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Oh forgot to ask in my last ask! I said what I sorta play, but what kinda music do /you/ like to play?

I’m a classical pianist, actually! So I love all the classical composers. But I think my favorites to play are Chopin and Beethoven 😊 I also enjoy playing around with a little Broadway and Queen on occasion

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I kinda play a bit of everything. Anything I think sounds good, I’ll learn/play it lol (I also occasionally come up with my own basslines/riffs sometimes on accident sometimes on purpose :^) )

That’s so neat! I love bass, and it’s so awesome that you come up with your own riffs sometimes! Even if it isn’t entirely intentional. Do you have a favorite song to play?

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Blurb of chef reader going against Sam in a mini cook off with Tom as the judge but he can’t pick the winner cause one’s his girlfriend and the other is his brother

finishing requests from this sleepover!

the idea was yours, of course.

rules? you could make as simple of a dish as you wanted, but it had to be completely from scratch. there was a two hour time limit. and, of course, winner takes all.

what’s ‘all’? well.

you and sam had made a deal. if he won, you had to be at his beck and call, twenty-four hours a day, for two weeks. no questions asked. if he asked you to bury a dead body, you’d have to do it. (he actually used that as an example. it…did raise a lot of questions.)

and if you won, sam had to make you three meals of your choice every a day for a week, and he had to binge the whole of greys anatomy with you, which he’d never watched before (and you’d seen it multiple times obviously).

the stakes were high, but you were both up for the challenge.

tom, of course, was elected the judge, much to his protest.

you’re my brother and she’s my girlfriend!

but no one else was willing to put up with the wrath of the loser when they eventually picked the winner.

when you both presented him with your dishes, you could almost see the sweat beads on his forehead. they were equally delicious, the two also being very well presented.

how was he supposed to pick a winner???

“am i allowed to declare you both-”

“no!” you and sam yelled at the same time, glaring at each other.

tom threw his hands over his face, mumbling “yeah, no, i can’t do this, it’s not worth it,” and stumbled off to his room.

you and sam glanced at each other, sharing a look before bursting into laughter.

“whatever,” you giggled, wiping a tear from your eye, “my dish was better anyway, and you know it.”

sam snorted, “you wish, darling. i could out-cook, even out-bake you any day.”

you smirked, “bake-off for dessert??”

“oh, it’s on.”

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So I saw in your sleepover post that sending selfies gets a positivity shower. 🌧

Well in these trying times, there’s really nothing I‘d appreciate more than some positivity🌻


That is absolutely correct!

Okay well, first of all I love your glasses (as a glasses-wearer myself that’s always like the first thing I notice lol). They’re so pretty and fun! And I can tell from these photos that you have an amazing sense of style, it suits you so well. I am especially in love with the dress, the color and pattern is stunning! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous and I’m jealous, had to throw that out there as well. Your whole aesthetic is just *chef’s kiss* and you just radiate happiness and confidence in these pictures and they made me smile :)

Thanks for stopping by 😊🌻🌻

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❤️ - Smother me.

❤️~ Hi Lauren! I feel like we haven’t talked a whole bunch but you seem so friendly! You just give me the vibes of a very sweet, caring, and funny person and I’d definitely love to get to know you better 😊 Also your blog content is great, I never regret scrolling through to see what you’ve posted recently ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks for stopping by!

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How’s this past week been for you? (Mine’s been nothing but homework, practicing bass, and drinking concerning amounts of tea because I’ve been making more than usual solely out of boredom.)

Hi there! My week has been okay, lots of homework, playing piano, and a bit of composing actually. That’s so neat that you play bass! What kind of music do you like to play? Also I completely understand the tea drinking, I’ve been doing the same 😂

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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I had to find a halfway decent photo of myself where you can’t see everything 🙈. So if you want to shower me with love. I love you 💕


Ahh yes! First of all, your hair color is so cool and you pull it off so well 👌 Also I love your tattoos, the one on your arm especially caught my eye and it’s so cool! I don’t have any but I’ve always thought they’re an awesome form of art and expression. I love your outfit as well, the color looks lovely on you!! And you just radiate confidence in this picture which is amazing and something I do not do so kudos, you look great 😊😊😊😊😊

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Updated Sleepover!

Y'all, we’re back with a revamped sleepover. I got new questions, I got new… Yeah, I guess just questions. Anyway, please send some, anon or not. I’d love to get to know some of my followers better, and even if you don’t follow me I’d love to see you stop in for a visit!

-tell or ask me about this past week!

-come talk about crushes. Mine, yours, it’s all fair game.

-vent if you need to

-ask for or give song recs

-ask for or give book recs

-ask for or give movie/show recs

-send a ❤️ for a compliment

-send a 📸 for a random photo off my phone

-talk about fandoms!

-tell me what fictional character I remind you of

-send hcs

-talk about your interests, or ask me about mine!

-compliment another blog and I’ll tag them

-submit random stuff (don’t be creepy, please)

-tell me something you’re looking forward to!

-send playlist requests

-submit a photo of yourself so I can shower you with love

-ask me a random question and/or tell me something random about yourself!

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where are you from and what languages do you speak :-)

last day of this sleepover!

my entire family is from brazil! basically, both my parents were born there, and then they moved to the united states for my dad’s job. that’s where me and my siblings were born and it’s where we live now :) but we all fluently speak english and portuguese, and my parents even speak spanish, too. but almost all my family (like cousins, grandparents, etc) live in brazil aside from us lol.

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can you write a blurb with tom and lazy morning kisses that leads to soft smut 🥺 i hope you’re staying safe! ❤️

last day of this sleepover!

warning: smut, but like it’s cute; unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap your willy!)

this is kinda long, also im soft now 🥺

you and tom had been up for a little while now. not many words had been exchanged, since tom had rolled on top of you almost right away, kissing you softly. his hands held yours above your head, fingers interlocked as he moved to your neck, peppering kisses all around your throat and jaw. you’d heard him mumble “good morning, darling” and “how’d you sleep, m’ love” between them, but you just hummed, whispering, “tommy,” in response.

as he let go of your hands to slide his fingers under your (well, his) hoodie, caressing the skin of your ribs just beneath your breasts, you ran yours through his messy curls, pushing them back and tugging slightly, eliciting a groan from him.

you knew where this was going.

tom pulled away just barely, so he could ask, “can i take this off, angel?” he tugged on the hem of the hoodie, looking at you with sincere eyes.

“mhm,” you nodded.

tom kissed up the skin of your belly as he pushed up the material, around your neck and over your head, leaving you almost completely bare to him aside from your panties.

he made his way to your breasts, massaging one with one hand as he took the other’s nipple into his mouth. you held his shoulders, sighing as you allowed yourself to take in everything tom was doing to you.

after a few moments, you took toms face in your hands and brought his lips back up to yours. since he was clad only in his boxers, you were able to run your hands down his abdomen, tracing his toned muscles with the tips of your fingers.

tom ran his hands up the sides of your thighs, slipping his fingers under the waistband of your panties, toying with the material. he pulled away and looked you in the eye, waiting for your approval.

you nodded again and he slipped the undergarment down your legs, bringing a slender finger to your heat and stoking up lightly, thumb catching your clit gently.

you moaned, closing your eyes as tom lowered his head. you felt his lips kiss the inner parts of your thighs before eventually coming to rest on your pussy. you brought your hands back to his hair because you knew how much he liked having his hair pulled, “gently, not roughly,” as he liked to tell you.

you were more sensitive in the morning, so toms actions were definitely overstimulating, causing you to breathe, “tom, tom- it’s- i don’t-”

“sh, my love, i know,” he mumbled against you, “’m gonna take care of my girl, yeah?”

your grip on his hair tightened. “m-mhm,” was all you managed to get out.

and, one thing led to another, and now you were beneath him, both of you fully naked, tom thrusting slowly in and out of you. it wasn’t fast or needy. there was no rush, just lazy movements and sloppy kisses and sleepy “i love you’s.” tom’s forehead rested against yours, your breath mixing together, eyes closed and moaning softly.

you rubbed your hands up and down his arms and back to soothe him, and he placed little kisses here and there to your nose and cheeks.

eventually, you felt the coil inside you start to come undone, and you let tom know you were close.

“hold on a little longer for me baby,” he said, face scrunched in concentration.

when you couldn’t wait anymore, you whined, “tommy-”

“let go, darling, you can let go.”

you came together, tom’s moments slowing but not stopping, riding out your highs.

he colapsed on top of you, muttering in your ear, “you’re on the pill, right,”

you laughed incredulously, “you’re asking me this now?”

tom shrugged, “just wanted to be sure.”

you giggled, kissing his nose, “yes, i am. don’t worry, we won’t have a mini me running around this place any time soon.”

“buttttt maybe one day right?” tom asked in a hopeful voice, eyes sparking.

you smiled. “maybe one day, holland.”

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wellll, I’ve been reading Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Blunt and to be quite honest, this is about the third or fourth time I’m reading this and God does this book make me feel t h i n g s. I think for me that’s how I know it’s a pretty great book hehe ;) oh and I spent almost the entire day baking brownies today, this whole quarantine thing is rlly turning is us all into chefs huh? I guess brownies and pretty much the entire Fine Line album on repeat make a hell of a combination ;)

I have been cooking so much lately.  I’ve perfected risotto all’isolana (though it would be better I think if I could chop the meat more finely) and a chocolate babka.  I’m now trying to figure out the perfect recipe for chocolate chip cookies that don’t get too hard.

In any case, I hope you enjoy your book!  I’ve been meaning to do some rereads myself but I somehow still don’t have time.

{ send me anything! }

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Hey:) On April the 4th I made (banana) bread:D Now the whole apartment smells like hazelnuts, cake and bananas which is pretty nice

Oh that sounds lovely!  Baking is the best.

{ send me anything! }

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Well, I’ve been reading Dien Cai Dau by Yusef Komunyakaa (and also writing my semester research paper on it!) Been listening to a lot of 90s music! Not my norm, I usually listen to the 60s/70s. Just doing my best to find things around my house to do!!(:

I do quite like 90s music!  Since I got home I haven’t really been listening to anything at all, I should probably get back on that.  And that book (poetry yes?) sounds fascinating.  What’s the scope of your paper?

{ send me anything! }

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The original intention was to use the digimon adventure and the digimon 02 kids only but you could probably use other characters if they fit

A few brief explanations based on Ao3 summaries I’ve seen:

“Who knew going to sleep was so hard?”

“The reason the digidestened never have large sleepovers together”

“Sometimes, childhood things stay with the digidestined no matter how much they grow up…”

“Everything changed when the laughter nation attacked”

“Who brought (character) to the sleepover again?”

The actual prompt:

Keep reading

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even-though my new flight home got cancelled and it's probably going to be a month still before i can get home that is two months before what i had initially planed AND it means there is time for me to get animal crossing

Everyone is playing animal crossing but me it seems!  Good luck getting home.

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