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#slow burn

Hi Anon,

Here’s a few~

The Heart Starts by CocoaChoux 

(Rated T, 9,446 words, multichapter, complete)

Finally back at his alma mater, Eren is set on gaining the affection of a ghost.


Nightlife by NearlyThornless

(Rated E, 15,987 words, multichapter, ongoing)

Eren hates vampires with a passion. It’s just his luck that his friends end up dragging him to the only vampire bar in the area.


His Eternal Song by ThugSeme (ShutUpMakoto)

(Rated E, 13,961 words, multichapter, complete, TW rape and major character death - Levi is a ghost/dead)

A Halloween Horror story for your soul.

Eren makes the trip to Lousiana to see his sister, Mikasa. What was supposed to be a week-long, care-free Halloween soirée, turns into one terrifying night in the Ackerman Manor. Alone. 

Or so he thinks. 


For more vampire!Levi, check out this post.

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Warm Water 🍋

Kipling x Tikos

~ In which a humble gardener has dinner with a daring pirate…

This 🍵 was infused with “Warm Water” by BANKS

I had so much fun writing this fic with @dreams-of-the-arcana’s Tikos the pirate! So, technically this is Tikos and Kipling’s third date, which *cough cough* usually means….

cw: slow burn lemon

~ 1.8k words

Kipling Bronne is about to board a ship set to sail for Nevivon. She’s traveling on business to pick up a shipment of a rare ivy that doesn’t export outside of the port. To Kip’s surprise, the captain of the ship has hired a certain blond pirate and his crew for security.


“No wonder the tickets were so cheap,” Kip grumbled.

Tikos the pirate tossed his head back and laughed good-naturedly. He casually threw his arm around her shoulder and steered her up the ramp onto the deck. 

“Kip, come on. You have nothing to worry about! Think of my presence as nothing but a small insurance policy. Trust me, these trips are so standard that the chances of us running into petty thieves is slim to none.”

His words caused Kip to relax a little, but being out at sea still made her nervous. She hadn’t been on a boat since she left her island more than a decade ago. Tikos may not have known the source of Kip’s unease, but he was quick to detect it. So he turned her until she was facing him and asked, “Would you like to join me for dinner tonight, Bee? I’m making it from scratch.”

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Hmm nobody will be a suuuper slow burn, but some will progress faster than others. Roga will be the fastest because they are ready for a new relationship already. For the other two, you will have to wait a bit more. I’m planning 3 books and you will definitely be able to be in a relationship with all of them by the end of book 2. But I’m not saying when exactly it will happen because I want you to discover that for yourself in-game :D (not being in a relationship yet doesn’t mean that you will get less romantic scenes tho)

Thanks for the ask! 😘

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Pairing: Hermione Granger x Fred Weasley


What happens when two people try way too hard to act normal?

Warnings: Swearing, Death, Smut/18+ NSFW

Author’s Note:

Hi all! Thank you so much for being SO patient. I definitely expected to have this up at the very latest yesterday, but alas that’s no he way the universe intended it to be. HOWEVER, expect the next chapter at my normally scheduled time (I have a little fun something planned for next chapter)! 

I hope you enjoy and as always feel free to like, comment, and reblog. I LOVE interacting with you all!!


<<<Chapter 14

And I’m feelin’ the same way all over again
Feelin’ the same way all over again
Singin’ the same lines all over again
No matter how much I pretend

“Now, why is it I’m not surprised to find you here?”

A deep and boisterous voice jolted Hermione fully awake. Sitting ramrod straight in the old squatty armchair, the pieces of parchment previously spread across her lap slid off, floating to the floor in all directions. She’d been dozing, stuck in a perpetual state of semi-consciousness since three in the morning. Never fully asleep. Never fully awake. Glancing at the old grandfather clock in the corner she saw it was nearly seven. Bringing a hand up, Hermione ran her fingers through the nest that was currently her hair, grimacing when she met several tangles and knots. Looking around her with bleary eyes, she found Sirius Black standing before her, arms crossed as he stared down at her in curiosity.

“Sirius, I—” she began to apologize, realizing only then that perhaps she wasn’t allowed to freely roam the house as she did the Burrow. But Sirius cut her off, giving her an amused look.

“Relax, kitten. You’re fine. I should have known you’d find the library before long. It’s lucky that you brought your own reading material though. Remus and I haven’t finished clearing the shelves for cursed books,” said Sirius casually, bending down to pick up one of the many pieces of parchment that lay at his feet.

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Wait for it Chapter 12

Okay firstly apologies for this looooong overdue update. I really struggled with this chapter for personal reasons. It wasn’t easy. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and the next chapter will arrive soon.


Summary: Edlyn, a Saxon woman fleeing the Danes and searching for a new life, settles in Coccham with her family. Tragedy strikes and Edlyn must start over. However, she is taken in by Lady Gisela and Lord Uhtred, where she finds a new future for herself. She soon catches the eye of Finan, and realises he is just what she is missing in her life. But will Finan let his past mistakes govern his future with Edlyn?

Warnings:  Angst, miscarriage (some may find this topic upsetting.)

The artwork and story is my own, please do not use without asking permission first. Thanks. Reblogging is absolutely fine.



It had been three days since Lord Uhtred’s party had left Coccham at sunrise and Edlyn had been caring for his children. Whilst she knew it wasn’t going to be easy, the young woman did not expect it to be as difficult as it had been. The children themselves had been angels, but Edlyn was exhausted. Clearly her own child was taxing her strength more than she had realised. Eventually she enlisted the support of the other servants to help with the children. They wiled away the next few days playing, doing simple chores and exploring the burgh. Villagers would stop what they were doing, if only for a moment, to smile at Young Uhtred and his sister as they went about.

On the seventh night- after the children were in bed- Edlyn crawled, drained, under the covers of the bed upstairs in the rafters. It felt strange to lie in a bed intended for the Lord of the house and his wife, but it was a necessary burden whilst Edlyn was in charge. Eventually Edlyn slipped into a dream filled sleep and she tossed and turned under the covers. 

Edlyn dreams were filled with memories long forgotten and of more recent ones she would rather forget. The most vivid was of the argument between Wulfrid, Leoflead and herself all those months ago. As Wulfrid threw her to the floor her friends came to her side. All her friends bar one. Edlyn looked around her scared and watched in horror as Finan simply watched from the sidelines. He held a mug of ale in his hand, shaking his head pitifully. He uttered only one word, “weak.” Edlyn watched sadly as Finan turned and walked away from the scene.  She dropped her head in anguish whilst Clapa and Shitric held diligently onto her hands. The men  eventually released them in disgust and Edlyn looked at them confused. They stared at her mournfully and in turn they too walked away from her. Edlyn looked at her hands and with mouth open saw they were drenched in blood. Panic began to grow and rise from her chest, into her throat. It was then, she woke.

Edlyn looked around her in fright. She panted and shook violently as the fragments of the dream stayed with her. She got out of bed on shaky legs and walked to a nearby table for a cup of water. As she drank from it sloppily she splashed some down her underdress. Edlyn dabbed at it in annoyance. When she looked down at the sodden cloth her mouth dropped in horror. The front of her underdress was stained red with blood. Edlyn frantically grabbed at the material only to find the back of her outfit was even more stained. She rushed to the bed and saw the evidence of what she quickly began to fear laid true. Edlyn batted at the sheets frantically and as the blood soaked her hands she turned them over slowly to look at them. They were covered in blood just like in her dream. Edlyn slumped down next to the bed and began to cry openly. She eventually muffled her sobs by grabbing at the furs and linen so as not to wake the children. She wept into the early hours of the morning.


Uhtred and his party finally made it back to Coccham late in the evening. The was low in the sky, dipping below the horizon. Finan was slumped in has saddle, as were many others in the group. The ride from Wintanceaster had been a long one. Normally it would have been spread over two days, meaning they could stop at an inn for the night. However, as Alfred was so keen for Lord Uhtred to return home, his men, wife and he had made the journey in one day.

As they reached the centre of the burgh, everyone began to dismount; groaning and grunting in discomfort and fatigue.

“Ale?” Uhtred asked his men wearily.

Sihtric smiled as he reluctantly declined, whilst Clapa nodded enthusiastically. Sihtric took the larger man’s horse with his own to the stable, whilst Clapa went into the large hall.

“Finan?” Uhtred asked again.

“Better not.” Finan replied as he pointed to his head.

Uhtred laughed knowingly.

“Get some rest, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Finan nodded thankfully and turned away from the hall in search of his bed. As he walked the few yards to his own small home he sauntered past Edlyn’s homestead. He looked at the small building for a moment and thought better of disturbing her at such a late hour. He headed in the opposite direction, vowing to seek out Edlyn in the morning.

As Uhtred and Gisela went inside the great hall they were greeted by their servants. They knew Young Uhtred and Stiorra would be asleep by now so talked in hushed tones so as not to wake them. As the couple removed their travelling cloaks Edlyn came walked down the stairs to greet them. Uhtred smiled warmly at her but paid Edlyn no more attention than that. He was much more interested in the jug of ale that had been placed on the table in front of him and the plate of bread and meat. Uhtred began to serve himself whilst Gisela pulled Edlyn to one side.

“How has it been?” Gisela whispered.

“Good, the children have been wonderful.” Edlyn deflected.

“Okay, but how have you been?”

“Like you said, the distraction has done me well.”   Edlyn turned to move away from Gisela, but she could tell something was wrong.

“He has gone home, Edlyn. Now would be a good time,”

“Forgive me lady. I’m glad you’re back safe, but please let me deal with this in my own time.” Edlyn snapped. She immediately regretted it, but even talking about Finan and their situation was too painful.

“Alright, I’m sorry.” Gisela conceded.

“Don’t be. Goodnight.”

Edlyn left the hall without saying another word. Her secret grief tore at her insides and she knew she wasn’t strong enough to keep her emotions in check. As she stalked off into the night air, Edlyn took little care where she walked as her head was planted firmly downwards to avoid anyone’s gaze. It was a method that worked at first, until she collided with something very hard. Edlyn stumbled backwards slightly but was caught by the elbows by strong, stable hands. Edlyn looked up and couldn’t believe her ill gotten luck at whose face she was met with.


"Good evening.” He said softly.

Against his better judgement when the Irishman had reached his home, he couldn’t bear the thought of sleeping another night alone. He waited patiently outside the great hall, remembering that Edlyn would most likely be in there. When he saw her leave he made a beeline towards her ready to apologise.

“Hello.” Edlyn said flatly.

“How are you?”

“Oh I’m fine." 

Finan didn’t know how to respond and Edlyn continued to avoid his gaze. The silence between them was deafening.

"Look, I just wanted to apologise for my behaviour.” Finan attempted.


“Yes. I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean it. Can you forgive me?” Finan bent his head to look at Edlyn. 

Edlyn glanced at him for a moment before turning away. She believed if she looked at him properly, she wouldn’t be able to stop the tears.

“There’s no need to apologise. Now if you excuse me I need to go.”

Edlyn made to side step him, but Finan was too quick for her.

“Edlyn? Wait. I’m trying to apologise, don’t walk away.”

“It’s okay Finan!” She said abruptly, “You don’t need to explain.” Edlyn bit back her tears, unwilling to allow herself to break down in front of this man. 


Finan chased her down, well the few short strides she had moved away. 

"Edlyn, what’s wrong?”

“What makes you think there’s anything wrong?" 

"Well for a start, you won’t even look at me.”

Edlyn closed her eyes slowly and when opening them she stared Finan down defiantly. It took every bit of her will not to crumble right there in front of him.

“I’m fine. Now please, let me go.”

Finan straightened dumbfounded but replied as calmly as he could.

“Why do I get the feeling you mean that?”

Edlyn bit the inside of her cheek as she mulled that question over. She had been so happy with Finan a few short weeks ago and when she discovered a child was growing inside her, she had been elated. A future with him was what Edlyn wanted more than anything, more than she realised. Then one conversation with another man had blown that apart. Finan saw her as weak and now her body confirmed it, she was too weak to keep her own child. That destroyed her. 

With tears pooling in her eyes Edlyn looked at Finan one last time and pleaded,

“Let me go.”

Finan did as he was asked but not before he placed a tender kiss to Edlyn’s forehead. He lingered there, his lips pressed softly onto her skin. Edlyn sighed both in delight and in anguish and she pushed past Finan abruptly as she walked off into the night.

As Finan watched wounded, Sihtric returned from the stables having safely stored the horses. He looked at Edlyn walking away and Finan standing solitary in the middle of the burgh. 

“It is resolved I hope?” He asked naively.

Finan shook his head.

“I’ve lost her. Sihtric, I’ve lost her!"  Finan sniffed softly and ran his fingers back and forth through his hair, each stroke more violent than the one before. He sobbed in anguish.

"Finan, Finan!” Sihtric shouted at his friend. 

He wasn’t paying any attention, he was wracked by his pain.

“Come with me. You need ale and sleep, my friend.”

Sihtric practically had to drag Finan away with him. They headed for the inn at the end of the village to drown his sorrows.

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Chapter 23: Endings Are Beginnings

(Series: A Shard Of Broken Things)

Summary: Before Sam and Y/n return to the bunker, they spend one last day hunting vampires with Mark, y/N’s dad.

POV: 3rd, 1st

Characters: DeanxReader, Sam, Mark, Penelope

Warnings: Violence


Sometime around 6 pm, y/n called Dean on the phone while he was changing Skylar’s diaper in their room. Y/n sounded exuberant over the phone, “So I have a surprise! When I get back home, you’ll know what it is.” Dean asked, “Can I get a hint?” Y/n chuckled, “it involved something Charlie and I used to always talk about doing together.” Dirty thoughts start circulating in Dean’s head for no reason, instead of mentioning them, Dean replied, “is it a unicorn?” Y/n smiled, “uhhh, maybe? Heh.” “Now you got me hooked.” Y/n shook her head, “Anyway I hate to cut you short, but I gotta go now. I’ll miss you.” Dean smirked, “I miss you too.” Y/n hung up.


I wonder how I’m gonna break the ice to Dean that my dad’s back. I’d rather take the easy route and just have Sam tell him but it is my obligation…

My dad asks me, “ready to go?” I nod at him with a slight smile. After the time I’ve spent with my dad, he’s got me convinced. I think things have changed for the better, and may they stay like this.

Standing in front of the house, I look around at the landscape. “It’s so quiet here..” my dad chuckled, “Must be the baby that’s got you off your boat.” I shrug, “maybe.” My dad looked around too, “probably one of the safest places you could ever be, Pen and I did a load on keeping this place secure,” he crossed his arms, “from the paranormal especially of course.” I nod, “That’s good..” He smiled, seeing him smile this often is so weird. I can’t imagine getting used to it.

Sam came outside, “Yeah that definitely seems like a legit radar.” I look up at him, “man I wish it was that easy to track down monsters.” Sam replied, “Same here, but then again, we don’t know really know the bunker as much as we do.” I nod, “true.” My dad walks up to us, tossing a hand on my shoulder, he says, “Alright I’ll let you take the lead.” Smirking, I hop onto my bike and start the engine, letting it roar.

Around 7 we arrive at an old church untouched by humans for who knows how long. The 3 of us break in, swinging our machetes left and right. Littering heads on the ground. This hunt was easier than the last one at the prison. That was until I found a little boy, maybe 5, hiding in one room. Seeing this little kid caused me to feel some sort of way, I gotta get him out.

“Hey.. you’re okay, come with me.” He stood up from the corner and held my hand. Suddenly sharp fangs regressed from his gums. My skin and clothes painted in his blood after my dad chopped his head off. My dad scolded me, “Be careful.” He moved quick. So I guess not everything has changed about my dad, he’s still pretty merciless. Sam came over and pulled me away from the kid, he placed his hand on the side of my head, turning me away, softly he said, “c’mon..” I slip myself away from Sam, I just have to suck it up..

Leaving the old church empty, we make our way back to my dad’s home. That kid… don’t think about it y/n. Stepping inside the house, Penelope came over to me with a towel, “here take this..” I try to smile politely, taking it from her, “thank you.” I wipe my face with the towel, leaving blood stains on it. I sigh. After we cleaned up, I made the bed, took my bag, and went downstairs to see Sam. He stood up from the couch with his bag, “hey, ready to go home?” I exhale fully, “yeah..” Penelope giggled, “excited to see your baby again?” I smile, “absolutely, I miss her.” My dad walked over to us with his arms crossed, “I can’t believe my baby has a baby.” I furrowed my eyebrows a little, he’s so weird, this nice version of my dad.. Penelope giggled again. Sam commented, “thank you two for letting us stay here, we really appreciate it.” Penelope responded, “of course! You two are always welcome here. Your family too! Oh Mark we need a family reunion one day! I’ll call my daughter and everything!” Sam awkwardly smiled as he looked down, his big hands swallowed up by his jacket pockets. My eyes widen a bit, smiling and cringing as I nod. I did tell my dad about Jack briefly, since he was the newest addition to our little family. Everything I said he was shocked, as you’d expect. Penelope gave Sam and I a hug before my dad led us out the door. My dad gave Sam a firm handshake, “take care son. And watch your brother for me, Kay?” Sam chuckled, “yes sir.” I roll my eyes, fixing a smile for my dad.

After Sam walked into the car, starting it, my dad walked over to me standing in front of my bike.

He smiled, “hey..”

“Hey.” I smile back at my dad.

“I’m gonna miss you bonehead.”

I chuckle, when I was little, he’d always call me that. “I’m gonna miss you too dad.”

We hugged, and behind my ear he told me, “tell Dean I said thank you.” Pulling away I question him, “for what?” He sighed, “for a lot of things. Being good to you, being committed to you, and.. I just.. I know he’s gonna be a better dad than me.” I nod feeling an inevitable frown grow on my face.. “dad.. I know you weren’t ..ideal, but.. you should know I’d rather have you than not..” a moment of silence stood still between us. He didn’t look like he knew what to say either, what he did say though was, “wait here.” A moment later my dad comes back with a guitar case. He hands it to me, “this is for you.” I stutter, “you- what? I- you’re giving me your guitar??” He replied, “it’s an acoustic. Remember the one I used to play when you were just a kid?” I nod, “uh- yeah, but I thought you got rid of it..” he shook his head, “I hid it for a long time, and you know I quit because of my..” I finish his sentence, “your condition, right.” He smiled, “I want you to keep it.. so that one day you can pass it onto your daughter.” I look down at the heavy instrument weighing my hand down, “she’ll love it.” He chuckled, “oh she better.” My smile grew into a grin, I can’t help it.

“Alright, I’ll catch you later bonehead.” “Bye..” he turned away, walking back into the house, Penelope standing at the doorway waiting for him. He waved goodbye before going inside, shutting the door behind him. I stood behind the trunk of the impala, opening it, I stick my dad’s guitar in as much as I could. Hopping back onto my bike I move it up beside Sam’s open window. Sam smirked, “Let’s go home.” I smile, “let’s..”

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These are my heroes, but I would like to share them.

A world where every person has a gift that is dormant. He will awaken only when a person does what is his gift. In other words, a special trigger is needed to wake up. And finding it is not very easy. Some people do not know what kind of gift they had until the end of their lives.

Myron Croute found his trigger at sixteen when he accidentally killed a man in a gateway. Several hours later, washing the blood from his hands, he, looking at his reflection, said: “I am a murderer.”

Since then, he has only to look at a person and he will know the killer or not. And for just a moment, he can see the faces of the victims. He can understand whether a person is a potential killer, that is, whether he will kill someone someday or not. And besides, he also understands why there was a murder, that is, a person acted with evil motives or it was the protection of life: his own or someone else’s.

Since that fateful night, Myron’s life has gone downhill. He has never denied guilt, he has not forgiven himself, he does not even believe that he deserves forgiveness, despite the fact that it has been proven that he acted in self-defense. They predicted a bright future for him, but in the end he fenced himself off from the whole world and works as a courier in a Chinese restaurant without ambitions, desires and aspirations.

Eiron Fairbairn found his trigger at fourteen. More precisely, helped him find and Eiron, honestly, would have preferred not to. Returning home, he ran into a couple of scumbags. They didn’t want money. They wanted to “just have a little fun.” They managed to bring him to the hospital, but already there his heart stopped. He was dead for six minutes. He became another name on the endless list of victims of violence.

From the moment Eiron woke up, he began to see people that no one had seen. Ghosts. People who died a violent death. He can communicate with them, but he cannot help them find peace, because for this it is necessary that the one who killed them be punished. But the ghosts don’t remember anything about themselves. They do not know their names, whether they have a family or who killed them. They can wander the whole world because they have nothing else to do.

The day Eiron left the hospital, he found a purpose in life. He learned to paint in order to create portraits of the ghosts he met, and after school he went to college and then to the police academy to have access to a database of missing and unidentified bodies. He’s going to help as many ghosts as possible find peace.

Ten years later, Eiron learns about the existence of Myron and his gift.

The door opens abruptly.


“Myron Croute?”

“Yes. And who are you?”

Eiron smiles broadly.

“Officer Eiron Fairbairn. Pleased to meet you. Will you be my partner?”

The door closes with a bang.

“Probably, it was necessary to find other words …” slightly frowning, says Eiron, referring to the nearby ghost.

“Probably,” he answers, not hiding the intonation “you are a complete idiot.”

Matthew Bell as Myron Croute

Alexander Ferrario as Eiron Fairbairn

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Это мои герои, но я хотела бы поделиться ими.

Мир, где у каждого человека есть дар, который находится в спячке. Он пробудется только, когда человек сделает то, в чем заключен его дар. Иными словами для пробуждения нужен специальный триггер. И найти его очень не легко. Некоторые люди так до конца жизни и не узнают, что за дар у них был.

Майрон Кроут нашел свой триггер в шестнадцать лет, когда в подворотне случайно убил человека. Несколько часов спустя, смывая кровь с рук, он, глядя на свое отражение, произнес: “Я убийца”.

С тех пор он стоит ему взглянуть на человека и он будет знать убийца тот или нет. И всего лишь на мгновение он может видеть лица жертв. Он может понять является ли человек потенциальным убийцей, то есть убьет ли он кого-нибудь когда-нибудь или нет. И кроме того он так же понимает по какой причине было совершенно убийство, то есть действовал человек со злыми побуждениями или это была защита жизни: своей или чужой.

С той роковой ночи жизнь Майрона пошла под откос. Он никогда не отрицал вину, он не прощал себя, он даже не считает что заслуживает прощение, несмотря на то что было доказано, что он действовал в целях самозащиты. Ему пророчили блестящее будущее, но в итоге он отгородился от всего мира и работает курьером в китайском ресторане без амбиций, желаний и стремлений.

Эйрон Фейрберн нашел свой триггер в четырнадцать лет. Точнее ему помогли найти и Эйрон, честное слово, предпочел бы, чтобы этого не делали. Возвращаясь домой, он столкнулся с парой отморозков. Они не хотели денег. Они хотели “просто немного развлечься”. Его успели довести до больницы, но уже там его сердце остановилось. Он был мертв на протяжение шести минут. Он стал еще одним именем в бесконечном списке жертв насилия.

С того момента как Эйрон очнулся, он начал видеть людей, которых никто не видел. Призраков. Людей, умерших насильственной смертью. Он может общаться с ними, но не может помочь им обрести покой, ведь для этого надо, чтобы убивший их понес наказание. Вот только призраки ничего не помнят о себе. Они не знают как их зовут, есть ли у них семья и кто их убил. Они могут скитаться по целому миру, потому что им больше нечего делать.

В день, когда Эйрон покинул больницу, он обрел цель в жизни. Он научился рисовать, чтобы создавать портреты повстречавшихся ему призраков и после школы отправился в колледж, а затем в полицейскую академию, чтобы иметь доступ к базе данных пропавших без вести и неопознанных тел. Он собирается помочь как можно большему количеству призраков обрести покой.

Десять лет спустя Эйрон узнает о существовании Майрона и его дара.

Дверь резко открывается.

- Да?

- Майрон Кроут?

- Да. А ты кто такой?

Эйрон широко улыбается.

- Офицер Эйрон Фейрберн. Рад знакомству. Ты будешь моим партнером?

Дверь с хлопком закрывается.

- Наверное, надо было подобрать другие слова… - слегка хмурясь, говорит Эйрон, обращаясь к рядом стоящему призраку.

- Наверное, - отвечает тот, не скрывая интонацию “ты полный идиот”.

Matthew Bell в роли Майрона Кроута

Alexander Ferrario в роли Эйрона Фейрберна

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Hi Anon,

Here’s a few~

Corporate Punishment by lilbonnieparker

(Rated E, 30,777 words, multichapter, ongoing)

Jaw locked into place, he ground his teeth together as he replied, “Writing is not my strong-suit, sir.”

“Flirting overtly with married men is, it seems.”


Eren interns at one of the wealthiest investment and management firms in the country.


To Bridge This Gap Between Us by Siamesepolyporegoat

(Rated M, 165,696 words, multichapter, complete, TW self harm and suicide)

It’s been two days and the coffee machine is still broken. Levi will definitely go crazy if he has to go through another workday without a drop of caffeine. But maybe it isn’t such a bad thing after all when the coffee shop across the street has one quite a charming barista with quite a few secrets.

Alternative title: “Levi needs coffee and Eren a hug”


Mr. Ackerman by skullstrings

(Rated E, 68,071 words, multichapter, ongoing)

Eren was planning on spending his summer with his freshly divorced mom. He didn’t think that this would include the hot and mysterious next door neighbor, Mr. Ackerman.

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(what it means?) a fortunate accident by @thereigning-lorelai

Author’s Summary:  When Jyn Erso meets Cassian Andor she wouldn’t consider their meeting fortunate. They’re fighting over the last pair of black cashmere gloves and Jyn doesn’t want to back down. But then they find themselves unexpectedly drawn to each other. They decide to give fate a chance, spend the evening together and see what happens.

(Serendipity AU)

Rating: Teen

Words: 12,767

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Chapter 22: Dinner Scents 

It was cliché, she knew, to be attracted to a man based on his smell.

Especially when that smell was more of a sweaty, grassy, scent of hard work than a fancy cologne or even an aftershave. More especially when she knew the man it was attached to hadn’t showered between Quidditch Pitch and dinner, in his rush to make sure he got a lion-sized chunk of the roast beef, despite the fact they’d never run out food in their seven years there.

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Five Hargreeves x Reader

Masterlist with the other parts

See part one for important notes

A/N: I’m not sure if this part is exactly what I hoped it would be, I have this problem where I plan one thing but then when I’m writing I write something completely different, and I’m just like ‘the hell was that Esther??!?’
But oh well, it’s finally out, I hope you guys like it anyway. If you wanna be added to the tag list, let me know. ♥


The car engine was the only thing they could hear on their way to meet Luther. Five was driving, his eyes fixated on the road ahead of him. Y/N had her arm braced on the car door, her gaze lazily following the passing landscape outside the window, but her mind was cluttered.

“Five, that woman I met, The Handler?” The girl sat straighter and turned her eyes to Five.

He hummed, acknowledging her question.

“Do you think she knew my parents?” Y/N’s voice was small, vulnerable. Her tone even made Five’s expression soften, he spared her a quick glance. Y/N’s mind was confused and overwhelmed with questions, Five could see it in her eyes. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t at least a bit worried, if Y/N was somehow involved with the commission, that would be… Bad.

“I don’t know Y/N, it’s possible. The commission is always after new people, maybe they were one of them”

Y/N let out a shaky breath and looked ahead. The possibility of her parent’s involvement with the commission made her heartbeat quicker, it’s something she would never consider possible before, but now…

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