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#slight moment of panic

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This is the literal definition of self indulgence I’m not even kidding you.

And I totally did not write the last 1/3rd of it in a car because I didn’t have the patience to get home.

And this is unedited. So if you find errors please spare my humble life. I LITERALLY WROTE THIS ENTIRE THING TODAY. The inspiration istg.


Daisuke Kambe doesn’t get nervous. He doesn’t overthink. He doesn’t doubt anything he does, or any decision he makes. Except when he’s in the dressing room, waiting for Hoshino to come and escort him to his soon-to-be husband. ‘Cold feet’ is the farthest term one would use to describe Daisuke, yet here he stands in front of the large mirror, wondering if he’s good enough for the man whose eyes shine brighter than any star he’s seen.

All it takes is one call.

And before he knows it, Haru right there in front of him.

He needs his hero, and Haru is there.

TW: Panic
Word count:
3136 (woohoo)

Special tag: @akaiiro-yume for being my ultimate simp buddy. I told her this whole thing as just an idea and she said she felt like crying and I was like FUCK IT IM GONNA WRITE IT. So here we are. Thank you. 


“Daisuke Kambe,” Haru called his name, his voice so gentle it almost got drowned by the waves as he looked straight ahead at them with Kambe by his side. The serene way his lips curved into a peace smile hid with such grace the nervousness shooting up his spine. 

“Mm?” Daisuke glanced at his boyfriend, wondering why the inspector suddenly chose to call him by his full name instead of the usual ‘bastard’, ‘pain in the ass’, ‘idiot’, or just ‘Kambe’.

Am I doing the right thing? Are we ready for this?

“What is it, Haru?”

“Marry me.”

Daisuke’s eyes widened, and he stared at Haru without blinking even once. “… What?”

“I said,” Haru turned to look at him, giving him an awkward little grin before grabbing Daisuke’s hands in his own and slowly going on one knee, “Marry me, ‘Suke.”

That was all it took. That nickname.

Daisuke felt every tense nerve in his body relax almost immediately as the answer came as naturally to him as breathing.


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today i finally got to reintroduce my dnd party to the NPC they met way back in our very first game, in our old campaign, who was the biggest useless idiot who they all hated and who would occasionally pop up in that campaign making everyone quickly duck behind a building and turn up their collars in hopes he wouldn’t notice them

the joys of having a BBEG who’s whole deal is breaking into other realities

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