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#smol baby

I have joined the bandwagon and have sort of created a tf sona. More of an OC than anything. But his name is Velocity and he’s a young seeker raised on earth. So he has no idea about the Cybertron or about the civil war that took place many years ago that divided the planet. That’s not important, what is important is that he loves exploring and also he’s very smol. 

The top color palette is the main one I chose. Also thanks again @pastelpaperplanes with help with the color design 

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Would y’all buy my nudes ??? (I’m just curious to know lmfao ) but I’m talking like requested Pics and videos only like you have to tell me what to do or say and give homie like 10$ I think that sounds pretty cool lmfao or to some people I sound like a whore who needs cash 😭😭😭 but that’s not tru!! I’m not a whore just a crazy self obsessed angel wit a nice lil booty so why not have weird people on the internet pay me to do weird shit 🍓💚

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Its really funny when I tell people over text like “oh I’m small” they’re like awwee lol and then they meet me in person and they’re so surprised when I’m barely 5 feet tall and they’re like “ohhhh you’re so tiny” like yes…we went over this I’m smol. Now baby me I’m adorable.

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