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I hate it when people try to defend the Brotherhood of Evil’s worth as villains, yet never address the gaping flaws in their plan. Mostly the fact that aside from one episode they shouted their plans to the sky -even when not in control of the situation or anything like that- and rather than kill the Titans like they said they were going to they just froze them with a machine that had already canonly been used and then reversed in a matter of minutes. And I’m supposed to be scared of these dim-wits??? Especially after we’ve already been introduced to characters like Slade, Trigon, Blackfire and Brother Blood!

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Wintergreen: Slade I said no more pets

*Slade surrounded by way too many animals*: I dont know what your talking about


Wintergreen: Slade.

*Slade holding up a small tabby kitten*: look hes lonely he needs us

Wintergreen: I-

*A small goat crashes into the the bookcase beside slade*

Wintergreen: Who is that

Slade: Billy the goat

Slade: What dont look at me Rose named him.

*Wintergreen walking out of the house*: Thats it im done

*Slade running*: wait nO COME BACK

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The Purrminator

Rating: T+
Relationship: Dick Grayson & Slade Wilson
Characters: Slade Wilson, Dick Grayson, William Wintergreen, Bruce Wayne
Additional Tags: Haly’s Circus (DCU), Alternate Universe - Shapeshifters, Kid Dick Grayson, Good Slade Wilson

Part 2 of “Of Tigers, Elephants & Human Robins

“I’m going to fly. I’m really going to fly with my parents!” Dick whispers into his fur that evening, pitch so high it hurts Slade’s sensitive ears, and he gives a faint growl, wet nose bumping against the boy’s cheek.

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