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ashesfordayz2 days ago
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Chucky Amazon reviews
So the finale of Chucky am I right?
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slasherhaven15 hours ago
Hi, I love your blog! Can you show me how the predator would react if it found out that human hair is not as sensitive as yautja's.Would he feel embarrassed to touch because he thinks it's an intimate area or would he feel curious?Kisses from brazil 馃槡
Your Yautja Mate Learning that Human Hair is not as Sensitive as his own:
Your new Yautja friend is very curious about humans but even more so about you, it was obvious.
He is aware that your hair and his 'dreads', as you call them, are very different but he runs with the assumption that your hair is as sensitive as his dreads just to be cautious.
He wouldn't be embarrassed about touching your hair even if he thought it was an intimate area, he just doesn't touch it because he is being respectful.
Yautjas don't usually feel much shame about intimate areas, sex, or arousal. But there is a lot of shame about touching those areas without consent or some sort of mating ritual beforehand.
Of course he sometimes lets his curiosity get the better of him, usually when he spots you casually playing with your hair. Surely if it was a sensitive area would wouldn't touch it so often when in the company of somebody else, especially with the privacy of intimacy among humans.
Maybe it was just another difference between your races.
You, of course, never assumed that his dreads were anymore sensitive than your hair. And this is what led to his discovery.
You had touched his dreads while teasing him about something, thinking nothing of it.
Still, he wasn't embarrassed about you touching a sensitive area but he thought it would be best to let you know that's what you just did.
You were the one embarrassed about it, and very apologetic in case you made him uncomfortable.
He assured you that he wasn't uncomfortable, maybe even being a little flirtatious about it, but then asked about your own hair.
You looked a little confused before shaking your head, telling him that it definitely wasn't an intimate area...not like his was.
Finally, the alien can sate his curiosity without thinking he was violating you in any way.
He still asked of course, being respectful as always. He was seeking to be your official mate, after all.
And you allowed him, thinking it was kinda sweet for the big scary alien to want to play with your hair.
No matter the length, no matter the texture, he approves. Yes, it is indeed very different to his 'hair'.
He's probably going to become fond of playing with your hair or stroking your hair. If you don't like it, he will immediately stop, but if you don't mind he will happily continue.
Now, you're the one with the curiosities.
Having developed much deeper feelings for the alien than you ever meant too, you have caught yourself glancing at his dreads from time to time. Now you worried that you might be the one violating him.
Of course, if you expressed these curiosities to him, he would have absolutely no problem with letting you explore them.
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hooterhorrora day ago
Hey there! I was wondering if you could write a little something for Bo Sinclair being protective of his S/O when some unlucky visitors come into Ambrose (because their vehicle is broken, obviously) and one of the future victims comes on a little too strongly to Bo's S/O (making them uncomfortable) and he just sort of snaps?
Bo being protective
format: headcanons/oneshot ish? this got messy and it's not very good, I'm sorry tib!
warnings: violence, gore, r/niceguy and creepy leering behavior from one of the visitors, swearing, etc.
Tumblr media
this in itself is nothing new. we all know that Bo Sinclair is possessive and he's trying to keep it under check. He'd never withhold any freedoms from you or demand you change your outfit before going out. That's just not him. He loves to show off his pretty little thing when they go in town together, whenever that may be!
now when it comes to people coming into town, you have the choice to stay far away from the action and hold down the fort at the house, or you can be as involved as you want. It all just depends on how bat shit crazy you might be, hun.
let's say you were willing to be around but not get your hands dirty. You're in the garage and greet the new group along with Bo, who pops open the trunk and takes a look at everything to find the problem. You're watching bo interact with one of them, filling them in on what it could be.
it's always the damn fanbelt.
Since the group had gotten to the garage you had noticed one of them kinda... leering at you. He'd look away when you'd glance over, but eventually his eyes would linger for a second longer as time went on. You figure the poor guy was nervous at first
and he was, just not because of the weird wax ghost town they were in like you figured.
he eventually approaches and introduces himself. You both make some polite small talk, all while bo is looking over making sure you're doing alright.
You give bo a reassuring smile and he goes back to what he's fiddling with under the hood. Hell you even catch yourself admiring your boyfriend as he wipes grease off his hands with a huff and a furrow of his brows. Who knew car boys could be so attractive in the right situation?
The conversation you two had seemed like innocent small talk, him telling you about the road trip they had been on and you listening intently since he did have some good stories to tell. You couldn't miss how he'd look you over. Nor could you ignore how he'd stare at the side of your face whenever you looked away to meet eyes with Bo.
Your boyfriend could almost sense your growing uncertainty but he knew to not step in quite yet. You had it under control for now!
and as Bo announces that the fan belt was busted to hell and back but he had one at the house, he took most of the group with him.
One volunteered to stay behind. And for the first few minutes it was dead silent in the shop.
til he spoke back up and the questions started. He asked how you ended up in ambrose. He asked why you'd stay in this shit hole. Quote: "you kinda seem like city folk to me". You only answered to be polite. And because the silence as he stared at you was more dreadful.
Then he'd ask if you were seeing anybody. You told him after a second that you were.
"You sure? I could be better than him."
you barely had enough time to cringe. He was already leaning in across the counter to kiss you.
"What the hell are you doing?!"
bo's voice is loud as he Yanks the visitor away from you by the back of his shirt. You're quick to scramble out from behind the counter as the visitor puts his hands up in defense.
"T-they said they were single!" And Bo sneers. "Like hell they did."
Bo knocks them out cold with a wrench across the face, spitting profanities as the man slumps to the ground. He's be dealt with properly later.
His main concern now is you as he pockets his wrench and gently takes your face in his hands.
"You okay darlin'? he touch you?"
you shake your head and bo visible relaxes, pulling you into his arms and kissing the crown of your head.
"Fuckin' rat.. I'll take care of him, sweetheart, don't worry.." He mutters as he strokes your hair with a surprising but welcomed amount of tenderness.
If you rather be with your boyfriend at that moment, then he'll call Vincent to take care of that bastard.
you don't touch what belongs to bo Sinclair <3 let's just say that
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rin--rena day ago
Tumblr media
made myself a discord icon 4 crimmas but i might as well put it in here too since my slasher hyperfix hasn鈥檛 lost its grip on me yet
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biskitchip2 days ago
Tumblr media
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frenziedslashersa day ago
In that case 馃槒
Now stay with me here- Reader having (not abnormally, but) large breast, and at the end of the day her back starts to hurt bad.
So can we have some Thomas Hewitt holding them up for her sometimes before they go to bed because it relieves a lot of pressure and weight, but not entirely sexual. They just trust each other like that 鉂 (Married or established relationship)
It can be a one-shot or whatever you want. I don't really care...
Thank you!!
Ooh homesMcGee 馃檶馃檶 love this idea, I have been having back problems because of my chest and I hate it LMAO they aren't even that big, but my bodies all "馃懝鈥硷笍鈥硷笍 pain鈥硷笍鈥硷笍" so yesyes, love this thought 馃き馃挄 this is short but I hope it works 馃懝
Thomas Hewitt holding S/Os breasts up to relieve backpain:
Thomas never really took into consideration that they would hurt. They looked and felt so soft, so malleable and pleasing. He loved everything about you, but your chest was just a plus, something to lay his head on while he held you. Something to hold while you slept against his chest. Something to latch his mouth onto while you were pressed up against the mattress beneath him.
It wasn't until you brought up them being a burden that he took the weight into consideration. Frowning at how you held your hands to your back, arching it in attempts to pop it. Release some of the tension from it. You could see the concern in his eye, smiling softly.
"Oh, they're just heavy, Tommy, nothings wrong with 'em. Just a pain at times, 'specially for my back." You admitted with a breathy chuckly. Watching his eyebrows furrow and then raise in realization. That made so much sense.
He would watch you for a while. Noticing how you seemed to slouch forward slightly when your back hurt too much. Or how you would even grab them yourself. So, he took it into his own hands to help. Literally.
Thomas approached you from behind. Body pressed against yours, hands reaching under to cup the bottoms of your breasts.
"Tommy?" You were a bit dumbfounded. It wasn't like him to just touch you like this, until you heard him mumble something behind you. Looking up to meet his eyes, which read 'I wanna help,' all over them. It took you a moment to realize he was holding them up for you, face heating up. Stomach fluttering with a tinge of embarrassment. Though for the most part, you really just felt lucky. Lucky to have such a thoughtful and kind guy.
He would let you lean back against him. Resting his chin on the top of your head with a hum of adoration.
"For a second I thought you were trying to get something out of me," you teased. Looking up to watch his face twist up in embarrassment. His eyes widening as he shook his head back and forth. Giggling at his reaction.
"Tommy," you reached up to cup his face. Turning in his grasp to look at him. His hands now resting on your back. "I'm only joking." You kissed the tip of his nose with a smile. "Thank you," he smiled. Relaxing at your touch. Resting his forehead against yours with a nod. Humming softly. He was perfect, as were you.
Tags: @pretty-pillow-princess (just let me know if you ever want added or removed from the tags!)
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glitchstoxicwaste2 days ago
For slasher reader comfort you could do Jason helping reader who is panicking after being taken to the camp and left alone there.
-馃 anon
Thank you!!!!!
Not All Hope Is Lost
A Jason hurt/comfort
It was supposed to be a fun, happy day with your small click. The bonds you made over the years of knowing one another, the trust that had been evident to even those who never knew you existed, it all fell apart so fast.
Slashers | Jason
TW: Abandonment, toxic friends (I think), my writing lmao
Continue under the cut!
You and your friends had planned on going camping, a fun little adventure out into the wilderness for a break from common corruption. You all had packed up enough to last a few weeks, wanting to be prepared. Once you all got to the camp and set up everything it was getting dark. You all ate s鈥檓ores and told ghost stories, loving the feeling of being a child again. But that joy turned quickly when you were woken up by the sounds of your friends scream鈥檚.
鈥淕o, go, go!鈥
The panic in her voice and the sound of truck doors opening and closing alerted you more. You quickly unzipped your tent just as the truck鈥檚 engine started. You leapt out of the opened tent with haste, waving your arms like a madman.
鈥淕-guys wait! Don鈥檛 leave me!鈥
You shouted, your voice falling on deaf ears as the tires spun around and the truck sped away. Stunned and hurt you fell to your knees, arms limp at your sides as you stared at the slowly shrinking sight of the bed of the truck. Tears began to prick the backs of your eyes and your breath quickened. The sound of leaves crunching brings you back to reality. You slowly turned your head to the sound, eyes locking with the blue ones of a man wearing a hockey mask. You were face-to-face with none other than Jason Voorhees.
The tears fell from your eyes as your mind sank darker and darker into the depths of your returning despair. The sorrow and pain swimming clear in your irises despite your best attempts at faking a smile as you normally do. You tried, you truly did, but the way his eyes bore into you, you couldn鈥檛 help but crumble slowly beneath his gaze. He was more than aware of how your chest aches, the back of your throat burned, and eyes stung from fighting the sob that wanted out. He stepped closer to you, noticing how you glanced at his knife then back to him. Quickly, he put it down, slowly straightening back up with his hands open, a sign that he won鈥檛 hurt you. But currently, you couldn鈥檛 care less, the pain of abandonment hurts more than the knowledge of the 鈥淢yth of Crystal Lake鈥 being by you. You turned your head back to the entrance of the camp, the truck long gone by now, your mind racing, trying to figure out what you had done wrong.
A hand placed on your shoulder jolted you back to reality once again. Knowing who鈥檚 hand it was, you allowed your head to hang down in defeat. He knew the pain, the fear, the feeling of being alone and abandoned for no reason other than selfishness and petty reasonings. He sighed and sat down beside you, crossing his legs. You glanced over at him, pain, hurt, and confusion swarming in your irises as though they were bees in a hive. His heart ached and he fought himself, losing to his own emotions. He swiftly picked you up and placed you on his lap, he wasn鈥檛 surprised that you stiffened and panicked slightly, but eventually you understood his intentions were pure.
You couldn鈥檛 help it any longer, everything was too much, and you felt so safe in the arms of this behemoth of a murderer. You completely broke, shattered into adom sized pieces as you cling to his blue flannel, burying your face into his chest and crying. You didn鈥檛 just cry, no, you screamed, you screamed a blood curdling scream that shook Jason鈥檚 chest slightly, you punched at his chest, the emotions pouring out of you like an overfilled teapot. If Jason could feel it, he knows it wouldn鈥檛 feel good. He allowed you to get it all out, and once you calmed down he wrapped one arm around your waist, pulling you closer, and his other hand began to stroke your hair.
He held you even closer, anger bubbling up quickly at the situation. Pissed at how you can鈥檛 here just to be left behind. Livid at how you were rendered to your current state from assholes not giving a shit about who they claimed was their 鈥淔riend鈥. He may have been alone, abandoned over something as small as his appearance, but he swears to you in silence that you鈥檒l never be alone again. He won鈥檛 abandon you like they did, he will protect you and keep you safe, even if it鈥檚 the last damn thing he does.
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feelin-woozy6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When you mess with a demon like me 聽 聽 聽 聽 You'll get just what you deserve 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 I'm telling you you bit off more than you can chew 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 And I am every bit as bad as you've heard
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used-organsa day ago
Michael and billy have a good dynamic
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They went to Walmart together
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slasherhavena day ago
I was wondering if I could maybe request Thomas, Michael, Vincent and Jesse, and any other Slashers you鈥檇 like to add, with a female s/o who has stretch marks all over, like her belly, hips, thighs, upper arms, breasts and even behind her knees, and is really shamed and embarrassed of them. I鈥檓 just curious as to how they鈥檇 react to that, maybe it鈥檚 their first time seeing the marks? Feel free to add NSFW or keep or SFW, I鈥檒l leave that up to you! If you鈥檝e already done one of these, I鈥檓 so sorry for requesting it again, in that case just ignore 馃槄
Includes: Thomas Hewitt, Michael Myers, Vincent Sinclair, Jesse Cromeans (Chromeskull)
Having a S/O who has a lot of stretchmarks (mild NSFW):
Thomas Hewitt
Thomas is a big guy and while a lot of his mass is muscle, I wouldn't be too surprised if he had some stretchmarks of his own.
Either way, whether he has his own or not, he doesn't see yours as a flaw or as even remotely unattractive.
He's always thought you were attractive, stretchmarks aren't going to change that.
If the first time he sees them is when you're wearing clothes that leave some of them visible, he doesn't think too much of it. At first glance he assumes it's some sort of scarring (since it's so normal for him) and worries a little but then quickly realises that they're just stretchmarks, he relaxes then.
Whether he noticed them or not, the first time he got to see them all and in so much detail is the first time you're being intimate.
You expressed your insecurities before undressing, warning him about your stretchmarks, clearly embarrassed by them.
Thomas understands insecurities better than most people but you're both insecure, both worried about revealing certain parts of yourselves, but you can do it together.
He removes his mask, being vulnerable with you so that you can be vulnerable with him.
You both undress slowly, piece by piece, moving at a comfortable pace.
And then you're both bare in front of each other. All blemishes and flaws on show.
Thomas thinks you're beautiful. He knows that his body is riddled with scars and blemishes (and stretchmarks of his own), but you don't seem bothered by them at all.
If you try to hide yourself, he gently stops you, and you can see the adoration mixed with arousal in his eyes. You can't feel too bad about yourself when he's looking at you like that.
Michael Myers
It shouldn't be a surprise but...pretty much meets them with disinterest.
Stretchmarks are stretchmarks, a part of the body, he just doesn't really care.
And, with all due respect, if you're naked in front of him, he's not focusing on your stretchmarks.
He doesn't show them much attention, which you're grateful for, and he barely gives you any time to show any insecurity. He's on you too quick.
The most interest they will get from him is slight curiosity. You're completely stunned when you feel rough fingertips brush over the marks, following the lines.
You blush, completely flustered and a little embarrassed about him not only seeing them but touching them.
And he's so difficult to read with his stoic expression or mask.
A low hum was all you got. It sounded like a hum of approval but you couldn't help but worry is was one of distaste.
Michael isn't great at reassuring you of anything but his touches getting rougher, pawing and groping at your thighs or hips tells you that he clearly didn't disapprove of them.
Vincent Sinclair
Vincent spends a lot of time admiring you so it's not surprising that he quickly noticed the stretch marks. As soon as you wore an item of clothing that revealed some, he noticed them.
He never saw them as a flaw, they were just another feature of yours to admire.
Of course, the first time he sees them all and close up is when he sees you naked for the first time. Laying on top of his sheets, your face red and turned away from him as you attempted to cover yourself up.
He can't help himself, gently unwrapping your arms from your body and admiring you. His attention embarrassed you further but when you see the admiration in his eye, you start to relax and gain some confidence. He's looking at you like you're a priceless piece of art.
He doesn't understand how you can be insecure when you are willing laying beneath him, even when he isn't wearing his mask. You are not the flawed partner in this relationship, not in the slightest.
Just let him worship you for a moment, let him memorise your body and every mark it carries, even if you're happy to show him time and time again.
When you accidently see some of his portraits you have unknowingly inspired, you can't help but see your stretchmarks a little different.
In his paintings, he hasn't tried to hide or remove your marks. Instead he painted gentle silver lines across your skin as if they were something to be admired rather than disguised in the art piece.
It makes you begin to feel more confident about them. Clearly Vincent held some fondness for them. At the very least, it shows you that they're nothing to be ashamed of.
Jesse Cromeans (Chromeskull)
Jesse really doesn't care that much about stretchmarks, whether you have them or not.
Even if he wasn't the biggest fan, he could easily overlook it. Just like you overlook so many things when it comes to him.
However, that isn't the case. The truth is, Jesse is pretty neutral about stretchmarks. Even if you're the first partner he's been with to have so many, he just doesn't have too much of an opinion on them. They're natural, they don't make you any less attractive.
So, when he sees them all for the first time, he doesn't give a reaction. Which you were terrified of, so you're glad about that.
He's very reassuring when you express insecurities about your marks, telling you how beautiful he thinks you are.
If you're still unsure, he'll tease a little to replace your shame with a different kind of flush. Asking you if you want him to cover up your stretchmarks with some marks of his own.
Even if it's not to hide your marks, you might just take him up on that offer.
All that being said, he probably develops an actual attraction to them. He can't even explain it.
It just stems from his attraction to you. You've proven to be the best and most suitable partner he's ever had, which only increased his attraction to you, so it's only natural that he develops an attraction to features of yours that he once felt neutral about.
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thestonedmurderera day ago
Going shopping today, can鈥檛 help but want a little toy to play with.
Have a Bluetooth vibrator stuffed in your pussy and a plug stuffed in your butt. Keep you close by as we wander round and i grope you and play with the toy stuffed inside of you.
Keep you on edge as you walk around trying to ignore the fact that I鈥檓 turning your brain to thoughts of me breeding you. You can鈥檛 focus on anything other than me and the thought of my cock ruining you.
Take you for a meal and have you sit opposite me with my phone open on the table, make you watch as I go through all the settings and turn you into a desperate little slut with your eyes rolling in your head.
Get an Uber home and have you sat in my lap in the back, grinding into my bulge as you drip and moan. We get home and I pick you up as we go through the door, my pants are already unzipped so no sooner is the door shutting behind us I鈥檓 already deep inside of you, ripping your tiny little body apart as i carry you up the stairs to take you to the bedroom and take pictures and videos of me ruining your perfect body and outfit.
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thirsting4slashers14 hours ago
Hi! So,I recently found your blog and I'm in love, and I hate to send this kind of stuff to people I don't often talk to but I had this stupidly fluffy idea on my head and I need to share it with someone
Now imagine this with me,we all know Mr billy loomis isn't the sweetest kinda guy and has a hard time expressing his feelings, then one night he goes on one of his killing adventures but something goes wrong and he ends up injured and goes to the hospital,since the procedment to fix him up is kinda painful,he just goes under anesthesia,and it gets him so groggy so when reader goes to see him there,he has absolutely no filter and just blabs out how pretty they are or how much he loves them <3
Bonus if he gets annoyed every time reader brings this up to tease him
Sorry again for doing this,I just really had to share this, Englishman is not my first language so sorry for any mistakes,have a nice day <3
literally so sorry for how long this took omggg but this was so fucking cute!!!! this is pretty short but i still hope you enjoy it!
Billy Loomis x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: none, billy calls reader pretty, that's it, not proofread either lol
Stupid, stupid, stupid. One second he was golden, the next he had his fucking arm sliced open. Getting to the hospital without drawing suspicion on himself was a fucking challenge, but not passing out from blood loss and giving the doctors a believable story was another fucking hurdle. But he did it.
And now he was laid up in his hospital bed, drugged up and feeling pretty damn good, while he waited for you to show up. He called you right before the stuff hit his system, which happened way faster than he had expected, so Billy was far gone by the time you showed up.
鈥淗oly shit, Billy! Are you alright?鈥 You were worried sick the entire drive to the hospital and seeing him laid against the starch white hospital bed did little to ease your worries. He blinked slowly at you, the act of focusing his eyes harder than usual, and he gives you a lopsided grin. 鈥淲hat happened?鈥
You sit on the bed beside him, resting your hand on top of his. 鈥淢鈥檏ay. You know,鈥 His words slur together and he looks up at you, his smile growing. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so fuckin鈥 pretty.鈥 Your eyebrows raise in surprise at this but god if you can鈥檛 help but smile back.
Billy was never one to out-right compliment you. He called you cute pet-names and told you how hot you were, but somehow it never seemed quite as sincere as that. You knew he believed what he said to you, but maybe it was the drugs getting rid of the insecurities he had about really showing his love. Whatever it was, you really liked it.
鈥淚s that so?鈥
鈥淢mhm. S鈥檆ute. Like, your lips are so perfect, and your eyes, shit, babe. I could stare into them forever.鈥 He settles back into the bed, his eyelids growing heavy. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e perfect, love you s鈥檓uch. Stay here?鈥
You smile softly, lifting his hand up and kissing his knuckles gently. His other arm was wrapped in gauze and before your lips leave his skin he鈥檚 fast asleep. 鈥淥f course.鈥 When Billy wakes up you鈥檙e beside him in the chair, scrolling on your phone, and you smile when you notice him. 鈥淕ood morning there, sleepyhead.鈥
鈥淗ow long have I been asleep?鈥 His voice is hoarse and he rubs the sleep from his eyes, stifling a yawn.
鈥淛ust a few hours. You鈥檙e about to get discharged, so good timing, beautiful.鈥 Billy鈥檚 eyebrow raises at that, your sly smile putting a small pit of worry in his stomach. 鈥淚鈥檓 guessing you don鈥檛 remember, then?鈥
He shakes his head slowly, trying to rack his brain for what he could have said or done to warrant him being called beautiful. He tries to force down the happiness that it gave him.
鈥淵ou were a little compliment-happy when you were high.鈥 He groans, his head flopping back onto the pillow. Billy can feel the blush crawling up his neck and over his cheeks. 鈥淚t was cute! I really liked it, actually. You鈥檙e pretty cute, y鈥檏now that?鈥
He wants to be mad at you but when his eyes open and he sees your face and the adoration that covered it, he found it pretty damn impossible. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e lucky I think you鈥檙e smoking or I鈥檇 be pissed.鈥
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sharkyga day ago
I love Chucky's little run! He's too cute and precious 馃ズ馃槏
Tumblr media
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dodddraws13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Phantom of vengeance part 2
I like the idea of the entity trying to strip its killers of anything resembling their human selves. Some still kling to it though.
Part 1
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