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#sleepy hollow

Listening to TMA I forgot how much I prefer the British English pronunciation of Lieutenant than American English. Haven’t heard it said much since Sleepy Hollow. God I loved when Crane called Abbie that.

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10 fictional characters from different things and tag 10 people

tagged by: @whyamistillwatchingtheseshows

Tutor-Why R U the Series

Cam Saroyan-Bones

Magnus Bane-Shadowhunters

Abbie Mills-Sleepy Hollow

Anissa Pierce-Black Lightning

Spartacus-Spartacus Franchise

Villanelle-Killing Eve

John Bender-The Breakfast Club

Raizo-Ninja Assassin 

Tea Cake-Their Eyes Were Watching God

@gelreads @ariea @butterflyheart-me @1love1houseofcards 

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Note: Top ten hottest cartoon characters, part three. Bill Cipher would be on this list if he’d possessed a character I was into. :(

10. Craz (Greg Cipes) from Dream Boy High

Good enough. 

9. Ultrahouse 3000 (Pierce Brosnan) from The Simpsons (“Treehouse of Horror XII”)

So, basically, a yandere HAL 9000. 

8. Jack Frost (Robert Morse) from Jack Frost

Your ROTG Jack could never. 

7. Jonathan (Andy Samberg) from Hotel Transylvania

If he likes goth girls and biting, then I already have an in. 

6. the Beast (Samuel Ramey) from Over the Garden Wall

It’s the antlers. And voice. And hands.

5. Headless Horseman (Billy Bletcher) from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Screw Brom and Ichabod. The Horseman is Sleepy Hollow’s most eligible bachelor. 

4. sketchy Morten Harket from Take on Me (Hunting High and Low)

Before Roger Rabbit and Cool World could disappoint us with their lack of bodacious toon dudes… 

3. Darkwolf (Steve Sandor) from Fire and Ice

He can get the rocks off. 

2. Red X (Scott Menville) from Teen Titans

Growing up, the other girls were into Robin. They were also into Red X. I just wasn’t into Robin. Sorry, Robin. 

1. Hiccup Haddock (Jay Baruchel) from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

We’re getting a sequel series about Dadcup. Right? 

Note: Previous part. Growing up it was Beast Boy, Fang, Rorek > Robin.

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