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#sleepy bois inc
i-was-born-a-mistake · 2 days ago
Wilbur: Three of the four elements are represented as types of hockey. Air hockey, ice hockey, and field hockey. Fire hockey needs to be a thing. Philza: Fire hockey absolutely does NOT need to be a thing. Techno: Do you care NOTHING for the balance of the four elements!?
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elidocor · 15 hours ago
Wilbur "I don't believe in love" Soot and his platonic love for the rest of Sbi:
"I love TommyInnit. I love him so much."
"I love Techno. He's best boi."
"You're a constant, Phil, and I love you for it."
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lux-talks-a-lot · a day ago
do you ever think abt Big Q's relationships with Tommy, Wilbur, and Techno in the context of sbi being canon (it isn't but like in my little make belive world where it is)
Tommy who's he's taken on as his sorta lil bro who he occasionally drug deals with and is incredibly fond of to the point of torturing his abuser for hurting him (and other plot reasons but that’s at least a little part of it)
Techno, his nemesis who he hates, has hunted down and executed, gave him his scar, who he locked in prison, and teamed up with that one time to destroy the egg; tldr, his worstie <3
And Wilbur. His homoerotic rivial/ex-political enemy/dear friend/that dude he fucked in the ravine who keeps antognisticly flirting with him
i just think it's a fun thing he's got going on with the boys
like what would a dinner conversation about Quackity sound like in the Sbi household?
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tubbohno · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when the seasons change
sbi & child!gn!reader
1 // part 2 of 4
a/n : welcome to the fall special pt 2! thanks to everyone for showing so much interest in this little series :) I've decided that this series will span 4 separate parts (this is subject to change, of course.) ((ALSO its practically December by the time I post this but...yes....fall...))
warnings - mentions of death (minor character), abandonment, child neglect(...technically), situational angst
notes - tommy is around six / reader is a bat hybrid, and eight years old / techno and wilbur are 19 / art above by austinpardunart on Instagram! check out their stuff, its super snazzy!
p.s, I am not a Chiropterologist, and therefore my bat knowledge is limited </3
Tumblr media
As planned, Phil and the boys set out toward the familiar clearing just as the sun rose entirely above the horizon. For all his previous worry, Tommy was pouting at having to walk so early - even though Phil had waited as long as he morally could.
"Phil," Tommy whined, "how much longer?" Phil grinned at Tommy's sleep puffy eyes glaring up at him from where he clutched onto Wilbur's hand.
"Not much longer, mate. Here, walk in front of me, and I'll fix up your feathers." Phil invited, slowing his pace slightly to allow the boy to rush in front of him. Phil gently straightened Tommy's small feathers, colored almost like pearls in the soft early morning light. He was not exactly preening, as Phil always made sure to groom Tommy's wings at home. Preening often overwhelmed Tommy, and they found it safer to take care of the younger's wings in a secure environment.
Techno traveled just ahead of them, hands occupied by a dark oak crate. The young hybrid was also notably sporting a grey cape lined with winter fox fur. Phil eyed the fabric as it bellowed softly behind the pink-haired boy, amused by the dramatics of the younger. Techno would never admit it, but he could be just as dramatic as his brothers.
Wilbur sped up a bit, setting his pace to match Phil's. Wilbur struggled for a second; mouth pressed in a thin line as he thought of what to say. Phil let his son collect his thoughts, used to Wilbur's pauses. He had not always had a vocabulary big enough to express his feelings, after all.
"Phil...what do you think happened to Lucielle?" Wilbur asked, gaze glued to the dirt road beneath their feet. Phil sighed, giving one last pat to Tommy's wings and letting the younger blonde run ahead to bother Techno.
"Not sure, Wil. Last we both saw her she was happy and healthy. We'll see if she's home once we get there, all right? She wouldn't just leave a child alone for more than a day." Phil replied, rubbing Wilbur's back softly to soothe the piglin hybrid. Wilbur nodded, furrowed brow relaxing just a touch.
Wilbur fell into step with his brothers, all three boys traveling ahead of Phil. Tommy and Wilbur quickly found something to argue about, Techno silently continuing his pace even as Tommy hung from his arm to scream at Wilbur.
Phil smiled tiredly at the familiar sight of his boys and their antics.
He hoped Lucielle was okay.
━━━━ ̥◌୭˚➶.
The clearing is as Phil remembered it, if not a bit messier with its long grass and piles of fallen leaves. Puddles scattered around the area, mud and murky water gathering in uneven areas of the grass.
"Woah," Tommy gasped, eyes glued to the rickety iron lanterns that lit up the area's perimeter. Tommy stepped forward, wings fluttering behind him as he took in the small decorations scattered around and the old, wooden cabin.
The cabin itself was quiet, windows dark and creaking in the soft autumn wind. The wood looked dark with moisture; the storm no doubt testing its capabilities.
"…The windows are dark again," Techno noted out loud. They had moved closer, now standing at the cabin's porch as a group, with Tommy huddled near Wilbur and Techno.
"That they are… I'll knock first, okay? You three stay out on the porch and stick together." Phil instructed, patting Wilbur on the shoulder. Minute grumbles arose in response to his command, but his boys stayed in their positions.
Phil's knock echoed through the clearing, and he couldn't help but swallow nervously. Even as he strained his hearing, he couldn't hear any noise from inside the cabin.
"Can I try?" Tommy whispered, tugging on Phil's coat. Phil smiled at him and nodded, letting the boy closer to the door to knock.
Tommy's hand struck the wood quickly and much louder than Phill would have liked, and it seemed the sentiment was shared as Tommy's brothers flinched from the loud bang the boy produced.
"Hellooooooo? Is anyone there?" The blonde hollered, deciding Phil had been too quiet in his approach.
"Tommy, have you ever heard of subtlety," Wilbur hissed, pressing his fingers into his temples. Beside him, Techno shook his head quickly with a soft snort. Tommy responded only by blowing a quick raspberry in Wilbur's direction.
Phil motioned to settle the two (who would no doubt break into a spat any second) when a rustle from the cabin startled him. Quickly, he put a finger up to his lips and motioned for them to quiet down.
Another rustle sounded from inside the home, and Phil quickly pulled Tommy behind him when he heard soft footfalls staggering toward the door.
The door opened slowly, small grunts accompanying the creaking hinges. Phil felt his heart ache at the sight — a small bat hybrid stood precariously at the doorway, hands gripping the mahogany door as best as they could with the tremors racking their frame.
"Hello?" They croaked, blinking slowly at Phil and his sons. Their eyes fell on Techno eventually, and they quickly straightened themselves.
"Hello Phil, I think I left your potions somewhere..." The child reassured, letting go of the door to stagger into the house. Techno followed after them carefully, after idly waving a hand at Phil's expression.
"Hey, Mate. How long have you been alone for?" Phil asked, stepping into the cabin with his other two sons.
The house was a mess - books and pages strewn across the floor forced you to step over them precariously, dirty dishes piled high in the connected kitchen, and dust collected on higher appliances, cupboards untouched, and top bookshelves dusty.
"Uhm, I dunno. The seasons changed..." The kid responded eventually, trailing off as they struggled to climb up a step ladder in front of a wall of potions (which he noted as half-empty). Phil grimaced as he watched their frail arms shake from the effort exerted.
"Are they labeled correctly?" Wilbur asked gently. The little hybrid startled at the sound of his voice but nodded anyway. Wilbur stepped closer to them, a soft smile on his face.
"I'll grab it for you." He reassured, waiting for the child to nod once again before skimming the potions on the wall, flipping their tags over to read them idly. Eventually, he pulled two bottles off of the wall and stepped away from the collection entirely.
"Who" They asked, squinting at them. Phil figures they must have just processed the three extra people present.
"I'm Phil, the boy with wings is Tommy, Wilbur helped you with the potions, and the one with pink hair is Techno." Phil clarified, watching the smaller one nod along. Then, groggily, they turned to Techno.
"Not Phil?" Techno shook his head slightly, still holding on to the crate he'd carried from home.
"Not Phil."
"Ah…" They nodded, blinking blearily. Phil realized with a slight frown that their eyes were glassy, unfocused.
"What's your name?" Techno asked, taking the potions from Wilbur and setting them in the padded crate.
"Y/n." The hybrid muttered, not looking up. Their tiny wings were almost limp behind them, making Phil's worry increase.
"Y/n, do you know who Lucielle is?" Wilbur's tone was gentle, with a bit of urgency. The hybrid blinked slowly but nodded. They shakily made their way over to the kitchen table a few feet away, the rest of them following slowly as not to crowd them. Phil could tell Tommy was getting antsy, twitching at every opportunity and pulling on the edges of his clothes.
"She...she's in her room. Won't let me come in." They mumbled, resting their head on the table as they spoke.
"Phil," Tommy whispered, pulling on his pant leg. Phil shushed him softly, patting his head.
"In her room?" Phil asked, looking over to the door shut down the hall. There are claw marks near the doorknob, dark wood peeling away to reveal lighter peels of wood, coarse and unsanded.
"Said she was sick...told me I couldn't get sick, too. So." The hybrid shrugged, eyes drooping. Phil nodded, watching them worriedly. They weren't in the best condition either, it seemed.
"Phil!" Another hiss from Tommy, and this time Phil just placed a hand on the boy's shoulder to stop the kid from pulling any harder on his coat.
"She...magic..." The kid slurred, closing their eyes. Wilbur placed a hand on their back, panic seeping into his expression. A quick press to their neck allowed Wilbur to relax, pulse thudding gently against his fingertips.
"They're out cold." He hummed, looking back up at Phil with a frown.
"Phil!" Tommy was shouting now, hand gripping tightly onto Phil's arm.
"Yes, Tommy, what is it? I think they're hurt..." Phil finally addressed the youngest, trailing off in concern. From the looks of it, the child had just passed out.
"They're a bat, right?" Tommy asked, approaching the sleeping hybrid.
"That's right, their wings match, and so do their claws," Wilbur confirmed, staring at the thin, pointy wings draped across Y/n's shoulders. Tommy approached the table, staring curiously at the hybrid.
"Wilby, you said some bats hibernated when it got too cold," Tommy said, poking the hybrid's cheek. Wilbur stopped short, mouth ajar just an inch.
"It would make sense...but there's no heat in here; they must be freezing," Techno spoke, crate settled in his arms once again. Phil shot a look at the mangled door a few feet away from them - it was clear that the kid had tried to enter the room by force. From what they had said, Lucielle had sealed herself into the room about a season ago. Could she have slipped out when Y/n wasn't looking?
The witch Phil had seen grow old would have to wait - now he had a sickly kid to take care of.
After ushering Wilbur to the side, Phil gently scooped the hybrid into his arms, wincing at the feeling of their cold, clammy skin in his hands. Their clothes were far too thin for any child, let alone one that relied on warmth this time of year. Phil shifted his wings so they would cover y/n, at least marginally. He did not want to think about what would happen to them if he carried them through the bitter cold in their current clothing.
"Come on then, boys; we'll come back as soon as we know Y/n's healthy again," Phil instructed, inclining his head toward the doorway. He observed his sons - and the way they hesitated—Techno and Tommy, still curious about the cabin and the story it held. Wilbur, still bearing a furrowed brow as worry surrounded him in a suffocating aura. Phil sighed softly at the way his boys stared silently in response.
"Come on, let's go home." He said - softer this time. This time, he seems to jolt them out of their heads, and they quickly file out before him. Tommy closes the door after they've exited, and Phil watches as he slips his small hand back into Wilbur's.
Tumblr media
tag list: @imuziawi @orkwardx0 @chaoticotaku <3 (feel free to send me an ask or anything if you'd like to be part of the tag list!)
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ahyes-bsoiso-s-man · 2 days ago
I said it once (idk on this account) and I'll say it again cause it seems relevant now-
SBI (Sleepy Bois Inc- Phil, Techno, Wilbur, and Tommy) has had a negative impact on how viewers view dsmp c!Philza and dsmp c!Technoblade and this has been an issue ever since they showed up during the Pogtopia arc and November 16.
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0rphan-obliterator · 2 days ago
Wilbur: This is horrible. This is the most humiliating thing to ever happen to me…
Tommy: Even more humiliating than-
Wilbur: Lets not do this.
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dreambutstupid · 19 hours ago
Being a dream smp fan is tiring because there’s so many names for random duos you have to keep up with
Dream team? Sleepy bois inc? Clingy duo? Bench trio? Sex havers? Sunshine duo? Comfy duo? Crew boys? Cricket crew?
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visree · a day ago
so i've been noticing a theme
i read a probably more-than-healthy amount of sbi fanfiction in my free time, and everyone seems to have a different opinion about what techno's tea/coffee habits are. thus, i have come to you, tumblr, to resolve this issue. come, fill out my one minute google form and yell at me about tea and minecraft streamers
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elidocor · 2 days ago
Emerald duo and their sayings meaning "I'll do anything for you" are going to kill me one day. /pos
Phil: "I'll follow Techno to the gates of hell."
Techno: "For you, the world, Phil."
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chill-koi · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
redrew my november 16th poster from. a year ago!! what is time
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alwerakoo · 4 months ago
Ok but imagine all the sbi somehow being Kristin's and Philza's kids (magic) and Kristin is like. Very passive-aggressive about the whole "Technoblade never dies" thing
"Oh of course you never die, why would you ever want to visit your poor, old mother... Look at Tommy, he visits me all the time!"
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clacy2812 · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Random idea i thought on why Mumza isn’t around. 
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