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s1x-foot-deep a day ago
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bill cipher + smile dog..... this CREACHUR.... absolute Beast
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digitalfriend08 25 days ago
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2010鈥瞫 Devianart Lick Icons!
sources- X X X X X X X X X
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foulserpent 5 months ago
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coloronthewallzz 6 months ago
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The aggie dot eye oh doodles
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ijustwannahavefunn 5 months ago
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It's not Jeff this time! But his doggy 馃槀
You are free to use these as your profile picture! Just remember to credit 鉂わ笍馃巹
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postingjustwhatever 9 months ago
What Slenderman, Jeff, and some of the other creepypasta characters have been up too these last few years
I鈥檓 not even in the creepypasta fandom I don鈥檛 know why I ended up putting so much effort into this. All of these pictures are traced, I just wanted to do a few of those kinds of pictures where people draw characters over memes, but I ended up doing a ton of them. I also wanted them to look nice so it ended up involving a lot of editing, getting rid of the parts of people that still showed up under the traced image, and editing out stuff in the background. I did all of it in Paint Tool Sai
I was just feeling kind of nostalgic for when Slenderman used to be a meme. I kind of miss Slenderman, I haven鈥檛 seen any Slenderman stuff in years. So I decided I was going to make a short video, I was going to edit Slenderman into a few pictures and make it look like he鈥檚 been on vacation all this time, and then set it to聽 Oppa Gangnam Style because I remember that being a meme around the same time Slenderman was. But this ended up spiraling into a huge project.
I just kept adding more and more to it. At first, I was like, I鈥檒l add Jeff to a few of the pictures, but then it turned into Slenderman and Jeff going on vacation together. Then I started editing Sirenhead into the background of a few of the pictures, and that resulting in Jeff Attack on Titan style fighting him and losing. And then I decided I needed a few cursed images of them, so I made those. Then I started thinking what are some things that have been trends since Slenderman was a meme until now? So I drew them t-posing and planking. And then I wanted to add the area 51 raid, because that was such a huge meme. And that ended up spiraling into a mini story of them rescuing three aliens and letting them return home. But later on I decided that one of the aliens stays with them, So I had to draw the aliens saying goodbye to each other. And the alien that stayed with them goes to a convention with them dressed as invader zim. Then they all t-pose and fortnite dance in the backrooms/liminal spaces.聽
Then I wanted to draw Jeff in a dumpster with some raccoons, but that ended up as, Slenderman finds Jeff (who has fallen on hard times and resorted to eating fruit roll ups in dumpsters with raccoons) and basically adopts him and they go on vacation and then everything else that happens in the videos.聽
I also wanted to draw them buying toilet paper during the virus, and then I remembered the description of a fanfic I saw once, which was something about Jeff getting a college degree during lockdown. So I drew Jeff and Slenderman playing video games and other stuff around the house and after that Jeff starts taking college courses online and graduates college. So I had to draw him graduating too.
Then I decided I wanted to draw Jeff interacting with someone else, so I added Eyeless Jack. But then I decided I was just going to give some of the other characters cameos in the back, but that ended up as a聽 series of cursed images of them. In one of them there is a dude with a target bag on his head holding a knife to someone's neck, I edited in Jeff as the guy with the knife to his neck and ended up making the target mask guy into a character that hanging out with them.聽 I also wanted to draw what the alien had been up to so I decided he lives out in a small shack in the woods. He does a podcast about conspiracies. Jeff comes to visit him and then they all get into his rundown truck and go play in the mud.聽
The ones with Jeff holding cats and racoons are some of the last ones I drew, because I wanted to have some pictures of Jeff with animals and I also wanted to draw him with different outfits.
I ended it with Jeff GOING TO SLEEP
I have absolutely no video editing skills, I wish I could have done more with this but whatever, it is what it is
I am going to upload all of the pictures in the video separately聽聽
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louceph 9 days ago
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smile dog
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teleostuber 6 days ago
Some doodles of Jeff and his Smiley Dog? Maybe them chilling out with Ben?
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Spider meets its maker
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sleep-isnt-real 12 days ago
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Smile Dog but my own personal take on the character :]
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intimidating-fettuccine 5 months ago
Smile: [At 3AM, barking nonstop]
Y/N: Jeff, please make him stop.
Jeff: [Starts barking too]
Smile: [Barks back louder]
Jeff: He says he won鈥檛 stop.
Y/N: 鈥
Y/N: This house is a fucking nightmare.
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springbot 26 days ago
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They deserve to be emo (feel free to click cause some of the cropping is weird)
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leviathansshadycorner a month ago
messy house mates - Creepypasta x reader Headcannons
Fannon creepypasta portrayals ?
Also I鈥檓 sleep deprived af so if this doesn鈥檛 make sense I鈥檓 sorry lol
Living with a bunch of serial killers isn鈥檛 how you would think it is. At least in this case. When you first moved in you expected the house to be littered with dismembered body parts, pools of blood, weapons everywhere, and strange baggies with mysterious substances.
However you were wrong. It was much worse than you expected. Instead of finding dismembered limbs everywhere you found piles and piles of dirty clothes on the floor, empty energy drink cans, junk food wrappers, and foliage.
You honestly would rather deal with the limbs
It didn鈥檛 dawn on you until you were three weeks into living with them - but when it did, oh boy did you have a mental breakdown
Not only were you living with serial killers and criminals, most of them were m e n
Men that had somehow never matured as it seemed
The only ones who were actually clean and tidy were of course Slendy, Masky, EJ, Liu, Jane, and Hoodie (to an extent)
The ones who were the root of the problem were Jeff, Ben, Toby, Helen, LJ, and Sally
Smiledog gets a free pass since he鈥檚 just a little puppy (to you at least)
Although EJ was one of the few to actually bring in limbs and organs- he was surprisingly well organized. He always kept his things in Tupperware containers in his separate mini fridge, and always made sure to wash his plates afterwards.
Masky wasn鈥檛 really around the house much but when he was he always made sure to dust off his shoes before stepping foot in the house. Sure he left a few beer bottles here and there sometimes- but he would always throw them away eventually.
Slendy was the one who ran the whole operation- not to mention the fact that he is some sort of supernatural entity- but he鈥檚 always been neat. I mean- the guy wears a suit!
Liu usually spent time in his room or outside in the forest, so he didn鈥檛 really contribute to the mess that much. The one time that you did get to catch a glimpse of his room you noticed how neat it was. It was almost scary.
Now Jane was one of the few other girls in this house, and although she stopped trying to get everyone else to clean- she never stopped herself. In the mornings you鈥檒l find her whacking a few of the residents in the house and scolding them about their chores. That鈥檚 not to say that she isn鈥檛 messy though. No no, Jane is known for leaving the bathroom cabinets a mess and never reorganizing them.
Hoodie- like masky- was also never around much. Your gripe with him was that he always tracked in leafs and rocks-sometimes even wild animals. You have a conspiracy that he might be some sort of Disney princess
Now onto the problematic housemates -
Ben was quite literally a twelve year old boy in the sense of cleanliness. You needed a spatula to get that grease stain off the couch- and when you did he would only lay back down. The coffee table was littered with his junk food wrappers and cans. There were sticky stains left from spilled drinks, and he hogged all the blankets when it got cold. Not to mention the smell- you knew about his water phobia- but you didn鈥檛 think it鈥檇 be this bad
鈥淏en, for the love of all that鈥檚 good- you need to fucking bathe in a shitload of oxiclean.鈥
鈥淲ait - lemme just finish this level really quick-鈥
鈥淔or fucks sake (Y/n)! I鈥檓 in the zone!鈥
One way or another you were gonna give that cat a bath.
Jeff was one of the worst ones
And you knew he did it on purpose to get on your nerves
For one- homeboy would bring in victims and leave them laying around. Once, you even tripped over one on your way down the stairs
He鈥檚 also notorious for leaving his weapons in the most unconventional places - for instance, underneath the couch, on your seat at the table, under your pillow, in the shower
鈥淛EFF WHAT THE FUCK!鈥 Was the common phrase around the house
Homeboy also has lots of hair and he sheds like a dog- so you best believe that every shower drain is clogged
He鈥檚 also the one who leaves out his dirty clothes lying around the house
鈥淛eff. What is this doing in my room?鈥
鈥淥h sweet you found my favorite shirt!鈥
鈥淒ude this thing is drenched in blood.鈥
Sweet Toby just made messes on accident. It鈥檚 usually because he tries to bake with Sally and the two of them tend to make a mess and never clean it up. Instead they both go up to Sally鈥檚 room and get distracted by their tea time- leaving the mess to you
LJ- like Sally and Toby, didn鈥檛 make messes on purpose. Whenever he walks around he drops pieces of candy and confetti without even knowing it.
Don鈥檛 call him it to his face- but some people call him the walking pi帽ata
His costume also tends to loose a lot of its feathers from time to time, so you鈥檒l find a bunch of those and save them for him in a ziplock baggie
Last of all there鈥檚 Helen. Boy- you expected better from him. It came as a surprise when you found out that it was him and not Jeff who was tracking in all of the blood. You caught him redhanded one fateful night.
鈥淗elen! What are you doing you鈥檙e dragging in a lot of blood! You aren鈥檛 bringing a victim in here are you?鈥
鈥(Y/n) chill, it鈥檚 just paint.鈥
鈥淥k- yes it鈥檚 blood but- my paint bucket has a hole and I don鈥檛 feel like buying new ones.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e cleaning this up.鈥
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 silence my art (y/n)鈥
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oldrottenbones 2 months ago
creepypasta headcanons that i cannot stop thinking about for the love of fucking GOD
let me first say i will die on the hill of 鈥榮lender manor found family good鈥 it鈥檚 so stupid and goofy and i love it with my heart and soul, all the jokes from like 2010 still have me in a death grip
this also includes some of the marble hornets boys because of course it does
- BEN floats like 6 inches off the ground at all times so people can鈥檛 tell how tall he actually is
- the bit about toby loving waffles so much is actually just how the creeps tease him for having a quote tic of gir from invader zim just straight shouting聽鈥済uess who made waffles!!鈥澛
- jeff鈥檚 favorite pizza is hawaiian, not because he thinks it鈥檚 particularly good (it鈥檚 like.. decent), but because it pisses everyone else off
- toby has the fucking strongest wisconsin midwest accent you ever did hear, he goes聽鈥榦pe鈥 when someone bumps him in the hallway (just another way for me to relate to toby shhh)
- BEN will go at least an entire month before even trying to convince himself to do laundry, musty crunchy gamer boy for real
- when masky dips out for a cigarette he brings headphones, it鈥檚 kinda expected he鈥檚 listening to NIN or smthn but im betting it鈥檚 the be more chill soundtrack at least half the time
- toby reflexively tilts his head to the side when he eats or drinks something because he has a massive gash on his left cheek that healed with an open hole (see my design ref if you wanna see this illustrated lmao)
- eyeless jack, laughing jack, and slender all reflexively duck under doorways (even if they鈥檙e stupid tall doors) because they鈥檙e far too used to hitting their heads on things made for human proportions
- the聽鈥榤asky loves cheesecake鈥 incident is actually a running joke from when he casually mentioned he liked cheesecake before his birthday and everyone coordinated a prank that culminated in him having to eat 9 cheesecakes by himself
- BEN catfishes creeps on discord for free nitro and steam gifts, he also has one of those RGB setups :)
- smile dog is a surprisingly polite eater, like if you hand her a treat she will take it so gently and set it on the floor to nibble at, give her a raw egg to hold it鈥檒l be adorable (i mean horrifying cause teeth but don't mind that part)
- BEN, toby and hoodie are twitch nerds, BEN watches mostly zelda speedruns and general gaming content, toby鈥檚 into horror reactions, and hoodie treats it like a podcast app with occasional funny bits, jerma is the connecting piece between them (tell me if im projecting too hard)
- because jeff has a fucked up lack of eyelids everyone鈥檚 still kinda confused how his eyeballs haven't shriveled up and fallen out of his skull yet, there's a rumor going around that he鈥檚 secretly a lizard and he just licks them when nobody鈥檚 looking
- i feel like hoodie has some serious micheal cera energy just for no reason at all
- BEN and jeff really like those fucked up wojack memes where it just devolves into a weird bloody meta joke at the end, you can hear them cackling till like 3am sending them back and forth
- jeff plays animal crossing religiously but dont let him know that you know because you will not live to see the next morning
- jeff also knows how to imitate the entire聽鈥榠f the joker could beatbox鈥 video and uses this power for purely evil
- BEN and toby drink monster energy like water
- BEN made a twitterbot to steal and repost nfts every few minutes with the caption "this pic goes hard feel free to screenshot"
- masky and hoodie mixed up their toothbrushes one time, now they're both labeled with permanent marker
- jane and nina listen to ashnikko together, they are just so powerful, they're probably also girlfriends
- the proxies have movie nights where they just watch super bad movies and dunk on them the whole time, their favorites are neil breen films
- toby and ben have the same colored towels but toby showers often and ben basically doesnt so they mix it up once and a while usually to toby's detriment cause ben wont wash the towel after he uses it, masky's noticed but wont tell them
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morefluid-thanwater 25 days ago
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Daily Doodle 184! Pt1 of doing Insta suggestions from today!
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General Creepypasta Headcanons
Slenderman would live in a Manor, not a Mansion.
Manors: Manors are large homes surrounded by farm fields or forests, sometimes even fortified by a ditch or fence keeping it secluded from outside guests.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mansions: In modern terms, mansion is just a fancy word for a big house. Mansions are more likely to be found on a hill overlooking a town or city below.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don't think Slender would reside in a building so close to human society.
Speaking of which, none of the pasta's live at the Manor. Not only are there too many of them to fit inside, but realistically, they'd just try to kill each other.
Added on, Slenderman isn't human. I see him functioning more similarly to the fair folk (Faeries). He takes them in, they serve under him. It's merely a contract. Nothing more. He isn't a fatherly figure in the slightest-
Also considering Slenderman's abilities, the manor is not a regular house either. It is never in one location or another, it moves constantly between different realities. One moment it could be somewhere in Oregon, suddenly it's in Germany, and the next it's in Hell itself. But mainly I see it nestled somewhere deep within some corrupt form of purgatory.
So with that in mind, it would be incredibly difficult for the pasta's to even find the mansion much less live in it-
The Creepypastas though exist more like a black market. Residing in ghost towns or abandoned lodges and cabins. Some even staying in the shadows of cities, out of sight and out of mind.
I do see certain characters remaining in closely-knit groups, often staying in nearby areas, trading goods, or sharing information. But there are others who simply travel and live alone rarely coming to the populated ghost towns unless in desperate need of information or supplies.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some ideas like this ^
I also don't think the Pasta's would refer to these places as a Mansion either. Isn't even close to being one.
The names I do think the Pasta's would call them: Outpost, The Underground, Shithole, Camp, Hell, Town, and even Garrison being in their vocabulary.
Some Pasta's definitely carry a bag with a few essential items and a couple personal belongings seeing as they travel regularly and don't have a home to stay personally.
Others have made themselves more than at home in the Outposts, building a house to live in and stay permanently. Finding new and creative ways to steal things like clothing, technology, mattresses, bedding, and furniture in general.
Sure some buildings might have some abandoned belongings, but it's likely they're broken, uncomfortable, moldy, or even rodent-infested.
So smuggling in a new sofa is always a show to witness with them.
could you imagine that police report-
"They broke in through the back door, butchered every family member, and stole a dresser"
"They what?? Repeat that last part"
"They... They stole a dresser sir. Jeff the Killer stole a dresser-"
Some are definitely better at it than others, and with the right deal or bribery, some pasta's have convinced others to get things for them while they're out.
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | Liu Headcanons | Toby Headcanons
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locallytiredzzz 20 days ago
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Haven't posted in here in a while I drew some creepy pasta doodles despite the fact that I'm not that much into creepy pasta but we'll see
Enjoy my lovely imagination of Eyeless Jack and Jeff the killer being bros + hot drawing of eyeless jack
For shame locallytiredzzz, for shame!
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worryingwart 8 months ago
more fanart/doodles of jeff, ej and smile dog yo!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jeffreywoodsgf 4 months ago
sad teenager 馃 finding comfort in characters that are meant to be horrifying
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mannimarcos 8 months ago
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hey remember this guy
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saintnightshade 7 days ago
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The hardest one I鈥檝e drawn so far because I suck at drawing animals and I can鈥檛 stand distorted facial features鈥
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