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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Anonymous said to @ask-drferox: How come animals can eat other animals alive/fresh kills/raw meat/but humans can’t? Do they have better immune systems?

Mate, you can absolutely eat fresh killed meat. There’s whole chunks of cuisine based around it. Heard of sushi, blue steak and steak tartare?

You’ve already got half the answer in your question. A ‘fresh kill’.

The meat most humans eat isn’t exactly fresh, not as fresh as a predator’s kill. It’s typically been slaughtered at an abattoir, probably stored for a few days and then shipped out to wherever we buy it, then might spend a few more days in the fridge. It’s several days, if not weeks, old by the time we consume it. That’s a long time for bacteria to grow, especially on something with a high surface area like mince. That’s not a good idea to eat uncooked.

Bacterial contamination is the main reason we cook our meat, and is a common cause of food poisoning. Carnivorous species can become sick from these bacteria too, but are less likely to as they have a shorter intestinal tract. It is entirely possible for a dog or cat to suffer from Salmonella or Campylobacter.

There are other reasons we cook our meat too - parasites being the big one. Tapeworms and Toxoplasma are transmitted in uncooked meat, and other animals will absolutely be infected by them. They’re just not usually particularly noxious in their intended host.

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Credit to @vswolf : Repost from @mercyforanimals

The meat industry is asking the federal government for a bailout as they conduct horrific mass killing of animals on farms. 💔
@aliciasilverstone has joined Mercy For Animals in urging the USDA not to pay for this cruelty. Please sign our petition! (link in bio)
#mercyforanimals #meatindustry #meatlobby #slaughter #animalcruelty #bethechange #friendsnotfood #plantbased #makeadifference #plantbaseddiet #vegansofig #farming #farmlife #abuse #dosomething #animallovers #animalplanet #aliciasilverstone

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У каждого отнимут всё, что он так любит

Нет никаких разбитых судеб

С рождения в глазах горит огонь

Приходит смерть, она тебя разбудит


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Last night I dreamt:

My ex was studying abroad and she came back for a few days and we hung out and she casually told me she murdered my neighbor. She just felt like it so she chopped off her leg, to make it seem like an accident?? While telling me this she laughed hysterically.

She just rang her doorbell, went in, slaughtered her with an axe, chopped off her leg and went home.

Later at night she came by my place, asking to be let in bc she had left her pen at my place. I knew she came bc I had called the cops on her and told her I wouldn’t let her in cause she scared me and she left.

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Like lamb to slaughter

We all chitter and waste

But here beneath waves

Of burbling green froth

You don’t even think

Like lamb to slaughter

It’s sunshine and sprinklers

Down to the ground, burning

We love the sun so much

In the hazy graze my love

Like lamb to slaughter

We’re all profiling and just

Carefree smiling, oh no

We are light in dark, water

In filthy swamps full of hope

Like lamb to slaughter

Just a word or two every

So often, humans social please

Give me a sign, dance with me

In this dank bog of life

Like lamb to slaughter

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