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#slow burn
mortifyingideal · 23 minutes ago
hi mort!! i'm coming at you live after finishing my second read-through of LB, and i'm having to physically restrain myself from immediately going back to chapter one and starting all over again. not to be dramatic but i think it's probably the best piece of fiction (fan- or otherwise) i've ever read, and i lack the capacity to fully explain HOW much i love it besides just AAAAAAAAH!!! i wanted to thank you both for sharing it with us!!! it's brought me so much joy and i can rarely think of+
Tumblr media
first of all thank you very much for all of these incredibly kind words, you are a total sweetheart and this is A LOT OF GOOD PRAISE AND I AM THRIIIIIIVING! i hope you don't mind me answering this publicly just in case anyone else has a similar query.
you can absoLUTELY print yourself a copy of LB, that's completely fine by me and i am also speaking for marginalia here. as long as it's for you and your own personal use, you and anyone else who fancies holding this silly behemoth in their hands can go absolutely ham my friend. also it's probably sensible to start printing it now because LMFAO by the time we finish it is going to be uhhhhhhhh quite massive so let's consider this volume one, eh?
in regards to a tipjar neither of us have one/plan to have one, but if you were so inclined i would be stoked if whatever you were going to toss our way, you instead donated to a charity. you're free to pick one of your own choosing, obv, or if you like this is a link to the fundraiser for East End Women, an organisation in my local community that has been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to provide proper meals for poor families and care for those most vulnerable purely via the support of donations. please don't feel like you need to show me like, proof of receipt or whatever lmfao you are under no obligation to do this at all! but it would warm the cockles of my shrivelled hag heart.
thank you so much again! i really hope you continue to find many many other sources of joy because you absolutely deserve it! also for anyone else reading this GO CHECK OUT KEL'S ARTWORK IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. he's done so many wonderful GO pieces as well as being generally all-round talented. he is...... so good...... LOOK AT THEM!!!
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writingwife-83 · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 5
“I already talked to Michaels,” Kylo said into the phone, balancing it on his shoulder as he filled Tasha’s food bowl. “ You can deal with him if he’s still being difficult.”
Hux huffed on the other end of the line.
“Is there anything you’re willing to deal with lately?” he sneered.
Kylo clenched his jaw. “I’ve been busy.”
“Definitely not busy getting a haircut,” Hux muttered.
“Excuse me?”
“We’re juggling a lot of clients at the moment,” Hux went on, undeterred. “I think it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the time to let things slide or to get distracted .”
Kylo froze for a breath. He recognized that tone, and it made him think that Hux knew something. That was the last thing he wanted. His budding relationship with Rey was just that- his . He didn’t want Hux or Snoke or anything to do with his job interfering. This meant too much to him and he wouldn’t allow anyone to screw it up.
Keep reading ch 5 on AO3
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krystalliumm · 2 hours ago
My daring 💖
You beloved person💕
It's some beautiful day, and... I'm so happy 🥳 'cuz my flag arrived today 🥰 so I would like to spread
💜 Ha-ppi-ness 💜
And btw I would like to rec a fic I read recently, it's called Lessons In Grace And Decorum By GallaPlacida
Maybe you've read it maybe not, but yolo
Have a lovely day, enjoys some cookies 🍪🍪🍪🍪, lots of love to you and everyone 💕💘💖🥰.
Lysm good morning anon
i hope you're having a great day week too, bun :D congrats on the flag as well !! i'd like one too bc i literally have a perfect spot on my wall to hang it up, but mother dearest seems a lil against that stuff so-
ALSO WHAT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ✨WONDERFUL FIC REC✨ i haven't read slow burns in a while since i tend to read a lotta fics at once like,, everyday so i lose track of each plot 😭
but just for you, i shalt try <3 take care of yourself :'))
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nashibirne · 3 hours ago
Gimme Shelter - 5
Tumblr media
Here comes chapter 5. Expect a little romance and fluff! Our protagonists even start to flirt 😏 I hope you enjoy the next part of their story! If so, please let me know and leave a comment, like or reblog. Thanks 💜
You can find parts 1 - 4 and my other fics on my masterlist
Pairing: Henry Cavill x OFC (Kat Spencer)
Words: ~3.3k
Summary: Henry has to deal with a personal crisis and he finds shelter with his old rugby mate Sam and his sister Kat. She used to be Henry’s best friend a very long time ago. Will they be able to become friends again or maybe even more?
Chapter 5: A walk on the coast path, a flirt and a sweet encounter
Warnings: RPF, mention of mental health issues
Unbeta'ed. English isn't my first language. Mistakes ahead and they're all mine.
Disclaimer: I don’t know the real Henry Cavill or anyone who's related to him in any way, this is pure fiction and nothing more
Credits: Pics for the moodboard from Pinterest. Face claims: Kat = Jennifer Connelly
Tag list (let me know if you want to be added or removed):
@lunedelorient @inlovewithhisblueeyes @willkatfanfromasia @hell1129-blog @mis-lil-red @agniavateira @kebabgirl67 @omgkatinka @legendarywizarddetective @summersong69 @taebfada @xxxkatxo @artandotherdelights @notabronte @littlefreya @luclittlepond @eldarwen333 @meowpurrbooks @marantha @fadingkittenfun @liliumdream @enchantedbytomandhenry @greensleeves888 @witcherfan @margauxmargaux07 @radaofrivia @m07belzen
Ready? Let's go.
Over the next few days Kat and Henry got closer and closer. They had long conversations almost every day that were so very helpful for both of them and they felt that the bond between them, this strong connection they had all these years ago and that had been cut off so abruptly, was rebuilding slowly. It was almost like back in the days. Kat and Henry against the rest of the world.
Kat helped Henry to sort out his thoughts, to make decisions and plans without taking responsibility away from him. She didn't make it easy for him by taking over control or telling him what to do. All she did was listen, sharing her view on things and giving him advice and she did it in a way that made it easy for Henry to see where he wanted to go with his life in the future. She didn't judge, she didn't criticize, she just gave him her opinion and support and that was all he was asking for. 
On day 8 after the treehouse talk Henry was brooding over a text he wanted to publish. A statement for his fans, the media, the public in general but it wasn't so easy to get the tone right and to explain enough to make his latest actions relatable without giving up too much of his privacy. He closed his laptop with a sigh and rubbed his tired eyes when it knocked on the door. 
"Come in." he said, hoping it was Kat and his wish came true.
"Hey." Kat greeted him with a bright smile and joined him at the kitchen table. "What are you doing?"
"Nothing." He shook his head. "I'm not very productive today."
"So maybe you need a distraction? What about a walk on the coast path? The weather is lovely and I'm really in need of some fresh air. Wanna join me?"
Kat flinched when Mr. Darcy jumped onto her lap out of the blue. "Heavens,'re gonna give me a heart attack one day." The cat ignored her fond scolding and curled up into a ball on her thighs, clearly demanding a bit of tender loving care that she gave him with an amused smile. "I haven't seen him downstairs in days."
"Cat got your tongue?" Kat stood up with a smirk and Henry was sure she was swaying her hips more than usual when she went to the door. "Come on, Cavill. Let's go." 
Henry chuckled. "Yeah, it seems he's moved in with us. He sleeps with Kal in my bed every night. I think he's in love." Kat grinned. "Well, I can't blame him. Who wouldn't fall in love with a smart, sexy hunk and his furry companion." She gave him a flirtatious wink and now Henry was the one feeling like having a heart attack.
This was new. She'd never flirted with him before. All their banter was of friendly nature, sarcastic and funny but not flirty. He wanted to give her a witty answer, make a sexy remark but his mind went blank. All he was able to think about was how badly he wanted to touch and kiss her and so he opened his mouth but not a single word came out.
Kat's heart was racing when they left the house and walked down the road that led to the coast path side by side. It was obvious that her cheeky remark had caught him off guard but she wasn't sure if he considered her move good or bad. It had taken all her courage to try and flirt with him and his reaction left her a little clueless. It was not like she didn't know how to flirt. She did and she loved a sexy flirtatious banter. She wasn't shy and she also was aware of the fact that she was attractive but when it came to Henry everything was different. She turned into an insecure teenager again, helplessly in love and completely confused.
Just don't make the same mistakes again. Her thoughts wandered back to the night she'd spend with Eli after the city festival. When she went home with him she wanted to have sex with him, she really did but it didn't work. Whenever she closed her eyes and kissed him she saw Henry and the way he had looked at her when they were dancing slowly. Elijah soon noticed that something was off and he connected the dots quickly. He was very sweet and instead of being pissed he made coffee and they sat down and talked. Kat told him about her and Henry, all about their past, about Poppy, the heartbreak, her feelings for him, just everything. When she was finished Eli gave her a grin. "Well, I've been dumped for worse guys than Henry Cavill. I mean, even I wouldn't say no to him and I'm straight as fuck."
Kat chuckled and rolled her eyes. "Thank you for your understanding. I just don't know how to deal with my feelings. I don't even understand the nature of these feelings."
"The nature? You're falling for him again. And judging by the way he looked at you and the death stares he was giving me all night, I'd say he feels the same way." Eli shrugged as if it was as clear as day. "And you should really grasp at that second chance."
Kat sighed. "I don't know. What if he hurts me again?"
"You're not sixteen anymore. I'm sure he's learned his lesson and so have you. Just don't fuck it up this time, Kat."
"Excuse me? I didn't fuck it up back then." She looked at him flabbergasted.
"Come on, you know what I mean. Just don't make the same mistakes again." Eli took her hand and gave it a squeeze. "Yeah, he was a total ass and treated you badly. He lied to you. I get that. But you never gave him a hint that you have feelings for him. You took him for granted, Kat. You thought he'd always be there for you exclusively, that you are the only girl in his life and that you could afford to keep him in the dark about your feelings. You had this romantic idea in your head. You and him, the ball, the romance, a dance, a kiss, a confession but you never even considered that he liked you too but moved on because you'd friendzoned him. Truth is you didn't dare to tell him that you're in love with him and it backfired and hit you hard."
Kat started to chew on her lip. "Yeah. Maybe you're right." 
"And if I may add one thing. You're 38. You're beautiful and smart but you're still single. You said it yourself, none of the men you meet can live up to your expectations. You've never met 'the one'. What if Henry's been the one for you all along?"
And that was the question that was running around in her mind ever since Elijah had posed it. Was it possible? Was Henry the one for her?
"This way?" Henry's voice interrupted her thoughts. He pointed at a path that turned off to the left. "Yes." Kat smiled at him sheepishly and Henry gave her a funny look.  "Are you okay?" 
"Yeah, sure. I was just lost in thought. Sorry."
"Thinking about hot hunks, huh?" He smirked and it was ridiculously sexy. Kat's heart jumped with joy when she realized that he was flirting back.
"More about their cute companions." Kat laughed out loud with relief and joy. "Come on, Kal." She clapped her hands and started to run down the path, the American Akita following close behind, wagging his tale with excitement. She looked back over her shoulder with a grin. "What are you waiting for, Hen. Are you afraid you can't keep up with me?"
"Don't try me." Henry laughed and ran after her, chasing her down the path, playfully imitating a roaring bear. Kat was surprisingly fast and he indeed had problems keeping up with her. He wasn't a sprinter, his body wasn't really made for running though he did it for cardio regularly. So he had stamina but he wasn't very fast. Kat on the other hand was agile and quick and she took the rocky path effortlessly, it was a treat for the eyes. He knew she liked trail running and her smooth motions showed him that she did this often. When he finally caught up with her she flashed him a smile and slowed down. They came to a halt, both panting and laughing at the same time. "We better walk now. I'm too old for running away from a man as fit as you." Kat bent her upper body down and supported herself with her hands on her knees. Henry grinned. "You're way too fast for me. You ran like a bat out of hell."
They both burst out laughing again for no real reason and it felt so good to be childish and just a little silly. Henry was so comfortable, so much like himself, when he was with her it made him feel whole again. She was the antidepressant he really needed. 
"What about some climbing instead of running?" 
"Climbing? Jesus, Kat, are you trying to wear me out?"
"Well, it's not really climbing. The trail is just a little rockier and steeper than the regular one." Kat pointed at a path that was overgrown and led upwards to what seemed to be a cliff.
"What's up there? A make-out spot?" He asked, grinning cheekily.
"Dream on." Kat raised an eyebrow and her smile was sexy and amused at the same time. "Just an amazing view on the bay from the top of the cliff."
"It's closed off." Henry looked at the chain that blocked the trail with a frown.
"Yes...but we can take it anyway. That's not a problem."
"The sign says 'no trespassing', Kat."
She sighed. "I know but this is more for the tourists. There have been some minor accidents. Someone broke his leg or something. So they closed it stuff and know how it is. It's nothing,  I've been there many times."
Henry still wasn't convinced. "It can still be dangerous and what if we get caught?"
"Sorry." She mumbled avoiding his gaze. 
Kat laughed. "No risk, no fun. Come on now, Pop." She froze before she blushed furiously.
"Pop, huh?" Henry's lips turned up into a mocking grin. Pop had been her nickname for him at school. Whenever he'd tried to tell her what to do or to keep her from doing things he considered too dangerous or simply inappropriate she had teased him with this name to make clear that he sounded like her father. And so he became Pop just like she became Kitty.
"No worries, Kat. I like the sound of it. Actually I get called daddy a lot these days." Her eyes met his and he wiggled his eyebrows with a teasing smirk. Kat's confidence was back and she gave him a lopsided grin and a wink before she climbed over the chain. "Well, I guess I better behave then...daddy."
20 minutes later they were sitting side by side on top of the cliff, Kal lying at Henry's feet and Kat hadn't promised too much. The view was spectacular. "That's fantastic, Kat." 
"Yeah. It never ceases to amaze me, every time I come here, again and again."
They sat there in comfortable silence for a while, staring at the ocean. Kat's legs touched his and the physical closeness awoke the butterflies inside of him. He turned to her, admiring her pretty face. "Thanks for taking me here." She looked at him with a smile. "I knew you'd love it. I've been here many times thinking of you, wishing you were with me, like you're with me now." Her voice got weaker with every word and she bit her lip, suddenly feeling self-conscious.
Henry's heart started to race when he realized what her words meant. She had never stopped thinking about him just like he had never been able to forget her. He took her hand and pressed a soft kiss on her knuckles. She let it happen, she even closed her eyes. "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than by your side, Kitty." He knew it was a bold move to call her that after her reaction the other day but she didn't seem to mind. "That's good to know, Pop."
She opened her eyes again and they shared a shy smile. Henry didn't let go of her hand, he even started to stroke it with his thumb tenderly. Kat's gaze fell on his lips and they both leaned in slowly. Their lips were just about to meet in a tender kiss when they heard suppressed giggles from behind. They turned around and saw two girls who were standing behind a rock, watching them. They were nine maybe ten years old and really cute. "Hey, you nosy little rascals. Are you observing us?" Henry scolded them playfully, laughing out loud and Kat couldn't help but join in. 
"What about your dog? Don't you go to work?" Nelly asked.
"We were observing your dog. It looks like a bear." The taller girl said with a confident smile. She had beautiful, thick, red hair and reminded Kat very much of Anne Shirley from 'Anne with an E'. "What's your name?" she asked. "I'm Nelly and this is my bestie Laura." The other girl giggled again and waved at them but she didn't say a word. "Would you want to pet my dog? His name is Kal." Henry gave them an encouraging smile and they nodded eagerly. "Come on, Kal. Meet Nelly and Laura." Kal got up and greeted the girls like the friendly dog he just was and they kneeled down to stroke his soft fur.
"I want a dog too, but my parents say no." Laura said and she pouted her lips. "I'm sure they have good reasons." Henry explained. "A dog requires a lot of time." "Yeah. That's what my parents say. They don't have time for a dog because they both have to work." She rolled her big brown eyes, never stopping to pet Kal who enjoyed the love he received.
"Your parents are very reasonable . You wouldn't want your dog to be sad, would you?" "No." She shook her head vehemently. "Of course not." "See, but dogs are sad when they have to be alone all day." She nodded and sighed. "Oh, okay."
"I'm lucky. I can take Kal with me when I work." Henry gave her a bright smile but she seemed sceptical. "Really? Must be a very strange job, when you can bring your dog."
"It is a strange job, you're right, Nelly, but I love it anyway." And for the first time in months, he felt it. He loved his job and he was a lucky man.
After the sweet encounter with Nelly and Laura the intimate moment was ruined and the sexual tension was gone but Kat and Henry were still in a good mood and they went back home chatting lightheartedly.
"You were great with the girls. Did you never think about having kids?" 
Henry gave Kat a surprised look.
"Of course I did. I'd love to have a bunch of children but I guess I'd need a woman first."
"I don't think there's a lack of women in your life." 
"No, of course not. There were many of them but never the one to start a family with."
Now it was Kat who was surprised. "You have never been in a serious relationship? Never made plans to settle down? I'm sorry if this a stupid question but I've always avoided reading about your private life in the media…"
"It's not stupid at all. What you can read about my private life is mostly bullshit anyway." Henry let out a snort. "But no, I've never been really serious with a woman. I was engaged once but that was a very stupid idea. I was young and foolish…"
"But why? I mean, you're perfect husband material."
"Yeah, for gold diggers and attention whores." He rolled his eyes. "I don't know, it's always the same. I meet a woman, I fall fast and hard and after a few weeks I wake up from this romantic vision I had of her and me and there's nothing left...I lose interest or she gets bored with me and that's it. It has always been like this. I'm just not able to find a woman that completes me." He shrugged. "What about you? Why are you still single?" 
Kat took a deep breath. "Pretty much the same actually. There have been a few men, short relationships, but it never lasted. All of them tried to turn me into something I'm not. A trophy wife, a housewife, a mistress…but none of them could make me feel at home with them."
"They must have been idiots. Why would anybody try to change you. You're great the way you are." Henry said, shaking his head in disbelief. "What about Jim?"
Kat smiled. "Jim was indeed different. We had a great time but after four years we grew apart. I was so young, 23, I wanted to travel, to see the world, he was 30 and wanted to settle down and start a family. That's why we broke up and it was the right thing to do. We're still friends and he has a great family now."
"Seems we were right when we were moping teenagers and said we're never going to find true and everlasting love. Do you remember? Kitty and Pop..the lonely heart club?"
"Of course. All these sad poems we wrote and you were so great at reciting them." Kat laughed softly at the memory. "God, we were so pathetic with our self-pity."
"Yeah, we were. But eventually you fell for Aaron."
"Love is a big word for what Poppy and I had in those 6 months we were together." Henry looked at his hands, his fingers were fumbling with the ring on his pinky. Guilt washed over him whenever he talked about Poppy in Kat's presence. "I guess I didn't even know what love is when I was with her. Maybe I still don't."
Kat cocked her head looking at him. Yes, after you broke my heart, was what she was thinking. "I did. He was my byronic hero. He saved me..." was what she was saying. "And you loved Poppy."
"You must have loved your girlfriends."
Henry shrugged. "I have but...I don't know…"
"You loved them and at the same time you knew they weren't the one. Something was always missing…."
Kat spoke out what he was thinking but couldn't express.
He looked at her, nodding his head. "Exactly."
"Yeah. Same here. Aren't we the lucky ones?" Kat gave him a sarcastic grin. "We should resurrect the lonely hearts club."
The way she tried to shrug off the topic all of the sudden showed him that it had gotten under her skin. Deep. He smirked and gave her a wink. "Count me in."
Kat looked at him with a frown. "Really? I was actually joking."
"Why not. Could be fun to take a stroll down memory lane."
"You're right. Let's do it. First meeting on Saturday night? At the woodhouse?" 
"Sounds like a plan. I better start searching the internet for some sad, dramatic poems."
"And I'm going to compile a playlist." 
"Deal." Henry offered Kat his hand for a handshake and she took it grinning like a Cheshire cat.
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randomavasdemonicons · 4 hours ago
Is it just me or was anyone else disappointed with this update? Like I know it introduced some characters and whatever but,, like the LONG ASS WAIT for like a fucking Party advent with the most punchable twink in existence flailing around... Tbh all that video could have been some couple of panel updates no problem. The Gil dream video was more useful as a video than this one would ever be.
THIS! Honestly there being almost a whole ass year of wait just for an honestly kinda short character intro vid was jarring and kind of disappointing lmao.
At this point, we know that Michelle struggles with the management of this comic and the colorists are apparently god knows where not doing shit to help advance this train wreck, so I would just reccomend sitting down with a drink and watching the story until everything putters out lmao
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chelleztjs18 · 4 hours ago
Lost in Assistance - Ch. 13
Elizabeth Olsen x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only)
I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.
All chapters
It's Friday, Lizzie has a day off today so are you. After the busy weeks since your first day of working as her assistant, all you want is just to relax at home all day and sleep early. You actually regretted telling Aubrey that you need more than a party after dealing with a boss like Lizzie because that made you sound like you want to go to the party when you actually don't. As much as you don't want to go but you know how Aubrey is, she already said she won't take No for an answer when she invited you. After running errands and spending time with your mom, you got ready for the party before Aubrey sent a search team to your house and dragged you to the party.
So here you are, in your car parked in front of her huge house. You walked to the front door, music and people chattering inside the house can be heard from where you stand, it's loud enough to let the neighbours know where the party is but not at a troublesome level of loudness. You ring the bell and a bottle of wine is on your other hand.
"Y/n! You made it!" Aubrey greeted you with a wide smile and opened the door wider for you to get in then gave you a welcome hug. "Of course! I don't want you to send a search team to drag me here. Also, I got this for you." You playfully replied and handed her the wine. "Good thinking! You know me very well. Thank you, love!" She winked at you.
Aubrey grabbed your wrist and pulled you to come with her to the bar. As you are walking, you check out the surroundings. Quite a lot of people came, you see some familiar celebrity faces but some you didn't recognize the faces who you thought might be Aubrey's other circle of friends. Gooey - by Glass Animals plays in the background mixed with people's voices talking and laughing. As soon as you both got to the bar, you saw a familiar figure and Aubrey tapped his shoulder to turn around.
"OMG!! Look who's finally here! Hi beautiful! How are you?" Mitchel squealed with excitement as he pulled you by both of your arms to give you a cheek to cheek greeting kiss. "Hi handsome. I'm good. How are you?" You smiled. "Oh I'm fabulous! How was your Paris trip? I heard what happened from Aubrey." He asked with a knowing smile. Aubrey came with two cocktails for you and her. "Oh, it was good but you know, working with Olsen is like riding a roller coaster with lots of loops and drops." You shook your head and rolled your eyes followed with a sigh. "I'm sorry Aubrey, no offense. I didn't mean to talk bad about your best friend behind her back with you." You added as you took the drink from her and took a sip.
"Oh none taken. Don't worry. I know you were just answering Mitch's question. Oh and Mitchel, thank God y/n was with us, I didn't know she could speak French. It was really helpful there and sexy too!" Aubrey joined the conversation and of course she had to throw a harmless tease in it like usual.
"Oh yeah, my girl right here is like a walking dictionary of five different languages. I'm so proud of her." Mitch wrapped his arm over your shoulder around your neck and gave you a quick peck kiss on your cheek.
"Wow y/n! That's impressive! Mitch, can I just switch Y/n to be my personal assistant?"
"Well, It depends. If you are like Olsen, then I would say no to you." You joked in a slight sarcasm even before Mitch responded to her.
"Oh come on! I told you she's actually a sweet person, it will just take a little time to see the sweet Lizzie. Trust me." She playfully slapped your arm while she's defending her best friend, Mitch noticed Lizzie coming towards the three of you after she had a chat with her other celebrity friends. "I agree with Aubrey and speak of the devil." Mitchel flicked his eyes in the direction of the incoming Lizzie from across the room. Three of you turn your heads to Lizzie as a reflex from what Mitch said.
"Hi guys." Lizzie greeted as she finally stood in front of you. "Hey Liz! I was looking for you around. You remember Mitchel right?"
"Of course! I have met him a few times. How can I forget this charming gentleman? Hi Mitchel." Lizzie put her arm out to give him a hug and he instantly jumped to her arm to hug her back. "Hi sweetheart! Good to see you tonight. How's everything?" His smile high to his eyes.
"Everything is good, just busy with work. Good thing I have your best assistant helping me." Lizzie smiled so friendly to your redhead best friend but you know she really didn't mean what she just said about you.
"Hi y/n." She greeted you half heartedly after she talked to Mitch. "Hi Ms. Olsen" You nodded. "Um. Hey Mitch, would you mind if I borrow Aubrey for a little bit?" She grabbed Aubrey by her arm, smiling at Mitchel. "Oh of course not. Go ahead. I'll see you ladies around." Mitch's hand signaling her to go ahead. "Thank you. I'll see you around. Enjoy the party." Lizzie quickly drags Aubrey somewhere quiet and more private to talk.
"What is she doing here?!" Her eyes darted at you and back to Aubrey's, uncomfortable expression patched on her face. "Who? y/n? I invited her. Liz, she's my friend too. A close friend. Just like you and I." Aubrey crossed both of her arms on her chest and tilted her head. " I know, I'm sorry. It's just that I have been stuck with her at work, now I have to see her again on my day off at a party?" Lizzie lowered her head and groaned. "Aw I'm sorry babe, I'm pretty sure Y/n will be with Mitchel the whole time. Anyway, you pulled me here just to ask me that?" She raised her eyebrow, waiting for an answer from the girl in front of her.
"Oh no. no. So Jane forgot to give me stuff for the interviews and event details in comic con event in San Diego and I'm leaving tomorrow. Is it okay if she sends Aaron here to give it to me please?"
"Yeah sure, as long as she can make sure that we can trust him about where I live. You know what I meant." Aubrey answered casually. "Thank you! Oh yeah, you don't have to worry about that." Lizzie gives Aubrey the reassurance that she needs.
Aaron arrived at the party. The tall blonde assistant looked around in excitement as Aubrey led him to where Lizzie was. This is his first time ever to be at a party where there are a bunch of famous faces in one room. Fighting hard the urge to greet his favorite celebrities since he knows he is not allowed to do that because he is "working" at this moment. "Hey Liz, Aaron is here."
"Hi Ms. Olsen. Here is the thing that Mrs. Vernon told me to bring you." He handed it to her. "Thank you Aaron." Lizzie nodded a thank you at him. "You can stay a little bit and have a drink or two Aaron but remember you are still on the clock right now. You know what I meant." Aubrey invited him with a welcoming tone yet added a firm tone at the end to make sure Aaron knows the drill. "Thank you so much Ms. Plaza. Don't worry, I'll behave and won't stay here too long." Aaron smiled at her with gratitude.
Few drinks later, you have been "people watching" while still talking with Mitchel. Lizzie and Aubrey have been hanging out with other friends next to both of you. Everything went well, you started to think coming to this party was not really a bad idea until this russian couple who are friends with both Lizzie and Aubrey came and greeted the girls. Just when you start to enjoy the party, of course oh what a small world we live in, they also know Mitchel which automatically pulls you to join with them.
Since the couple don't know you, both Mitchel and Aubrey introduce you to them. "So Elizabeth, I didn't see Jane, how is she? She is still your manager right? The husband asks Lizzie with a thick accent. "Oh yeah, she is but she is so busy managing all the major matters for me, so she had to hire another assistant for me." Lizzie gave a disguised bitter smile.
"Oh, It's always good to have extra assistance. Hope you got a good assistant that knows how it is working in the Hollywood world." The wife responded to Lizzie.
"Ona otlichnaya pomoshchnik, no my ne lyubim drug druga s pervogo dnya." (she is a great assistant but we haven't liked each other since the first day.) Lizzie answered them in Russian and the couple laughed and thought that she was just joking.
Your eyes quickly look at Lizzie as soon as you hear what she said in Russian but she didn't notice. You chuckled and you clenched your jaw. Unbeknownst to Lizzie, you speak Russian as well but Mitchel knows so he is fully aware of what's going on right now, he put his hand on your shoulder and squeezed it gently to calm you down just in case you got upset.
You took a sip of your drink. You bite your tongue to not reply in Russian because you don't want to embarrass her even though you think she didn't really talk bad about you but you decided to say something. "Well, you are looking at her. I'm Lizzie's assistant." You said it casually and smiled then the conversation went on.
After a good twenty minutes of conversation with the couple, they finally bid their farewell. Lizzie and Aubrey continue to chat with other friends, so is Mitchel. God knows how many people he knows at this party. You stay at the bar then Lizzie comes, but both of you don't talk. You started to get bored but then comes your other Russian saviour, saving you from this boredom.
"Hey y/n!" Aaron was happy that finally he saw someone that he can actually talk with. "Hey Aaron! I didn't know you were invited." You gave him a hug. "Oh I'm just here to drop off Ms. Olsen stuff." His excited tone was loud enough for Lizzie to hear it.
She ordered a drink from a bartender so she has an excuse to stand there. She is multitasking, using most of her senses. She took a sip of her drink as soon as she got it. She glanced up to the ceiling yet she paid attention to you and Aaron in the corner of her eyes and of course she's eavesdropping as well.
An idea pops into your mind as soon as you notice that she's there. You use the chance when a slower music plays, you know she can hear from where she is at. "There are a lot of celebrities I like here. It's crazy!" Aaron said in excitement.
"Zhal', chto zdes' yest' lyudi, kotoryye mne ne nravyatsya." (Too bad there are some people here that I don't like.) You make a victory smile, your eyes flick to her and quickly back to Aaron. It didn't surprise him that you speak Russian because he knows, but on the other hand, it was a huge surprised for her.
"I hope it's not me." He threw back a joke at you. "Oh no, of course not." You grinned as you took a sip and looked at her. You smiled on the rim of the cocktail glass. Her shocked uncomfortable face was priceless for you.
Surprised, upset, and embarrassed feelings were melted in one pot of her expression. Her eyes burned with her bothered ego that she feels the need to take an action in order to help herself from the embarrassment.
"Y/n, can I talk with you for a minute." a stern voice flowed to your ears. You took a deep sigh, wondering what's going to happen.
Ch. 14
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OH MAN I finally got to a scene in my fic I HAVE BEEN DYING TO WRITE SINCE I PLOTTED IT OUT!!
I’m so excited ya’ll SO STOKED.
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talesfromcordonia · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Slow Burn - Fashion - Chapter 13
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sylverstorms · 8 hours ago
"Rhiannon x Bela is a very slow burn thing", meanwhile Cassiopeia x Triana took almost 30 chapters to say "I love you". Btw love both fics, hope you're doing great.
I meannn compared to my RE stories it is a slow burn. The two greatly vary in format and intended length, so.
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kaelma · 9 hours ago
It is late in the month to be posting this, but for the remainder of Pride Month I've made my Adventures of Watts and Sherlock free on Smashwords! (The first book is 'pay what you want' but now you can grab the next two books for $0!) It's a mystery/slow burn series that takes the Sherlock Holmes genre and tosses it into a cyberpunk dystopia.
"In a futuristic city, a young doctor finds himself living with a strange man named Sherlock, who is attempting to emulate his literary namesake to a disturbing degree. Dr. Watts soon finds himself whisked along as Sherlock solves cases of theft, blackmail, kidnappings, and murder. Now if only he could figure out what possessed him to agree to this."
Here's a link to the series, and the coupon code is MK86K
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omg can't believe i'm going gaga over a freaking back scratching!!!
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livelyyoungheart · 12 hours ago
You challenge and excite me
Restructure and ignite me
Life and death is wrapped in
This mysterious whispering
Love all through pleasure and pain
In its divine cycle
Oh how peaceful
Or intense and shaking it can be
Blessed be, he who destroys me utterly
Only it is beautifully
And I am the building of my being
And the moving of me through always
I enjoy this creation,
This tense and testing collaboration
I am held to a high standard in your eye
And I respect you very greatly for it
And for your courage in your being
For your grace in your living
For your music and your love
And greatly for your passion
Your life is in the world!
I stand with the world!
I affirm we are one
There is a new balance being realized
We're tumbling to crescendoing
To harmonize
Today was dead airspace with blades
Gemini moon has up everyone's shades
I'm clumsy and I'm, learning lessons
I'm hoping you'll forgive me
However young I might be
Not to worry just 20
And what is 20 from 2001 among infinity?
Or 26 from 20, what is 6 between?
You and me are in infinity
Beyond gender and age or
Time-space being
Who knows what else
We are in out there
But I know also
Here, now, I am with you
I have followed what my soul
Told me I must do
Despite some discomforts sometimes
I still know this to be true
Whatever may be in store for me and you
I am dedicated to the building of us
Long term love,
Theres not even a rush
We'll figure it all out in the rhythm
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Caught (Loki x reader)(pt.31)
A/N: it appears the writing gods hath blessed me with some long awaited motivation, and  thus i do present to thou: another chapter. yet again based off of the loki to the rescue prompt because we all know what's going to happen next and i didn't give anyone time to send me new prompts woops. pls send ideas for the long anticipated confession and how the heck they're gonna get themselves out of this situation in case the writing gods decide to abandon me again<3
Word count: idk like 1.8k maybe
Chapter 31
As it turns out, you definitely do not have a plan. What you do have, however, is a toilet flush, and probable concussion.
James is describing to you what he knows about the layout of the building. Apparently he’s been here for a while. While he speaks, you concentrate on trying to stop the room from spinning lazily around you. Your head is throbbing more and more painfully by the minute.
“You okay?” Maya asks you under her breath while James talks, and you turn to look at her. She’s frowning at the wound in the side of your head.
“I’m fine.” you say quietly. Maya looks unconvinced. You don’t blame her.
The building, according to James, is underground. It’s a large circular structure, which leads him to believe that the electromagnetic device which they’re using to stem your powers will be located right in the centre.
“So, what you’re saying is that we need to get to this central… control room, and whatever it is that’s preventing us from using our powers, and destroy it…?” Margo asks slowly.
“I’m not saying anything. I think that we should stay in our cells, and I think that it’s very suspicious that there aren’t any alarms going o-”
James is cut off by a sudden, loud alarm, which amplifies the pain in your head tenfold.
“That less suspicious for you?” Margo shouts, clapping her hands over her ears. She barely finishes speaking before three guards run into the room.
There is a brief moment where they stop in their tracks, staring at the five of you. Then they move. In the time it takes you to take three steps forward, Maya, Margo and Frankie have run forward, disarmed and knocked out the three guards.
“You should keep it.” you shake your head as Maya offers you one of the guards’ batons with charged tips to you. You’re in no state to fight, but you have a feeling that that’s not going to matter very soon.
“Let’s go, quick!” Frankie says, and you follow her quickly from the room, staggering as you do so.
“We should take our chances and head for the exit. It’s too dangerous to go further in without the element of surprise!” Maya shouts.
“No! We’ll never make it out. Which way to the control room James?” Margo shouts back. James points, and Margo and Frankie take off in that direction. Maya looks at you in concern. You can only shrug and gesture after them.
You don’t get two corridors away from the cells, James shouting directions from behind you, before five more guards appear. You flex your hands and roll your shoulders as they run towards you. Ignore the pain.
The minute you enter combat with the first guard it’s easier to ignore the pain, adrenaline from your short run and now physical combat flooding your senses instead. You take her down fairly easily, snatching her baton from her as she drops to the ground.
When you turn around, three other guards are on the floor, and Maya is dealing with the fifth. She really is an excellent fighter, and despite the dire situation you can’t help but feel grateful that she’s here.
Frankie and Margo are also helpful additions; they don’t look like overly experienced fighters, but their frustration at being locked in cells for so long seems to be well making up for that. James is useless apart from his direction giving.
As you continue further into the department it occurs to you that you’re only going further into the belly of the beast, where there are bound to be more guards, and you begin to question Margo’s plan.
The alarm suddenly, thankfully, stops. Somehow this makes you more concerned.
“Keep going.” Frankie urges.
“Take a left.” James says, and you do, coming face to face with five more guards running towards you. Adrenaline drives you forwards towards them.
This time it’s less easy; your vision begins to blur again and the floor moves unsteadily beneath your feet. The guard you’re locked in combat with tries to take a swing at your head and you only just dodge it, slamming your baton into his knees as you lurch towards the floor.
As you do there’s a loud cry of pain from behind you, and you spin around to see Margo on the floor. Frankie bellows with rage and throws herself at the guard who knocked her down, while Maya is locked in combat with two guards at once.
You make to step forward to help, but the guard behind you lunges for your feet and sends you crashing face first to the ground.
“Get off!” you shout in annoyance, kicking out. Your foot must connect with something important, because the guard’s hand falls away from your foot. You scramble to your feet, lurching forward towards Maya and throwing yourself at one of the guards trying to disarm her.
Between you, Maya and Frankie you manage to take down the remaining three guards. Frankie immediately goes to Margo and hauls her to her feet.
“You okay?” you ask, and she nods groggily, looking worryingly pale all of a sudden. Before you’ve even had time to take another step forward there are more guards coming around the corner. Frankie sets Margo down again and you re-ready yourself for combat.
Maybe James had been right: you should have just stayed in your cells. You manage to take down the next few guards, but only just. By the time you’re through with them you can hardly see again, and Frankie has sustained what looks horribly like a broken rib or two.
James grabs one of the guards walkie talkie and speaks into it.
“The prisoners have been secured. Call off any remaining guards.”
You decide that you like James a lot. Margo groans.
“Who is this?”
You scrabble for the guard’s uniform, and quickly show James the nametag which reads Johnson.
“Copy that. Return them to their cells, apart from the new one. Boss wants her here.”
A rush of fear travels through you.
“Message received.” James says. Maya glares.
“Message received?”
“Excuse me for not knowing prison guard dialect.” James scowls.
“We still need to hurry. That will have bought us some time, but not much.” Frankie says, wincing as she crouches down to help Margo back up.
Maya links her arm through yours to help steady you as you start forward again, and you breathe out something that may or may not have sounded like a thank you. Your ears are ringing, and the right side of your head feels horribly warm and sticky again.
You get two more corridors down before you hear footsteps again.
“Hide.” James hisses, stopping in his tracks.
“Hide where exactly?!” Frankie hisses back.
A singular guard appears, walking quickly and looking most out of place. When he sees the five of you in the middle of the corridor he stops in his tracks, and then his gaze moves to you. The look that crosses his face as he sets eyes on you is almost enough to make you blush, but you’ve never seen this man before in your life.
He rushes towards you, only you, but he doesn’t look like he’s about to attack as the other guards did. He doesn’t even have a weapon. You take an unsteady step back as he approaches you, and then he has you by the arms.
“What happened?”
It’s only now that he’s so close to you that you realise who he is. His voice is so full of concern, but that’s nothing compared to his eyes. His eyes are full of concern too, but they’re also full of something else.
And you’re just staring at him.
“What- what did they do to her?” the guard asks Maya, turning away from you to address her.
“Nothing, apart from that.” Maya says pointing to your head, “I’m sorry, but who are you?”
“I- oh.” the guard says, and drops his illusion.
“Oh thank god.” Maya says, and Loki looks at her in surprise. Then he looks back at you, and he’s still got that expression on his face. But now it’s actually his face, and his eyes.
You want to kiss him so badly.
“That looks painful.” Loki says, his eyes moving to the right side of your head. He has a few fresh looking bruises on his face, and one of his cheeks has a cut across it.
“I’m concussed.” you say loudly through the ringing in your ears, louder than you’d intended. His mouth twitches like he’s holding back a smile.
“Yes, I think you probably are.” he tells you, releasing one of your biceps and moving a hand to your head instead.
You swallow, watching him nervously, and then warmth spreads through the injured side of your head. Good warmth, not the sort of warmth which you’ve associated with fresh bleeding. The pain subsides slowly and your eyelids flutter shut in relief; you find yourself unconsciously leaning into his touch.
“Hey, can you fix her up too?” Frankie’s voice interrupts your moment, and you open your eyes. Loki’s looking at you in that same way again, and you have to make a conscious effort to stay standing up, not because of your injuries.
“Thanks.” you say, but this time it comes out as a whisper. Your head doesn’t hurt as much, but the floor is still moving beneath your feet.
“I don’t have much magic. They’re using something to block your powers, and it’s affecting me as well. I can cast easy illusions and heal small injuries, but not much more at the moment. And that doesn’t look like a small injury.” Loki tells Frankie, pointing at Margo.
“Well let’s keep moving then.” Frankie scowls, starting forward again. Maya leaves you with Loki and assists Frankie with Margo instead.
“How did you get in here? Is there back-up?” you ask Loki, your voice hoarse.
“Not yet. SHIELD wanted to wait and follow protocol after they’d located you; I did not. Neither did Thor and his lackeys. I imagine they’ll be here before SHIELD.” Loki tells you. Embarrassingly, your eyes fill with tears as relief courses through you. Loki pretends not to see.
They know where you are. Help is coming.
“Okay.” you whisper.
“Do you know you’re going the wrong way?” Loki asks suddenly, stopping in his tracks. You almost smile.
“Yes. We’re going to try and destroy whatever it is that’s preventing us from using our powers. We can’t get out otherwise.” you tell him, blinking hard to get rid of the tears. Loki nods.
“Perfect timing for me not being able to teleport, is what you’re saying.” he says, annoyance lacing his voice. You nod, feeling suddenly, horribly sick.
“Are you okay? Did that not help?” Loki asks in concern, gesturing to your head.
“Externally, yes. Internally… I think I’m a bit fried.” you tell him quietly, trying not to open your mouth too wide.
“We’ll destroy this… whatever it is, and then I’ll be able to heal you properly, okay?” he says, taking your arm. You grab hold of him, feeling too horrible to even feel embarrassed.
“Okay.” you whisper again.
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slow burn but they speedrun it
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mikauzoran · 14 hours ago
Lukadrien: Your Hands Hold Home: Chapter Twenty-Four
Read it on AO3: Your Hands Hold Home: Chapter Twenty-Four: Late Night Conversations
“You don’t actually sleep, do you?”
Luka looked up from his clàrsach to find Adrien leaning in his doorframe, a pale triangle of skin at his hip exposed as his nightshirt rode up.
Luka’s eyes traced the long line of Adrien’s body from the raised arm pressed against the doorjamb down to the feet crossed at the ankles.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you asleep,” Adrien hummed, either unaware of Luka’s rapt attention or indifferent to it. “I’m always the one to fall asleep first, and you’re usually up before me, though, I don’t see how that is because I’m the one used to getting up before sunrise.”
A lopsided grin slowly spread from one corner of Luka’s mouth to the other. “I think you’re just catching up on years of sleep deprivation. I, on the other hand, suffer from some serious insomnia. I don’t sleep.”
“I’m sorry. Does that suck?” Adrien wondered, the teasing note gone from his voice.
Luka shrugged. “Sometimes. Mostly, it is what it is.”
Adrien nodded and continued to stand in the doorway, just gazing at Luka, without making an effort to continue the flow of conversation.
“…Did you have a nightmare?” Luka intuited.
That was usually the reason Adrien came to see him so late at night.
Adrien contemplated lying to give his presence there a veneer of legitimacy, but he ultimately decided for the truth in order to assuage his own guilt.
“No,” he replied with an unabashed smile. “I just wanted to see you.”
“Would you like to see me closer?” Luka chuckled, patting the bed beside him.
Adrien gladly took a seat, putting his hands behind him and shifting his weight back onto them. He kicked his feet back and forth, as if he hadn’t a care in the world.
“…Mind me asking what you’re doing up so late if you didn’t have a nightmare?” Luka inquired, resuming the calm, peaceful melody he’d been plucking on his harp when Adrien came in.
Adrien took a deep breath. “I’ve got a lot on my mind.”
Luka nodded. “Would that have something to do with why you’ve been so down the past week and a half?”
Adrien didn’t respond right away. “…I’ve been here about a month now.”
“Mmhm,” Luka confirmed.
Adrien swallowed. “I was thinking maybe I need to find my own place to live.”
Luka stopped playing. He even went so far as to set the clàrsach aside so that he could turn towards Adrien and show him that Luka was giving him his undivided attention.
“Is this something that you want to do or something that you feel like you should do?” Luka asked in a steady, level voice.
Adrien averted his gaze as heat built on his cheeks and the back of his neck. “…I think it would be good for me to get my own space.”
“I think that would be good eventually, maybe in a few years, maybe once you’re out of university,” Luka agreed. “As for right now…I don’t know if that would be a good idea. Please don’t be offended because I’m saying this because I care about you, but I don’t think you’re in good enough shape mentally to be completely on your own.”
Adrien winced but didn’t object to Luka’s evaluation of the situation.
“P5, you’re welcome to stay here with us as long as you like. You’re not imposing or anything like that,” Luka stressed. “We’re happy to have you…unless there’s something about living here that’s not working for you?”
“No. It’s not that,” Adrien quickly assured, meeting Luka’s eyes. “It’s…I don’t know how to explain it. …Hard.”
Being around Luka so much was hard. Adrien could feel himself shattering every time he remembered XY and Luka’s kiss, every time he remembered that his love was, once again, doomed to go unrequited.
It was hard being so close to Luka and yet never as close as he wanted to be.
Luka reached out and rested a hand on Adrien’s shoulder. “I can’t even imagine, but I’m sure it is. Just know that you’ll always have a home here. You’re no trouble at all. We want you here.”
He wet his lips and tentatively continued, “…But if you don’t want to live here anymore, you and I could look into getting an apartment together.”
Adrien winced reflexively, thinking that that would be even worse. He could just see himself indulging in domestic fantasies with Luka as his roommate.
Luka took the wince badly and grimaced as he retracted his hand. “Or…I mean…if you don’t want to live with me, maybe Nino or—”
“—No!” Adrien insisted, realizing what his reaction must have looked like to Luka and rushing to do damage control. “It’s not that. I don’t—I would love to be flatmates with you. I just…”
He bit his lip and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry. I was just thinking it might be good for me to be out on my own, but if you don’t think I’m ready for that… You’re sure I’m not a bother here?”
A tentative smile came back to Luka’s lips. “Not at all. I was serious when I said that we want you here and that you’re welcome to stay as long as you like.”
Adrien breathed out a long, weary sigh. “Okay. All right. I’ll just…I’ll stay here, then. Sorry—I mean thank you.”
He leaned in and wrapped his arms around Luka, squeezing tightly as he repeated, “Thank you.”
Luka returned the hug, assuring, “Any time, Angel.”
“…May I sleep in here tonight?” Adrien pressed his luck on a whim. “Just because?”
“Sure,” Luka agreed, patting Adrien on the back.
“…Xavier-Yves probably wouldn’t like it, though,” Adrien muttered, pulling back and wrapping his arms around himself.
Luka scoffed. “No. He gets terribly jealous. He complains about wanting to have sleepovers like you and I do.”
“I’m jealous too,” Adrien confessed.
Luka arched an eyebrow, but before he could ask, Adrien spoke again.
“You’re sitting on my side of the bed. Get up,” he decreed imperiously.
Luka snorted and ruffled Adrien’s hair as he obeyed. “Is that your side of the bed officially now?”
“Yeah,” Adrien replied haughtily, trying to play off as a joke something that held much significance to him. “I’ve decided I like your bed. Do you have a problem with that?”
Luka shook his head, deciding to hell with it. “I like you in my bed.”
He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Adrien’s temple, leaving the recipient of his affections utterly stunned.
“I’m going to get changed. Back in a minute,” Luka remarked without a shred of remorse for what he had done as he turned to head to the bathroom.
He left Adrien staring after him in a daze and returned to find his beloved hiding under the covers.
“I’m sorry,” Luka whispered as he settled in beside Adrien. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
“You didn’t,” Adrien fibbed. “I mean, I don’t mind you flirting with me. I was just…a little surprised. I don’t mind it, though,” he reiterated.
“Okay. Good,” Luka sighed in relief. “Sorry. I was just worried I took it a little far.”
“It’s okay.” As if to prove his point, Adrien snuggled in close, burying his face in Luka’s chest.
It took a long time for them to fall asleep like that, both of their heads full of spinning thoughts.
Luka drifted off first, and Adrien found that seeing Luka’s cute, relaxed sleeping face did nothing to help him feel any better about his impossible situation.
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