bellas-strawberryshampoo · 2 days ago
he’s a 10 but you’re his own personal brand of heroin
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Tumblr media
why is this the funniest twilight fact i’ve ever read, rip the twilight lexicon people
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twilitty · a month ago
I unapologetically love Bella Swan. The entire first book is just her driving to school and doing laundry and homework and thinking and cooking and thinking again. She is such a teenager. She reads Jane Austen and hates the cold and convinced herself there was a family of vampires living in town.
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embrythecall · 3 months ago
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axhicleos · 3 months ago
I like to think that Edward Cullen hasn't known a day of peace since Bella became a vampire because every single day looks like this
Tumblr media
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opinionatedtwihard · a year ago
Friendly reminder that there are 750 Quileute. Seven Hundred and Fifty. Think. For reference- how big was your middle school? (around that, maybe?) I think we tend not to understand how personal their inclusion in Twilight was. Smeyer took advantage of them. She's rich off of them and their culture. She exploited and misrepresented them. Seven hundred and fifty people. She could look each one of them in the eye and apologize in one afternoon and instead, she sits on 125 million dollars as if her hands are tied.
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emokingeddie · a year ago
Tumblr media
tell me one time twitter has ever lied.
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pixielike · 4 months ago
I hate how smeyer keeps trying to paint Rosalie as a bitch just because she's conceited and doesn't want to risk her life (and her family's) to the volturi for some random human her brother is obsessed with, which would put them all in danger. "She's obsessed with her looks and doesn't care about anyone else," she has never been valued past her looks and we haven't been shown anyone significantly caring for her as an individual or valuing her say in things either. No shit she'd be like that. Rosalie didn't get a say in being turned, she was objectified by Carlisle simply expecting her to be Edward's wife once turned, never bothering to consult her opinion on that, of course. She has never tasted human blood yet we never see her praised by the others for her exceptional self-restraint. She doesn't cater to Bella and instantly is vilified for it, despite the fact this would endanger them all, and, eventually, does. As well as Edward and Bella literally only dating for, what, a day? Rosalie doesn't know Bella, they barely met, and her very presence is remarkable given her opposition to even be near Bella earlier that day. "What is she to me?" is not some dismissive remark, she just met the girl and is forced into sacrificing her security and her partner for this random human girl's safety, again, having all her opinions on the matter neglected entirely.
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ellieismygf · a month ago
do not wait. - e.c
prompt “their blood is on your hands”
summary: When you’re attacked by a wolf in the woods Edward tries his best to save you.
a/n: trying to not be so depressed so i thought i would try and get back into writing, sorry about not publishing anything new for almost 3 months. hope this is okay <3
Tumblr media
Your vision was growing blurry and your eyes moved from alice and edward and back. Edward’s arm was wrapped around you in the back seat and your legs were propped on Alice’s lap as Emmett was speeding towards the hospital to take you to Carlisle.
You twitched in pain and struggled to focus on your breathing, or any of your surroundings.
“edward we could just change her…she’s…edward just look at her”
you were bleeding out.
the wolf had attacked you out of nowhere and left you for dead, you hadn't thought about it then but you knew it was because you were close with the Cullen's.
he shook his head. “i can’t. it’s not right…she’ll be okay it’ll be fine”
he rubbed his thumb against your cheek and Emmett swerved into the hospital parking lot. Edward wrapped his arms around you and rushed into the hospital.
"Carlisle!" he yelled rushing inside, your head flopped to the side limply he looked down at you and Carlisle's head came from around the corner looking at you, your mouth fell open "Edward" you whispered hoarsely his eyes were full of pain and his grip on you tightened.
Carlisle ran to you "what happened?" he asked looking at the blood soaking through your shirt, your eyes followed his and you hadn't realized what a mess you were.
Your pants were torn and covered in mud, the bottom half of your shirt was missing and your wound was exposed, your sleeves were dirty and also bloody, the jacket you had been wearing was missing completely and you had a cut on your right cheek.
You reached your hand out for Edwards, your fingers were aching as they intertwined with his icy ones, you sighed in relief at the coldness numbing your pain.
You only heard bits of the conversation,
"Carlisle i'm not losing her"
"then let me-"
"no...i won't...i can't"
"those stupid dogs i'll fucking..."
"will it work?"
"low chances...her injuries...fatal...I'm sorry"
"I don't believe you"
"Edward please just let me-" "No." "maybe this isn't your choice."
"call her parents"
He couldn’t though. They were on a hiking trip with no service, he’d have to wait until tomorrow at least to call them.
You were moved to a hospital bed and Carlisle gave you some meds to try and soothe your pain while Edward was sitting beside you.
"Carlisle has to preform surgery on you but you'll be okay" he said holding your hand you gave him a gentle squeeze but then you saw the reluctant look on Carlisle’s face and then you looked back over to Edward, denial.
Carlisle placed the breathing mask over your face and Edwards expression was full of pain as he watched you slip into unconsciousness.
Edwards hands ran over his face and he looked at your body and how peaceful you looked, he wanted to smile but it quickly faded away at the realization that you didn’t just look peaceful you looked…dead. He placed his fingertips on your wrist and felt your pulse. It was weak but it was still there.
hours later
Carlisle stitched the cut on your arm and cleaned your wounds, while you were less likely to get an infection the wound on your stomach worried Carlisle. He hadn't said anything to Edward yet in fear of alarming him but he was afraid of the severity of the wound. You had lost a lot of blood and you were lucky that you were still alive.
You were on the brink of death and Carlisle was afraid that it was too late to save you. He walked into the waiting room and saw Edward with his head in his hands and Alice had her arm on his back trying to comfort him but Carlisle could tell that Alice was upset as well.
his eyes looked up at Carlisle, hopeful.
Carlisle shook his head and he watched the anger surge through Edward. He sped into the room and was by your side instantly. “It’s not too late” he whispered holding onto your arm. Edward sunk his teeth into his wrist and placed it to your lips. “come on…come on please” he whispered.
you lay on the hospital bed in a lifeless state, “please please please” he chanted trying to force the blood down your throat. Maybe he could still change you, it couldn’t be too late could it? No you had to make it.
fear was pumping through Edward’s body as he tried to think of a way to save you. “i love you” he whispered.
“edward it’s too late…she’s gone”
Edward’s wrist slipped away from your mouth, the blood pouring down your lips. He threw his hands in his hair and started dry sobbing. “there must be something we can do” he pleaded looking at your corpse.
“i’m sorry” Carlisle said.
“no god please” Edward begged grabbing your hand. “I can’t live without her. I won’t” he shook his head and angrily kicked your bedside table.
Alice walked into the hospital room and looked at you, her brows furrowed and she felt like tears were pricking her eyes. “their blood is on your hands” she angrily shouted, walking out.
Edward was laying by your hospital bed in anguish, you were gone. You wouldn’t be coming back and it was his fault.
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me-and-jake · a month ago
“The Cullens aren’t racist! They just hate werewolves. That’s why they call them DOGS.”
But why?
The reason why I can’t get behind the Cullens is because they literally have NO reason to hate the pack. First of all, the Cullens treaded on THEIR land, when hey could’ve simply went ANYWHEREEEE else. These mfs can live under water if they wanted to. Forks is not the only wet and green place in America, and especially in the world. Secondly, the pack literally does not affect them in any way, as opposed to the Cullens, who’s presence affects the entire tribe, especially the ones with the wolf gene. Thirdly, they’re not even fucking werewolves, so you’re argument is invalid from the start.
If not racist intent, what the hell was Stephanie Meyer trying to do? Like has anyone ever asked this woman, face to face, what THE HELL was she thinking about putting this dynamic into her series? By putting in a REAL—not fake—tribe in her book series, changed their history and stories, and made them into werewolves. And THEN added these white ass vampires and created this “rivalry” and forced this treaty. OH but surprise surprise, they’re not even fucking werewolves! SO WHAT WAS THE POINTTTTT.
I am legit upset by the incompetence of her writing. She writes it as if we should dislike Jacob and the pack by writing them as dangerous, aggressive, etc, but then turns around and says, “No no, you shouldn’t hate them. Jacob is actually one of my favorite characters.” THIS WOMAN IS INSANE.
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stromuprisahat · a year ago
Tumblr media
Carlisle, typing furiously: And now he’s telling me how to feed a human. Can you believe it? I am a DOCTOR, four times his age! Did you see this, Alice? Why didn’t you warn me?!
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bellas-strawberryshampoo · a month ago
someone on tiktok referred to the kardashians as “yassified volturi” and i can’t stop thinking about it
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fluorescent-bulbs · a month ago
Esme and Emmett collectively had a ABBA phase, I just know it. They were throwing down to Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
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twilitty · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I got the west bedroom that faced out over the front yard (Twilight, 1. First Sight)
Twilight rereading aesthetics
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embrythecall · a month ago
Tumblr media
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opinionatedtwihard · 2 months ago
You cannot convince me the cullens wouldn't CREATE. In every sense of the word. That Alice wouldn't have a sculpture of light on her wall, woven from strands of Christmas lights, odd bulbs, strobing colors, living on her wall, breathing with her, as she fades in and out of awareness as time wanders slowly by. That Edward wouldn't have binders full of his own musical compositions, piano arrangements of his favorite symphonies that he arranged just for himself. That Emmet wouldn't build a car up from nothing. That Carlisle wouldn't publish literature. Not novels for entertainment, but true, pure literature. He has so much to say. And you cannot convince me that Esme has never gone out and woven the exact textile she wanted her couch to be made of, because she had a vision, a passion, endless time, endless resources to create what she felt in her heart. That Jasper never sought to make Alice a piece of jewelry instead of buying her one.
It goes on and on, but I only believe that where human people say "I'd love to create that, but it's not worth the time and money," the cullens would say "I'd love to create that, and the cost of buying it, the 40 hours of satisfying occupation I lose, is a hefty price"
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imwiththevampires · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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jalicewhitcock · a year ago
Twilight AU where the Cullens arrive to Forks 23 years earlier and Edward falls in love with Charlie because of the quietness of his mind and Billy is like "no, don't befriend the Cullens, you're so sexy haha", but Charlie is, you know, unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.
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ellieismygf · 5 months ago
only you, darling, only you, - e.c
prompt: “Stay away from me! I don’t want to hurt you!”
a/n: i don’t really like the way this turned out :/ i hope it’s okay <3 i was just trying to get something posted lol
edward cullen x reader
Tumblr media
Your breathing was ragged and you reached your hand out for him “Edward…”
he shook his head, brows furrowed.
“please” you whispered
you didn’t want to look at the discarded body on the ground of your friend Mike and inhaled roughly.
you walked towards him slowly and he moved away.
“stay away from me! i don’t want to hurt you!” his voice was raised and you shook your head.
“Edward it’s okay”
“i just killed someone” he laughed in disgust.
you didn’t care. as insane as that sounded it didn’t matter to you anymore, he was the love of your life and nothing he could do would change your feelings for him.
“i don’t care” you said walking closer to him
“that’s the problem”
you reached him and ran your hand along his cold cheek, pulling him into you. after a moment he kissed back holding your face in his hands and then you pulled away.
“i am so in love with you” you whispered
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bellanotchewrites · 9 months ago
The Cullens as songs (+ Renesmee)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(sorry for the bad quality loves <3)
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