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Smaugust: Osprey

Osprey dragons are some of the best fishers out there due to their incredibly precise vision and exploding speed and force when they dive down to catch their prey. They often break or even get tangled in fishing nets. Fishermen compensate the loss by selling the osprey’s eyes.

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Smaugust day 31 - Deity

Drakken, Minor Deity of Dragons, part of the Council of Creation.

It is 2 am, and this is a good three weeks late, and I’ve already wrote about Drake a few times, so I’ll just tag some of the stuff! He’s a deity who’s creations were among the most successful on Terra, who lived among the big-wigs until he was manipulated by a colleague who wanted more than a minor deityship.

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Repost @tonycartoonish
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Video done with @pzpicapp.
High resolution digital file with transparent background available for Patreon subscribers. Link in my bio.
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Here’s my final Smaugust Piece: Hidden! (Although, there will still be more dragons this year, so stick around for those.) Here’s the little blurb I wrote for this one: “Attention, attention!” The mayor’s voice carried throughout the small market. “This is a reminder to please look carefully at your baskets before leaving! We’ve had a particularly large hatch of mimic dragons this season..”

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