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#smell the rain
sourholland · 5 hours ago
However, if you have, can I request a JJ imagine. Where instead of Kiara going into the sewers to find the murder weapon you do. But, you almost die like Kiara. When they get you out of the sewer JJ is all comforting and holding you in his arms while he calms you down.
Thank you so much 💕
Storm Drain || JJ Maybank
Tumblr media
Summary → You go into the storm drain to try and find the weapon Rafe used to kill the Sheriff.
Pairing(s) → JJ Maybank x Fem!Reader
Warnings → Strong Languge, Potential Drowning, Gun
Word Count → 1.0k
It was dark and cramped, the water coming up to your knees and coated in a grey and murky filth. It smelled like trash and dirty rain water, a thick substance dripping from the walls of the the inside of the storm drain.
The gun had to have washed somewhere deeper than the tunnel, you’d clambered through the tiny space easy enough and hadn’t seen anything. The boys were back at the entrance, yelling down to you from the swampy area everything washed out into.
“I’m not kidding, you guys owe me for life!” You shouted to them, grimacing as you sunk down into the grime and felt around for the murder weapon. “I’m seriously gonna fucking vomit.”
JJ and Pope were too worried about some dick eating parasite, forcing you to do the literal dirty work. They weren’t much help from so far away, so you figured it was up to you to sift around the trash until you found the gun. Hopefully you didn’t shoot yourself in the foot during the process.
“Everything alright down there, Y/N?” JJ yelled to you. “Did you find it yet?”
“Obviously fucking not, J!” You responded, “I’m literally swimming around in garbage and—oh my fucking god, there’s something dead down here!”
Something washed up above the surface, it was either a very large animal carcass or someone’s arm and you had no desire to find out. Pope started screaming down the shoot, asking what it was and where it was. Before you could say anything, you felt the water beginning to rise as more of it began to slush by your waist at the ladder.
“Guys!” You screamed to them. “Guys, the water is filling up in here, I can’t get out!”
“Y/N!” You could just barely hear JJ’s voice. “Y/N, you need to get the fuck out of there like now!”
You moved your foot to the side, feeling it hit something hard in the process and before the water reached your torso, you sunk to the ground and felt around the sewer floor. Pulling the gun out of the water, you felt a surge of water hit you and began to seriously panic. Slipping the gun into the back waistband of your jean shorts, you climbed the ladder and began pushing ferociously at the circular drain.
It wouldn’t budge.
“JJ, help me!” You choked out, the water reaching your chest and the current of it fast and filling the small space quickly.
“Y/N, we’re coming! Don’t worry, we’re coming!”
They both hardly escaped the shock of running water, slipping onto the grass and beginning to run down the street towards the drain you were screaming out of.
“What if she didn’t get the gun?” Pope yelled to him, trying to get over to where you were stuck.
“Man, fuck the gun!” JJ concluded, basically sliding onto the cement and trying to rip the cement channel you were under.
The water was nearly to your shoulders, hardly able to breathe and feeling your heart through every pulse point in your body. A minute or two longer and you would be submerged, the boys were trying to pull up on the grates, but it wasn’t moving and you were pushing as hard as you could.
“Help!” You shouted, feeling the water close over your head.
JJ broke his switch knife trying to drive it between the cement, knuckles splintered and white as he and Pope tried to rip it from the ground. With hardly anymore will to hold onto the ladder, you heard the give and felt yourself being pulled out of the water and onto the street. You fell into the grasp, coughing up water and feeling yourself nearly throw up.
“Y/N!” JJ shouted to you, arms wrapped around your waist as his back pressed against the ground. “Y/N, are you okay?”
“Of course, I’m not!” You coughed into his chest, heaving up any leftover water and collapsing on top of him. “I could fucking kill you both.”
This seemed to send a shock of relief through JJ because he lifted you both into a sitting position and held you close to his chest for a moment before saying anything. You didn’t even want to know how much you smelled like garbage. He didn’t seem to care, though. Rocking back a forth, you relaxed into him and took deep breaths.
“You’re good,” he said. “Fuck, I thought you were gonna die.”
“Tell me about it, Sherlock,” you rolled your eyes. “Besides, what would you dipshits do without me?”
Pulling the gun out from your shorts, you held it up in the air with a triumphant grin and watched Pope breathe out in relief and astonishment. JJ only sat in awe, tackling you onto the ground again.
“You found the gun!” Pope shouted.
“Fuck yeah, I found the gun! And like I said, you both owe me for life,” you looked over at Pope first. “I’d like to start collecting on the debt with tonight’s geometry homework.”
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shalebridgecradle · 6 hours ago
🖊 Post a snippet from a current WIP.
Aside from the ficlets I posted for TES Summerfest last week, I've been slowly picking away at a fic I'm writing for a friend, based in a private AU we've had for ages and very intermittently write stuff for.
So...tagging in @whirly-wind, who will probably want to see this. :D I had to fish around a bit for a snippet that I didn't feel would spoil anything.
Three nights later, Bigby stood in the street outside the Last Round, his cigarette burning down to the end. He tapped it gently, without looking. Ash crumbled and swirled toward the dirty pavement before a faint ill wind caught and carried it away.
It smelled like rain later. Two alleyways over a homeless encampment was burning trash for warmth; something toxic, from the smell. And then, of course, there were all the vampires.
No sign of Molly anywhere. Not that he’d expected it to be that easy.
Bigby let the cigarette butt drop, grinding it out beneath his shoe. A rat scurried through the trash-strewn gutter as he crossed the street and marched through the bar’s front door, opening it elbow first.
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theramblinganalyst · 4 months ago
Y’know it’s something I never really realized until it was less noticeable but trying to make yourself do stuff with executive dysfunction is like trying to make yourself touch what looks like a hot stove. The warning lights are all on, the burner looks hot, but everyone around you can demonstrably touch it and show that it doesn’t burn them.
Like, logically, there’s clear evidence that it is not a hot stove. They can complete these tasks and do things they want to when they want to - they can’t see these warning lights that make you hesitate, that give you doubt because what if this time the stove is hot? How can you tell? There’s always that itch of panicky hesitation that makes completing a task - even one you typically enjoy - hellish in its own right.
Most of the time the stove isn’t hot and you feel guilty for ever thinking it was despite the fact that the warning lights were on. And the rare times the stove is hot? Everyone sees the lights and hot burner that you see all the time and can’t fathom why you would touch a hot stove.
Edit: I know I put this in the adhd tag but this also applies to other executive dysfunction causing conditions - autism, depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. They are of course distinct and have their own vibe of executive dysfunction, but there’s definitely room for overlap if you experience what I described but do not have adhd.
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kwusen · 3 years ago
tag urself fantasy weapons
bow: considerate, healing personality, gentle voice, attentive, open fields watching the clouds, constantly talking about love, thought to be lazy at times, always in their thoughts
sword: protector, adventurous, late nights looking at the stars, the warmth of a sunset, usually late but always with reason, amiable, the gayest one, overly idealistic 
dagger: frank but fair, the first smell of rain after a hot day, sleeping in, cold drinks, sensible, doesnt share much about themselves, cares deeply, needs caffeine  
axe: brave, persistent but stubborn, rather use action than words, loud and boisterous, unmannerly but always apologizes, kind hearted, really likes dogs, the sensation of finally lying down in bed after a hard day
lance: cautious, practical, dumbass passing, overly defensive at times, prefers sweets to savory, the first to offer advice, a safe person to be around, probably bi
staff: intuitive and careful, writing poems, mid day tea, not the most athletic, sarcastic and witty, over working, lack of sleep, loyalty, probably really into frogs tbh
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fluffygif · a month ago
Happiness is…the smell of earth after rain…
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autumncozy · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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dappermouth · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
My yearly autumn playlist is up! This one is for gently rotting leaves, foggy mornings where the air tastes ancient, and cold black nights. You can listen to it on Spotify: Wet Black Leaves
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firstginger · 3 years ago
types of people: d&d classes
barbarian » toothy grins, stories around the campfire, clothes covered in pet hair, hot temper, old jeans, heartbeat in head, potatoes and steak, beaded jewelry, bruises like galaxies, mementos, backpack stuffed full, craigslist furniture, spontaneous road trips, air ripped from lungs
bard » homemade bread, white lies, easily excited, trying on hats, band geek, pep talks, no impulse control, sunsets, vintage fashion, long showers, selfies, following dreams, rosy cheeks, song mash-ups, pink lemonade with tequila, loves easily, animated storyteller, full of comebacks
cleric » list of wishes, biting their tongue, band-aids and neosporin, shoulder to cry on, morning sun, necklaces, trial and error, homemade quilts, formal clothing, astrology fan, messages in bottles, pleated braids, speaking up for friends, feathers, motivational quotes, vivid dreams
druid » bird watching, shy kid, wind chimes, trying to whistle, summer camp, apple orchards, lost in their head, glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, hoodies, thrift shopping, saving worms off the sidewalk, pig latin, bare feet, thunderstorms, numb fingers, braided hair, naming potted plants
fighter » goose bumps, leather jackets, adventure, chewing nails, cares deeply but can’t show it, bronze locks, no sleep, taste of iron, netflix binges, never forgets, combat boots, stories behind scars, table for one, official soundtracks, sore calves, trusts themselves the most
monk » always trying to be better, wanderlust, meditation, sweat pants, old photographs, yoga, sleeping in hammocks, nostalgia, minimalist design, breath of fresh air, baby animals, volunteering, perfectionist, doesn’t care about fashion, healthy snacks, noticing the little things
paladin » school uniforms, thick jackets, sleeping with the windows open, logical advice, scrapbooking, compasses, i fight for my friends, sculpture gardens, cold morning air, big soul, likes routine, secret romantic, last to get jokes, sunflowers, practical presents, misty weather
ranger » herbal tea, smell of rain, blinking away tears, camping trips, collecting bones, swiss army knives, first impressions, anxious thoughts, bobby pins, burnt marshmallows, too competitive, clothes lines, messenger bags, holding grudges, gets along better with animals than people
rogue » flirtatious sarcasm, candid photos, lost phone chargers, adrenaline rush, picking dirt out from beneath their nails, social chameleon, clashing clothes, self-deprecating jokes, claw machines, sits in chairs wrong, smudged eyeliner, has too many sunglasses, eats nothing or everything
sorcerer » infectious laugh, family trees, shivers down their spine, lipstick and roses, mood swings, clumsy, believing in destiny, high expectations, sleeping in darkness, collection of nail polish, passionate, good grades but never studies, poetry books, blowing kisses, not knowing their own strength
warlock » knowing everyone’s secrets, backpack covered in pins, envy, being in walmart late at night, earl grey, selective memory, conspiracy theories and cryptids, keysmashing, need to know basis, can’t cook, bags under eyes, experimental art, flickering bulbs, black clothing all year long
wizard » piles of textbooks, cat in lap, keeping a diary, indecisions, scented candles, studying alone in a café, lingering touches, museum dates, unanswered questions, taking on too much responsibility, collections, chalk dust, comfy robes, unnecessary apologies, coming home after a long day
race / class
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malayansunbear · 2 months ago
my favourite thing about history (and the reason why social history matters to me above anything else) is the reminder that there's no emotion i've felt, no grief or trauma, no joy or laughter, that hasn't been experienced by other people across time and space, and the idea of slipping into another life so different on the surface and yet so fundamentally similar to my own, and understanding them as a life like my own, with inner worlds that can't be easily articulated, with loved ones and favourite foods and days they woke up having slept wrong and the acute experiences of standing in a quiet room and watching the light catch on dust floating in the air, of the smell outside after it rains heavily, of mornings after having dreamt something feverish and strange, or the knowledge of an impending loss and trying to prepare for it emotionally. peeling fruit and giving a piece to a friend. being awake at an hour that feels like you're the only person alive in the world. that feeling when you know you need to eat and that you're hungry but you just don't find it appealing at all and it kind of makes you feel nauseous. i like imagining people in all different places and times experiencing those things, it makes me feel less alone and afraid of myself and my experience feels less daunting if that makes sense. others have lived with experiences like this too, and do, and will.
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thestrawberrynight · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
living in the house surrounded by big garden, the smell of rain and leaves, coloured raincoats, healing spells, spicy potions against flu and cold, reading books under the blanket, drinking hot black tea and preparing pumpkin pie on Sunday for closest friends
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hausofhalloween · 3 years ago
Imagine it being October 1st. you wake up to crisp air and the smell of rain and leaves. You get out of bed and put on your favorite cozy sweater, fuzzy socks and make a cup of your favorite warm autumn drink. This is what I’m dreaming of 🍂
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leaf-ish · 2 years ago
concept: big plaid blanket, a cup of coffee, smell of the rain & you
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bunjywunjy · 10 months ago
hey Bunjy! I know that humans obviously come out on top with our big brains (and thumbs), but are there any other physical characteristics or senses that humans are the best at, compared to other animals?
sharks are famous for their sense of smell, and rightly so! your average joe shark can sniff out a single molecule of eau-de-fish-guts in up to 10 billion molecules of regular water, or one-part-per-ten-billion.
Tumblr media
amazing, right?
well, humans can detect the compound that causes the smell of oncoming rain in concentrations as low as five-parts-per-trillion.
Tumblr media
yes, trillion. with a t. 
early humans were so dependent on rain for survival that they specced a large portion of the olfactory processing part of the brain specifically into detecting when it was coming! which makes sense- you usually smell a rainstorm coming long before it actually arrives. 
Tumblr media
you’ve had an amazing superpower all along and never realized it!
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stardustemotions · 3 months ago
𝙢𝙚𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙝𝙤𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙗𝙚𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙞𝙛𝙪𝙡 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨:
empty perfume bottles
abandoned castles
pressed flowers
smell of soil after rain
old books with dust all over them
walking all alone in a museum hall
languages that humanity no longer uses
stars, the moon, the entire universe and it's secrets
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lesbianstwilight · 2 years ago
bella complaining about washington was so hard for me to read like grateful u moved out of death hill desert arizona into Beautiful Trees and Mountain Ranges wake up and smell the rain 
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flowerais · 3 years ago
lavender fields, having a picnic on a strawberry farm, the smell of morning rain, a rainbow created by sunlight on forest dew, vanilla scented body butter, a bike the color of honey resting against a picket fence
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shannaraisles · 2 years ago
Writing Challenge Prompt List
scrosciare - the action of rain pouring down or of waves hitting rocks and cliffs
aspectabund - letting emotion show easily through the face or eyes
pyrrhic - won at too great a cost
rubatosis - the unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat
trepverter - a witty response or comeback you think of only after it's too late to use
hiraeth - a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past
resfeber - thrill felt before an adventure
apricity - the warmth of the sun in the winter
messaline - soft lightweight silk with a satin weave
psithurism - the sound of wind rustling leaves
lapidoso - full of stones, said of roads or of the bottom of a river
liberosis - the desire to care less about things
cafune - the act of running your fingers through the hair of someone you love
ignipotent - presiding over fire
balter - to dance gracelessly, but with enjoyment
verklempt - completely and utterly overcome with emotion -
cruore - it literally means “flowing blood”
marcid - incredibly exhausted
temerate - to break a bond or promise
sweven - a dream
petrichor - the pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a long period of dry weather
basorexia - the overwhelming desire to kiss
whelve - to bury something deep, to hide
meriggiare - to rest at noon, more likely in a shady spot outdoors
ansare - to hardly breathe, to be out of breath
arcuate - arched; bow-shaped
morituro - of someone who is next or destined to die
noceur - one who stays up late
selcouth - unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet wonderful
astral - of or relating to the stars­
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soracities · 8 months ago
the smell of rain and wet trees — the smell of the last days of November.
Mihail Sebastian, For Two Thousand Years (trans. Philip Ó Ceallaigh)
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ultrafacts · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Source: [x]
Click HERE for more facts!
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