natasha-romanoffs-bitch · 2 months ago
regulus black should've been the fourth marauder instead of peter pettigrew, fight me.
if reggie was a marauder, none of the shit that happened to them would've happened and harry would be safe and loved with two living parents and a whole host of uncles.
although, would it be jily or jegulus that raised harry? discuss.
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hela-odindottir · 2 months ago
hela darling, i love your smoky eyeshadow
it goes great with your royal goth vibe!
Why thank you kind Midgardian!
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havingaverydrarryday · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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slyther-bi · 2 months ago
Harry to Hermione and Ron: And then I called him Dad
Snape, in panic, to McGonagall: And then he called me DAD
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cuckooboo · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— “Fuck off, Pott...” — Draco was interrupted by Harry's sudden movement: He grabbed Draco by the neck and pulled him closer to himself, bringing his warm lips to Draco's. 
In an instant, Draco reacted in the most unexpected way, also clutching the back of Harry's neck, making it impossible for him to move from his place and began to kiss him fiercely... — “...mhm...” — Was that a moan? Their minds were a total mess, they could only focus on the fight that their mouths were in. Neither of them cared who they were (or where they were), the only thing that mattered to both of them was the firewhiskey taste of their tongues.
Hello, there! Sorry for the grammar mistakes, English is not my native language but I really wanted to accompany my drawings with a bit of context.   I really enjoyed doing this illustration, I'm in love with Harry and Draco's hairstyles (I love long-haired boys, lol) but I still don't dare to draw Draco's face, haha... At least I'm forcing myself to draw more hands! (I still suck at that, I know). 
Anyway, thanks to everyone who shares my posts, that’s veryveryvery important to me! Would you like to see more Drarry content?
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the-boy-who-bottomed · 6 months ago
Lucissa looking for Draco in the battle like ..
Narcissa : Have you seen our son !?
Lucius : Tall , silver blond hair , grey eyes
Narcissa : and clearly gay but we haven't had the talk
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joecheese · 9 months ago
In a Zoom Death Eater Meeting
Voldemort: In Future Death Eater Meetings, I require to every member to wear a mask.
Voldemort: Any Death Eater Karens without a Mask Shall be executed on the spot
Voldemort: It’s already bad enough Lucius is Quarantined in Azkaban.
Snape: Uhh my Lord, he’s Imprisoned in Azkaban
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malfoys-bxch · 4 months ago
Dudley: Who is Cedric? Your boyfriend?
Harry: ...
Harry: *interrupts Draco* Where did you come from?
Draco: Magic, Harry, magic.
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yeah-whatever-you-say · 5 months ago
Hufflepuff: you should drop the negative people in your life.
Slytherin : but I am the negative people in my life.
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Pansy: You're so obvious
Draco: *gay panic* I DON'T HAVE A CRUSH ON POTTER
Pansy: I was talking about how you sneak dark chocolate out of the kitchen on regular basis, but whatever you say
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gryffinclaw-supremacy · 9 months ago
reblog if you agree:
sirius black
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natasha-romanoffs-bitch · a month ago
Tumblr media
i'm a diehard marvel fan but i will watch the new batman movie for zoe kravitz and zoe kravitz alone
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hxrcrucs · 10 months ago
Scorpius: Daddy, can I have some ice cream please?
Harry: Sorry sweetie but not right now
Scorpius: why not!?
Harry: Because our dinner’s ready in about 10 minutes
Scorpius: *crosses his arms and stops his foot* Father will hear about this!
Harry: Oh he sure will
Draco: *Shivers* oh would you look at that, I feel like I’m now in danger
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havingaverydrarryday · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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slyther-bi · a month ago
Teen Severus: I love sleepovers
Poppy: This isn’t a sleepover, you’re in the infirmary
Severus: Then what is this sweet party drink?
Poppy: That’s a blood replenishing potion. I’m giving it to you so you don’t die
Severus: Truth or dare
Poppy: Dare
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cuckooboo · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I saw a photo on Pinterest that I needed to recreate as a Drarry. The problem is that I lost the photo... But here is the illustration that came up! I LOVE how Harry turned out. I've never drawn him so... ugh... youth? Idk, but I love him. 
I still don't dare to draw Draco ‘cause he’s so fucking perfect and I’m just not worthy. 
Anyway, I could talk for hours about them (and how I imagine them) but honestly, I’m exhausted and my English is not good enough for that. 
Don't forget to give me feedback, I'm pretty new here when it comes to posting my illustrations :(
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sn4pe · 7 months ago
Everyone reblog with pictures of characters that resemble Severus Snape and or his energy, bonus points if it’s cursed, I’ll start
Tumblr media
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the-boy-who-bottomed · 6 months ago
< date night >
Draco : we're not watching a movie today
Harry : why ?
Draco *walking to the bedroom* : we're making one
Harry : oh
Harry : okay
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sertygratte-blog · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
«Вся мощь огня, бесчувственного к стонам,
весь белый свет, одетый серой тенью,
тоска по небу, миру и мгновенью»
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yeah-whatever-you-say · 5 months ago
Probably Slytherin: due to personal reasons I will be setting this whole town on fire.
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