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Chanterelle - By Clada

This piece has a particular special piece of nostalgia tied to it. As a child growing up in Wisconsin I did not see many snakes, except of course the garter snake during the spring and summer. I even had one as a pet for a time. They are beautiful docile creatures. Garter snakes emit a foul scent when threatened to act as a defense mechanism. Because of this they smell like death. Hence the Chanterelle mushrooms, beautiful and fiery orange a stark contrast to the cold palette of the grass and snakes. They seem as if they would be toxic but like the garter snake they are harmless.

Copied from my Deviant Art:

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Springtime Hognose. Done in colored pencils and a tiny bit of acrylics. Here is one of the limited edition 11x14 print. Only 40 will ever be made of this size.

Available here -

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