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aftrglwed · 2 days ago
paper rings | EIGHTEEN: prepare to be suffocated more often
summary: twitch streamer y/n l/n, known online as pixvie, has pushed her feelings down for her best friend, dream, for as long as she can remember. little does she know, dream has been doing the same. what happens when they both finally confess to one another?
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Tumblr media
the flight was long and uncomfortable. the baby behind her wouldn’t stop crying since takeoff - giving her a headache that she hoped would go away with some type of pain relief, and although y/n doesn’t blame the parents, she blames the parents.
glad to finally be off the plane, the skip in her step finally returns after she remembered who was waiting for her on the other side. not only was she finally meeting dream, but she was also getting to spend the next month or so with some of her closest friends.
she pulled out her phone to text dream, letting him know her flight had landed and she was just stopping to go use the toilet before meeting sapnap at baggage.
Tumblr media
her eyes looked through the crowd, trying to spot the familiar red head. a gasp left her mouth as her eyes landed on him. picking up her speed, she moved towards him. “sapnap!” she called out, placing her hands around him and pulling him into a hug.
“woah-“ he mustn’t have seen her as he stumbled back a few steps before wrapping his arms around her. “hi y/n,”
“hi.” y/n let go of him, beaming up at him with a smile as she stepped back. “let me just get my luggage and then we can go!” the excitement that radiated off of her was obvious to any bystander. sapnap nodded, humming in agreement before going back onto his phone.
“is dream in the car?”
sapnap put his phone away, deciding to give y/n his attention instead of the man who was blowing his phone up wanting to know everything. “he is,” he started as he watched her grab her first bag from the baggage claim. “he’s been blowing up my phone since i got in here, wants to know everything that’s happening.”
y/n giggled at that, “he’s so clingy, how will he ever survive when we go out without him?” she teased, poking fun at his faceless streamer title.
sapnap shook his head, chuckling. “he has george, he’ll be fine.”
Tumblr media
the two of them made their way to sapnap’s car, vividly chatting the whole way from baggage claim.
sapnap looked over at the girl. she was wringing her hands as they walked. “you nervous?”
y/n hummed in question, letting her hands fall from where they were together on her luggage. “to meet him in person?”
she nodded her head, “very. but i’m excited, we confessed our feelings to each other not long ago and i’m glad we were able to meet up so soon and start our relationship in person rather than online, you know?”
“hm yeah, he’s been telling me everything he has planned for when you come, but i don’t know how much of it is gonna be possible because of the whole faceless thing. just know he really wants to make this time he has with you worth it.”
y/n smiled at sapnap, her nerves fading slightly as they got closer to the car.
once they reached it, sapnap pointed towards it, telling her she can go see him and he’ll put her luggage in the trunk. y/n hugged him in thanks, before walking as fast as her body would let her to the passenger seat.
taking a deep breath, she stepped around the back of the car. seeing he had his attention on his phone, she brought her fist up to the window and softly knocked.
“what?” dream turned his attention towards the window, expecting to find someone who wants their current parking spot. instead his eyes met y/n’s, causing him to freeze. “holy shit.”
y/n moved back, opening the car door to let him out. she swears she’s never seen someone move so fast, and before she knows it she’s in his grasp as he’s hugging her. softly laughing, she wraps her arms around his neck and she hugs in back just as tight. “you’re really here, in person. you’re a real person holy shit.”
“yes dream, i’m here, with you!” y/n pulled away slightly, “your hugs are suffocating.”
dream sighed in content, “prepare to be suffocated constantly then, y/n.”
Tumblr media
hi! wanted this to be longer tbh but :// it’s fine!! i think 2 more chapters before the story ends (possibly)
taglist (closed): @3sriracha @emmasjxlian @alice-w0rld @fo-love @iamahallucinationnn @isimpforeveryone @danny-devitowo @rexit-mo @ozdramaqueen @thesagewitchh @vlitch @kindaawhoreforholland @m00nsthet1c @milkywqze @socially-blue @malihana @xosimrannn @washy-washy @megaanra @darylthekidd​ @yohlin @inkyynki @honestlyidfkugh​ @marimorena06​ @alice-went-away​ @sufloerfs​ @aestherielleee @404reads @not-shy-nanya @itisjustpaula @its-linh @drama-lyn @meowtella @sebby-staan @daddystevee
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kelieah · 2 days ago
rat boy (tasm!peter parker x reader)
warnings: fluff, tiny bit of angst not really? language
author’s note: my first tasm peter parker smau and i can’t wait to do more >:)
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Tumblr media
thanks for reading and let me know what you think :)
tagging some moots! @616films @celestialholland @peterbenjiparker @petershbw @petersgroupie @spideyspeaches @marvelouspeterparker @darlingholland @ms-misery @eloquenceflores @ellebutnotwoods @ptersmj @parkerpeter24 @bi-lmg07 @ptersmj @selfcarecap @devotion @saturnpeter @dhtomholland @t-lostinworlds @greenorangevioletgrass @asonofpeter
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~ bnha characters and what texts they’d send you after you’ve passed away
requested by anonymous
includes: takami “hawks” keigo, todoroki “dabi” touya, togata mirio, amajiki tamaki, shigaraki tomura, todoroki natsou
warnings: angst, death, it hurt to write these ngl
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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tags: @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @zeldafreak688 / @natasha-danvers / @chxcolxtemilk / @simonsbluee / @brithedemonspawn / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @tiredwriter / @sunflowerirl / @czarinera / @leighbechilling / @curiouslilbeast / @taurus852 / @goldenhoney-cas / @crapimahuman / @sageandberries-png / @swankiifiied / @nnmesis / @xspideyboyx / @simp-lauren / @chesirekittycat / @mammonsbootycall / @duhsies / @fangirlsarah16 / @mangoessassafras / @akuri-shinsou / @issamomma / @poe30 / @justafreaksstuff / @escapenightmare / @aaprilshowers / @cutie-aquarius / @barrysimpparker / @asainpersuasion / @idklol237 / @fantasyelfsblog / @rainbow-rose-peace / @not-cool-1 / @nxxagent / @inu1gf / @jahnvi-d / @blackiegal / @dai-tsukki-desu​ / @runrabbitrun3​ / @swagfishblrofreptiblr / @amarinthe / @lilbeatlebear / @little-miss-chaoss
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erenisms · 2 days ago
chapter 18
Tumblr media
WHAT WE CAN BE : in which eren deals with his crush on you like an elementary school kid and you’re having none of it.
eren likes you. a lot. but he treats your existence like it's god's punishment to humanity. and you, not having any idea why he loathes your presence so much, decided to not give a single fuck about him.
pairing: eren jaeger x f!reader, +slight!reiner x reader
genre: college au, e2l, fluff, crack
CH. 18:  hi, brother.
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Tumblr media
You exit the washroom after maybe fifteen minutes of accepting the fact that Eren Jaeger from Philosophy will be driving all the way from Paradis to Marley and back in the middle of the night. You feel absolutely guilty yet at the same time, you couldn’t stop that faint flutter in your stomach.
You bit your lower lip, slapping both palms against your warm cheeks to snap yourself out of it. You’re so weak for kind gestures!
This is what happens when you don’t think for more than half the time, my brain is now rusty and can’t process normal things properly.
Is it that normal though?
Shut up, brain!
You puff your cheeks and pout. Glaring at the floor, you didn’t notice that you’re walking straight to the direction of the people you’re trying to avoid.
“[Name]! There you are!” Reiner’s voice booms a couple of couches away even though everyone is just as loud. “I’ve been looking for you!”
You freeze up in surprise but you remind yourself that it will just make you suspicious. You wave at him and plan on approaching but Annie gives him a good shove, almost knocking him off his footing and he goes to you instead.
That’s fine. All you have to do is talk with Reiner and be casual for a moment before hiding yourself away again from socializing so you don’t seem as suspiciously eager to get away from all of this.
“Hey, Reiner.”
“Where’ve ya been? Can’t see you anywhere.” The blonde asks.
Based on the reddish tint on his cheeks, heavy eyes, and questionable accent and choice of words, you deduce he’s had a bit of alcohol himself. You don’t think he’s totally drunk but you’re certain that the alcohol is starting to get to him.
“I was just lingering around, greeting people. Then I went to the restroom to wash my face. What’s up?” To be fair, those weren’t exactly lies.
“Oh, cool. Yeah, um, do you have time to talk?” He scratches his head.
You look at him in confusion. “We’re talking now?”
“Well, yes, but can we talk more privately? It’s noisy here. Do you mind if we go outside?” Reiner extends a hand while the other sheepishly rubs his nape.
“Oh, okay.” You accept his palm, and let him lead you out of the house.
The two of you stop just by the end of the stairs of the terrace, overlooking the seemingly empty lot despite the cars parked to the sides. You pull your hand back.
“So, what did you want to talk about?” You ask, leaning against a post.
Reiner rubs the back of his neck again and clears his throat. A drop of sweat falls down the side of your face despite being cold because, Oh my god, I hope this is not what I think this is.
“Uh, I think you might have already noticed but, you know I like you?”
Well, fuck, you didn’t expect this confrontation.
“Shit, sorry, I didn’t mean to phrase that like a question.” Reiner hisses before taking a deep breath. He looks at you intensely. “I like you, [Name]. I think that’s obvious enough. I’m just thinking, maybe we should, you know, give us a try? We’ve been friends for so long. It wouldn't hurt to take a step further, right?”
“Uhh…” You drawl, wringing your hands anxiously to try and answer in the gentlest way you can. “Listen, Reiner, I like you, too–”
Beeep. A car honks. Reiner’s eyes look hopeful.
“But um, I’m sorry, I only see you as a brother–” Beeeeep. Your left eye twitches. Setting your annoyance aside, you stare back at the male regretfully. “Because I feel like that’s what you’ve always been to me. So, I’m really sorry.”
You wanted to avoid Reiner’s crestfallen expression, but you’re surprised that he shakes it off and stares at you with a determined look. He holds one of your wrists softly.
“Is that how I came across? I can be less brotherly if you want.” His thick brows are furrowed.
“That’s not it–” Beeeeeep. “Maybe we can talk again when you’re not as tipsy–” Beeeeeeeeep. You whip your head towards the sound in annoyance but what you saw brought you relief instead. “What the hell? Huh? Eren!”
There he is, parked just by the main entrance only a few meters where you and Reiner stood with his head down. He must have been sleepy, you thought. He immediately raises his head though once he heard your familiar yet uncharacteristically loud voice. Because of the short distance, you can’t help but notice the way the moonlight hits his eyes.
“Why is he here?” You look back up at Reiner to see him looking at the same car you’re staring at.
You pull your wrist away from his ever so slightly tightening grip and start jogging towards your partner’s car. “He’s picking me up!”
“I can take you home myself–!”
Reiner made a motion, looking like he’s a bout to chase after you but stops himself when you turn your jog into a full-on sprint.
“I have to go, it’s an emergency! Tell everyone I’m sorry!” You yell half-heartedly and gave the blonde a lame wave before pushing yourself in the car and shutting thee door shut.
You took a heavy breath, back pressed against the seat. You look at the brunette. Eren stares at you from the driver’s seat, wrists resting over the steering wheel. He eyes you over, green orbs wide in confusion; the moonlight makes them almost blue like a forest meeting the sea. Blinking at him, your eyes pick up on the subtle veins on his forearms.
“…Wild night?” Eren asks meekly.
You pant in exasperation, taking your attention away from the entirety of him and pinch the bridge of your nose. “Weird night.”
pls [name] was short-circuiting shes so cute lol, and that wasn’t eren intentionally honking at them btw, that was him banging his head on the steering wheel lmfao
this is probably not the chapter yall are waiting for so ill update again tomorrow for you. it will be posted on the late afternoon (aedt) bcs im having my journalism introduction exams tomorrow. thank you for liking this, everyone :)
ugh, i cant wait for christmas break so i can publish that eren mini series that’s a spin-off to this
taglist: open — join here, or send an ask/comment to be tagged if the doc isn't working |  @lamiapony @sofijaeger @hvneyluvr @kjd55 @tumerixs @songbirdgardensworld @freedomlsaburden @itsannayalll @jelliou @lagrimasdeglitter @erens-eyebrows @chewymoustachio @ayyisasra @tzobio @diestheticu @ravensleepyeyes @y2klove @mikasavqx @mockingjaytributes @littlemochi @mariaerdgzn @philfont @fwess @teenageangeldiaries @backstagepaige @renjunvibes @shunkaza @je-suis-argent-miel @lavender-moon13 @the-princess-button @kaitlyn2907 @blrqt @xaibs @rory-cakes @bubs-world @pennylanewrites @usernamehere91 @reinertiddiejuice @tjjjrsj @oprantodomar @persyhange @ilovemydinoboi @jellyfishpalace @justanotherkpopstanlol @tatiquichi @newestro @dumbabyspeaks @anonymossii @yeagerfushiguro @r-xochitl @bigwetkiss @jaegersgf @airservylunalol @viaree & more in the comments + if your un is in purple, i cant tag you
 - love, zari
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soobnny · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
chapter 5 — don’t try this at home
☆.。.:* nothing is worse than getting paired up with a stranger for twitch rivals 2022, except maybe being matched with your very competitive ex boyfriend park sunghoon.
note: tag urself in the fan accs i am mimi
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burningupp · 2 days ago
twenty-three: the morning after
Tumblr media
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Y/n still felt weird everytime she woke up next to Jimin, even if it was far from the first time she did so. She was pleasantly surprised to find that the usual shame and anxiety she felt was somewhat diminished, though. Maybe San’s advice had helped some, as embarrassing as it had been. It had definitely helped her agree to Jimin’s little deal, that’s for sure - some of the stigma she had felt towards herself had seemed to melt away once she took the first step herself. There was still a lot of work to do to be completely comfortable with her own sexuality in general, but she felt at least a little bit lighter.
The weirdest part of waking up in the BTS dorm wasn’t really that it was their dorm, or that she had slept with Jimin, or really that the other members most definitely had heard the two of them last night. Rather, it was the fact that she had somewhat of a routine for being there. She couldn’t quite figure out whether that was good or bad, but either way, her first instinct that morning was to sneakily get dressed, make seven omelets as quietly as she could, and yeet out of there as soon as physically possible.
Every single time, without fail, Jimin would manage to cling onto her body like a fucking koala. His arms would be holding her head to his chest, and his legs would be enveloping hers, so escaping the human pretzel-like situation required quite a bit of skill. Honestly, it was nerve-wracking; she was not socially comfortable enough to handle actually talking to her newfound… whatever. Fuck buddy? Though crude, it was probably the most accurate term.
After wrestling herself free as gently as possible and only almost slapping her sleeping fuck buddy thrice, she got dressed and walked out into the kitchen. It was a little later than she would have preferred to wake up to make her great escape, but it was whatever. Not like she was late for anything, she was just scared of running into anyone else.
She hummed quietly to herself as she opened the refrigerator, on the hunt for eggs, milk, and some kind of vegetable. Last time she had been creative enough to make eggs benedict, but this time she felt sluggish and gross, so a simple omelet would have to do. Shutting the doors once her arms were piled high with ingredients, she jumped about a foot in the air - someone was in the kitchen, staring at her incredulously.
Due to her unfortunate jumping, a bag of shredded cheese jumped ship and landed with a pretty impressive slap against the tiled floor. She hurried to place everything else down on the counter, pressing a hand over her heart. She did not do well with jump-scares.
Jungkook couldn’t do much other than stare. Technically, Y/n being at the dorm wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, but she was still a rare sighting. Honestly, the other boys had started joking that Y/n had less of a presence in the dorm than Mildred, and thinking about it made the young boy grin to himself.
“You scared me,” Y/n finally breathed out, bending down to pick up the escaped cheese. “Seriously, what are you, a phantom?”
Though she was muttering, Jungkook could hear her clearly. She didn’t seem to mind his presence too much though, just going about her business as if he wasn’t even there. He went behind her to the refrigerator, cautiously grabbing the milk and pouring himself a glass before putting it back.
On the inside though, Y/n was dying. She felt mortified to have been caught before leaving, and didn’t exactly know the etiquette when it came to your fuck buddy’s roommates. Was she supposed to talk to him? Ask him for help to chop the paprika? Apologize for definitely being way too loud the night before?
None of the options seemed appealing, if she was honest. However, he did seem intrigued by what she was doing. He was standing a few feet away from her, quietly sipping a glass of milk (uwu) and observing her cooking. He looked intrigued enough she figured she could offer to teach him, even though it felt awkward. Rule number one of social situations you don’t know how to deal with: pretend you have all the answers.
“You wanna help? I can teach you.”
He seemed to jump a little at her voice, but nodded at her with big doe eyes. She knew full well that he was a grown-ass man, but he radiated baby energy, so she felt the urge to coo at him anyway. By-product of being the youngest for over ten years, she supposed.
“What do you want me to do?” he asked cautiously, looking at the large knife she had produced from a drawer in the now-familiar kitchen.
“Could you break 15 eggs for me, please?”
He silently nodded, and went to wash his hands. She smiled appreciatively, not everyone had the instinct of hygiene when it came to cooking. At first it was silent, but then she heard the tone signalling a bluetooth speaker turning on and turned to look at Jungkook again.
“Uh,” he started, looking awkward, “I figured we could listen to music? Quietly, of course, so we don’t wake anyone.” She nodded, and he smiled. “You can pick something if you want.”
“It’s fine, I don’t tend to listen to a lot of music. Show me some that you like.”
The boy nodded, selecting a playlist before getting started on his assigned task. For a while, all that could be heard was the music and Jungkook gently singing along. It was a very pleasant atmosphere, a lot less uncomfortable than Y/n had expected. Whenever she liked a song, she would throw a look his way and nod, and he would smile back.
He helped her whisk the eggs, mixing in the milk while she chopped the last of the vegetables. When he was done, he looked at her unsurely,  as if asking for approval. She glanced into the bowl, grinning and giving him a thumbs up. It was kind of a hard task to mess up, but he had done everything correctly, so it just felt right to praise him. (Also he looked like a four-year-old with a drawing he wanted to show his mom, and it was very cute.)
“Nicely done, thank you for the help.”
“Do you need help with anything else?”
The boy’s eyes were shining brightly in interest, and there was no way she could say no. In the end, Y/n ended up teaching Jungkook every single step in making an omelet, making sure to give a few tips that couldn’t be found on regular recipe sites online - otherwise what was the point?
By the time all seven omelets were plated, the kitchen was filled with giggles alongside the music. The two cooks for the morning were washing the dishes together, conversing lightly about absolutely nothing; it was nice. Turns out the fears Y/n had been having concerning meeting Jimin’s members had been unfounded.
“Good morn- what.”
Jungkook and Y/n whipped around at the same time, dropping a spatula into the sink. They both stared wide-eyed at a sleepy Hoseok, who seemed to be having trouble grasping the situation in front of him. No one said anything for around 30 seconds, before Jin entered the kitchen, stretching and yawning.
“Oh hey Y/n.”
She blinked at the casualty of his greeting, turning to look at Jungkook. He just shrugged, since he didn’t really have an explanation for his hyung’s nonchalant attitude. They both looked to Hoseok, who shrugged and mumbled his own greeting. Both of the newly arrived members walked to the kitchen island, grabbed their omelets, and shuffled to the couch. They each mumbled a quick ‘thank you’ on the way, and Y/n just blinked again.
Her and Jungkook looked at each other again, giggled a little, and resumed the dishes. The other members soon came out as well, stopped real quick to look confused, before mumbling a greeting and grabbing their food. Everyone but Jimin, of course, who tended to sleep in.
“Okay, that was the last of them aside from the plates,” Y/n sighed once the sink was empty of dirty dishes. “I guess I’ll get going then. Thank you for the help.”
At her words, Jungkook’s face fell slightly - he’d had a good time learning to cook, as well as getting to know the woman who apparently put up with not one, but two of his hyungs - an impressive feat, if you ask him. He had kind of hoped to become close to her too, she seemed very interesting and cool.
Seeing the look on the younger boy’s face, Y/n inwardly cursed. Damn him and his ability to look like a lost little bunny.
“You know what- nevermind. Would it be okay if I stayed for a little while? San asked me not to bother him for at least two more days, and I don’t really have anything else to do right now.”
Two hours later, Y/n was in the kitchen laughing her ass off with Jungkook, Jin and Taehyung. They were retelling various travelling escapades from over the years, and it all sounded so chaotic she was surprised they were all still alive.
“Yeah, I was pretty sure Jimin wouldn’t forgive me for stealing his neck pillow. What kind of psychopath is that attached to a neck pillow?” Taehyung giggled, and everyone else followed suit.
“Apparently me,” a sleepy voice mumbled from the entrance to the kitchen.
Immediately, Y/n regretted not leaving earlier. She really hadn’t been prepared to see Jimin in the morning, and had no idea how he would feel seeing her there either. They never really talked about it. Still, it felt very odd for him to walk into the kitchen when she was conversing with his best friends, almost like she had overstepped some invisible boundary.
Jimin didn’t know how he felt about the whole situation either. He wasn’t bothered by her presence, and that bothered him. Every time in the past that he had woken up to his hook-up still in the house, he had loathed it. It had felt like a gross invasion of privacy for some reason, but Y/n felt… natural. Like she was supposed to be there. Jimin hated his own brain.
Another thing that bothered him was Jungkook’s proximity to Y/n. He was absentmindedly playing with her hand, looking at it as she talked. Of course he knew that his dongsaeng was just naturally touchy, and way too shy to look someone he barely knew in the eyes while they talked, but he felt like the younger man was doing something he shouldn’t.
It took every ounce of self-control in Jimin’s body not to snap at Jungkook to leave her alone, and he was alarmed to hear the word “mine” bounce around his thoughts. What in the world? She was certainly not his, nor did he have any desire for her to be. Right?
“Oh shit, I stayed for a while, huh,” Y/n muttered, looking at the time on her phone. “I should really get going, food to cook and people to boss around, you know?”
“Yeah no, I get it. Take care, Y/n,” Jin said, hugging her when everyone stood up from the table.
“You too, oppa.”
Oppa? Now that one made Jimin jealous for real. Y/n was older than him; actually she was older than everyone except Yoongi and Jin. Not that he had a kink for it, but it would be nice for her to call him something so affectionate instead of just “Jimin” or “buddy”.
“Come back soon, noona!”
Jimin didn’t fare much better with that one, to be honest. Jungkook didn’t mean anything, of course, but hadn’t they just met today? What had they even talked about? Why were they close enough for him to call her noona? Not even Jimin did that!
“She’ll probably be back pretty soon.” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them, and he shut his eyes tightly to brace for her death glare. The stunned silence in the kitchen told him he had really fucked up.
“One day,” Y/n sighed dreamily. “One day I will actually kick your ass.”
Then she grinned, and Jimin felt a warmth spread through his chest. It wasn’t just relief, even though he was grateful he would be able to keep his testicles intact, but it was… affection. He refused to linger on his reaction, deciding to barricade whatever had evoked that feeling in him back somewhere deep inside him.
“Make sure to invite me, please,” Taehyung quipped, also giving her a hug.
“Front row, baby,” she smirked, making everyone laugh. Then she walked up to Jimin, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. “See ya.”
He was just standing there, not knowing what to say or do. She had never been so affectionate towards him, and his brain just short-circuited. She smirked at his reaction, waving to the room in general and left. He could feel every single one of his members staring at him, so he just decided to ignore it best he could and go about his day.
When he sat down on the couch though, Yoongi leaned over slightly.
“You’re welcome.”
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nekkodiaries · 14 hours ago
cheating on you. | twenty eight — devil's avocado
Tumblr media
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masterlist. | previous. ♡ next.
summary: sunghoon was fine, or at least that was what he kept telling himself for the past years. he didn't expect everything to come crashing down after his friend ni-ki fawns to him over lilac, a famous youtuber, and the same girl he ghosted two years ago.
a/n: sorry for the late update!!!! hhhhh. i'm a little sick and i've been drifting in and out of consciousness. but happy sunghoon day!!!! ASKJDLAKSJD. i hope he gets everything nice in this world!! : ( <3
taglist [closed] : @msxflower @nyujjan @yougeans @vampsvngie @softforqiankun @heelariously @jay-durian @meiiiwa @mykalon @oureris @abdiitcryy @maeumiluv @tobiosbbyghorl @gongiz @rein-deer-stuffs @enhaenhae @hobistigma @giyyuzz @enhacolor @hyuckslytherin @ncityy04 @seoli-16 @heejake-en @enfinity @k1ttyl1x @nyfwyeonjun @diestheticu @enheyy @cha-raena @meijiamikas @tsukypoetic @mymeloem19 @bubblejunnies @hwalllllllelujah @primorange @luv3iza @youreverydayzebra @yangrden @kyleeanne @sunshine-skz @ddeonubaby @ohmy-fandoms @ja4hyvn @amakumos @milkycloudtyg @aria-grace-scott @navsnct @eitaababe @shynypeacekitten @sheepgardenenha
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jeongyeonsluvbot · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
— during their high school days, haechan constantly teased and bothered y/n to the point they both highly disliked each other. but after graduation, they assumed they went their separate ways. but as a college student who desperately needed a job, y/n decided to sign up to be a babysitter. what she didn’t expect was to become the babysitter of haechan’s younger siblings. once seeing each other again after a few years, old memories awaken and old feelings resurface.
pairings, haechan x fem! reader, jisung x chenle, shotaro x sungchan
genre, smau, enemies to lovers, college au
warnings, cursing, mentions of alcohol, more warnings will be added to each chapter if needed:D
featuring, loona yyxy + yeojin, nct dream, sungtaro + yang yang, other idols might be featured later !<3
started, december 5, 2021
ended, n/a
!!, send an ask or comment to be added to the tag list :D!! i’ll try to add everyone<3
Tumblr media
profiles !
part i. part ii.
Tumblr media
chapters !
part i. “my ducklings”
part ii. “
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kyufiber · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
better friends ⤻ four
⤻ in which a girl who thinks status is everything falls for a boy who doesn’t care about popularity.
⤻ taglist ; @cloudykyu @notbeforelong @spookyhyunjins @peachjaem00 @vitaminhyunjin @hyuckslytherin @randomfandoms2004 @wooyoung-a @nyujjan @kpopnightingale @neonvision @luvrbin @sofie296 @rindomo @kitymetal @moonchilddfics @changminurheart @yunkiwii @heojangmi
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littlexbimbo · 2 days ago
play pretend: completely ruined
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-i’m sorry but EVEN IF ITS SOOOO CHEESY i love the saying you’ve ruined me but like romantically not sadly yk???
-of course i made it a raining scene LMFAOOOO who do u think i am??? i love cliches
-i love everyone being confused
-tsukki !!! ily
-sighs….. ITS OVER WAHHHHHHHHH i think i enjoyed writing this smau… i can’t remember LMFAO anyways 😁
-i was finally able to start the next smau 😈😈
@lavedi @yokey-egg @princealastor @putmeinyourdeathnote @faewraithsworld @afairywithacrown @theoriginaleclipse @revrse @vicolangelo @sugaslilsugabby @jiminslajibolala @momluvr123 @anniesfavoritesimp @bananasquash @moonlit-mizukage @kuroaka @iamapotat @diestheticu
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fushigoomi · 2 days ago
profiles. | serendipity series
genre. fluff, crack/humor, slice of life, coffee shop au (no curses or sorcerers), smau
warnings. swearings
a/n. hey!! releasing this chapter earlier than usual bc it's just the profiles, but the succeeding chapters will follow the update shchedule. this 🔒 means that its a priv acc lmao idk how to add the twitter lock icon on the app heh also ignore the timestamps and y/n birthdate, i cant remove it :p also, heads up, there'll be A LOT of typos in this smau lmao
masterlist | next
Tumblr media
— [y/n and the boys.] inumaki, okkotsu and nanami
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— [the trio.] fushiguro, kugisaki and itadori
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[megumi's private acc]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
©fushigoomi. please do not plagiarize, copy, modify or repost as your own || reblogs will help a lot and will be greatly appreciated
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kingvonhagen · a day ago
this all took place while yn and the others were on their way to omi's last night. everything is currently in bakugo's point of view.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tagging: @kit-kat428 @shinsouscatpisssmell
happy birthday, @shinsouscatpisssmell ♡ you deserve happiness and I swear I'll always try to provide as much as I can. ily ❤ (sadly)
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leviathans-watching · 2 days ago
contact: yuuji | 08 - campus escort
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: during your second year of uni you have the misfortune of sharing a class with terushima, a loud and irritating party boy. he’s mouthy, fake, and full of himself, everything your mysterious texting buddy isn’t. but as time goes on and terushima begins expressing new sides to himself never before seen, you wonder if everything is as it seems.
masterlist | previous | next | .8k words
Tumblr media
You wish you’d put more effort into making friends. Hindsight is twenty-twenty and all that BS. If you had friends, you wouldn’t have to walk back to your apartment alone.
Bokuto had offered to get you, but he’s been missing Akaashi, and you’re a big kid, you had this. You could make the ten minute walk. Five if you speed walk.
Sighing, you push open the double doors, into the night. It’s not completely dark, due to the scattered light posts, but it still made you a little uncomfortable.
Looking around yourself, you notice a folding table with a sign taped to the front of it. You have to walk past it anyway, and despite yourself, you take a look.
You’d heard of these before- someone will escort you to wherever you need to go if you feel unsafe. And you feel unsafe.
Slightly hesitant, you step up to the table. The guy sitting there looks up at you, quickly sliding his phone into his pocket.
“Hey!” he says warmly, making you feel a little bit more at ease. “Need an escort?”
“Um, yeah, that’d be good,” you reply, and he nods, pulling a sheet of paper towards him and squinting at in in the dim light from the streetlight above him.
“Coolio. We’ve only got a few volunteers out here tonight, but one should be around here.” He quickly taps something out on his now-present phone, and moments later someone strides through the darkness to you. Your heart drops when you see who it is.
“Terushima,” the guy manning the table says. “We got someone who needs a walk.”
Terushima’s eyes widen slightly when he looks at you. “Yeah, for sure.”
“Um, actually, I think I can make it,” you blurt before you can stop yourself and they both stare at you.
“You sure?” Table-guy says, and you bite your cheek as you nod.
“No, no,” Terushima says quickly. “I’ll take the table, bro. You should walk them.”
“Dude, I would,” The guy shakes his head. “but you know that’s against the rules.”
You wish you hadn’t opened your mouth. To say that was kind of mean, and you really, really didn’t want to walk alone.
“I’m sorry,” you say, pressing a hand to your forehead. “I spoke hastily. It’s fine if Terushima walks me. Thank you.”
“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable,” Terushima says, surprisingly sincere.
“No, please, I’m fine. It’s just- been a day.”
Terushima and Table-guy look at each other for a moment.
“Okay,” Terushima says after a moment. “Want to go then?”
After a few moments where Table-guy gets your name and stuff, you two set off in awkward silence.
“Thank you for walking with me,” you manage, side-eyeing him. He’s dressed casually, just in jeans and a university sweatshirt.
“It’s my job,” he says, before correcting himself. “Well, volunteering job, anyway.”
“You volunteer?” you ask, surprised. “You’re not like, forced to do this?”
Terushima turns to look at you, a frown marring his features. “Look, I’m not like a complete asshole, okay?”
His defensive tone wears on you, and you hold out your hands. “Sorry, sorry.”
“No,” Terushima says, insistent. “I know we got off on the wrong foot-“
“The wrong foot?” you say incredulously. “You poured your fucking drink on me!”
“I know! And I’m sorry, okay?” Terushima’s animated now, and you can hear his tongue piercing clacking against his teeth. When had you noticed a tongue piercing? “I was a fucking asshole. But I’m working on it, now, and I wanted to apologize to you for real.” He chuckles humorlessly to himself. “I’ve wanted to for a while now, actually. But you’ve always avoided me.”
“Can you blame me?” you ask as you walk under a streetlight, tuning a corner.
Terushima sighs. “No.”
It’s silent for a moment.
“Anyway,” Terushima says. “I really am sorry. I know it’s way too late, and way to little, but would you at least let me pay you back for the clothes I ruined? Because I know I probably ruined them.”
Normally, you’d just wave it off, but its Terushima, so you agree and give him your Venmo. He pays you right then on the spot, agreeing to the price you give immediately.
All of this had distracted you from your walk, and before you know it, you’re at your apartment building.
“Thank you, again, for walking me,” you say quietly as you dig out your key. “And, you know, apologizing.”
“Thanks for hearing me out,” replies Terushima, rocking back and forth on his heels.
You stare at each other a moment more before you unlock the door, giving him a small smile. You hadn’t thought your night would end with you smiling at Terushima, but here you are.
“Good night,” you says quietly, and Terushima echoes you. You close the door, realizing he never told you why he poured his drink on you. You know what you have to do.
You have to just go to bed.
Tumblr media
a/n: hope you like it!! i wrote it on my phone watching antm lol
please like, reblog, reply
to be added to the taglist fill this out: x ; to be removed, send in an ask
tagging: @revrse @atinyfrog @i-reblog-storie @captain-toaster-man @mean-mandyy @ukailele @atrashsith @alexialuvsya @lcvekdy @bakugouswh0r3 @roselia-rogue @howcanyoubreathewithnozaire @xxserenitysnow666xx @rintarovibes @lucky-chars @bananasquash @its-the-aerieljeane @namyari @angelofsmlldeath @excitedlysuffering @erinoikawa (erin pls i’m so sorry i think i’ve been forgetting to tag you please forgive me 😭😭)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
chapter 4 — this is a simulation
☆.。.:* nothing is worse than getting paired up with a stranger for twitch rivals 2022, except maybe being matched with your very competitive ex boyfriend park sunghoon.
note: sorry for the late upload! i accidentally took a 6 hour nap and now i can’t sleep (i didn’t sleep the whole day yesterday)
previous ⟡ masterlist ⟡ next
taglist: @from-xero @amakumos @forjusticeandspite @acciomylove @giyyuzz @msxflower @pixyseeun @luvddeonu @stoatwashere @sonjuyeonnie @bigtittietoji @yougeans @gongiz @leefelix-gf @emobeomgyu @aetalanta @meijiamikas @ja4hyvn @navsnct @hakuyeo @c9tnoos @yeonwon @diestheticu @hyuckslytherin @woniecore @coolcloudpsychichumanoid @tomorrowbymoa-together @woniebae @sunbokie @mykalon @jakehoongff @enhacolor @abdiitcryy @sunoo-bby @maeumiluv @koroktsuya @chirokookie @enfinity @clarakyunisageek @jnkhoon @yjwfav @baekhyunstruly
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mrmustachious · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 3
this part features two boys who should really just learn to listen to their brothers when they tell them to go to sleep.
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seungstarss · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— ❝don't, you'll just be left completely broken in the end.❞
paring(s). enhypen hyung line x fem! reader
genre. social media au, college au, angst, heartbreak, crack(?), the boys be real frat boys help
synopsis. after jake takes a new liking to his friend's diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. "lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want."
warnings. swearing, drinking (tba)
status. completed.
featuring. the rest of the members, txt
started. 09/24/21 ⸻ 11/29/21
⌔ please note that these are NOT the actual representations of the idols.
⌔ ages of the members are adjusted for convenience.
Tumblr media
0.1 / the frat brothers
0.2 / crazy cat lovers
0.3 / the homewreckers
01 / secret love child??
02 / y'all are gonna regret this
03 / jay park, not jake park
04 / ass-gyu
05 / friday (written)
06 / come smell my shit
07 / p-park sunghoon?
08 / jay & heeseung
09 / mental exercise
10 / imma throw you
11 / ears weren't working
12 / pwark sungbuffoon (written ish)
13 / why must you hurt me
14 / sexual tension??
15 / malicious intent (written ish)
16 / outta the loop
17 / wait what
18 / suspicions confirmed
19 / watch your back
20 / with her
21 / machine gun
22 / priorities
23 / fuck you too
24 / guess what
25 / hypocrite (written)
26 / the aftermath
27 / park sunghoon ain't shit
28 / no more lies
29 / before the storm
30 / sunday (written)
31 / pick a struggle
32 / his punches hurt like shit
33 / worse than park sunghoon
34 / why must you hurt me pt.2
35 / come clean
36 / fuck you jay
37 / two-timer
38 / in denial
39 / long night
40 / anything for you
41 / this stays between us
42 / here goes nothing
43 / cold blooded
44 / like a sister
45 / it's always been you
46 / seven o'clock (written)
[END] 47 / last wish
character moodboards.
⌗. luna ಇ
⌗. reiko ಇ
⌗. taehyun ಇ
Tumblr media
@fiantomartell @terrytaehyunnies @nyujjan @softforqiankun @redikuluspupil @berriniki @hobistigma @punneysushi01 @jdyunvrs @icywhatim @deathena @dear-dreamie @sunghoonsflwr @neovrse @whoe-dis @primorange @enhacolor @sunghonkers @shoftiiel @luv3iza @ncityy04 @jjun4thitboy @j3ntle @studioreader @elicheel @nyfwyeonjun @enheyy @abdiitcryy @angxlsj-wi @atinyyylove @chuntians @msxflower @luv4dream @ohmy-fandoms @jayk1wrld @90sni-ki @mymeloem19 @bunniin @hwalllllllelujah @milkycloudtyg @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @witheeseung @c9tnoos @hoonbokki @killyoselff @myluckycat @yougeans @blank-velvet @cha-raena
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atzuums · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
don’t smile at me — suna rintaro au
when you become the photographer for famous model suna rintaro you were excited. your dreams are soon crushed when you realize he’s an asshole, but maybe that’s just how he flirts.
pairing: suna × fem!reader
genre: crack, fluff, angst, written + smau
tropes: unrequited love, enemies to lovers, photographer!reader, model!suna.
warnings: mean!suna, strong language.
taglist: closed
schedule: every day
status: completed
Tumblr media
suna & friends | y/n & friends
Tumblr media
ONE : pretty boy suna
TWO : oh no, she’s hot
THREE : i don’t actually think you’re hot
FOUR : im not mean
FIVE : this is so awkward
SIX : he’s such an asshole
SEVEN : rude comment
EIGHT : i should quit
NINE : menacingly
TEN : i need your help
ELEVEN : im sorry
TWELVE : friends
THIRTEEN : losers
FOURTEEN : don’t act like this
FIFTEEN : glaring
SIXTEEN : obvious
SEVENTEEN : i don’t mean to pry
EIGHTEEN : against the rules
NINETEEN : where is he
TWENTY : ghosting
TWENTY ONE : quitting
TWENTY TWO : dummy
TWENTY THREE : let me explain (tw: mentions of suicide)
TWENTY FOUR : just friends
TWENTY FIVE : first date
TWENTY SIX : jealous bitch
TWENTY SEVEN : losers in love
Tumblr media
* pictures used in this story do not belong to me.
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jeongyeonsluvbot · 2 days ago
the babysitter. introduction part ii.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
haechan / donghyuck , leader of the group. spends his free time at parties, had a crush on y/n in high school
mark, oldest, also the most responsible in the group, introduced yangyang and sungchan to the group, sits next to y/n in class
renjun, small but mighty, shortest in the group but that doesn’t stop him from trying to attack everyone, also brutally honest
jaemin, biggest simp for jeno, very passionate about his hatred for strawberries. often tweets whatever he sees
jeno, the softie of the group despite being so muscular, always has crazy and random ideas to turn into a youtube video
chenle, youngest, calls himself ‘dad’ because he has a dog, friends with yeojin and jiwoo
yang yang, one of the new ones in the group, always goes along with jeno’s youtube ideas
sungchan, tallest and will always brag about it, friends with shotaro and y/n, joined the group recently and doesn’t know about the history between y/n and haechan
tag list; @studioreader @jiye0n0 @stopitvpls
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nicoleheichou · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Meant To Be - Soulmate AU: Draken x fem!reader Masterlist
Summary: You become the assistant to one of, if not, the most successful businessmen in all of Tokyo and while working for him you meet his 2nd in command. How will things unfold when one is a hopeless romantic and believes in the idea of a soulmate while the other doesn't care for it and has already made up their mind not to give their soulmate a chance?
☆ warning: aged up characters, manga spoilers, fluff, angst, alcohol use, mentions of cheating, and I'll add more as we go.
☆ updates: every other day around 6-6:30 pm MST.
☆ disclaimer: i don't own any of the characters mentioned. pictures are just for the story, they aren't how y/n looks! she looks however you want her to.
• Y/n squad | Draken squad
• Chapter One: Make Me Sound Bad
• Chapter Two: Humor Us
• Chapter Three: One To Talk
• Chapter Four: Itadakimasu
• Chapter Five: Are You Okay?
• Chapter Six: Theory Has Been Confirmed
• Chapter Seven: Taking You Home
• Chapter Eight: Give Me A Warning
• Chapter Nine: Shouldn't Have Said That
• Chapter Ten: Y/n Is The Main Character
• Chapter Eleven: Not Typical Draken Behavior
• Chapter Twelve: A Good Time
• Chapter Thirteen: Simp Sauce
• Chapter Fourteen: I'll Be Your Soulmate
• Chapter Fifteen: Ruined It For Us
• Chapter Sixteen: Cashed In My Favor
• Chapter Seventeen: Y'all Hiring?
• Chapter Eighteen: Looking Respectfully
• Chapter Nineteen: Be Here All Weekend
• Chapter Twenty: Whoa Mama
• Chapter Twenty One: Have That Thing
• Chapter Twenty Two: Stop What You're Doing
• Chapter Twenty Three: Oh. Oh. Wow.
• Chapter Twenty Four: Did You See It?
• Chapter Twenty Five: Detective Senses Are Tingling
• Chapter Twenty Six: Sickening
• Chapter Twenty Seven: Interesting
• Chapter Twenty Eight: She's Really Upset
• Chapter Twenty Nine: A Little Sus
• Chapter Thirty: Thanks To My Besties
• Chapter Thirty One: Stole Her
• Chapter Thirty Two: So Dense
• Chapter Thirty Three: Really Lucky
• Chapter Thirty Four: So Stressed
• Chapter Thirty Five: Still Processing
• Chapter Thirty Six: Fucking Clown
• Chapter Thirty Seven: Wrong Picture
• Chapter Thirty Eight: Best Girl
• Chapter Thirty Nine: I Don't Cheat
• Chapter Fourty: Let It Go
• Chapter Fourty One: Still Bitter
• Chapter Fourty Two: Candy Crush
• Chapter Fourty Three: Do Something Wrong
• Chapter Fourty Four: Sappy On Main
• Chapter Fourty Five: Like That!!
• Chapter Fourty Six: Even I Know That
• Chapter Fourty Seven: WTF??
• Chapter Fourty Eight: [sobbing]
• Chapter Fourty Nine: Missed Her
• Chapter Fifty: Shared Custody
• Chapter Fifty One: On My Own
• Chapter Fifty Two: So Sorry!
• Chapter Fifty Three: Feel Better Soon Babe
• Chapter Fifty Four: Grab Your Popcorn
• Chapter Fifty Five: Fucked Up
• Chapter Fifty Six: Big Surprise
• Chapter Fifty Seven: Regret This Decision
• Chapter Fifty Eight: Lose Her
• Chapter Fifty Nine: Don't Want You To Hurt
• Chapter Sixty: What's Going On?
• Chapter Sixty One: Do You Remember
• Chapter Sixty Two: What Were You Thinking
• Chapter Sixty Three: Favorite Player
• Chapter Sixty Four: A Really Long Time
• Chapter Sixty Five: You Look Terrible
• Chapter Sixty Six: What In The Romance Movie
• Chapter Sixty Seven: Can We Be Friends?
• Chapter Sixty Eight: Isn't A Joke
• Chapter Sixty Nine: Work For It
• Chapter Seventy: I Spy
• Chapter Seventy One: Romance With A Dash Of Heartbreak
• Chapter Seventy Two: Think About It
• Chapter Seventy Three: Butter Me Up
• Chapter Seventy Four: Vibe Check
• Chapter Seventy Five: Running Late
• Chapter Seventy Six: Stop Drooling
• Chapter Seventy Seven: Same Dumb Bitch
• Chapter Seventy Eight: For Anyone Wondering
• Chapter Seventy Nine: So Dead
• Chapter Eighty: #thankyoumikey
• Chapter Eighty One: Do It Again?
• Chapter Eighty Two: He's Sentimental
• Chapter Eighty Three: So God Damn Perfect
• Chapter Eighty Four: So This Happened...
pt. 1, pt. 2
• Chapter Eighty Five: Def Be A Slowburn
• Chapter Eighty Six: Only One Bed
• Chapter Eighty Seven: Gonna Do It
• Chapter Eighty Eight: Better Be Good
• Chapter Eighty Nine: Can't Get Enough
• Chapter Ninety: You're It
• Final: Epilogue
• Chapter 34 Draken Sketch by hikkarins
• Chapter 23 Mikey Sketch by hikkarins
• Chapter 45 Draken Sketch by hikkarins
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littlexbimbo · 2 days ago
play pretend: go get y/n
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-tsukki our local news broadcaster
-tobio bby oh my
-shoyo going thru the five stages of grief
-having stretched ears during the winter is such an inconvenience 😒 ESPECIALLY SINCE IM AT SUCH A BIG SIZE TOO LFNAOHDO
-anywho! 1 chapter left how r we feeling
@lavedi @yokey-egg @princealastor @putmeinyourdeathnote @faewraithsworld @afairywithacrown @theoriginaleclipse @revrse @vicolangelo @sugaslilsugabby @jiminslajibolala @momluvr123 @anniesfavoritesimp @bananasquash @moonlit-mizukage @kuroaka @iamapotat @diestheticu
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