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Lucius: My dear, I’m afraid we cannot mansplain manipulate manwhore our way out of this.
Snape[pulls out knife]: Manslaughter it is.
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if you want blood, you got it
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Tumblr media
pairing: severus snape/reader
summary:  you're staying at hogwarts for the christmas break, and what better way to spend it? by being with your lover severus snape. but when mother nature goes its own way, how would severus react?
warnings: this oneshot includes the following: 1. depictions of the reader being on her period, 2. mensturation, 3. implications of fainting
rating: teen and up audiences
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ʚ♡ɞ taglist: @insomniacaesthetic @eternal-silvertongued-prince @sevsssnape  @mirarenwick @diamondbitch116​ @mamawolfsmith16​ @nickangel13​ @a-queen-and-her-throne​ @deepperplexity​​ @amazingzou​
word count:   5185
this oneshot can be found on archive of our own
author’s note: the title’s namesake is from the song if you want blood, you’ve got it by ac/dc
HELLO !! i am back again,, this fic was a request from my fave girly @insomniacaesthetic​​ who requested:  reader is a 7th year slytherin student going to snape’s office to request to be excused from classes due to cramps 😩 but hers are so severe she collapses in sevys arms. he takes good care of her the whole day since he has a soft spot for her (lots of cuddles, massages, and forehead kisses PLS) until she feels better.
very happy to be writing this request for my bestie !! i LOVE writing for her and if you come across this fic in the tags,,definitely check out her ao3 and her tumblr because she is so talented !!!
reblogs and likes are very much appreciated,, i hope you enjoy this oneshot
Tumblr media
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
being severus snape’s girlfriend seemed to be a dream impossible to come true but for an extremely bizarre reason, that seemed to be the only thing you wanted in life.
you found yourself head over heels for your potions professor in your 5th year, hoping that it was a silly school girl thought.
but the more you spent time with him, the more you realized that severus was the man you wanted to be with him.
severus however never really took notice of you until he saw all the things that made you different from the rest, but not the sort in a cheesy muggle movie.
you were undoubtedly different.
you felt more than happy to stay with him and found yourself sad when you had to leave him, but after reciting to yourself in the mirror several times, you plucked up the courage to at least let him know of your feelings for him.
you knew it was wrong.
he knew it was wrong.
no student or teacher could know of your relationship with him, it was obvious that this relationship you had with severus had to be kept between you both.
today however, was probably the best time for you two to be alone. a vast majority of students had gone home for the christmas break, from the slytherin house though you were the only one staying at hogwarts.
as severus entered the main hall to inspect who would be staying, his eyes immediately darted over to the slytherin table, you were sat there reading a book. he looked to see the students walking off to their dorms.
you looked up to see severus standing there in his usual fashion, his eyes switched to yours immediately and in an instant he managed to make a note on a nearby piece of paper you had left.
the perks of wandless magic.
he walked off, leaving you to your business but then your saw the piece of paper form words.
meet me in my private chambers. i have something for you.
yours lovingly
severus snape.
you couldn’t help but smile to yourself at the note. you had always known severus to have the cold and menacing demeanour but whenever he found himself alone with you, he was gentle.
something you had never seen before, it was almost as if he was a different person. you guess you took the weight off his shoulders when you were with him.
you grabbed your things and headed off to the one place you could always escape to. you went down the spiral stairs and to the dungeons where next to the potions class was severus’ chambers. a place you had often found yourself at.
you opened the door and closed it with out anyone witnessing you, you found severus at his desk for once he looked peaceful, reading a book that you suggested to him. “hello love.” severus greeted.
he put the book down and you let the opportunity sink in, you approached him and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips.
“you were supposed to be with your family.” severus said.
“change of plans, my family decided to go to america.” you replied back.
“without you?” severus asked.
you could only nod.
he had known bits and pieces of you, you were born in quite a large family. so you didn’t get all the attention you so needed. your siblings had taken up quite a lot of hogwarts’ time and your family’s so unfortunately you found the least time for them.
hogwarts was undoubtedly your save haven and the one place you could call home.
“we were supposed to go to london this christmas…i planned it all.” you said.
you weren’t crying? over a stupid outing were you?
you quickly turned away to wipe away your tears, trying to keep a strong face in front of severus, you hated being weak.
“love, i’ll always be here. now, i was about to brew some potions, would you do me the honour of joining me y/n?” severus offered as he took your hand and held it softly.
“why i would love to join you severus.” you said, giving him the opportunity to follow him into his personal potions room.
you hadn’t been there before, so you had been very eager to see what it had look like. the moment you stepped in, you knew it had been just how you expected.
vials of ingredients on the bookshelf, all neatly ordered, potions equipment all hung up neatly on the wall and a cauldron right at the end.
“it looks so beautiful severus.” you said.
severus didn’t say a thing, your kind words were enough to silence him with wonder. he hadn’t ever crossed paths with a student such as yourself and while he never showed it, he was lucky enough to have done so.
“i was stocking on calming draught, some students would need it most.” severus said, handing you  a roll of parchment that had the instructions on it.
as you helped him create the potion, you couldn’t help but wrap your hand on his upper arm, to which severus didn’t hold back a smirk to only you could see. it was almost ethereal to watch him at work, and you got to see it first hand, not with other students such as yourself.
as you slowly let go, you brought to vials to severus so he could fill them all up. you put them in vial holder and with a wave of his wand, the cauldron was cleaned and put in its rightful place.
“i was hoping you’d stay here, you seem to enjoy my company.” severus said.
“obviously, and besides i love being here…with you.” you said, the words made severus almost speechless, other than you there was no student who would be willing to spend time with him.
except his slytherins of course.
you and severus sat by the lit up fireplace, you picked up a book that you were very quickly immersed in upon the first page.
he was sat on the armchair while you were sat on the dull patterned carpet, severus looked at how invested you were, but it looked like you needed a much more comfortable sitting place.
you looked up at severus and gave him a small smile, he took out his hand and you gently held it before he helped you up and let you sit on his lap.
“what are you reading love?” he asked.
you showed him a non fiction book that you picked up, which left him a little bit shocked, it had nothing to do with wizardry or potions, how did that end up on his bookshelf?
must have been one of his first years who forgot it.
your time with severus was quite peaceful, rarely disturbed and you could actually get on with some work when you had the chance.
but you felt off…
a tinge of pain hit your lower abdomen, you winced slightly as your hand went to your stomach. as that easily caught severus’ attention, he looked to you with a hint of worry.
“are you okay y/n?” severus asked.
now you couldn’t decide what to say, how were you supposed to explain such a personal process to severus?
“i’m fine severus.” you answered.
“are you sure?”
it didn’t hurt for him to ask, after all; severus would so anything to keep you safe and well.
“yes…can you give me a moment?” you said.
he didn’t refuse, you got off from him and went to the bathroom, as you had done so, you noticed a trail of blood down your leg, which sent your heart racing. your eyes widened as you panicked at the situation you found yourself in.
“sev!” you called whilst at the door. severus heard your call and approached the bathroom door but before he could open it, he heard the door lock.
“y/n, you’ve been gone for a while, are you sure everything is okay?” severus asked.
“yes i’m fine, i just…i need you to do something.” you answered.
“and what would that be?”
“i need you to go to my dorm.”
“yes. my dorm.”
severus wouldn’t ever go into the slytherin common room unless it was something essential, whether it be to make an announcement to the house or to have meetings with his students. why would he go there?
“is there something important in your dorm?”
well, that made things worse for the potions master…he had to go to your dorm.
“yes! i need you to get everything from the last drawer.”
rather specific of you to say, he felt as if he was trying to navigate himself through some sort of muggle game.
how many quests did he have to fulfil this time?
“the last drawer?”
“do i sound like a parrot to you?”
severus said nothing.
“oh and once you do, transfigure it into anything…anything but rats! i hate rats!”
transfigure? was it really that bad?
“be careful love.”
“yes okay, love you, now hurry up! please.”
severus sighed as he finished your conversation from the other side of the bathroom door, what could be important in the last drawer that you needed so desperately? he hoped you were okay, he was lucky to even be roaming around the slytherin common room whilst it was empty.
he found the dorm with the sign that you happened to make yourself, he opened the door and had a look around the room.
the first thing that came to mind was your wardrobe, severus knew that you couldn’t be roaming around school in your uniform, he picked out what looked to be some comfortable clothes for you and placed them to the ground.
after, he went to the last drawer, opening it up, he saw products that he hadn’t seen before. not that he didn’t feel embarrassed picking those sort of things up, however he couldn’t decide on which one to choose from. furrowing his brows, he picked up all of them and placed them by your clothes.
waving his wand, they transfigured into 2 cats; he left your dorm and the now transfigured cats followed him to his chambers.
once he arrived to his chamber, severus knocked on the bathroom door and left the cats on the step. when you opened the door, the 2 cats scurried in and slowly reversed back into inanimate objects; how did he know to even get you spare clothes?
he must have taken initiative, you then looked over to the boxes of pads all in varying sizes, he definitely couldn’t decide which one to choose from.
you couldn’t help but smile to yourself at how thoughtful he was, sure it was something as little as collecting something for you but you were grateful nonetheless.
once you had completed sorting yourself out, you saw severus at his desk idly marking assignments. and so you skipped along to him and hugged him from behind, you saw him smile to himself as he brought his free hand to yours.
“did you know that a kiss stimulates 29 muscles and chemicals that cause relaxation.” you said.
“have you been too immersed in that book?” he asked, but before he could even answer, the potions master was peppered in small quick kisses all over his cheek.
to say he wasn’t flustered was undoubtedly an understatement.
“what are you doing love?” he asked.
“stimulating my muscles.” you replied back with a giggle.
severus sighed softly to himself as he shifted to get a full glance at you and kissed you back.
“you should get some rest, its getting late.” severus suggested.
“can you come with me to bed…please?” you pleaded, giving him your best puppy dog eyes. severus couldn’t resist the look you gave him as he then got up and headed to the bedroom to pick out his pyjamas.
you smiled to yourself knowing you’d be in bed with him. you arrived just as he finished putting on his pyjamas, he slipped into the duvets and soon you joined him after. you found yourself instantly hit with a wave of exhaustion as you rested your head on severus’ chest and your hands wrapped around his middle.
you closed your eyes and fell asleep in the arms of your lover. severus had been reading a book to keep his mind away from the realities of being a potions professor, but was soon interrupted to you shooting up from his arms, completely out of breath.
“y/n? is everything okay?” severus asked, his brows furrowing with worry as you panted completely out of breath
“did you know that twelve percent of people dream in black and white?” you managed to utter out.
confusion was all severus could muster.
“you’re not getting a fever are you?” he asked placing his hand on your forehead, to check if you were showing any signs a sickness.
“well no but…did you know that?” you asked.
“know what?” he replied.
you rolled your eyes, and sighed.
“that twelve percent of people dream in black and white.” you repeated.
now coming to think of it, he didn’t know that. but now wasn’t the time to worry about whether he dreamed in  black and white or technicolour.
“love go back to sleep, you must be exhausted.” he said.
you pouted and rested your head back on severus’ chest. as you had done so, you couldn’t help but think of how you had weeks off from school, weeks with your lover that you couldn’t wait to cherish.
꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ
the morning had arrived much quicker than anticipated. awakened by the wave of cold air that bestowed upon you, you slowly felt you eyes open
you looked over to the other side of the bed and assumed severus woke up before you, to which you assumed correctly.
you were never an early bird, if handed the opportunity to sleep in then you would take it.
but something prompted you to wake up at what looked to be 7:30 in the morning, then the worst happened, as you were about to get yourself dress you felt like you were drowning in something, you hands quickly pressed to your stomach as your eyes widened slightly.
the moment you looked over to the position where you laid, there was a red spot…
it looked like mother nature really wasn’t on your side today.
you grimaced to yourself as you slumped back into bed with the duvets over you.
“y/n…i brought you breakfast.” severus called, with the tray of breakfast in his hand he saw the duvets still over your body.
he put the tray to one side, slowly pulling the covers off and peppering your cheek with kisses.
you squirmed, trying your hardest not to laugh too hard before shifting to meet his eyes.
“sev…no offense or anything…but get off me.” you said with conviction.
severus’ brows furrowed, until he got his hands off you. your expressions very much had him puzzled, and your movements also.
“wait, no.” you muttered, immediately taking his hand back into your own.
it looked as if you didn’t want to get up from the bed, “love…is everything okay?” he asked.
“i’m fine, everything is great.” you replied back, your patience had been slowly dwindling.
“are you sure? do you need anything?” he asked again.
“no, no…i’m completely fine.” you said. severus had noticed you looked like you needed to be left alone, “i love you…do you know that?” severus assured.
“i love you too.” you said. you gave him a small smile before you watched him walk off.
as the door closed, you looked over to the breakfast and picked up the slices of toast. you were almost glad the breakfast was light, your appetite seemed to fade away with your patience.
the 2 slices of toast was just about as much as you could take, once you finished you got up only to realize….you instantly clutched at your stomach feeling the instant rush of pain from those awful cramps.
next thing you knew, you were instantly at the bathroom with the door slammed, you needed to get the pads, but all of a sudden you almost found yourself to dizzy to even try to grasp the box.
but once you reached the counter filled with products, you dropped.
that was the last thing that happened.
꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ
he had been sorting his potions shelf for quite a long time, he almost had the potions aligned perfectly until he heard a huge thump from the other side of his chambers.
his brows furrowed and looked to the closed door, instantly rushing to open it and the to the bathroom door. “alohomora.” he said as he grabbed his wand and waved it to the now locked door.
as he opened the door, his eyes widened at the scene at hand. the items off the worktop and you were on the floor, and there was blood?
he panicked, your entire lower half of your body had been filled with patches of blood. he hadn’t been aware of any wizard activity, definitely not around in his chambers.
he most certainly couldn’t bring you to the hospital wing at this point, he knew you had plans to stay with him at hogwarts during christmas and if anyone had known that you were bleeding (quite heavily much to his concern) questions would be raised and his job, at risk.
he was almost lucky enough to find a pulse, thank merlin you weren’t dead.
“s…sev.” you murmured.
“y/n! merlin you’re awake.” he quipped up concerned that you had been bleeding heavily.
“who did this to you?” he asked.
you felt too warm.
the sweat began to drop, your body began to tighten like a knot.
“was there someone here?”
then the pain. that torturous pain rushing to your stomach.
“i’m…i’m on the period.” you revealed.
that was when the penny dropped.
severus blinked. periods? he’d almost forgotten how he had to deal with draco whinging about how pansy parkinson had to deal with excruciating cramps and the boy would do everything to help her, but at a cost.
“i’m sorry, i should have told you.” you muttered.
“darling you have no reason to apologize for such circumstances.” he said.
then another gush of pain hit you. you winced which caused severus to hold you closer to him.
“how about a bath…a nice warm bath, perhaps that could help.” severus suggested.
you only nodded, his grip tightening at the pain you’d felt.
“sev, the mess.” you whimpered.
“i’ll take care of it sweetheart.” he answered, kissing your forehead.
“could you allow me to remove your clothes?” severus asked, you nodded, perhaps a warm bath was just what you needed.
you allowed him to remove your clothing, and with a wave of his wand, the bath tap switched on and filled the bath, whilst that was going; severus had taken off each piece of clothing one by one, putting it to one side and putting your now cold body into the bath. as he was about to get somethings for you, you looked up to him in panic fearing that you’d be left alone.
“please stay.” you whimpered.
“of course love, i will.” he said. severus hung up his cloak, unbuttoning the sleeves of his dress cloak and rolling them up.
his hands at your hair after grabbing your favourite shampoo and massaging it into your scalp. you tilted your head back as your mind and body slowly relaxed in severus’ grasp. you had been quite stressed out the last few days, especially after your family left for america this christmas. so your period couldn’t have come at a better time.
as he was massaging the shampoo into your scalp, he noticed that your eyes had been battling sleep.
“would you like me to go for a bit love? so you can get yourself sorted?” severus offered. despite the bath being to your usual standards, he noticed that you look like you needed some time to yourself.
you nodded, “could you get me some spare clothes?” you asked.
“of course y/n.” severus replied.
much to his surprise, severus had been quite a patient man whenever he found himself with you. you seemed to have taken the edges off of his daunting and foreboding personality.
he was almost fortunate that he had you in his life. much like he did with another pair of eyes.
severus went over and grabbed another combination of clothing for you and placed the folded clothes neatly on the basket.
you thanked him before you let him go back to his usual routine. once severus closed the door, you found yourself closing your eyes at the hot water surrounding your body filled with pain.
you wanted to sleep, you could almost fall into a deep sleep at this moment, but you knew your cramps wasn’t going to let you do so.
after you found yourself a spark of energy, you cleansed off your body and let the blood go down the drain. you dried your body off with a towel and used your pads before getting into the clothes that severus got for you. you looked into the mirror, bringing the towel to your hair and drying it. you hadn’t given any attention to your appearance, but the further you looked into it, the more you got worried.
you left the bathroom and went to collect a hot water bottle, but you saw that red stain from earlier this morning, that would be a nightmare for either of you to clean out, before you could even think of getting any form of stain remover, severus had come in to check on you and saw your worried face upon seeing the leak.
he waved his wand and in an instant, the red spot had disappeared. you smiled awkwardly to severus as you found yourself crying once you sat at the edge of the bed.
“y/n? love what’s the matter?” severus asked.
your tears instantly dropped to your clothing, trying to conjure up a reason to why you would be so upset, but nothing came to mind.
“i feel silly.” you mumbled.
“love, this shouldn’t be something to feel guilty for…why didn’t you tell me this sooner?” he asked worriedly.
“i don’t talk about this stuff…not to anyone, i’m scared.” you answered.
“scared of what sweetheart?” he asked again.
“people...they’ll make fun of me.” you answered.
severus sat beside you and took your hand into his own but was instantly swatted away, but then you instantly regretted it and brought his hands to yours, squeezing them a little bit tighter than usual but severus didn’t seem to mind.
“you know that i’m not just anyone. y/n, you shouldn’t be ashamed of such a process. and frankly, i couldn’t be more proud of you…for coping with such things.” severus reassured, his thumbs stroking over your hands softly.
“you’re proud of me for doing the bare minimum.” you couldn’t help but laugh to yourself, severus couldn’t help but form a small smile at your laugh. to say that he was drawn to you was an understatement, you were wrapped around his fingers and couldn’t help but be more emotional than he usually would.
“love, i’m proud of you for being you.” he said. your tears began to flood and severus was quick to wipe away your tears and press kisses all over your forehead.
“come on my dear. there’s a muggle movie with your name on it with that tea you like, what do you say?” severus offered to you.
“now that is the perfect way to spend my christmas at hogwarts.” you replied, you both slowly got up and lead you out to his chambers.
“you never told me you watched movies.” you perked the courage to say.
severus then tapped into a small part of the wall and suddenly an old television had appeared, underneath a vcr tape player, that instantly turned on.
“vcr? god you’re so old sev.” you muttered playfully, severus took no offense to that.
“its what i grew up with. well, rather my mother.” he said.
it was truly perfect, severus was truly perfect to you.
you and severus always wanted this relationship between the two of you, and it was moments like that, you cherished so deeply.
you picked up a movie that you were familiar with and put the tape into the player, then sitting down on the small sofa that separated the chambers that severus had lived in.
“sev...hurry up, the movies started!” you whined, severus held back a small laugh and arrived by your side, he placed a tray beside you and then handed you the hot water bottle that you picked up from your bedroom.
severus then sat down, instantly giving you the opportunity to scoot slowly and lay down on severus’ chest.
as you both watched the movie, you could feel severus’ fingers in your hair slowly stroking at the strands, while his other hand was at your waist. you both sipped at your tea as you both watched the movie.
nothing but the noises of the movie surrounded you, you could take staying at hogwarts with severus any day. you loved being with severus, your mind drifted into the moments where you were alone with severus in class. having idle conversations and helping you with potions where it seemed fitting. those were the perfect days for you.
the more your mind drifted, the heavier your eyes were becoming. severus could sense you trying to fall asleep and in an instant, he waved his wand with his spare hand and whisked a blanket and pillow.
now that you could get some sleep even if it was on the sofa, you could only hope that today couldn’t get any worse.
꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ
you woke up in an absolute panic.
the movie was over, but where was severus? you didn’t want to get up, and then that pain hit you the moment you attempted to move.
and there you sat, completely helpless. the worst part about periods was the pain, it was undoubtedly a nightmare come true.
you let out small sobs, which brought your lover’s attention. “y/n? sweetheart is your body aching…again?” he asked.
“everything hurts sev.” you whimpered. severus shot up and went to his shelves filled with potions, he knew that you needed one specific potion that would help ease all of these symptoms you were feeling.
“y/n, here! drink this.” severus said with the potion at hand.
when you attempted to try and reach for the vial, your hands didn’t stop trembling in the slightest. this made severus instantly take hold of your hands.
“can you tilt your head back and open your mouth?” severus asked. you nodded and did exactly as told.
opening the vial, he left a few drops in your mouth and once you swallowed the bizarre flavours that was severus’ potion, you found your self slowly calming down, the pain in your body not as severe as usual, the stomach cramps eased slowly and you found yourself slightly relaxed than usual.
“do you feel better?” he asked. you simply nodded.
you slumped into his arms as you just wanted these few days to simply go away and cease to exist.
you laid in his grasp, whinging over how everything has gone downhill because of this period.
“still hurts.” you murmured.
“what still hurts dear?” severus asked.
“cramps.” you answered, putting in little to no effort in your responses.
severus had thought of everything he could possibly do, even then you still felt pain.
“would you like a massage?” severus offered.
you perked up at his suggestion, you nodded at his request. his hand slowly rubbing at you’re your lower stomach, and with that you found yourself slowly getting better. your tense body was now at ease, from all the womanly pains you had to endure…for the time being.
“you must enjoy me looking after you hm?” severus said.
your cheeks seemed to heat up at those words, nodding at his question. severus didn’t seem to mind, he loved to look after you, whether it was a minor inconvenience or a severe event, he would always help you out whenever you wished.
“feeling any better love?” severus asked.
“yeah. a little bit.” you replied.
severus then put his legs up on the sofa with you scooting once more to his chest and laying there as his hands comforted your body.
“sev, you won’t leave me right?” you asked. severus looked down to you with his brows furrowed.
“why on earth would you ever think of such a thing? of course not.” he replied.
“i know you won’t, but sometimes…sometimes i feel like there’s going to be something or someone that will split us apart.” you admitted.
you knew what you were signing up for and the feelings of getting caught always seemed to linger in both your minds, but as long as you made severus happy and he made you happy; you were inseparable.
alongside your fears of abandonment and loneliness, it was not foreign of you to ask severus of such things, especially when you had a rough day. you looked up at him wanting an answer from him, even though you knew well what the response would be.
“you mean so much to me love. all the days where you are at my classroom, when we’re alone and you tell me about your day. do you know how much i love that?” he said.
“you must like it a lot.” you said and to which he agreed.
“i love you y/n. and you only.” severus said.
“i love you too sev.” you replied back, severus pressed a kiss to your forehead before you laid back down on his chest, his heart beating slowly as you found yourself closing your eyes once more.
“when all of this is over…come and live with me.” severus said.
that seemed to get your attention. “okay.” you murmured.
“that’s it? just yes. no convincing.” severus asked.
“i’ll be here wherever you go sev.” you answered.
“love…is that the potion talking?” he asked again.
this made you giggle slightly and you shook your head. “no really…i’d love to move in with you, when i leave hogwarts.” you said.
severus’ lips perked to a small smile. but then his mind seemed to linger, would he want to take you somewhere as miserable as spinners end?
you looked over to him and you could instantly read him, he looked worried.
“we’ll figure it out sev…together.” you said.
you were right, you’d work it out soon. but his attention quickly landed on you when you whinced slightly.
“now…i can’t seem to leave my girl famished in his hour, what do you say to a spot of dinner?” severus offered.
“that seems like a lovely idea severus.” you said, sitting up and pressing a kiss to his lips.
it was in that moment where you realized…
perhaps the break won’t be that bad after all.
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Tumblr media
Severus Snape looks for Mr. Pottah in the Forbidden Forest in OotP, to no avail 🤣.  
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't forget.
You're mine, Severus.
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Young Professor Snape
Used @hbprincealice awesome edit as a base
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Snape is a secret animal lover. that's all
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Tumblr media
Not my gif, creds to original owners
December’s Kiss
An: Happy 1yr anniversary to my Tumblr 🥰! You guys I’m excited for this oneeeee. I was thinking of doing a part two of my Christmas story from last year, but decided to start new… enjoy!
Oh and Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays if you don’t celebrate that, of course! ❤️💚🤍
Pairings: Severus Snape x reader
Words: 1.7k
Tumblr media
“Professor L/n, Professor Snape, look!” A student called out to you two.
The two of you raised an identical eyebrow before listening to the young man and following where his finger was pointing. Although when you did so, you’d regretted it immediately.
“It’s a mistletoe!” Another student, Halle, apprised.
Severus rolled his eyes, “I think we’re aware, Miss Blye.”
She wasn’t phased by his sardonic behavior unlike most of her classmates. “That means you have to kiss.”
Yet again, a glare was sent her way from Severus while you’d found it funny. She often reminded you of your younger Gryffindor student - Hermione was her name, and just like her, they both often directed the attention to the wrong things. Severus couldn’t stand the poor girl, however, she happened to be one of your better students.
“No, thank you. I’d rather my lips not shrivel up and fall off, Miss Blye.” You teased her, but you’d put a bit of truth behind it.
Now Severus’ attention was directed towards you, “And who’s to say the same can’t be said about you?”
You held a smirk, one that could challenge his own, and snickered, “I don’t care either way, but usually people prefer their first kiss to be with someone they like.”
“You’ve never kissed anyone before, L/n?” He jested right back at you, your choice of words aiding his insult.
“I meant you.” You sneered.
Your students didn’t seem to care about your conversation, but if it got them out of finishing up their assignments, then they’d listen. That still didn’t stop them from asking if you were going to follow through with the mistletoe.
Your joint response was no, with no further questions being able to get asked.
Class had been dismissed with neither you nor Severus paying much attention to each other after the fact, and you’d both packed up quietly as the last student left.
When the door was shut closed, you looked towards Severus, “Think you’re funny, do you?”
“No idea what you mean.” He answered. He finished stacking the loose papers on his desk before gesturing you to the door, “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” He tried his best to hold in the proud simper that was threatening to show.
“Sod off, Snape.” You shot his way on your way out.
The door was barely closed when he said, “After you.”
You’d made your way to the dining hall for dinner while Severus had chosen a different direction. You didn’t care, as long as he was away from you and out of your sight. The only thing on your mind, anyway, was the delicious feast that was waiting on you.
Somehow, though, you and Severus had reached the large doors at the same time, something that confused the both of you. Nothing was said as you tried opening the doors before he could… yet you couldn’t move from your spot.
“What the hell…” You mumbled. You tried again, to no avail. “Why can’t I bloody move!” You exasperated. It was rather aggravating considering you could smell the delicious food on the other side of the door.
A loud sigh was heard next to you, forcing your gaze on the loathsome man, “Move out of the way, L/n.” Severus advised. Then he tried… and just like you, his attempt to move had been futile. “What in Merlin’s beard…” he mumbled angrily.
“Why would you try it if it hadn’t worked for me?” You frowned in confusion.
“I was hoping for a result other than what yours had been.” He admitted.
That’d made no sense, “Like what?”
“Like being able to walk into the dining hall.” He’d remarked as if it should’ve been obvious to you.
The two of you couldn’t deepen your rising argument before two, distinct voices were heard speaking to you. “Hello, Professors!” You were greeted.
“Seems that you’ve found yourselves caught in our newest spell.” Fred started.
George continued, “I’m sure you two know the only way out of it.”
A muddled stare was sent their way.
Their eyes followed up to right above where you and Severus were standing. Immediately, your faces fell at the realization of what they were eluding to.
“You’re the reasons all of these mistletoe are hanging everywhere?” Severus wondered aloud. “Take them down!” He demanded.
The boys shared a cheeky smile, “Can’t, Professor.” Fred spoke.
George nodded along with his brother as they moved around you two, “The only way out of it, is to kiss.” And with that, they’d disappeared into the great hall.
You stood there for a second, both silent, until the gears in your heads started to turn. At once, either of you had drawn your wands and tried to fire off a few simple spells that could counter the charmed mistletoe. Surprisingly to Severus, none of them had worked; you knew better than to be nonplussed.
Fred and George had always been talented wizards and when it came to how they created spells or pulled pranks, that was no different. You’d found yourself on both ends of their jokes one too many times to think otherwise. You knew better. Which was why you knew exactly what you were going to have to do.
“We’re going to have to kiss.” You interrupted his musing.
That’d brought him completely out of them, “Excuse me?”
His surprised response caused you to look towards the ceiling in annoyance. “You know, just as well as I do, that there is no other way out of this. Fred and George are too skillful and if they’ve thought of this possibility, the only way to get out of this is to listen to them.”
He looked at you as if you’d grown two heads, a third arm, and had started speaking a language he wasn’t familiar with. His thoughts were nearly presented in front of you with how hard he was thinking. His eyes had shown that he was done pondering, though.
You were going to try and convince him further, your stomach grumbling had started to bother you, but he’d already taken the initiative.
Severus’ lips connected with yours in a way neither of you expected. It was like two puzzle pieces connecting in an unfamiliar way - one that worked. It’d warmed you while at the same time confused you. But you hadn’t had time to dwell on it when you found yourself being pulled closer to Severus’ body. Forgetting where the two of you were, you’d found yourself breaking free from the one spot you’d previously been stuck in.
Your back was being pushed on the doors that you’d been trying to go through earlier, but you’d ignored it. Your hands found the back of his neck while one of his traveled down to hold your waist, with the other cradling your cheek. It’d felt like one of the longest kisses you’d ever had, but it was so, so pleasant and oddly passionate that you couldn’t find yourself caring.
Prior to being able to pull him impossibly nearer, you’d both found yourself leaning back as the once stable doors had suddenly started to quickly open.
In an instant, the two of you were met with the stunned faces of everyone in the dining hall. Your students had a mixture of astonished, disgusted, and snickering expressions. The professors table, on the other hand, held looks of knowing and ‘about time’ displayed on their faces.
You’d let go of Severus as he’d done the same, except for the hand that was resting on your lower back. It would have been comforting if not for the fact that you were embarrassed at being caught. You’d started to feel like the students that you’d sometimes discover in an empty classroom together. You wanted the attention off of you and quickly.
Had it not been for Dumbledore, everyone would still be frozen in their spots, looking at you. Instead, their attention was on the man who had tapped his goblet in a manner that caused every open ear to listen. Thankfully, you were able to get to your seats afterwards.
Everybody had gone back to either eating or engaging in their conversations with the other after Albus sat back down. Although, Minerva had shared an appreciative look with you before mouthing, ‘Took you long enough.’
You ignored that and merrily ate your food. Tried would be more like it. It would have been easy to do so if it wasn’t for the fact that Severus had continued to glance at you from time to time. You knew he wanted to speak about what had happened, however, you weren’t too thrilled to do so where there were a plethora of listening ears and a meddling Minerva.
“Yes, Severus?” You whispered, finally connecting your eyes with his.
He discreetly leaned closer to you, “We need to talk later.”
Nodding along to his words, “Alright,” you agreed. “Just bring some hot cocoa and marshmallows, and we have a deal.”
His face scrunched up in mild disgust, “I don’t like marshmallows in my hot chocolate, Y/n.” He admitted.
Your look of bewilderment nearly made him chuckle. You shook your head in disbelief, “You don’t like marshmallows in your hot chocolate? Why do you hate love!” You dramatically expressed.
That time, he couldn’t hold the snigger that came out of his mouth, “I prefer Firewhiskey.”
“You can’t put alcohol in hot chocolate…” You admonished.
“According to who?” Minerva chimed in.
You raised an eyebrow at her interruption and Severus leaned forward so she could see he wasn’t impressed by her interference either. She blushed at showing that she had been listening and turned back to talk with Albus.
Shaking your head with a small giggle, “We’re putting marshmallows in our hot cocoa.” You insisted.
But that had amused him, “Says who?”
“Me.” You pointed to yourself smugly.
Your shrug that followed up had also been funny to him, “And what if I don’t want to?” He wondered.
You tapped your chin in faux thought while looking up at the ceiling. You stayed silent for a moment longer then responded with, “Then I guess you won’t be drinking hot cocoa with me.”
“Bossy.” Severus threw at you.
You laughed, “You’ll learn to like it.” You promised. You were satisfied with his nod of agreement.
I know this was short, but I hope you liked it! Like I said in this, I’ll be back to posting regularly (soon) and since I’ve fallen out of it, I have to get comfortable with it again - hence the short fic <3
Tumblr media
Tags: @a-queen-and-her-throne, @thethotthatbreathes, @starryeddie, @once-upon-an-imagine, @resplendentlady
(If you want to be removed from/added to my tags, let me know!)
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alacrity100 · a month ago
Lol, I don't know why people think that Snape being Neville's biggest fear even though Bellatrix Lestrange had tortured his parents is horrible . They're either being purposefully foolish or haven't read the books properly.
Here's the definition of a Boggart (according to Hermione Granger anyway):
"It's a shape-shifter," she said. "It can take the shape of whatever it thinks will frighten us most."
If we take Hermione at her word, it doesn't reveal your darkest fear. A Boggart only knows what's on the surface of your mind. And Neville was thinking about Snape because of what had happened during Potions (though it's certainly possible that he'd always been afraid of him).
Look at Ron, for instance. His Boggart was a spider, even though his sister had nearly died last year. Does that make him a bad person?
No, because it might not have been a reflection of the thing his mind is absolutely terrified of.
This isn't to say that a Boggart can't reveal your true fears, though. Molly Weasley saw her family as dead (but given that Voldemort had returned, it was probably on the top of her mind all the time and the Boggart picked up on it).
Anyway, Bellatrix had been absent from Neville's life since then. It's not even clear whether he has any recollection of the incident.
If he'd met her again, his Boggart would've most probably been her.
And before anyone tries to put words in my mouth:
No, I'm not claiming that Snape should've bullied Neville or that he shouldn't have treated him better.
It's just to clear up a misconception.
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wingardiumhogwartsosa · 9 months ago
Snape : Umbridge, do you think this filthy cat is cute? *holding a cat*
Umbridge : Merlin! Adorable! Can i have that, Snape?
Snape : With pleasure *giving the cat to umbridge*
Snape : Have fun! *closing umbridge’s office door*
McGonagall : *casually scratching umbridge’s face*
Umbridge : AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
McGonagall : *casually shitting everywhere and walk out the door*
Snape : How was it?
McGonagall : *transforming back to human form* We should do it again sometime
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serpentsstuff · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
!Evil Snape!
My friend gave me an interesting idea, which I tried to combine with art request.
Imagine, Snape never loved Lily, he never was bullied by James. All his memories were just beautiful lies, created by one of the most gifted legiliments of all time. And now, the Battle of Hogwarts is over, the Dark Lord is defeated. And here he is, standing in the corner of the ruined castle, looking at everyone with a caustic grin. The Potter boy did a great job doing all the dirty work for him.
He. Planned. Everything.
Sorry for my bad English, I tried really hard
Big thanks to @echoofawind for art request
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lilkrabss · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I decided there wasn’t enough snape with loving looks for some of the fanfics I read/write so I’m going to be making my own lol. I used a photo of Alan out of costume for the pose. Let me know if any of you would like to use my image here or if you’d like to request one. Thanks for looking 🖤🥸🖤
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zealouspickleeggdragon · a month ago
Snape: I hate this song.
Dumbledore: Well, you have to admit it’s catchy.
Snape: The bubonic plague was catchy, that does not mean it is good. You remember the plague don’t you?
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hamaigad · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
One cheap Sneme cause I have nothing to do
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halfheartedprince · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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snake-queen7 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
•Potion Boy•
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severusstuff · a month ago
Tumblr media
Baby boy baby
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robynngaeblack · 2 months ago
headcanon Snape starting his own fight club in Hogwarts and its not where kids come and fight each other for money, no.
it's a place where Snape is seriously teaching them to fight with no magic and wands.
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mrssnivellussnape · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
NOT my gif, creds to original owners
Scared, Severus?
Requested by Anon: ‘Heyyy, first off I just wanted to say how amazing I think your work is, I practically read everything you post, and I’m just in love with all of your smut content 😍🥵; However can I please request a lil fluffy scene where Severus Snape and his apprentice are brewing a batch of amortentia and Snape refuses to smell it, knowing it’ll confirm he is in love with her. Just generally fluffy content and funny banter between them please 🥰 Add anything extra you’d like, I just need to see this interaction!’
An: Sure! Let’s do it 😂🥰! This was more difficult than I though it would be but eventually it started to flow :)! Enjoy ❤️❤️❤️!
Pairings: Severus Snape x Reader
Words: 5.7k
Warnings: sexual tension that doesn’t get acted upon
“Afternoon, Severus.” You greeted, sending him an offered smile. He returned it with a grunt that amused you, “That kind of day, huh?”
He looked up at you from where he was grading the papers from the previous week, “Even on the weekends, these petulant children still seem to find a reason to bother me.” Shaking his head, he set his quill down to stand and properly face you.
“Exactly how have they disturbed you so?” You questioned and followed him to the back of the classroom.
He didn’t answer right away, instead he chose to lay the materials out for the current potion you two would be brewing. He meticulously placed each item in an order from what you’d be using first to last, to how important it was (which in Severus’ opinion, every step was important and each one mattered on its own).
After making sure everything was to his liking he walked over to his storage cupboard, still not having said a word, and got one of his most used cauldrons. He placed a matching one down for you - not one as nice as his, but it would still get the job finished - and finally turned to look at you. “Not only have two of them bumped into me, but they chose to be obstreperous in the corridors. They have a common room for a reason.”
“Honestly, Severus,” you chuckled. “They’re children, they’re supposed to be exuberant.”
He scoffed, “I did not say exuberant, I said obstreperous.”
“Just because you say the word in a more polished manner doesn’t mean the meaning isn’t the same. Boisterous, uproarious, disorderly; whichever way you flip it, it’s all the same.” You shrugged.
“Forgive me, but it sounds like you’re making excuses for them.” He raised that signature brow.
“Well,” you mumbled. “They’re children, Severus. What do you want them to be? Quiet, to themselves, and obedient?”
He sent you a look that suggested that that was exactly how he wanted them to be, “At the very least they could learn to be acquiescent.” He complained.
“Why are you using these big words?” You frowned. “Finally opened that thesaurus Anders got you for Professor Appreciation Day?”
He smirked at your teasing, “As if I’d use something as appalling as that.”
“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to broaden your vocabulary. That is how we learn after all.” You slightly hit his shoulder, earning a soft chuckle from him.
He nodded in what you considered agreement, until he spoke and said, “Yes, well I’m sure you’d think that.”
“Sod off, will you.” You laughed. You watched as he rolled up his sleeves, even though neither piece of the material moved out of the way, and prepared himself to begin the process of brewing.
You noted the obvious ingredients: Ashwinder egg, rose thorn, peppermint, powered moonstone, pearl dust. Your eyes scanned over each one, studying them before your gaze peered up to Severus’ and you two locked eyes. You chose to take a turn and raise your eyebrow now.
“Amortentia?” You questioned. He nodded and you continued, “Finally found the one, eh, Severus?”
“My apologies, I think I’ve forgotten just how funny you are.” He dryly remarked, though, you could tell he was amused. “Are you ready to begin?” At the tilt of your head, you two began the mixture.
The room was quiet, both of you focusing solely on the concoction - it couldn’t be messed up and one wrong move meant you two had to start over. You two worked well together, one person at their cauldron, the other at theirs, but with Severus moving from one to the other. No matter how much you assured him you no longer needed help (because apparently one potion spill was enough to justify Severus hovering over you constantly), he still found a way to help you.
Oddly enough, he was always finding ways to aid you. Whether it was with a problem you were dealing with - something Severus didn’t help anyone else with, or in assisting him with different variables in a potion or spell. He was rather generous with you as well, he never seemed to mind whenever you bothered him, despite him being in a sour mood majority of the time. It felt nice for the moody Professor, who rarely showed anyone an emotion other than annoyance or irritation, to have a noticeable soft spot for you.
You weren’t the only one to point it out. Both Minerva and Albus had commented on it, and you’d heard the students murmur rumors about Severus being attracted to you. They were always followed up by a nasty comment or a disbelieving remark, ones that were more than unnecessary.
Maybe you had noticed it, it was kind of hard not to. Severus tried to hide it, but his expressions softening when you came around, the way his eyes found yours and would consistently stay on you. How the subtle brush of his fingertips against your side in passing always seemed to send butterflies through your stomach, and a faint blush upon the stoic man’s cheek. There were small signs that allowed his fondness of you to show and you always made sure to pay attention to them.
“I’d suggest you not do that quite yet,” Severus’ voice broke through your dazed state. But at your confused stare he supplied, “You missed a handful of steps and you’re already attempting to add the Ashwinder egg.”
Your eyes dropped to your hand, you’d been on autopilot, which wasn’t the smartest thing to do when brewing. You felt a flush of heat at almost having a mixture either fail, or explode in front of you. The last thing you wanted was for Severus to see you looking so foolish, despite him having already done so many times.
“Sorry.” You mumbled.
But Severus hadn’t been upset, luckily he’d caught you in time, “No need for apologies, Y/n, just try to pay attention this time.”
Letting out a staggered noise, “I wonder how many of your students would be surprised if you let them off as easy as you do me.”
“Possibly all of Hogwarts, no doubt.” He agreed.
“Severus.” You called. When you received his attention, you decided to push forward with your question. “Why is that? The fact that you don’t become angry or upset with me whenever I mess something up.”
The question dwelled in his mind for a while, it didn’t appear as if he had the answer. Nor did it seem that he had the answer you’d been hoping for. It might’ve shown visibly on your face, because nearly immediately after, he was quick to answer, “You haven’t ruined anything today.”
“Well, I wasn’t necessarily just speaking about today, really. You always brush off my mistakes, or accept when I’ve made an error; hardly so, you never yell at me.” You pressed on.
Severus stirred the cauldron in a clockwise direction six times. Letting it stand for one minute, he then stirred six times in a counter-clockwise direction; after three minutes repeating the process twice. His lack of words or want to fill the tense silence aggravated you. There was no need for him to be rude about your curiosity and if he hadn’t wanted to answer the question at all, he should’ve said so.
But alas, after minutes that’d seemed to drag out far longer than they should’ve, he finally answered, “With you being my assistant, I don’t think it would be appropriate for the two of us to be at odds. It is best that you and your partner work together, civilly, rather than in an angry manner. Lest, of course, either of our moods affect how we brew.”
You nodded solemnly, silence would’ve been the better answer, “Right.” You agreed. That had possibly been one of the worst subtle rejections you’d ever dealt with.
More silence ensued after that, one that made it seem Severus was content with. Though you, on the other hand, felt uncomfortable. You knew you weren’t delusional when it came to Severus. Yes, he wasn’t blatantly obvious, but he had shown something. And others had agreed with you that he in fact had displayed some form of interest. Either way, you begrudgingly shrugged it off, choosing to instead focus on the task at hand.
Sometime after that conversation, both you and Severus had come to nearly a simultaneous stop, with you finishing exactly 3 seconds before he had. You looked over at him with a satisfied smirk, while he looked at you with a hint of surprise. You had never been one to finish around the same time he had let alone before he did, no matter how long the two of you had been working together.
“Guess the student has become the professor, eh?” Not allowing your proud smile to fall, you walked over to his, inspecting it then looking back up at him.
He gave the smallest inclination of his head, “It would appear so.” He agreed. “Though, I’ve found myself confident in the fact that everything isn’t always what is seems.”
You squinted your eyes at his remark, “Oh yeah?” You nudged him out of your way and walked to his cauldron while concurrently pushing him towards yours. “If you’re so sure that yours is better, why don’t you smell mine? You know, since that alone can inflict a reaction.”
Severus merely raised an eyebrow. Clearly he wasn’t going to play your little game. So instead, “I’ll smell yours, wise one, since you think it’s so much better, and I’ll let you know if it’s correct or not.”
“There is no need to check mine. Are you not the apprentice?” He questioned your offer now, a new emotion set upon his face.
“I am,” you agreed. “But there’s no harm in me smelling your mixture, is there?” You challenged him. You knew he wouldn’t put up a fight, there really was no need too anyhow.
He relaxed his tense shoulders and sighed before rolling his eyes and waving his hand towards the cauldron. You grinned in triumph and leaned towards the vat.
The closer you had gotten to the potion, the stronger the different scents had gotten. Multiple different smells that made up one individual in particular invaded your nostrils, creeping up into your nasal cavity and penetrating your olfactory cortex.
The mother-of-pearl sheen and rising, spiraling steam brought you in, locking you where you stood and incapacitating your ability to breathe properly. Your breathing deepened, eventually slowing down and accepting the potion’s fumes as if it was the only way to breathe. You closed your eyes, allowing the aroma to waft around you and tighten its hug like hold on you, keeping you exactly where it wanted you. Within in instant, as if your previous conversation had capsulated the fragrance, and the distance you’d been at before hadn’t been enough, each whiff hit you like stray bludgers.
Tumblr media
Leather: Severus had always been well versed with potions, from the time he’d began attending Hogwarts to when he’d taken over teaching the class for Slughorn. The leather bound books his slender, potion stained fingers would gently caress, how he’d fondle the pages in the most fragile ways - as if they’d unveil some hidden, secret message that only he could see or understand. He’d always handled them with such care, and it sent a pang of warmth straight to your chest to see how delicate he could be; how passionate he was with the arts of potion making.
Mahogany Wood: His desk had always been cluttered, no matter how many times you poked fun at him or made jokes about his sense of humor being hidden under the many things piled on top of it. He never seemed to care. It always made you laugh at how he claimed it was so easy to find things yet he was never able to do so when you were around (a lie you both knew wasn’t true, but neither of you spoke on). The smooth expanse of his desk alone happened to be impressive despite his added touch.
Firewhiskey: He’d have a nightcap either every Friday or every other, it depended on how bad his day had gone or how misbehaved the children had chosen to be. Severus would always extend an invitation to you to join him for a glass, sometimes offering you the decanter if he thought you needed more than he was pouring. The smooth, fiery liquid would visibly glide down his throat in a rough manner; in a way that showed how tiring the day had been. When he’d lean forward to place the glass down, and his hand would brush against yours on the comfy, leather couch, his breath would fan over you ever so slightly. He’d watch as you’d drink yours, eyes never leaving the column where your neck and shoulder met and then following your gaze. All while piercing you with his.
Tobacco: You’d caught Severus, on several occasions, smoking by a bench near the front gates. It had surprised you the first time, but when you thought about how many students he had to deal with in a day and how often they seemed to bother him, it’d made sense. You’d asked him if it’d been a long day and he’d given you an uncharacteristically loud snort at the question, to which he replied back that it’d been the longest. Since then, you’d always catch him when you went for your night walks. He’d offer either his or another one he happened to have, but you’d always say no. Cigarette smoke had never been a smell you liked, though, you were well acquainted with it; you did, however, like how the pungent scent smelled on Severus. It was different with him and in an odd way he made it attractive.
Old Parchment: Severus enjoyed reading, that much you knew. Whether it was a potions journal, a book that he’d had for ages and still found fond, or the latest edition of Witch Weekly (no matter how much he tried to deny, there was no mistaking that time you’d caught him reading the magazine with such interest). He enjoyed books that looked more ancient than Merlin himself and, due to the dank smell of the pages and torn covers, the smell always seemed to stay on his fingers. When he’d reach for something while standing in front of you, the strong scent of old parchment and herbs would puncture your senses, causing you to close your eyes and discreetly inhale. The same scent always stayed on his robes as well. It was intoxicating
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Severus had known that brewing an Amortentia potion with you was probably a bad idea, but that thought had been cemented when you’d asked him why he was so easy on you. He knew, obviously, why but that wasn’t information he was ready to divulge just yet.
He’d seen the way your shoulders had slackened, and he’d definitely heard the disappointment in your tone when he spoke with you after. Still though, he wasn’t going to openly tell you that he had feelings for you, not yet anyway, and he wasn’t sure if he’d ever find the courage to do so. Not that he was cowardly, because a man in his position had no choice to be anything other than valiant. No, he’d just successfully dodged your question and seeing your saddened expression would just have to hurt him.
What he hadn’t been planning on, though, was you asking him to take a whiff of your own concoction because he’d tested your skill. You two had always gone back and forth about who had the better expertise when it came to brewing, and although it was always a joke - you both knew who’s dexterity was better - you still came pretty close. Severus found entertainment in humbling you, reminding you that you were his apprentice and not the other way around, but that didn’t mean that he treated you any differently. He could admit that you were almost as adroit as he was. Almost.
When you’d asked him, it’d caught him off guard; surely you knew he’d already smelled the general potion before. There was no need for him to do so, but he knew that you were a determined woman and that you wouldn’t let it go. It’d been years since he’d been affected by the effects of Amortentia. Only one other woman had been recognized when he’d catch whiffs off the steam that rose from the cauldron, and he’d come to hate that fact over time.
Forcing himself out of his thoughts, he noticed how smoothly you stepped to the brew. Your body had looked almost as if you’d been floating and your eyes had drooped down quite a bit before you took a profound inhale.
During your time smelling whatever had you entrapped in your spot, Severus noted your appearance. Your hair was pushed behind you, the smooth tresses shining in the dim light of the dungeons. Your skin had a soft glow coating it, bathing your beauty in an iridescent glimmer that bounced off of you; it glued Severus’ eyes to you in a way. Your stance was relaxed and your body was nearly curled over the cauldron. You were trying to get more of it, he noted, and it left him wondering what you were smelling.
Not too long after, he pulled you back by your shoulder; you’d been inhaling the fragrance for longer than you should’ve. He’d first seen how your pupils were severely dilated and if he wasn’t such a dignified man, he would’ve jumped back in shock. Your eyes followed his and then travelled across his face, it helped make him briefly self conscious before it intrigued him.
Not a moment later, your eyes returned back to their normal state and you had that self satisfied smirk that Severus had come to adore. He raised his eyebrow in questioning, his curiosity had gotten the better of him and he wanted - needed to know what you smelled.
You paused a moment longer, “Lilacs, over pungent cologne, hairspray, and cinnamon toothpaste.” The last word had come out as confusion, apparently you weren’t quite sure about that one.
Nevertheless, Severus had to hide his disappointment at the smells. He was certain none of those smells correlated with him; he never wore cologne, hairspray would never come close to touching his hair, and he only used Daniel Dampier’s Mintiest Dentifrice when brushing his teeth. On the other hand, he had used lilacs in his potions for some time now, but that still wasn’t enough.
“I don’t think I know anyone who fits that, how odd.” You mumbled. Severus hadn’t noticed the peek you’d taken at him from the corner of your eye.
Severus had an idea of who that description fit and it admittedly angered him. Of all the loathsome people he could think of, and it happened to be the most ironically dumb, nauseatingly talkative fraud he’d known. It baffled him, truthfully.
“Anyway,” you broke the silence. “Your turn.” You smiled at him.
He’d regretted this from the start, now he was thinking of quick ways to get out of the situation. Where’s that old coot barging in when you need him, Severus thought. A nice distraction would do the room some good. Maybe he could stall out the inevitable and dissuade you from wanting him to smell the mixture. That wouldn’t work because he knew that you weren’t so easily moved.
“Something wrong, Severus?” You asked. He’d been taking too long and your patience was wearing visibly thin.
He cut his eyes at you. Why, he didn’t know as he wasn’t upset with you per se. “Just wondering why you’re so keen on me smelling this ghastly potion.”
You stepped closer to him, “For that reason right there; so I can prove I’ve done it perfectly, if not better than you have.”
“And when have you ever cared to prove something?” His voice had dropped an octave, it’d gone unconsciously huskier at your close proximity.
You let the inquiry rest in the air, ruminating just what you wanted your answer to be, “Your opinion matters to me, Sev. Won’t you help a poor girl - your apprentice, out?” Your own tone had taken on a pitch that was barely above a whisper, due to that, both of you could hear the hitch in his tone.
Severus let out a loud sigh before walking up to your cauldron and allowing the scents to treat him as well as they’d seemed to have done you. He felt the familiar tug of the fragrances and the warm feeling they sent through his body. He tried, futilely, to fight them off but to no avail. He’d succumbed to the shackles that the potion had on him and unwillingly started to encourage the sensation. He felt temporarily good, he needed more.
Tumblr media
Vanilla: You’d always had the significant smell of vanilla embedded onto your skin, whether it was an oil, cream, or perfume, Severus didn’t know. What he was sure of, though, was that he liked it. A lot. No matter where he went, or how long you’d left a spot, he’d always get the strongest whiff of the smell. It was creamy and warm, it invited him towards it. There was a hint of exotic and moody undertones, something that made him go nearly feral - yet it was elegant because he associated it with you. It fit so well on you, as if the smell was made for just you.
Autumn Leaves: Severus’ favorite time of the year had always been Autumn. Seeing how the leaves change color, the air becomes a cool breeze instead of the sticky, humid air the summer holds, and different items become available for ingredients for a few of his potions. But ever since he had met you, those previous reasonings had become a faint memory in the back of his mind. You’d taken his favorite season and made it yours. How your robes would change from the softer tones to deeper, warmer ones; the way your hair contrasted the gloomy weather; and your enjoyment of the season overshadowed everything else. You’d appreciated it as much as he had, and you’d always find time to sit outside, enjoying the weather. You had made it a habit to invite Severus, something he’d been grateful for. When you’d get cold from foolishly forgetting your warmer cloak, he’d take his off and place it over your shoulders, never allowing you to do so, and comment on how silly it was for you to have neglected bringing it.
Freshly Baked Brownies: You enjoyed baking, everyone knew that. You’d bring either sweets that you made from new recipes, or tasty pastries that had been a family secret for generations. The students appreciated them tremendously and you loved seeing their faces when you handed them out. Severus was always given his own, special treat. While everyone else enjoyed pumpkin pasties, your mini apple tarts, or the glazed croissants with hazelnut spread; he preferred your brownies. They were always so fresh and rich and homemade, they ironically reminded him of home. They were always so moist and fluffy. When he’d told you that chocolate was the only sweet he really indulged in, you’d added a drizzle of chocolate syrup on top of them. That’d aided in his attraction to you even more.
Crisp New Pages: Unlike himself, one of the things he liked about you was that you always smelled like a new book. The smell was as if he was reading a firm and fresh novel, finding enjoyment the more he turned the smooth pages. You were as lively as a character he’d grown to love over the course of his read, a character who, once you’d gotten through every possibly layer they had, there was another blanket to uncover. Your smile was as crisp as new pages and your tongue as sharp as the inevitable paper cut, but unlike that, he enjoyed the razor feeling.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You watched as the man no longer stood rigid in front of you. Instead, his stance took on a relaxed one. His wonted posture fell hunched in comparison to his assertive, shoulders back, chin high bearing. His hands were gripping the edges of the station, curling underneath it as if holding onto it was tethering him to the stone ground.
After a certain inhale, he’d tilted his head back in reverie and it’d caused him to nearly lose focus on the mixture in front of him. When he hadn’t backed away from it, you took it upon yourself to do what he had done earlier and gently pull his forearm to bring him back.
His eyes, too, were dilated. The tilt of his lips that held something other than his usual smirk, an almost smile that took over his whole face in a way, was a bright expression. It made your heart leap at how happy he’d looked. His eyes focused on yours while he stepped closer to you.
Your breath caught in your throat at the intense gaze he fastened you in. He was impossibly close, close enough to do something that should’ve been done months ago, in your opinion. Before you had the chance to do anything, he blinked and a faint blush, one that wouldn’t have been able to noticed if you were a meter more away from him, covered his cheeks. He backed away ahead of your ability to do so.
“What… what’d you see?” You breathed out. The air in the room had changed to one of understanding, but neither of you appeared to want to act on the feeling.
Severus was quiet. You could see him internally debating his answer. Until he spoke. “That isn’t important.” He brushed off your answer, going to put away the materials you’d used previously.
“What!” You exclaimed. That wasn’t fair! You’d shared what you’d smelled with him. Well, it wasn’t what you had smelled whatsoever and it had been an enormous lie, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t at least tell you what he smelled. Or a fabricated version of it. “I told you mine, Severus Snape. You’d better tell me yours.”
He turned to face you for the nonce, “And if I don’t?” He asked.
Squinting your eyes at his cool manner, “Why won’t you tell me what you smelled?” You pressed.
“Why do you want to know so badly? Is there something that you’d like to hear specifically?” He continued to do what he’d been trying to do before you’d stopped him, not paying you any mind.
You knew better. His faux-poised attitude was too obvious. He’d smelled something that’d made all of what he’d been thinking about all the more real. If only you knew what it was, then you could dig deeper and find exactly what you were looking for.
Perhaps thinking whatever had been boiling in that cauldron, whatever aroma had wafted through his nose, had anything to do you with you was hopeful. Too hopeful. You’d never been one for that kind of thinking, though, and seeing how he was behaving was confirming your suspicion.
If he did have some kind of attraction to you, whether it was strictly sexual and purely fueled by lust, you needed to know. It’d been bugging you ever since Minerva had so openly pointed it out and now you weren’t going to miss the opportunity to find out. Sometimes a different approach was best.
“Because I’m curious.” You simply stated.
He rolled his eyes, “Haven’t your parents ever told you to mind your own business?”
“They did,” you nodded. “But that doesn’t mean curiosity doesn’t get the best of me. So tell me what you smelled.”
“Then you must not have heard the tale of what curiosity did to the intrusive cat.” He shrank both cauldrons, sending them flying back to his cupboard, and scooping up all of the fallen debris from the used ingredients.
He was readying himself to pick up the remaining rose petals that were resting to his left when you placed your hand on top of them. He’d been quicker than you, and his hand found them before yours, thus leaving your not-so-quick to hand rest on his. You both jerked your hands back quickly and you cleared your throat. He still wasn’t going to be let off that easy.
He snatched the petals and bottled them away when you spoke up, “What are you afraid of, Severus?” You were a couple centimeters far from his face while looking up at him, searching his eyes for any future fabrications he was sure to conjure up.
“Excuse me?” He stared back at you, but for the first time since you’d known each other, he was the first one to look away. He felt as if you’d been probing his mind. “Would you move, please?”
Your eyebrows fell and that smirk, the one that mirrored his in the damnedest way, etched its way back onto your face, “Of course, Severus.” You obliged and stepped out of his way.
He headed to his desk to look at his next classes for the week and occupied himself with such. You’d taken the liberty of conjuring up those same two cauldrons he’d put away, the only ones you two used when working together, and brought them back to your stations. Severus looked up when he heard the metal clang of the table being struck, and he jumped back when his journal was forcibly snatched away from him. He watched as it landed on the table in front of you.
His confused glance made you giggle, “Surely you haven’t forgotten.” You crossed your arms.
“About?” There was the familiar brow.
“Your advanced potions class, you dunderhead.” You answered. You looked down at what potion would be used next and the triumphant feeling inside you returned, “See here,” you held the book up to his moving form. “You have a lesson that involves them learning Veritaserum.”
His face fell for the briefest second and if you blinked, you would’ve missed it. You two always tested the potions that you brewed, either solely on you, or on both of you. And he knew by that smug look you had on your face that you had plans for this next batch. He could only hope that he’d be able to maneuver his way out of it this time.
You left him to gather his thoughts while you went and collected the necessary ingredients and utensils needed. He hadn’t moved from his spot by the time you’d gotten back, so you’d decided to brush past him with your hand on his lower back, “Excuse me, Sev.” You murmured, adding fuel to the kindling fire.
As much as you knew, your assumptions had been answered. If he hadn’t have felt some type of way for you, he wouldn’t have reacted as he had. He knew exactly what he smelled in that previous potion and his subtleness had betrayed him by abandoning him when he had needed it the most. Until he told you the truth, maybe you speaking up first, you were going to have fun with the light teasing.
You placed the ingredients down, being gentle with the glass vials, and spread them neatly out. You conjured your own journal and a quill, quickly writing down a few things and humming contentedly to your self. You noticed Severus trying to peak over at what you were writing. “Who knew Amortentia could remove your ability to be elusive.” You snarked. “May I help you?”
Severus saw you place the quill down and stand obstructively in front of the your notebook, “What are you writing?”
“My oh my, how the tables have turned.” Your laugh made him jump. You picked the quill back up and signed off, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”
“That’s why I asked.” He shot back.
“Tell me what you smelled and I’ll show you. I feel that we both may benefit from it.” You’d said all of this while still looking at the parchment beneath you, causing you to miss Severus’ eyes gloss over in something you’d never seen. “No? Alright then, let’s begin brewing.”
That brought him back to the task at hand, “I thought that was for me to say?” He smirked.
“I thought we’d confirmed that the student had, in fact, become the master?” You tilted your head, looking at him with an amused glance.
He chuckled at the expression and shook his head. He slightly pushed you out of the way to get to his section of the table and start the process all while ignoring your funny stare. He caught you leaning on the table and opening your journal to write something else.
But you were quicker than he was and you started speaking to yourself, “Leather, Mahogany, Firewhiskey, and Tobacco?” The words were left to hang in the air as you waited patiently for what you wanted.
“What are you doing?” Severus interrogated once more. Though, he continued subconsciously cutting the Adder's Fork.
You hummed again, “Oh nothing, just writing down what I actually smelled in the Amortentia.”
You’d said it so casually that it’d gotten the better of Severus and he had to stop what he was doing to inquisitively look over. He saw that you were definitely writing what you’d said you were and it sent a pang directly to his heart, something he’d never felt before had erupted through his chest and wrapped around him like vines. The feeling kept him in a vice grip still being comfortable enough for him to not feel as if he was choking.
With him having leaned in closer, you got the strongest trace of the acrid scent of cigarettes. They were so strong that you could smell the exact brand (Marlboro) that he’d been smoking the previous night. You allowed the smell to penetrate you and hit your chest, “Definitely tobacco.” You conceded.
He moved away and went back to what he was doing, but the little upturn of his lips refused to leave after your admittance. He turned his head to see your diminutive smile you held before turning his head and keeping focus on what you two were supposed to be doing.
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alacrity100 · 2 months ago
I find it amusing how the anti-Snape community loves to claim that he was obsessed with Lily (usually without any evidence, but if asked they'd quote scenes from the book and take them out of context).
I mean, if you want to hate on Snape, it's up to you. But let's just stop lying, shall we?
And if you ever needed persuasion...
"Lately, only those whom I could not save," said Snape. He stood up. "You have used me."
"I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter's son safe.
Lily Potter.
Not Lily Evans.
Snape respected her.
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alwayssevvy · 3 months ago
A List of Snape Fanfics I ✨ADORE✨
for everyone who enjoys reading as much as I do 🖤
(I will be adding more in the future) And if you have any suggestions feel free to share them in the comments 💜
Some of them are marked with a (*), as they are works in progress. But believe me when I tell you they are worth the read.
(Snape x Reader)
A Vow of Love by DeepPerplexity: https://archiveofourown.org/works/29292417/chapters/71933388
*Broken Silence by WitchImage: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27112819/chapters/66206428
Help You Hatred by DeepPerplexity: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28362210
Holocene by MIZUMoNO: https://archiveofourown.org/works/32343901/chapters/80181103 Or https://yourmizumono.tumblr.com/post/655874684351594496/holocene
Love Me Roughly by bushViperCutie: https://archiveofourown.org/works/24500353/chapters/59141269
Remembrance by allixiler: https://archiveofourown.org/works/32263468
(Snape x OC)
*Dream Sequence by RoseOJam: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18166589/chapters/42962960
It’s Not That Simple by FelixFelicisWriter: https://archiveofourown.org/works/15417630/chapters/35784081
*Post War by JosieCarioca: https://archiveofourown.org/works/13997079
*The First Choice by typingkeys11: https://archiveofourown.org/works/33296557/chapters/82680199
(Sev’s School Years) *includes (Snape x Reader) , (Snape x OC) and (Snape x Lily)*
A Warm Kiss by bushViperCutie: https://archiveofourown.org/works/24275923
*The Lion, The Snake and The Locket (Series) by VioletKnox: https://archiveofourown.org/series/1512518
*Severus Snape and the Potion Master’s Daughter by imablack: https://archiveofourown.org/works/436950/chapters/743597
*Mr. Always Wins by snapesnailtape: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34315399/chapters/85381801
*That Awful Snape Boy by evilbean: https://archiveofourown.org/works/15737409/chapters/36591009
‘What Now?’ Young!Sev One Shots by bushViperCutie: https://archiveofourown.org/series/1819177
(Snape as a Parent or Paternal figure)
Calista Snape (Series) by Arinus: https://archiveofourown.org/series/1047206
Did You Know by copper_sky (foreignobjecticus): https://archiveofourown.org/works/5133851/chapters/11813765
Halloween with Sev and Lily by snapesnailtape: https://archiveofourown.org/series/2601958
*Little And Broken, But Still Good by strangehighs: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23728378/chapters/56981551
SNAPEMAS 2020 by DeepPerplexity: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28365219/chapters/69498414 (YES!…. CHRISTMAS ONESHOTS because I loved each and every one of them 😭✨❤️)
Snapetober 2021 by DeepPerplexity: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34175929/chapters/85036933
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