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#snake zodiac

I just have read the fortune for my chinese zodiacal sign for the next year and, oh boy…

Oh boy…

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My Chinese Zodiac: Snake

My Star Sign: Pisces

Put them together… you get a…

Basilisk 🙃

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Glass universe (2017)

My Zodiac thesis/diploma work in 2017. 

Chinese snake zodiac:
Mythology story: Cobra, Ouroboros, Quetzlcoatlt, Susanoo, Apophis.
Constellation: Hydra.
Representation: Glass vase with snake ceramics.

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Revered Witch Blood:

Aries: Babylonian

Taurus: Egyptian

Gemini: Greek

Cancer: Roman

Leo: Romanian

Virgo: Norse

Libra: Aztec

Scorpio: Incan

Sagittarius: DC Columbian

Capricorn: Hawaiian

Aquarius: Louisianian

Pisces: Haitian

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In My Reality | Prologue

Hey, I was bored so I decided to start a fanfic series of the Tatsumi Brothers from Juuni Taisen. Yay

It’s a “Tatsumi Brother x Reader” story about how the Tatsumi Brothers enter the reader’s reality which kinda flips her world upside down.

So I just finished the prologue. If you guys like it or if I’m bored again, I’ll make the first chapter. (Click “Keep Reading” to read the story)


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Shit that aged poorly-


Calling myself out


See, this is why you rewatch beautiful shit! Because you notice stuff that you missed the first time!

Will I be using this as an excuse to keep rewatching Juuni Taisen?

Yes, yes… yes I will uwu

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