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Sleepy Hollow 4x13 - “Freedom” (2017)

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Watched this with a friend and had a great time, mostly because of the visuals. Definitely not Tim Burton’s best, but it’s fun and worth at least one watch.

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do you ever check before you get invested into a new fandom that there is a thriving community or are you normal

(bonus points if you see that it’s dead and/or never existing and decided to dive head first anyway)

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Sleepy Hollow | Tim Burton | 1999

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they just compared abbie/ichabod to booth/brennan, specifically as couples. i will commit homicide

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This is the coolest I’ve ever looked and you can’t even tell that it’s me.

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Reflecting on seeing the mammy trope applied in a bunch of stories spanning different fandoms I honestly wonder, do white women truly not notice when a black woman is being horrifically mammified in a book or tv show? I didn’t have the words for it into college, but when a black girl or woman was only there to be funny or be a therapist or suffer for everyone else I knew it bothered me. But I have sort of a vested interest. 

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From Bonnie Bennett to Iris West-Allen to Katara (indigenous character, but stil in the unfairly treated woc category) to Abbie Mills being a Black fangirl can be an infuriating experience. You have these characters who either writers don’t appreciate or the fandom shreds and mocks for daring to have feelings. The sexism, racism and colorism is neverending. They all just deserve so much better. 

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Pumpkin Tree, Sleepy Hollow, New York

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