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a little blue plant

You can see more of my works on instagram :

Please, don’t use or copy my work without permission. Thank you.
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Betty moves pt.1

She was esstatic, after all it was her first time living by herself. Betty didn’t know what she would do first when she got there but what she did know was that this was when her life was gonna change, finally no more maids and shit following her every second of her existing life. Now she could live and be a Adult! It felt good,but hell who would know what the future would hold for her.

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Made a cute little tiktok of part 1 of sanding and polishing my master dice!

Yes I know I should be wearing gloves, I don’t have access to any rn. If you are working with resin, silicon, or master dice (a type of resin/plastic) ALWAYS use PPE (such as a particle mask (I had an N95 on) and gloves, as well as safety goggles or other protective eyewear)

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