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More leaves fall. To understand impermanence at the deepest possible level (we all understand it at superficial levels), and to merge with it fully, is the whole of the Buddhist path. The Buddha’s final words express this: Impermanence is inescapable. Everything vanishes. Therefore there is nothing more important than continuing the path with diligence.

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Most people, out of sheer necessity of proximity to working with Nettle, quickly learn that there are two primary faces she shows to people.  The first, as shown on the left, is a more pleasant facade – strange, possibly, but overall not unfriendly. 

The second, however, is for those who eventually work with her long enough to see her true nature.  By then, those who’ve managed to live that long should be able to recognize that this expression on the right is not a smile – it is a threat and an insult to your intelligence, and you would be best served to remove yourself from the area.

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Sometimes all we need is just a little smile

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