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Am I the only one, who loves it, when there’s classical opera music in a badass fight scene?

Like: The ‘Hero’ is totally badass kicking ass and in the background it’s just Andrea Bocelli singing ’ time to say goodbye’, while the 'badguys’ getting finished off in slow motion.

It just has something really beautiful 🖤


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Hummingbird …

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Insect Flight | Capturing Takeoff & Flying at 3,200 FPS

Insects in flight | 11 incredible species in SLOW MOTION

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Hello-Artmageddon is now on Facebook    

Hello-Artmageddon stands for the use of Arts as an alternative to solve conflicts around the world. Do you like something? Share it with the world.

More interesting stuff here

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Slow motion video of a tiny waterfall

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Slow-mo jumps with my little bro!

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Great Spotted Woodpecker

My Static van will always have very lasting effect on me because the birds I filmed were many, and ones I won’t get close to again.

When I say that you need to watch this video I took from my bedroom window of a Adult Woodpecker feeding a juvenile on the silver Birch tree

I have so many fantastic images a videos of many species that I have spent many hours filming and gaining knowledge…


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Prescient, tapping into our deepest, most buried fears. Exquisite cinematography.

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It was cold camping this weekend. The fire helped keep things cozy and warm.

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