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ellepacca · a day ago
What does my window reveal to you? a spiral notebook / bound / leather and blue? doodles in the corner / flowers / curly-cues? maybe a fountain pen with pink puffy balls too What if you found me in my vulnerable truth? fighting through prose as locked cabinets pry loose primal / wet / unpredictably crude bent over the couch from mind-fucking you
- voyeur 
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heartofmuse · 8 hours ago
Love has
A heart of gentleness,
A heart that soothes, ever careful of your hurts and wounds.
A heart of companionship,
A heart that seeks, that holds your hand and listens without judgment.
Love has a heart that is humble,
A heart that is ever learning, ever ready to ask for forgiveness or to grant it.
Love has heart of compassion,
A heart where empathy reigns, ready to lend a helping hand, encouragement blooms on its lips like a sweet kiss.
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lebuc · a day ago
liege in a leaf
* contemplation. privilege & honor it is
making life my Liege, attuned to its every
whim & wonder bestowed.
daily decree: note every sunrise
turn toward it your being's entirety
bask & breathe;
in every snowflake celebrate universal uniqueness
as they, so you.
move toward collectives
teach loyalty as faithful subjects,
honorably residing in its court. * 12/21 - lebuc - liege in a leaf
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followcb · a day ago
Ode to the Letter Eye
ode to the letter eye
i for ice cream
i for inspiration
ideas and italy and the internet
i for instantaneous
i for innovation and inexpensive
imperfect, important, intriguing
instagramable eye is for infinite
informative and intoxicating
eye-opening letter eye
ay ay ay
i love u
i really, really do
©️ @followcb ☆ December 3, 2021
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instruth · a day ago
The Age Of Innocence
The age of innocence
hangs on a slender thread
at the brim of my essence
misunderstood, and misread
That was when it first began
is this right? is it wrong?
too many rules - cannot, can
and the night grew long
Hurts burrowed into the deep
misdirected, misused
afraid to object, even to beep
feeling utterly confused
Desire to be set free
from abuse and assault
what will my future be?
reply: “no, it is not your fault.”
Suddenly, a new life begins,
with an understanding of the truth
I’ve been carrying the world its sins
I return to relive the days of my youth
To the days of pure innocence
where & when I had lost control
replenishing my wasted essence
and to nurture my wounded soul
Tumblr media
©Johnny J P Lee
03 December 2021
Photo Credit J. P. Lee
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dg-fragments · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A night of full moon illustrated tranquility,
with the sea, there was a certain serendipity,
perhaps a mediocre calm before the storm,
or an apparently chaotic mind left forlorn,
and yet the seemingly quiet waves were hissing,
that there was indeed something missing,
but amid the uncertainties lying within our way,
the moon was still beautiful, wouldn't you say?
- DG
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scatteredthoughts2 · 4 months ago
Ghost Lady.
I saw you on the stairs last night,
Translucent in the pale moon light,
You looked so lost and so alone,
As you wandered round your stately home.
Everywhere the moonlight fell,
Was painted in a ghostly spell,
Your silver gown, your golden hair,
All seemed so real, but you were not there.
I felt no fear, no none at all,
When you left the stairs and walked down the hall,
To the room where you would meet your death,
And it filled my heart with deep regret.
But there was nothing I could do;
The past was waiting there for you,
And every night when the moon is high,
You must go into that room and die.
©Ambrose Harte
©Scattered Thoughts
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nothingiwriteisforyou · 3 months ago
I let you in
As if it meant nothing
A passing thought
One shot ringing
Through the dark
You crept in
Wandering endlessly
Bleeding into my veins
Holding my heart
Hostage to your pain
Taking my life
As if it’s all
You ever wanted
As if it meant nothing
//to kill me slowly
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stormsofartemis · 3 months ago
I have fallen in love with people too many times— no, not romantically— more like from a window, a thin sheet of glass between us, in a soft golden hour light. I have secretly dedicated a space in my heart for the people who aren't afraid to speak in colors, those that sweeten their coffee or tea with poetry, the rivers running toward their seas, the cold hands drawing warmth from the words of dead writers, the ones with music in their veins, those who walk their roads to the rhythm of Vivaldi's Spring, the passionate ones, the lovers, the children of art...
— autumn artemis | journal entry
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poetbitesback · a month ago
an ancient forest god hides in the body of the smallest little girl you’ve ever seen. with every step the ground shakes as roots split the earth deep, settling her claim further. we are all her’s and we just don’t know it yet. hidden behind a toothy grin and tangle of pigtails is a fury that could rival the sea. have you ever tried to cut down kudzu only to find that it has devoured your shears and driveway and childhood trauma and last nights chicken bones come morning? that’s her. she spreads endlessly. it’s more than a little unfair, the way she reaches out with tiny flowered-fingers to hold our every hurt and still we can’t find a way to worship in return. every god a girl hearing the prayers and problems that perhaps they shouldn’t have to.
— unworthy of a gods favor // Olivia Larson
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heartofmuse · a day ago
Can anyone memorize you when as soon as they figure out the words to your song the lyrics change?
You see, that is the beauty of love, it is ever an exploration, a new discovery when it has unshakeable conviction, and unrelenting constancy.
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soulreserve · 3 months ago
on cicada wings
If I had patterns         on my tongue,   like cicadas do on their wings                - tiny structures nanopillars, that stretch        and obliterate bacterial membranes; I would say your name once    - one last time,   and make peace      with the deafening quiet.
© SoulReserve 2021
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internalearthquake · 2 months ago
People always tell me,
“Have courage,”
“You will get through it,”
“Have a leap of faith,”
but never tell me how
Here I am
Arms outstretched with both feet
Wobbling on the type rope of life,
Unsure how to remove my foot
And take a step forward
Because all I see
Is the daunting, vast void below
Beckoning me
Taunting me
How can I have courage?
How will I get through it?
How can I have a leap of faith?
How can I move forward?
Without losing it all?
I need a handbook,
A step-by-step method
To guide me through life
I’ve tried it on my own,
And it’s not working
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roseblueclouds · a month ago
Let go
Tumblr media
i want to let go
let go of everything
that's keeping me closed.
i want to untie the knot and unravel the rope
wrapped tight around my body
holding captive
everything that i am.
it tightens further,
squeezing my insides
until my feelings are stuffed into my organs
and my arteries threaten to burst
and bleed blue.
all the frustration tucked into
the nooks and crannies,
coerced out of my heart,
leaving the vessel hollow.
and now it just screams to be filled.
i want to let go and explode,
uncaring of the consequences.
i want to crush
under the soles of my shoes
the titles and expectations
like i did my dreams
for they were 'unrealistic'.
assurances of 'you're still young'
don't comfort me.
let me be young then.
let me be reckless like the rain
as i watch from the safety of my window.
let me live like a storm
that wreaks havoc in a few hours,
the aftermath echoing for years.
i want to be unpredictable
like the weeping clouds that turn
the clementine sky gunmetal grey.
i want to let go.
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michaelbogild · 6 months ago
There exists a world Where we are happy together Where poetry is more than ink Where love is more than longing There is another life Where everything we are embraces with everything the perfect dream should be I know this I know this I know this We are apart, yes But we are together Someday you will understand Someday...
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scatteredthoughts2 · 2 months ago
Feelings I Have Lost.
Why am I feeling sad,
Why am I feeling down,
Where once my lips were smiling,
Now all they do is frown.
Why does this sadness cling to me,
Why is my life so dull,
Why does my soul feel empty,
When once it felt so full.
Where have my friends all gone to,
When once they were so close,
Where are the flowers of yesterday,
When today no flower grows.
When will the rain stop falling,
When will the snow fields melt,
When will the sun come calling,
With the feelings I once felt.
©Ambrose Harte
©Scattered Thoughts
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dolores-hazy · 3 months ago
Air stirring errantly
Heated hitting up against
Skin stripped raw heaving
Breathing then bated again
Balmy breeze akin to hands
Palms out and reaching
Fingers searching eagerly
Tickly teasing lightly squeezing
Power of persuasion sweetest
Ache making an appeal pleading
No ceasing no easing up
Soaking in the swelter of
Sultry ecstasy
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