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OOOOH imma give u some red hot fire bending w a tad of earth in there…

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I bet Chloe kisses that little scar on Maze’s eyebrow.

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i love u??? id love to talk w u…

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I wanna fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh smooch ultimate doc ock

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these r also going on the happy playlist but this also made me realize i can listen to our playlists 😭 i LOVEEEE u

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All the smorches go to @fabian-vettel many thanks for the tag to do this picrew ❤️❤️


Yeah that looks about right

Tagging time! @foxyee @themumfriend @eefiplier @godbastian @justamirrorball

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/sliding back onto tumblr like what up new year new name new pronouns new movie house

anyway hi y’all it’s ya boy Phoenix back at it again with the donexa brainrot pls enjoy @ahbonjour @museumlad @creativeskull95

There are days — plenty of them — when the distant disbelief doesn’t quite fade from Alexa’s eyes. She stares around their apartment like she doesn’t recognize the furniture she’d spent agonizing hours choosing, her photo prints they’d painstakingly hung in straight rows with their award certificates neatly organized into a binder on the bookshelf, the four to seven stained coffee cups that perpetually clutter her work desk. She’s withdrawn and snappy and eager to start a fight at any given opportunity, and the only touch she’ll accept from him is rough and unyielding. She taunts him the whole way through, goading him to tug her sharper, press harder, use her until he’s satisfied without sparing her a second thought. “Because then I know I’m at least good for something,” she’d explained the morning after that first rough night, crunching away on a dry handful of Fruit Loops like it didn’t break his heart to hear how little she thinks of herself.

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Aaaa anon I would love a kees 😚 (also no need for the fear ajdjfldbakd)

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i was gonna type out a post abt how i think narratively they should have gotten rid of edgeworth’s cravat to show him distancing himself from von karma but they can’t because it’s such an inseparable piece of his character design. HOWEVER. i actually change my mind I like that he kept it bc it shows that like. he still has a piece of von karma and even though he’s changed his ways and stuff mvk will always have an influence on him. combined w his suit itself changing to incorporate aspects of his father’s whole Look, it shows his influence from both mentors in his life. plus i like that he matches franziska <3

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For me? 😢 am so loved. You receive smorches 😙

1) I have never moved house. Ever. The house I’m in is the house that I was brought to when I was born and I’ve never left

2) I don’t like the taste of mint. It’s icky. I use herbal toothpaste because it’s not as strong as regular mint tooth paste

3) I’ve dabbled in 7-ish difference dance styles over the course my whole life. (Ballet, modern, tap, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, ballroom/Latin)

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Thabk @formula-what for the tag. You clearly just loves smorches because that’s what you get when you tag me

Create your own moodboard, go to Pinterest and search:

•Favourite colour + aesthetic

•Favourite colour + outfit + aesthetic

•Favourite colour + shoes and choose one that goes with your style

•Favourite colour + an accessory you like

•Type a word that identifies you + “quote” and choose one that goes with you

•Favourite celebrity + favourite colour (if you don’t find search favourite cartoon)

•Type your favourite hobby

•Favourite colour + aesthetic again

•Favourite colour + favourite word + aesthetic


I’m tagging everyone. If you’re seeing this you better do it. Threat (affectionate)

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I thank @mushroomlance for the tag. You receive so many smorches that you are covered in them. Face the consequences of your actions

I’m gonna do my tags up here… @eefiplier @thecleardevil @scentedfirecloud @kai-exe-1909  and of course… @foxyee

1. name/nickname: Megan/Mouse

2. gender: Female

3. star sign: Scorpio bitch

4. height: last time I was measured… 159cm

5. time: 11:51

6. birthday: 25 October.

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Might go wander around in the woods today and find a monster to kiss

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Many thanks and smorches to @formula-what for the tag. Love you ❤️

Last Song: Garden by Meet Me @ The Alter. It’s a feel good song

Last Movie: The Prom. Not a bad movie.

Currently Watching: Teen Wolf 😬 my sister and I are on season 4 and we’re so close to being finished

Currently Reading: Oblivion by Anthony Horowitz. Last book in the series let’s goooooo

Currently Craving: food. I am so hungry. But like salty chips specifically

Tagging time! @foxyee @kai-exe-1909 @justamirrorball @riccciardo

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Shinso blushes at the sudden and sneaky smooch. “Oh..well that was nice.”

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all my mutuals of color come get a kiss 

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