it to me? It’s not like I think any differently of her, a-are you guys jealous or something? Jealous of our-” Felix started rambling, his eyes flickering between the three males. Chan interrupted him. 
“No, that’s not it,,, we just,, wanted to get to know her” he said.
“Alright,,, that doesn’t sound suspicious at all but be my guest but if I find out that any one of you assholes put a hand on her it’s over for you guys.” Felix didn’t sound intimidating at all causing the three boys to shrug, smirking mischievously at each other, reading their promiscuous intentions.
Later that day when dawn had fallen upon the sky did Chan take his chance, gathering Jisung and Changbin in his room. 
“What do you write as the first message to a cute person?” Chan said as if he was some teenage boy messaging his crush for the first time.
“I don’t know,,, Start off by saying who you are?” Jisung suggested. “You don’t want to freak her out by a random ass number messaging her.” Chan nodded quickly typing something down.
[Hi! It’s Chan here, Felix’s dormmate, uhm hopefully it’s ok that lix gave me your number...]
“Do you add a compliment?” Chan asked, Changbin shaking his head.
“Who the fuck are you? A pervert? No, just ask her to,,, meet up and I don’t fucking know,,, hang out in the dorms?” 
“That’s the worst idea ever, that’s even worse than when you decided to wear those ugly ass shoes so you’d look taller” Chan snickered, Jisung staring into outer space with his lips parted.
“I LIKED THOSE SHOES!! You don’t know fashion you frat boy-wannabe” Changbin sneered, pushing Jisung on the shoulder. “Ya, help us out”
“What if we went to the camgirl dungeon?” Jisung said, looking deadly serious.
“That’s an even worse idea, let’s just ask y/n where she’d be comfortable meeting alright?” Chan said, continuing to type on his message. 
[Hi! It’s Chan here, Felix’s dormmate, uhm hopefully it’s ok that lix gave me your number. What do you say about hanging out in a couple of days?] 
He pressed send, nervous to the pit of his stomach.
“What if she only thinks that Chan is going to hang out with her?” Changbin says, Jisung groaning in frustration. 
“Fuuuuck!! Why didn’t I ask Felix for her number? Now this douche is going to become her friend, Changbin-ah, we’ve lost.” A ding from Chan’s phone distracted the three boys that all intently looked at the screen that lit up, Chan reading the message out loud.
[Hi! I don’t mind oh and also that sounds great! Only the two of us or are your other little friends tagging along?]
“Who is she calling little?” Changbin said in a confused tone.
“Probably you” Jisung added, causing the buff male to raise a fist, Jisung covering his face with his hands and falling on the soft bed that smelled of musky college boy.
[I mean if that’s fine by you they can join] 
Chan typed, clicking send. The two others bickered in the background as he read the next message to himself.
[Sure, does my place sound good? ;))] 
“SHE INVITED US TO THE CAMGIRL DUNGEON” Chan screeched, flapping his arms in excitement. 
“Seriously?! Wait let me see!” Changbin said, throwing himself over Chan’s phone, snatching it out of his hand. 
“Oh my god, she even sent a winky face, bro she wants to fuck you.”
“I don’t think that’s what it means,,,” Chan hesitated, chuckling at his friends rather interesting comment. “But whatever it means we’re meeting her on,,, oh shit I didn’t even ask what day” He quickly grabbed the phone again.
[How about Friday at like,,, 8 pm]
You replied pretty fast.
[Sounds great! See you then boys]
It was almost like you knew that they all sat around the phone, anxiously waiting for every reply and well, playing with boys' hearts was your favorite game. 
Friday eventually rolled around, you did your usual thing which was rolling out of bed, going to the nearest coffee shop and getting an iced latte before you headed to your classes, there being surprisingly a lot of theory work for such a practical major.You actually were looking forward to meeting the boys again. The impression you got from them was of three very needy boys, you could tell by the way they stared at your open shoulders and how the tips of their ears adapted to the shade of red.
You yawned as you were dismissed from your last class of the day, you threw away a text to Chan, you secretly saving his number as “Felix dormmates”.
[This is my address, bring snacks]
You typed down your address in a separate message as you walked back home, pulling up your homework on the computer in your bedroom and just staring at the tiny clock that ticked away in the corner of the screen. Luckily you didn’t have to livestream today, you usually stuck to a schedule and Friday was one of your days off. While you waited for the hesitant knock on the door you typed away on the essay you had in front of you, the vertical dash on the white document flashed, begging for you to put some words down but you were sighing, ruffling your hair. 
Tumblr media
Hours passed and were mostly filled with you going to the fridge and opening it for the fifth time in an hour only to blankly stare into it, as if you were hoping for food to magically appear. Just when you started getting into the swing of things, your fingers dancing over the keyboard did you hear the ringing of your doorbell. You jumped at the loud sound, making your way over to the old door of your apartment and being greeted by the three guys you had talked to in the campus cafe just a couple of days prior, one of them twiddling with his fingers.
“What are you guys standing there for? Come in!” you said with a smile that made their hearts seemingly melt. “No need to be shy, if you guys are friends of Felix’s then we are practically friends as well” 
They chuckled, looking timidly around the apartment and their eyes widening as you opened the door to your bedroom. It was exactly how they’ve seen it before except that the room was much bigger than they anticipated, a couch by the computer that wasn’t captured by the camera but everything else was just where it had been on your livestream yesterday. The double bed that had a canopy gently draped over the bedpost, the light pink fairy lights and the fluffy rug a distance away from the office chair where the magic happened. It was almost as if they didn’t want to enter the room, you tilted your head in confusion. Were they always this shy?
“Woah,,, so it really exists” Jisung said, his mouth wide open as his gaze lurked all around, with careful steps sitting down on the couch in the bedroom, the two others following. 
“W-what exists?” you asked, stumbling on your words. Do they know? And most importantly, have they told Felix?
“Nothing nothing!” Chan said, slapping JIsung’s shoulder in order for him to shut up. The couch was getting crammed, you sitting on the floor instead and leaving the boys with multiple mental images of you doing other things in that position, your doe eyes looking up at them. You had a hunch about them knowing about your funny business in the privacy of these walls so you decided to test them. 
“I’ve been thinking about that camming stuff a lot since we talked about it, you guys seem to have some knowledge”
You swore you could hear Changbin choking on his saliva, their eyes glued on you as their cheeks tinted with crimson. You giggled after your sentence, finding their reactions amusing. 
“I mean,,, some of it’s common knowledge” Chan started but he couldn’t continue speaking by the way you looked at him, your eyelashes fluttering.
“Oh really? What types of camgirls do you guys watch then?”
Changbin cleared his throat, Jisung awkwardly shifting in his seat. This was the perfect time to address the elephant in the room.
“Maybe girls like me?” you said in a playful tone, all three pairs of eyes landing on your figure that was almost sprawled out on the floor, you leaning back on the fleshy pads of your hands. “Or maybe it is me?”. A smirk formed on your face, your plushy lips glistening in the softly lit room. Chan gulped loudly, the nerve wracking situation made it difficult for him to sit still, the tent in his pants growing by the minute. He wasn’t alone with this odd yet familiar feeling, Jisung trying to think about anything else his mind could muster in order to calm the raging boner that formed. 
“Does Felix know?” you asked to which they nodded.
“We h-had to show him just so that he would believe us” Jisung muttered. You scoffed, embarrassed by the thought of meeting your best friend again and having him know about your secret. Your deepest secret.
“Well if he knows they he won’t mind me helping his little friends?” you said with a smug grin, biting your lip. Changbin looked around confused before he got the right message, you scanning their pants that were sitting awfully tight by this point. “Well that is of course if you don’t mind” you said, getting up from your seat, your butt hurting slightly from the direct contact with the wood flooring, you moving to the bed and falling down on it, the momentum knocking the breath out of your lungs. “Don’t act shy, I know that you’ve been thinking about it and I really don’t mind” you said, staring up at the point where the canopy gathered on the ceiling, you supported yourself on your elbows as you peeked over at the three boys. “I even give you permission.”
The boys looked at each other in pure disbelief, this could be nothing more than a sweet sweet dream but it was indeed reality, the air hitting the nape of their necks by the ventilation system in the room, a scent of fresh air and desperation. Those last words made it impossible to not act, the opportunity was here and they had to seize it. They all tiptoed over to you, Chan being the bold one in the situation and attaching his lips on yours as you layed back down on the bed, your legs dangling over the edge and Chan being on his knees, the weight of the bed shifting. Changbin and Jisung couldn’t just stand and stare, they started taking off their clothes, stripping themselves of their clothing one by one and letting it fall on the floor in a pile until they stood exposed, climbing onto the bed and having their hands explore the curves of your body, slowly tugging on your thin t-shirt where your nipples poked out from pure arousal, your thighs clenching together in order to keep in the juices that were leaking out of you, staining your the thin fabric of your panties. Chan cupped your cheek, you couldn’t help but to touch his surprisingly well-sculpted body through his clothes, sliding your hands under his shirt causing him to crack a smile, his dimples making an appearance. Jisung pulled down the small cozy shorts you wore when you lounged around the apartment, you shuddering from the feeling of so many warm hands that groped your body. Together with the shorts he pulled down your soaked panties as Chan’s tongue coaxed yours until they collided, the wet surfaces gliding across each other as you pursed your lips. 
You broke the kiss, kicking off the shorts and panties that were pooling at your ankles and pulling your shirt above your head, leaving you fully naked in front of their hungry gazes. You shimmied up the bed, resting your head on one of the multiple pillows that decorated the cozy sleeping place. With the gentle sensation of Chan’s hand stroking your inner thigh you squirmed in anticipation, whimpering as his big hand came closer and closer to your heat. Your tiny sounds of desperation soon came to an end as Changbin rubbed the tip of his dick against your lips, you enveloping his sex between your lips, hollowing your cheeks as he pushed further down your throat, the way your throat stretched out visible from the outside. Spit bubbled around his cock as your lips were perfectly matched to his girth, his even thrusts into your mouth causing him to hiss, lulling his head back. At the same time the unknown sensation of another pair of hands were present, Jisung fondling your warm breasts and licking a stripe up one of your nipples before sucking on the supple skin, leaving purple marks on your chest and circling his tongue around your sensitive nipple, the other hand still kneading the valley of your boob. Chan’s hand inched closer to your burning core, his fingers running over your wet folds, him letting out a deep chuckle.
“You’re so wet, fuck,,, you want us to fuck you so bad, huh? Can’t help but to seduce us with your naughty little tricks?”
Chan’s words were like bullets that fired through your core, you usually pleasure yourself but you weren’t a stranger to playing around with others but maybe not with three at the same time, the subtle sensation of all their hands all around your body driving you crazy. You tried to nod with Changbin’s dick in your mouth, you ran your lips on his head as you sucked gently, his cock leaking with precum. Chan inserted one finger into your wet entrance followed by another finger, your cunt clenching around them. With vigorous movements he moved the fingers inside you, you whining against Changbin’s cock that sent vibrations through him, his one hand leaning against the wall so that his weakened knees wouldn’t buck. As Chan was busy fingering you into oblivion, Jisung was getting needy, he had to relieve the tension that was building up in his nether region. He pressed together your tits, the grove that formed between them being where he put his dick, spitting between them so that his cock would glide easier along your skin and please his twitching leaking cock. The position was rather awkward, his back hurting from how he was standing on his knees but the pleasure was far much better not to mention the visual, how your tits softly engulfed his veiny cock and how your chest had small marks all over it. 
Changbin was close by the way he was loudly exhaling, his groans bubbling in the pit of his stomach as your hand grabbed the shaft of his cock, licking a long stripe up the underside of his cock from the balls to the tip, circling your tongue around the round spit-covered tip. You licked along his slit and he grabbed your hair, pulling it closer to him, he wanted to cum in your mouth so bad but he couldn’t cum this quickly, not yet he thought. And so were your thoughts as Chan started curling his fingers upwards, the rough pad of his thumb stimulating your swollen clit, your hands landed on Jisung’s that was pressing your tits together, getting lost in the feeling. His hands were warm, knuckles protruding as bulky rings decorated his fingers, cold metal against mellow skin.
Chan could no longer bare to see how your pussy wrapped around his fingers so easily, he needed to fuck you, rail you into the matress. He momentarily removes his fingers leaving you wriggling your lower body for more, the lack of stimulation making you desperate. The male haphazardly licked his slick-covered fingers before he started undressing, the sound of undoing his belt buckle bouncing off the walls. He pulls off his pants and underwear in a swift motion, his thick cock springing free from it’s clothed prison. He pulled his shirt over his head, revealing that perfectly sculpted body that could make any girl salivate. With careful hands he stroked your inner thighs, goosebumps erupting on your skin, one hand continued the motion as the other one jerked off his cock, the precum beading on his slit. With a firm grasp on his shaft he rubbed the tip of his cock against your folds, slowly pushing into your tight entrance and letting out a breathy groan as your velvety walls felt better than he could have ever imagined. He held your legs apart as he slowly rolled his hips towards yours, you shutting your eyes tightly and choking on Changbin’s cock as he went deep down your throat for the last time before pulling out, a string of hot saliva separating him and your swollen lips. He wasn’t too fond of Chan being the one that fucked you, glaring at the oldest as you desperately tried to run your tongue along the veins of his shaft. Jisung noticed his, shaking his head in an attempt to move the sweaty pieces of stray hair out of his face. The room was filled with the scent of pure lust, sounds of skin slapping and moans merging together into a serenade of titillation. Both Changbin and Jisung moved away, Chan asking you to be on top to which you complied.
Your knees were on either side of his body and the dark eyed boy helped you sink down on his cock, his length filling you up to the brim despite not bottoming out. He cooed at how adorable you looked like this, with your warm cheeks and semi-erotic expression.
“Look at what a pretty whore she is.” Jisung said as you started to slowly grind against Chan, your tits bouncing in front of his face as your hair was pushed behind your ears. Your hands were firmly planted on his chest, feeling his heavy breaths as his chest heaved up and down, his neck red and decorated with a silver chain. He chuckled, his smirk being oddly attractive. 
“Shouldn’t we stretch out all her little holes, that’s what good girls like you deserve” he said with a deep voice to which Jisung didn’t hesitate, coming up behind you and slowly running his fingers along your waist, up to your shoulders, pressing kisses on your neck, you giving him access by tilting your head towards the opposite side, the beautiful silhouette of the sensual curve only pressuring Jisung into more temptation, sucking delicate marks as if he hadn’t done that earlier. You heard Changbin walking around which you thought was odd but all thoughts were knocked from your head as Chan’s hand firmly grasped your hips, slamming you down on his hard cock, making you almost scream in pleasure, your head rolling back and almost colliding with Jisung’s. 
“Maybe you need this” you heard Changbin say to the youngest, him passing over the same bottle of lube that sat behind your computer monitor. Jisung smirked, opening the bottle and applying a generous amount on both his cock and his fingers that teased your other hole, the sticky substance and anticipation making you clench around Chan’s cock, him groaning with each thrust upwards. Changbin wasn’t too far away from the scene, placing himself strategically in order to see the scene that was going unfolding in front of his eyes, moving his hand up and down the shaft of his member, aching for a release. Jisung’s chest was practically touching your back, the boy putting the tip of his cock against your asshole, the tightness of it making his head spin, he could cum right then and there. You leaned forward, kissing Chan in a heated embrace, lips smacking against each other as he continued his even pace up into your cunt, reaching the places where you needed him the most but you couldn’t help but to moan loudly into the kiss as you felt JIsung’s cock deeper inside you, both holes filled up to an extent where you felt your core burning with need, the familiar knot in your stomach getting tighter and tighter with each thrust the both boys did. Everytime you moved back from riding Chan’s cock, Jisung’s dick burrowed deeper inside you, your body beginning to become limp in the presence of their cocks that could send you over the edge and soon enough they did.
Chan’s hands almost shaking as he used every bit of energy he had left to ram into your wet cunt, the squelching sound of your juices coating his cock causing him to tip over his pinnacle, with a final groan releasing his hot cum inside your puffy hole, your thighs wanting to lock him in. It was almost as if Jisung could feel Chan’s dick inside you, you slowing down your riding movement as you ran a hand through your hair to push it out of your sweaty face. Chan squirmed as you didn’t pull away, nearly grasping your climax and grinding down on his dick before your core ignited like rapid fire spreading, your loud breathy moans sounding like music to their ears. Your head hung down as Jisung didn’t stop his relentless pace, thrusting harder inside you as he grabbed your hair and twisted it around his wrist, pulling your head backwards and arching your back, Chan’s cum secured inside you as you cockwarmed him. Changbin quickened his strokes, dick twitching in his hand as he swiped his thumb over the leaking glossy tip, him hissing as he balanced on his knees, spurting his thick white cum on your back and side. The pretty strings of almost silken cum decorated your hot skin, Jisung pulling your hair harder and bending you towards him, Chan’s dick flopping out of you, causing his cum to drip down your quivering thigh. Your hands tried to grab onto Jisung, flaling behind you in desperation, you flinched as Changbin harshly grabbed onto your jaw, prying your mouth open. 
“Open up babygirl” he said, Chan chuckling behind him, admiring your fucked out face where tears were teasing the corners of your glossy eyes, your body jerking forward at the sheer momentum of Jisung’s thrusts. You parted your lips, poking out your tongue and feeling his spit running down the sides of your throat, some of it running down the tip of your tongue and glistening on your chin. He stroked you chin as you swallowed.
“Such a good girl, hm? Must hurt to have your holes abused like that? You are doing so good baby” he whispered close to your ear before wrapping his hand around your exposed throat, pressing appropriately and putting his slightly rough lips on yours, his tongue interlocking with yours, noses accidentally bumping into each other. His hands cupped your jaw but it was getting pretty difficult to breathe as you felt the air being knocked out of you because of Jisung, Changbin’s hand around your throat not helping. He pulled away as he heard Jisung’s whiny pitch, without warning dumping his cum into you, the hand in your hair loosening and him instead grabbing you by the waist, his lips so close to your neck you could feel his breath on you. The warm feeling spread, the cum dripping from your cunt getting colder, the subtle difference in temperature hitting you only when Jisung pulled out of you, his cock growing limp as the intense orgasm that hit the poor boy like a ton of bricks, sending a hot flash through him. 
You fell down on the bed as if in defeat, your cheek landing on the soft sheets, your chest heaving up and down as you lied down, catching your breath. The boys didn’t hesitate to lie down next to you, it being a bit weird to lie naked with their closest bros but it wasn’t something they hadn’t done before. Your mind was blank, you didn’t know it was possible to fuck all thoughts from a persons head but they just proved themselves. There was complete silence in the room, only whispered breaths being heard but when you hummed all their eyes flew to you.
“Wait,,, h-how long have you known? Not me being a camgirl just,,, watching me” you asked, your voice slightly raspy causing you to clear your throat. The boys were deep in thought, they couldn’t remember exactly, it’s been that long.
“No idea,,, but a while and a lot of money later” Chan chuckled, looking over at the boys that were blushing now, being more embarrassed over that fact than that they fucked you like animals just moments prior. 
“huh,,, didn’t know,,, well I never expected to fuck any of my followers but I’m guessing you guys are only like,,, casualy viewers” you said, your words slowly trailing from your mouth. 
“If you count top three payers casual then we are” Changbin said with a unreadable smirk, your facial expression changing to pure shock. You bolted up into a sitting position, casting a glance back at them. 
“N-no way,,,” you said in a breathy manner, sighing. Not from disappointment but from sheer unexpectancy. “Never knew lix had such perverted friends” you laughed in mortification. This would need an explanation, unless the boys were quicker, shouting that they fucked their most beloved camgirl from the rooftops. Jisung pulled you down by the arm, snuggling closer to you, his sweaty body sticking to yours. 
“But now we are friends” Chan said, “kinda,,,”. You nodded timidly, his eyes locking with yours. 
“I’m sure my followers wouldn’t mind some friends joining the live someday” you giggled, the three boys not knowing what to say but when you tilted your head in confusion, thinking that you might have crossed the line they all nodded their heads, their cute grins making your heart beat. 
They weren’t gonna let that opportunity pass either.
Tumblr media
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dreamescapeswriting · a day ago
25 Days Of Christmas ~ Day 5
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Hyunjin xGN!Reader
GENRE: Fluffy, christmas drabble, prompt, Christmas family party, friends to lovers, first kiss
Song Suggestion for the day: One more sleep - Leona Lewis
Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - December 2021
Check out the masterlist HERE
Tumblr media
Christmas was that one time of year was everyone was happy and cheerful around one another. There were endless parties that you had to attend to, always dressing your best and acting as though you were happy to be there. Even if you weren't. 
Sometimes the parties could be good and sometimes they would be bad but this year they were the worst. Your cousin had recently got engaged and because she was younger than you it, of course, bought on the unneeded conversation of when you were going to get married. The constant questioning of why you were still single or the small patronising comments that would be made in your direction.
Which was why this year was going to be different. This year you had compiled a plan to make sure everyone would leave you alone, telling you how "sorry" they were that you didn't have someone to spend the holidays with. 
Hyunjin. Hyunjin was your plan and you were his. Not only was it your family that constantly harrassed you into asking why you weren't dating but Hyunjin's family did the same thing to him. If dating was what all of them wanted for you both then you were going to give it to them, fake of course.
“You remember the plan?” You questioned nervously as you and Hyunjin stood together in the kitchen of your family home. Watching everyone as they greeted one another with hugs and kisses, exchanging small bags of gifts while you watched anxiously. Waiting for time to hurry up and pass by so that you had been there long enough to be seen but not long enough to be bored of the party.
“We leave at 9, I tell people I have a small headache and when we’re about to leave and they ask why-”
“Your headache turned into a migraine and I’m going to help you home.” You finished for him, clinking your glasses together as he chuckled softly. It wasn’t as awkward as he first thought this was going to be. The two of you had been best friends for years so it wasn’t as though he had to go through the awkward meeting of family members, the two of you just blended in and could fade into the party.
Not like at his parent’s party where you were the main focus. The two best friends suddenly turned into a happy couple. It was like being put onto the stand in front of a judge and jury when you were with his parents, each family member taking it in turns to question you and Hyunjin on your relationship. Luckily the two of you seemed to have a psychic link as you got every question right with one another. 
“How long have you been together? It feels like just yesterday you were fighting over the sandbox,” Your grandmother whined as she joined you and Hyunjin in the kitchen. She’d just seen your mother who had explained why Hyunjin was there in the first place. Exchanging a smile with Hyunjin he pulled you closer to him, wrapping his arm around your waist as you turned to face your grandmother. You’d be a fool if you ignored the butterflies that you flutter around your body each time Hyunjin touched you like this but it was wrong to feel that way. Hyunjin had been a good friend of yours for years and you didn’t want to ruin it.
“A couple of months, I just decided I couldn’t keep lying to Y/n or myself,” Hyunjin explained as you looked up at him, doing your best not to frown. This wasn’t the story he had told at his parent's house but you went along with it. Nodding and smiling like the happy partner role you were supposed to be playing.
“You’ve been in love with Y/n for so long, we all wondered when you were going to tell them,” You stared at your grandmother as she smiled, taking your hands in hers and giving them a small squeeze.
“You don’t let go of him, I know you were worried about telling him how you feel but now it’s all out so it doesn’t matter.” Your heart dropped as she said that right in front of him. Your grandmother had been the person you told about your first crush, your first crush of course being Hyunjin.
Neither of you said anything to your grandmother after that, you just watched as she grabbed herself some eggnog and walked out of the Kitchen.
"You've been in love with me?" You questioned, your tone coming off a little jokey as you turned to look up at Hyunjin. Your whole body felt as though it was on fire at the thought of him liking you back all of this time but neither of you doing anything about it.
"You were worried to tell me how you felt." He said back in the joking tone you had given to him. Smirking at him you shook your head as you both started to laugh softly at one another.
"Unbelievable." You whispered as Hyunjin inched himself closer to you, putting his hand onto the waistband of your jeans to pull your body into his. Looking down at you he moved his hand up to your cheek slowly, rubbing his thumb along your cheekbone as you moved into his touch. Staring up at him with a giant smile on your face as you both moved closer to one another. 
"Kiss me," You whined as your lips were almost touching, a smirk grew on his face.
"Magic words?" He questioned teasingly as he brushed his lips against yours, but you didn't waste time. Pushing your hands into his hair you pulled him closer until your lips were against one another. Melting into him as you hummed softly against his mouth, Hyunjin's arms wrapping around your waist as he pressed you as close to him as he could get you.
It felt as though fireworks were exploding around you as you lifted one of your legs up from the ground, whimpering as little as you heard people laughing and giggling.
"God, anyone would think it's their first time kissing one another." Your brother laughed from the doorway making your whole body heat up as you stared at Hyunjin.
"Wanna ditch and go on a real date?" He whispered to you with a smile on his face making you nod. Rushing out of the kitchen and away from everyone that had gathered around to watch the two of you making out.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs @taestannie @sw33tnight @acciocriativity @mwitsmejk​ @justbangtanthingz​ @taeechwitaa​ @stillwithlix​ @lolalee24​ If you would like to be added or removed please let me know 
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starrylinowrites · 4 hours ago
daddy chan edging and denying you because you teased him in front of his friends
such a brat | bang chan
Tumblr media
pairing- fem reader x chan
genre- smut, edging, denial, reader being a brat, daddy kink, mentions of babygirl, jealousy underones, touch starved reader, dom chan, 
summary- you teased chan in front of his friends and he doesn’t like you being a brat. obviously, he has to teach you a lesson.
requested- yes
wc- 2.2K
note- the ending is consensual, the reader doesn’t mention the safeword or ask him to stop later on.
"that's not how it happened!" hyunjin yelled at changbin who just stuck his tongue out at the former.
"well, you were actually more pathetic back then. my description didn't do you justice." he added, igniting the other male even more.
you chuckled as you stood in your room, running your hand over your dress to smooth it out.
chan had his friends over and they were having a good time out there but it had been almost eight hours and you were, almost selfishly a little bored.
you shook your head, it was wrong of you to feel so dejected. chan always made time for you, always understood when you wanted your own space and you should be doing the same. however, your emotions aren't exactly a good comrade of yours and you couldn't help but feel a little pricked by the fact that chan had not sent them away yet.
what made it worse was that chan had barely spent any time with you this week, having been extremely busy with work. the poor guy was swamped so needless to say, when he finally had the weekend off you'd expected him to spend it with you.
it wasn't a bother that he spent time with his friends, he had not sent them away for the past eight hours bugged you more. you were lonely, bored and needy. you were touch starved for your boyfriend.
when the clock struck twelve, you huffed and walked over to your wardrobe, ruffling through it with an outfit in your mind. when your hands landed on the little grey dress you were looking for, a satisfied smirk graced your lips and you hurriedly shrugged off your pastel frock.
the dress fit you perfectly, not too loose, not too tight. shaped with a v neckline, it was easily one of chan's favourite dresses on you. because you wanted to be decent in front of his friends, you tied the two ends of the back neck a little higher. but you still let the back side remain as skimpy as it possibly could.a black shrug was thrown over it to hide the dress. after checking yourself once in the mirror, you walked out the door with a determined smile.
"hey y/n!” felix raised a hand, announcing your entry to the room and chan looked up, a smile on his face.
walking a little closet to the group, you waved at them. “hey everyone. i was just wondering if i could join?” you smiled softly and hyunjin stood up, ushering you to sit down with them.
“of course y/n. why are you even asking something like that?” changbin added and chan chuckled at his remark. “you know how she is right? she always considers others feelings.” he turned to you, the proudest smile on his face as he bragged about you to his three closest friends. “always so careful about others emotions. such a sweetheart.” 
“ugh. these two are so lovingly gross i am sure i would puke rainbows.” felix joked, earning a high five from hyunjin. 
you laughed with them, sitting down across chan, beside hyunjin. “we were just talking about the new guy who started work yesterday.” changbin who was seated beside chan piped up, tapping on his phone. “apparently he’s a heartthrob and we cant seem to agree or disagree on one side. mind helping us out? you know, a woman’s opinion on this?” 
you smiled, nodding your head enthusiastically. this was the perfect way to start your little plan. changbin held his phone out to you and you leaned forward, giving chan a perfect view of your cleavage. with innocent eyes, you stared at the man in the picture. he seemed young, around 23 -24 and had dark black hair with a well framed body. his looks were definitely not normal, his insanely good looks stood out the most int he picture where he was surrounded by a number of different things. however, he had nothing on your chan. yet you had to drool over him courtesy of your plan.
chan coughed a little too loudly, catching your attention and changbin frowned. “you okay man?” 
chan nodded, a tight lipped smile on his face as he gripped his glass of wine a little tighter. changbin, thankfully was unaware of what was going on thanks to the angles you were sitting at.
while chan had a whole show going on for him, changbin could only see most of your left back as you leaned deeper and zoomed on the screen. “he looks really handsome.” you gushed, putting in a little more effort. “and damn, that body. i sure can tell you that you all should be on the agree side.” you bit your lip, seeing chan raise an eyebrow in your peripheral vision. 
“see i told you! why else would all the women in our office be calling him a heartthrob?” felix jutted his head, as if to make a point. “if someone like y/n, who has chan as her boyfriend, call him attractive, he definitely must be.” he added and you did a little jump in your head. felix had just helped give your plan a nitro boost.
you nodded, biting you lip a little more and decided to unbutton your first button, making chan squirm a little in his seat. “is it just me or is it a little ho-” you began but were cut off by chan clearing his throat loudly.
“y/n, sweetie, why don’t you sit over here beside me? you’ll be closer to the aircon.” he smiled but you could see the way his jaw was clenched tightly.
you shrugged, buttoning it back up and slumped down beside chan. now that you were facing hyunjin and felix, you made sure that your front was covered decent enough. as soon as you sat down, chan’s arm snaked out from behind and clutched your waist, bringing you closer to him. 
“stop it right at this second.” he grumbled low enough for your ears and you looked up at him with the most innocent look on your face.
“stop what daddy?” you whispered in a small pout and his expression hardened.
chuckling to yourself, you ignored him instead removed your shrug, revealing the back and his hand grazed your skin. you felt chan stiffen beside you as the boys hollered about a football penalty gone wrong.
“hey chan, you’ve been quiet for some time. everything okay?” hyunjin asked him and chan snapped out of the little daze you’d put him in.
smirking, you bit your lip and looked down to a seem innocent. “what? oh yeah. yeah. just a little hungry it seems.” he smiled at him, putting a little emphasis on hunger that made your breath hitch for a second. “y/n ,you’ll get me something to eat. won’t you babygirl? im craving something sweet?” he looked at you with a pointed expression that said. “go to the kitchen right now.”
“of course channie. do any of you want anything?” you smiled at the group who shook their heads. “just go and feed your lover boy.” felix added with a laugh.
you walked away.
you were going to feed your lover boy alright.
you peeled the green leaves from the strawberries to cut them up for the nutella sandwhich you were making for him and placed them in the bowl . you sighed, taking a bit of nutella and licking it from your fingers. 
“why isnt chan here yet?” 
with your finger still in your mouth, you felt his warm arms surround you and hold you against the counter top.
“feeling a little bratty today. aren’t we babygirl?” his nose grazed your cheek and you gulped at the edge in his tone. 
you felt his familiar hard chest against your back and his wistful scent of mint soap and versace eros surrounded you.
when you didn’t answer, his hand came up to your mouth, pulling out your finger and he turned forward a little, staring at you sideways. “answer me.” he demanded and you quickly nodded. 
he scoffed. “so you tease me?” he questioned, moving your finger to the bowl with strawberries and then nutella in it and dipped it in, swirling it around. “such a little brat.” he mumbled, bringing strawberry in your hand to his lips and sucked on them.
his plump warm lips around your fingers made shivers tingle on your skin. he moved his warm tongue around, licking up every single bit of the chocolatey liquid. you resisted the urge to whine, rubbing your thighs together in obvious pain.
he let your finger go with a tiny pop from his lips and smiled. “isn’t babygirl hungry too?” he tilted his head and you frowned. 
why was he smiling so kindly? and why weren’t you on all your fours right now? usually riling up chan like this resulted in you on the bed in minutes, being fucked out of your mind.
he dipped his finger in the chocolate this time, bringing it up to your lips. “suck.” 
you moved your head, swallowing his finger and licking obediently. you felt his erection poke into your back and a smirk reached your lips. chan’s finger moved around, making you bob your head as he commanded your actions 
he pulled it out, making you stop your actions and began kissing your neck. “you are such a good girl. why did you have to be such a brat today huh?” he mumbled between kisses, holding you in place by your neck. you were captive, with no place to move to as he attacked your neck and captured your body from behind. 
“im sorry.” you whined, as chan marked your neck with no remorse. 
he moved closer, thrusting his hips into yours and the impact made you roll your eyes back. “shit, im sorry daddy.” you mumbled and you felt his hand tighten around you as he flipped you around.
his lips claimed yours as his tongue delved into your mouth. tasting each and every corner as he passionately devoured your lips. “you aren’t allowed to swear are you?” he broke apart, squeezing your ass painfully and you moaned. “swearing, teasing me. you’re just breaking all the rules today aren’t you?”
“i am sorry daddy.” you looked up at him. “i was just lonely and needy.” you pouted, leaning forward to kiss him again but he moved back.
“go and wait in the bedroom. i want you naked when i come there.” he growled at you, licking his lips and walked out of the kitchen. leaving you turned on, needy and breathless.
“please.” you moaned as chan’s fingers moved in and out of you at a relentless pace. “please stop.” you moaned again yet this just resulted in chan quickening his momentum.
hands tied on the top your head, you were lying with your back on the bed, legs spread out extremely wide with chan between them. 
sweat beaded around your forehead as tears of exhaustion rolled down your cheeks. “shut up.” chan growled, reaching his other hand over to squeeze your breast. 
“you wanted to be touched didn’t you?” he rasped, moving his fingers faster as you chased yet another high, he moved lower, mouth on your clit as he stimulated you. as soon as you felt that pleasurable bundle build up inside you, he immediately retraced his fingers, leaving you bare.
“chan!” you cried out in pain and pleasure found you that night. you screamed in pain as you lowered down from your non chased after high, revelling in the moments peace you had. too knocked out to even acknowledge the mistake you’d just made.
you felt chan slap your pussy with three fingers and you jumped. your folds were extremely sensitive after his ministrations and the slightest touch made you flinch. “ah!” you cried out, hoping chan would stop. instead, you felt a sharp spike of pleasurable torture when he pinched with two fingers.
a horrible realisation ran through you when you realised your mistake. “fuck-” another mistake. your eyes turned wide and you fumbled. trying to defend yourself and you saw chan raise his eyebrows as his smirked turned dangerous.
“baby girl is way too bratty tonight.” he noted, dragging his finger painfully slow over your folds and you squirmed. unable to move or speak properly, you mumbled out a string of sorrys which chan so easily ignored.
“such a tease. teasing daddy in front of his friends. not calling him properly.” he scoffed.
“daddy!” you yelled when he dipped his head down, lapping his tongue at your clit. his tongue moved further, eating you out like a starved animal and you whined. fresh tears rolled down, wetting your previously dried tear tracks.  
“daddy. i meant daddy. i am so sorry daddy.” you cried, when you orgasmed once more. unable to think clearly or even frame coherent sentences anymore, you blabbed futilely. “please let me cum.”
“being such pathetic brat. you wanted to be touched didn’t you, you will be touched?” he taunted, cupping your face with one hand as he observed your fucked out state. he smirked, moving back to your legs and you whined in protest.
“da- dad- daddy -daddy- dy” you mumbled. “i- i cant- cant- take-- take it- more” 
“keep that pretty mouth of yours shut babygirl. i know you can take it. you brought this upon yourself babygirl.” he whispered, giving you a quick kiss before he disappeared in between your legs again.
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seosracha · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
ㅡits just a mistake ! | xli. the truth untold
warnings: none
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"You want a drink? Soobin bought these last week" Hyunjin asked, showing some pink glass bottles to you. He looked at the label himself trying to figure out what it was exactly.
"If it comes from Soobin, than I'd rather decline" you said and his face displayed a confused look.
"What exactly does that mean?" he question, raising an eyebrow.
It was a hard thing to remember, that you no longer shared memories, and everyday for these past two months was spent afar from each other.
"It's nothing" you shake your head, and send him a sweet smile from the black velvet couch.
"I don't like the feeling of not knowing, what you've been up to"
You couldn't really recall the time when things between you and Hyunjin shifted. There wasn't a grand moment of realization, but more of a longing desire to kiss him and show him the love you've been hiding so long.
"What are you thinking about?" he questioned, sitting down next to your body, dangerously close.
You could feel the heat radiate from his figure.
He gave you a boyish smile "Me?" he was confident in his answer.
"What makes you think so?" you questioned, although he was right.
His face was graced with the dim lighting of the setting sun peeking through his blinds. Everything about him was perfect and you wondered how could one ever get so lucky.
"The way you look at me" he answered, smiling.
"You got me there" you giggled, and ruffled his soft black hair.
He acted offended and moved towards your freshly washed hair. Instead of softly repeating your action, he messed it all up, creating a huge ball of hair on your head.
"Thats unfair" you said and slapped his arm.
"Life is unfair" he clapped back and laughed at you "I just wanted to talk to you. About everything" he started and his expression changed from a sweet smile into a glance of seriousness.
The tension built a wall between the two of you, as neither of you spoke. It felt like an endless wait for someone to finally let the painful words flow out.
"Im sorry" he says after waiting longer than anticipated, and took your hand in his "I was being such an asshole and I still can't fully resolve the reason why. When Chan told me he liked you, I resulted to the most selfish thing and decided to help you" he made air quotes with his free hand.
"It didn't help neither of us and that's what I'm sure of" his voice shyly whispers.
"Why did you do it?" you ask toying with his ring.
His hands were pale and shaking. You squeezed it, assuring him everything is alright. You weren't mad at him anymore. The whole act of hating his guts, was a way to cope with your broken heart.
"Cause I liked you" he said simply looking at the starry sky behind you.
It felt weird to hear it from him. So short yet it made your heart ache in the right way.
"I didn't want you to date Chan so I purposely introduced Nayeon to him. I purposely led you into the delusion he didn't like you, when in reality he did, probably more than you did. He loves Nayeon noona, but believe me those feelings for you still linger inside of him" he exposed the bitter truth and it was so hard to take in.
He became so vulnerable in your arms and said way more than he prepared.
"And when Yeonjun came into our lives I found it the easy escape cause I know you won't be happy with me. I'm a fucking liar Y/n" he continued.
You had no words. It felt like the whole world was falling right onto you.
"Then you found Johnny, and I saw the way he was with you. So kind and delicate. The both of you clicked so fast and I knew my cause was long gone"
"Hyunjin, please don't say that" you said and grabbed his other hand. He couldn't even look at you.
"I left cause I thought you'd be better off with him" he said a salty tear slipping down his pale cheeks.
"Hyunjin you know that's not true" you whisper "Don't shut me out, please don't leave me again"
"I don't want to, I never did Y/n" he looks at you and that was the moment your concern was replaced with sadness.
He looked horrible, the truth being the hardest thing he let go of this month. His eyes were glossy with tears, face pale and nose red.
"Hyune, we can get past this I promise" you said and he broke down once again.
He couldn't stop crying, cause hearing such sweet words from you never felt like a reality in his mind. After everything he did.
"I don't want to stop you from being happy, and all i've done was make your life worst" he squeezed your hand tighter.
His cheeks were puddled with the weight of all of those strong emotions he was trying so desperately to hold onto.
He cried and you did too. Hyunjin never expected this moment to come.
What you'd never know is Hyunjin didn't appear by accident at that party. He was invited. Not by the birthday boy himself, but someone so close to your heart it felt unreal. Johnny invited him the moment you ushered away to slip out from any conversation with him.
"Y/n I swear I'll never leave again" he said and looked up at you.
He hugged your small figure tight to his body, playing with your hair.
When your sniffles became increasingly louder it hits him,-whats it's like to be the arms that someone else falls to pieces in.
"Stay the night"
but i still want you
a/n: updating twice today (i think) since this is really short!
taglist: @yerimselgi @murderyoursoul @hhjkji @hyunslvr @kawennote09 @hey-i-really-miss-you @c0nvers3h1gh @soobin-chois @emysorry @vienther @97-bangchan @skzstaysstuff @haniehae @ninjaleeknow @freckledquokka @mochisnlix @haesungie @yourlix @rindomo @aestheticbanguniverse @eastleighsblog
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jl-micasea-fics · a month ago
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𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐭?
𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍: A dinner date, a single dad, an almost certainly taboo relationship. A brazen, explicit proposition whispered amongst oblivious teachers and occupied parents. Honestly? You never stood a chance of resisting.
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Strong language, angst, tension and build up, explicit sexual content, single parenthood, DILF, parent-teacher relationship, brief references to depression and mental illness, alcohol, dirty talk, manhandling, mild breathplay, explicitly protected sex, oral, adult themes throughout.
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Self-insert, female reader x Bang Chan
𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐍𝐀𝐕: Introduction (Kinktober day 29)
𝐂𝐎𝐏𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓: © November 2021 by jl-micasea
Tumblr media
It’s just dinner, you told yourself for the twentieth time that evening.
Dinner that gave you nerves like you’d never felt them, yes, but dinner all the same.
Dinner with the single dad of a kid you taught.
You knew this probably fell somewhere murky on the grand scale of ethics. Somewhere smack in the middle of ‘justifiably appropriate’ and ‘oh-so-very-wrong’ – and you’d had to do no short amount of justifying to convince yourself into this.
Chan’s offer had been more than clear.
You, him, and a date with a more than happy ending.
His words had been ringing in your head since he’d spoken them to you, across the table that otherwise dull parents’ evening.
Just so you know, I always fuck on the first date. Hard.
It had taken an appalling quantity of pinot grigio to work that one out of your system, and even then, you’d barely succeeded.
The restaurant he’d picked out was pretty much on par with what you’d imagine would cater to the tastes of someone like him.
Not too pretentiously fancy, not too budget. Indeed, the cosy vintage atmosphere the place holds is endearingly appealing and only growing in sentiment as you admire it for tenth time.
It houses ten, perhaps twelve small circular tables, each with two or three chairs surrounding them. The tables themselves sport black granite table settings, a knife and fork beside them rest on clean, white napkins. Simple, yet elegant, as reinforced by the centrepieces – small painted metal ramekins presenting modest gatherings of colourful wildflowers. The whole place is lit by large hanging lightbulbs along the ceiling beams and hanging from wires above the tables, it sets an inherently intimate mood. The dark oak floorboards creak with complaint as the singular serving member of staff flits around expertly, mismatching portraits and pictures hang on the exposed plasterboard walls, a testament to creativity.
Had you any nail beds left to chew back; you’d be doing just that in an attempt to counter the butterflies currently seeking all escape routes from your gut in their wild panic.
Yet you suppose it’s far too late to turn back when the restaurant door opens, your date making his entrance.
Your pulse quickens on the sight of him, the butterflies take to Olympian gymnastic performance in response.  
His honey-coloured hair is neatly swept back on one side, while the other allows strands to fall free over his perfectly dark eyes. He wears a black suit shirt – sans the jacket and tie, somewhat creased – it falls open at the neckline enough to reveal a provocative glimpse of firm, pale pectorals beneath. The same chain he’d worn before is snug around his thick neck, silver metal rings on his fingers highlight the length of them. Fitted denim jeans cling to him above black combat boots, and the smile that dimples his face when he sees you is enough to have you swooning in your seat.
Get a grip, you tell yourself. He hasn’t even sat down yet.
A quick word to the waiting staff that greets him, and he makes his way over to you, navigating the tables and chairs with ease.
You stand from your seat, hand outstretched to take in stiff introduction, much as you had that parents evening.
Yet Chan all but ignores it, opting instead to place his large hands on your shoulders, leaning in and gracing both cheeks with a brush of his lips. The warmth of his breath fans across your skin in a moment too brief to be anything other than painful. The intoxicating scent of clean linen and man creeps over you, and you can’t remember the last time you were privy to such a thing.
“It’s good to see you,” he beams, pulling back.
“Y- You too,” you stammer, wondering if such brazen familiarity is common for him, before remembering the way in which he’d propositioned you in the first place.
Taking your respective seats, the waitress breezes over, notepad and short pencil in hand. A young woman, perhaps in her early twenties, a gathering of dark brown hair scrunched atop her head.
“A drink to start, Sir?” She blinks at him and drops her hip, smiling in a way that suggests professionalism isn’t her aim.
“Glass of pinot for the lady,” he answers without looking at her, his gaze remains fixed to you.
She stands upright immediately, you can almost see the way her mating parade shuts down, and you don’t know why your insides warm with the display.
Actually… You do know.
It’s because the slightest touch of attention from him makes you feel ten times the desirable woman – let alone when he’s doing it in front of others.
“Water for the table too, please. Thank you.”
And he’s not even rude about it.
The waitress nods, scurrying back to wherever she came from, leaving the two of you alone.
“How did you know?” You ask, placing your hands in your lap so he can’t see you wringing them together.
“That you’re a pinot drinker?” He raises a perfect eyebrow.
“Just a hunch,” he shrugs one shoulder. “It’s what I’d drink on a first date, and I figured our tastes are pretty similar.”
“You do?”
“And how do you figure that? Maybe I hate pinot,” you muse. “Maybe I detest it on every level.”
“Do you detest it on every level?”
You shake your head, suppressing a smile.
“Mhm. Knew it,” he mutters.
A moment of silence settles in, you wring your hands together tighter under the table, feeling yourself burn up under the intensity of his stare.
“You look great, by the way,” he states quietly.
You cross your legs together, fiddling with the hem of the dress at your thighs.
“Th- Thanks… You do too.”
“Well, I should think so. I did have help.”
“Help?” You ask.
“Yeah. All three foot, three inches of it.”
You immediately warm to the image that presents you, of Chan and his little girl rifling through clothes, her finding endless entertainment in dressing up her father as her own personal doll for his big night.
“She’s got good taste,” you drag your eyes over him.
“Takes after her old dad,” he winks.
And the simple gesture makes your stomach churn with excitement.
“So…” he leans over the table, elbows atop it, biceps stretching the material of his shirt as he moves. “Teaching, huh?”
You nod in confirmation, grateful for the mild distraction of the waitress bringing water and wine to the table, making herself scarce as quickly as she arrives.
“How did that happen?”
“In a boring, unremarkable way,” you place your hands flat around the stand of the wine glass. “Graduated high school, went to university, did my degree and PGCE and boom – teacher.”
“Okay, let me rephrase,” he almost laughs. “Why did that happen? Why teaching over anything else?”
You shrug one shoulder.
“I just… It was what I was supposed to do. I never even thought about anything else. Nothing else felt right, you know?”
He nods tentatively, a look of realisation crossing his features.
“I get that. Might sound strange, but I felt that way with my little one.”
You shift in your seat, noting the way his expression softens when he talks about her, thinks about her. It’s inherently endearing.
“The moment she was born, it was like everything fell into place. Like things were always supposed to work out this way, like I couldn’t have done anything else with my life,” he murmurs.
Your heart swells impossibly, an ache to your chest settles in with the admiration in his dark eyes.
“Some people are born to be parents,” you agree. “You’re lucky.”
“Don’t I know it. I mean, don’t get me wrong… it’s hard sometimes. But she’s worth it.”
Hard indeed. You’re sure, in fact, that it’s that much harder for him being by himself, solely responsible for a child.
You’d wondered, of course, how that situation came to be.
Is it inappropriate to ask? Improper to push for details? Wrong to dredge up memories that he might not want to be reminded of?
Yet you aren’t given a chance to ponder it much longer as the waitress once again approaches the table, lacking half the aplomb she had before.
“May I take your orders?” She asks politely, notepad and pencil in hand.
“I don’t think we’ve even looked at the menu,” Chan laughs, sweeping his hand through his hair at one side. “Guess we were… otherwise occupied.”
The waitress blinks, as though it’s taking significant effort on her part to process what he’s just said. In truth, you can’t blame her. He is fucking suave with a capital S.
“I- I’ll give you a few more moments,” she eventually stammers, spinning on her heel and walking away.
You wonder if Chan knows what he’s doing. If he knows the downright head spinning effect he has on people with his latent charm and subtle charisma, the pointed twinkle to his eyes.
You don’t suppose he does.
But you’ll make it a point to inform him.
“But that’s insane,” you laugh, shaking your head. “How didn’t you get caught?”
“What can I say, luck was on my side. The friend that works there might have had something to do with it, too. It was Changbin’s idea, in fact.”
“And they didn’t notice that their equipment was missing? Like, at all?”
“Nah,” he shakes his head, stifling a smile. “We swiped it, used it for a night and snuck it straight back into the studio in the morning. Like nothing ever happened.”
It seemed ludicrous to you that someone who presented themselves as such a paragon of responsibility had such a chequered past, but you knew well enough never to judge a book by its’ cover.
Empty plates sat before the both of you, and while you’d definitely enjoyed the offerings of the restaurant and the atmosphere on the whole, the company had easily been the star attraction.
You considered it an ample achievement that you’d managed to drag a single meal out over two hours, but in truth, you hadn’t wanted it to end.
In such a short time, you’d learned so much about him – both in character and person.
He was handsome, undoubtedly so. You’d known that from the first moment you saw him. Principled and disciplined, yet not so much as to make him stiff or impersonable. Dimples would appear in his cheeks when he smiled, his eyes narrowing in indication of his warmth. He had a presence about him that indeed encapsulated anyone near him, an infectious kind of confidence that stroked egos without being obnoxious about it.
Yet perhaps most startlingly of all, was his utter incognizance to what he had.
He simply exuded the aura of a man that had been consistently told he wasn’t good enough and struggled with the weight of his own achievements, yet rather than resentment or bitter inclination, it had manifested itself in the form of humble modesty.
There was no doubt in your mind that he probably found himself on the receiving end of rampant jealousy from those prone to it – whether centred on his physical traits or otherwise – and you considered it all the more testament to his character that he was able to take it in his stride.
It was clear to you that Chan was something special, something more than even he himself believed.
So yes… You didn’t want this night to end.
“Can I… ask you something?” You ask quietly, shifting in your seat.
He nods, leaning back into his chair, his arm slung over the back of it and legs crossed comfortably.
“The mother of your daughter-”
“She’s not around,” he interrupts.
“Right… You mentioned that, but I… Could you tell me what happened?”
For the first that evening, Chan tenses. His jaw locks and his shoulders rise an inch or so, locking to that position as he contemplates something he’d rather not.
“We’ve had a good night… haven’t we?” He sighs. “I don’t want to dampen it with a sob story.”
Your heart sinks, but you suppose you should respect his wishes. It’s not your business, after all.
Something in his expression changes as he hears the defeat in your voice, and as he leans back into the table, cocking his head at you, your heart seizes in your chest. His eyes are caught by the gentle bulb that hangs above your table; the shadowed planes of his face highlight the sharpness to his features.
“I wasn’t ready to be a father,” he begins softly. “That’s the upshot of it. When she and I met, we were young. Still kids ourselves, really. I was on the fast track to becoming an artist, she was a groupie that said she’d support me from day one. And she did.”
You feel a lump harden in your throat, unable to tear your eyes away from his as he regales you.
“We thought we could take on the world together. We didn’t realise – or perhaps we just chose to ignore – that actions always have consequences. When she fell pregnant… I was fucking devastated.”
He swallows thickly, lacing his fingers together on the table as his gaze drops.
“I acted like it wasn’t happening. Threw myself into partying and drugs. Sex. Whatever could distract from the reality of my situation. Whatever would push her further away from me. And it worked.”
“It wasn’t until seven months into the pregnancy that I truly came to terms with what was going on. I don’t even know why, but… sense just seemed to return to me overnight. Though by that point, it was far too late. She didn’t want anything to do with me, didn’t want me in our daughter’s life.”
He takes a deep breath, fiddling with the rings on his fingers.
“I don’t blame her, of course. Never did. What the hell was she supposed to do, you know? I’d have done the same thing in her shoes.”
“But you ended up with your daughter, didn’t you?” You try to put a lighter spin on things, though it’s to little avail.
“Yeah… After she was born, I guess the same madness that claimed me had its’ way with her,” he mutters. “She went off the rails. The doctors called it acute postnatal depression… Said it would wear off with the right medication and enough time. But she just went from bad to worse.”
You see the way his shoulders tremble, how his brow creases in stress at whatever memory he’s dredging up.
And without thinking, you reach across the table, placing your hand on his in your desire to offer some measure of comfort.
He’s immediately warm, his gaze drifts gradually up from the table. In the moment where your eyes lock once more, he brings his other hand to rest on yours, as though to embrace it. Your heart skips in response to him; your hand disappearing under his large ones.
“I took her when she was fifteen months old,” he sighs. “The courts granted me custody, and her mother was sanctioned to permanent hospitalisation. They kept saying they’d give her all the help she needed, but…”
“I’m sorry, Chan,” you shake your head, blinking free of the sting that pesters your eyes. “That’s awful.”
“It’s history,” he counters. “We’re doing much better now. Just the two of us.”
A moment of silence falls in the aftermath of the tale, the bubble of intimacy you’re in seems to thicken around you. Your hand is still nestled between his, an absent movement of his thumb strokes the back of your hand with all the gentile possible.
The butterflies in your gut are soaring, flapping their wings wildly and exacerbating the tension of excitement both in your nerves and in the space between you.
“Why me…?” You eventually whisper, the words coming out strained.
He raises an eyebrow, pursing his lips as though in thought of an answer, despite the fact you’re sure he’s had it all along.
“Why not you?”
“W- Well… because I’m-”
“You’re what?” He interrupts softly. “Beautiful? Driven? Good with kids and all too ready to help others?”
Any retort you could have given traps in your throat, your eyes widening with disbelief at the onslaught of appeal to your character that you’ve never heard before.
Chan leans forward, turning your hand over in his. He holds it as a gentleman would – carefully, yet not without purpose, bringing it to his lips slowly.
“You ready for dessert?” He murmurs against your skin, the warmth of his breath tickles at your knuckles, sends sparks down your arm.
You can do nothing but nod.
“Good. Let’s get the fuck out of here then.”
Your place was hardly presentable enough for a first date.
In fact, had you known to expect company tonight, you’d have made a point of clearing up and polishing – doing your utmost to appear like you weren’t appallingly disorganised and messy for someone who made it their professional business to be organised and neat.
Though you only had yourself to blame, you surmised.
Chan couldn’t have been any clearer with his intentions if he’d tried, and you couldn’t exactly go back to his place with the presence of the little one.
It seems common sense had failed you again.
Yet thankfully, Chan didn’t appear all that outwardly concerned with the state of your apartment.
He didn’t appear outwardly concerned with anything other than you, truth be told.
You’d offered him a drink.
He’d politely declined.
There had been a split second of awkward tension.
Your eyes locked, breaths caught respectively.
And it all came crashing down around you as the two of you gave in to the desires that been simmering beneath the surface of your collected demeanours all evening.
He presses you to the wall, one hand gentle around your throat as the other holds your head in place. His lips consume you, delicate yet firm – it’s the kiss of someone who’s practiced in kissing, practiced in controlling their passions to facilitate a more rewarding, gradual end.
And you’ve no doubt it’ll be more than fucking rewarding.
His tongue holds the subtle spice of the food he ate at dinner, the lingering ash of the cigarette he lit up on the way to your place.
You groan into him, your body bends to his movement, eager for the sensation of him against you, on you. Slinking your arms around his neck breaks his hold on your head and throat, so he winds them around your waist instead, hiking you into his arms with a jerked lift.
Your legs slot around him, the kiss breaks only long enough for him to navigate into the living room proper.
It’s dark inside, the only light available comes from the high hanging moon that’s stark amongst the clouds, its’ silver rays creep through the water-stained windows of your apartment. It bathes the two of you in blue and grey, the atmosphere is heavy with the lust you’ve brought home with you.
“Nice place…” he muses, settling you on the cold counter of the kitchen island. “Plenty of hard surfaces.”
He smacks the granite countertop he’s placed you on, seeming to relish in the sound of his skin against it.
“Is that… a good thing?” You breathe raggedly.
“Mhm,” he nods. “More things to fuck you against, teach.”
You’re about to protest the nickname, but aren’t given much opportunity as he catches your parting lips with his, slotting his tongue between them, consuming you all over again.
Large hands glide up your thighs, your dress moves with it – as is his intention – exposing your lower half until it sits plainly above your hips.
Your desire burns fierce when his hand comes over your thigh, disappearing between you. You feel the warmth of contact cup your sex entirely as his hand encloses you, his fingers roll expertly across you as though to simply test the waters, assess your reactions.
He tugs you to the edge of the counter, allowing himself better access to simply… feel you.
“Ch- Chan…”
“Yes?” He pulls back from you.
“I… I’m not on anything,” you moan gently.
“No pill?”
You shake your head, clasping his broad shoulders for support.
“We’re good, teach. I came prepared.”
His hand disappears to his back pocket, from his jeans he retrieves a small foil packet, the contents of which you know all too well.
Only for him to flip them down, revealing a ream of five.
Your face must say it all with the wicked smile that crosses his lips, one that disappears when he kisses you once more.
You rake your hands through his hair, tugging at his roots when his knees seem to buckle and he sinks down before you.
“What are you-”
“Hush. Trust me, yeah?” He soothes.
Quick fingers slip under your hiked dress, clasping the band of your lace thong. He encourages you to lift your hips in aid of the movement, dragging the thin material from you, down your legs to your ankles. Yet instead of dropping them to the floor, he bundles them in his hand, shoving them to his pocket.
Your legs are spread open by eager hands, Chan’s gaze now level with your utterly exposed centre.
“Juicy…” he mutters to himself, and you’re sure you might have heard him wrong.
But he makes quick work of the doubt as he acts on his tunnel vision, outstretching his tongue to full length and dragging it through your outer labia.
You throw your head back, releasing the breath you’ve been holding until now, unsure how to put into words the sensation of this man’s mouth on your centre when he closes his plump lips around the hood of your clitoris. He laps gently, coaxing the bundle of nerves to swelling and exposure, granting him yet better access as your arousal grows.
Your hands are steady on the cool granite of the countertop behind you, you gasp when he throws your legs over his shoulders. His enthusiasm doubles when he forces a staggered groan of pleasure from you – courtesy of the way he ripples his firm, wet tongue against your clit.  
He uses the tip of his tongue, stimulating your inner labia, dragging it from one side to the other, collecting your essence as he goes.
“Oh… my god-”
“Feel good, teach?” His voice is muffled against you.
“Y- Yes…”
“You like it when I eat your pussy like this? Nice and slow?”
You groan in response, your thighs trembling desperately with the addition of filth from his mouth – as though the building of heat in your centre wasn’t already driving you to the very peaks of your threshold.
“Tell me when you’re about to cum,” he instructs. “I want to feel you when you do.”
You nod in understanding, reaching down to your centre, tangling your fingers in his hair in encouragement. Slow rolls of your own hips drive your slick sex across his tongue; indeed, he allows you to set your own pace of movement for a brief moment before taking back control.
His large hands keep your thighs spread for him, his lips nuzzle and smother your exposed, swollen clit, reflective of his intentions to make you fall apart. He alternates between the rapid kitten flicks and drawn-out holdings, paying equal attention to the less loved parts of your sex – for Chan is nothing if not a lover.
“C- Cumming… I’m cumming, Chan-”
In swift response, Chan quickly stands to his feet, tugging you to the very edge of the counter, angling himself in readiness.
You mind is hazed of any rational thought when you feel yourself impaled, Chan glides inside you with such ease it’s near enough to drive you mad.
When exactly he removed his jeans and put on the condom – you have no fucking idea – but the sensation of being filled so fully, so completely and without warning forces your orgasm to the brink.
Now with something to clench around, something to tremble on and ride, you make the most of his impressive length, feeling the strength in your arms and legs evaporate with the onset of your climax.
“Fuck… That’s it,” he praises, hiking you into place.
You cling to his shoulders, burying your head into his neck as you quake uselessly in his arms. The curve to his solid cock presses against your g-spot, you tighten and greedily hold him still inside you as you ride out the waves of blissful content that sweep you.
“Good girl… Mhm, so, so good for me, hm?”
You break into a defeated, disbelieving sigh of laughter as your senses mildly return, pulling back to admire him.
“What… the fuck just happened?” You whisper.
“You just came all over my cock, teach, that’s what happened. Not for the first time, either.”
And with that, he snaps his hips abruptly, driving his length to the base and nestling inside you, fully sheathed.
“Fuck,” you exclaim in insincere protest, holding his hooded gaze.
He sinks his teeth to his bottom lip, the flush to his cheeks worsens as he snaps once more, then again, his movements reflecting the build of his desire. He clasps your throat with one gentle hand, holding you in place, daring you to break the eye contact first.
It’s mind-numbingly intense, watching the pointed glitter to his eyes fade and darken into something carnal, something so inherently sexual.
You move together, your bodies rolling in synchronisation, your groans of desire silenced when he clamps his lips to yours. He tugs your head back by the roots of your hair, you claw at his shirt, popping the buttons from their seams as you tear it open.
He pulls back to let you admire his body, the ridges and creases of his abs that tighten and relax when he rolls his hips and fucks you harder.
You drag your nails down his form, watching the pink trail the action leaves behind, relishing in the hiss he gives through his teeth. He slinks the shirt from his shoulders, letting it pool to the floor, grabbing the hem of your dress and tearing it from over your head in his hasted lust.
He picks you up once more, moving from the kitchen island counter to the central glass dining table, lowering you on it.
A gasp of surprise rips from you when the freezing surface of the glass connects with your bare, warm skin. He guides you back to it, climbing over you and slotting himself between your legs fluidly.
“Told you,” he murmurs against your lips, his voice hoarse. “More hard surfaces to fuck you against, teach. Hold on tight.”
And you do.
You hold on with everything you have, your legs hooked tightly around him and ankles digging into his rear to pull him in, your arms around his neck, gripping any part of him you can reach.
He grasps the edge of the dining table, caging you in with his form. Every muscle in his body tenses, the swelling of his cock glides neatly back inside you, and he makes good on his hushed promise, given in a hall full of parents and teachers.
He fucks you.
The legs of the dining table protest and scrape the floorboards with the momentum of his motions, the glass beneath you – though you know it to be reinforced – feels fit to break at any second.
The smack of his skin against yours is pornographically gratifying, the slick of your pulsating sex coats every throbbing inch of him, and you swear you might have died and gone to heaven when he groans in your ear, deep and rough. His knuckles white in colour when his grip on the edge of the table tightens, constricting the blood flow.
His warmth against yours is searing, head spinning, there isn’t a sense you have that isn’t satiated by him. You taste him on your tongue, hear him in your ears. Smell him on every part of yourself, feel him with every nerve. You see only him when you chance to crack open your eyes – and you only wish it had happened all the sooner.
For it’s a rare and taboo thrill that Chan gives you, one that you’ve yet to find in another person, let alone partner of any kind.
The cool glass condenses and fogs with your body heat, the pale silver light streaming in from the window highlights the deep planes of his body when he sits back on his knees, pulling you with him.
He sits on the edge of the dining table, wrapping your legs around him tightly. He supports your spine, encourages you to ride him deeply, slowly, the sweat from your form and his mingling together in an intoxicating show of intimacy.
“You’re fucking unreal,” he rasps, crashing his lips to yours.
“I- I’m just a teacher…” you breathe.
“And I’m just a single dad, but here we are, losing ourselves in each other. Fuck, does it feel good…”
Your breath hitches as he swaps your positions, perching you on the edge of the dining table, his eyes locked to your sopping sex as he pumps himself in and out of you, one languid thrust at a time.
Your eyes roll back with salacious content, you feel the familiar swell of pleasure build in your gut, the pressuring need to just release something, and by all accounts, he’s not far behind.
“F- Fuck, Y/N-”
He curses and tenses up, one lilted groan after another leaves his bitten, parted lips, and it strikes you that it almost sounds emotional – like he’s struggling to keep himself together in more than one way.
Rapid snaps of his hips bring him to completion, the added stiffness to his slick cock indicates the sudden rush of blood, the thick release he’s filling up the condom with. He prises your thighs further apart with one hand, the other holds your throat gently until he all but crumbles with his desires.
And he takes a moment to collect himself, as his arms close around you. His chin rests on your shoulder, his breath staggered in your ear. Sweat drips from his sharp jawline, trickling down your back, and he makes no move to retract from you.
“What do you think?” He eventually whispers, long fingers trail down your bare, clammy spine.
“We good for a second date?”
𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑'𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄: This continuation of the day 29 Kinktober piece [read here] comes to you courtesy of commission via the wonderful @/httpkirst due to insane popular demand - apologies for doubling the word count, I couldn’t help myself. I enjoyed writing this, hope it shows. 𝐌𝐢𝐜𝐚
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kim-seung-mo · 13 hours ago
oh my god i’m obsesseddd with all the headcanon ideas you have!! fr if i could request all of them i would. but for now can i request the one about them having a nightmare about you? it’s such a unique idea and i’m a sucker for angst LMAO
𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕪 ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕒 ℕ𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝔸𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕐𝕠𝕦
♩ g/n reader, angst I guess, lots of crying, but then some of them are just fluff?? hurt and comfort, mentions of blood (in a dream) and dying (also in a dream), sickness (cancer in particular, ofc, also also in a dream), and pining?
♩♩ word count: 3.6k (yeah ik i got carried away)
♩♩♩ A/N: all the ones i put on the list are ones i really wanna do and tbh i make you guys choose so i don't have to myself hhhh ANYWAYS yes, a fellow sucker for angst (~ ̄▽ ̄)~(this was wayyyy longer than I expected, so some of these r kind of bad asfheudshc ran out of ideas for nightmares) wip list here
Tumblr media
Chan: (He's your husband)
After a long day in the studio, Chan drags himself back to your shared apartment.
There was no one to be seen, not even the lights were on, which was odd.
Were you not back yet? No, it was almost three o 'clock. How could you not be back yet?
Were you in the shower? Or were you already asleep?
Puzzled, Chan headed for the bedroom.
That was when he found a pool of blood on the floor.
He felt his heart stop beating as he rushed into the bedroom.
No, no, no, you were nowhere to be found.
The blood on the floor looked like it has been dragged all the way to the bathroom.
He slowly walked towards the bathroom.
The door was ajar and the lights were on.
Shaking, Chan reached out and pushed open the bathroom door.
He saw you on the ground, lifeless.
"Y/n? y/n... Don't scare me baby......"
Chan gently picked you up, but you were as light as a feather.
Chan put his ear to your chest and held his breath.
There was no heartbeat.
"No...don't... this is not true...... Y/n! Y/N!!!!!"
"Chan? Baby, what's wrong? Channie baby wake up..."
You shook his shoulders, trying to wake him up.
It was four in the morning, you were woken up, frightened by your husband's uneven breathing.
You thought something has gone wrong. As you turn around, you see that his eyes were shut was sweating pretty bad.
It wasn't health-related, thank god. Clearly he had a nightmare.
He was calling your name, which meant something probably happened to you.
Chan opened his eyes suddenly, turning his head to look at you, quickly scanning you up and down.
"'re okay? You were, you were covered in blood, you weren't breathing, or, or moving, and your heart wasn't even-"
"Channie, Channie honey, it was just a dream."
Chan's heart was still beating fast, though he was relieved to see that you were all right.
Finally realizing what was happening, he began to feel embarrassed.
"I told you not to watch horror movies before bed didn't I?"
He covered his face with red ears and dared not look at you.
He was reluctant to admit that he had nightmares just from watching a horror movie.
You sighed, gently patting his back.
"All right, all right, come on, let me be the big spoon tonight."
Minho: (He's your boyfriend)
He was eliminated. He couldn't debut with his brothers anymore.
He couldn't fulfill his dream.
He couldn't dance on the stage.
You're gonna be disappointed in him.
He reached out, trying to grab you.
But you took a step back.
"I've always believed in you..."
"I thought you could do it."
"Lee Minho, I'm disappointed in you."
Your eyes were cold and devoid of emotion.
You weren't like you at all.
He knew you wouldn't talk like that, you wouldn't give up on him, you wouldn't.
You were the one who held him, you were the one who gave him hope, you were the one who believed in him more than anyone in the whole world.
This wasn't what happened, and he knew.
But his heart still hurt when he saw your face, when he heard you saying "I'm disappointed in you."
"Don't... Don't lose hope in me......"
"It's too late, Minho."
You turn around, and it seemed like you were going somewhere he couldn't reach.
Waking from his dream, Minho sweated.
It was a dream. Of course it was a dream.
He sighed, feeling the other side of the bed.
You weren't there.
"Yes baby? What's the matter? Why did you shout so loud?"
He was about to start questioning everything when you opened the door.
With a spatula in your hand, it was obvious that you came rushing from the kitchen.
"I'm fine...just wanted to call you."
You looked at him, frowned, and walked over.
"Baby, you're sweating a lot...and are those tears? Where you crying?"
That's when Minho noticed tears running from the corners of his eyes.
You leaned over and touch his cheek, still worried.
"'s nothing really, just a bad dream."
Not wanting to see you worried, he took your wrist and told you the truth.
"Aww baby...that's okay. I'm here for you no matter what."
Yeah, that was what you said to him.
"Go wash your face. Dinner will be served soon."
Changbin: (He's your boyfriend)
"I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I don't think my life is complete without you... Baby, will you marry me?"
Changbin got down on one knee and looked at you with the tenderest eyes, the ring he held in his hand shining.
You covered your mouth.
The corners of his mouth rise, waiting for your reply.
"Changbin, I thought we were just messing around......"
That was not the answer he had expected.
"Y... Y/N?"
"I'm sorry... I can't marry you......"
His heart seemed to have stopped beating.
Then he opened his eyes.
Sweating profusely, he gasped for air.
You weren't there.
Where were you? Was that a dream? Or was that...
Changbin felt in his pocket. The ring was still there, contained in its velvet box.
"Baby? Are you there?"
You came out of the bathroom as you turned off the lights, wiping your hair with a towel.
"What's the matter Binnie? Why are you awake? Are you hungry?"
He was slightly relieved to hear that.
So it was really just a bad dream.
"Baby, can I ask you something?"
You stood still, carefully watching his facial expression. He wasn't acting like himself.
You walked over and sat down next to him, putting the towel aside as you held his hand.
"Sure, what did you want to ask?"
Changbin closed his eyes and took a deep breath before looking up, into your eyes.
"We're not just...messing around, are we? I mean, this relationship, we're serious right? We're not just-"
"Of course not Binnie, what makes you think that? Has anything happened?"
You cut him off before he could finish his sentence, not wanting to hear the rest of it.
Changbin took your hand and placed it over his heart.
Now he was completely relieved.
"What if, what if I said I wanted to be with you forever?"
Your eyes are wide open.
"Changbin, are you......"
Changbin got out of bed, kneeling in front of you and pulled out the velvet ring box he's been carrying for over a month from his pocket.
"I was going to ask you in a more formal setting, but I've been...scared. In case you weren't ready, in case you'd refuse me."
"But I love you so much that I want you to be mine now."
"Y/N, my love, will you marry me?"
No flowers, no party, no beautiful night sky or anything like that. There was nothing but the two of you.
Only him and his heart full of love for you.
Tears welled up in your eyes.
"Of course Binnie, I'd love to."
Hyunjin: (He has a crush on you)
He liked you. He liked you so much he was going crazy.
From the moment he saw you, the feelings began to germinate.
In the time spent with you, the feelings called "love" only increased exponentially, and now it has reached the point of no return.
But you were always like a puzzle that couldn't be solved.
How did you really see him?
In your eyes, was he a brother? A friend? Or, slightly more......
Today, he finally found the courage to talk to you, to make things clear.
But you refused him.
"I'm sorry...Jinnie, I don't think that way about you......"
Your cold eyes, not a ripple in your eyes... everything about you seemed to be getting farther and farther away from him.
Darkness enveloped him, as if he was the only one left in the world.
Immediately afterward, he woke up.
It was thundering.
Hyunjin clutched his legs to his chest.
It was a dream, it was just a dream.
Thank god, it was just a dream.
But...he couldn't bear it anymore.
He wanted to know, he wanted to know what you feel right now.
It was pouring rain outside, but he didn't care anymore.
At twelve o'clock in the middle of the night, he knocked on your front door.
You were for sure surprised to see Hyunjin, who was soaked.
You tried to say something, but he didn't give you time to say anything.
"I can't stand it anymore, y/n, I can't stand seeing you so close to Chan hyung and Changbin hyung."
"I can't stand to see you always giving attention to Jisung and Felix."
"Why can't you just look at me? What's not good enough about me?"
Jinnie, Jinnie, Jinnie .....that name again.
Every time you'd call him that, his heart felt like it was going to explode.
Why could you have so much influence on him? Why does he feel like he's already lost when all you did was say his name?
"I like you! Don't you get it? Just how obvious do I have to be for you to......"
He started crying, not giving you any chance to reply to him at all.
"You, like me?"
After realizing what he had said and done, Hyunjin began regretting.
He just said it, and now he was going to be rejected by you, just like in his dream.
You were going to disappear again.
Then, he heard you laugh. You actually laughed.
"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"
See, he knew you were...wait, what did you say?
"If you like me, why didn't you tell me sooner?"
"What did you say?"
"You come over at twelve o'clock in the middle of the night while it's raining just to tell me this? Hwang Hyunjin, are you stupid?"
Hyunjin blinked innocently, not expecting the answer he got.
Hyunjin looked like a mess, tears still in his eyes, there was even snot running out of his nose. He gasps for air since he ran here, hair wet, a few strands in his mouth. He just woke up so his hair was messy, eyes puffed, with no makeup on.
Right now he was probably the ugliest you've ever seen him look, but even then he was still the prettiest person in the world.
“Yes,Hwang pabo, I like you, been liking you since day one.”
Jisung: (He's your boyfriend)
Jisung was having a relationship crisis.
You were saying "I love you" less, you didn't hug him as often, you weren't complimenting him anymore...something was wrong.
He was afraid to ask, too scared to know the truth.
But he still wanted to know what he did wrong, why were you being less affectionate?
But every time he'd ask you, "am I doing something wrong lately?" Your answer was always "no".
He tried looking back at his recent actions, but still couldn't find any clues.
After days and days of thinking, he could think of only one answer.
You must not love him anymore.
After getting this answer, Jisung found himself laying on his side on the couch, sobbing silently.
Unknowingly, he fell asleep.
Half an hour later, you came home, took off your shoes and jacket, and were going to turn on the lights, but found Jisung sleeping on the couch.
Moreover, he was whimpering.
A little worried, you came to his side and shook him gently.
"Please....don't leave me......"
He was sobbing.
You wonder what you did in his dream to make him cry like this.
"Sungie baby....wake up......"
Feeling someone shaking him, Jisung slowly opened his eyes, tears slipping from his eyes.
Jisung immediately sat up, his pupils trembling slightly as he choked out a cry.
"I'm here, I'm here Sungie."
Your hand rests on his knees as you looked at him worriedly.
"I will, I will do better,, don't leave me ...... keep loving me, please......"
You were confused.
"Sungie, that was just a dream, I'm not leaving you..."
"Then why are you!" He shouted at you, quieting down a bit after realizing how loud he was being, "then why are you......not affectionate towards me anymore? Why, why did you stop saying I love you to me? Why-why don't you hug me anymore? Why don't you give me morning kisses anymore? Is it, is it not because......"
Remembering what you said in his dream, he bit his lower lip.
"Isn't it because, you don't love me anymore?"
Seeing him like this, your heart ached, reaching out to cup his face, you began to regret your actions recently.
"No, no baby, my love...... It's not that I don't love you anymore, I... this is going to sound really dumb because I now realize how wrong I was......but believe me, it's not that I don't love you anymore. I, I just...I didn't want to seem too clingy....too needy......."
Jisung cries as he listened to your explanation, shaking his head frantically at the end.
"You're not too clingy, never, I am. I'm the one that's clingy, and needy, and I, I need your "I love you "s, I need your morning kisses and daily praises, I need it, so please....don't stop."
"I'm sorry Sungie, for making you feel this way...... I'm sorry ......"
"So you still love me, right?"
You couldn't help but kiss him.
"Of course, I love you."
"Say it again."
"I love you."
"Han Jisung, I love you."
Felix: (He's your boyfriend)
Maybe it wasn't a good idea to watch sad movies before he went to bed.
Because now he was dreaming about you dying of cancer.
It was clear from the beginning that it was just a dream, but it still seemed too real.
Watching you, lying on the hospital bed, so fragile you could break with just one touch. Him, standing helplessly by your side, unable to do anything but cry.
You repeated the words "I'm sorry" in his ear, telling him not to be upset, even after your death.
The scene shifted and he was standing in front of your grave.
In his hand, he was holding your favorite bouquet of flowers, he stood there silently.
He couldn't do anything.
Facing death, he couldn't do anything.
This feeling of powerlessness drove him crazy.
When the dream finally ended, he jumped out of bed immediately, needing comfort.
He found you in the living room, still watching TV.
You looked up, a little confused to see his sad expression.
"Lixie? What's the matter?"
He came to you and sat on top of you, his legs bent on each side of your body, his arms wrapped around you, his head resting on your shoulders.
"Had a nightmare, got really sick and died...I, I couldn't do anything about it."
You couldn't help but laugh at that, though you still hugged him back, patting his back gently.
"Don't worry, it won't happen, I'm still young and healthy."
"I know...but it's not just sickness, I'm just so afraid, and just...the thought of being separated from you one day scares me so much ......"
You pulled away so he was looking straight at you.
"You won't ever be happy if that's the only thing you think about, yeah? Don't be afraid, we still have plenty of time."
You pick up his hand and place it on your cheek.
"Look, I'm still here, healthy and happy. So don't be sad, it would break my heart to see you sad."
He blushes, then nods.
"Well......maybe it's just because of the movie we watched earlier, I should be fine if you give me another hug."
After saying that, he started to burrow into your arms again.
"I guess Lixie is still just a big baby huh..." you said, gently scratching his scalp.
"Then you should give your big baby a kiss."
Seungmin: (He's your fiance)
You ran away.
You ran from your wedding, during the most important part. During the vows.
Seungmin stood alone, the priest and those who came to the wedding stayed silent, unable to believe what was happening before their eyes.
You actually ran away.
"No, I can't marry you, I'm still... I'm not ready."
That was the reason you gave him.
He wanted to go after you, to take a step, but he couldn't move.
He wanted to shout out, to tell you not to leave.
But he couldn't do anything but stand still.
He never wanted to thank god more when he finally woke up.
You were still sleeping peacefully beside him, like an angel, as if all the evil in the world had nothing to do with you.
But, now that he thought about it, of course it was just a dream.
You would never do such a thing, never.
He chuckled at himself, gently rubbing the back of his neck.
Gosh, why would he dream of such a thing? You were the one who proposed to him.
Of course, that's not to say that he would either. He would never.
Seungmin lied down sideways, propping his upper body on his elbow, quietly watching you.
Tomorrow is the day.
From tomorrow on, you will be his and his alone.
Gently picking up your left hand, he kisses the ring on your ring finger.
"Hmmh...? Seungmin, what's wrong?"
He seems to have accidentally woken you up.
"It's nothing......just a little excited."
There was no need to tell you about the stupid dream.
He heard you laugh, softly.
Turning around, you face him, squinting slightly.
"Is my puppy excited? How cute..."
He frowned at the nickname.
"You should stop calling me that..."
"We're gonna be married, how weird is it to call your husband "puppy"......"
In reality, he didn't mind it a bit, it was just that he wanted to hear you call him other things too, like "jagi" or "yeobo".
"That's not happening, you'll be my cute little puppy forever."
You pressed the back of his head towards you, your foreheads touching.
"Go to sleep puppy, I don't want my dear yeobo to have dark circles under his eyes at our wedding."
He smiled happily and took you to sleep in his arms.
This time, it was a sweet dream.
Jeongin: (He has a crush on you)
"Yang Jeongin likes Y/N" seems to be the secret everyone knows except Yang Jeongin and Y/N.
You only had to know Jeongin for more than three minutes to know that.
After all, he just couldn't seem to stop talking about you.
"Y/N hyung/noona is so beautiful today."
"Y/N hyung/noona smiled at me!"
"If only I could talk to Y/N hyung/noona..."
Everyone was encouraging him to confess.
But each time he would say something like " stop teasing! I don't even like them!" to refuse.
Everyone would roll their eyes because his ears were turning tomato red as he said it.
Just when people started to give up, an unexpected helper appeared..
"Jeongin-ah, I found a boyfriend!"
Waking up screaming, Jeongin almost jumped out of bed.
It was a dream! It was just a dream!!!!!
But, but he didn't know if you actually have a boyfriend or not.
What would he do......if you did?
No, he doesn't even like you! It's none of his business whether you have a boyfriend or not!
It shouldn't...
But why did his heart hurt so much?
Did he really......
He checked his phone. It was 2:30 in the morning.
He knew your habits. You've always been a late sleeper, and never went to bed before three o 'clock.
So, if he, he couldn't do this over text... if he called you now, you would probably pick up.
Should he? Or should he not?
If he did, what would he even say?
"Hi Y/N Hyung/Noona do you have a boyfriend?"
No, no, no, that's weird. Who calls in the middle of the night to ask that?
If he doesn't, he might go crazy.
'Stop stressing and just call them!' his inner self yelled.
And before he knew it, he was calling you.
His hands were shaking, no, his whole body was shaking.
It only rang twice before you picked it up.
"Hello? Jeongin-ah, why are you up so late?"
"Y/N hyung/noona!"
"Huh? What's wrong?"
"I!!! I...I, I!"
(Takes a deep breath) "I like you!"
"Yang Jeongin, are you drunk? Or is this some kind of bet?"
Jeongin was anxious as he shook his head vigorously, even though he was on the phone and you couldn't see him.
"No! I, I really like you! Since...from...from a really long time ago!!"
He heard you sigh at the other end, and his heart sank.
You didn't like him back. Of course you didn't like him back...
But the next words froze him.
"This better not be a bet, or you're going to have a hard time tomorrow."
"Huh? you mean?"
"This means Yang Jeongin, that I like you too, and have also liked you since a long time ago."
You hung up, and for a whole 10 minutes Jeongin thought that this was just another dream.
He slapped himself, feeling the pain on his cheeks.
This was no really did like him back......
Resisting the urge to rush to your door right now, he laid back down.
He tried to calm down but nothing worked. How could he when you basically just told him that you liked him too?
Shyly covering his face with the blankets, he started kicking around.
For the rest of the night he just tossed and turned in bed, waiting for the sun to rise so he could see you again in person.
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