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#sleep deprived

Me- “I should break my fast….I’m starving.”

My ed/depression- *reminds me that he’s liking different girls pictures and barely talks to me, my family could give two shits about me, and that I’ve decided to stop talking because I don’t have a “voice.”*



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I walked into class one morning and one of the people in my class asked me if I’d had a fight against some mascara and LOST and I turned towards her and deadpanned “no Dorothy those are dark circles under my eyes beCAUSE I don’t get ENOUGH SLEEP ! ”

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I wish I could write the million thoughts that come into my head everyday but I’m scared and the thought of creating something that’s not absolutely perfect haunts me

but I need to write, I have to write. I need it more than I need love or air or life and sometimes i feel like i might suffocate and die, feeling like I’m running out of time

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