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#smoke meth

been struggling a lot.. everything has gone to shit.. living in a car is shit.. if anyone could be beyond generous and send me a few bucks to get by that would be amazing..

Cashapp: $NikkyManson

Venmo: NikkyManson

I have PayPal upon request..

I just need some to get by.. I’m beyond broke and can’t get a job.. if not.. here’s an old selfie anyway! 💙

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My bf’sglass collection before we took the temporary move to the city. 🥰 Since then we’ve added at least a handful of pieces probably, so I can’t wait to get creative & get some more updated pictures on what @typically-twact-troy glass collection is lookin like now. 💖 makes me miss my bongs & wanna spend all the money I don’t have on more LMAO

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Lawyer the fuck up. Having a lawyer is like having lube during anal sex, sure it will still hurt, but it will go a lot easier than not having it. Know your rights. My God people. If you are in handcuffs, shut the fuck up. Don’t cry. Don’t beg. Just sit in the seat, and calm the fuck down. Any word you say past “I plead the 5th and I am requesting a lawyer” will pretty much erase any deniability you have.

Anonymous Cop,

How not to get caught if your a drug dealer.

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