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sayssnape · a day ago
snape: what’s an orgasm?
lily: it’s that thing where you fold paper into fancy shapes like swans and roses.
petunia: god, you guys are so dumb.
petunia: that’s oregano.
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zealouspickleeggdragon · a day ago
Lucius: My dear, I’m afraid we cannot mansplain manipulate manwhore our way out of this.
Snape[pulls out knife]: Manslaughter it is.
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niamhsneevemurphy · a day ago
'but snape just walked over james' dead body!'
Tumblr media
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yan-senna · a day ago
Friendship with the Potions Master (Severus Snape x Slytherin student! reader)
By yan-senna
Other links to the story: Wattpad / AO3
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Author’s note:
Surprise! Did you really think I would end the story like that? Here is the actual end of Friendship with the Potions Master! This chapter is 2.5k words long. I hope you enjoy!
Chapter 1 / All chapters
Three Months Later (chapter 40 - the end)
TW: Age gap (Y/N is 18 years old)
It’s been three months since the war ended.
Y/N got Exceeds Expectations in all her subjects in her NEWTS. Severus couldn’t be more proud.
She also got her internship - she will start next month. He knew she could do it.
As for Draco, the boy still has no idea what he wants to do. He has been thinking about teaching Alchemy at Hogwarts…
But first, he has to focus on his wedding. He will get married to Pansy Parkinson next week.
Draco can’t express enough how happy he is. He’s sending a letter to his Godfather almost every day, stating how happy he is and how he can’t wait for everyone to be at his wedding.
He has even invited Potter and his friends, saying it’s merely to show truce. Well, nonetheless, the Gryffindors have accepted the invitations.
Speaking of letters, Y/N sends Severus letters every day. And he replies to every single one of them.
He always gets so happy when her brown owl knocks on his window, nuzzling his arm before stretching out its leg for Severus to grab his letter.
Y/N has come to visit him quite often together with Draco. However, this time, he has invited her and only her.
He needs to finally tell her. He can’t take it anymore, he might go insane if he never tells her how he feels.
At this point, he doesn’t care if she will be disgusted with him. He really needs to tell her, to say it out loud for her to hear.
He just hopes it won’t ruin their friendship… He hopes she will still want to see him, not cutting him out of her life.
A few seconds later, a knock on the door can be heard. Severus takes a deep breath. It’s now or never. He has to do this.
He slowly walks towards the door, opening it. As he does so, he’s met by Y/N smiling, her owl on her shoulder.
“Severus! I missed you so much!” she exclaims, hugging him tightly.
The owl flies off her shoulder in time, hooting happily.
Severus can’t help but chuckle, immediately hugging her back. “I missed you too, Y/N” he admits.
He then sighs. Can he truly do this?
“Severus?” she asks, looking worried.
Clearing his throat, Severus gestures for her to sit down on the couch. She immediately does so.
“Y/N, I have to tell you something… But before I do so, please don’t yell at me. I understand if you will never wish to see me again, but please just… listen” he begs, pacing around. He can’t sit down, he’s too nervous to do that.
Looking even more worried, the girl merely nods. Severus then continues.
“There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for such a long time… You see, I have been in denial. I have just been too afraid to admit it” he says, thinking how to word this.
Should he just blurt it out? How in Merlin’s name do you confess your feelings to someone?
He takes a deep breath. “Y/N, I…” he says, trailing off.
There’s no going back now.
“I love you, Y/N. I love you so much, with all my heart. I have for such a long time. And I don’t mean as friends, I mean as… more. I know this is inappropriate, considering not long ago you were my student, and also the fact that I am twenty years older than you, but I do. I really do love you. I understand that you don’t love me back as you love someone else, I understand if you are disgusted with me right now. But please know that I just had to tell you, I would go insane if I didn’t. If you agree, we can stay friends… If you wish to never see me ever again, I promise I won’t ever bother you…” he says, finally confessing his feelings.
He doesn’t dare to look at her. He’s afraid of what he would see if he did. Hatred? Disgust? Betrayal?
He hears her rising from the couch. Severus closes his eyes. What is she going to do? Storm out of here? Slap him?
However, she does neither.
She instead wraps her arms slowly around him from behind, hugging him close to her.
Severus blinks a few times. She isn’t angry?
Fidgeting with her cauldron necklace, Y/N steps in front of him, looking into his eyes.
All he sees is love.
Biting on her lip, she gives him that shy smile he loves.
“I love you too, Severus… I thought you could never love me back” she admits.
That surprises Severus. Did she just say that?
“Y-y-you… You love me? You love me back?” he whispers, looking bewildered.
Y/N nods. “I have for a long time… Remember at the Yule Ball when Draco whispered something to me?” she asks.
Severus nods immediately. Of course he remembers.
“He asked me if I fancy you… I said yes” she confesses.
Severus blinks away his tears. All this time, he has been the one she loves?
“I don’t love someone else, Severus. You are the one I love. You are what I smelled in the Amortentia potion. I was just afraid to tell you, I thought you only saw me as a friend. I was afraid you would hate me” she admits.
Severus chuckles, letting his tears fall. All this time, they have both loved each other… And both being too afraid to tell the other one.
“And by the way, my Patronus is an owl. A brown owl” Y/N suddenly says. Her owl hoots happily at that.
That startles Severus. He had forgotten that the owl was there.
She then retrieves the handkerchief that he gave her in her third year, wiping away his tears.
He smiles at her. Yes, Severus Snape is smiling.
“My Patronus changed… into a brown owl. And I smelled you in an Amortentia potion as well” he confesses.
Y/N smiles back, letting her tears fall down her cheeks. Severus wipes them away with his thumb, resting his forehead on hers.
He then gently grabs her hands in his, slowly bringing them to his lips before kissing them. That makes Y/N blush but also smile more than ever.
They both look into each other’s eyes before leaning even closer. Severus puts his hands on her waist while she wraps hers around his neck.
His neck is fine now, there are however still a few scars. Severus hopes she won’t mind that. He has a feeling she won’t, which calms him down.
Their lips then meet.
Severus is overwhelmed with emotions. He finally gets to kiss her. They kiss each other slowly and passionately, Y/N on her tiptoes.
Once they both need air, they reluctantly pull away, however still having their hands on each other. They are both breathing heavily, faces flustered.
Y/N gives him a bright smile. She seems to be admiring his pink cheeks.
She then rests her head on his chest. His hands travel from her waist to her back, gently rubbing. He kisses the top of her head as they both cherish the moment.
“So… What does this mean?” she asks after a while, breaking the comfortable silence.
Severus smiles, his lips still on the top of her head. “I believe this means we can be together… If you wish to give it a chance” he tells her, hoping she will say yes.
“I would love to. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you, Severus Snape” Y/N says, smiling as well.
“And I with you, Y/N Y/L/N” he says as he kisses her right cheek.
The owl hoots happily, seeming thrilled to have witnessed this.
Suddenly, they hear someone yell.
“Ha, I knew it! You owe me, Mother!” a voice exclaims smugly.
They both immediately recognise that voice.
Using wandless magic, Severus opens the door. At the doorframe is Draco, Narcissa, Lucius and… McGonagall?
“Oh, hello, Severus, Ms. Y/L/N” the new Headmistress of Hogwarts says, greeting the two.
They both however can’t help but notice the satisfied look on her face.
“Um, hi…” Y/N shyly says. Severus’ hands are still on her back. She doesn’t seem to mind that, though.
“What are you four doing here?” Severus questions, raising an eyebrow.
Lucius sighs. “Well, Severus… I just found out today that my wife and son have made a bet. With my money” the man mutters, glaring at his family.
Narcissa rolls her eyes while Draco smirks.
“Indeed? About what?” Severus asks.
Narcissa clears her throat. “Oh, simply just when you two lovebirds would finally confess each other’s feelings… I honestly expected you to do that right after the war” she says, crossing her arms.
Severus blinks a few times. Did they seriously bet that?
“Did you know, Narcissa?” Severus asks, not hiding his shock.
McGonagall chuckles. “Severus, dear, I believe everybody knew… You would have to be a fool not to” she says, smirking at them.
Lucius snorts. “I can’t argue with that, McGonagall… It was quite obvious. Why else would Severus have convinced the Dark Lord that Ms. Y/L/N shouldn’t take his mark?” he asks, shaking his head as he chuckles.
Y/N looks at Severus, surprised.
Severus clears his throat. “I merely didn’t want her to endure any pain…” he mutters.
“Right, if you say so. I’m just glad that I won the bet - though, I was starting to get worried that you would never confess to each other” Draco says, shrugging.
Severus rolls his eyes. Right… The spoiled boy just wanted his money.
“Albus and I made a bet, too… He sadly can’t get his galleons. Well, at least his portrait will be pleased that he won” McGonagall says, giving a sad smile.
“… You and Albus bet?” Severus asks, looking at her in disbelief. How long have they known?
“Indeed we did. Did you really think we never noticed how often she stayed behind class?” she points out, smirking.
“Well, now to the most important question - when is YOUR wedding?” Draco asks, looking smug.
Y/N and Severus look at each other. Severus then gets an idea.
“What would you say about a double wedding? Or does the spoiled teenager want all the attention he can get?” he taunts Draco.
The boy huffs at that. “Of course not. I would love it if we had two weddings in one day. That is if you agree to get married in the Manor” he states.
Everybody looks at Severus and Y/N. They don’t hesitate with their answer.
“We would love to” they both say in unison, smiling.
A week later, it’s time for the big day. Everyone’s gathered at Malfoy Manor, ready to witness the two weddings.
First up is Draco and Pansy Parkinson. They both look so happy.
Thank Merlin the Dark Lord was defeated. Otherwise, it could have been Draco and Y/N right now.
It would feel more like a funeral rather than a wedding.
Severus has agreed to be the one to help them with their wedding vow.
Draco and Parkinson hold each other’s hands as Severus points his wand at their combined hands.
“Will you, Draco Lucius Malfoy, take Pansy Parkinson as your wife?” Severus asks.
Draco looks at his bride, smiling. “I do” the boy says.
“And will you, Pansy Parkinson, take Draco Lucius Malfoy as your husband?” he asks as he looks at the girl.
She smiles as well. “Yes, I do” Parkinson says.
A golden light covers their hands for a few seconds before sparkles evolve them.
“You are hereby a married couple” Severus declares.
Everybody cheers as the newly married couple kiss. Lucius smiles proudly while Narcissa wipes away her tears with her handkerchief.
It’s then Severus and Y/N’s turn.
They both walk to the spot Draco and Parkinson stood at a moment ago. Severus is wearing a black suit. He’s not used to wearing something else than his teaching robes and cloak, but he’s not complaining.
He can’t help but admire Y/N. She’s wearing a long, white dress. It looks beautiful, but not as beautiful as the girl wearing it.
Lucius approaches them, having agreed to marry them.
Y/N gently grabs Severus’ hand. Smiling at their combined hands, Severus gently squeezes hers before they turn their attention to Lucius.
“Today, we are gathered here to witness yet another wedding. The couple is none other than my friend, Severus Snape, and my son’s best friend, Y/N Y/L/N. It is an honour to marry these two” the blonde-haired man says before pointing his wand at their combined hands.
In the front seats are Draco, Pansy Parkinson- well, Pansy Malfoy, Narcissa, McGonagall, Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini.
And Y/N’s father. Right now, the man isn’t showing any emotions. He had been rather reluctant to let his daughter get married, so Severus is surprised that he even showed up.
On the wall right next to McGonagall is Albus Dumbledore in one of the paintings. The man is smiling.
Behind McGonagall are the Trio and other Gryffindors.
Meanwhile, on Y/N’s left shoulder is her owl.
“Will you, Severus Tobias Snape, take Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N as your wife?” Lucius asks as he looks at his friend.
He doesn’t hesitate at all. “Yes, I do” Severus says, caressing Y/N’s hand with his thumb.
“And will you, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, take Severus Tobias Snape as your husband?” Lucius asks as he looks at Y/N.
The girl smiles. “I do” she says.
“I hereby pronounce you husband and wife” Lucius declares as a golden light covers their hands, sparkles evolving them.
The owl hoots happily, basking its wings in excitement.
Everybody cheers, standing up from their seats. Severus and Y/N notice that even Y/N’s father is cheering, having tears in his eyes.
Severus never thought he would witness that.
Severus then looks at Y/N. All he sees when he looks into her eyes is love. He can’t help but smile at that, not caring that he’s in public.
“I love you, Severus Snape” Y/N says, giving him a bright smile.
“And I love you, Y/N Snape” he says, his forehead resting on hers.
They then seal their marriage with a kiss.
Severus hears Potter and Draco whistle, but he ignores it.
Right now, all that matters is Y/N.
They will live in Spinner’s End together for the rest of their lives. Severus will love YN every day, respecting her, appreciating her.
He will never regret confessing his feelings. It’s the best decision he has ever made in his entire life.
What started with a friendship between the Potions Master and his student ended up being love for a lifetime.
Author’s note:
This is it, this is the actual end!
Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed the story! And I hope you like the ending!
If you have any requests, such as requests for one shot ideas of Friendship with the Potions Master, let me know! 😇
Also: Thank you all so much for the likes and reblogs as well as comments/replies! I really appreciate it🥺
Fun fact: This series was originally supposed to be a mini series of 7 chapters, each chapter a year! I quickly realised I had too many ideas to do that lol🤭
@zennyloves / @severuslovebot / @eternal-silvertongued-prince / @nickangel13 / @someoneonearth2007 / @iobsessoverfictionalmen / @doctorwhofan24 / @jessicarosequinzelfleck / @blackqueens01 / @monster-energies / @fandoms4ever97 / @coconutchumby / @dranna / @vinniemeetsworld24
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alexjcrowley · 2 days ago
I have personally decided that everytime preachers knock on Severus Snape's door at Spinner's End, asking if he has ten minutes to talk about the Lord, Snape smiles slyly, answering: "Do you have ten minutes to talk about the Dark Lord?" and goes on explaining Voldemort's big bad plan, freely talking about wizards and muggles until the preachers run away in fear (usually 2-3 minutes).
Why? Because that's a dick move if I have ever seen one. And who better than Snape could pull it off?
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thenilofernoorulain · a day ago
Marauders: *bullying Snape when they were 15*
Snape Stans: no they're cruel! It doesn't matter if they were 15
Snape: *tells Lily that the Dark Magic his friends used on other kids was "just a laugh*
Snape Stans: but he was 15!!!
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moonlightdancer26 · a month ago
I bet you won’t be able to list 20 good things snape did.
originally, I was thinking about asking you to list 10 instead of 20 cause he barely did anything. List at least 10 good things that greasy git did and I might consider that he’s a semi-decent person.
20? ONLY? Lmao anon, at least give me a challenge.
originally, I was thinking about asking you to list 10 instead of 20 cause he barely did anything.
List at least 10 good things that greasy git did and I might consider that he’s a semi-decent person.
Y’know what, anon? I’ll list 50 good things he did just out of spite.😘❤️
(Yes anon, I’m THAT petty.)
Let’s do this:
Prepared the mandrake draught potion that cured three petrified Muggleborn students.
Saved Katie Bell's life after she was cursed by the necklace.
Made the Unbreakable Vow to save Draco’s life and soul.
Perfectly brewed Wolfsbane Potion for Remus every month so that he won't endanger students’ lives.
Punished Harry and Ronald for strangling Neville and told Harry to release Neville.
Saved Harry from Quirrell in Harry’s first Quidditch match.
Taught Harry Expelliarmus, which ultimately lead to Voldemort’s death.
Waited to see why Harry and Ronald didn't get to school by the train, and alerted them that they were seen.
Gave Harry a good telling off when Harry was caught in Hogsmade without permission and was concerned for Harry's safety.
Severus, realising that Remus, being the irresponsible dumbass that he is, didn’t take his Wolfsbane Potion, ran after the trio to the Shrieking Shack despite his past trauma that was associated with that place to apprehend a mass-murderer (who he also believed was responsible for James and Lily’s death) and his accomplice, and saved 3 students.
Outed Remus.
Had Harry and Sirius brought to the castle after the Dementors attacked.
Goes back to spying on Voldemort to keep Harry safe.
Taught Harry Occlumency as best as he could and alerted Dumbledore about Harry's visions.
Gave Umbitch fake Veritaserum when she wanted to know of Sirius’s whereabouts.
Got worried when the trio didn't return from the forest, and contacted the Order to tell them what happened. He also begged Sirius to remain behind.
Indirectly saved Ronald’s life through his Potion’s book (that was currently in Harry’s possession), and Harry used Sev’s advice about the Bezoar and saved Ronald from getting poisoned.
Lead Harry to the real sword of Gryffindor using his Patronus. (He even gave Bellatrix a fake copy.)
Refereed the next Quidditch match to prevent Quirrell from trying any more shenanigans.
Protected the students from Umbitch who wanted to use Veritaserum.
Completely respected Lily's wishes and never talked to her again (after she told him to piss off).
Defected from the dark side and joined the Order.
After he realises that Voldy was going after the Potters, he asked to spare Lily. After that, he immediately warned Dumbledore about Voldemort and that he’s targeting the Potters. He could have easily let Voldy finish the job, but instead he decided that he would rather have Lily and her family (including his former bully) live in peace (and y’all still say he was obsessed and didn’t care about Lily and her happiness💀🤚🏼), than to trust the word of his master.
After Lily died, he dedicated his entire life to protecting her son and making sure she didn’t die in vain.
Became a double (later triple) agent.
Had the balls to ask Lord Voldemort to show mercy to a Muggleborn woman who was an Order member (who was also the mother of the child Voldemort was targeting).
Indirectly saved baby Harry’s life. See, in short term, Sev relayed the Prophecy fragment which caused Voldemort to target the Potters personally. It was only because Severus asked Voldemort to spare Lily that Lily was offered the choice to step aside (and she refused), which set up the blood protection. He saved Harry from Voldy Moldy and gave the light side over a decade to rally.
Placed an unconscious Sirius on a stretcher, like the physically gentle cutie pie that he is.
Taught Harry Occlumency and was somewhat fair to him during those lessons (he treated him as an adult and he even congratulated Harry when Harry broke into his mind).
Defended Hermione in Deathly Hallows (in The Prince’s Tale, to be exact), when Phineas Nigellus Black called her a Mudblood.
Saved Remus’s life in The Battle of the Seven Potters when a Death Eater was about to kill him (Remus).
As headmaster, he tried to protect Hogwarts students from the Carrows as much as he possibly could without blowing his cover. Example: He gives Neville, Luna, and Ginny a harmless detention with Hagrid when they tried to steal the sword of Gryffindor from his office.
Mercy-killed Dumbledore.
When the fake egg screamed in GoF he immediately ran all the way to the fifth floor to help.
When Myrtle screamed about murder (in HBP), he immediately rushed to investigate.
Saved Draco’s life (cause of the whole Sectumsempra fiasco).
Risked being exposed and horribly killed by Voldemort and/or his followers.
Saved the entire Wizarding World.
Stopped a Death Eater from cursing Harry (in HBP, Flight of The Prince, outside Hagrid’s Hut) by reminding them that only Voldy Moldy decides what is to be done with him and that Pottah belongs to The Dark Lord.
Suggested using decoys when transferring Harry to the Burrow.
While guiding Harry to the Sword of Gryffindor he made sure Ronald saved Harry from the lake before fleeing the spot so that Harry doesn’t drown.
Gave Harry his memories to pass on Dumbledore's last message to make sure Harry knows how to defeat Voldemort.
Introduced Lily to the Wizarding World.
Was always (🥺) seen cheering Lily up and apologising to her (in The Prince’s Tale).
Spent the rest of his life protecting a child who was a photocopy of his abuser (appearance-wise), and doing things he hated.
Tried to save as many people from Voldemort and Death Eaters as he could (“Lately only those whom I could not save”).
Protected children with no regard for his own life.
Created Vulnera Sanentur.
Taught the class about werewolves because he wanted them to learn how to protect themselves from werewolves in case anything happens.
Still went through with Dumbledore’s plan. Severus learned about Harry’s fate during HBP’s timeline—Harry has to die to end Voldemort and to bring peace to the wizarding world. Which meant Severus’s whole commitment to making sure Lily’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain became completely meaningless, because Harry Potter, whom Severus has dedicated his entire life to protecting, had to die. He went through with the plan which proves he genuinely believed in the Order’s cause, and that he cared about the greater good.
So, are those enough reasons? Siriusly anon, next time give me a real challenge.
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sator-the-wanderer · a month ago
Tumblr media
Young Snape in his father’s muggle clothes, buying groceries for his mama
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becausesevdeservedbetter · 7 months ago
Snape subtly showing The Golden Trio that he’s trying to protect them while also not giving up his cover:
Tumblr media
The Golden Trio not listening because they’re convinced he’s helping Voldemort and trying to get the Stone:
Tumblr media
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serpentsstuff · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
My favorite duet. Headcanon, where this two sometimes can act quiet like a dorks
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sayssnape · a day ago
snape: why on earth would you give a knife to a child?
lucius: draco felt unsafe.
snape: well, now i feel unsafe!
lucius: oh, i’m sorry.
lucius: would you like a knife?
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zealouspickleeggdragon · 4 months ago
Harry [after almost getting himself killed yet again]: Hey, Snape. What’s up?
Snape[signature sneer]: What’s up is my blood pressure, Potter.
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niamhsneevemurphy · a day ago
'but snape stepped over james's dead body!'
if the roles were reversed, james potter would have teabagged snape's.
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snapeingturtle · 2 months ago
It is canon that Snape hated teaching. However, he seemed to take his job very seriously, teaching improved and advanced methods and frequently assigning essays he himself had to read and grade. This is further proof that Severus Snape was a massive fucking nerd. In this essay, I will-
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girlfriendofwinchesters · 4 months ago
pov: you don't understand why Lily Evans would trade Severus Snape for James Potter
pov: Snape is described as an ugly young man but again Rickman spoils JKR's plans
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✨+ bonus ✨
Tumblr media
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potter-n-potions · 13 days ago
What's that saying, 'The proof is in the pudding.'
Well, I don't mean to brag or anything but...
Here are the birthday likes from Wizarding World on Instagram (which has millions of followers) All were Screenshot today at the same time.
31st July 2021. Harry 👇
Tumblr media
30th January 2021 Lily 👇
Tumblr media
27th March 2021 James (❤equals likes.▶ equals how many people viewed )👇
Tumblr media
10th March 2021 Lupin 👇
Tumblr media
3rd November 2021 Sirius 👇
Tumblr media
And here 👇, we have Severus, IN 7 HOURS! Seven!
Tumblr media
Surely that says it all on who is most popular with the fans. Who the fans love the most. Snape is loved far more than he is hated.
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bloatsome · 10 months ago
How is it okay to laugh your ass off when you see Harry accidentally release a boa on Dudley but horrendous for an angry 10 year old Severus Snape to drop a branch on Petunia?
How is it cool for Harry to be sneaking around and trying to see what Malfoy's up to but not acceptable when Snape does the same?
How is it acceptable for Draco to hurl the slur "mudblood" around like a joke and to hurt people but monstrous when Snape says it once after he was humiliated and choked?
How is it funny when the marauders try to kill Snape but not when Snape tries to arrest a seemingly "criminal" Sirius Black?
How is it justified for McGonagall to take 150 points from Gryffindor and unfair when Snape takes 5 for bad behaviour?
How is it understandable for Lupin to forget to take a potion that would ensure the safety of students and unfathomable for Snape to have outed him after he almost killed children?
How is it cute that Slughorn had a literal club for his faves and horrible when Snape prefers and believes Draco over Harry?
How is Regulus Black considered a hero for defecting to save his house elf and Snape is just an incel when he changes sides for Lily?
How is it amazing and 'power-couple material' when you ship Lily with someone who held her best friend's safety as leverage and threatened to hex her but gross when we ship her with someone who was genuinely friends with her?
How is it alright to excuse Harry being rude because of his trauma and then villify and ignore Snape's childhood?
How is it rational for Remus to slam Harry against a wall after he called him out but abusive when Snape throws a jar at Harry for looking at his memories without permission?
How is it "harmless" when James sexually assaulted, choked and hung Snape upside down but a "murder attempt" when Snape slashes James cheek in self defense?
How is it okay for the fandom to hold such double standards for ugly and poor characters?
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chainsmokingmutt · 6 months ago
Instances where Snape deserved a Slap:
"I see no Difference"
Intentionally Dropping Harry's Potion
Being an Ass to Neville
Being an Ass to Students in general
Instances where Snape deserved applause:
Slashing James's Face
Outting Remus
The Ironic Bow
Entering the Forbidden Forest to look for Harry and Co in OOTP.
Entering the Shrieking Shack despite past trauma that was associated with that place to apprehend a Convict and his Accomplice and saving 3 students.
Being a Spy and lying to Voldemort's face.
Using his Knowledge of Dark Magic and saving/helping those who were affected by it (Dumbledore, Katie Bell and Draco)
Saving Lupin's Life
Giving vital Information to Harry in the midst of his gruesome death.
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irenedalin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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robynngaeblack · 23 days ago
Snape is a secret animal lover. that's all
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