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maiseey · 3 months ago
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Illustration #3 for AIFN - “Ben”
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absolutely enamored with guillermo’s smug bastard face
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yeraskier · 3 months ago
okay but jaskier getting geralt to wear something that isn't black.
like maybe its something simple, like a white tunic or a yellow hair tie. he gives it to geralt and geralt pretends to hate it but...
he takes better care of the white tunic than he takes care of any of his other clothes, including his armor. and he wears the hair tie all the time, except during battle, so just in case he ends up getting monster guts in his hair, the tie wont be ruined
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rezmacro · 3 months ago
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happy tdov frens
c. 2019 - Mar 31 2022
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zhivchik · 9 months ago
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vegance · 2 months ago
a very popular late night show in my country just aired an episode about the slaughter industry (mainly working conditions) and used the word „murder“ several times when referring to the killing of the animals. times are changing!
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blooming-violets · 4 months ago
82 for kisses🥺🥺
From [this] A Hundred Different Kisses prompt list.
82: whispering ''i love you'' in-between kisses
[TASM!Peter Parker x Reader]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"We're really not in the city anymore, huh?" Peter said as he looked around at all the trees. The two of you were surrounded by lush green forests as you hiked along the dirt path by a beautiful lake.
"It feels nice to breathe in air that isn't full of smog," you replied. You looked over your shoulder at Peter. His eyes were wide with wonder as he took in his surrounds. When you heard that he had hardly ever left the city in his life, you made it a point to bring him out to some of your favorite hiking spots. All it took was a two hour train ride upstate and you could leave the city behind.
As a child, you grew up with your parents always bringing you on camping trips every summer. You loved the woods. Being surrounded by trees made you feel alive. You felt like this was where you truly belonged. It was impossible to convince Peter though. He needed to be in the heart of the city if he wanted to keep up his life of fighting crime. Unless he wanted to fight squirrels, the forest was not the place for him.
Having a life with Peter meant living a life of compromises. You could sacrifice your wild spirit as long as he promised to take you back to the forests a few times a year.
You had chosen the least traveled trail on purpose. It would lead you deep into the heart of the woods where you and Pete would pitch your tent and spend the weakened snuggled up by a fire together. He insisted on carrying most of the heavy gear on his back. All that left you with was a light backpack and a skip in your step.
"Come on, P!" You let out an excited laugh when a gust of warm, summer wind blew by you. You already felt more alive than you had in the past month. "I'll race you to top that hill!"
You scurried up the side of a steep hill with Peter on your heels. You could hear the clanging of all your gear on his back as he ran after you. Just as you were about to reach the top before him, a web shot out from his wrist and wrapped around your ankle. It jerked your leg back so you fell forward.
Peter caught you just before you hit the ground. He flipped you over and crashed his lips onto yours, pressing your backpack into the dirt as he leaned over you.
"That's cheating," you mumbled against his soft lips.
He snickered and pecked your lips once more, "I still won though."
You watched him carefully while his eyes scanned the cliffs above you.
"What do you see?" You asked.
He smiled down at you, "I have an idea. Let's camp up there."
You followed where his finger was pointing. It lead to the top of a sheer cliff face. There were clearly not any trails leading up there.
"Uh...sorry, I didn't bring any of my rock climbing gear," you said sarcastically.
He gave you an unimpressed look as if you had suddenly forgotten who he was, "...I'm literally Spider-Man."
"Oh, yeah!" You laughed. "Let's scale up the side of a cliff then."
Peter left you at the bottom while he brought the supplies up first. You took a seat on a fallen log and watched him climb. It seemed a long way up from down below but, actually seeing how small Peter looked as scaled the side, only confirmed how tall the cliff really was. He looked like a little spider scurrying along a wall. He reached the top and disappeared over the edge. You waited about three minutes until you watched him dive off the top and plummet to the ground. 
Your heart leapt into your throat at the sight. No matter how many times you watched Peter do crazy things like this, it still terrified you to be a witness to them. The second he caught himself with a web and landed safely on the ground, you were able to let out a sigh of relief. This man would be the death of you some day. 
He bounded over to you with a huge smile on his face. His hair was swept back from the wind. He looked so alive. “The view is amazing up there! Come on. Get on my back.” He turned around and bent down for you to hop up. You wrapped your legs around his waist and arms held tightly to his neck. 
“Hold on tight, spider monkey.” He joked. 
You rolled your eyes and suppressed a laugh, “Alright Edward Cullen, don’t drop me.” You regretted making him watch the Twilight movies with you. 
Peter easily lifted the two of you up to the top of the cliff. You inhaled a sharp breath at the view from up there. It was like nothing you had ever seen before. It was obvious not many people had ever been up here. The land seemed untouched by human hands. You jumped off Peter’s back and looked around. It was truly gorgeous. You felt like you were on top of the world. 
“Wow. This is amazing, Pet-” your sentence was cut off by a quiet gasp as he wrapped you up in his arms and spun you around. 
“Let’s live up here forever,” he beamed down at you. “I’ll build us a wood cabin and we’ll be king and queen of the forest.”
You giggled and pressed a kiss to his jaw, “What happened to protecting the city?” 
“That was before I saw how beautiful you looked out here. Look at you. Standing on the edge of the world. The wind in your hair. The sun on your face. You’re practically glowing!” He held you at arms length to simply admire you. His eyes feasted over your face and down your body trying to take in every inch of you that he could. He looked absolutely enamored with you.
You felt the embarrassment rise up inside your stomach, “Stop it, P.” 
“Never.” He pulled you back into his arms and brushed his lips over yours. “I love you. I’m going to marry you some day.”
“Do I have a say in that?” You smiled at him and closed your eyes, resting your forehead against his. 
He shook his head and gave you a lazy smile back, “No. You’re mine forever.” 
Sometimes, the way he looked at you, made you feel like you were the most beautiful person in the entire world. He had this special magic over you that made you feel so alive. You never once doubted that he loved you. His adoration for you was almost too much to handle. You felt the burn of happy tears building behind your eyes. 
Peter immediately picked up on them. His smile fell, “Hey. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” you sniffled through a smile. “I'm just so in love with you that it hurts.”
You wrapped your arms around his neck and stood on your tip toes to kiss him. He returned the gesture with equal warmth and passion. The tears fell from your eyes and down your cheeks. You couldn’t stop them. You were too happy. They pooled around your lips to create wet, salty kisses. 
“I love you too,” he whispered, kissing away the tears on your lips. “I love you.” He trailed his lips up your cheeks, following the trail of tears. “I love you.” His lips brushed over your closed eyes. “I love you.” He kissed over every inch of wetness on your face until he fell back to your lips. “I love you.” 
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jcylenz · 8 months ago
In this gif pack you can find 480 gifs of OSCAR ISAAC as Jonathan in Scenes from a Marriage 1x03. All of these gifs were made by me for roleplaying purposes. Please like or reblog if you plan on using them or found the pack helpful, but please don’t put them into other gif hunts or use them for making icon gifs or crackships or anything else.
tw: alcohol, smoking
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ GIF PACK ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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spottedenchants · 21 days ago
wip wednesday! here's more of 'in which essek thelyss dies'
Verin furrows his brows to the table.
“I am going to meet them someday, and that”-
His gaze flicks up with what can only be mischief.
-“is a threat.”
Such words can be nothing but, though Verin doesn’t need to know that.
He continues with a growing grin, the last kind a cornered rabbit may see.
“They will like me and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”
Essek does nothing to stop the roll of his eyes if only to keep unease out of his hands and belly.
“Please, I’m lucky they met me first. Had you been around, they likely wouldn’t have given me a second glance.”
It certainly wouldn’t have been the first time.
But Verin eases to a shrug on this side of sincerity.
“I’m sure your reluctance finally had its charm.”
“Ah, ha.”
Perhaps that’s the case, given persistent sendings and requests, a bombardment of questions over dinner, repeatedly straightforward invitations to a hot tub, drinks. Company.
A sliver of fondness decides to carve a space in Essek’s chest.
“I suppose you’re right.”
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eightforyou · 8 months ago
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   lonely rivers sigh, wait for me         wait for me        i'll be coming home
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mcecologist · 2 months ago
The DNF Agenda:
Step 1 Start Sounding Alike
Step 2 Get Matching Chopsticks
Step 3 Get Matching PC’s
Step 4 Get Matching Outfits
Step 5 Get Matching Haircuts
Step 6 Get Matching Last Names
Step 7 Never Separate
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fell-star-if · 2 months ago
I heard nsfw and came running, hey hi, what’s up fellow degenerates💕 what kinda filth do we have tonight??? 👀
I-I'm uh... Working on it. 👀
Tumblr media
I'm not good at NSFW but I try, they just take longer for me to write. We are all degenerates (affectionately) 💕
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gilly-bean · 4 months ago
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Oh, heart. And then it falls, and then I fall, and then I know (x).
- Grimes "Genesis"
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peachybun-bun · 7 months ago
Pay Attention
Tumblr media
pairing; yuta x f reader
genre; smut
notes/warnings; dirty talk, teasing, fingering
word count; 290 and some change
lyrics used;
Stop playin’ babe I know you want some (Rotate - Monsta X)
Eyes on me, pay attention (Fireworks - Ateez)
Tumblr media
You lick your lips and turn your head away from Yuta, a smirk forming on your lips as his mouth presses to your neck. His fingers sliding along your sides as he chuckles at your reaction. You were trying to act like he had no effect on you whatsoever, but he knew better. “Stop playin’ babe, I know you want some.”
A laugh falls from your mouth as his hand moves to grip your chin, turning your face towards him. The sound of the party blaring the floor below was the only thing keeping you grounded. Meeting Yuta’s eyes, you raise a brow, making him laugh as he matches your look, raising a brow of his own as he moves in front of you.
He slots his knee between your legs, and his hand is on the wall next to your head. The other runs over your hip, before his fingers grip your hip hard enough to elicit a moan from you. “If you don’t want me, just say so...I’ll walk away.”
You watch as Yuta smirks, starting to move his hand from you, but your hand lands on his wrist first, keeping him in place and making his smirk turn into a smug grin, knowing he has won. “I know you better than you know yourself, baby girl.”
You scoff and slide your fingers to link with his as he moves your hand to the wall, pinning it above your head, the other moving between your legs to slide under your dress and past your panties to tease your wet folds. “Now...eyes on me, pay attention.”
Tumblr media
tag list: @binzuli @kvnmoonies @m1ss-foodi3 @chaebb @astroodledream @michaellangdonscockslut @jievnbp @yokshi-unbeliebubble @hyuckswifey @stopitvpls @bellamendoza @subhyuck @dnghycks-bestie @fixbsh @sparkly-haechan @wearywarrier @chittaphonstar @leaurcitee @frappenha @pewpewpwe00 @nonosjams @mxrcayong-main​ @pukupukupawpau​ @bebskyy​ @hyunsberry @nohyuckieduckie​ @aarfyie​  @shingisimp
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alby-rei · 4 months ago
Late Night Lullaby (Mozart x Reader)
a/n: In which a sleepless MC stumbles upon the equally sleepless resident composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Requested by @celmanics once upon a time ❤ Happy reading~!
Wordless ‘I Love You’ Prompt #15: Calming them down when they have a bad dream.
[Characters]: MC, Mozart                                               
[Genre]: Fluff, Comfort
[Word count]: ~900 words
You couldn’t sleep, no matter what you tried to do. Your mind felt like it was pounding, filled with chaos and noise that you couldn’t shut out. You sighed and jumped out of bed. Shuffling lazily to the kitchen while wrapped in your blanket, you poured yourself a glass of your comfort drink. Despite it being the dead of night, you began to hear the faint sound of a piano.  
‘He’s still up?’
You knew your lover never rests from his craft during the day, but to think that he continued well into the night filled you with concern. You clutched your cup and tiptoed to his music room. The door was closed, but you could hear his playing clearly from outside. He played a series of chords at irregular intervals, experimenting the different combinations at a low volume. You leaned against the door, eyes closing shut to focus all of your energy on the sound of the soft melody. It wasn’t something he’d composed before. Perhaps inspiration had struck him in his sleep, and he couldn’t help but follow.
For as grumpy and cold as he might seem, Mozart sure loved playing in major scales. They always sounded so happy, so peaceful, so serene. You lost yourself in his melody, humming it to yourself subconsciously.
“What are you doing?”
“Eek!!” You jumped, almost dropping your now-empty cup on the ground.
Mozart’s slender form stood at the entrance of the music room. In the darkness, his lavender eyes shone bright, both peeved and intrigued.
“Wolfie, I didn’t—I wasn’t—Ahhh um…”
“Well spit it out, you’re interrupting me.”
“I couldn’t sleep. I… had a nightmare. I was heading back from the kitchen when I heard you playing, and I couldn’t help but stick around and listen.” You averted his gaze, not realizing that it was not as scrutinizing as you feared. “It actually calmed down all of the noise in my mind. So, thank you. At least for creating such a lovely piece.”
You turned to walk back to your room when—
“Come with me.”
He walked back inside, shifting his eyes between you and the door, signaling for you to follow.        
“Come on, I don’t have all day.”
Technically it was a new day, so he had plenty of time, but you weren’t going to test him at this hour. The room was mostly dark, aside from a single lamp and the faint glow of the moon through his window.
You stood patiently, albeit a little awkwardly, as there were no other seats in the room beside his bench.
“Sit next to me,” he offered.
“If that’s what you’re okay with…” You inched closer.
“Would I be offering otherwise?” He looked at you unimpressed.
You sighed, “Y-yeah, sorry. I’m—slow at this time of night.”
You sat gingerly next to Mozart, bringing your blanket around you like a cocoon.
“You make it sound like you’re any smarter in the daytime.”
“Oi!” You smacked his shoulder, but he only snickered in return.
“Are you cold?”          
“Huh? Oh no, I just feel comfy like this.”
Mozart started playing the same piece again, and you hummed along quietly. Eventually, you even started swaying with the rhythm. The next series of arpeggiated chords left you hypnotized and drowsy. Next thing you knew, your head rested against his shoulder, and he promptly stopped playing, which pulled you out of your reverie.
“Oh! I’m sorry!” You whipped back up, embarrassed to have invaded his bubble and interrupted his playing. He doesn’t like people touching him, after all.
“I don’t dislike it. Come.” He circled his left arm around your shoulder, letting you fall back on his shoulder as you were. Exhaustion must have taken its toll on him, too, as he took a deep breath while dropping his head gently atop yours.
He brought his right hand and started playing the melody again, one octave higher. Suddenly, he had turned the same melody into a lullaby, like one that you’d hear in a music box. You were hypnotized again by the enchanting sound of his playing. You breathed evenly and relished in this moment. You stopped thinking right then, perhaps already drifting to sleep, but you kept talking subconsciously.
“It’s a lovely melody, what is the piece called?” You murmured.
“I haven’t decided yet. I’m still developing it,” he answered.
“I’d love to sing alongside you sometime,” you mused.
“That can be arranged.” He smiled down at your curled up form.
“Yeah,” you yawned. “I’d like that very much.”
Your eyelids weighed heavier with each second. You would’ve happily slept right then and there, but you felt arms wrap around your shoulders to pull you into a straight sitting position.
“Let’s get you to bed now, shall we?”
“Alright, then…”
You pushed yourself up to stand, your steps were still wobbly from the lack of energy left in your system. Mozart kept an arm around your shoulder as he guided you back to your room, where he tucked you in and kissed you good night.
“Stay,” you protested when he pulled away and grabbed his hand. “Please?”
“I’ve got lyrics to write for my favorite singer,” he patted your head affectionately. “Wouldn’t want to keep them waiting, hm?”
“For the record… that’s me, right? Your favorite?” You whispered. 
“Who else, you dummy?” He scoffed, though not in contempt. You refused to let go of his hand, so he added, “But... yes, you’re my one and only.”
Pleased with his answer, you let him go and relaxed under the covers.
“Good night, Wolf. Thank you for the lovely lullaby.”
“Sweet dreams, my muse.”
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cabbagestrand · a month ago
Tumblr media
akko from the detective au im still working on
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it-is-no-desert · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
scheming some things.... researching and developing....
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hi:) I have a question: how old is Aiden really? It's quite strange to think of him as a child, even though Leo only thinks of him that way
— Masterlist —
@alittlewhump beta reads everything and fixes my last lines <3
CW: Institutionalized slavery, dehumanization, conditioning, panic attack, PTSD, typical Aiden.
“How old are you, Hon?”
The question sent a shiver down Aiden's spine. 
Leo took a sip of his coffee like he wasn’t in a hurry but his eyes never left Aiden’s face.
Aiden knew the Correct answer, could feel it like it had been punched into him like one of those label makers with the adhesive strips of blue plastic. Each letter turning the plastic white with the strain of absorbing its shape but it would never break. It was made to take it. Aiden swallowed and shook his head. It hurt worse to get it wrong than it did to say nothing at all. Even with Leo staring at him expectantly. He did his best to swallow the dread but he couldn’t dispel the crawling sensation that seemed to burrow under his skin. 
Leo sighed softly. “Okay, okay. Uhm, I know you can’t—I know speaking isn’t easy, but do you think you could write it down?” He opened a drawer where he stood on the other side of the island and pulled out a pad of square yellow papers with a pencil. 
What? His Master had to be joking. This was a test? Did he think…had he been misinformed? Aiden tightened his fist until the cut on his palm felt white hot and numb at the same time. He wasn’t aware that his breathing had kicked up a notch until Leo pulled back the paper and pencil. 
“Hey, never mind. Okay?” He shut them back into the drawer and took another sip of coffee that was deliberately slow.
But Aiden couldn’t seem to relax. All he could think about was the pounding of his own heart and he couldn’t even hear his breathing over it. 
“Easy, easy.” Leo was coming around the island with his hands raised. “It’s okay, it’s not important.” 
He couldn’t bring his shoulders down from nearly touching his ears, he couldn’t stop the rushing and pounding, he couldn’t stop himself from flinching away, nearly folding onto the counter when Leo’s palm came to rest between his shoulder blades. 
More rushing, pounding, hushing, shushing. As soon as recognized himself rocking to match the sound, his throat was closing and he was choking on the cry that came with the realization. His vision blurred and he thought the room was spinning, was sure he was falling.
But after he blinked away some of the tears, he realized Leo had turned him and held him in a proper hug.
It was Leo sushing him. It was Leo rocking him.
Aiden melted into the embrace like he deserved it. Just for a second, he told himself. It didn’t really matter. He was already broken and had already fallen apart. He wasn’t staying but he wasn’t going back. 
The sobs seemed to hitch from the exact center of the empty, aching void pressed against his ribs. 
He could only cry harder at the feeling.
— Masterlist —
@octopus-reactivated @maracujatangerine @nicolepascaline @mazeish @whumpy-writings @in-patient-princess @meetmeinhellcroutons @briars7 @thingsthatgo-whump-inthenight @jo-doe-seeking-inspo @neuro-whump @painsandconfusion @wolfeyedwitch @skyhawkwolf @haro-whumps @onlybadendings @peachy-panic @fillthedarkvoid @rabass @crystalquartzwhump @dont-touch-my-soup @jadeocean46910 @mylifeisonthebookshelf @hold-him-down @guachipongo
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Tumblr media
Feeling fluffy
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self-love-journal · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you don’t have to have it all figured out
take it one day at a time
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