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#sleep schedule

I did just sleep 8 full hours, yes. I’m not complaining. But why did it have to be between 6 pm and 2 am?

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Constantly tired and drained

I feel like a wreck and figured, I might as well vent and talk about how it changes my selection of games and stuff right now.

I don’t exactly know if it’s the weather changes so much as of late or if it’s my sleep schedule or just the whole pandemic business that is still going on… but I’ve just been feeling drained. I’m exhausted and tired and restless. My sleep schedule should be fixed and should be completely fine right now. I’m sleeping at the same times, eating at similar times, waking up after enough rest and…

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That awkward moment when your crush says that they will go to sleep when you do and you just go well crap now I have to go to bed on time

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Damn tho shout out to my wildly erratic sleep schedule

•terrible childhood insomnia

•depression sleeping through my teens

•relatively sorted by the routine of residential and being wildly overmedicated

•age 20 and working until 1-2am at a dispensary no problem

•21, dead to the world by 9:30pm and naturally awake at exactly 6:23am

•22-25ish constantly fatigued no matter the amount of sleep to the point my psych gave me a stimulant that launched me into psychosis

•22-23 unable to wake up on time for 9am shift, unable to stay up to close by 9:30pm

•23-25 i n s o m n i a, absolutely fucked hours

•latter part of 25, in bed by 9:30 at the latest, asleep by 10, first naturally waking at 8am, sometimes able to sleep some more until 10

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Me: god, I’m tired. It’s only 8 and I could fall asleep now

Me: hey if I go to bed early, I can wake up earlier and have time to get ready slowly before bed

Me: *takes two hours to actually decide to head to bed and then get ready*

Me: meh. Still early by my usual standards. I’m going to be able to get almost nine hours of sleep and also get up early enough to have breakfast and do my hair and makeup.

Me: *gets excited about having time to get a good night’s sleep*

Me: *is now excited and thinking about all the fun things I’ll have time for in the morning*

Me: *is now awake*

Me: oh no

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I didn’t sleep a goddamn WINK last night and I am VERY PHYSICALLY BAD FEELING because of it

But it’s fine bc I know I’ll sleep like a fuckin BABY tonight

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Weird schedule lately falling asleep early and waking up early. Positive thing is when i get up at 2:30 am 8 have time alone before tge rest of the my world wakes up. I get a lot of work done and i get the day started before they do. My chance to start everyone in positive mood.

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Fuck it, my sleep schedule has gotten so bad it’s time for the all nighter approach to fixing it :/

It’s gonna suck ass to even function today but I’d rather be tired for a bit than keep waking up at 2pm and feeling shitty about myself for it :/

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Me: *survives an entire 5 day week of school off of 4 hours or less of sleep*

Me the entire week: I will get the healthy amount of sleep over the weekend.

Me when the weekend arrives: Its the weekend, I can stay up for as long as I want.

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Its so frustrating hearing people say that you need to change your sleep schedule.

I Have ADHD. I fall asleep later and wake up later. I have my entire life.

It was something I lived with before I drank caffeine and before I spent my time looking at screens.

Meditating and cutting out games and phones isn’t going to change this.

It hasn’t before. It won’t now. This is how I am.

It isn’t a problem, it’s not hurting me or anyone else.

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Being on opposite sleep schedules to your partner is the worst fucking thing.

I just want to cuddle… T-T

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Me: need to go to bed and sleep for a decent amount of time.

Also me at 3am playing NFS: let’s see, I should add a sticker here, then go for a half an hour test drive on the mountains to check the new setup

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Do you ever just wanna stay in bed? Yeah relatable.

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i wanted the ‘feel rested, nice and refreshed’ kind of waking up at 6 am, not the 'feel like complete and utter shit, heart racing and muscles cramping’ one smh i’m filing a complaint

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So these last couple weeks I’ve screwed up my sleep schedule and it’s just getting worse?

I’m constantly exhausted, falling asleep in the middle of the day, getting too tired to stay awake by 10, waking up around 330/400, unable to get back to sleep even though (like now as I’m writing this) my eyes are watering and I’m constantly yawning.

I just, ugh I don’t know?

Haven’t got around to searching for tips yet and I’m just

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I’ve always gone through phases of insomnia. It’s an endless cycle of can’t sleep, get tired, sleep too much, can’t sleep again. It’s frustrating. I would never wake up at a regular time and, when I couldn’t sleep, I’d end up miserably forcing myself to stay up later to make sure I actually slept once I went to bed, instead of doing that half-dozing semi-conscious crap. 

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At this point, my sleep schedule has been fucked for so long that it feels like I’m in different time zone all together

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yesterday I went to bed at 8pm like hell yeah youth and it’s suffering is finally over and the stability of childhood and 30+ is mine yes yes my precious

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My parents
don't stay up too late, but also try not to wake up at the crack of dawn.
Me, reflecting on the appropriate bedtime that is not too late at night but also fills the eight hours of sleep required in a young adult like me towards a waking hour that is not too early in the morning
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