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seb dropping down to p17 was all part of a plan to get a bunch of overtakes for the overtake championship. king is playing 4d chess.
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Synopsis: You’ve been dating Hyunjin for a while and you haven’t let your insecurities intrude upon your relationship yet. But, Hyunjin is perfect in every way and all you want to do is take care of him and you think you can never live up to what he deserves. However, when Hyunjin finally hears about how discouraged you feel, he will make sure you know how precious you are.
Content: a bit of fluff and angst but mostly smut, fem!reader x Hyunjin, insecure!reader, dom!hyunjin, sub!reader, reader is described as being chubby/fat/plus size, perv!Hyunjin (like a lot ohmygod), innocent!reader, virigin!reader, corruption kink, pet names, impact play, punishment, degradation, man handling, praise kink, no use of condom (wrap it before you tap it guys !!!)
Word Count: 5.9k (oh jeez)
Author’s Notes: okay so this is my first time publishing something I wrote, so please be patient with me ! I’m hoping to put more content out in the future :) Also, the title means “cute” in Korean. 
Tumblr media
Hyunjin was stuck in the dorms, the rain cancelling his plans to go on a midnight picnic with you by the Han river. He didn’t care though. He still got to see you later tonight, and that was all that mattered. On days like this, when his muscles ached from the early morning dance practices and his throat was sore from the late-night vocal sessions, you were the only thing that could recharge him.
When you cuddled him, pampered him, and called him “baby” after he had been straining himself all day, he felt as if all the pain was worth it. Sometimes, though his feet were burning from dancing, he was happy because he knew that you would be at home, waiting for him. To cook for him, hug him, twirl his hair, kiss him, press him into your figure... 
He loved days like these because you would treat him so nicely, and call him your baby; especially today since you were stuck in his mind all throughout practice. He even messed up during dance practice (earning a burning glare for Leeknow) because he was stuck thinking about you... you and that fucking skirt you wore last night.
Yesterday, he and you were at the dorm, and you just had to show up wearing that damn pleated black skirt. Because of your size and because the skirt was already too short, it managed to hang just low enough to cover you somewhat decently. And, since you were obviously well-endowed, the skirt was even shorter in the back, too. Hyunjin could barely contain himself the entire movie while you cuddled into him, pressing your ass against his crotch like you didn’t know what you were doing. Honestly, Hyunjin thought you probably didn’t know, given as your smile was sweet, and innocent, and cute. 
God, how could she do this, he thought to himself as he felt his face heat up. He snaked his arm around you last night and gave you seemingly pure and comforting rubs on your thighs, but he wanted to rile you up. And it worked. Every time he rubbed your thighs you pushed them together or toyed with the hem of your skirt, and he would smirk at the blush of your cheeks. He loved, even adored his effect on you. 
Though he knew you weren’t ready yet and that you needed more time to be comfortable with him, he couldn’t help but tease you. He found his pants unbearably tight that night, but even more so when you bent over in front of him to gather your things before you left. It was almost as if you were purposefully displaying yourself to him, although Hyunjin did have to lean forward from his position on the couch to get a better look. You were just wearing simple white cotton panties, but Hyunjin still squinted his eyes to focus in on them. He looked past your guise of cluelessness and noticed how damp your panties were, how they clung to you, and he could almost, just almost, see everything. Fuck he just wanted to press his face into your heat, keep you bent over, and eat you out right then and there with your panties still on; have you begging to let you cum all over his tongue, even for him to just touch you directly. The thought alone was making him audibly gulp, but thank God that you were blissfully unaware of the effect you had on him and his throbbing cock. You simply snapped up and stared at him with your wide eyes, responding with an ignorant, “Oh, baby, are you thirsty?” to which he chuckled. Of course he was.
Hyunjin knew you weren’t ready for any of the stuff he wanted to do, but he was of course happy to wait. You needed time, and you didn’t need to explain it to him, though he wondered why you wanted to refrain despite his obvious desires to be with you like that. It was not just him who thought you were the epitome of beauty, but everyone. Even the other members were jealous of him when he announced that you two had started dating, with Changbin even commenting “lucky bastard” with a snide but proud expression. He knew you needed time, but the thought that he would be your first—accompanied by the fact that so many others would just love to fuck you—made him go crazy.
With a clatter from the kitchen, Hyunjin was brought back to reality. He looked around and saw Felix swearing as he had dropped a pan, spilling egg all over the floor. Hyunjin laughed and teased him before helping out, but his mind was elsewhere. He was still heading over to your house today, and couldn’t wait to see you.
“Baby!” You shouted when you opened the door to see Hyunjin’s tall frame at the threshold of your apartment. Jumping into him and swaying him a bit, you threw yourself into his arms, earning a laugh from him. With a kiss to the top of your head, he smiled as you clung to him, swaying together momentarily before you started your evening together. Even with his muscles aching from the day, he still felt like he could stand like this forever, especially with your chest pressing into his like that.
“How have you been today, y/n?” He asked, looking down at you. Suddenly, his heart dropped at your expression. You had obviously been crying, with tears having stained your cheeks red. You wore black sweat pants and his hoodie that swallowed you whole, making you look formless. Hyunjin’s mind immediately flooded with worry for you, but his perverted mind could contain itself. The thought of you wearing his hoodie, tears streaming down your eyes as you begged him to slow down as he railed you also lingered in the back of his head. 
Fuck, get it together, he mentally yelled at himself.
“Y/n, what’s wrong?” Distress layered his voice as he bent down to cup your face in his hands, but you blinked and darted your eyes away from his. 
“Nothing.... nothing’s the matter, baby,” you responded as you grabbed his wrists and pushed them away from your face. You held on to one of his wrists and pulled him into your apartment, locking the door behind you. “Just tired is all.”
Hyunjin obliged and followed you in, dropping his bag on the ground, but immediately pulled you back to get a good look at you. Weariness washed over your face with the tone behind your eyes hinting at the true sadness you were hiding. Worst of all, you looked embarrassed, and that just made Hyunjin think of all the things he could do to make you embarrassed. 
You asshole, stop using your dick to think and be with her. He shook his head. 
“No, you’re not,” he said softly, walking up to you, grabbing your hands in his own. “Y/n, tell me now, what is wrong?” Biting your lip, your eyes moved away from his steady gaze and looked at your intertwined hands again, trying to make him avoid seeing your tears. Your tears make you look so cute like that, He thought again, wanting to slap himself as he tried to be a good boyfriend despite his dirty thoughts. 
“Oh, Y/n” Hyunjin sighed, taking a hand to wipe away your tear and rub your cheek. “Come on, let’s go to your room.” 
Pulling you towards your bedroom, Hyunjin sat down at the foot of your bed as he held your hand. “Sweetie, come here,” he pulled you towards him, rubbing his thigh to indicate you to sit on him, but you wouldn’t budge. You shook your head.
“Jinnie... no... I can’t,” you whimpered. You finally looked up at Hyunjin, fresh tears prickling your eyes. “I can’t...” you mumbled again, fiddling with the sleeve of his hoodie that you wore. “You... I’m... it won’t work....” You tugged more at the hoodie and at the sweats you wore, constantly readjusting the clothing to better hug or to pull away from your body. Studying you, Hyunjin looked at you with a certain peculiarity. You weren’t normally like this, so self-conscious, so aware of him looking at you...
Suddenly, what was happening hit Hyunjin like a bag of bricks, and his heart dropped.
“Y/N, don’t tell me you think you’re too heavy to sit on my lap?” He asked with sadness layering his voice. He couldn’t imagine feeling worse until you started quickly nodding your head.
“Not just that,” you responded with a quick pace. “But everything: too heavy to sit on your lap, for you to pick up, to fit into your sweats, to do... you know... anything.... especially the stuff I’ve never done before....” the last part made your cheeks and ears heat up, turning more visibly red, and Hyunjin had to mentally (and almost physically) slap his face to keep himself in line. He couldn’t get caught up in how flustered you got just from the thought of fucking him when you were sobbing right. But when he heard what you said next, he was done for.
“Really, the only thing that’s holding me back now from... that...” you mumbled with embarrassment, “is that I am worried you won’t like what you see.” 
Hyunjin’s pulse dropped, the world around him seeming hollow. How could you even say that? How could you think that you couldn’t fuck him, or that he wouldn’t fuck you, because you thought he wouldn’t think you were pretty, sexy, or hot enough for him? Even now, as you were confessing these horrible thoughts to him all he could think about was burying his cock in you. It pissed him off. Goddammit, his mind yelled at him while he attempted to keep himself poised on the outside.
“Y/n...” Hyunjin sighed, making you look up at him with beautiful, tear-filled eyes. He softly grabbed both of your hands in his, and stroked them gently. You thought you would stay like this, the silence engulfing you. But, with a sudden movement and the tightening of his grip, he swiftly pulled you into him. You yelped, and were somehow even more embarrassed than before at his urgency. You though you were done for, a blushing mess that would explode at any moment. You couldn’t be more embarassed. That is, until you noticed he had pulled you into his lap, straddling him, your full weight pressing on him with your intertwined hands the only thing separating you too. You almost gasped at his boldness, but Hyunjin shut you up by pressing your lips into his, smiling into the kiss with a content grin. Breaking the kiss, Hyunjin looked at you up and down, enjoying the surprised look on your face along with the relief that washed over him. He was lucky that he kept a bit of space between the two of you. If he hadn’t, your entire body would be pressing into his cock. 
“Bold of you to say that I wouldn’t like you crushing me, Y/n,” he said, making you giggle through your tears. “You aren’t ‘too heavy’, or ‘too big’, or ‘too anything’ for me, okay?” you smiled in response, your silence speaking for itself. “Tell me honey,” your boyfriend continued, situating his hands on your lower back while you moved yours to his shoulders, maintaining what little space there was. His eyes were steady, and his face kind. “What has you thinking like this? What happened that made my cute little Y/n think so negatively of herself?” You toyed with the collar of his shirt, breaking away from his contemplative eyes.
“Just... when I wore that skirt yesterday...” 
oh fuck you idiot, Hyunjin told himself.
“... I just looked and felt so disgusting in it. You could see everything.... and... never mind...” new tears pricked at your eyes. Hyunjin, on the other hand, was infuriated. His eyes were wide, and his fingers on your lower back had ceased rubbing. His anger stemmed from one thing: the thought that you found yourself... disgusting in that delectable fucking skirt. He wanted to scream, but most of all he wanted to change your mind.
“Y/N,” you looked up at him again, trying to stifle your tears, but failing. “Y/N, please cry if it will make you feel better, okay?” You nodded along, using your sleeves to pat your eyes dry. “You should know that there is nothing you could ever, ever do that would make me think of you as... ‘disgusting.’” The last word rolled off of his tongue with such hatred, such complete distaste that his endearing words before were almost tainted by the taste it left on his tongue. “You are so stunning, so utterly gorgeous... honestly, I wish you saw yourself the way I did, y/n. Honestly, I think you... your figure... are perfect for me.” Hyunjin hoped his words got to you as he continued his reassuring back rubs, but you simply nodded along, placing your damp hands back on his shoulders, staring into his eyes. Then, you slowly started to smile and his heart swelled.
“Thank you, Hyunjin,” you said with love layering your voice. 
“Y/N, you’re the most beautiful person, you know that, yeah?” 
You nodded along. “Yes, I do honey, I do.” 
“Say it then, okay?” He asked.
“What!?” you were stunned.
“Say that you are perfect, okay?” Embarrassment immediately washed over you while your face turned crimson. God she’s so perfect and adorable like this, Hyunjin thought. “Say you are the cutest, most gorgeous person, okay? Please? I know it will help.” You looked down and mumbled into your chest, to which Hyunjin laughed at. “No, y/n, say it right,” he encouraged. You took a deep breath and began again. 
“I’m-m.... the prettiest, most gorgeous and... an-d...” you struggled with the words, overwhelmed and self-conscious of yourself.
“... and perfect,” Hyunjin finished with a smile, placing his hand on your cheek and returning your eyes to his. 
“... and p-perfect person,” you repeated as your face remained flushed. “And I’m all yours,” he smiled wider at that, his eyes almost disappearing behind his endearing gaze. 
You sniffled and smiled again, laughing at how good you felt, at how good he made you feel. To thank him, you leaned in and placed a light peck on his full lips. You placed your head on his shoulder as he held you close, cuddling as you sat on his lap while you toyed with his hoodie strings. “Thanks.. you always know what to say, baby.”  
The word, the name hung in the air around him. He couldn’t help himself. A small smile appeared on Hyunjin’s lips. 
“Lastly,” he said softly, making you perk up and stare into his endearing eyes. But then his grip moved downwards onto your ass, tightened, and shoved you forward into his chest and onto his cock. “You should know how much I really, really, liked that skirt.”
“Hyun....Hyunjinnie...” you whimpered out, feeling his full cock underneath you. You were already so warm, so tingly, and such a blushing fucking mess, and fuck you were so flustered on top of him. 
“What, y/n?” he teased. Slowly, he started pushing your ass back and forth on his cock, earning a whimper from you that only made his dick throb harder and for him to chuckle. 
“Take over love, I know you can.” And so you did, keeping your hands steady on his shoulders as you guided your clothed core over the firm bulge in Hyunjin’s pants. He leaned forward and kept kissing you as you whimpered into him before moving down to your neck. 
“Y/n,” he breathed into you.
“Mmhm, what is it baby?” With a groan, he started to guide your hips harsher and push you down harder onto his tent, earning a moan from you that made him bite down on your neck. 
Before Hyunjin could go further, however, he pulled away to look into your eager eyes. 
“We can stop whenever you want, okay? You said that you were hesitant before, but let me know if-”
“No! No,” you replied quickly, “Baby, I want to! Please! ” 
Hyunjin’s cock ached and his mouth hung open at your eagerness. You hadn’t even stopped rutting against him like the horny bitch you were. 
“Please?” Hyunjin laughed, teasing you and making you blush all the more harder. “Please...” you started burying your face in his shoulder trying to hide from your boyfriend’s taunts. But then, with a swift toss you were thrown onto the bed with Hyunjin hovering over you.
“That’s all you had to say, y/n” he started viciously attacking your neck while running his hands up and down your sides, slowly pushing his hoodie that you wore up your body to expose your breasts. Before he could stare at your bare chest, however, you grabbed his wrists, restraining him. He glanced up to your eyes, only to see a worried face.
“How about this,” he spoke calmly, “I take off some clothes also, and that will make you more comfortable, yeah?” He proposed, to which you nodded happily to. He rose up and stripped himself of his shirt and pants, revealing his slim, muscular, borderline God-like body. However, your eyes were immediately drawn down his toned torso to the growing tent in his black boxers. Hyunjin chuckled at your expression, almost seeing the saliva building up in your mouth at the sight of his clothed cock.
“You like what you see?” He joked as he clamoured back on top of you, snuggling between your legs. “Because I do.” Kissing into you, Hyunjin pushed your sweater back up as you whimpered into him. Pulling away, he was finally able to look fully at you. He sharply inhaled at the sight of your breasts and his mouth immediately attached to them, making you release a moan that only encouraged him suck harder, making your hands fly to his hair. With every tug to his head, his eagerness increased. It took over as his teeth started preceding every kiss and nibble to your chest, slightly nipping at your bud while his hand toyed with the other. 
“Baby, fuck please keep going!” you breathed out. You were still shocked by how fast things were progressing, but were still responding to his every move. It didn’t matter how harsh he was fondling or playing with you, or how soft his reassuring rubs and kisses were. You gasped and convulsed at every little thing, and Hyunjin loved it.  
“Fuck, y/n,” he mumbled into your chest as he groped you harshly. “Princess, you fucking love it when I play with you like this, my little cute plaything, huh?” 
You whimpered at his embarrassing words but the persistent throbbing between your legs kept you going. Since Hyunjin was seated between your legs, you couldn’t even rub your thighs together for relief. To receive some satisfaction, you unconsciously snaked your legs around your boyfriend’s hips and pushed his bulge further into you, trying to rub your clit through the layers of fabric
Fuck, what is this girl doing to me? Hyunjin thought, formulating the first coherent sentence in his mind since he started to devour you. What made it worse was when you quickly started rutting into him, to which he groaned. 
“Y/n, we can go slow, I-”
“No! Baby, please,” you protested, slowing your movements to calm yourself. “I-I want your cock! Please!” Hyunjin was surprised—shocked, even—at your desperation. But, he was even more pleased with himself that he had turned you into such a slut.
She wants my cock, huh? Well, she’ll have to beg better than that.
“Y/n,” Hyunjin chuckled as he pulled away from your chest to look into your eyes, while slowly rubbing his cock against your clothed heat to keep you whispering pleas. “You’re such a needy girl, huh?” You nodded quickly to his statement, broadening his taunting smile. “Well, say it then.”
“Say you’re so fucking needy, that you want my cock so badly that you can’t fucking wait for me to put it in you and wreck you. That all you think about is my cock destroying your cute, little pussy. Okay?” 
“I-i.... Hyunjinnie, baby, I-I don’t know if I- aah!” despite your efforts to object to Hyunjin’s ask, you were lost in how he slowly traced along your waist band, slipping his hand further into your pants so he could rub your pussy over your panties. 
“What’s that, Y/N?” he asked nonchalantly as he pushed the fabric to the side so he could run his fingers along your pussy, only to then push one into you. You moaned loudly and Hyunjin kept up his efforts, toying your clit with his thumb as he pumped you with his finger. 
“If you don’t say it, then I can assure you that you won’t be getting any relief tonight, love,” he said before returning to your chest, sucking on your tits while he finger-fucked you. 
It was like he was reading your fucking mind, and you couldn’t help it. You were barely even touching him, only tugging on his hair occasionally for relief. You wanted to scream out that you wanted his cock, his lips on you, to eat you out, to suck his dick, to fuck you from behind, to ride him... everything. You wanted him. And fuck, you would do anything to get him. 
You were about to burst, and Hyunjin could tell as he played with you. There was no point in trying to out-smart him, and you could barely think with the way your pussy gushed at every push of his index and, now, his added middle finger, or with every grope or kiss to your chest, or with every rub to your thighs. He wanted to fuck you too, but he wanted you to work for it. And, fuck, you had to do it.
“I’m so fucking needy, Hyunjin- I can’t help it,” You confessed, letting your pride slip away. “Only you do this to me! I get so fucking wet thinking about you and my fingers can’t fuck me the way I want you to. Please, Hyunjin, please please, I’ve been so good! Please, baby, I-”
The slip of the pet name sent Hyunjin over the edge. Suddenly, he pulled away and ripped your sweatpants and panties completely off of you, exposing your glistening cunt to him. So fucking badly he wanted to lap you up, to press his tongue into you and drink all your juices just like he thought about last night, but right now the pain under his boxers was too intense for him to ignore. Next time though, he thought to himself, I’ll eat her out the entire fucking night. 
With a growl, he dove on top of you again and attached his lips to yours hungrily while driving his clothed cock against your core. A whining mess underneath him and your hands pinned above you, you did nothing but helplessly rut into him, moaning with every rub of his bulge against your clit. You couldn’t help it, and broke away from the kiss.
“Baby, please don’t tease,” you begged quietly. Hyunjin was taken aback, and almost wanted to tease you further, but he couldn’t help but give in to your pout and puppy dog eyes, not to mention your pussy that was soaking his boxers. He obliged and sat up to take his cock out, and you almost gasped at its size. It was so long that his large hands seemed minuscule in comparison. He pumped it slowly, and you let your mind wander at the sight. You and him secretly both fantasized about how your (noticeably smaller) hands would look around his leaking, blushing dick. 
“I’m being a tease, y/n?” he interrogated, “I could have sworn that you were the one who began to rut against me, huh?” he groaned out and you almost could cry at how empty you felt, how you longed for his dick in you and to finally get to cum. 
“I’m s-sorry, Hyunnie,” you murmered, “please, I’ll be good, please, baby.”
Fuck that fucking name.
Hyunjin towered over you and hiked up your legs, placing his hands behind your knees and pressing them down to into your chest. You were spread for him, completely ready to take him. With his hands pinning your knees up to your chest, forcing your arms down into the bed and your smushing your exposed breasts together, you had no choice but to let yourself be revealed to him. 
“I’ll go easy y/n,” He said as he slid his dick back and forth through your heat, making you plead for him.
“Go as hard as you want, baby,” you responded. 
You second guessed your words as the pain of the stretch washed over.  Hyunjin’s mind was lost in how good your pussy surrounded him, your whines music to his ears. Slowly he sank into you, every inch making you silently gasp, and he pushed his eyes together and fought every urge not to cum right then and there. Soon, he completely bottomed out in you, rocking slightly to allow your tightness adjust to his size. You sat there, his cock in you as you tried to get out an audible moan. The pain soon turned into pleasure and you began to rut yourself into him again, Hyunjin taking this as a sign to pull out slowly and push in again at a quicker pace.
“So precious and adorable, drooling for me,” Hyunjin mumbled out in a hush breath as he composed himself, trying not to immediately fuck into you at an unforgiving pace.
Every pump into you made you yelp slightly as Hyunjin kept singing sweet praises to you. “My pretty, cute girl,” hyunjin praised, “such a good girl for her sweet baby, rewarding me so nicely.” The words rolled off of his lips as they brush yours, which were left stuttering with every stroke of his cock. A few moments later Hyunjin began to speed up as you became adjusted to his size. Well, as "adjusted” as you could be. He was big but, still, the stretch was fucking heavenly. Delicious, sweet pleasure began to run through your body as Hyunjin groped you with every thrust, your juices mixing together and the sounds of your moans filling the room.
You couldn’t take it anymore. “Please, baby, faster,” you pleaded. 
She’s too good to me. Hyunjin thought as he picked up the pace upon request, his aggressive action showing his eagerness. 
“Fuck, Hyunjin- I-”, you managed to get out. At first, he had peacefully rocked into you. Now, his speed was almost relentless. You moaned as his girth filling you, at him bottoming out with every push back into your heat. Tingling began to fill you and Hyunjin noticed as your pussy clenched harder, encouraging him to quicken his pace and keep going. It felt like you were almost fucking him as you ricocheted from his force.
“Hyun-jin-ie,” you whined out the syllables between the snaps of his hips. Despite the building pressure in the pit of your stomach, and Hyunjin’s beautiful groans mixed with the occasional laugh at your feeble state, you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. His eyes were fixated on you when he wasn’t holding them shut from pleasure, staring at you body with a hungry gaze: your tits bouncing with every shove of his cock into your pussy, how he disappeared into you, the blush on your cheeks- he loved it all. Not to mention the sounds of your whines and moans, which filled the room and somehow managed to cover the sound of his cock pistoning into you. But, he still wanted more. “I- pl-please Hyunjin I c-c-can’t I-” you hiccuped.
“Baby you’re doing so good,” he panted back, reassuring you. “You’re so- fuck -so fucking cute like this, oh fuck...” As he got lost in the feel of your plush walls, and despite the current state you were in, you found yourself turning into an even bigger blushing mess at the comment he made towards you. You were almost about to cry, not only from the defenceless state you were in, but from the fact that he liked you like this. Pressing your eyes shut only amplified the sensation of his cock viciously dragging against your walls and the sounds of him fucking you. You were getting lost in the pleasure, your nipples perking up as they dragged across your pinned legs, your body jostling with each thrust of his cock into you. 
“I’m your baby, right?” Hyunjin asked, snapping you back into reality. You looked at him with the biggest, most confused eyes, which only made him groan louder as it amplified your helpless state. “I’m your precious little baby right? Your cute little baby that you always make feel so good, right- oh fuck!”  His words were almost said teasingly, with the pout of his lips and the cute inflection in his voice. He was mocking you, and it felt degrading in the best way. 
“Hyunjinie, ah- oh fuck,” you gasped. “It’s not like that it’s- Ah!” You yelped as you felt Hyunjin get deeper into you. With the switch of his arm placements, he was now holding your legs down behind your knees with a single arm, making him press closer and deeper into you, while his other arm roamed free. “Hyunjinie I- ah!” You felt a sharp slap to your thigh. The lingering sensation made the tears start streaming prickling your eyes. You looked up at your boyfriend’s glistening face with doe eyes, but his were almost cold if not for the hint of pleasure lingering in them from the hit.
“That’s not my name,” he growled. You looked back, confused, fuelling his aggression. “What’s that name you always call me, hmm? C’mon, y/n, I know you know it. Say it, say it.” Somehow, though he slowed his pace, it only made the pleasure more noticeable, his thrusts becoming more controlled, more precise, harder. 
oh fuck, you thought, the name? uhh... ummh.. mmm... 
You could barely think as his cock dragged all coherent thoughts out of you. You whined and groaned, searching your mind before you became completely lost. Another slap broke you from your trance.
“Say it.” Hyunjin demanded. With the raise of his hand again to your reddening, soft thigh, you finally brought yourself out of the hypnotizing thrusts of his dick.
“Baby! Please, I’ll be good! just wanna cum,” you hiccuped. Suddenly, his eyes went wide, blinking and becoming softer with the lowering of his hand, his hips still keeping a steady pace. 
“That’s right, I’m your precious baby, huh?” He teased, picking up the pace of his motions and allowing you to calm down, but also making you lose yourself in his rhythms. “You’re so cute like that. So cute like this. And I’m your baby, so you gotta take care of me, hmm?” he teased, “Take care of me, yeah, take care of your precious Hyunjinnie.” He still mocked and teased you, but every praise, every sting of mockery, you loved. With sweat pouring out of him, he still managed to pick up his pace, with you pressing your eyes shut in response. “Fuck, but you’re my baby now, huh? You like being like this, don’t you? You like my cock turning you into my own little slut, my own little cocksleeve, hmm?”
“N-no! I’m a good girl! I’m-” you shut up as you felt Hyunjin slap your thigh again .
“No.... Y/n... you’re almost as cute as when I made you admit it: that you’re perfect, that your pussy is the only one for me. Now, I want you to say that you love my cock, that you love the way your pussy feels around me, that you love me, that you think you’re so fucking cute like this, huh?” Hyunjin’s tone was almost maniacal as he used his spare hand to aggressively rub your clit, making you moan out as your tears poured down your face from the over stimulation. 
“Baby, please,” you hiccuped out as your pussy throbbed in pain from the constant pressure Hyunjin was making you endure. Suddenly, you heard a growl erupt from Hyunjin’s lips, so you opened your teary eyes to see the man above you, towering over your crushed form with nothing but desire in his eyes, a devouring nature consuming him.
“Say it.” he demanded. 
Overwhelming neediness overtook you, and you lost all composure.
“Fuck yes, then baby, fuck, yes!” you yelled out, finally responding to him. “I’m perfect! I’m your perfect little pocket pussy who makes you feel so goddamn good. I loved being used by you and being your little slut! Now please, Hyunjin- baby, please let me cum!” 
Lost in your words, Hyunjin groaned out as his unbearable place somehow managed to quicken again. Nimble fingers returned to your sensitive, aching clit to viciously rub you as he passionately kissed you. Your moans were lost against his lips, and the building in you became obvious.
“Then come, baby, come all over me,” Hyunjin breathed out, breaking the kiss. With his permission, you finally release yourself as you hit your climax. Relief mixed with overstimulation hit you as your back arched, his dick diving even deeper than before. Hyunjin moan’s out and you feel his cum coat your walls, you juices and his mixing together. 
His arms quiver and with a shaky breath he carefully lets himself collapse on you, slipping his dick out so the liquids leak out onto your bed. Panting heavily together, you lay not speaking to one another, your minds trying to catch up with what just happened.
“... baby?” You asked between hot gulps for air. 
“Yeah?” Hyunjin responded, face planted in the crevice of your neck and shoulder, barely moving as he tries to compose himself.
“Thank you,” you tell him, slowly rubbing his back while he rubs your trembling, sore legs. Gathering his strength and sitting up on his arms, he looks into your drowsy eyes and pecks your lips.
“No, thank you y/n,” he mumbles with adoration coating his words. “C’mon, let’s clean you up.”
Hyunjin stared at your sleeping form, your chest slowly rising underneath his oversized shirt. Despite the darkness of the room, the lights from the city illuminated your figure, acting as a sort of night-light for Hyunjin. He stared at you, pride and love filling his chest, but also a rising feeling of what was to come. Even though he dreaded the possibility of you doubting your beauty or despising your figure, he did long for the time to show you how much he loved you. To show you that every inch of you was desired, but that only he was allowed to have you. 
Hyunjin couldn’t help but to think of all the things he wanted to do with you now that your sex life had begun. He wanted you begging for his cum down your throat, for you to crush his face, to lap up your juices, to fuck you with toys all day so you were ready for him as soon as you got home. It sounded so fucking nice, and Hyunjin almost grew hard at the thought but stopped at the ache of his cock. As the wincing pain went away, he glanced back to your peaceful face and smiled. The idea of “next time” sounded so good. 
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philomaay · 9 months ago
Anything with Hwang Junho really, maybe some jealousy towards reader?
Ooooooo jealousy
Danger danger.
Character: Hwang Junho x gn!reader
Summary: Junho despises the way Sangwoo is controlling you.
Warnings: possessive Junho, making out, a little hand action(lol Idk)
A/n: this is like a small follow-up from Found you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Junho's desire to shoot someone has never been more aching than now. It felt like an itch that couldn't be scratched. A pain in your stomach that never disappeared. His gut told him 'shoot, shoot, shoot!' as if his brain cheered on him to make the shot. It was unbearable to watch you consume in player 218's ideas and Junho could do nothing to stop it.
He stood there along with the other guards, watching over the players as they listened to a speech that one of the rectangular guards gave. He didn't listen though, no, he had his eyes on number 218 and how close the player was sitting next to you.
There have been times where Junho was jealous, but he's good at hiding it. But now it flared more and more inside him.
“The next game will be revealed tomorrow.”
And with that, the guards began to leave the location, most likely to head back into their rooms to sleep. Luckily Junho will be guarding tonight, which meant that you'll have your usual meet-up in the bathroom.
He watched as you searched for him amongst the guards, but you could never tell which one he was. He gulped, and with a subtle hint, he lifted his index finger, indicating that it's him. And you caught onto it, smiling at him.
Then, all the guards left.
“W-Wait,” You breathed, trying to push Junho away but he kept you locked between the sink and his body, not giving you a chance to get fresh air as he licked, sucked, bit your neck. “Junho.”
He said nothing, not even a glance at your way as he ripped the jacket off your body and throwing it where his mask laid on the floor. His hand found its way down your pants, making you grip his wrist tightly as a sign for him to take it easy but he continued to assault your skin with roughness. The way he handled you made your mind fog into a hazy space, letting yourself be completely submitted to him.
“Tell me,” He grumbled, voice and breath hoarse. “Who is number 218?”
“Huh?” You mumbled, closing your eyes in deep pleasure while he kissed the skin below your ear. “Number...you mean Sangwoo?”
Sangwoo. Junho will remember that name.
“Don't say his name,” He pressed a kiss on your lips, and you let out a small gasp of surprise. He rested his forehead on yours. “I don't want to hear it.”
You wanted to giggle at his obvious jealousy but you only smiled and nodded.
“I won't.”
He gave you a lopsided grin and shoved his hand inside of your underwear, making you gasp loudly.
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andvys · 3 days ago
Fourth of July
Tumblr media
Warnings: angst, mentions of depression and anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts?, mention of alcohol and drug use, fluff at the end 
Pairing: Eddie Munson x female hopper!reader (reader is adopted) 
*not proofread!
You have experienced so much loss in your life. So much that it made you feel nothing and yet everything at once. Everything bad. 
You wake up crying, every night. Drenched in sweat, gasping for air as you’re clutching your chest. It takes a few minutes for you to calm down but it really feels like hours. Hours of replaying your nightmares even though you’re trying to forget them, so desperately.
You see the faces of the people you lost, the people that died or left. Every night, you hear their screams as they are getting torn apart by whatever it is down there and you know your mind is playing tricks on you, considering that half of those people you see in your dreams are still alive. They are still here and so are you even though you catch yourself thinking you wish you weren't. 
You wish you weren't here.
All you felt was pain, this agonizing kind of pain that made every little thing so unbearable but you told yourself to hold on, that there was more than just this pain. 
The pain that never seemed to stop. 
Blinking, you stare at the heavy rain hitting the windows. Single droplets streaming down the glass, just the way your tears stream down your face whenever you wake up crying. 
You drown out the teacher’s voice or the ringing of the bell. Not even noticing that everyone is packing up and leaving the classroom. 
You don’t even know why you’re here, at school. 
Your bad grades and failed classes have forced you to stay behind, repeating your senior year; if someone had told you this one year ago, you would have laughed in their face and called them crazy. Your grades were good and you have never, ever failed a class in your life. 
That is until you lost your dad. 
Everything just changed after he was gone. 
It wasn't the same anymore. 
You shut everyone out, pushed your friends away. Not because you wanted them out of your life but because you weren't ready for them to see you this way and you weren't ready to lose someone else. 
You felt as though you were a curse. Everyone who got too close to you, ended up getting hurt or worse. They died. 
Your dad called himself a curse once and maybe it wasn't actually him. Maybe it was you. 
The rain is falling, freely. 
Just like it did that night you watched Joyce walk out of the mall without him, without your dad.
Tearing your eyes away from the window, you look up to find Nancy standing in front of you, looking at you in concern. 
Furrowing your brows, you look around the now empty classroom. You were so deep in thought, you didn't even hear the bell ringing. You don't notice anything anymore. 
Looking back at your friend, you mumble a quiet ‘hey’ as you get up. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind you ear, you grab your history book. 
“Are you okay?” 
“Yeah, just kinda tired.” you lie as you force a smile on your face. 
Nancy eyes your expression, noticing the dark circles under your eyes, the dull look in your eyes and the tired expression on your face. You are suffering. She knows you’re lying about your feelings, that you refuse to open up and she worries about you, she worries about her best friend. 
“Nightmares?” she asks carefully as you both walk out of the classroom. 
“Uh- n-no, just, staying up late to study. I need to fix my grades and I’m behind on some stuff.” you lie, again. That’s all you seem to be doing lately. 
Lying about your feelings, lying about your wellbeing, lying about your nightmares.
It’s all just lies now. 
Hell, you’re even lying to yourself. Telling yourself that you’re fine. That you will be okay. Eventually. 
Nancy nods, pretending to believe your lies. She isn't stupid, she knows you and she knows that you’re an awful liar when it comes to your feelings. You always get that look in your eyes, that guilty one before you look away to avoid eye contact. 
“Hey, would you like to have a sleepover tonight? Just like old times?” Nancy asks, opening the door to the cafeteria, she glances back at you to find you with a skeptic expression on your face, one that gives your answer away already and while she respected your decisions and the distance you needed after what happened last year, she started to feel frustrated with you. Not because she was angry at you but because she was worried about you. Worried about her best friend “we could watch a movie, paint our finger nails and listen to whatever music you want.” she adds. 
Your eyes soften at her suggestion, a sad smile tugging at your lips as you think about all the sleepovers you used to have together. How careless and happy you were when things were.. so much simpler. 
You miss it. 
You would have loved to have a sleepover but the thought of getting a nightmare during one and giving away the state you’re in kept you from saying ‘yes’ so you came up with a lie. As always. 
Guilt creeps up on you as you see the sad look in her eyes. 
“B-But we can go to the movies if you want.” you offer as you sit down at one of the less crowded tables in the cafeteria. 
Her eyes light up at your words, a smile appearing on her face “yes! that would be perfect.” 
You smile at your friend as she starts suggesting all the movies you could watch. 
Feelings eyes on you, you glance around the bustling room curiously until your eyes lock with his.
Eddie Munson. 
His dark eyes locked on you, he’s staring. As if he is staring into your soul, trying to figure you out. 
Blinking, you’re unable to look away from him, his eyes, his glance, he, he pulls you in. 
You miss him. 
The two of you got assigned to a project a few months before your life changed so drastically. 
He was funny and sweet. He made you laugh more than anyone else did and he made you happy. He was amazing and the short time you spent with him as your friend, was the best. 
But you were unaware of his feelings for you. 
Eddie who spent most of his high school years longing for you, was hopelessly in love with you. 
The moment he laid his eyes on you all these years back, he knew. He knew you were the one.
He felt like the luckiest man alive when you were assigned as partners and he felt even more lucky when you continued hanging out with him even after you were done with the project.
Nights spent with music and late night drives turned into a routine over the summer and it was perfect, so perfect. 
Until the 4th of July happened. 
And everything changed. 
You changed. 
And you distanced yourself from him, from everyone. 
And you never let him back in. 
You stare at each other, for what feels like forever, neither of you seem to be able to look away from one another. God, you miss him so much. 
The sad gaze his eyes hold is enough for your broken heart to crack even further, tears prickle in the corners of your eyes causing you to tear your eyes away from him, looking down at your hands as you try to focus on Nancy’s voice again but you can still feel his eyes on you. 
The rain is pouring down on you, mixing in with your tears. Your clothes are drenched, your hair falling in front of your face as you’re walking through the empty streets of Hawkins. 
Your heart is racing and you’re barely able to catch your breath, feeling as though you ran all the way here even though you only walked.
This wasn't supposed to happen. 
After your night at the movies with Nancy, the two of you shared a few drinks- maybe a few too many but you felt good, better than you did in a while and you finally managed to enjoy life, again. 
Until you came back home. 
The moment you stepped into the empty and cold house and you walked past your dads room- what used to be his room, your heart just dropped. You felt sick to your stomach. 
If he was still here, he would have lectured you about coming home so late, especially after all the things that happened in this town.
But he wasn't here anymore.
And this wasn't your home anymore. It didn't feel like it now that he was gone.
You’re tired, so so tired of feeling this way. 
You left the house, not even caring about the raging storm. You just started walking, letting your feet take you wherever.
You didn’t care about the cold rain on your skin. If anything, it felt nice, at least it felt better than waking up drenched in sweat because of nightmares. 
Strumming his guitar, Eddie is staring at his wall blankly. His thoughts occupied by you, the way they always are. 
It’s been almost a year since you came into his life and left just as quickly. He couldn't blame you though. You lost your dad and you needed some time alone, he respected that but seeing you around school and not being able to just go up to you and pull you into his arms the way he always wants to, drives him insane. 
He cares about you in a way he never cared for anyone. 
Loud knocking echoes through his trailer. Furrowing his brows, Eddie looks at the clock on his table 2:31 AM. Who comes knocking at 2 AM in the morning? 
Putting his guitar down, he gets up, sighing as he walks through his trailer. 
He sighs in annoyance as the knocking continues. 
“I’m coming!” 
Ready to yell at whoever decided to knock on his door at this hour, Eddie pulls open his door, about to open his mouth to tell the person on the other side to fuck off but when his eyes lock with yours, his words get caught in his throat. 
Standing there, you are shaking from the cold rain, your clothes are drenched, your bottom lip is trembling and he can’t tell whether it’s tears running down your face or if it’s the rain. 
He mumbles your name, staring at you worriedly. Grabbing your arm he pulls you into his warm trailer.
“(Y/n), w-what are you doing here? Did something happen? Are you okay?” he rambles as he puts his hand on your shoulders, eying you in concern. 
Your glassy eyes give away that you have been crying all the way here, the side alone is enough to make his heart ache. 
“I’m gonna grab you a towel or blanket.” he mumbles but before he can make a move, you grab his hand, mumbling a quiet ‘no’. 
Looking down at your hand, he notices how badly you are shaking. Worry creeps up on him as he eyes you slowly. Cupping your hand with his other one, he steps closer to you. 
“I-I don’t- I’m okay.” you stutter as you grip his hand tightly, looking around the room nervously “I just- c-can you give me something?” 
Eddie furrows his brows at your words “w-what?” 
He feels stupid for asking, by the look in your eyes, he already knows what you want from him. 
You sigh, another tear escaping your eye “drugs, pills anything, please.” you whisper, looking away in shame. This wasn't like you. You didn't even recognize your own voice as you uttered those words but you want to escape reality even if it’s just for a short while. 
You want to fall asleep without having to worry about yet another nightmare. 
Eddie’s face twisted, sadness clouding his features as he looks at you, taking in your state, he notices that you’re not even shaking from the rain, your lip isn't trembling from the cold. You’re anxious, panicked even. You look scared and tired at the same time and now that you’re standing right in front of him, he can see you. 
He can see how you are still suffering. 
Your eyes look dull despite the tears in them. You look tired, as if you haven't slept in weeks and you looked as though you were near a goddamn panic attack. 
“I- drinks don’t help a-and I can’t take sleeping pills, they don't help and if I take too many, I-I won't-” you hesitated as your eyes met his, even through your blurred vision, you can still see the worry and confusion in his eyes. 
“You won’t wake up.” he nods, finishing your sentence. He grows even more concerned as you stare at him with this broken look in your eyes. 
Something tells him that you wouldn't even care if you didn't end up waking up. 
But he cares, he cares so much, it would break him if something happened to you. 
“So please, give me something, Eddie, I don’t care what it is, j-just please, I need it.” you beg as tears roll down your cheek.
A wave of sadness came over him. He has never seen you like this, so broken, so fragile and so desperate for something that you would have never touched one year ago. 
You rarely ever had any alcohol, let alone touched any of his weed but now you were asking for drugs? 
Eddie shakes his head, his brows pulled together. He will give you anything you want. Anything but this. 
A sigh leaves your lips. The thought of having to go home and crying yourself to sleep only to wake up sobbing because of your taunting nightmares made you feel so defeated. 
“Please Eddie, please.” you cry, not even caring about how miserable you looked. Your tears are falling freely as you look into his large sad eyes. Letting go of his hand, you put your hand into the pockets of your jeans, not even noticing how badly your hands are shaking. 
“Here.” grabbing the dollar bills, you hold them against his chest “you can have anything you want.” you cry, your voice so heavy with emotions.
Eddie sighs deeply, closing his eyes for a moment, he takes a deep breath, taking your hand in his, he opens his eyes as he pushes the money towards you again “no.” he repeats. 
He won't lose you to this. Not you. 
“You can have anything you want from me, sweetheart but not this.” 
The way you so desperately asked him for this, basically throwing your money at him whilst looking at him with those teary eyes of yours, gave away the broken state you are in. Making him even more worried about you. 
You huff as you close your eyes. A pained expression on your face as you take a step back. Pulling your hand out of his, you nod softly. You feel defeated.
“Okay.” you whisper, trying to blink away your tears “I'm sorry.” you mumble, you look into his eyes one more time before you turn around to leave but before you can take a step forward, he grabs your hand, whispering your name softly.
“Talk to me, sweetheart.” he whispers. 
You stand with your back to him, breathing heavily. You want to, you just want to let everything out but you can't. You can’t tell him what actually happened. 
He can tell that you’re about to refuse, telling him that there's nothing to talk about but he won't let you go, not again. 
Stepping closer to you, he lets go of your hand, instead he brushes your wet hair out of your face, wiping your tears away, his touch is so soft, so warm and comforting. 
Cupping your cheeks, he tilts your head up so you look him in the eyes. 
“I’m here okay? You can talk to me o-or if that’s not what you want then we can just hang out, we can listen to some music or just drive around like we did last year?” he suggests as he looks at you with hopeful eyes “we can do whatever you want, whatever helps you feel better but taking that shit won't help darling, it won't numb the pain it'll just make everything worse for you and I don’t what for you.” 
Furrowing your brows, you stare at him for the longest time, your eyes boring into his. He rubs your cheek with his thumb as he waits for you to say something. 
“I-I don’t want to numb the pain, I just- I just want to sleep-” you trail off. Sighing as you notice the confused expression on his face “I want to sleep and not dream about anything.” 
Realization dawns on his face. 
“Every goddamn night, I-I get these horrible dreams and I can’t do it anymore, Eddie. I feel like I’m going insane.” your voice cracks, closing your eyes you look down as you feel yourself beginning to cry again. 
“Oh y/n.” Eddie breaths, pulling you into his arms, he hugs you close to his chest, rubbing your back with his left hand, his right hand goes to cup the back of your head as he kisses the top of your head “it’s okay, I got you sweetheart.” he whispers as he listens to your cries. 
Wrapping your arms around him, you cling to him, holding him tightly as you cry into his chest. 
“I got you.” he whispers, over and over again.
Your clothes are still wet, cold on your body as they stick to your skin uncomfortably but right in this moment you feel warm, safe and secure. 
You feel comfortable in his arms. 
“Let me help you.” he whispers as calm down after a while.
“Stay with me tonight, you can sleep here and I’ll watch over you, I’ll wake you up if anything happens.” 
Your eyes soften at his suggestion “I’d like that.” 
A smile tugs at his lips, his eyes lighting up. Leaning in, he kisses your forehead softly “come on.” he whispers, taking your hand in his, he leads you into his bedroom. 
Eddie gave you his favorite shirt to wear, his sacred Black Sabbath shirt. Sitting on his bed, you look around the room, nothing has changed since the last time you were here.
Your eyes fall on a piece of paper laying on top of one of his books on his desk. You don’t need to move closer to recognize your handwriting but you get up anyways, picking up the piece of paper, you unfold it fully, it was the note you gave him when the two of you were assigned as partners during history class, last year. 
You were too nervous to speak to him, so you wrote him a little note and slid it over to him. 
Wanna study at my place tonight? 7pm?
- Y/n
It was nothing special, a simple little note. Just a piece of paper but he kept it. 
Because you gave it to him. 
The thought of him keeping something so small from you made your heart flutter. 
“I made you hot chocolate.” Eddie says as he comes back into his room “the best hot chocolate of Hawkins.” he adds.
Putting the note down, you turn around to find him staring at you. A soft look in his eyes, his cheeks flushed as he looks at you.
The butterflies flutter in his stomach, his heart skips a beat. Standing there in the middle of his room with just his shirt on; you are the prettiest girl to him. 
Walking towards him, you smile nervously as your eyes lock “can I try?” you ask, your eyes flicker to his lips for a second.
“The best hot chocolate of Hawkins.” you whisper, making him chuckle. 
“Of course, doll.” he chuckles, smiling at you. 
He hands you the mug. Your fingers brush his as you take it from him. You smile softly unaware that such a small action from you is enough to make him weak in the knees. 
He loves you. He loves you so much that it hurt when he couldn't be next to you. 
“Oh wow.” you mumble after taking a sip of the sweet beverage “that really is the best hot chocolate.” you say making him smile. 
“Told you so.” he shrugs with a smirk on his face. 
You chuckle, taking another sip before you put the mug down on his table, next to the note. Turning around again, you stare at him for the longest time, eyeing soft expression on his face. 
You missed him so much. 
You just want to throw your arms around him and never let go again and without a second thought you step closer to him, wrapping your arms around his waist, you lean your head against his chest “I miss you, Eddie.” 
“I miss you too, y/n, like crazy.” he whispers as you wraps his arms around you, holding you tightly against him. He longed for this, for you in his arms and now you were finally here, with him. 
Looking up at him, your eyes lock, you can’t stop the guilty feeling that creeps up in you. You pushed him away even though you never wanted to but you didn't want him to see you this way, you didn't want to be a burden on him but now as you look into his eyes, you know he would never think of you as that; a burden. 
He cares for you, deeply. You can feel it and you can see it in his eyes. Even when he was just staring at you from afar. 
You always felt it.
Your hands move up to his neck, standing on your tippy toes, you stare at him for the longest time, just gazing into his eyes. 
His hands cup your cheeks softly “y/n” he whispers as he leans in closer, his lips almost touching yours now.
You close the gap between the two of you and press your lips against his as your eyes close. 
His eyes flutter close. his heart skips a beat at the feeling of your lips against his. Pulling you in even closer, he kisses you back with all the love he has for you. 
The kiss is soft yet passionate. Filled with raw emotions and it just feels right, it feels perfect. 
You feel safe in his embrace. 
At home. 
Right at this moment, you know, that as long as you have him, nothing and no one can hurt you. 
@twdimagining 💞
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quinnfender · 14 days ago
you deserve better - joseph quinn
author’s note: had a request from a lovely user here who wanted to read about single mother and joseph quinn being a stepfather. also, bear in mind that i might have got very personal and way too open with the intro storyline (no, i don’t have a child) so no judgement. feedback is always welcomed! also, I haven’t done proof-reading so be patient with that one because my dyslexia is the worst lol
pairing: joseph quinn x fem!reader
rating: i would say 18+ so no minors!
warnings: toxic relationship, mentions of birth, miscarriage, shagging, cheating and depression, lowercase letters
summary: you had a child from your last relationship but you had to leave your ex behind due to his cheating with another lass and him being a control freak. some months later, you meet up with joseph quinn through mutual friends.
Tumblr media
it was a nightmare relationship with your ex-boyfriend mark. during that relationship, you both were having multiple fights until you realised why these were happening so often. first, the reason was because you had to fly to your home country to visit your parents and he lied to your face about his location. you knew that he was not at home while you were waiting to board the plane but he was shagging around with another lass in a hotel. the arguments and stress from the lies also led you to have a miscarriage but this is something you had never told anyone about. but when you came back to the uk, you and your ex had a pity shag which was an unprotected one. after that you knew you had to push yourself away from that toxic man. but this did not stop him verbally manipulating you. you wanted to keep the pregnancy from him because he did not deserve to know it even though he had seeded his warm liquid in you. but something broke in you and you had to tell his fucking idiotic ass that he was the father of the child you were carrying.
the labour part of giving birth to your child was long and tiring. at the end of the day, you had given birth to a healthy baby girl, morgan katariina (y/l/n), who brought the smile on you for ages. you were mentally killing yourself with the thought of having a child with a cheating ex-boyfriend because you could not tell your child that her father is a daft bellend and fucked around with another lass. it had to end there. you didn’t even allow him to enter the labour theatre as you could not face his presence and it would make all other pain and situation more painful and unbearable as giving birth and pushing out an actual human being was already too much for your body. 
the first three months were mentally and physically just fucking awful and exhausting. your ex’s constant text messages were becoming very fucking annoying and made you madly anxious because he wanted to see his child as well but you said to yourself that it would hurt you and morgan as you had already gone through so much shit. obviously, there were some baby morgan problems as well - she couldn’t poop properly which meant she had some gastrointestinal problems and it physically hurt you to see your child being in so much discomfort but at least these started to have an end when you realised that it’s a common thing, actually. you gave yourself a hard time constantly because you didn’t know most of the things how to be a mother. 
the first three months were mentally just fucking awful. your ex’s constant text messages were becoming very frequent because he wanted to see his child as well but you said to yourself that it would hurt you and morgan as you had already gone through so much shit. obviously, there were some baby morgan problems as well - she couldn’t poop properly which meant she had some gastrointestinal problems and it physically hurt you to see your child being in so much discomfort but at least these started to have an end when you realised that it’s a common thing, actually. you gave yourself a hard time constantly because you didn’t know most of the things how to be a mother.
the next other three months when morgan katariina was turning six months old, she started to babble a lot and roll around on her play mat. it was those teeny tiny moments that made you realise that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. you just wanted the best for your child. also, on the positive side, you had not heard from your shitty ex-boyfriend for a while which gave your mind some peace but it didn’t mean that his actions were probably finished - you were still terrified that he might just come and knock on your door to “justify” his bullshit excuses.
you truly wished your own mother could come and assist you but she could only do it on different video chat platforms. you were indeed grateful for these important events but it was not the same as her being right next to you and holding her granddaughter. you wanted and yearned for that motherly love yourself. 
as you felt depressive enough, you finally took the courage inviting some of your friends over. it was a huge milestone for yourself as you wanted to move on and live in a “world” where you did not feel afraid to push yourself forward. you held morgan on your hip and hugged her softly, saying that mum has some friends visiting today and of course, as she was only some months old baby, she just bursted out different babbled sounds which melt your heart. 
you had put morgan into her crib to have some nap while you were preparing the table and made the house look more cosy so it didn’t look like you had been living in a shithole for months after your child’s birth. some snacks, decorations and bottles of drinks were set on the table here and there in the dining room. most of the household stuff were just thrown into the room where you hold just some weird stuff that you don’t use anymore. it is obviously “prohibited” for the guests to go there but there’s nothing explicit that they should be terrified of.
the guests had arrived as you heard the knocks on the door. you quickly adjusted your outfit and smoothed out the wrinkles in your top. you opened the door and you met the exciting faces of your two friends from your teenage years and also one strange lad. 
“oh my days, it is so good to see you,” said (your/best friend’s/name no.1 - y/bf 1/n) as they hugged you, holding a cheese plate in one hand. the other best friend, (your other best friend’s name - y/bf 2/n) was waiting impatiently behind (y/bf 1/n) and thrilled to give you a hug as well. the stranger lad was just giggling to himself and couldn’t stop smiling. you invited them all in and placed the plate full of cheese next to our food products on the table. you told them to feel like at home.
“so, y/n,” (y/bf 2/n) murmured, “this is joseph - he is a friend of mine from LAMDA times, he had a massive role in that netflix show, what was it called?” they turned to joseph to give out the answer.
“stranger things,” joe responded and licked his pinkish lips. you nodded and kept listening to your bestie’s story about how crazy their drama school years were and how much they missed you. you responded with an astonishing emotion and said the same, explaining why basically everything had changed in your life. they both, not joe though, were aware that you had given birth and of course, they wanted to see the little miracle. 
“morgan should be awake any time soon. sometimes it varies a lot how long she naps - but generally, she is very great sleeper now. obviously, she wakes up during the night and stuff but that’s normal, i guess.”
you were enjoying the different types of cheese that your friends and joe had brought, clearly brought some ratatouille moments in you. the tasty moment was cut short with morgan’s wake up cry.
“excuse me, i believe someone has woken up,” you giggled and paced up the stairs to get your beautiful child. you held morgan in your arms, rocked her a bit and made it your way downstairs to introduce her to the guests. every single guest of yours went “awwwwww” on a soft note like she was a superstar in the dining room. you told them not kiss her because you were not sure what bacteria they were holding onto and like that. you positioned morgan into her high chair and gave her some carrots and strawberries to feed and crunch. 
you noticed that morgan was trying to hold on the carrot but she dropped it on joe’s knee which made you geniunely chuckle. his quick glimpse at you made him feel joyful. it literally just felt like there were only you, morgan and joe in this bubble, like your own little world. he had been a bit quiet but i guess morgan’s carrot dropping opened him up a bit. he created some funny airplane moves with his hand while holding the piece of carrot and placed into morgan’s hand. the little child was enjoying way too much as she was bouncing with her arms on the high chair’s desk.
“it seems like morgan is really enjoying your company, joe,” you mentioned it to him, feeling very sound that your daughter is finding comfort in someone. she is usually very bossy around majority of the people who she meets with but this is pretty much the first time you have seen and noticed that your child is being relaxed someone or some people.
joseph couldn’t stop noticing how pleased and composed you were. he did catch you looking at him occasionally while you were chatting with your friends and also just make sure that morgan is doing alright. joe admired how strong and adequate single mother you were as he has not really met someone like you. he wished he had child or children of his own but he was just single and also the previous pressure and stress from work would not let him to be at home at all times. joe is a family-oriented man but respectful when it comes to having a child because he understands that he wouldn’t go through the pain and weight of having a baby smashing organs and shit, it would be his future partner doing that and he wants to be there every step and moment for them, if it ever happened.
you cleaned up all the mess that morgan had created and took off her pinafore so she could be put on her play mat. you invited the guests into the living room as well, your besties were enjoying that cheap tesco chenin blanc wine you had bought and just admiring you taking care of morgan. you sat down next to her and gave her a soft choo-choo train toy so she could just chew it and shit. because you only had two-seated sofa in your living room, joseph took a seat next to the other side of the play mat. morgan was cooing and babbling to herself - that’s what you believe, but actually she was trying to have a conversation with joe. you couldn’t put your finger on it why she kept doing that - by that you meant: wanting to have a “chat” with joe. maybe it was because she had never met or still had a father figure in her life? you were glad to see that she was liking joe a lot but you both had just met him.
morgan katariina was moving her eyebrows up and down while doing her “aah”, “uuh”, “oooh”, “eeeh” sounds. joe was just so amused and all over it. he also answered in his own way.
“i know, little one, you’re very lucky to have such a loving and beautiful mum.”
you fetched up your head to look at joe because of what you heard. you haven’t perceived those words for a long time. this made you realise that you might have started to develop something for a complete stranger.
joe continued with his conversation with morgan: “if your mommy is allowing and will agree with it, maybe we can meet again and also your gorgeous mommy will agree to come and have some coffee with us, uh? what do you think?” morgan just responded with “ahh prffff” and something you have never heard - “dada”.
you were in a shock. “she has never said these syllables!” you ran your fingers through your hair, absolutely speechless what has just happened. both y/bf 1/n and y/bf 2/n were just in a silly goofy mood from the wine and adding that maybe joe is the one for you. you took it as a joke initially but maybe this was the heureka moment for you to realise that this was the turning point of moving on and actually finding someone, again.
you called upon joe and asked him: “do you want to go out for a coffee or something?”
joe didn’t even hesitate with his response: “i was literally about to ask if you are going to answer my question because two of us have been waiting for that!”
you laughed and gave your affirmative acknowledge. the evening ended with morgan falling asleep, your besties calling uber, but you let joe stay a bit longer as you wanted to know more about him. that one night changed your mood completely and you were proud of yourself for organising that little meet up. joe described his actor life and what pros and cons are there. you spilled the beans about your previous relationship and how everything happened and blah blah.
a few months later, when morgan had turned one year old, joe and you were officially in a relationship. initially, you were sceptic about it but joe took his time to earn his trust in you. he was also able to see morgan katariina to take her first steps which is a core memory of yours both now. the little morgan is a happy, bubbly, sometimes sassy toddler who has finally encountered that (not like she can detect or remember this) joe is the father figure that she needed in her life. of course, he is not the biological one and the time where she starts asking all the “important” questions, joe is certain that he is capable of answering them truthfully and logically. you had understood the fact that you had managed to find love in yourself and obtained the peace within your body, mind and self. it’s not like your depression was fully “cured” but you didn’t feel hurt, isolation and morose on daily basis anymore. you loved joe, you truly did. he was the one who you had been looking for. someone who is there for you and morgan katariina. you didn’t feel like being a single mother was a shitshow, now it felt like being something positive and loving.
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sushisoot · 7 months ago
▸ crewboys: how they act around their crush ⊹ ꜜ .ᐟ ❜
cc!crewboys x reader [ dream, george, sapnap, quackity, and karl ]
Tumblr media
ᵔᴗᵔ ⧣ warnings: cursing. ???. that's all i think.
ᵔᴗᵔ ⧣ notes: i can never seem to write short hcs like they always end up being too long help (pain and suffering) anyway enjoy :D very fluffy!!!! no beta cus no beta
Tumblr media
DREAM ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
flirty. absolutely ruthless. you poor soul.
he knows the power he has with his voice and his words so he uses it as much as he can, making sure to leave you a mess every time. someone tell him to calm down.
tbh he doesn't know what he's doing but he's enjoying your reactions because it's fun seeing you stammer over a failed comeback after one of his genius pick-up lines.
loooves having you support him when he's in a competition. really gets him going. in fact, his teammates encourage you to go watch him. just because they know he will not mess anything up to look good.
"i mean, i'm just saying. i think i only won when you cheered for me in dodgebolt, so why not do that more often?"
"dream, for the love of god, just end the fucking stream it's been two hours since mcc ende—"
he did end the stream but stayed in call just to coax out praises from you about how he did so well. and he did, to be fair. and it's also an excuse to keep you in the call, still :)
loves sending you his merch. maybe to show it off. maybe because he likes how it looks on you. maybe both.
BUT THEN,,, everything shifted when you started flirting BACK.
he was NOT prepared—no, not even in the slightest. he was so used to having the upper-hand, that when you turned it on him, his brain just shut down and all he could utter was, "uh— wh— huh?"
and he can't respond for the life of him because all he kept thinking about was holy shit wait fuck does that mean you like me back or is this a joke op is this /j or /srs hooooly fuck wait
no but seriously he's so flustered he doesn't know what to do, and it gets even worse when you continue it. he suddenly turned into the guy who would trip over his own feet if he'd see you. breath getting fainter. something about hannah baker smiling at him.
dream says a lot of things make him blush, and you're definitely on top of that list. you're probably the only one on that list.
and then he gets clingy after that to the point where he insists to be in the streams you're in so good luck!!!
Tumblr media
GEORGE ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
george "scrunkly" not found
honestly, it would be hard to tell if he likes someone or not because he treats everyone the same way depending on how chaotic they are. so unless you heard it from george himself, you probably would've never guessed he likes you that way.
you know how you found out? motherfucking quackity.
apparently, george was spewing out words in a call with him while they were going crazy ( as qnf does ), and when quackity begged him for some some juicy details—WHO IS YOUR CRUSH, GEORGE ^_^—he answered honestly. and then when he saw the excitement on quackity's face, he immediately regretted it.
"holy FUCK, really?" cue laughter. then more laughter. then quackity fucking dying with how hard he's wheezing.
"did no one seriously know?" no, george. no one did.
and when he found out that you found out, that's when he started acting differently.
he gets all quiet and careful with his words, just because he's scared he might say the wrong thing and make things awkward for the two of you. he would HATE for that to happen.
and it's sweet, but for someone like you who likes him BACK, it can get really frustrating.
so yes, you're the one who has to initiate things.
it's so worth it though because as soon as you start to get even slightly flirty with him when bantering, he gets relaxed and confident. and when he's relaxed, he's actually unbearably witty. and when he gets confident, that's when you can NEVER turn the tables on him.
why is he actually good at flirting.
this man is so stubborn. he will never back down and will make sure he will win, but sometimes, when he's feeling soft or whatever, maybe he'll let you win. just so he can hear you cheer and dance around in your room.
you're one of the only people who he doesn't mind being vulnerable with :) he puts a LOT of trust in you, and dream and sapnap would get so jealous because you'll be the only one who he gets on sleep calls with. ( and also the only one who he says 'i love you' back to. )
Tumblr media
SAPNAP ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
SHOW OFF. gets too fucking cocky but he knows you love it when he gets like that.
would play any game you ask him to and he would win. every. single. fucking. time. he likes to brag about how big his balls are and how his shorts can't contain the sheer size of it. you tell him he's disgusting and he retorts by saying that you love him anyway.
he laughs when you go silent because both of you know it's true.
and because you want to play along: "woo sapnap :D you are so cool marry me!"
and now he just… becomes a bigger sweat because of how much you fed his ego.
when you join his games, he will ( secretly ) defend you even when you aren't on his team. you could be beating his ass for all he cares, but the moment someone talks shit about you? they're as good as gone.
he's not talking shit to the people who insult you anymore. he's talking garbage dumps. if that makes sense.
and then when it's a lazy day, he would just text you random pictures of the weirdest shit he found today. that's how he lets you know that "hey i thought about you but i don't know how to tell you that without actually saying it so"
idk how to explain it but. he's also most likely the first one to meet up with you out of everyone else here. and once you do visit him ( or maybe he's the one who ends up visiting you ) he refuses to let you go.
you live there now. or maybe he lives there now.
"sit on my lap for emotional support please"
"sapnap whoever you're gonna end up fighting is the one who will need emotional support"
*pats his lap aggressively*
he just lets you know that you're one of his top priorities bc of how much he appreciates you!!! you two would be acting like a couple even before you even get together honestly…
Tumblr media
QUACKITY ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
amps up his clownery. i don't know how else to say it.
he LOVES LOVES making you laugh; hearing it just makes his day, and knowing it's because of him just makes it ten times better.
he's a naturally fun guy, which makes him so charming and has everyone loving him. and he uses this to get closer to you !!!
his first interaction with you was on twitter. he replied to your post with "ikr You're so right collab with me ❣️" ( the post was about you ranting about how terrible your taco was earlier, but it's okay. he has the spirit. )
you reply with "ok ❤️" and he was streaming while it happened. so when he got the notification, he was literally HOLYY SHITTT OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER SHUT THE FUCK UP DON'T EVEN FUCKING TALK TO ME THANK YOU FOR THE BITS and then almost drops his phone with how bad his hand was shaking while showing off your tweet.
it was on trending for a while, much to quackity's embarrassment. because everyone is just quoting everything he said and everything he said is just him simping.
and since you aren't sure what his intentions really are, you only interact with him through twitter replies. all for the good content. everyone's loving it.
"quackity4k stop spamming me with different angles of bald george before i do it back to you"
"i love u Marry me rn"
you're like… the only one he doesn't talk shit to. maybe it's because he just respects you a lot or maybe he can just never think of anything to insult you with.
however, the time you two end up interacting again, it's private. and it's incredible because you got to see two different sides of him :) he ends up enjoying your presence even MORE, which i didn't even think was possible.
and ever since you two did a collab stream, you two are INSEPERABLE. and inseparable in a way where quackity refuses to stream with anyone else if he hasn't streamed with you at least once today >:(
no one minds, though. you two have an amazing dynamic and chemistry so everyone ends up rooting for him when he tries to be all smooth with you
and to be fair, when he actually tries, he's good at it. and he knows it, too.
no one is prepared for flirty quackity.
Tumblr media
KARL ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
you're definitely the one who flirted with him first, and after a few minutes of trying to calm the fuck down, he flirts back, and it keeps on going and actually never ends. it's a loop.
( it gets to the point where everyone will groan in exasperation when one of you says a pick up line to each other 😭 )
you texted him once saying you love seeing his outfits :D so ever since then, he sends you snaps every day of what he wears along with a silly pose and a stupid caption. he hypes you up so much when you send pics back and isn't ashamed when you receive notifications of him screenshotting them LMAOO
gets all smiley and stuff when he texts you during random moments in the day and everyone just calls him out on it. he would just stick his tongue out and then immediately go back to texting you.
his favorite moments are when he just gets on his set-up, calls you on wherever the hell you two end up calling, and then it turns into hours and hours, and then turns into sleep calls.
he loves it when you join his streams, and the others love it too because karl's energy just gets ten times … brighter??? like he's all giggly and he's spitting out jokes that has everyone dying in laughter, even though it was only ever because he wants to hear you laugh over it.
scene: *someone kills you in game*
karl, scandalized, starts taunting the murderer to mess them up. "oh my gosh. you're actually a nimrod. you're actually trash. you're actually not funny rn. you're worse than dogwater you're, like, cat litter—"
isn't the type to be all cocky when flirting but is definitely the type to have those moments where you just ... holy shit did that just come out of karl's mouth?
yeah :)
shows you off to all his friends even when you two aren't together ( yet ). he just loves talking about you, and it shows that he thinks about you even when you're not around.
Tumblr media
guys. guys. i have a mission for you. every week, remind me to write hcs >:( this was so therapeutic. i think i teared up a little bit. no but srsly hcs are so fun but i forgot that every time :(
hope you like it!!!!!! reblogs are appreciated but comments/tags with comments are the best kind of support <3
TAGLIST ( you can send in an ask to join <3 )
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black-swan-ari · a month ago
It was just a prank...
Pairings: Albedo x reader (Modern AU)
Category: Angst
Summary: A harmless prank, to euphoria, to something that costs your life if you don't make up your mind quickly... But did he feel anything for you at all...?
A/N: just a quick note for you guys so that you guys don't make the same mistake I did as in the story - the texts are what happened to me, and if anyone ever tells you the want to 'try dating you', just don't because that is gonna cost a lot of pain. Don't be stupid like author-chan~ :')
Requests are open, so ask me anything ✨️💛🌻
Warnings: mentions of blood, angst, and just... Angst :')
Tumblr media
‘When did things even get this serious…?’ you thought to yourself, hands, and knees on the floor as you struggled to breathe. Those cursed flower petals escaping from your throat along with a dangerous amount of blood. The pain was unbearable, and your friends stood around you, calling out your name frantically.
“Hello?! Please come here quick, my friend’s dying!”
You were well acquainted with everyone, always there, and answering other people’s questions if they ever had any. Always a smile on your face, joking around with your classmates, despite it being your very first year in this school. You’ve had your fair share of troubles in the past, but things have seemed to take a turn for the best this year.
For the first trimester, you took your time, trying to know everyone well, attached more to some people than others – mostly Lumine and Amber, but you couldn’t have asked for better friends. Always caring and concerned over your well-being, always making sure that you adored your time in this school.
Unlike the schools in the past, you also found yourself conversing a lot with the guys; some were flirty, some were friendly, and others were just downright funny. You only ever saw them as friends, and nothing had changed, really.
Yet, this once, you were paired up with a boy for biology – his grey-blond hair always so fluffy, his blue eyes shining. His voice was always a strange calm, and you were enamoured by him. Though, always platonic; that’s just what you told yourself all the time. You exchanged phone numbers and you enjoyed every single conversation you had over text with him that you could never have when you met in person.
Albedo was the type of person who’d listen to anything you had to say, and it was extremely calming to you, especially when there were things that you just wanted to express about how you were feeling; excited, frustrated, or angered, he would always be there to respond to your troubles, always offering logical advice.
You always felt guilty, wondering if Albedo really even wanted to listen to all your rantings. Surely, he had better things to do, given that he was known as the genius of the school. But he always reassured you that you were never a bother. You were grateful towards him and let him know that if there was anything he wanted to let out, you were there for him, too.
Maybe that’s why quarantine was hard on you – come second Trimester, everyone was on lockdown due to the Covid crisis. You couldn’t see any other person, and school was boring, your concentration slipping out of your grasp. More often than not, you found yourself asking Lumine and Amber for notes, with them replying with sheepish, ‘sorry, we haven’t taken any notes either’.
So, you turned to the genius, Albedo, who immediately sent you photos of his work that you had missed out on, trying his best to explain anything and everything you didn’t understand many times, that eventually, you found yourself wondering if he liked you – he would reply to you the next second you sent the message, he’d joke around and tease you with sarcastic remarks, and before lockdown, you have previously found him staring at you. If these weren’t evidence enough, then what is?
The third Trimester rolled by quickly and you were just begging for the school year to end; everyone was hoping for the Lockdown to finish before summer vacation, so all of you could meet up – but there was still a month and a half before that. You typed away on your laptop, your thousand-word essay nearly finished. It was a really life-draining thesis, and you yawned loudly as you finished it with a loud tap on the full-stop key. Sending a quick email along with your work to your teacher, you flopped back on your bed, scrolling aimlessly through your social media.
No one’s life seemed interesting at this point, and you huffed, longing to be in the company of your friends. Strangely, an idea popped up in your head, something that you wanted to try many times before, but it always floated away from your mind – not today, though!
You scrolled through your contacts until you stopped, finding the nickname you gave your previous bio partner: ‘’Bedo’. You tapped your finger on your chin, thinking of a song that could drive him crazy until you finally decided: tonight, he was about to get Rick Rolled.
A mischievous grin on your face, you searched up the lyrics on your iPad as you texted the genius:
You: heyyy
You: come online
You: please ;^;
You: its important
You: are you asleep?
‘Bedo: I’m already in bed
‘Bedo: can’t it wait till tomorrow?
‘Bedo: sorry
‘Bedo: [“are you asleep?”] almost
You: [“can’t it wait till tomorrow?”] yep, yep good nighttt
You: go to sleep
‘Bedo: ok good night
You face planted on your pillow, groaning about how much of a stupid idea this seemed. That, and rereading the messages, you felt like you were just being a burden.
‘It’s okay…Albedo’s a busy guy, he won’t remember this conversation in the morning! He won’t message me back!’ you thought to yourself, yawning. ‘I’m sure that he’ll forget the next morning…’ You fell asleep that day with your phone and iPad put away on the bedside table, only to be woken up by a loud notification sound at dawn.
You panicked at first, thinking that this was probably Albedo – since he seemed to be the type to wake up this early – and you opened the notification without reading a thing. You came face to face with a reminder for you to meet up with a teacher about the future of your studies, and you groaned, half embarrassed at your rash actions.
You were totally beat by the time your first two hours were done, almost dozing off on the keyboard of your laptop. The conversation you had with that teacher was draining and embarrassing, your grades mediocre for anything related to science, but higher for things that didn’t really matter to your future. You mumbled a string of curses until you heard a notification from your phone again; this time, you saw a message from Albedo, and unbeknownst to you, your heart started racing wildly.
‘Bedo: I can be online anytime
You stared at your screen for a while, rereading the message he sent you. You started to think up some options: go through with the plan, say that it was nothing, or just play dumb. What also didn’t help was that you tended to reply to messages as soon as they were sent. ‘Uh…maybe I should act like I don’t know what he’s talking about…? That might work…’ you thought to yourself, nervously fidgeting with your fingers. Taking in a deep breath, you began typing:
You: Hm?
‘Bedo: [“come online”] This
You: Ohhh
You: ehe ^^
‘Bedo: What? Haha
‘Bedo: What is it?
‘Bedo: so important?
You: It’s nothing, sorry for bothering you last night…
‘Bedo: [“It’s nothing, sorry for bothering you last night…”] No, no
You inhaled sharply, entangled in his words. There he was, at it once more, reassuring you that you weren’t a bother. It dug you a deeper pit, though you hadn’t known at the time. If you had understood the signs from earlier, maybe you would’ve been able to keep from harm’s way…
‘Bedo: Show me
‘Bedo: What is it?
‘Bedo: Please
‘Bedo: My curiosity is killing me haha
You: It’s nothing, really! It’s okay ^^
‘Bedo: …You can’t just say something and then take it back…
You: I can…
You: it’s just you saw the messages before I could delete them…
‘Bedo: Noo
‘Bedo: tell me…
‘Bedo: please, my curiosity is killing me…
You: ehe… ^^’
‘Bedo: What is it? Please…
‘Bedo: Just tell me
You: It’s
You: Nothing
You: Seriously
You: ^^
‘Bedo: …
‘Bedo: :(
That emote was a first, and it did a number on you. You wondered if you were the only one he did this to, since others who talked about texting Albedo would just shrug and claim that he was nonchalant, no emotion whatsoever in his texting. Yet here he was, begging you to cure his curiosity and sending an emote for the first time to you, of all people.
You were well aware that he knew that you were no genius like him, unable to get straight A’s like him for anything related to science; if there was anyone even remotely close to interest him with similar skills, it had to be Sucrose; but here he was trying to persuade you to spill. You knew how much the experiments he conducted at home would mean to him, but he was pushing them aside to talk to you.
And all this got you wondering: ‘does he like me…?’
The thought made your heart race in a way that you got goosebumps just thinking about it. You shook your head, wondering if you were getting ahead of yourself…and yet…
You: don’t do that to me! :<
You: okay just don’t freak out…
You: tell me you won’t…
‘Bedo: I won’t
You: kay…
You should have thought about it. You should have assessed the situation you were in. Maybe, if you sent a ‘You just got rick rolled’ video, you would have been saved. Yet without much contemplation, you got busy, writing the lyrics from your memory as though you were in a trance – nothing else mattered.
You: we’re no strangers to love
‘Bedo: yeah
You: you know the rules, and so do I
‘Bedo: Yeah
You: A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
‘Bedo: mhm
You: You wouldn’t get this from any other girl
‘Bedo: mhm
You: I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling…
You: gotta make you understand
You: we've known each other for so long
You: your heart's been aching, but you're too shy to say it
You: inside we both know what's been going on
You: we know the game and we're gonna play it
You: And if you’re asking how I’m feeling
You: don’t tell me you’re too blind to see
You paused just before the chorus of the song, your eyebrows furrowing in confusion. He wasn’t responding anymore? Your heartbeat began to race faster in fear, though you didn’t know what you were afraid of.
You: umm…Albedo?
You: are you still there…?
‘Bedo: Let me think about it
‘Bedo: [“don’t tell me you’re too blind to see”] no, haha
‘Bedo: Let me ask you a question
‘Bedo: What do you see in me?
You: I think that you're really nice to me, and you have really good intentions. many ppl have used me for things that they want from me but you're so considerate and patient with me, you listen to everything I have to say, and I really appreciate it…
You: srsly you're one of the best ppl I've met, and that's saying something since I've been surrounded by so many people who lied, tricked, and hated me for so long
You stared in surprise at the question that he asked, and at the answers you gave him. You didn’t even think about how you felt for him; you’re fingers already knew where each letter of the keyboard was, and you had a response for him. A shaky breath left from your mouth. ‘What am I writing…?’ Before long, Albedo had already asked another question:
‘Bedo: What am I different from like Diluc or Aether?
You: sometimes when I text to Diluc, I tend to get ignored, so I've kind of kept to myself around him, and around Aether, it's more like we have history, and he asks me for help when he doesn't understand stuff through text
You: but when it comes to you, I don't ever get the feeling of being ignored, and I feel like I can be myself more around you
You: It's just so different when it comes to you
‘Bedo: Give me a moment to think
‘Bedo: I’ll give you an answer before the sun goes down, okay?
You: Okay :)
‘Bedo: Okay
‘What the fuck did I just say…?! What the fuck did he just say?!’ your mind was thinking about a million things, and you weren’t able to concentrate on anything afterwards. What confused you even more was the responses you gave him. Staring at your empty paper, you wondered if deep down, that was how you felt about him the entire time.
You were about to put away your plate after lunch when you got a group call from Lumine and Amber. They sounded worried as she talked about how rampant the death cases from the Hanahaki disease were increasing in a speedy incline.
“A twenty-two-year-old guy died from it just yesterday…” Amber voiced out, sighing. “Honestly, even getting a crush on someone has got to be scary…”
“Right? Good thing that we’re not in toxic relationships…heck, we aren’t even in relationships!” Lumine giggled, followed by Ambers laugh. “Right, Y/n?” Your eyes however, read the texts sent by Albedo in pure shock, almost dropping your phone in surprise.
“Hello? Y/n? Are you there?”
‘Bedo: I would like to try something out with you, do you wanna date and see how this goes?
“Albedo just…asked me out…” you whispered, to which the other two girls who were on call shrieked out a very loud ‘what?!’ “What should I say…?”
“What do you think you should say?” Amber asked.
“Just say yes, I’ve seen the way Y/n looks at him,” Lumine added sneakily, which had caused you to blush.
“When have I ever…?”
“Yeah, when has she ever…?”
“Come on, you’ve seen it plenty of times for sure, Amber!”
“I think…I’ll respond to him, so…I’ll catch up with you guys later?” You asked, fidgeting with your fingers.
“Sure! Let us know what happens, Miss Love Expert!” Amber teased before hanging up. You shook your head at the nickname, before responding to the genius, feeling elated.
‘Sure, I’d love to!’ you typed, and you felt your energy return. Every time you walked, there was always a spring in your step, and you had the urge to scream out to the world that you were now in a relationship with someone like Albedo. Even though a thought lingered your head – he said that he wanted to try this relationship, didn't he? But you shrug it off, opting to feel happy than skeptical.
You should have known that this was a trap set by the devil to send you straight to your demise, or you would have just told him that this was a prank already. You were livelier in the zoom calls that evening, and you found yourself unable to stop yourself from staring at your boyfriend’s screen. He didn’t seem as ecstatic as you were, but you paid it no though – but you should have. You should have noticed the lack of attention he was giving you; you were always the one triggering the conversations, and he would respond. But when you would reply to him, you were left on read until he responded an hour or two later.
You figured that he was just as new to love as you were, and he needed some time to collect his feelings as you did, so you let all your doubts fly out the window, rather imagining about how your relationship would evolve when Lockdown was finally over. You never considered the fact that this relationship would die just as soon as it started, so you were surprised when you received a long paragraph from him the next evening:
‘Bedo: Hey, I just want to make things clear, no hates toward you but I really thought this was going to work out, but, after a long reflection, I don’t think that it will work out between us…I know that it was immature, and I was confused when I first accepted, but I just want to let you know that I don’t want to hurt you or myself, and I have a strong feeling that it will be like this if it continues like this, especially under these circumstances. So, I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry and I think that it would be best to end things here…
You: Oh no, no, it's fine
You: To be fair, it was kinda awkward
You: And I have to admit something to you too…
You: I do have feelings for you, but everything I said to you yesterday were lyrics to ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’…
You: I thought you'd catch on with the reference, but I didn't get to the chorus so I am extremely sorry, it was my fault for trying a lyrics prank on you
You: In the end I hope we could still be friends and go back to the way we were before?
You: And you know just forget any of this ever happened?
‘Bedo: No, no, no it’s ok I’m actually super relieved that it was a prank so that there is no hard feelings
“No hard feelings”. Your bottom lip trembled as you read the messages you sent him and his single reply. You had believed that what you guys had together was a relationship that would bloom, something that the two of you could cherish for the rest of your lives, as naïve as it sounded. What you didn’t expect, most of all, was to find out just how much you had liked – no…loved – him. You placed a hand over your mouth to stop your sobs, the lightness in your feet from just yesterday leaving you as a heavy weight pushed you down on your knees.
‘Why does it hurt so much?! Why does it have to be like this? In the end…he didn’t love me…I loved him…!’ just as you realized this sad truth, you felt your body freeze, you vision blurring in and out to the beat of your heart. It felt as though someone had clogged your lungs, and you found it difficult to breathe.
You tried to cough out whatever was keeping you from breathing, splatters of blood on the white, cold, tile. And once you were done with your coughing spree, you stared in horror at the three pink petals covered in blood.
You didn’t tell anyone about it; everyone was so excited when they got the news that quarantine would be over just as summer vacation would start, which was in around three weeks. Both Amber and Lumine believed that you were still with the school genius, often encouraging you with their words: ‘Only three more weeks to go, and you’ll finally go out on a proper date with Albedo!’ or ‘Aren’t you happy that you’ll be able to go out on a date with Albedo soon?’
You never told them what really happened the next night, nor did you tell them about the Hanahaki disease. You didn’t want them to worry, and you didn’t need the pity. As each day progressed, you heard your teachers make a remark, saying that you looked paler or sick, to which you replied that it was nothing. Yet each time, you’d search for Albedo’s face among the others’, trying to see if he looked concerned about your wellbeing. He didn’t.
“But you never get sick! Are you sure that you’re alright?” Lumine asked once on a video call, worry lacing her voice as you tried to give her a wide smile.
“Of course, I am! Don’t worry, it’s nothing that I can’t handle!” you gave a thumbs up for extra effect, and it seemed to encourage your friend a little.
“I’m guessing that Albedo’s worrying about you a lot?” she asked innocently, a sweet grin on her face as her twin, Aether, appeared in her frame, about to say ‘hi’, when you started coughing at the mention of Albedo’s name.
The fit wouldn’t stop, even as both twins called for you worriedly. A bigger pool of blood now stained your floor, a couple of petals lying on it. It looked absolutely sinister, something beautiful over something so horrifying, and you had to feverishly wipe your face with a wet cloth to make sure that the two of them wouldn’t see the blood around your mouth. You found it increasingly harder to breathe and you got back in the video frame, feigning a smile.
“Oh, yes, he sends me plenty of messages asking me if I’m alright!” You lied through your teeth, wishing to get some fresh air as soon as possible.
“You really should see a doctor first thing when quarantine’s over…you sound so sick, are you sure you’re alright?” Aether asked as his sister nodded along with furrowed brows.
“Like I said, I can handle it! Don’t worry!” You tried giving a convincing smile as you faked a yawn, letting them know that you were ‘tired’. “I think I’m gonna go to bed now…I’ll talk to you guys later?”
“Yeah…just take care, okay, Y/n?” Lumine said worriedly.
“I will,” you gave them a final smile before hanging up, sighing as you stared at the mess you had made. You silently wondered how much time you had left, and you were left contemplating your life choices: were you going to succumb to the disease, or were you going to get the surgery? You didn’t want to forget Albedo nor the feelings that you harboured for him, but he could never feel the same.
The truth always hurt. Maybe that’s why you leaned on the option to forget him; forget the love that you had, because God, the silence between the two of you was unbearable at this point. You couldn’t keep going on with this, and you were in no rush to die just yet.
You knew that even if your memories of him would disappear when you took the surgery, you would always find a way to talk to him when school reopens; that was just your nature. You bit your bottom lip at the resolve, trying not to cry once more.
But what would happen to those beautiful memories the two of you shared? The ones where the both of you would emerge out from the crowd with laughter – Albedo’s laugh still quieter and airier than yours – as the two of you had the strangest debates in bio. What were to become of those memories? ‘If only he loved me back…’
School was finally out, and so were the pile of petals atop the much larger pool of blood. Your throat felt sore, and you didn’t have the strength to swallow anything anymore, even if it was your favourite dessert. But today was also the day when quarantine was finally over: Amber, Lumine and Aether wanted to catch up with each other at a café, and you weren’t sure about how you were going to hide your now frequent coughs.
It would be harder to hide the disease now that you’re going to see everyone, but today might also be the day when you’d open up to them and stop lying to them, too, you suppose. You had already booked a date for the surgery, which was in a week’s time.
You tiredly eyed your phone as you waited for your cab, your dark green and black flannel overshadowing the loose black tee you wore. You hadn’t realized just how much weight you had lost during the entire fiasco until now – even your skinny fit jeans were baggy. Nothing seemed to fit you anymore.
You let out a deep breath as you exited the taxi, taking in your surroundings. Your friends had picked to go to a cat café, and you were afraid if you’d scare the cats away with your incessant coughing that never seemed to stop. You waved at your friends who were at a table in the corner of the floor, walking towards them. Walking, heck, even standing, was a pain for you right now, and you wanted nothing more than to sit down.
They greeted you, asking how you were. You said you’re fine. ‘I’m not fine’. They also noticed how much skinnier you had become. You said that it was because you were only a bit sick. ‘I’m dying’.
You listened to their conversations, occasionally nodding to what they had said. Suddenly, when the four of you were still talking, a white furred, fluffy cat with blue eyes had jumped onto your lap, purring as it rubbed its head on your chest. Frozen for a while, you smiled down at it gently before petting it with weak strokes, the cat reminding you of someone. You thought that once your friends were done taking photos of you with the cat, pointing out repeatedly that it looked like Albedo, you’d tell your them the truth.
Just the thought of him made you want to set those petals free, your throat burning from the constant pain. “G-Guys, I have something to tell you…”
Even your voice sounded unstable – you tried so hard not to let the petals loose.
“What is it, Y/n?” Aber asked.
“I’m…” you found it hard to keep the blood and petals at bay. The cat rubbed itself harder on you, almost in a sinister way. Everything was turning out to be a living nightmare. Your eyes couldn’t focus anymore, and you desperately wanted the cat to get away from you. “I’m suffering from…”
You couldn’t control your tears as you tried to push the cat away from you bitterly, yet you were to weak to do anything. You couldn’t even tell your friends your problems.
“Hey, hey, calm down, it’s okay!” Aether tried comforting you from the other side of the table.
“I hate these goddamn petals…!” you cried, and suddenly, the cat leapt from your lap as you stood up, only to have you fall down on your hands and knees on the floor as you struggled to breathe. Those cursed flower petals escaping from your throat along with a dangerous amount of blood. The pain was unbearable, and your friends stood around you, calling out your name frantically.
Lumine immediately pulled out her phone as she called an ambulance, worry lacing her voice as she yelled into the speaker, “Hello?! Please come to Dandelion Cat Café quick, my friend’s dying!”
You smiled as you entered the school you loved so much, happy to finally be back. Summer vacation was terrible. Your friends, Lumine, Amber and Aether had told you that you have to spend your two months to recover from a surgery that you had gotten, so this was your first day of freedom.
Truth be told, Amber, Lumine and Aether knew deep down who was the cause of your sickness, but they chose not to say anything, knowing already that you wouldn’t even remember that person. And yet they were happy that you made a full recovery from the emergency surgery.
You waved to them, talking to them excitedly like you always had, before scanning the room for new faces – you knew everyone there, seeing plenty of familiar faces, except for one. You told your friends that you would only be away for a minute before approaching the quiet guy with pretty, fluffy, grey, blonde hair.
“Hello! Are you new here? My name’s Y/n, what’s yours?” she held out a hand, grinning from ear to ear. Her three friends glanced at each other with a knowing look, their suspicions confirmed.
Albedo, however turned to look at you with confused blue eyes, not understanding one bit what you were doing. “Y/n, what are you doing? I know who you are-”
“You do?” you asked, brows furrowed and tilting your head. “That’s weird…how come I don’t know who you are, then?”
Albedo cast a confused glance towards Aether, who got the message and stood up. He told the puzzled Y/n that Lumine and Amber had something they wanted to show you. You were about to go when you stopped in your tracks, looking back at the genius. “Wait, I never got your name!”
“…it’s Albedo…”
“It was really nice to meet you Albedo!”
Once she was far from hearing distance, Aether turned to Albedo, who just stared at him, waiting for answers. Albedo looked at the floor for a bit before meeting eyes with Lumine’s twin once more, asking him, “Is Y/n playing a prank on me again?”
“Albedo…during the first day of summer vacation, Y/n had to go through surgery for…” he paused, sighing, the terrifying experience still haunting him. “…for the Hanahaki disease she had for a month…”
“Hanahaki…? A…month…?” his mouth flew open, unable to form coherent words. He pieced the puzzles together – how pale she looked during class, the constant coughing, why she didn’t send him a single message during the vacation when she would text him at least once a week, and now this… “I see…” he responded, shaken up from the sudden information.
“Yeah…” Aether sighed. He had nothing more to say. He wanted to yell at Albedo for making you suffer like that, but then again, deep down, he knew that Albedo might not be any ordinary human. So, he merely resorted to turn away, walking towards the three girls as giving Albedo a small nod.
Albedo wouldn’t admit the twinge he felt at his heart when you admitted to not knowing him. But now that he knew what actually happed, he felt hatred towards himself as he stared at your innocent eyes. 'Why is my breathing so laboured all of a sudden…?'
Alternate Ending One <- requested by @avalynnemarie
Alternate Ending Two <- rewuested by @whorerificstuff
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batsangel · 3 months ago
right by your side.
battinson! bruce wayne x reader
source: the batman
summary: bruce arrives home early to comfort you on your period.
Tumblr media
tossing over to the side, you start to experience one of the most unbearable pains in womanhood, period cramps. usually, you take your meds and head to sleep.
sometimes you may even stuff your face with snacks while watching your favorite shows.
today, that wasn’t the case.
you ran out of meds, you were low on snacks, and you didn’t have a heating pad with you.
your uterus was causing you hell.
as you were on the verge of tears, you picked up your phone and dialed bruce’s number. you knew he was occupied, but you wanted to at least let him know you weren’t feeling well.
the first dial, no answer. the second dial, still no answer.
you sighed as tears began to roll down your cheeks from the intense pain of your cramps.
a minute later, bruce had returned your call. hearing the sound of his voice, he sounded out of breath.
“sorry for missing your calls. i was caught up in a fight.”
“no worries bruce, i just wanted to call you and ask when you’re coming home.”
“on my way now, is there something wrong?”
“my period came. i ran out of meds, snacks, and i don’t have my heating pad. i’m suffering over here.”
even though bruce didn’t understand the monthly hell you faced, he does understand how much it hurts you. seeing you in any kind of pain was heartbreaking.
“i’ll be home in 15.”
you were curled up in bed watching the latest episode of euphoria while shoving your face with the last tub of vanilla ice cream you had. you heard a soft knock on the door and bruce comes into your room after you approved him of doing so.
he had a bag full of your favorite snacks and meds, along with a heating pad and blanket.
“is this too much?” bruce asked while holding an expression of worry. but your face lit up with a soft smile. he decided to call off his investigation early in order to take care of you.
there were times were he wasn’t able to do this, not knowing what could occur in the city next, his eye was always open and he was on the move as much as possible.
“not at all. thank you baby.”
he hands you a water bottle and your meds, as you take them quickly and feeling relief after being in pain for almost two hours.
after a quick shower, bruce got comfortable as he slipped on a black oversized t-shirt and grey sweatpants. you laid on his chest immediately while cuddling your new blanket as soon as he climbed into bed alongside you.
bruce wrapped his arm around your lower waist and placed his other hand on your stomach. you can smell his addicting scent of cologne.
“how are you feeling?” he asked while rubbing circles on your stomach, easing the pain of your cramps along as the meds continued to kick in.
“tired. how was the investigation?”
you both let out a soft chuckle as you positioned yourself comfortably as you felt your eyes close. bruce lowered the volume on the tv to make sure it didn’t disturb you.
setting the lights at a low setting, he went under the covers with you and pulled you closer to him. he rocked you to sleep while stroking your hair, something that helped you fall asleep faster.
he kissed the top of your head, while closing his eyes suddenly. after a few fights and unsolved cases of the riddler, he was tired as well. looking forward to holding you in his arms for the next few hours.
you were already fast asleep, but bruce always made sure to wish you sweet dreams.
“goodnight, princess.”
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dreamescapeswriting · 12 days ago
BTS Reaction|| Comforting Them After A Mistake On Stage [Request]
Tumblr media
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - June 2022
This had been one of the most important events for the boys and Jin felt as though he had single-handedly messed everything up for them.
"Babe? What's wrong?" You asked when you heard the front door to your shared home slam shut, Jin was quick to walk into the living room and you felt your whole world turn upside down. It wasn't like Jin to cry that much and right now he had tears streaming down his face,
"I fucked it up,"
"What? Fucked what up?" You asked, getting up to rush over to him as he held you close to his chest. His head hid in the crook of your neck as he explained what had happened. That while he had been on stage in front of the president his voice cracked and he felt as though he missed everything up for the boys. It was one of the most important events for them,
"Baby, you didn't fuck it up." You whispered as he shook his head at you, this felt like the end of the world for Jin. He knew he had to be at his best for this show. 
"I fucked up. I stared right at him as my voice cracked, we're going to get so much bad publicity for it," He panicked as you pressed your lips against his to stop him from ranting so much, he whines a little but relaxed against your lips.
"Sit down, let me make some tea." You ushered him to sit but he followed you into the kitchen, his arms staying locked around him as you made you both some warm tea to talk about this over. It wasn't the end of the world and Jin knew that deep down but right now it felt awful to him and you were going to make sure his complaints felt heard.
Tumblr media
It wasn't like Yoongi to stumble over his words and forget what he was supposed to be rapping about but he had a huge headache and had one all week that wouldn't go away. The second he was backstage you were making him lie down and take some medication as you'd told him to do all week.
"I can't believe I messed up the words," He groaned as you laid a cold wet cloth against his forehead, pressing a gentle kiss against his cheek,
"It's okay baby, they'll understand...Everyone messes up sometimes," You reassured him as he groaned a little, the lights in the room starting to bother him. It was time to admit it was probably more than a simple headache starting to bother him.
"But I should have done something, I should have taken medication as you said. I should have rested." He groaned as you smiled weakly, getting up and turning off the lights so he could lay down in complete peace.
"This isn't the time to tell you I told you so is it?" You teased as he laughed weakly and shook his head, quickly regretting it as he hold onto his head tightly. 
"Migraine," You whispered as you looked down at him, you hated to see him this way
"I'll go home once I apologize,"
"Baby, you're going home now. You're in no state to say sorry to anybody...Y-You can put something on your social media later," You ordered him as he smiled a little at the thought of you being so overprotective of him. He rather enjoyed this side of you, not that he would ever admit it out loud.
Tumblr media
Hoseok had hurt his ankle weeks ago but thought that with enough rest it would be okay to dance on soon but he couldn't have been more wrong. In the middle of performing "anpanman" on the bouncy castle with the boys his ankle gave out and he ended up in splitting pain on the floor, unable to move or stop himself from crying. The pain was almost unbearable but nothing compared to the thought of having to end the show early because of him,
"I can go back out, get me a chair!" He told someone as you rushed backstage to him, looking down at his already swollen and bruising ankle that was being iced.
"You told me it was better," You whispered as you sat down beside him, his eyes filling up with tears as he heard people chanting his name out in the crowd.
"Are they mad? Are they going to start yelling more?"
"Baby, they're chanting your name because they want to make sure you're okay. N-None of them are mad," You promised him as you looked down at his ankle, you knew you should have forced him to go to the hospital when he first did this. It was too late now.
"I promise no one is mad." You told him as you noticed how worried he appeared to get about all of this. Smiling a little you kissed his cheek softly, watching as they bought a wheelchair for him.
"You're going back out there?" You asked panicked a little, 
"It's four more songs and then I'll go the hospital...I-I can't let them down." You swallowed the lump in your throat and nodded your head against your better judgement. You knew this was more important to Hoseok than anything in the world and you would be here waiting for him when he came back.
Tumblr media
"Namjoon," You breathed out as you finally found him. The concert had finished and he'd raced away from the members and staff without a word. You knew what it was about, you'd been watching the whole show and watched as Namjoon messed up a couple of steps in some choereogrpahy. 
"What are you doing in here?" You quizzed walking into the small supply closet and sitting down beside your boyfriend who was crying, instantly you wrapped your arms around him. 
"I messed it up, I messed everything up." 
"Baby no, no you didn't." You whispered as you began to rub his back softly, shaking your head at him. Namjoon hadn't messed a single thing up, sure he had slipped up on a couple of steps but it wasn't anything major.
"I messed up in five songs, not just one but five! They're always going to say something, I'm always going to be called the worst dancer!" He cried out as he held you close to him, you smiled weakly at the thought of people calling him that. Namjoon put so much effort into everything you knew there had to be something on his mind for him to mess up so much,
"You're stressed, it's natural to mess up when you're stressed but baby no one is going to say anything...If they do they don't understand what you're going through." You whispered as you continued to hold him while he cried,. You knew why he was doing it here, so no one else could see him. He hated crying in front of the boys when he knew he had to be the strongest for them.
"I promise its going to be just fine," You whispered as he finally began to calm down against you. The two of you stayed there for an hour, you'd told the boys you had him and were just trying to calm him down a little.
Tumblr media
As soon as you got the phone call from Taehyung you'd practically raced down to the venue and you were sure you'd broken a bunch of traffic laws and had tickets but you didn't care.
 "Where is he?" Your voice was like music to Jimin as he looked up from the floor to see you. Jimin was covered in sweat and crying hysterically so you rushed to his side, kneeling down in front of him and holding his face in his hands. 
"Are you okay? Did you get hurt?" You quizzed, turning his head to the side to see if he had any marks but there was nothing. Just a small bump on the side of his head where he had slipped in the rain and hit his head on the floor.
"I ruined it," He whimpered as he began to cry again, quickly engulfing you in a hug as you both sat on the floor together. The rest of the members left you alone as you began to kiss the top of Jimin's head.
"Shh baby, come on." You whispered, not caring that his sweat was starting to cover your shirt. All you cared about was getting your boyfriend to calm down, 
"I messed it all up, I slipped and everyone saw." He cried heavily into your arms as you rubbed his back gently, 
"I'm going to be a joke forever." You shook your head at him, doing your best not to cry at the sound of his tears.
"Jimin, it's going to be okay...It'll blow over. If anything army will be sat spamming the twitter account with questions about you...Wondering if you're okay," You told him as you pulled away, using the sleeves of your jumper to wipe away his tears, 
"You think so?" He sniffled a little as he looked at you, there were still tears in his eyes and they were completely bloodshot.
"I know so," You rubbed his shoulder and he nodded a little,
"Come on...L-Lets go shower and head home." You offered as you slowly got up from the floor and pulled Jimin with you. 
Tumblr media
You'd been there watching when it happened, Taehyung had stepped on something and instantly went down to the floor. 
"What happened?! You okay?!" You sounded more panicked than the doctor who was currently bandaging up Taehyung's foot backstage. It wasn't until you heard Taehyung's sobs you realized he was crying so hard,
"Is it that painful?" You whispered grabbing his hand for him to squeeze if he needed to but he shook his head,
"I've ruined the show," He hissed as the bandage added more pressure to the wound than he wanted and he looked over at the boys who were all sweating heavily. The stage had been swept for any signs of what might have done this to Taehyung's foot and there was a stray nail on the stage. It wasn't clear if it had been left their from set up or if someone had thrown it on while the boys were performing.
"You didn't, it's okay." You whispered looking to the boys for some help but they were getting ready to go and tell people that the rest of the show was canceled. 
"Tae..." You trailed off as he trying to move,
"I need to go back out there," He hissed as he sat up and looked down at his foot, only to start crying as he remembered the look on peoples faces.
"Its my fault we have to cancel, I'm so stupid. I should have been watching what I was doing,"
"Baby, you couldn't have seen a nail on the floor, its dark out there." You told him as you rubbed his shoulder, his body shaking a little as he cried against you.
"It's going to be okay." You promised him as you held him close to you, reassuring him over and over again that it was going to be okay. Even on the way to the hospital to get stitches, you were reassuring him the whole time.
Tumblr media
As soon as Jungkook lay in bed beside you that night all he did was cry, he held onto your arms tightly as you did your best to try and comfort him from the mistakes that had happened that night. It had all been going so well for him, the first concert back in a long time and they were all looking forward to it. Training more and more every day and it was all a bit too much for Jungkook,
"Baby, it's okay." You whispered, pressing your lips against his forehead as he shook his head at you. To him, nothing about it was okay. He'd not only passed out at the end of the show but he'd done it in front of all of their fans, worrying them all about his health. 
"It's not. I scared them, I-I should have practised more then I wouldn't have ended up like that,"
"You would have Jungkook. You would have been worse if you practised more." You tried to remind him what the doctor had told him when they had checked him out. The passing out was a direct result of him pushing himself too much,
"You should be taking it easy, not pushing yourself too much." You whispered as your hands slowly began to rub his back, his head moving to rest on your stomach as you looked at him. The one thing you hated most in the world was seeing Jungkook so upset with himself.
"It's going to be okay, I promise. Army understand, they all want you to take care of yourself," You promised him, you'd already been reading through Twitter and giving him some of the positive things that his fans were chanting to him,
"Tomorrow we're laying in bed and we're going to relax all day," You told him as you kissed the top of his head. Jungkook wasn't too convinced but he nodded his head, looking up at you with a weak smile.
"Thank you...For being here," He whispered as you shook your head at him, he didn't need to thank you for that.
"I love you. I'm always here for you, no matter what." You promised, running your fingers through his hair as he slowly began to drift off into some much needed sleep.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @lyoongx @mitzwinchester @taestannie @rjsmochii @sw33tnight @sweeneyblue1 @agustdjoon @jin-from-the-block @acciocriativity @mwitsmejk @taeechwitaa @justbangtanthingz @stillwithlix @kookiekuu @lolalee24​ @hopeworldd-2​ @totallynoanalien​ @yubinism​ @ethereallino​ @heyjiminnie​ @aerastus​ @tinyoonsblog​ @cherrybubblesandvodka​ @kimahnjung98​ @halesandy​ @snigdha-14​
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imagine-thewalkingdead · 3 months ago
Breathe Through It - Daryl x Reader
Plot/Request: When you come down with the flu, Daryl’s ready to fight through fifty miles of walkers, people-- anything to get you those meds.
Word Count:
A/N: So... I was planning on releasing some other fics last week, but I ended up having emergency surgery instead... oops! everything went well and I’m okay (thank u modern medicine + canadian health care). I have been feeling kinda down lately, so I figured since I can now tolerate looking at a screen again, why not write some self-indulgent daryl fluff (with a hint of angst, of course)? enjoy! xx
Walkers. People. Maybe just some accident. 
How you'd eventually die was anything but certain in this world.
You sure as hell didn’t think it would be some pig flu, though. 
Another cough racked through your body. The force was vicious against your ribs. You grasped at your sore chest, rolling over to your side as you fought to catch your breath. 
Stripped down to your tank top, the heat was still unbearable. Sweat was slick against your hands, making your grip slip away from your chest and find the damp bedsheets instead. You didn’t know what was worse, the overwhelming heat that seemed to choke you, or the chills that came quickly afterward. 
It wasn’t like you’d never been sick before. You had. Even had a cough once that left you with bruised ribs. The doctor had ordered x-rays and everything, only to send you home with a sorry smile and a hope that some over-the-counter medication would help ease your pain. You thought that had been hellish. 
It was nothing like this. 
Whatever this was, it was fast and strong. People around the prison had been dropping like flies. First, it was Patrick. A young guy with a stark nativity among the other arriving survivors, like a fresh drop of blood on a white sheet. It always made you wonder how a kid like him had survived out there with such hope.
Then he died and attacked Cellblock D. 
And you. When you’d been clearing the catwalks after the initial carnage, he surprised you from inside a cell. Snapped his jaw from your arm's length for a whole four seconds before Daryl’s bolt lodged in his skull. It was quick— four goddamn seconds— but enough for you to catch whatever killed him. 
Now, it was killing you. 
Well, not yet. But so far it sure as hell felt like death. 
The last puff of air from another brutal cough finally left your lungs, slow and weak, and you curled your knees closer to your chest. 
A soft breeze caught your skin, just as you were debating removing your tank top too, and you exhaled a long, steadier breath. The cool relief soothed you a little. Distracted you from your concerns and, admittedly, the bit of dramatics you indulged in. 
The fever was bad, the cough too, but you were tough. Even through Atlanta’s fall, herds of the dead, and a war with the Governor, you survived. Most importantly, your body was stronger now. Food was in better stock, runs less necessary, and the prison was flourishing. You’d gotten through sickness before, you could get through this. 
Once they got the meds—
The meds…
You were supposed to go on that run. You were supposed to be packing provisions right now. That was before the fever finally knocked the wind out of you and you somehow ended up back in your cell, making a damn mess on your freshly washed sheets. 
It’d only been an hour since Daryl told you to get ready. 
Damn, this thing moved fast. 
By your estimate, you were supposed to be at the gate a while ago. That absence explained why Daryl was now hovering just behind your curtains as he called your name to be sure you were decent. 
Always the gentleman. 
On the other hand, your groan of pain and frankly, frustration, was not gentle nor polite. And it only made your throat ache more. 
It did little to soothe your sore throat when you swallowed. Barely coated it for the second it took Daryl to finally peek his head in and see you curled in bed. 
In another second, he was inside, then at your side. 
You let go of your grip on the sheets and raised your hand to him. It shook like a leaf in the wind as your muscles spazzed under the weight. 
“Don’t.” You rasped before your arm finally went limp in defeat. 
Daryl ignored you, bending over at your side to press the back of his palm on your forehead. His hand flinched back.
“Shit,” He huffed your name. 
You already knew you had a fever, but something about Daryl’s confirmation made your chest tighten. 
“I have it.” You whined. It wasn’t meant to be childish or invoke pity. Truth be told, it was fear that made your voice hitch past your scratchy throat. 
You were scared. 
Daryl’s arm pushed under your knees, shifting you up to wrap the other under your back. The movement made you groan in pain, your sore and tense muscles wanting only to be still. 
“M’ sorry, but I gotta get ya to Dr. S.” 
“You sh— shouldn’t be near me—me, Dar—” You shivered out, before a deep and violent cough took over you. Your lungs smacked against your ribs. It felt cruel that they must be caged so tightly when they wanted nothing but release. That and the sudden chill in your bones, even despite the heat radiating off of Daryl, left you feeling weak and defeated.
“M’ fine.” The vibrations of his voice tickled along your side, where your body fell into his. 
He carried you out of the cell and then the cellblock. If your head hadn’t fallen against his chest, and your spirit so drained, you would’ve blushed at the idea of an audience. Instead, you closed your eyes and tried to ground yourself on him— his touch— in lieu of letting your head spin out of control from the way his movement inevitably stirred your body. 
Daryl was almost at mercy to the lingering stares. Until his bashfulness slipped into anger at the commotion to move away from you. Farther and farther. The crowd had been thin when he stepped into the courtyard, but at the sight of you, pale and sickly in his arms, it thickened along the edges and formed a path for him to follow. 
He hated it. 
Their fear was understandable. He just hated why it was. This flu had killed already. By the looks of it, it was on its way to kill more. It could even kill— 
“Daryl.” Hershel called from behind the ominous door of death row.
“She’s sick!” Daryl yelled back. His raised voice startled you a little and you peeked your eyes open. 
“Ya can’t come in, son.”
Looking up at him, his features were strained and stiff. Like he was holding back a guttural yell from deep inside his chest. His jaw was rigid, only loosening less than an inch to respond to Hershel. 
“I jus’ need to get ‘er to Dr. S.” Daryl grunted. But his words were pleading, despite the tense and almost angry look of him. Eyes set firm on Hershel, he wouldn’t even spare you a glance. He slightly shook his head at the veterinarian, as if to show him just how sure and stubborn he was. 
“I can bring ‘er to Caleb.” Hershel’s hand landed on your shoulder, gently coaxing your attention his way. Your head lulled along Daryl’s strong stretch of arm until you were looking up through tired eyes at the veterinarian. 
His eyes were tired too. It’d only been a couple of hours since you heard he’d argued his way in to help Dr. S, but the bags under his eyes were already starting to deepen and darken. 
How had things gone so bad so quickly? 
Two nights ago you were laughing around a fire with the rest of the Greene family, joking about finding Rick a pair of farming overalls while eating the deer you and Daryl hunted the day prior. 
Now, 14 of your people were dead. 
“M’ fine, dammit.” Daryl spat. “Already carried ‘er this far.” 
“Ya need to go get those meds.” Hershel’s voice deepened with a stern look. “She was supposed to go on the run, right? And if ya get sick, ya can’t either. Some of these people won’t survive without those antibiotics.” 
Daryl huffed in frustration. Hershel meant well— there was no doubt in his mind— but he just didn’t get it. Daryl knew he had to get those meds, hell, he was eager to fight through 50 miles of whatever he had to do it. Still, there was no way he’d leave you without getting you to a doctor first. 
It was the least he could do. 
Realistically, it was the only thing he could do. 
“N’ I will, when she’s with the damn doctor.” Daryl could feel his face reddening and his voice lowered into a growl. 
He really was too stubborn for his own good, you thought.
A clank of metal chipped away at the building tension. Dr. S limped down the corridor behind Hershel, the hilt of his knife tapping against the stair railing he used for support. Even from across the hall, Daryl could see the doctor’s eyes had deep, purple bags underneath them and his skin shined with sweat.
Your weak and scratchy words pulled him from his growing panic, “Daryl, I’m okay.”
He wondered the last time you drank something. 
“Dr. S is here, so please, just go get those meds. Hershel’s right. We need them.” 
You needed them. 
You pulled a leg from his grip and started to turn away from him. Despite his better judgement, he caught the hint. Daryl lowered you slowly, watching your feet hesitantly touch the ground all while keeping a hand against your back—  ready to catch you. He cleared his throat in between the glances at your shaky legs standing on the ground and Hershel stepping closer.
How did you start to look so frail in a matter of hours? 
All he wanted was to carry you to Dr. S and sit by your side, do your biddings until you were back on your feet and fine. 
“Imma be back with those meds for ya tonight, ya hear me?” His voice was panicked. Justifiably so, but it made his words feel louder than they were. 
Somehow, you smiled through it. It was weak, your eyes were half-closed and your lip only peaked at one side. He knew you intended it to be grateful, but the stark contrast from your usual bright glow only made his chest tighten. 
“I’ll be here.” 
He nodded, “Ya better.”
Daryl caught Hershel’s sympathetic eyes, the only feature not hidden behind his long bandana used as a mask, and directed his attention to the vet instead. 
“Watch over ‘er for me, will ya?” 
“Like a hawk.”
And he waited. Waited for it to hit him. He got you to Dr. S and Hershel, did all he could, and they’d take care of you now. Hershel loved you like one of his own— and with Dr. S’ help, there was no way they’d let you go down. 
He expected to feel relief, but he didn’t. Nothing of the sort washed over him as he hoped— like it was supposed to. 
“Hurry, Daryl.” Dr. S mumbled, hanging off the edge of the doorway.
Daryl caught one last glance, holding back the undeniable urge to scoop you back into his arms when he saw how you curled into yourself. Shoulders low, eyes trained to the ground. Hershel’s hands were around your back, leading you deeper into the ominous room. His throat tightened from the way you strained your neck to look back at him once more too.
You could put on a brave face. You had, like usual. But he saw through it. Saw the way your eyes pleaded with him. Just like every time he left on a run without you. They screamed with a bright contrast from your dull skin. 
Come back to me. 
He’d pull you back into his arms and give you his own goddamn health if he could. But the heavy thud of Dr. S slamming the door shut behind you echoed through the hallway Daryl stood in, alone. It was a cold reminder of your separation and the reason for it. He couldn’t give you his health, he couldn’t comfort you.
Getting those meds, though, was the next best thing. 
But something must’ve gone wrong because Daryl wasn’t back that night. If you’d been in your right mind and not delirious from a quickly worsening fever, you would’ve been even sicker with worry. 
On the second and final night of his absence, you thrashed violently against Maggie and Glenn’s hold. Everything burned. Your lungs, your chest, your goddamn eyes. It felt like you were drowning. 
You were. Only it was your own blood flooding your throat and choking the air out of you. 
Hershel’s hands shook as he ripped open the slip holding a new sterile tube. From the look of his mouth, he was yelling something at you, but you couldn’t hear anything past your pounding heartbeat. They were trying to pull you up for air— you knew that— but at that moment, their hands felt like heavy bricks weighing you down, deeper into the suffocating pit. You couldn’t help but thrash against their collective hold, even more so when a pain spread down your throat. 
Until he finally squeezed and you lifted just an inch. 
Another squeeze came and you could vaguely feel something warm rest against your chest. Just over your ribs. 
Your eyes fluttered closed with the steady wheeze of the airbag and the pumps of fresh oxygen lulling you into a needed rest. With only the vague thought of the burn of the intubation tube down your throat, sleep finally took you.
When your eyes opened, they quickly squeezed shut again. Harsh rays of light beamed down into the death row cell. Your eyes fluttered between open and closed while you adjusted. Disoriented, you tried to grasp an idea of your surroundings. A soft groan slipped past your lips as your head slowly moved along the flat pillow. Your stirring was enough to draw the attention of someone to your left. 
At the small side table, Maggie caught your eye. She was holding an oversized pan over a mug, pouring a bright amber liquid. You vaguely watched the steam swirl in the air before she was at your bedside.
“Hey, hey,” She shushed your name after tip-toeing over to you. 
“What—“ You wheezed before the raw ache in your throat stopped you.
“Here,” Maggie reached back for the mug and blew over it twice. Warmth enveloped your neck as she raised your head and brought the ceramic to your lips. Carefully, you sipped at the tea to test both the temperature and the limits of your bruised throat. When the hot, slightly sweet liquid soothed the soreness, you sipped more. 
“My dad said yer throat might hurt for a few days.” 
You nodded. The early rays of sun illuminated Maggie’s tired face. You rubbed the remaining sleep from your eyes before your sight eventually fell to the ground. It was cleaner than you remembered. 
Hadn’t you been choking up blood and phlegm?
You almost died in that spot— really almost died. Yet it was mopped clean, not even a drop to remind you of that brutal and terrifying moment. You guessed that was probably the point. 
Then your eyes flickered to the side, maybe three feet away from that unfortunate stretch of concrete, and found Daryl. A long shadow was cast along the floor from the sun that hit his back. Thrown beside him was his crossbow, just in reach but unloaded. Two of the buttons on his shirt had fallen open for a peek of the tattoo on his chest. His leather vest was balled up at the nape of his neck. Though it still couldn’t have been that comfortable, because the thick cell bars were the only thing holding his body up.
And yet, he was sound asleep. 
If Maggie’s bright green eyes hadn’t been so focused on you, you might’ve spared a bashful smile at the sight. Instead, you squinted up at her. 
“How long?” You croaked.
“Day n’ a half.” She gave a sad smile. “Ya’ve been in n’ out, not sure if ya remember. Bob said ya might not, cause of the drugs n’ the flu.” 
You didn’t. 
Maggie’s head turned as she spared a glance at Daryl. 
“He’s been ‘ere since they got back.” 
The way she whispered that last part made your heart skip. From the meaning to her tone, it was like she was sharing a secret for only you and the quiet morning air. You couldn’t blame her, either. Seeing him like this almost did feel like a weird invasion of privacy.
Somehow, lying there, he looked so vulnerable. 
“Wouldn’t sleep or nothin’, especially after we finally got ya off the bag. Watched ya breathe for an hour ‘fore he finally relaxed.” 
You absentmindedly rubbed your throat at the mention, but your attention lingered on the sleeping man across from you. By Maggie’s acknowledgment, he had been vulnerable. Panicked. Worried. 
He cared. Enough to wait by your side until you were okay by his standards— even when there was already medicine in your veins and breath in your lungs. 
“The others?” 
Maggie’s eyes dropped at the mention. 
“We lost some more. But, Glenn and Sasha are fine.” 
You nodded, unable to process the statement of loss beyond your relief that your closest friends were okay. No matter how selfish it might’ve been to admit. 
“And your dad?” 
You both shared a smile at that. It felt good to think about Hershel getting his full of rest. It was more than deserved after all he’d done. 
“He deserves it. You do too. Thank you for— for everything.” 
“M’ jus’ glad yer back.” 
Maggie wiped her thumb along your forehead affectionately. Her touch was gentle and sweet. It filled you with warm comfort, like something you might’ve been accustomed to before the walkers came. Now, it was rare to find such a moment, so you held tight onto it, reaching up to squeeze her hand. A calm smile at your chapped lips, your eyes closed when she placed a quick kiss on your forehead. 
“I gotta get back to Glenn. I can wake Daryl for ya, if ya want.” 
“No, let him sleep.” 
Maggie stood up and collected the pot of tea she was travelling with. At the cell door, she lingered for a moment as something seemed to pull within her. Her eyes flickered between you and Daryl. You wondered what was on her mind when her smile shifted into something unreadable in your dazed state. 
“He was real worried ‘bout ya— we all were, but he… I don’t know wha’ he woulda done if ya hadn’t bounced back.” 
With that, she was gone. 
For the first time since you’d woken up, you tried to inhale fully. Deep, steady breaths that tested how far your healing lungs would stretch. 
And you stared at him. Watched the rhythm of his own rising and falling chest.
There was a lot about this new world that never felt right. 
Like greeting strangers with a gun or picking through valuables of the dead. Or making a home out of a prison for your family, all of whom you’d never met until 8 months ago. 
But him? Daryl? Even with the blur of the medicine pumping through your veins, it was clearer than the sun rays that peeked through the barred windows. 
He was right. He felt right. 
The pain in your chest and throat lifted just a little when you let your hand drop from the bed, hanging just next to his outstretched legs. The laces tied around his ankles caught your fingers, and you played with them while you studied him with a lazy smile. 
Maybe you would’ve felt some shame for watching him sleep if you hadn’t caught him doing the same to you those nights on the road. If you hadn’t ever found him hovering a moment too long by your cell door, between that moment of sleep and consciousness. 
Despite all the times he’d seen you, this was the first time you had seen Daryl sound asleep. 
Before, you never really understood why he’d do it.
You got it now. Understood more than ever. 
Hell, you wished you hadn’t missed out on 8 months of these moments.
Maybe that secretive feeling you’d gotten earlier wasn’t about Daryl, you realized. The intimacy seemed to find itself rooted in your gaze, which couldn’t be mistaken for anything but love. Fulfilling, tender, I-will-follow-you-to-the-end love. 
A loose knot tangled around one of your fingers and you brushed the dirty shoelace with your free thumb. 
The room was spinning when you lifted yourself to a sit. With a gentle throw, the pillow thumped softly against the mattress near your feet. You twisted your body around and collapsed back down on the bed. The top of your head was now inches away from the metal bars Daryl leaned against. 
When your dizziness became too much, you finally let your neck relax from the strain of staring up at him. With a heavy sigh, you breathed through the ache in your chest and tried to soothe your head. You let your eyes close, welcoming the stillness that came with the dark, and eventually slipped into an undisturbed sleep. 
When Maggie walked by the cell an hour later, she stopped to smile at the sight. You were lying on the bed, curled on your side. Your hand had fallen and hung off the edge of the bed, maybe an inch from Daryl’s hand that rested in his lap. At some point, his head had lulled to the side, toward you. 
She couldn’t even see his face from his angle, but she knew. From the way his shoulders fell into place, or his breathing evened. 
She just knew. 
“He woulda never survived it.” She mumbled to herself and slipped away, back to the man she loved, with gratitude blooming deep in her chest.
A/N: I originally had a very different plan for the ending of this fic (daryl pulling away, closing himself off after almost losing you, confronting him, etc...) but it just didn’t work how I wanted. maybe I'll try again one day, if that's something you guys would be interested in?
if you’re reading this, thank you! I hope you enjoyed this fic. please, leave feedback, it helps so much and I love to read it. have a lovely day <3
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underoospeterparker · 2 months ago
more comfort from your favorite boys, the marauders
pairing: poly!marauders x fem!reader
summary: the boys are sleeping & reader is on her period and has really bad cramps + her period leaked and she feels like the boys are gonna get mad at her but they just wanna comfort her<33
warnings: periods, blood, menustration cycle, cramps, crying, reader is sad, reader is in pain, swearing, non-sexual nudity
sirius's loud snores woke you up from your sleep. you groaned lightly, trying not to wake up your sleeping boyfriends. as soon as you opened your eyes, you felt the dreaded wetness underneath you.
'shit,' you thought in your head, checking underneath you. of course, your period had leaked on the bedsheets.
you felt a strong cramp in your lower abdomen, and you winced as the pain caused tears to fill your eyes. rocking yourself back and forth, your quiet sobs filled the room, trying not to wake up remus, sirius and james, especially because they get tired and just want to sleep.
you couldn't help the second groan that slipped your mouth as your cramps became unbearable in pain. remus then woke up, you knew he was a light sleeper. he rubbed his eyes and sat up in bed, then caught sight of you curled in a ball, tears staining your cheeks.
"hey, hey, hey," he crawled towards you. "what happened, puppy? why are you crying, hm?"
your sobs became quieter as you tried to speak. "i'm sorry for waking you up, remus," you wiped your tears with the back of your palm. "i- um," you laughed humorlessly, "my period just started, and i leaked on the bed and-" you started crying full force again. "cramps."
"princess," he brought his hand forward to cup your cheek, "you don't have to apologize for this, okay? it's natural. i'll clean up the bedsheets, why don't you get in the shower, okay? we'll be there in a bit."
you looked over at your other two boyfriends, sleeping soundlessly. "i don't wanna wake them though," you murmured.
"baby," he tilted your chin to look at him with his finger. "they want to take care of you, just as much as i do." you melted underneath his touch.
you gave remus a small smile as you stood up, clutching your stomach and making your way to the bathroom.
while you were in there, remus lightly shook james and sirius awake. "moony, why the fuck would you wake us up this early?" sirius groaned as remus pushed him out of the bed to a standing position.
"where's (y/n)?" james asked, confused and worried. you always slept in.
remus opened the blanket to show the boys that you had leaked. "i woke up and she was crying 'cause her cramps were so bad," he said under his breath, looking at the two for their reactions.
sirius and james's faces immediately softened. "is she okay?" james questioned.
remus nodded. "told her to get in the shower," he said. "prongs, get in there and check on her, pads, help me change the bedsheets."
james made his way to the bathroom, opening the door quietly to help you get ready. you looked up at him, still in unbearable pain, and you groaned in pain again.
he rushed over to you, then said, "hey, princess," you smiled at him weakly. "can i touch you?" you nodded and he wrapped him arms around you, placing you in his lap.
you buried your face into his warm pajamas, and he let you cry, never once moving even when he cramped up. his hands made their way to yours, holding them as you played with the rings on his fingers mindlessly. once you finished crying, he pulled you back to look at your face.
his heart broke at the tears that still ran down your face, your eyes puffy and bloodstained. "you're so beautiful," he smiled. "even when you're crying."
you laughed, and buried your head back into his shoulder, wondering how you got so lucky.
remus and sirius finished making the bed, and they walked into the bathroom, smiling at the sight in front of them. remus wrapped an arm round sirius's shoulders while sirius did the same to remus's waist. remus pressed a kiss to sirius's forehead, and pulled him closer to his chest.
you noticed your other two boyfriends, grinning at them.
sirius crouched down to your and james's height. "hey babygirl," he beamed at you. "you wanna go shower now?"
you nodded your head, and james slowly stood up while you wrapped your legs around his waist, your head leaning against his shoulder as he carried you to the shower.
the boys helped you undress, being very gentle with you so as to not hurt you. another cramp hit hard and you whimpered in pain. your boyfriends noticed, and sirius's warm hand went towards your stomach, rubbing in light circles, trying to help sooth your pain.
you exhaled and smiled at sirius as a thank you for loosening the pain at least a little. as you showered, remus and james went down to the common room to grab you some things.
while showering, you held sirius's hand, and he rubbed his thumb against your palm in hope to provide some comfort. he honestly felt useless whenever you had your period. he wanted to take the pain away, they all did, cause they hated to see you in pain.
"c'mere, baby," sirius pulled you out of the shower, wrapping you in a fluffy towel that you leaned into. he then grabbed you a pair of underwear and one of their oversized hoodies. remus smiled when he saw you in it, the boys loved you in their clothing.
your boyfriends lay down on the bed, pulling you in the middle as you four were sandwiched together. the heating pad was resting against your tummy, and remus was rubbing circles on it too. james gathered you to cuddle in his arms, and you drifted off with your head snuggled into his chest. sirius lay down above you, playing with your hair as he braided it into small locks, giving your forehead multiple kisses.
once your boyfriends realized you were sleeping, they all smiled. "we love you," they whispered in your ear.
a/n: ok this is kinda shit but i hope you guys like it<3
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thatonebrazilian · a month ago
Hello Darkness ~ Chapter 10
Tumblr media
… Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11 (coming soon)
A/N: Hiiiiii!!! I promised you guys dark!reader, didn't I? So PREPARE FOR THE GORE. (and although I was already planning some torture and mass murder, Wanda on MoM did help inspire me a little). Also, sorry it took so long, writer's block and all that.
Oh, if I forgot to tag anyone just lmk!
Summary: You were happy with Wanda until you found Vision on her bed. You loved her, though, you would have forgiven her eventually, but Natasha couldn’t let you throw away your chance at true happiness like that. So she took matters into her own hands.
Warnings: Cheating, Kidnapping, Gaslighting, non-con sex, non-con drug use, non-con alcohol consumption, Stockholm syndrome, soft!dark!Natasha, synthetic cock, forced pregnancy, breeding kink, praising kink, little bit of mommy kink… I think that’s it, lmk if I need to add more. MINORS DNI. You have been warned. *THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS EXPLICIT SCENES OF DEATH, TORTURE AND MASS MURDER*
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Word Count: 7007
Tumblr media
You had never felt like that before; pride like that, love like that. The pain had been unbearable, yes, but Natasha was there holding your hand through it all, and just that one gesture made everything better.
And then you had her in your arms, your baby girl, Natasha’s baby, and it’d felt like everything was as it should be, like every event in your life was culminating into this one moment. You had looked at your little girl’s bright green eyes, just like her mother’s, her hair took your shade, but you swore you could see a bit of fire in it, as if the deep red of Natasha’s hair wanted to poke out through the hair color your child inherited from you.
Your child.
You had looked at Natasha then, and you could see it clearly as you looked into her eyes, that glint that perfectly mirrored the happiness you had been feeling, the pure love and devotion she felt for you, for both of you.
And as you took another look at your child, there was only one thing that came to mind.
“Yelena,” you had said, smiling and looking at your baby girl.
Natasha had blinked once, twice, and then her eyes filled with tears. “What?”
“It’s a fitting name, don’t you think?” you had asked, smiling up at the love of your life “Yelena Y/L/N-Romanoff.”
“I love you,” Natasha knelt to the floor beside your bed, stroking your face with one hand and holding little Yelena’s with the other, her tears falling freely “I love you so much, I don’t even know how to-”
She broke down sobbing, and you had always known Natasha loved you, even before you knew it was romantic, but now it seemed to stand out like a beacon as you realized just how much she loved you, because the sight of tears in her eyes had always been a rare one, and for her to be vulnerable with you like that was enough to tell you just how much you meant to this woman.
“Oh, Natty, I know,” you said, you understood, she loved you more than words could describe, she loved you so much she didn’t know what to do, how to express it, be it in words or actions.
“I just can’t- You gave my life meaning, Y/N, you have no idea how-” she cried a bit more and kissed your forehead, then the tip of your nose, then the corner of your mouth; she took a big breath in then “I’ve been having nightmares my whole life,” she said, brushing a strand of your hair behind your ear “but having you by my side drives them always, it’s like since I met you I’ve been blessed with recurring dreams. Even more so after I started waking up by your side. Night after night, after the sun inflicts light upon us, your presence just soothes me, you make me feel like I have nothing to be worried about,” she kissed your cheeks then, and you felt her smile on your skin “It’s like you gave me life when I was nothing but an empty husk of a person; And now you give me this, her, a child, our child. Our Yelena.” She looked you in the eyes and leaned down to kiss your lips, you had never felt more peaceful in your life “I want to give back, I want you to feel comfortable enough with me to just be in silence, I want you to feel comfortable enough to say anything you that comes to your mind without having second thoughts, I want to hone your moans, to make you sing, touch your body like the masterpiece it is, I want to grow with you, to intertwine your spirit with mine, to merge our souls. I want to have your firsts, your lasts, and your forever.”
Your eyes stung with the sudden overflow of tears, you had smiled at her and pulled her closer, kissing her lips, trying to convey through that simple kiss all the feelings you couldn’t express through words.
“I love you too, Natalia,” you had said then, touching your forehead to hers “more than I ever loved anyone else, more than I even thought possible to love someone; I love you more than I love myself.”
Nat pulled away a little and smiled at you, wiping your tears with the pad of her thumb while reaching for her pocket with the other hand.
“I really do want forever with you, you know?” she said, her hand coming back holding a beautiful little box, your heart started hammering in your chest “Would you grant me this one more blessing? Would you allow me to spend the rest of my life by your side?” she asked, her red-rimmed, beautiful green eyes staring at you with so much hope “Will you marry me?”
“Oh my god,” you whispered, not quite believing this was really happening “Yes, Natalia! A million times yes!”
You had never felt more complete than at that moment.
Tumblr media
The joy never seemed to fade. Days had passed, and you were as happy as on the day Yelena was born, as happy as in the moment Natasha asked you to marry her. The happiness you felt seemed everlasting, all because of the two women you had the luck to call your own. Your fiancée and your child.
When Natasha popped the question was like something snapped in you, and you finally realized that you didn’t need your job to be happy, you didn’t need your colleagues, you didn’t need anything but her and Lena.
Of course you wouldn’t just cut off all the other people you loved, no, you wanted Yelena to have uncle Tony give her the most mind-blowing gifts, you wanted uncle Loki to teach her magic, and you wanted uncle Thor to drool over her like you knew he would. But you realized you didn’t need to be near them, you didn’t need to be an avenger to feel fulfilled, and you didn’t need to be a superhero to help people.
What you had said to Natasha before Lena was born still stood, though. Because even if you knew you didn’t need the thrill of the fight to be happy, you still liked it, so you wanted that one last mission.
Of course Natasha didn’t like that, she worried about you too much for her own good. She didn’t try to stop you, though, even if she really wanted to. And, god, she did, how much she did.
You knew it wasn’t just out of worry. Yes, she worried about you more than anything else, but you knew there was something else bothering her about this particular mission. You’d be there with the other magic users, and with them alone.
You’d be there with Wanda, and she’d have to stay in the compound. First and foremost because someone had to stay to look after Lena, but also because her expertise wouldn’t be needed for this one.
She knew you loved her, you were sure of that, but you also understood how she couldn’t trust Wanda to be near you, and you knew how she felt, after all you wouldn’t like Bruce coming back and hovering over your fiancée.
“Are you absolutely sure?” she had asked you a million times before your departure, it was endearing, to be honest.
“Yes, Natty, I’m sure.” You had said, smiling at her. God, she was beautiful when she worried about you like that.
“Ok, have you gotten your gear?” she asked, checking your backpack to see if everything was in order.
“Everything in place, Captain” you answered, a smirk on your face.
Natasha lifted a single brow as she finished checking everything. “Captain?”
“Well, we are in the bedroom, and you do call the shots here, so…”
She laughed and shook her head, walking towards you. When she gathered your hair in one of her hands you thought she’d pull it and push you against the wall in a last attempt to coerce you to stay, but then she smoothly moved the other hand beneath your curls and placed a necklace on your neck.
“What is this for?” you furrowed your brows a little, your fingers tracing lightly over the beautiful piece.
She blushed a little and looked at Yelena, there was a similar piece on your baby’s neck. It made you realize what it was and a warm feeling spread through your chest.
“Tracking devices,” you said, a smile blooming on your face; you then looked at Natasha with as much love and adoration as she was looking at you “you want to make sure we’re ok, even if we’re not nearby…”
She nodded and pulled you in, tucking her face in the crook of your neck and hugging you tight to the point it became harder to breathe. You wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Please, come back to me.” She whispered against your pulse point, leaving a kiss there.
You pulled away just enough to look her in the eyes; you wished you could imprint the image in your head, for she was the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in your life. “Remember what I told you the other day?” you asked, caressing her face “I can’t promise to never get hurt, but I can promise to do everything in my power to come back to you”, you looked at Lena then “to the two of you. No matter what I have to do.”
Your eyes darted to her tempting lips. God, they were so plump, and you knew for a fact their taste was one of the best things to ever grace your mouth.
You pulled her closer.
“Besides,” you said then, biting her lower lip and palming her ass “We need to start working on that baby brother for Yelena, you know.”
Natasha smiled at that, her hand slowly pulling the zipper of your jumpsuit down. “We might have to get started now if you keep that up.”
You laughed and pulled her into a deep, searing kiss; an image flashed into your mind and you found the heat pooling in your belly almost unbearable “Fuck,” you exhaled, pulling away from her mouth “I bet you’d look so fucking perfect with a round belly, Tasha.”
Natasha smiled sadly at you “You know I can’t carry children, Detka,” she said. You knew that, you knew what the red room did, but you couldn’t keep that perfect image out of your head.
“Hmm,” was all you replied, leaning in and kissing her languidly on that sweet spot right behind her ear.
“Five minutes until departure” F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice sounded in the room, making both of you groan in annoyance.
“Guess that’s my cue,” you said, kissing her one more time, then moving to the crib you had conjured (your magic was way better, thank you very much) for Yelena. “Bye little Lena, momma will see you soon.”
You turned to leave, but stopped at the door; you had never thought it’d be so painful to part ways with someone, especially since it was temporary. You turned around and pulled Natasha by the hand, pressing her against the wall as your mouth invaded hers like you needed her to breathe. Which you knew very well you did.
She moaned under your touch, her tight coming to press between yours.
“Three minutes until departure” it was F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice again, you shut your eyes tightly and, summoning every bit of your strength, you managed to pull away from Nat’s lips.
“I love you, my beautiful fiancée,” you said, touching your forehead against hers.
“I love you more, my future wife”.
And then you walked out that door, finding Loki waiting for you right outside your room.
“Ready to go?” he asked.
“Let’s get this over and done with so I can come back to my family.”
Tumblr media
Things were never easy for you, of course not.
S.H.I.E.L.D had sent a team to this place before yours, a reckon team. They had infiltrated the base and gathered enough knowledge for a strike team, yours, to come back and deal with these fuckers, whoever they were.
Now here you were, not too far from the base you were supposed to invade. It was only you, Loki, Strange, and to your dismay, Wanda and Vision. To be honest you didn’t even know why Alexa was here; he was powerful, yes, and he had somewhat magical abilities, but they needed magic users for this and he was not one.
Whatever the reason, though, you couldn’t say you hated having him there, because as laser beams started being shot your way, you imagined his vibranium body would make a nice enough shield.
But how the hell were they shooting at you? Your team was stealthy enough, even using magic to mask the quinjet; all you needed to do was go to the base, which wasn’t too far from where you stood, and make it go boom. There was even a fucking forest surrounding said base, they shouldn’t have spotted you.
The fucking laser beams being shot at your team were seemingly coming from the trees, you also spotted a couple machine guns near one of the big tanks (what they contained? You had no idea).
Only then you seemed to notice that the layout the reckon team had given you seemed to be wrong. That should have been the first signal. It was a pity you couldn’t realize it then.
“We’ve been compromised!” Strange shouted as hundreds of soldiers left the building, running right towards you. You couldn’t see their faces, all of them were wearing helmets.
“Oh, what gave you the impression?” Loki yelled back, shooting freezing rays of his own toward the soldiers.
“The smart maneuver would be to leave right now,” said Vision, the stone in his robotic forehead glowing before shooting out at the enemies.
“You did read the report, didn’t you?” you asked through gritted teeth, your distaste for the droid growing stronger and strong by the second “If we leave, the tech they have here could be used to destroy dozens of cities.”
You stopped half the rays shot your way and used your magic to reverse their trajectory, creating a couple explosions that brought down dozens of soldiers.
“Yes, but we could come back another time!” Vision insisted.
“Are you fucking dumb?! They already know we know about their tech, they already know we want to destroy it!” you yelled at him, clenching your fists, but not taking your eyes off the battlefield “If we leave, they’ll take whatever they have here and hide it away!”
“And we’ll find it!” Vision insisted, blocking a laser beam from hitting Wanda.
Ah, you see now what this is about. He wanted to protect Wanda.
“Not before they use it to kill hundreds of thousands of people!” you yelled, creating a ball of blue, unstable magic and shooting it at the rapidly approaching soldiers.  “Fuck it, you won’t understand no matter how many times I try to explain. You don’t have empathy to understand, you’re a robot, you don’t have a heart; You know what? You can go if you want to, I’ll finish the fucking job alone.”
Fuck him, fuck her, they could very well leave if they wanted to.
“We’re staying. I’m not leaving her behind,” you heard Wanda say to Vision.
“Wanda…” he started to say.
“I’m not leaving without her, Vis.”
And then the soldiers were upon you; none of them attacked you with their fists, though, they were all armed with this strange sort of gun that blasted a green, smelly ray.
One came right at you, but with a single lift of your hand, you redirected it back to a group of goons.
You used a blast of magic to explode one of the tanks nearby. Turns out whatever was in it was volatile, cause the explosion was so much bigger than you expected. The resulting boom caused a big gust of wind, knocking down a lot of soldiers, almost knocking down Wanda as well; the ones unfortunate enough to be near the tank when it exploded were now nothing more than bloodstains on the grass. Wanda and Strange looked at you with a horrified expression, Loki’s smile was a proud one.
And then down from the sky, sliding down zip lines that came from seemingly nowhere, came a hundred soldiers more. They were wearing the same uniforms, the same helmets; they landed with such lightness, such grace, like they had practiced it their whole lives, that it gave you the impression that those weren’t men; more than that, it gave you the impression that you had seen someone move as fluidly as them.
That’s when your eyes focused on the belts they were all wearing. Although it was hard to see surrounded by this much darkness, they stood out to you like a beacon. The insignia you saw every day, the one that was more often than not pressed against your skin.
The Black Widow insignia.
This was not any organization.
This was the Red Room.
And then you heard Wanda scream, her body surrounded by a green aura before it disappeared. She almost fell to the floor, but Vision caught her in time.
“Wanda, are you ok?” The robot asked, and it almost seemed as if there was panic in his voice.
“My- My powers… I can’t feel my powers!” she said, looking desperate, her eyes then met yours “We have to go! They have weaponized magical inhibitors!”
You gritted your teeth, you didn’t know what was happening. The Red Room was supposed to be gone. Natasha killed Dreykov years ago. If not him, who was doing all of this?
All the widows stilled for a moment, and you looked behind you to see an army of Lokis. You knew they were illusions, Strange knew it, but the Widows didn’t, or at least you hoped so.
You looked at him “Good idea,” you said, and then there was another you. Loki, the original one, smiled at that.
“Good, for your first try.”
“This is not an illusion, Loki,” you said, both your hands and your clone’s glowing blue. You concentrated some of your magic in your eyes to try and see where these Widows were coming from.
“What?” Loki asked, “What is it then?”
“A doppelganger,” you said, your double fighting off some Widows while you looked at the sky trying to find… Oh, there it was.
You took off then, leaving your other self there to fight with the others.
“And what do your original self intend to do?” Loki asked, you could hear him perfectly through your double.
“This became really person all of a sudden,” you said, but the voice sounded through the version of you that was near Loki, “they have magic inhibitors, you won’t last long, take the others and leave.”
“What about you? Natasha will be devastated if something happened to you.” He said.
“I’m doing this for her. Now, listen to me, goddamnit.”
He said something else but you couldn’t hear it now, you were too far away, even to listen through your clone. It didn’t matter though, you found the giant floating building you were looking for. You flew towards it, dodging all the projectiles coming your way.
The fight beneath you was forgotten, your other self could deal with that on her own.
When you landed, all you saw was blonde hair before you passed out.
Tumblr media
You woke up slowly, the fog in your mind lifting slightly as your eyes adjusted to the sight in front of you. You were in a room, there was only a woman by the door, a blonde one, looking at you with no emotion behind her eyes.  
“Who are you?” you asked, or at least you tried to, your voice was a bit too slurred to formulate proper words.
The blonde just tilted her head almost robotically, taking a slow, menacing step towards you; her hair was tied in a ponytail, the top part divided into braids that fell and dissolved into gentle waves. You have seen braids like that, you were sure… You saw them atop Natasha’s head quite frequently.
You remembered Natasha’s beautiful, melodic voice as she told you about her little sister, the one she presumed was dead, the one with blonde hair and eyes as green as hers. Well, Nat was wrong, this girl’s eyes were beautiful, yes, but not in a million years they could compare to Natasha’s. Your eyes focused on the Black Widow insignia on the belt the blonde wore.
“Yelena?” you asked, then, eyes zeroing on her “Yelena Belova?”
She didn’t say anything, just stood there, looking at you with not a single ounce of emotion behind her eyes.
“Yelena, listen to me, I’m Natasha’s fiancée; your sister thought you were dead. What happened?”
You were expecting an answer from her, instead, you heard clapping; slow, methodical, like whoever was doing it was merely mocking you.
“Congratulations. I have to admit I didn’t expect you to figure it out this quick. I was hoping she’d have a bit of fun with you first.” The voice came, followed soon after by an old, fat man walking into the room. “But I guess I should’ve known my Natasha wouldn’t choose just anyone to spend her life with.”
Red, ugly rage filled you, not just because you thought you knew who this man was, but because Natasha was yours. You tried to release your powers, to trample down whatever advantage he thought he had, but somehow you just couldn’t.
Then you remember the needle to your neck.
They had inhibited your powers.
When Natasha had done it you had felt completely bare, like a part of you was missing, you had felt powerless and helpless, but… this didn’t feel like it, this felt more like numbness, like trying to look at something that’s underwater, like trying to walk in quicksand.
It was irritating, it was maddening, but it didn’t make you afraid.
“Dreykov,” was all you said through gritted teeth, your face morphing into an expression of pure rage. You hated this man, not because he delusionally thought he owned your woman, but because he took everything from her. He took her childhood, her freedom, her innocence, and the possibility for her to carry children of her own.
“Hello Y/N,” Dreykov said in a mocking tone, a condescending smile on his face “now that introductions are out of the way… I’ve heard something really interesting about a baby. Yours and Natasha’s biological daughter. Yelena, right?” he laughed a little and shook his head, as if you had just told him something funny “How darling of you to name your child after Natasha’s little sister. Such a special child it must be.”
You clenched your jaw as he walked towards a desk and sat on top of it, trying to act all cool. “You know, I personally chose Natasha for the Black Widow program because she has perfect genes. And I mean that in a literal way. Her body is more resistant to diseases, her strength is superior to the normal person, she is smarter, her brain works faster; she is one of the very few perfect specimens out there...”
He went on and on about how perfect Natasha was; you knew that all too well, you’ve seen her every scar, both physical and mental, you’ve seen her at her best and at her worst, you’ve seen her fight, love, cry and laugh. You saw her as she held you down against your will to make you hers, and you saw her as she held your hand during your child’s birth. You knew all there was to know about Natasha Romanoff, because she was part of you.
“And now,” Dreykov continued “now I can only imagine all that I could do with a child that doesn’t just have perfect genetics like her, but that also has magic! The world would be mine, I wouldn’t even need my other widows; just our little Yelena would be enough.”
Your chest hurt at the thought of him getting anywhere near your girls.
“You will not touch my daughter,” you said with pure hatred in your voice.
“But, why keep just her?” he continued as if you hadn’t spoken “No, I’ll keep Natasha and aunty Yelena here as well, then I’ll have my perfect assassin trinity.”
Your eyes glowed blue, and Dreykov suddenly took a step back.
“Stay away from. My. Wife!”
A blast of pure, raw power left you, throwing furniture to the ground, breaking windows, and almost knocking Dreykov and Yelena down.
The old, balding man turned and bolted for the door, but a wall of dark-blue energy sealed it shut. He turned to Yelena with wide eyes and yelled “What are you waiting for?!” He then pressed a button on his watch and an alarm went off, red lights blinking as if in a warning.
From the ceiling then dropped what seemed to be dozens of widows. They all made a protective circle around Dreykov while Yelena pushed a knife against your throat, not yet breaking skin.
“How are you doing this?! We gave you magic inhibitors!” Dreykov yelled, but then he shook his head and look heatedly in the blonde’s direction “It doesn’t matter. Yelena, dose her again.”
And then you felt the pinprick on your neck once more, but you didn’t pass out like last time. Instead, the muddiness your felt got worse, your vision blurred, Dreykov’s voice was all weird… And yet, it didn’t cloud your judgment, you hated Dreykov with the same intensity, you wanted to kill him with the same passion.
Kill; you’ve never been driven to kill another, ever, and yet that’s what you wanted to do. You wanted to kill Dreykov for all he did to Natasha, for all he wanted to do to her and your child. You stopped squirming in your seat, trying to save your strength. Dreykov’s shoulders slumped a little and he took a step forward, the sea of widows protecting him parted, allowing you to see the ugly, balding man.
“You are a strong little thing, aren’t you?” he asked then, that irritating smile back on his face “My Natasha chose well.”
“You’ll never convince her to join you. You’re delusional if you think you will.” You said, gritting your teeth, your voice sounding drunken.
He tilted his head a little and his smile grew ever bigger “But who said anything about convincing?” he asked then, pulling Yelena to him by the arm, pulling out a knife from one of the widow’s belts and plunging it into Yelena’s side. You cringed, she didn’t move, she didn’t make a face, she just stood there, motionless.
Just then it dawned on you.
She was being controlled.
“You see, I have this nice little gas that allows me to control all these beautiful weapons,” he said, gesturing to the women around you “and it makes them stronger, their pain tolerance higher.” He took a step away from Yelena, blood coated her sides now. “Natasha won’t be able to do anything but succumb, just like her sister has. Just like you will have by then.”
He took another step towards you.
Rage, rage was all you felt, rage and the silent scream of your powers, the invisible push against your skin. Anger. Unconformity. Hatred.
“I’ll make you scream,” you said, barely more than a whisper “I’ll make you wish you were dead. You should have never come for my family.”
Dreykov snorted.
“Why do you think I came back after all this time? I could’ve come for my Natasha whenever I wanted, but now? Now there’s a magical child out there waiting for me. No one’s gonna stop me from getting my hands on Yelena.”
Blue, that’s what you saw, that’s the color that surrounded the room before you. The dam broke, and your powers punched through the fog, through the muddiness.
You never really understood why people gave you the superhero name you had. Wanda was the Scarlet Witch, Sam was the Falcon, Steve was Captain America, Tony was Iron Man, and your Natalia was the Black Widow.
You… were good, you never handicapped anyone, you’ve never killed anyone. You were the one the Avengers always sought out when they needed comfort.
And yet, you have been deemed the angel of death.
The Reaper.
Now, as the blue of your powers turned black, as the tip of your fingers burned with hellfire, as you looked in Dreykov’s eyes and saw his very soul, you finally understood why.
The chains that held you in place burst out as if they had been exploded and you slowly got up, your hair swirling madly around you as if there was a strong wind current in the room. The widows all surrounded you, but you couldn’t see their faces, all you saw were their souls, ready to be taken.
As if they could read each other’s moves, they pounced on you with perfect synchronicity. Their batons, knives, and guns all set into motion.
No one managed to touch you, your now dark powers enveloped you like a barrier, every shot the widows took bounced harmlessly, and every knife that came close met fierce resistance.
“You can’t fight them all off!” Dreykov yelled from behind Yelena, who stood in a defensive stance in front of him at the back of the room.
You didn’t seem to hear him, all that reverberated through your ears were his earliest words. Your body was hot, as if on fire, your eyes glowed dark blue.
“You will leave my family alone.”
 “Someone dose her again!” Dreykov yelled.
“You think you’re so smart;” you said, lifting with your magic the widow that was coming towards you with a syringe. You wouldn’t let any one of them touch you, you wouldn’t let them hurt your girls “think you’re so powerful,” with a flick of your fingers you tore the widow’s hand away from her body, she didn’t scream, but a river of blood flowed from her torn wrist to the floor. You threw her body against a far wall “when actually you’re nothing but tiny, measly man” this time seven widows pounced on you at once. You tore their bodies into pieces, the cracking of bones echoed loudly in the room, you could feel yourself becoming stronger as every soul left the widows’ bodies and came to you. You were somehow absorbing their essence. “Hiding behind tiny, measly women” you locked eyes with one of the widows, there was nothing behind it, but you knew she had a soul, you could see it thrashing inside her, wanting to come out, to break free, to run to you.
She wanted to die, you realized. All of them wanted to.
Well, who were you to deny them of their wishes?
As you pulled a few more towards you with your magic, you could see their blood pulsing in their veins. You pulled one’s throat, tearing off her pipe, making her gurgle in blood before her soul flew in your direction, and then there was the one with red hair. You looked deep into her eyes. They were wrong. You ripped them off. Another one came, her batons ready. They never even got to touch the barrier, you had severed her arms from her body.
Soon the room was filled with the metallic stench of blood, red like an inferno, morbid like death, the marble floors tainted dark red. There was only Yelena now, her blank stare on your face, her body ready to pounce. But she didn’t, Dreykov pulled her by the arm and pressed a knife to her neck.
“Don’t come any closer or I’ll kill her. Natasha will never forgive you if you let her die.” He said, a manic smile appearing on his face, a frightened look in his eyes.
“Will she ever be able to break free?” you asked then, not caring about what he had said. You knew he wouldn’t kill the only thing standing between you two.
“There is no breaking free,” he said, pulling her closer, pressing his body against hers “her mind, her body, and her will are mine to command. Even if you managed to break my hold on her using your magic, she’d eventually, inevitably, fall back into the habits ingrained in her mind since she was a child, she’d go back to trying to fulfill her utmost desire: to follow my orders”.
You clenched your fists. Yelena didn’t deserve this.
“Did you command her to take my wife and my child to you?” you asked, then, because if there weren’t any long-lasting orders maybe she’d be able to live a somewhat normal life after Dreykov was gone.
“I did. And she will succeed.” He said, his manic smile growing, making you sick to the stomach “Because you won’t kill her; you may have killed the others, but you won’t kill Natasha’s sister, she has you on a tight leash, you won’t do anything that might anger her, so it’s only a matter of time before-”
You lifted a single finger, shutting Dreykov up, and then you took a couple steps closer to Yelena. She was beautiful, more beautiful than you imagined she would be, but her beauty could never compare to Natasha’s. No one could ever compare to her.
You looked deep into those blank green eyes of hers, her plump, pouty lips turned slightly down into a frown, her strong jaw set. You knew they weren’t blood-related, but you could see a lot of Nat in Yelena’s expression.
“Do you think you will ever be able to break free?” you asked her.
Once again no words left her mouth, all there was were those blank eyes staring at you. She didn’t say anything, but you saw the same glow around her head you saw in the others. Her very soul, afraid, desperate to break free.
You could almost feel it, its anger, its pain.
You lifted your hand to her cheek, she didn’t move, her defensive stance was still in place though. Her skin was smooth and a little wet. She had cried, you realized, even if her eyes weren’t red-rimmed.
You didn’t know why she was crying, though; you didn’t know if it was because of the widows you slaughtered, because she was happy to hear that her sister was happy and had a child named after her, or because she simply couldn’t take it anymore.
“I wish you could see her now,” you said then, smiling sadly at the blonde “she’s truly happy, Yelena. She has freedom and love, and that’s really all she’s ever asked for. I wish you’d have gotten that, too.”
You didn’t even have to lift a finger, the snap of Yelena’s neck echoed loudly through the silent room, she fell to the floor in a matter of seconds. Painless, clean. Efficient.
Dreykov’s eyes bulged to the point where they almost fell off. Your eyes were drawn to him like magnets. You took a couple steps closer, stepping over Yelena’s body.
“Any last words?” you asked, giving him his voice back.
He did this. He killed the woman who would be your child’s godmother. He killed your sister-in-law. He destroyed her life, Natasha’s life.
He’d pay for it.
“You- you can’t kill me, if you do it, all of my widows won’t stop until Natasha and your baby are dead!” he yelled, backing up against the wall.
You tilted your head a little to the side, your eyes hardening. “Do you really think I worry about your widows?”
Dreykov raised his hands desperately. “But do you really want to live your whole life looking over your shoulder? A single mistake, a single distraction on your part, and your daughter will be gone.”
You felt something in your stomach, it was like hunger, but it was definitely not physical hunger. You didn’t want food… You wanted blood. His blood.
“So why don’t you be a good boy and tell me the location of these other widows so I can finish this once and for all?”
“Do you think I’m stupid?! Once I tell you you’ll kill me.”
You leaned closer, your eyes emitting a dark blue glow. “Here’s the thing, Dreykov, either you tell me where these widows are, or I’ll read it out of your mind. The difference is, if you do cooperate, I’ll simply kill you, but if you don’t…” you smiled menacingly, whispering your next threat “I’ll make you wish you were dead.”
You pulled back and looked at him, willing to let him decide, but when no words came out of his mouth, you smiled sadistically at him.
“Pain it is.”
You brought him closer with your magic, his wide eyes filled with fear. “Hum, I wonder if I can turn back time on your body, but leave your mind to remember everything that happened,” you mused, a dark grin on your face.
“What do you think yo-”
You broke his hand, it was a minor injury compared to what you were planning, his screams, though? They sounded as if you were already killing him. He was so weak. It was ironic how he trained women until they were perfect assassins while he himself couldn’t take a broken bone.
You moved your hands then, turning back time with one, keeping his memory with another. You didn’t know if that would work, but it didn’t hurt to try… Well, it didn’t hurt you.
Dreykov didn’t stop screaming as his hand snapped back into place, the bones gluing themselves together again. You smiled.
“So,” you said with a gigantic, sadistic smile on your face “how did it feel, does it still hurt?”
He looked at his hands with horror in his eyes, it seemed as if he understood what you intended to do.
“No, please, don’t-”
You broke his hand again, his screams were deafening. God, why did he need to be such a baby?
“Does it hurt the same amount, or is it different?” you asked, truly curious.
 Dreykov didn’t answer, just kept on screaming. You shrugged and turned back time, watching with interest as the bones in his hand mended yet again. You smiled as the dark blue of your magic surrounded his arm.
“What are y-”
You tore his arm from his body, his screams intensified. You wondered how long would he be able to keep that up. The screams, you mean. He’d keep up with your methods for as long as you wanted.
 “You can’t keep doing this, someon-”
You turned back time again, seeing his flash knit itself together again. The dark-bluish fire you conjured next burnt his skin like nothing you’ve ever seen. The smell of burnt flesh wasn’t really pleasing, but the sight in front of you definitely was.
You turned back time again, this time conjuring a sword and slashing his stomach.
“What?” you asked as he thrashed around, his organs falling out “Don’t you like taking people’s organs away without their permission?”
Next, you pulled his heart out with your bare hands, only a thin layer of magic covering it as to not stain your skin with his dirty blood.
“I can’t-”
You turned back time again.
“You can.”
You proceeded to snap his neck, break both his legs, tear his ears off, dilacerate his nose, and pour acid into his eyes. He only kept complaining, and complaining, and complaining. What a crybaby.
“This is getting tiring.” You said then, conjuring an ax and using your magic to open his pants. His eyes widened then, and it was as if all the other torture methods you inflicted upon him were ok, but you could not touch that small, wrinkly thing he called his cock.
“Ok! Ok! Please, I’ll tell you everything, please!” he yelled, trying to fold forward in order to protect his genitals. It was honestly ridiculous.
“Oh silly,” you said, shaking your head with a condescending smile on your face “I already know everything. I read your mind.”
You brought your ax down, and the scream he let out then was animalistic. But he hadn’t suffered enough, no suffering would be enough to make up for what he did to Natasha. So you used your magic to lift his severed cock, because of course you wouldn’t touch that disgusting thing with your hands, and proceeded to use more magic to turn him around and throw him face-first to the floor.
With his white, wrinkled ass up in the air, you stuffed the cock in it. By how much blood he was losing you imagined he’d have maybe a few more hours of life. There wouldn’t be anyone left to help him, but you weren’t an amateur, you tied his hands and feet, stuffed his mouth, and broke his bones just to be sure.
You took a step back to admire your work and smiled at the thought that your family would never be a target to the Red Room ever again.
“It was good doing business with you, Dreykov.” You chanted as you left.
You felt… Good. It was good to make him pay, you felt, more than ever, a hero. You didn’t just save anyone, you saved your family. But there was still more to be done. Somehow, after reading his mind, the location of every widow stood out to you like a beacon. You knew where every single person who ever worked for or with Dreykov was, and you knew that you had to take care of them, too, least they try and carry on with Dreykov’s orders.
So, just before you returned to the compound, you snapped your fingers, killing every single one of the people who had ever worked for him, leaving only your wife to tell the story.
HD Taglist: @romanoffsgal, @ministark, @liladoesfanfics, @wandanatvoid, @inlovewithfaberry, @kermy48, @fabgronsky, @natashakink, @strangegardentaco, @im-stilltired, @blinkmuch, @wandanatblogs, @blackwow34, @a-grinch, @proudmorning, @nuianced-tck-enby, @gayformaximoff, @tati3001, @sav06nat, @milfloverslut, @halobaby, @yomama010101, @raqelacevedo, @1uthina, @coxmicbabygirl, @olicity-boo, @screechcat, @savethecookie, @beenicejoy, @simpforflorencepugh1, @watashiwaglr38, @myplaceofsolace, @wildnightuniverse, @limelight111, @whore4nat, @mrsdanversluthorplease, @silveeer-duuust, @natflough04, @kiaranatsslut, @raniellee, @inluvwithfictionalwomen, @lenam07, @officialbriiiisworld, @grxvitye, @natasharomanoffswife17, @rice-wiife
Natasha Romanoff Taglist: @strangegardentaco, @madamevirgo
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gay-dorito-dust · 4 days ago
Hey can I request Eddie Munson x male reader for #45 and #56 ? <3
Prompts #45 (I think I’m in love with you) and prompt #56 (why are you avoiding me) from this prompt list.
A/n: mentions of teenage pregnancy and one mention of abortion for a random character I made up cuz Hawkins seems like that type of town.
Tumblr media
Lately it had seemed that Eddie had been avoiding you. He never sat in the seat you saved for him at lunch; instead favouring in seating himself between the likes of Gareth and Dustin laughing and joking with them as though nothing was wrong. He stopped asking you to come over to hangout at his place and had even stopped offering to drive you back home. Eddie acted as though you didn’t exists and even when he was forced to acknowledge you, he would tuck tail and walks the other way with his hands in his pockets, going so far as to start making up excuses that he had just remembered what he was supposed to be doing.
The worst part was that he only acted this uncharacteristically when you were there. It hurt you to know that he was actively avoiding you for some unknown reason instead of choosing the more mature option to talk it out with you like the grown adults that you were; but you knew Eddie better then that to chalking it down to him being childish in the face of confrontation because you knew Eddie doesn’t exactly express his emotions as freely as others could due to the constant belligerence he faced from his peers for being who he was. The worst fear you felt during all this was the fact that Eddie might’ve caught or overheard suspicions that you might have a crush on him. It wasn’t exactly easy living life as a gay man in a narrow minded town such as Hawkins; word got out faster here then it could’ve in other towns and cities. Everyone knew everyone, so the mere thought that if someone were to have ever found out the truth that the townsfolk weren’t too appreciative of…well you honestly dread to think about what would become of them or more so you in this matter.
You didn’t wish to become the next Lily Smith, a teenager who had became pregnant and was subsequently disowned by her own family before then ran out of town for not wishing to have the child due to financial issues that came as a result of her family’s disownment of her, refrained the poor girl from being able to feed an additional mouth. Yet her name was dragged through the mud as a monster for supposedly murdering something that wasn’t even considered living. So if there was even the slightest of possibilities that Eddie knew of your feelings for him there was no telling who else might’ve came to the same conclusion; For all you knew it could be anyone, including everyone in the Hellfire club.
The closet person you had to tell such a thing to was Robin Buckley after an innocent slip of the tongue that caused you to immediately retract your statement out of sheer panic; pulling out your go to as to avoid further speculation on your sexuality. When she gave you a sympathetic smile and eyes that told you that she knew all too well of your situation before admitting to her own truth of being a lesbian; Steve Harrington was the only person she bravely told of her sexuality, originally expecting a harsh reaction and vulgar words to be thrown her way about how her existence and attraction to women were a sin as you thought she’d react to your attraction to men. Steve, unfortunately, was a rarity amongst Hawkins townsfolk. There was no real safe way of knowing there were others that would react as kindly as him, so you vigilante remained and forced to swallow your pain as you lived behind a unbearable lie just to live.
So as you sat there by yourself, contemplating your next move concerning Eddie, you hadn’t notice that Gareth had sat himself beside you on the stage of the auditorium where the majority of the Hellfire club activities were partaking. “You alright?” He asked, placing a hand on your shoulder, drawing you out of your thoughts. You and Gareth only shared a handful of lessons together yet managed to establish a basic level friendship with the plaid wearing male; on the surface he may suffer from a case of resting bitch face but other then that he was just as intimidating as a chihuahua, though you’d never tell him this to his face as he’d put you in a headlock again like last time. “Am I weird to assume that Eddie has been acting weird lately? More specifically with me?” You asked, looking over at Gareth who looked back at you with the same suspicion.
“Now that you mention it, yeah. Eddie has been acting a little weirder then usual.” Gareth admitted as he thought back to the moments where Eddie visible grew stiff or was it flustered whenever your name was mentioned as though just merely thinking about you was enough to set Eddie off in an uncharacteristic episode. Which in of itself was odd as Gareth assumed that you and Eddie were quite good friends for the most part, sure you had your moments but those came from places of concern for one another for the others well-being. Now it just seemed that as though your name was an addictive kind of poison that Eddie wished he could stop drinking. After hearing your assumptions being confirmed, the fear began to settle in second, the fear that he somehow knew and was now putting distance between you both. Whether it was out of respect or disgust you weren’t quite sure.
“Have I done something wrong?” You asked, this time your voice a lot softer, more afraid then before. Gareth’s face softened to that of sympathy, he didn’t like it when his friends were sad, it made him feel powerless to make a difference in their mood; so he placed a arm over your shoulder, bringing you close into his side so that you were practically flushed against one another. Gareth’s cinnamon, spiced apple and citrus scent and body warmth had you melting into him like a touch starved cat. “No I don’t think you have but I think it’s be best if you confront him about it. Eddie is a stubborn prick when it comes to opening up about his issues but I’m sure you’ll knock some common sense into him.” As you were going to respond back, telling him that it was hopeless to even do that, almost as though you were trying to catch smoke, around the same time Eddie had came into the auditorium.
He stopped in his steps to take in Gareth’s arm over your shoulder, how closely pressed together you were and the relaxed yet defeated look upon your face that quickly became that of shock when you finally notice his presence as though he walked in on something he wasn’t meant to witness. “Eddie? What’re you doing here?” You asked, lifting yourself away from Gareth who watched him like a hawk. Eddie couldn’t bring himself to speak as the stinging feeling of jealously burned beneath his skin, preventing him from making coherent sense of what he was seeing; his mind was already making up something to fill in the gaps of what could’ve happened before he entered the room or what could’ve happened has he not came at all. He knew he had been avoiding you recently but he didn’t think you’d be quite to cosy up to Gareth so quickly. He didn’t want to avoid you but when he started to realise his feelings towards you were edging towards borderline romantic that’s when he had to step back and evaluate the person who stared back at him in the mirror.
You were trapped in his mind like a parasite. Eddie couldn’t get you out of his head, even in his dreams he saw himself lying in your arms as he smiled dreamily at you. He didn’t see this coming, not by a long shot; Eddie didn’t know if you were into guys, fuck he didn’t know he was into guys until you showed up in his life. The reason why he’s staying away from you is because he didn’t want to disgust you with what goes off in his mind when it pertains to you. “Eddie?” Gareth’s voice broke him out of his thoughts, “are you okay man?” Eddie’s eyes shifted between you and Gareth before he runs a hand down his face, sighing defeatedly, seeing no point in staying in the auditorium if it meant constantly hurting himself of seeing you and Gareth so close. “I uh…thought…I thought I left something here but then I remembered that I actually left it in my van and had no need to come here…,” Eddie waved his hand at you two dismissively, “go back to whatever you guys were doing. Sorry to disrupt…I guess.”
“Eddie!” You cried as he left the auditorium, looking back at Gareth who only raised his brows at you as if to say ‘what are you still doing here, go after him’ and with his silent blessing you hurriedly jumped off the stage and ran out of the room after Eddie who was already nearing the exit with his hands buried deeply within his pockets; shoulders slumped and his head hung low. It didn’t help that his long strides made you feel as though you were on a time sensitive mission as you ran after him, mind racing with every possible worst case scenario that you didn’t notice that Eddie slowly stopped walking when he heard fast footfalls coming from behind him and getting closer by the second. “Eddie please wait!” You cried, silently thanking that the building was vacant of human bodies to witness anything that was about to happen for your sake and his.
“Y/n?” He questions as he turned to look at you, having stopped walking entirely, causing you to bump into his being, almost knocking you both to the ground if Eddie hadn’t grasped your arms. You looked into his eyes and the words seem to have died in your throat as you were reminded on how handsome he was up close with his brown puppy dog eyes and the way his hair framed his perfect face and how the fluorescent lighting portrayed him as a soft angelic being. “Eddie.” You panted, trying to regain your breath as the words you’ve always wanted to say came out all at once, “why are you avoiding me? Have I done something wrong? Have I insulted you in anyway because I just don’t understand what’s happening between us.” You brought your hand up to his arms, gripping them tightly as you tried to keep your emotions at bay. “I thought we could tell each other everything…what changed?”
“I think I’m in love with you!” Eddie cried, his heart breaking at the hurt he had indirectly caused for his sudden realisation of his feelings for you. All Eddie wanted to do was protect you from all harm his feelings for you could do but he hadn’t realised that him hiding from you was only hurting you even more then he could ever imagine; he didn’t want to be away from you as long as he had because it hurt him just as much and realise how he needed you in his life to function properly as if you were mandatory for his survival which you might as well be. “What?” You voice came out as a breathy whisper as you silently willed him into saying those words you only ever heard his speak in your wildest fantasies. You craved him to say it again, no you needed him to say those words again so you could be certain that you weren’t dreaming.
“I think I’m in love with you y/n.” Eddie said again, eyes taking in your every reacting so he could prepare himself to pack his shit and move far away from you as possible and nurse his heartbreak elsewhere. “I’m so in love with you that being away from you hurts me, yet the idea of you not knowing how I felt, the idea of you being with Gareth hurts me even more. When I saw you both in there so close and cuddled together I thought I was too late, I felt my heart painfully crush within my chest as the thought of you not being with me like you are in my dreams hurts more then any of the beatings I’ve gotten from those jock fucks in the past. I realised in that moment that I needed you and that what I’ve been doing recently had only caused you as much pain and I’m truly, truly sorry.” You could barely believe what you were hearing right now. Eddie, this entire time, felt the same for you; It almost seemed too good to be true that the only possible way that you could be for certain was for Eddie to, “Kiss me.”
His eyes widened at your request, yet he wasn’t one to deny go and deny you of such as he brought one of his hands to the back of your neck and the other to the middle of your back where he brought you in closer to him all the while he leant forward almost hesitantly, “are you sure, I don’t want to pressure you in anythi-“ before he could get to finish you had already brought your lips to his by grasping the lapels of his jacket between your hands. Eddie felt himself sigh in relief as he held you tighter against him as he closed his eyes and indulged himself on the taste of your lips with the intention of savouring the kiss and every future kiss that would be certain to follow soon after.
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mari-writing · 2 months ago
Innocent Indulgence | Yae Miko x Traveler!Reader | Genshin Impact
["Go on. Kiss me." A simple command. But it brought along many complex problems, for the both of you.]
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Genre: This is like the spiciest thing I have ever produced. It is not a smut, by all means. More of a lime - a spicy fic, if you will. Angst and fluff, of course.
Characters: Yae Miko, Ei (mentioned, as well as EiMiko mentioned)
Perspective: 2nd Person for reader.
Word Count: 3042 (most I've written on this account letzzz gooooo!! Also hasn't been spell checked properly lol.)
Tumblr media
Yae Miko didn't dare admit it outloud, but she missed the physical intimacy that came with love. She had gone five hundred years without Ei - five hundred years without someone to hold her and tell her how much she meant to them.
Of course, she had many shrine maidens to entertain her over the years, to soothe her longing to be touched when the pain got too much. But it was all short lived. And she never dared to love them, for human lives were as fleeting as candles. They would either be burned out on their own, or snuffed out by ailments or evil.
She had slowly began to believe that things would be like that for an eternity. But then you came along. As an outsider, an anomaly to eternity, you immediately caught her interest and became her perfect opportunity to bring back her Ei. She didn't expect to become fond of you over the short time she spent with you.
In some ways, you were like Ei. Silently determined, stoney faced with a heart that gleamed of the highest quality gold.
But you weren't Ei. And she wanted Ei, not you.
So when she finally was able to come face to face with Ei, and to talk to her when you left the plane of Euthemyia - she finally realised she couldn't.
She couldn't love Ei the same way again. The scars the God had inflicted on her heart in her absence ran far too deep to be healed, and stretched too far for her to even find the root.
Yae thought her pain would finally end when she would see Ei again, but it didn't. In fact, it grew worst.
And before her heart could hurt anymore than it, before Ei could say a word, Yae left.
It hurt, unbearably so. But Yae still couldn't bring herself to hate Ei. Ei thought she was doing what was best for everyone and even though she was wrong, Yae knew that hurting her was never Ei's intentions. But intentions didn't matter in situations like this. Intentions can't rectify an eternity worth of damage.
But then you, once again, became a hope in her eyes. Whether it was out of the kindness of your heart or pity, you began spending your days with Yae. Sometimes you saw her first thing in the morning to wish her a good day. Other times, it was after a long day of commissions where she lent you her ears as you retold your events of the day.
When you had to leave the nation to go to another, you would tell her and come back as soon as you could. The anemo crystalfly you once gifted her, she still kept it on her person. The omamori she teased you about, you ended up actually using it as an accessory. She teased you for it endlessly.
She hasn't teased anyone in such a way in a while. The fact you were also immortal made it better. It meant she would have an eternity to tease you.
When that thought crossed her mind, she slowly came to realise her feelings for you - she wished to spend an eternity with you. She wanted to deepen the friendship you both had and become yours as you would be hers.
She longed for you, the same way she longed for Ei before they became a couple. She wanted to love you and for you too love her.
And so, one thing led to another, and the two of you became a couple. Truthfully, she hadn't felt so happy in a long time. The feeling of having a reason to go home other than rest was something she had missed. And it didn't matter who had gotten home first, you would always greet each other with warm smiles and hugs. You made her tofu whenever you had the time, and she joined you on commisions from time to time. Loving you certainly wasn't the same as loving Ei, but the joy it brought her was still the same.
However, there was one thing she had with Ei she wished she could have with you. That was expressing love physically.
With her hearing, she could hear the way your heart crashed against your ribcage when she would teasingly draw her lips close to yours. But it wasn't out of anticpation, it was out of fear. She saw how hard it was for you to try to say 'I love you' without your eyes growing distant, so she always pressed a finger against your lip to silence you before you couldn finish the second word.
At the same time, she saw how your eyes would stay on her lips as she spoke. She saw you chew at you lips when your hands twitched to touch her side. She could hear the beginnings of protest when she would pull away from hugging you. But you never continued. You suffered in silence.
If she didn't know any better (which she did), she'd say that you also had once suffered like you did - a heartbreak. And you weren't quite over it.
She wished you would tell her how deep you scars ran, how it all started, how you managed to bare it on your own because it was clear she was the first person you had gotten romantically involved with since you were hurt.
A more feral side of her wanted to confront this person once and for all, and give them a piece of her mind. However, it was obvious this person was from another world, so she couldn't do that.
Yae was tired. She wanted you to hold her. She wanted you to cherish her. She had been so patient all this time, but everyday her love for you grew and so did her longing. It was clearly the same for you too.
You had backed her into a corner, and she had to pounce. Or else her desire for you would eat her up.
"Go on, kiss me."
Your throat went dry when Miko's eyes gleamed as she watched you. You didn't even remember how she had cornered you like this, but now you were both in her bedroom, her back against the locked door.
The blinds were closed, but even then the sunlight streamed through the windows and into the room. The light accentuated her lips and curves. She looked so perfect it made your head spin.
But she always looked perfect. You have longed to kiss her, hold her rather than just the pair of you share a hug. You also wished for her to hold you as well, when you needed her comfort on a rough day. You hated shedding tears alone.
It was hard, though. It was hard to kiss someone who reminded you so much of your previous lover. The lover you left back in your home world.
You let out a shaky breath as you recalled their final words to you, your hands beginning to shake as you clenched your eyes shut.
Had your current lover been anyone else, it would have been much easier to be physically affectionate with them. You would have been so much easier been able to kiss them, hold them and tell them you loved them.
But Yae was so much like them. Cunning like them. Multifaceted like them. And underneath all of that, they both shared with you their most intimate side. A side you have grown to love, as well as their whole being.
You knew that they were seperate beings, but some inkling in the back of you head questioned if Yae was just their replacement in you heart. A small plaster for an open wound.
Feeling a hand on your cheek, you dared to crack open your eyes to look at Miko. She was watching you with an unreadable expression, stroking your cheek to pull you out of your deep memories. You were grateful, and nuzzled against the warmth of her hand.
For a brief moment, you locked eyes with Miko and your breathing hitched. The glow of her eyes was bright - like the stars that would shine for an eternity. It was then your worries were dispelled.
Miko was not like your old lover. For she was immortal.
Slowly, your gaze lowered to Yae's lips. They were an alluring shade of pink, and looked so incredibly soft. You wanted to kiss them.
Miko, unaware of you sudden revelation, sighs and pulls her hand away. Her ears, despite her heavy earrings, seemed to flatten against her head. "I suppose I should have expected this. Perhaps I shouldn't have tried to push you out of your comfort zone- oh!"
Despite pushing her against the wall gently, Miko was still caught of guard by the action. Her slightly wide eyes tried to meet your gaze, but you were focued soley on her lips. Her lips, parted ever so slightly from genuine suprise.
"Damn it, Miko." You said huskily, your deep voice almost getting her weak at the knees.
You took her chin between you fingers, and leaned in until your lips grazed hers. She gasped against your lips, making your smile. You silently mouthed your love for her against her lips, before sealing your kiss.
Miko let out of a noise of suprise, for when she looked into your eyes as you told her you loved her, you were there. You weren't drifting into memories from long ago. You were telling her, in the present. She could see it in your eyes.
Not knowing that was why she gasped, you simply saw it was an oppurtunity to deepen the kiss, and so you did. She was as magical as you imagined and more, sending fireworks from your stomach all the way to your heart. You felt so giddy, so addicted to Miko's warmth. You hadn't had this in ages, you missed this. Being so physical with someone.
Beneath you, Miko closed her eyes and tried to savour the moment as much as possible, which wasn't hard from how hypersensitive she was feeling. The genuine love you were channeling through the kiss, she wanted more.
As Miko tangled her fingers in you hair and gave you a gentle tug, she swallowed the moan she elicted from you. In the kiss, you couldn't quite tell if she was smiling or smirking from your reaction. Perhaps something in between.
But two could play that game, you thought as you moved your hand away from her chin and began dragging both your hands down her chest, down her torso until you were holding her by the waist. Miko, apparently very tickilish, squirmed and gasped and groaned in your grasp. It made your heart swell.
You tugged her by the waist gently and urged her to walk back with you. She understood, manuvering around the room with you while in the kiss until you were both by the bed. You parted away for a moment, catching your breath as your kitsune sat on the edge bed.
She called your name with so much desire, and gazed at you with eyes of want - it made all your restraints snap.
You wasted no time to sit on her lap, wrapping your thighs around her waist as you said her name as well.
"Miko." You whispered, peppering her lips with kisses once more.
"Miko." You groaned when she ran her hands along your body.
"Miko," You praised the name, closing in on her neck before you pressed your lips against it.
Had you been paying more attention, you would have heard her whimper. You continued kissing around her neck until you found the spot that made her throw her head back and cry out your name. You paid special attention to that spot - kissing it, biting it, licking it.
Your hands found its back to Miko's waist. However, you swore you felt something akin to fur brush against your skin. The realisation it was the tails she usually hid making its appearance made you smirk against her neck. Quite daringly, you gently wrapped said tails in your hands and gave it a tug. Miko contiued to moan unabashedly, shuddering in your hold from the pleasure coming from two of her most sensitive spots.
You took hold of her chin again and kissed her lips once more. This time, you licked her lips for permission. She granted you the permission, parting her lips and allowing you to brush her tongue against hers.
It was your turn to be suprised, gasping when you felt something sharp against your tongue. It took you a moment to realise it Miko's canines - something she never showed. If you weren't convinced before, now you were: Miko was becoming undone right in front of you.
Because of you.
You pulled away, heart fluttering at the trail of saliva that connected you even as you parted. Your lover, just as out of breath as you, met your gaze. You didn't think it was possible for you to want more.
Gently, you pushed Miko down to the bed. She looked up at you with eyes of love, so gentle you couldn;t believe it was there despite from you being rather rough with her.
You loved her so much. And you told her this as you leaned down and pressed your forehead against hers, pressing your lips against hers for a quick kiss as you did.
"I also love you, my dear." She whispered, pressing her hand against your cheek as she returned your kisses.
Your suddenly remembered the kisses you left on her neck - nothing that would last long. It would probably be done be gone by the evening.
But you wanted it to last longer.
"May I mark you?"
This was definetly the unpeeneth time you had caught the Yae Miko off guard. As expected, of her lover.
"But of course, my dear." She wrapped her hands around your head and guided you to her neck as she smiled. "I am yours as you are mine."
You wasted no time, licking away at her sweet spot before sucking at the skin. Miko gasped and wriggled underneath you. You took her tails in your hands and tugged them a bit more harshly this time, a warning for her to still herself more.
You didn't stop until you were met with a glaring red mark right on your lover's usually unblemished skin. And you didn't stop there, moving to her collarbone and further down and down.
Miko, the insatiable woman she was, bucked her hips against yours, and it was your turn to let out loud moan as you pushed yourself against your lover. Still, you kept a hand on her hip and pushed her down to the bed, stopping her from doing that again as you ignored her whines.
When you were finally satisfed, you pulled away from her plush skin with a pop. Both of you were heaving, and you took a look at your lover once again.
Her lips were bruised and swollen from you kissing her. The red marks you had left on her skin would no doubt change to a deeper colour tomorrow. As for her clothes, well, you were suprised they were still in one piece, though they were, and in fact the rest of her, was deeply disheveled.
This was your woman, your lover, your beloved. You deserved to see her so flustered and cherished, as much as she deserved to be in such a state.
As you listened to your thoughts again, you yourself began to grow flustered, and opted to hide your face in Yae's neck to avoid her teasing you about it. You inhaled deeply, becoming light headed from the scent. Sakura blossoms had never been so intoxicating.
"Hm? Planning to bed me here and now, my love?"
Your eyes flickered up to Yae's, who glinted micheviously. Still panting, you lowered your gaze and followed the trail of love bites from her neck, to her own heaving chest. And lower. And lower...
But then you pushed yourself off the kitsune, looking down at her as she was still straddled by your legs. "Not today."
If she was disappointed, she didn't show it. In fact, it seemed to amuse her. "Oh? After all that, you can't bring yourself to deflower me? What a shame." She ran her hands down your sides.
You turned away, trying to blink away your dazed state. "Not today." You grumbled again, not sure if you were happy to have your usual Miko back, or annoyed. When your head felt somewhat clearer, you turned back to her and rubbed your thumb over her bruised lips.
"I didn't expect you to be so submissive." You whispered, leaning down to place a much more gentle kiss on her lips.
Yae's ears twitched at that. "I only wanted you to take the lead for our first time. Don't expect me to be so docile next time."
You let out an amused huff, and plopped right next to her on the bed. You were both too tired to cuddle, so you settled to hold hands instead. "I look forward to it then."
The pair of you stayed like that for a while, until you felt your eyes grow heavy. You tried to fight the sleep, but found your effort fruitless. Still, you had to say it before you slept.
"Miko?" You whispered, turning to your lover.
She wasn't facing you, so you assumed she was asleep. You forced your body to turn and you wrapped your free arm around her and snuggled against her still form.
"I love you. I love you so, so much." You whispered, and finally allowed yourself to enter the realm of slumber.
A shame, though. Had you been awake for another moment, you would have felt Yae Miko also turn to you, press a kiss against your forehead before wrapping an arm around you. She pulled you in, rested your face on her chest and she rested her head on your on top of your head.
She let out a content sigh, tracing her swollen lips with her free hand before shaking her head and also submitting herself to sleep.
"I love you too."
Tumblr media
Did I write this because I had a dream I was making out with yae miko - exactly like this where she made me kiss her? Yes.
Did I fall in love with this woman yet again as I had said dream? Yes.
Am I finally giving her justice, since my other immortal fics do not fit her personality quite well? Yes, yes I am.
Am I still recovering from losing the 50/50 on her banner, and hence, decided to write this not only from the bitterness of my soul, but out of mourning of what I could have had, had I won the 50/50? Yesn't.
Yesn't because if i didn't lose that 50/50 i wouldn't have gotten venti. yae was actually looking out for me when she didn't come home, it turned out.
anyway, if i don't combust from embrassment after writing this, well, idk if i can produce something like this again so ya know lol.
Also??? Tumblr just tried bating out my main account when I was replying to comments cause apparently you can't change which account comments??? 😭😭 if you leave any comments I'll reply to them under here lmao
@shockfirefly awww thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️ for the honor of your comment and reblog! Have a good day x
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Sleeping with the Villains
Request: My request idea that popped in my head was I haven’t seen a story of shigaraki’s or dabi’s impression of them sleeping nude/naked with their S/O. I was wondering what their thoughts would be? I wouldn’t mind it if it was both sfw and nsfw:)🤸‍♀️
It can either be headcanoan or a fic. you can choose which one suits best for you to compose. 💕 💕 💕
Word Count: 1.5K each
A/N: I went for a more sfw vibe(‾◡◝)
His skin is rough, calloused and burned, and even if he is clean, the scent of ash overtakes that of milk and honey. Dabi is scarred, his body in deep purple patches that are pieced together with staples and on a good day, he can ignore the the pain, can push past it and focus on how soft your hand is compared to his, he can focus on you, rather than the way that that his clothes catches over his skin and pulls on the grooves and the burns. On the harder days, he has to push himself out of bed before you can wake. He has to bite down on the pain that screams for him to collapse, and he’ll swallow pain medication and drink the pain away before you can wake. He is a man ready to explode at any given minute, and he will refuse to do that in front of you.
He wears a loose fitting shirt and sweats that makes it unbearably hot and when he walks into the bedroom that he shares with you, you’re undressed. He grins at you and even if his skin does ache, he can’t deny you, and he can’t deny himself. If you want him now, he’ll give himself to you in a painful and horrible way to keep you by his side.
“I didn’t realize we were going to fuck tonight,” he says, a thin smile on his lips as he sits beside you on the bed. “You should have told me, I would've dolled myself up.” He teases, but he’s serious. He wants to be made pretty for you, to have you look at him and ignore the scars that decorate his face and his body. When you roll your eyes and shake your head, your hand curved over his untarnished skin, he deflates.
“It’s not that,” you tell him with a laugh. You mov to sit fully on the bed, your legs crossed and he’s unable to keep his eyes off of you.
He raises his brows, and his eyes are focused on the swell of your stomach, soft and full, and he hates that he wants to touch you. To simply let his body drape over you and keep you under him. “It’s not?” He asks, his throat already beginning to close and when he catches your eyes, he flashes a smile- awkward and tense. “Then what is it?”
Your hand moves slowly away from him, and even though he is warm, the fire inside of him unending and all consuming, he is cold without you. He watches as your hand falls to cup over your calves. “I just want to sleep naked with you.” He must have given you a bewildered look because when you laugh, you go to hold his hands. “You heard me,” you lilt, something so sweet on your tongue that it makes him ache.
“Why?” He’s done it before with you. Sticky skin against sticky skin, your chest rising and falling, his body shaking in the afterglow of sex as you kiss his chest. But it was always that, always after sex when you both slept naked together. Why now? Why without clothing? And even when he’s dressed, he feels so bare.
“Dabi,” you call his name and it’s like sin that slips past your lips. Your hand rises slowly to cup the side of his face and he hates how you can read him like an open book. He hates how vulnerable he’s become when he’s around you. “I just want to sleep with you. Nothing more and nothing less, honey.”
Honey. What a sweet thing to call him. A nickname that is given and told with love and admiration, and he knows who he is. Thirty people is how many he’s killed. His skin is purple and falling apart on him. He is ash and smoke, and at any second, he will fall apart. No matter where you touch, he is scarred; your touch is something so delicate and painful against his neck that he leans into it, desperate for the pain, but desperate for the touch that you are so willing to give him.
“Me too?” He asks, his clothing pulling taut against his scars and when you nod, a soft, inaudible plea on your lips, he can’t deny you. He can’t rid himself of his clothes quick enough, and yet, he takes them off softly as if he were taking off a bandaid.
Your hands replace his and when you lean over him, your chest is in his face and if it were any other time, if he were less broken than he is now, he’s sure he would have joked and teased. He’s sure that he would have used sex to distract you from seeing him. You’ve seen him before and yet, it is never enough. It’s never his skin, it’s never him, it’s a ghost of who he should be- coy and charming. Yet, here he is, having you helping him remove his clothing because if he were to do it, he'd never be bare in front of you. He’d rather burn once more than to ever have you truly see how he appears.
He is a man of many faults and when you kiss his lips, his scarred and rough bottom lip pressed against yours, he pushes you down to the bed and hovers above you. Your hands hold him tenderly, keeping him together, and you smile at him. There are tears in your eyes and he wonders if he’d match you in another lifetime. The fear. The adoration. The way that despite being above you, he’s unable to breathe properly. He can’t stand it. It’s all so horrific in a way he never thought could be real. He lays on the bed, his body vulnerable to you and your ridicule and when he looks at you, he gives you sad eyes, expecting for your face to twist once you realize who you’ve allowed to touch you.
The air is cold, and his staples are warm, and he is bare. Fear has taken over, and it’s chosen to stay, to his his eyes follow as you look at him, and when you raise your hand, letting it hover over his scarred skin, he can feel it and it’s excruciatingly painful and something that he has craved for far too long.
“Honey,” you call him, your hand curving over the crown of his head and running past his hair. You say it so dolefully that he has to shake his head and even then, your smile is one that lacks it’s usual shine.
“It’s nothing,” your name is a whisper against his lips and it’s a sin for him to say something like that. “Just-” he pauses, he doesn’t want you to stop touching him, but he also doesn’t want you to look at him. He swallows and wraps his hand around your wrist. “Do you mind just laying beside me?”
It’s pitiful. Pathetic and everything bad that he’s ever been told. He can’t stand you looking at him when he can’t feel. When he isn’t supposed to feel a thing. And yet, your lips press against his and he can taste the mint on your tongue, and he lets out a shaky breath, closing his eyes tightly as you rest carefully beside him.
“Dabi,” you call him and it sends a shiver down his spine when the thin blanket is placed over the both of you. He hums in response, unable to trust his voice at the very moment. “For what it’s worth,” your breath is cool against his shoulder, “I think you’re beautiful.” He can’t help the ugly and snarky laugh that slips past his throat in some cruel joke. You ignore the mean sound and continue, your hand soft on his body. “I wouldn’t dream of ever leaving you. I think I’m too attached to ever believe that I could find someone else. You’re the best that I’ll ever come across, and I hope that when you look at me, you know that I’ll never grow tired of you.”
When you’re asleep, your name having left his lips in a mantra, he lets out a shaky breath. His face burns and he’s glad that he can’t cry. He’s glad he rid himself of that emotion. He’d never forgive himself if he cried because of you. He’d never forgive himself for being so attached to you. He holds you close and the ceiling is blurry. You’re warm in the ways that remind him of something once lost and found. You are something that he will never forget and will never forgive himself for invading your life. Sleeping bare with you was much more than nude, it was vulnerability to let you touch him and see him as him. He turns his head and kisses your forehead. “I hope that when you look at me, you know that I’m sorry.” His voice is weak and he can’t breathe, but he’s by your side and when he wakes up, he wants you to still be there.
Shigaraki Tomura:
His reflection is whole- the mirror before him clean and free of anything that would distort him. With an exposed chest, his shirt is on the sink counter, and he stands in front of the mirror shirtless, observing his body as if he had never seen it before. Tomura raises a careful hand, letting it ghost over his stomach where scars of all shapes and sizes are etched upon his body. The scars are soft, stretched skin that feels almost false under his own, the edges ragged and tickling against the tips of his fingers. He’s never had the luxury of taking a moment to stop and watch his own body, to trace over the imperfections and feel them. It’s so foreign that it makes his anxious, worry bubbling in his stomach that when you call his name, he pulls his hand away from himself, taking a step away from the mirror, recoiling as if his reflection would reach out and trap him there.
He’s never been one to be ashamed of himself, to let the words of others affect him. Time and time again, he’s been told of how awful he looks, reminded of how he’d look better if just a few things were changed about him, and in the end, he’s never cared about any of those comments. He never put his worth on his physical appearance, and that was fine for him. Still, when he sees himself he can find his own flaws, the remarks that people make, and when he sees you, he can’t find any of those. The shirt is grabbed, held tightly in his hands that he has to lift a finger, because old habits die hard.
The door closes behind him and he sees you sitting on the bed, the blanket pulled up towards the chest, gripped in your fists as you hold it close, giving him a tentative smile. Your shoulders are bare, your collarbones exposed, and with his own torso exposed, he clears his head and turns towards the door, almost hoping for an interruption but so scared that someone other than you would see him like this- scars and all.
“You’re not wearing anything,” he presumes, turning back to you, a soft shade of pink blooming on his chest and slowly creeping upwards. “I uh-” he clears his throat even if there is nothing there- “should I do the same?”
You laugh and it’s so sweet, so light and airy, that it reminds him of the first time he shared cotton candy with you. It’s a memory that he pushes away when you drop the blanket and even if he’s seen you in much more passionate ways, he still averts his eyes.
“Only if you want,” you tell him and it makes something inside of him switch, to follow the implication of a command and shed his clothing.
His shirt falls into a puddle of fabric and he steps over it, his steps quick as he goes to the bed that he shares with you. The edge of the bed presses against his thighs and he can’t seem to rid himself of his sweats quick enough, sliding them off until they pool around his ankles. He’s breathless, looking down at himself, his hands hooked over the waistband of his briefs and when he blinks, your hands are over his.
“Usually sex is a lot more fun than this,” he jokes, lifting his head and giving you a ghost of smile that quickly disappears.
“It is,” your voice airy. “But-” your knuckles are now pressed his hips and you lower them slightly, your hands cool against his warm skin- “it’s not about sex tonight.” His boxers join the pool of fabric that is around his ankles and he quickly removes his socks, climbing into bed as you back away to make space for him.
“No?” He whispers, leaning towards you, his hands on either side of your thighs as you sit on your legs. “What a shame,” he says, leaning his head onto your chest, his ear pressed against your beating heart. Your hands curve over the top of his head and he pushes himself further into you when you click your tongue.
It’s quiet for a moment and he can’t bring himself to ruin the silence, to move away from you, even if his arms are starting to tire from holding himself up. Your hand is over him, parting through his silver hair and his ears burn with every touch.
“Tomura?” He hums in response, pushing himself further into you. He doesn’t want for the moment to be ruined. He wants to stay here, uncomfortable and sore, and safe and held. He wants to be in your arms. “How about we lie down, okay?” Your hand leaves the crown of his head and when you pull away, he’s left chasing after you, trying to follow your warmth and reclaim it.
The blanket is pulled, held open for you and him, and in it, is warmth. In it, is you that looks at him so tenderly, the corners of your eyes crinkled and the little fat in your cheeks pushing upwards as you smile at him. He’s clumsy and quick, and he doesn’t care if he seems desperate to get under the covers with you, but it’s all that he wants. He just wants to be beside you.
His hand aches, and his arms are sore, and he’s beside you, his face against your chest as he holds you close to him. It truly is just lying beside you, it’s nothing more, simply being bare in front of you with the distraction of sex to occupy you or him, and it’s horrific. Your hand starts from his neck, past scars trembling under your touch that leads him to hold his breath, taking in one last breath that fills his lungs with the sweet aroma of your body wash and cream. Your hand lowers, tracing over the scars that are wrapped around his arms, coiled and pressed and whispers your name. It stops you for a moment, but when he says nothing else, devoid of breath, his lungs burning and throat tight, your hand continues to press and massage over the scars, each gentle nudge bringing forward the reminder of who he is and when his hands clamps around your arms, free of the mangled scars that are his, he lets out a mix of a whine and cry. He doesn’t know what it is that you are doing, but it hurts and he’s so desperate for the comfort that he fails to register as your hand glides down and flutters over his side, where a scar is large against him, wrapping around his side and fading once it reaches towards his stomach. It’s an odd sensation, different from his. Yours feels as if it really is a ghost that is pressing against him, something so light and foreign that it’s as if you had never touched him before.
“Does it ever hurt?” You ask, and he can feel the press of your thigh against his.
“Yes,” he breathes, unable to lie to you. What is it about you that ruins him, that makes him so weak and willing to tell you whatever it is that you want to hear. He’d bow before you, plead at the mercy of you for just a simple smile.
“Am I hurting you?” You ask and when you press down, the small shift of weight making his gasp out, he hisses out his answer.
“Yes,” he confesses. Your hand starts to lift away from him and he holds it down, his own scarred hand holds yours. “Please, don’t stop,” he asks of you and when he pulls away his eyes burn and yours look so sad and he can’t have that. He can’t have you look at him, and he can’t bear to see you so sad.
Tomura presses his lips against yours, the kiss wet and shaky and it’s more of him needing you than it is of him just wanting to kiss you. He pulls you close, his nails dragging against your soft skin and there’s this aching part of him that doesn’t want to let up for breath, he’d be happy to die there with you, his lips on yours, and yours on his. His heart echoes in his ears and beats against his ribcage like a bird with too big of wings trapped in a cage. Your hands curve around his neck, and it’s different. It isn’t a gnawing sense of pain and itch, it’s not muddled clarity that makes his stomach twist; it is simply you and your touch that keeps him grounded. He’s gasping and when he finally pulls away, gasping for breath and looking at you through half lidded eyes, he sees you smiling back at him, your chest rising and dipping and he is still with you.
“I’m still here,” you say as if you could have heard his worries. Your hand cups his chest and moves to tangle into his hair. “Whatever you want of me, I’ll give it to you.” It’s something that he will hold you to and when you press your lips against his in a fleeting kiss, he’s left wanting more.
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itshouldvebeenme30 · a month ago
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Warnings/Genre: ||ANGST|| bad writing, mentions of cheating, alcohol, explicit language, character death
Word Count: 1.8k
A/N: I don't know how to feel about this. Sorry in advance. This wasn't proofread and it's fueled with sleep-deprived self .
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
*gif not mine*
"Hey, what are you doing up here?" You take a sip of your lukewarm beer. Her presence offered a sense of tranquility, drowning out all the unpleasant thoughts racing through your mind.
"Nothing much. Just needed a breather." You offered her your drink, but she just shook her head and took a seat beside you. 
"It's the team's movie night." You hummed in acknowledgment.
"Exactly. Why aren't you there?" You hear her scoff beside you.
"My girlfriend ditched me, which is you by the way, and as far as I know, you're part of the team also."  You take her hand in yours and let your thumb run circles on it.
"Sorry. I-I don't think it's a good idea for me to be there."  She squeezed your hand and leaned on your shoulder. 
"Why not?" Natasha softly asks.
"You know why Natty." You mutter in a small voice. You're nothing to them but a branded traitor.
"Hmpf. They have to live with it. It was basically your job. Our job." This made you smile a little bit. She just has that power over you.
"Yeah. They just don't like me that much, do they?" 
"What? Don't say that. Give them a chance. I know that once they get to know you better, they'll see what I always see." She lightly brushes her shoulder against yours and places a chaste kiss on your cheeks. This made you blush a little bit. Your gaze returned to the sky.
"The moon looks beautiful, isn't it?"  You drew Natasha in closer.
"Yeah. It is." Her gaze, though, remained fixed on you. She would rather be with you and stay at this moment.
So this is where you've been disappearing to. In the arms of some bimbo in the back alley of a restaurant. She watches from afar as you kiss the girl (which appears to be younger than her) on the forehead.
When you wouldn't tell her where you'd been for the past few days, she began to suspect and doubt.
Her instinct as a spy led her to follow you, and also, add the influence of alcohol, insecurity, and warnings from the others.
Anger. Betrayal. Disappointment. 
Those are the only things on her mind right now.
They say you can't be trusted. 
She let them get through her head.
She's currently in a bar, nursing the pain you caused with shots of vodka instead of confronting you.
An ugly voice started screaming in her head. It wants to hurt you as much as you hurt her.
So she did.
She woke up in somebody's bed that was not hers or yours. It happened twice.
Worry and fear were etched on your face when she finally came home. It only fueled the hatred she's currently feeling whenever she looks at you.
She just ignored you and went straight to the bathroom. 
You were hurt by this, but you tried to understand her. Perhaps something terrible happened and she doesn't want to talk about it. This was sometimes the case, so you allowed her some space.
The space between you became unbearable, so on the fifth day, you tried to approach her again. Luckily, she's in your shared room engulfed in some reports.
You gently called out her name, and she just hummed in acknowledgment. This is a good sign, you think.
"So, I finally found my sister." You fiddled with the hem of your shirt while leaning on the doorframe. Natasha finally stops what she's doing. You start to explain your disappearances and describe your sister in a fond way.
You didn't notice how Natasha gripped the edge of your bed, which rendered her knuckles white from the force.
The girl you described was the same girl she saw and initially loathed.
Her stomach churns and she feels like vomiting.
You don't understand. Why would Clint accuse you of cheating? You love Natasha, without a doubt. You could never do that to her.
But even then, you just let him punch your face. He landed two before the captain interfered.
You were too confused and hurt to say anything, so you mindlessly went back to your room. Natasha was still on a mission.
Your slouched figure on the edge of the bed greeted Natasha. She gasped when she saw your busted lip and  black eye. You told her it was nothing when she asked you about it.
"You know that I love you with all I have, right? Only you, Natasha. Only you own my heart and soul. " Your lips tasted metallic and bitter in Natasha's mouth.
That night, you both held each other as if it were the last time you'd both be able to do so.
And boy, how right that was.
On the next day, you're assigned to an undercover, no-contact mission. It was indefinite how long it would take, but you were no stranger to it. However, Natasha don't want you to be alone and insisted to come with you. 
You thought it was because she didn't trust you, but you didn't voice it out. Instead, you assured her in a way you could and littered her face with kisses. You swear you'll return home safely and never do anything to jeopardize your relationship with her.
You even promise to introduce her to your sister, your only family, once it's over.
It's been 3 months since the day of your departure. 
The guilt has been eating her whole all the time. The ugly voices won't shut up. This time it only screamed one thing. 
You don't deserve her, Natasha.
She believes it.
The person beside her wasn't you. She couldn't even remember anything that transpired that night. She only remembers the dull ache and immense longing for you.
This person offered himself to her as a temporary replacement, which she foolishly agreed to. Now, she regrets it as he's part of the team. She shifted uncomfortably, but a strong arm held her in place. 
The shield in the corner caught her eye. She could only swallow the lump that formed in her throat.
She fucked-up.
You came back safe as you promised, minus the bruises and added scars throughout your body. Nonetheless, you kept your word.
It's been seven months since you last saw the love of your life, so when you arrived, the first thing you did was to find her. The A.I. already informed you of her whereabouts and you asked it to keep your arrival a surprise.
She thought her eyes were deceiving her when she finally saw you. You only grinned at her awestruck expression.
"I'm finally home."
It's been a blissful week for the both of you and Natasha. You and she spent time in each other's spaces and, of course, your bed, showing how much you missed one another. But you have yet to fulfill your last promise, so you planned a surprise for your two favorite people. 
The day started great, and you're having a blast spending it with your sister and your girlfriend. Natasha seems nervous, and there's a look that passes on her face that you can't decipher. 
After that day, something shifted in Natasha. The changes started small, so you have no idea how it ended with you and her in a screaming match.
You don't want to fight with her, so it always ends with you asking for her forgiveness and making it up to her. But it only seems to drive her further away from you.
You're hurt and starting to doubt yourself.
The first time you saw it, you were watching a rom-com by yourself since Natasha claimed she was too busy to join you. 
The device signaled a message, and if you were engrossed in the film, you would have missed who was on the video when you opened it.
You thought someone was just playing a cruel prank on you, but you just can't miss the shape of her body, the color of her hair, and the sounds she's making that you've come to memorize. It was really your Natasha.
You feel as if someone is squeezing your heart and tearing it apart. You can't take your eyes off the screen even when it ends. 
You want to lash out, want to lose control.
Instead, you ended up in front of your sister's porch in the middle of the night. She took you in without asking when she saw your bloodshot eyes. 
You didn't speak to anyone anymore. Not that it would make a difference, because you really never had anyone to talk to.
You're alone.
She could only watch you writhe in pain. If they had been a minute late, you would have already died from the amount of blood you were losing. 
Your eyes met briefly with hers when she finally found you on your bedroom floor. She's the one who carried you out carefully, not bothered by the blood all over her. 
The medical team are trying to patch you up as of now. 
"It's... it's not working." She hears Dr. Cho dejectedly say. Natasha shakes her head furiously. 
"Y-you can't give up! She's not giving up, so you don't get to give up!" She desperately shouts. 
"She's slowly dying..." She couldn't bear it. In a second, she's at your side, grasping your hand.
She feels you weakly squeezing it back. "I-I'm here, moya lyubov..."
"I... I don't wanna die, Natasha..." You pleaded out. "M-my sister... s-she needs me..." 
Her eyes became blurry because her tears couldn't stop. She can't lose you. "Y-you're not g-gonna die. I won't allow it." She takes your hand to her lips, then held it close to her chest. 
"Why are you still standing there?! Save her! Please! Just this once... " She looked around and saw them giving a sympathetic look. "Please... Tony... Anyone... She's also part of the team." She chokes out. "She's always part of the team!" They visibly flinched at this. It's too late for them to realize this now.
"Nat... Tasha..." She hears you weakly call her name. Your breath is ragged and you're struggling to get the words out. As much as you want to live, your body's giving out. She carefully places her other hand on your cheek. 
"I... I'm s-sorry... I... I couldn't be enough for y-you... " That's not true. You are more than enough for her. More than she could ever have.
She messed up the only good thing that had ever happened to her. You.
"N-no... d-don't say that. Y-you are more than enough, okay? P-Please stay..." She couldn't take her eyes off of you while you struggled to keep yours open. Your face is now devoid of any color. "I-I'm sorry... P-please..." She sobs uncontrollably.
"T-thank you... for loving me... as long as y-you can... " You managed to croak out with your final breath.
Her screams were the last thing you heard as you finally succumbed to the darkness. 
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3
Tumblr media
Taglist: @babypurples @justyourwritter69 @ima-gi--na-tion @thatonebrazilian @ali-lie
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looooooooomis · 5 months ago
F I N A L  G I R L | T W E L V E
Tumblr media
You were his final girl.  And there was no chance in hell that anyone or anything was going to mess that up.
masterlist here | final girl playlist here
pairing: Billy Loomis x f!reader   word count:  6k (so sorry) warnings:  smut (18+!!!!), drinking, drug use (pot)
p a r t   t w e l v e  |  t r u t h  o r  d a r e
A cool breeze blew throughout the concourse as the six of you sat mindlessly chattering away. For the most part, you were paying attention but between the ridiculous itch blossoming beneath your cast and the fact that you had most definitely just flunked your biology exam, you were too busy wallowing in your own self-pity to partake in the idle chitchat.
Fenagling a pencil into your cast in an attempt to aid the itch, you bit down on your lip in sheer determination as you carefully maneuvered it further and further down until it was just grazing the unbearable itch. But before you could grant yourself any sort of salvation, Randy swatted your shoulder for the third time, knocking the pencil completely off kilter.
“You’re going to stab yourself, idiot,” he grumbled, popping some chips into his mouth.   “Or get lead poisoning or something.”
“I don’t care,” you groused with venom in your eyes. “It’s itchy.”
He rolled his eyes without so much as a lick of empathy as he chewed. “Yeah, well, what’s one more injury, right? Between that scratch on your throat and your broken wrist, why not add lead poisoning to the mix?”
You froze at the mention of your throat and, on instinct, glanced across at Billy, the source of that gash. He was sitting on the other end of the fountain with Sid leaning back into the broad expanse of his chest. Like clockwork, the second your eyes floated towards him, those brown eyes were soaking you in unabashedly. It was bold, he knew it was, you knew it was, but he didn’t seem to care these days. It was like he was wanting to put your relationship out there in the open, like he was testing the waters every single day to gauge your response.
It had been five days since you’d told him about those dreams, five days since he’d fucked you senselessly on top of your kitchen counter whilst holding a knife to your throat. A knife that you’d asked him to hold. It was the sick and sordid truth but, fuck, just thinking about it felt like an electrical pulse shot through your entire body.
Lowering your gaze back down to the cast, you quietly cleared your throat and grabbed the pencil back as you glanced at Randy. “If you ever break a bone, remind me to show you no sympathy at all when you can’t scratch your itch.”
He opened his mouth to talk but was cut off by Tatum calling your name. “When can you get that thing off, anyway?” Reaching over your lap for Randy’s chips, she tossed one in her mouth and winced as she watched you itch your wrist. “Is it still sore?”
“Next week,” you hummed with a relieved smile, “and no, not really. It’s just a pain in the ass now. I still can’t really drive because I can’t bend it and I can’t shower without a garbage bag tied around it, so it’s been a hassle.”
“That’s awful,” Sid frowned. “Washing your hair must be awful.”
Images of Billy’s fingers threading through your hair in the shower racked through your brain. That bashful little grin, those warm eyes, the way his lips felt as it ghosted across your neck as the hot water cascaded down your naked bodies. He’d washed your hair the night after fucking you against that countertop, he’d washed your hair a few times now since your accident despite being able to do it yourself, though not without difficulty.
You felt dizzy as you focused in on Sid’s empathetic face. “It’s not so bad.”
Billy’s chin drooped as he buried a cocky grin into his shoulder. Fucker.
“So, no pain at all?” Tatum asked with a small grin of her own. “Or, like, very little pain, at least?”
You frowned. “I guess, yeah.”
Tatum was practically vibrating with excitement, that much you could tell. “Meaning that should there be an opportunity for all of us to go camping or something for the weekend, you wouldn’t be opposed?”
You couldn’t help but grin across at her. That was the thing about Tatum and Sidney; no matter how vile of a friend you were, they were the very best. Always had been. “I may not be able to put up any tents with one hand or chop any wood, but, no, I’m not opposed.”
“So, then?” Tatum glanced around your group. “What’s stopping us? We deserve a weekend away from this shithole. Between school and Y/N nearly getting wrapped around a pole—”
“Jesus, Tatum,” Sidney choked, eyes wide.
“What?” She glanced across at you to ensure she hadn’t upset you but when she was only met with your amused smile, she continued. “All I’m saying is that we deserve a break.”
“Yeah, and where would we go?” Randy quipped. “Camping? No offence but camping in the woods with you idiots for a weekend doesn’t hold the lure you think it does.”
Tatum glared across at him. “Why?”
Randy gaped. “Have you never seen a horror movie in your life?”
“Well, what about a cabin?” Sid asked, fiddling around with a loose yarn on Billy’s thigh. You tried like hell not to feel your stomach churn at the sight of that to no avail but when you heard the next few words escape her lips, the ground could have opened up and swallowed you up and you would have welcomed it with open arms. “What about your dad’s cabin?” She asked Billy with excitement budding in her every word.
You had to remind yourself to breathe as her words shattered every inch of you. You had no right to feel this way, deep down you know as much, but you did. Your ears felt like they were prickling, and your skin felt cold, numb. The cabin. That fucking cabin was the one solace the two of you had in the midst of this chaos.
The chaos you created, you reminded yourself.
But that didn’t lessen the blow of Sidney’s simple question any less.
“Uh,” Billy sat up and those eyes were on you again. You could feel them, raking across every inch of your face as though trying to gauge your intentionally blank face. But you knew he saw the hurt, felt the shock radiating off of you in waves. “Yeah, I don’t know about that.”
“Why not?” Sid asked. She didn’t sound pushy; she didn’t even sound annoyed and that alone made you want to run away. Sidney was the perfect girlfriend. Kind and sweet and doting – her only fault was not being able to see the two snakes she had laying in wait at her feet. “Your dad barely uses it, you said. And I’ve never even been up there, why not make a weekend out of it?”
There was no surface in that cabin that you and Billy hadn’t touched each other on. You’d rode him on every chair, every couch, in that whole cabin and he’d fucked you, licked you, touched you on every bed, counter and table. You’d given him blowjobs in front of the hearth in the main living space, he’d eaten you out in the shower. Every inch of that cabin had seen the two of you at your most bare – both emotionally and physically – and the idea of having the outside world suddenly become a part of your own little haven felt like a stab to the heart.
You licked your dry lips and averted your eyes to the ground at your feet. His stare was too intense, too hot on your skin, in that moment. With the key of that goddamn cabin burning a hole in your purse, you blinked and reached for the pencil again. You jammed it under your cast without second thought.
“My dad doesn’t really like other people up there,” Billy muttered, obviously trying for his own excuse. Still, you could feel those eyes raking across your skin. “I don’t see him going for it.”
“What your dad doesn’t know,” Tatum reasoned with a hopeful gleam in her eye, “won’t kill him, right?”
You had no right to feel this way, you really didn’t. You were the other woman in this situation. But, unfortunately for you, that didn’t seem to ease the all-encompassing dread that was spreading like wildfire inside of your chest. You tried to swallow back the lump in your throat as the silence spawned. He was looking at you, almost as though wanting you to be the one to make the call and that only pissed you off more.
Finally, you looked up and caught those coffee-coloured eyes. His brows were puckered, his lips pressed into a firm line as he attempted to read into your every thought from across that fucking fountain. Was he dense? He needed to open his stupid mouth and speak not just keep looking over at you with enough intensity that you could feel it glide across your skin.
“What do you say, man?” Stu asked, slapping Billy’s chest hard enough to knock him out of his reverie. Thank fuck for Stu. “Little pot, some beer. Worse ways to spend a weekend, right?”
Billy blinked and began to shake his head when you cut him off.
“Yeah, Billy,” you pushed out tightly. You knew the words came out of your mouth, but you didn’t sound like yourself. There was an air of rigidity clipped in each word that made you cringe. But it was better than this. The silence. Sidney wasn’t a dumb girl, if the silence spawned any longer, it would take her no time at all to sense her boyfriend’s obvious tension. The tight smile you managed to smack on felt mangled on your lips. “I’m sure your dad won’t mind.”
Tatum smacked your thigh in excitement. “See? That’s the spirit.”
You gave her a smile as your stomach fell to the floor just as Billy spoke up.
“There’re only two bedrooms,” he said, “there’s not even enough room for all of us.”
“No biggie,” Randy shrugged and threw his arm around your shoulders, “the two single schmucks can bunk up in the living room.”
You succeeded in giving Randy a small smile despite the fact that you could feel the shift in Billy from where you were sitting. His shoulders squared and the muscle in his jaw clenched and unclenched a handful of times before he eventually lowered his gaze back to Sidney who was smiling across at him excitedly.
“Guess we’re going to the cabin.” Billy muttered, swiping a few strands of his dark hair off of his forehead.
“Who’s driving?” Tatum asked.
“I’ll drive,” Randy shrugged, “I’ll use my mom’s van, so we all fit.”
“Perfect,” Sid smiled, “I have a bunch of snacks and stuff at my house, I’ll bring those up.”
“I have enough beer to tide us over for the weekend,” Stu smirked. “If only we had some access to pot.” He careened his neck around to face you as he dramatically began to bat his eyelashes. “If only.”
Despite your mood, you couldn’t contain your small smile. “Yeah, yeah, I’ll bring the pot. I also have a spare last period, so I can run to the grocery store and pick up whatever you don’t have, Sid.” A part of you knew that Billy was bound to follow you to the grocery store in a lame attempt to smooth things over before heading up to the cabin, but you didn’t want to deal with that. You couldn’t. Not right now. You needed some time to digest everything before talking to Billy. So instead, you glanced at Tatum. “Want to come with?”
“Uh, yeah, obviously,” Tatum beamed. “Remind me to steal some of Dewey’s tequila before we go.”
You were too high for this.
Way too fucking drunk, too.
You weren’t even sure who had suggested the stupid game in the first place, all you knew was that one second you were smiling away at Stu and Randy drunkenly wrestling each other for the last slice of pizza and the next, you were sitting in a small circle in the middle of the living room with Dewey’s tequila bottle in between your crossed legs.
You hated tequila, hated the small of it, the taste of it. But you were passed the point of actually tasting your alcohol, so it suited you just fine tonight. Besides, you needed something stronger than the pot if you had any hope in surviving the night with the way Billy was looking at you from across the circle.
He hadn’t managed to get you alone yet, something you knew was eating him up inside. He’d tried, lord, had he tried, but you were having none of it. No part of this cabin had been untouched by you and Billy in what felt like a lifetime ago now and to have everyone there, in the one space that was solely yours and his – yeah, the tequila was doing its job tonight.
Somewhere along the line, someone had suggested Truth or Dare and being way too inebriated to fight whoever had suggested it, you’d all just agreed. The first few rounds were tame enough. Nobody did anything too crazy, as though each of you were gauging just how far you could push the game. Stu was the one to break the mould in daring Tatum to give him a half-assed lap dance in front of everyone and from there, the game kicked off. Sid had given Randy a brief kiss, Tatum, choosing mostly dares, had flashed the entire room her boobs – all dares courtesy of Stu, naturally – and you, careful to avoid selecting truth in fear of having someone see right through you, had been dared to give Randy a hickey among a few other questionable tasks.
Nothing too outrageous, but it was entertaining enough the six of you.
“Billy, your turn, buddy.” Stu smacked his back and laughed into his half-empty beer bottle. “Holy shit, I’m so fucking high right now, man.”
Billy pushed out a wan smile and made a show of looking around the room. He knew who he wanted to pick, naturally, but if you were going to continue to ignore him, he could dish it right back. After all, he hadn’t been the one to initiate tonight’s impromptu trip up to the cabin. Sid had been the one to bring up the cabin and while he could have done a better job at shutting that idea down, it wasn’t as though he wanted this.
What he wanted was you. Unreservedly so. In every single room in this fucking cabin, just like he’d had you before. Everywhere he looked, he saw you. Saw himself inside of you, laughing with you, holding you. He swore the fucking bed that he and Sid were meant to be sleeping on tonight even smelled like your damn shampoo. There was no part of this cabin that had been untouched by the two of you together.
And he fucking hated that this was now a shared space. It wasn’t yours and his, it was sullied, now. The bubble the two of you had managed to create in these woods had burst and, in its wake, this. This stupid fucking game of how to make each other as angry as possible. Sid had been the one to dare you to give Randy a hickey and Billy had never in his life wanted to throttle somebody more than he did during those forty-eight seconds. Watching you climb on top of Randy’s lap with your drunkenly hooded eyes and soft smile. And when he watched you dip your head into his neck, run your tongue along his fucking throat—
His blood was boiling, even still.
Licking his dry lips, he peered around the circle before landing on Sidney. He wanted nothing more than to dare you to crawl through the circle, straddle his lap and fuck him right then and there, but he knew that wasn’t possible. So, instead, he focused on Sidney. “Truth or Dare, Sid?”
The pretty brunette leaned back into the chair behind her, the very chair you’d fucking rode him a few weeks prior and hummed. “Dare.”
“Our Sid’s feeling bold, baby,” Stu whooped. “Atta girl.”
Billy made a show of thinking for a few seconds before nodding towards Stu. “Dare you to kiss Stu. On the mouth.”
Sidney’s eyebrows pulled up as her pink cheeks grew redder. She glanced at Tatum in uncertainty. “What? I can’t.”
Tatum laughed and practically tossed Stu in the middle of the circle towards Sid. “Ew, yes you can.” She waved it off. “It’s a game, Sid, don’t think anything of it. Obviously don’t, like, suck his dick or anything, but a kiss isn’t going to do shit.”
Stu lulled his head towards his girlfriend. “Can we circle back to the dick sucking later?”
“Pervert,” Tatum groused, shoving him away. “On second thought, Sid, have at it.”
Surprising even Billy, Sid only hesitated for a few seconds before hesitantly crossing the circle to an all too willing Stu. Drunk as shit, Stu tapped his lips in anticipation before the pair met. The kiss was short and rather awkward but as Sid scuttled back towards the chair, a burst of laughter tore out of her mouth as she shook her head. “We’re all going to regret this in the morning, aren’t we?”
A chorus of agreement rang out as another few rounds played on. You and Tatum got dared to kiss each other on account of Randy, Sid confessed her virginity to the group, Stu and Randy took full advantage of every dare they could get and Billy, for the most part, avoided playing his turn as often as he could. He couldn’t trust himself, not right now.
Not with you looking so fucking pretty under the dim glow of the cabin lights. Not when you were this close but feeling three thousand miles away. You’d barely even looked at him and the longer your grudge persisted, the more and more desperate he became.
Snapping him out of his misery, the sound of your name slicing through the cabin made Billy focus in on your face. It was Stu talking, he knew that much, but all he could focus on was you.
“Truth or Dare, baby?” Stu asked excitedly.
“Hmm,” you reached across the circle and yanked the joint out of Randy’s fingers to take a hit. “Dare, I guess.”
Stu’s eyes flickered from yours to Billy’s for a brief second before a giant grin enveloped his entire face. And then he smacked Billy’s thigh with enough force that the sound of it bounced off of the walls. “Dare you to shotgun kiss our Billy Boy over here.”
For the first time in hours, those eyes of yours skirted across the room towards him. Through the haze of smoke, you looked so fucking gorgeous as you sat there, staring across at him with that impenetrable gaze of yours.
And then your eyes fell on Sidney.
“I don’t know.” You muttered. Smoke tumbled of your lips and Billy was mesmerized.
“Do it,” Sid laughed. “Like Tatum said, it’s just a game. We’re all fucked up right now.”
“You sure?” You asked, still unmoving.
“Yeah,” Sid gave you a small, reassuring smile as she guzzled back more tequila. “Shotgun away!”
Time didn’t exist for those few brief moments, there was no way it could. Billy watched, completely transfixed as you crawled through the circle towards him. At first, he wasn’t sure if you’d follow through – after all, how could either of you do this in front of all of your friend?
This was a game to them but not to either of you.
You hesitated and glanced at Sidney. “The smoke’s not going to go into his mouth if I can’t…” your words died on your tongue. When she didn’t seem to catch on, she winced. “Uh, like, we have to be nose-to-nose.”
“Straddle him,” Stu simply said, hiding his knowing smirk into his beer bottle. “It’s a fucking game, losers, get it over and done with.”
The whole thing couldn’t have taken more than a few seconds, in fact, Billy was sure it hadn’t, but the entire room seemed to stop as you crawled across his lap. It was as if you were moving in slow motion as you took a rather long hit from the joint in your hand before you passed it off to Tatum and as you leaned in, cradling his face with hands he knew like the back of his own, it was taking Billy everything he had not to crush you against his chest and hold you there against him.
Leaning in, he could taste the smoke on your lips as your mouth closed against his and as you exhaled the smoke into his mouth, Billy inhaled all of you. He gripped your hips on instinct, holding you there firmly against him as your lips moved perfectly against his. Greedily, he inhaled every last stich of smoke out of your mouth and relished in the burn of it against his throat.
He kissed you then. Too briefly, but he kissed you and for a split second, you kissed him back. It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type of kiss, but it was there, and it left Billy greedily wishing he had more time with you.
Fuck, he needed you. On every level possible, he needed to touch you. To kiss you. To talk to you and apologize for every little fucking misstep that had led them all here.
But he didn’t have that kind of time.
Not yet.
All too soon, you pulled away from him but your eyes, though red and bleary, said everything you couldn’t. You needed him every bit as much as he needed you in that instance.
“Ta-da,” you choked out, breaking the stare much too quickly as you crawled back to where you’d been sitting seconds prior.
Nobody, apart from the two of you, seemed to pay your interaction any mind at all. Not even Sidney, who was happily sipping on more of Dewey’s tequila. But how? How when the entire fucking world seemed to still for the two of you to finally touch one another, could the moment have fallen on deaf ears?
“Alright, now.” You croaked. “Who’s next?”
At some point, someone had turned on the stereo as the night continued. Some bass-heavy song from the eighties was rocking the walls of the cabin as each of you broke off to drunkenly continue your night.
At first, you were with Randy, drunkenly conspiring about how he was going to get his job back for the third time and then you were with Sid and Tatum as the three of you thought it would be a fabulous idea to jump into the frigid cold pond outside. When that was over and done with, somehow, you ended up inside of the cabin searching for your duffel bag that contained some dry clothes.
Finally, you managed to find it buried beneath the pull-out couch that you and Randy would be sharing in a few hours and as you padded your way along the cabin that you knew too fucking well, you slipped into the bathroom and heaved out a sad sigh.
Drunk and high and full of adrenaline from the stark cold water or not, being here sucked. Being here with Billy and Sidney as they would undoubtedly be sharing a bed – the very same bed you and Billy had fucked in numerous times before – really fucking sucked.
You were sad and a little angry – at both Billy and at yourself for letting this mess get so big and so complicated that neither of you had true control over it anymore. You’d both dug yourself in such deep, deep shit that neither of you could see a way out.
It was a dangerous game the two of you were playing but like moths to a flame, you couldn’t stop. You’d continue to dig and dig until the real world around you ceased to exist.
Just as you were moping, still sopping wet, the door of the bathroom opened. “I’m in he—” you began to say but stopped as Billy slipped through the door and closed it behind him. “Billy, what the fuck are you doing?”
“Shut-up for a second,” he whispered, latching it closed. “I need to talk to you.”
“No,” you moved to push him out of the bathroom. “Somebody could walk in any second, this is going to look so bad.”
“I don’t care,” he admitted. “I should have broken up with Sid the night of your accident – hell, long before that, but I didn’t. And that’s on me. I’m going to, though.” He desperately reached for your hand. “I—”
“I’ve been hearing that,” you seethed, ripping your hand away. “I’m too drunk for this conversation, Billy. So are you.”
“You’re angry,” he nodded, cornering you into the counter with ease. “So am I.”
You swatted at his chest but made no move to slink away from him. He felt too good to have this close. He felt too much like home to ignore.
“What the fuck do you have to be angry about?”
“You’ve been ignoring me all night long,” he breathed out, barely above a whisper. “And then I have to watch you with Randy? I—”
“It was a dare.”
“It was fucking torture,” he griped. Cupping your face, your foreheads met as he slowly shook his head. “Seeing somebody else touch you like that? The way I touch you? I could have fucking killed him.”
You could feel his cock pressing into your thigh and warmth pooled between your legs as you basked in his words. “How the fuck do you think I feel? We’re here and you’re going to be sleeping with Sid in that bed, Billy. Do you know how fucked up that is?”
He sighed and nuzzled your neck. He could still hear them outside of the cabin, but he knew his time with you was limited. “I know,” he whispered. “I fucking know.”
Your eyes ghosted across his face. “Is there ever going to be a time when we’re not the bad guys?” You found yourself asking, finally voicing the little voice in your head. “I don’t like hurting her, Billy.”
“Hey,” Billy whispered again, “hey, listen to me, okay?” He ensured he caught your eye before continuing. “The second we get back to Woodsboro—”
“I don’t want to hear it, Billy,” you shook your head. “Prove it. Stop talking and fucking do it, then.”
All Billy could do was nod but as he watched your tongue slip out and dampen your parted lips, the animal inside of him won over as he ground his hips into yours. “You need me to prove how much I want you?” Stepping between your thighs, he brought your hand down so that you palmed his cock through his jeans. “You want me to prove it to you?”
You arched into him and wrapped your legs around his hips as you sat yourself on the edge of the counter. You were both too drunk to be making good decisions and this was definitely not a good decision. Not when any single person could come back into the cabin and notice your absence.
But if this relationship with Billy proved anything, neither of you were all that smart. You were two love drunk morons desperate for the other person. And god, you were so fucking desperate for him tonight.
Billy marvelled in the feeling of your hands sliding across his chest before yanking his t-shirt off. But fair was fair. Reaching down to the hem of your shirt, he peeled your sopping wet sweater off of your body so that you were naked from the waist up. Fuck, you were gorgeous. His breathing hitched and a low growl rumbled through his chest as he ducked his head down to capture your breast. Rolling his hot tongue around your nipple, he fucking loved feeling you arch your back into his awaiting mouth.
Your pussy was throbbing as Billy’s dept mouth swirled and kissed and nipped at your breasts, taking his sweet time to coax and tease each one. But neither of you had time, not right now.
Pulling away from your chest, Billy’s warm eyes swept across your face, memorizing your every pore. There was a softness in his gaze that never seemed to not catch you off guard, a wall that seemed to shatter to bits whenever you so much as looked at him. “You’re mine.” He whispered against your nipple. “When we get back home—”
“Shut-up,” you hummed firmly, raking your fingers through his hair. “And fuck me quickly before somebody comes in.”
The kiss was hard, urgent, as his cock still strained, painfully so, against his jeans. Not wanting to miss a second of not being buried inside of you, he worked on the buckle of his belt just as you were peeling your own damp jeans down your thighs. When you were both naked, you grinned and slid your fingers down his face and neck before curling your fingernails into his broad shoulders. Blood pooled in the tiny crescent moon shaped marks, but he didn’t so much as flinch.
Instead, he lunged forward, not even bothering to kick off the pants that were still wrapped around his ankles and grabbed your hips with bruising strength. His mouth was on yours instantly.
You were so wet, your pussy throbbing, and his cock was rock hard as he positioned his length between your thighs. Bucking his hips forward, he slammed into with enough force to make you yelp out in pain.
He didn’t stop, though. You didn’t want him to stop. Your entire body shook as he ravaged you, as he fucked you hard and fast against the counter.
His mouth, hungry as ever, abandoned yours only long enough to trail sloppy bites and kisses down your chin and throat and chest before capturing your tit in his mouth again. He was desperate to touch, to kiss, to taste, every inch of you tonight. Just like he’d done in the cabin before. But he knew he couldn’t, knew he didn’t have the time so with every thrust, he buried himself deeper and deeper inside of you, cementing the feeling of you all around him to his memory.
Your tits were bouncing with the velocity of his thrusts and the feeling of your nails chalking up his naked back and shoulders made his pumps even more violent. He wanted you to scream his name, he needed you to, he needed to feel you come undone on account of him and only him. But you wouldn’t. Not with your friends outside.
“You’re so fucking perfect,” he hissed into existence.
His fingers dug into your hips again, pulling you even closer into him. Stretching his neck up, he kissed and nipped at the cut on your throat, the one he’d given you nearly a week prior, and felt his entire body shudder at the memory.
“Billy,” you gasped out, arching and clawing for him.  
“This feel good, baby?” He demanded, slipping one hand down to begin fingering your clit. You were so fucking wet, one touch to your swollen nub and your entire body pulsed. The sound of his balls slapping against your ass filled the room. “Would Randy fuck you this good?” He spat his name out like venom on his tongue.
You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and tugged him close. Your noses bumped as he slammed into you over and over again. “No,” you spoke through clenched teeth, your entire body on fire. Between his fingers on your clit, the feeling of him pumping into you and the pot, you felt weightless. Like you were floating on pure ecstasy. “But if you feel this good when you’re jealous, I might have to lie.”
A dark chuckle escaped his mouth as he leaned in to capture your lips again. He kissed you with abandon as he came undone inside of you. His warm seed filled you up entirely as he drove into you over and over and over again.
With one final pinch of your clit, you followed suit.
You hissed out his name as your forehead fell against his in the sanctity of the bathroom. Your low ragged moans and breathless whispers were all that surrounded the two of you as he continued to hold you tightly against him, relishing in the feeling of you as though it was the first time.
The voices from outside of the cabin began to float closer, leaving both of you to separate and change in a frenzied hurry before Billy slipped out of the bathroom first. He just managed to steal a single, tiny kiss and a quick I love you before you were left alone to finally change into your dry clothes.
It was dark as fuck in that cabin and no matter how many times you willed yourself to go to sleep, you couldn’t. You were wide awake on that pull-out couch with the feeling of Billy still all over every inch of your skin.
You could hear Tatum and Stu fucking each other’s brains out in their room, but no sound bled out of the room Billy and Sid were in. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite snuff out the jealous pit in your stomach as you sat there in the darkness beside Randy.
With a quiet sigh, you rubbed a hand over your tired face and tried like hell to focus on anything besides the rampant moans tumbling out of Tatum’s mouth.
“Jesus, is he fucking Superman?” Randy’s voice sliced into the silence, making you jump a good foot in the air.
“I thought you were asleep,” you breathed out a quiet laugh. “Holy shit, you scared the hell out of me.”
“How could I sleep with the porn movie shooting in the next room?” He grumbled.
You laughed as the two of you fell into an easy silence. All of you had known each other for so damn long. This wasn’t the first time you’d slept in the same bed as Randy and it probably wasn’t going to be the last, either. There wasn’t a single person in that cabin that you hadn’t known for at least a decade and the easiness that came from that was something you cherished.
“This reminds me of that chick’s birthday in the sixth grade, what was her name?” Randy mused tiredly. “Julie Fox?”
“Julia,” you muttered. “Yeah, we were on an equally as comfortable pull-out that night, too.”
“At least you don’t have a spring poking into your back.” He groaned and you felt the bed shift as he seemingly tried to rid himself of the spring to no avail. “Fuck, that didn’t help.”
“Want to switch sides?” You asked. “Give yourself a bit of a break?”
He was quiet for a few seconds. You could barely make out the shape of his nose amidst the darkness around you, but you heard him hum in thought before sighing. “Nah,” he grumbled, “no use both of us suffering.”
You smiled slightly and continued to stare up at the ceiling. The only source of light bleeding into the living room was the last few embers inside of a hollowed-out log in the fireplace but even then, it was nearly impossible to see a damned thing.
“Can I ask you a question?” Randy asked after another few minutes of silence.
More silence.
And then you heard him suck in a quiet breath of air. “How long have you and Billy been fucking each other?”
CLIFFHANGER BABAAAAAY (but dont worry randy is safe and sound he’s a bestie not an enemy) we’ll also be getting into the thick of it now with drama so stay chuned ;)
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academiaghosts · 4 months ago
hello hello !! Can I request a oneshot where CEO!Harry is really caught up in his work and doesn't have a lot of time for y/n, and eventually they just breakdown in front of him from being ignored and he gives them all of his attention after? Tysm in advance !! Much fluff please :]]
hii bby <3 thank you so much for this request! I changed it up a little bit, hope you enjoy it
around 2k words - angst followed by loads of fluff
happy reading angels
10.30 am. The sun was already up by the time her eyes fluttered open softly. It was a bright day outside, the golden sun shining down on the tall glass windows of Harry and y/n’s California house, the warm rays of sun filtering through and into her honeyed irises, making her squint slightly.
The light however was not the reason she woke up, it was the dull pain, that had started in her lower abdomen, and was shooting up her back, making her wince slightly.
Although she was in pain, but she finally got the reason why she was so small and miserable these past couple of days. She had been weirdly silent, only responding to Harry in a word or two. Fuck, she had probably made him think he had done something wrong.
Slowly she got out of bed, making her way to the bathroom cabinet to find her period supplies, only to realize she was out of pads as well as tampons. She was yet to properly start her period, the slowly increasing pain being the mere indicator that she probably only had like an hour, maybe less before the bleeding starts.
“Harry, please be home, please please...fuck”,
the cold from tiles was almost unbearable against her warm feet, waking her up better than coffee ever did. She could hear her favorite voice when she reached the bottom of the staircase, it made her heart jump, even though she’d heard him talk a million times before.
That’s how taken she was by him, head over fucking heels in love.
“….jeff, I swear to god, why the fuck would they double check, it’s YOUR fucking job, not theirs”,
Harry had sent out a few PR packages with his new products, from Pleasing, to a lot of famous influencers. Jeff was handling the mailing info, making sure the packages were delivered to the right people before the launch of his next wave of products.
A technical error however, had delayed the shipment of 25 packages, by a month.
“…no obviously not, you WOULD make sure they get them within 3 days, try to is not your fucking option anymore.”
Hanging up forcefully, he made his way out of the room, storming through the hall and into the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water.
The last couple of days, he had spent wondering why y/n was acting this strange. She was always vocal with him, they talked about everything, from the things that bugged them to their most random thoughts.
He had spent 3 days trying to figure out if he had done something to make her go silent on him. Was she mad? Did he say something he didn’t remember?
Harry was a fairly patient person, but he was no saint. Unfortunately for y/n, now Jeff had contributed to his stress, making the dam burst.
Y/n had followed Harry’s steps, gently rounding the counter to make her way to Harry, all the while holding her stomach which sent sharp pain up her spine with every step she took.
“H, I need…co..could you please-”, her words died in her throat when she found him standing by the filter with his head down, arms outstretched on the counter in front of him. She gently reached out her hand, softly touching his shoulder.
Turning around, he let out a dry laugh, looking her square in the eyes with nothing but anger
“Look who it fucking is”, y/n stood shocked in front of him, quickly retrieving her hand, as he took a few steps,
“thank you kickstarting my worst fucking week ever. Three fucking days you ignore my presence y/n…” her name sounded harsh on his tongue, probably because he always called her by a number of silly nicknames, that never failed to make her smile
“three fucking days, what even makes you think you have the fucking right to even start a conversation without apologising?”, he towered over her, making her lower her eyes down to the floor from not being able to take the look he was giving her. It was condescending, and full of disdain, and she felt like she was being criticised by her parents all over again.
“I’m sorr-“
“No, cut it y/n, it doesn’t fucking matter, first Jeff messes up my whole fucking schedule for the launch, and now YOU have the audacity to come up to me after treating me like that to tell me you need something?” his words made y/n turn red with embarrassment.
She knew she wasn’t avoiding him on purpose, but the way he said it made her internalise everything, like it indeed was her fault. Her eyes glossed over as tears slid down her cheeks, while Harry brushed past her, knocking harshly into her shoulder.
Harry spent a whole hour sitting in his study, trying to work out the smallest possible details with Jeff, his mind slowly coming down from the worked-up state from all the stress. The details were sorted and everything was finally on track again, which made him let out a relieved sigh.
As the stress started slowly vanishing with each mistake fixed, guilt started settling inside his head. He knew he was wrong, and he had treated his lovie so harshly when she probably wanted his help with something. He knew he should have gone to her the second he realised he took out his frustrations on her, but like the idiot he was, he waited.
“…maybe I should give her a bit of space” or
“…if I go talk to her right now, she might not listen” were his lame excuses.
He knew they were lame.
Rubbing a hand over his face, he stood up, pushing his hair out of his face as he made his way to his dove. He wanted to talk to her and apologise as soon as he could, before he could make any mistakes. But little did he know, leaving her alone with her thoughts (of guilt) this whole one hour was already a mistake in itself.
y/n was already feeling small since morning, wanting nothing more than to cuddle into H and forget all about her stupid periods. Harry always knew better than to leave her alone when she was in her small space.
When he went into their room and saw her buried under the covers with the heating pad warming up on the nightstand, he knew he had done exactly that. She was on her period, already feeling bad, and he had just gone ahead and made it worse for her.
His heart started picking up with regret and shame as he neared her, watching tears shining on her soft cheeks, all he wanted to do was kiss them away as his own filled his tired eyes, and apologise on his fucking knees if he had to. He had promised her he would take care of her, assured her that it was safe to go into subspace around him, and that he would keep her safe physically and emotionally as well whenever it happened. And right now, he had failed at all of those things.
Slowly he lifted the pink fuzzy blanket from y/n’s head and kneeled next to the bed, gently cupping her cheek in his warm palm as he cooed at her, “m’love, hey-“ , as soon as she stirred awake and saw him, her face contorted into a frown, bottom lip wobbling as her fresh tears lined her waterline. She quickly took Harry’s hand into both of her own and brought it to her chest, whispering apology after apology before she even took in a breath.
The sight in front of him broke his heart, making his own tears fall down as he shook his head,
“y’ didn’t do anything wrong baby, please don’t apologize, please dove”,
“I swear I won’t ignore you Har, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, please….” y/n kept rambling into his chest through her painful sobs, as he brought her into an embrace, tightly holding her to his heart. He felt so bad, so fucking bad, seeing her like this and quickly stopped her when she started blaming herself, taking her face into both of his hands,
“ hey, hey, baby, stop” he slowly ran his thumbs over her cheeks, brushing the tears away and tilting her head up so their noses touched, her eyes fluttering shut as her whole body pressed closely into his own, he knew she always calmed down in his close proximity,
“you didn’t ignore me baby, you were not feeling okay, and you just wanted silence, I’m sorry for making you feel bad about that”
“no, no crying baby, please, I hate seeing you cry like this, knowing it’s because of me”
The frown on y/n’s face turned into a small pout as she looked into his eyes “ but you’re crying too, because of me”,
a lazy smile lighting up his face as he slowly dropped his forehead against hers, “it’s cause I made you cry silly, I hate making you cry.” He slowly ran his nose along hers, making her hold on him tighten as he started kissing her still wet cheeks, drying her tears with his soft lips.
“you’re my love y/n, m’whole fucking heart, I’m sorry for not being there for you…”, her eyes closed again as his lips started moving to her neck, making her head roll back into his palms, as he moved to her throat, pressing warm open-mouthed kisses.
“I’m sorry for being quiet these couple-“
“Don’t even try to apologize m’love…” his tone sounded definitive, as his lips travelled up from her jaw to her temple, placing themselves against the side of her head, his warm breath gently ruffling her baby hairs. “None of this is your fault. I was being a right tit…” her soft chuckle making his heart jump slightly in his chest like a fucking rabbit, “…who made you feel bad for no reason, when in reality, I was mad at Jeff.”
He moved his lips to her forehead, as his hand cradling her head pushed her closer to his lips, this other hand winding around her waist, pulling her into him more. Her whole body relaxed in his hold, hands winding themselves around his neck as her eyes remained closed, pure bliss coursing through both of them as they held onto each other.
Harry slowly eased them onto the bed, still holding her close to him as he laid back against the headboard, pulling her body on top of his own, so she was cuddled into him in his lap. She slowly fell asleep to the sound of his heart jumping under her ear when she nuzzled her face into his chest, as Harry slowly brushed his fingers through her soft curls, his other hand pulling the fuzzy blanket over both of them, occasionally pressing a warm kiss to the top of her head.
It wasn’t their close proximity or the fact that she was snuggled into him that made his heart leap out of his body, it was the soft I love you that sounded from her cherry lips, followed by a soft kiss to his chest that made him want to never let her go. To always keep her with him, just like this, in his arms, listening to his heart as if it were only beating for her to hear under her ear and feel under the palm of her hand.
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nevarrhoe · 4 months ago
heatwave (obi-wan)
summary: the hot weather in coruscant is almost unbearable for obi-wan kenobi. almost as unbearable as the fact you won't let him near you.
warnings: smut!! afab reader, unprotected p in v (make smart decisions people) -- any minors interacting will be blocked
i first wrote this in summer 2020 and it never saw the light of day (to my knowledge??) but it might be one of my favourite fics ever. i hope u enjoy <3
- jazz
Tumblr media
Coruscant didn’t usually get this hot.
It had warm days; days where the sun came out and lit up the busy streets. They were pleasant, usually with a cool breeze and the perfect weather for visiting the lakes out in the mountains or sunbathing on the balconies of the Temple. More often than not, they were also the days that marked the beginning of the Summer - and with the Summer came unbearable heat.
By the time the middle of the year came, Coruscant was a sweaty, urban jungle. Gone were the chilly breezes and warm afternoons; they’d been replaced with blaring, unbearable heat. It felt like the sun was stalking you, beating down on you wherever you went and becoming an inescapable, frustrating fact of life. Your brain felt as though it had been plunged into a deep fat fryer and you were sweating in places you hadn’t even realised you could. The high season usually only lasted three or four weeks, but it was three or four weeks too long.
Obi-Wan Kenobi, meanwhile, was dealing with the heat in the same way he dealt with everything else: with an elegance and poise that you could never understand. He simply smiled, making a quip about how we’ll miss the heat when it’s gone (something of which you were certain was a fat fucking lie). He didn’t even bother to exchange his regular robes for thinner ones, simply settling on ditching the top layer instead. You envied him.
‘How are you not melting?’ You groaned.
You were sprawled out on the mattress, arms and legs flailed out Patrick Starr style. Your bedroom was boiling and stuffy, your inability to do anything about it driving you insane. The sheets were bunched up around your ankles from where you’d kicked them off. Obi-Wan was laying beside you, having been woken by the thrashing of your limbs and your groans.
‘I was too busy sleeping to melt.’ The Jedi dropped his head into the pillow, grumbling slightly.
‘Now you’re awake and you can suffer with me.’ You shuffled slightly, flinging yourself overdramatically onto your side so that you were facing him.
Obi-Wan vehemently denied it but he always looked absolutely adorable immediately after waking up. His features were heavy with sleep and he had a few strands of strawberry blonde hair falling in his face, framing his eyes. You reached across to brush a few back, smiling when he leant into your touch.
‘Go to sleep, darling.’ He murmured. ‘I love you but you’re already grumpy enough as it is with this heat. I don’t think tiredness will be doing any of us any favours.’
‘You’re mean.’ You teased.
He pressed a gentle kiss to your hand, before rolling over and tugging the sheets back over his bare form. ‘I know.’
The next few days were almost insufferable; missions were few and far, so you had no chance of escaping to a distant ice planet and staying there until Winter. You simply had to put up and shut up, grumbling quietly to yourself about what a pain the heat was and how much you hated the sun. The best you could do was steer clear of the busy areas of Coruscant, avoiding large crowds of equally hot and irritated people.
Obi-Wan continued to be unbothered by the heat. You usually loved his little quips and oddly-optimistic sarcasm but maker, would the man ever crack? Was he immune to the unbearable weather?
Perhaps he was, but you soon came to learn that he wasn’t immune to every part of it. Specifically, he wasn’t immune to you.
You weren’t trying to distract him from his work but when you floated past him in a dress - a sleeveless, backless dress - he couldn’t help but let his eyes follow you. He was supposed to be in the middle of a practice duel with Anakin, but he too had retreated to the corner to whine and moan about the weather. Obi-Wan almost dropped his lightsaber, gawking slightly as his eyes followed you down the hall and around the corner. Thankfully, his Padawan’s whining turned him off as quickly as you had turned him on.
Later that night, when he finally got you alone in your room, Obi-Wan knew exactly what he wanted to do. You’d already ditched the dress by your door, choosing to wander around in nothing but his cloak. After all, it was light-weight and comfortable - that was exactly what you needed in this weather.
You were standing in front of the mirror, applying some kind of night cream that he was certain did the same as your daily one - not that commenting on it had ever gone down well - when he came in. He appeared behind you, snaking his arms around your waist and burying his head in the crook of your neck. He murmured a brief hello, peppering kisses up your jaw-line and behind your ear.
‘I was thinking about you all day, darling.’ He murmured into your ear. ‘You looked beautiful.’
‘Yeah?’ You smiled at him, eyes meeting in the mirror. ‘You didn’t look so bad yourself.’
Obi-Wan spun you around, hands grabbing your waist as he pressed a hungry kiss to your lips. You could read the man like a book and you knew exactly what he wanted. It was rare that you rejected him - in fact, you weren’t sure you’d ever turned him down in your life - but it was the last thing you wanted right then. Coruscant still felt like a city-size sauna and it wasn’t exactly the sort of thing that would put you in the mood.
‘Baby, not right now.’ You pulled back, hands resting on his shoulder. ‘It’s about a thousand degrees too hot for that right now.’
Obi-Wan dropped his head into your shoulder, hair tickling your neck slightly as he nodded. ‘As I suspected.’
‘When this whole thing is over, though?’ You put a hand under his chin, tilting his head up to face you. ‘I’m yours.’
‘You’re always mine-’
‘- save the sexy talk for when I don’t feel like a sweaty, gross lump.’ You jokingly glowered.
A few days passed and with each one, Obi-Wan became more and more flustered by you. Like every other woman in the Jedi temple, you were wearing less clothing but you were the only person who he ever seemed to look at. He didn’t care how obvious it was or how many times he had to excuse himself; you were beautiful and you were distracting as hell.
One evening, you were sat out on the balcony of Padme’s quarters; you were wearing a pair of black shorts and a crop top, your skin glistening with sweat under the cool, late-afternoon sun. Your Jedi was sat across the table from you, beside Anakin. It was another situation of we’re all aware that the other two are shagging on the downlow but you were all past the point of bothering to comment on it. Instead, you sat with your legs stretched out in front of you, sunglasses resting on the bridge of your nose as you basked under the lowering sun.
‘Right,’ you rubbed your eyes. ‘I’m gonna go grab a cold shower.’
You took off your sunglasses, glancing over at Obi-Wan for no more than a split second. It was far too quick for anyone else to notice but it was a look he immediately recognised - and one he’d been waiting for for days. He wasn’t sure what had made you suddenly decide that you were ready to ignore the hot weather to get hot in another way but he wasn’t going to question it.
There was usually a rule between the two of you; you would leave first and then Obi-Wan would wait five minutes before excusing himself. It was a pointless gesture in front of Anakin and Padme, who were very much aware of your relationship in the same way that you were of theirs, but it at least meant you were trying. Nobody else across the Temple suspected a thing.
Hoping that he’d come to your room instead of his, you made a break for it across the Temple. You usually walked lethargically slow in this heat but you were practically jogging, giving Mace Windu an awkward wave as you breezed past him.
You pushed open the door to your room, almost jumping back in shock when you saw that Obi-Wan was already there. How had he managed that? Did he know a short cut-
-Right, not relevant.
‘How did you-’
Before you could finish your sentence, he’d grabbed you by the waist, practically dragging you towards him. His lips were on yours in a matter of second, hands gripping your hips as he kissed you. There was days worth of pent up tension ready to be released and it was clear that he was not here to play games. You were immediately taken away by the feeling of his hungry kisses - any concern about the heat suddenly gone to the wind along with the air from your lungs - that you didn’t even notice when you hit the door with a thump.
‘You have been driving me insane for days.’ The Jedi commented, lips moving from your mouth to your neck as he pinned you against the door. He was strong as hell - pretty much everyone in the Temple knew it but especially you (and especially now).
You let out a slight moan as he gently nipped on your neck - it was going to leave marks for sure, but that was a tomorrow problem. Right now, you were simply focused on discarding your clothes as you both fumbled about, boots violently flying across the room as you stumbled to the refresher.
He was already grabbing at you - hands all over your boobs and ass as you turned on the shower. Ice cold water came shooting out almost immediately, a welcome relief against your burning hot skin; you quickly stumbled inside, letting out a squeak as the water lashed down on you. You leant against the wall for support, hands moving to Obi-Wan’s hair as he joined you under the waterfall.
‘You are so beautiful.’ He murmured against you, teeth nipping at your bottom lip as you ran your fingers through his tousled hair. ‘You are so perfect and soft and I love you-’
‘- I love you too.’ Your words were barely a whisper as he gripped at your hips.
You let out a small groan, dropping your head into his shoulder as he slipped two fingers inside of you. The water was still coming down on you, icy drops a direct contrast to the feeling of his hot skin against yours. Obi-Wan knew your body like the back of his hand and he could trace every curve and every bump as though it were a map he had memorised. His hand worked like magic inside of you, hitting your sweet spot over and over until you came undone.
‘Do you know how long I’ve been thinking about this?’ He moved a hand to your neck, gently pushing your head up to look at him. ‘Do you know how long you’ve been on my mind for?’
‘Don’t tell me.’ You replied. ‘Show me.’
You’d been fucked by Obi-Wan Kenobi in every way possible, ten times over. You’d made love slowly in the morning, a session filled with sweet whispers and gentle words. You’d had angry sex after a fight; it was rough and it left you sore the next morning. You’d had rushed sex in closets and desperate sex when he’d come back fro missions.
But nothing, not a single thing, could compare to the way it felt to have him thrust into you under the cold water, teeth clashing together in a desperate kiss as he held you up against the wall. It was loving and unrestrained, sensuous and overstimulating all at once.
You clawed at his back, leaving red scratches as you tried to cling onto him. You moved your lips from his mouth to his neck, teeth nipping at the skin just above his shoulder as you tried to keep the noise to a minimum. Even with the loud rush of the running water, Obi-Wan still had the ability to make your screams heard and whilst it was very much a turn-off, there was too much at risk. He dreamt off the day that he could take you away and fuck you senseless to the point of having a coarse throat but that was for another time.
You didn’t need to tell him that you were close to coming; he was in tune with your body enough to know. He could tell from the way that your walls clenched around him and the way your nails dug deeper into his back, clinging onto him as though he could slip away at any moment. The sound of your small moans and gasps directly in his ear were heavenly as they were sinful, enough to push him over the edge too. He came inside you, a strangled sound escaping his throat.
And then there was silence, your ears filled with nothing but the sound of your heavy breathing and the rush of the water. It thundered around you, bouncing off your skin, the only thing tethering you to reality as your arms flopped to your sides, back hitting the cold tile of the wall.
‘So,’ you gently pushed a few strands of hair out his face. ‘The heat wave just became a whole lot more bearable.’
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callmemrsbakugou · 9 months ago
Long Gone (4)
Pairing: Todoroki Shoto x Reader
Warnings: has mature content, mentions of infidelity, divorce, profanities, degradation
A/N: this got long, oops. Hehe big thank you to my babies who are actually waiting around the weekends for the updates!! Love you.
Tumblr media
"Everything okay?"
Fuyumi softly asks, placing a hand on your shoulders the moment she opens the door to you. You were spacing out so badly that you weren't able to wipe your tears quick enough. Her cerulean eyes widened in surprise and she was quick to fuss over you. "What happened?" She asks, arms circling around you in comfort.
All you could do was sob. You couldn't open your mouth to tell her. Fuyumi, your sister by law, one of the people you trust most in the world.
Because how do you tell her that her brother whom she loves dearly is the cause? That her precious brother is cheating on you?
Your eyes flutter open as you awoke from the dream. No, it wasn't a dream. It was a memory of that night when you accidentally read a text from Yaoyorozu.
Bed feels weird without you next to me, the message said. You had to tap on the contact detail to see if it was really her. All the professional email and office number attached to it confirms it. You even gave her the benefit of the doubt and thought that maybe it was wrongly sent to your husband. But as you open up the conversation thread, your worst nightmare unravels before you. Months and months worth of indecent, suggestive messages thrown back and forth left you robbed of air.
Shoto was fast asleep next to you, arm around your waist. You've had your suspicion and this.. these messages just confirmed your most dreaded thoughts.
Next thing you know, you were out of the house and driving aimlessly in an attempt to clear your mind. Until Fuyumi unexpectedly calls, asking if you're still up. She was going to ask if it would be alright to have her kids over the weekend because she'll be busy attending a conference but stops short hearing you dead silent on the other line. Fuyumi calls your name to check if you're still there and she was surprised when you asked if you could come see her now.
That night you kept thinking you needed someone to know, the pain of keeping all of it to yourself becoming unbearable. But you spared her, thinking it was yours and Shoto's issue alone. And foolishly, you kept thinking that you'll both manage to get through it. You know now though, that it was just wishful thinking.
Somehow, you slept better for the first time despite crying your eyes out yesterday. Maybe it has something to do with being finally able to talk to Shoto about his affair. That pent up dark emotions finally having its much needed release.
You allow yourself a few more minutes in bed, arms stretching wide on the enormous bed. This.. feels nice, you realize. Waking up without an anchor weighing on your chest, knowing you no longer have to keep pretending everything is perfect or keep trying to win him back, and not having to wonder what time your husband went home. If he ever did.
Walking to the bathroom to get ready for the day, you picked out your old outfits. Switching the fitted dresses that made no sense to wear around the house, to a much more comfortable blouse and pair of denim elephant pants. You smile at your reflection, getting some semblance of your old self back. Your gaze then falls on the rings by the sink. Should you keep wearing it? Wouldn't it be a mockery of its symbolism when you know all too well that your marriage already went down the drain?
You walk past the masters and off to your son's room to get him ready. A smile graces your lips, seeing Yukio fast asleep, the knitted stuffed bunny made by his grandma Rei tucked in his arms.
"Love," you murmur, brushing your lips on his head. "Time to get up. We have to get ready for school." Yukio grins before he can open his eyes, mumbling a soft, "Yes, mommy." as his arms go around your neck. At moments like this, your heart forgets. Yukio being your only source of serenity amidst all the chaos. Even when he opens his eyes and stares back at you with the exact  same heterochromatic orbs like his father's.
The manor soon fills with yours and Yukio's singing, a bunch of nursery rhymes he insists you two sing as you bathe him and dress him for school. The housekeepers watch in admiration at how hands on you are and how you're managing your situation.
"Ma'am, the kitchen is all set up." Your trusted butler, Kenshin announces after a soft knock. It has been a routine, of them preparing all that you need to cook, something you'll have to grow out of since you decided to leave this place. "Thank you, Ken-san. We're about done." You smile up at the old man whose gaze softens, heart aching as he wonders how his young master could ever think of hurting someone like you.
"Hi, dadda."
Yukio greets making you stiffen as you plate the egg rolls you just finished making. Todoroki hadn't joined you and your son for breakfast in a long time. To be honest, you thought he'd already gone. He was intentionally leaving early and you wondered why he's here now.
"Morning, bud." You turn around in time to see him lean down to kiss the top of Yukio's head. Your eyes widen a little as you see Shoto walking over to you to take the plate from your hand. You almost pushed him away when he leaned in to place a kiss on your temple. "Good morning, love." He greets. Just like he used to do, only this time his voice falls flat a little. You stare up at him in turmoil. Todoroki lets out a small smile as he stares back at you for a second too long before letting you go to take his place at the table.
You stare blankly as he goes on to put some egg rolls on Yukio's plate and you realize that you did ask for this. For him to make the last days with Yukio his best ones before you two separate.
What you didn't think through though, was how hard this was going to be for you.
"Mommy," Yukio called for you and you snapped out of your trance, automatically putting on a smile as you went to sit beside him instead of Todoroki's left. "Yes, honey?" You ask, feeling Shoto's eyes lingering on you. "Teacher said we have to bring food this Friday. Can we bring these?" He asks, holding up an egg roll. You chuckle and nod your head. "I'm actually making onigiri for your class, but if you want tamagoyaki too, I can also make some."
"What's on Friday?" Todoroki's eyes flickering between you and his son. "Family day." You reply without sparing him a glance, focusing on putting more food on Yukio's plate and setting his coloring book aside. "I added it to your schedule. But I saw you had the day full."
"It's okay, dad" Yukio butts in. "We'll just come with Uncle Natsuo like last year!" The kid then turns to you, going into a full on story mode about how his uncle pretty much sucked at all the picnic games. You laugh as Yukio continues to talk animatedly. "I can't believe you still remember that, love." You say fondly, memory stirring about the time Natsuo barely fit in the sack and falling numerous times on his belly during the sack race. Shoto on the other hand stares at you and Yukio longingly. He remembered you asking him to come last year but he said he was busy.
"I hope we win at least one game this year." Your son pouts, making you chuckle. You were about to ask him to have faith on his Uncle Natsuo when Shoto reaches for Yukio's hand, saying, "I'll take the day off. We'll win every single one this year. Right, mommy?" He then looks up at you. Your jaw drops in surprise but then Yukio cheers happily, leaving you no choice but to nod.
"Go finish your breakfast and brush your teeth, mommy and I will take you to school today." Shoto says to Yukio and you've never seen your son clean his plate faster. As soon as Yukio hops off the chair to go with his nanny to his room, you get up too, taking the empty dishes. To your surprise, Shoto starts helping you. His hand accidentally brushes yours and you pull away as if he burnt you.
"Y/n-" he starts to say but you stopped him with a cold gaze. All the warmth and smile you had earlier seemed to evaporate right off the moment his son left the room. Todoroki finds himself clamming up. You've never looked at him this way before.
"Let's get things straight," You sigh, stacking the dishes neatly. "I asked for a little time before we get things done and over with to give Yukio time to adjust." You wet your lips and looked away. "So don't go acting like how we used to. Just be civil. Like how you would treat me after the divorce." You shrug, but deep down you're trying so hard to keep your tone even. "Don't give Yukio false pretenses. Stop touching me, stop kissing me." You shake your head, teeth clenching for a split second. "Because honestly, it makes my skin crawl."
Shoto looks at you like you're a complete stranger. He does understand your predicament and everything you say makes sense but somehow, your words stung. He couldn't help but feel a bit pissed off. And it was written all over his face, you could see. Good.
You walk past the many luxurious cars your family owned, trailing Shoto as you walk with Yukio hand in hand. It felt nostalgic seeing him affix a carseat handed by your driver on the Ghost, an anniversary gift from Endeavor himself.
A pang of ache strikes your heart realizing that one day, Yaoyorozu will get this version of Shoto when they have kids of their own. This loving dad you desperately wanted for your son, that Yukio deserves. You fought the urge to cry by reminding yourself that you can't keep being weak or keep feeling sorry for yourself and Yukio. Instead, you tell yourself that should Shoto fall short as a father in the future, you'd step in and do everything in your power to make sure your son does not feel that void in his life.
"All set." Shoto turns to you both with a soft smile and you try to hide your expression. He seemed to have caught it though because throughout the drive to Yukio's school, he keeps glancing at you.
Once Yukio was dropped off, you say, "You should have had our driver take us. Now you have to take me all the way back home." Shoto shakes his head, "It's no problem. I got time." You almost rolled your eyes. So he did have time to do things like this then, he just didn't want to.
"Do you have plans today? Want me to drop you off somewhere?" He asks, his finger drums against the steering wheel and you look at him suspiciously. "I have to meet with the suppliers for Yukio's birthday before lunch. I also promised to take him to the zoo after his class." You rest your chin on your palm, looking out the window. "But I can drive myself, just get me home."
Shoto opened his mouth and was about to say something when he got a call. The name that flashed on the dashboard had your chest tightening.
Yaoyorozu, Momo
Your hand balls into fist on your lap. You look at your husband as he stares at the dashboard too. Truth is, you're hoping he won’t pick up. But when did things ever go your way?
"Hi babe, are you on your way to work?" Her sickeningly sweet voice sounds through the speakers. Shoto on the other hand starts driving again as he says, "Yes." Your heart feels like it is being mangled to bits. "I'll call you back. I'm with Y/n right now, we took Yukio to school."
"Oh. Okay, then. I'll talk to you later." The change in her tone is evident. "Yeah. See you." Your husband says before ending the call, his eyes flickering to you for a second and he notices your chest rising and falling deeper than usual. Although your face remained stoic.
When you got back home, you didn't bother looking back at him as you got out of the car, slamming the door to his face. Todoroki on the other hand sighs as he watches you walk back to the house.
At this point in your life, you can't keep allowing yourself to cry over your ruined marriage. But it is starting to manifest as anger. You could truly ruin Shoto and Momo with a snap of your finger if you want. But that's just not you. You don't get off of ruining other people's lives like them.
So instead you busy yourself. You were just about done meeting with the people who would do the photography for your son's birthday party when someone took the seat right next to you, making the people you’re meeting gasp in recognition.
"Hey, Mrs. Icyhot."
He greets teasingly before nodding in acknowledgement to the other people in your table, gesturing for them to continue what they're doing. You look at him in surprise, a small grin stretching your lips. 
"Bakugo, what are you doing here?" The blonde took a bite from your untouched cake and went on to say, "Had a meeting with a bunch of old men who want me to endorse their shit." He says with a shrug. "I just wanted to say hi,  looks like you're pretty busy so I'll head out now." You grin when he touches your head as he stands back up. He had always been surprisingly nice to you, even back in his UA days when you met him.
 "We're actually finished," you say with a stretch, "I'll be taking them out for lunch now and-" you start to say but the head of the photographers vehemently declines. "No, Mrs. Todoroki, we're fine! You already treated us with so much food." He says, looking at the cups of drinks and heaps of sandwiches and pastries you've ordered throughout the meeting. "We'll be taking our leave. Please, enjoy the rest of your day!" He bows and thanks you again, then turns to Bakugo to say goodbye too.
"Are you sure?" You ask as they prepare to leave. The lot of them nod and you hear a chorus of, "See you at the event, Mrs. Todoroki!"
"What's with the face?" Bakugo chuckles and you turn to him, forgetting he was there for a moment. You blink and realize you were frowning. You try to relax your expression with a sigh as you confide. "I guess it just annoys me that everyone refers to me as Mrs. Todoroki. Like that's all I'm ever good for."
"They're just being polite. And that's not fuckin' true, Y/n. Stop thinking that." He says, helping you out with the papers. "Come on, let's go grab lunch. I am so damn hungry."
"Oh no, it's okay. I don't want to intrude. I know you rarely have time for yourself with your job and all." You try to decline but Bakugo grabs your things for you and stubbornly insists you join him. "Let's go. I need someone to eat with me. It keeps the fans from pestering me with fucking autographs and dumb photos." He explains making you roll your eyes, eliciting a laugh out of you.
He chose a restaurant not too far from the cafe you both saw each other in. Bakugo was talking to the waiter about the table when he stops short and say, "Oh, look, your husband's here too-" Bakugo points at Shoto by the secluded booth on the restaurant but the amused expression on his face was wiped clean when he sees him leaning close to another woman. His brows furrowed in confusion when he saw that it was Yaoyorozu.
When Bakugo turns to look back at you, your eyes are glued to them too, tears brimming your lids. Bakugo didn't know what to say or do. It was you who spoke first, face all blotchy as you practically plead, "Let's get out of here."
Bakugo walks you back to your car where he lets you sob your heart out. Is that Todoroki bastard cheating on you? With fucking ponytail?? Another thing he didn't understand was how you didn't seem surprised at all?
As Bakugo hands you another tissue, he murmurs, "You know about them." To which you nod in reply as you wipe your face. "I don't understand! W-why the hell are you letting him go around with that fuckin'-?" He stammers, thinking if this were happening to him, he'd have caused a scene.
"We're getting a divorce." You sniffle. Not really sure if it's a good idea to tell him, or anybody. But god damn did it feel good to have someone else know. "He said he didn't want me anymore." You said in a small voice that warranted another wave of sobs out of you.
You expected Bakugo to go off, to start bombarding you with questions and profanities like he did when you and Shoto fought during their internship days. To your surprise though, he pulls you in for a hug. He exhales sharply as his hand rubs soothing circles on your back. "What about the kid?" There was palpable sadness in his voice when he asked. You only shrug, "We'll figure it out. But I'll make sure Yukio won't suffer any more than he has to in all of this."
"God damn it." Bakugo curses, hugging you tighter. "Do you want me to talk to that bastard? Knock some fucking sense in his stupid head? Or maybe just literally knock him the fuck out?"
You smile through your tears. Bakugo had always been a good middle man despite his brash personality and him acting like he couldn't give two shits about his friends' relationship. Back then, it was him who would talk to Shoto and give him the harsh truths about his shortcomings as your boyfriend in your blossoming relationship. He, surprisingly, always had your back. And it warms your heart that now, even years later, it turns out that he still does. You pulled away and gave him a tight lipped smile, saying, "No. But thank you for the offer."
Bakugo ended up ordering a bunch of food at a fast food place he knew you loved and you two ate in the car. He figured he could spare a day out of his diet by letting you enjoy some of your comfort food. You did look like you lost weight since he last saw you.
You end up telling Bakugo everything and just like how he was back then, he just sat there and listened to you. With the occasional snide comments, of course. Bakugo has a hard time understanding why you want to keep the entire affair from your friends and families. If it were up to him, so fucking what if Yukio finds out that his dad cheated? That's icyhot's fucking problem, not yours. He shit the bed, he should face the damn consequences.
The crease between his brows vanishes as you thank him for listening, looking so relieved that you finally had someone to talk to about what you’re going through. He watches you with worried eyes as you flip the visor down to fix your runny mascara. Bakugo swore his heart breaks seeing you put on a quivering smile, as if you're rehearsing it or some shit until it looks passable authentic.
"I have to go, I still have to pick up Yukio from school. I promised I'd take him to the zoo today." You say as you turn to him, eyes still glassy with tears. Bakugou might be the one who works as hero, but there was no doubt in his mind that you were stronger than he could ever be. And he can't help but admire you for that.
Shoto was fuming when he gets home and realizes that you and his son still aren't. He called your phone again, but it went straight to voicemail. He almost crushes his phone when he gets another email from one of his PR team. Another article with you on it. His head snaps up hearing the front door open followed by your laughter and your son's singing.
"Honey, those aren't the words to the song!" You scold lightly, a bright smile on your face as you pick him up in your arms. Yukio only laughed and kept singing the wrong words to the nursery song. God, you're going to kill him.
The housekeepers greet you by taking your things and you give it to them gratefully. You were about to head for the stairs to take Yukio to his room when Shoto emerged from his office, looking visibly upset.
"Hi dad! We went to the zoo today!" Yukio says excitedly but Shoto's demeanor doesn't change. "Yes, I saw." He says, nostrils flaring as his gaze flickers towards you. "Go with Ken-san, Yukio. Mom and I need to talk." Before you could say anything, Shoto was taking your son from you and giving him to the butler. The other housekeepers scurry away and you look back at Shoto, perplexed.
You trail him to the office and he waits by the door which he slams shut the moment you step in.
"What's your play, huh?" He grabs your arm, making your eyes go wide. "You have the nerve to call me disgusting and ask me to lay low with Yaoyorozu while you walk around in broad daylight with another man?"
You wince as his grip got tighter, your shocked expression melting as it was replaced by your own anger matching his. "Let me go, Shoto!" You try to tug yourself free but he only holds you closer, his other hand gripping your jaw. "Is this an attempt to get back at me?" He looks down at you, sneering. "Or is this a desperate call for my attention? What, have you reduced to some kind of a dumb whore now??"
Your body acted before you could even think. A red haze of anger and hatred engulfs you that you felt nothing as you slap him across the face. Shoto was taken aback, releasing the grip he has on you to touch where you had just hit him.
"You have no right to talk to me that way." You jab a finger on his chest, breathing heavily. It is taking everything in you to keep your voice down, not wanting to cause an alarm to the other people in the house. You grab his phone from his desk and open the article sent to him by his PR. It contained a photograph of you, Yukio and another man in the zoo just hours ago.
Seriously? You thought to yourself. With a huff, you zoomed on one of the pictures and held it to his face.
"That's your brother, you asshole." You spat. "And don't you ever dare accuse me of your wrong doings, because I am not like you."
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