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Could you maybe do a first time smut one shot? Maybe y/n is inexperienced or never had sex and Shawn makes it all romantic and soft and amazing

i also wrote a blurb about this concept but have no idea where it is on my account now!

anyway, shawn would be the most gentle for her first time. he’d make sure everything is perfect and okay and he’d go as slow but loving as possible. it wouldn’t be just “having sex” or whatever, it’s completely making love because of the way he’s taking care of you and making every second worth the wait.

there’d be an over abundance of kisses, soft touches and a thousand questions asking if you were okay and you would just giggle at how adorable he was. you can tell he’s nervous but it quickly disappears when the two of you get lost in each other and the whole night is full of soft moments.

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O2: It’s so soft, I love it. It’s such a relaxed sound that suits Suho really well, especially with the way it builds and crashes like waves against the shore. His voice fits really well with the instrumental and it really puts me at ease. This track hits hard for those who are lonely (me, just me) and it makes me tear up a little bit. Kim Junmyeon, stop playing with my emotions boy.

Let’s Love: I loved this track as soon as I heard it during the mv and even the teasers for the mv. It gave me heavy “Better Babe,” “City Love,” and “Wine” vibes. (pretty much the Taeyeon- Purpose era vibe) The electric guitar backing part really gets me like it’s so addicting and doesn’t stick out as much as it seemed like it would. It’s so freaking emotional too, it makes so sad yet so happy at the exact same time like what the fuck Suho. You’re going to get my little emotions all kinds of mixed up.

Made In You: Why is Suho’s voice gold? Why are all the EXO vocalists golden? Whatever, I like the piano parts a lot. Their repeating licks draw you in first while the vocals keep you there. It feels like I’m floating in space with no sense of direction and no real purpose. It seems to really suspend me in mid-air. 

Starry Night: I feel like this is the saddest and most haunting of the tracks on this release. It’s the kind of track where I wanna be laying in the grass on a cool evening next to someone I love, feeling safe and adventurous at the same time. For this one, the drums really stick out and it’s dynamically a great range. Also woah SUHO YOUR VOCALS THROUGHOUT JESUS CHRIST KING!!!! DAMN IT IM CRYING NOW JEEZ MAN

Self-Portrait: It’s very much more reflective than the others, but it’s also the happiest sounding track throughout the entire release. Yet I’m still sad. But like now it’s like reflective sad. My emotions are confuzzled.  

For You Now (ft. Younha): Why does this album have the best piano parts imaginable? Why is this the more piano companion to Taeyeon’s “Purpose?” I have a lot of questions that this beautiful song isn’t answering. Younha and Suho’s voices fit really well together alongside the piano, it’s so gentle yet purposeful at the exact same time. It’s telling me everything and nothing about myself at the same time. I’m crying again.

In conclusion, this album made me reflect on my entire life and cry like I haven’t in a while. I’m sad, but this album is so good. It’s such a different side from EXO Suho that it really builds him as both a musician and a person. “Self-Portrait” is a great title because it’s both reflective and complex at the same time. I love it.

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“ ‘It’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It’s someone who makes you a better person, well, actually they don’t make you a better person… you do that yourself because they inspire you. A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you, and accepted you, and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would. And no matter what’ll always love them.’ - unknown”

“Shawn was a huge believer that the ‘soulmates’ situation’ was the most stupid thing on the planet, specially since it was such a rare thing to find someone with the same mark as you. He would do anything he could to prevent the so called 'destiny’ from happening, but could he?”

hi, i hope everyone’s doing okay and this is another chapter to the new series, this is the second part to the chapter i posted on monday, that’s why it’s tiny, anyways, hope you like it and that everyone’s fine! 

*Word Count: 1.4K+.

*Warnings: cursing, angst and drinking.

*Posted: April 2nd, 2020.

                                you can find the other chapters here!



“Do you have a dorm room or something?” Shawn asked as he plopped down on the chair beside me on my usual spot at the library.

“What do you want?”

“Nothing, need to catch up on Mr… What’s his name?”

“Mr. Holt?”

“Yeah, I need to write a paper”

“But that’s due tomorrow!”

“That’s why I’m here with you” he said grabbing one of my notebooks and going through it.

“Sure, be an idiot, then be nice and now study with me like nothing happened on the past few months”

“Knew you would understand, now shut up and let me concentrate” he said as he focused on my notes and started working on his own.

So we sat there quietly for a long while, him on his notes and me on mine. It was a little awkward having him around, but at the same time if felt like old times and I suddenly felt complete. I don’t know if it’s because I’m extra needy or just miss my best friend, or maybe Mel is right and it’s a soulmate thing, but I couldn’t help the bubbly feeling on my chest. I looked up cause I felt something basically burning my face, only to be met with his honey eyes already staring at me, which only made him blush and look away. We spent a few more minutes like that before he got up but left his stuff behind. Shawn was back with a steaming cup of coffee from my favorite place from campus half an hour later.


“What, Shawn?”


“Why are you asking?”

“Heard you like him”

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I tried lol I worked so hard on this (TuT), anygayyy I hope you all are safe and healthy and I wish y'all the best in whatever you do. And I hope y'all don’t feel alone, we’re all in this together so always remember that you’re not alone, fam :)

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