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Full work

Fix him, he says. Law chuckles darkly.

“Roronoa-ya…” The surgeon hates how weak his voice sounds, terrified beyond belief because of the sudden horror that overloads his existence, too much torment trying to cram itself inside his person. “I’m afraid that if we move Luffy-ya too much, brain matter is going to fall out of his skull.”

Luffy might never forgive him, but this is bigger than either of them.

Law loves him.

He wishes he had told him sooner, wishes he would’ve had impossibly more chances to kiss him, to keep knowing sides to him no one else is privy to. Law loves his kindness and his strength and every single stupid antic of his that never fails to annoys him and amuse him. Law feels like the last couple of months have brought with them more laughter than he’s experienced in years. He loves to think that with people like Luffy around, Cora-san’s views of the world live on. 

D will surely bring another storm.

Law is unsure about all the prophecies and the void century and ancient weapons, despite how he’s discussed the topic with Nico-ya at length, but if such a thing exists, Luffy is smack in the middle of it. Doflamingo called Ds the enemies of the gods, and Law doesn’t think he meant the abstract figure of worship. Times are changing, Luffy is a vital part of this era, if not the guiding light of it, and Law believes in him more than he has ever believed in anyone or anything. 

Law is going to save Luffy because maybe Law can do some good in the world too. 

(And because he cannot live in a world without him, as selfish as it is). 

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