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eyezpike · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Winners POV
[CW: Flashing Images]
you guys are getting an exclusive timelapse cause its too long for twitter lol
this took me like 11h. ive definetely spend more time on a drawing before, but its a lot compared to the other stuff ive made recently
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wilbursoot-updates · 5 hours ago
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Joey Graceffa posted this photo with Wilbur, Smajor, Strawburry17 (Meghan), HBomb, and Shubble to his Instagram story!
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sleepsart · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It eats you up when you're not looking / And everything feels okay / But honey come inside / Before your fingertips decay — Frostbite
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harley-the-pancake · 5 hours ago
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Breaking news: I wanna study interactions between Joey Graceffa and Wilbur Soot
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toffee-biscuits · a day ago
Tumblr media
my friend @c0ttonberries has an empires au based on deltarune’s snowgrave route and it breaks my heart /pos
(also fetch pls dont kill me for making aeor a furry i had to for this concept ok- akjgsdfkjg)
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ch8 :D (Scott smajor suffers ending soon?!?) (nvm they have more suffering to do) TWs in tags <3
Jimmy paid a visit to Scott the next day.
Or, at least, he tried to.
There wasn’t a sight of Rivendell’s ruler, the palace oddly empty.
He couldn’t be out, right?
He walked around the castle, echoes bouncing off the walls with every step.
“Scott?” He called.
“Codfather?” he saw an elf run up to him.
“Oh, hello,” he did his best to smile at the elf, trying to hide how worried he was. “Have you seen King Scott lately?”
The elf shook their head.
“He left a few days ago,” they said.
“Well, thanks for your help,” Jimmy nodded.
He walked outside quickly.
Sinking down onto his knees, he felt a tear slowly start slipping down his face.
Xornoth couldn’t sleep that night.
He rocked himself slowly, thoughts of Joey suffocating his mind.
He wanted to speak to Scott.
No he didn’t. He didn’t want to speak to Scott, he reminded himself. He hated Scott. He didn’t hate Scott. He didn’t feel.
He didn’t feel.
Letting out a sudden scream of anger, he stormed out of the tower.
He headed towards Rivendell.
He was maybe three quarters of the way there before deciding he couldn’t.
He couldn’t speak to Scott.
Instead, he landed on a mountain miles away from Rivendell and stopped.
They didn’t know where they were.
They looked around frantically. A lantern flickered in the distance.
Squinting, they saw only darkness. Positive they were imagining it, they turned around.
The light flickered again, unmistakable this time.
They half walked, half ran towards the light.
As they neared it, they could just make out a small spruce cottage.
They stopped near the door.
What was he thinking?
He calmed himself.
He didn’t feel.
He wasn’t millimeters away from a panic attack.
He couldn’t feel.
He lay down in the snow near the house.
He’d leave in the morning, and hopefully they would get up before the owner of the house did.
They rested their head on the cold white snow.
It burned his skin, but they didn’t say anything.
He didn’t think anything.
He couldn’t feel.
He woke up in a cold sweat and screaming.
They clamped a hand to their mouth as soon as they realized where they were.
It was too late.
He could hear footsteps from inside the cabin.
He pressed himself into the snow, digging his fingernails so hard into his palms that he drew blood.
They shut their eyes tightly and prayed to the gods that no one would find them.
“Who’s there?” they heard an eerily familiar voice say from inside the cabin.
Despite himself, Xornoth whimpered.
The person stepped out, sword drawn.
Xornoth begged that they wouldn’t notice him.
He heard snow crunch near him.
Opening an eye slightly, he saw the figure standing right in front of him.
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endershards · a day ago
Tumblr media
when will flower husbands come back from the war......
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geoguessbur · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Scott: farming awws
Quackity: here is how you can ruin Wilbur Soot's life
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wilbursoot-updates · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Smajor posted these photos of Wilbur, Shubble, HBomb, Joey Graceffa, Strawburry17, and Smajor to his Instagram!
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sleepsart · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Either he's just like that, or whoever found him didn't have any other extra clothes. Both situations are very possible
From this post by @davekrtzyy
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chrisrin · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Boogeyman’s Curse. 
(inspired by @theminecraftbee and their fantastic Last Life writing posts.) 
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isyn-ed · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SCOTT MY BELOVED DESERVED also, Martyn??? the lore?? is so cool????
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chapter…9?? of my smajor suffers series | TWs in tags (you have to scroll through them)
Xornoth shrank back at the sound of his name.
He was a servant of Exor. He wasn’t scared.
“Scott,” Xornoth said coolly, straightening up.
“What are you doing here,” Soctt gritted his teeth. Xornoth noticed that Scott was standing a few meters away. That was good. They couldn’t hurt him that way.
“Out for a stroll,” Xornoth said, trying to calm his racing heart.
“You were asleep.”
“I might have been.”
Scott drew out his sword.
Xornoth did the same.
“Really, brother dearest.” Xornoth said. “You can’t beat me. I’m a servant of Exor. I’m his champion. I’m powerful.”
“I’m Aeor’s servant. I’m his champion. Aeor’s always won against Exor. I’ve always won against you. Why stop now?”
“Really,” Xornoth mused. “Still so- arrogant, I see.”
“I was never the arrogant one of us two, Xornoth.”
“You’re too full of yourself,” an old man screamed at a young boy who was cowering in the corner.
“Stop being so arrogant,” he yelled at him. The boy couldn’t breathe. His heart was pounding.
“You’re Exor’s. Hear me? Exor’s. You’re a disgrace to this family.”
Yet, the little boy said nothing. He couldn’t say anything.
“Oh, are you scared?” the man cooed at the child.
Hesitantly, the child nodded.
“That’s awfully certain,” Xornoth tried to maintain the careless tone. “Are you sure?”
Xornoth suppressed a flinch as Scott lunged forwards, instead dodging the sword.
It caught Xornoth’s hand. The blood dripped onto the crisp white snow, painting it red.
Scott looked startled to see it, as if he’d forgotten that Xornoth was still human. Partly, at least.
However, he regained his agility, and soon Xornoth was on the ground.
A sword pointed to his throat.
“How do you feel now,” Scott hissed.
Xornoth found himself repeating the words he’d been forced to utter day after day for eighteen years.
“I don’t feel emotion,” they said monotonously. “I am a vessel of Exor for Him to do whatever he likes with.”
To his surprise, they could see a tear sliding down Scott’s cheek. The tear immediately turned to ice.
Xornoth ignored their overwhelming urge to cry themselves.
They felt the corruption around them squeeze his neck as if a threat from Exor.
With much effort, Xornoth swiped Scott’s sword away and got within a few inches of Scott.
“Stay back!” Scott yelled, taking several steps back. “I’m dangerous.”
“So am I, dear brother. This whole area is corrupted for a reason.”
“No! I- I get ice everywhere now- I can’t control it-“
“Me too, Scott,” Xornoth sighed. “What’s so special?”
“You too?” Scott said curiously.
“What do you think? I did this all on purpose? I like hurting people?” Xornoth snorted.
“Uh, yeah,” Scott admitted.
Xornoth’s sword swiped close to Scott, making him fall.
He stared at the scared man under his sword.
His brother.
He didn’t deserve this.
It was all Xornoth’s fault.
No, it wasn’t. He didn’t feel, so he couldn’t feel guilt, or remorse.
While he was thinking, Scott came dangerously close to Xornoth, nearly making them collapse yet again.
To his surprise, Scott didn’t kill Xornoth. No, he didn’t do that.
He wrenched the sword out of their hand.
“Against my ice powers, your corruption won’t work,” Scott hissed. “You’re defenseless,” he added, a bit softer.
“I know,” said Xornoth. “Do what you like. I don’t care.”
The snow crunched under his weight as he ended up on the floor for the fourth time since he was freed.
“Kill me,” Xornoth laughed. “Go ahead. The power of my master will remain forever, always there to overpower Aeor.”
“Exor will always lose!” Scott said desperately.
“Sure,” Xornoth shrugged. “You can believe that. But there will come a day when you will be at Exor’s disposal, like I have been, and you’ll know that your god was the lesser power in this game of life.”
“Can’t you feel anything?” Scott whispered.
“No. I’m perfect, like Exor and the old King and Queen have made me.”
“No one’s perfect. And emotion’s what makes you human.”
They couldn’t feel, Xornoth reminded himself. He couldn’t feel any love for his brother, couldn’t feel any remorse, any guilt, because he couldn’t feel. At all. His heart didn’t break at the sight of Scott so close to tears. His stomach didn’t do turns and feel like butterflies were in it whenever he was near Joey. He wasn’t grateful, wasn’t happy when Sausage was at his side.
He didn’t feel.
“Good that I’m not human, then.”
“You are. You bled when I stabbed you. You can feel, Xornoth. You just don’t want to.”
“You’re real. You have emotions. You’re not just a vessel of an evil god.”
“We both are,” Xornoth laughed. “You just don’t want to admit it.”
“Exor isn’t the only evil one,” he continued.
“That’s not true!”
Aeor laughed as the boy screamed out in pain.
“Shut up!” a woman hissed at him. She would be rewarded.
“You’re a disgrace to the name of Aeor,” a man came into the room, his hands covered in blood.
Aeor watched, amused, as if being presented with a slightly funny performance.
“He’s so young,” the god mused. “He’ll learn.”
“Right?” Scott sounded uncertain.
Scott tried to remember his parents’ teachings. He’d wished he’d listened to them, now. It would make this situation a lot easier. But he had to go ahead and make friends, and care about people. He was an idiot.
“It’s true,” Xornoth said. “It’s all true.”
No, Scott reminded himself. His parents were wrong. Aeor was wrong. Emotions were good.
“Are you sure you can’t feel?” he asked Xornoth nervously.
“Positive,” Xornoth chuckled, but now Scott thought about it, it was an empty laugh, no real mirth behind it.
“I love you.”
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fandomandsparkles · 3 months ago
april fools day mcc
-no one is aware of it until three days before, and they don’t know what team they’re getting
-team is picked by smajor throwing darts at a character tier list on the night before while slightly drunk
-ace race has absolutely scuffed shortcuts. wilbur soot manages to use every single one of them on accident. philza minecraft is crying.
-dodgebolt has two audience members fill in for a random player. unknown to the players smajor is rigging the system. twitter somehow finds out but is dismissed for being toxic
-technoblade is there and at every round, he randomly selects a team to fill in for. however, he is playing with a vr set and a steering wheel. he becomes more of a threat to the team he is filling in for than his opponents
-tommyinnit gets knock back 1000 sticks for every round doesn’t even matter what game it is he gets the sticks.
- dream wears his mask in real life as he plays. sapnap holds him at gunpoint after being promised to be shifted to s tier by scott major
-hbomb cosplays as cat maid for the other teams
please add on i’m tired
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vyeoh · a month ago
👑 Announcing team Fuchsia Fishfuckers 👑
@/Smajor1995 @/CptPuffy @/WilburSoot @/Smallishbeans
Watch them in MCC on Saturday October ■■ at 8pm!
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beacon-lamp · 21 days ago
bitches will receive a few anon asks on a topic they’re passionate about and make a whole ass powerpoint instead of sleeping.  it’s me.  i’m bitches.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if anyone has any more questions, please feel free to ask!!!
links to channel playlists under the cut
channels loosely sorted by initial alliance
mumbo jumbo
martyn - inthelittlewood
jimmy - solidaritygaming
scott - smajor
pearl - pearlescentmoon
scar - goodtimeswithscar
joel - smallishbeans
lizzie - ldlshadowlady
ren - rendog
bigB - bigbst4tz2
cleo - zombiecleo
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