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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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#snake sign

Revered Witch Blood:

Aries: Babylonian

Taurus: Egyptian

Gemini: Greek

Cancer: Roman

Leo: Romanian

Virgo: Norse

Libra: Aztec

Scorpio: Incan

Sagittarius: DC Columbian

Capricorn: Hawaiian

Aquarius: Louisianian

Pisces: Haitian

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Ahhh, right, thank you so much!!

#so i followed that up with a google search#and im lowkey-highkey obsessed with harpies now#forever starved??? hello???#that makes for angsty fic content#im thinking shed get superwell along with medusas snakes#like theyd always be plotting behind medusas back#harpy (lets call her laryssa cause it reminds me of larynx and you need a strong larynx for loud bird noises)#side note: laryssa cant speak and communicates in sign language - which the snakes are even better at than medusa (a sore point for her shh#anyway harpy: *points at snacks in grocery aisle* (there are grocery aisles in ancient greece now)#snakes: *obediently swallow the snacks whole so they can gift them to laryssa later when medusa isnt watching*#medusa totally notices the sudden extra weight to her hair ofc#but who is she to deny her gf these expertly smuggled snacks#...(this has nothing to do with the picture but its so vivid in my head)#ahem#...(also clearly the pictures suggest a modern day au so the grocery aisle idea is totally valid)#anyway about the pic now:#medusa is obsessed with laryssas hair#and also her feathers#cause 'so soft' (her words not mine)#...(do you think medusa would purr... it would be cool if she could.. do snakes purr... no i know shes hissing comfortably!!)#anyway so shes obsessed with laryssas feathers#and so laryssa starts collecting the ones that fell out#and oh she uses them to build icarus wings#so they can fly together!!!!#and with this happy image#i leave you (and me)#man should i make this a fic?#...(i realised none of this was the 'angsty fic content' i advertised in the beginning omg)
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Seeing Link as a playable character on Mario kart is all kinds of wrong, and yet I’m completely obsessed

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Neon Medusa, 2020, digital color. Find more of my art on Instagram @nyssadoesart

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