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[id: a digital drawing of empires smp scott kneeling in the snow, smiling serenely with his eyes closed. his hands are held slightly out at his sides conjuring up large snowflakes, and his wings are curved upward to frame the sun directly above his head. /end id]
not so hazy anymore
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aaaand @defonotsmajor because u liked the first one so much :p yes it’s me the same guy i just changed my url lol
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potatoqiii · 2 days ago
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King Smajor of Rivendell and his owls
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azioxo · 2 days ago
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concept of the crystal breaking and releasing the stinky little demon inside it </3
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devilart2199-aibi · 2 days ago
Okay but telling someone Impulse was bogey- session two or so I think someone started that rumor? So now I’m wondering what they would’ve said or claimed here- what they said he looked like. Speaking of- what would Scott have looked like when he was boogeyman and just resisted/refused to give in?
Warning!! cw Blood Eyestrain
Fighting the curse 👑👁
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Etho started the Impulse boogey rumors! as for how Impulse would look as Boogeyman, I'm not exactly sure 🤔 I'm not sure what a full boogey Scott would look like either, but I was thinking when he resisted the curse his crown would turn into shards and become thorny, occasionally hurting him for not following the watchers will, until the session ends and he goes red.
I made a doodle of him in the final session too, but forgot to save it! I'll see if I can find it and add it or reblog it to this post. He has some badges and red marks peeking out from under them :3
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galatoma · a day ago
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this became more complicated than intended
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vyeoh · a day ago
If you haven't read Shifting Perspective by @scribbling-dragon, i highly reccomend it!
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tangy-soup · 14 hours ago
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Digitized that one flower husbands sketched i did! (click for better quality)
reblogs appreciated <3
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gladlywumbo · 2 days ago
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Scott having a tea
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ghost-inacup · 2 days ago
There is a library at rivendell.
The library has been there since the beginning.
It isn't part of the main library, no. The main library harbours the important books of knowledge and legends every scholar knows by heart.
But this isn't the main library.
This library holds books that people deemed not important enough for the main library,
stories of love, a record of a farmer's way to increase his crop yields by 5%, a picture book of old. None of this was of interest to the scholars.But it was kept regardless, for someone loved those books, and kept them.
Many villagers, on their deathbeds, donate their personal books to the library, for they know it will be preserved. In that effect, it perhaps might be counted as more important than the main library.
But it is not, and is still a wooden hut with bookshelves and lecterns, tucked away in the corner.
There is a book at the little library, a diary. It is the record of the Queen, which usually would have been stored at the main library, if not for the Queen's request.
The librarian was fond of the Queen. She was kind, and just, and a great patron of the little hut, often borrowing books that the royal scholars looked down upon.
It was a great loss for the nation of course, but he had high hopes for the little prince. There was power in the blood he carried, and blood is very powerful magic.
He shook himself, looking again at the unassuming little book in his hand. It was blue and gold and would have been assumed to be a scholar's personal if not for the neat little signature on the first page.
"I should put it away."He said to the empty room, but his feet were unwilling to move.
As a rule, he did not read the diaries of others, but this was a special case. This was Her Majesty's diary, and he would be lying if he wasn't the least bit curious.
The rulers of Rivendell were Aeor's representatives, chosen to carry out his will and look out for his subjects. All of them were trained to be perfect, and aloof. There was always a degree of separation between the rulers and subjects, with many not having an image besides that of the ruler. This of course spoke of their greatness, and they were looked up to.
The late Queen was no different, regal and collected, with no hints of anything but carrying forth the will of Aeor. And to have her personal record, perhaps it would show the side of her which wouldn't be normally shown to the public.
He sighed,and closed the door. No one should bother him now.
He opened it.
Aeor appeared to me last night. I assumed he came to bless my little prince, but his words still shock me. I can barely write. But I must.
He spoke to me of the future, and of the terrible tribulations Scott must go through. He spoke of Exor's champion, and how they are returning. This bodes terribly for the realm.
Scott is to become his champion, but I have been warned to not let him know. He must find out on his own, and must not know of Exor's champion, cursed be his name, till they meet.
My heart aches at the prospect of my son suffering, and to know of his trials before he has even taken his first steps is a burden on my soul.
But for the good of the realm, he must bear it alone. That is his duty as the champion, and it would be blasphemous for anyone to shoulder it with him.
Aeor bless my child, and help him shoulder this burden.
But in good news, the priests have declared Scott carries the power of ice. He will be a fine ruler, and Aeor's blessing of his rule would be apparent.
He has woken up, bless his twinkling eyes. I must go and attend to him. Aeor give him strength.
The librarian couldn't stop shaking by the time he was done. The two champions, they were foretold, but for them to appear now? He quickly muttered a prayer. Aeor protect the realm, this was bad. The Queen, how she must have suffered! To bear the burden of knowing her child's future suffering, of the realm's suffering,and to not be able to do anything about it.!
Many years had passed. The librarian was an old man, nearing his end, but still woke up and went to the library everyday.
Today, an unexpected visitor was at his door.
"Your Majesty, Aeor bless you, how may I help you?"
The young prince carried himself well, but for the little bits of unsureness one could see in his eyes. To carry out the will of Aeor, and rule the realm at such an early age must take a toll on the boy, but he couldn't show it.
"Aeor bless you as well. I believe my mother's personal record is with you? I would like to collect it."
"Of course, your Majesty. Let me take it out of the record room. Please, avail yourself to any other book you would like."
His heart thumped. He had not forgotten the terrible words in the book, and to let the prince see those would be against Aeor.
Aeor forgive me, he said over and over as he tore those pages out. Nothing must be left of those. That is the will of Aeor.
"Here your majesty."The prince nodded, and moved to leave. "Aeor be with you, Your Majesty. Aeor be with you."
The prince looked at him strangely, but returned the blessing.
Aeor bless the prince, and give him strength.
The librarian sighed, and went back to his desk. He would be meeting Aeor soon. He hoped the Prince wouldn't find himself in Aeor's halls before his time.
First time i wrote an empires fic, and i was about to sleep. But the muse listens to no need for sleep, and so I suffer.
Please tell me how you liked it, i am kinda proud of it and would love feedback.
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sticklyskingdom · 2 hours ago
warning! cw blood, gore
Tumblr media
her obsession with headhunting is everything
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aj-is-typing-18 · a day ago
The headcannon on last life Scott called impulse a dilf and impulse didn't know what it meant, and so Scott stills calls him that sometimes.
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smajor-but-everywhere · 2 days ago
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How come none of you fuckers told me the man had a public account on here?!?
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jodragen · 11 hours ago
I’m not really looking forward to the end of Empires smp, as I feel like there is still a lot of great stories that can be told with the characters that they have made but I also understand what it’s like to feel like to be bored of doing the same thing over and over again.
Just today I was listening to Scott’s VOD, I live in VOD land sadly, while he was playing Origins smp and he at one point talking about if there was a season two he had been thinking about what new character he might create for it. I mean yes please, new stories in a new world with amazing twists and surprises? I’ll be sad when Empires is over, but I will remember one ending is just a new beginning for something else.
Plus, gives me an excuse to draw Scott in shades of green? Fuck yes that’s my favorite color sign me the hell up. Why do you think I’m enjoying drawing fishy boy so much lately! xD
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Scott is preaphasing agst for empires, are we equiped enough to make it?? We dont even dont know when?!?!
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Are we too young for this? // Feels like I can't move // Sharing my heart // It's tearing me apart // But I know I'd miss you, baby, if I left right now
— Softcore by The Neighborhood
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defonotsmajor · 28 days ago
Finally decided to make a public Tumblr! I still have my private one 😈 but I wanted a way to interact with y’all on here without sharing it to Twitter or such, which I know ou don’t like! I also deleted the insta story now so it’s only tumblr squad here! ❤️
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mcc being canon to the dream smp will never not be funny as hell to me
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vyeoh · 3 days ago
You're welcome/ I'm sorry
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the-final-sif · 2 months ago
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Hello, I’ve been enjoying MCC recently, but I think I could be enjoying it more. As such I present my suggestions to tumblr for consideration.
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SCOTT MY BELOVED DESERVED also, Martyn??? the lore?? is so cool????
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