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top 5 tourist attractions, top 5 authors & top 5 movies you can't stop watching

top 5 tourist attractions: im only gonna say the one i visited cause it would be too long otherwise xvdhdjshjd

  • the louvre (france)
  • versailles (france)
  • venice (italy)
  • cappadocia (turkey)
  • giants causeway (ireland)

top 5 authors:

  • edgar allan poe
  • philip k dick
  • philip pullman
  • emily bronte
  • jack london

top 5 movies i can’t stop watching (those are basically my comfort films)

  • dead poets society
  • the man from u.n.c.l.e.
  • the italian job
  • inception
  • kingsman the secret service

put “top 5” anything in my ask

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elyse!! how are you doing, lovely?! 💕 hope you are safe x

you’re so sweet 🥺 i’ve been kinda anxious lately but i’m doing my best to keep busy. i hope you’re hanging in there and i hope you’re safe too ❤️

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hey sam! just popping in to say hello and hope you are doing okay! ❤

Hey sarah! I’m doing pretty great today actually! How about you??

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