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Key Movies Of My Life: Friday the 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Key Movies Of My Life: Friday the 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

There were key movies in my life that helped to make me who I am today. Movies that I have loved from the moment the opening credit rolled and still love now. This blog series is about those, My guilty pleasures, my favorites, my escapes. Some were very popular, others not so much. Some of these will have some real life take-aways, others are just for fun. 

So far we have seen Jason Vorhees get…


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yes i love stu so so much this is perfect


-you and Stu? same energy

-when you met, you’re best friends instantly and now dating

-and yall are AWESOME

-pranks? yes

-tease Billy until he’s threatening to stab your throats? yes

-watch horror movies and giggle the whole time and Billy threatens you again? yes

-you guys are always just a good vibe

-you can’t even sleep in peace because he’s a big baby

-”Stu stop taking my BLANKET”

-”but im cooooooold”

-you love each other so much and smooch but it’s always goofy

-you guys are perfect (:

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The ones who don’t mind

Micheal myers

He isn’t one to share so he definitely dosent mind his s/o not wanting kids, he probably have a very big disliking of kids too, so he doesn’t mind at all

Brahms heelshire

Hes a big attention whore, a kid would take away a bunch of attention from him and he’s not about that, and they make a mess and are loud and needy, M̶u̶c̶h̶ ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶b̶r̶a̶h̶m̶s̶ ̶h̶i̶m̶s̶e̶l̶f̶ ̶. And brahms isn’t going to put up with that for very long so he’s happy his s/o dosent want kids

Jason voorhees

He probably never thought about having kids until his s/o told him he dosent want any and thats when he would get to thinking about all the cons of having one and having one stay in the camp, there are simply to many risks that he would find so he wouldn’t mind, he also feels like he might pass his deformities onto the kid ans he wouldn’t want them to go through that

Bo sinlcair

He isn’t a big fan of kids, he’ll tolerate them for the most part but he dosent like them so he’d never dream about having his own, he would also feel that he isn’t going to make a good father and he would much rather keep thinking that then find out, so he’d be pretty happy that his s/o dosent want kids

Vincent sinclair

He would probably never really think about having kids before and he wouldn’t really mind of his s/o dosent want any, he’d be happy with just having his s/o

The ones who did want kids but understand

Bubba swayer

Bubba loves kids, and especially babies, he thinks their fun and he just overall loves them, but if his s/o dosent want any he’d be a bit disappointed but understand in the end

Thomas hewiit

Thomas is a big family man, especially since that’s all he’s ever known and had, so he loves the idea of starting one with his s/o, but once they tell him they don’t want a family he’s upset, he’s dreamed of having one forever now so he’d be a little salty but he would come around in the end

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Fi will feed all you freddy simps <3 but no happy ending to this ;)
cw: suicide attempt/mentions, depression

(y/n) had gotten out of the hospital already making their way home. Freddy knew this. He didn’t really know what to do or say. What do you even say in this situation? 

As (y/n) got home, they just went to the fridge and pulled out something to eat. At the time at the hospital, Freddy left their dreams alone, thinking they may might want time to themselves. 

As they sat down at the table with their snack, Freddy sat down at the table with him. What was he supposed to say? 

“So… did you see any cute bitches in there?” He mentally slapped himself. (y/n) looked at him confused. They open there mouth but before they could speak Freddy spoke again, he also lifted his hand up. 

“Ah… sorry.” He groaned to himself. “I uhh. To be honest I don’t what to say.” He said, half mumbling. He scratched his head. 

They look down at the table. They shrug. “It’s okay to say nothing.” (y/n) responded. Freddy frowned. He wanted to do something, anything at least. He’s not good with this at all. 

(y/n) got up after finishing their snack and headed to their room. 

“U-uh wait.” Freddy stammers, mentally slapping himself again for stuttering.” (y/n) turns around and looks. 

“I’m here for you, I always will be… just know that.” He says, looking them in the eyes. 

“Thank you.” (y/n) says. They turned around and fell on their bed. They just want to sleep for now. 

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Hi, my name Dr Jekyll, and I put the Hyde in “Hide your kids, hide your wives, he’s taking everybody”

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I want to do something fun for 400 followers so I’ve come up with an ask game!

I made a pureple account for this occasion. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a free app that lets you design outfits using someone else’s clothes.

To participate all you have to do is download the free pureple app and find me at Dylan_M

Once you’ve found my account, create an outfit and send it to me here on tumblr along with a character you’d like to have drawn wearing said outfit. It can be any character from my list or any Dead by Daylight character.

(or just send an outfit from else where if that’s more your speed)

Have fun with this and I hope to get some submissions! 😊

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Quick question for the adults of the Slasher fandom

Small question if you’re an adult and have NSFW/18+ or Minors DNI in your bio, why are you interacting with my posts? I even state it in the posts itself if you are a blog like that to not interact with me which should be a sign to simply just read it without liking/reblogging it or ignore it completely. I am genuinely confused as to why accounts like that keep interacting with me, I am a minor, you should not be interacting with me or atleast on that account.

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More Brahms headcanons about : his childhood, some LGBTQ+ stuff and general things

Honestly it’s probably more rambling then headcanons?? But I’m just in the mood and write down what i think, i try to keep some kind of order but i can’t promise anything.

Trigger warning for: homophobia,sexism, smoking marijuana (as medicine), movie typical violence (nothing in detail it’s just mentioned), mention of suicide

🧸Were gonna start juicy with the homophobia his parents curb stomped him with.

🧸His parents were more of an old school couple and with that they pushed their believes into him, mostly it was on accident because that’s how they grew up with (small mention just because it was a internalized thing it doesn’t excuse their behavior)but a lot of Brahms anger and frustration got built because of it.

🧸From an early age they told him that cleaning and cooking was women’s stuff, even if he wanted to help a girl or woman to clean up the smallest of messes his parents stopped him. That combined with him being spoiled rotten didn’t really mash well, very fast he thought that everyone is here to serve him especially if they act/look/are female/feminine.

🧸When a same sex couple kissed in front of the family, Brahms parents got really shocked and acted like an animal got shot right in their eyesight. If they were women Ms. and Mrs. heelshire just down played it and told Brahms that they were just really good friends.

🧸The tryd to shield him from any non straight romantic relationships. And told him anything that is not being cis and straight is not normal, it wasn’t even like “oh non cishets are weird and bad don’t interact with them”, they sayd it in a more sly and sneaky way often times not even realizing what’s coming out of their mouth.

🧸Of course they couldn’t shield him for long, Brahms managed to get his fingers on poems and stories about same sex love (he really liked sapphos works)

🧸After reading a particular gay story and later on meeting a boy he really liked questions quickly came, a lot of those questions couldn’t been answered by his family or they just sayd the same things over and over again. The answers fuild his frustration and anger more which later on got mixed with confusion.

🧸One day he told his mother that the boy he met was really cute and he wanted to kiss him. He was kind of disassociating when he sayd that. His mother was really fucking shocked, her sentences scrambling and not making any sense out of panic. While his father just sat there and kinda gave him up.

🧸His mom suppressed any urges that aren’t the cishet norm and also started the whole thing how touching himself is a sin and against God, believing that his longing to be hugged and kissed by a boy is because of sexual need and perverse desires

🧸After the fire everything got worse, not only did they suppress and stunted his healthy growth and exploration of his own identity, now they just suppress his whole existence.

🧸His father became more distance and needed to over think it all, while his mom was either non existent or emotionally and mentally abusive stunting him even more.

🧸There was one night were Brahms had a meltdown because he REALLY wanted to be kissed by the same sex, the years before he kinda managed to ignore it but this night was the worst. So his dad went to him and had some chitchat. It basically boils down to him saying he may not approve to his attraction to the same sex he is still his son and he loves and cares for him.

🧸The whole night was spent with talking about the whole thing and also the birds and bees since his mom also didn’t teach anything about it. Even if the info was minimal at least Brahms has something to work with.

🧸When Brahms was around 20 Ms. and Mrs. Heelshire started to get nanny’s, I will not go into detail of the many nanny’s but I can say with each new person he learned something new about himself and his identity.

🧸Also around that age but probably also when he was younger he started to age regress as a coping mechanism, he couldn’t really control it and just fell into that mindset for a REALLY long time.

🧸The most important nanny for his development was agender. When Ms. and Mrs. Heelshire hired them they looked more feminine and traditional not knowing about their identity.

🧸To keep it short they were everything Brahms parents told him to stay away. They were headstrong, dressed in gothic and punk clothes, smoked marijuana to deal with their mental health problems, were open about their sexuality ect.

🧸By watching them Brahms learnd a lot, he found out what multi gender attracted sexualitys were and quickly connected with omnisexual

🧸He also learned what age regressing is and was so intrigued with neopronounce finding some kind of comfort in them

🧸He thought a lot about neopronounce and one day dollsef popped out of his mouth when he age regressed. Toyself also came along much later, but since then he secretly spoke in third person and always used neopronounce.

🧸He was still very bitter about it and made him very aggressive in bad days

🧸Brahms develop a crush FAST and since everything came all of a sudden, he had a meltdown about it

🧸After he gathered himself up he decided to show himself and it was chaos

🧸Everything went wrong were it can get wrong. The whole thing ended up with Brahms letting all his frustration,anger and confusion out on the poor nanny

🧸He was a mess afterwards and sobbed for DAYS

🧸After all this Brahms became violent against his parents especially his mom, the nanny’s also didn’t survive long because no one was like his lovely nanny he had before

🧸When Greta came into his live he was star struck, he finally found someone to love and kinda fell into an unhealthy obsession and went delusional on their relationship

(🧸He also had the hots for malcolm but ssssshhhhh, the internalized homophobia still going strong)

🧸So when Greta left he was at a really bad live point. I heard that in the boy 2 Brahms killed himself after Greta left wich, we ignore that like royalty. But I like to think he tryd it, but ended up surviving the attempt and now has a scar on his body. He is very ashamed of it.

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Sorry for replying on a wensday shall now be this page thing!


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i love myers so much… i have such a soft spot for him…. <3


(y/n) was currently sitting in the woods next to the shape. She just got out of trial with Nurse and now was relaxing with Myers. The Michael Myers. She had grown attached to him for sometime and they hang out mostly after trials. 

Usually after trials in their hangout sessions, (y/n) would ask to hold his hand because it was comforting to her. It made her feel like he wanted her. Even if it was only for a little bit, it would make her extremely happy. 

But this one certain time he seemed to be in a more foul mood than usual. You don’t like to bring it up because sometimes he gets too aggressive and you don’t like to make him even more angry. 

So you tried to put your hand on his. But he snatched it away. He got up and left. This made you feel devastated. Did he not want you anymore? Did he want you gone? You slowly stood up, body shaking a bit. Did he hate you now? Were you the problem? You walked back to the campfire. 

You sat by yourself and invaded your mind with more bad thoughts. Then you were sent to a trial. You weren’t even feeling up to it, but you tried because you didn’t want to kill your teammates. That would just be another thing wrong with you right? 

As you were working on a gen, you were shocked to turn around and see Myers. You half screamed upon seeing him before the dread set in your stomach. Was he here to just kill you? You sighed. 

“Just get it over with…” you whimpered. You walked closer and tilted your head down in defeat. Michael tilted his head. Before you could say anything you felt something warm in your hand. You look to see Michael’s hand in yours. You look at him quickly. 

He just starred at you before leaning down and putting his mask’s lips on your forehead before turning the other direction to stalk else where. Your cheeks turned red and you smiled. Myers still wanted you. He needed you whether he’ll admit it or not.

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freddy angst comin up! but of course with a happy ending (:


Freddy was in a tangent. He was incredible mad over something. He was mostly grumbling so you could only make out the words “dream” and “bitch”. You didn’t like seeing him angry so of course you sat there listening.

“Freddy, it’s going to be okay, we can talk together or something.” (y/n) says in their soothing voice. But it didn’t get through to Freddy. He grumbled again before he began shouting at his partner. 

Of course (y/n) was taken back, I mean they didn’t do anything wrong, right? So in their defense they began to slightly raise their voice back.

“Freddy I’m not the enemy here, just calm down-” as (y/n) said that last sentence, Freddy’s claw moved on it’s own and slashes (y/n). 

It wasn’t deep enough to cause serious damage, just enough to bleed. Everything was silent, Freddy was shocked and (y/n) shakily put their hands where the cuts were. Before anything was done or said (y/n) rushed off somewhere. 

Freddy knew he messed up big time. 

After about half an hour past, he decided to finally go seek (y/n). It didn’t take much to find them, they had their shirt off with bandages around the cuts as they were still wrapping it up. 

Freddy sat down next to them, they didn’t bat an eye at him. Their face was red from crying and their eyes still a bit swollen. Freddy’s heart hurt. 

“Listen, um. I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I never meant to hurt you.” He mumbled out. (y/n) just looked at him. Their face was still filled with hurt. He sighed. 

“You can’t take out your anger on me, Freddy.” (y/n) with pain in their eyes, hand over their bandaged wounds now. Man, Freddy is not good with this stuff. He had his hand behind his neck like a little kid who got in trouble. 

“I’ll work on my anger I promise. For you…” to (y/n), that meant a lot to them. So they smiled and gave him a small kiss. He grumbled like he didn’t care but they knew he liked it. “Let’s go watch a movie.” (y/n) says smiling, putting on their shirt. Freddy replies, “fine I guess so, only because I feel bad. ONLY a little bit bad.” He said. (y/n) just giggled as they plan to go watch a movie together. 

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cute cute cute (as i said in the previous post, i havent written Freddy at all so I’m sorry if he’s not like him usual self!)


-(y/n) LOVED to give their two sweeties gifts

-even if it’s a leaf

-but they also make very cool stuff like voodoo dolls out of twigs and sticks, nice little crafty homemade things

-Jason loved this

-So did Freddy but he’s stubborn and pretends it isn’t a big deal (it is in his heart)

-One day they came up to the both of them grinning with their goofy smile

-”Here is a shiny rock for you. It reminds me of your claw.” (y/n) said, giving the rock to Freddy

-”And this cute little leaf I found for you, it’s shaped almost like your mask!” (y/n) explained with excitement

-after giggling they ran off back into the woods off to do more cool things

-Freddy snaps his head to Jason who was admiring his leaf with aweness. Freddy grinned

-”Loser you just got a stupid leaf while they gave me sweet shiny rock. They probably like me more than you you stupid bitc-”

-Jason smacks the back of Freddy’s head making his hat fly off as Freddy spits out curses

-Later on that night you’re all in bed snuggling while (y/n) explains about the cool things they do and about how today they made a very unique voodoo doll and so

-The two boys love listening to them ramble, it’s the highlight of both of their days

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so i have never written Freddy before, so if i mess up his character or make him not like himself I’m so sorry! i will learn to write him properly soon (:


-(y/n) was sleepy and that meant cuddles

-after (y/n) convinced Freddy to cuddle he of course joined

-as they lay in bed close to each other, (y/n) is tracing their finger along his claws

-after (y/n) gets even more tired, they began to snuggle into Freddy’s neck

-Freddy acts like he doesn’t care but man he is freaking out about how cute you are

-He doesn’t show you too much affection, but once you’re asleep oh boy

-He tries to hug you and kiss you on the head and try not to wake you up because he’s embarrassed

-But secretly sometimes you are awake during it and enjoy it so much

-Sometimes you’ll even giggle to startle him and make him embarrassed

-For revenge he’d probably “haunt” your dreams of him tormenting you (as in tormenting it’s probably something stupid like tickling you until you pee lol)

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lifeguard jason??? yes
cw: some descriptions of drowning? some blood

Jason knew (y/n) was clumsy. He always paid extra attention so he could catch them if they fall. I mean you somehow trip over air? He doesn’t understand but as long as he’s there to catch you, he’s okay with it.

You guys love to go on little picnic dates when it’s nice and warm outside. Today was one of those days. You had a nice little set up on the dock over the lake. You both were enjoying the sun and the water. 

(y/n) got up and stretched popping some joints. Jason watched them lovingly of course. (y/n) stood at the end of the deck with a hand on their forehead to block out the sun in their eyes. They had a smile plastered on their face. 

Soon enough (y/n) manages to trip on air (again) and falls right into the water. Jason got up so fast and ran towards the end looking for you. At first he wasn’t TOO scared because he thought you would swim back up and laugh about it, but you weren’t coming back up.

Jason threw himself in the water frantically searching for you. As he got closer there a small wave of red colored water which made is heart stop. He finally got you and got you on the deck. Your eyes shut as blood pooled around your head. Jason first put his hands on your chest and pumped out the water out of your system.

Water came out of your mouth as you hacked and cough, instantly putting a hand on your head where it was sore. “Jason… why does my head hurt?” (y/n) says as they pull their hand back to see it was covered in blood. Jason ran off and came back as fast as possible. 

As he was patching up (y/n)’s head, (y/n) was still dandy as ever. Jason was still very worried how they almost drowned, hit their head… what if he wasn’t there? He was panicking even though everything was fine. (y/n) put a hand on his big hand. They look up at him and smile.

“Sorry I’m clumsy, but I’m glad to know that even if I fall in the lake and become unconscious, that you’ll always be there to save me.” (y/n) say as they take a bite of a sandwich they picked up. Jason know made a promise to himself. He will never ever leave (y/n) side, even in the most embarrassing moments. He loves (y/n), and their clumsiness will not stop him from saving them!

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