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As per requested here are the requested ancestors: Slytunkhamen,Tennessee,Galleth,Rioichi,and of course Henriette.
little notes: As you can tell with Galleth and Rioichi (and maybe Tennessee to an extent), they don’t really follow the thieves in time designs. You see bestie- those designs aren’t really my thing nor is the game so I have my own designs of all the ancestors. Being more based on the trilogy’s designs.
another thing- there’s some characters here you might not recognize but I have technically mention before. (and that one post where explain my own lore bs,but I wanna rewrite it and makes refs n such) They’re just their wives and i wanted to indulge myself with these sketches with them- (Their names n such Slytunkhamen+Tivali,Tennessee+Felina,Galleth+Nimew, Rioichi+Momoka,Henriette+Katherine),you’re finally getting visuals of them! yay!
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Inspiration: http[:]//www[.]egyptiangeographic[.]com/en/news/show/403
What if Clockwerk and Slytunkhamen were friends? And then time shenanigans happen.
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Tumblr media
Cooper Clan! >:3
I tried to do the ancestors with different colors and patters, because I really love that in Thieves in Times every of them was different and not just bland gray copies of Sly.
I have the headcanon that most of them are hybrids between raccoons and other animals and different breed of raccoons. Only Thaddeus is a full grey raccoon.
And Otto’s desing was inspired by @spjartredesign ‘s design
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what have I done
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I really like your opinions so i want to know: if Sly 5 was a continuation of the whole time travel and meeting ancestors, and we're continuing the pattern of five villains per game, then what kind of villains would you pair up with the ancestors per level? Like for example, Rouishi and El Jeffe, Bob and The Grizz, ect.
lifehack: get snap to answer your excellent prompt by outright telling him you like his opinions
Excellent prompt! Well, first thing’s first: what ancestors would there be? I can’t come up with counterparts if there aren’t, um, parts. So let’s scrape together a quick line-up. All things considered, Slytunkhamen is a shoe-in. Let’s throw in our girl Henriette, and Thaddeus too. And, uh… sorta running out here… round out to five with Otto von Cooper and good ol’ Slaigh. 
That established - what makes a good villain? Long story short, an interesting contrast to the hero. So, 
Slytunkhamen - (Consolidating the three different holders of this name into one person for simplicity’s sake)SOMEONE WHO PLAYS CHILDREN’S CARD GAMESOkay, sorry, had to get that out of my system. As I recall, Slytunkhamen - plural - stole from corrupt pharaohs, making him quite the little anarchist. I think it follows that his opponent would be authoritarian, somehow representing if not embodying the local state apparatus. If most villains are imported in, a la Le Paradox’s gang, then maybe this one, in contrast, is literally just the local governor. Heck, depending on the plot, that might even fit nicely. Having Sly and Slytunkhamen deal with a local fracas before the time-travel plot can get properly underway.
Henriette - Well. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that, as the only female Cooper with a monument in the Vault, Henriette is pretty much representing her entire gender. She is The Girl. So that will need to be considered in light of how she’s likely (definitely) going to be the only female ancestor.The obvious route is to have a General Tsao type, an obnoxious misogynist who we help Henriette pound into the surf. That said - as much as I like to destroy obnoxious misogynists - it might also be interesting to have her rival also be a woman. Not in a Designated Girl Fight way, more in a “We’re both women in a man’s world but I still goddamn despise her” way. I dunno.I wanna talk in terms of Henriette’s actual personality, but unfortunately we don’t have much to go on aside from the fact she was (presumably) pretty smart and tough as nails. Whoever’s going toe to toe with the lesbian queen of the high seas better be worthy of her respect. Savvy?...Well, she can smell gold, right? Maybe her opponent should wear a ton of jewelry. Maybe even have gold in their prosthetics. H: “Avast, Sly! Not a sound.”S: “What? What’s wrong?”H: [sniff, sniff] “...She’s here.”
Slaigh - Slaigh’s stated to the be strongest of the Coopers, and has the absurd body shape to back up that claim. That leaves us with two obvious choices. The first is the classic Brains vs Brawn setup. The villain is a spindly little mastermind who tries to outthink Slaigh. This villain, btw, is 100% from England. That’s just unavoidable.But that character concept sounds very reminiscent of Arpeggio, and “loud bruiser versus tiny nerd in bygone Britain” sounds very reminiscent of Galleth vs Penelope. So in the interest of variety, here’s a second idea: Possibly my favourite Irish legend myth is our origin story for the Giant’s Causeway. Basically, Fionn mac Cumhaill, our strongest champion (who was like eight foot something) got challenged to a fistfight to a giant from Scotland who was even stronger. So instead of Brains vs Brawn, it’s Brawn vs More Brawn. Slaigh’s the strongest Cooper, but how much does that really mean? Sly and the Gang has to help him against a physically tougher opponent - and the resulting blow to his pride that might bring.
Otto - Otto, by contrast, is one of the smartest Coopers. So take everything I just said about Slaigh and reverse the polarity. Either someone equally skilled in engineering and mechanics, or a great big brute he needs tech to compete with. I’d kinda lean towards brute. Too often villain is the tinkerer and the hero smashes their toys. It’d be nice to see the other way around.
Thaddeus - a poor person 
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I think that Clockwerk was actually very close to Slytunkhamen, but later Slytunkhamen betrayed him and possibly caused his family or clan to be executed. I personally would love for something like this to be true since it would maybe show that not all of the Coopers we're good people. Like Sly's father was probably a douchebag. As to how Clockwerk lives forever, he probably made a deal with one of the Gods or something equivalent to the devil.
honey, sweetie, baby, THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing this UP BECAUSE HERE’S A SICK THEORY:
like Bentley and Dr. M before him, Clockwerk was Slytunkhamen’s gang’s “brains”. he was the first Bentley figure in the Sly lineage and, similarly to Dr. M, felt neglected and overshadowed by Slytunkhamen. add to that a nasty argument between the two and you have a psycho owl so driven to get revenge that he actually aspires to kill every single Cooper that comes after Slytunkhamen. if Clockwerk was as smart as Bentley he could probably find a way to keep his body preserved throughout the years, tying into what @ironicsnap said. this would also further enforce the theory that every Cooper had Bentley and Murray figures in their lives but ultimately lost them due to the same issue as their predecessors, making Sly and Bentley the anomaly that stuck together even if Bentley was tempted to break it off after Penelope’s introduction. each and every Cooper we see is introduced as working solo; in the Cooper Vault it’s just portraits of themselves. we know the Coopers have a habit of owning some mighty egos so it makes sense that anyone working with them would eventually feel even slightly under-appreciated.
idk man, brainstorming session of the century
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“ Know I’ll be on my way, should’ve known, now, I feel insane Am I insane?“ What exactly caused Clockwerk's grudge against the Coopers starting with Slytunkhamen all those years ago and how it got more twisted with time
Okay, so this one’s a bit skewed from the lyric prompt, but it underlines the idea of Clockwerk’s origin story.
The desert moon shone high in the sky, a singular witness to the Ancient Egyptian city below.
However, all was not calm. There was shouting in the streets and the Pharaoh’s guard rushed around in confusion, trying to re-locate the hooded suspects.
Meanwhile, the suspects in question perched on a nearby rooftop, and looked down at the chaos in the streets.
“We should leave,” the first one whispered.
“If we move now, they will most certainly spot us.” The second whispered.
“We cannot just sit around and wait to be caught!”
Before he could reply, a voice boomed down from below.
A crocodile in rich silks and jewelry strode angrily to the center of the scene.
The guards quickly scattered in fear of the rich crocodile’s threat, shouting orders to each other. The fat reptile, satisfied by the resolve, harrumphed and stomped down the street in fury.
After everyone was gone, the first figure turned to the second.
“Slytunkhamen, we must leave the city. They know who we are.”
The second figure named Slytunkhamen removed his hood, revealing his raccoon face.
“No, I cannot leave without Iza.”
The first figure ripped off his hood, revealing himself to be a furious owl.
“We have prices our heads and you do not want to leave because of some woman?!!”
“She is not just some woman!” The raccoon hissed angrily. “She is the reason why we have so much gold in our pockets! Without her information, we would’ve been executed long ago!”
“She will be fine,” the owl argued. “She is a clever woman. We do not need her to burden us.”
“If her father discovers that she was involved in our thefts, she will be killed on the spot!”
The bird puffed up his feathers in rage. “Is the gold not enough for you?! Now you must resort to kidnapping a nobleman’s daughter!”
“Please,” Slytunkhamen begged to his friend. “Just give me ten minutes then meet me by the small shrine of Ra in the corner of the city.”
The owl narrowed his eyes. “How do I know you will not just run away with the gold?”
The raccoon looked offended. “Do you not trust your own brother?”
There was a pause, then the owl sighed. 
“We will split the riches evenly, then I will meet you by the shrine.”
Slytunkhamen grinned impishly, then hugged the bird.
“Thank you my brother, you will not regret this.”
He pulled away from his feathered companion and the two thieves quickly exchanged the gold between them until it was equal. Then the raccoon sprung away from the rooftop and rushed to find his lover.
“I certainly hope so,” the owl huffed, as he spread his wings and took off into the night sky.
“You WILL marry Lord Creotep, and that is FINAL!”
The elder man then marched away from his tear-stained daughter. Sobbing, the young raccoon woman ran to her chambers and flung herself on her bed.
As she cried quietly, there was a light tapping from her window. Her ears perked up at the noise and she turned to find Slytunkhamen Cooper perched on her windowsill.
“Slytunkhamen! You came for me!”
The master thief leaped into her room and embraced the young woman. She kissed him passionately, and he reciprocated. After a few seconds, she pulled away, puzzled.
“What are you doing here?”
“There’s been a change of plans Iza. We must leave the city. My brother and I were caught robbing the Pharaoh of his gold.”
Her eyes widened in surprise. “Leave?”
“Yes my love, and I want you to come with me.”
Iza looked away, her eyes deep in thought. “But Slytunkhamen…”
The raccoon tilted her chin up and looked her in the eyes. “I know I cannot give you what your father has given you. But I will make you happy, even if it means I must steal the moon for you, I will do it happily.”
The young woman paused. “I have no choice then, father wishes for me to marry Lord Creotep.”
Slytunkhamen reared his head back in disgust. “That fat crocodile? Outrageous! He is not worthy of you.”
She blushed deeply, then she broke away from her lover. She crossed her chambers and opened a decorative chest in the corner.
Iza quickly grabbed several things and placed them in a small sack. Then she turned back to Slytunkhamen.
“I am ready.”
The two raccoons turned to the source of the voice. Making haste, the thief grabbed his lover by the hand, and they leaped out the window.
The servants looked at the pair of raccoons in alarm, running through the courtyard and exiting the nobleman’s grounds, into the city.
The elder raccoon entered the chambers of his daughter, looked around, and screamed in fury.
On her bed was the Cooper calling card.
The cloaked owl hid in the shadows near the small shrine of Ra, his talons tapping the ground in anticipation.
Suddenly, two figures dropped from the nearest rooftop, one male and one female.
“It took you long enough,” the owl hissed furiously at the two raccoons.
But before Slytunkhamen could reply, there was a loud cry.
The three figures turned to find a small army of guards running towards them, led by Lord Creotep himself, his face red with rage.
The raccoons and the owl swiftly turned and ran in the other direction, only to find several guards blocking the other way.
They were trapped.
“Up!” The owl exclaimed.
He grabbed the two raccoons with his talons and flapped his wings with all his might, giving the three of them enough height to jump on the rooftop and sprint away.
They jumped from rooftop to rooftop, trying to outrun the Pharaoh’s guard, but they were in hot pursuit of the outlaws.
The bird suddenly had an idea. He flew up several meters into the sky and dropped a jar filled with a mysterious substance on the streets below. Once it hit the ground, it exploded into flames, causing the following guards to grind to a halt.
Meanwhile, Slytunkhamen and Iza jumped down from the roof of a hut and into an open street, nearing the canal where the boat waited.
However, the thief stumbled, and dropped his share of the gold.
He hesitated, but then kept moving, abandoning his share.
His feathered brother saw this, and in a desperate attempt to reclaim their prize, the bird swooped down and snatched the sack full of riches.
Last mistake.
A guard saw the opportunity, and readied his bow. He fired an arrow towards the owl, and he tried to dodge, but he was too slow. The arrow struck the right wing of the bird, and he screeched in pain.
The owl flapped deliriously, but it was no use. He dive bombed into the streets below and crashed into a nearby cart.
The bird quickly removed himself from the wreckage, and Slytunkhamen and Iza stopped.
“Brother,” the owl called. “Help me!”
The male raccoon looked at his brother, then at Iza, then down the street which led to the canal.
The guards drew closer, their numbers increasing gradually as they began to close in on the three of them.
“Brother! Leave her behind! She will survive, we will not!”
Slytunkhamen looked at his brother one last time, his eyes filled with pain.
Then he grabbed Iza’s hand and ran to the canal.
The owl looked at the two of them running away from him in shock and disbelief.
He had chosen her over him.
His own brother.
The guards quickly surrounded the injured bird and struck him several times, knocking him out cold.
“Awaken, thief.”
Cold water splashed onto the owl’s face as he gradually regained consciousness. 
The bird looked around and saw that he was shackled to the wall, his wings and talons bound.
He was surrounded by the Pharaoh’s guard, and in front of him was the Pharaoh himself: a tall lion wearing a nemes head dress and colorful silk robes.
The royal lion grinned maliciously.
“Ah good. I was hoping you had survived. I have some questions for you, thief.”
He slowly strode over and held up a jar filled with a mysterious substance, the same type of jar that the bird had dropped into the street.
“What is this?”
The bird narrowed his eyes and spit in the Pharaoh’s face.
In response, one of the guards thrust his spear into the bird’s uninjured wing, making him cry out in pain.
The Pharaoh wiped his cheek and growled.
“I will ask you again. What. is. this?”
“It is a jar filled with an explosive substance,” the owl seethed. “Of my own design, why do you care?”
“Interesting,” the lion purred. He turned his back to the owl and snapped his fingers. Another guard thrust his spear into the owl, and the bird screeched again.
“Now,” the large cat snarled. “Why did you steal my gold?”
“Because I am a thief,” the owl said nastily. “Why do you think?”
“So if you and the other one really are thieves, why have I recovered my gold?”
The injured bird opened his beak, then shut it.
The Pharaoh snapped his fingers again, and a third guard pulled out a whip.
“I will ask you one more time: why have I recovered my gold?”
“Because…he chose her over me.”
The owl looked down in sadness. “Slytunkhamen chose Iza over me.”
There was a pause, then the lion waved his hand. The guard put the whip away.
He turned back and strode over to the owl. The Pharaoh tilted the bird’s chin up until he was face to face with the lion.
“Yes, he chose her over you. But why? What did he see in some woman?”
“I’m not sure.”
There was a prolonged silence, then the owl spoke.
“Are you going to kill me?”
Another pause, then the lion shook his head.
“No. You may have stolen from me, but you inadvertently returned my gold to me. I see no reason to kill you.”
Then the lion smiled.
“But that doesn’t mean I can’t hurt you.”
The owl swallowed.
The Pharaoh turned his back to the bird and slowly walked out of the chamber.
“Do what you will, but I want him alive.”
The guards turned to the restrained owl and grinned, their eyes filled with blood lust. 
After days of endless torture and humiliation, the owl was thrown into a prison chamber, the door sealing shut on him.
The bloody, bruised, and starved bird wobbled to his feet.
He was angry.
Not at the Pharaoh, not at the guards who tortured him, but at Slytunkhamen.
After everything they had been through, after every heist and every crime, he had abandoned him.
For a woman he had barely known for a month.
How could he? His own brother?
And after days and days of being left in the dark, with nothing but scraps of food and water, he began to feel it.
An ugly, boiling, furious hatred began to rise from his pits of his heart.
He wouldn’t sleep, he wouldn’t eat, he would just sit in the corner of the prison and burn with absolute hatred.
After weeks in the dark, he began to hear voices. Voices telling him to break free. Voices telling him to find Iza and Slytunkhamen and destroy them.
No. That wasn’t enough.
He wanted to wait until they had had their children, then he would slaughter them, then the next generation, and the next, and the next.
He would wait until the Coopers had spread their influence across the world, then he would kill them all, one by one.
He would show the world that Slytunkhamen Cooper and his family were nothing.
He would get his revenge.
Even if it meant he had to wait.
He could do that just fine.
After a month in prison, the scarred owl was thrown at the floor of the Pharaoh.
“Leave us,” the lion ordered his guards.
The men shuffled out of the royal chamber, leaving the two men alone.
The bitter owl pushed himself up on the ground and faced the Pharaoh.
“I want your help.”
The tall man cocked his head. “Oh?”
“I can bring my partner to you.”
“And what do you want in return?”
“I want to work for you.”
The lion scoffed. “What could you possibly offer me?”
The owl grinned. “Remember the explosive substance you found?”
The Pharaoh’s eyes glittered with curiosity. “You can make more?”
“Even better,” the bird replied. “I can make you anything.”
The Pharaoh grinned.
“Show me.”
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Super Sonic Thieves Chapter 1
Chapter 1- Sly of Sand
Intro cutscene:
*The Cooper Van is flying through the “time tube”. The camera zooms into the van to show everyone inside the van: the Cooper Gang themselves and their new allies, Sonic and Co. Murray is driving the van while Panda King sits next to him in the passenger seat, with everyone else in the back of the van; Dimitri dancing in one spot, Carmelita shining her Shock Pistol, and Sonic and Co all bunched up together facing Bentley. *
Bentley, narrating: “After we had gathered Sonic and his friends from their world and got into the van, I explained to them about Sly Cooper, my best friend growing up and the true leader of this gang.”
*Flashback of Sly’s ancestor and his backstory plays*
“I told them about Sly’s history, how he comes from a family of “master thieves” that have been around since the dawn of civilization *A quick timeline of past Coopers are shown*, his parents being killed while he was a child *A remembrance shot of the Fiendish 5 fighting Sly’s dad*, and then was sent to an orphanage *Remembrance shot of the orphanage*, where me and Murray had met him and became a family ever since.”
*Back to the present, with Sonic and Co having shocked expressions and Cream visibly angry*
“The group were shocked to find out that we’re criminals, so to speak, and the rabbit girl immediately tried to leave upon this revelation, but I was quick to inform them that we’re not the bad kind of thieves that steal from innocents but rather steal from other, more serious criminals. This, as well as learning of the tragic event that happened to Sly, seemed to have put them at ease but I could tell they were still wary of our true profession.”
*Another flashback showing a brief montage of the past games and then shows the ending of Thieves in Time and the aftermath*
“I then told our new allies all about Sly’s personality and the adventures we had in the past with him, thwarting numerous crime lords and even saving the entire world twice! In particular I explained to them of our last adventure, where we traveled through time to save Sly’s ancestors from Le Paradox, who sought to erase the Cooper family from history and become king of Paris in the present. But in the final confrontation against that smelly skunk, Sly went to fight him alone and Le Paradox’s blimp exploded soon after, Le Paradox having fallen into a river but Sly was nowhere to be found. We were all devastated with this turn of events and hoped to at least find evidence of Sly’s survival.”
*A new shot appears of Eggman, which is then covered up by The Thievius Raccoonus, much to Eggman’s dismayed face. The book shows Sly’s message to Bentley.*
“Fortunately right when that egg-shaped creature, who we now know of to be “Dr. Eggman”, arrived in our world from Sonic’s, I had managed to not only find evidence of Sly’s survival but his whereabouts... While I was reading the Thievius Raccoonus, the Cooper family’s ancestral book, I found a piece of writing in Slytunkhaman’s section that was never there before: a message that read “Bentley, Murray, and Carmelita! This is Sly! I hope this message remains intact when any of you find it, but Paradox’s blimp had warped me to Ancient Egypt! I’m in the same era as Slytunkhamen II, so try to find an artifact from around then and get me out of here! I have faith in you all!””
*We return the shot to the van, of Sonic and Co’s worried faces, but changes to smiles*
“And so I informed Sonic and his friends that that’s exactly where we’re headed. They all seemed not too fond of having to time travel, for reasons they don’t wish to tell me, but they agreed all the same to help us rescue Sly and then put a stop to their enemy.”
*The van lands in Ancient Egypt, but the place doesn’t look right. Smoke takes the sky and Eggman’s face and body take the various things in the city.*
“Right on schedule, we had arrived to Ancient Egypt, but something was off. WAY off. The air smelled of industrial smoke and the faces of sculptures and paintings all had an ugly face in place of what was originally there: a face Sonic tells me is that of Dr. Eggman. At that instant, it became clear to us that our rescue mission had just gotten a lot harder than expected…”
Sly Cooper and the Gang in…
*An empty part of a tomb wall appears, devoid of any markings, until a hammer and chisel held by raccoon hands come in and chisel out the words ‘Sly of Sand’ on it.*
HUB Layout:
The gang take refuge in an abandoned Egyptian hovel, somehow large enough to house them all and the van. The city which provides the hub looks like your average Ancient Egyptian city, with hovels, shops, a dock, and a river on the edge. In a corner of the HUB is a large mansion, where Fang resides and is thus more guarded than the rest of the HUB, and in another corner is a pyramid that is still being constructed. Around the middle of the HUB is a tomb, which is where certain jobs will take place.
Egyptian Cats: Dark grey black cats with black spots and a gold necklace that jump among the roofs and ground, in search of thieves. Quickly defeat these guys before they get back up, or they will counterattack with a claw-filled uppercut. Carries 3-5 coins to pickpocket and 10% for treasure to be grabbed.
Falcons: An orange bird that flies and walks on the rooftops, ready to attack anyone that walks past its steely glare. Carries 5-7 coins to pickpocket and has 25% chance for treasure to be grabbed.
Nile Crocodiles: Big, scary crocs that could tear you apart in one bite if it sees you. Thankfully, their eyesight is poor, so they use flashlight to find you. Don’t even attempt to force these guys into the water or taking a dip with a croc nearby, as they can swim and can easily get you if you’re not careful. Carries 5-10 coins to pickpocket has 50% chance of treasure to be grabbed.
Spirits: Ghostly versions of the guards that have been forced to haunt for their eternity, since they are stuck down below. Attacking them will scare them away for a bit, but they’ll return until their soul container is destroyed.
Skorps: Scorpion-like badnik that will throw their spike balled tail at you. It’s best to stay back until they retract the spike ball again to attack it. Drops 4 rings when smashed.
Buzzbombers: Wasp-looking badniks that fly around until they spot their target, which they then fire a shot to shoot down. They’re pretty slow and predictable, so they should be easy to shoot down. Drops 2 rings that are automatically collected.
Mummy Pawns: They shamble around in the tombs and will try to strong hug you to death if they spot you. It’s best to destroy them on the head. This is one mummy you don’t want. Drops 6 rings when smashed
Anubis Pawns: Jackal-headed pawns that will spin their canes they hold about to prevent you from attacking them. It’s best to sneak up from behind and break them apart from there. Drops 8 rings when destroyed.
Hyudoro: Strange little ghost that hover about in the darkness. Eggman has brought them in agitated and now they attack anyone nearby.
From Guards:
Bronze Ring: Worth 30 coins and 15 rings.
Silver Ring: Worth 50 coins and 25 rings.
Gold Ring: Worth 70 coins and 35 rings.
On Pedestals:
Silver Jar: Not booby-trapped. Worth 150 coins and 75 rings. Found near the tomb.
Sapphire Necklace: Not bobby-trapped. Worth 200 coins and 100 rings. Found near the docks.
Gold Headdress: Booby-trapped with 2:00 timer. Worth 350 coins and 175 rings. Found near the mansion.
24-Karat Sand Castle: Booby-trapped with damage sensor, meaning don’t take fall damage. Worth 400 coins and 200 rings. Found on the highest portion of the pyramid.
The coins here have an ankh on both sides.
Secret Sighting of Clockwerk: Made as part of a sphinx just outside of town.
A Speedy Tutorial
Take Sonic through his paces.
Bentley: “Before we have you go and rescue Sly, it might be a good idea to refresh yourself on what you can do.”
Sonic: “But I’ve been me for as long as I can remember! I know what I can and can’t do!”
Bentley: “Well, it still is nice to have a refresher course; you can never be too prepared. Besides, the way we do things is a LOT different from what you normally do, right?”
Sonic: “You got me there. So what’s first then?”
Bentley: “I suppose I should start off with what odds you’re up against. You see the people patrolling around this area, maybe holding a weapon or two? Those are guards, the hired help of master criminals for anything of worth in a given operation but their main job is to look out for intruders and “take care” of them.”
Sonic: S”o pretty much like Badniks and Egg Pawns. I can handle that.”
Bentley: “While I’m not exactly sure of how these “Badniks” and “Egg Pawns” work, don’t underestimate the guards. If one of them spots you, the rest of them in the area will be alerted to your presence and rush to attack you. If you can’t get away and hide, they will overwhelm you sooner or later.”
Sonic: “Okay, that’s a bit more different and dangerous. What else should I know about these guys?”
Bentley: “There are two types of guards. The first are “Rooftop Guards”, which are common and able to jump up to rooftops. Wouldn’t you believe it, there are also two types of rooftop guards! The first type can’t take many hits but they can dish it out back and they will do a “counter attack” when getting up after being knocked down, so you wanna keep your distance. The second type are comparatively durable but don’t do as much damage. However, they’re equipped with megaphones, so they’ll alert even more guards should they spot you.”
Sonic: “Alright, so these guys know parkour, one’s a “glass cannon” and the other a “stone wall” that attracts even more attention. What’s the other type of guard?”
Bentley: “See those big guys holding light? Those are “Flashlight Guards”. They have poor vision and rely on their light to see, but if they see you or are alerted, you BETTER run. They take lots of damage to be defeated, they move fast, they have range weapons that do tons of damage, and getting up close and personal isn’t advised either. The only escape from these guys is the rooftops since they can’t jump but they’ll still try to shoot at you.”
Sonic: “So definitely avoid those guys. Anything else?”
Bentley: “That’s it for the guards. Although I should also warn you about searchlights and lasers, which will respectively shoot at you and fry you should you get in their way. Um, do you know how to get around areas like this?“
Sonic: “Of course I do! Run, jump, roll into a ball. The usual stuff.”
Bentley: “Roll into a ball? Oh right, you’re a hedgehog! Hehe, well, that’s certainly a useful technique. But do you also know how to climb, crawl under tight spaces, and sneak around buildings?”
Sonic: “Um… Well, I guess I can crawl under stuff, but climbing isn’t my style and sneaking around buildings?”
Bentley: “Okay, we can rule out those two things. Let’s test out your crawling ability! Venture around and try to find a table to crawl under. To make searching easier, I’ve managed to locate all the tables in this village and marked them with a waypoint. Feel free to try out some other abilities you’re able to pull off while doing so. You know them better than I do.”
(When Sonic comes across a rail to grind on)
Sonic: “Ah, a good ol’ rail to grind on.”
Bentley: “Ah, good, so you know how to ‘ride the rails’, so to speak. Sly does as well by jumping and pressing the circle button to ride them.”
Sonic: “I have no clue what this ‘O button’ is, but I just jump on one to rail grind.”
*The player does so and we move on.*
Bentley: “Alright then. Hmmm, what else? Your frame doesn’t suggest you can really balance on spires or anything else.”
Sonic, sarcastically: “Well, sorry for eating one too many chili-dogs!”
Bentley: “That’s not what I meant.”
Murray comes in over Bentley’s comm. “Why not find out what attacks you can do? Can you do a punch or something?”
Sonic: “Well, punchings more Knucklehead's department, but I can do this!”
*The player has Sonic jump, roll, and home attack some nearby Skorps and Mummy Pawns and Anubis Pawns.*
Murray: “Wow! You made quick work of them without breaking a sweat!”
Sonic: “Heh, well, speed is my game. Although, from looking at those guards, I don’t think my attacks are strong enough to deal with them.”
Murray: “No worries. We’ll handle them for you guys.”
Sonic: “Thanks.”
Sonic Snap
Take photos of
The Tomb
The half-built pyramid
The docks
Eggman’s factory
Of the 3 badniks roaming about
Take Photo of Mansion then enter it.
Take Photo of Fang and follow him
Free Sly
Escape the Mansion
Bentley: “Now that the tutorial for you is out of the way, it’s time to get to brass tacks.”
Sonic: “Alright then. What do you want me to do?”
Bentley: “I want you to go around the city and take photos of anything that looks suspicious.”
Sonic: “I think I can see a few places already, and I see some badniks to take a photo of too.”
Bentley: “Once that’s done, head on off to the Mansion, and I’ll let you know what to do next.”
*The player has Sonic go on a photo taking spree, taking pics of the tomb, the docks, the pyramid, the factory and some badniks before heading to the mansion.*
Bentley: “Alright. Now I want you to take a recon photo of the mansion and then find a way inside.”
Sonic: “That shouldn’t be tough.”
*The player has Sonic take a pic of the mansion and then jump onto the roof of the mansion from the other roofs and jump in an open window.*
Bentley: “Alright, what are you seeing, Sonic?”
Sonic: “Mostly a gaudy mansion, something I’d expect from Eggman. Wait, who’s that?”
*The player has to take a clear pic of Fang.*
Bentley: “Who is it?”
Sonic: “I believe it is an old criminal bounty-hunter from our world, his name is Nack the Weasel otherwise known as-”
*The camera moves towards Nack as he is distracted by making a video call on a ‘iPad’.
Fang: “Fang the Sniper to Dr. Eggman. Come in, Dr. Eggman.”
Dr. Eggman: “Yes? What is it?”
Fang: “I got some good news! I was able to steal Slytunkhamen’s canes and get some footage of the idiot raccoon before he went and disappeared on me.”
Eggman: “I would have preferred that you had captured the raccoon as well.”
Fang: “Well, by some lucky chance, I was able to find that other idiot raccoon that Le Paradox sent off. Sly was his name, right? Heh, he wasn’t so sly when he met the badniks.”
Eggman: “Excellent. That means that his friends should be coming to save him soon.”
Bentley: “WHAT?! Did he mention Sly?! Follow that weasel!”
Sonic says this as the player regains movement: “I think he’s part wolf too.”
*The player has Sonic follow Fang as he talks to Eggman.*
Fang: “Sly was so weak when we found him, must have been in the desert for days. And he didn’t seem to know how to fight a Pawn either.”
Eggman: “Well, we are the strangers in this world. But that means it was easy for us to get him.”
Fang: “Of course, boss. So what shall we do to him? Kill him?”
Eggman: “No, not yet. We need to find out as much as we can from him. Especially his cane and his moves.”
Fang: “Right, shouldn’t be too hard.” *He shuts off the ipad as he arrives at Sly’s room and bangs on the door before opening it.* “Wake up, you fool! I got a proposition for you!”
*He enters and Sonic follows.*
Fang: “So, here’s my offer for you. You give up your cane and what moves you know, and perhaps I’ll give you to Eggman to let him decide your fate.”
Bentley sounded scared. “SLY!! Oh, what do they have planned for you?!”
Sly, despite being tied up, is still cool and comfortable. “No dice. I usually don’t give information to capturers like you.”
Fang: “Figured. No matter. You brought Slytunkhamen to me, and I stole his canes, so you’re still getting that trip.”
Sly, worried: “No!”
Fang laughs: “Such a fool you are!”
Bentley: “AH! How do we save Sly?! I can’t think of what to do!!”
Sonic: “Looks like I’m on my own, should be quick.”
Bentley: “Wait, what?!”
*Sonic decides to come out of hiding and use his speed to rescue Sly as fast as possible, leaving Fang wondering what’s happening as all he can see is a blue blur quickly untangling the ropes that were holding up Sly.*
Fang: “Ay, what’s happening here?!”
*All too quickly, Sly felt himself being lifted by the blur and being carried across the room before the blue creature stopped so he could see his rescuer.*
Sly: “Who are you?”
Fang sees who it is. “SONIC?! What the hell are you doing here?”
Sonic: “Oh, just helping out a green friend save his captured friend. Now if you don’t mind. We’re leaving now!”
Sly knew what he was talking about and just shrugged. “What are you gonna do?”
Fang: “Well, I’ll tell you what I’ll do!” *He pulled out his cork guns and started firing.*
Sonic: “I’d love to stay and play, but we gotta go!”
*The player has Sonic run with Sly on his shoulder throughout the mansion, avoiding Fang’s corks as they try to escape. Unfortunately, Sonic runs out of space as he finds himself in a dead end hall.*
Fang: “Hah, end of the line for you, fools!” *He readies his guns for an attack barrage.*
*Sly takes a second to look around the hall and sees a chandelier with something to hook on to with his cane.*
Sly: “Well, we’d love to stay and chat, but we gotta go.”
Fang: “HUH?!”
*As soon as he starts firing, Sly hooks onto the chandelier and pulls him and Sonic just in time to miss the corks. Sly does some more fancy moves, and Sonic follows as they smash out the nearest window and escape.*
Fang can be heard shouting as they head back to the safehouse: “YOU CAN RUN, BUT I CONTROL THIS CITY FOOLS! I’LL GET YOU SOON!!!”
*Animated cutscene plays of Sly reuniting with the gang*
Sly, narrating: Well this is the most odd week I’m having. First I got stranded in Ancient Egypt, then I get captured by some goofy robots commanded by a weasel with a cork gun, who also takes orders from some egg-shaped creature, and now I just got rescued by some blue animal that runs faster than a vehicle. Not that I’m not thankful for his help, I’m grateful for “Sonic’s” intervention, but just what the heck is going on? I soon got my answer when the blue “hedgehog” took me to his hideout and I was immediately greeted by my friends. After our reunion, Bentley explained to me all the things that are going on; how this “Dr. Eggman” came to our world and is now doing something with our history, and Bentley not only recruited Panda King and Dimitri to help us out but also Sonic and his friends. This was a lot to take in, needless to say, and I was hoping to have some relaxation after our time traveling adventure. But I’m more than happy to be reunited with my gang and start causing some trouble for some guys looking to cause damage to innocents. Now that I’m back, our next objective is to find my ancestor, the one who started the Cooper Clan’s thieving legacy, Slytunkhamen. Dr. Eggman is looking for him for some reason and has managed to take his cane, so we need to get to him first. That’s going to be a challenge though, since Slytunkhamen has the ability to turn invisible. But we’re always up for a challenge!
The Search for Slytunkhamen
Search for Slytunkhamen
Bentley: “It’s so good to have you back with us Sly! I’m just so sorry we couldn’t come get you sooner. I had to reconfigure the van’s time machine, work out how to get past Le Paradox’s time machine messing with landing here-”
Sly chuckles: “Don’t sweat it Bentley, I’ve only been in here for a week. It’s good to be back too!”
Bentley recomposes himself: “Are you sure you want to go out in the field though? I’m happy to let someone else search for Slytunkhamen and let you relax.”
Sly: “Of course I’m sure! I can’t relax with all this going on and I’m the best bet at finding Slytunkhamen. Besides, I could use the time to refresh on my skills.”
Bentley: “Are you actually saying that you want to get a tutorial from me?”
Sly: “You say that as if I’ve never appreciated your reminders.”
Bentley: “Aw Sly, you’re making me blush and- *Ahem* Okay then! While we search for your ancestor, we’ll practice your many techniques. I guess to start off is your sneaking moves as they’re the most important. You remember stealth auras?“
Sly: “Those blue sparkles? How could I forget them?”
Bentley: “Well, if you see any against a wall or under tight spaces, then you can press the circle button to sneak along the wall and crawl respectively. Go ahead and give those a try.”
(Sly does either or both moves)
Bentley: “Excellent work!”
Sly: “Bentley, I just crawled under a table, that’s hardly excellent work.”
Bentley: “Glad to see you also haven’t lost your sense of humor. Alright then, let’s move onto your more “fun” moves that help with moving around.”
Sly: “Aw yeah, the Ninja Spire Jump and Rail Walk!”
Bentley: “Yep! But also climbing and hook swinging! They all simply require the perfect combo: jump, and hit the circle button.”
Sly smirks: “Hearing those words never gets old.”
Bentley: “You’ll actually need to use all those techniques to get to the next location where Slytunkhamen is potentially hidden, so let’s get started!”
(Sly pulls off the mentioned moves and makes it to the designated location)
Bentley: “Still acrobatic as ever, even after being stuck in a desert for who knows how long!”
Sly: “It hasn’t been that long, actually. Hm, so how am I going to find someone who’s invisible?”
Bentley: “I gotcha covered there, Sly! I’ve equipped your binocucom with thermal infrared imaging, so you should be able to see Slytunkhamen even when he’s transparent. Just search around and hopefully he’s in this area.”
(After Sly searches waypointed areas with his binocucom)
Sly: “I’ve looked everywhere and didn’t see any sign of him.”
Bentley: “Darn. So it’s back to square one.”
(Espio speaks up from off-screen)
Espio: “If I may intervene, I have a suggestion that may be of use.”
Bentley: “Oh! Sure, go ahead! I’ll put you on the screen.”
(Bentley’s screen on the binocucom turns to static and Espio appears in his place)
Espio: “Greetings, Sly Cooper.”
Sly: “Um, hello! You can just call me Sly.”
Espio: “Very well. So, as a detective, I know a thing about searching for hidden people. Usually it is recommended to look for clues, like tracks or hair. But I suspect your ancestor, being the master thief who started your family’s criminal activities, knows to eliminate such things.”
Sly: “Without a doubt.”
Espio: “In that case, it would be advised to interrogate the guards around here. They have managed to see him before, so they should know of a hint to his current whereabouts.”
Sly: “I getcha! These thugs know this area more than we do. We’re not exactly the interrogating types, but I bet they have a message or something as a clue. Something that won’t be a problem for me to grab without their notice. I’m able to pick the pockets of guards with my cane. I just have to trail behind them and press the circle button, so long they don’t see me.”
Espio: “Interesting! But in the event you do get spotted, how do you plan to escape with your life?”
Sly: “Simple! I hold down the R1 button and sprint away. I’m more than fast enough to get away from those guys.”
Espio: “Good! But what about the event in which you have to take out a guard in order to accomplish the task?”
Sly: “Then I use my “Sneak Attack”. I sneak up behind a guard and press the triangle button to juggle them in the air. Then, before they hit the ground, I press the square button to grab them with my cane and slam them to the ground. So long I’m not spotted, I’ll be safe.”
Espio: “Truly, your name suits your skills. Just like in our world.”
Sly: “I guess you could say bright worlds work alike.”
(Sly picks off guards protecting a flashlight guard carrying a charter, which Sly then pickpockets and a cutscene of him reading it plays)
Sly: “Okay, I got a charter here. I think it says that Slytunkhamen was last seen at the docks. If I hurry, I might just find him there!”
(Cue timed mission where Sly must run to the docks before time runs out. Once at the docks, another cutscene plays where Sly looks around with his binocucom)
Bentley: “Is he there Sly?! I hope we’re not too late!”
Sly: “Relax Bentley, give me a few more seconds to look around…”
(Just then, a raccoon in Egyptian clothing appears behind Sly with a wary look. The raccoon sneaks up behind Sly, grabs him, and pulls him back into the shadows)
Sly: “Hey! What the-?!”
???: “Quiet your voice, if you value your life. I know that you’ve been searching for me very urgently and I must say, I’m not amused. First you fiends take my canes, what else do you want to take from me?”
Sly: “Whoa, whoa, hold on! I didn’t take your canes! I want to help you get it back!”
Slytunkhamen: “Is that so? *Studies Sly while keeping a firm grip on him* Hm, I suppose you’re not one of them. So then, who are you?”
Sly: “My name is Sly! Sly Cooper! I know this will be hard to believe, but I’m your descendent far in the future.”
Slytunkhamen: “My descendant? A Cooper?! *Releases Sly, turns him around, and hugs him* Ah, I should’ve known you were family the moment I saw you were a raccoon! And don’t worry, given the situation occurring right now, I’m aware that time travel both exists and is involved. Sorry about the hostility.”
Sly: *Urk* “It’s fine. I’d be on edge too with everything going on. Well, let me take you back to my gang’s safehouse and we’ll come up with a plan to help you out.”
*A picture of Slytunkhamen is shown on screen.*
Bentley: “Alright, here’s what I got from what Slytunkhamen told me. *The picture changes to an Anubis Pawn.* He told me that ever since the Egg Pawns have come around, thieving for him has become quite difficult.”
Tails draws some light arrows coming from the eyes. “That makes sense, the pawns have infrared sensors that make going invisible useless.”
Bentley: “Right. And thanks to that, he lost his canes trying to escape and doesn’t know what to do now.”
Sonic: “So what, do we go and stop Fang now?”
*The slide changes to a map of the city.*
Bentley: “No, not yet. This city looks like it has been abandoned for some reason, and we better find out the reason why. It might give us an idea what Fang and Dr. Eggman are up to. *The factory gets circled in and a fox and turtle drawing are shown next to it.* Tails and I will be heading to the factory churning out the Egg Pawns and see what’s happening inside.”
*He draws another circle over the pyramid, with a hippo and echidna drawing next to it.*
“Murray, you and Knuckles will be searching the Pyramid that is half built, see what they are doing inside there.”
Murray: “Alright!”
*Another circle is drawn over the tombs, with a drawing of a panda and cat.*
Bentley: “Panda King and Blaze will be heading into the tombs, cause I am sensing a lot of strange energy down there. Everyone knows what they’re doing, so let’s hurry on.”
The Factory
Head to and Enter the Factory
Take photos of the factory machinery.
Hack the computers for information
Escape the Factory
*Bentley and Tails are outside the factory.*
Bentley: “Alright, Tails, let’s see what’s happening in here.”
*Tails and Bentley enter through the door. Inside, they find numerous machines and conveyor belts carrying robot parts and assembling robots one by one. Upon assembly, the robots are carried by crane to a specific area where they are kept on standby*
Bentley: “Wow! I knew this Dr. Eggman is a robotics mastermind, but this is overkill! How has he not taken over your world with all of these?”
Tails: “Despite his huge IQ, Eggman isn’t exactly bright. His plans and strategies always have some flaw that Sonic and I like to exploit. That and, while he makes huge amounts of robots, they’re not actually tough at all. It normally just takes one hit from us to destroy these things.”
Bentley: “Ah, so he’s all about quantity over quality! And if he’s that bad at planning, then this whole thing should be cake! Okay, so where do you think the main terminal to this factory is? If we’re gonna learn more about what Eggman is planning here, I’ll need to hack into that.”
Tails: “I’d bet one of my two tails that Eggman would place such a thing at the highest level of this factory, hidden behind many obstacles and enemies to prevent anyone like us from accessing it.”
Bentley: “I see! That may be impossible for some, but Eggman’s never met me! This will be simple.”
Tails: “What should I do while you do that?”
Bentley: “Hm… Oh! How are you with RC technology?”
Tails: “I’ve kind of started it, but I think I’ve gotten the hang of them.”
Bentley: “Good! There’s sure to be numerous obstacles on the way up there that can only be overcome with an RC car or helicopter.”
Tails: “Understood! Though I’m afraid I only have an RC plane, not a helicopter.”
Bentley: “That’s fine! So long it can fly and shoot at things, we’re all good.”
Tails: “Okay, I’m all set to help you out when you need it!”
(The player then navigates Bentley through the factory, avoiding all sorts of hazards and enemies. Along the way, as in-level dialogue)
Bentley: “You know, I’ve been meaning to ask you something, um, Tails.”
Tails: “What is it, Bentley?”
Bentley: “Euhm… Nevermind. It’s an insensitive question.”
Tails: “It’s about my tails, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I get that a lot, hehe. If you’re wondering, I was born with them. I’ve yet to figure out the reason.”
Bentley: “Oh! Um, thanks for the answer. I’m sorry for bringing it up.”
Tails: “Hey, it’s fine. I’ll admit, I’ve been curious about something about you but haven’t asked since…”
Bentley: “You mean my legs, eh? Haha, well, it’s a bit of a long story, but I ended up going inside something dangerous to get an important item but didn’t get out in time.”
Tails: “Oh man… I’m so sorry that happened.”
Bentley: “Yeah, Murray was so distraught by that he ended up quitting the gang out of self-blame. But it’s all good. I’ve come to terms with what happened and this wheelchair more than makes up for everything.”
Tails: “I see! I’m glad that you’ve managed to see the bright side of this situation. Likewise, this extra tail brought me a lot of grief by attracting bullies, but now I value it for allowing me to catch up with Sonic and fly!”
Bentley: “Truly, any supposed hinderance can be overcome if you put your mind to it!”
(Once Bentley makes it to a closed, steel door)
Bentley: “Drat! The terminal is just behind this door but I can’t see any way to get past it.”
Tails: “Hang in there Bentley! I’ll try and find a way to open it!”
(Tails looks into the factory’s mainframe with his Miles Electric)
Tails: “Hm, it appears Eggman has built a bunch of power conduits to keep that door secure, keeping out anyone except himself and high-ranking personnel. Fang, in this case. Fortunately, Eggman left these power conduits hanging around this factory, which I can easily shoot down with my RC Tornado!”
Bentley: “Sweet! Be careful though. If past experience can be applied, Eggman is sure to have installed some sort of security to counteract this.”
(The first RC Plane segment begins, playing exactly like the plane from Sly 3 but to a miniature level and not needing to replenish ammo. Tails must fly the RC Tornado around the factory and shoot down the power conduits, of which there are 6 of them. After destroying the first one, Buzzbombers will be alerted and fly around to destroy the RC Tornado. After all 6 Power Conduits have been destroyed…)
Tails: “All conduits have been destroyed! Is the door open Bentley?”
Bentley: “Affirmative! Accessing the terminal now!”
(Bentley hacks into the terminal and the hacking games from Sly 2, 3, and 4 begins. As usual, Bentley needs to navigate his avatar through a cyberspace, battling all sorts of anti-virus systems to get to main objective. Once complete...)
Bentley: “Ha! Easy as ever! Now to just download Eggman’s plans and-“
(Alarms start up and most of the robots in stand-by are activated)
Bentley: “What the-?! Oh, why does this always seem to happen…”
Tails: “Whoa! I wasn’t expecting this! Try and download as much as you can and get out of there before these robots overwhelm us!”
Bentley: “Don’t need to tell me! *Stares intently at the screen as the data loads* Come on baby, hurry up! *The bar doesn’t load fast at all, managing only 20%* Gah! 20% will have to do! Let’s get out of here!”
*The player must now have Tails and Bentley escape before the pawns overwhelm them before the mission is complete.*
Pyramid Scheme
Take recon photos of the machinery in the pyramid
Escape the Pyramid
*Murray and Knuckles reach the entrance point into the pyramid.*
Murray: “Okay, Sly, we’re at the pyramid. Remind me what we do again?”
Sly: “Bentley wants you two to go down in there and find out what’s happening. He thinks the badniks and guards are doing something more than just creating a burial for a pharaoh.”
Knuckles: “So then let’s stop yapping and start looking then!”
*They head down into the pyramid. They are surprised to find that the depths of the pyramid look quite modern-like, compared to the outside structure.*
Knuckles: “Wow…”
Murray: “This place looks quite modern, Sly. Lots of monitors and computers are around.”
Sly: “That sounds odd…”
Sonic: “Not for someone like Eggman. I think your friend would want recon of those machines.”
Sly: “Yep. Murray, you remember to punch by pressing the square button and that if you press it during a jump, you can belly slam to knock out anything nearby right?”
Murray: “Of course, Sly! I’d be a terrible ‘muscle’ if I didn’t.”
Knuckles: “Hey, don’t count me out either. I can punch just as well.”
Sonic: “Knuckle-head’s right.”
Knuckles: “Hey!”
Sonic: “Now go on, guys, find out what’s going on.”
*The player has the two sneak around for a bit until they find a large gap.*
Murray: “How are we going to get across this gap? It’s too wide to jump over, and they’re spikes below!”
Knuckles: “I can see a switch on the other side. I’ll get it.”
Murray: “How?”
Knuckles: “Using my glide.”
*The player has Knuckles glide across the gap and then hit a lever that expands a bridge over the gap.*
Murray: “Wow!”
*The player has them continue on for a bit, taking recon photos of machines building something, until they find a strange shaped thing too hard to make out in the darkness.*
Murray: “What is it?”
Knuckles: “I’m not sure… but the shape looks familiar…”
*For some reason, the spotlights in the pyramid come on, showing what the thing is.*
Murray: “Oh, now it’s clear enough.” *He takes a recon photo of it.*
Knuckles sounds scared “Oh god…”
Murray: “What is it?”
Knuckles: “It’s the Egg Golem. We’ve broken it before, but this one is more huge than the last one.”
*For probably security reasons, alarms start getting tripped, noting the unauthorized access of  Murray and Knuckles.*
Knuckles sees the guards coming for them. “We better get out of here!”
Murray: “Right!”
*The player must have the 2 fight their way out of the pyramid, taking out guards and avoiding lasers along the way. The mission ends once they escape.*
The Tombs
Free the Ghosts and Spirits in the tombs
*The Panda King and Blaze arrive at the entrance to the tombs.*
Panda King: “We have arrived at the entrance to the tombs, Sly.”
Sly: “Good. Bentley says he wants you guys to go in there and see what they are storing down there. He said it seemed very energetic compared to the vacant town.”
Blaze: “Got it.”
*The two enter the tombs and they quickly find the rooms below are pitch black.*
Blaze: “Hang on...” *She uses her fire powers to make her illuminative, lighting the nearest walls.* “I have pyrokinesis, control over fire.” *She smiled warmly.*
Panda King: “The art of controlling flame, just as graceful as the power of fireworks. I wonder if we can combine the two to make them even more powerful.”
*The player has Panda King shoot some fireworks at a cracked wall through Blaze’s flames to break it down. Unfortunately, spirits and ghosts start attacking them.*
Blaze: “Ah, ghosts!”
Panda King shoots some fireworks to scare them off. “I wonder why they are here? Could they be why the city is empty?”
Sonic: “It seems to be so. Bentley’s computers seem to show show that the tombs go under all the buildings.”
Slytunkhamen: “Ah, yes! I’ve seen those spirits scaring the people away.”
Blaze: “I think I can see where they are coming from.” *The camera looks at a spirit and follow a blue trail that leads to other blue trails coming out of a machine.*
Panda King: “Those machines seem to be tethering the ghosts here! I wonder if getting rid of them will move them on.”
*The player has to go on through the sandy tombs, scaring spirits and destroying the 5 machines holding them down. Each one is accompanied with the spirits and ghosts going down into the ground, disappearing for good. Once the last one is destroyed, the mission ends.*
*The slideshow starts with outside of the factory, then changes to a pic of the canes and the Thievius Raccoonus.*
Bentley: “Well, our mission to the factory could have gone better, but I see we shouldn’t underestimate Dr Eggman. The data we got seems to suggest his plan is to steal the canes from other Coopers and examine the Thievius Raccoonus.”
Sly: “He wants WHAT? Why the hell does he need our history for?”
Tails: “No clue, we didn’t get to capture that much. But we need to get back to the task at hand.”
*The slide changes to the tombs, then the pyramid, then the mansion.*
Bentley: “Right. Thanks to Panda King and Blaze sending the spirits to the grave, it might attract the city folk into returning, but it’s obvious the place is to dangerous right now. We need to go and destroy the Egg Golem hiding in the pyramid and figure out some way to defeat Fang and find Slytunkhamen’s canes.”
*The slide changes to the Egg Golem with then gets X’d out.*
Amy: “Oh! Carmelita and I could handle fighting the Egg Golem! It should be simple!”
Carmelita: “My gun has been itching for a target to shoot and this sounds  interesting enough.”
*The slide changes to the interior of the mansion.*
Slytunkhamen: “I’ll go to the mansion. You said it was pretty well lit in there, and my shadow powers should make it easier to get around. But I don’t know what to do if I find an Egg Pawn…”
Espio: “I’ll go with you. I can handle smashing them to bits. And having 2 people find your cane should make it faster in searching.”
Bentley: “Alright then. You guys know what to do, now go!”
Defeat the Egg Golem
*Amy and Carmelita arrive at the pyramid top*
Carmelita: “Okay Bentley, me and Amy here are at the pyramid ready to take down this ‘EGG Golem’.”
Bentley: “Good! Now Sonic tells me that the last time he fought this thing, it had a weak spot on its head, so try and aim for that.”
Carmelita: “Understood! Preparing to attack now.”
(Carmelita ends her call with Bentley and arms her Shock Pistol)
Amy: “Oh my gosh, my weapon has that exact same color!”
Carmelita: “Oh! Really now? You don’t seem like the kind of girl to use a gun.”
Amy: “I don’t, heehee! I use this!”
(Amy takes out her Piko-Piko Hammer)
Carmelita: “What the-?! Where were you storing that?!”
Amy: “Hm... You know, I don’t really know. I just reach to grab it and it appears.”
Carmelita: “I see… Sorry, no offense, but are you sure you can handle yourself in a fight? That hammer doesn’t look combat capable at all and you sure aren’t dressed for this.”
Amy: “Trust me, this hammer is WAY stronger than it looks and I’ve been in many fights before! But what do you mean about my dress?”
Carmelita: “You’re in an open skirt, not even wearing shorts. Unless you panty shot your enemies into defeat, I don’t see how practical it is to fight wearing that.”
Amy: “Oh… Well, it’s never been a problem for me. Besides, who are you to talk about one's clothing? All you have are a bra, shorts, and jacket.”
Carmelita: “Fair point. Now, let’s take care of this thing!”
Amy: “Right on!”
(The girls go through a short tutorial on how their respective abilities work on the way to the Egg Golem. Upon making it to the Egg Golem, a short cutscene appears of the Egg Golem rising up to the circular platform the girls are on)
Carmelita: “So this is the thing? Heh, I’ve fought bigger!”
Amy: “Yeah, this thing is a bit of a piece of cake! Don’t let your guard down though.”
Carmelita: “Wasn’t planning on it.”
(And so the boss fight against the Egg Golem begins, behaving similarly to the fight against it in Sonic Adventure 2 but the platform is bigger and the Egg Golem now has laser eyes. The Egg Golem is fought exclusively by Carmelita, who simply has to shoot at the power core on top of the golem’s head while evading its attacks and the summoned guards. Once the golem’s health bar is empty, it bends down in defeat)
Carmelita: “Ha! That was almost too easy! *Turns around and calls to Bentley over the radio* Took care of the golem Bentley. Won’t be a problem for us once we begin our attack.”
(As Carmelita said that, the Egg Golem raises back up and raises its right hand)
Amy: “Carmelita! LOOK OUT!”
Carmelita: “Huh?!”
(Carmelita turns around to see the job isn’t finished yet, but before she could do anything, the Egg Golem grabs her and holds the fox in a tight grip)
Carmelita: “Argh! Dammit!”
Amy: “I told you not to let your guard down!”
Carmelita: “It put up a very convincing fake death! Think you can take it down?”
Amy: “I don’t “think” I can take it down, I KNOW I can!”
(And so the surprise Phase 2 begins, where Amy has to destroy the power core on the Egg Golem’s back by using her hammer to knock boulders into its face and using the platforms on its back to reach the core. Once the golem’s health bar goes empty, it writhes with electricity surging everywhere and then collapses forward, releasing Carmelita once its arm hits the platform)
Amy: “You okay?”
Carmelita: “Yeah, I’m fine. Last time I turn my back to a seemingly defeated foe. Can we not mention this to the others?”
Amy: “Your secret is safe with me! So long you don’t judge my capabilities again.”
Carmelita: “After that, you have definitely proven yourself to me! Sorry for that initial judgement.”
Bentley: “Carmelita! What just happened? You stopped talking all of a sudden and cursed and screamed for minutes!”
Carmelita: “Oh, um! A sandstorm started up suddenly and sand got in my mouth! Took too long for the storm to end and get the sand out.”
Bentley: “Ew! Sorry that happened. Well, if the Egg Golem is taken care of then return to the Safe house.”
Hiding in Plain Sight
Take recon photos of the inside of the mansion
Listen in on Fang’s conversation
Steal the canes back.
*Slytunkhamen and Espio arrives at the front doors of the mansion.*
Bentley: “Alright, Slytunkhamen and Espio. From what Sonic saw the last time, the mansion is very well lit and is almost impossible to sneak around in, especially since guards and pawns are now patrolling all over the place.”
Slytunkhamen: “Leave it to us, it shouldn’t be difficult at all for two stealthy folk!”
*They enter the mansion through the front door in their invisible state. Inside, they find the mansion full of spotlights and lasers and guards and pawns everywhere.*
Espio sneers “Geez, paranoid much?”
Slytunkhamen smirks. “He should be, since he’s got us to handle.” *He then remembers something. “I do admit, my skills aren’t perfected yet as I still need to find some shadows to recharge my Focus to continue my invisibility.”
Espio: “Remind me to help you with that.”
*The player then controls the two as they sneak their way through the mansion, taking pictures of things that can attract Fang’s attention to move him around the mansion. Soon they find themselves in the basement where Fang is busy talking to Eggman again, distracted.*
Fang is playing with Slytunkhamen’s canes. “Good news, Eggman! I’ve been able to download as much as I can from Slytunkhamen’s canes and his abilities from the robots that spotted him and am ready to download the info to you.”
Eggman: “Excellent! Hurry up and send it to me!”
*He sets down the canes on some holders and starts typing on his computer.*
Espio: “Hmm, how do we steal your canes back from him?”
*Slytunkhamen sees a generator producing electricity and gets an idea. He goes and switches it off and returns before Fang gets up to check on it.*
Fang: “What the? Grr, stupid generator...” * Gets up to turn it back on and returns to his seat and types on.*
Slytunkhamen: “Seems you got just enough time to swipe them away before he gets up to turn on the generator and then return.”
Espio: “I got it.”
*The player has Espio get into position and when he does, Slytunkhamen goes to switch off the generator. Fang gets up and the player has Espio grab the canes in the short amount of time. *
*The two then move to the exit to the room as Fang returns to the computer to type.*
Slytunkhamen takes his canes from Espio and looks at Fang. “Seems like Fang hasn’t noticed.”
Espio: “I don’t believe he pays attention to anything that isn’t a target.”
Slytunkhamen: “Hmmm…” *The two leave as the mission ends.*
Bentley: “Alright, gang, it’s time we unleash our operation to capture Fang and save this town.”
*He brings up a slide of the inside of the factory and near the end, will draw an X over it.*
Bentley: “Tails and I will go with Blaze and Panda King to destroy the factory. Tails and I will make the machines go haywire so they cause quite a large amount of destruction and the Panda King and Blaze will finish it off. This should save us from having to fight a huge amount of pawns, leaving him without an army.”
*The slide changes to the mansion exterior*
Bentley: “Meanwhile, Slytunkhamen and Espio will be luring Fang out of his mansion, so we can hopefully have a fair fight.”
*The slide changes to Fang, who gets x’s over his eyes near the end.*
Bentley: “Once outside, it’s up to Sly and Sonic to fight Fang and defeat him as Murray and Knuckles provide support. With luck, Fang should go down and this time will be saved from Eggman.”
Operation: Desert Storm
Destroy the factory
Lure Fang out of his mansion
Defeat Fang
Bentley: “Alright guys, are you in position?”
*The others come in with various forms of yes.*
Bentley: “Good, then let’s roll out!”
*The player has Bentley, Tails, Panda King and Blaze enter the factory, where Bentley hacks the machines on, Tails shoots down conduits and other electric lines with his RC planes to make the machines go haywire, and Panda King and Blaze combine their strength to blast the machines apart.*
Bentley: “Alright! The factory is ruined! We’re leaving now, so it’s your turn, Slytunkhamen and Espio.”
*We move on over to the basements of the mansion with Slytunkhamen and Espio.*
Slytunkhamen: “Got it.”
*The player has Espio and Slytunkhamen stay invisible as they ring various bells and other noisy objects to lure Fang out of the mansion.*
Slytunkhamen, once the two make it outside first.* “Alright, it’s your guy’s turn.”
Sonic: “You got it!”
*Fang comes outside the mansion and comes face to face with Sly, Sonic, Knuckles and Murray.*
Fang: “Ah, you fools decided to play it smart and turn yourself in, eh?”
Sly: “Hah, you wish.”
Fang: “No matter, let me just-” *He looks over towards the factory, to see it in ruins.* “You… you destroyed my factory…”
Knuckles: “Not so tough now that you don’t have an army to do your dirty work.”
Fang, instead of looking scared, gives a smirk. “Hmph, I don’t need an army to get what I want.” *He whistles and in less than a second, a strange yellow and blue machine with boosters on the side comes flying by his side.* “All I need is my girl, the Marvelous Queen, and my trusty cork guns.” *He gets on the Marvelous Queen.* “See if you can catch me, fools, and so you don’t feel lonely…” *He shoots an alarm with his cork guns to call guard to their position before speeding away.*
Sonic shakes his head. “Has he forgotten that I can go the speed of sound already?”
Murray: “I think you and Sly should chase after him. Knuckles and I can handle the guards.”
Sly: “Sounds like a good plan, Murray.” *He piggybacks onto Sonic and they race off after Fang.*
*The player now has to go on a chase after Fang, avoiding the various objects scattered about that will slow Sonic down. Also, watch out for Fang shooting corks at you to hurt you as well. Once Sonic is close enough, he has to jump to hit the Marvelous Queen to make it crash into the ground. Once that happens, Fang will be knocked off into the intersection of a street nearby.*
Fang: “Damn you, Sonic! How dare you hurt my girl!” *He starts shooting at Sonic, ignoring Sly.*
Sonic: “Now’s your chance, Sly! Get him while he’s distracted.”
Sly: “Right.”
*The player has to sneak Sly around behind Fang without alerting him, and once close enough, smack away at Fang with his cane. Once Fang takes enough damage, he’ll hurry over to his Marvelous Queen to set it up again and fly off once more.*
*Sly returns to Sonic’s back to repeat this process 3 more times until Fang gets knocked out.*
Fang: “You fools… you don’t even know what Eggman is up to…”
Outro Cutscene:
Sly, narrating: “It took a bit more effort than expected, but we’ve managed to defeat Fang and destroy Eggman’s factory, freeing Ancient Egypt from his influence. We tossed Fang back into Sonic’s world, being sure the authorities there would take care of him, and went to plan out our next move. This Dr. Eggman though… How does he know about my family. And what does he have in mind for us? Can’t have anything to do with wanting to wipe us out like Clockwerk and Le Paradox since there’s no way he has a personal agenda against us. Well, whatever is going on, at least we got the rest of the gang and some new allies to fight against him!”
Next Time: Hope you remembered to put on your kilts for a Scotland trip! (And some underwear for decency.)
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slycooperandcarlosfox · 4 years ago
Carmelita: How do you know all this, Murray?
Murray: Andy told me!
Carmelita: Andy? Who’s Andy? *turns to Sly* Are you Andy?
Sly: I’m not Andy! I’m Sly.
Carmelita: I know. I mean your full name!
Sly: Slytunkhamen.
Carmelita: Slytunkhamen? Then who’s Andy....Wait. Are you Arab?
Sly: Me?
Carmelita: Yeah.
Sly: Does it matter?
Carmelita: No. I’m just curious.
Sly: If it doesn't matter, then why are you curious?
Carmelita: I dunno. That’s just something I should have picked up on all this time.
Sly: You know what else you should have picked up on? My fucking full name!
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slightly-gay-pogohammer · 2 months ago
How will slytunkhamen look with no neck, just a head floating over a body? Get it from one of the earlier sly cooper cutscenes from the game.
holy shit guys the "anon who clearly has a fetish for raymanized characters" is back
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slyfangz · 10 months ago
if sly ended up becoming slytunkhamen I while being trapped in ancient egypt, thus becoming the beginning and the end of his legacy that traumatizes and haunts him, would that be messed up or what
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miralith · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Okey, I found this in Sly Wiki and I NEED to know what is this and where it's from 0___0 Could somebody tell me if is this official??
1) - If this is real, I bet that evil Pharaoh was Clockwerk. Maybe he was a corrupt pharaoh who used his power to take everything from civilians. Slytunkhamen was the first to rebel against him, he used his Invisibility trick to stole all Clockwerk’s treassures, and then brought his people together, freed the slaves and organized a revolution to take down the pharaoh.
2)- Headcanon: Slytunkhamen was Sly’s favourite ancestor and also the favourite of his father. Conner Cooper named his son “Sly” because of it. (But probably shortened his name because, as it's written in the comics, he was a total dissaster in grammar and he didn't know how to write Slytunkhamen XD)
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psychedelic-lemur · a year ago
I've got some more Sly Cooper headcanons. Murray also liked to paint his nails and toes as well. Slytunkhamen's many husbands and wives were usually gazelles, leopards, hyenas, jackals, or other raccoons. Chandrakupar and his husband had a secret forest hideaway where they would make out (SEX!). Sly Cooper always planned to start a career in ballet. What do you think?
Tumblr media
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badatvideogaymes · 3 months ago
This might come across as nitpicky but i just realized this, if slytunkhamen I created the thievius raccoonus, why is the name latin? I mean i know why, its because the name wouldn't work otherwise but still
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extraneousdominomask · a year ago
apropos of nothing Good👏Place👏AU👏
Sly Cooper is dead.
But that’s okay! As the well-kept vixen behind the desk explains, there are two halves to the afterlife; a good place, and a... bad place. Because of his tangibly positive impact on the world, he’s earned the rare privilege of entering The Good Place.
“No duh,” thinks Sly, the lifelong criminal. He ripped off other, worse criminals - because it sounded fun, sure, but obviously that was good for the world too, right? But after briefly getting distracted by just how pretty she looks in her sharp suit, he zones back in and realizes she’s... not describing his life. At all. Whoever these nerds are, they don’t think it’s ever right to break the law? 
She’s describing some completely unrelated dweeb who was also named “Sylvester Cooper”. An accountant for a major charity. There’s been a mistake. And if Sly points it out, he’s going to be booted to The Bad Place.
Now more than a little distracted by the huge lie he is saddled with, Sly is given a tour by Carmelita, who introduces him to his new neighbours; the genius Bentley, the glamourous Neyla, and a wise hippo monk who has taken a vow of silence and is definitely not a well-meaning chatty moron trapped in a similar situation to Sly, in case you were wondering. They also have the full disposal of “Penelope”, who despite appearing to be a mouse girl is neither a mouse nor a girl, but an extremely sophisticated AI who quite literally knows everything
From there the plot of The Good Place plays out, but instead of utilitarian ethics and how it’s impossible to have a “good impact on the world” while living in the broken system that is late capitalism, the philosophical core would be refuting the folly of strict deontological ethics. Crime is cool and Immanuel Kant can bite me
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chill5 · 11 months ago
Slytunkhamen Cooper idea
Tumblr media
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inspector-montoya-fox · a year ago
Headcanon guy here. I have a few more headcanons. Slytunkhamen had 13 children, he also had a habit of freeing slaves since he used to be one himself, Sly never met another raccoon outside of his family until he was an adult during a job in Montreal, that’s all I’ve got for now.
elaborate on that last one pls
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pocket-thieves · 11 months ago
Headcanon guy here. Do you have any headcanons? Mine mostly revolve around the Cooper family. Except the one about Murray painting his toes. My biggest one is that Slytunkhamen was bisexual and had dozens of wives and husbands and fathered thirteen children. He also wore a crap ton of jewellery and dressed as a Pharaoh to annoy the shit out of the real Pharaohs. I also have two OCs. Chandrakupar and Garen Kooparian. What about you? Have you got any OCs or headcanons?
hi again Headcanon guy! the headcanon you have about Murray and Slytunkhamen are amazing??? and I love them??? and yes I do have some OCs and headcanons of my own.
I have two Cooper ancestor OCs named Ailish and Winifred Cooper, and then my other Sly OCs are Malady, Constance, and Sage. (Constance and Sage are sisters) Given enough time I'll probably make more sly cooper OCs in the near future.
I headcanon that most Coopers were bisexual (including Sly duh).
Sly's mom was a cat
The Panda King lost his wife after she gave birth to Jing King
Bob's partner was a saber tooth tiger lady
and Le Paradox is a closeted pansexual
That's all I can think of headcanon wise
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kidcooper02 · 8 months ago
Sly 5 things
I have many thoughts in my head but here are a couple of ideas I have! I just really want Sly 5 and here’s me just dumping the thoughts in my (and my siblings!) head.
Firstly, ideal ancestors!
I know people are decisive on them, but with the ending of 4, I feel we gotta include them. So I would want Henirette, Otto Van, Slaigh, and Slytunkhamen! They play into one of the ideas I have for the game
Game concept #1: Gang of Coopers
I chose these specific Coopers for how they can play into the roles of Sly’s gang in the present! In this game, Sly would be traveling through time with the ancestors (let’s say they’re able to move with him). So as they move with us, they fulfill roles of previous party members. Slytunkhamen would be very much like Sly and would be like the ancestors from TiT, Sly with a variation. Henriette could be like Carmelita and be a marksman, or even dabble back into Dimitri in 3. Otto Van is our Bentley/Penelope obviously. And Slaigh is our muscle like Murrary! Our ancestors make up our gang, to keep the same game mechanics from previous games even if we’re separated from everyone at the moment. 
Game Concept #2: Clockwerk sightings
I think Clockwerk would should be the villain for this game, I’m also thinking of this being the last game plot wise, start and end with Clockwerk. One way I see this going is as Sly manages to move from time period to time period, working his way toward the present, he gets closer and closer to a Clockwerk encounter.
Slytunkhamen, if we’re to believe this is where Clockwerk originated, we can finally see a non robotic version and get a bit of background. Maybe he goes by a different name and Sly isn’t even aware this is him.
Next is Slaigh, as Sly is departing for the next time period, there’s strange sounds outside their hideout. Slaigh says he’s tough enough to handle, and for Sly to continue on, not knowing who is really outside.
Henriette is when we finally see him as we know him. We know she canonically had an encounter with him, and Sly is around to see it. Henriette ushers him out before Clockwerk can take notice of him, and Sly spends the time traveling in a panic, has he been leaving his ancestors in the clutches of Clockwerk?
Last is Otto Van, as Sly is getting ready to move on, he lingers to maybe warn Otto to get to safety. Clockwerk does show up and Sly can’t help but aid. This backfires, I can see this being a big sky chase, and while Clockwerk has lost interest in Otto, he’s turned targets on Sly. And Sly tries to escape to the present (Otto is the best bet to make the time machine well enough to make it there) but Clockwerk follows. Think of it like Thanos in Endgame, this isn’t the Clockwerk from 1, it’s a whole new Clockwerk who doesn’t even know Sly but wants him dead all the same. The time disturbance leads Bentley and the others straight to them.
Game Concept #3: Dual World exploration
I’m not too sure how this would work long term as if Bentley had even the slightest clue of where Sly was, he’d come running. But basically, it’d work with Sly doing things in the past that will affect the environments in the future, like a Legend of Zelda game or something. That way we can still play as Bentley and Murray in this game without them actually being with us.
Game concept #4: Conner?
I don’t know how to fit Conner in but I crave more knowledge about him. And Sly getting to meet him as an adult would be painful. Maybe we’d get some background on Dr.M that 3 was lacking in. We can learn about Sly’s mom too? I dunno I just wanna know Conner’s deal
Alright let’s talk locations!
Henriette: Lake of Lago de Atitlán, Guatemala
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(had to piece together a tiktok for that last pic) ANYWAY, yes this is a lake, do I care? The tiktok in particular is what interested me, the water centric location seemed perfect to me. Again, yes it’s a lake not the ocean but I don’t care I wanna go to Mexico in a Sly game please. And pirates don’t have to be restrained to a boat they can dock ya know. Idk how much I’d want this to be like Sly 3 Dead Men Tell No Tales, because on one hand it was really innovative and fun but also cannon battles my detested <3
Slaigh: 15th Century Scotland
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I took a variety of castles for this one, overall I’m thinking tall cliffs, perfect to paraglide off of (shit La Paradox kinda took Sly’s paraglider huh...). I also estimated Slaigh to be from the 15th century due to him on the wiki being stated between Galleth and Rioichi.
Otto Van Cooper: Manchester, England late 1800′s
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This city was often looked at as dirty and overcrowded, but also freeing for many. I felt this was a city to both be open to overlook thievery but also one that can be taken advantage of by big names. I think combing the inner city with outer fields would be fun to explore (kinda like Holland in 3 and Europe in 4 but with the trains like Canada and the West).
And we already saw a glimpse of Ancient Egypt.
That’s kind of all I got right now but in this game my ideal would be expanding more on Sly building a relationship with his ancestors. (Especially Henriette you cannot tell me she isn’t his favorite ancestor did you HEAR how much he talked her up in 3? I also think the two of them being more similar than Sly would’ve thought would be super interesting to see.)
Lemme know if this was interesting to you and shout out your own ideas! I just finished playing through the series on my own (no more just watching my brother play) and I’m starving after 4′s painful ending that has haunted me since 2013.
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