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marrikko33 · a month ago
How They Destroy Your Insides.
"all day, all night bunny"
Tumblr media
(i haven’t proofread this, sorry if there are errors)
╰┈➤ characters: ushijima wakatoshi, kuroo tetsuroo, kageyama tobio, iwaizumi hajime
╰┈➤ warnings: deeep breathhh yall, NSFW content, 18+, (not my responsibility if you read it anyway), breeding kink, cursing, pet names, daddy kink, monster cock, sub/dom relationship, bottom! reader, pegging, rough sex, duality tho 👀, public sex, exhibitionism. lmk if i missed stuff.
╰┈➤ pairing: haikyuu characters x fucking irresistable fem reader
↳ ❝ [] ¡! ❞
Kageyama Tobio
yall here me out, but imagine this mf being a hard dom, but a sweet, obedient whore at the same time? like he loves being pegged too, just as much as he loves to pound your pretty cunt till it bleeds, playing with it and making it squirt again and again? he loves how beautiful your body is, worshipping every curve and imperfection, kissing and gently biting it to make sure everyone knows who you belong to.
master of fingering, i mean, have YOU SEEN his long, pretty fingers? scissoring you as you gently whine and beg him to stop under your desk, skirt thrown up and arousal dripping down your puffy lips and onto the cold floor. loves, I MEAN LOVES the taste of your sweet arousal, eating you out hungrily whenever he feels like it. on the counter top, in a bathroom, on the bed and in the shower.
every once in a while he’d let you take control, begging you to fuck his pink hole till he becomes a slurring mess. i am SURE he has the most beautiful, breathy moans, deliberately louder whenever you’re flustered, making you rut your hips against his only more roughly.
dick analysis: i’d say quite big, long, with a pretty pink head. veiny along the underside and shaved, with a slight curve. femboy style ig, but bigger than usual, about 7 inches.
Kuroo Tetsuroo
loves playing around with you, the pleasure of knowing the effect he has on you as he pounds you till you literally break, you're are a good little bunny for him too, never being disobedient and constantly pining for his long, girthy cock. has never considered publicly having sex with you, as most of his sexual endeavours are usually confined to his bed, but will consider it every once in a while, the idea sounds pretty sexy to him tbh.
loves using your hole till it‘s swollen and bruised, seeing his loads pour out of it everytime he fucks you senseless is just such a turn on. overstimulating you till your a sobbing mess is something he just has to do, hearing your moans has his huge cock standing up every night.
he is VERY POSSESSIVE too, like possessive to the point where his hickeys are only in places he can access, across the top of your plush thighs and stomach. kuroo would hate to have other people staring shamelessly at his property, so any love bites he makes are always hidden. the idea of having them in unaccessible places is even hotter than displaying them, being aware of the fact that no one else has the privilege of seeing you in such a vulnerable, needy state.
dick analysis: perfect. literally just the right size, a little thicker, just the way you like it and probably unshaven. straight and veiny, one of the manliest out of the four. mmmm, i think about 7.5 inches, a comfortable size.
Iwaizumi Hajime
oh my, where tf do i start? he is so fucking hot, and loves to show it wherever he is, fucking the fuck out of your ass any time he gets the chance to. is into pet play, but too impatient to think about bdsm. teasing you just feels too painful for his own self, prefers to just slam into you raw, no condom ofc. why miss an opportunity to breed his little bunny?
however it doesn’t matter how much he fucks you senselessly, you never cease to amaze him because of how tight you constantly are, tight, wet, hot, just the way he loves it. i doubt iwaizumi would ever refuse you either, it doesn’t matter where the two of you are. in the car? sure, you could bounce on his cock for a bit, giving a show for gaping outsiders and drooling men. for him, it was just funny knowing they would never ever get your gorgeous body. it belonged to him.
pool? sure, just be prepared for a lot of lube and deep throating. bathroom? overstimulation to the point where you can’t even hold back your moans, muffled by your lingerie stuffed in your mouth. loves you too much lmfao, so showing you off is something he likes doing often,
dick analysis: monster. cock. girthy, huge, massive, my vocabulary is limited so I can’t even express how big and mouthwatering it is. i’d say around 10 inches? certainly takes your pretty pussy some time to get used to it, along with many bottles of lube.
Ushijima Wakatoshi
i pray for you. the endless stamina, raspy grunts and wet slapping noises you will be accustomed to hearing, along with the cries of ‘daddy’ is something you will have to get used to and quickly. very quickly. he isn’t as loud and bashful as iwaizumi or kuroo, but his sensuality and unintentional seductive gaze makes up for the usual silence, hips bruised from the tough grip he keeps on them.
has a praise kink, i’m fucking sure of it. i’m sure he loves to worship every inch of your stunning, curvy, absolutely GORGEOUS body, biting and sucking on the smooth, sweet flesh of yours. once he starts, it’s hard for him to stop, his monstrous cock standing tall over and over again, grabbing your face and whispering in your ears, “one last time hm? give your cute little cunt one last load?”.
condom? huh? wtf is that? that shit doesn’t have a place in his house, 1. they don’t make a condom his size (it’ll just rip), 2. even if he manages to find one barely his size, it’ll tear from the sheer force of him bruising your cervix, 3. why wear a condom? he needs to breed his little kitten, make her pregnant with his babies, over and over again, till she’s begging him to stop.
dick analysis: i have no words, (or i’m lazy), just incredibly big, manliest of them all, unshaven, brownish tint, 12 inches and curved.
Tumblr media
if your reading this, a reminder to touch grass regularly ;)
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chososlv · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☾ Katsuki’s sorry for lashing out on you, he certainly is…so what better way for him than to apologize with his actions?
☾ dom!katsuki x sub!reader
☾ (NSFW)
☾ Word Count: 2k
☾ Somnophilia, consensual non-consent, oral! female receiving, creampie, Fingering, squirting, use of pills.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I said fucking move to your left," you grimaced at yet another sudden yell of Katsukis', his voice resounding throughout the entire apartment and all you could do was remain by the doorframe, forcing him to be calm before the neighbors were to come and protest...again.
Though he's paying you no consideration as he's proceeding to concentrate on the bright monitor jostled in his face, thumbs operating his controller at a speedy pace.
As much as you did love to see him do something he truly fancied, it would get somewhat disturbing over the times, ranging from when he'd be attentive all night, producing a disturbance to you who ought to be up early due to work, and then to the moments where he wouldn't even eat because he was anxious that he might miss something while he's downstairs; it has you growing bothered whenever you were to face him the next day, just to discover that he was up yet again.
And today was no different. Hoisting your phone, the time 12:34 A.M was plastered on the screen, gaping over at your boyfriend who was yet to see your appearance but, even if he did notice, he wouldn't have paid you any thought.
"That's what I'm fucking talking about!" he screams, provoking you to grimace as his voice became more powerful. It was extremely louder in his gaming room due to the fact that he rarely had many items inside this room.
Just a desk, monitor, small refrigerator, and a bed he appeared to have when he believed as if he were disturbing you throughout the night. Subsequently, you had moved up to the man, planting a hand on his shoulder and he flinched before pushing one ear of the headset.
"yeah? what is it?" his eyes are nevertheless, still lodged on the monitor, a deep exhalation leaving your lips when you understand that he's not paying consideration, and rather focusing on retrieving a med-kit for Kirishima.
"do you not see what time it is?" clearly, he could understand what the time was, it was just that he did not care whatsoever. Denki was currently streaming for his twitch and Katsuki needed to be there for the whole stream, even if it appeared to remain for the whole night.
"yeah, what about it?" he grunts, his eyes instantly flickering over to see you in nothing but a tank top and panties, somewhat intrigued when viewing your perked nipples through the clothing but, he's keen to return back to the screen. "are you going to spend all night there again!?"
"i don't see how it disturbs you if i do," he grumbles, your clasp on your phone tightening. He doesn't mind, and the fact that he was most prone to keep you up all night with his howling made you more outraged by the second. "you're always at that desk! i cant even get any sleep now because you're always yelling.”
He raises an eyebrow at your statement, his friends' stilling when they happened to detect your protests. "then go sleep somewhere else, I don't care just stop bothering me," and just like that, he's back to his games, tuning out each word you were uttering.
He does understand how inconsiderate it was of him, a small scowl on his features when you're yet to leave him alone, uttering words he was unable to hear due to his headset and it was irritating to him, the man ultimately removing his headset to shift back to you.
"fucking leave me alone will you!? You're always saying the same shit just shut up!" your eyes enlarged and before you knew it, you're rushing out of the room, Katsuki reverting to his game and he's forcing the guys to be quiet when they begin articulating of what just occurred.
He was used to detecting the same thing nearly every day and they couldn't guess how disturbing it was to him though, your expression made him feel somewhat sorry.
Preferring to disregard the guilt feeling in his chest, he's concentrating on taking the win for his squad, an hour ultimately turning into two and before he acknowledged it, it was now past three in the morning, the man deciding to stretch as they all caught a break.
He's moving out of the gaming room, seeing how peaceful it was and he's deliberately walking over to the shared bedroom in which he was pretty shocked to view you already asleep, fingers gripping onto Katsukis pillow and he couldn't help but observe your current state; tank top rose to expose your stomach as your position accentuated the curve of your ass, prompting a small groan to leave his lips.
It has him feeling sorry for the immediate outburst of his, progressively moving towards the bed and he's now rising beside you. Turning his head, he notices the bottle of pills on the nightstand, assuming that you had taken them just so you'd be able to sleep strongly.
You were completely vulnerable in this position, his fingers wandering down your side and towards the hem of your panties. You're whining incoherent words as you're stirring closer to the feeling, Katsuki knowing all sense of his composure had vanished when the straps to your tank top condescend and he's shortly stirring himself to the front of the bed.
He was sorry for raising his voice at you, he absolutely was, and to make it up for you, he's traveling within your legs, cautious not to wake you from your deep sleep, though it's quite challenging; he's ultimately having to turn you himself so he was able to move within.
You retained your firm hold on Katsukis pillow, eyes winded shut as he's now running his fingers down your clothed cunt. "'M sorry," he grunts, swift to jostle your panties to the side and he groans when viewing that you were already soaked for the man, "what are you dreaming about?" he whispers, fingers drifting down your folds and he's gaping at the wetness smearing his fingers.
They were soon displaced with his tongue that laid flat on your cunt, seeing you twitch before calming back down and he wastes no time in accumulating your wetness with his mouth; tongue gliding upon your clit and it has you whimpering in your unconscious state.
You taste so good to Katsuki, you always have and he's now regretting not consuming some time with you, tongue extended and he's following the saliva that drops onto your cunt before he's back to savoring the taste.
Clearly, he was deemed to be cautious and calm, but he just couldn't get enough of your pretty cunt and how it seemed to be so eager, even when you're asleep. He's not disregarding the way you're squirming above him, grip on his pillow tightening and you supposed this was some sort of a dream.
A dream that felt a bit too real.
By now he's creating such a mess of himself as he's operating along your cunt, jaw glazed with a blend of his spit and your wetness while he's monitoring the moans that were scattering from your lips, eyes nonetheless, still closed.
It made him somewhat pleased you had decided to take those pills, fingers probing at your hole and his eyes nearly surge to the back of his head when he's immersing them inside. "fuck, miss having my cock inside this pretty cunt," he's deliberately thrusting his fingers, your chest heaving when he's stroking his tongue upon your clit once more.
He understands you're close, could feel you tensing around him and he succeeds to stroke his fingers upon that desired place of yours, soon gushing all over his face and Katsuki listening to nothing but a gasping moan come from you as he's assembling all of your cum. He grants your clit a light smack before arising from within your legs.
Even though you had just had an orgasm, your eyes are still contorted shut, prompting Katsuki to chuckle before he declines his head into the crook of your neck. He's keen to remove his sweatpants, heaving them to the side and with his finger, he nudges the tank top lower, your breasts pooling out for him to latch on.
He's teasingly stroking the head of his cock around your clit, noticing you jolt before drifting back to sleep, a low chuckle parting his lips when he's content with the saliva smearing your perked buds.
He wasn't too certain if you were to awaken from him ramming himself inside but hey, it didn't matter, he just demanded to feel that tight cunt of yours and you did appear to stir when he's deliberately driving himself inside your cunt; eyes fluttering open to reach his and he simply has a smirk on his appearance, your eyes peering down to see your cunt strive to take his cock. "K-Katsuki w—" he subsequently drives all of him inside, your hand quickly traveling to his arm.
When you assumed it was a dream, it actually wasn't? and now here he was, bringing himself back and brutally thumping upon your thighs. "Been too busy with the game forgot how good this fucking cunt of yours was," he breathes, watching as your breasts bounced with each thrust of his and he's soon descending to softly gnaw on the bud.
"K-Katsuki—mhm- w-what are you doing?" he's neglecting your words, muttering under his breath about how he was somewhat sorry for shouting at you and he desired to make it up to you. "s-so you fuck me while I'm sleeping?"
"it's not like you didn't like it, your cunt was creamin' all over my face," he replies, growing flustered from his words and he's shortly elevating your legs over his shoulder, crimson eyes gaping into yours and he grins when he understands that you indeed loved what he was doing, requesting him to go faster and he does just that.
"gonna make more time for—fuck- for you," he grunts, sensing your heart swell at his words and you smiled, though that grin promptly vanished when he's angling himself deeper, head condescended into the crook of your neck as he licks a long stripe of the apparent skin.
He admires the way you're clamping around his cock as you're humming praises and it simply urged him to go harder, fingers sneaking up to your side before he's elevating you from the bed underneath and you're frantically clasping onto him while he's conveying you on his cock, this time feeling his entire length when he was to drive you down. "S-So deep, 'Suki," he groans at the name, his grasp on your ass penetrating each second.
"yeah? but you like it like that, don't you? like when my cocks' ruining this little cunt of yours?" his words are provoking your mind to spin, taking each and every ungracious thrust of his and you're gripping onto his shoulder.
"y-yes, love it so much!" he's so achingly deep it's has a mixture of pain and pleasure emitting from you, clamping around his cock and he senses the wetness glide down his shaft.
"makin' such a dirty mess Y/N. Squirting all over my cock like this," and he sure couldn't wait to make his own mess inside you, stroking your tight heat while he's mumbling nothing but how we were going to have you full of his cum.
"mhm, yes! please fill me, wanna be full," you could sense his cock twitch before ropes of cum coat your walls, a deep sigh splitting his lips as he witnesses your worn-out appearance. Your eyes are closed before he catches the soft snores from your lips and he chuckles.
Perhaps he could save the game for tomorrow.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pinkcoffeecup · 16 days ago
caught in the act, spencer reid
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n and Spencer has been together for seven months, yet none of the team members suspect a thing. Well, at least not until Spencer, whilst being a little too distracted, forgets to lock the door to his apartment.
Warnings: Slight Dom!Spencer, fem!reader, Sexual themes (kissing, pet names, slight degradation), no smut (but like almost)
Word count: 1105
"Yeah, I, uh, we’re landing now, I’ll see you soon,” Spencer mumbled into his phone, trying not to catch the attention of any of the team, “Love you,”
Y/n and Spencer had been together for seven months, yet none of his team, his family, knew. In fact, none of them even had the slightest suspicion he was seeing someone.
He hadn’t intended on them not knowing. At first, he had decided to keep it a secret, simply because he didn’t want to jinx it. But then time went on, and a good time to tell them never came around, and once the couple hit six months, Spencer decided that every possible chance he had to tell them, had passed and that it was now officially too late to tell them. “Are you coming Spence?” JJ asked, the whole team looking at him.
“Sorry, what?”
“Drinks? Rossi’s paying,” She added.
It wasn’t unusual for the team to go out for drinks after a case like this. It had been a long, tough nine days in LA, and everyone needed to wind down. But Spencer hated to be away from Y/n for this long, especially as she was struggling to fit all her university coursework into her busy schedule.
And whilst Spencer’s mind was brilliant, but when it came to lying, he was no mastermind. His hands would get all clammy, and his breath would fall short as his words tripped out of his mouth “I can’t tonight, I, uh, I have this book I want to read”
“Are you sure?” Morgan said, “Come on kid, maybe you’ll meet someone you like, y’know?” a suggestive smirk made its way to his lips, oblivious to Y/n who was the only someone on Spencer's mind.
“I’m sure,” Spencer’s voice had somehow stabilised, and with a sense of authority, he added, “But have fun,” before heading out of the jet.
He twisted the keys in the lock, slowly opening the door to his apartment. Spencer was always careful to lock the door behind him, he almost did it per automatic, but today, his mind was crowded with something, someone else.
“Spencer!” She rushed up to him, clinging to his tall figure, “God I missed you,”
He rested a hand on the back of her head, and another around her waist, pulling her closer, “I missed you too princess,”
She smiled at the pet name, adjusting her chin on his chest so that she could look at him. She really had missed him, more than she thought she would. She liked to think of herself as independent, but when it came to Spencer, she was anything but that.
“Hey! I almost forgot!” She remembered, a smile spreading across her lips, “I have officially submitted my last essay this term,”
Spencer couldn’t feel anything but pride and happiness for her. “No way! I’m so proud of you!”
Y/n couldn’t help but giggle at his reaction, “I suppose we have to celebrate then, don’t we?” He mumbled, both his hands resting at her hips as he placed a small kiss on her lips. “Do you deserve it?” he asked, his lips making their way to her neck.
“Mhm,” She responded, allowing him to pick her up from the floor, her legs wrapped around his waist. He walked towards his couch, never letting his lips leave her body.
He sat down, placing her straddling his lap. “Never leaving for this long again,” he said, moving back to kiss her lips again, “missed you too much, missed this”
Her hands made their way to his tie, fumbling with the fabric, “I see you missed me too,” He chuckled against her lips. Loosening ties had never been her strong suit, but eventually, she was able to undo the knot and move it off his neck.
Her large yellow knitted sweater was lifter over her head, leaving her in a small tank top and shorts. Her fingers made their way to the buttons on his shirt, once again struggling. Spencer seemed to enjoy the show in front of him, his desperate girl.
She only managed to unbutton four buttons before he grew impatient, grabbing her face and kissing her roughly.
“Hey, Reid?” A voice echoed through the apartment, the door being swung open, revealing Morgan, Emily, and Garcia. “Oh my god!” Penelope squealed, quickly turning back around.
“Knocking guys! Knocking!” Y/n had been quick to move off her boyfriend, sitting next to him on the couch as he tossed her the sweater. “We’re so sorry! But you forgot your bag, and we just thought we’d return it on our way to the bar,” Prentiss tried, but Morgan broke out in a fit of laughter.
“Spence?” Y/n whispered from behind him. He was quick to turn around, shocked to see her holding in a smile as she tapped imaginative buttons on her chest, “the buttons”
He looked down, seeing the randomly undone buttons, “right, the buttons,” now fumbling with the same buttons y/n had been, only minutes earlier.
“When were you planning on telling us you had a- uh- friend here tonight?” Morgan smirked, somehow emitting a small giggle out of y/n.
“I was going to at first,” Spencer defended, “Y/n told me waiting would make it weird, but then too much time passed, and I realised she was right,”
“Hold on,” Morgan said, “At first? How long has this been going on?” He looked almost offended at Spencer's decision not to tell anyone about his secret girlfriend. “seven months” Spencer mumbled.
“Seven months?!” Penelope added, “wow Spencer! I’m so happy for you!”
Derek looked at Penelope for a second, before placing his attention back on the blushing couple in front of them. “Look at you, pretty boy’s got game!” he chuckled, placing a hand on Spencer’s shoulder. “Well, we’ll leave you to it then. Don’t want to be a party pooper,” He added nodding towards Y/n before releasing Spencer from his tight grip.
“Go get ‘em, kid!” He laughed, turning around and heading out the door, Penelope following him out. “Again, we’re so sorry” Emily added before following the two outside.
The second the door was shut Spencer let out an annoyed grown. But even an annoyed Spencer couldn’t help but smile at Y/n as she broke out in a fit of giggles.
Even though the previous actions had been interrupted, he didn’t mind all too much. Seeing Y/n so happy was one hundred per cent worth it, “God I love you so much,” He smiled, and even though she couldn’t quite speak as her laughter only grew, Spencer was certain she felt the same way.
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dialovers-lover-xoxo · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Warning: THIS POST CONTAINS EXPLICIT SEXUAL NSFW CONTENT! If you are a minor or these types of posts make you uncomfortable, you may not want to read under the cut. You have been warned!
Also please note that my smuts are NOT mean to accurately portray sex! The closest I have to experience is reading other smut.
My smuts are meant to entertain, not teach people about sex
Shu Sakamaki x Reader Smut
Shu’s naked, sweaty body rubbed against yours as he lay on top of you, kissing you deeply. You moaned into the kiss and ran your fingers through his hair. Shu groaned and you tilted your head, baring your neck. Shu grinned and bit down, causing you to arch up with a cry. You could feel Shu’s hard member against your thigh. He pressed a kiss to the bite mark before groaning and rolling onto his back, pulling you on top of him as he did so.
“Ride me.” He murmured, peppering soft kisses down your neck and chest. He moved into a sitting position, his back against the headboard of the bed. You scooted into his lap and rubbed yourself on his abs, making him groan. You had never ridden him before. Shu, sensing your apprehension, cupped your face and kissed you. You melted into it. “I’ll take care of you. Lift your hips.” You obeyed and Shu’s skillful fingers began to rub your clit. You moaned and pressed your hands to his chiseled chest. A finger entered you and began to pump in and out. “Shu” you whined weakly. Shu chuckled and kissed your breasts. “Come for me, love.” Shu said, a second finger sliding into your depths. His thumb circled your clit and you fell apart, orgasming.
Shu lifted your hips and looked you in the eyes as he helped you lower yourself on his length, his eyes becoming clouded with pleasure as his member slowly entered you. You whimpered, he was so deep inside you, it was completely overwhelming. When you fully sat on top of him, Shu wrapped his arms around you and pulled you so close a single sheet of paper wouldn’t fit inbetween your chests.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face in his shoulders, overstimulated already by how deep he was. “It feels so good inside you.” Shu said, kissing your cheek.
You began to slowly move your hips and the two of you moaned in unison, Shu gripping your back. He was so deep inside you, he hit your sweet spot every time you lowered yourself onto his member again.
You held onto him tightly, moaning weakly as you moved on top of him, the pleasure unbearable. “Does it feel good?” Shu asked. “Feeling me inside you?” You whimpered and nodded, your thighs shaking as you wrapped your legs around Shu’s torso.
Shu rubbed his hands up and down your back as you cried out in ecstasy. He began to thrust upwards and you moaned. He bit down at your chest and drank greedily. You tightened your hold on him and felt him tense. You could tell he was close, but wanted you to finish first.
His dominant hand began to flick at your clit. You gasped and within seconds reached your second orgasm, completely blinded by pleasure. With a final grunt, Shu came inside you, groaning.
The two of you panted, still holding onto each other, your bodies molded together perfectly as you kissed in each other’s arms.
Reblogs and feedback in the comments is always appreciated! Even just a few words really make creators happy, because it shows people enjoy what we make ❤️
My smut masterlists
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gangrenados · 5 months ago
Giving them a bj in public
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson + Jason Todd
The way I don't trust my nsfw posts, bro I need confidence lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
•Bruce keeps his cool so well that unless you're the one giving him a blowjob under the desk, you won't notice something strange is going on.
His face and way of speaking is the same, the old Bruce Wayne that everyone loves and respects, but dude, this man is guiding you to be able to come. I find it amusing to think that if a sound were to escape you, he would move his hip to shut you up with his cock.
Tumblr media
•Dick can keep a calm face and despite the fact that the change in his voice is slight (somewhat more airy, as if he were speaking after having been running, in addition to the fact that sometimes a moan or other can escape) and that he finds himself somewhat distracted, he can pretend that you are not sucking his cock so well that he's about to see stars.
The trick is to grab your hair in his fist and squeeze it tight, it's the only way he has to stay calm. When the person is gone, he can relax a little more and let you do your magic, maybe will push your head a little when the pleasure is too much.
Tumblr media
•Jason ... well, he doesn't pretend very well. You can tell that something is wrong with him by the "anger" in his voice, since it is the easiest way to suppress the moans and whimpers that they struggle so much to get out (which is not much use anyway) Besides, Jason will not pay attention to whatever the other person is saying because his attention is on you and the pleasure you are giving him, therefore, he tend to lose the thread of the conversation very quickly.
There will come a point that the pleasure will be so much that he will not be able to take much more and he will end up putting his hands on your head and fucking your mouth.
Tumblr media
It's funny to me to imagine Jason with the Arkham Knight suit on making you suck his cock in front of some of the militia or at least close by so that they know what is happening, since he found out that some of his Men had said dirty things about you and he wanted to let them know that the only one who could have you was him.
I honestly think this would suit yandere! Arkahm Knight.
Tag list: @burningclodwagonjudge @meany-marcelini @alice-fell-down-the-well @demondoxable @fluffyshrimpuwu @mad-grace-amber @screechingghostbananafarm @owl-witch-prompts @waroncheer @nervousfandom @winged-j @astroherogirl @omgtheywereroommates98 @redarsenal @shadygoateeprincess @lovelyartemisa @missmaskedwriter @thegirlwholovesbooksblog @silverw19 @simpery @unknowntoanyone @ghost-bich @lucy-roo @adarksoul098 @magicisabluewish @kellieriddle96 @ashyvillain @panic-attheplace @greeknerd007 @honeydolly @perylinsus @cedrics-things @just-deka @malfoys-demigod @aterriblelangblr @hamdehlesmis @dreamxcollide @thirstiestpotato @magicalbeanie @letlly
Tumblr media
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wolf-gutz · a month ago
Punishment - Brahms x Reader Smut
Warnings - smut, obviously, bondage, slight cnc, cunnilingus, fingering, voyeurism, edging, begging, and daddy kink
About -  Y/N just tries to get some alone time, but punishing Brahms is fine with him as well.
An- Heyooo! This is the first smut Ive posted publicly, so dont be to harsh on me lol. 
Words - 1.4k
Tumblr media
Continue reading under the cut!
Malcolm decided to stay for dinner tonight, and as always, Brahms decided to act like a brat about it.
At every turn, he would appear out of the walls and bring you close, rubbing his hand between your thighs, whispering things into your ears, begging you to stay with him, and you would have to walk away every time, having to act normal while reminiscing about the things you wanted him to do to you.
By the time you were able to retire to your bedroom, it was 9 pm, so sadly you would have to go without Brahms and just go with yourself for the rest of the night.
You quickly hopped onto your bed, your fingers desperately rushing to the wet folds between your legs, pining for release. You started rubbing your clit and fingering yourself, feeling the knot in your stomach build up. Right as you were about to cum, you heard a soft whimper from the other side of the room, and then dead silence. Your heart excitedly beat, knowing exactly who was watching.
You stood up and smirked in the direction which you heard the sound, and crossed your arms, tapping your foot in annoyance
"Oh, Brahmsyyyyyy. Come out, won't you?" You said in a sing-songy voice.
You watched as the tall man came out, anxiously placing his hands over his crotch area, pants hurriedly pulled up.
"You've been a bad boy, haven't you?" You said in a scolding tone, raising your voice slightly. You tried acting your best like this wasn't turning you on, but how wet you were spoke differently.
"N-no." He stuttered.
"But you have! You were just watching me do naughty things while you were supposed to be asleep. And, you just lied, didn't you?" You stepped forward, looking up at him.
"I'm sorry!" He apologized.
"No, bad boys need to be punished, dont they?" You smirked.
"I'm sorry, I'll be a good boy!" He whined as you pushed one of his hands away, biting your lip at the sight of his bulge.
"Hmm, well this tells me different." You smiled, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and bringing him over to the edge of the bed.
You pointed to the ground and he kneeled.
"If you finish what you interrupted, maybe I'll let you finish." You smirked, sitting down in front of him.
You slowly slid off your pants and underwear, tossing them to the side while Brahms eyed you like you were fresh meat and he was a starving dog.
Despite him straining to do as he pleased, he stayed still and obedient as you took off your shirt, a little faster this time.
You spread my legs rubbed one finger over your clit, antagonizing him. He huffed childishly at you forcing him to wait. He knew you were purposely teasing him, and he was falling for it.
He looked in your eyes and groaned, the tent in his pants looking as if it was ready to burst out at any second.
You nodded and moved your fingers. He immediately lifted his mask just enough so that it wouldn't scratch you, and excitedly leaned in. He moved his tongue with almost no rhythm, but still hit the perfect spots enough that pleasure quickly arose in you.
You grabbed at his fluffy brown hair, pulling him in closer. It felt a little selfish making him do all the work, but you couldn't reward him yet, he had been a bad boy, hadn't he?
His pace grew rapidly, as if he really was devouring you, and you latched your legs around his head, tightening your grip on his hair. Your breath grew shaky and soft whimpers melted out of his mouth. You felt the knot in your stomach tighten until it was almost unbearable
"I'm, i-am gonna cum Br- Ahms!" You said wave after wave of your orgasm passed through your body as Brahms continued until you eventually pushed his head away, panting.
"Was I a good boy?" He asked innocently, and you could see him smirk a bit and then lick his lips before pulling his mask back down.
"V- very." You panted, still somewhat recovering.
You shakily stood up, and Brahms followed.
You ordered him to take off his shirt for you, and he did, as you savored the sight of his well-built body.
"Your such a good boy for Daddy, aren't you?" You remarked and his face flushed. Even the tiniest bit of praise was enough to send him off.
"Y-yes!" He said excitedly, as you pushed him onto the bed and pulled off his pants, his cock springing out. Even though you had seen it before, there was still a rush whenever you did, the size of it somehow always surprising you.
You walked around him, slapping his hand away when he tried to touch himself. You picked up your shirt that had been lazily tossed aside and grabbed his wrists, tying them tightly behind him. No way you were letting him take control tonight.
You climbed over the bed and began stroking him at an agonizingly slow pace, and his hips bucked, desperately trying to get more friction. You immediately removed your hand away from him, relishing in the panting, hot mess of a man beneath you.
"I'm in control today. You had your fun while Malcolm was here, didn't you?"
He nodded, and you smiled, praising him for listening to you.
"Good boy." You whispered, and he rewarded you with an almost pornographic moan, leaning his head back.
You lifted up his mask slightly, just so that his lips would show. He still disliked having the mask off, but didn't mind if it was up just a little.
You straddled yourself over his rather large legs and leaned in to kiss him, before slowly pulling back. You began stroking him again but at a slightly faster pace this time.
Not too long later, you heard small whines and moans pass his lips.
"You're doing so good for me." You muttered into his ear, and he set his head down in the crook of your neck.
A louder whine escaped his lips. You listened to his breathing, as he got a bit louder, practically holding himself down so he wouldn't accidentally buck his hips into your hands.
Just as he started getting shaky, you let go, and he groaned in frustration. You felt a bit bad for toying with him, but it was also fun to watch him struggle against you, forced to do whatever you wanted him to do.
"P- please let me finish Daddy-" He panted, and you decided you could stop being so mean to him.
"Maybe." You smirked, rubbing your thumb against his lip.
You stuck two fingers into yourself, readying yourself as you hovered over him. Slowly, you pushed yourself down onto him, his entire mass filling you up with that familiar mix of pain and pleasure as you began moving up and down,
As you moved faster, the sounds of both of your moans filled the air.
"C- can I come now please Y/N?" He asked practically begging.
You were close to your orgasm as well, so you agreed, moving faster against him. You held onto his shoulders, ignoring your previous dominant character, as you just focused on making him and yourself feel good, the sound of skin slapping and shaky breathing only fueling the intensity.
"I'm g-gonna, cum!" You cried out.
"Y/N!" He moaned, his voice sounding like pure gold.
Both of you climaxed at the same time, as he clung tight onto the sheets, filling you up to the brim.
After the two of you had finished cleaning up, he wrapped his arms around you.
"B- Brahms, you have to get ready for bed. Again." You said, struggling in his bear grip.
"But can I sleep with you tonight?" He whined, pulling up the bottom of his mask to kiss your head.
"But we have to-" You began, trying to not give in to his pleas. He would become spoiled if you just gave him everything he wanted, and there were already rules set in place.
I've been a good boy though! You said so yourself." He begged, and you sighed.
"I- you're right. But just for tonight, okay?" You sighed, resting your head on his chest.
He thanked you and picked you up, laying down in your bed. As soon as you rested your head down onto your pillow, the exhaustion hit you like a bus. You curled into Brahms's chest, enjoying the warmth as you slowly drifted to sleep.
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barnxsromanxff · 4 months ago
Polaroids | Bucky Barnes x reader
Do not repost any of my writes without credit to me
Prompt: You finds an old camera in your room and put it to good use.
Pairing: Bucky barnes x f!reader
Warnings: smut 18+ no minors photography during smut, mentions of flash, bodily fluids, oral m and f receiving, blowjob, cum facial, mention of light skin bruising, explicit words. 18+ only please
A/n: wow. this was... nice. please be kind and give feedback if u have any suggestions. my requests are open! enjoy and remember wrap it before you tap it, no stds or unplanned pregnancies for us.
Tumblr media
✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵
A huff left your lips as you rummaged through bags that your mom sent, they were cleaning out your childhood room and randomly sent you boxes piled with useless junk.
“Should’ve just thrown it all away.”
You mumbled in annoyance and you scanned old diary entry’s.
May 10th 1999
Dear Diary, Today was horrible. Mrs clark made me present in front of the whole class! And Jim laughed when I started stuttering, no one liked my pictures.
Pictures! A lightbulb went off in your head and you pulled out your old photography class assignments. Picture after picture flooded the room and soon enough you were surrounded by old photos from high school. Some were bright, others were more mellow. Most had a secret message attached, whether it was about emotional damage, abuse, or just pollution they all had some sort of meaning. You smiled as you picked up your old polaroid camera, a full container of film still inside of it. You turned the camera towards the mess and the flashed filled the dark apartment.
“It still works.”
You rushed into your shared bedroom with a new found excitement, you smiled at bucky and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Hi doll.”
“Bucky look what I found.”
He noticed the excitement in your voice and adored these moods of yours. He took the camera in his hands and turned it side to side analyzing what you gave him.
“It’s a polaroid camera, it takes pictures and immediately prints them out. Like this.”
You snatched the pink camera and told Bucky to smile, you gave a small smile and the flash blinded him.
“That’s bright.”
You laughed as he blinked rapidly, the camera began to print and you grabbed the small photo and waved it in the air. After a few moments the cheesy grin appeared on the photo, Bucky looked at it in amazement. His eyes glanced over to you, then down your body. It was late and you had your lace gown on.
“Can I take one?”
You nodded and posed, your hands on your hips as you pretended to be a super hero. Bucky let of a hearty laugh and shook his head, he nodded over to the bed and you shuffled over there. You sat down and looked up at him for his instructions, what he did next surprised you. His thumb rubbed your lips gently before pushing past them into your mouth. You hummed in delight and swirled your tongue around the digit.
“Look up doll.”
You kept sucking on his thumb as you looked up at him through your lashes, the bright flash filled your vision.
“You look so pretty like this.”
He took his thumb out and shook the picture lightly. A soft moan left him as the photo began to appear, your pure eyes stared up at him through the photo. Your cheeks hallowed out and spit dribbling down his thumb. A sight of an angel.
“Angel, open your mouth again.”
You complied and waited patiently as he rid himself of his pants and underwear. His lower half was naked for your eyes, his member was leaking precum. The head was slightly red and his veins were bulging out, immediately your mouth began to water.
“Take me in your mouth.”
You leaned towards his body and licked a stripe. His breath shuttered and you trailed your fingers up his thighs and massaged his cock. You finally began to take in the tip, gagging as you pushed further. Your jaw adjusted to his size and you started sucking him off. His low moans and groans encouraged you, you took his balls in your hand and rubbed them softly.
The bright flash made you open your eyes and watch the film print, bucky looked down at you and caressed your face softly. His hand moved to your hair and balled up a fist of it, he pushed your head back until your lips touched his skin. Your gags and his moans filled the room, spit dripping down onto the bed and your lips.
“Your mouth feels so good, such a pretty girl.”
He began thrusting into your mouth and another flash over took your senses, your mouth was stuffed and your hair was a mess as Bucky continued to grip onto it.
“Just like that.”
His thrusts became more erratic, his cock throbbed in your mouth and the look on his face told that he was close. He pulled your mouth off his spit soaked cock, he pumped himself and russian curses left his lips.
“Tongue out, beautiful.”
You opened your mouth and let your tongue fall out, his salty seed was all your could taste as he came. His cum dribbled down your lips and was on your cheeks, another click of the camera and flash made you open your eyes. You licked your lips and savored the taste, Bucky took your lips on his and tasted himself. You pulled him down onto the bed and wrestled your way on top of him. You took the camera and photos out of his hand, you admired his work.
“These are... really dirty.”
He smiled and took the photo of your face dripping with his cum. His eye brows raised as he scanned it, he nibbled on his lip and his eyes returned back to you. Suddenly your back was on the bed and buck was on top of you.
“Let’s take some more, just for keep sake.”
You laughed and rubbed his arms.
“Better get started Sargent.”
Buck ripped off your lace gown and handed you the camera, his lips trailed down your body. He placed light kisses onto your breasts all the way to your inner thighs, he sucked sweet marks onto your thighs. They would definitely bruise but you didn’t mind, his tongue finally touched your center. He started licking like his life depended on, kitten licks onto your clit. His tongue delved into your dripping entrance, Your body began to quiver and a flash filled the room. His movements picked up and he slid into a finger, moving in and out of you. You moaned loud and began chanting his name and giving soft encouragements.
“Please James.”
He put your legs on his shoulders and his face was fully in between your legs. His nose brushed on your clit and he moved to suck on it, two more fingers pumped in and out of you.
“Let go for me, cum on my face.”
Your body filled with pleasure as the ball in your stomach took over you, your toes curled and your back arched. Your walls clenched around his fingers, soft whimpers left your lips as he took his fingers out. Bucky lifted his head finally from between your thighs, the sight was enough to make you cum again. His lips were pink and swollen, his jaw and face was covered in your juices and a smile made him glow.
“Smile, barnes”
He gave you a smirk and licked his lips as the flash clicked. You shook the film and eyes widened as you looked at the photo. You were definitely gonna look at these when he was off on missions.
Extra scene:
“Come on Buck.”
Bucky hurried to follow Steve and Sam, the three of them were at dinner. It was Bucks turn to pay so he grabbed his wallet from out of his pocket, he shuffled through and grabbed some money. As he pulled it out a photo slipped out and fell onto the ground, His eyes widened as Steve bent down to pick it up.
“Don’t look at that.”
Steve blushed furiously as he glanced down at his hands, immediately he closed his eyes and held out his hand for him to take it back. He mumbled a sorry and they both glanced at a clueless Sam, he looked up with a confused expression.
Bucky rolled his eyes and clenched his jaw , You were in for it when he got home.
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whoreofawriter · 21 days ago
Things they say while fucking you.
Warnings ⚠️ smut ⚠️
All Timeskip Haikyuu characters
"Fuck- say it...say my name again nghhh"
Hanamaki, Semi, Osamu, Daichi, Yamaguchi, Shirabu, Ukai, Kageyama, Yamamoto, Goshiki, Oikawa, Yaku
"I'm gonna get you fuckin' pregnant...fuckin' whore,"
Ushijima, Kyotani, Aran, Sakusa, Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Futakuchi, Matsukawa, Kunimi, Tsukki, Suna, Kuroo
"You're so pretty- fuck- you look so prefect-"
Hinata, Bokuto, Kogane, Nishinoya, Houshimi, Akaashi, Sugawara, Terushima, Kenma, Kita, Komori, Tendou
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nayaxwrites · 4 months ago
Method Man x Reader
- Flashback
- My Brother’s Coach
- My Brother’s Coach p. 2
- My Brother’s Coach p. 3
Summary: Reader is in college and is sleeping with her brother’s football coach on the low.
- My Ex’s Father
- My Ex’s Father p. 2
Summary: Reader recently broke up with her boyfriend and unexpectedly connected with his father on a trip.
- Risky Business
- Risky Business p.2
Summary: Reader sleeps with her political father’s rival.
- On The Low
Summary: Reader has a secret relationship with her father’s law partner.
- Long Day
Summary: Reader husband takes care of her in a steamy way after a long day.
- My Billionaire Sugardaddy
- My Billionaire Sugardaddy p. 2
- My Billionaire Sugardaddy p. 3
Summary: Reader is a sugar baby to a billionaire.
- Mr. President
Summary: Reader is a press secretary for the president of the US and they develop a secret relationship.
Idris Elba x Reader
- My Sugar Daddy
Summary: Reader is a 24 year old college student trying to make ends meet. You get to explore what it’s like to be with 46 year old Derek Williams.
- Sneaking With My Professor
Summary: Reader has a secret relationship with her professor.
- You and I
Summary: Reader tries to avoid her ex because of work rules but he shows her how much he misses her.
Lance Gross x Reader
- Old Flame
Summary: Reader is a single 26 year old doctor and lost all hope in finding the one until she runs into her first love Miles Greene.
Trevante Rhodes x Reader
- Distractions
Summary: Reader is distracted by her video games instead of spending time with her man after not spending much time together. Fed up, he decides get what he’s been wanting while she plays the game.
- Date Night
Summary: Reader and Ty have a steamy date night together.
Anthony Mackie x Reader
- My Father’s Friend
Summary: Reader comes back home to visit her father after a year and has a steamy night with his friend.
- Stress Relief
Summary: Reader surprises her fiancé when she comes back in town and gives him some much needed stress relief.
- My Father’s Boss
Summary: Reader is sneaking around with her father’s police captain.
Yahya Abdul Mateen II x Reader
- Fantasy To Reality
Summary: Reader’s husband surprises her with her fantasy of having a threesome and includes his best friend.
- My Bestfriend’s Father
- My Bestfriend’s Father p. 2
Summary: Reader discovers she has feelings for her bestfriend’s father and he feels the same but she denies it until she can’t anymore.
WARNING: PUBLIC SEX (somewhat), SMUT, 18+
- A Night To Remember
Summary: Reader’s friends brings their home-bodied friend to a sex club and a man gives her a night to remember.
- Zoom Call
Summary: Reader gets a pleasant distraction by her husband.
Aldis Hodge x Reader
- Fantasy To Reality
Summary: Reader’s husband surprises her with her fantasy of having a threesome and includes his best friend.
- Keep It Down
Summary: Reader and her boyfriend tries to keep the noise down as they get steamy in the guest room of his mother’s home.
Omari Hardwick x Reader
- Falling For My Bestfriend
- Falling For My Bestfriend p. 2
Summary: Reader doesn’t know that James is secretly in love with her and shows her how much he wants her.
Kofi Siriboe x Reader
- Quickie
Summary: Reader and fiancé have a quick sesh before hanging with their friends.
LaRoyce Hawkins x Reader
- Happy Anniversary
Summary: Reader and Kevin celebrate their anniversary during a picnic and have a public steamy session.
Jonathan Majors x Reader
- Lunch Break
Summary: Reader’s husband comes home to devour his wife on his lunch break.
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sugawara-sinpai · 9 months ago
So I got an idea for a prompt:
MHA boys getting high with their Fem!s/o
Warnings: nsfw, creampies, "cunt", 18+
-professional at this shit
-Literally will want to get high with you all the time
-He gets super touchy when he's baked, but not necessarily in a 'I'm tryna fuck' type way
-But, if it leads to sex, it's literally the best you've ever had
-Hes rougher than usual, but you don't complain
-Lots of spanking and hair pulling, and definitely a whole lotta dirty talk
- "Shit my dick barely fits in your cunt princess"
-"Fuck, arch your back, take it all"
-"can't wait to cum in this creamy little pussy"
-He loves when ur super baked too so he can make ur orgasm euphoric
-Usually ends with a super messy creampie and soaked torsos
-When you guys don't fuck, he'll bring out his snack stash and chow down with you while watching scary movies
-His first time smoking is with you
-Hes super exited to try it with you, his favorite person
-Hes so adorable you literally have to hold the blunt for him
-He coughs alot even after a few tries
-Eventually starts to get better at not coughing his lungs up
-Izuku is a sleepy boi after getting high
-Usually wraps his arms around you and rests his head on ur breasts
-Loves when you massage his head until he falls asleep
-Also loves when you take advantage of his submissive state and top him(he fantasizes about the shit all the time but pussies out and never asks)
-If he's gone gone he'll prolly let a "mommy" or two slip
-You fuck him until he's a sobbing mess plus some, but you always take care of ur bby afterwards
-Another master🙏🏽
-Hes basically your personal supplier
-When you guys get high together, you guys get HIGH
-Yall will go thru a few blunts and still manage to light up a bong
-Like Bakugou, he gets super handsy with you, except he actually wants to fuck all the time
-Will make you sit on his face until ur begging for it, but still makes you wait because he wants to use your throat
-This man will mercilessly throat fuck you until ur crying for him to fuck your pussy
-As soon as he gets you face down ass up, expect the best and messiest railing of ur life
-Makes you suck his thumb so he can push it in ur asshole
-Will leave you with several loads of cum dripping out of your cunt
-Also a big fan of getting crossfaded with you :)
-Used to be an occasional smoker, only doing it like once every couple months
-But, now that he knows how pretty you look when your high, he wants to do it at least twice a week
-Likes to sit you in his lap and hold the blunt for you
-Compliments you when you do a cool trick or something
- "Good job, beautiful. Do it again for me"
- If he's horny, he starts out with simple touches like ghosting his fingertips along your thighs
-Gets bolder and starts touching you more with each pass of the blunt
-Usually rolls a nipple or stuffs his hand in your panties and starts playing with your pussy until it's wet enough for him to lift you up and slide in
-Doesnt let you off his cock until he's cum at least twice in ur pussy
-Makes you get up and bend over infront of his face to show him how badly he wrecked your little hole
-He rly just loves the idea of his cum dripping outta ur puss nonstop
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hoeingsantrey · 23 days ago
Vanity Van
Pairings: Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader
Summary: You visit Matthew on set and he gives you a detailed tour of his vanity van.
Warnings: NSFW. Smut. Semi public sex. Mentions of exhibitionism, degradation and namecalling (slut, whore,), slapping, slight edging, teasing. lemme know what i missed, im really sleepy lol.
A/N: I usually don't write smut about real people but I just HAD to write this. Call me a hypocrite.
Masterlist | Navigation
Tumblr media
You'd been dating the infamous face behind the character of Spencer Reid for a while now, the show was growing popular and the teasing of your friends about it getting worse.
Even the thought of it made you blush as you drove to the set, the address Matthew had texted you after convincing you to come see him some time.
You'd been eager but hesitant. The thought of meeting his colleagues - that were close to each other as good as 'family' as he'd once referred them with - made you nervous enough to try and turn the offer down a few times. The same questions whirled in your stomach, what if they didn't like you?
But you knew you had to do it someday, now you had grown too comfortable in your relationship with your boyfriend, the bond between you had gotten strong as the days passed into months, and now a good half a year.
And with the closeness came the sex.
Mindblowing sex. All the time. You two were basically inseparable ever since you'd had your first time together about three weeks ago. Now with the beginning of the sexual part of your relationship, it was hard for either of you to keep your hands to yourself.
That was also becoming a part of the problem with meeting his colleagues. How were you ever supposed to keep yourself from jumping his bones in front of his friends when he was dressed as Spencer Reid? You fought yourself from closing your eyes at the thought of the suit he'd worn this morning, careful not to get yourself into a car crash.
Then you bit your lip in panic with the realization of the skirt you had decided to wear today. Matthew had a thing for you in skirts, and you knew that, and somewhere between daydreaming about your morning where you'd successfully convinced Matthew in for a quickie right before he left for work, it had completely left your mind that you were going to visit him in the presence of the crew members.
You swallowed the nervousness and parked your car in the parking lot, quickly shooting a text to Matthew to inform him of your arrival.
Not minutes later, the figure of your tall boyfriend summoned beside your car, pulling the door open for you and helping you get out. You giggled, holding onto the hand he'd offered, "My Prince Charming." You hated chivalry with every ounce of feminism in you, yet something about Matthew doing it made you giddy.
Matthew let out an airy laugh, pulling you toward him now that you were standing on your full length, "My princess," He winked.
You found your back to the side of your car, successfully pinned between your boyfriend's frame. A blush crept up your cheeks, both from your position and the nickname he'd used, and your palms pushed on his chest to move him back.
He frowned slightly, mostly because of the frustration growing in him that you had just refused to put out. You kept his hand in yours, caressing the back with your thumb and seemingly smoothening his frown, "Not in public," You whispered, reassuring him from his worries.
Soon you had met with the rest of the cast between intervals of their shooting, surprised with how they'd welcomed you with open arms. You found yourself giggling with Paget and Shemar that had easily lived up to the title of 'best friends' as Matthew had labelled them when talking about them in the past.
Your boyfriend, on the other hand, looked tensed, not in the old fashioned, worried manner, but a different kind of tense. Now you were no profiler like the characters the actors around you had played for years on end, but you were, after all, his boyfriend who had seen this expression on his face countless times now.
The same darkening lust that swirled in his eyes. And somewhere, it flickered the same lust in you. Your four membered audience had started to disperse, breaking off as lunch had begun to be served.
You'd brought Matthew some homemade lunch with you, but that was not the first thing in either of your minds. He thought he was slick but you caught him eying your skirt before they raked up your figure, "Let me show you around," He said, innocently.
Yet, the first stop he brought you to was his vanity van. His name was written in bold letters on a piece of paper stuck to the door. He pushed it open, letting you climb up the two stairs that lead up to the glorious inside of his van.
Your eyes curiously looked around at the furniture and the easter eggs he kept around, but he had different plans. Twirling you around with his hand on your waist, he drew you close to him as soon as he had shut the door close.
You gasped but it was swallowed by Matthew, his lips locking on yours. "Been waiting for this all this while," He mumbled quickly before capturing your lips again.
He led you backward until you hit the couch placed somewhere to the wall, letting your body lay on the leather, his figure not far behind as he hovered closer.
His hands slipped to trail over your skirt and yours flew to his shoulders, pushing the suit jacket off of them in a haste. He smirked.
"You know how hard seeing you in this skirt makes me?" He asked and before you could begin to even for an answer, he was climbing further on top of you, knees now firmly planted on either sides of your lower half, and dug his hips on yours.
You gasped, his covered length hard on against your pelvis. You whimpered, bucking your hips to let his erection sit exactly where you wanted him the most.
He smirked, wrapping a hand around your neck and dipping his head to your face so your lips grazed against each. The subtle taste of coffee lingered in his breath that was enough to intoxicate you.
His grip tightened and his patience shortened. His palm hurriedly pulled your skirt down your legs, eagerly spreading them wider to see what waited for him under it.
His finger ran over the sem of your panties, sliding past over to your clothed cunt. "Soaked." He scoffed, letting his digit slightly dip in your folds.
You shuddered under him, your own fingers digging on his shoulders from the shirt he was still wearing. His tie hovered over your face which reminded of his sword chain that he tucked under his shirt that would hover over you similarly, making you only more eager to get rid of his shirt.
You made quick work in loosening his tie then unbuttoning shirt so desperately that you didn't notice Matthew had stopped all actions and was staring at you with a smug face.
When his shirt slide past his shoulders, revealing his chain, only then did you notice him staring, making you blush. "Desperate, aren't you? Yeah? Don't worry baby, I'll give you what you need."
He didn't wait any longer, shedding his pants and the remaining of your clothes being your tshirt and your innerwear, the latter of which he didn't forget to admire, mumbling a, "Look so pretty in these," before getting rid of them.
Now you were both naked, his fist pumped his cock while his eyes raked over your figure splayed under him, at his disposal. You whimpered, "Please-" You stuttered.
"Please what, baby?" He cooed, pouting at your whining form. "You want it? Is this what you're begging for?" He ran the tip of his cock along your folds. You nodded your head. "Then use your words."
Your lip trembled as you tried your best to string words perfectly to get you what you'd been wishing for. "Please please- I want your cock-" You bit your lip when Matthew teasingly pushed the head inside your entrance, "Want it so bad," You continued with the hope that your words were doing the trick.
He stayed silent, slowly rocking his hips back and forth - in mere inches - to fuck your hole with just the tip. Your nails dug onto his back, "More..." You whispered.
He laughed, stopping his movements altogether to pull a whine out of you. "Isn't this what you wanted, hun? You got my cock as you begged for." His face was lit up in mischief, the tip still buried inside you, throbbing.
You gave up your protests, wordless whines leaving your lips but pursed them shut when his palm connected your cheek, leaving behind a stinging pain. You looked up at him with tears brimming your eyes - he'd slapped you before during intercourse and had always managed to leave you even needier, even now - and he grunted, letting his hips buck slightly deeper, "Stop with the whining, use your words or I'll leave you here all desperate and needy without my cock to satisfy. Pathetic slut."
You sobbed, trying with your words again, "Matthew, please fuck me," You knew how much he loved his name on your tongue yet you still shrieked when he lurched inside you, bottoming out, satisfied with your answer.
He rocked his hips, filling you to the brim each time before pulling out completely, leaving you empty for minuscule seconds before he was slamming back inside of you with full force.
You screamed, and that seemed to please him. "Fuck yeah, scream for me, let everyone know owns your little slut pussy," He grunted in your ear, planting kisses along your neck.
You continued screaming with the force of his thrusts pinning you to the couch. You felt his lips wander lower and your hands found his hair as a grip to support yourself.
You nipped hickeys over your collarbones, travelling even further below to the swell of your breasts that were pretty much slinging back and forth each time Matthew filled you up with his cock. One of his hands found your right breast at the same time as his mouth latching onto your left one.
His lips caught your tit, sucking on it before swiping his tongue over it, flicking it between his wet muscle. His hand squeezed your other boob, toying with it like leverage as he fucked you harder.
He began nipping at your breasts too, leaving a trail of hickeys behind as he raised his face up towards you, laying on you and quickening his pace, your chests pressed together.
You wrapped your shaking legs around his waist, mouth gaping at how good this angle felt, your walls clenching instinctively around him.
"Oh my god-" Matthew groaned, his cock squeezed deliciously by you, "Keep doing that, milk my cock like the good whore you are," His voice dripped in the pleasure that was written all over his face. You were torn between closing your eyes and relishing in your own pleasure or watching his face twisting in lust.
"Oh baby, fuck, 'm gonna cum so hard in you. You're gonna cum with me, okay?" It was more of an order than a request and you nodded with relief because you knew he wouldn't let you cum without permission anyway.
"Yes, yes, yes, yes," You chanted, falling dangerously close to your release. You clenched tighter around him, nails scratching along the expanse of his back.
He tipped his head back, eyes closed in ecstasy, "Fuck. Cum for me," His voice quivered just as much as his cock twitched in you, perched perfectly against your sweet spot that was the final push to your orgasm.
You came with him, moans resembling yelps leaving both of your mouths as you relished in your highs, his warm cum flooding you and you incessantly squeezing him.
His thrusts faltered slowly, still rocking back and forth before coming to a stop. His head was buried in your neck, and your hands were cradling it. Your chests rose and fell together, still pressed into one.
He sighed dreamily, head perking up to look at you, a smile splayed on his face just as dreamy as if sprinkled with the giddiness of aftersex.
You couldn't help but to shoot him a smile back, pulling him further into you to cuddle into him. His mouth opened to say something about a tour but you never got to hear the end of it.
For the door swung open and Matthew scrambled to drape his shirt over you before pulling a blanket to cover you two, followed by a 'Ah!' and your gaze met with the back of Shemar's head, his hands brought up in surrender.
A good few seconds passed in silence with the only sound being the rustling of your shirt that you rushed to put on, then Shemar broke the silence with a shaky, "What the fuck."
You giggled, now fully dressed along with Matthew fully covered, "You can turn around," You smiled sheepishly.
"Nah, I'm good. I just came to say that the director said that they're ready for you and they're waiting for you," He said, his voice was light, obviously hinting that he was joking but he was already climbing down the steps.
The air lightened and Matthew let out a laugh. "It was you who barged in, not us!" He joked back at the man walking away.
"My bad bro, my bro!" Shemar scoffed lightly, pushing the door close behind his back and disappeared.
The two of you broke off into laughter, free from any awkwardness. Maybe coming down here wasn't that bad of an idea after all.
A/N: my last post didn't really do well so that bummed me out ;-; which is why I've been slightly less active but I hope this one does well! Keep supporting your artists, yall.
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marrikko33 · 29 days ago
"you and i, driving harleys in hawaii,"
𝕚𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕒 𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕠𝕣, 𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕕𝕝𝕪 ->🚀 𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕠𝕗 𝕞𝕪 𝕡𝕠𝕤𝕥
Tumblr media
↝ 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕤: suna rintarou, ushijima wakatoshi, kageyama tobio, bokuto koutarou.
↝ 𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤: NSFW content, 18+, very rough sex, degradation, sub/dom relationship, bottom! reader, top! characters, gangbang, bdsm kink, exhibitionism, public sex, pet names, orgasm denial, teasing, daddy kink, mentions of cigarettes, lmk if i missed stuff.
↝ 𝕡𝕒𝕚𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘: haikyuu! characters x gorgeous (can't tell me otherwise) fem reader
- -----___ __--_------_____--- ---- -_-_-__----______------_ _ ___- -
Suna Rintarou
Lowkey isn't giving a fuck about whether or not people are staring, whether or not some are gaping, some are drooling or are just awkwardly looking away. Right now, the only thing that's bothering him is the lack of sound your making, the hesitant squeals and uncomfortable shuffling of your feet. "Hey kitten", turning you around, he slapped your cheeks, spreading them wider, and smirking at the fresh arousal dripping lewdly down your smooth thighs. "Don't pretend you aren't enjoying the attention, c'mon, gonna give them a proper show?".
Whimpering, you bury your head further into the plush car seat, your pretty face blushing bright pink at the overwhelming amount of pleasure you're receiving, along with the stares from cars as they pass through the thick traffic. Looking at the sweaty figure of your fiancee, as he smirked down at your little figure, wolf whistling and chuckling, you let out a whine that you'd been holding in for far too long. Rocking your hips gently against his, you gave him a non verbal sentence, that in Suna's eyes, only means one thing. 'Fuck me so hard the car shakes and I break'.
He does exactly that. You have to practically beg him to stop pounding you so roughly, your cervix bruised and hips equally as such. Tongue lolling out and blushing crimson, your unintentional seduction makes him constantly hard, his self restraint being so little. "Your asking me to stop?
Fucking liar, look at the mess you are. You will be a good kitten and give me a few more highs, hm? What happens to kittens who disobey their masters?", muttering and rasping in your ears, you felt his tip being coated in your cum.
there was no way in hell you could say no.
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Honestly, things aren't looking good for you. He's stopped in the middle of a deserted highway, after hours of you constantly teasing him through his pants, whispering obscenity in his ears and trailing your petite hands up and down his muscular figure, you can practically feel his anger all the way from where your standing. Taking off his helmet and stringing it on his treasured bike, he walked over to where you innocently stood, picked you up, (much to your protest) roughly kneading your ass and softly saying, "But kitty, you wanted this didn't you? Or should I just leave you here, wet and aroused, for any old horny fucker to fuck?".
You felt tears burning in your eyes, the idea of losing your dear Ushiwaka too much to bear. "N-no daddy, M' gonna be a good girl, m' your little whore, please?". "Then prove it and stop acting like a brat", you heard him mumble before feeling his calloused, rough fingers pinching your clit, mouth hovering over your dripping cunt. You didn't need to ask. Seconds later, you were a moaning mess, his tongue lapping at your overstimulated pussy and licking the sticky mess of cum and arousal you had made beneath you.
There was no one but you two, the smell of sex heavy in the air and sun setting in the distance as you gripped the seat of his bike. It almost felt too good, the lewd sounds erupting from your mouth and his, your slick cunt becoming impossibly wetter. It was incredible how Ushijima managed to ignore the huge lump forming in his pants, too focused on making you messier than you already were and reducing you to a whore for his mouthwatering cock.
He didn't stop. Finally, you felt him pull away, as he sat you back on his bike and rode away with you into the starry night. You knew it wasn't over. You knew the minute he had found a suitable hotel, he'd be fucking you just as hard as he did a few minutes ago.
Bokuto Koutarou
Good? Bad? Fuck that, all you could think of is how girthy, how huge he is, his cock practically moulding itself into your needy, tight pussy. Looking out through the window of his foggy car windows, you could see your friends partying in the distance, you were sure, wondering where you had slipped off too. You wondered too, how had you found yourself in this situation?
"Hey, princess, what're you looking at? Wanna take their cock's too?", laughing, he pulled out as you gasped at the sudden movement. Feeling empty, your gaping pussy drooling for more, you tried bucking your hips against his, whining and moaning obscenely. "Hornier than I expected, can't say that didn't surprise me. Weren't you begging me to stop earlier?". "N-no! M' needy, needy for your cock, please?", "B-but w-why s-should I g-give you my c-c-cock?", mockingly he stuttered back at you, teasing your hole with his long, pretty fingers.
"No, I don't think I will give you my cock now. Been giving you something you don't exactly deserve, do you?". As he sat down, manspread, you couldn't help whimpering at the sight of his beastly length, how thick, veiny, long, it was. "You will put that skirt back on, uh, no underwear and come back with me into the party. You will put on those stained, thigh high stockings and follow me wherever I go. Got that sweetie?".
The two of you managed to slip into a caravan, unnoticed fortunately, by your other laughing friends. Unfortunately still, you managed to find a room that was filled with buff men, all friends of Koutarou you said seen often around his house. "Meet my friends princess, just wanna have some fun y'know? With us".
Surrounded by the smirking men, you blushed blotchy red, smooth thighs and pink clit on full display as Bokuto spread your lips wide open. "Pretty, ain't she? Wanna be a good girl and let us all breed you, my princess?". Nodding profusely, you shakily smiled at the men and Bokuto, giving him a last peck on the lips before sealing your fate. All. fucking. night.
Kageyama Tobio
Just as Suna, couldn't give less of a fuck whether you were in public or not. Just as long as his libido was being satisfied (yours too), he was all good with anything. That's how you landed up bouncing on him after his jealousy reached it's highest level. You were a gorgeous thing of course, sweet, innocent and ready help anyone, including older, much creepier men. Unfortunately, you hadn't realised how low their gazes dropped, greedily under the white skirt you had worn.
It was out of mercy he wasn't fucking you directly in an alleyway infront of them and had decided, instead, on fucking you a little more decently opposite their dumbfounded faces in his car, grinning at them. "You see that bunny? That's the face of a jealous man, a man who was looking at something that didn't and never will belong to him, the face of someone who regrets what he did".
Whispering as his muscular hands gripped the steering wheel, he thrust himself further into you, bruising your cervix. "Wanna take a look?". Looking up wearily, you saw their faces blushing madly red, a little drool escaping their mouths as they stared shamelessly at your perky breasts. "The fuck?", Tobio angrily cursed. The next minute, you found yourself pressed against the windows, hickeys he had made all over your skin being more visible in the moonlight.
"All mine, all fucking mine", he fucked you harder against the car, as it shook ominously at his aggression. "T-tobio, a-a little less please?", whispering quietly, you rubbed circles around his face, kissing him slightly. "Aww, bunny, but you're just too irresistable and those fuckers are just too shameless. Someone needs to show them who you belong to, right?".
Tumblr media
didn't bother proofreading this, please lmk if i messed up somewhere. have a great day, 💞
edit: i swear bruh if i see ONE MORE minor interacting with this post i'm deleting it.
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chososlv · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☾ Definitely one to initiate it first.
☾ Couldn’t help when seeing you in such clothing, his eyes lingering about your body.
☾ Especially loves when it happens to be in public.
Tumblr media
"gonna let me bury my cock in your cunt baby?...yeah?" he breathes, fingers traipsing about your body while your face is firmly lodged on the stall. "I-Iwa..." His fingers hesitate on the hem of your skirt, gradually elevating the attire over; his twitching fat cock longing to drive itself inside.
He caresses his fingers upon your moistened panties, immediately jostling them aside. You're whining, begging the man to be immediate in case you were to get caught but even if you did, it appeared as if he couldn't worry less. "you've got to be quiet baby, don't wanna get caught now do we?" he deliberately eases himself inside, your hands tensing as you rolled them upon the stall to steady yourself.
"such a tight fucking cunt," he mutters, hips angling to stroke upon that delightful spot of yours. His clutch on you is secure, making certain you're steady as he viciously immerses himself deeper, relishing the way you tense around him, his cock dragging along your spongy walls. His fingers stray to your ass, spreading them to observe how he's precisely drawing himself out, "mhm, fuck."
Tumblr media
☾ Doesn’t care if takes up most of his time.
☾ Wants to make sure he’s satisfied before he’s done.
☾ Particularly likes when you’re the first to initiate it.
Tumblr media
"just like that, keep them open," your fingers grasp onto your thighs, revealing your pretty cunt for the man in front of you. You were convinced you'd be late for the conference but, Issei could fret less; his sights pursuing down to your dripping cunt, his fingers gliding along your apparent skin. "I-Issei we'll be late—" he submerges his fingers inside your wet heat, your head flung back at the abruptness.
He's taking his sweet time, tenderly stroking his cock as he gapes at you, precum seeping from his tip and he uses is a replacement for lubricant. Itching closer to the bed, he's hovering above you, his eyes gawking strongly at yours.
You sense the head of his cock rub upon your clit, plunging down to probe at your entrance; gradually engaging himself in your tight cunt. Not needing to dissipate more time than he already is, he's quick to snap his hips, your hands discovering their way to his back.
Tumblr media
☾ Definitely loves when you’re the one to ask.
☾ Wants to please you whenever he could, even before a game.
☾ Anytime, anyplace, he’s willing to give you the one thing you’re craving for.
Tumblr media
"fuck baby, we've got to make this quick, I've got a game," you're lingering delicate kisses to his neck, his fingers seeking their way to your pants as he immediately jostles them down. It's silent in the locker room, wishing that someone wouldn't come by to observe the both of you. "you're not even supposed to be here," he chuckles, your hands lounged upon the locker as your ass was perked out for the man.
Nonetheless, he moves up to you, fingers shuffling down your back and to your dripping cunt. It's pretty entertaining to see you so impatient, craving nothing but to be stretched with his thick cock. "mhm, Tooru h-hurry up," he withdraws his fingers, now displacing them with his cock. Though you've been fucked by him numberless times you just couldn't get adapted to the broad stretch of his dick, a shakily moan leaving his lips when he was all the way in.
"fuck," he groans, hands descending to your hips. His movement is quick, needing to fulfill you with nothing but his cum. It was quiet besides the decreased sounds of people outside, your hand sauntering to your mouth; restraining the moans that slipped out. "oh come on," he smiles, removing your hand and rather, seizes onto your hair. "let them hear how well I'm fucking you."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pinkcoffeecup · 14 days ago
jelly, spencer reid
Tumblr media
Summary: When an undercover job goes a little too far, Spencer finds himself grow more and more protective, and somehow jealous of a serial killer. 
Warnings: NSFW!, Dom!Spencer, Sub!Fem!Reader, Agent!Reader, penetrative sex, possessiveness, jealousy, unprotected sex (wrap b4 u tap guys), pet names (princess, baby), case details, violence (reader x unsub)
Word count: 2342
Y/n was often picked to do undercover work. Even though no one had said it out loud, it was clear that it was because she was the most ‘victim-like’. Most serial killers had a type, and most of them were surprisingly similar so it was just pure luck that Y/n almost without fail fit the description. Well, luck would probably be the wrong word to describe it.
She didn’t mind going undercover, but it took something out of her every time she pretended to be attracted to these god awful men, knowing full well what they had done as she would place her hand on their forearm, a flirty smile plastered across her face. “Are you ready, Y/l/n?” Spencer asked from behind her.
Y/n took a last look at herself in the mirror, before nodding, “I guess? What do you think?” She turned around to face him, an innocent smile on her face as she showed off her short dress.
“It’s, uh, you look great,” He tripped over his words as he spoke, “It’s short,” Spencer added, placing his hands in his pockets as he leaned against the doorframe.
“Yeah, that’s the point, Spence,” She laughed, “Let’s get this over with then,” She squeezed past him in the doorway, missing the way his breath hitched slightly as she accidentally brushed up against him.
They made their way towards the team, and Spencer wished that he was oblivious enough not to notice all the agents looking her up and down as she walked past. He didn’t know why, but their hungry looks made him feel nothing but anger and disgust, emotions he rarely felt.
“Great, they’re here,” Hotch said as they approached, “When we get there I want Reid and Prentiss to go in with Y/n as backup. Morgan, JJ and I will be outside with swat if anything goes wrong. Remember, this guy is incredibly violent, so don’t hesitate to call us in,” He talked fast, already heading towards the car before he was finished.
Spencer rarely drove, but today he found himself in the driver's seat, Y/n sitting next to him. “Are you sure you want to do this? I’m sure we can ask Hotch to call it off,” He suggested, silently hoping she wouldn’t go into a dark bar to meet a serial killer, totally unarmed whilst he’d most likely have a weapon or two.
“Spence, I’ve done this a hundred times before, it’ll be fine,” She smiled, placing her legs criss-cross on the car seat, “Hotch’d never send me in if he thought I couldn’t handle it,”
“Yeah, I know,” Spencer muttered, “It’s just, this guy is insane, I mean you’ve seen the crime scenes, they’re brutal,”
“Don’t worry about it, worst case scenario the place will be swarmed with swat and you’ll just help me get out,” She smiled sweetly at him, only earning a small sigh from the man next to her, “I’m serious Spencer, it’ll be fine,”
As if on queue, they pulled over to the side of the road, the large neon sign in front of them, “Okay,” He mumbled, opening his door.
Y/n didn’t lie when she said she’d done this a hundred times, and even tonight when she was meeting one of the most brutal killers she’d ever heard of, she wasn’t nervous. She had grown so used to acting completely oblivious to all of their creepy advances, that it almost came naturally. It was as if the second she was put in these outfits, strutting into a bar, she was a whole new person.
Once she entered, she went straight towards the bartender, ordering herself a drink. She saw Spencer and Emily sitting at a small booth to her left, and she gave them a small nod as if to confirm that she’d seen them.
It didn’t take very long for the stool next to her to be occupied, and she was getting ready to move somewhere else before realising she was exactly where she needed to be. The man was even more disgusting in real life, but Y/n still put a smile on her lips, glancing over at the man.
“Hello,” He greeted, returning a smile, except it was one hundred times creepier than Y/n’s, “What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”
“What do you mean?” She asked, turning in her chair so that she was facing him. “Well,” He said, “you seem like you’d have better things to do, but I’m not complaining, it brought you to me on a silver platter,” The man laughed a little as he spoke, a flirtatious tone lacing his every word.
Y/n played along, giggling a little as she looked over to Spencer and Emily’s boot, finding Emily alone. Soon Spencer appeared behind the man, shooting a small glance at Y/n before ordering himself a drink. “What do you say? Do you wanna go outside for a second?”
She had almost said yes, being so used to always agreeing to everything that was requested. But then she remembered what Hotch had said, to keep him inside for as long as possible to ensure that he’d not get away, “I need to finish my drink,” She said, taking a small sip.
“I can get you another one somewhere else,” He stood up, grabbing her arm to pull her up with him. But Y/n wasn’t phased, she was ready for this. “We can do that too,” She giggled, “but can’t I finish this one first?”
It was as if something shifted in his gaze as she spoke, his eyes growing darker every second. “No,” His voice was stern as he took a step closer to her. “Here’s what’s going to happen,” He opened his jacket slightly, showing off the large knife he had hidden, “you’re going to come with me, whether you like it or not,”
“Do you understand?” He asked, his grip around her arm making her wince in pain. Y/n didn’t say anything, unsure of how much she’d be able to push it, “Do you understand,” He repeated.
“Yes, sorry,” She said quietly, looking down at the floor. Just as she felt his grip loosen around her arm, the man was slammed against the bar, Spencer pushing him against the wooden table a little harder than needed as he placed the handcuffs tightly around the man’s wrists. “You’re under arrest for the murders of Cindy Andersson, Marie Smith, Kelly Knight, Alice Newman-”
"I had him, Spencer!” Y/n interrupted. She couldn’t help but be mad at his intervention, she had the situation under control. “You’re never going to get a confession now!”
Spencer didn’t say anything more, just looked at her as he pulled the man up from the table and pushed him out of the building.
The car ride back seemed a lot longer than before, an angry silence surrounding Y/n and Spencer. “What the hell was that Spence?” She broke the silence, “I had it under control,”
“Yeah, under control,” He scoffed, “he was practically breaking your arm Y/n, you know how dangerous he is!” Spencer’s knuckles turned white as he gripped the steering wheel.
“Oh, come on! Just because someone touches me doesn’t mean I’m going to break to a thousand pieces, I could take it,” She explained, her voice laced with annoyance.
“I don’t care if you were able to take it, I don’t want a man like that touching you in the first place!” He felt his voice go to a depth it usually didn’t go to as he spoke, anger lacing his every word. He didn’t get a response, and as he looked to his left, he heard a small giggle from the girl next to him, “What?”
“Are you, Spencer Reid, Jealous?” She said, unable to suppress her smile, “and not only jealous, but jealous of a serial killer,”
Spencer scoffed, not wanting to admit how spot on her profiling had been, “no,” he began, “I am not jealous, I just don’t want you being an actual victim. Especially not on my watch,”
She laughed once more, “You are so jelly,” she said. The car pulled to a stop only seconds after she had spoken her words, Spencer shifting in his seat so that he could face her. “You’re really pushing it Y/n,” He said.
His eyes were darker than usual, and Y/n couldn’t help but allow her mind to travel to places she never let it. Places where Spencer Reid was the centre of attention. “What are you gonna do about it, Doctor Reid?” She smirked, looking up at him through her thick eyelashes.
Spencer hesitated for a split second before he leaned in to kiss her, his hands gripping her cheeks roughly. He couldn’t help but be shocked when he felt her kiss him back, her hands gripping his curls.
He let his hands fall from her face and instead grip her waist, lifting her over to his lap, her legs straddling him. His hands were roaming her body, wanting to feel every part of her.
She pulled away to catch her breath, taking the time to undo the buttons on his shirt. “Eager are we?” Spencer chuckled, grabbing her hands, “let’s take it easy princess. Want to take my time with you,”
His hands continued down her body, only coming to a rest at her thighs, “Now,” He played with the hem of her dress, pushing it up her body at an agonising pace, “If you at any point want me to stop, I want you to tell me,” Her dress was almost at her hips, Spencer’s eyes searching hers for a sign to stop, “I need a yes or no baby,”
“Please,” She breathed, “yes,” he let his hands dip under the skirt, feeling her wetness through the fabric of her panties. “So wet for me,”
He dragged a finger through her folds, soaking her panties even more, “Just for you,” She moaned, Spencer chuckling slightly at the way she was falling apart before him.
“Just for me, huh?” He pushed her panties to the side, pushing a finger inside her causing a loud moan to fall from her lips. “No one else?” He questioned, his thumb finding her clit as he pushed another finger inside. “No one,” She moaned, “only you,”
“Such a good girl for me,” He could feel her walls tightening around him, her head falling to his shoulder as he sped up slightly. “Nah uh, I wanna see your face,” Spencer ordered, Y/n obeying.
“Spencer, I’m-” She began, but was cut off by another moan, “c’mon baby, cum for me,”
Y/n had never felt better, Spencer’s fingers working pure magic as she reached her high. Once again her head fell to his shoulder, and once again, Spencer chuckled at the girl in his lap.
He pulled his fingers out of her, “open up,” he tapped her bottom lip, her mouth opening slightly as he pushed his fingers inside, “suck it,”
She did just that, tasting herself on his fingers as he kissed the top of her head, “Think you can do one more?” He asked, pulling his fingers back out.
Y/n nodded slightly, “Good girl, so perfect for me,” Spencer unbuttoned his pants, Y/n glancing down at the tent in his underwear. Her hands fell down to his crotch, letting her finger run up and down his length a few times before pushing his underwear down. “You’re so big,” she mumbled, a small smile forming at her lips.
He pulled her in for another kiss, deepening it as he lifted her slightly, “Are you sure?” he asked, earning a desperate nod, “words baby, I need words,”
“Yes,” She breathed. Spencer didn’t waste another second before pushing her down on his length, his breath hitching as she grinded against him. His hands gripped her hips tightly, lifting her up and down on him. “God you feel good,”
She followed Spencer's rhythm, trying her best to lift her body up and down despite her weak legs. Her hands were on his shoulders, her head falling backwards as he let one hand travel back down to her clit. “Spence,” She moaned.
“Tell me how you feel” his pace sped up slightly as she spoke, “So good, filling me up so well,”
Y/n, who had thought her previous high had been as good as it could get, was reaching her second orgasm, and it was somehow impossibly better than the last. “I’m gonna-”
“Hold it,” Spencer interrupted, only speeding up his pace. Spencer himself was reaching his high, only making it more enjoyable watching the poor girl struggle to hold her orgasm in. “I can’t hold it Spence,” She whined, “Please?”
“Fine, cum for me princess,” She did as she was told, and Spencer followed not long after, helping her ride the orgasm out.
She stayed on top of him, her head finding its favourite spot on his shoulder. Spencer chuckled slightly as he wrapped his arms around her body, letting his hands travel up and down her back, “you did so well baby,”
Spencer’s ringtone interrupted the heavy breaths, bringing the two of them back to reality. It didn’t make it any better as Spencer read the name on the display, “Hey Hotch,”
“Where the hell are you two?” His voice was stern as he spoke, “The rest of us got back half an hour ago!”
“I, uh, we got lost,” Spencer tried, a hand placed on the back of Y/n’s head, holding her tight against him.
“You got lost?” Hotch questioned in disbelief, “You got lost?”
Y/n couldn’t help but giggle at Spencers terrible lying, and Spencer had to bite his tongue to avoid joining her in a fit of giggles, “Yeah, I’m sorry, we’re on our way,” Spencer said.
Hotch seemed to accept his apology, only telling Spencer to hurry before hanging up. Y/n finally broke out in laughter, Spencer moving her off his body as he too was laughing. He buttoned his pants back up before turning the keys in the ignition, “We’re in deep shit,”
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yoursweetdenial · 4 months ago
Pov: It's your birthday
Lady D: Today is a special day, isn't it? How would you like to celebrate your birthday?
Y/N: I don't know. Any suggestions?
Lady D: Well, if you're asking... Darling, let's celebrate your birthday the same way you came into this world!
Y/N: *chuckles* Naked, you mean?
Lady D: *whispering in Y/N's ear* And screaming.
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gangrenados · 3 months ago
cockwarming with jason the other people don't know it happening
I have a big fat crush on Arkham Knight, okay? Also this is the yan!version lol
Warnings: dub-con and, uh, murder
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Confused eyes scanned silently the scene that was being displayed in front of them, all of the highest ranks among the militia were wondering why in earth their would have his toy sitting casually on his lap with the head hung down and hands grabbing the edges of the desk in a a hard grip.
Even in this comical situation, they couldn't deny that the Arkham Knight still looked terrifying, none of dared to say a word.
On the other side, you looked rather pitiful with that helmet covering your entire face from curious eyes.
You couldn't see nor hear much, your own mellowing was the only thing you could make out was your own mellowing as Jason had you cockwarming him balls deep as bounced you lightly.
And the only thing that covered your naked butt from the eye of the public was the plaid dark blue skirt that you were wearing since the day Jason took you away. However, that piece of clothing wasn't enough to save your soft skin from getting pinched by the edges of Jason's armor.
You gritted your teeth as his big, thick cock went in and out of your wet pussy in a painful slow way, you couldn't handle this and the coil formed in your stomach was begging to feel that sweet relief of being fucked senseless.
You were so sensitive and it felt like ages since you were impaled on this man dick and asked to do nothing but be quiet.
Jason wanted you to be pretty, like a decoration to prove his henchmen that you were his. The toy that gained his interest enough for him to kidnap you and claim you as his.
Your fragile looks and the fear in your eyes made his brain shift and ingrain in him a need to protect you. So more than a simple toy, perhaps you were the object he would dump his need for love and affection.
"Uh sir, why is she here? Isn't this a privat-"
The dry sound of a gunshot filled the air and it wasn't surprising finding the blood of the men who dared question the Knight stain the desk as his lifeless body lied stiff.
His sudden movement made you clench around him, a whimper escaping your lips as Jason rested his elbow in the cold glass desk alongside the buttstock of his gun.
"Whatever I do is none of your business."The militia turned his attention from the corpse to the Arkham Knight, who seemed very displeased with them.
I'm the one who decides what goes and what not, so if you don't want to end with a bullet between the eyes I would suggest you to shut up and obey. Are we clear?" Jason's demeanor was authoritative, leaving no room from misinterpretation as he has already made clear what he was capable of if questioned.
Some of the men swallowed dryly, others weren't even capable to look at those bright lights that covered Jason's helmet, but all of them said" Yes, sir." without an inch of doubt.
Tumblr media
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dialovers-lover-xoxo · 6 months ago
Shu Sakamaki x Reader Smut NSFW
Public sex, Fingering, Vanilla
You admired the beauty of the park, content and happy with Shu’s arms wrapped around your waist, his chest up against your back. It was a quiet day, hardly anyone was in the park and the few people that were there were pretty far away.
Shu pressed up behind you closer and you let out a little gasp when you felt his bulge poke your lower back. Shu chuckled quietly and bent down, tightening his arms around your waist. “My bad.” He said seductively into your ear. You blushed furiously but couldn’t stop the sensation between your thighs. “You’re getting worked up too, huh? In dirty girl...” “Y-you got worked up!” You pointed out. Shu chuckled and pressed a brief kiss to your ear. “I’ve never said I’m not a dirty man.”
He grinded his bulge against you slightly and you squirmed. “C’mon. Let’s go in the shade.” You let Shu lead you to a large tree in the park, fairly far away from the playground and popular picnic sites. He looked down at you with half-lidded eyes, then kissed you sweetly but deeply. You held onto his sleeves and kissed him back. Shu’s hand traveled down and into your pants and underwear. You jerked up. “Shu!” You cried out in as much of a whisper you could manage.
Shu’s fingers began to play with your womanhood. “What? You love it when I do this.” You squirmed and let out a whimper when Shu’s finger slid inside you. He wrapped his other arm around your waist and held you close. “Dirty girl...getting fingered in public.” Shu purred. “You’re the one fingering me!” You said in defense. Shu drew back slightly and looked down at you, a smug smile on his face. “But you’re letting me. You even spread your legs.” He added, nodding towards your thighs which had spread open without you realizing. You blushed and opened your mouth to say something but could only gasp as a second finger entered you. “Hah...” You whimpered and gripped onto Shu’s sleeves tightly. You could feel him twisting his fingers inside you and hitting your sweet spot repeatedly. “Nn...Shu!” You whined quietly, your body slumping against the tree as your orgasm hit you.
Shu smirked and licked his fingers. “You were so wet, even before my fingers. Such a lewd woman you are.” He started to unbuckle his belt and the sound made your nether region throb with desire. He lifted you up off the ground slightly and you immediately wrapped your arms and legs around him for support. He pulled down your pants and underwear just enough, freed his member and lined himself up then held onto your backside to hold you in place. Looking deep into your eyes, Shu moved his hips forward, sliding into you smoothly. You let out a weak whine and Shu’s lips immediately covered yours. You gripped onto the fabric on his shoulders for dear life as Shu began to thrust his hips slowly.
“Doing it out in the open like’re so dirty...but I don’t dislike it. I want everyone to see that you’re mine.” Shu murmured against your lips, then lowered his head to press kisses against your neck. You wrapped your arms fully around Shu’s neck and gripped a handful of his hair, whimpering as Shu’s member slid deep inside you, hitting a sweet spot.
“I...don’t want...people to see...” you managed to say. Shu pulled his head back slightly and looked at you with an arrogant smile, never ceasing his gentle thrusts. “Oh? But why agree to this, then?” You stammered and Shu chuckled, finding you cute. He kissed you again and you melted into the kiss, letting a moan escape your lips.
Shu changed the angle and thrusted a little faster, causing you to bounce in his arms. You buried your face in his neck and bit down on his shoulder to stop any sounds. Shu panted heavily into your ear, getting close to his release. He hit your sweet spot again and you barely managed to muffle your cries as you orgasmed onto him. Shu let out a growl and followed soon after, groaning quietly as he released himself inside you.
He let you down and kissed you, rubbing his groin against yours. You laughed into the kiss. “C’mon, get dressed!” You scold him. The two of you fixed yourselves and Shu kissed you again. “If this becomes one of our frequent spots, I’ll consider going out more often.”
Feedback is always appreciated ❤️
Link to my masterlist of smuts!
Link to my masterlist of masterlists XD
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henryofsteel · 12 days ago
hi, would you write something with dirty talk? x
a welcome home.
this fic is sorry in advance!
summary; henry comes home early from the mission impossible; fallout press tour— much to your surprise.
pairing; Henry Cavill/You
genre; smut
warnings; dirty talk, vanillia sex....
word count; 1982
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐍 𝐀𝐋𝐋 𝐅𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐒, it's just shoes— shoes that are normally huddled together in the hallway before you come home. It's such a little thing that you shouldn't be getting upset about, but it's another thing on the list of things that you’d noticed about Henry’s absence.
Things were so different in the house; it all felt so painfully empty. It was quiet, really quiet. So quiet that you sometimes felt as if you could hear the gentle thrumming of your own heartbeat. You’d tried to fill the silence with music and the talking of the tv, but all of it quickly faded into the background. And before you knew it, it was quiet again— quiet and empty.
An empty plate was still set in his place at the table. It went without saying that you missed him— a lot.
It was the first in over six years that you’d been apart for this long and for the first couple of months, you thought you could handle it. It hadn't felt much different then. But suddenly, it was as if anything that remotely reminded you of Henry would automatically set you off.
And it wasn’t like you hadn’t called, or at least tried to call — if we somehow managed to get the times correct— it was just not the same. You sighed frustratedly, flinging a paintbrush at the canvas and it stroked a harsh angry black line on the creamy-white paper. You’d been trying to find inspiration for that fucking painting but it wasn’t coming along so easy.
All you could think of was that twenty-four hours is a pretty long time, and you weren’t sure if you could wait that long to see him.
Your head shot up from the painting as you heard avoice emerging from downstairs. You shook off the thought. Those stupid voices had been appearing in your head for over four months, and you were not about to let them fool you once more.
You tilted your head slightly to try and look at the canvas from another angle. Maybe you could draw Henry, his face, or his hands, or his dick. Yeah, you could definitely draw his dick from memory with your eyes closed, it was almost embarrassing. You scoffed, how desperate could you could get?
"What's this one called?"
Wow, you’re even hearing Henry talking now? Fuck,what a goner. Was it healthy to be this in love that you could hear your boyfriends voice? Surely, it couldn’t be.
"I know, a black beacon trying to blossom against the adversity of white" an awfully familiar voice chuckled from behind you.
You frowned, not turning around. If it was your thoughts then why did it sound exactly like something Henry would say. Shit, I really really have it bad.
"Really, not even a giggle? I've literally had better reception from my cast mates—" You heard a few steps coming closer. "—and my own girlfriend refuses to acknowledge my existence"
Okay. You’re definitely sure that you heard a small creak from that floorboard as if someone purposely stepped on it. Fuck, you weren’t not expecting anyone and the only person with a spare key is— was, well Henry. You glanced behind you slowly and cautiously, but before you knew it, you were stumbling up from the floor and jumping to wrap your legs around Henry.
"Fuck, I thought I was going crazy imagining your voice," you murmured with your mouth against Henry’s neck. He's back. Your Henry. "God, I've missed you so much."
You looked up at him, arms hooked around his neck. He was exactly as he was when he’d left and the feeling of just being around him again overwhelmed you. You felt so completely whole again and the thought tugged at your heartstrings. You held him tighter as your lips trembled and tears welled up in your eyes.
Henry frowned, setting you down gently on the dresser. 
"Baby, please don’t cry. You know it breaks my heart."
"I know, I know,” You chuckled, trying to get rid of the traitorous tears that slid down yourcheek. "I just— I missed you so much. It's just—"
Henry smiled widely as he flattenend you up against his body again, forehead level with yours.
Henry placed a soft kiss on your temple "I missed you too, darling, so fucking much" He raked his fingers through your hair. "You're so beautiful, you know that? I thought about you every single day. My little love all by herself, waiting for me."
You grinned. God, you’d missed his voice and the way he talked, so relaxed that it never failed to excite you.
"I thought you were coming back tomorrow?"
"I left early," Henry said, shifting your hair away from your neck. He gave it a soft peck.
"Really?" You’re more than over the moon that he was here, but if he'd gotten in trouble over it, you’d feel horrible. "You didn't have to."
"Yes, I did. You’re my girl, and you mean more to me than any press tour ever will,”
Your cheeks flushed what you could only imagine had been a bright rose-tinted colour. "You’re too sweet,” you gushed. 
“Sweet is overrated-” Henry started, flashing that smirk.
"-Now take off those cute little shorts and panties. I need to taste that sweet cunt of yours"
You didn’t need him telling you twice before you’re tugging at the clothes, the cool breeze instantly blowed at your bare core causing shivers down your spine. You’d been waiting for this moment ever since he'd left and your fingers had never quite succeeded in satisfying yourself the way Henry did— does.
Henry sunk to his knees. Fuck. He ran a finger over your slit, playing with the juices and he groaned as it spilled deliciously against the wood dresser. He pulled your leg over his shoulders.
"God Y/N, I've missed you." Henry kissed the skin of your thigh right under where you wanted him the most. "You've always had a sweet cunt, always drenched and ready for me."
Henry parted your lips with his fingers, his thumb rubbing circles on your clit as he looked up at you with pure fascination.
"God Henry— I need your mouth"
Henry’s smirked at the sheer desperation in your voice. He plunged a digit into your hole. Shit, your walls clenched around his finger. The moment which you’d been longing for, was finally here.
"Where baby? You have to be specific"
"On me, fuck—" You whimpered as his fingers bended in and out of me. You’d craved his contact for all these months and now, you had it, and overwhelming pleasure filled your body. Your cheeks were hot and flustered and there was entirely too much going on. "I need your mouth on my cunt, Henry. I just need you.....please."
Henry grunted, delving his tongue deep into you. He glanced up at you with a hum that vibrated through you. "I— 'm so fucking close Henry—" I breathed heavily, trying to get my bearings correct, but his fingers were moving inside you with the same vigour his cock does.
Henry releases your clit with a prominent pop. Your walls clenched tightly around his fingers with no particular pattern. He sunk his teeth into the flesh of my trembling thighs, sucking a blossoming bruising purple on the surface.
You couldn’t even begin to think properly as his lips trailed kisses up your body. You hadn’t come that hard in so long that your body was already weak from pleasure.
Henry smirked. "Look at you baby. So fucking spent—" Your face was slippery with sweat, strands of hair stuck to your forehead. "— and he hadn’t even fucked you yet. “You missed me that much?"
"Yes—" You answer, a shaky breath leaving your lips. "I missed you so fucking much. I missed your fingers—"
Henry lines himself with your entrance. "What else?"
"I missed your cock as well, the way it fills me so fucking well,"
Henry grinned, sinking his cock inside me slowly, only stopping when he was right at the hilt, your walls sucking him in naturally and he moaned  at the feeling. It was pure ecstasy as he began to move, pulling himself out before slamming his hips back.
"Faster—" After so long, you needed him now, rough and hard. "—Please, you need to go faster Henry"
"Hold on darling," Henry growled out. "I haven't fucked you in so long and you're so fucking tight,"
Henry laid his rough hands on your waist, clutching you tightly.
"You know I love you, right?"
You smiled lazily, your eyes fluttering closed. "Hmm, I love you too— a lot."
Henry bit your collarbone and increased his pace, pounding into you deep again and again You dug your fingers into Henry’s back, chanting his name so loud that the neighbours were probably aware that he was back by now. But you didn’t care.
Henry hooks one of your legs around his waist, hitting you at another angle and you mewed  at the way he hit your sweet spot.
"God I— Fuck—"
"You want to come again baby?" Henry asked, kissing my neck.
"Yes, yes please—"
"Then come for me baby," He growled and it didn’t take long before you were jerking against him, screaming out his name.
He captured you lips in his, kissing you heatedly, teeth and tongue smashed as he swallowed your moans. He continues to thrust, deep and hard.
"Fuck baby— I'm gonna need you to clench around me."
"I— I can't," You managed to choke out, blurring the lines between pain and pleasure.
"Yes, you can baby," Henry said as my eyes pricked red with moisture. "I got you."
You could feel the fire pooling in your abdomen as you used all of your energy to clench around his cock.
Henry let out a long, loud moan as he finally came so hard.
"God— I've missed you," You said.
Henry pulled himself out of you. "Hmm. I've missed you too"
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barnxsromanxff · 4 months ago
Bigger than me | Bucky Barnes x smaller!reader
Do not repost any of my writes without credit to me
Request: Hello dear! Can I ask you a Bucky smut, please? He has size kink and makes fun of the reader, maybe also a degradation kink? He loves to remember her how is little and weak. Thank you so much!
pairing: Bucky Barnes x smaller!reader
Warnings: this is smut 18+ no minors,size kink, degradation kink, name calling, slight teasing, Bucky likes picking reader up, mention of bodily fluids.
A/n: whew I loved writing this, I hope you enjoy! any feedback would be loved<3
Tumblr media
✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵
Bucky Barnes, there was not one thing you could find in that man that you hated. You have been crushing on that man for months, a crush would be an understatement. Steve was the only one that knew, he was also the only one that knew the feeling was mutual.
Steve had egged you both on, hoping to get you two together like cupid. His attempts have failed, you both were just too... Shy. Little did he know that at nights you would sneak away into Buckys bedroom. At night your friendship changed into something more, to be honest you weren’t sure what you guys were. It didn’t matter, all that did matter was the amount of pleasure that rolled through your body.
It started as just comfortable nights together, you helped him with his nightmares. You were his only comfort, you felt pride for being able to help. Eventually after waking up and feeling his hard boner rubbing up against your thigh, you woke him up and things... progressed.
“You smell so good.”
Buckys hands rubbed up your sides, his print pressed up against your backside. He bent down and buried his face between your neck and shoulders, taking in the smell of your perfume.
“Buck, be careful someone could see.”
He groaned and pulled your hair to the side exposing your neck, his lips nibbled on your skin and you let out a small moan. His hands traveled down your body and squeezed you ass, another moan left your lips and you blushed.
“James you’re gonna get us caught.”
“Is that such a problem?”
You turned your body to face him, you craned your neck up to look at your secret boyfriend. His body towered over yours, boxing you in against the shared kitchen counter. He smirked as you rubbed your thighs together, hoping he wouldnt notice but of course he did. 
“You like this dont you?”
He leaned down and kissed your neck, then trailed up towards your ear.
“Such a naughty girl.”
Buckys hands moved up to your hair and pulled your head back so you could look at him, his eyes stared into yours before scanning your face and body. He licked his lips and picked you up, hauling you over his shoulder to his room. He threw you onto the bed and took off his shirt, his body was sculpted by the gods, every dip and muscle was all yours.
“You’re drooling love.”
You rolled your eyes and stood up to him, his body was much bigger than yours. Super soldier serum made him much larger, and other areas too. You loved the idea of him holding you, picking you up and slamming you against the wall, fucking you until your whole body is shaking against his touch. You also knew bucky had the same like, he loved how you fit against his body. He of course didn’t know you knew, but his kink for the size difference was very apparent.
“You’re so,”
He paused and sucked in his breath, he was mesmerized by you.
You rubbed his chest and leaned up for a kiss, he smiled and met your lips. His hunger for you grew as you pulled on his hair, he moaned against your touch and his teeth bit your lip. He pulled off your shirt and you began taking off your pants. His buckle clicked and soon both of you were completely bare. He picked your body up and his greedy lips met yours again, he was so needy for you. His lower navel was soaked with your juices and you moaned as he pushed your against his body. Your clit grazed his skin and you could see dots in your vision, your leaned your head back in pleasure.
“Please, what doll? Use your words.”
Your lip quivered and you looked at him through your eyelashes, you could feel your core throbbing for him.
“Please... fuck me.”
Buck smirked and pressed your body against the wall, your hands wrapped around his shoulders and your legs tightened on his waist as he slid in slow. You took every single inch, no matter how many times you two were intimate it always hurt at first. The hilt of his member pushed against your entrance as he was fully in you, your pussy clenched around him and he grunted.
“You feel so perfect around my cock.”
Your moaned as he began to move his hips against your body, his cock slid in and out of you easily. Your lubricant was all you needed to pick up the speed, the noises of your slickness filled the room and motivated Bucky.
“You’re so light, I love picking you up just like this. Fucking you against the wall.”
The spaces between the words were full of grunts and moans as he continued to fuck you, you moaned and your head fell back and leaned against the wall. He fit perfect in you, his member grazed your g-spot with every single thrust making you break so easily.
“You’re gonna cum already aren’t you? Such a needy girl.”
You couldn’t form any sentences but the soft yes that left your lips was enough for him. His hands let go of your body and you clung onto him, his hands rested on the wall on the sides of your head and his speed increased. His thrusts were strong and they felt so good, the heat in your lower stomach was full and you were so close.
“Cum for me.”
His words were all you needed, you completely let go of control and he held you as your body went limp. Your screams filled the room and you tensed up, your first orgasm ripped through your body. Bucky watched your face and moaned with you, his eyes glanced down and watched his dick slide in and out of your body.
He walked to the bed and pushed your body down, your body fell and he climbed on you. He slid back in and hiked your legs up, making you cling onto his body for dear life. He fucked you rough and buried his face in the crook of your neck. He kissed and sucked on your collar bone as his hips began to falter.
“I’m close, cum with me when I say.”
He wrapped an arm underneath your back and pulled you closer to him, his sweaty body pressed against yours was all he needed to finally let go within a few thrusts.
You both moaned as you milked his cock, his warm seed filled you. Your walls were coated and your body was shaking and pussy tightening around him. His breath was shaky and he collapsed against you. Your bodies unstuck as he rolled over and left for a moment before returning with a warm wash cloth.
“You did so good.”
His hands rubbed your thighs and he cleaned up the seeping out mess, making sure to be careful with your sensitive bundle of nerves. After a few minutes he laid down with you, putting you onto his body.
“Can I ask you something?”
Bucky hummed in response as you traced shapes on his glistening skin.
“You like the size difference, don’t you?”
Buckys chest shook a little and he huffed out a small laugh, he rubbed your arms and nodded.
“To be honest, yes. I like picking you up, you’re so small to me.”
You understood him, you lived the size different too. It turned you on beyond anything, the way he could pick you up and throw you anywhere. You were so weak compared to him and you loved it.
“I like you picking me up, the wall was something new.”
You smiled as you began to replay the scene that just unfolded. The way he had your body pressed against the cool wall, how easily he could fucked you without even holding onto you.
“I’ll remember that.”
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thatgirlstrawberry · 24 days ago
I'm Thankful For...
In which Spencer and Y/N show each other what their thankful for
Spencer Reid x fem!reader
Warnings: smut!! Penetrative sex, lots of kissing, a little cursing, she kinda short tho...
Tumblr media
Spencer and Y/N were cleaning up after a big Thanksgiving dinner. They had the team over for the first time since they got together and Y/N and Spencer cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone's kids, spouses, and even Emily's cat was there.
"That was fun." Spencer called out while he was doing the dishes. Y/N was putting left over food into containers at the other side of the kitchen.
"It really was!" Y/N beamed. "We should do that more often." She told him, setting some containers in the fridge. Spemcer spun around after finishing the last of the dishes and walked over to Y/N, wrapping his long arms around her, resting his head on top of hers.
"The house is clean enough baby, let's go to bed." He whispered, kissing her cheek. Then under her ear and then her neck. Y/N but her lip and leaned her head back.
She laughed and turned her head up. "When you say go to bed, you mean..."
"Yeah, you know exactly what I mean." Spencer said, smiling into her neck. Y/N leaned her head back against his shoulder, the butterflies in her stomach storming around. "I love you so much."
Y/N bit her lip and spun around, wrapping her arms around his neck while standing on her toes. Spencer's hands traveled down from her waist to her hips. "I love you too." She whispered before kissing him slowly.
Spencer's knees grew weak. She always had this kind of effect on him. Y/N sighed into his mouth when she felt him squeeze her hips. His hands traveled up to her face and held her cheeks gingerly.
"Is it getting hot in here or what?" Y/N asked as she pulled away. She took Spencer's hands and backed up towards their room.
The doctor nodded and used one of his hands to pull at his tie. Y/N giggled as they entered the room and Spencer spun her around quickly, dragging his hands down her body and then up at the top of her back. He pulled the zipper on her dress down slowly, kissing her neck while doing so. Y/N sighed and bit her lip, feeling his warm hands down her back.
He slowly dragged the dress off of her arms and she let it fall to the ground, smiling and turning back around. "You... have a lot of clothing on still." She told him, pulling his tie all the way off. She unbuttoned his shirt, one button at a time. Spencer gulped and leaned down to kiss her.
The two stood there kissing and undressing the rest of the way. Once they made it onto the abnormally large bed Spencer held himself over her, keeping their lips joined.
Soft whines left Y/N's mouth as she felt Spencer's hands touch all over her bare body.
The doctor opened her legs and slid in between them, he pushed into her slowly, causing her to pull away from his lips and gasp. Her eyes squeezed closed and dug her nails into his biceps. Spencer smiled at her, watching how her lips parted.
"Move. Please." She whispered. He did as told and dipped his head in the space between her shoulder and top of her neck. His strokes continued to change pace which drove Y/N completely mad.
"You feel- oh, you feel so good." Spencer groaned. Y/N moaned in his ear and wrapped her legs around his waist.
"Oh, Spencer go faster!" She begged. Spencer did and kissed her lips.
"We were going around the table today..." Spencer grunted as he trusted into her. "Say what we were thankful for- oh God- and I was thinking about this. I was going to say you- you and your beautiful body." He told her.
Y/N moaned loudly, gripping Spencer's shoulders. "I'm so, so thankful for this. A-and you." She nodded, letting out breathy moans. "Fuck! And you. Definitely you."
Y/N opened her eyes and looked into Spencer's. "I'm so close, Spence. I'm so close." She told him.
"Me too." Spencer's thrusts began getting faster. Y/N's moans got louder. "Come for me, baby." He groaned in her ear.
And she did. She felt Spencer come inside of her too and he stopped thrusting, breathing heavily in her ear. As she was coming down from her high, she pushed hair out of her face.
"I'm really thankful for you." Spencer smiled down at her.
Y'all this was terrible and short but I was in a rush. Thanks for reading <3 love y'all ❤
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