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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Ian after smoking his joint:

“Wait why are all of you smokers?”

Me and Eli: “cause you cant say your gonna do nothing for 15 minutes without ppl looking at you funny.”

Ian:“did you guys rehearse that?:

Me: no it’s just the easiest way to get out of work and have 5 guys in your division join you and leave the nub (non qualified a.k.a. non useful body) to do work

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Does anyone here know how to make a stink paste/concoction/solution? Not a stink bomb certainly not something harmful just something that really smells bad that lasts. I skinned prawn 3 days ago i kept the skin put that in water in a jar with a tight lid i also put in onion peel some cockroaches canned sardine juice things i happened by in the kitchen and it was really stinky but when i applied it it was barely noticeable. I want something that sticks and something that grabs ur attention. Im also doing this for a good cause. Smokers have been smoking just outside the 2 exits of the building and their second hand smoke wafts through the whole building for every occupant to inhale. Now i dont care about smokers getting cancer for themselves in fact i hope and wish that it comes to them quick but what i do have a problem with is innocents getting cancer just because some stupid twats are too stupid to keep the cancer to themselves. Pls help. Thanks. Love, IV

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