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From the grave to your fucking ears! 👁️🔥
Les dejo una parte del nuevo single de @human_decomposition “Interplanetary Evisceration” donde participo con un feat enojado y descompuesto, todo un honor que mi primer colaboración sea con esta bandota, puro real slam in tha’ hood homie y hasta abajo cabrones! 🔨
#Slamming #Gutturals #DeathMetal #Single #Video (at Guadalajara, Jalisco)

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I got my first bloody nose from slammin’ during Internal’s pit at this fucking iconic OKC death metal show at Bricktown Live! I remember thinking “I have now seen it all” leaving the venue after experiencing Internal Bleeding live and moshing like a demoniac to them, as they had just released “Vociferous Contempt”. The pit started at 100% viciousness when Internal went on & didn’t stop until Six Feet’s last note, and they just released fucking “Haunted” too, Holy Hell! I am prone to being possesed by brutal death.

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Did you know 20% of youth live with a mental health condition?

Or that 8% of youth live with anxiety?

Or how about that suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among youth?

People joke about wanting to die all the time but don’t know how it feels to live your life struggling to survive.

People will see the scars on someone’s arms or legs and accuse them for crying for attention when they’re crying for help

Because if someone has a smile on their face, they’re okay right?

But if you forget for a split second to wear that smile on your face you’re bombarded with

“Are you okay?” “Are you sure?” “If you need anything I’m here”.

Yet when you ask for help they aren’t there or they judge you.

Society acts like they’re all down to help someone in need yet when confronted with someone they play dumb

And it’s all because no one wants to talk about it.

The only time I hear someone willing talk about mental health is when they want to diagnose someone with being sick in the head for wanting to change their body to fit their gender or loving some of the same sex.

Other than that, people want to accuse those in need of help of being overdramatic.

Parents would rather put their pride first and tell their kid they’ll get over it rather than helping them.

They feel that if they admit there’s something wrong with their kid that they messed up as a parent

When in reality the only thing they’re messing up is their child’s trust

Because this isn’t the first time they’ve been told, 

“If you need anything I’m here”

But it is the first time they put their whole trust in someone and got let down.

So parents, family, friends, please listen, and please listen close

Depression is like a storm that comes in waves. 

The first sign of the storm are those gloomy days.

At first they seem normal because everyone has gloomy days once in awhile right?

But then those days become more frequent and the waves get a little rougher

And suddenly all you see are the waves.

No sunlight.

And no open space.

You’re struggling under the waves, gasping for air.

Then little by little the waves get lighter

And eventually its back to normal and everything seems okay.

But the storm hasn’t passed,

These moments are just simply the eye of the storm

Because then just as quick as the waves calmed down, 

They come and pull you back down and it’s just one huge endless cycle.

While anxiety comes and goes on a daily basis like a draft when you leave the window open

You can’t stop shaking.

You become aware of the endless possible thoughts that people think about you.

And all you really need is a hug and some reassurance.

That’s what everyone needs.

And the saddest part is, no one realizes that.

That girl who covers her arms with long sleeves even when it’s hot just needs warmth 

Because even though she claims she got those scratches from her dog or her cat

It’s not even as close to simple as that.

That boy who locks himself in his room everyday

He’s not being rude or antisocial

He’s scared of saying or doing something wrong 

So stop being so naive 

And help someone in need

And just please listen and please listen close

Don’t make your family, don’t make your friends, and don’t make me just another statistic.

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