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[So just so anyone knows, no matter if Rey is redeemed or not, she doesn’t give up her red saber.  She’s not ashamed of being a Sith and will never be a Jedi. Her belief is neither order needs to exist and that now that they are destroyed, then there should be a middle ground.  Therefore, she doesn’t need to get rid of her red saber.  So even when she’s not a Sith and the Empress, she will still have Vader’s saber.]

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this one was a little difficult to pin down, but it’s basically….this.

these are clips of devin townsend’s voice in his song, deathray.
i avoided this for so long but i can’t run from the truth

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it’s not the exact accent he has but this is pretty close!
realised i never actually posted his voice!

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The Princess and the Frog - Would your muse accept someone else’s help in fulfilling their dreams, or would they want to earn it for themself?

Melinda would accept help to a point.   However, Melinda 100% prefers to fight for her dreams, regardless for what they are.    Melinda grew up with a family that helped each other even when they’re all a giant ball of chaos *coughs*MattieAndMels*coughs*.

But yeah she would accept help unless it was something she knew she had to do it on her own.

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Melinda believes everyone decides their own fate.   What point is there to life if the ink is already dry?   However she does accept that with the Angels of Destiny, those choices can  alter what may happen.    She at the end of the day doesn’t believe it’s set, we can choose which way to go.

Mels isn’t sure about her own destiny, those she supposes it’s to fight evil for the rest of her days.   Not a great destiny right?

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     In an interview Lee compared Thranduil to a tiger;  elegant  &  vicious,
     but I don’t agree with a feline as symbolism even if I think it’s beautiful.

I liken him more to two animals Arda’s folks are familiar with at once, deer & wolf. A combination that reflects his complexity as one favoring avoidance, yet biting with sharp teeth. & Absolutely loyal to his kin. Thranduil is only vicious when confrontation can’t be avoided, one who protects his ‘pack’ whilst remaining a calm mystery to most others. He might frequently get perceived as unreachable by outsiders. Deer are majestic & elegant, called kings of the forest, which still rather hide than lash out. Wolves don’t easily attack either, but when they do then it’s the whole pack rather than one alone. when thranduil intends to shed blood, he’ll come with an army. & wolves maintain balance among all beings within the forest, just like the elves.


While Thranduil fights to defend his people & not to satiate enormous hunger, he gets mistaken for extremely vicious by some who have treated him in a way that simply lured this side out of him. Like the wolf that gets seen as monster while it truly isn’t, if treated respectfully, treads with patience & keen observation. It’s social, but doesn’t let everyone in. & like deer running from possible threat does he somehow run from his own, inner conflicts (predator vs. prey, his innermost chases itself), but while keeping out of trouble as best as he can, he’s still a feared warrior.

felines can be very cruel, toy with their wounded prey & torment it; he won’t do that. When he kills, he does so without playing games & only if that is the necessary solution (thoughtful hunting for food aside). Appearance tied to deer’s majestic elegance masks a wolf merciless & unforgiving when provoked. The mysterious nature of both combined, as deer are seen as magical & wolves as unpredictable while living in a healthy balance between fair & absolutely vicious.

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Those  who  know  little  of  Thranduil’s  history,  and  what  it  did  to  him  in  particular,  might  be  quick  to  assume  he  is  idle  or  even  a  coward  for  keeping  to  himself  and  his  people.  But  no  one  wonders  whether  the  path  he  chose  is  the  easiest.  It  isn’t.  A  part  in  him,  the  warrior  able  to  slay  nigh  everything,  itches  to  march  out  and  get  rid  of  all  evils,  to  fight  and  satisfy  the  silent  wrath  boiling  in  him  ever  since  Oropher  +  many  Sindar  fell.  Thranduil  wishes  deep  down  he  could  just  leap  into  Dol  Guldur,  for  example,  and  no  matter  the  cost  avenge  the  elves  his  kin  lost.  I  cannot  tell  you  how  often  he  tenses  wishing  to  soak  grounds  with  blood,  to  scream  into  evil’s  grimace  and  risk  his  own  life  killing  as  many  foul  things  as  only  possible,  even  to  join  the  front  of  defenses  of  other  realms  just  to  find  final  peace.  Or  death  if  need  be,  because  he  doesn’t  fear  his  own  end.

As  king  he  holds  responsibility  for  a  people  who  have  ever  been  for  themselves  and  he  harbors  no  wish  to  impose  other  standards;  he  migrated  once,  so  he  deems  he  must  adhere  to  and  preserve  their  traditions  plus  deeply  ingrained  way  of  life  to  ensure  a  functional  society.  It  isn’t  out  of  malice  that  he  seldom  reaches  out  to  other  realms,  also  broken  record:  every  realm  does  have  its  lords  and  defenses,  alliances,  they  don’t  ask  for  or  depend  on  the  Woodland Realm’s  assistance  ( with exception of Erebor once ).  Apart  from  what  I’ve  mentioned  numerous  times  that  he  doesn’t  want  to  owe  things  and  thus  doesn’t  ask  others  for  help,  his  top  priority  is  the  safety  of  his  people  and  therefore  won’t  seek  war  if  he  knows  it  will  demand  more  sacrifice  than  it’ll  promise  victory.

It  is  not  the  easiest path  he  chose  to  hold  his  feet  still,  it  is  the  safest.
Thranduil  has  been  a  warrior  with  every  fibre  of  his  being  before  becoming  king,  so  to  decide  like  a  ruler  and  not  just  fighter  can  be  extremely  difficult  at  times.

For  only  if  he  gives  his  people  time  to  grow  back  in  population  after  battles  that  were  fought,  train  new  warriors  and  smith  new  weapons  to  prepare  for  greater  battles  inevitable;  only  then  his  realm  can  survive  at  least  by  enough  elves  to  create  more  generations.  He’s  always  known  Sauron  still  lingers  whilst  presumed  defeated,  always  feared  evil’s  wrath  that  he  has  witnessed  first hand  in  Mordor.  He  always  knew  the  war  won’t  be  over  until  all  chess  pieces  gather  on  the  board  at  last  for  another  great  battle  ——  and  when  that  comes,  he’ll  be  prepared,  even  enough  to  help  out  Lothlórien  when  they  need  aid.  You  can  call  him  a  coward,  but  I  call  him  a  combination  of  a  traumatized  warrior  and  wise  king.  One  who  knows  and  struggles  to  silence  the  beast  in  him.  Because  he’s  aware  of  his  strength  but  harbors  no  desire  to  brag,  and  won’t  fight  for  the  sake  of  killing  at  any  cost.  His  people  come  first.

And  he  will  bite  off  the  face  of  anyone  who  questions  that  stance  by  trying  to  lecture  him  just  because  they  were  taught  playing  everyone’s  savior  is  the  only  right  way.

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Mirkwood;  Taur e - Ndaedelos,   Forest  of  the  Great  Fear , ( or  Taur - nu - Fuin*,  “ Forest  of  Darkness ” ),  earned  its  name  not  only  by  Sauron  who  conquered  the  realm’s  old  elven  fortress  Dol  Guldur.  While  the  Necromancer’s  energy,  which  must  branch  wide  due  to  his  immense  nature,  does  likely  touch  a  certain  radius  beyond  that  ruin’s  border  &  giant  spiders  nesting  there  stream  out  into  the  woodlands  to  cause  an  imbalance,  there’s  more  that  contributes  to  Mirkwood’s,  former  Greenwood’s,  reputation  as  scary.  A  place  of  horror.

The  Dwarves  around  Oakenshield  weren’t  the  first  mortals  to  venture  into  that  realm  without  guidance  &  curiosity,  perhaps  fascination  with  elvish  tales,  has  already  led  the  one  or  other  man  there.  What  happened ?  They  may  have  gotten  lost  &  starved,  strayed  south  where  hungry  wargs  or  aforementioned  spiders  awaited  them.  In  short: death =  soul  leaves  body.  But  in  life  they  haven’t  found  back  out  of  the  realm,  neither  did  they  in  death  while  the  Necromancer’s  influence  became  stronger  throughout  the  years  &  confused,  thus  trapped  them.  Their  suffering  sickened  the  trees,  lured  the  spiders  farther  north  where  the  Elves  had  settled  &  play  tricks  on  the  mind  of  every  visitor  since;  no  one  can  say  whether  they  mean  well  &  to  warn  those  people,  scare  them  away,  or  lead  them  toward  the  very  same  fate  they  have  faced.  Shared  pain  is  half  the  pain,  isn’t  it ?

So  when  the  company  enters  the  realm  &  runs  in  circles,  sees  strange  things,  it’s  not  unlikely  ghosts  meddling  with  their  heads  ——  with  the  one  ring,  Bilbo  may  have  been  able  to  see  those  souls  as  figures,  likely  obscured  &  hardly  recognizable  as  anything  that  truly  ever  lived.  He  could  have  talked  to  them,  probably.  And  while  Elves  might  be  immune  to  illusions  for  the  most  part,  but  capable  of  consciously  wandering  in  more  than  1  dimension  of  reality,  they  could  converse  with  those  dead  if  encountering  them,  too.

These  souls  cannot  pass  the  border  to  the  elven  palace,  the  caves,  as  there’s  magical  protection  that  keeps  the  spreading  sickness  away:  nothing  really  complex,  imagine  it  akin  to  scattering  a  line  of  salt  across  which  no  demons  can  step.  The  spell  remains  intact  as  it  involves  greens,  plants  communicate  after  all,  &  it  has  to  be  refreshed  each  spring.  However,  between  the  Necromancer’s  residence  &  the  north - east  located  elven  territory,  those  strayed  dead  are  trapped  betwixt  two  conjured  walls,  so  while  Dol  Guldur  is  the  darkest  &  most  dangerous  side  of  the  Woodland  Realm  &  Thranduil’s  palace  is  one  of  safety,  the  in - between  poses  the  most  confusing  &  spookiest  area.

The  spiders  feel  most  comfortable  there,  as  they  strive  to  live  like  every  other  being  &  don’t  want  to  be  hunted  on  a  daily.  Animals  in  general  aren’t  highly  bothered  by  those  ghosts  either,  but  some  might  have  become  more  aggressive  toward  intruders  because  of  ceaseless  whispers  &  yawns  that  sometimes  break  through  dimensions  to  reach  even  their  fine  senses.

You  don’t  want  to  go  there,  much  less  at  night  or  during  winter  where  the  dead  feel  loneliest.

* Taur - nu - fuin  I’ve  seen  used  more  often,  but  through  research  figured  that  this  was  altered  a  few  times  &  Tolkien  decided  it’d  become  a  second  name.

Addition: Like I already mentioned in casual posts, the elves reject those above mentioned terms alongside ‘Mirkwood’ & did not rename their realm like this. To acknowledge any of those dread-inducing terms would be to give the foe power. Thranduil will grit his teeth & give you a look™ if you call his realm Mirkwood or anything the like in his presence. The north, their territory, for him & the people, still is Eryn Galen & later Eryn Lasgalen.

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For the send a character thing: Samael and his backwards flying

ah yes, our boy samael back at it again at the black stone fortress

  • favorite thing about them: you look at this dude and tell me he doesn’t have some of the biggest dick energy in darksiders. i LOVE me an overdramatic villain/anti-hero 
  • least favorite thing about them: ngl i was not prepared to watch him eat a heart like a fruit snack in that one cutscene. also he has shit taste in women
  • favorite line: “Sometimes, the hero dies in the end!”
  • brOTP: i wouldn’t call it a brotp so much as a begrudging alliance (which i greatly enjoy) but i wouldn’t mind seeing more of him fighting alongside the horsemen cause if anyone’s gonna rule hell it should be sammy
  • OTP: anyone but lilith. dude she is USING YOU
  • nOTP: see the above
  • random headcanon: he’s one of very few demons who can actually fly! since it makes NO SENSE that he could manage it with his wing joints i’m gonna say that demons of his rank are capable of flight magic, which makes him that much more fearsome when he’s actually going into battle with you
  • unpopular opinion: idk if it’s unpopular necessarily but i would really have liked to see him do more in darksiders after he opens up the portal to the dark tower for you
  • song i associate with them: i literally couldn’t tell you why this was the first thing that popped into my mind if i tried
  • favorite picture of them: look at this. he’s sitting like this cause he knows he’s a bad bitch
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I’m gonna be blunt here: this is a blatant excuse to talk about how much I love FE7′s clever and unique way of integrating magic into its story. What does this have to do with Nohr? Well, I’ll explain.

In FE7, the main villain is Nergal, and he’s been harvesting an energy called “quintessence” for hundreds of years. Quintessence is one’s life force. The amount of quintessence someone has is determined by many variables. For example, small creatures and animals have limited amounts of quintessence. You can reap a LOT more of the stuff if you harvest it from humans. The stronger a human’s will and strength, the stronger their quintessence will be. Of course, you can also make up for quality in quantity. Get a bunch of humans with average quintessence, reap them dry, and BAM! You get the stores of it that you need. 

Harvesting quintessence usually leaves the victim drained of strength. If they’ve already suffered wounds beforehand, taking their quintessence will kill them. Does Nergal care? No, of course not. He himself says that he’s “powered” by death. 

So, what can he do with all this quintessence he’s gathered? A lot of things. For one, he’s been augmenting his own body with quintessence for years. This has given him a massive power boost and immortality. He can also use it to create life. Over the course of the story, Nergal creates an army’s worth of his own creatures, which he calls his “morphs.” Most of them can’t speak or display emotion, but he has a group of special ones who can speak and pretend to emote. Unlike the special morphs, most of the morphs are under Nergal’s control and have no will of their own. 

And THAT’S what’s relevant here: Nergal’s morphs. Let’s see … a dark mage able to create life and summon emotionless soldiers. Are we talking FE7 or Fates? What I’m getting at is this: Nergal’s morphs have a similar function to the Faceless. In Nohr, a mage with enough experience can summon Faceless and control them. Faceless cannot emote and have no wills of their own, just like morphs. They’re just soldiers to be summoned and controlled at the mage’s will. 

That’s why I theorize that Nohrian mages have knowledge of AND HAVE PRACTICED quintessence. FE7 establishes that you need quintessence to create something like Nergal’s morphs. And where would Garon get it from? Simple. He’s being controlled by Anankos, and Anankos has every single Vallite under his control. In other words: he has an entire nation of humans to reap the needed quintessence from. It wouldn’t be all that difficult. 

Needless to say, I doubt most of the Nohrian mages realize this. I’m thinking that the nature of quintessence has been altered in Nohrian texts. They likely realize they’ve gleaned their power from somewhere, but, because Valla is taboo, no one knows where the quintessence comes from. The nature of quintessence is essentially one big question mark to Nohrians.

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To your becatatanon: I showed the tattoo to my music degree having sister and she didn’t recognize it as anything expressly musical (but tbh she’s pretty dum so that doesn’t mean all that much)

it’s sound bars, like equalizers


they look like shit on beca bc she was probably 15 or 16 when she got them and she had to go to her shady friend’s brother’s tattoo parlor or something to get them done without having to get a parental slip

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Despite all the Elsa jokes as a kid, Pryce secretly loves Frozen 2. He didn’t actually see it til he was twenty years old. Show Yourself is one of his favorite songs 

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Spuk sibling AU (but no incest hc please😶)?

wow i love this platonic au too. let’s take a scene where antonio and arthur are respectively 25 and 23, living twogether in the same roof;

1. they argue every fucking seconds in any occasion and while they have chance to roast one another

2. antonio is a morning person; he cooks for both of them and he will wake arthur up with the most merciless way he could do and make him pissed off

3. antonio never allows arthur to enter the kitchen because he would totally destroy everything. (this is applied for any AUs i’m always thinking of lmao)

4. despite fighting a lot, antonio is actually proud of his baby bro for his every achievement—and oh, he taught arthur how to play guitar

5. they fucking cry while watching frozen, big hero, and naruto but never admit that

6. football is a sacred must. they are so damn loud when they watch football

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