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ET- Excellent article! Small-Business Owner: ‘Fallout by Next Year Will Be Shocking’

ET- Excellent article! Small-Business Owner: ‘Fallout by Next Year Will Be Shocking’

“Small-business owners have put their entire life-savings and have invested years of their lives into starting and building a business that these heartless and tyrannical governors and mayors are destroying with their unconstitutional mandates,” Clark told The Epoch Times via email.
“China’s leadership should be proud. Many communist-controlled governors and mayors have done their part to…

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Just finshed sewing this Death Note Clutch

Will list tomorrow on my Etsy!!!

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♡testing out kisscut stickers- new designs coming soon | store:

cosmicloak @ twitter+IG [dont remove caption or repost | reblogs ok]

boosts appreciated!♡

music: “Dance of the Moonlight Jellies” by ConcernedApe

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I’ve fallen in love with the vampire lady oops 😬

All resident evil purchases will include this freebie up until the release of village!

Get ur tol lady here

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I really love small businesses in any form of art, like gaming, movies and comics.

You can really feel the love that was put into a good indie game or an animation by a small team.

It stands out and if you have a small business, I love and support you. Especially something just done by one person

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💕Valentines Rubber Duckie Earrings💕 Shop Here

Adorable lightweight pastel rubber duckies with cute matching beads. Clip-on options available✨

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Lots going on in the House of Craze this week. See below for updates. Also, if you have not done so, please check out our Kickstarter and join the other backers and make your pledge today. Thank You all and have a great day!

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IRS may have paid $57 million in error for Trump tax break, report finds

IRS may have paid $57 million in error for Trump tax break, report finds

Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg via Getty Images

‘Potentially erroneous’ QBI deductions

The IRS allowed business owners to claim $57 million in “potentially erroneous” deductions on 12,980 tax returns filed last year, according to a report publicly released Tuesday by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.
The watchdog urged the tax agency to increase its oversight of the…

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