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#slytherpuff relationship

Hufflepuff: Here’s a dating tip– hold the door for your date, and rip the door off the hinges. Then, use the door as a weapon to fight off other people so that you can establish your dominance. 

Ravenclaw: I’m beginning to see why you’re still single. 

Slytherin: Don’t listen to him, please continue. 

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Hufflepuff: We judge a person by what is inside and not by what they wear. 

Slytherin: Lucky for you, huh? 

Hufflepuff: *wrapping their multi-colored scarf around their neck* 

Hufflepuff: I have no idea what you mean. 

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Hufflepuff: That wasn’t funny. 

Slytherin: Well I thought it was pretty funny.

Hufflepuff: You don’t count. Once, you started laughing in the middle of a funeral because you thought of a meme you saw on facebook. 

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Hufflepuff: Do you ever get that feeling where you look at someone and your heart skips a beat? 

Slytherin: That’s called arrhythmia. 

Hufflepuff: I get that feeling every time I look at y– 

Slytherin: That’s serious, Hufflepuff. You can die from it. 

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slytherin: your fuckin what??

hufflepuff: my SUPERSUIT! where is it???

slytherin: *sighs desperately* how do i put up with you sometimes…

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Slyther Compliments

So Slyther and I recently went to an event where we dressed up in 1950s attire. I was a greaser girl and I wasn’t particularly feeling good about how I looked. I felt like I was dressed too immodestly-

Slyther: Not going to lie, I thought you looked really hot tonight all dressed up, but I like non dressed up you more

Puff: really?

Slyther: Because I like who you are. Not what you put on.

Slyther: though what you put on was pretty hot ;)

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Happy holidays from me (Slytherin) and Boyfriend (Hufflepuff)!

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Hufflepuff: people think I’m a softy, bitch I’ll stab you

Slytherin: with what a pencil?

Hufflepuff: no! That’s violent.

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Honestly, it’s really fun to write! I would recommend, although I like “real” writing like on wattpad! If you have not already…


I have a Draco malfoy book on there and others!

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Hufflepuff [minding their on business]: ….

Slytherin [for absolutely no reason]: I’d kill for you

Hufflepuff [feeling all giddy]: I love you too.

Ravenclaw: that’s not how it works.

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Slytherin: I fucking dare you, try me

Gryffindor: what are you going to do unleash your beast?

Slytherin: yes I fucking will. *snaps fingers huffland

Hufflepuff: erm..rawr

Gryffindor [looking at puff waiting for his reaction]: oh my god *fake gasps I’m terrified. *falls to the ground dramatically

Hufflepuff: I’m sorry I scared you *helps griff up. Have my cookie.

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